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ABRAM, SARAH                            PA-15-B-205
ADAMS, JAMES                            PA-15-B-101
ADAMS, JAMES                            PA-15-E-88
ADAMS, SAMUEL                           PA-15-A-2
AGATCHELL, RACHEL                       PA-15-D-246
AGNEW, PETER                            PA-15-F-362
AILES, STEPHEN                          PA-15-D-120
ALBIN, JAMES                            PA-15-C-245
ALEXANDER, JOHN                         PA-15-D-467
ALLEN, JAMES                            PA-15-A-396
ALLEN, JOHN                             PA-15-A-92
ALLEN, JOHN                             PA-15-D-125
ALLEN, JOHN                             PA-15-D-174
ALLEN, JOHN                             PA-15-E-283
ALLISON, ALEXANDER                      PA-15-B-135
ALLISON, JOHN                           PA-15-A-291
ANDERSON, JOHN                          PA-15-F-76
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                        PA-15-D-652
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       PA-15-F-164
ARBUCKEL, JAMES                         PA-15-F-293
ARCHER, GERTRUDE                        PA-15-C-91
ARCHER, JOHN                            PA-15-B-64
ARMENT, WILLIAM                         PA-15-D-344
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      PA-15-C-439
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      PA-15-F-464
ARNOFF, PHILIP                          PA-15-F-261
ARNOLD, ANN                             PA-15-D-438
ARNOLD, ANTHONY                         PA-15-B-211
ARNOLD, JOHN                            PA-15-A-57
ARNOLD, RICHARD                         PA-15-A-106
ARNOLD, THOMAS                          PA-15-D-437
ASH, MATTHEW                            PA-15-D-209
ASHBRIDGE, AARON                        PA-15-F-185
ASHBRIDGE, GEORE                        PA-15-B-256
ASHBRIDGE, GEORGE                       PA-15-E-393
ASKEW, WILLIAM                          PA-15-D-239
ASKILL, WILLIAM                         PA-15-E-21
BABB, PETER                             PA-15-E-441
BACKHOUSE, ALLEN                        PA-15-D-55
BADLWIN, ELIZABETH                      PA-15-D-285
BAILEY, ALEXANDER                       PA-15-D-321
BAILEY, GEORGE                          PA-15-D-536
BAILY, ISAAC                            PA-15-A-383
BAILY, JOEL                             PA-15-A-363
BAILY, JOEL                             PA-15-F-150
BAINBRIDGE, EDMUND                      PA-15-F-236
BAKER, ADAM                             PA-15-B-87
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-15-A-405
BAKER, JOSEPH                           PA-15-B-7
BAKER, JOSEPH                           PA-15-A-34
BAKER, JOSEPH                           PA-15-A-448
BAKER, JOSEPH JR.                       PA-15-A-53
BAKER, MARGERY                          PA-15-F-208
BAKER, NEHEMIAH                         PA-15-F-311
BALDWIN, ANTHONY                        PA-15-D-265
BALDWIN, JOHN                           PA-15-A-352
BALDWIN, THOMAS                         PA-15-A-334
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                        PA-15-A-135
BALL, ROGER                             PA-15-B-8
BARNARD, ISAAC                          PA-15-D-353
BARNS, JOSEPH                           PA-15-C-451
BARR, JOHN                              PA-15-F-467 (MISSING)
BARR, WILLIAM                           PA-15-F-188
BARTHOLOMEW, MARGARET                   PA-15-F-211
BARTON, ISAAC                           PA-15-A-119
BARTON, JOSEPH                          PA-15-C-17
BARTRAM, ELIZABETH                      PA-15-A-395
BARTRAM, ELIZABETH                      PA-15-E-298
BARTRAM, JAMES                          PA-15-E-259
BATEMAN, JOHN                           PA-15-D-506
BAZALLION, PETER                        PA-15-B-113
BEAL, JOHN                              PA-15-A-206
BEAN, WILLIAM                           PA-15-E-467
BEARAT, JAMES                           PA-15-E-1
BEATY, ABRAM                            PA-15-C-37
BEATY, JANE                             PA-15-C-253
BEAVER, JOHN                            PA-15-F-383
BEESON, EDWARD                          PA-15-A-1
BELL, JOSEPH                            PA-15-D-62
BELL, MARY                              PA-15-E-1
BELL, WILLIAM                           PA-15-F-4
BELLARBY, ISAAC                         PA-15-A-297
BENARD, PAUL                            PA-15-F-300
BENNETT, EDWARD                         PA-15-A-24
BENNETT, JAMES                          PA-15-D-226
BENNETT, MARY                           PA-15-E-208
BENNETT, SARAH                          PA-15-E-388
BENSON, ROBERT                          PA-15-B-203
BENTLEY, JEFFERY                        PA-15-F-349
BENTLEY, JEFFREY                        PA-15-F-126
BENTLEY, JOSEPH                         PA-15-F-293
BENTLEY, MARY                           PA-15-D-201
BERRY, SAMUEL                           PA-15-A-400
BETHEL, JOHN                            PA-15-A-179
BETTETON, HENRY                         PA-15-A-237
BEVAN, AUBREY                           PA-15-D-309
BEVERLEY, JANE                          PA-15-D-48
BEVERLEY, SAMUEL                        PA-15-C-284
BEZER, JOHN                             PA-15-C-270
BEZER, RICHARD                          PA-15-D-71
BIGGARD, WILLIAM                        PA-15-D-186
BILHA                                   PA-15-E-64
BISHOP, JOSEPH                          PA-15-F-391
BISHOP, SAMUEL JR.                      PA-15-B-91
BISHOP, SAMUEL SR.                      PA-15-B-103
BLACK, JOSEPH                           PA-15-E-257
BLACK, NEWTON                           PA-15-E-17
BLACKBURN, MARY                         PA-15-F-19
