Wyoming, New York
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ABBOTT, CALVIN                         NY-61-3-291
ABBOTT, GURLEY F.                      NY-61-7-573
ABBOTT, JAMES S.                       NY-61-10-157
ABBOTT, JOHN V. W.                     NY-61-2-343
ABBOTT, ROXANA                         NY-61-16-81
ACKER, PARMELIA                        NY-61-7-611
ACKLEY, DANIEL                         NY-61-1-118
ADAMS, ABNER                           NY-61-10-261
ADAMS, BETSEY                          NY-61-2-299
ADAMS, CHARLES                         NY-61-15-197
ADAMS, GEORGE W.                       NY-61-19-493
ADAMS, MARY F.                         NY-61-20-43
ADAMSBERGER, PAULINE                   NY-61-18-421
AGEN, DAVID                            NY-61-7-477
AHL, JACOB                             NY-61-14-149
AHL, JOHN A.                           NY-61-8-145
AIKEN, JAMES                           NY-61-2-282
AIKIN, JOHN G.                         NY-61-1-191
AIKIN, MATILDA S.                      NY-61-1-200
AIKIN, THOMAS                          NY-61-15-33
AIKIN, VERNON G.                       NY-61-14-5
AINSWORTH, GEORGE                      NY-61-4-491
AINSWORTH, HARRIET A.                  NY-61-18-425
AINSWORTH, WYMAN H.                    NY-61-11-7
AKIN, HORACE P.                        NY-61-7-213
AKIN, MARIA                            NY-61-13-355
ALBES, ISAAC                           NY-61-18-101
ALBURTY, NANCY                         NY-61-14-265
ALLEN, ABRAM                           NY-61-15-53
ALLEN, EBENEZER                        NY-61-1-337
ALLEN, LEVI B.                         NY-61-10-421
ALLEN, MATTHIAS                        NY-61-10-29
ALLEN, RUSSEL                          NY-61-7-489
ALLEN, SAMUEL C.                       NY-61-5-157
ALLEN, SETH P.                         NY-61-18-233
ALMETER, ANTHONY                       NY-61-17-185
ALMETER, MARY J.                       NY-61-19-437
ALMETER, NICHOLAS                      NY-61-17-429
ALTOFT, ANN                            NY-61-16-153
ALTOFT, EDWARD                         NY-61-5-601
ALTOFT, JOHN                           NY-61-13-423
ALTOFT, JOHN B.                        NY-61-14-309
ALTOFT, MARY R.                        NY-61-12-433
ALTOFT, WILLIAM                        NY-61-13-111
ALTON, LORENZO                         NY-61-1-197
ALTON, SARAH C.                        NY-61-19-381
ALTON, THOMAS J.                       NY-61-10-529
ALVERSON, AMY S.                       NY-61-10-5
ALVERSON, JOHN B.                      NY-61-2-11
ALVERSON, RICHARD                      NY-61-8-71
AMBLER, HALSTED                        NY-61-10-61
AMES, BARNABAS                         NY-61-20-16
AMSDEN, JANETTE                        NY-61-15-9
ANDERSON, DANIEL H.                    NY-61-20-61
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-61-7-389
ANDRES, AGNES                          NY-61-19-541
ANDREW, HENRY L.                       NY-61-5-535
ANDREWS, DIANA                         NY-61-16-45
ANDREWS, JOSIAH                        NY-61-1-262
ANDREWS, MARK                          NY-61-1-317
ANDREWS, MARK                          NY-61-1-294
ANDREWS, MARY                          NY-61-15-149
ANDREWS, ROBERT                        NY-61-6-51
ANDREWS, SAMUELM.                      NY-61-13-459
ANDRUS, MARY A.                        NY-61-12-101
ANDRUS, TRUMAN                         NY-61-7-309
APLIN, ABNER P.                        NY-61-13-7
APLIN, ELIZA                           NY-61-19-217
ARMBRUST, JOHN F.                      NY-61-17-245
ARMSTRONG, ABIGAIL H.                  NY-61-13-597
ARMSTRONG, BELA                        NY-61-1-38
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       NY-61-8-449
ARMSTRONG, MATILDA L.                  NY-61-12-273
ARMSTRONG, POLLY                       NY-61-2-302
ARMSTRONG, SANFORD                     NY-61-4-545
ARNOLD, JAMES                          NY-61-8-177
ASHBY, HERMAN                          NY-61-20-265
ASHLEY, CALVIN                         NY-61-2-306
ASKIN, TERRESSA A.                     NY-61-9-37
ATWATER, HANNAH S.                     NY-61-8-317
ATWOOD, GERRY G.                       NY-61-4-335
AUSTIN, ALBA C.                        NY-61-16-389
AUSTIN, CHARLES                        NY-61-15-277
AUSTIN, HARRIET W. MC CARRON           NY-61-6-200
AUSTIN, ISAAC W.                       NY-61-20-346
AUSTIN, JAMES R.                       NY-61-15-321
AUSTIN, JANE E.                        NY-61-9-353
AUSTIN, JOHN P.                        NY-61-12-593
AUSTIN, LEMUEL                         NY-61-8-113
AUSTIN, MARY J.                        NY-61-20-142
AUSTIN, PHEBE L.                       NY-61-6-194
AUSTIN, ROBERT R.                      NY-61-10-165
AUSTIN, SAMUEL                         NY-61-14-45
AUSTIN, WILLIAM H.                     NY-61-17-253
AXTELL, AARON                          NY-61-12-349
AXTELL, JOHN                           NY-61-8-293
AXTELL, SAAH M.                        NY-61-19-129
AYERS, BETSEY                          NY-61-1-36
AYLOR, JOSEPH                          NY-61-19-525
AYLSWORTH, DEXTER                      NY-61-10-105
BABBITT, FANNY                         NY-61-20-175
BABBITT, NATHAN                        NY-61-16-209
BACHELDER, LUTHER                      NY-61-5-283
BACKE, GABRIEL                         NY-61-13-475
BACKUS, JAMES HARVEY                   NY-61-19-485
BACON, GRACE                           NY-61-3-255
BACON, NOAH                            NY-61-10-617
BACON, WALTER N.                       NY-61-3-285
