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The heirs named in wills

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Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1793-1832 | 2=1833-1861 | 3=1862-1888 | 4=1888-1903 | 5=1903-1917 | 6=1918-1930
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ADAMS, ALEXANDER E.                     VA-53-6-219
ALLEN, ANNIE M                          VA-53-6-216
ALLEN, CHAMP                            VA-53-6-216
ALLEN, JACOB Y.                         VA-53-6-216
ALLEN, ROSE F.                          VA-53-6-216
ALSUP, DOROTHY MAY                      VA-53-6-297
ALSUP, IVA                              VA-53-6-297
ANDERSON, ADDIE                         VA-53-6-273
ANDERSON, M. D.                         VA-53-6-256
ANDERSON, MINERVA                       VA-53-6-256
ANDERSON, SUSIE                         VA-53-6-273
ARY, BIRDIE PRIDEMORE                   VA-53-6-229
ASTOP, DORA (WIDOW)                     VA-53-6-222
ASTROP, CHARLES                         VA-53-6-222
ASTROP, CORA                            VA-53-6-222
ASTROP, JOHN                            VA-53-6-222
ASTROP, PERRY                           VA-53-6-222
ASTROP, TOM                             VA-53-6-222
AYERS, MAMIE                            VA-53-6-217
BAILEY, ETTIE                           VA-53-6-218
BAILEY, ETTIE                           VA-53-6-217
BAILEY, JOHN                            VA-53-6-217
BAILEY, JOHN                            VA-53-6-218
BAILEY, SADIE                           VA-53-6-218
BAILEY, SADIE                           VA-53-6-217
BAKER, EDWARD                           VA-53-6-300
BAKER, NORMIE                           VA-53-6-219
BALES, ETTIE                            VA-53-6-270
BARKER, CHARLES                         VA-53-6-227
BARKER, ELBERT                          VA-53-6-227
BARKER, ELKANAH                         VA-53-6-227
BARKER, EMMETT                          VA-53-6-227
BARKER, F. S.                           VA-53-6-227
BARKER, ORPHA                           VA-53-6-270
BARKER, WILLIAM                         VA-53-6-227
BARNETT, ALLA MAE                       VA-53-6-248
BARNETT, LUKE                           VA-53-6-248
BARNETT, MARIE                          VA-53-6-248
BELCHER, ALLIE                          VA-53-6-256
BELCHER, ATTS                           VA-53-6-256
BELCHER, FRED                           VA-53-6-256
BELCHER, JAMES                          VA-53-6-256
BELCHER, JOHN                           VA-53-6-256
BELCHER, LAYMAN                         VA-53-6-256
BELCHER, LUDA                           VA-53-6-256
BELCHER, MUCIE                          VA-53-6-256
BISHOP, MATTIE                          VA-53-6-218
BLAKENSHIP, C. C.                       VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, B. B.                      VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, C. C.                      VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, C. O.                      VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, CHARLES                    VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, CHARLES C.                 VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, G. T.                      VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, IDA                        VA-53-6-251
BLANKENSHIP, J. B.                      VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, J. T.                      VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, JAMES                      VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, JOHN                       VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, R. F.                      VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, R. L.                      VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, S. J.                      VA-53-6-183
