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ABBEY, SAMUEL                          NY-62-D-131
ABBOTT, RUTH                           NY-62-O-351
ABEEL, ELIZABETH                       NY-62-N-480
ACKERSON, MARY                         NY-62-S-304
ACKLEY, SAMUEL J.                      NY-62-J-314
ADAMS, ANGELINE                        NY-62-P-544
ADAMS, CAROLINE                        NY-62-R-298
ADAMS, CYRUS                           NY-62-G-370
ADAMS, EUNICE H.                       NY-62-R-175
ADAMS, ISAAC                           NY-62-G-259
ADAMS, JANE                            NY-62-P-557
ADAMS, LOVEL L.                        NY-62-H-191
ADAMS, MARILLA A.                      NY-62-M-62
ADAMS, REBECCA                         NY-62-M-311
AGAN, SARAH                            NY-62-P-1
AGOR, HANNAH                           NY-62-G-265
ALBRO, LEWIS V.                        NY-62-F-601
ALBRO, LOIS M.                         NY-62-R-430
ALDRICH, STEPHEN                       NY-62-E-234
ALLEN, CHARITY                         NY-62-Q-52
ALLEN, DURFEE                          NY-62-O-368
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-62-F-377
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          NY-62-O-1
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-62-M-182
ALLINGTON, HANNAH A. H.                NY-62-R-346
ALLINGTON, SILAS                       NY-62-G-189
ALMY, SARA A.                          NY-62-R-577
AMSBURY, STEPHEN                       NY-62-A-76
ANDERSON, CRITTENDEN H. C.             NY-62-P-521
ANDERSON, HELEN J.                     NY-62-P-289
ANDERSON, HIXON                        NY-62-L-490
ANDREWS, BYRON                         NY-62-J-469
ANDREWS, EDWIN C.                      NY-62-O-134
ANDREWS, ICHABOD                       NY-62-S-259
ANDREWS, IDA R.                        NY-62-S-535
ANDREWS, JAMES                         NY-62-K-539
ANDREWS, JEREMIAH B.                   NY-62-G-455
ANDREWS, JESSE G.                      NY-62-M-234
ANDREWS, JOHN T.                       NY-62-R-490
ANDREWS, MARY                          NY-62-H-356
ANDREWS, MARY E. C.                    NY-62-R-562
ANDREWS, RICHARD                       NY-62-L-449
ANDREWS, SAMUEL                        NY-62-E-627
ANDREWS, SHERLOCK                      NY-62-I-432
ANDREWS, VILLA R.                      NY-62-S-454
ANDREWS, WILLIAM                       NY-62-F-545
ANDRUSS, BENAJAH                       NY-62-C-203
ANGELL, IRA R.                         NY-62-N-302
ANGUS, CHARLES T.                      NY-62-Q-232
ANORIS, DAVID                          NY-62-G-408
ANSLEY, ALBERT HENRY                   NY-62-S-448
ANSLEY, GEORGE A.                      NY-62-G-274
ANSLEY, JOEL                           NY-62-M-478
ANSLEY, JOHN                           NY-62-O-156
APPLEGATE, HANNAH M.                   NY-62-O-455
ARMSTRONG, DAVID                       NY-62-L-337
ARMSTRONG, EMMA                        NY-62-M-426
ARMSTRONG, HENRY                       NY-62-I-160
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        NY-62-K-587
ARMSTRONG, MARY H.                     NY-62-Q-256
ARMSTRONG, MARY JANE                   NY-62-Q-529
ARMSTRONG, SARAH                       NY-62-K-511
ARNOLD, AMOS                           NY-62-F-367
ARNOLD, ISRAEL                         NY-62-C-376
ASISSON, JONATHAN                      NY-62-F-420
ASPELL, ESTHER                         NY-62-K-134
ASPELL, WILLIAM                        NY-62-F-702
ASPELL, WILLIAM W.                     NY-62-G-459
AYERS, MARGARET C.                     NY-62-R-250
AYLESWORTH, SARAH                      NY-62-B-285
AYRES, ADNA                            NY-62-Q-118
AYRES, ALLAN A.                        NY-62-S-151
AYRES, GARRET S.                       NY-62-R-43
AYRES, HELEN M. T.                     NY-62-Q-547
AYRES, HESTER                          NY-62-Q-592
AYRES, LOUISE B.                       NY-62-S-46
AYRES, MARGARET                        NY-62-R-34
AYRES, SHOTWELL P.                     NY-62-O-14
AYRES, STEPHEN B.                      NY-62-O-528
AYRES, WILSON                          NY-62-F-194
BABCOCK, JOB L.                        NY-62-J-342
BABCOCK, NANCY                         NY-62-R-106
BABCOCK, WILILAM                       NY-62-C-221
BABER, GEORGE M.                       NY-62-P-53
BAGGERLY, ELLEN V.                     NY-62-O-290
BAILEY, ANN R.                         NY-62-R-457
BAILEY, JOHN W.                        NY-62-F-682
BAILEY, SILVESTER                      NY-62-J-300
BAIN, ELIZABETH                        NY-62-P-36
BAIN, MARYETT                          NY-62-N-413
BAINBRIDGE, HARRY                      NY-62-C-127
BAKER, DARIUS                          NY-62-I-301
BAKER, GILBERT                         NY-62-F-749
