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ABBOTT, ADNAH                          NY-58-C-138
ABEEL, DANIEL W.                       NY-58-V-53
ABEL, JULIA ANN                        NY-58-W-205
ACKERMAN, CHARLES                      NY-58-M-353
ACKERSON, LUCRETIA                     NY-58-2A-502
ACKLEY, ARTHUR                         NY-58-D-375
ACKLEY, JOHN                           NY-58-V-188
ACKLEY, PHILANDER                      NY-58-N-55
ADAMS, ANDERSON                        NY-58-J-384
ADAMS, ANDREW                          NY-58-7-25
ADAMS, CHESTER                         NY-58-1A-642
ADAMS, CHRISTIA H.                     NY-58-N-470
ADAMS, CLARK                           NY-58-J-164
ADAMS, DAVID                           NY-58-B2-101
ADAMS, DAVID S.                        NY-58-F-167
ADAMS, DEMMIS                          NY-58-Q-489
ADAMS, EZEKIEL                         NY-58-B2-90
ADAMS, GEORGE                          NY-58-W-377
ADAMS, JAMES                           NY-58-5A-251
ADAMS, JEREMIAH                        NY-58-C-97
ADAMS, JOHN                            NY-58-#1-92
ADAMS, JOHN G.                         NY-58-3A-406
ADAMS, JOHN PLINY                      NY-58-6A-551
ADAMS, MERCY                           NY-58-N-740
ADAMS, RICHARD                         NY-58-4-177
ADAMS, ROGER                           NY-58-B2-35
ADAMS, SALLY                           NY-58-N-749
ADAMS, SUMNER H.                       NY-58-5A-52
ADAMS, WRIGHT                          NY-58-4-82
ADAMS, WRIGHT                          NY-58-U-450
ADRIN, JOHN                            NY-58-3-133
AGAN, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-58-H-161
AGAN, JOHN L.                          NY-58-7A-516
AKIN, BENJAMIN C.                      NY-58-T-377
AKIN, FRANCIS C.                       NY-58-U-65
AKIN, OSCAR                            NY-58-D-364
ALDEN, DORASTUS                        NY-58-B1-218
ALDEN, JOAB                            NY-58-F-275
ALDEN, MARY L.                         NY-58-7A-526
ALDEN, SETH                            NY-58-2-249
ALDOUS, LAURA B.                       NY-58-4A-25
ALDRICH, BARBARA                       NY-58-4A-566
ALDRIDGE, BENJAMIN                     NY-58-T-137
ALEXANDER, ANN                         NY-58-Q-432
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       NY-58-P-492
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       NY-58-8A-327
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH                      NY-58-G-438
ALEXANDER, MAXWELL                     NY-58-P-62
ALEXANDER, ORLADNO                     NY-58-Y-453
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                      NY-58-H-15
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                      NY-58-I-318
ALEXANDER, RUTH W.                     NY-58-9A-214
ALLEN, ABRAM                           NY-58-C-388
ALLEN, ADAM                            NY-58-C-328
ALLEN, ANDREW S.                       NY-58-Y-170
ALLEN, ANNA                            NY-58-E-312
ALLEN, BENJAMIN B.                     NY-58-W-299
ALLEN, CAROLINE S.                     NY-58-G-321
ALLEN, CHARLES                         NY-58-F-147
ALLEN, CHARLES H.                      NY-58-N-517
ALLEN, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-58-C-470
ALLEN, CORNELIUS L.                    NY-58-P-210
ALLEN, CRANDELL J.                     NY-58-9A-3
ALLEN, DAVID B.                        NY-58-8A-631
ALLEN, EBENEZER                        NY-58-5-136
ALLEN, ELEANOR ANN                     NY-58-F-471
ALLEN, ELECTA B.                       NY-58-N-573
ALLEN, ELISHA                          NY-58-#1-321
ALLEN, ELIZA                           NY-58-T-279
ALLEN, ELZABETH                        NY-58-3-268
ALLEN, ESTHER                          NY-58-G-82
ALLEN, GEORGE                          NY-58-K-289
ALLEN, GILBERT                         NY-58-B1-76
ALLEN, HANNAH                          NY-58-G-268
ALLEN, HRIAM                           NY-58-6A-160
ALLEN, INCREASE                        NY-58-2-236
ALLEN, JENNETTE B.                     NY-58-L-399
ALLEN, JOB                             NY-58-H-207
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-58-A1-31
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-58-F-459
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-58-F-269
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-58-X-368
ALLEN, JOHN K.                         NY-58-N-396
ALLEN, JOHN M.                         NY-58-7A-552
ALLEN, JOHNATHAN W.                    NY-58-P-114
ALLEN, MARCUS C.                       NY-58-7A-359
ALLEN, MARY ANN                        NY-58-P-389
ALLEN, MARY CORDELIA                   NY-58-Y-8
ALLEN, PATIENCE                        NY-58-K-36
ALLEN, PHEBE                           NY-58-J-100
ALLEN, PHILIP                          NY-58-#1-172
ALLEN, PHILIP                          NY-58-C-158
ALLEN, ROBERT                          NY-58-8A-4
ALLEN, SENECA                          NY-58-T-319
ALLEN, STEPHEN                         NY-58-B2-62
ALLEN, STEPHEN                         NY-58-P-440
ALLEN, THOMAS                          NY-58-B2-5
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-58-K-313
ALLEN, WILLIAM A.                      NY-58-7A-536
ALLEN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-58-T-85
ALLEN, WILLIAM M.                      NY-58-8A-535
ALLEN, WILLIAM V. S.                   NY-58-2A-107
ALLWELL, HELEN                         NY-58-5A-46
ALMY, ANTHONY                          NY-58-B1-173
ALMY, HARRIET                          NY-58-T-5
ALMY, JOSEPH                           NY-58-6-22
ALMY, PRUDENCE                         NY-58-T-3
ALMY, SAMUEL                           NY-58-2-105
ALMY, THOMAS J.                        NY-58-O-512
ALMY, WILLIAM H.                       NY-58-6A-183
AMIDON, SARAH                          NY-58-K-326
ANDERSON, CHARLOTTE M.                 NY-58-7A-639
ANDERSON, DAVID                        NY-58-N-481
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH M.                 NY-58-7A-303
