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Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List: A1 = 1792-1814 | A2 = 1792-1815 | B1 = 1815-1841 | B2 = 1815-1849 | C1 = 1841-1868 | C2 = 1849-1868 | D = 1868-1911 |
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ADAMS, JOEL J.                          SC-45-D1-24
ADAMS, MARGARET                         SC-45-A1-2-115
ADAMS, MARGARET                         SC-45-A2-214
ADDINGTON, JAMES                        SC-45-A1-2-9
ADDINGTON, JAMES                        SC-45-A2-109
ALLEXANDER, RANDOLPH                    SC-45-A1-2-8
ALLEXANDER, RANDOLPH                    SC-45-A2-108
ANDERSON, ELIJAH                        SC-45-B1-101
ANGLIN, SAMUEL F.                       SC-45-C2-215
ANGLIN, SAMUEL F.                       SC-45-C1-275
ARNER, LEWIS                            SC-45-A1-2-152
ASHFORD, MOSES                          SC-45-B1-62
ASKEW, ELIZABETH                        SC-45-C1-267
ASKEW, ELIZABETH                        SC-45-C2-204
BAILEY, ELIZA S.                        SC-45-D1-251
BAILEY, HARRISON                        SC-45-C2-35
BAILEY, JOHN                            SC-45-A1-2-37
BAILEY, JOHN                            SC-45-A2-146
BAILEY, SARAH                           SC-45-D1-27
BAILEY, SUSANNAH                        SC-45-A1-1-69
BAILEY, SUSANNAH                        SC-45-A2-58
BAILEY, SUSYANN D.                      SC-45-D1-401
BAILY, HARRISON                         SC-45-C1-31
BALDWIN, W. T.                          SC-45-D1-384
BANKED, JAMES                           SC-45-A1-2-93
BANKED, JAMES                           SC-45-A2-199
BANKHEAD, JAMES                         SC-45-A1-1-102
BANKHEAD, JAMES                         SC-45-A2-85
BANKHEAD, WILLIAM                       SC-45-C2-315
BANKHEARD, WILLIAM                      SC-45-C1-357
BARNETT, MARION                         SC-45-C1-47
BARNETT, MARION                         SC-45-C2-53
BARNETT, MARTHA                         SC-45-D1-467
BARNHILL, JOHN WILLIAM                  SC-45-D1-348
BATTY, ROBERT                           SC-45-A1-2-16
BATY, ROBERT                            SC-45-A2-119
BEARD, ELEANOR                          SC-45-B1-88
BEATY, FRANCES C.                       SC-45-D1-463
BEATY, MARY A.                          SC-45-D1-175
BEATY, PATSEY                           SC-45-D1-43
BEATY, ROBERT                           SC-45-D1-286
BEATY, SAMUEL                           SC-45-C1-366
BEATY, SAMUEL                           SC-45-C2-324
BELEU, NANCEY                           SC-45-A1-2-52
BELL, ROBERT SINCLAIR                   SC-45-A1-2-130
BELL, ROBERT SINCLAIR                   SC-45-A2-226
BELL, THOMAS                            SC-45-A1-2-103
BELL, THOMAS                            SC-45-A2-206
BELUE, H. H.                            SC-45-D1-605
BELUE, NANCEY                           SC-45-A2-163
BELUE, RENNEY                           SC-45-A1-1-108
BELUE, RENNEY SR.                       SC-45-A1-1-84
BELUE, RENNY                            SC-45-A2-89
BELUE, RENNY                            SC-45-A2-71
BELUE, REUBEN                           SC-45-A1-2-110
BELUE, REUBEN                           SC-45-A2-211
BENFORD, GEORGE                         SC-45-A1-2-63
BENFORD, JAMES                          SC-45-A1-1-77
BENFORD, JAMES                          SC-45-A2-65
BENFORD, JOSHUA                         SC-45-A1-1-117
BENSON, JAMES                           SC-45-A1-2-28
BENSON, JAMES                           SC-45-A2-136