BLACKWELL, ELIZABETH                    PA-15-D-502
BLAIR, SAMUEL                           PA-15-C-296
BLISS, SUSANNA                          PA-15-F-382
BLUNSTON, JOHN                          PA-15-A-152
BLUNSTON, MICHAEL                       PA-15-B-1
BLUNSTON, PHEBE                         PA-15-C-169
BOAKE, AMOS                             PA-15-C-289
BOGGS, JAMES                            PA-15-B-130
BOGGS, JOHN                             PA-15-F-389
BOND, JOSEPH                            PA-15-F-193
BOND, PAUL                              PA-15-E-247
BONSALL, ENOCH                          PA-15-E-134
BONSALL, JACOB                          PA-15-B-39
BONSALL, JOSEPH                         PA-15-D-433
BOON, ANDREW                            PA-15-F-143
BOON, HANS                              PA-15-A-182
BOON, SWAN                              PA-15-A-306
BOOTH, ROBERT                           PA-15-A-234
BOURGOIN, JOSEPH                        PA-15-D-456
BOURNE, THOMAS                          PA-15-D-334
BOWATER, FRANCES                        PA-15-A-110
BOWEN, JOHN                             PA-15-B-261
BOWEN, THOMAS                           PA-15-E-212
BOWLS, WILLIAM                          PA-15-C-236
BOYCE, JOSEPH                           PA-15-B-125
BOYD, ADAM                              PA-15-E-100
BOYD, HUGH                              PA-15-C-500
BOYD, JAMES                             PA-15-D-470
BOYD, JANE                              PA-15-D-650
BOYD, MARY                              PA-15-D-23
BOYD, WILLIAM                           PA-15-D-306
BOYD, WILLIAM                           PA-15-D-648
BOYER, MICHAEL                          PA-15-F-226
BOYLE, DORINTON                         PA-15-E-372
BOYLE, JOHN                             PA-15-B-11
BOYLE, ROBERT                           PA-15-D-252
BRADSHAW, SAMUEL                        PA-15-A-296
BRADSHAW, THOMAS                        PA-15-A-231
BRANNEN, JOHN                           PA-15-E-104
BRIGGS, RICHARD                         PA-15-D-441
BRINTON, JANE                           PA-15-D-32
BRINTON, JOHN                           PA-15-C-21
BRINTON, JOSEPH                         PA-15-C-334
BRINTON, WILLIAM                        PA-15-D-319
BRINTON, WILLIAM                        PA-15-C-332
BROOMALL, JOHN                          PA-15-A-303
BROOME, JAMES                           PA-15-A-129
BROWN, ANDREW                           PA-15-B-203
BROWN, DANIEL                           PA-15-E-40
BROWN, GEORGE                           PA-15-D-44
BROWN, GEORGE                           PA-15-A-88
BROWN, ISAAC                            PA-15-F-406
BROWN, JAMES                            PA-15-A-30
BROWN, JEREMIAH                         PA-15-D-645
BROWN, JEREMIAH JR.                     PA-15-D-384
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-15-F-437
BROWN, MARY                             PA-15-E-169
BROWN, SAMUEL                           PA-15-B-265
BROWN, THOMAS                           PA-15-D-299
BROWN, THOMAS                           PA-15-B-220
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-15-C-78
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-15-B-209
BRYAN, JOHN                             PA-15-F-216
BUCHANAN, GILBERT                       PA-15-E-227
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM                       PA-15-E-170
BUCKWALTER, JOHN                        PA-15-F-198
BUFFINGTON, ISAAC                       PA-15-D-226
BUFFINGTON, JOHN                        PA-15-B-12
BUFFINGTON, JOHN                        PA-15-D-365
BUFFINGTON, JOHN                        PA-15-F-57
BUFFINGTON, RICAHRD JR.                 PA-15-B-80
BUFFINGTON, RICHARD SR.                 PA-15-B-242
BUFFINGTON, THOMAS                      PA-15-B-52
BULLER, JOHN                            PA-15-B-156
BULLER, THOMAS                          PA-15-A-104
BULLER, WILLIAM                         PA-15-A-78
BUNTING, ROBERT                         PA-15-B-48
BUNTING, SAMUEL                         PA-15-D-111
BURGESS, GERVASE                        PA-15-E-33
BUSHELL, SARAH                          PA-15-A-63
BUTCHER, EDMUND                         PA-15-A-138
BUTCHER, ISABELLA                       PA-15-B-216
BUTCHER, MARY                           PA-15-E-6
BUTCHER, THOMAS                         PA-15-A-207
BUTCHER, ZACHARIAH                      PA-15-D-25
BYERS, JOHN                             PA-15-D-638
BYERS, JOSEPH                           PA-15-D-338
CAIN, JOHN                              PA-15-F-160
CALDREY, THOMAS                         PA-15-A-209
CALDWELL, ANN                           PA-15-D-322
CALDWELL, ELIZABETH                     PA-15-D-488
CALDWELL, HENRY                         PA-15-D-135
CALDWELL, JOHN                          PA-15-E-333
CALDWELL, MARGARET                      PA-15-D-623
CALDWELL, ROBERT                        PA-15-D-651
CALDWELL, ROBERT                        PA-15-B-219
CALDWELL, THOMAS                        PA-15-B-10
CALDWELL, VINCENT                       PA-15-A-88
CALWALL, JAMES                          PA-15-D-20
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                     PA-15-F-10
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                       PA-15-D-148
CAMPBELL, HUGH                          PA-15-E-374
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       PA-15-D-484
CANBY, JESSE                            PA-15-F-432
CARLETON, SARAH                         PA-15-E-252
CARPENER, ISAAC                         PA-15-A-101
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      PA-15-B-253
CARSON, GEORGE                          PA-15-D-183
CARSON, SAMUEL                          PA-15-D-610
