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Cities: Blue Ash, Cheviot, Cincinnati, Deer Park, Fairfield, Forest Park, Harrison, Village of Indian Hill, Loveland, Madeira, Milford, Montgomery, Mount Healthy, North College Hill, Norwood, Reading, Sharonville (part), Silverton, Springdale, St. Bernard, Wyoming
Villages: Addyston, Amberley Village, Arlington Heights, Cleves, Elmwood Place, Evendale, Fairfax, Glendale, Golf Manor, Greenhills, Lincoln Heights, Lockland, Mariemont, Newtown, North Bend, Terrace Park, Woodlawn
Townships: Anderson, Colerain, Columbia, Crosby, Delhi, Green, Harrison, Miami, Mill Creek, Springfield, Sycamore, Symmes, Whitewater
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ABBOTT, RICHARD C.                      OH-30-11-279
ABBOTT, SUSANNA                         OH-30-2-92
ABEL, JOHN GERHARD                      OH-30-10-191
ABRAMS, WILLIAM H.                      OH-30-5-133
ACKERMANN, JOHN L.                      OH-30-7-170
ACKLEY, MARY                            OH-30-14-220
ADAMS, JOHN W.                          OH-30-11-297
ADDIS, ELIZABETH                        OH-30-10-303
AHLERING, FREDERICK OTTO                OH-30-10-162
AHRENS, JOHANN                          OH-30-12-279
AKER, ABRAHAM H.                        OH-30-14-41
AKOETTER, ANTON                         OH-30-2-145
ALBERT, LOUIS                           OH-30-12-214
ALEXANDER, AGNES                        OH-30-4-118
ALEXANDER, AMOS JR.                     OH-30-12-416
ALEXANDER, HORCAE                       OH-30-7-338
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                       OH-30-6-21
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                      OH-30-5-78
ALF, GERHARD, JOHN                      OH-30-13-415
ALHERTON, AMOS                          OH-30-14-276
ALLEN, D. HOWE                          OH-30-12-66
ALLEN, DAVID                            OH-30-12-389
ALLEN, REBECCA A.                       OH-30-6-327
ALLEN, TRUMAN                           OH-30-9-299
ALLEN, WILLIAM A.                       OH-30-3-355
ALLEN, WILLIAM E.                       OH-30-11-145
ALLISON, RICHARD                        OH-30-4-230
ALMS, FREDERICK                         OH-30-14-181
ALTER, FREDERICK                        OH-30-4-205
ALTER, FREDERICK                        OH-30-3-413
ALWES, JOHN                             OH-30-13-271
AMBERG, LOUIS                           OH-30-8-35
AMELUNGMEYER, WILLIAM                   OH-30-6-239
AMES, ANNA                              OH-30-12-58
AMMEN, DAVID                            OH-30-5-135
AMMEN, SARAH                            OH-30-6-241
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER                     OH-30-7-191
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH D.                  OH-30-7-197
ANDERSON, SUSAN                         OH-30-5-77
ANDREWS, CHARLES S.                     OH-30-2-309
ANDREWS, DUDLEY                         OH-30-11-241
ANDREWS, HEPZA D.                       OH-30-13-114
ANSELM, JOSEPH                          OH-30-1-301
APPLEGATE, GEORGE                       OH-30-11-299
APPLEGATE, HENRY                        OH-30-7-280
APPLEGATE, HENRY                        OH-30-2-305
APPLEGATE, HENRY S.                     OH-30-14-408
APPLEGATE, JOHN                         OH-30-11-278
APRILL, JOHN GEORG                      OH-30-14-300
ARBEGUST, BENJAMIN                      OH-30-7-127
ARBEGUST, WILLIAM                       OH-30-4-125
ARBEQUST, SARAH                         OH-30-2-415
ARCHIBALD, ROBERT                       OH-30-1-493
ARKENBERG, HENRY                        OH-30-1-165
ARMSTRONG, ANN                          OH-30-6-372
ARMSTRONG, DAVID                        OH-30-6-220
ARMSTRONG, WALTER                       OH-30-7-200
ARNOLD, CHRISTIAN M.                    OH-30-5-312
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                         OH-30-9-430
ARNSMONT, W. P.                         OH-30-7-106
ARTIS, JESSE                            OH-30-9-266
ASOTN, SAMUEL R.                        OH-30-2-331
ASPEY, FREELOVE                         OH-30-5-199
ASPY, WILLIAM                           OH-30-1-440
ASTON, THOMAS O.                        OH-30-2-233
ATHERSTONE, JONATHAN                    OH-30-14-495
ATHERTON, AARON                         OH-30-11-239
ATHERTON, DAVID                         OH-30-6-356
ATHERTON, PETER                         OH-30-1-491
AUGUSTUS, ABRAHAM                       OH-30-1-492
AUSTIN, WARREN B.                       OH-30-11-248
AUTEN, JON                              OH-30-6-28
AVERY, JOHN C.                          OH-30-4-3
AYERS, ELISHA                           OH-30-10-397
AYERS, LEVY                             OH-30-8-70
AYERS, SAMUEL                           OH-30-2-418
AYRES, RICHARD                          OH-30-11-245
BACKENSTRASS, AGNES                     OH-30-12-32
BACKMANN, CAROLINE                      OH-30-12-241
BACKMANN, NICHOLAS                      OH-30-6-38
BACON, JOHN                             OH-30-2-90
BACON, NATHAN                           OH-30-4-238
BADGDEY, WILLIAM                        OH-30-4-218
BADGLEY, ROBERT                         OH-30-11-314
BAENZIGER, CONRAD                       OH-30-12-63
BAES, DANIEL                            OH-30-14-501
BAGOTT, JAMES                           OH-30-10-42
BAILEY, BAIZILLA                        OH-30-2-450
BAILEY, DANIEL                          OH-30-7-343
BAILEY, JOHN                            OH-30-9-261
BAILIFF, DANIEL                         OH-30-3-26
