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ACKERMAN, BARBARA                       PA-1-B-167
ACKERMAN, JACOB                         PA-1-B-25
ADAIR, HANNAH                           PA-1-E-123
ADAIR, JOHN                             PA-1-A-387
ADAIR, WILLIAM                          PA-1-B-66
ADAMS, JACOB                            PA-1-C-261
ADAMS, JAMES                            PA-1-E-441
ADAMS, MARGARET                         PA-1-D-14
ADAMS, RICHARD                          PA-1-B-274
AGNEW, DAVID                            PA-1-E-500
AGNEW, JAMES                            PA-1-C-403
AGNEW, JOHN                             PA-1-B-330
AGNEW, MARY                             PA-1-C-420
ALBERT, JACOB                           PA-1-E-498
ALBERT, JOHN                            PA-1-C-80
ALBERT, JOHN SR.                        PA-1-C-187
ALLEWELT, BERNARD                       PA-1-D-116
ALLISON, RUTH                           PA-1-D-271
ALTHOFF, HENRY                          PA-1-D-118
APLEY, ANN                              PA-1-D-64
APLEY, LEONARD                          PA-1-C-83
ARENDT, JOHN                            PA-1-D-26
ARMSTRONG, ISAAC                        PA-1-D-132
ARNETT, JACOB                           PA-1-A-160
ARNOLD, GEORGE                          PA-1-C-374
ASHBAUGH, ANDREW                        PA-1-B-294
ASPER, MARGARET                         PA-1-C-252
AULABAUGH, JOHN                         PA-1-E-68
BAER, PHILIP JACOB                      PA-1-B-337
BAILEY, MARY ANN                        PA-1-B-334
BAKER, GEORGE                           PA-1-D-376
BAKER, GEORGE                           PA-1-E-405
BAKER, JOHN                             PA-1-A-254
BALDWIN, THOMAS                         PA-1-D-3
BANGE, GEORGE                           PA-1-E-371
BARDT, GEORGE                           PA-1-C-91
BARDT, MAGDALAINE                       PA-1-E-15
BARR, GEORGE                            PA-1-D-333
BARR, JAMES                             PA-1-B-361
BASER, JOHANNES                         PA-1-D-499
BAUGHER, FREDERICK                      PA-1-D-142
BAUGHER, ISAAC                          PA-1-E-329
BAUGHER, JOSEPH                         PA-1-E-365
BAUMGARTNER, PETER                      PA-1-D-488
BAYLY, JOHN                             PA-1-D-217
BEALES, CALEB SR.                       PA-1-E-118
BEALS, CALEB                            PA-1-E-447
BEALS, JACOB                            PA-1-B-212
BEANDON, THOMAS                         PA-1-B-91
BEAR, CATHERINE                         PA-1-C-389
BEAR, HENRY                             PA-1-E-231
BEAR, JOHN                              PA-1-D-499
BEAR, MICHAEL                           PA-1-B-57
BEARD, GEORGE                           PA-1-E-76
BEARD, JOHN                             PA-1-B-72
BEASAKER, NICHOLAS                      PA-1-C-220
BECKER, HENRY                           PA-1-A-376
BEESE, PETER                            PA-1-B-447
BELL, JAMES JR.                         PA-1-E-319
BELL, W. WILLIAM                        PA-1-E-37
BENDER, CATHARINE                       PA-1-E-257
BENDER, CHRISTINA                       PA-1-E-450
BENDER, CONRAD                          PA-1-C-336
BENDER, HENRY                           PA-1-E-53
BENDER, JACOB                           PA-1-D-510
BENDER, JOHN                            PA-1-B-482
BENDER, MICHAEL                         PA-1-D-285
BENDER, SARAH                           PA-1-D-256
BENDIECK, ELIZABETH                     PA-1-D-353
BENNER, JOHN                            PA-1-E-412
BENNET, CHRISTIAN                       PA-1-D-56
BENSEMER, D. G.                         PA-1-D-179
BERCAW, ABRAHAM                         PA-1-C-416
BERCAW, GEORGE                          PA-1-C-96
BERCAW, PETER SR.                       PA-1-C-327
BEREAW, MARGARET                        PA-1-A-211
BERMINGER, HENRY                        PA-1-B-224
BEST, GEORGE                            PA-1-D-524
BIDDINGER, MICHAEL                      PA-1-D-300