CARTER, EDWARD                          PA-15-F-255
CARTER, GEORGE                          PA-15-A-223
CARTER, JEREMIAH                        PA-15-B-17
CARTER, JOHN                            PA-15-D-233
CARTER, JOSEPH                          PA-15-D-529
CARTER, MARY                            PA-15-C-42
CARTER, ROBERT                          PA-15-C-283
CARUTHERS, ALEXANDER                    PA-15-D-532
CCOHRAN, DAVID                          PA-15-F-417
CHADS, FRANCIS                          PA-15-A-12
CHADS, JOHN                             PA-15-D-282
CHALFANT, JOHN                          PA-15-A-172
CHALFANT, ROBERT                        PA-15-D-646
CHAMBERLAIN, BENJAMIN                   PA-15-D-402
CHAMBERLAIN, MARY                       PA-15-C-315
CHAMBERLIN, ISAAC                       PA-15-E-270
CHAMBERLIN, JOSEPH                      PA-15-E-330
CHAMBERLIN, ROBERT                      PA-15-A-367
CHAMBERLIN, ROBERT JR.                  PA-15-A-356
CHANDLER, GEORGE                        PA-15-A-8
CHANDLER, MARY                          PA-15-E-154
CHANDLER, THOMAS                        PA-15-D-339
CHANDLER, WILLIAM                       PA-15-B-213
CHAPMAN, GEORGE                         PA-15-D-91
CHARLTON, ISABELLA                      PA-15-D-499
CHARLTON, THOMAS                        PA-15-B-145
CHARLTON, THOMAS                        PA-15-B-182
CHARLTON, THOMAS                        PA-15-E-232
CHATTIN, SARAH                          PA-15-F-342
CHERRY, AARON                           PA-15-F-205
CHEYNEY, ANN                            PA-15-E-302
CHEYNEY, JOHN                           PA-15-B-190
CHEYNEY, JOHN                           PA-15-A-145
CHEYNEY, THOMAS                         PA-15-A-281
CHURCHMAN, JOHN                         PA-15-A-170
CLARK, HENRY                            PA-15-B-267
CLARK, JOHN                             PA-15-E-198
CLARK, THOMAS                           PA-15-E-121
CLARK, WILLIAM                          PA-15-E-376
CLAYPOOLE, NATHANIEL                    PA-15-D-348
CLAYTON, ABEL                           PA-15-B-22
CLAYTON, ANN                            PA-15-E-219
CLAYTON, EDWARD                         PA-15-D-240
CLAYTON, ELIZABETH                      PA-15-B-28
CLAYTON, SUSANNA                        PA-15-D-302
CLAYTON, THOMAS                         PA-15-D-28
CLAYTON, WILLIAM                        PA-15-A-267
CLAYTON, WILLIAM                        PA-15-D-99
CLELAND, SAMUEL                         PA-15-E-234
CLIFFE, BENJAMIN                        PA-15-C-198
CLINTON, ARCHIBALD                      PA-15-B-210
CLOUD, ABIGAIL                          PA-15-D-149
CLOUD, ANN                              PA-15-F-39
CLOUD, JASON                            PA-15-F-396
CLOUD, JEREMIAH                         PA-15-B-245
CLOUD, JOHN                             PA-15-B-172
CLOUD, JOSEPH                           PA-15-B-47
CLOUD, JOSEPH                           PA-15-E-203
CLOUD, MORDECAI                         PA-15-B-187
CLOUD, WILLIAM                          PA-15-A-105
CLOYD, JAMES                            PA-15-E-246
COBOURN, JOSEPH                         PA-15-A-149
COBOURN, JOSEPH                         PA-15-F-442
COBOURN, ROBERT                         PA-15-F-333
COBOURN, THOMAS                         PA-15-D-381
COBOURN, THOMAS                         PA-15-B-9
COBOURN, WILIAM                         PA-15-B-71
COCHRAN, JACOB                          PA-15-E-123
COCHRAN, JAMES                          PA-15-D-600
COCHRAN,JAMES                           PA-15-E-65
CODREY, THOMAS                          PA-15-A-209
COHLAN, JOHN                            PA-15-A-235
COLBOURN, THOMAS                        PA-15-A-167
COLE, STEPHEN                           PA--15-B-173
COLES, WILLIAM                          PA-15-D-142
COLHOON, JOHN                           PA-15-F-250
COLLETT, JEREMIAH                       PA-15-C-352
COLLINS, HENRY                          PA-15-C-388
COLLINS, JOSEPH                         PA-15-A-439
COLLINS, MARY                           PA-15-C-12
COLLINS, MARY                           PA-15-E-53
COLLINS, PETER                          PA-15-A-402
COMPTON, JONATHAN                       PA-15-A-60
COOK, JOHN                              PA-15-D-161
COOK, NEAL                              PA-15-B-27
COOK, THOMAS                            PA-15-D-313
COOK, WILLIAM                           PA-15-C-115
COOPE, JOHN                             PA-15-E-390
COOPER, ADAM                            PA-15-E-266
COOPER, JAMES                           PA-15-A-369
COOPER, ROBERT                          PA-15-E-44
COOPER, THOMAS                          PA-15-E-430
COPE, JOHN                              PA-15-E-390
COPPOCK, AARON                          PA-15-A-205
COPPOCK, BARTHOLOMEW                    PA-15-A-70
COPPOCK, BARTHOLOMEW                    PA-15-D-316
COPPOCK, BARTHOLOMEW                    PA-15-A-93
COPPOCK, ELEANOR                        PA-15-A-222
CORNELIUS, STEPHEN                      PA-15-B-52
CORNOG, DAVID                           PA-15-F-385
COTTEY, MARY                            PA-15-A-11
COULSON, THOMAS                         PA-15-D-417
COWAN, JAMES                            PA-15-C-319
COWAN, JOSEPH                           PA-15-F-241
COWEN, ELIZABETH                        PA-15-F-244
COWPLAND, CALEB                         PA-15-D-518
COWPLAND, DAVID                         PA-15-F-285
COWPLAND, JOSHUA                        PA-15-A-389
COWPLAND, SARAH                         PA-15-D-117
COX, ANDREW                             PA-15-D-248
COX, LAWRENCE                           PA-15-D-304
CRABB, WILLIAM                          PA-15-E-186