BLANKENSHIP, W. G.                      VA-53-6-183
BOLIN, R. L.                            VA-53-6-183
BROSFIELD, ALPHA                        VA-53-6-284
BURCHETT, BESSIE                        VA-53-6-256
BURCHETT, FLOSSIE                       VA-53-6-256
BURCHETT, JAMES                         VA-53-6-256
BURCHETT, LEE                           VA-53-6-256
BURCHETT, MARTHA J.                     VA-53-6-227
BURCHETT, SAMUEL                        VA-53-6-256
BURCHETT, WILLIE                        VA-53-6-256
BURGAN, ALIC                            VA-53-6-228
BURGAN, BASHABA                         VA-53-6-228
BURGAN, CHARLES                         VA-53-6-228
BURGAN, MARTHA M.                       VA-53-6-274
BURGAN, MILT                            VA-53-6-228
BURK, A. B.                             VA-53-6-168
BURK, O. W.                             VA-53-6-168
BURK, S. T.                             VA-53-6-168
CAROSAN, CLARA B.                       VA-53-6-183
CARTER, ELBERT                          VA-53-6-227
CATRON, ALPHA                           VA-53-6-271
CATRON, EARL                            VA-53-6-271
CATRON, JAMES                           VA-53-6-271
CATRON, JORRIS                          VA-53-6-271
CATRON, M. C.                           VA-53-6-271
CATRON, NELLIE                          VA-53-6-271
CATRON, W. T.                           VA-53-6-271
CAUDILL, ELIZABETH                      VA-53-6-219
CAUDILL, J. D.                          VA-53-6-219
CAUDILL, STEPHEN J.                     VA-53-6-219
CHILDRESS, LAURA                        VA-53-6-225
CLASBY, BOWER F.                        VA-53-6-260
CLAWSON, E. R.                          VA-53-6-195
COLLIER, JULIA E.                       VA-53-6-218
COMBS, IDA (VERMILLION)                 VA-53-6-219
CONLEY, BESSIE                          VA-53-6-226
CONLEY, ESTHER                          VA-53-6-226
CONLEY, ETTA (WIFE)                     VA-53-6-226
CONLEY, GEORGE                          VA-53-6-226
CONLEY, J. L.                           VA-53-6-226
CONLEY, LAURENCE                        VA-53-6-226
CONLEY, LUCY                            VA-53-6-226
CONLEY, MARGIE                          VA-53-6-226
COOPER, MILLARD (MRS)                   VA-53-6-225
CROWELL, CARRIE                         VA-53-6-272
CROWELL, HAMPTON                        VA-53-6-272
DAVIS, ASHER                            VA-53-6-168
DAVIS, HAZEL                            VA-53-6-168
DAVIS, LUCILE                           VA-53-6-168
DAVIS, LUCY                             VA-53-6-168
DAVIS, MATTIE                           VA-53-6-168
DAVIS, PARIS                            VA-53-6-168
DAY, DOUGLAS                            VA-53-6-219
DAY, JOE                                VA-53-6-219
DAY, LINA                               VA-53-6-219
DAY, SARAH E. (CAUDILL)                 VA-53-6-219
DAY, STEPHEN                            VA-53-6-219
DEAN, C. F.                             VA-53-6-270
DEAN, H. C. T.                          VA-53-6-270
DEAN, J. H.                             VA-53-6-270
DEAN, LORA                              VA-53-6-270
DEAN, SALINA                            VA-53-6-263
DICKENSON, PATTIE SUE                   VA-53-6-272
DOSS, BETTIE                            VA-53-6-249
DOSS, ELLA                              VA-53-6-249
DOSS, ESTELL                            VA-53-6-249
DOSS, VERSIE                            VA-53-6-249
DUNCAN, MARY M.                         VA-53-6-179
EDDS, STEVE (MRS)                       VA-53-6-270
ELDRIDGE, CREED H.                      VA-53-6-217
ELDRIDGE, ELSIE                         VA-53-6-217
ELDRIDGE, MELVIN                        VA-53-6-217