BACON, WILDER G.                       NY-61-3-439
BAILEY, AARON                          NY-61-9-401
BAINBRIDGE, EDMUND                     NY-61-8-159
BAINBRIDGE, PHILENA                    NY-61-5-61
BAKER, CHAUNCEY                        NY-61-13-227
BAKER, HENRY A.                        NY-61-14-65
BAKER, JANE M.                         NY-61-19-253
BAKER, JENNIE A.                       NY-61-15-589
BAKER, LUCINA                          NY-61-4-575
BAKER, MARGARETT ANN                   NY-61-7-301
BAKER, MARIA                           NY-61-19-273
BAKER, MARTIN                          NY-61-10-333
BAKER, MICHAEL                         NY-61-5-79
BAKER, PHILIP                          NY-61-8-61
BALDEY, MATTHEW                        NY-61-13-11
BALDWIN, ALFRED                        NY-61-13-47
BALDWIN, ARABELLA                      NY-61-2-202
BALDWIN, CHARILLA                      NY-61-20-481
BALDWIN, SIBYL                         NY-61-18-205
BALKCOM, DEXTER                        NY-61-1-111
BALKCOM, ERI                           NY-61-12-389
BALKCOM, MELINDA                       NY-61-13-103
BALL, HARRIET A.                       NY-61-12-165
BALLARD, COLLISTER M.                  NY-61-18-41
BANNAN, WILLIAM                        NY-61-20-403
BANTA, JOHN                            NY-61-7-45
BARBER, BENJAMIN C.                    NY-61-17-525
BARBER, CHARLES                        NY-61-20-172
BARBER, RUSSELL                        NY-61-16-97
BARNES, ALTANA H.                      NY-61-19-5
BARNES, ANN                            NY-61-12-257
BARNES, CHAUNCEY                       NY-61-5-67
BARNES, MICHAEL                        NY-61-10-625
BARNETT, ELIZABETH                     NY-61-15-89
BARNETT, MARY A.                       NY-61-14-121
BARNETT, ROBERT                        NY-61-7-533
BARNETT, WILLIAM D.                    NY-61-5-349
BARNEY, CHAUNCEY                       NY-61-9-129
BARNEY, PERMELIA                       NY-61-17-529
BARRELL, JAMES H.                      NY-61-19-329
BARRETT, ALICE                         NY-61-6-28
BARRETT, AMASA                         NY-61-12-61
BARRETT, DYER                          NY-61-16-325
BARRON, PHILANDER D.                   NY-61-12-473
BARROSS, ANN L.                        NY-61-16-85
BARROSS, FRANKLIN R.                   NY-61-19-189
BARTLETT, DAYTON L.                    NY-61-9-573
BARTLETT, ETHAN E.                     NY-61-6-81
BARTLETT, JAMES S.                     NY-61-10-501
BARTLETT, JOHN W.                      NY-61-10-289
BARTLETT, WILLIAM K.                   NY-61-7-49
BARVIAN, JACOB                         NY-61-20-556
BASSETT, GEORGE M.                     NY-61-20-7
BATHRICK, ELIAS                        NY-61-10-101
BATHRICK, STEPHEN                      NY-61-5-211
BATTIN, STEPHEN H.                     NY-61-6-258
BAUER, FRANK                           NY-61-13-435
BAUER, FREDERICK                       NY-61-18-481
BAUER, JOHN G.                         NY-61-12-517
BAUER, LEWIS                           NY-61-19-17
BEAKMAN, DANIEL                        NY-61-2-98
BEARDSLEY, BENNET                      NY-61-9-485
BEARDSLEY, SARAH A.                    NY-61-18-465
BEARDSLEY, WILLARD W.                  NY-61-20-262
BEARDSLY, MARY JANE                    NY-61-8-335
BEATTIE, JAMES                         NY-61-20-244
BEATTIE, MAGGIE B.                     NY-61-17-505
BEAUMONT, WILLIAM                      NY-61-19-13
BECKER, JACOB                          NY-61-13-499
BECKER, JOSEPH                         NY-61-19-149
BECKWITH, CHARLES                      NY-61-3-321
BECKWITH, DEXTER T.                    NY-61-20-574
BEDOW, SAMUEL                          NY-61-4-479
BEEBE, CHARLES                         NY-61-9-29
BEEBE, ELIZABETH                       NY-61-12-97
BEEMAN, NELSON                         NY-61-13-91
BELDEN, ARTHUR A.                      NY-61-15-469
BELDEN, CHLOE F.                       NY-61-20-241
BELDEN, DANIEL                         NY-61-3-13
BELDEN, ISAAC C.                       NY-61-16-365
BELDEN, JOHN                           NY-61-19-453
BELDEN, MARGARET A.                    NY-61-13-483
BELDEN, NELSON S.                      NY-61-12-357
BELDEN, ORSON C.                       NY-61-8-13
BENDER, FRANZ                          NY-61-12-209
BENDER, FREDEICK                       NY-61-17-285
BENEDICT, FREEMAN                      NY-61-2-356
BENEDICT, GERSHOM                      NY-61-13-243
BENEDICT, GRAHAM                       NY-61-4-181
BENEDICT, HARRIET                      NY-61-17-533
BENEDICT, SAMUEL                       NY-61-12-317
BENNETT, CHARLES HENRY                 NY-61-17-393
BENNETT, JAMES A.                      NY-61-8-265
BENNION, OWEN                          NY-61-20-136
BENSON, ARTEMAS                        NY-61-4-371
BENT, THOMAS H.                        NY-61-1-256
BENTLY, DAVID                          NY-61-8-237
BENTON, WILLIAM S.                     NY-61-5-37
BENZ, BARBARA                          NY-61-14-29
BERMINGHAM, THOMAS                     NY-61-1-73
BERRAN, DANIEL                         NY-61-13-487
BERRARD, PETER                         NY-61-15-309
BIERNER, JOHN                          NY-61-3-89
BIGELOW, ANSON                         NY-61-11-49
BILLS, JONATHAN                        NY-61-5-31
BILLS, LYDIA F.                        NY-61-5-487
BINGHAM, BETSEY                        NY-61-16-297
BINGHAM, WILLIAM                       NY-61-7-347
BINGHAM, WILLIAM M.                    NY-61-20-568
BIRDSALL, JAMES                        NY-61-5-565
BISBY, BENJAMIN                        NY-61-10-553