CRANSTON, ELIZABETH                     PA-15-D-53
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          PA-15-A-348
CRAWFORD, MARY                          PA-15-D-407
CREIGHTON, JOHN                         PA-15-A-342
CRESWELL, WILLIAM                       PA-15-B-154
CRISWELL, JAMES                         PA-15-D-271
CRISWELL, JAMES                         PA-15-F-387
CRISWELL, JOHN                          PA-15-D-448
CROMPTON, SUSANNA                       PA-15-B-225
CROSBY, JOHN                            PA-15-C-247
CROSBY, SAMUEL                          PA-15-F-169
CROSLEY, CHARLES                        PA-15-C-211
CRUMBACKER, PETER                       PA-15-F-430
CULBERTSON, JAMES                       PA-15-D-431
CULBERTSON, JANE                        PA-15-E-156
CULBERTSON, JOHN                        PA-15-E-54
CULBERTSON, ROBERT                      PA-15-D-368
CULBERTSON, SAMUEL                      PA-15-C-117
CULIN, ANDREW                           PA-15-F-284
CULIN, DANIEL                           PA-15-F-277
CULIN, GEORGE                           PA-15-D-218
CULIN, GEORGE                           PA-15-A-451
CUMINGS, WILLIAM                        PA-15-D-458
CUMMINGS, THOMAS                        PA-15-D-587
CUMMINS, WILLIAM                        PA-15-C-106
CUNNING, HENRY                          PA-15-D-200
CURLE, JAEMS                            PA-15-E-345
CUTHBERT, JOHN                          PA-15-E-418
DANIEL, JAMES                           PA-15-D-169
DARLINGTON, ABRAHAM                     PA-15-F-172
DARLINGTON, WILLIAM                     PA-15-D-94
DAVID, EDWARD                           PA-15-C-80
DAVID, EVAN                             PA-15-B-59
DAVID, JAMES                            PA-15-B-204
DAVID, JOHN                             PA-15-B-250
DAVID, JOHN                             PA-15-C-204
DAVID, LLEWELLYN                        PA-15-D-36
DAVID, PHILIP                           PA-15-B-248
DAVID, PHILIP                           PA-15-F-160
DAVID, STEPHEN                          PA-15-C-165
DAVID, THOMAS                           PA-15-A-307
DAVID, THOMAS                           PA-15-D-346
DAVIES, JANE                            PA-15-D-486
DAVIES, JONATHAN                        PA-15-D-327
DAVIES, RICHARD                         PA-15-C-527
DAVIS, ABRAHAM                          PA-15-D-489
DAVIS, DANIEL                           PA-15-F-309
DAVIS, DAVID                            PA-15-B-111
DAVIS, DAVID                            PA-15-F-153
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        PA-15-F-65
DAVIS, HUGH                             PA-15-B-131
DAVIS, JAMES                            PA-15-E-448
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-15-C-174
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-15-A-83
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-15-E-177
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-15-F-342
DAVIS, JONATHAN                         PA-15-D-544
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           PA-15-C-255
DAVIS, LEWIS                            PA-15-C-86
DAVIS, MARY                             PA-15-D-76
DAVIS, MARY                             PA-15-F-13
DAVIS, METHUSELAH                       PA-15-C-372
DAVIS, REBECCA                          PA-15-E-340
DAVIS, ROBERT                           PA-15-D-216
DAVIS, SARAH                            PA-15-F-341
DAVIS, THOMAS                           PA-15-D-195
DAVIS, THOMAS                           PA-15-F-34
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          PA-15-E-28
DAWSON, ABRAHAM                         PA-15-D-250
DAWSON MARY                             PA-15-E-120
DAWSON, THOMAS                          PA-15-E-102
DAWSON, THOMAS                          PA-15-E-317
DAY, JAMES                              PA-15-F-424
DAY, JOHN                               PA-15-F-79
DELL, THOMAS                            PA-15-C-231
DENNIS, JOHN                            PA-15-D-104
DENNISTON, JAMES                        PA-15-B-165
DEVONALD, JOHN                          PA-15-A-430
DICKS, NATHAN                           PA-15-D-257
DICKS, PETER                            PA-15-D-261
DILWORTH, JAMES                         PA-15-E-146
DONNELL, JAMES                          PA-15-D-527
DOUGHERTY, GEORGE                       PA-15-D-318
DOUGHERTY, JAMES                        PA-15-E-36
DOWNING, THOMAS                         PA-15-E-312
DUCKWORTH, WILLIAM                      PA-15-D-307
DUNBABIN, THOMAS                        PA-15-A-26
DUNN, WILLIAM                           PA-15-D-303
DUNWOODIE, WILLIAM                      PA-15-F-155
DUNWOODY, JOHN                          PA-15-F-339
DUTTON, EDWARD                          PA-15-A-357
DUTTON, JOHN                            PA-15-B-3
DUTTON, JOHN                            PA-15-D-153
DUTTON, JOSEPH                          PA-15-E-416
DUTTON, THOMAS                          PA-15-A-343
EACHUS, DAVID                           PA-15-F-36
EACHUS, ROBERT                          PA-15-A-288
EAVENSON, GRACE                         PA-15-B-215
EAVENSON, JOSEPH                        PA-15-B-179
EAVENSON, RALPH                         PA-15-B-157
EAVENSON, RICHARD                       PA-15-B-49
EAVENSON, THOMAS                        PA-15-A-201
ECKHOFF, DAVID                          PA-15-E-465
EDGE, JACOB                             PA-15-A-97
EDMESTON, JAMES                         PA-15-D-77
EDMESTON,D AVID                         PA-15-E-334
EDMISTON, WILLIAM                       PA-15-E-132
EDWARDS, CALEB                          PA-15-F-186
EDWARDS, JOHN                           PA-15-C-146