ELDRIDGE, MINOR                         VA-53-6-217
ELDRIDGE, OLLIE                         VA-53-6-217
ELDRIDGE, RETTIE                        VA-53-6-217
ELDRIDGE, SUMMER                        VA-53-6-217
ELY, C. W.                              VA-53-6-273
ELY, CALLIE                             VA-53-6-219
ELY, IDA                                VA-53-6-297
ELY, J. B.                              VA-53-6-273
ELY, J. W.                              VA-53-6-183
ELY, J. W. M.                           VA-53-6-273
EVANS, ATTS                             VA-53-6-256
EVANS, B. F.                            VA-53-6-256
EVANS, JOHN                             VA-53-6-256
EVANS, RICHARD H.                       VA-53-6-256
EVANS, WILLIAM                          VA-53-6-256
EWING, ROSA (KIRK)                      VA-53-6-225
EWING, VESTY (KIRK)                     VA-53-6-225
FANLIOMER, RETTA                        VA-53-6-284
FEE,MARTHA F.                           VA-53-6-260
FLANARY, LELIA                          VA-53-6-300
FLANARY, MARY                           VA-53-6-270
FLANARY, RHEA                           VA-53-6-245
FLANARY, RHEA                           VA-53-6-237
FLEENOR, ANNIE                          VA-53-6-182
FLEENOR, BONNIE                         VA-53-6-182
FLEENOR, HAMPTON                        VA-53-6-182
FLEENOR, JOHN                           VA-53-6-182
FLEENOR, KERMIT                         VA-53-6-182
FLEENOR, SAFRONA                        VA-53-6-182
FLEENOR, WILLIAM                        VA-53-6-182
FLEURY, PEARL                           VA-53-6-287
FORESTER, SARAH M.                      VA-53-6-274
FORESTER, VIMIE                         VA-53-6-196
FRIAR, JEFF (MRS)                       VA-53-6-270
FUGATE, B. C. (MRS)                     VA-53-6-270
GALLOWAY,C ALLIE                        VA-53-6-182
GARRETT, SARAH                          VA-53-6-168
GIBSON, C. A.                           VA-53-6-219
GIBSON, R. C.                           VA-53-6-183
GIBSON, R. C.                           VA-53-6-183
GIBSON, RACHEL S. (CAUDILLO)            VA-53-6-219
GILLEY, CREED B.                        VA-53-6-251
GILLEY, DORA J.                         VA-53-6-251
GILLEY, EMORY F.                        VA-53-6-251
GILLEY, GALE W.                         VA-53-6-251
GILLEY, J. TIPTON                       VA-53-6-251
GLASS, GRACE                            VA-53-6-287
GOINS, WESLEY                           VA-53-6-182
GRABEEL, CLEO                           VA-53-6-219
GRABLE, REBECCA E.                      VA-53-6-274
GRAHAM, DRUCILLA                        VA-53-6-270
GRAHAM, FRANK                           VA-53-6-270
GRAHAM, FRENCH                          VA-53-6-270
GRAHAM, M. P.                           VA-53-6-270
GRAHAM, MCKINLEY                        VA-53-6-270
GRAHAM, T. PAT                          VA-53-6-270
GRAHAM, W. C.                           VA-53-6-270
GRUBB, BERTHA E.                        VA-53-6-274
HALL, SUSAN                             VA-53-6-219
HAMBLIN, JANE                           VA-53-6-284
HAMBLIN, JOHN                           VA-53-6-284
HAMBLIN, SALLIE                         VA-53-6-284
HARRIS, DELLA (MRS)                     VA-53-6-183
HARRIS, LAURA                           VA-53-6-227
HARVEY, MOLLIE                          VA-53-6-183
HAYNES, D. W.                           VA-53-6-195
HAYNES, EMILY (WIDOW)                   VA-53-6-195
HAYNES, GOLDEN                          VA-53-6-195
HAYNES, HIRAM                           VA-53-6-195
HAYNES, J. A.                           VA-53-6-195
HAYNES, LIZZIE                          VA-53-6-225
HAYNES, MAXIE                           VA-53-6-195
HAYNES, V. R.                           VA-53-6-195
HAYNES, W. V.                           VA-53-6-195