BERRY, LEWIS                            SC-45-D1-55
BERRY, RICHARD                          SC-45-B1-44
BETENBAUGH, MICHAEL                     SC-45-D1-521
BETSIEE, R. J.                          SC-45-D1-437
BEVIL, A. H.                            SC-45-D1-74
BEVILL, W. A. H.                        SC-45-D1-98
BEVIS, A. B.                            SC-45-D1-414
BEVIS, JAMES                            SC-45-D1-418
BEVIS, JOHN M.                          SC-45-D1-208
BEVIS, ZACHARIAH                        SC-45-A1-2-195
BIRDSONG, BATTE                         SC-45-A2-290
BIRDSONG, BATTY                         SC-45-A1-2-212
BISHOP, JESSE                           SC-45-D1-365
BISHOP, MARY T.                         SC-45-D1-602
BLACK, A. D.                            SC-45-D1-455
BLACK, ELIZABETH C.                     SC-45-D1-519
BLACK, ROBERT                           SC-45-C2-122
BLACK, ROBERT                           SC-45-C1-196
BLACKSTOCK, WILLIAM                     SC-45-A1-1-100
BLACKSTOCK, WILLIAM                     SC-45-A2-83
BLAKELY, THOMAS A.                      SC-45-D1-539
BLANTON, NATHANIEL                      SC-45-C1-294
BLANTON, NATHANIEL                      SC-45-C2-237
BLASINGAME, JOHN                        SC-45-A1-2-149
BLASINGAME, JOHN                        SC-45-A2-242
BLASINGAME, THOMAS                      SC-45-B1-1
BOATMAN, WATERMAN                       SC-45-A1-2-12
BOATMAN, WATERMANY                      SC-45-A2-114
BOBO, B. F.                             SC-45-D1-426
BOBO, BARRUM                            SC-45-B1-157
BOBO, J. J. J.                          SC-45-D1-453
BOBO, JEREMIAH                          SC-45-C1-194
BOBO, JEREMIAH                          SC-45-C2-120
BOBO, KINDRED SR.                       SC-45-C2-279
BOBO, LEWIS                             SC-45-A1-2-139
BOBO, MARY                              SC-45-C2-146
BOBO, MARY                              SC-45-C1-218
BOBO, Y. S.                             SC-45-D1-458
BOBO, YOUNG                             SC-45-D1-12
BOGAN, ISAAC                            SC-45-A1-2-79
BOGAN, ISAAC                            SC-45-A2-188
BOGAN, JOHN                             SC-45-A1-2-58
BOGAN, JOHN                             SC-45-A2-170
BOGAN, MARTHA                           SC-45-D1-6
BOLUE, THOMAS                           SC-45-D1-134
BOOKER, BIRD                            SC-45-B1-56
BOWKER, THOMAS                          SC-45-C1-319
BOWKER, THOMAS                          SC-45-C2-267
BOYCE, ALEXANDER                        SC-45-B1-111
BOYD, JOHN                              SC-45-B1-10
BRADDY, KATE S.                         SC-45-D1-561
BRANDON, GEORGE                         SC-45-B1-122
BRANDON, GEORGE                         SC-45-D1-86
BRANDON, J. K.                          SC-45-C2-157
BRANDON, JAMES K.                       SC-45-C1-229
BRANDON, MARY                           SC-45-C2-242
BRANDON, MARY                           SC-45-C1-298
BRANDON, THOMAS                         SC-45-A2-141
BRANDON, THOMAS (GEN.)                  SC-45-A1-2-33
BRANDON, WILLIAM                        SC-45-A1-2-15
BRANDON, WILLIAM                        SC-45-A2-118
BRIGGS, S. D.                           SC-45-D1-221
BRIGGS, W. R.                           SC-45-D1-433
BROCK, GEORGE                           SC-45-B1-166
BROCK, JOSEPH                           SC-45-B1-70
BROCK, WILLIAM                          SC-45-B1-50
BROCK, WILLIAM O.                       SC-45-B1-15