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-58-6A-214
ANDERSON, JAMES F.                     NY-58-5A-166
ANDERSON, ROBERT                       NY-58-3-435
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-58-O-558
ANDREW, JAMES H.                       NY-58-6A-403
ANDREWS, CYRUS N.                      NY-58-7A-603
ANDREWS, JEREMIAH                      NY-58-E-205
ANDREWS, LEVI                          NY-58-J-395
ANDREWS, MARSHALL L.                   NY-58-1A-435
ANDREWS, MARVIN                        NY-58-F-179
ANDREWS, MARY                          NY-58-C-517
ANDREWS, MATILDA                       NY-58-3A-210
ANTHONY, ANDREW                        NY-58-N-501
ANTHONY, DAVID G.                      NY-58-6A-181
ANTHONY, GILES                         NY-58-B1-473
ANTHONY, ISAAC                         NY-58-8A-301
ANTHONY, JOHN                          NY-58-A1-284
ARCHER, EBENEZER                       NY-58-X-318
ARCHER, JOHN                           NY-58-6-69
ARCHER, JOHN                           NY-58-Q-353
ARCHER, JOSEPH JR.                     NY-58-B2-332
ARCHER, JULIA A.                       NY-58-9A-82
ARCHIBALD, MARGARET B.                 NY-58-V-174
ARMITAGE, JOHN                         NY-58-6-111
ARMITAGE, JULIA A.                     NY-58-T-521
ARMITAGE, WILLIAM J.                   NY-58-Q-260
ARMSTRONG, ARCHIBALD                   NY-58-4A-540
ARMSTRONG, ARCHIBALD                   NY-58-I-134
ARMSTRONG, ARCHIBALD                   NY-58-1A-516
ARMSTRONG, CATHARINE                   NY-58-2A-203
ARMSTRONG, EDWARD JAMES                NY-58-Y-118
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE                      NY-58-V-472
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       NY-58-3-93
ARMSTRONG, MARION                      NY-58-9A-188
ARMSTRONG, NANCY                       NY-58-U-114
ARNOLD, ALVARO D.                      NY-58-8A-452
ARNOLD, DAVID                          NY-58-G-165
ARNOLD, EUNICE B.                      NY-58-4A-8
ARNOLD, JESSE                          NY-58-P-425
ARNOLD, MARGARET F.                    NY-58-M-347
ARNOLD, NANCY                          NY-58-L-340
ARNOLD, SALLY                          NY-58-Y-70
ARNOLD, SARAH J.                       NY-58-5A-131
ARNOT, GEORGE                          NY-58-H-157
ARNOTT, GEORGE M.                      NY-58-W-248
ARNOTT, JANE                           NY-58-X-76
ARNOTT, JOHN                           NY-58-P-333
ARNOTT, PRUDENCE                       NY-58-M-169
ARNOTT, SARAH J.                       NY-58-5A-474
ARQUETTE, JOSEPH                       NY-58-X-489
ASHLEY, CELIA A.                       NY-58-8A-597
ASHLEY, ELISHA                         NY-58-M-261
ASHLEY, JAMES                          NY-58-I-22
ASHLEY, NANCY                          NY-58-O-262
ASHLEY, WILLIAM A.                     NY-58-2A-159
ASHTON, AMELIA HUNTINGTON              NY-58-9A-181
ASHTON, BENJAMIN B.                    NY-58-L-234
ASHTON, DAVID G.                       NY-58-V-289
ASHTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-58-F-310
ASHTON, HELEN                          NY-58-U-137
ASHTON, ISAAC                          NY-58-M-278
ASHTON, JAMES                          NY-58-2-341
ASHTON, JOHN                           NY-58-B1-220
ASHTON, JOHN                           NY-58-W-341
ASHTON, JOHN                           NY-58-4A-378
ASHTON, MICHAEL K.                     NY-58-1A-568
ASHTON, REBECCAH                       NY-58-C-115
ASHTON, THOMAS G.                      NY-58-C-16
ASHTON, WILLIAM                        NY-58-O-458
ASKEY, WILLIAM C.                      NY-58-4A-6
ATWOOD, CYRUS                          NY-58-H-105
ATWOOD, JOSEPH                         NY-58-E-150
AUNCHMAN, JOSEPH L.                    NY-58-4A-579
AUSTIN, ABNER                          NY-58-N-157
AUSTIN, ANN                            NY-58-I-139
AUSTIN, ANTHONY                        NY-58-B2-336
AUSTIN, CHARLES W.                     NY-58-9A-22
AUSTIN, DAVID                          NY-58-B2-114
AUSTIN, ISAAC                          NY-58-6-36
AUSTIN, JAMES H.                       NY-58-U-538
AUSTIN, JENNIE L.                      NY-58-9A-194
AUSTIN, JOHN                           NY-58-M-23
AUSTIN, MARCY                          NY-58-F-373
AUSTIN, MARGARET                       NY-58-9A-451
AUSTIN, MARTHA                         NY-58-3A-649
AUSTIN, RUBY                           NY-58-T-55
AUSTIN, SARAH                          NY-58-L-44
AXTELL, SALMON                         NY-58-M-48
AYERS, LEVI H.                         NY-58-X-356
AYERS, SAMUEL                          NY-58-W-161
BABCOCK, BENJAMIN L.                   NY-58-7A-324
BABCOCK, JOHN                          NY-58-2-42
BABCOCK, MELISSA E.                    NY-58-5A-333
BABCOCK, SIMEON                        NY-58-2-320
BACHOP, ALEXANDER                      NY-58-B1-289
BACHOP, MARGARET                       NY-58-B2-346
BACHOP, WILLIAM                        NY-58-F-556
BACON, LAURA                           NY-58-G-138
BACON, WINTHROP                        NY-58-3-36
BAILEY, ANNA                           NY-58-6A-629
BAILEY, DANIEL H.                      NY-58-O-59
BAILEY, FRANKLIN                       NY-58-7A-357
BAILEY, HARDEN                         NY-58-N-433
BAILEY, JOHN                           NY-58-J-7
BAILEY, LYMAN                          NY-58-N-642
BAILEY, NANCY                          NY-58-F-438
BAILEY, ROSANNA                        NY-58-R-480
BAILEY, SAMUEL D.                      NY-58-Q-191
BAILEY, SAMUEL W.                      NY-58-3A-63
BAIN, ALEXANDER                        NY-58-T-516
BAIN, CATHERINE                        NY-58-8A-527
BAIN, HUGH                             NY-58-J-43
BAIN, HUGH                             NY-58-T-341
BAIN, JENNETTE                         NY-58-V-389
BAIN, JOHN                             NY-58-2A-527
BAIN, JOHN MCINTYRE                    NY-58-P-527
BAIN, PHILIP J.                        NY-58-N-519
BAIRD, DANIEL                          NY-58-7-45