HEAD, ROSA                              VA-53-6-225
HEDRICK, MINNIE                         VA-53-6-226
HENDRICK, EUNICE (ASTROP)               VA-53-6-222
HENLEY, MAY                             VA-53-6-227
HICKAM, A. F.                           VA-53-6-287
HICKAM, A. J.                           VA-53-6-287
HICKAM, N. E.                           VA-53-6-287
HICKMAN, G. F.                          VA-53-6-287
HICKMAN, J. H.                          VA-53-6-287
HOLT, CORNA                             VA-53-6-248
HOOD, ELLA                              VA-53-6-202
HORN, CARRIE                            VA-53-6-219
HORN, EDDIE                             VA-53-6-219
HORN, GENEVA                            VA-53-6-219
HORN, IRBY                              VA-53-6-219
HORN, MARION                            VA-53-6-219
HORN, MATTIE (VERMILLION)               VA-53-6-219
HORN, MOODY                             VA-53-6-219
HORNE, ALTA                             VA-53-6-219
HOUSER, (NO NAME)                       VA-53-6-270
HOUSER, FLORA                           VA-53-6-270
HUGHES, BARTHENA                        VA-53-6-263
HUGHES, ELI                             VA-53-6-263
HUGHES, EUGENE                          VA-53-6-263
HUGHES, FLORA                           VA-53-6-263
HUGHES, FRED LEE                        VA-53-6-263
HUGHES, HAGAN                           VA-53-6-263
HUGHES, MARY JANE                       VA-53-6-263
HUGHES, OLLIE                           VA-53-6-263
HUGHES, WODOROW                         VA-53-6-263
HYATT, ELBERT                           VA-53-6-227
HYATT, EUGENE                           VA-53-6-227
HYATT, IDA                              VA-53-6-227
HYATT, JESSE MAY                        VA-53-6-227
HYATT, LIZZIE                           VA-53-6-227
HYATT, MINERVA                          VA-53-6-227
HYDEN, CHARLEY                          VA-53-6-272
HYDEN, LINA                             VA-53-6-272
HYDEN, RAY                              VA-53-6-272
INGRAM, JOSIE (JAMES)                   VA-53-6-219
JAMES, CATHERINE                        VA-53-6-219
JAMES, ELY                              VA-53-6-273
JAMES, MATTIE                           VA-53-6-273
JESSEE, MATTIE                          VA-53-6-210
JOHNSON, AMERICA Z.                     VA-53-6-207
JOHNSON, ARRENA                         VA-53-6-179
JOHNSON, CHARLES T.                     VA-53-6-217
JOHNSON, DAWN                           VA-53-6-220
JOHNSON, GARFIELD                       VA-53-6-179
JOHNSON, GLANITA                        VA-53-6-220
JOHNSON, IRENE                          VA-53-6-220
JOHNSON, LEONARD                        VA-53-6-179
JOHNSON, LEORA                          VA-53-6-179
JOHNSON, LEORA                          VA-53-6-179
JOHNSON, LISLE                          VA-53-6-220
JOHNSON, LOGAN                          VA-53-6-179
JOHNSON, LOYD                           VA-53-6-179
JOHNSON, LYLE                           VA-53-6-179
JOHNSON, MATTIE                         VA-53-6-217
JOHNSON, PATTON (MRS)                   VA-53-6-183
JOHNSON, SAMP                           VA-53-6-179
JOHNSON, TAYLOR                         VA-53-6-179
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         VA-53-6-179
KENDRICK, EVIN A.                       VA-53-6-219
KENDRICK, JOHN                          VA-53-6-219
KENDRICK, MINNIE HAHA (ADAMS)           VA-53-6-219
KENDRICK, TOBIAS                        VA-53-6-219
KINSER, H. O.                           VA-53-6-183
KINSER, LAURA                           VA-53-6-256
KINSER, LAURA E.                        VA-53-6-256
KINSER, M. L.                           VA-53-6-183
KIRK, CRYS                              VA-53-6-225
KIRK, FRED                              VA-53-6-225
