Wahkiakum County, Washington
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Column One: Name of Testator
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BENDIKSON, BEN                         WA-33-1-39
BIRNIE, MILLISSA                       WA-33-1-19
BJORGE, WALDEMAR                       WA-33-1-25
BROOKS, MEHALA ELICE                   WA-33-1-53
CARLSON, JOHN                          WA-33-1-1
DURRAH, G. R.                          WA-33-1-4
FOSTER, LOTTIE M.                      WA-33-1-48
GELL, W. H.                            WA-33-1-10
HANSEN, HERMAN                         WA-33-1-51
JUNTILLA, JOHN                         WA-33-1-46
MEGLER, J. G.                          WA-33-1-5
MOE, ALEXANDER                         WA-33-1-37
MORK, JOHN                             WA-33-1-43
NASSA, THEODORE M.                     WA-33-1-35
NUNAN, JEREMIAH                        WA-33-1-13
SMITH, MARY ELIZABETH                  WA-33-1-29
TRENKMAN, HERMAN                       WA-33-1-18
VOG, ANGELINE                          WA-33-1-8
VOG, O. J.                             WA-33-1-16

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