BAKER, BENJAMIN                        NY-58-M-138
BAKER, BENJAMIN                        NY-58-8A-110
BAKER, BRADDOCK                        NY-58-L-173
BAKER, CALEB                           NY-58-B2-308
BAKER, CHARLES                         NY-58-B1-271
BAKER, CHARLES G.                      NY-58-I-386
BAKER, CHLOE M.                        NY-58-W-243
BAKER, ELISHA D.                       NY-58-1A-37
BAKER, ELLEN L.                        NY-58-4A-333
BAKER, ELLEN M.                        NY-58-5A-91
BAKER, GEORGE COMSTOCK                 NY-58-6A-574
BAKER, HANNAH                          NY-58-W-232
BAKER, HELEN AMELIA                    NY-58-U-586
BAKER, HULDAH                          NY-58-5A-306
BAKER, IRA                             NY-58-N-229
BAKER, ISAAC V.                        NY-58-Y-419
BAKER, ISAAC V.                        NY-58-8A-476
BAKER, ISAAC W.                        NY-58-2A-227
BAKER, JOHN                            NY-58-B1-454
BAKER, JOHN                            NY-58-5-244
BAKER, JOHN                            NY-58-7-127
BAKER, JONATHAN                        NY-58-J-351
BAKER, LOVINA                          NY-58-D-393
BAKER, MARGARET                        NY-58-9A-449
BAKER, MARGARET                        NY-58-8A-171
BAKER, MELISSIA                        NY-58-J-304
BAKER, MINNIE FRANCES                  NY-58-4A-105
BAKER, NELSON                          NY-58-B1-311
BAKER, NELSON G.                       NY-58-3A-483
BAKER, REUBEN                          NY-58-K-337
BAKER, ROBERT                          NY-58-J-521
BAKER, SARAH H.                        NY-58-H-78
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NY-58-#1-201
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NY-58-I-295
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NY-58-J-296
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NY-58-Y-234
BALCH, C. L.                           NY-58-I-392
BALCH, JOHN H.                         NY-58-M-20
BALCH, JOHN H.                         NY-58-M-6
BALDWIN, CHANDLER                      NY-58-W-86
BALDWIN, JAMES                         NY-58-C-265
BALDWIN, JOHN H.                       NY-58-W-256
BALDWIN, MARY A.                       NY-58-W-439
BALDWIN, OSCAR                         NY-58-4A-426
BALDWIN, WILLIAM H.                    NY-58-5A-633
BALEY, ROSANNA                         NY-58-$-334
BALL, MELISSA J.                       NY-58-8A-38
BALL, SYLVANUS                         NY-58-L-38
BALLANTINE, MARGARET                   NY-58-E-349
BALLY, JAMES                           NY-58-#1-304
BANCROFT, BENJAMIN F.                  NY-58-T-591
BANCROFT, SAYSEL                       NY-58-K-275
BANE, JOHN                             NY-58-L-18
BARBER, ABRAHAM                        NY-58-5-249
BARBER, BENJAMIN                       NY-58-J-102
BARBER, CICERO                         NY-58-7A-641
BARBER, CICERO W.                      NY-58-8A-142
BARBER, COMFORT                        NY-58-E-29
BARBER, DANIEL                         NY-58-4-76
BARBER, DAVID                          NY-58-O-468
BARBER, DELILA                         NY-58-J-489
BARBER, DORATHY L.                     NY-58-W-537
BARBER, HANNAH                         NY-58-R-186
BARBER, JOHN                           NY-58-N-256
BARBER, JONATHAN                       NY-58-6-96
BARBER, JOSEPH                         NY-58-#1-342
BARBER, LEWIS                          NY-58-3A-58
BARBER, LUCINDA S.                     NY-58-4A-329
BARBER, LYMAN                          NY-58-K-311
BARBER, OLIVER                         NY-58-3-72
BARBER, RALPH                          NY-58-5A-484
BARBER, SMITH                          NY-58-E-12
BARBOUR, CARRIE E.                     NY-58-8A-416
BARBOUR, MARY L.                       NY-58-6A-157
BARBUR, JOSEPH W.                      NY-58-8A-104
BARDIN, ELIZA M.                       NY-58-9A-408
BARDWELL, CONSIDER S.                  NY-58-T-308
BARDWELL, HANNAH M.                    NY-58-3A-227
BARKER, AARON                          NY-58-L-411
BARKER, ABRAM                          NY-58-Y-625
BARKER, BENAJAH                        NY-58-C-413
BARKER, BENAJAH                        NY-58-Y-473
BARKER, CALEB                          NY-58-E-332
BARKER, EDWARD                         NY-58-N-558
BARKER, ELIZA B. S.                    NY-58-W-547
BARKER, GEORGE R.                      NY-58-7A-539
BARKER, HARRIET A.                     NY-58-Y-389
BARKER, JANE E.                        NY-58-Y-369
BARKER, JOHN                           NY-58-P-378
BARKER, MARIA G.                       NY-58-8A-418
BARKER, PORTER                         NY-58-V-245
BARKER, RHODA ROBLEE                   NY-58-8A-430
BARKER, SARAH                          NY-58-L-181
BARKER, SARAH E.                       NY-58-G-522
BARKER, SLOCUM                         NY-58-N-360
BARKER, STEPHEN                        NY-58-$-416
BARKER, WHITMAN                        NY-58-M-74
BARKER, WILLIAM                        NY-58-I-126
BARKLEY, ALEXANDER                     NY-58-X-395
BARKLEY, EDWIN M.                      NY-58-1A-196
BARKLEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-58-J-527
BARKLEY, FREDERICK                     NY-58-4A-397
BARKLEY, HENRY                         NY-58-O-240
BARKLEY, JAMES B.                      NY-58-8A-617
BARKLEY, MARGARET J.                   NY-58-X-51
BARKLEY, MARGARET M.                   NY-58-4A-189
BARKLEY, ROBERT                        NY-58-J-542
BARKLEY, SAMUEL                        NY-58-1A-264
BARKLEY, SARAH JANE                    NY-58-7A-186
BARKLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-58-N-268
BARKLEY, WILLIAM J.                    NY-58-1A-222
BARKLEY, WILSON                        NY-58-G-415
BARNARD, CAROLINE                      NY-58-3A-413
BARNARD, LOUISE R.                     NY-58-6A-370
BARNARD, MAHALA                        NY-58-Q-221
BARNES, AARON                          NY-58-F-444
BARNES, BENJAMIN                       NY-58-P-383
BARNES, JEFFERSON                      NY-58-6A-513
BARNETT, AMANDA M.                     NY-58-N-774