EDWARDS, OWEN                           PA-15-B-55
EDWARDS, RICHARD                        PA-15-B-105
ELDER, JAMES                            PA-15-D-576
ELGAR, JOSEPH                           PA-15-A-406
ELLIOT, WILLIAM                         PA-15-E-128
ELLIOTT, ENOCH                          PA-15-E-23
ELLIOTT, JOHN                           PA-15-D-134
ELLIOTT, JOHN                           PA-15-F-1
ELLIOTT, PETER                          PA-15-D-147
ELLIOTT, SAMUEL                         PA-15-B-219
ELLIS, BENJAMIN                         PA-15-C-427
ELLIS, EVAN                             PA-15-B-139
ELLIS, HUMPHREY                         PA-15-B-106
ELLIS, LYDIA                            PA-15-B-123
ELLIS, MARGARET                         PA-15-C-495
ELLIS, THOMAS                           PA-15-A-246
EMMET, ABRAHAM SR.                      PA-15-A-315
EMMITT, JOSIAH                          PA-15-D-281
ENGLE, FREDERICK                        PA-15-B-14
ENGLISH, ANDREW                         PA-15-C-119
ENGLISH, JOSEPH                         PA-15-A-177
ERWIN, JAMES                            PA-15-B-46
ERWIN, WILLIAM                          PA-15-A-65
EVAN, JOHN                              PA-15-B-24
EVAN, JOHN JENKIN                       PA-15-D-245
EVAN, ROGER                             PA-15-B-34
EVANS, ANN                              PA-15-E-406
EVANS, CADWALLADER                      PA-15-E-93
EVANS, EVAN                             PA-15-C-25
EVANS, EVAN                             PA-15-E-360
EVANS, EVAN                             PA-15-F-361
EVANS, HANNAH                           PA-15-B-112
EVANS, JANE                             PA-15-C-358
EVANS, JOHN                             PA-15-B-27
EVANS, JOHN                             PA-15-F-368
EVANS, JOHN                             PA-15-E-282
EVANS, JOHN JR.                         PA-15-B-26
EVANS, JOHN SR.                         PA-15-B-60
EVANS, MARY                             PA-15-C-528
EVANS, OWEN                             PA-15-B-229
EVANS, PHILIP                           PA-15-F-457
EVANS, THOMAS                           PA-15-D-565
EVANS, WILLIAM                          PA-15-E-63
EVERHART, CHRISTIAN                     PA-15-F-267
EWING, JAMES                            PA-15-B-70
EWING, JOHN                             PA-15-A-443
EYRE, LEWIS                             PA-15-E-297
EYRE, WILLIAM                           PA-15-D-452
FABIAN, WILLIAM                         PA-15-A-227
FAGAN, JOHN                             PA-15-F-243
FARR, EDWARD                            PA-15-F-393
FARR, RICHARD                           PA-15-B-167
FARRAN, PHILIP                          PA-15-D-537
FEARN, JOSIAH                           PA-15-A-330
FEARNEAN, EDWARD                        PA-15-D-59
FEGON, GILES                            PA-15-D-315
FEW, ISAAC                              PA-15-D-578
FFAIRLAMB, JOHN                         PA-15-D-562
FIKE, CHRISTIAN                         PA-15-E-272
FILSON, DAVISON                         PA-15-F-194
FILSON, JOHN                            PA-15-C-279
FILSON, JOHN JR.                        PA-15-C-314
FINCHER, JOHN                           PA-15-B-240
FINLEY, ROBERT                          PA-15-B-101
FINNEY, THOMAS                          PA-15-E-38
FINNEY, WILLIAM                         PA-15-C-281
FINNIKIN, RICHARD                       PA-15-A-301
FISHER, ROBERT                          PA-15-F-31
FISHER, THOMAS                          PA-15-B-228
FLEMING, HENRY                          PA-15-E-4
FLEMING, JAMES                          PA-15-D-655
FLEMING, ROBERT                         PA-15-B-128
FLEMING,ROBERT                          PA-15-E-323
FLETCHER,ELIZABETH                      PA-15-E-192
FLOWER, JOHN                            PA-15-B-25
FLOWER, RICHARD                         PA-15-D-359
FLOWER, THOMAS                          PA-15-C-509
FLOWER, WILLIAM                         PA-15-A-54
FORD, JOHN                              PA-15-F-370
FORD, PHILIP                            PA-15-D-619
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         PA-15-F-415
FRANCIS, JOSEPH                         PA-15-D-383
FRANCIS, LETTICE                        PA-15-D-494
FRAZER, ALEXANDER                       PA-15-C-256
FRED, CATHARINE                         PA-15-A-154
FRED, JOHN                              PA-15-A-85
FREDD, BENJAMIN                         PA-15-C-354
FREE, ABRAHAM                           PA-15-B-29
FREEMAN, ELIZABETH                      PA-15-C-112
FREEMAN, JOHN                           PA-15-C-5
FRIER, JAMES                            PA-15-D-612
FRYER, THOMAS                           PA-15-D-401
FUREY, ELIZABETH                        PA-15-F-262
FUREY, HUGH                             PA-15-B-116
GARRATT, JOHN                           PA-15-E-127
GARRATT, JOSEPH                         PA-15-E-205
GARRETT, GEORGE                         PA-15-B-74
GARRETT, MARY                           PA-15-B-129
GARRETT, SAMUEL                         PA-15-B-154
GARRETT, THOMAS                         PA-15-B-252
GARRETT, THOMAS                         PA-15-A-45
GARRETT, WILLIAM                        PA-15-A-232
GATLIVE, CHARLES                        PA-15-B-132
GAUSE, CHARLES                          PA-15-A-374
GEORGE, GEORGE                          PA-15-B-264
GEORGE, THOMAS                          PA-15-D-528
GEST, PHEBE                             PA-15-E-221
GEST, SIMON                             PA-15-D-500
GHEEN, ROBERT                           PA-15-D-397
GIBBONS, JAMES                          PA-15-B-180
GIBBONS, JAMES                          PA-15-A-374
GIBBONS, JOHN                           PA-15-A-111