BIESECKER, CATHARINE                    PA-1-E-232
BIGHAM, ANN                             PA-1-D-383
BIGHAM, ARMOR                           PA-1-E-161
BIGHAM, JOHN                            PA-1-E-328
BIGHAM, JOHN                            PA-1-A-224
BIGHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-1-B-450
BIGHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-1-D-105
BINDER, MAGDALENA                       PA-1-A-325
BISHOP, EDMUND C.                       PA-1-E-298
BISHOP, MARY                            PA-1-E-302
BISHOP, PHILIP                          PA-1-D-174
BITTINGER, CHRISTINA                    PA-1-B-195
BITTINGER, JOSEPH                       PA-1-E-448
BITTINGER, MICHAEL                      PA-1-B-198
BITTLE, THOMAS SR.                      PA-1-D-475
BLACK, ANN                              PA-1-B-13
BLACK, HENRY                            PA-1-D-299
BLACK, JAMES                            PA-1-B-486
BLACK, JOHN                             PA-1-D-230
BLAKELY, MARY (SWEENEY)                 PA-1-D-258
BLIVER, ADAM                            PA-1-B-396
BLUBAUGH, BENJAMIN                      PA-1-E-136
BLYTHE, DAVID                           PA-1-D-135
BOLSLEY, ELIZABETH                      PA-1-E-134
BONNER, JANE                            PA-1-E-203
BOSSERMAN, JOHN SR.                     PA-1-E-166
BOSSERMAN, MARY                         PA-1-E-57
BOWER, BENJAMIN                         PA-1-D-316
BOWER, JONATHAN                         PA-1-D-208
BOWER, MICHAEL                          PA-1-B-442
BOWER, MICHAEL SR.                      PA-1-A-427
BOWER, PETER SR.                        PA-1-C-148
BOWER, STEPHEN                          PA-1-C-367
BOWMAN, GEORGE                          PA-1-D-185
BOWMAN, JOHN                            PA-1-D-472
BOYD, ARCHIBALD                         PA-1-C-407
BOYER, FREDERICK                        PA-1-E-211
BOYER, MARTIN                           PA-1-D-534
BRACKENRIDGE, ROBERT                    PA-1-C-173
BRAKER, JOHN                            PA-1-C-129
BRANAN, WILLIAM                         PA-1-B-328
BRANDON, GEORGE                         PA-1-B-445
BRANDON, TEMPLETON                      PA-1-E-436
BRANNER, MICHAEL                        PA-1-B-62
BRANWOOD, SARAH                         PA-1-B-326
BRAUN, SUSSANNA                         PA-1-A-301
BREAM, HENRY                            PA-1-D-71
BRECKENRIDGE, WILLIAM                   PA-1-D-508
BRICE, JAMES                            PA-1-A-25
BRIDGES, JOHN S.                        PA-1-D-392
BRINKERHOF, GEORGE                      PA-1-B-64
BRINKERHOFF, ELIZABETH                  PA-1-E-12
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE                     PA-1-D-421
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE                     PA-1-C-263
BRINKERHOFF, GILBERT                    PA-1-C-174
BRINKERHOFF, JAMES                      PA-1-D-370
BRINKERHOFF, JOHN                       PA-1-D-384
BRINKERHOFF, MARTINA                    PA-1-E-368
BRITT, ADAM                             PA-1-C-240
BROUGH, JACOB                           PA-1-D-94
BROUGH, JOHN                            PA-1-E-312
BROWN, ALEXANDER                        PA-1-A-12
BROWN, ANDREW                           PA-1-B-288
BROWN, FULFORD JAMES                    PA-1-C-8
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-1-E-215
BROWN, SUSANNA                          PA-1-A-301
BUCKINGHAM, EZEKIEL                     PA-1-E-358
BURKEE, JOSEPH SR.                      PA-1-E-291
BURKHOLDER, JOHN                        PA-1-B-97
BURROWS, PETER                          PA-1-D-237
BUSHEY, CHRISTIAN                       PA-1-D-23
BUSHEY, MARGARET                        PA-1-D-173
BUSHMAN, ANDREW                         PA-1-D-207
BUSHMAN, HENRY                          PA-1-C-289
BUSHY, NICHOLAS                         PA-1-B-220
BUSKEY, CATHARINE                       PA-1-E-138
BUSKEY, JACOB                           PA-1-D-518
BYERS, DAVID                            PA-1-D-146