BAKER, HANNAH E.                       NY-62-R-16
BAKER, HORACE A.                       NY-62-G-57
BALDWIN, ABIEL                         NY-62-J-546
BALDWIN, DANIEL                        NY-62-E-657
BALDWIN, JACOB                         NY-62-A-108
BALDWIN, MINERVA                       NY-62-K-10
BALES, JOHN                            NY-62-P-9
BALEY, WILLIAM                         NY-62-G-89
BALL, CLARA                            NY-62-N-499
BANKS, SUMMERS                         NY-62-Q-463
BANNISTER, MELICENT                    NY-62-I-343
BARBER, CULVER D.                      NY-62-J-485
BARBER, JEREMIAH                       NY-62-F-667
BARBER, JONATHAN S.                    NY-62-S-412
BARDEEN, LUTHER M.                     NY-62-P-177
BARDEN, BETSEY                         NY-62-I-39
BARDEN, GEORGE R.                      NY-62-Q-586
BARDEN, JANE W.                        NY-62-S-481
BARDEN, SALLY                          NY-62-E-696
BARKER, CHARLES                        NY-62-G-120
BARKER, EDWIN C.                       NY-62-S-583
BARKER, ISAAC                          NY-62-E-47
BARKLEY, ALONZO                        NY-62-Q-421
BARNES, ELIZUR                         NY-62-C-256
BARNES, HEMAN                          NY-62-M-343
BARNES, JOSEPH                         NY-62-F-542
BARNES, MARY ANN                       NY-62-S-589
BARNES, WILLIAM                        NY-62-E-676
BARNS, JOHN                            NY-62-C-340
BARRENGER, CATHRINE                    NY-62-Q-241
BARRETT, AZOR                          NY-62-I-141
BARRETT, GEORGE                        NY-62-G-348
BARRICK, SOLOMON                       NY-62-E-431
BARROW, ROSETTA                        NY-62-R-73
BARTHOLOMEW, MARY                      NY-62-R-109
BARTON, SARAH F.                       NY-62-N-193
BASKIN, DANIEL C.                      NY-62-P-116
BASKIN, ELIZA A.                       NY-62-M-265
BASKIN, ROBERT                         NY-62-R-400
BASKIN, WILLIAM                        NY-62-H-80
BASOM, PETER                           NY-62-H-455
BASSETT, A. CARLTON                    NY-62-Q-364
BASSETT, ALLEN                         NY-62-K-114
BASSETT, ANNA                          NY-62-E-634
BASSETT, HELEN C.                      NY-62-Q-328
BASSETT, JEMIMA C.                     NY-62-R-472
BASSETT, SAMUEL                        NY-62-M-92
BASSETT, WILLIAM                       NY-62-F-791
BASSETT, WILLIAM Q.                    NY-62-Q-46
BATCHEN, JARED                         NY-62-F-439
BATES, ANNA                            NY-62-M-534
BATES, CYRUS                           NY-62-L-291
BATES, HENRY L.                        NY-62-M-254
BATES, LINUS                           NY-62-L-360
BATES, MARVIN C.                       NY-62-Q-325
BATES, ORRIN                           NY-62-D-448
BATES, SOLOMON P.                      NY-62-S-253
BATES, WILLIAM                         NY-62-F-121
BAXTER, NEWTON                         NY-62-M-208
BEACH, EDWARD                          NY-62-R-391
BEAL, JOHN                             NY-62-E-167
BEAM, ELIZABETH                        NY-62-R-580
BEAM, LEWIS                            NY-62-S-523
BEAM, MICAJAH S.                       NY-62-M-80
BEAM, PETER                            NY-62-D-218
BEAMISH, ROBERT                        NY-62-R-193
BEARD, JOSHUA                          NY-62-G-174
BEARD, WILLIAM                         NY-62-C-135
BEARD, WILLIAM                         NY-62-R-172
BECKER, DAVID L.                       NY-62-K-2
BEDDOE, JOHN                           NY-62-B-478
BEDEN, ALPHEUS P.                      NY-62-F-657
BEEKMAN, BENJAMIN B.                   NY-62-L-399
BEERMAN, MINERVA A.                    NY-62-O-354
BEERS, ANNA                            NY-62-L-20
BEERS, ASHBEL                          NY-62-G-509
BEERS, JOHN                            NY-62-J-494
BEERS, MARY                            NY-62-R-196
BEERS, PAMELIA A.                      NY-62-O-94
BELKNAP, BRIGGS                        NY-62-D-416
BELKNAP, ISAAC J.                      NY-62-I-191
BELKNAP, SARAH A.                      NY-62-O-56
BELL, ELIZABETH                        NY-62-Q-67
BELL, HIRAM                            NY-62-I-87
BELL, ROBERT                           NY-62-G-304
BELL, WILLIAM                          NY-62-P-28
BELLIS, AMOS                           NY-62-R-334
BELLIS, CHARLES                        NY-62-S-214
BELT, JOHN                             NY-62-N-107
BENDER, GEORGE                         NY-62-Q-238
BENEDICT, ALONZO D.                    NY-62-M-9
BENEDICT, THOMAS                       NY-62-M-14
BENNETT, ELIZA JANE                    NY-62-Q-373
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                     NY-62-Q-103
BENNETT, GIDEON                        NY-62-O-608
BENNETT, SANFORD                       NY-62-F-392
