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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1795-1814 | 2 = 1814-1831 | 3 = 1831-1840 | 4 = 1840-1851 | 5 = 1851-1873 | 6 = 1867-1887 | 7 = 1887-1896 | 8 = 1896-1902 | 9 = 1902-1907 | 10 = 1907-1912 | 11 = 1912-1916 |
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NAUGH, JOHN W.                          PA-56-10-175
NAUGLE, DAVID                           PA-56-8-399
NAUGLE, JOHN                            PA-56-8-166
NEDROW, ALEXANDER                       PA-56-9-220
NEDROW, JACOB                           PA-56-9-316
NEDROW, PHILLIP                         PA-56-6-383
NEDROW, SADIE                           PA-56-9-211
NEDROW, SUSAN                           PA-56-6-38
NEDROW, SUSANNA                         PA-56-11-388
NEFF, JACOB                             PA-56-1-363
NEWLAND, GEORGE                         PA-56-11-365
NEWMAN, ASA B.                          PA-56-10-131
NEWMAN, JEROME A.                       PA-56-9-171
NEWMAN, SOLOMON O.                      PA-56-10-379
NICHOLSON, PETER                        PA-56-11-221
NICKELSON, S. C. R.                     PA-56-8-124
NICKLOW, JONAS                          PA-56-9-67
NICODEMUS, HERBERT                      PA-56-7-83
NICOLA, JOHN                            PA-56-5-207
NICOLA, JONAS                           PA-56-5-202
NICOLSON, HUE SR.                       PA-56-1-231
NIERNBERGER, JOSEPH                     PA-56-8-5
NITCH, PETER                            PA-56-10-228
NOFSSITZEGER, JOHN                      PA-56-1-510
NOFZINGER, ANNA (HALDEMAN)              PA-56-2-528
O'BRINE, ALEXANDER                      PA-56-4-24
OBER, DANIEL S.                         PA-56-11-316
OBER, HENRY                             PA-56-5-124
OBER, JOHN                              PA-56-8-189
OBERG, SOPHIA                           PA-56-9-189
OCONNER, JOHN                           PA-56-6-392
OCONNOR, JAMES                          PA-56-8-67
OCONNOR, JAMES B.                       PA-56-11-56
OCONNOR, JOHN A.                        PA-56-9-176
OGLE, CHARLES                           PA-56-4-34
OGLINE, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-8-174
OGLIVE, PHILIP                          PA-56-2-561
OHLER, HARRIET                          PA-56-10-205
OLDFATHER, FREDERICK                    PA-56-4-32
OLDHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-56-5-82
OLDHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-56-10-65
OLER, ANDREW                            PA-56-1-562
OLINGER, J. M.                          PA-56-11-53
OLIVER, WILLIAM A.                      PA-56-10-316
OLSON, JOHN ALFRED                      PA-56-11-289
ORTON, CHARLES C.                       PA-56-6-226
OSBORNE, ELENER GERTRUDE                PA-56-8-820
OTT, HENRY                              PA-56-8-385
OTT, PETER                              PA-56-7-106
PALM, ADAM                              PA-56-2-109
PANCOAST, ELIZABETH GRAHAM              PA-56-11-59
PARKE, ANNA C.                          PA-56-10-96
PARKE, JOHN P.                          PA-56-10-98
PARKER, CATHARINE                       PA-56-6-8
PARKER, GEORGE                          PA-56-5-439
PARKER, GEORGE R.                       PA-56-9-117
PARKER, WEBSTER B.                      PA-56-11-44
PARR, SARAH                             PA-56-1-221
PARSON, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-8-14
PARSON, MARY                            PA-56-5-193
PATTERSON, ROBERT A.                    PA-56-7-137
PATTON, MATTHEW                         PA-56-6-358
PATTON, ROBERT                          PA-56-6-37
PEARSON, SAMUEL WALKER                  PA-56-6-247
PEARSON, SARAH                          PA-56-7-60
PECK, ABRAHAM                           PA-56-9-309
PECK, JOHN                              PA-56-7-120
PENN, WILLIAM J.                        PA-56-10-257
PENNEAL, HANNAH                         PA-56-5-71
PENROD, DAVID                           PA-56-8-202
PENROD, DAVID                           PA-56-3-268
PENROD, JOHN                            PA-56-5-507
PENROD, LYDIA                           PA-56-6-208
PERKEYPILE, AARON                       PA-56-8-139
PETERMAN, CHRISTIAN                     PA-56-6-258
PETERMAN, HARRIET                       PA-56-10-284
PETERMAN, MICHAEL                       PA-56-5-43
PEW, BOAZ                               PA-56-6-72
PFAHLER, M. F.                          PA-56-7-173
PHEIL, JOHANN                           PA-56-5-84
PHILLIPPI, CATHARINE                    PA-56-8-193
PHILLIPPI, CATHERINE                    PA-56-6-156
PHILLIPPI, CHRISTENA                    PA-56-6-228
PHILLIPPI, CHRISTENA                    PA-56-7-52
PHILLIPPI, CHRISTIAN                    PA-56-5-237
PHILLIPPI, CHRISTINA                    PA-56-7-91
PHILLIPPI, DANIEL                       PA-56-6-374
PHILLIPPI, DAVID                        PA-56-5-136
PHILLIPPI, DAVID                        PA-56-6-412
PHILLIPPI, MARIA                        PA-56-6-228
PHILLIPPI, SAMUEL C.                    PA-56-8-410
PHILSON, ROBERT                         PA-56-2-624
PICKING, BARNET                         PA-56-8-92
PICKING, MAGGIE                         PA-56-8-32
PICKING, SARAH                          PA-56-9-293
PILE, CASPER                            PA-56-1-335
PILE, CYRUS A.                          PA-56-10-401
PILE, DAVID                             PA-56-8-135
PILE, ELISABETH                         PA-56-7-406
PILE, EMANUEL                           PA-56-9-28
PILE, FREDERICK                         PA-56-9-255
PILE, GEORGE                            PA-56-7-338
PILE, GEORGE W.                         PA-56-7-246
PILE, JACOB J.                          PA-56-11-90
PILE, JOHN                              PA-56-4-281
PILE, MARY                              PA-56-8-376
PILE, SUSAN                             PA-56-6-240