CALHOUN, CATHARINE                      PA-1-D-246
CAMPBELL, HUGH                          PA-1-A-393
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                      PA-1-C-365
CARBOUGH, CHRISTIAN                     PA-1-B-276
CARL, ADAM                              PA-1-E-400
CARL, GEORGE                            PA-1-E-435
CARLE, MICHAEL                          PA-1-B-241
CARRICK, JOHN                           PA-1-B-178
CASHMAN, CHRISTIAN                      PA-1-A-73
CASHMAN, CHRISTIAN                      PA-1-E-334
CASHMAN, GEORGE                         PA-1-C-257
CASSAST, JACOB                          PA-1-D-404
CASSAT, DAVID SR.                       PA-1-C-348
CASSAT, JACOB                           PA-1-B-234
CAUSTEN, SUSAN                          PA-1-E-353
CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN                       PA-1-B-473
CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN                       PA-1-B-99
CHAMBERLIN, CLAYTON                     PA-1-C-74
CHAMBERLIN, JAMES                       PA-1-C-72
CHAMBERLIN, LEWIS                       PA-1-C-398
CHAMBERLIN, RACHEL                      PA-1-E-343
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          PA-1-D-95
CLAPSADDLE, JOSEPH                      PA-1-E-426
CLAPSADDLE, MICHAEL                     PA-1-E-60
CLARK, GEORGE                           PA-1-E-244
CLARK, JOSEPH                           PA-1-E-424
CLARK, WILLIAM                          PA-1-E-336
CLEAVELAND, FREDERICK                   PA-1-D-27
CLEAVELAND, FREDERICK                   PA-1-D-16
CLINE, JOHN                             PA-1-D-238
CLOPPER, CHRISTINA                      PA-1-A-101
CLUTS, JACOB                            PA-1-B-20
CLUTZ, HENRY                            PA-1-D-160
COBEAN, SAMUEL                          PA-1-B-33
COBEAN, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-1-D-364
COCK, JOSEPH                            PA-1-B-162
COLE, ELIZABETH                         PA-1-B-5
COLE, GEORGE                            PA-1-E-49
COLE, MICHAEL                           PA-1-C-260
COLLINS, ELIZABETH                      PA-1-E-82
COLLINS, JOHN                           PA-1-C-87
COLLINS, MARY                           PA-1-E-21
COLLINS, REBECCA                        PA-1-E-391
COLLINS, SARAH                          PA-1-D-504
COLTER, ELANOR                          PA-1-B-424
COMFORT, PETER                          PA-1-D-199
COOK, ISRAEL                            PA-1-E-225
COOK, SUSANNA                           PA-1-C-379
COOPER, HANNAH                          PA-1-C-279
COOPER, MARGARET                        PA-1-D-298
COOPER, THOMAS                          PA-1-C-298
COOPER, WILLIAM                         PA-1-C-54
COSHUN, ELIZABETH                       PA-1-D-131
COSHUN, HANNAH                          PA-1-D-205
COSHUN, JOHN                            PA-1-C-162
COULSON, MARY                           PA-1-D-465
COW, NAOME                              PA-1-A-395
COWNOVER, JOHN JR.                      PA-1-C-146
COX, ABIGAIL                            PA-1-D-228
CRABS, PETER                            PA-1-D-535
CRISWELL, JACOB SR.                     PA-1-E-32
CRISWELL, MOSES                         PA-1-E-88
CROLEY, JOHN                            PA-1-C-339
CROMER, JOHN                            PA-1-E-333
CRONISTER, HENRY                        PA-1-C-51
CRONISTER, JOHN                         PA-1-D-532
CRONISTER, JOHN                         PA-1-D-265
CROSS, THOMAS                           PA-1-B-310
CRUM, FRANCIS                           PA-1-B-357
CRYSHER, SUSANNA                        PA-1-C-430
CULP, CATHARINE                         PA-1-D-419
CULP, CHRISTIAN                         PA-1-D-398
CULP, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-1-B-37
CULP, ELIZABETH                         PA-1-D-342
CULP, JACOB                             PA-1-E-217
CULP, PETER SR.                         PA-1-D-528
CUMP, ANDREW                            PA-1-E-459