BAILY, YORK                             OH-30-6-41
BAKER, ALBERT R.                        OH-30-9-185
BAKER, MARY                             OH-30-11-108
BAKER, NATHAN                           OH-30-12-481
BALDWIN, ARDEN W.                       OH-30-11-110
BALSEL, PETER                           OH-30-2-438
BAMBERGER, SIMON                        OH-30-2-93
BAMPTON, EDWARD                         OH-30-5-120
BANKS, GEORGE D.                        OH-30-1-496
BANNING, ASA                            OH-30-6-90
BARGETT, JOHN                           OH-30-1-159
BARKER, WILLIAM B.                      OH-30-6-380
BARMAN, LAWRENCE                        OH-30-12-403
BARNARD, MATTHEW                        OH-30-10-253
BARNARD, RACHEL                         OH-30-2-338
BARNARD, RUTH                           OH-30-4-193
BARNARD, ZACHEUS                        OH-30-4-163
BARNHARD, ANDREW                        OH-30-13-69
BARNWELL, JOHN                          OH-30-6-377
BARNWELL, WILLIAM                       OH-30-5-163
BARR, WILLIAM                           OH-30-10-402
BARRETT, ELIZABETH                      OH-30-4-217
BARRETT, SAMUEL                         OH-30-9-172
BARTH, JOHN                             OH-30-11-63
BARTLET, LATHAM S.                      OH-30-14-173
BASCOE, THOMAS F.                       OH-30-13-504
BASSETT, BENJAMIN                       OH-30-11-301
BASSETT, ELISHA                         OH-30-7-366
BAST, JOHN                              OH-30-7-284
BATES, CLARK                            OH-30-14-388
BATES, ISAAC                            OH-30-4-154
BATES, JOHN                             OH-30-10-463
BATES, JONATHAN                         OH-30-9-346
BATTKER, ANNA M.                        OH-30-11-141
BAUER, ULRICH                           OH-30-13-296
BAXTER, JAMES                           OH-30-9-457
BAXTER, WILLIAM                         OH-30-1-434
BAYER,HENRY                             OH-30-14-49
BEACH, SOLOMON                          OH-30-10-192
BEALE, JOHN                             OH-30-7-37
BEARNS, RACHAEL                         OH-30-3-7
BECHTEL, JOSEPH                         OH-30-8-46
BECK, MARY                              OH-30-11-281
BECK, PAUL JUNIOR                       OH-30-4-283
BECKEL, BERNARD                         OH-30-12-100
BECKMANN, JOSEPH                        OH-30-13-46
BEELER, DAVID                           OH-30-7-183
BEELER, HENRY                           OH-30-8-271
BEGAL, CHRISTIAN                        OH-30-10-367
BEGGS, JOHN                             OH-30-7-180
BEHRLE, REIMUND                         OH-30-5-97
BELL, JOSEPH                            OH-30-6-61
BELL, REBECCA                           OH-30-6-124
BELLOWS, JOHN                           OH-30-8-175
BELLOWS, WILLIAM                        OH-30-13-417
BELREAL, JAMES                          OH-30-8-129
BELVILLE, JOHN L.                       OH-30-13-335
BEMINGER, MARTIN                        OH-30-6-381
BENCKENSTEIN, JOHN C.                   OH-30-12-292
BENNET, JOHN                            OH-30-4-162
BENNET, WILLIAM                         OH-30-1-179
BENNETT, CHARLES E.                     OH-30-14-53
BENNINGER, ENGELBERT                    OH-30-5-129
BENSON, JANE                            OH-30-5-264
BERESFORD, RICHARD                      OH-30-7-341
BERINGER, FREDERICK                     OH-30-14-65
BERINKAEMPER, JURGEN H.                 OH-30-14-303
BERKEMER, JOHN                          OH-30-14-175
BERRER, EDWARD                          OH-30-14-414
BERRY, JAMES                            OH-30-1-57
BERRY, JAMES SR.                        OH-30-5-118
BERRY, LUCIEN W.                        OH-30-9-175
BERRY, POLLY                            OH-30-7-178
BETTLE, JOSIAH                          OH-30-3-422
BETTS, GEORGE V.                        OH-30-11-143
BETTS, OLIVER C.                        OH-30-3-406
BETTS, WILLIAM                          OH-30-4-223
BEUMER, JOSEPH                          OH-30-14-411
BEVIS, JESSE                            OH-30-13-286
BICKLE, CHRISTIAN                       OH-30-10-367
BIEMANN, REINHARD                       OH-30-12-107
BIERLE, GEORGE                          OH-30-13-351
BIGGS, THOMAS J.                        OH-30-13-362
BIGHAM, WILLIAM                         OH-30-11-229
BIRDSALL, JAMES                         OH-30-9-423
BIRKLY, AUGUST                          OH-30-12-349
BISHOP, DEBORAH                         OH-30-3-14
BISHOP, MARY                            OH-30-8-44
BISHOP, TRUMAN                          OH-30-5-258
BITTINGER, JACOB                        OH-30-12-361
BLACHLEY, JOSEPH W.                     OH-30-3-299
BLACK, ANNA                             OH-30-4-101
BLACK, ANNA                             OH-30-4-101
BLACK, JOHN                             OH-30-1-438
BLACK, PETER                            OH-30-6-375
BLACK, RACHEL                           OH-30-1-85
BLACK, SAMUEL                           OH-30-12-143
BLACKBURN, EDWARD                       OH-30-6-249
BLACKBURN, ROBERT                       OH-30-10-245
BLACKFORD, DAVID                        OH-30-12-35
BLADES, BENJAMIN                        OH-30-9-421
BLAIR, ALEXANDER                        OH-30-2-334
BLAIR, WILLIAM                          OH-30-4-249
BLANCHARD, HESTER                       OH-30-6-106
BLANGY, JOHN P.                         OH-30-10-45
BLENKER, H. WILLIAM                     OH-30-12-531
BLOCHLEY, OLIVER B.                     OH-30-2-409
BLOOM, SOLOMON                          OH-30-13-278