PILE, SUSANNAH                          PA-56-7-358
PISEL, ANNIE E.                         PA-56-11-235
PLATT, FREDERICK                        PA-56-9-341
PLATT, MALINDA E.                       PA-56-10-377
PLATT, SAAH                             PA-56-5-53
PLATZER, JOHN                           PA-56-5-263
PLETCHER, ELIZABETH                     PA-56-7-224
PLITT, HENRIETTA                        PA-56-9-399
PONDO, ALOYSY                           PA-56-11-329
POORBAUGH, ADAM                         PA-56-8-289
POORBAUGH, JACOB                        PA-56-10-184
POORBAUGH, JOHN                         PA-56-5-285
POORBAUGH, JOSIAH                       PA-56-8-369
POSTLETHWAITE, ALEXANDER J.             PA-56-10-128
POSTLETHWAITE, JEAN H.                  PA-56-7-308
POSTLEWAITE, ELIZABETH                  PA-56-5-223
POTTS, JEPTHA                           PA-56-6-273
POWELL, CATHARINE                       PA-56-6-12
PRICE, MORGAN W.                        PA-56-11-163
PRICE, THOMAS                           PA-56-8-176
PRITTS, ALEXANDER                       PA-56-8-84
PUGH, JULIA A.                          PA-56-7-210
PUTMAN, EVE                             PA-56-7-159
PUTMAN, JOHN                            PA-56-6-290
PUTMAN, MARY                            PA-56-2-19
PUTMAN, MICHAEL                         PA-56-5-379
PUTMAN, ROSANA                          PA-56-10-307
PYLE, CHANCY                            PA-56-10-220
PYLE, SADIE E.                          PA-56-11-370
QUEER, JOHN                             PA-56-9-245
RALSTON, ELLENORA B.                    PA-56-10-10
RAMSBERGER, ELIAS                       PA-56-1-208
RAMSCH, FREDERICK A.                    PA-56-10-403
RANKER, SAMUEL                          PA-56-11-241
RAUCH, JOHN                             PA-56-5-486
RAUCH, JULIA                            PA-56-10-221
READ, JOHN                              PA-56-1-195
REAM, CHARLES                           PA-56-11-290
REAM, FRANKLIN P.                       PA-56-11-344
REAM, GARRET                            PA-56-4-386
REAM, SUSANNA                           PA-56-10-39
REAMAN, CHARLES                         PA-56-5-210
REAMAN, GEORGE                          PA-56-5-334
REAMAN, GODLIEB                         PA-56-1-222
REAMAN, WILLIAM C.                      PA-56-8-99
RECHAN, GEORGE                          PA-56-2-513
RECKE, ALBERT                           PA-56-6-322
RECKE, ALBERT                           PA-56-9-25
RECTOR, MARY                            PA-56-10-207
REDLINGER, JOHN                         PA-56-5-99
REED, JACOB                             PA-56-2-122
REED, JOHN B.                           PA-56-5-52
REEL, MATHIAS                           PA-56-5-240
REHVER, MICHAEL                         PA-56-4-480
REIBER, CATHRINE                        PA-56-5-79
REIBER, JACOB                           PA-56-4-102
REIBER, JACOB                           PA-56-4-488
REIBER, PETER                           PA-56-5-142
REICH, REINHART                         PA-56-8-212
REIDT, JUSTICE HENRY                    PA-56-5-514
REIGART, DANIEL                         PA-56-3-379
REIGHARD, DAVID P.                      PA-56-11-345
REIMAN, JACOB                           PA-56-7-152
REIMAN, JOSEPH                          PA-56-10-79
REIS, ADAM                              PA-56-5-457
REIST, HENRY C.                         PA-56-8-159
REITZ, GEORGE                           PA-56-7-134
REITZ, HARTMAN                          PA-56-6-272
REITZ, MARY                             PA-56-9-208
REMBALD, HENRY                          PA-56-6-100
RENNAN, ISABELLA                        PA-56-6-343
RHEES, MORGAN JOHN                      PA-56-1-224
RHOADES, WILLIAM A.                     PA-56-6-323
RHOADS, ABRAHAM                         PA-56-5-296
RHOADS, CARRIE S.                       PA-56-10-51
RHOADS, EDWARD J.                       PA-56-8-351
RHOADS, GABRIAL                         PA-56-2-163
RHOADS, JEREMIAH                        PA-56-8-206
RHOADS, JOHN                            PA-56-2-118
RHOADS, JONAHTAN                        PA-56-6-371
RHOADS, PHILIP                          PA-56-7-131
RHOADS, PHILIP                          PA-56-10-279
RHOADS, SIMONS                          PA-56-6-51
RHOADS, WILLIAM J.                      PA-56-10-213
RICHTER, MARY ELIZABETH                 PA-56-5-416
RIDDLE, GEORGE W.                       PA-56-10-296
RIFFLE, MARGARET                        PA-56-4-186
RIFFLE, SUSAN                           PA-56-6-231
RINGER, ADAM                            PA-56-1-390
RINGER, MARIA                           PA-56-7-332
RINGLER, JACOB                          PA-56-5-333
RINGLER, MARY                           PA-56-8-44
RINGLER, SOLOMON                        PA-56-7-119
RINGLER, WILLIAM                        PA-56-3-246
RINGLER, WILLIAM                        PA-56-4-405
RINK, CATHARINE                         PA-56-8-18
RINK, GEORGE                            PA-56-7-273
RINK, JOHN                              PA-56-8-329
RINNINGER, WILLIAM L.                   PA-56-10-89
RIPPLE, ISAAC                           PA-56-8-137
RISHBERGER, WILLIAM                     PA-56-5-424
RISHEBARGER, HENRY                      PA-56-8-112
RISHELBERGER, JOHN                      PA-56-3-343
RITCHEY, JOHN A.                        PA-56-9-58
RIZER, JACOB                            PA-56-10-126
RODDY, JAMES G.                         PA-56-4-9
RODDY, MARY                             PA-56-9-332, 384
RODGER, DAVID                           PA-56-6-353
ROEMSBURG, JOHN                         PA-56-8-148
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         PA-56-7-49
ROMAN, JAMES DIXON                      PA-56-6-1
ROMAN, PHILIP                           PA-56-5-437
ROSE, GEORGE W.                         PA-56-9-276
ROSE, SAMUEL                            PA-56-11-265