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       PA-1-C-60
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT                      PA-1-C-322
CUSSER, CHRISTINA                       PA-1-B-246
DAVIS, EPHRAIM DR.                      PA-1-D-167
DAY, SILVANIS SR.                       PA-1-C-340
DEARDORFF, ANTHONY                      PA-1-C-37
DEARDORFF, DANIEL                       PA-1-E-132
DEARDORFF, DAVID                        PA-1-E-468
DEARDORFF, EVE                          PA-1-E-264
DEARDORFF, ISAAC                        PA-1-C-316
DEARDORFF, PETER                        PA-1-D-145
DEARDORFF, SARAH                        PA-1-D-459
DECKER, FREDERICK                       PA-1-B-496
DEFFENDAL, BARBARA                      PA-1-B-79
DEGRAFT, MARGARET                       PA-1-A-419
DELALP, WILLIAM                         PA-1-A-306
DELAP, CHARLES                          PA-1-E-444
DELAP, JOHN                             PA-1-C-255
DELAP, SARAH                            PA-1-C-353
DELLONE, MICHAEL                        PA-1-E-467
DELP, PETER                             PA-1-D-100
DEMARA, DAVID                           PA-1-E-221
DEMAREE, DAVID                          PA-1-D-129
DEMAREE, DAVID                          PA-1-B-68
DETRICK, WILLIAM                        PA-1-E-321
DEVINE, WILLIAM                         PA-1-D-530
DICK, THOMAS                            PA-1-C-104
DICKSON, SAMUEL                         PA-1-D-206
DICKSON, SAMUEL                         PA-1-B-59
DICKSON, WILHELMINA                     PA-1-C-246
DIEHL, CHRISTINA                        PA-1-E-370
DIEHL, FREDERICK L.                     PA-1-B-478
DIEHL, JACOB SR.                        PA-1-D-505
DIEHL, PETER                            PA-1-D-433
DIEL, CHARLES                           PA-1-E-209
DIETRICK, MARY                          PA-1-E-402
DIETRICK, NICHOLAS                      PA-1-E-135
DILL, ESTER                             PA-1-B-250
DILL, MATHEW                            PA-1-B-186
DILL, NICHOLAS                          PA-1-D-447
DILL, SUSANNAH                          PA-1-B-509
DILLES, DANIEL                          PA-1-E-484
DOBBIN, ALEXANDER                       PA-1-B-50
DOBBIN, ALEXANDER                       PA-1-C-278
DOBBIN, MARY                            PA-1-C-376
DOBBIN, MARY                            PA-1-C-126
DODDS, JOHN                             PA-1-A-93
DOLL, HENRY                             PA-1-E-285
DONNALDSON, CATHARINE                   PA-1-E-380
DORDITCH, THOMAS                        PA-1-A-173
DOSH, REBECCA                           PA-1-E-243
DOTERY, JOHN                            PA-1-D-305
DOTTERER, CONRAD                        PA-1-B-8
DOTTEROW, JACOB                         PA-1-D-135
DOUGLAS, THOMAS                         PA-1-A-206
DUGLAS, JAMES                           PA-1-C-24
DUNCAN, JOHN                            PA-1-E-496
DUNN, PATRICK                           PA-1-D-68
DUNWODDY, DAVID                         PA-1-A-169
DUNWOODY, ELIZABETH                     PA-1-C-370
DUNWOODY, JANE                          PA-1-B-159
ECKENROCK, HENRY                        PA-1-E-77
ECKENRODE, HENRY SR.                    PA-1-B-272
ECKENRODE, JOSEPH                       PA-1-E-404
ECKERT, JACOB                           PA-1-C-198
EDIE, MARY D.                           PA-1-E-205
EDIE, SAMUEL                            PA-1-B-39
EHRMAN, APPOLONIA                       PA-1-A-63
EICKER, DAVID                           PA-1-D-461
EIGHHOLTZ, GEORGE                       PA-1-B-320
EIKES, NANCY                            PA-1-D-295
EKERT, JOHN SR.                         PA-1-B-464
ELDEN, WILLIAM                          PA-1-A-373
ELLIOTT, ELIZABETH                      PA-1-E-26
ELLIOTT, JAMES                          PA-1-C-17
ELLIOTT, JOHN                           PA-1-D-453
ELLIS, ALEXANDER                        PA-1-C-3
ELMER, PETER                            PA-1-E-429
ENHOLMN, LAWRENCE                       PA-1-D-73