KIRK, THOMAS H.                         VA-53-6-225
KYLE, B. B.                             VA-53-6-284
KYLE, HALEY                             VA-53-6-284
KYLE, LEONA                             VA-53-6-284
LAMBERT, BESSIE                         VA-53-6-225
LAMBERT, ELIZA                          VA-53-6-299
LAMBERT, EVA                            VA-53-6-299
LAMBERT, FLORENCE                       VA-53-6-299
LAMBERT, GALE                           VA-53-6-299
LAMBERT, JAMES                          VA-53-6-299
LAMBERT, MARGIE                         VA-53-6-299
LAMBERT, NANNIE                         VA-53-6-299
LAMBERT, PETE                           VA-53-6-225
LANINGHAM, ELIZABETH                    VA-53-6-284
LANNINGHAM, E. V.                       VA-53-6-195
LANNINGHAM, R. J.                       VA-53-6-195
LATHAM, MARTHA                          VA-53-6-219
LAWSON, GERTIE                          VA-53-6-248
LAWSON, THOMAS                          VA-53-6-270
LAWSON, W. A.                           VA-53-6-270
LIPPS, G. M.                            VA-53-6-210
LIPPS, J. B.                            VA-53-6-210
LIPPS, J. L.                            VA-53-6-210
LIPPS, M. D.                            VA-53-6-210
LIPPS, M. J.                            VA-53-6-210
LIPPS, S. L.                            VA-53-6-210
LIPPS, W. A.                            VA-53-6-210
LITTON, ANNIS (MRS)                     VA-53-6-251
LITTON, OLLIE                           VA-53-6-202
LITTRELL, BESSIE                        VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, BESSIE                        VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, DAN H.                        VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, DAN H.                        VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, HUBERT T.                     VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, HUBERT T.                     VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, JAMES E.                      VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, JAMES E.                      VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, WILLIAM                       VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, NANNIE LEE                    VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, NANNIE LEE                    VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, ROY                           VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, ROY W.                        VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, SALLIE E.                     VA-53-6-238
LITTRELL, SALLIE E.                     VA-53-6-238
LIVESAY, ESSIE                          VA-53-6-229
LIVESAY, L. A.                          VA-53-6-248
LONG, MARTHA J. (CAUDILL)               VA-53-6-219
LONG, WATT                              VA-53-6-219
LOYD, C. W.                             VA-53-6-196
LUCAS, SUG.                             VA-53-6-284
MALEY, ELLEN                            VA-53-6-183
MANESS, ALICE                           VA-53-6-248
MANESS, CHARITY                         VA-53-6-179
MANESS, F. A.                           VA-53-6-210
MARCH, BESSIE (MRS)                     VA-53-6-226
MASON, WILL (MRS)                       VA-53-6-183
MAXWELL, BESSIE                         VA-53-6-261
MAY, GEORGIE                            VA-53-6-219
MCCARTHEY, DAISY                        VA-53-6-251
MCCONNELL, MARY F.                      VA-53-6-227
MCGUIRE, BERTHA                         VA-53-6-251
MCINTYRE, MIMA                          VA-53-6-284
MENTER, JOSEPHINE                       VA-53-6-272
MERIT, MARY (KIRK)                      VA-53-6-225
MILLS, ELSIE                            VA-53-6-274