ROSS, A. MARSHALL                       PA-56-9-52
ROSS, CARRIE                            PA-56-7-259
ROSS, EPHRAIM                           PA-56-6-404
ROSS, LIZZIE                            PA-56-11-127
ROSS, MOSES A.                          PA-56-7-309
ROUDABUSH, ANN E.                       PA-56-10-212
ROUGH, BARBARA                          PA-56-3-221
ROUGH, GEORGE                           PA-56-3-201
ROUSH, JANE                             PA-56-10-406
ROWAN, PHEBY                            PA-56-4-318
ROWEN, STEWART                          PA-56-4-260
RUGG, SAMUEL                            PA-56-2-330
RUMMEL, EMANUEL J.                      PA-56-8-290
RUPLE, JACOB                            PA-56-1-65
RUPLE, JOHN                             PA-56-5-234
RUPP, THOMAS                            PA-56-8-214
RUSH, ANN                               PA-56-5-317
RUSH, JACOB SR.                         PA-56-4-478
SADDOUS, WILLIAM                        PA-56-3-345
SAGENT, WILLIAM DUNLOP                  PA-56-10-360
SAHFER, CLARENCE EUGENE                 PA-56-11-314
SALA, JOSEPH                            PA-56-10-398
SAMPSELL, ANN E.                        PA-56-9-199
SANNER, ADAM                            PA-56-10-233
SANNER, CHARLES R.                      PA-56-10-234
SANNER, ELIAS                           PA-56-7-33
SANNER, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-9-262
SANNER, LUDWIG                          PA-56-4-483
SARNER, HENRY                           PA-56-6-126
SAYLOR, ABRAHAM                         PA-56-5-243
SAYLOR, ANNE (BEACHY)                   PA-56-5-395
SAYLOR, CHRISTIAN                       PA-56-5-450
SAYLOR, GEORGE P.                       PA-56-7-7
SAYLOR, JACOB                           PA-56-2-592
SAYLOR, JACOB                           PA-56-1-34
SAYLOR, JONAS G.                        PA-56-11-313
SAYLOR, LYDIA                           PA-56-5-135
SAYLOR, MARGARET                        PA-56-6-405
SAYLOR, MOSES                           PA-56-8-312
SAYLOR, ROSANNA                         PA-56-11-120
SAYLOR, SAMUEL                          PA-56-9-172
SAYLOR, SAMUEL M.                       PA-56-11-33
SCHAFF, LOUISE                          PA-56-11-92
SCHELL, ROSE B.                         PA-56-8-101
SCHELLER, JOHN W.                       PA-56-9-363
SCHILLER, CONRAD                        PA-56-10-273
SCHILLER, JOHN C.                       PA-56-11-325
SCHISLER, ADAM                          PA-56-5-508
SCHITZ, DILMAN                          PA-56-2-318
SCHLAG, HENRY                           PA-56-8-72
SCHLAGER, WILHELMINA                    PA-56-5-394
SCHMAN, FRANCIS JOSEPH                  PA-56-9-235
SCHMEAREAM, WILHELMINA                  PA-56-7-3
SCHMIDT, JOHN HENRY                     PA-56-9-352
SCHMUCKER, JOSEPH                       PA-56-10-140
SCHNEIDER, JOHN                         PA-56-5-127
SCHNEIDER, JOHN A.                      PA-56-6-113
SCHNEIER, PETER                         PA-56-2-192
SCHOEB, JOSEPH                          PA-56-10-290
SCHOEMAKER, JOHN                        PA-56-5-324
SCHOTT, JOHN                            PA-56-1-183
SCHRACK, CHRISTIAN                      PA-56-4-175
SCHRACK, FRANY                          PA-56-5-190
SCHROCK, DANIEL                         PA-56-9-174
SCHROCK, GEORGE W.                      PA-56-11-374
SCHROCK, HENRIETTA                      PA-56-11-124
SCHROCK, JACOB C.                       PA-56-7-18
SCHROCK, JOHN C.                        PA-56-7-254
SCHROCK, MARY                           PA-56-7-190
SCHROCK, PERRY                          PA-56-10-358
SCHROCK, PHILIP                         PA-56-10-24
SCHROCK, RACHEL                         PA-56-11-266
SCHROCK, SAMUEL                         PA-56-7-225
SCHULDE, HENRY                          PA-56-7-100
SCHULTZ, DANIEL                         PA-56-8-15
SCHWALER, MARY                          PA-56-8-339
SCHWEIBINZ, PAUL                        PA-56-10-146
SCOTT, DAVID C.                         PA-56-10-236
SCOTT, ELIZABETH FREASE                 PA-56-11-26
SCOTT, NANCY                            PA-56-10-388
SCOTT, NOAH                             PA-56-9-358
SCULL, EDWARD                           PA-56-8-346
SCULLIN, MARY JANE                      PA-56-9-111
SEALBACH, CONRAD                        PA-56-2-433
SECHLER, ANDREW                         PA-56-7-65
SECHLER, DANIEL R.                      PA-56-8-302
SECHLER, ELIZABETH                      PA-56-6-64
SECHLER, HENRY                          PA-56-5-430
SECHLER, JOSEPH                         PA-56-5-323
SECHLER, POLLY                          PA-56-10-365
SECHLER, SARAH                          PA-56-7-260
SEESE, EMANUEL J.                       PA-56-11-356
SEESE, GEORGE                           PA-56-2-436
SEESE, HANNAH                           PA-56-11-333
SEESE, JOHN E.                          PA-56-7-223
SEESE, MARY                             PA-56-8-188
SEILER, LENA                            PA-56-10-130
SELL, JOHN                              PA-56-5-297
SELL, LEVI                              PA-56-8-229
SELL, RACHAEL                           PA-56-11-117
SELLERS, PETER H.                       PA-56-10-285
SERVER, JONATHAN                        PA-56-2-307
SEYMOUR, MARY J.                        PA-56-11-110
SHAFER, ABRAHAM                         PA-56-7-88
SHAFFER, AARON                          PA-56-9-170
SHAFFER, AARON D.                       PA-56-10-123
SHAFFER, ADAM S.                        PA-56-9-7
SHAFFER, ALEXANDER                      PA-56-9-57
SHAFFER, AMANDA                         PA-56-11-83
SHAFFER, CONRAD                         PA-56-6-379
SHAFFER, DAVID J.                       PA-56-9-31
SHAFFER, ELI                            PA-56-8-319
SHAFFER, FRANCES                        PA-56-11-330
SHAFFER, GEORGE                         PA-56-6-260
SHAFFER, HARMAN                         PA-56-11-123