BENNETT, THOMAS                        NY-62-F-8
BENNETT, THOMAS                        NY-62-F-723
BENNETT, URIAH                         NY-62-N-510
BENTLEY, SARAH                         NY-62-O-105
BENTON, LUTHER B.                      NY-62-G-474
BERGSTRESSER, ANDREW                   NY-62-R-1
BERGSTRESSER, DAVID                    NY-62-N-119
BERRY, MARY ANN                        NY-62-R-532
BERRYMAN, CARRIE                       NY-62-Q-169
BEST, JOHN J.                          NY-62-S-425
BEST, WILLIAM                          NY-62-M-473
BETTEY, MARY                           NY-62-Q-487
BETTS, DEBORAH                         NY-62-F-192
BEYEA, SOPHIA S.                       NY-62-Q-220
BIGELOW, MARY                          NY-62-F-339
BIRD, MARY W.                          NY-62-S-220
BISHOP, CALEB M.                       NY-62-Q-16
BISHOP, JOHN                           NY-62-J-358
BISHOP, MARTHA                         NY-62-N-375
BISHOP, ORRIN                          NY-62-F-555
BISSELL, ALDRIDGE                      NY-62-F-503
BITLEY, THOMAS L.                      NY-62-K-473
BITTY, PETER H.                        NY-62-P-95
BLACK, HARRIET CAROLINE                NY-62-R-505
BLACK, NANCY                           NY-62-G-477
BLAIR, STERLING A.                     NY-62-P-489
BLANCHARD, WILLIAM                     NY-62-M-69
BLISS, CALVIN B.                       NY-62-H-163
BLODGETT, TIMOTHY M.                   NY-62-S-586
BLOOD, ESTHER                          NY-62-L-78
BLOOD, LUTHER B.                       NY-62-P-256
BLOOD, MORTIMER L.                     NY-62-L-484
BOGART, THEODORE                       NY-62-R-574
BOHALL, JANE                           NY-62-Q-514
BOLAN, WILLIAM                         NY-62-Q-469
BOOTS, SAMUEL                          NY-62-F-731
BORDWELL, JAMES R.                     NY-62-O-408
BORDWELL, JARED D.                     NY-62-L-467
BOSS, SARAH                            NY-62-L-135
BOSTWICK, DENTON                       NY-62-L-35
BOSTWICK, MARY J.                      NY-62-O-244
BOSWELL, DANIEL                        NY-62-P-303
BOSWORTH, PHEBE A. D.                  NY-62-R-475
BOTSFORD, SAMUEL                       NY-62-O-566
BOWERS, EDMOND                         NY-62-S-34
BOWMAN, JOHN                           NY-62-E-188
BOYD, MARTHA ELIZABETH                 NY-62-Q-550
BOYD, ROBERT                           NY-62-C-443
BOYD, ROBERT                           NY-62-F-202
BOYD, TOMPKINS W.                      NY-62-M-34
BRADLEY, PATRICK                       NY-62-P-401
BRADLEY, RHODA                         NY-62-M-522
BRIDGEMAN, JACOB F.                    NY-62-S-73
BRIGGS, ABEL                           NY-62-E-17
BRIGGS, CALEB                          NY-62-E-709
BRIGGS, DAVID                          NY-62-F-387
BRIGGS, HANNAH                         NY-62-F-37
BRIGGS, HERMON                         NY-62-H-299
BRIGGS, HIRAM                          NY-62-M-508
BRIGGS, JOANNA OLIVER                  NY-62-Q-34
BRIGGS, JOANNA W.                      NY-62-Q-602
BRIGGS, LYDIA                          NY-62-O-86
BRIGGS, MARY A.                        NY-62-S-145
BRIGGS, PELEG                          NY-62-C-102
BRIGGS, PELEG                          NY-62-D-1
BRIGGS, PELEG                          NY-62-R-331
BRIGGS, PELEG                          NY-62-R-553
BRIGGS, SAMUEL                         NY-62-O-63
BRIGGS, SETH B.                        NY-62-R-544
BRIGGS, WILLIAM S.                     NY-62-Q-361
BRINKERHOFF, LUKE                      NY-62-A-21
BROOKS, LEMON                          NY-62-E-672
BROWN, ALFRED                          NY-62-P-169
BROWN, DANIEL                          NY-62-D-58
BROWN, DANIEL                          NY-62-M-354
BROWN, ELIZA                           NY-62-H-305
BROWN, EPHA                            NY-62-O-130
BROWN, GEORGE P.                       NY-62-E-67
BROWN, HANNAH                          NY-62-S-346
BROWN, J. SMITH                        NY-62-G-393
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-62-G-93
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-62-J-9
BROWN, JOHN A.                         NY-62-S-268
BROWN, JULIA A.                        NY-62-N-525
BROWN, MARIA C.                        NY-62-H-333
BROWN, MARTIN                          NY-62-O-549
BROWN, MILES                           NY-62-J-450
BROWN, MORRIS                          NY-62-L-314
BROWN, PETER                           NY-62-E-613
BROWN, RICHARD Y.                      NY-62-H-276
BROWN, RUSSEL                          NY-62-G-9
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-62-R-214
BROWN, WRIGHT                          NY-62-J-351
BROWNELL, MARY A.                      NY-62-Q-526
BRUEN, AMZI                            NY-62-H-195