BARNETT, GEORGE                        NY-58-G-433
BARNETT, LUCY T.                       NY-58-V-629
BARNETT, NATHANIEL                     NY-58-L-117
BARNEY, GEORGE                         NY-58-J-105
BARNEY, JAMES                          NY-58-4-44
BARNEY, THROOP                         NY-58-G-66
BARNHART, JOSEPH                       NY-58-C-165
BARNHART, JOSEPH                       NY-58-C-207
BARNS, ALZINA                          NY-58-N-715
BARNS, FANNY                           NY-58-R-19
BARNUM, SARAH A.                       NY-58-5A-574
BARR, BRIDGET                          NY-58-W-203
BARR, ELIZA M.                         NY-58-U-116
BARRELL, JOANNA                        NY-58-U-311
BARRELL, WASHINGTON                    NY-58-P-303
BARRETT, CYRUS                         NY-58-N-491
BARRETT, JOHANA                        NY-58-2A-240
BARRETT, WILLIAM                       NY-58-5A-292
BARRY, ELLEN                           NY-58-U-165
BARTHELOMEW, ALMON                     NY-58-V-248
BARTHOLOMEW, ALFRED                    NY-58-9A-148
BARTHOLOMEW, ALVAH                     NY-58-9A-249
BARTHOLOMEW, EZRA S.                   NY-58-9A-163
BARTHOLOMEW, HARRY                     NY-58-4A-424
BARTHOLOMEW, JAMES                     NY-58-5A-120
BARTHOLOMEW, JUSTUS                    NY-58-O-93
BARTHOLOMEW, LEMUEL                    NY-58-2-189
BARTHOLOMEW, LEVI                      NY-58-2A-194
BARTHOLOMEW, OLIF L.                   NY-58-9A-201
BARTHOLOMEW, SALLY ANN                 NY-58-X-66
BARTHOLOMEW, SQUIRE                    NY-58-C-494
BARTLET, JOSEPH SR.                    NY-58-#1-124
BARTLETT, AARON                        NY-58-2-253
BARTLETT, ALBERT                       NY-58-5A-617
BARTLETT, ALBERT SR.                   NY-58-$-369
BARTLETT, DELIGHT                      NY-58-V-591
BARTLETT, HARRIET M.                   NY-58-X-288
BARTLETT, IRA H.                       NY-58-2A-432
BARTLETT, JOSEPH                       NY-58-P-465
BARTLETT, LYMAN                        NY-58-N-371
BARTLETT, MARY ANN                     NY-58-8A-481
BARTLETT, MOSES                        NY-58-B1-350
BARTON, ELLEN MARY                     NY-58-Y-629
BARTON, MALINA ANTOINETTE              NY-58-G-505
BARTON, RICHARD                        NY-58-L-270
BARTON, SARAH A.                       NY-58-7A-33
BARUNUM, TIMOTHY                       NY-58-5-185
BASCOM, ROBERT O.                      NY-58-7A-237
BASS, JOSEPH L.                        NY-58-X-175
BASSETT, JAMES                         NY-58-J-281
BASSETT, JAMES                         NY-58-T-293
BASSETT, JOHN W.                       NY-58-W-354
BASSETT, PARDON                        NY-58-I-372
BASSETT, RUSSELL                       NY-58-I-78
BASSETT, SAMUEL                        NY-58-5-160
BATCHEDER, COLBEY                      NY-58-C-316
BATCHELDER, NATHAN                     NY-58-3A-73
BATES, GEORGE W.                       NY-58-$-20
BATES, JANET                           NY-58-1A-161
BATIE, SARAH                           NY-58-F-136
BATTEY, BENJAMIN                       NY-58-6-1
BAUMES, HIRAM                          NY-58-N-135
BAXTER, CHARLES M.                     NY-58-5A-646
BAXTER, GEORGE W.                      NY-58-Y-462
BEACH, ASAHEL                          NY-58-3-229
BEACH, CHARLES T.                      NY-58-9A-571
BEACH, MARTHA A.                       NY-58-8A-412
BEADLE, ANNA                           NY-58-7-169
BEADLE, ELIJAH                         NY-58-K-228
BEADLE, JOHN F.                        NY-58-N-348
BEADLE, JOSEPH                         NY-58-5-62
BEADLE, THOMAS D.                      NY-58-N-147
BEANE, NANCY T.                        NY-58-7A-522
BEATTIE, DAVID                         NY-58-Q-409
BEATTIE, DAVID R.                      NY-58-2A-55
BEATTIE, ELISABETH                     NY-58-7A-442
BEATTIE, FRANC C.                      NY-58-9A-589
BEATTIE, GRACE                         NY-58-7A-119
BEATTIE, GRANT                         NY-58-9A-459
BEATTIE, JAMES M.                      NY-58-Y-14
BEATTIE, JOHN                          NY-58-G-477
BEATTIE, JOHN C.                       NY-58-1A-297
BEATTIE, JOHN H.                       NY-58-T-90
BEATTIE, MARGARET                      NY-58-6A-488
BEATTIE, NANCY M.                      NY-58-W-641
BEATTIE, ROBERT                        NY-58-W-600
BEATTIE, SARAH                         NY-58-P-272
BEATTIE, SARAH J.                      NY-58-9A-342
BEATTIE, WALTER B.                     NY-58-2A-495
BEATTY, HANNAH                         NY-58-5A-518
BEATTY, JAMES                          NY-58-C-430
BEATTY, JOHN                           NY-58-7-155
BEATTY, THOMAS                         NY-58-4-85
BEATY, ELMER                           NY-58-8A-267
BEATY, GILBERT                         NY-58-7A-252
BEATY, GRISSELL                        NY-58-7-222
BEATY, JANE                            NY-58-6-143
BEATY, JANET                           NY-58-6-133
BEATY, NANCY                           NY-58-6-255
BEATY, SAMUEL                          NY-58-5-140
BEATY, SAMUEL                          NY-58-P-410
BEATY, THOMAS                          NY-58-G-531
BEATY, WILLIAM                         NY-58-A1-11
BEATY, WILLIAM J.                      NY-58-4A-447
BEAUDOIN, JOSEPH L.                    NY-58-8A-623
BECKER, ANNA                           NY-58-6-184
BECKER, BELDEN N.                      NY-58-N-754
BECKER, CLARISSA W.                    NY-58-7A-636
BECKER, DANIEL                         NY-58-8A-555
BECKER, EDWARD B.                      NY-58-3A-299
BECKER, ERASTUS                        NY-58-9A-410
BECKER, HENRY                          NY-58-3A-84
BECKER, HERMON                         NY-58-P-328
BECKER, JACOB V. S.                    NY-58-U-458
BECKER, MARTHA                         NY-58-N-271
BECKER, PETER                          NY-58-2-4
BECKWITH, HENRY W.                     NY-58-N-213
BECKWITH, JOSEPH HARRISON              NY-58-4A-34
BECKWITH, OLIER                        NY-58-F-139
BEEBE, GIDEON                          NY-58-A1-479