EPLEY, HENRY                            PA-1-E-316
EPLY, PETER                             PA-1-C-46
ERHART, MARGARET                        PA-1-A-265
ERVIN, THOMAS                           PA-1-B-135
ERWIN, ANDREW                           PA-1-A-153
ESSICK, ADAM                            PA-1-C-347
ESSIG, ABRAHAM                          PA-1-E-190
EVERITT, ISAAC                          PA-1-A-79
EVERITT, MARTHA                         PA-1-D-158
EWING, SAMUEL                           PA-1-B-40
EWING, THOMAS                           PA-1-A-437
EYSER, PETER                            PA-1-E-220
EYSTER, DANIEL                          PA-1-D-479
EYSTER, ELIZABETH                       PA-1-D-276
EYSTER, JACOB                           PA-1-D-450
FAHENSTOCK, JOHN                        PA-1-E-454
FAHNESTOCK, BOREAS                      PA-1-C-181
FAHNESTOCK, SAMUEL SR.                  PA-1-D-123
FALLEN, WILLIAM                         PA-1-D-323
FARLEY, JOHN                            PA-1-B-373
FEESER, NICHOLAS                        PA-1-B-435
FEHL, GEORGE                            PA-1-E-31
FEHL, JACOB                             PA-1-D-92
FEHL, PHILIP                            PA-1-D-277
FEHL, VALENTINE                         PA-1-D-38
FELTY, DIEDRICK                         PA-1-B-476
FERGUS, HUGH                            PA-1-A-243
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                       PA-1-A-70
FERNAW, BARBARA                         PA-1-D-399
FERNAW, JUSTICE                         PA-1-D-217
FETTER, JOHN                            PA-1-D-101
FICKES, ABRAHAM                         PA-1-C-122
FICKES, JACOB                           PA-1-E-164
FICKES, MARY                            PA-1-D-197
FICKES, VALENTINE                       PA-1-B-377
FICKLE, WILLAM                          PA-1-B-248
FIDLER, JACOB                           PA-1-D-138
FINDLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-1-A-39
FINK, CONROD                            PA-1-B-415
FINLEY, ELLENOR                         PA-1-A-223
FINLEY, MICHAEL                         PA-1-B-6
FISHER, CONRAD                          PA-1-C-437
FISHER, THOMA                           PA-1-E-192
FISSEL, PHILIP                          PA-1-B-493
FLEAGLE, GEORGE                         PA-1-E-385
FLEAK, CATHERINE                        PA-1-B-349
FLECK, BARBARA                          PA-1-B-18
FLECK, PETER                            PA-1-A-332
FLEMING, SARAH                          PA-1-B-398
FLEMING, WILLIAM                        PA-1-B-490
FLESHMAN, PHILIP                        PA-1-E-475
FLETCHER, CHARLES                       PA-1-A-129
FLETCHER, ESTHER                        PA-1-B-512
FLETCHER, JOHN                          PA-1-B-189
FLOHR, DAVID                            PA-1-C-305
FLOHR, LEONARD                          PA-1-D-487
FLOHR, LEONARD                          PA-1-C-151
FLOHR, RACHEL                           PA-1-E-406
FLOHR, VALENTINE                        PA-1-D-271
FOAL, DAVID                             PA-1-B-210
FORMWALT, DANIEL                        PA-1-D-106
FOSTER, JOHN                            PA-1-A-433
FOX, JOHN JR.                           PA-1-D-224
FREED, PETER                            PA-1-B-26
FREES, GEORGE                           PA-1-B-375
FREET, CHRISTIAN                        PA-1-D-355
FREEZE, MARY ELIZABETH                  PA-1-D-36
FREID, JOHN                             PA-1-C-350
FRICK, HENRY                            PA-1-E-481
FUNK, JACOB SR.                         PA-1-D-435
GAISEL, LEONHART                        PA-1-A-320
GALBRAITH, JOHN                         PA-1-B-307
GALBREATH, MARY                         PA-1-E-195
GALLAGHER, PATRICK                      PA-1-A-358
GALLAHER, ELLENOR                       PA-1-B-290
GALLAWAY, JOHN                          PA-1-D-110
GALLEHOR, JUDITH                        PA-1-B-459
GARDNER, ADAM                           PA-1-E-304
GARDNER, MARTIN                         PA-1-E-344