BRUNDAGE, MATILDA                      NY-62-S-568
BRUNDAGE, WILLIAM                      NY-62-E-405
BRUNN, ANDREW                          NY-62-E-216
BRUXTON, JOHN                          NY-62-G-333
BRYANT, IRA                            NY-62-D-21
BRYANT, SARAH R.                       NY-62-Q-298
BUDD, DANIEL                           NY-62-S-415
BUEL, IACHBOD                          NY-62-F-155
BUEL, SAMUEL                           NY-62-N-506
BUELL, DAVID H.                        NY-62-I-335
BULLOCK, LUCINDA                       NY-62-N-235
BUNCE, EUNICE C. O.                    NY-62-M-322
BUNCE, LOOMIS                          NY-62-L-96
BUNNELL, EMELINE                       NY-62-O-348
BURK, ALBERT                           NY-62-F-705
BURK, DAVID                            NY-62-F-525
BURK, LAURETTA M.                      NY-62-R-55
BURK, LEWIS                            NY-62-G-385
BURK, SALLY                            NY-62-O-412
BURNAP, JOSEPH                         NY-62-N-502
BURNET, RUSSEL                         NY-62-G-51
BURNS, MARY ANN                        NY-62-F-44
BURRILL, PATIENCE S.                   NY-62-G-170
BURT, WILLIAM G.                       NY-62-P-160
BURTON, ELLEN C.                       NY-62-Q-343
BURTON, MARY                           NY-62-M-412
BUSH, HANNAH H.                        NY-62-K-78
BUSH, HARLAN P.                        NY-62-S-163
BUSH, HIRAM                            NY-62-F-260
BUSH, MARTHA C.                        NY-62-I-399
BUSH, RYNARD                           NY-62-E-608
BUSH, SARAH J.                         NY-62-M-549
BUSH, THOMAS                           NY-62-M-559
BUSH, WYNANS                           NY-62-P-225
BUTCHER, CHARLES                       NY-62-Q-292
BUXTON, JOHN                           NY-62-E-103
BUXTON, LOIS                           NY-62-I-262
CADMUS, JOHN                           NY-62-N-180
CAMERON, JANE                          NY-62-Q-250
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                       NY-62-P-366
CANNODY, THOMAS SR.                    NY-62-O-479
CAPELL, DANIEL                         NY-62-N-230
CARD, HANNAH                           NY-62-F-78
CARD, STEPHEN                          NY-62-C-93
CARLEY, CAROLINE                       NY-62-N-54
CARLEY, HENRY                          NY-62-L-550
CARMICHAEL, JAMES H.                   NY-62-F-228
CARPENTER, CALVIN B.                   NY-62-Q-262
CARPENTER, JAMES T.                    NY-62-E-407
CARPENTER, MARY                        NY-62-R-157
CARR, SILAS H.                         NY-62-S-559
CARROLL, MARY J.                       NY-62-S-478
CARVEY, SAMUEL P.                      NY-62-Q-424
CASEY, BETSEY                          NY-62-G-343
CASNER, ELIZABETH J.                   NY-62-Q-154
CASNER, EZEKIEL                        NY-62-N-307
CASSELL, JOHN                          NY-62-E-704
CASTLE, THEODORE H.                    NY-62-P-236
CASTNER, DANIEL                        NY-62-F-666
CASTNER, JOHN D.                       NY-62-F-133
CASTNER, JOHN P.                       NY-62-R-307
CASTNER, MARY M.                       NY-62-F-500
CASTNER, SAMUEL                        NY-62-C-367
CATLIN, ELIZABETH R.                   NY-62-O-178
CATLIN, JAMES                          NY-62-Q-571
CAWARD, GEORGE                         NY-62-L-129
CHAMBERLIN, MATILDA J.                 NY-62-S-167
CHAMBERS, HANNAH                       NY-62-P-315
CHAMBERS, SAMUEL                       NY-62-C-84
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM H.                   NY-62-I-354
CHAMPLAIN, JONTHAN J.                  NY-62-L-478
CHAMPLIN, MICHAEL                      NY-62-F-528
CHAMPLIN, ROWLAND                      NY-62-H-217
CHAPMAN, CHARLES                       NY-62-N-408
CHAPMAN, FANNY T.                      NY-62-R-292
CHAPMAN, HEMAN                         NY-62-F-287
CHAPMAN, MARY E.                       NY-62-K-583
CHASE, ABNER                           NY-62-F-609
CHASE, ANDREW B.                       NY-62-O-389
CHASE, MARGARET                        NY-62-K-237
CHENEY, MARY                           NY-62-K-30
CHIDSEY, SALLY                         NY-62-F-64
CHIPSON, ROBERT                        NY-62-F-40
CHISSOM, ISRAEL                        NY-62-I-71
CHISSOM, JANE B.                       NY-62-L-250
CHISSOM, PHILEMON                      NY-62-M-154
CHRISTIE, ANDREW                       NY-62-A-6
CHRISTIE, JAMES                        NY-62-M-419
CHRYSLER, NICHOLAS                     NY-62-D-101
CHUBB, CYRUS                           NY-62-F-273
CHURCH, HANNAH                         NY-62-B-129
CHURCH, JOSEPH                         NY-62-H-341
CLARK, ADAM                            NY-62-J-461
CLARK, AMOS                            NY-62-C-142
CLARK, ASHLEY                          NY-62-L-538