SHAFFER, HENRY                          PA-56-5-208
SHAFFER, HENRY                          PA-56-7-228
SHAFFER, HENRY                          PA-56-2-131
SHAFFER, HENRY C.                       PA-56-9-290
SHAFFER, HENRY M.                       PA-56-10-30
SHAFFER, JACOB                          PA-56-6-193
SHAFFER, JOHN                           PA-56-7-401
SHAFFER, SIMON                          PA-56-5-220
SHAFFER, SIMON                          PA-56-2-468
SHAFFER, TOBIAS                         PA-56-6-177
SHAFFER, WILLIAM F.                     PA-56-11-31
SHALLIS, CONRAD                         PA-56-3-250
SHALLIS, DAVID                          PA-56-5-160
SHALLIS, MICHAEL                        PA-56-5-465
SHALLUS, SEBASTIAN                      PA-56-1-332
SHAMAKER, PETER                         PA-56-4-467
SHAND, CATHARINE                        PA-56-7-388
SHANK, CHRISTIAN                        PA-56-3-72
SHANK, JOSEPH                           PA-56-10-186
SHANK, MARY                             PA-56-4-97
SHANK, SIMON                            PA-56-2-518
SHANNON, AARON                          PA-56-11-326
SHANTZ, JOSEPH                          PA-56-5-374
SHAULIS, ELIZABETH ELIZA                PA-56-5-291
SHAULIS, FRANCIS M.                     PA-56-8-162
SHAULIS, JACOB H.                       PA-56-10-112
SHAULIS, PETER J.                       PA-56-9-88
SHAULIS, SARAH                          PA-56-11-377
SHAULIS, SOLOMON                        PA-56-9-333
SHAULIS, WILLIAM                        PA-56-8-350
SHAUMAN, DAVID                          PA-56-4-263
SHAVER, SIMON                           PA-56-2-428
SHAVERT, PHILIP JR.                     PA-56-6-151
SHAW, WILLIAM                           PA-56-7-139
SHEARER, ELIZABETH C.                   PA-56-9-368
SHEDER, SARAH                           PA-56-5-9
SHEFFER, HENRY                          PA-56-3-115
SHETTER, DAVID                          PA-56-4-60
SHIELDS, HETTIE B.                      PA-56-9-114
SHIELDS, JAMES                          PA-56-7-78
SHILLING, ELIZABETH                     PA-56-3-46
SHOCKEY, CHRISTIAN                      PA-56-2-531
SHOCKEY, LEVI                           PA-56-11-47
SHOCKEY, MARY                           PA-56-4-182
SHOEMAKER, DAVID O.                     PA-56-7-287
SHOEMAKER, DETRICH                      PA-56-11-101
SHOEMAKER, ELIJAH                       PA-56-7-129
SHOEMAKER, HENRY                        PA-56-5-112
SHOEMAKER, LEVI                         PA-56-11-57
SHOGER, JACOB                           PA-56-2-482
SHOMBER, HENRY                          PA-56-6-297
SHOMBER, ROSE                           PA-56-11-349
SHOOK, JAMES CURRY                      PA-56-10-13
SHOP, JACOB                             PA-56-4-332
SHOURHAN, GEORGE                        PA-56-5-140
SHOWMAN, MARY                           PA-56-9-305
SHRAAD, JOHN                            PA-56-1-55
SHROCK, AMOS                            PA-56-9-266
SHROCK, HUGH                            PA-56-6-74
SHUFFT, JANE                            PA-56-8-363
SHULTZ, JEREMIAH W.                     PA-56-10-259
SHULTZ, JOHN A.                         PA-56-8-209
SHULTZ, W. H.                           PA-56-8-91
SHUMAKER, JOHN                          PA-56-8-144
SHUMAKER, JOHN A.                       PA-56-11-238
SHUMAKER, MANASSES                      PA-56-9-74
SIDES, AARON                            PA-56-4-418
SIEGNER, ANDREW                         PA-56-11-319
SILBAUGH, ISAIAH                        PA-56-10-317
SILBAUGH, ROBERT                        PA-56-6-368
SILBAUGH, WILLIAM                       PA-56-8-69
SIMPSON, CATHARINE M.                   PA-56-11-60
SIMPSON, DAVID                          PA-56-4-360
SIPE, HENRY WILLIAM                     PA-56-11-207
SIPE, JOSEPH                            PA-56-6-155
SIPE, MAGDALENE                         PA-56-6-315
SIPE, MICHAEL                           PA-56-7-85
SIPE, MICHAEL                           PA-56-6-351
SLEGLE, HENRY                           PA-56-10-211
SLICER, JOHN H.                         PA-56-9-383
SLICER, NATHANIEL                       PA-56-9-263
SLICK, JESSE                            PA-56-7-306
SMALL, CASPER                           PA-56-8-296
SMIDT, MARGARET                         PA-56-9-182
SMITH, ANDREW                           PA-56-6-134
SMITH, CATHARINE                        PA-56-7-199
SMITH, GEORGE W.                        PA-56-11-324
SMITH, HENRY                            PA-56-7-276
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-56-1-99
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-56-4-20
SMITH, JOSEPH                           PA-56-6-7
SMITH, JOSEPH L.                        PA-56-5-364
SMITH, MARGARETH                        PA-56-1-413
SMITH, PHILIP                           PA-56-1-114
SMITH, PHILIP                           PA-56-7-298
SMITH, SALLY                            PA-56-7-140
SMITH, SAMUEL                           PA-56-7-118
SMITH, SIMON                            PA-56-7-191
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-56-9-338
SNYDER, ADALINE                         PA-56-11-393
SNYDER, ARAMINTA                        PA-56-11-55
SNYDER, CATHARINE                       PA-56-8-163
SNYDER, DANIEL                          PA-56-7-167
SNYDER, DANIEL                          PA-56-11-253
SNYDER, DEWALT                          PA-56-9-325
SNYDER, ELI A.                          PA-56-10-67
SNYDER, EPHRAIM D.                      PA-56-6-223
SNYDER, HARRIET                         PA-56-6-381
SNYDER, HENRY                           PA-56-6-61
SNYDER, ISABELL                         PA-56-7-198
SNYDER, JACOB                           PA-56-6-241
SNYDER, JACOB                           PA-56-4-426
SNYDER, JACOB                           PA-56-4-343
SNYDER, JERRY                           PA-56-11-126