GIBBY, DAVID                            PA-15-B-19
GIBSON, CHRISTIAN                       PA-15-D-504
GIBSON, JOHN                            PA-15-C-482
GIBSON, JOSEPH                          PA-15-D-455
GIHON, THOMAS                           PA-15-C-265
GILKEY, WALTER                          PA-15-E-57
GILLESPIE, WILLIAM                      PA-15-D-223
GILPIN, GEORGE                          PA-15-E-458
GILPIN, JOSEPH                          PA-15-B-51
GIVEN, ROEBRT                           PA-15-E-353
GLEAVE, JOHN                            PA-15-C-402
GLEAVES, ELIZABETH                      PA-15-D-109
GOLD, WILLIAM                           PA-15-B-236
GORSUCH, WILLIAM                        PA-15-B-163
GOSS, CHARLES                           PA-15-A-374
GRAHAM, ARTHUR                          PA-15-D-520
GRAHAM, JAMES                           PA-15-D-427
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-15-B-175
GRANTHAM, GEORGE                        PA-15-D-607
GRANTUM, CHARLES                        PA-15-E-73
GRANTUM, CHARLES JR.                    PA-15-D-306
GRAY, NIGEL                             PA-15-A-359
GREEN, EDWARD                           PA-15-E-309
GREEN, JOHN                             PA-15-E-469
GREGG, DINAH                            PA-15-D-430
GREGG, JOSEPH                           PA-15-E-216
GRIFFITH, BENONI                        PA-15-D-255
GRIFFITH, DANIEL                        PA-15-B-257
GRIFFITH, MARY                          PA-15-E-294
GRIFFITH, MAURICE                       PA-15-D-553
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        PA-15-B-259
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                       PA-15-D-422
GRIFFITHS, DAVID                        PA-15-C-317
GRIFFITHS, GRIFFITH                     PA-15-D-278
GRONOW, LEWIS                           PA-15-B-257
GRUBB, HANNAH                           PA-15-E-215
GRUBB, HENRY                            PA-15-E-255
GRUBB, NATHANIEL                        PA-15-D-377
GRUBB, SAMUEL                           PA-15-D-228
GRUBB, SAMUEL                           PA-15-E-108
GUNSTON, ANN                            PA-15-A-326
GUNSTON, HENRY                          PA-15-A-324
GUY, MATTHEW                            PA-15-D-130
HADLEY, PHEBE                           PA-15-E-119
HAINES, ISAAC                           PA-15-E-78
HAINES, JACOB                           PA-15-B-116
HAINES, JOHN                            PA-15-D-439
HAINES, JOHN                            PA-15-A-21
HAINES, JOSEPH                          PA-15-D-425
HAINS, JOSEPH                           PA-15-F-363
HALL, JOHN                              PA-15-B-242
HALL, JOSEPH                            PA-15-E-166
HALL, MATTHEW                           PA-15-D-596
HALL, RICHARD                           PA-15-D-43
HALL, SAMUEL                            PA-15-B-30
HALL, SAMUEL                            PA-15-B-22
HALL, THOMAS                            PA-15-A-47
HALL, THOMAS                            PA-15-E-428
HALLIDAY, ROBERT                        PA-15-D-364
HALLIDAY, WILLIAM                       PA-15-B-91
HAMBLETON, JAMES                        PA-15-D-203
HAMILTON, JOHN                          PA-15-D-314
HAMILTON, JOHN                          PA-15-D-16
HAMPTON, SIMON                          PA-15-E-474
HANBY, WILLIAM                          PA-15-A-403
HANCOCK, JSOEPH                         PA-15-F-254
HANLY, JOHN                             PA-15-E-131
HANNA, JOHN                             PA-15-E-184
HANNUM, JAMES                           PA-15-A-62
HANNUM, JOHN                            PA-15-A-328
HANNUM, MARGERY                         PA-15-B-115
HARAH, WILLIAM                          PA-15-D-412
HARLAN, AARON                           PA-15-A-381
HARLAN, EBENEZER                        PA-15-E-152
HARLAN, EZEKIEL                         PA-15-A-341
HARLAN, GEORGE                          PA-15-A-7
HARLAN, JAMES                           PA-15-F-37
HARLAN, JOSHUA                          PA-15-B-160
HARLAN, MARY                            PA-15-B-99
HARLAN, MICHAEL                         PA-15-A-301
HARLAN, RUTH                            PA-15-B-153
HARLAN, SARAH                           PA-15-B-247
HARLAN, SOLOMON                         PA-15-A-365
HARLAN, THOMAS                          PA-15-B-196
HARMUM, JOHN                            PA-15-E-397
HARRIS, DANIEL                          PA-15-D-351
HARRIS, EVAN                            PA-15-A-280
HARRIS, JAMES                           PA-15-F-73
HARRIS, JANE                            PA-15-F-327
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         PA-15-B-266
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         PA-15-A-37
HARRISON, CALEB                         PA-15-D-606
HARRISON, SARAH                         PA-15-C-144
HARRISON, THOMAS                        PA-15-C-180
HARRRIS, ROGER                          PA-15-A-18
HARRY, HUGH                             PA-15-D-231
HARRY, WILLIAM                          PA-15-D-127
HARST, THOMAS                           PA-15-F-22
HARVEY, JOB                             PA-15-C-266
HARVEY, JOSEPH                          PA-15-D-33
HARVEY, WILLIAM                         PA-15-C-503
HASTINGS, DAVID                         PA-15-E-320
HASTINGS, HENRY                         PA-15-D-118
HATTON, PETER                           PA-15-D-140
HAURY, ULRICK                           PA-15-A-295
HAYDEN, ANDREW                          PA-15-A-408
HAYES, HENRY                            PA-15-B-195
HAYES, JAMES                            PA-15-D-105
HAYES, JOHN                             PA-15-D-386
HAYES, JOHN                             PA-15-D-582