CLARK, CAROLINE M.                     NY-62-Q-115
CLARK, DANIEL W.                       NY-62-E-346
CLARK, EZEKIEL                         NY-62-O-239
CLARK, GEORGE                          NY-62-D-143
CLARK, GEORGE S.                       NY-62-F-129
CLARK, GIDEON                          NY-62-F-757
CLARK, HARTWELL J.                     NY-62-P-548
CLARK, ITHAMER                         NY-62-Q-145
CLARK, LUCIA ANN                       NY-62-S-574
CLARK, NAHAM                           NY-62-K-142
CLARK, SAMUEL                          NY-62-A-44
CLARK, SAMUEL B.                       NY-62-N-556
CLARK, SPENCER                         NY-62-H-381
CLARK, STEPHEN                         NY-62-E-713
CLATWORTHY, CHARLES                    NY-62-N-398
CLATWORTHY, CHARLOTTE M.               NY-62-R-181
CLAWSON, CORNELIUS W.                  NY-62-M-161
CLEAVELAND, JOHN W.                    NY-62-G-152
CLEAVELAND, LIBEUS                     NY-62-F-107
CLEVELAND, STEPHEN H.                  NY-62-G-283
CLIFFORD, MARY ANN                     NY-62-R-58
COATES, MATILDA                        NY-62-I-134
COBB, KATE L.                          NY-62-Q-199
CODDINGTON, BENJAMIN                   NY-62-F-100
CODDINGTON, MARIA                      NY-62-J-236
CODY, ALVERTON J.                      NY-62-P-477
COE, MATTHEW                           NY-62-C-274
COE, SEYMOUR B.                        NY-62-O-598
COFFIN, ALVA                           NY-62-K-100
COFFIN, CHARLES W.                     NY-62-S-283
COFFIN, HARRIET                        NY-62-K-411
COLBURN, HARRY B.                      NY-62-S-361
COLE, ALLEN                            NY-62-A-134
COLE, GILBERT S.                       NY-62-N-380
COLE, MINERVA                          NY-62-S-409
COLE, NEHEMIAH                         NY-62-F-611
COLE, SAMUEL                           NY-62-E-352
COLE, SARAH A.                         NY-62-S-544
COLE, SIMEON                           NY-62-P-32
COLE, SMITH M.                         NY-62-G-158
COLEMAN, ARCHIBALD                     NY-62-E-762
COLEMAN, CHARLES                       NY-62-N-494
COLEMAN, HENRY R.                      NY-62-M-192
COLEMAN, LAURA                         NY-62-O-581
COLEMAN, MARY                          NY-62-S-553
COLEMAN, MARY A.                       NY-62-S-460
COLEMAN, MARY C.                       NY-62-Q-367
COLEMAN, NANCY                         NY-62-I-359
COLEMAN, NANCY T.                      NY-62-O-393
COLEMAN, OLIVER                        NY-62-H-432
COLEMAN, SAMUEL T.                     NY-62-F-623
COLLIN, HENRY                          NY-62-C-1
COLMAN, JOHN                           NY-62-B-294
COMSTOCK, GEORGE A.                    NY-62-Q-358
COMSTOCK, SARAH L.                     NY-62-Q-559
CONGDON, JOSEPH R.                     NY-62-R-265
CONKLIN, JOHN                          NY-62-Q-142
CONKLIN, SAMUEL                        NY-62-H-177
CONKLIN, SAMUEL E.                     NY-62-J-378
CONKLING, JACOB                        NY-62-F-196
CONLEY, BARTHOLOMEW                    NY-62-P-463
CONLEY, DAVID R.                       NY-62-I-256
CONLEY, HANNAH                         NY-62-R-124
CONLEY, LUKE                           NY-62-F-336
COOK, EVA H.                           NY-62-S-437
COOK, REBECKAH                         NY-62-E-394
COOLEY, CHARITY                        NY-62-H-205
COON, JOHN                             NY-62-J-186
COON, LUCRETIA                         NY-62-Q-418
COONS, ADAM J.                         NY-62-O-165
COONS, JOHN A.                         NY-62-L-344
COONS, JOHN G.                         NY-62-E-258
COONS, PETER                           NY-62-N-393
COOPER, DANIEL D.                      NY-62-Q-340
COOPER, MARY F.                        NY-62-Q-166
CORCORAN, MICHAEL B.                   NY-62-R-25
COREY, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-62-L-14
CORNELL, HIRAM                         NY-62-K-306
CORNWALL, JOHN                         NY-62-R-295
CORNWALL, RUTH A.                      NY-62-Q-460
CORNWELL, WILLIAM                      NY-62-A-17
CORWIN, AMANDA                         NY-62-R-589
CORWIN, HARVEY                         NY-62-R-427
COUCH, SILAS M.                        NY-62-R-526
COUSE, JAMES                           NY-62-Q-109
COVEL, HENRY P.                        NY-62-R-376
COVERT, CAROLINE T.                    NY-62-R-418
COWING, ALBERT R.                      NY-62-N-551
COWING, JAMES                          NY-62-D-47
COYKENDALL, EMANUEL                    NY-62-A-40
COYKENDALL, SQUIER                     NY-62-G-85
CRANDALL, IRA                          NY-62-F-677
CRANE, WIMPLE H.                       NY-62-O-24
CRANK, CHRISTIANA                      NY-62-N-449
CREED, JANE D.                         NY-62-N-271