GARDNER, WILLIAM                        PA-1-D-363
GARRETH, PETER                          PA-1-E-338
GARRETSON, ISAAC P.                     PA-1-E-482
GARRETSON, JOHN                         PA-1-D-67
GARVIN, WILLIAM                         PA-1-C-67
GEISELMAN, GEORGE                       PA-1-D-537
GEISELMAN, MICHAEL                      PA-1-E-146
GETTYS, JAMES                           PA-1-B-394
GETZ, JOHN                              PA-1-E-287
GETZ, MARTIN                            PA-1-A-334
GIBSON, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-1-B-165
GIFFIN, ANN                             PA-1-D-65
GILBERT, GEORGE                         PA-1-A-182
GILBERT, LEONARD                        PA-1-C-282
GILLENGER, FRANCIS                      PA-1-C-363
GILLILAND, JOSEPH                       PA-1-E-144
GILLILAND, SAMUEL                       PA-1-B-204
GINTER, ANTHONY                         PA-1-E-413
GINTER, NICHOLAS                        PA-1-E-433
GITT, WILLIAM SR.                       PA-1-E-111
GLACKEN, JOHN SR.                       PA-1-E-259
GLOSSER, CHRISTENA                      PA-1-D-309
GOBRECHT, SAMUEL                        PA-1-D-330
GODFREY, HANNAH                         PA-1-C-98
GODFREY, MARY                           PA-1-E-112
GOUDEY, AGNESS                          PA-1-B-7
GOUDY, JOHN                             PA-1-A-18
GOURLEY, ZIBIAH                         PA-1-A-239
GRACELY, MICHAEL                        PA-1-B-519
GRAFT, PHILIP                           PA-1-E-9
GRAFT, PHILIP                           PA-1-A-34
GRAFTS, JOHN                            PA-1-C-275
GRAHAM, MARGARET                        PA-1-C-117
GRAHAM, ROBERT                          PA-1-B-411
GRAY, JAMES                             PA-1-C-378
GRAYBEL, JOSEPH                         PA-1-A-146
GREENEWALD, MARTIN                      PA-1-C-85
GREER, JAMES                            PA-1-C-218
GRESWOLD, THOMAS                        PA-1-E-382
GRIEST, JOSEPH                          PA-1-D-283
GRIEST, THOMAS                          PA-1-D-257
GRIFFIN, STEPHEN                        PA-1-A-179
GRIFFITH, JOSEPH                        PA-1-B-61
GROSCOST, JOHN                          PA-1-A-95
GROUP, PETER                            PA-1-A-352
GROUP, PHILIP                           PA-1-E-139
GROVE, CHRISTIAN                        PA-1-A-304
GROVE, JACOB                            PA-1-D-457
GROVE, PETER                            PA-1-E-292
GUINN, WILLIAM                          PA-1-E-17
GUINN, WILLIAM                          PA-1-E-187
GUISE, ABRAHAM                          PA-1-E-361
GUISE, JACOB                            PA-1-D-237
GURLAY, THOMAS                          PA-1-A-196
GUSLER, ADAM                            PA-1-E-142
HAGARMAN, MARTHA                        PA-1-E-433
HAGG, JACOB                             PA-1-C-405
HAHN, ADAM                              PA-1-E-311
HALL, ELSIE                             PA-1-A-71
HALL, WILLIAM                           PA-1-B-74
HALLABAUGH, JOHN                        PA-1-E-200
HAMERSLY, ELIZA                         PA-1-E-73
HAMILTON, THOMAS                        PA-1-A-145
HAMMER, SOPHIA                          PA-1-E-56
HAMMOND, MARGARET                       PA-1-B-88
HAMMOND, MARY                           PA-1-C-307
HAPKE, JOHN FREDERICK                   PA-1-D-32
HARBAUGH, HENRY                         PA-1-E-154
HARBOLD, MICHAEL                        PA-1-E-363
HARDMAN, MICHAEL                        PA-1-E-439
HARNER, JACOB                           PA-1-E-239
HARPER, JOHN                            PA-1-D-413
HARPER, SAMUEL                          PA-1-E-19
HARRIS, PHILIP                          PA-1-D-393
HARTMAN, ANDREW                         PA-1-D-96
HARTMAN, KATHARINA                      PA-1-C-145
HARTMAN, PHILIP SR.                     PA-1-B-55
HARTZEL, GEORGE                         PA-1-C-382
HARTZELL, HANNAH                        PA-1-D-117
HATTEN, LEONARD                         PA-1-B-431