BROOKES, THOMAS                         SC-45-A1-2-43
BROOKES, THOMAS                         SC-45-A2-153
BROWN, GEORGE W.                        SC-45-D1-604
BROWN, JOHN                             SC-45-C1-249
BROWN, JOHN                             SC-45-C2-181
BROWN, M. E. (MRS)                      SC-45-D1-242
BROWN, MARY                             SC-45-D1-474
BROWN, RICHARD                          SC-45-C2-98
BROWN, RICHARD                          SC-45-C1-91
BROWN, W. K.                            SC-45-D1-344
BROWNING, THOMSON                       SC-45-B1-100
BUFORD, JOSHUA                          SC-45-A2-96
BYERS, JAME SM.                         SC-45-D1-51
CAIN, ALEXANDER                         SC-45-A1-2-88
CAIN, ALEXANDER                         SC-45-A2-195
CALDWELL, JAMES                         SC-45-B1-23
CARLISLE, THOMAS A.                     SC-45-D1-191
CAROTHERS, J. P.                        SC-45-C2-107
CAROTHERS, JOHN                         SC-45-C1-100
CAROTHERS, RACHAEL R.                   SC-45-D1-282
CARSON, LEWIS B.                        SC-45-D1-554
CHICK, PETTIS W.                        SC-45-D1-130, 152
CHICK, SARAH E. T.                      SC-45-D1-462
CHISHOLM, DAVID                         SC-45-A2-1
CHISOLM, DAVID                          SC-45-A1-1-1
CLANTON, CHARLES                        SC-45-A1-1-22
CLANTON, CHARLES                        SC-45-A2-18
CLARK, HENRY                            SC-45-A1-1-74
CLARK, HENRY                            SC-45-A2-62
CLARK, JOHN                             SC-45-A1-1-62
CLARK, JOHN                             SC-45-A2-53
CLARK, RHODA                            SC-45-D1-328
CLAY, HEROD                             SC-45-D1-211
CLOWNEY, SAMUEL                         SC-45-B1-104
CLOWNEY, WILLIAM K.                     SC-45-C1-22
CLOWNEY, WILLIAM K.                     SC-45-C2-23
COHEN, PHIIP M.                         SC-45-D1-435
COLE, JOHN                              SC-45-A1-1-115
COLE, JOHN                              SC-45-A2-94
COLE, RICHARD                           SC-45-A1-2-127
COLE, RICHARD                           SC-45-A2-224
COLE, WILLIAM                           SC-45-C2-172
COLE, WILLIAM                           SC-45-C1-242
COLEMAN, BARTLY                         SC-45-D1-16
COLEMAN, JOSEPH                         SC-45-A1-2-105
COLEMAN, JOSEPH                         SC-45-A2-207
COLEMAN, LINDSAY                        SC-45-D1-482
COLEMAN, REUBIN                         SC-45-C2-155
COLEMAN, REUBIN                         SC-45-C1-227
COLEMAN, ROBERT                         SC-45-B1-84
COLEMAN, ROBERT L.                      SC-45-D1-398
COMER, DANIEL                           SC-45-B1-110
COMER, DANIEL                           SC-45-A1-1-8
COMER, DANIEL                           SC-45-A2-7
COMER, ELIZABETH                        SC-45-D1-277
COMER, JAMES                            SC-45-B1-38
COMER, JOHN                             SC-45-B1-123
COOK, LUCINDA                           SC-45-C1-270
COOK, LUCINDA                           SC-45-C2-208
COOK, ROBERT                            SC-45-A1-2-108
COOK, ROBERT                            SC-45-A2-209
COOPER, ELIJAH                          SC-45-A2-60
COOPER, ELIJAH H.                       SC-45-A1-1-71
COOPER, ELIZABETH                       SC-45-A1-1-49
COOPER, ELIZABETH                       SC-45-A2-41
COOPER, JEREMIAH                        SC-45-A1-1-38
COOPER, JEREMIAH                        SC-45-A2-32