CRITSON, JANN                          NY-62-J-229
CRONK, GARRET                          NY-62-J-85
CROSBY, ALANSON                        NY-62-M-348
CROSBY, JOSEPH F.                      NY-62-S-511
CROSBY, MARY                           NY-62-N-563
CROSS, EDWARD                          NY-62-E-719
CROUCH, EUNICE                         NY-62-G-116
CROZIER, ADAM                          NY-62-J-215
CROZIER, DAVID S.                      NY-62-R-439
CULVER, EDWARD                         NY-62-S-61
CULVER, EMILY                          NY-62-S-430
CULVER, FRANK                          NY-62-Q-436
CULVER, LYMAN                          NY-62-S-313
CUNNINGHAM, MAHALA                     NY-62-J-128
CUNNINGHAM, SAMUEL P.                  NY-62-O-192
CURRAN, ANNA B.                        NY-62-S-100
CURTIS, PELAMON                        NY-62-H-169
CURTIS, SAMUEL F.                      NY-62-H-531
DAIL, DANIEL W.                        NY-62-R-85
DAINES, GEORGE Y.                      NY-62-S-184
DAINS, DAVID                           NY-62-B-406
DAINS, KATE A.                         NY-62-R-199
DAKE, MARY                             NY-62-I-532
DAKIN, HELEN R.                        NY-62-R-127
DAKIN, MARY                            NY-62-S-577
DARLING, LUCINA M.                     NY-62-R-316
DAVIES, ELIZABETH                      NY-62-H-385
DAVIS, EMELINE J.                      NY-62-R-274
DAVIS, FANNY                           NY-62-I-112
DAVIS, ISAIAH                          NY-62-I-14
DAVIS, JAMES T.                        NY-62-N-367
DAVIS, JESSE                           NY-62-F-764
DAVIS, JOSEPH N.                       NY-62-P-510
DAVIS, LEAH R.                         NY-62-M-436
DAVIS, MALCHI                          NY-62-B-246
DAVIS, THOMAS                          NY-62-B-168
DAVISON, LEWIS                         NY-62-K-205
DAWLY, JOB                             NY-62-E-722
DAY, EMILY                             NY-62-S-238
DAYTON, EZEKIEL D.                     NY-62-N-542
DEAN, FANNY                            NY-62-K-523
DEAN, LEVI C.                          NY-62-H-345
DEAN, ZEBULON                          NY-62-B-55
DECKER, ELENOR M.                      NY-62-O-275
DECKER, JULIA ANN                      NY-62-S-451
DEE, SUSAN L.                          NY-62-F-235
DEISKER, MARY                          NY-62-S-316
DEMMARY, JOHN                          NY-62-P-82
DENISON, LAURA                         NY-62-P-145
DENISTON, EDWARD                       NY-62-J-516
DENMAN, CHARLES H.                     NY-62-P-560
DENSE, ELIJAH                          NY-62-H-98
DENSMORE, JOHN                         NY-62-N-475
DEVANNEY, MARY                         NY-62-S-115
DEWEY, DAVID E.                        NY-62-R-499
DEWITT, ANN                            NY-62-S-352
DEWITT, WILLIAM                        NY-62-O-499
DEYO, JANE                             NY-62-L-83
DEYO, MARY                             NY-62-R-289
DICKERSON, MARTHA                      NY-62-O-463
DICKSON, ADAM                          NY-62-F-412
DIKEMAN, JOHN                          NY-62-O-67
DINEHART, CHARLOTTE G.                 NY-62-S-403
DINEHART, PETER J.                     NY-62-R-76
DINEHART, WILLIAM A.                   NY-62-Q-10
DINTRUFF, JACOB                        NY-62-I-315
DINTURFF, LUCY                         NY-62-Q-148
DISBROW, DENNIS W.                     NY-62-R-382
DISBROW, LODOWICK                      NY-62-J-113
DOOLITTLE, SARAH A.                    NY-62-R-49
DORMAN, OLIVIA                         NY-62-E-337
DORMAN, SARAH                          NY-62-G-139
DORMAN, SIBIL                          NY-62-D-34
DOUBLEDAY, GUY LAWSON                  NY-62-H-519
DOUGHTY, ELIZABETH                     NY-62-S-136
DOUGLASS, MARTHA W.                    NY-62-P-206
DOWNEY, DAVID                          NY-62-R-568
DOWNEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-62-L-89
DOX, ABRAHAM                           NY-62-G-37
DOX, JOHN N.                           NY-62-L-245
DOX, MARTHA W. R.                      NY-62-R-445
DRAKE, CALVIN                          NY-62-I-371
DRAPER, AMY                            NY-62-Q-217
DRAPER, FRIEND                         NY-62-G-499
DUGAN, PETER                           NY-62-G-107
DUNCAN, JOHN                           NY-62-Q-589
DUNLAP, GEORGEINA                      NY-62-O-127
DUNNING, ELIZA                         NY-62-Q-139
DUNNING, LEWIS B.                      NY-62-R-370
DUNTON, WILLIAM                        NY-62-N-457
DUPRE, MARIA                           NY-62-P-380
DURHAM, BENJAMIN                       NY-62-B-265
DURHAM, JAMES                          NY-62-F-733
DURHAM, MYRON H.                       NY-62-R-547
DUSENBERY, GEORGE W.                   NY-62-K-330
DUTCH, BARBRY                          NY-62-F-487