HAYES, RICHARD                          PA-15-B-133
HAYWARD, MARY                           PA-15-D-175
HEACOCK, JONATHAN                       PA-15-D-461
HEAD, BENJAMIN                          PA-15-A-126
HEALD, JOHN                             PA-15-B-67
HEALD, RACHEL                           PA-15-E-311
HEALD, SAMUEL                           PA-15-B-9
HEANEY, HUGH                            PA-15-D-449
HEDGES, CHARLES                         PA-15-B-144
HEDGES, JOSEPH                          PA-15-A-423
HELSBY, JOSEPH                          PA-15-B-238
HEMPHILL, ALEXANDER                     PA-15-E-69
HENDERSON, ANDREW                       PA-15-D-374
HENDERSON, DANIEL                       PA-15-F-187
HENDERSON, EDWARD                       PA-15-A-360
HENDERSON, JOHN                         PA-15-B-189
HENDERSON, MARGARET                     PA-15-F-91
HENDRICKSON, ALBERT                     PA-15-A-29
HENDRICKSON, ANDREW                     PA-15-A-136
HENDRICKSON, JOHN                       PA-15-A-121
HENDRICKSON, MAUDLIN                    PA-15-C-376
HENRY, JAMES                            PA-15-A-422
HEWES, ISAAC                            PA-15-C-202
HEWES, JOHN                             PA-15-D-157
HEWES, MARY                             PA-15-C-229
HEWES, WILLIAM                          PA-15-C-434
HIBBERD, JACOB                          PA-15-C-220
HIBBERD, SARAH                          PA-15-F-366
HICKMAN, BENJAMIN                       PA-15-D-234
HICKMAN, BENJAMIN                       PA-15-B-121
HIETT, THOMAS                           PA-15-C-303
HIGHETT, PETER                          PA-15-C-219
HILL, JOHN                              PA-15-D-485
HINDE, JAMES                            PA-15-D-598
HIPPLE, HENRY                           PA-15-E-369
HIPPLE, JACOB                           PA-15-E-367
HOBSON, FRANCIS                         PA-15-D-613
HOBSON, MARTHA                          PA-15-F-158
HOLLAND, JOHN                           PA-15-D-372
HOLLINGSWORTH, ENOCH                    PA-15-C-362
HOLLINGSWORTH, JAMES                    PA-15-D-394
HOLLINGSWORTH, SAMUEL                   PA-15-C-321
HOLLINGSWORTH, SAMUEL                   PA-15-C-65
HOLLINGSWORTH, VALENTINE                PA-15-D-80
HOLMAN, ADAM                            PA-15-F-239
HOOD, THOMAS                            PA-15-A-61
HOOPES, STEPHEN                         PA-15-E-2
HOPE, AMOS                              PA-15-E-151
HOPE, JOHN                              PA-15-C-189
HOPE, THOMAS                            PA-15-F-222
HOPKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-15-E-80
HOPTON, RACHEL                          PA-15-B-263
HORNE, BENJAMIN                         PA-15-D-363
HORNE, WILLIAM                          PA-15-B-147
HORNE, WILLIAM                          PA-15-E-362
HOSKINS, JOSEPH                         PA-15-E-420
HOSKINS, RUTH                           PA-15-B-43
HOULSTON, JOHN                          PA-15-A-380
HOUSE, JAMES                            PA-15-D-50
HOUSTON, SAMUEL                         PA-15-B-82
HOWARD, HENRY                           PA-15-D-273
HOWARD, PETER                           PA-15-B-247
HOWELL, DAVID                           PA-15-F-445
HOWELL, HOWELL                          PA-15-C-323
HOWELL, ISAAC                           PA-15-D-158
HOWELL, ISRAEL                          PA-15-D-450
HOWELL, JACOB                           PA-15-E-60
HOWELL, JACOB                           PA-15-F-359
HOWELL, REES                            PA-15-A-422
HOWELL, THOMAS                          PA-15-B-241
HOWELL, THOMAS                          PA-15-C-458
HOWELL, WILLIAM                         PA-15-D-95
HUBBARD, JOHN                           PA-15-A-392
HUBBERT, ALICE                          PA-15-B-93
HUBBERT, STEPHEN                        PA-15-D-361
HUBBERT, THOMS                          PA-15-D-315
HUETT, EDWARD                           PA-15-E-352
HUEY, WILLIAM                           PA-15-C-494
HUGHES, JOHN                            PA-15-C-325
HUGHES, MORGAN                          PA-15-A-242
HUGHES, OWEN                            PA-15-A-438
HUGHES, RICHARD                         PA-15-A-399
HUMBLETON, JAMES                        PA-15-F-270
HUMPHREY, MARY                          PA-15-D-543
HUMPHREYS, SOLOMON                      PA-15-D-138
HUNT, JOSEPH                            PA-15-B-141
HUNT, REBECCA                           PA-15-E-229
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                       PA-15-C-348
HUNTER, ELIZABETH                       PA-15-F-49
HUNTER, HANNAH                          DE-572
HUNTER, JOHN                            PA-15-C-312
HUNTER, JOHN                            PA-15-B-4
HUNTER, MONGEY                          PA-15-B-224
HURFORD, JOHN                           PA-15-F-11
HUSTON, HENRY                           PA-15-D-269
HUTCHINSON, ROBERT                      PA-15-C-192
HUTTON, JOSEPH                          PA-15-A-442
HUTTON, MARY                            PA-15-A-447
IDDINGS, RICHARD                        PA-15-A-197
IDDINGS, RICHARD                        PA-15-C-423
IRWIN, GEORGE                           PA-15-C-88
IRWIN, JAMES                            PA-15-B-46
IRWIN, JOHN                             PA-15-A-284
IRWIN, THOMAS                           PA-15-D-98
IRWIN, WILLIAM                          PA-15-B-149
IRWIN, WILLIAM                          PA-15-A-65
JACK, SAMUEL                            PA-15-B-57
JACKSON, BARBARA                        PA-15-B-89
JACKSON, EPHRAIM                        PA-15-A-394
JACKSON, ISAAC                          PA-15-C-286
JACKSON, JAMES                          PA-15-C-72