SNYDER, JOHN D.                         PA-56-8-143
SNYDER, JOHN H.                         PA-56-7-295
SNYDER, JOSEPH                          PA-56-5-274
SNYDER, JOSEPH                          PA-56-6-89
SNYDER, LAWRENCE                        PA-56-10-239
SNYDER, LUTHER T. (REV.)                PA-56-9-206
SNYDER, MARY ANN                        PA-56-9-312
SNYDER, MICHAEL                         PA-56-5-360
SNYDER, NOAH                            PA-56-7-391
SNYDER, PETER                           PA-56-10-336
SNYDER, SOLOMON                         PA-56-9-318
SNYDER, SUSAN                           PA-56-9-37
SNYDER, ZACHARIAH                       PA-56-10-55
SOAN, JOHN                              PA-56-3-51
SOBER, DANIEL                           PA-56-7-215
SORBER, ADAM                            PA-56-8-126
SORBER, AMANDA J.                       PA-56-10-402
SORBER, CAHRLES                         PA-56-8-168
SORBER, DANIEL                          PA-56-5-25
SORBER, SAMUEL                          PA-56-8-356
SPADE, MARIAH                           PA-56-8-131
SPANGLER, AARON                         PA-56-8-78
SPANGLER, CHRISTIAN                     PA-56-2-333
SPANGLER, FRANKLIN                      PA-56-10-326
SPANGLER, HENRY                         PA-56-11-99
SPANGLER, LYDIA                         PA-56-8-60
SPANGLER, MICHAEL                       PA-56-5-498
SPANGLER, PERRY                         PA-56-7-195
SPANGLER, SAMUEL                        PA-56-7-66
SPANKIE, ADAM                           PA-56-5-46
SPAUGY, HENRY                           PA-56-5-158
SPECHT, ANDREW                          PA-56-5-100
SPECHT, DANIEL                          PA-56-5-232
SPECHT, GEORGE                          PA-56-6-171
SPECHT, SALLY                           PA-56-3-486
SPEICHER, AMELIA                        PA-56-8-38
SPEICHER, DANIEL                        PA-56-10-162
SPEICHER, JACOB P.                      PA-56-9-145
SPEICHER, JOHN                          PA-56-3-489
SPEICHER, JOHN                          PA-56-9-394
SPEICHER, JOHN                          PA-56-9-23
SPEICHER, PETER                         PA-56-6-243
SPEICHER, SARAH                         PA-56-10-109
SPEICHER, WILLIAM                       PA-56-7-400
SPEIGLE, ANDREW                         PA-56-5-506
SPENCER, JOSEPHINE                      PA-56-10-328
SPORY, JACOB                            PA-56-11-247
SPORY, JOHN                             PA-56-9-66
SPRINGER, JOSEPH                        PA-56-1-220
SPRITZER, SARAH                         PA-56-11-291
STACER, MARGARET                        PA-56-9-186
STAFFORD, LUCINDA                       PA-56-11-234
STAHL, GODFREY                          PA-56-3-111
STAHL, JOHN G.                          PA-56-6-276
STAHL, JOHNATHAN                        PA-56-10-304
STAHL, JONATHAN                         PA-56-5-4
STAHL, LOTTIE                           PA-56-9-268
STAHL, SAMUEL                           PA-56-5-130
STANTON, ALEXANDER V.                   PA-56-6-16
STARK, ELIZABETH                        PA-56-9-236
STARNER, JOHN                           PA-56-5-392
STATLER, ANDREW                         PA-56-6-220
STATLER, JOHN J.                        PA-56-9-185
STATLER, SAMUEL                         PA-56-7-74
STATLER, SAMUEL SR.                     PA-56-5-168
STATLER, WILAM                          PA-56-9-269
STATTLER, SARAH                         PA-56-8-57
STAUFFER, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-56-5-248
STAUFFER, SUSAN                         PA-56-7-43
STAUFFER, WILLIAM                       PA-56-9-75
STECK, CHARLES                          PA-56-6-257
STEINLA, JACOB                          PA-56-6-99
STEINMAN, JACOB                         PA-56-4-485
STERN, ROSEAU                           PA-56-7-143
STERNER, MICHAEL                        PA-56-2-32
STERNER, SUSAN                          PA-56-8-152
STOCK, HENRY                            PA-56-7-180
STONER, ISAAC                           PA-56-4-267
STONER, MARY ANN                        PA-56-6-265
STOY, CONRAD                            PA-56-8-102
STOY, MARY ANN                          PA-56-9-195
STRAUB, JOHN P.                         PA-56-7-253
STRAUB, JOHN P.                         PA-56-7-253
STRUCKHOFF, GARRETT                     PA-56-6-90
STRUCKOFF, HENRY                        PA-56-9-82
STUCK, HENRY                            PA-56-11-187
STUFFT, CATHARINE                       PA-56-9-367
STUFFT, DANIEL                          PA-56-7-296
STUFFT, WILLIAM                         PA-56-11-201
STULL, JOSEPH                           PA-56-9-381
STUMP, PRISCILLA                        PA-56-6-286
STURTZ, WILLIAM                         PA-56-5-387
STUTZMAN, C. G.                         PA-56-7-194
STUTZMAN, JOST I.                       PA-56-5-330
SUBRE, FRANZ                            PA-56-6-225
SUBRIE, SARAH                           PA-56-6-167
SUDER, JOHN                             PA-56-7-15
SUDER, PETER                            PA-56-9-96
SUDER, WILLIAM                          PA-56-11-112
SUHRE, CORNELIUS                        PA-56-9-105
SUHRE, ELIAS                            PA-56-8-396
SUHRE, MATHIAS                          PA-56-7-23
SUITHORT, CHRISTIAN                     PA-56-5-192
SULLIVAN, NATHANIEL W.                  PA-56-10-16
SUMSTINE, GEORGE                        PA-56-10-394
SUTER, FREDRICKA                        PA-56-6-296
SUTER, WILLIAM                          PA-56-10-404
SUTTON, JOHN                            PA-56-2-517
SWANK, CATHARINE                        PA-56-5-343
SWANK, GEORGE J.                        PA-56-7-382
SWANK, JACOB                            PA-56-3-440
SWANK, JOHN                             PA-56-5-288
SWANK, SAMUEL                           PA-56-6-136
SWANK, THOMAS                           PA-56-3-49