COOPER, SAMUEL                          SC-45-A1-1-28
COOPER, SAMUEL                          SC-45-A2-24
COOPER, STACY                           SC-45-B1-74
CORNNELL, KATE M.                       SC-45-D1-324
CORRY, JAMES                            SC-45-C2-179
CORRY, JAMES                            SC-45-C1-247
COTTER, WILLIAM                         SC-45-B1-21
COTTON, MARGARET P.                     SC-45-D1-200
CRAWFORD, JESSE                         SC-45-D1-378
CRAWFORD, JOSEPH                        SC-45-D1-9
CRENSHAW, ROBERT                        SC-45-B1-29
CRENSHAW, ROBERT                        SC-45-A1-2-173
CRENSHAW, ROBERT                        SC-45-A2-262
CROCKER, L. C.                          SC-45-D1-388
CROCKER, LOUISA                         SC-45-D1-574
CROSSLEY, GEORGE                        SC-45-A2-14
CROSSLY, GEORGE                         SC-45-A1-1-16
CUDD, F. M.                             SC-45-D1-136
CUNNINGHAM, ARTHER                      SC-45-B1-114
CUNNINGHAM, CHARLES                     SC-45-D1-33
CUNNINGHAM, HENRY                       SC-45-A1-2-45
CUNNINGHAM, HENRY                       SC-45-A2-155
CUNNINGHAM, J. T.                       SC-45-D1-255
CURTIS, NANCY                           SC-45-C1-48
CURTIS, NANCY                           SC-45-C2-54
DABBS, NATHANIEL                        SC-45-A2-103
DALLY, JESSE                            SC-45-A1-1-50
DARBY, BENJAMIN                         SC-45-A1-2-54
DARBY, BENJAMIN                         SC-45-A2-166
DARBY, JOSIAS                           SC-45-B1-71
DARWIN, JOHN W.                         SC-45-C2-131
DARWIN, JOHN W.                         SC-45-C1-204
DAVIDSON, R. G.                         SC-45-D1-204
DAVIDSON, SAMUEL                        SC-45-C2-105
DAVIDSON, SAMUEL                        SC-45-C1-98
DAVIS, AMOS                             SC-45-B1-106
DAVIS, ELIZABETH ANN                    SC-45-D1-355
DAVIS, JAMES SR.                        SC-45-B1-162
DAVIS, JOHN TYLER                       SC-45-D1-402
DAVIS, NATHANIEL                        SC-45-A1-1-72
DAVIS, NATHANIEL                        SC-45-A2-61
DAVIS, P. J.                            SC-45-D1-600
DAVIS, WARREN E.                        SC-45-D1-150
DAWKINS, L. N.                          SC-45-D1-23
DAWKINS, LANG                           SC-45-D1-608
DAWKINS, MARY P.                        SC-45-D1-523
DAWKINS, NANCY                          SC-45-C1-268
DAWKINS, NANCY                          SC-45-C2-205
DAWKINS, WILLIAM                        SC-45-D1-41
DEVELIN, MICHAEL                        SC-45-B1-123
DILLARD, A. J.                          SC-45-C2-271
DILLARD, MARTHA                         SC-45-C1-291
DILLARD, MARTHA                         SC-45-C2-233
DILLARD, SEABORN L.                     SC-45-D1-256
DOBBS, NATHANIEL                        SC-45-A1-2-5
DODD, JESSE JR.                         SC-45-C1-211
DODD, JESSE SR.                         SC-45-C2-138
DONALDSON, HUGH                         SC-45-A1-2-203
DONALDSON, HUGH                         SC-45-A2-284
DORRAH, AUSTIN                          SC-45-D1-562
DRAKE, FRANCIS                          SC-45-A1-1-25
DRAKE, FRANCIS                          SC-45-A2-21
DRAKE, JOYCE                            SC-45-A1-2-68
DRAKE, JOYCE                            SC-45-A2-179
DRAKE, RICHARD                          SC-45-A1-2-226
DRAKE, RICHARD                          SC-45-A2-299
DRAPER, THOMAS                          SC-45-A1-2-187
DRAPER, THOMAS                          SC-45-A2-273