BLOOMFIELD, JOSPEH                      OH-30-10-304
BOARDMAN, WILLIAM Z.                    OH-30-1-215
BODINE, FRANCIS                         OH-30-11-57
BOEBINGER, MICHAEL                      OH-30-12-429
BOECKLY, ANDREW                         OH-30-7-7
BOERES, JOHN                            OH-30-12-247
BOGART, HELMUS                          OH-30-2-307
BOGIE, JANET                            OH-30-9-409
BOGIE, WILLIAM                          OH-30-3-18
BOHLE, JOHN GERHARD                     OH-30-14-507
BOHMER, GEORGE HENRY                    OH-30-8-75
BOLLINGER, PETER                        OH-30-13-187
BOND, LYDIA                             OH-30-6-378
BOND, WILLIAM KEY                       OH-30-14-113
BONHAM, JOHN                            OH-30-6-449
BONNEL, AARON                           OH-30-4-117
BONNEL, BENJAMIN C.                     OH-30-5-131
BONNELL, SAMUEL                         OH-30-4-236
BONTE, PETER J.                         OH-30-6-359
BOOTH, JOHN P.                          OH-30-6-87
BOOTS, PHILP S.                         OH-30-9-154
BORCHERS, CHARLES H.                    OH-30-6-251
BORN, HENRY                             OH-30-2-1
BOTKIN, RICHARD                         OH-30-14-406
BOTSFORD, RUSSELL                       OH-30-4-168
BOUCHE, CHARLES PAUL                    OH-30-14-394
BOUCHE, PAULINE                         OH-30-2-117
BOUDINOT, ELIAS (DR)                    OH-30-10-414
BOWEN, BENJAMIN                         OH-30-1-388
BOWEN, FRANCIS S.                       OH-30-1-309
BOWEN, GEORGE G.                        OH-30-7-243
BOWEN, SAMUEL                           OH-30-10-364
BOWER, JAMES                            OH-30-11-300
BOWER, JAMES                            OH-30-2-436
BOWERS, HENRY                           OH-30-6-26
BOWIE, ALLEN                            OH-30-11-106
BOWLES, JOHN                            OH-30-4-86
BOWLES, JOHN                            OH-30-4-86
BOWMAN, RICHARD                         OH-30-5-262
BOWN, BENJAMIN E.                       OH-30-13-402
BOYD, JOHN                              OH-30-3-15
BOYD, JOSEPH B.                         OH-30-8-53
BOYER, GUSTAVUS A.                      OH-30-11-61
BOYLE, STEPHEN S.                       OH-30-9-43
BRACKEN, ICHAEL                         OH-30-3-11
BRACKEN, MICHAEL                        OH-30-11-68
BRADFORD, JAMES                         OH-30-4-242
BRADY, BRIDGET                          OH-30-10-156
BRADY, CORNELIUS                        OH-30-5-43
BRAGDON, GEORGE H.                      OH-30-6-374
BRAMBLE, ELON                           OH-30-1-490
BRAMKAMP, WILLIAM                       OH-30-1-216
BRAND, DAVID                            OH-30-3-13
BRAND, WILLIAM                          OH-30-4-181
BRANNON, ANDREW                         OH-30-4-213
BRAY, PETER                             OH-30-2-393
BREADEN, JEREMIAH                       OH-30-2-422
BREEN, MARGARETH                        OH-30-12-210
BREESE, EVAN                            OH-30-9-491
BREITENBACH, LEWIS                      OH-30-2-96
BREWER, SARAH                           OH-30-2-35
BRIANT, CORNELIUS                       OH-30-4-228
BRICHLER, MARGARETHA                    OH-30-12-122
BRICKEL, ROBERT S.                      OH-30-11-65
BRIDGES, ELISHE                         OH-30-12-553
BRIGGS, ABRAHAM                         OH-30-14-218
BRINER, MARY                            OH-30-9-52
BRINGELMANN, JOHN B.                    OH-30-13-79
BRINKMANN, JOHN C.                      OH-30-12-110
BRINKMANN, JOHN C.                      OH-30-6-215
BRINKMANN, JOHN H.                      OH-30-1-331
BRINKMEIER, WILLIAM                     OH-30-14-12
BRINTON, SAMUEL                         OH-30-7-368
BRISBANE, MARY A.                       OH-30-2-199
BRIZZOLARI, CHARLES                     OH-30-1-14
BROADWELL, JACOB                        OH-30-4-94
BROADWELL, JACOB JR.                    OH-30-4-114
BROADWELL, JANE                         OH-30-8-182
BROADWELL, LEWIS                        OH-30-1-218
BROCKMAN, JOSEPH                        OH-30-9-280
BRODERICK, MARTHA A.                    OH-30-9-39
BROKAW, ISAAC                           OH-30-5-260
BROKER, ANTHONY JOSEPH                  OH-30-2-214
BROOKE, JOHN B.                         OH-30-9-420
BROUGH, CHARLES H.                      OH-30-8-123
BROWN, CHARLES L.                       OH-30-10-251
BROWN, EPHRAIM                          OH-30-4-130
BROWN, HENRY B.                         OH-30-6-102
BROWN, ISABEL                           OH-30-10-194
BROWN, ISRAEL                           OH-30-10-158
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-30-4-104
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-30-4-38
BROWN, MAURICE J.                       OH-30-1-43
BROWN, RACHEL                           OH-30-7-168
BROWN, SARAH                            OH-30-12-582
BROWN, VINCENT                          OH-30-4-99
BROWN, WILLIAM                          OH-30-1-105
BROXTERMANN, HENRY                      OH-30-1-379
BRUCKERT, PETER                         OH-30-1-142
BRUECKNER, JOHANN CASPER                OH-30-13-359
BRUEGGEMANN, JOHN H.                    OH-30-14-72
BRUGGEMANN, JOHN                        OH-30-13-393
BRUNER, JOSEPH                          OH-30-2-347
BRUNER, PHILIP                          OH-30-14-324
BRUNS, FREDERICK                        OH-30-9-164
BRUNSWICK, WILHELM                      OH-30-1-55
BUCK, JOHN                              OH-30-6-441
BUCKINGHAM, MARIAH                      OH-30-7-240