BISHOP, ABRAHAM                        NY-61-1-23
BISHOP, ANNA                           NY-61-2-154
BISHOP, CHARITY                        NY-61-4-503
BISHOP, DANIEL W.                      NY-61-19-325
BISHOP, EZRA                           NY-61-8-181
BISHOP, LYMAN                          NY-61-1-345
BISHOP, MARGARET                       NY-61-14-541
BIXBY, BARNES                          NY-61-9-153
BIXBY, HANNAH                          NY-61-10-121
BIXBY, WILLIAM                         NY-61-17-469
BLACKMAN, ANDREW                       NY-61-1-148
BLAIR, OLIVE                           NY-61-12-177
BLAISDELL, OLIVER                      NY-61-10-129
BLAKELY, LYMAN H.                      NY-61-15-477
BLAKESLEE, ANNA N.                     NY-61-13-211
BLAKESLEE, DOCTOR E. L.                NY-61-13-187
BLAKESLEE, NORMAN                      NY-61-9-549
BLEYLER, JOHN N.                       NY-61-5-541
BLISS, ELEAZER                         NY-61-1-352
BLISS, SCHUYLER                        NY-61-10-521
BLISS, SYLVESTER                       NY-61-13-351
BLOOD, NATHANIEL M.                    NY-61-14-225
BOCK, PETER                            NY-61-9-429
BOGART, CATHARINE                      NY-61-10-173
BOLTON, MARY MARINDA                   NY-61-7-641
BOPP, JOHN                             NY-61-13-99
BORDEN, DAVID                          NY-61-5-427
BORDEN, JOHN                           NY-61-6-105
BOTSFORD, EBENEZER                     NY-61-8-129
BOTSFORD, EPHRAIM                      NY-61-4-389
BOTSFORD, GEORGE W.                    NY-61-16-509
BOTSFORD, PHEBE ANN                    NY-61-9-361
BOTTSFORD, MARYETTE                    NY-61-9-13
BOUGHTON, JAMES S.                     NY-61-5-415
BOVEE, MELISSA                         NY-61-4-127
BOWEN, ERASTUS                         NY-61-3-279
BOWEN, RUFUS G.                        NY-61-18-161
BOYCE, JAMES WILLIAM                   NY-61-5-163
BOYCE, JOHN                            NY-61-9-469
BOYD, ALEXANDER                        NY-61-8-589
BOYD, JANE                             NY-61-18-317
BOYINGTON, SYLVIA                      NY-61-15-213
BRACKETT, AMELIA                       NY-61-18-225
BRADLEY, ALICE W.                      NY-61-16-21
BRADLEY, GEORGE W.                     NY-61-20-454
BRADLEY, POLLY                         NY-61-9-481
BRADLEY, SPENCER H.                    NY-61-16-461
BRADLEY, STORY J.                      NY-61-15-57
BRADT, ABRAHAM                         NY-61-12-413
BRADT, ESTHER                          NY-61-13-371
BRAINARD, CLARISSA W.                  NY-61-20-157
BRAINARD, DAY                          NY-61-9-93
BRAINARD, ELISHA                       NY-61-2-329
BRAINARD, EPHRAIM                      NY-61-15-21
BRAINARD, MARY A.                      NY-61-15-337
BRAINARD, SEYMOUR                      NY-61-1-102
BRAINERD, DELORA                       NY-61-19-465
BRAINERD, PHILANDER                    NY-61-16-361
BRAINERD, WILBUR E.                    NY-61-14-137
BRANNER, NICHOLAS                      NY-61-13-51
BRANNON, WILLIAM                       NY-61-4-85
BRATT, ANDREW                          NY-61-9-73
BRAY, JASON                            NY-61-15-553
BRENNAN, ELLEN                         NY-61-16-305
BREWER, JANE                           NY-61-18-497
BREWER, JOHN                           NY-61-18-469
BRIGGS, ALFRED                         NY-61-15-461
BRIGGS, AUGUSTA                        NY-61-18-365
BRIGGS, ESTHER                         NY-61-8-533
BRIGGS, GEORGE                         NY-61-5-451
BRIGGS, REUBEN                         NY-61-1-326
BRIGGS, REUBEN                         NY-61-2-34
BRIGHAM, MERRICK                       NY-61-5-253
BRISTOL, JOEL W.                       NY-61-20-487
BRISTOL, MARGARET A.                   NY-61-20-211
BRISTOL, SOPHIA M.                     NY-61-18-97
BRISTOL, WILLIAM                       NY-61-10-77
BROADBROOKS, EMILY L.                  NY-61-15-205
BROADBROOKS, JACOB                     NY-61-13-83
BROADBROOKS, JOHN A.                   NY-61-20-376
BROMLEY, JOHN                          NY-61-18-21
BROMLEY, LAURA                         NY-61-18-25
BROOKS, JAMES A.                       NY-61-5-379
BROOKS, MICHAEL                        NY-61-19-589
BROOKS, PRUDENCE M.                    NY-61-8-29
BROUGHTON, ESTHER                      NY-61-18-217
BROUGHTON, SALLY                       NY-61-7-71
BROUGHTON, SOPHRONIA                   NY-61-20-76
BROWN, ALFRED                          NY-61-8-193
BROWN, ALPHEUS                         NY-61-8-209
BROWN, CALVIN                          NY-61-9-105
BROWN, CAROLINE H.                     NY-61-12-397
BROWN, DAVID                           NY-61-9-287
BROWN, ELIZABETH H.                    NY-61-16-41
BROWN, EMILY                           NY-61-16-281
BROWN, GEORGE                          NY-61-13-1
BROWN, HARRY                           NY-61-1-95
BROWN, HENRY C.                        NY-61-7-133
BROWN, HORACE                          NY-61-14-229
BROWN, LUCIAN H.                       NY-61-13-215
BROWN, MARIA                           NY-61-19-585
BROWN, MARIE H.                        NY-61-13-15
BROWN, MILTON                          NY-61-20-580
BROWN, NATHAN                          NY-61-13-583
BROWN, NATHANIEL                       NY-61-10-557
BROWN, OLIVER                          NY-61-12-405
BROWN, THOMAS                          NY-61-8-599
BROWNEL, MORDICAI                      NY-61-4-431
BROWNELL, CHRISTINA                    NY-61-17-333
BROWNELL, JOHN D.                      NY-61-18-61