DUCKER, ADALINE                         SC-45-D1-405
DUCKER, DORAH                           SC-45-D1-103
DUCKER, PERMELIA L.                     SC-45-D1-317
DUNCAN, ROBERT                          SC-45-B1-117
DUNCAN, SUSANNAH                        SC-45-B1-168
DUNN, PHILIP                            SC-45-D1-380
DUNN, W. C.                             SC-45-D1-177
EASTEN, SARAH M.                        SC-45-C2-91
EASTER, SARAH M.                        SC-45-C1-85
EDGE, D. B.                             SC-45-D1-281
EDWARDS, EDWARD                         SC-45-B1-75
EDWARDS, WILLIAM T.                     SC-45-D1-556
EISEN, FREDERICK                        SC-45-A1-2-38
EISEN, FREDERICK                        SC-45-A2-147
ELLER, WILLIAM                          SC-45-D1-330
ELLIS, EDMON                            SC-45-A1-2-19
ELLIS, EDMON                            SC-45-A2-124
EPPS, MAHALA                            SC-45-D1-531
EST, BENJAMIN                           SC-45-C2-2
ESTES, WILLIAM E.                       SC-45-D1-279
EVANS, G. W.                            SC-45-D1-231
FAIRBARN, CHRISTIAN                     SC-45-A2-161
FAIRBORN, CHRISTIAN                     SC-45-A1-2-49
FANT, EMMA                              SC-45-D1-494
FANT, JOHN A.                           SC-45-D1-543
FANT, P. E.                             SC-45-D1-567
FANT, WILLIAM                           SC-45-C2-96
FANT, WILLIAM                           SC-45-C1-89
FARR, D. A. J.                          SC-45-D1-505
FARR, DORCAS                            SC-45-B1-17
FARR, J. GIST                           SC-45-D1-416
FARR, JAMES                             SC-45-C2-51
FARR, JAMES                             SC-45-B1-94
FARR, JAMES                             SC-45-C1-46
FARR, N. B.                             SC-45-D1-583
FARR, RICHARD                           SC-45-A1-2-153
FARR, RICHARD                           SC-45-A2-246
FARR, WILLIAM                           SC-45-A1-1-19
FARR, WILLIAM                           SC-45-A2-16
FARRAR, ELIZABETH S.                    SC-45-D1-1
FARRAR, SAMUEL S.                       SC-45-D1-448
FAUCETT, JAMES                          SC-45-D1-367
FAUCETT, NANCEY                         SC-45-C2-17
FERGUSON, M. E. (MRS)                   SC-45-D1-47
FINCHER, AARON                          SC-45-A1-2-46
FINCHER, AARON                          SC-45-A1-1-43
FINCHER, AARON                          SC-45-A2-157
FINCHER, AARON                          SC-45-A2-36
FINCHER, FRANCIS                        SC-45-A1-1-89
FINCHER, HANNAH                         SC-45-A1-2-133
FINCHER, HANNAH                         SC-45-A2-229
FINCHER, REBECCA                        SC-45-A2-75
FINCKER, JASON P.                       SC-45-D1-396
FITCH, THOMAS J.                        SC-45-D1-430
FLOID, ENOCH                            SC-45-A1-2-27
FLOYD, ENOCH                            SC-45-A2-135
FOSTER, J. W.                           SC-45-C2-293
FOSTER, JOHN                            SC-45-B1-115
FOSTER, JOHN W.                         SC-45-C1-341
FOSTER, JOSIAH                          SC-45-C2-124
FOSTER, JOSIAH                          SC-45-D1-290
FOSTER, JOSIAH SR.                      SC-45-C1-300
FOWLER, D. W.                           SC-45-D1-438
FOWLER, EBENEZER                        SC-45-C1-358
FOWLER, EBENEZER                        SC-45-C2-316
FOWLER, ELIZABETH                       SC-45-D1-190
FOWLER, ELLIS                           SC-45-A2-233