HATTEN, MARGARET                        PA-1-C-319
HATTON, EDWARD                          PA-1-E-39
HATTON, WILLIAM                         PA-1-A-82
HAVERSTICK, JACOB                       PA-1-E-141
HAYES, PATRICK                          PA-1-B-49
HEADY, JOSEPH                           PA-1-E-107
HEAGEY, JOHN                            PA-1-C-153
HEAGY, GEORGE                           PA-1-D-478
HECK, DANIEL                            PA-1-C-387
HELLER, MARTIN                          PA-1-D-436
HEMLER, ANNA ELIZABETH                  PA-1-A-274
HEMLER, HENRY                           PA-1-D-387
HENDER, JACOB SR.                       PA-1-E-86
HENDERSON, JOHN                         PA-1-D-39
HENDRICKS, HANNAH                       PA-1-D-403
HENRY, JOHN                             PA-1-E-455
HERMAN, CATHARINE                       PA-1-A-273
HERMAN, JOHN                            PA-1-D-520
HERSH, JOHN                             PA-1-D-319
HERSHEY, ANDREW                         PA-1-B-73
HERSHEY, BARBARA                        PA-1-D-85
HERSHEY, HENRY                          PA-1-E-411
HERSHEY, JOHN                           PA-1-E-389
HERSHY, JOSEPH                          PA-1-C-342
HESS, RACHEL                            PA-1-A-295
HICKENLIEBER, GEORGE                    PA-1-C-224
HIKES, JACOB                            PA-1-B-318
HILBERT, BALTZER                        PA-1-D-245
HILL, WILLIAM                           PA-1-B-255
HILLEBUSH, BERNHARD                     PA-1-B-303
HIMES, GEORGE                           PA-1-E-422
HIVELY, CHRISTIAN                       PA-1-D-455
HOBAUGH, MICHAEL                        PA-1-A-401
HODGE, WILLIAM                          PA-1-C-192
HOECHT, CHRISTIAN                       PA-1-D-201
HOFF, JACOB                             PA-1-E-384
HOFFMAN, BERNARD                        PA-1-E-188
HOFFMAN, CATHARINE                      PA-1-B-133
HOFFMAN, CHRISTIAN                      PA-1-A-172
HOFFMAN, CHRISTINA                      PA-1-B-353
HOFFMAN, MARY E.                        PA-1-E-4
HOHN, FREDERICK                         PA-1-E-117
HOKE, CONRAD SR.                        PA-1-C-304
HOKE, HENRY                             PA-1-D-4
HOLLIBAUGH, CHRISTOPHER                 PA-1-E-456
HOLLIBAUGH, JOHN                        PA-1-E-483
HOLLINGER, CHRISTIAN                    PA-1-B-314
HOLLINGER, JOHN                         PA-1-B-335
HOLLINGER, VALENTINE                    PA-1-E-157
HOLLOBAUGH, CHRISTOPHER                 PA-1-B-202
HOOVER, FREDERICK                       PA-1-E-354
HOOVER, JACOB                           PA-1-D-17
HORNBERGER, JOHN                        PA-1-B-200
HORNER, ALEXANDER                       PA-1-D-151
HORNER, DAVID                           PA-1-D-102
HORNER, MARY                            PA-1-C-124
HOSSLER, GEORGE                         PA-1-D-347
HOUGHTELIN, CHARITY                     PA-1-D-492
HOUGHTELIN, HEZEKIAH                    PA-1-D-445
HOUGHTELIN, WILHELMUS                   PA-1-D-224
HOWIE, DAVID                            PA-1-A-215
HUFFNAGLE, JOHN                         PA-1-C-393
HULICK, ISAAC                           PA-1-E-70
HULL, NICHOLAS                          PA-1-C-35
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                       PA-1-D-53
HUNTER, ELIZABETH                       PA-1-E-176
HUNTER, ISABELLA                        PA-1-C-5
HUNTER, JOSEPH                          PA-1-C-425
HUNTER, MARGARET                        PA-1-D-47
HUNTER, SUSANNAH                        PA-1-E-310
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         PA-1-C-267
HUTCHESON, JOHN                         PA-1-A-38
HUTCHESON, SAMUEL                       PA-1-D-416
HUTTON, LEVI                            PA-1-E-93
ICKES, PETER                            PA-1-D-98
JACOBS, ANNA MARIA                      PA-1-D-337
JENKINS, FRANCES                        PA-1-A-227
JENKINS, LEWIS                          PA-1-D-34
JENKINS, WALTER                         PA-1-B-312