SWANK, WILLIAM H.                       PA-56-9-307
SWEITZER, JOHN                          PA-56-8-45
SWEITZER, MARY                          PA-56-9-119
SWEITZER, SIMON P.                      PA-56-11-106
SWENK, CASPER                           PA-56-1-496
SWINK, CATHARINE                        PA-56-4-306
SWITS, WILLIAM                          PA-56-7-80
SWITZER, JACOB                          PA-56-5-92
SWITZER, PETER                          PA-56-2-136
TANNEHILL, WILLIAM                      PA-56-2-545
TANNEHILL, Z. L.                        PA-56-11-267
TANNEHILL, ZACHARIAH                    PA-56-5-461
TANNER, MICHEAL                         PA-56-3-180
TAYLOR, ALFRED                          PA-56-10-201
TAYLOR, FRANCIS                         PA-56-11-229
TAYLOR, GEORGE MICHAEL                  PA-56-3-207
TAYLOR, MARY ELLEN                      PA-56-11-281
TAYLOR, ROBERT A.                       PA-56-7-115
TAYMAN, ELIZA A.                        PA-56-10-159
TEDROW, HIRAM                           PA-56-10-189
TEDROW, JOHN K.                         PA-56-3-428
TEDROW, MICHAEL                         PA-56-1-262
THOMAS, ALLEN                           PA-56-11-315
THOMAS, BARBARA                         PA-56-10-209
THOMAS, BENJAMIN                        PA-56-10-124
THOMAS, HANNAH                          PA-56-7-407
THOMAS, JACOB                           PA-56-6-152
THOMAS, JACOB M.                        PA-56-11-248
THOMAS, LEVI M.                         PA-56-11-209
THOMAS, MAGDAELENA                      PA-56-7-319
THOMAS, MOSES                           PA-56-9-410
THOMAS, SAMUEL                          PA-56-8-241
THOMAS, SARAH                           PA-56-11-46
THOMPSON, PEMBROKE                      PA-56-8-264
TIBBOTT, MARTHA                         PA-56-10-340
TILP, HENRY                             PA-56-8-364
TIPTON, JACOB                           PA-56-9-64
TIPTON, MARY                            PA-56-11-305
TISSUE, WILLIAM                         PA-56-2-206
TISSUE. A. N.                           PA-56-11-37
TITSBERG, JOHN                          PA-56-7-398
TOMEY, JOHN                             PA-56-4-329
TOMEY, JOSEPH W.                        PA-56-9-34
TOPPER, AMBROSE                         PA-56-9-240
TOSPON, AUGUSTUS H.                     PA-56-9-108
TREMMEL, EPHRAIM                        PA-56-8-155
TRENT, CHARLES L.                       PA-56-11-317
TRENT, HARRISON                         PA-56-6-262
TRENT, MARGARET                         PA-56-10-218
TRENT, NATHAN                           PA-56-5-182
TRESSLER, ELIZABETH                     PA-56-9-324
TRESSLER, URIAS                         PA-56-9-232
TREVORROW, JOHN J.                      PA-56-10-42
TREVORROW, THOMAS C.                    PA-56-7-47
TRIESE, FERDINAND                       PA-56-10-120
TRIMPE, JOHN B.                         PA-56-7-64
TRIMPEY, DETRICK                        PA-56-5-505
TRIMPEY, EPHRAIM                        PA-56-9-204
TRIMPEY, FREDERICK                      PA-56-7-229
TRIMPEY, WILLIAM                        PA-56-11-233
TROSTLE, DANIEL                         PA-56-6-135
TROUTMAN, BENJAMIN                      PA-56-5-94
TROUTMAN, JACOB                         PA-56-8-282
TROUTMAN, PETER                         PA-56-4-302
TROUTMAN, SOLOMON                       PA-56-8-172
TROUTMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-56-9-295
TROUTMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-56-6-206
TROYER, MICHAEL                         PA-56-1-294
TURNEY, POLLY                           PA-56-9-409
TYAN, LOUIS N.                          PA-56-7-4
UHL, JACOB                              PA-56-3-295
UHL, JOHN H.                            PA-56-11-297
UMBARGER, PHILIP                        PA-56-5-504
UMBERGER, MICHAEL                       PA-56-5-102
UMBERGER, MICHAEL                       PA-56-5-107
UMBERGER, MICHAEL                       PA-56-2-41
UMBERGER, NANCY                         PA-56-10-193
UMBERGER, PERRY                         PA-56-9-188
UPHOUSE, JOHN F.                        PA-56-6-367
UPHOUSE, JOHN FREDERICK                 PA-56-7-241
URBAN, ANTON                            PA-56-11-108
URICK, RUDOLPH                          PA-56-2-620
USBAND, HERMON                          PA-56-1-1
VARNER, HARRY A.                        PA-56-9-373
VOGEL, PETER                            PA-56-10-61
VONBERGEN, JOHN                         PA-56-8-298
VONHAUSEN, LUDWIG                       PA-56-5-347
VOUGH, JOHN                             PA-56-5-399
VOUGHT, EVE                             PA-56-6-160
WABLE, CONRAD                           PA-56-1-392
WABLE, JACOB                            PA-56-3-393
WACK, EMMA H.                           PA-56-10-364
WAGAMAN, ANDREW                         PA-56-9-43
WAGERLINE, PHILIP                       PA-56-3-1
WAGLER, JOHN                            PA-56-4-498
WAGNER, DAVID                           PA-56-11-157
WAGNER, ELIJAH                          PA-56-6-369
WAGNER, JOHN S.                         PA-56-7-174
WAGNER, JONATHAN                        PA-56-6-341
WAGNER, JONATHAN B.                     PA-56-7-96
WAGNER, MARGARET                        PA-56-10-5
WAGNER, MICHAEL                         PA-56-4-83
WAGNER, SAMUEL                          PA-56-9-323
WAKER, PHILIP                           PA-56-3-100
WALFF, CHRISTIAN BUCHER                 PA-56-8-218
WALKER, BENJAMIN                        PA-56-8-279
WALKER, C. H.                           PA-56-9-237
WALKER, DANIEL P.                       PA-56-6-363
WALKER, FRANCIS                         PA-56-8-304
WALKER, FREDERICK P.                    PA-56-6-187
WALKER, GEORGE G.                       PA-56-9-5
WALKER, HENRY                           PA-56-9-48
WALKER, J. P. H.                        PA-56-6-236
WALKER, JACOB J.                        PA-56-6-217