BRYAN, LUTHER                          NY-61-4-151
BRYAN, MARY                            NY-61-8-581
BRYANT, CARSON                         NY-61-12-53
BRYANT, MARY                           NY-61-15-545
BRYANT, MARY E.                        NY-61-15-229
BUCKLAND, EDWIN A.                     NY-61-10-325
BUCKLAND, ELISHA S.                    NY-61-18-269
BUCKLAND, JOSEPH P.                    NY-61-13-219
BUCKMILLER, MARIE A.                   NY-61-16-373
BUELL, AMY J.                          NY-61-17-85
BUELL, CHARLES H.                      NY-61-13-495
BUELL, RICHARD                         NY-61-8-325
BUELL, THOMAS                          NY-61-10-53
BULLARD, F. O.                         NY-61-20-307
BULLARD, ROBERT F.                     NY-61-20-289
BUNNELL, HENRY JR.                     NY-61-3-113
BURCH, WILLARD                         NY-61-17-173
BURKE, WILLIAM                         NY-61-13-35
BURLINGAME, WANTON                     NY-61-2-231
BURLINGHAM, BENJAMIN                   NY-61-17-49
BURNEL, SAMUEL                         NY-61-4-163
BURNS, EDWARD                          NY-61-13-235
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-61-18-105
BURROUGHS, CALVIN M.                   NY-61-1-368
BURROUGHS, DANIEL G.                   NY-61-8-45
BURT, EBENEZER                         NY-61-12-225
BURT, FRIEND                           NY-61-7-397
BURT, HANNAH                           NY-61-9-537
BURT, MONTGOMERY                       NY-61-9-333
BURT, THOMAS R.                        NY-61-2-126
BURT, WILLIAM B.                       NY-61-2-214
BUSCH, WILLIAM                         NY-61-20-301
BUSH, HENRY                            NY-61-3-391
BUSH, WILLIAM                          NY-61-20-301
BUTLER, BRIDGET                        NY-61-17-225
BUTLER, DAVID                          NY-61-13-223
BUTLER, H. CORNELIA                    NY-61-20-208
BUTLER, JEDUTHAN                       NY-61-2-189
BUTLER, JOHN M.                        NY-61-13-295
BUTLER, MARTHA                         NY-61-3-149
BUTLER, PHINEAS                        NY-61-5-115
BUTLER, WILLIAM                        NY-61-1-292
BUTTON, JOSEPH H.                      NY-61-15-233
BUTTRE, LORAINE B.                     NY-61-14-605
BUTTRE, WILLIAM T.                     NY-61-14-317
BUXTON, FRANKLIN                       NY-61-3-231
BUYCE, SEYMOUR                         NY-61-9-377
CADWELL, FRANCIS                       NY-61-9-509
CAIN, CHARLES                          NY-61-17-577
CALKINS, BELUS                         NY-61-12-85
CALKINS, DANIEL                        NY-61-14-69
CALKINS, ELISHA D.                     NY-61-1-342
CALKINS, MORGAN                        NY-61-18-561
CALKINS, N. WESLEY                     NY-61-14-585
CALKINS, PHEBE ANN                     NY-61-17-345
CALLAGHAN, JAMES                       NY-61-7-557
CALLIHAN, JOHN                         NY-61-20-394
CAMERON, DUNCAN                        NY-61-8-523
CAMPBELL, JANE                         NY-61-19-545
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      NY-61-8-133
CANAWAY, JANE                          NY-61-20-457
CANNON, HUGH                           NY-61-17-449
CANNON, PATRICK                        NY-61-14-413
CAPRON, SIMON                          NY-61-4-227
CAPWELL, FRANK W.                      NY-61-14-101
CAPWELL, FRANKLIN W.                   NY-61-15-425
CARD, WILLIAM M.                       NY-61-20-316
CAREY, MARTIN                          NY-61-2-355
CARLISLE, HARRIET                      NY-61-18-237
CARLTON, JACOB                         NY-61-4-43
CARLTON, YOUNGLOVE                     NY-61-16-201
CARNS, ROBERT                          NY-61-5-43
CARPENTER, DAVID                       NY-61-1-140
CARR, ASAPH                            NY-61-3-61
CARROLL, NICHOLAS                      NY-61-8-545
CARSON, ELIZA                          NY-61-15-121
CARUTH, PADDY                          NY-61-3-325
CARY, SUSANNAH                         NY-61-1-272
CASE, EXPERIENCE                       NY-61-8-569
CASE, JAMES                            NY-61-3-25
CASE, JENNET C.                        NY-61-5-319
CASEY, DENNIS                          NY-61-14-321
CASEY, JOHN                            NY-61-12-465
CASTLE, AMOS H.                        NY-61-14-53
CATAGIN, PATRICK                       NY-61-14-533
CHACE, GEORGE B.                       NY-61-2-218
CHADDOCK, AZEL                         NY-61-2-389
CHADDOCK, MELVINA .R                   NY-61-6-156
CHADDOCK, PHILANDER                    NY-61-16-381
CHADWICK, HARRIET                      NY-61-20-349
CHAFEE, LEONARD                        NY-61-3-171
CHAFFEE, EDWARD F.                     NY-61-18-449
CHAMBERLAIN, ELIJAH                    NY-61-16-473
CHAMBERLIN, ELIJAH                     NY-61-3-503
CHAMBERLIN, MAHETTABLE                 NY-61-7-197
CHAMPLIN, JOHN K.                      NY-61-5-109
CHANDLER, FREEMAN                      NY-61-10-189
CHANDLER, HARRIET                      NY-61-14-197
CHANDLER, MOSES                        NY-61-20-421
CHAPIN, ELIZABETH                      NY-61-3-1
CHAPIN, SAMUEL L.                      NY-61-18-505
CHAPIN, WILLARD J.                     NY-61-2-142
CHAPMAN, OLIVER C.                     NY-61-16-301
CHARLES, JEREMIAH                      NY-61-1-133
CHARLES, LEVANA                        NY-61-14-521
CHASE, DARIUS                          NY-61-11-37
CHASE, DENNIS                          NY-61-12-17
CHASE, ELIZA                           NY-61-20-19
CHASE, JOHN S.                         NY-61-12-541