BEEBE, MARIA                           NY-58-5A-204
BEEBE, NORMAN H.                       NY-58-Q-457
BEEBE, RODERICK                        NY-58-H-181
BEEBE, RUEL                            NY-58-C-38
BEEBE, SEYMOUR                         NY-58-K-119
BEEBE, SOPHIA M.                       NY-58-Y-225
BEECHER, ELVIRA                        NY-58-Q-436
BEECHER, ELVIRA                        NY-58-T-1
BEECHER, SILAS                         NY-58-U-93
BEERS, ABIEL                           NY-58-#1-180
BEERS, WILLIAM                         NY-58-A1-374
BEHAN, PATRICK                         NY-58-7A-618
BELDEN, JONAS                          NY-58-U-4
BELDEN, MARY                           NY-58-6A-520
BELL, AMANDA                           NY-58-N-719
BELL, CLARK A.                         NY-58-9A-11
BELL, JAMES                            NY-58-T-347
BELL, JAMES S.                         NY-58-5A-295
BELL, LUCY                             NY-58-V-209
BELL, MARY                             NY-58-Q-495
BELL, STEPHEN                          NY-58-J-422
BELL, WARREN                           NY-58-F-246
BELL, WILLIAM                          NY-58-1-48
BELL, WILLIAM                          NY-58-T-328
BELLAMY, DANIEL S.                     NY-58-3-452
BEMAN, SAMUEL H.                       NY-58-G-135
BENARD, MARCELINE                      NY-58-6A-173
BENCE, ASA                             NY-58-F-162
BENDER, ELLEN                          NY-58-7A-416
BENDER, MARY                           NY-58-5A-275
BENEDICT, ELIZA                        NY-58-U-392
BENEDICT, LEVI L.                      NY-58-1A-403
BENJAMIN, BURR                         NY-58-2A-1
BENJAMIN, ELNATHAN                     NY-58-R-271
BENJAMIN, MARY J.                      NY-58-X-594
BENNET, ROGER                          NY-58-#1-204
BENNETT, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-58-M-237
BENNETT, CHARLES E.                    NY-58-8A-600
BENNETT, FIDELIA                       NY-58-R-41
BENNETT, GEORGE                        NY-58-9A-378
BENNETT, HYRAM                         NY-58-7A-65
BENNETT, JENNIE N.                     NY-58-2A-383
BENNETT, JOHNSON                       NY-58-U-512
BENNETT, JOSEPH D.                     NY-58-C-61
BENNETT, LAURA M.                      NY-58-7A-86
BENNETT, MARGARET                      NY-58-8A-287
BENNETT, MARY                          NY-58-7A-130
BENNETT, NORMAN S.                     NY-58-9A-267
BENNETT, PETER                         NY-58-8A-285
BENNETT, ROMAIN                        NY-58-3A-404
BENNETT, SAMUEL H.                     NY-58-4A-324
BENNETT, THOMAS J.                     NY-58-X-521
BENSON, AMELIA S.                      NY-58-4A-413
BENSON, HIRAM                          NY-58-W-481
BENSON, JOB                            NY-58-D-13
BENSON, JOSEPH                         NY-58-$-79
BENSON, LYDIA                          NY-58-P-246
BENSON, MARY G.                        NY-58-9A-579
BENSON, SIDNEY W.                      NY-58-3A-233
BENSON, SIMON L.                       NY-58-5A-80
BENTLEY, BENJAMIN                      NY-58-5-50
BENTLEY, DAYTON                        NY-58-J-74
BENTLEY, JANE A.                       NY-58-5A-31
BENTLEY, JOHN C.                       NY-58-J-449
BENWAY, MATHILDE                       NY-58-4A-281
BENWAY, THOMAS                         NY-58-2A-339
BEST, HENRY                            NY-58-7A-452
BEST, JULIA                            NY-58-U-163
BEVERIDGE, ANDREW                      NY-58-B2-98
BEVERIDGE, DAVID                       NY-58-P-503
BEVERIDGE, ELIZABETH S.                NY-58-W-433
BEVERIDGE, ISABEL                      NY-58-7A-212
BEVERIDGE, JAMES                       NY-58-Q-343
BEVERIDGE, JAMES                       NY-58-8A-121
BEVERIDGE, MATTHEW                     NY-58-N-566
BEVERIDGE, ROBERT S.                   NY-58-V-434
BIGELOW, ANSON                         NY-58-L-405
BIGELOW, EMMA M.                       NY-58-9A-325
BIGELOW, ERASTUS                       NY-58-F-547
BIGELOW, HORACE                        NY-58-N-137
BIGELOW, MARY                          NY-58-I-238
BIGELOW, THOMAS                        NY-58-C-194
BIGGART, HELEN M.                      NY-58-9A-88
BIGGART, MARY E.                       NY-58-Q-77
BILLETT, EDWARD J.                     NY-58-3A-551
BILLINGS, CHESTER                      NY-58-M-208
BILLINGS, EBENEZER                     NY-58-C-253
BILLINGS, ELISHA                       NY-58-O-272
BILLINGS, HENRY E.                     NY-58-7A-374
BILLINGS, JESSE L.                     NY-58-D-257
BILLINGS, MARY E.                      NY-58-T-426
BILLINGS, SAMUEL S.                    NY-58-1A-142
BININGER, ELIZABETH                    NY-58-H-211
BININGER, ISAAC                        NY-58-T-228
BINNINGER, JACOB                       NY-58-U-528
BIRGE, ELIJAH                          NY-58-E-174
BIRGE, ELIJAH                          NY-58-D-396
BISHOP, ALVAN                          NY-58-A1-488
BISHOP, ALVIN                          NY-58-B1-355
BISHOP, BENJAMIN C.                    NY-58-V-468
BISHOP, HARRIET F.                     NY-58-1A-579
BISHOP, HARRIET M.                     NY-58-R-410
BISHOP, ISAAC                          NY-58-A2-80
BISHOP, ISAAC                          NY-58-A1-180
BISHOP, J. W.                          NY-58-I-206
BISHOP, JOHN                           NY-58-2-218
BISHOP, JOHN                           NY-58-N-451
BLACK, DENNIS                          NY-58-4A-169
BLACK, ELIZABETH                       NY-58-1A-292
BLACK, MARGARET                        NY-58-8A-369
BLACK, WILLIAM                         NY-58-U-119
BLACKFIELD, JAMES                      NY-58-T-544
BLACKMAN, ROSWELL                      NY-58-5-1
BLAIR, BERNARD                         NY-58-Q-150
BLAIR, CHARLOTT                        NY-58-T-151
BLAIR, JAMES                           NY-58-9A-36
BLAIR, ROBERT                          NY-58-W-442
BLAKE, JAMES                           NY-58-6-162
BLAKELY, ELECTA                        NY-58-W-468
BLAKELY, LAURA                         NY-58-N-316