WALKER, JACOB P.                        PA-56-7-161
WALKER, JOSIAH J.                       PA-56-9-167
WALKER, MOSES                           PA-56-10-227
WALKER, NELSON H.                       PA-56-8-207
WALKER, PETER P. H.                     PA-56-6-302
WALKER, POLLY                           PA-56-5-85
WALKER, SAMUEL                          PA-56-7-61
WALKER, SARAH                           PA-56-5-320
WALKER, WILLIAM G.                      PA-56-7-189
WALKER, ZACHARIAH                       PA-56-9-138
WALLESER, JOHN                          PA-56-3-310
WALSER, DORAS                           PA-56-3-220
WALTER, CYRUS S.                        PA-56-6-312
WALTER, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-10-267
WALTER, HANSON                          PA-56-8-366
WALTER, JACOB J.                        PA-56-6-11
WALTER, JOHN                            PA-56-6-138
WALTER, JOHN                            PA-56-4-219
WALTER, JOSIAH                          PA-56-6-201
WALTER, MAGGIE                          PA-56-9-393
WALTER, MARGARET                        PA-56-6-161
WALTER, WILLIAM H.                      PA-56-9-217
WALTERS, EDWIN                          PA-56-8-118
WALTERS, EDWIN                          PA-56-8-105, 118
WALTERS, ELIZABETH                      PA-56-9-238
WALTZ, MARY T.                          PA-56-6-83
WAMBAUGH, FRANCIS                       PA-56-11-52
WAMBAUGH, JACOB                         PA-56-7-393
WARE, JOHN                              PA-56-6-57
WARNER, GEORGE                          PA-56-7-36
WARNER, SAMUEL                          PA-56-10-22
WASS, CHARLOTTE                         PA-56-11-251
WASS, GEORGE                            PA-56-3-65
WEABER, ABRAHAM                         PA-56-4-291
WEAGLEY, PHILIP                         PA-56-3-269
WEAVER, A. D.                           PA-56-10-161
WEAVER, FANNY                           PA-56-8-359
WEAVER, GEORGE                          PA-56-6-120
WEBER, HENRY                            PA-56-6-249
WEBER, MAGDALENA STEINMAN               PA-56-5-206
WEBER, WILLIAM F.                       PA-56-7-63
WECHTENHEISER, ANTHONY                  PA-56-6-345
WEEKLY, M. L.                           PA-56-7-207
WEFLEY, JACOB                           PA-56-4-463
WEGELY, SUSANNAH                        PA-56-5-298
WEIBLE, JACOB                           PA-56-9-396
WEIGHLEY, EMMA                          PA-56-11-74
WEIGHLEY, LEWIS                         PA-56-6-360
WEIGLE, JACOB                           PA-56-6-359
WEIGLE, JOHN                            PA-56-8-39
WEIMER, AUSTIN                          PA-56-8-276
WEIMER, DAVID                           PA-56-7-345
WEIMER, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-5-453
WEIMER, EMMA J.                         PA-56-9-21
WEIMER, FREDERICK                       PA-56-6-185
WEIMER, M. R.                           PA-56-10-85
WEIMER, MARIAH                          PA-56-10-351
WEIMER, MARTIN                          PA-56-2-51
WEIMER, PETER                           PA-56-8-103
WEIMER, PETER                           PA-56-7-185
WEIMER, PETER                           PA-56-11-151
WEIMER, SABINA C.                       PA-56-8-283
WEIMER, SAMUEL                          PA-56-7-70
WEIMER, SAMUEL K.                       PA-56-10-354
WEIMER, SIMON P.                        PA-56-10-150
WEIMER, SOLOMON                         PA-56-8-123
WEINGER, JACOB                          PA-56-2-57
WEISEL, HENRY                           PA-56-5-197
WEISELL, JOHN                           PA-56-5-145
WELD, EDWARD J.                         PA-56-10-241
WELD, HENRY THOMAS                      PA-56-7-300
WELLER, DAVID                           PA-56-11-32
WELLER, FRANKLIN                        PA-56-11-16
WELLER, FREDERICK                       PA-56-10-3
WELLER, JACOB                           PA-56-6-305
WELLER, SAMUEL J.                       PA-56-8-30
WELLS, JOHN                             PA-56-2-503
WELSH, THERESA                          PA-56-10-348
WELSHONS, WILLIAM P.                    PA-56-5-516
WERNER, GEORGE                          PA-56-7-141
WERNER, LUCY A.                         PA-56-7-105
WERNER, MICHAEL                         PA-56-5-251
WEYAND, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-10-68
WEYAND, HENRY                           PA-56-5-58
WEYAND, JOSEPH                          PA-56-7-221
WEYAND, MICHAEL                         PA-56-8-321
WHIPKEY, CATHARINE                      PA-56-6-192
WHIPKEY, JACOB                          PA-56-6-205
WHIPKEY, PETER                          PA-56-10-397
WHIPPERMAN, ANNA E.                     PA-56-7-304
WIGLE, BARBARA                          PA-56-5-37
WILHELM, ABRAHAM                        PA-56-5-185
WILHELM, BENJAMIN                       PA-56-5-517
WILHELM, CHRISTIAN                      PA-56-3-195
WILHELM, JACOB                          PA-56-5-293
WILHELM, PETER                          PA-56-6-106
WILKINS, LOUISA                         PA-56-7-130
WILL, AARON                             PA-56-9-15
WILL, ALBERT G.                         PA-56-10-240
WILL, CATHARINE                         PA-56-5-204
WILL, JACOB SR.                         PA-56-4-304
WILL, JOHN                              PA-56-6-103
WILL, JOHN PHILIP                       PA-56-5-414
WILL, LAWRENCE                          PA-56-6-320
WILL, SAMUEL                            PA-56-2-582
WILL, WILLIAM                           PA-56-7-34
WILLIAMS, ABRAHAM L.                    PA-56-10-66
WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE                     PA-56-7-408
WILLIAMS, THOMAS L.                     PA-56-11-220
WILLIS, WILLIAM                         PA-56-6-70
WILMOTH, HENRY J.                       PA-56-11-95
WILSON, ABRAHAM                         PA-56-10-274
WILSON, WILLIAM ASIAS                   PA-56-10-408