CHASE, LUCINDA                         NY-61-14-377
CHENEY, WALES                          NY-61-12-157
CHILDS, AARON                          NY-61-1-20
CHILDS, RICHARD                        NY-61-18-501
CHILSON, NICHOLAS                      NY-61-14-129
CHIPMAN, SAMUEL                        NY-61-1-137
CHITTENDEN, EBER                       NY-61-9-433
CHOATE, WILLIAM F.                     NY-61-19-569
CHRIST, HENRY                          NY-61-10-593
CHUTE, THOMAS                          NY-61-5-559
CLARK, ALLEN                           NY-61-16-177
CLARK, CHARLES C.                      NY-61-17-401
CLARK, CHESTER                         NY-61-1-213
CLARK, ED                              NY-61-6-213
CLARK, EDWARD                          NY-61-5-217
CLARK, GEORGE                          NY-61-2-380
CLARK, GREENLEAF                       NY-61-2-295
CLARK, HENRY M.                        NY-61-8-83
CLARK, HOWARD M.                       NY-61-7-159
CLARK, JACOB                           NY-61-10-341
CLARK, JOEL C.                         NY-61-18-301
CLARK, JOHN B.                         NY-61-12-385
CLARK, JOSEPH                          NY-61-20-193
CLARK, LYMAN                           NY-61-11-25
CLARK, SAMUEL                          NY-61-7-453
CLARKE, ELBERT W.                      NY-61-2-391
CLARKE, GEORGE                         NY-61-16-213
CLEVELAND, ALONZO                      NY-61-5-619
CLEVELAND, BURRELL                     NY-61-2-350
CLEVELAND, CHESTER H.                  NY-61-20-397
CLEVELAND, JOB                         NY-61-7-565
CLEVELAND, JOSIAH                      NY-61-3-481
CLEVELAND, LUCIA A.                    NY-61-20-313
CLEVELAND, NICHOLAS                    NY-61-7-293
CLOONEY, PATRICK                       NY-61-20-367
CLOUGH, ABEL                           NY-61-7-393
CLOUGH, EMELINE                        NY-61-17-593
CLOUGH, EPHRAIM                        NY-61-10-477
CLOW, FRANCIS                          NY-61-15-497
CLUNEY, WILLIAM                        NY-61-16-433
CLUTE, DOW I. JR.                      NY-61-5-49
CLUTE, MARY                            NY-61-1-239
COALBY, CAROLINE                       NY-61-1-283
COATES, GILES KINNEY                   NY-61-16-465
COBEY, JAMES                           NY-61-16-405
COBRY, JOHN                            NY-61-20-304
COBRY, PATRICK                         NY-61-8-501
COBURN, CYRUS                          NY-61-10-317
CODY, JAMES                            NY-61-4-31
COLE, SAMUEL                           NY-61-4-455
COLEMAN, JOHN                          NY-61-10-85
COLEMAN, JULIA                         NY-61-12-37
COLLINS, JONATHAN                      NY-61-17-513
COLLINS, LEWIS                         NY-61-9-5
COLLINS, LORING                        NY-61-5-55
COLLINS, MARY ANN                      NY-61-2-408
COLLINS, SARAH E.                      NY-61-13-431
COLTON, ADDISON E.                     NY-61-12-501
COLTON, JOHN C.                        NY-61-9-41
COMPTON, REUBEN                        NY-61-9-533
COMSTOCK, JOHN                         NY-61-10-337
CONABLE, BENJAMIN B.                   NY-61-6-224
CONABLE, SAMUEL                        NY-61-1-313
CONGDON, GARDNER                       NY-61-4-13
CONGDON, HIRAM WARD                    NY-61-20-400
CONGER, HORACE M.                      NY-61-12-185
CONINE, BETSEY                         NY-61-12-573
CONINE, DERRICK                        NY-61-12-393
CONLEY, JOHN                           NY-61-20-127
CONLON, PATRICK                        NY-61-5-169
CONLY, JOHN                            NY-61-16-593
CONOLLY, THOMAS                        NY-61-8-165
CONROY, BRIDGET                        NY-61-8-605
CONWAY, JAMES                          NY-61-15-457
CONWAY, LIZZIE                         NY-61-20-100
COOK, ARCHIBALD                        NY-61-7-89
COOK, EBENEZER W.                      NY-61-19-321
COOK,, MARGARET                        NY-61-9-349
COOK, THOMAS                           NY-61-18-357
COOKSON, RHODA S.                      NY-61-9-299
COOLEY, ELIZA A.                       NY-61-5-229
COOLEY, JONATHAN                       NY-61-13-539
COON, SARAH                            NY-61-12-261
COON, THANKFUL                         NY-61-15-117
COOPER, ALBERT                         NY-61-19-241
COOPER, CATHARINE                      NY-61-3-213
COOPER, CLARA A.                       NY-61-20-31
COOPER, DEXTER                         NY-61-4-61
COOPER, EZRA                           NY-61-1-373
COOPER, WILLIAM                        NY-61-2-327
COPELAND, JAMES                        NY-61-10-425
COPELAND, JOHN                         NY-61-9-305
COPELAND, ROBERT                       NY-61-19-521
COPELAND, THOMAS                       NY-61-15-245
COPELAND, WILLIAM J.                   NY-61-8-585
CORBETT, ROXALANY                      NY-61-7-53
CORNISH, JENNIE V.                     NY-61-19-565
CORNISH, LEMUEL P.                     NY-61-13-535
CORNWELL, EDWIN R.                     NY-61-18-73
CORNWELL, MARY J.                      NY-61-5-523
CORNWELL, ROBERT                       NY-61-15-417
CORNWELL, SOPHIA S.                    NY-61-13-195
CORNWELL, THOMAS                       NY-61-2-170
CORNWELL, VILETTA                      NY-61-10-413
CORNWELL, ZELOTES R.                   NY-61-5-571
CORY, ABNER                            NY-61-8-417
COSSITT, JESSE                         NY-61-1-79
COTTEN, MARY                           NY-61-3-379
COVELL, SALLY                          NY-61-9-381
COVILL, WILLIAM E.                     NY-61-14-189
COWDIN, JOHN S.                        NY-61-4-209