BLAKEMAN, JOHN                         NY-58-R-468
BLAKEMAN, LAKE                         NY-58-W-132
BLANCHARD, ANTHONY J.                  NY-58-F-205
BLANCHARD, JOSEPH                      NY-58-8A-35
BLANCHARD, NOBLE W.                    NY-58-K-146
BLANCHARD, ZEBEDEE                     NY-58-4A-200
BLANCHFIELD, MARGARET                  NY-58-Y-222
BLASDELL, JAMES M.                     NY-58-O-400
BLAWIS, LOUISA B.                      NY-58-5A-353
BLAZO, HENRY                           NY-58-6A-592
BLIN, ELISHA                           NY-58-A1-508
BLIN, ELISHA                           NY-58-B1-71
BLIN, HARRIET A.                       NY-58-$-337
BLIN, HENRY                            NY-58-T-44
BLIN, MASON O.                         NY-58-T-272
BLINN, FRANCES G.                      NY-58-9A-440
BLINN, HENRY G.                        NY-58-Y-386
BLISS, AARON F.                        NY-58-F-153
BLIVEN, AGNES C.                       NY-58-9A-15
BLIVEN, LUTHER                         NY-58-C-72
BLOOD, CHARLES B.                      NY-58-5A-221
BLOOD, HELEN L.                        NY-58-7A-188
BLOOD, MARY                            NY-58-Q-125
BLOOD, SEWELL                          NY-58-J-514
BLOSSOM, ELIZA                         NY-58-U-316
BLOSSOM, JOHN                          NY-58-E-78
BLOSSOM, JOSEPH                        NY-58-F-447
BLOSSOM, MARGARET                      NY-58-X-624
BLOWERS, POLLY                         NY-58-$-62
BOARDMAN, CYRUS                        NY-58-G-508
BOARDMAN, MARY C.                      NY-58-4A-386
BOARDMAN, SAMUEL                       NY-58-6-9
BOCKER, WILLIAM J.                     NY-58-L-159
BODWELL, WILLIAM H.                    NY-58-2A-610
BOICE, WINSOR                          NY-58-8A-45
BOIES, JOSEPH                          NY-58-K-347
BOIES, MARGARET                        NY-58-3A-506
BOILES, MARIA                          NY-58-9A-484
BOLAND, JAMES                          NY-58-9A-586
BOLLISTER, HORATIO                     NY-58-W-598
BOMBARD, CLARA                         NY-58-3A-518
BOMBARD, FRANK                         NY-58-6A-325
BOMBARD, JACOB                         NY-58-X-537
BONTECON, SARRINA                      NY-58-L-7
BOOL, MARGARET C.                      NY-58-N-515
BOOTH, JOHN H.                         NY-58-9A-151
BOOTH, WILLIAM                         NY-58-U-548
BORDEN, HENRY F.                       NY-58-$-117
BORDEN, ISAAC S.                       NY-58-2A-590
BORDEN, RUSSELL A.                     NY-58-9A-179
BORDEN, RUSSELL S.                     NY-58-$-112
BORDWELL, POLLY                        NY-58-E-360
BORDWELL, SALMASIUS                    NY-58-C-132
BORIE, BENJAMIN                        NY-58-3-437
BOSWORTH, ALBERT J.                    NY-58-5A-491
BOSWORTH, HEZEKIAH                     NY-58-J-288
BOSWORTH, WILLIAM                      NY-58-4A-51
BOURNE, COOMER H.                      NY-58-8A-346
BOUSHE, PETER                          NY-58-9A-437
BOWE, MARY                             NY-58-3A-43
BOWEN, COLUMBUS                        NY-58-P-143
BOWEN, JAMES                           NY-58-F-395
BOWEN, JAMES S.                        NY-58-T-282
BOWEN, LEMUEL                          NY-58-A1-364
BOWEN, SAMUEL                          NY-58-7-116
BOWEN, SAMUEL                          NY-58-D-7
BOWEN, SYLVESTER                       NY-58-O-98
BOWEN, WILLIAM                         NY-58-$-51
BOWKER, ALMOND                         NY-58-P-226
BOWKER, ALMOND                         NY-58-Y-35
BOWKER, CLARENCE                       NY-58-U-139
BOWKER, CLARISA                        NY-58-5A-16
BOWKER, E. DUANE                       NY-58-8A-405
BOWKER, JAMES                          NY-58-G-96
BOWKER, LEROY                          NY-58-7A-47
BOWLER, MICHAEL                        NY-58-P-392
BOWTELL, ANNA W.                       NY-58-X-297
BOYCE, IRA                             NY-58-N-404
BOYCE, JOHN                            NY-58-B1-1
BOYD, CATHERINE J.                     NY-58-2A-312
BOYD, JOHN H.                          NY-58-L-219
BOYD, ROBERT                           NY-58-3-96
BOYD, ROBERT                           NY-58-K-160
BOYD, WILLIAM                          NY-58-W-508
BOYD, WILLIAM R.                       NY-58-6A-406
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                      NY-58-V-171
BRADLEY, JAMES                         NY-58-T-595
BRADSHAW, EMILY                        NY-58-X-19
BRADSHAW, THOMAS                       NY-58-A1-208
BRADSHAW, THOMAS                       NY-58-B1-22
BRADT, TEUNIS H.                       NY-58-B2-104
BRADWAY, JEREMY                        NY-58-5-188
BRADY, JAMES                           NY-58-X-608
BRADY, MARY                            NY-58-6A-250
BRAGG, MARY ANN                        NY-58-X-380
BRAINERD, AUGUSTA                      NY-58-N-797
BRAYMAN, ANN MARIA                     NY-58-7A-531
BRAYMAN, STEPHEN M.                    NY-58-6A-168
BRAYMER, ALFRED                        NY-58-9A-507
BRAYMER, DANIEL                        NY-58-V-599
BRAYMER, DAVID                         NY-58-3-341
BRAYMER, JACOB                         NY-58-F-498
BRAYNER, JACOB                         NY-58-4A-563
BRAYSON, JANE                          NY-58-N-550
BRAYTON, ANSON                         NY-58-P-74
BRAYTON, ARLESTA I.                    NY-58-4A-383
BRAYTON, DAVID                         NY-58-A1-263
BRAYTON, DAVID                         NY-58-G-249
BRAYTON, JOHN                          NY-58-6A-171
BRAYTON, ORLIN                         NY-58-T-392
BRAYTON, SAMUEL                        NY-58-$-214
BRAYTON, STEPHEN                       NY-58-G-299
BRAYTON, SWEET                         NY-58-C-321
BRAYTON, THOMAS                        NY-58-2-282
BRAYTON, THOMAS                        NY-58-T-67
BRAYTON, THOMAS A.                     NY-58-7A-410
BRAYTON, WILLIAM                       NY-58-M-301
BREARTON, JAMES                        NY-58-Y-539
BREASON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-58-5A-436
BRENIN, HENRY                          NY-58-X-342