BUCKNELL, WILLIAM                       OH-30-9-271
BUEHLER, FREDERICK                      OH-30-7-282
BUELL, EPHRAIM                          OH-30-10-249
BUELL, EPHRAIM                          OH-30-9-462
BUGHER, AARON                           OH-30-2-301
BUHL, JOHN A.                           OH-30-14-45
BUHNER, MAURITZ                         OH-30-7-69
BULLENHAR, B. HERMAN                    OH-30-1-290
BULLOCK, SARAH                          OH-30-14-141
BULTMANN, JOHN HENRY                    OH-30-10-247
BUNCE, GRIFFIN M.                       OH-30-12-196
BUNNANN, THEODORE                       OH-30-6-253
BUNSCHUH, GEORGE VALENTINE              OH-30-14-231
BURCH, CHARLES                          OH-30-4-216
BURD, THOMAS                            OH-30-6-237
BURDGE, JONATHAN                        OH-30-4-183
BURDSALL, AARON                         OH-30-2-
BURDSALL, MOSES                         OH-30-2-135
BURK, ALEXIS                            OH-30-7-1
BURK, ULICK                             OH-30-1-87
BURKE, ANASTASIA                        OH-30-13-302
BURKHARDT, ELIZABETH                    OH-30-12-1
BURLAND, JOHN H.                        OH-30-11-59
BURLAND, WILLIAM H.                     OH-30-8-126
BURNETT, CHARLES                        OH-30-6-120
BURNS, ARCHIBALD                        OH-30-2-346
BURNS, FRANCIS                          OH-30-3-106
BURNS, WILLIAM G.                       OH-30-7-245
BURNSIDE, DANIEL                        OH-30-2-397
BURR, SAMUEL                            OH-30-10-365
BURRELL, JOHN                           OH-30-4-112
BURRIDGE, CHARLES                       OH-30-9-187
BURROUGHS, ELIZA                        OH-30-2-66
BURTON, ISAAC                           OH-30-10-242
BUSATT, TIMOTHY                         OH-30-1-329
BUSE, JOHN HENRY                        OH-30-2-313
BUSKER, J. ARND                         OH-30-14-47
BUTER, GERTRUDE                         OH-30-14-214
BUTER, JOHN BERNARD                     OH-30-1-197
BUTLER, ANN                             OH-30-1-377
BUTLER, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-2-341
BUTLER, FANNY                           OH-30-5-266
BUTLER, STEPHEN                         OH-30-2-143
BUTLER, WILLIAM                         OH-30-6-376
BUTTERFIELD, JEREMIAH SR.               OH-30-14-420
BUTTERMILLER, JOHN                      OH-30-7-394
BUTTS, HENRY                            OH-30-13-58
BUXTON, JOSEPH M.                       OH-30-13-506
BUXTON, MOSES                           OH-30-7-188
BUXTON, PRUDENCE E.                     OH-30-1-253
BYL, HUIGJE                             OH-30-5-314
CADY, DAVID K.                          OH-30-13-327
CALAHAN, FRANCIS                        OH-30-13-332
CALDWELL, AGNES C.                      OH-30-12-147
CALDWELL, JAMES H.                      OH-30-12-151
CALDWELL, JAMES H.                      OH-30-4-252
CALDWELL, JAMES S.                      OH-30-2-460
CALDWELL, JOHN                          OH-30-9-264
CALE, J. GEORGE                         OH-30-1-94
CALVERT, GEORGE H.                      OH-30-13-421
CAMERON, DANIEL SR.                     OH-30-11-238
CAMERON, JOHN                           OH-30-3-9
CAMPBELL, HARRIET E.                    OH-30-12-464
CAMPBELL, JANE                          OH-30-4-165
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        OH-30-8-277
CAMPBELL,CORNELIUS                      OH-30-5-296
CAMPTON, ROBERT                         OH-30-5-293
CAPLINGER, ELIZABETH                    OH-30-7-93
CAPRENTER, JOHN                         OH-30-8-282
CARBLEY, STEPHEN                        OH-30-2-455
CAREY, JAMES                            OH-30-13-197
CARL, FREDERICK                         OH-30-1-71
CARLISLE, MARY A.                       OH-30-1-44
CARLL, EPHRIAM                          OH-30-2-223
CARNAHAN, ROBERT                        OH-30-14-524
CARNAY, LOUIS                           OH-30-9-341
CARNEA, THOMAS D.                       OH-30-14-225
CARNES, FRANCIS                         OH-30-3-339
CARNEY, HUGH                            OH-30-10-267
CARPENTER, ABRAHAM F.                   OH-30-14-7
CARPENTER, CALVIN                       OH-30-8-149
CARPENTER, IRA                          OH-30-9-419
CARR, FRANCIS                           OH-30-7-315
CARR, JOHN                              OH-30-2-231
CARRIGAN, ANN LUCY                      OH-30-13-553
CARRIGAN, SARAH                         OH-30-13-547
CARROLL, ELIZA                          OH-30-14-97
CARSON, ACHSAH                          OH-30-6-370
CARSON, HENRY                           OH-30-6-490
CARSON, ROBERT                          OH-30-6-446
CARVER, WILLIAM B.                      OH-30-10-263
CARY, CHRISTOPHER                       OH-30-4-110
CARY, MARIA L.                          OH-30-14-576
CARY, SARAH E.                          OH-30-2-169
CARY, WILLIAM                           OH-30-14-186
CASE, HENRY                             OH-30-8-280
CASE, HENRY HERMAN                      OH-30-2-175
CASE, JOHN                              OH-30-5-14
CASEY, EMILY                            OH-30-9-82
CASEY, WILLIAM                          OH-30-2-188
CASTEL, PETER                           OH-30-1-328
CATTLE, JOHN                            OH-30-2-456
CAUELFELD, JAMES                        OH-30-2-167
CAVANAUGH, JAMES O.                     OH-30-10-265
CAVEMANN, MARIA E.                      OH-30-13-251
CELLA, JOSEPH                           OH-30-9-506
CHAMBERLAIN, MILTON B.                  OH-30-13-262
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM                    OH-30-2-461