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        PA-1-C-53
JONES, JACOB                            PA-1-A-347
JUDSON, ELNATHAN                        PA-1-A-238
KAGY, ABRAHAM                           PA-1-D-204
KARNEY, JOSEPH MARTIN                   PA-1-C-56
KEARNEY, JAMES                          PA-1-B-511
KEAS, ELIZABETH                         PA-1-B-258
KEAS, MARGARET                          PA-1-B-507
KEASE, PETER                            PA-1-E-359
KEECH, ELIZABETH                        PA-1-E-339
KEEFHAUVER, NICHOLAS                    PA-1-C-13
KELLENBARER, ADAM                       PA-1-B-404
KELLER, ABRAHAM                         PA-1-E-212
KELLER, BARBARA                         PA-1-E-421
KELLER, JACOB                           PA-1-E-46
KENEGE, DOROTHY                         PA-1-D-219
KENTER, KARL                            PA-1-E-289
KEPLINGER, HANNAH                       PA-1-C-95
KEPLINGER, PETER                        PA-1-E-7
KEPNER, SUSANNA                         PA-1-E-373
KEPNER, TOBIAS                          PA-1-D-306
KERR, GEORGE                            PA-1-B-381
KERR, GEORGE ESQ.                       PA-1-D-310
KERR, JOHN                              PA-1-A-66
KERR, JOHN                              PA-1-D-334
KERR, MARY                              PA-1-B-433
KERR, MARY                              PA-1-A-258
KERR, SARAH                             PA-1-A-228
KETTERER, JACOB                         PA-1-E-67
KIMMEL, JACOB                           PA-1-C-57
KING, ABRAHAM SR.                       PA-1-B-237
KING, ADAM                              PA-1-E-171
KING, GEORGE                            PA-1-B-471
KING, HUGH                              PA-1-B-163
KING, JOHN                              PA-1-A-323
KING, LUDWICK                           PA-1-E-407
KING, MICHAEL                           PA-1-A-97
KING, VICTOR W.                         PA-1-B-42
KING, WILLIAM                           PA-1-B-392
KISSINGER, JOHN                         PA-1-A-354
KITCHEN, MARGARET                       PA-1-E-388
KITZMILLER, GEORGE                      PA-1-C-360
KITZMILLER, JACOB                       PA-1-B-23
KITZMILLER, MICHAEL                     PA-1-E-346
KLINE, JOHN                             PA-1-C-136
KLINE, WILLIAM                          PA-1-C-210
KLINES, JOHN                            PA-1-D-185
KLUNK, MARTIN                           PA-1-D-301
KNIGHT, JOHN CONRAD                     PA-1-C-290
KNIGHT, MARY                            PA-1-D-172
KNOP, GEORGE                            PA-1-C-428
KNOP, JACOB                             PA-1-D-354
KNOR, MARY                              PA-1-C-49
KNOUFF, ADAM                            PA-1-B-95
KNOUFF, JOHN                            PA-1-B-28
KNOUSE, FRANCIS                         PA-1-C-100
KNOX, REBECCA                           PA-1-E-54
KNOX, SAMUEL                            PA-1-B-30
KNOX, SAMUEL (DR)                       PA-1-C-205
KOHL, GEORGE                            PA-1-E-49
KOHLSTOCK, JOHN                         PA-1-A-167
KOLB, VALENTINE                         PA-1-A-138
KRAFT, JOHN                             PA-1-B-193
KRAUSE, DANIEL                          PA-1-E-246
KREIDLER, JACOB                         PA-1-E-29
KRICHTEN, JOHN                          PA-1-E-393
KRIDER, JACOB                           PA-1-C-7
KRISE, ABRAHAM                          PA-1-E-250
KUGLER, CATHARINE                       PA-1-D-493
KUGLER, JOHN                            PA-1-D-290
KUHN, CATHARINE                         PA-1-B-417
KUHN, JACOB                             PA-1-E-427
KUHN, JACOB                             PA-1-C-400
KUHN, JOHN                              PA-1-D-5
KUHN, JOSEPH                            PA-1-C-164
KUHN, JOSEPH                            PA-1-C-352
KUNTZ, ANDREW                           PA-1-A-250
KUNTZ, GEORGE                           PA-1-C-300
KUPSER, JACOB                           PA-1-A-363

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