BRENNEN, MARY                          NY-58-M-222
BREVOORT, JOHN                         NY-58-B1-462
BREWER, JANE                           NY-58-U-41
BREWER, JULIA A.                       NY-58-8A-73
BREWER, PETER                          NY-58-G-329
BRICE, JAMES                           NY-58-5A-190
BRICE, OWEN                            NY-58-4A-473
BRIGGS, ABRAHAM                        NY-58-7-197
BRIGGS, ALEXANDER                      NY-58-N-464
BRIGGS, DAVID O.                       NY-58-7A-450
BRIGGS, ELIZABETH C.                   NY-58-4A-131
BRIGGS, EMMA J.                        NY-58-2A-575
BRIGGS, GEORGE W.                      NY-58-7A-44
BRIGGS, GOERGE H.                      NY-58-5A-218
BRIGGS, JABEZ                          NY-58-7-181
BRIGGS, JAMES                          NY-58-Q-292
BRIGGS, JEREMIAH                       NY-58-A1-481
BRIGGS, MARY E.                        NY-58-6A-115
BRIGGS, PERMLIA                        NY-58-M-94
BRIGGS, STEPHEN                        NY-58-F-514
BRIGHAM, MARTHA E.                     NY-58-M-305
BRIGHT, JAMES                          NY-58-9A-422
BRISBIN, MARIA                         NY-58-V-450
BRISTET, ALBERT S.                     NY-58-N-543
BRISTOL, ALBERT C.                     NY-58-8A-434
BRISTOL, ASA                           NY-58-T-27
BRISTOL, CHARLES L.                    NY-58-5A-509
BRISTOL, ERASTUS                       NY-58-8A-374
BRISTOL, HARRIET A.                    NY-58-4A-289
BRISTOL, JAMES C.                      NY-58-J-167
BRISTOL, LEVI                          NY-58-R-349
BRISTOL, SOPHIA A.                     NY-58-Q-257
BROCKWAY, WILLIAM                      NY-58-$-328
BRODEN, SMITH                          NY-58-K-280
BROMLEY, CHARLES H.                    NY-58-9A-219
BROOKS, MARY M.                        NY-58-3A-157
BROUGHTON, AMOS                        NY-58-P-498
BROUGHTON, EBENEZER                    NY-58-D-453
BROUGHTON, JAMES R.                    NY-58-U-262
BROUGHTON, MARGARET J.                 NY-58-7A-82
BROWN, ALEXANDER C.                    NY-58-X-574
BROWN, ALFRED W.                       NY-58-2A-135
BROWN, AMASA                           NY-58-A2-54
BROWN, AMASA                           NY-58-A1-170
BROWN, CALEB                           NY-58-B2-253
BROWN, CHARLES                         NY-58-N-319
BROWN, CHARLES C.                      NY-58-Q-130
BROWN, CICERO                          NY-58-8A-368
BROWN, CLARISSA                        NY-58-W-472
BROWN, DANIEL M.                       NY-58-H-21
BROWN, DARIUS J.                       NY-58-7A-496
BROWN, DON C.                          NY-58-7A-128
BROWN, ELIZA A.                        NY-58-8A-351
BROWN, EUNICE                          NY-58-3A-80
BROWN, GEORGE F.                       NY-58-$-135
BROWN, HELEN                           NY-58-4A-610
BROWN, HUGH                            NY-58-U-514
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-58-2-80
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-58-A1-467
BROWN, JAMES D.                        NY-58-I-155
BROWN, JAMES H.                        NY-58-$-65
BROWN, JANE BARKLEY                    NY-58-N-790
BROWN, JONATHAN                        NY-58-7-1
BROWN, JONATHAN                        NY-58-E-429
BROWN, JONATHAN                        NY-58-F-1
BROWN, JONATHAN                        NY-58-K-27
BROWN, JOSEPH                          NY-58-G-318
BROWN, JOSEPH                          NY-58-6A-38
BROWN, JOSEPH M.                       NY-58-O-265
BROWN, JOSEPH W.                       NY-58-9A-583
BROWN, LAURA ANN                       NY-58-K-286
BROWN, LEONARD                         NY-58-5A-607
BROWN, LEWIS                           NY-58-A2-49
BROWN, LEWIS                           NY-58-A1-156
BROWN, LOIS M.                         NY-58-3A-1
BROWN, MARY                            NY-58-7-61
BROWN, MELINA                          NY-58-7A-564
BROWN, MICHAEL                         NY-58-4A-467
BROWN, NANCY                           NY-58-R-288
BROWN, OLIVE S.                        NY-58-T-530
BROWN, OLIVER                          NY-58-A1-449
BROWN, RHODA A.                        NY-58-3A-150
BROWN, ROBERT                          NY-58-C-152
BROWN, RUFUS                           NY-58-M-102
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NY-58-A1-92
BROWN, SARAH                           NY-58-N-666
BROWN, SARAH L.                        NY-58-9A-384
BROWN, SILAS                           NY-58-B1-440
BROWN, SLADE D.                        NY-58-B1-399
BROWN, SUSAN H.                        NY-58-Q-469
BROWN, VALENTINE                       NY-58-#1-350
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-58-I-66
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-58-K-178
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-58-2-94
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-58-5-14
BROWNELL, ANNETTE A.                   NY-58-9A-63
BROWNELL, ELIJAH                       NY-58-R-428
BROWNELL, ELIJAH W.                    NY-58-2A-569
BROWNELL, ESEK                         NY-58-D-195
BROWNELL, ETTA C.                      NY-58-V-190
BROWNELL, HIRAM                        NY-58-6A-12
BROWNELL, HORACE                       NY-58-U-221
BROWNELL, ISAAC                        NY-58-J-364
BROWNELL, JOHN                         NY-58-5A-594
BROWNELL, JOHN H.                      NY-58-Y-25
BROWNELL, JULANA                       NY-58-7A-614
BROWNELL, MINERVA A.                   NY-58-I-93
BROWNELL, NATHAN                       NY-58-I-1
BROWNELL, PHEBE ANN                    NY-58-4A-315
BROWNELL, THOMAS                       NY-58-$-300
BROWNSON, CORNELIUS                    NY-58-4-56
BRUCE, HOLLIS                          NY-58-O-464
BRUNO, CHARLES H.                      NY-58-7A-444
BRUNT, CLARISSA                        NY-58-Y-146
BRUSTER, WILLIAM                       NY-58-2-68
BRYANT, LUCRETIA L.                    NY-58-7A-480
BRYATON, JAMES HENRY                   NY-58-8A-176
BUCK, FRANKLIN                         NY-58-O-409