CHAMBERLIN, RICHARD                     OH-30-2-458
CHAMBERLIN, TYLEE                       OH-30-5-159
CHAMBERLIN, WILLIAM                     OH-30-11-336
CHAMBERS, MARY                          OH-30-10-360
CHAPMAN, JOHN                           OH-30-6-492
CHECKLEY, SARAH                         OH-30-11-391
CHENEAY, JOHN                           OH-30-14-401
CHENOWETH, ROSS                         OH-30-13-551
CHIESA, LEWIS CAMILLA                   OH-30-5-166
CHITTICK, ARCHIBALD                     OH-30-6-142
CHOATE, ANN                             OH-30-10-39
CHRISTOPHER, WILLIAM                    OH-30-2-164
CHURCHILL, WILLIAM M.                   OH-30-2-116
CILLEY, BENJAMIN                        OH-30-14-505
CILLY, BENJAMIN                         OH-30-9-340
CIRODE, JANE MARIA                      OH-30-9-202
CIST, FRANCIS                           OH-30-12-216
CLARK, ICHABOD                          OH-30-6-325
CLARK, JAMES                            OH-30-9-269
CLARK, JAMES                            OH-30-13-466
CLARK, JOHN                             OH-30-11-192
CLARK, JOHN                             OH-30-10-129
CLARK, JOHN B.                          OH-30-14-94
CLARK, JONATHAN                         OH-30-3-35
CLARK, JOSEPH                           OH-30-10-35
CLARK, LATHAM                           OH-30-13-570
CLARK, MICHAEL                          OH-30-5-87
CLARK, SHELLY                           OH-30-1-304
CLARK, SIDNEY S.                        OH-30-13-11
CLARK, WILLIAM                          OH-30-10-362
CLARKSON, CHRISTIANNA                   OH-30-14-403
CLARKSON, WILLIAM                       OH-30-5-82
CLEARWATER, HIRAM                       OH-30-13-377
CLERMONT, JOHN                          OH-30-13-395
CLETT, JOHN G.                          OH-30-7-90
CLOPPER, J. C.                          OH-30-2-68
CLOPPER, REBECCA C.                     OH-30-5-137
COBB, SAMUEL                            OH-30-14-90
COBOURNE, JOSEPH A.                     OH-30-9-333
COCHRAN, JOHN                           OH-30-8-201
COCHRAN, NATHANIEL                      OH-30-4-24
COCHRAN, RICHARD                        OH-30-2-420
COE, ERASTUS P.                         OH-30-13-5
COFFIN, ELIZA M.                        OH-30-12-253
COFFIN, HENRY B.                        OH-30-4-77
COGSWELL, LYDIA                         OH-30-4-1
COGY, JAMES                             OH-30-6-368
COLE, NELSON L.                         OH-30-1-397
COLEY, ANFORD                           OH-30-13-467
COLLINS, E. F.                          OH-30-9-50
COLLINS, JOHN                           OH-30-11-187
COLLINS, LUTHER                         OH-30-2-229
COLLINS, PATRICK                        OH-30-12-233
COMISH, WILLIAM                         OH-30-6-382
COMSTOCK, EMELINE B.                    OH-30-12-20
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM H.                    OH-30-9-49
CONCLIN, PHEBE F.                       OH-30-12-401
CONCLIN, WILLIAM                        OH-30-1-208
CONE, CHARLES                           OH-30-2-226
CONES, ANN                              OH-30-13-201
CONGER, DANIEL                          OH-30-14-481
CONGER, NANCY                           OH-30-5-172
CONKLIN, ISAAC                          OH-30-4-187
CONKLIN, JOSEPH                         OH-30-4-151
CONKLING, DAVID                         OH-30-2-378
CONKLING, JOSEPH                        OH-30-8-275
CONNELL, JAMES                          OH-30-7-112
CONNELL, WILLIAM                        OH-30-14-188
CONNER, JOHN                            OH-30-1-508
CONNER, PATRICK                         OH-30-14-522
CONOLY,JAMES                            OH-30-14-367
CONOVER, JAMES F.                       OH-30-11-152
CONROY, BRIDGET                         OH-30-13-192
CONROY, MASON A.                        OH-30-1-3
COOK, GEORGE                            OH-30-6-369
COOK, WILLIAM                           OH-30-1-333
COOLEY, EBENEZER                        OH-30-6-482
COOLEY, JABEZ                           OH-30-9-486
COOMBS, JAMES G.                        OH-30-7-103
COOMBS, JOHN                            OH-30-6-442
COPE, JASON                             OH-30-5-139
CORBLY, PAUL                            OH-30-9-445
CORDES, HEINRICH C.                     OH-30-1-245
COREY, MARY A.                          OH-30-6-326
CORIELL, AMOS                           OH-30-6-161
CORNELL, JOHN P.                        OH-30-8-128
CORNELL, SAMUEL                         OH-30-14-338
CORR, ANNA                              OH-30-13-370
CORRY, CLARISSA A.                      OH-30-7-238
CORWINE, DANIEL                         OH-30-8-152
COSBY, SAMUEL                           OH-30-13-325
COTTMAN, THOMAS                         OH-30-12-14
COWDREY, ELIZA                          OH-30-3-285
COX, ANDREW                             OH-30-14-498
COX, GRIFFIN                            OH-30-12-114
COX, JAMES                              OH-30-5-84
COX, JOHN                               OH-30-8-274
COX, JOSHUA                             OH-30-9-440
CRAIGE, SAMUEL                          OH-30-1-256
CRAIN, OLIVER                           OH-30-2-434
CRANE, ELIHU                            OH-30-1-487
CRANE, HAGAR                            OH-30-4-161
CRANE, LEVI                             OH-30-6-483
CRAREY, JOHN                            OH-30-2-390
CRAWFORD, PENELOPE E. B.                OH-30-10-469
CREASSER, THOMAS                        OH-30-6-316
CRISPE, JOHN                            OH-30-4-141