MILLS, MARTHA O.                        VA-53-6-274
MILLS, MOSSIE                           VA-53-6-274
MINER, MARY                             VA-53-6-179
MUNSEY, ANNE (ROBINSON)                 VA-53-6-247
MUSIC, J. L.                            VA-53-6-299
MUSIC, LOISA PENNINGTON                 VA-53-6-261
MYERS, ELIZABETH                        VA-53-6-219
MYERS, J. N.                            VA-53-6-297
MYERS, J. P.                            VA-53-6-297
MYERS, MARY RUTH                        VA-53-6-295
MYERS, ROLLER T.                        VA-53-6-295
MYERS,ALLIE                             VA-53-6-284
NEWBERRY, BESSIE                        VA-53-6-287
NICKELS, LIZZIE                         VA-53-6-229
NICKELS, WALTER                         VA-53-6-219
NICKLES, LIZZIE                         VA-53-6-211
NIDA, SALLIE                            VA-53-6-270
NOE, A. W.                              VA-53-6-274
NOE, BESSIE                             VA-53-6-274
NOE, CHARLES A.                         VA-53-6-274
NOE, ERNEST                             VA-53-6-273
NOE, FLORENCE V.                        VA-53-6-274
NOE, HAYWOOD                            VA-53-6-273
NOE, INA E.                             VA-53-6-274
NOE, J. P.                              VA-53-6-274
NOE, LILLIE                             VA-53-6-219
NOE, NELLIE MAE                         VA-53-6-274
NOE, NILLIE A.                          VA-53-6-274
NOE, PAUL C.                            VA-53-6-274
NOE, PAULINE                            VA-53-6-274
NOE, TEE F.                             VA-53-6-274
NOE, THOMAS                             VA-53-6-273
NOE, TURNER                             VA-53-6-273
NOE, VELINDA                            VA-53-6-273
NOE, VIRGINIA                           VA-53-6-274
OHISENHALL, MARY                        VA-53-6-273
OLINGER, A. M.                          VA-53-6-289
OLINGER, INEZ                           VA-53-6-220
OLINGER, S. W.                          VA-53-6-289
ORR, EDLEY                              VA-53-6-284
ORR, MAGGIE                             VA-53-6-284
ORR, OSCAR                              VA-53-6-284
OSBORNE, LILLIE                         VA-53-6-211
OSBORNE, LILLIE                         VA-53-6-229
OSBORNE, OLEN E.                        VA-53-6-182
OSBORNE, OTIS                           VA-53-6-182
PARKS, CORNIE (MRS)                     VA-53-6-251
PARSONS, KATE                           VA-53-6-248
PENNINGTON, FANNIE                      VA-53-6-271
PENNINGTON, HAZEN                       VA-53-6-261
PENNINGTON, JAMES A.                    VA-53-6-261
PENNINGTON, OLEN                        VA-53-6-261
PENNINGTON, SARAH M.                    VA-53-6-261
PENNINGTON, WILMA                       VA-53-6-202
PERDEE, KATE                            VA-53-6-182
POTEET, ALMA                            VA-53-6-272
POTEET, C. E.                           VA-53-6-272
POTEET, ELLA                            VA-53-6-272
POTEET, MALLIE                          VA-53-6-272
POTEET, MARGARET                        VA-53-6-272
POTEET, S. B.                           VA-53-6-272
POTEET, SUSAN                           VA-53-6-272
PRIDEMORE, BERTIE                       VA-53-6-211
PRIDEMORE, ELIS                         VA-53-6-211
PRIDEMORE, GUY                          VA-53-6-211
PRIDEMORE, GUY                          VA-53-6-229
PRIDEMORE, J. H.                        VA-53-6-211
PRIDEMORE, JAMES A.                     VA-53-6-229
PRIDEMORE, JOHN                         VA-53-6-211
PRIDEMORE, JOHN                         VA-53-6-229
PRIDEMORE, L. S.                        VA-53-6-211
PRIDEMORE, L. S.                        VA-53-6-229
PRIDEMORE, MABEL                        VA-53-6-229
PRIDEMORE, MABLE                        VA-53-6-211