BUCK, ISABELLA MONCRIEF                NY-58-V-486
BUCK, JAMES P.                         NY-58-7A-612
BUCK, JAMES Q.                         NY-58-2A-96
BUCK, PAMELIA                          NY-58-2A-520
BUCK, WILLIAM                          NY-58-P-500
BUCKLEY, EDWARD                        NY-58-P-262
BUCKLEY, HATTIE M.                     NY-58-8A-223
BUCKLEY, JOEL                          NY-58-F-284
BUCKLEY, JOHN                          NY-58-Q-333
BUCKLEY, MOSES                         NY-58-I-401
BUCKLEY, PHEBE J.                      NY-58-U-351
BUCKLEY, TIMOTHY                       NY-58-4A-401
BUCKLIN, WILLIAM R.                    NY-58-7A-435
BUEL, JOSIAH                           NY-58-4-280
BUELL, ESTHER M.                       NY-58-Y-304
BUELL, GEORGE H.                       NY-58-3A-371
BUELL, HARVEY W.                       NY-58-6A-327
BUELL, HESTER JANE                     NY-58-9A-84
BULKLEY, ALFRED                        NY-58-N-634
BULL, CHARLES H.                       NY-58-U-381
BULL, ELIZA                            NY-58-X-53
BULL, GEORGE M.                        NY-58-V-212
BULL, HENRY                            NY-58-I-389
BULL, JOSEPH B.                        NY-58-B2-232
BULL, MORDECAI                         NY-58-F-117
BULL, NATHANIEL                        NY-58-6-226
BULL, PHEBE                            NY-58-L-34
BULLION, WILLIAM DR.                   NY-58-E-310
BULLIONS, ALEXANDER                    NY-58-G-355
BULLIONS, ELIZABETH                    NY-58-9A-41
BULLOCK, RENSSELAER                    NY-58-F-132
BULLOCK, ROWLAND S.                    NY-58-4A-621
BULLOCK, SUSAN                         NY-58-P-105
BULSON, GEORGE                         NY-58-T-574
BUMP, JACOB                            NY-58-O-157
BUMP, JULIETTA                         NY-58-9A-259
BUMP, MARVIN R.                        NY-58-7A-132
BUMP, NANCY                            NY-58-9A-390
BUMP, THOMAS                           NY-58-N-113
BUMP, WARREN S.                        NY-58-O-474
BUNCE, JERUSHA O.                      NY-58-R-462
BURCH, BENJAMIN S.                     NY-58-V-176
BURCH, DAVID                           NY-58-3A-76
BURCH, GEORGE L.                       NY-58-9A-468
BURCH, HANNAH M.                       NY-58-X-417
BURCH, HENRY                           NY-58-M-110
BURCH, JONATHAN                        NY-58-9A-432
BURCH, MARIA G.                        NY-58-9A-171
BURCH, MARY                            NY-58-2A-163
BURCH, WARREN                          NY-58-7A-254
BURDETT, ELLIOT                        NY-58-T-541
BURDICK, ALMIRA                        NY-58-U-273
BURDICK, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-58-T-8
BURDICK, CORNELIA MCCALL               NY-58-8A-633
BURDICK, DAVID                         NY-58-U-299
BURDICK, EPHRAIM                       NY-58-F-280
BURDICK, EPHRAIM                       NY-58-X-309
BURDICK, EZRA                          NY-58-$-547
BURDICK, GEORGE                        NY-58-5-265
BURDICK, MARY A.                       NY-58-7A-14
BURDICK, MARY ANN                      NY-58-1A-550
BURDICK, WINTER                        NY-58-M-146
BURGESS, C. MARTIN                     NY-58-8A-337
BURGESS, GEORGE                        NY-58-$-408
BURGESS, JOHN C.                       NY-58-K-46
BURGESS, MARTIN                        NY-58-8A-337
BURGESS, WILLIAM                       NY-58-9A-301
BURKE, COLON M.                        NY-58-5A-303
BURKE, EDWARD                          NY-58-W-416
BURKE, MARY                            NY-58-4A-403
BURKE, PATRICK                         NY-58-$-235
BURKE, SAMUEL M.                       NY-58-X-221
BURLEIGH, HENRY G.                     NY-58-3A-301
BURLINGHAM, CHRISTOPHER                NY-58-2-115
BURNETT, ALVIRA                        NY-58-P-312
BURNETT, GEORGE G.                     NY-58-7A-388
BURNETT, JOSEPH                        NY-58-N-605
BURNHAM, ASHBEL                        NY-58-A1-523
BURNHAM, JAMES                         NY-58-Q-119
BURNHAM, MARY                          NY-58-N-172
BURNHAM, MARY L.                       NY-58-$-218
BURNHAM, WILLIAM E.                    NY-58-K-66
BURNHAUS, SUSAN A.                     NY-58-X-169
BURNS, GEORGE G.                       NY-58-N-625
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-58-2A-572
BURNS, JOHN W.                         NY-58-7A-295
BURNS, MARTIN                          NY-58-Q-500
BURR, FANNIE E.                        NY-58-5A-8
BURRINGTON, HENRY H.                   NY-58-E-181
BURROUGHS, DAVID                       NY-58-C-373
BURROUGHS, ORLANDO F.                  NY-58-X-237
BURROUGHS, SAMUEL                      NY-58-Q-103
BURROW, ELISHA                         NY-58-A1-166
BURROWS, ELISHA                        NY-58-A2-33
BURT, GEORGE W.                        NY-58-B1-273
BURT, LUCY                             NY-58-F-403
BURTON, AMASA                          NY-58-T-161
BURTON, CLEMENTINE A.                  NY-58-6A-464
BURTON, ISAAC A.                       NY-58-4A-366
BURTON, MARTIN                         NY-58-9A-512
BURTON, SIMON                          NY-58-I-433
BUSH, ADELINE                          NY-58-6A-97
BUSH, LEMUEL                           NY-58-B1-296
BUSH, MARGARETT T.                     NY-58-C-481
BUSSENO, PETER                         NY-58-8A-648
BUTLER, BETSEY                         NY-58-P-309
BUTLER, EDWARD                         NY-58-N-207
BUTLER, MARY                           NY-58-7A-464
BUTLER, ROBINSON                       NY-58-K-216
BUTTERFIELD, OLIVER                    NY-58-L-227
BUTTON, CHARLES N.                     NY-58-N-390
BUTTON, CHAUNCEY I.                    NY-58-6A-236
BUTTON, GIDEON                         NY-58-C-249
BUTTON, JOHN                           NY-58-E-24
BUTTON, MARGARET                       NY-58-M-91
BUTTON, RALPH R.                       NY-58-5A-118
BUTTON, WILLIAM                        NY-58-F-405
BUTTON, WILLIAM                        NY-58-W-624
BYERS, HANNAH                          NY-58-N-708

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