CROCKER, JAMES H.                       OH-30-11-189
CRONIMUS, GEORGE                        OH-30-1-137
CROOKSHANK, NATHANIEL                   OH-30-6-310
CROSLEY, JOSIAH                         OH-30-4-160
CROSLEY, ROSS                           OH-30-8-272
CROSSLEY, JOHN                          OH-30-12-3
CRUMLEY, HUGH                           OH-30-12-190
CULLOM, GEORGE SR.                      OH-30-12-522
CUMMING, JANNET                         OH-30-2-351
CUMMINGS, PATRICK                       OH-30-1-234
CUMMINS, MARY                           OH-30-8-279
CUMMINS, WILLIAM                        OH-30-8-283
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH                   OH-30-8-208
CUNNINGHAM, JANET                       OH-30-4-116
CURRY, MATTHEW                          OH-30-9-422
CUSTER, JOHN                            OH-30-5-290
CUTTER, ABIGAIL                         OH-30-7-258
CUTTER, BENJAMIN                        OH-30-9-490
CUTTER, HENRY                           OH-30-5-89
DAGNEAUX, GRIGORIE                      OH-30-8-216
DALLER, CLEMENS                         OH-30-9-56
DALLMANN, HENRY                         OH-30-13-137
DANFERI, JOHN                           OH-30-4-215
DARNSMONT, W. P.                        OH-30-7-106
DARST, JACOB B.                         OH-30-8-42
DART, JOB                               OH-30-1-203
DAUBALD, ELIZABETH                      OH-30-7-111
DAULTON, NAOMI                          OH-30-8-250
DAUNER, ANNA M.                         OH-30-1-62
DAVENPORT, MARY                         OH-30-1-147
DAVIDS, PHINEAS                         OH-30-5-174
DAVIS, CHARLES                          OH-30-5-6
DAVIS, DAVID                            OH-30-2-327
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        OH-30-13-7
DAVIS, ISAAC N.                         OH-30-7-147
DAVIS, ISABELLA                         OH-30-6-295
DAVIS, JOHN A.                          OH-30-13-135
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           OH-30-1-509
DAVIS, JOSHUA                           OH-30-3-22
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           OH-30-12-112
DAVIS, THOMAS                           OH-30-3-29
DAVIS, ZADOCK A.                        OH-30-5-161
DAY, JEHIEL                             OH-30-4-155
DAY, JOHN                               OH-30-6-203
DAY, PHEBE                              OH-30-3-192
DAY, TIMOTHY                            OH-30-6-343
DAYTON, ARON                            OH-30-2-451
DAYTON, ELECTA                          OH-30-12-138
DEAN, BISHOP C.                         OH-30-4-107
DEBOLT, MICHAEL                         OH-30-1-512
DEBUS, LOUIS                            OH-30-9-53
DECAMP, JAMES                           OH-30-6-92
DECKER, CHARLES                         OH-30-1-150
DECKER, HENRY                           OH-30-1-366
DEGOLYER, ANTHONY                       OH-30-5-178
DEHLS, MARTIN                           OH-30-13-76
DEINLEIN, BANKRATZ                      OH-30-1-64
DELAMATTER, CHANDLER P.                 OH-30-14-346
DELANEY, JOHN                           OH-30-12-255
DEMMER, FRANZ CARL                      OH-30-1-52
DENMAN, NATHANIEL                       OH-30-4-96
DENNISON, EDWARD S.                     OH-30-6-324
DENNISTON, ALEXNDER                     OH-30-7-79
DENNISTON, ANN                          OH-30-2-160
DENT, AGNES                             OH-30-9-58
DENT, JOHN F.                           OH-30-8-37
DEPENBROK, BERNARD                      OH-30-12-396
DEPEYSTER, PIERRE C.                    OH-30-5-3
DEREMA, JOHN                            OH-30-6-37
DESERISY, EDWARD SR.                    OH-30-13-540
DEVINE, JAMES                           OH-30-4-250
DEVON, LOUISE J.                        OH-30-13-130
DEVON, SAMUEL                           OH-30-10-143
DEWEIN, JACOB                           OH-30-14-222
DEWITT, G. V. H.                        OH-30-12-537
DEWITT, MARY ANN                        OH-30-9-446
DEXTER, ADOLPHUS                        OH-30-11-380
DEY, JAMES W.                           OH-30-12-533
DICKINSON, CHARLES G.                   OH-30-6-345
DICKINSON, SAMUEL S.                    OH-30-8-206
DIECKMAN, AUGUST                        OH-30-9-35
DIEDERICK, HENRY                        OH-30-1-367
DIEKMAN, GERHARD                        OH-30-12-159
DIGNAN, LUKE                            OH-30-6-317
DINGER, JOSEPH                          OH-30-12-558
DOBERRER, MICHAEL                       OH-30-7-71
DODD, EDWIN D.                          OH-30-1-66
DODSON, JOHN                            OH-30-4-191
DODSWORTH, BENJAMIN                     OH-30-14-563
DOEPPEN, THEODORE                       OH-30-3-441
DOHERTY, PATRICK                        OH-30-13-492
DOHRMAN, DOROTHEA                       OH-30-13-79
DOLL, JOHN G.                           OH-30-14-152
DONALDSON, CHRISTIAN                    OH-30-3-528
DOPPLER, ADAM                           OH-30-13-215
DORNBERGER, FREDERICK                   OH-30-13-217
DOUGHERTY, FRANCIS                      OH-30-3-19
DOUGHTY, JOHN D.                        OH-30-14-357
DOUTHWAITE, WILLIAM                     OH-30-2-336
DOVER, JAMES                            OH-30-1-510
DRAKE, BENJAMIN                         OH-30-5-176
DRAKE, DANIEL                           OH-30-9-272
DRAKE, JOHN T.                          OH-30-3-30
DRAKE, LEWIS A.                         OH-30-13-66
DRAKE, WILSON T.                        OH-30-12-369
DRAYTON, MARY                           OH-30-3-184
DRESSBACH, CATHARINE                    OH-30-14-543