COWDIN, MARSHALL J.                    NY-61-19-365
COWDIN, RHODA                          NY-61-5-289
COWIE, PETER                           NY-61-14-313
CRANDALL, GEORGE W.                    NY-61-19-341
CRANE, MARY                            NY-61-18-261
CRAWFORD, JOHN                         NY-61-9-405
CRAWFORD, THOMAS                       NY-61-13-363
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM M.                   NY-61-6-263
CROMMELL, JAMES                        NY-61-15-181
CROMWELL, JACOB                        NY-61-14-589
CRONKHITE, CHARLES                     NY-61-10-169
CRONKHITE, EUNICE W.                   NY-61-13-403
CRONKHITE, JOHN                        NY-61-9-545
CROSS, IRA                             NY-61-3-249
CROSS, WALTER M.                       NY-61-15-517
CROSSETT, JACOB                        NY-61-1-89
CROSSETT, MARTIAL B.                   NY-61-11-1
CROSSMAN, EUNICE                       NY-61-2-150
CRUTTENDEN, ELIHU D.                   NY-61-9-553
CRUTTENDEN, HENRY                      NY-61-2-309
CRUTTENDEN, JAIRUS                     NY-61-1-85
CULVER, CORDELIA                       NY-61-16-137
CUMMING, MARY E.                       NY-61-16-5
CUMMING, THOMAS B.                     NY-61-16-49
CUMMINGS, HENRY L.                     NY-61-20-547
CUMMINGS, RICHARD                      NY-61-18-485
CURTIS, ALANSON                        NY-61-1-181
CURTIS, HIBBARD                        NY-61-4-365
CURTIS, LEVI                           NY-61-2-111
CURTIS, LIBERTY W.                     NY-61-10-577
CURTISS, AUGUSTA                       NY-61-14-261
CURTISS, LEVI                          NY-61-7-93
CUSACK, PATRICK                        NY-61-8-553
CUSACK, PATRICK H.                     NY-61-14-497
CUSHING, THOMAS S.                     NY-61-19-393
CUTHBERT, THOMAS                       NY-61-18-17
CUTHBERTSON, GEORGE                    NY-61-15-505
DALEY, EDWARD                          NY-61-4-497
DALEY, SIDNEY                          NY-61-20-106
DALINGE, PETER                         NY-61-5-85
DALTON, JOHN                           NY-61-9-617
DANA, HOLT P.                          NY-61-1-158
DANFORTH, AUGUSTUS M.                  NY-61-16-161
DANIELS, HARVEY                        NY-61-19-309
DANLEY, OSCAR                          NY-61-18-325
DARLING, J. HARRISON                   NY-61-4-533
DARLING, JOSHUA H.                     NY-61-7-259
DAUBER, MICHAEL                        NY-61-16-581
DAVIDSON, JAMES M.                     NY-61-20-184
DAVIS, EDWARD                          NY-61-5-607
DAVIS, GILES A.                        NY-61-19-489
DAVIS, JOEL                            NY-61-9-121
DAVIS, JULINA                          NY-61-13-19
DAVIS, LEVI                            NY-61-13-311
DAVIS, MYRON G.                        NY-61-6-70
DAVIS, NATHAN                          NY-61-3-361
DAY, EDGAR A.                          NY-61-18-145
DAY, IRENA                             NY-61-16-533
DAY, LYMAN W.                          NY-61-19-301
DAY, VOLNEY                            NY-61-17-409
DAY, WASHINGTON W.                     NY-61-8-341
DEAN, JOSHUA                           NY-61-1-252
DEAN, MARIA M.                         NY-61-6-119
DEBANCOURT, MARY                       NY-61-13-587
DEBUSSY, HANORE                        NY-61-14-273
DECKER, BETSEY                         NY-61-8-361
DECKER, WEBSTER                        NY-61-19-505
DEHECK, ANTHONY                        NY-61-15-37
DEHECK, ELISABETH                      NY-61-19-445
DEHICK, PETER                          NY-61-14-401
DEHLINGER, JACOB                       NY-61-3-463
DELANO, LEONARD S.                     NY-61-9-97
DELEHAUTY, JOHANNA                     NY-61-19-281
DELSHANTZ, JOHN                        NY-61-18-417
DEMARY, NEWCOMB                        NY-61-3-349
DEMUTH, MARY                           NY-61-19-145
DENNIS, EPHRAIM                        NY-61-9-253
DENNIS, HENRY E.                       NY-61-2-50
DENNIS, ISAAC                          NY-61-5-103
DENNIS, JESSE                          NY-61-15-157
DENNIS, MARY                           NY-61-2-335
DENNISON, CYNTHIA B.                   NY-61-12-293
DENTON, EZRA F.                        NY-61-19-185
DEVINE, NICHOLAS                       NY-61-13-119
DEVINEY, GEORGE                        NY-61-15-217
DEWANGOT, MARY ANN                     NY-61-4-299
DEWEY, ESTHER F.                       NY-61-5-433
DEWEY, PALINA                          NY-61-16-501
DEWITT, THOMAS                         NY-61-7-25
DICK, ABRAHAM                          NY-61-8-153
DICK, ABRAHAM                          NY-61-4-79
DICKEY, JAMES M.                       NY-61-14-89
DILL, DEWITT                           NY-61-20-439
DILLON, MICHAEL                        NY-61-20-418
DIMON, PETER                           NY-61-2-74
DISHONG, JOHN H.                       NY-61-13-559
DISTLER, ROSALIA                       NY-61-20-484
DIXON, HENRY                           NY-61-16-13
DOANE, HIRAM                           NY-61-8-89
DODGE, JAMES P.                        NY-61-4-263
DODGE, JOSEPH                          NY-61-5-235
DOLBEER, WILLIAM JR.                   NY-61-2-1
DOLPH, CALVIN                          NY-61-7-221
DOMNISEY, JOHN N.                      NY-61-14-489
DONALDSON, CHARLES                     NY-61-18-361
DONGAN, JOHN                           NY-61-10-405
DONLON, PATRICK                        NY-61-9-277
DONLY, JOHN                            NY-61-3-243
DOOLITTLE, CHARLOTT                    NY-61-5-385