JACKSON, JOSEPH                         PA-15-D-294
JACKSON, MARY                           PA-15-A-311
JACKSON, ROBERT                         PA-15-B-33
JACKSON, ROGER                          PA-15-A-27
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         PA-15-D-515
JACKSON, THOMAS                         PA-15-A-251
JACKSON, THOMAS                         PA-15-D-42
JACOBS, JOHN                            PA-15-F-447
JAMES, DANIEL                           PA-15-A-424
JAMES, GEORGE                           PA-15-A-96
JAMES, ISAAC                            PA-15-E-332
JAMES, JOHN                             PA-15-D-472
JAMES, JOHN                             PA-15-B-260
JAMES, JOSEPH                           PA-15-E-188
JAMES, MORDECAI                         PA-15-F-209
JAMES, MORGAN                           PA-15-B-21
JAMES, SAMUEL                           PA-15-C-523
JAMES, SAMUEL                           PA-15-F-181
JAMES, THOMAS                           PA-15-C-344
JAMES, THOMAS                           PA-15-C-10
JEFFERIS, GEORGE                        PA-15-D-416
JEFFERIS, JAMES                         PA-15-B-192
JEFFERIS, ROBERT                        PA-15-B-55
JEFFERIS, WILLIAM                       PA-15-F-307
JEFFERIS, WILLIAM JR.                   PA-15-F-297
JENKINS, DAVID                          PA-15-B-136
JENKINS, GWEN                           PA-15-D-349
JENKINS, JOHN                           PA-15-B-105
JENKINS, JOHN                           PA-15-E-245
JENKINS, JOHN                           PA-15-E-251
JENKINS, NATHANIEL                      PA-15-C-306
JENKINS, THOMAS                         PA-15-A-373
JERMAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-15-B-93
JERMAN, LEWIS                           PA-15-E-392
JERMAN, MARY                            PA-15-B-97
JESSE, WALTER                           PA-15-C-374
JOB, ANDREW                             PA-15-A-140
JOHN, DAVID                             PA-15-C-360
JOHN, DAVID                             PA-15-D-514
JOHN, DAVID                             PA-15-A-112
JOHN, GRIFFITH                          PA-15-C-463
JOHN, GRIFFITH                          PA-15-F-298
JOHN, SAMUEL                            PA-15-D-614
JOHN, WILLIAM                           PA-15-B-249
JOHN, WILLIAM                           PA-15-C-407
JOHNSON, CALEB                          PA-15-A-283
JOHNSON, DAVID                          PA-15-E-175
JOHNSON, HUMPHREY                       PA-15-E-107
JOHNSON, HUMPHRY                        PA-15-C-43
JOHNSON, JAMES                          PA-15-A-160
JOHNSON, JAMES                          PA-15-D-341
JOHNSON, ROBERT                         PA-15-A-386
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        PA-15-D-479
JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH                     PA-15-E-223
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          PA-15-F-305
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                        PA-15-B-54
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       PA-15-E-193
JONES, CALDWALLADER                     PA-15-D-143
JONES, DAVID                            PA-15-D-29
JONES, DAVID                            PA-15-D-177
JONES, DAVID                            PA-15-B-31
JONES, EVAN                             PA-15-E-381
JONES, JACOB                            PA-15-B-117
JONES, JANE                             PA-15-B-233
JONES, JANE                             PA-15-E-451
JONES, MARY                             PA-15-B-227
JONES, NICHOLAS                         PA-15-B-243
JONES, PETER                            PA-15-A-346
JONES, REES                             PA-15-B-258
JONES, RICHARD                          PA-15-E-263
JONES, SARAH                            PA-15-F-97
JONES, THOMAS                           PA-15-A-255
JONES, THOMAS                           PA-15-F-399
KEELEY, SEBASTIAN                       PA-15-F-264
KELLY, THOMAS                           PA-15-D-519
KENDALL, THOMAS SR.                     PA-15-B-104
KENNEDY, DAVID                          PA-15-E-471
KENNEDY, GEORGE                         PA-15-F-125
KENNEDY, SAMUEL                         PA-15-F-278
KENNEDY, THOMAS                         PA-15-F-167
KERNS, HUGH                             PA-15-F-433
KERR, JOSEPH                            PA-15-E-92
KERR, PATRICK                           PA-15-F-381
KEY, MOSES                              PA-15-C-33
KEYS, ELIZABETH                         PA-15-D-151
KEYS, JAMES                             PA-15-E-328
KILLGRIEST, ELIZABETH                   PA-15-C-186
KILPATRICK, WILLIAM                     PA-15-B-194
KIMBER, RICHARD                         PA-15-C-401
KING, GEORGE                            PA-15-C-1
KINKEAD, JOHN                           PA-15-E-291
KINNISON, EDWARD                        PA-15-B-15
KINSMAN, JOHN                           PA-15-A-114
KIR, WILLIAM                            PA-15-E-9
KIRGAN, JOHN                            PA-15-C-274
KIRK, JESSE                             PA-15-E-464
KIRK, JOSEPH                            PA-15-E-445
KIRK, ROGER                             PA-15-D-357
KIRK, ROGER                             PA-15-D-328
KIRK, SAMUEL                            PA-15-D-478
KIRKPATRICK, HUGH                       PA-15-E-68
KIRKPATRICK, JOHN                       PA-15-E-361
KITTERA, JAMES                          PA-15-D-446
KNAUER, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-15-E-155
KNOWLES, JOHN                           PA-15-F-294
KYLE, ROBERT                            PA-15-D-496
KYLE, WILLIAM                           PA-15-F-265

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