DUTCH, FREDERICK                       NY-62-B-470
DUTTON, MARIA                          NY-62-F-625
DWELLE, JARVASE                        NY-62-N-143
DYER, POLLY                            NY-62-E-252
DYKEMAN, DORCAS                        NY-62-L-142
EARL, ARTHUR                           NY-62-O-266
EARL, EMELINE                          NY-62-J-476
EARL, JEPTHA                           NY-62-R-115
EARLE, MORRIS                          NY-62-H-459
EASTERBROOK, ISAAC                     NY-62-S-94
EASTON, ENOS                           NY-62-C-265
EASTON, HARVEY S.                      NY-62-R-202
EATON, ARTHUR A.                       NY-62-S-463
EAVES, PETER                           NY-62-F-207
EDDY, DAVIS                            NY-62-S-133
EDGESTON, HARRIET                      NY-62-R-253
EDGETT, ERASTUS                        NY-62-S-364
EDGETT, WILLIAM B.                     NY-62-F-127
EDMONDS, AARON                         NY-62-H-183
EDMONDS, ROBERT S.                     NY-62-S-349
EDSON, JENNIE B.                       NY-62-N-371
EGELSTON, AMOS                         NY-62-S-307
EGGLESTON, CATHERINE                   NY-62-R-448
EGLESTON, STEPHEN                      NY-62-O-423
ELDRED, BERIAH                         NY-62-O-52
ELLIOTT, HEMAN                         NY-62-Q-235
ELLIOTT, VICTORIA                      NY-62-S-340
ELLIS, AMOS                            NY-62-F-635
ELLIS, CAROLINE MARIA                  NY-62-L-223
ELLIS, DANIEL                          NY-62-R-508
ELLIS, JAMES P.                        NY-62-R-373
ELLIS, JUSTUS                          NY-62-H-475
ELLIS, LEVI W.                         NY-62-G-34
ELLIS, MARY                            NY-62-I-349
ELLIS, MARY                            NY-62-L-505
ELLIS, MARY                            NY-62-L-10
ELLIS, WILLIAM                         NY-62-C-315
ELLIS, WILLIAM S.                      NY-62-Q-541
ELLSWORTH, ELIZA ANN                   NY-62-P-397
ELVIN, THOMAS                          NY-62-S-262
ELWELL, ALFRED                         NY-62-J-280
ELWELL, EBENEZER                       NY-62-F-281
EMBREE, JOSEPH                         NY-62-H-447
EMBREE, SAMUEL                         NY-62-O-300
EMERY, CHARLOTTE                       NY-62-Q-466
EMMERSON, JOHN                         NY-62-S-172
EMORY, OTHNIEL                         NY-62-H-502
ENOS, JAMES                            NY-62-A-23
ENOS, JOHN A.                          NY-62-Q-22
ENOS, MARK A.                          NY-62-L-416
ENOS, MARY A.                          NY-62-M-338
EUBANKS, GEORGE                        NY-62-I-270
EVANS, RICHARD                         NY-62-L-544
EVANS, WILLIAM                         NY-62-K-418
FAIRBANK, MERCY                        NY-62-I-186
FAIRCHILD, ELIZABETH A.                NY-62-P-377
FANNING, WILLIAM                       NY-62-G-243
FARRELL, JOHN                          NY-62-O-432
FENNO, LYMAN M.                        NY-62-Q-265
FERGUSON, CARLTON                      NY-62-R-481
FERGUSON, WALTER J.                    NY-62-O-123
FINCH, AZARIAH                         NY-62-F-205
FINCH, EBENEZER                        NY-62-F-157
FINGER, ANDREW                         NY-62-P-552
FINGER, CATHARINE                      NY-62-G-271
FINGER, JEREMIAH                       NY-62-F-581
FINGER, ROSETTA M.                     NY-62-S-475
FINKLE, NANCY                          NY-62-R-502
FINNINCAN, MICHAEL                     NY-62-M-457
FINTON, JOSEPH S.                      NY-62-O-594
FIRES, LEONARD J.                      NY-62-Q-127
FISH, DILLIS                           NY-62-J-245
FISH, ICHABOD B.                       NY-62-L-498
FISH, SAMUEL D.                        NY-62-G-239
FISH, SAMUEL R.                        NY-62-G-546
FISHER, JOHN                           NY-62-M-305
FISK, NANCY V. D.                      NY-62-Q-334
FITCH, JAMES                           NY-62-D-29
FITZWATER, GEORGE                      NY-62-H-376
FITZWATER, HANNAH                      NY-62-H-397
FITZWATER, SARAH                       NY-62-F-572
FITZWATER, THOMAS                      NY-62-O-344
FLAHINE, MICHAEL                       NY-62-O-400
FOOTE, ELI                             NY-62-H-401
FOOTE, JOEL B.                         NY-62-D-386
FORBES, JAMES                          NY-62-P-335
FOSTER, JOHN                           NY-62-G-295
FOSTER, LINDLEY                        NY-62-P-134
FOUNTAIN, HARRIET N.                   NY-62-K-517
FOUNTAIN, LEVI                         NY-62-Q-439
FOWLE, JULIA A.                        NY-62-O-305
FOWLER, MAHALA A.                      NY-62-S-103
FOWLER, WILLIAM                        NY-62-O-46
FOX, AMOS D.                           NY-62-I-364
FRAKER, STEPHEN                        NY-62-R-424