DOOLITTLE, CORYDON                     NY-61-2-234
DORSHEIT, JOHN                         NY-61-15-465
DOTY, ANNE                             NY-61-2-398
DOTY, JULIA R.                         NY-61-20-274
DOTY, NATHANIEL K.                     NY-61-2-288
DOUGAN, CORMICK                        NY-61-13-143
DOUGAN, HUGH                           NY-61-12-229
DOUGLASS, ALEXANDER                    NY-61-7-553
DOUGLASS, JENETT                       NY-61-13-171
DOWDING, MARY A.                       NY-61-7-1
DOWNS, BARNEY                          NY-61-10-601
DOYLE, JOHN                            NY-61-2-383
DRESHER, CAROLINE                      NY-61-19-25
DRIHER, FREDERIKA                      NY-61-18-521
DRISCOLL, JAMES                        NY-61-7-317
DUDLEY, ALEXANDER                      NY-61-2-449
DUDLEY, HORACE F.                      NY-61-13-255
DUDLEY, SUSAN J.                       NY-61-19-93
DUERR, MAGDALENA                       NY-61-17-321
DUFFY, MARGARET                        NY-61-20-103
DUNDIN, PATRICK                        NY-61-1-47
DUNHAM, GEORGE H.                      NY-61-18-213
DUNHAM, HARRIET N.                     NY-61-20-538
DUNN, JOHN S.                          NY-61-18-133
DUNN, PETER                            NY-61-12-137
DUNNING, ABAGAIL                       NY-61-14-513
DUNSHIE, EBENEZER                      NY-61-18-277
DUNTON, MARY                           NY-61-8-581
DURFEE, ABRAHAM                        NY-61-17-213
DURFEE, CARL                           NY-61-10-549
DURFEE, EPHRAIM                        NY-61-10-393
DURFEE, JOSEPH                         NY-61-1-64
DURFEE, LOUISA J.                      NY-61-14-209
DURFEE, MARY                           NY-61-15-345
DURFEE, WHIPPLE                        NY-61-19-41
DURFEE, WILLIAM                        NY-61-12-353
DURFEE, ZILLA S.                       NY-61-19-317
DURKEE, ANNA                           NY-61-4-193
DURKEE, AZOR                           NY-61-7-269
DURKEE, ROBERT                         NY-61-5-631
DURKEE, THOMAS                         NY-61-15-581
DURYEE, PHILIP                         NY-61-18-53
DUTTON, EBENEZER                       NY-61-5-187
DUTTON, GEORGE C.                      NY-61-7-645
DUTTON, HORACE                         NY-61-1-329
DWYRE, JOHN                            NY-61-14-49
EAGER, AVERY C.                        NY-61-15-145
EARION, JOHN                           NY-61-4-109
EASTLAND, ROBERT                       NY-61-16-221
EASTMAN, IRA                           NY-61-20-334
EASTMAN, LEANDER                       NY-61-17-357
EASTMAN, MATTHEW                       NY-61-7-177
EASTMAN, SALLY                         NY-61-8-41
EASTMAN, VINSON D.                     NY-61-13-331
EDDY, ALFRED                           NY-61-14-545
EDDY, JOHN                             NY-61-13-79
EDGERLY, HENRY C.                      NY-61-19-289
EDGERLY, MARY B.                       NY-61-20-427
EGENBERGER, MARTIN V.                  NY-61-16-197
EILES, GEORGE W.                       NY-61-18-321
EINSELL, JOSEPH                        NY-61-9-197
EISCHEN, NICHOLAS JR.                  NY-61-7-233
EISENBART, PETER                       NY-61-16-133
ELEY, JACOB                            NY-61-16-149
ELLIS, DANIEL                          NY-61-7-441
ELLIS, FRANK L.                        NY-61-16-457
ELLSWORTH, MARY                        NY-61-14-493
ELLSWORTH, WILLIAM                     NY-61-14-145
ELWANGER, MARY D.                      NY-61-14-409
ELY, JABEZ D.                          NY-61-5-439
ELY, JOHN B.                           NY-61-12-309
ELY, WILLIAM P.                        NY-61-7-289
EMERSON, JOHN W.                       NY-61-18-529
EMERY, HOMER C.                        NY-61-4-557
EMMONS, ESQUIRE                        NY-61-2-58
ENGEL, NICHOLAS                        NY-61-10-629
ENGLE, MARY E.                         NY-61-16-93
ENGLISH, HORCE                         NY-61-17-337
ENSIGN, JOSEPH C.                      NY-61-17-361
ERICKSON, MICHAEL                      NY-61-2-458
ERRICKSON, GUSTAVUS                    NY-61-3-49
ESTABROOKS, HARRIS                     NY-61-20-238
EVANS, EDWARD                          NY-61-7-501
EVANS, NYRUM                           NY-61-17-353
EVANS, SOLOMON                         NY-61-9-117
EWELL, ESTHER                          NY-61-9-369
EWELL, ESTHER E.                       NY-61-9-321
EWELL, HENRY                           NY-61-2-45
EWELL, HIRAM                           NY-61-17-281
EWELL, JAMES                           NY-61-2-256
EWELL, JAMES A.                        NY-61-18-241
EWELL, MIRANDA P.                      NY-61-20-58
EWELL, POWLEY                          NY-61-4-311
FAGLE, FREDERICK                       NY-61-5-547
FAGLE, JOSEPH                          NY-61-5-529
FAIRBANK, FRANCIS                      NY-61-1-275
FAIRBANK, JENNY                        NY-61-2-87
FAIRFIELD, STAUNTON                    NY-61-7-369
FANCHER, DANIEL                        NY-61-10-185
FANCHER, HIRAM                         NY-61-20-358
FANCHER, MILLY ANN                     NY-61-18-533
FANNING, CHARLES A.                    NY-61-20-109
FARGO, ALLEN                           NY-61-15-261
FARGO, DAVID                           NY-61-2-333
FARGO, HARRIETT L.                     NY-61-18-433
FARGO, LORINDA                         NY-61-9-273
FARGO, MARVIN N.                       NY-61-9-603
FARGO, PALMER                          NY-61-6-97
FARMAN, CHARLES D.                     NY-61-15-189
FARMER, JAMES B.                       NY-61-8-465