FOWLER, ELLIS SR.                       SC-45-A1-2-137
FOWLER, EPHRIAM                         SC-45-B1-76
FOWLER, G. B.                           SC-45-D1-511
FOWLER, JOHN                            SC-45-B1-44
FOWLER, JOHN H.                         SC-45-D1-339
FOWLER, MILLIGAN                        SC-45-D1-28
FOWLER, WADE (DR)                       SC-45-D1-180
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         SC-45-A1-2-189
FOWLER, WILLIAM                         SC-45-A2-274
FOWLER, WYMAC                           SC-45-C2-3
FOWLER, WYMACK                          SC-45-C1-3
FRAZIER, NANCY                          SC-45-C2-176
FRAZIER, NANCY                          SC-45-C1-245
FRIEDBERGER, M. B.                      SC-45-D1-106
FROST, MARY                             SC-45-A1-1-60
FROST, MARY                             SC-45-A2-52
FULLER, MASON                           SC-45-D1-71
GADBERRY, JAMES M. (COL.)               SC-45-C1-293
GAFFNEY, ROBERT                         SC-45-D1-573
GAGE, MARTHA W.                         SC-45-D1-292
GAILBERRY, J. M.                        SC-45-C2-233
GALLMAN, DAVID                          SC-45-D1-78
GALLMAN, MARTHA L.                      SC-45-D1-595
GARLINGTON, SUSAN W.                    SC-45-D1-167
GARNER, J. T.                           SC-45-D1-392
GARNER, LEWIS                           SC-45-A2-245
GASSETT, FIELDER                        SC-45-C2-16
GAULT, JAMES                            SC-45-D1-112
GAULT, WILLIAM                          SC-45-D1-59
GEE, CEPHUS                             SC-45-D1-461
GEORGE, JAMES                           SC-45-D1-35
GIBBS, CHURCHILL                        SC-45-D1-37
GIBBS, JAMES                            SC-45-B1-35
GIBBS, JAMES                            SC-45-C1-251
GIBBS, JAMES                            SC-45-C2-183
GIBBS, JAMES                            SC-45-A1-1-35
GIBBS, JAMES                            SC-45-A2-29
GIBBS, MARY J.                          SC-45-D1-298
GIBSON, HEROD                           SC-45-D1-21
GIBSON, JOSEPH                          SC-45-A1-2-64
GIBSON, JOSEPH                          SC-45-A2-176
GILES, J. R.R.                          SC-45-C2-225
GILES, JOHN                             SC-45-C2-22
GILES, JOHN                             SC-45-C1-21
GILES, JOHN R. R.                       SC-45-C1-285
GILES, WILLIAM                          SC-45-C2-60
GILES, WILLIAM                          SC-45-C1-53
GILKEY, SAMUEL                          SC-45-B1-42
GILLIAM, ROBERT W.                      SC-45-C1-309
GILLIAM, ROBERT W.                      SC-45-C2-255
GILLIAM, S. S.                          SC-45-D1-73
GIST, FRANCIS F.                        SC-45-B1-51
GIST, JOSEPH F.                         SC-45-D1-304
GIST, MARY A.                           SC-45-D1-239
GIST, MARY E.                           SC-45-D1-268
GIST, NATHANIEL SR.                     SC-45-C1-334
GIST, NATHANIEL SR.                     SC-45-C2-286
GIST, R. V.                             SC-45-D1-544
GIST, SARAH                             SC-45-C1-259
GIST, SARAH                             SC-45-C2-194
GIST, SARAH F.                          SC-45-D1-2
GIST, SYLVIA                            SC-45-D1-427
GIST, WILLIAM F.                        SC-45-B1-133
GIST, WILLIAM H.                        SC-45-D1-66
GLASS, MARY                             SC-45-B1-155
GLENN, R. F.                            SC-45-D1-109
GLENN, WILLIAM C.                       SC-45-B1-129
GOOD, ROBERT                            SC-45-A1-1-98