FRANCISCO, MICHAEL A.                  NY-62-G-277
FRANCISCO, SARAH F.                    NY-62-I-245
FRANCISCO, SUSANNA P.                  NY-62-G-313
FRANKLIN, BENEDICT W.                  NY-62-F-335
FRASER, MARGARET                       NY-62-Q-244
FREEMAN, JOHN                          NY-62-A-14
FRENCH, BENJAMIN                       NY-62-H-238
FRENCH, CHARLES G.                     NY-62-O-472
FRENCH, EBENEZER                       NY-62-K-150
FRENCH, JABEZ                          NY-62-E-623
FRENCH, JOHN                           NY-62-F-738
FRENCH, LEVI                           NY-62-H-436
FRENCH, MARY                           NY-62-M-431
FRENCH, SALINA L.                      NY-62-R-178
FRENCH, SAMUEL                         NY-62-K-294
FRENCH, WARREN M.                      NY-62-Q-556
FRIER, MARTINUS                        NY-62-B-66
FULKERSON, CALEB                       NY-62-E-450
FULKERSON, SAMUEL H.                   NY-62-F-74
FULLAGAR, SAMUEL                       NY-62-S-439
FULLER, ELECTA                         NY-62-M-39
FULLER, MARY ANN                       NY-62-P-253
FULLER, ORINDA                         NY-62-P-137
FULLER, ORREN                          NY-62-N-547
GABRIEL, ALANSON                       NY-62-H-444
GAGE, ABIGAIL R.                       NY-62-Q-304
GAGE, ARNOLD C.                        NY-62-R-205
GAGE, BETSEY                           NY-62-M-300
GAGE, BUCKBEE                          NY-62-C-156
GAGE, H. HAZARD                        NY-62-Q-301
GAGE, HENRY H.                         NY-62-P-322
GAGE, ISAAC D.                         NY-62-F-275
GAGE, ISAAC N.                         NY-62-O-591
GAGE, JESSE F.                         NY-62-F-468
GAGE, MARTIN                           NY-62-D-110
GAGE, MICHAEL                          NY-62-N-61
GAGE, REUBEN                           NY-62-E-270
GAGE, SAMUEL G.                        NY-62-G-539
GAGE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-62-Q-295
GARDNER, ABNER                         NY-62-Q-64
GARDNER, EZEKIEL W.                    NY-62-K-43
GARDNER, GEORGE S.                     NY-62-P-277
GARDNER, ISABEL                        NY-62-B-14
GARDNER, PELEG                         NY-62-M-98
GARRISON, ELEANOR                      NY-62-O-362
GARRISON, JAMES                        NY-62-D-13
GAY, NANCY                             NY-62-R-349
GEER, OBEDIAH                          NY-62-F-283
GELDER, BARNARD                        NY-62-I-173
GELDER, HENRY H.                       NY-62-R-595
GELDER, JOHN                           NY-62-M-512
GELDER, WILLIAM                        NY-62-Q-415
GENUNG, WILLIAM                        NY-62-H-253
GERMAN, ROBERT                         NY-62-N-31
GILLET, HARMON M.                      NY-62-M-123
GILLETT, CHARLES                       NY-62-E-444
GILLETT, JABEZ                         NY-62-F-783
GILLETT, SOLOMON                       NY-62-G-381
GLADDING, WILLIAM F.                   NY-62-L-522
GLANN, JOHN M.                         NY-62-J-34
GOBLE, SALMAN A.                       NY-62-P-61
GOFF, HANNAH                           NY-62-F-490
GOODRICH, MARY A.                      NY-62-Q-376
GOUNDRY, FRANCIS                       NY-62-M-214
GOUNDRY, GEORGE                        NY-62-C-325
GOUNDRY, MATHEW H.                     NY-62-F-363
GOUNDRY, THOMAS                        NY-62-H-310
GOUNDRY, WILLIAM                       NY-62-E-358
GRAHAM, LAUREMORE A.                   NY-62-R-451
GRAHAM, MAGGIE                         NY-62-S-130
GREEN, EDMONDS                         NY-62-F-124
GREEN, HARRIET                         NY-62-J-137
GREEN, HERBERT B.                      NY-62-S-7
GREEN, IRA                             NY-62-F-25
GREEN, JARVIS                          NY-62-C-388
GREEN, LUCY                            NY-62-O-116
GREEN, LYMAN H.                        NY-62-F-98
GREEN, LYMAN H.                        NY-62-F-518
GREEN, LYMAN H.                        NY-62-S-550
GREEN, MANILLA                         NY-62-O-262
GREEN, MARY A.                         NY-62-H-230
GREEN, NELSON                          NY-62-K-365
GREEN, OREN                            NY-62-D-162
GREEN, ROBERT                          NY-62-F-552
GREEN, SOPHIA                          NY-62-I-412
GREEN, WILLIAM                         NY-62-H-266
GREEN, WILLIAM N.                      NY-62-H-409
GREENE, CUYLER F.                      NY-62-H-498
GREGORY, LEWIS                         NY-62-N-431
GREGORY, RALPH                         NY-62-F-290
GREGORY, RALPH                         NY-62-F-326
GRIGGS, MARY JANE                      NY-62-F-422
GRISWOLD, JAMES C.                     NY-62-S-40
GRISWOLD, MARY ANN                     NY-62-L-353
GRISWOLD, SAMUEL                       NY-62-J-336

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