DRINKER, FRANCIS                        OH-30-13-557
DRUCK, FRANCIS                          OH-30-9-87
DRUDE, HENRY                            OH-30-1-364
DUESING, FREDERICK W.                   OH-30-13-360
DUGAN, JAMES                            OH-30-2-133
DUGAN, PATRICK                          OH-30-14-51
DULHAGEN, GARRET                        OH-30-5-324
DULHAGEN,OCTAVIA                        OH-30-9-60
DULWEBER, ELISABETH                     OH-30-9-336
DUNCAN, HANNAHM.                        OH-30-14-136
DUNCAN, JAMES M.                        OH-30-12-174
DUNLAP, ROBERT                          OH-30-4-178
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                         OH-30-7-326
DUNN, DENTON                            OH-30-7-253
DUNN, ELIZABETH                         OH-30-6-351
DUNSEATH, PATTY                         OH-30-7-346
DUPLER, LEWIS                           OH-30-2-329
DURHAM, DANIEL                          OH-30-9-348
DURHAM, JOSHUA                          OH-30-5-259
DURY, HENRY                             OH-30-3-21
DUSKY, ELI                              OH-30-7-339
DUVAL, GEORGE W.                        OH-30-1-250
DUVAL, JAMES S.                         OH-30-7-133
DYER, JOHN B.                           OH-30-14-32
EABELL, NICHOLAS                        OH-30-1-363
EADS, HENRY                             OH-30-10-456
EADS, JAMES                             OH-30-5-294
EAGLE, DOMINICK                         OH-30-3-335
EARNSHAW, THOMAS                        OH-30-14-565
EASTON, COLLIN                          OH-30-11-251
EBERSOLE, CHRISTIAN                     OH-30-4-90
ECKHARDT, HENRY                         OH-30-12-166
EDGWORTH, ROBERT                        OH-30-2-464
EDMESON, JAMES E.                       OH-30-2-48
EDWARDS, ISAAC                          OH-30-8-245
EDWARDS, JOHN                           OH-30-4-149
EDWARDS, JOSEPH                         OH-30-9-134
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        OH-30-14-432
EELLS, SAMUEL                           OH-30-4-54
EHINGER, ERHARD                         OH-30-12-178
EICHELBERGER, JOSEPH                    OH-30-6-322
EICHELMAN, JOHN B.                      OH-30-14-440
EICHER, JOHN                            OH-30-10-226
EICHLER, HEINRICH                       OH-30-10-51
EISSLER, FRANCES                        OH-30-12-541
ELDER, JOHN                             OH-30-1-488
ELDER, MARY                             OH-30-1-439
ELLERMANN, FREDERICK W.                 OH-30-2-129
ELLIOTT, JAMES                          OH-30-8-286
ELLIOTT, SARAH T.                       OH-30-12-353
ELLIS, CATHERINE                        OH-30-14-560
ELLIS, THOMAS                           OH-30-9-454
ELLISON, JANE G.                        OH-30-13-366
ELMER, MARY P.                          OH-30-13-27
ELVIDGE, JONATHAN                       OH-30-11-252
EMERY, MARY                             OH-30-3-8
EMERY, THOMAS                           OH-30-9-179
EMPSON, THOMAS                          OH-30-9-428
ENGBERSON, MARY                         OH-30-12-536
ENGEL, HENRY                            OH-30-13-485
ENGEL, HERMAN                           OH-30-13-1
ENGEL, WILLIAM                          OH-30-12-446
ENGEMAN, JOHN GOTTFRIED                 OH-30-3-524
ENGERSON, HEINRICH                      OH-30-12-192
ENGLER, ANTON                           OH-30-7-266
ENNCKING, HERMAN HENRY                  OH-30-1-244
ENNESS, JOHN B.                         OH-30-1-539
ENTLE, WILLIAM T.                       OH-30-11-78
ENYART, SAMUEL                          OH-30-4-140
ENYART, SAMUEL T.                       OH-30-2-64
EPLEY, WILLIAM                          OH-30-4-144
EPLEY, WILLIAM                          OH-30-4-144
ERNST, ANDREW H.                        OH-30-14-233
ERWIN, HUGH                             OH-30-6-339
ESHELMAN, ISAAC                         OH-30-14-549
EUSTIS, HENRY                           OH-30-2-119
EVANS, JESSEE                           OH-30-6-320
EVANS, WILLIAM M.                       OH-30-1-82
EVERETT, AMANDA M.                      OH-30-6-367
EVERSON, MARY                           OH-30-6-366
EVERSULL, JOHN                          OH-30-11-184
EVERSULL, REBECCA                       OH-30-13-495
EWELL, CHARLES                          OH-30-14-541
EWING, DELIA MARY ANN                   OH-30-8-4
EWING, THOMAS                           OH-30-7-351
FABER, GREGORY                          OH-30-6-243
FABER, MARIA                            OH-30-7-81
FACORN, DANIEL F.                       OH-30-1-478
FAEHR, STEPHEN                          OH-30-13-278
FAGALY, GEORGE                          OH-30-10-404
FAHRUBEL, JOSEPH                        OH-30-1-308
FARAN, CHARLES P.                       OH-30-2-319
FARNHAM, C. A.                          OH-30-6-347
FARNHAM, MARGARET                       OH-30-9-325
FARNY, CHARLES                          OH-30-13-365
FARRAR, MARY                            OH-30-13-481
FARRELL, JAMES                          OH-30-9-345
FARRELLY, PATRICK                       OH-30-2-299
FASIG, PHILIP A.                        OH-30-6-246
FAY, LUCIEN                             OH-30-9-23
FEBIGER, CHRISTIAN C.                   OH-30-6-437
FEE, THOMAS                             OH-30-6-492
FEELDHACKE, FREDERICH B.                OH-30-6-195
FEGER, LORENZO                          OH-30-2-296
FELIX, GEORGE M.                        OH-30-12-347
FELLER, CHARLES                         OH-30-3-480
FELLERMANN, JOHN A.                     OH-30-5-298