GOOD, ROBERT                            SC-45-A2-82
GOOD, SARAH                             SC-45-B1-119
GOODWIN, JOHN                           SC-45-B1-95
GOODWIN, SAMPSON                        SC-45-A1-2-77
GOODWIN, SAMPSON                        SC-45-A2-186
GOSETT, RACHAEL                         SC-45-D1-315
GOSSETT, FIELDER                        SC-45-C1-15
GOSSETT, JAMES H.                       SC-45-D1-199
GOUDELOCK, A. S.                        SC-45-D1-250
GOUDELOCK, D.                           SC-45-C2-330
GOUDELOCK, D.                           SC-45-C1-372
GOUDELOCK, J. W.                        SC-45-C1-107
GOUDELOCK, J. W.                        SC-45-C2-114
GOUDELOCK, MARY                         SC-45-D1-320
GOUDELOCK, N. C.                        SC-45-C2-206
GOUDELOCK, N. CALVIN                    SC-45-C1-269
GOUDELOCK, WILLIAM                      SC-45-C1-210
GOUDELOCK, WILLIAM                      SC-45-C2-136
GOUDY, ADAM                             SC-45-A1-1-52
GOUDYLOCK, ADAM                         SC-45-A2-44
GRAHAM, J. D.                           SC-45-D1-576
GRAHAM, JESSE                           SC-45-D1-262
GRANT, JAMES                            SC-45-D1-357
GRAY, DANIEL                            SC-45-B1-31
GREER, JASON                            SC-45-C2-177
GREER, JASON                            SC-45-C1-245
GREER, NANCY                            SC-45-D1-241
GREER, REBECCA                          SC-45-C1-344
GREER, THOMAS                           SC-45-A1-2-165
GREER, THOMAS                           SC-45-A2-255
GREER, THOMAS S.                        SC-45-C1-60
GREER, THOMAS S.                        SC-45-C2-68
GREER, WILLIAM                          SC-45-A1-2-151
GREER, WILLIAM                          SC-45-A2-244
GREGORY, B. I.                          SC-45-C1-54
GREGORY, B. J.                          SC-45-C2-61
GREGORY, GERARD                         SC-45-A1-2-59
GREGORY, GERARD                         SC-45-A2-171
GREGORY, ISAAC                          SC-45-A1-1-67
GREGORY, ISAAC                          SC-45-C2-341
GREGORY, ISAAC                          SC-45-C1-385
GREGORY, ISAAC                          SC-45-B1-98
GREGORY, ISAAC                          SC-45-A2-56
GREGORY, ISAAC SR.                      SC-45-D1-14
GREGORY, JEHU                           SC-45-C2-38
GREGORY, JEREMIAH                       SC-45-C1-370
GREGORY, JEREMIAH                       SC-45-C2-328
GREGORY, JOHN                           SC-45-C1-34
GREGORY, JOHN                           SC-45-B1-52
GREGORY, MARY S.                        SC-45-C2-201
GREGORY, MARY S.                        SC-45-C1-264
GREGORY, PERMELIA H.                    SC-45-D1-369
GREGORY, ROBERT                         SC-45-A1-2-217
GREGORY, ROBERT                         SC-45-A2-293
GREGORY, SOLOMON                        SC-45-D1-591
GREGORY, THOMAS B.                      SC-45-D1-169
GRESS, REBECCA                          SC-45-C2-297
GUYTON, ABRAHAM                         SC-45-B1-20
GUYTON, HANNAH                          SC-45-B1-33
GUYTON, JOSEPH                          SC-45-C2-276
GUYTON, JOSEPH                          SC-45-C1-326
GUYTON, JOSEPH                          SC-45-B1-48
GUYTON, NANCY                           SC-45-D1-196
GUYTON, NATHANIEL                       SC-45-A1-2-155
GUYTON, NATHANIEL                       SC-45-A2-247
GUYTON, SARAH                           SC-45-D1-196

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