FARNUM, HAMILTON                       NY-61-12-313
FARR, WILLARD D.                       NY-61-17-61
FARRAND, STRONG                        NY-61-12-161
FAULKNER, EDWARD                       NY-61-10-177
FAULKNER, JOHN T.                      NY-61-20-37
FELCH, JOHN                            NY-61-1-348
FELCH, JOHN N.                         NY-61-10-57
FELCH, LYMAN C.                        NY-61-13-515
FELCH, WILLIS A.                       NY-61-15-529
FENTON, JOHN                           NY-61-8-473
FENTON, HIRAM                          NY-61-10-277
FERDINAND, JOHN                        NY-61-19-33
FERN, JOHN                             NY-61-20-13
FERRIS, JAMES C.                       NY-61-8-149
FERRIS, SANFORD                        NY-61-17-341
FERRIS, WINES                          NY-61-8-197
FIELD, JOHN                            NY-61-1-154
FIERO, MARGARET                        NY-61-18-473
FIERO, WILLIAM                         NY-61-2-71
FILKINS, DAVID                         NY-61-12-5
FILLMORE, JAMES H.                     NY-61-13-31
FINCH, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-61-17-93
FINCH, LEWIS                           NY-61-1-32
FINCH, LEWIS                           NY-61-20-130
FINCH, SOLOMON                         NY-61-4-7
FINKBINDER, CHRISTIAN                  NY-61-17-217
FISH, GEORGE                           NY-61-20-535
FISHER, CAROLINE P.                    NY-61-14-21
FISHER, CHRISTINA                      NY-61-10-497
FISHER, DANIEL                         NY-61-7-449
FISHER, JOHN                           NY-61-1-14
FISHER, NATHANIEL D.                   NY-61-14-453
FISHER, SAMUEL                         NY-61-13-563
FISHER, THOMAS                         NY-61-4-105
FISK, CORNELIUS                        NY-61-3-367
FISK, ELBA                             NY-61-7-83
FISK, THERON                           NY-61-4-133
FISK TRUMAN                            NY-61-9-77
FITCH, ELIAS                           NY-61-10-117
FITCH, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-61-15-313
FITCH, JULIA                           NY-61-15-493
FITZGERALD, CATHERINE                  NY-61-17-509
FITZGIBBONS, JEREMIAH                  NY-61-9-557
FITZMAURICE, MARY                      NY-61-15-329
FITZMORACE, GARRETT                    NY-61-1-207
FLINN, FRANKLIN W.                     NY-61-17-77
FLINT, JOHN W.                         NY-61-2-377
FLINT, SAMUEL                          NY-61-2-442
FLINT, SMITH                           NY-61-14-393
FLOWER, MARGARET S.                    NY-61-13-451
FLUKER, ELIZABETH                      NY-61-9-313
FLUKER, JAMES                          NY-61-18-437
FLUKER, MARGARET ANN                   NY-61-14-441
FLUKER, SAMUEL                         NY-61-17-397
FLUKER, WILLIAM                        NY-61-15-473
FLYNN, JAMES                           NY-61-13-343
FOBBE, FREDERICK                       NY-61-13-303
FOLSOM, JOHN B.                        NY-61-14-157
FOOT, JOSEPH C.                        NY-61-2-82
FOOTE, ALONZO L.                       NY-61-15-81
FOSDICK, CHARLES D.                    NY-61-2-317
F0STER, DANIEL                         NY-61-1-76
FOSTER, GEORGE W.                      NY-61-14-221
FOSTER, J. HEDGES                      NY-61-18-57
FOSTER, MARY                           NY-61-1-174
FOSTER, PHILANDER                      NY-61-5-361
FOWLER, BENJAMIN                       NY-61-3-261
FOX, JAMES                             NY-61-20-10
FOX, LAFAYETTE M.                      NY-61-15-257
FRANK, AUGUSTUS                        NY-61-18-345
FRANK, AUGUSTUS                        NY-61-2-23
FRANKLIN, WILLIAM                      NY-61-9-61
FRAYER, JOHN                           NY-61-1-334
FREDERICK, IDA ELIZA                   NY-61-19-473
FREEMAN, ADDISON                       NY-61-8-511
FREER, NILES                           NY-61-19-53
FRENCH, BURTON                         NY-61-16-541
FRENCH, EBENEZER                       NY-61-4-521
FRENCH, SARAH Z.                       NY-61-9-269
FREY, PETER                            NY-61-14-505
FRICK, CAROLINE                        NY-61-15-241
FRIDMANN, MARTIN                       NY-61-17-377
FRIEDMANN, ROSALIA                     NY-61-19-57
FRIEND, EMILY                          NY-61-6-296
FRIEND, EMILY                          NY-61-20-181
FRIEND, SAMUEL                         NY-61-17-1
FRIESON, JACOB                         NY-61-2-280
FUCHS, GEORGE                          NY-61-16-181
FUEST, GERTRUDE                        NY-61-13-335
FUGILL, JANE                           NY-61-14-77
FUGILL, THOMAS                         NY-61-10-25
FUGLE, JOHN                            NY-61-15-509
FULLER, ADELADE A.                     NY-61-6-189
FULLER, AMON                           NY-61-12-233
FULLER, ELIJAH                         NY-61-15-1
FULLER, ERMINIA                        NY-61-19-1
FULLER, ISAAC                          NY-61-2-250
FULLER, JEROME B.                      NY-61-13-575
FULLER, JEROME G.                      NY-61-20-88
FULLER, JERUSHA                        NY-61-7-365
FULLER, LYMAN                          NY-61-18-29
FULLER, LYSANDER W.                    NY-61-8-469
FULLER, SOLOMON                        NY-61-1-247
FULLER, WILLIAM                        NY-61-8-369
FULLINGTON, FRANCIS                    NY-61-13-63
FULLINGTON, GEORGE                     NY-61-16-273
FULMER, ADDIE KELSEY                   NY-61-6-246
FURMAN, ALANSON                        NY-61-14-569
FUSS, JOHN A.                          NY-61-15-13

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