PRIDEMORE, MARY ELLA                    VA-53-6-229
PRIDEMORE, MARY ELLIS                   VA-53-6-211
PRIDEMORE, ROBERT                       VA-53-6-229
PRIDEMORE, ROBERT                       VA-53-6-211
PRIDEMORE, ROSA                         VA-53-6-211
PRIDEMORE, W. T. S.                     VA-53-6-228
PRIDEMORE, W. T.                        VA-53-6-211
PRIDEMORE, WOODSON                      VA-53-6-229
PRIDEMORE, WOODY                        VA-53-6-211
RAMSEY, MARTHA ANN                      VA-53-6-179
REASOR, SPANGLER, B. L.                 VA-53-6-191
REASOR, ZOIE B.                         VA-53-6-191
RIGSBY, LILLIE                          VA-53-6-256
RIGSBY, LOURISIA                        VA-53-6-183
RILEY, JAMES                            VA-53-6-219
RILEY, SELINA C. (CAUDILL)              VA-53-6-219
ROARICK, ELIZABETH (JAMES)              VA-53-6-219
ROBERTS, EFFIE                          VA-53-6-211
ROBERTS, ELSIE                          VA-53-6-229
ROBERTS, FRANCES                        VA-53-6-256
ROBERTS, LAURA                          VA-53-6-229
ROBERTS, LAURA                          VA-53-6-211
ROBERTS, ROY                            VA-53-6-211
ROBERTS, ROY                            VA-53-6-229
ROBINETTE, ERNEST V.                    VA-53-6-260
ROBINETTE, FAY                          VA-53-6-295
ROBINETTE, FRED F.                      VA-53-6-295
ROBINETTE, LEWIS I.                     VA-53-6-260
ROBINETTE, LLOYD                        VA-53-6-260
ROBINETTE, OREN L.                      VA-53-6-295
ROBINETTE, ROSE                         VA-53-6-287
ROBINETTE, WALTER E.                    VA-53-6-260
ROBINSON, FAY                           VA-53-6-247
ROBINSON, FLORENCE (WIFE)               VA-53-6-247
ROSE, AMANDA                            VA-53-6-274
ROSE, EMILY J.                          VA-53-6-274
ROSE, EMORY H.                          VA-53-6-274
ROSE, EVERETT J.                        VA-53-6-274
ROSE, JOHN P.                           VA-53-6-274
ROSE, WILLIE                            VA-53-6-274
RUSSELL, CORA                           VA-53-6-202
RUSSELL, CREED                          VA-53-6-219
RUSSELL, ELMER                          VA-53-6-219
RUSSELL, EVAN L.                        VA-53-6-219
RUSSELL, FRED                           VA-53-6-219
RUSSELL, JOHN H.                        VA-53-6-219
RUSSELL, LEE                            VA-53-6-284
RUSSELL, MAE                            VA-53-6-272
RUSSELL, OLA                            VA-53-6-270
SAGE, ROBERT                            VA-53-6-225
SALLY, BASCOM                           VA-53-6-283
SALLY, EDWIN                            VA-53-6-283
SALLY, ERMA                             VA-53-6-283
SALLY, HATTIE                           VA-53-6-283
SALLY, HERBERT                          VA-53-6-283
SALLY, LORAN                            VA-53-6-283
SALLY, RUFUS                            VA-53-6-283
SAYER, MARY                             VA-53-6-284
SIZEMORE, CASSIE                        VA-53-6-248
SIZEMORE, ELMER                         VA-53-6-248
SIZEMORE, EVAN                          VA-53-6-248
SIZEMORE, JESSIE                        VA-53-6-248
SIZEMORE, MACK                          VA-53-6-248
SMITH, GRACE                            VA-53-6-270
SNODGRASS, FANNEY                       VA-53-6-263
SNODGRASS, INA                          VA-53-6-263
SPEAKS, IDA M.                          VA-53-6-270
SPURLOCK, JERUSHA                       VA-53-6-228
STEWART, SARAH JANE                     VA-53-6-179
SULLIVAN, CHAMP                         VA-53-6-284
SULLIVAN, GEORGE W.                     VA-53-6-284
SULLIVAN, MATTIE                        VA-53-6-284
SULLIVAN, MILFORD                       VA-53-6-284
SULLIVAN, WILLIAM                       VA-53-6-284