WILT, JOHN J.                           PA-56-8-199
WINDER, JOHN                            PA-56-1-281
WINGERT, PETER                          PA-56-1-302
WINTER, GEORGE                          PA-56-5-335
WINTER, ROBERT A.                       PA-56-11-379
WISKER, ANDREW                          PA-56-5-5
WISTROUT, MARGARET                      PA-56-6-119
WITT, B. W.                             PA-56-8-335
WITT, ELIZABETH M.                      PA-56-10-245
WITT, F. C.                             PA-56-9-166
WITT, JACOB                             PA-56-4-86
WITT, JOHN                              PA-56-5-151
WITT, JOHN G.                           PA-56-11-145
WITZELL, ELISABETH                      PA-56-5-68
WIULKINS, JOHN                          PA-56-8-197
WOLCAMUTH, JOHN                         PA-56-1-192
WOLFERSBERGER, PHILIP                   PA-56-7-394
WOLFF, SUSAN HARTMAN                    PA-56-9-303
WOLFHOP, HENRY H.                       PA-56-5-411
WOLFHOPE, BERNARD                       PA-56-10-102
WOLFHOPE, HENRY                         PA-56-8-175
WOLFORD, CATHARINE                      PA-56-3-412
WOLFORD, RACHEL                         PA-56-9-60
WOOLLEY, BENJAMIN                       PA-56-5-376
WOOLLEY, HARRIET                        PA-56-11-311
WORKMAN, JACOB                          PA-56-3-11
WOY, ANDREW                             PA-56-3-14
WOY, HENRY                              PA-56-5-14
WOY, JOHN A.                            PA-56-10-327
WOY, JONATHAN                           PA-56-6-175
WOY, REUBEN                             PA-56-10-295
WRIGHT, CHARLES                         PA-56-11-228
WRIGHT, REBECCA                         PA-56-9-76
WUTTING, F. WILLIAM                     PA-56-8-61
WYANT, JACOB                            PA-56-1-444
YEAGER, MARY R.                         PA-56-11-378
YEOMAN, A. J.                           PA-56-8-90
YODER, ADAM                             PA-56-6-291
YODER, BENEDICT                         PA-56-10-215
YODER, CHRISTIAN                        PA-56-3-367
YODER, CHRISTIAN                        PA-56-8-215
YODER, CHRISTIAN                        PA-56-4-338
YODER, DAVID D.                         PA-56-11-255
YODER, DAVID J.                         PA-56-5-86
YODER, ELMER D.                         PA-56-10-125
YODER, JACOB Y.                         PA-56-7-329
YODER, JONATHAN                         PA-56-4-27
YODER, JONATHAN                         PA-56-4-310
YODER, JONATHAN                         PA-56-9-296
YODER, JOSEPH S.                        PA-56-11-13
YODER, JULIAN                           PA-56-9-27
YODER, SAMUEL                           PA-56-5-472
YODER, SAMUEL D.                        PA-56-7-233
YODER, SOLOMON                          PA-56-5-463
YODER, TOBIAS                           PA-56-7-317
YODER, TOBIAS                           PA-56-6-199
YODER, YOST                             PA-56-5-444
YONER, JACOB                            PA-56-5-51
YONG, JACOB                             PA-56-5-321
YOUMAN, JOSEPH                          PA-56-5-303
YOUNG, BARBARA                          PA-56-7-53
YOUNG, ELIZABETH K.                     PA-56-10-277
YOUNG, ESTHER                           PA-56-7-54
YOUNG, HENRY                            PA-56-6-95
YOUNG, JACOB                            PA-56-6-13
YOUNG, JACOB OF G.                      PA-56-5-252
YOUNG, JOHN A.                          PA-56-11-25
YOUNG, LUDWICK                          PA-56-6-144
YOUNG, LUDWIG                           PA-56-3-166
YOUNG, SADIE C.                         PA-56-8-318
YOUNG, SIMON                            PA-56-10-177
YOUNG, WILLIAM W.                       PA-56-11-262
YOUNGS, GEORGE                          PA-56-2-9
YOUNKER, CATHARINE                      PA-56-5-315
YOUNKIN, DELIAH                         PA-56-11-73
YOUNKIN, FRED F.                        PA-56-6-329
YOUNKIN, HERMAN                         PA-56-6-349
YOUNKIN, MARIA                          PA-56-9-144
YOUNKIN, MARY J.                        PA-56-11-364
YOUNKIN, SARAH                          PA-56-10-387
YOUNKIN, SUSAN                          PA-56-9-281
YOWLER, ABSALOM                         PA-56-9-377
YOWLER, ELIZABETH                       PA-56-10-80
YOWLER, SARAH E.                        PA-56-10-172
YUTZY, LUCY A.                          PA-56-10-376
ZAREFOSS, ANN MARIAH                    PA-56-6-94
ZARFOS, SAMUEL SR.                      PA-56-6-209
ZARFOSS, JACOB                          PA-56-6-82
ZEIGLER, SARAH H.                       PA-56-11-380
ZERFASS, BENJAMIN                       PA-56-5-1
ZERVER, ANDREW                          PA-56-2-368
ZIGLER, JOHN                            PA-56-4-472
ZIGLER, JOHN SR.                        PA-56-2-203
ZIMMERMAN, ADAM                         PA-56-6-310
ZIMMERMAN, CAROLINE W.                  PA-56-9-59
ZIMMERMAN, CHRISTENA                    PA-56-5-512
ZIMMERMAN, DAVID T.                     PA-56-11-217
ZIMMERMAN, JACOB                        PA-56-6-79
ZIMMERMAN, JACOB                        PA-56-3-182
ZIMMERMAN, JOSEPH                       PA-56-10-154
ZIMMERMAN, MICHAEL                      PA-56-1-174
ZIMMERMAN, MICHAEL SR                   PA-56-2-372
ZIMMERMAN, WILLIAM                      PA-56-6-326
ZIMMREMAN, DANIEL                       PA-56-6-173
ZINN, HENRY                             PA-56-10-81
ZORN, ANNA                              PA-56-7-73
ZORN, CHARLES                           PA-56-3-169
ZORN, JACOB                             PA-56-6-101
ZORN, JACOB J.                          PA-56-11-186
ZORN, MICHAEL                           PA-56-4-494
ZUFALL, JACOB                           PA-56-10-282
ZUFALL, JOHN                            PA-56-8-3
ZUFALL, PETER                           PA-56-7-150
ZUFALL, WILLIAM                         PA-56-11-134

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