FELTES, JOHN                            OH-30-12-27
FENTON, JACOB                           OH-30-6-349
FENWICK, EDWARD D.                      OH-30-10-375
FERGUSON, DAVID                         OH-30-12-422
FERGUSON, HUSTON                        OH-30-10-387
FERGUSON, JAMES                         OH-30-9-249
FERGUSON, JAMES T.                      OH-30-14-333
FERGUSON, MATHEW                        OH-30-3-551
FERNKAES, MATTHAIS                      OH-30-6-66
FERNSLER, PAUL                          OH-30-8-237
FERREL, WILLIAM                         OH-30-7-321
FERRIS, ANDREW                          OH-30-2-291
FERRY, ROBERT F.                        OH-30-8-238
FEY, SEBASTIAN                          OH-30-13-195
FIELD, JACOB                            OH-30-4-152
FIELDS, SETH                            OH-30-10-408
FIEN, JOHN                              OH-30-13-280
FIESENBERG, W. JOSEPH                   OH-30-9-162
FILSON, JOHNL.                          OH-30-5-225
FINDLAY, ELIZABETH                      OH-30-2-315
FINDLAY, JANE                           OH-30-14-551
FINDLAY, SARAH S.                       OH-30-3-328
FINDLEY, JAMES                          OH-30-1-442
FINDLEY, WILLIAM                        OH-30-7-114
FINKE, FREDERICK A.                     OH-30-13-245
FINN, ANNA MARIA                        OH-30-12-105
FINNEY, EBENEZER W.                     OH-30-10-384
FINNEY, JAMES P.                        OH-30-8-215
FIRNKOES, LAWRENCE                      OH-30-12-314
FISCHER, MICHAEL                        OH-30-13-316
FISCHER, ROSINA CATHERINE               OH-30-14-419
FISH, CHARLES H.                        OH-30-8-1
FISH, FREDERICK                         OH-30-13-346
FISHER, BROWNLOW                        OH-30-10-405
FISHER, WILLIAM                         OH-30-10-47
FISK, ABIJAH                            OH-30-1-10
FISK, ALVAREZ                           OH-30-3-180
FLEMING, DANIEL M.                      OH-30-2-24
FLEMING, ROBERT                         OH-30-10-400
FLENCHPAUGH, HENRY                      OH-30-14-452
FLERA, JACOB                            OH-30-1-416
FLIN, DAVID                             OH-30-1-513
FLINN, JACOB                            OH-30-6-210
FLINN, STEPHEN                          OH-30-9-499
FLINN, STEPHEN                          OH-30-6-435
FLINN, WILLIAM                          OH-30-6-498
FLINN, WILLIAM                          OH-30-12-341
FLINT, HEZEKIAH                         OH-30-10-389
FLOHN, BARBARA                          OH-30-1-223
FLOHR, FREDERICK                        OH-30-9-329
FOGEL, JOSEPH                           OH-30-1-395
FOLEY, ISAAC                            OH-30-9-431
FOLGER, ELIZABETH                       OH-30-7-334
FOLGER, HEPSIBETH                       OH-30-7-324
FOLGER, SYLVANUS                        OH-30-10-396
FOLGER, THOMAS B.                       OH-30-6-174
FOOTE, DANIEL                           OH-30-10-395
FOOTE, HENRY E.                         OH-30-13-122
FOOTE, SAMUEL E.                        OH-30-3-207
FORCE, MUNSON                           OH-30-14-322
FORD, JAMES                             OH-30-1-125
FORD, LUCIAN C.                         OH-30-13-71
FORD, SQUIRE                            OH-30-1-4335
FORE, L. B.                             OH-30-13-587
FORTE, ELIJAH                           OH-30-6-348
FORTMAN, HENRY A.                       OH-30-14-76
FORTMANN, HERBERT                       OH-30-14-307
FOSDICK, RICHARD                        OH-30-1-436
FOSGRONE, WILLIAM                       OH-30-12-576
FOSSWINKLE, JOHN                        OH-30-13-338
FOSTER, ABSOLEM                         OH-30-2-294
FOSTER, JAMES                           OH-30-4-9
FOSTER, JAMES                           OH-30-1-221
FOTREL, JACOB                           OH-30-14-88
FOWLER, B.                              OH-30-2-13
FOWLE,R SAMUEL                          OH-30-9-195
FOX, GEORGE                             OH-30-1-393
FOY, JOHN                               OH-30-7-231
FRANCIS, DAVID                          OH-30-6-314
FRANK, JACOB BENEDCIT                   OH-30-1-73
FRANK, MARY                             OH-30-3-148
FRANKLAND, ANNA                         OH-30-12-182
FRANKLIN, MILTON                        OH-30-12-496
FRANKS, FREDERICK                       OH-30-1-18
FRASER, THOMAS                          OH-30-1-123
FRATZ, JOHN G.                          OH-30-13-259
FRAZEE, JACOB                           OH-30-10-385
FRAZER, WILLIAM                         OH-30-1-299
FREELAND, JOHN                          OH-30-10-392
FREEMANN, THOMAS                        OH-30-6-176
FREISZ, FRANCIS J.                      OH-30-12-442
FRENCH, IRA D.                          OH-30-2-125
FRIEDEL, JOHN                           OH-30-9-113
FRIES, AMAND                            OH-30-13-483
FRIES, JACOB                            OH-30-12-218
FRITZ, JACOB                            OH-30-9-257
FROHLICH, DAVID P.                      OH-30-13-228
FROMMEIER, WILLIAM                      OH-30-2-114
FROMMEYER, JOHN F.                      OH-30-13-39
FROST, THOMAS                           OH-30-10-382
FRY, JOHN                               OH-30-5-256
FUCHS, LORENZ                           OH-30-10-229
FULDNER, PHILIP                         OH-30-7-399
FULLER, ESTHER                          OH-30-9-64
FUNKE, HERMAN H.                        OH-30-9-498
FUNKE, HERMAN H.                        OH-30-3-50
FURNSLER, ELIZABETH                     OH-30-10-394

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