SURGENER, CALLIE                        VA-53-6-211
SURGENER, CALLIE                        VA-53-6-229
SUTHERLAND, MINTIE                      VA-53-6-256
SWORD, DINAH                            VA-53-6-219
SWORD, RUDOLPH                          VA-53-6-219
TANKERSLEY, C. R.                       VA-53-6-218
TANKERSLEY, CHARLES                     VA-53-6-218
TANKERSLEY, E. L.                       VA-53-6-218
TANKERSLEY, H. L.                       VA-53-6-218
TANKERSLEY, LOYD                        VA-53-6-218
TANKERSLEY, M. H.                       VA-53-6-218
TANKERSLEY, MAGGIE                      VA-53-6-218
TANKERSLEY, MARSHALL H.                 VA-53-6-218
TANKERSLEY, ORBIN                       VA-53-6-218
TANKERSLEY, TAYLOR                      VA-53-6-218
TANKERSLEY, VADIE                       VA-53-6-218
TANKERSLEY, WESLEY                      VA-53-6-218
TAYLOR, CREED                           VA-53-6-179
TAYLOR, MARY                            VA-53-6-179
THARPE, CANER                           VA-53-6-273
THARPE, ERNEST                          VA-53-6-273
THARPE, JOHN                            VA-53-6-273
THARPE, NANCY                           VA-53-6-273
THARPE, PALMER                          VA-53-6-273
THOMPSO, CINDA                          VA-53-6-173
THOMPSON, ALMA V.                       VA-53-6-196
THOMPSON, CATHERINE                     VA-53-6-225
THOMPSON, DORA B.                       VA-53-6-289
THOMPSON, MINERVA (CAUDILL)             VA-53-6-219
THOMPSON, NEWTON                        VA-53-6-219
THOMPSON, W. P.                         VA-53-6-173
TRENT, LENNIE A.                        VA-53-6-183
VERMILLION, D. J. JR.                   VA-53-6-219
VERMILLION, DOUGLAS J.                  VA-53-6-219
VERMILLION, IRA                         VA-53-6-219
VERMILLION, JOE                         VA-53-6-219
VERMILLION, JOHN                        VA-53-6-219
VERMILLION, MINERVA                     VA-53-6-219
VERMILLION, RUFUS                       VA-53-6-219
VERMILLION, SCHULER                     VA-53-6-219
VERMILLION, WALTER S.                   VA-53-6-219
WADDLE, CALLIE                          VA-53-6-227
WALLEN, JOSIE                           VA-53-6-211
WALLEN, JOSIE                           VA-53-6-229
WALTERS, JAMES                          VA-53-6-219
WALTERS, SUSAN M. (CAUDILL)             VA-53-6-219
WARD, EMMA                              VA-53-6-270
WARD, VICTORIA                          VA-53-6-270
WARNER, S.                              VA-53-6-273
WATTS, A. E.                            VA-53-6-226
WATTS, C. G.                            VA-53-6-226
WATTS, EMMA (MRS) (WIFE)                VA-53-6-226
WELLS, DONA                             VA-53-6-272
WESTON, IDA                             VA-53-6-219
WHEELER, MAXIE L.                       VA-53-6-260
WILDER, ELLA                            VA-53-6-299
WILLIAMS, FLORENCE                      VA-53-6-284
WILLIAMS, HAZEL                         VA-53-6-284
WILLIAMS, LEONDARD                      VA-53-6-284
WILLIAMS, O. B.                         VA-53-6-284
WILLIAMS, ZELMA                         VA-53-6-284
WITT, F. M.                             VA-53-6-195
WITT, HAZEL                             VA-53-6-210
WITT, SARAH                             VA-53-6-210
WOLIVER, A. L.                          VA-53-6-195
WOOD, MYRTLE                            VA-53-6-196
WOODARD, SARAH                          VA-53-6-225
YOENG, ALICE                            VA-53-6-287
YOUNG, ANNIE E.                         VA-53-6-219
YOUNG, JAMES                            VA-53-6-219
ZION, A. W.                             VA-53-6-207
ZION, ABRAHAM L.                        VA-53-6-207
ZION, E. F.                             VA-53-6-202

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