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GAGE, ALMA A.                          NY-57-H-483
GAGE, DORCAS                           NY-57-D-57
GAGE, JOHN                             NY-57-G-562
GAILEY, ALEXANDER                      NY-57-B-157
GAILY, JAMES                           NY-57-D-52
GALLIVAN, MARY MC CARTHY               NY-57-#1-221
GALLUP, THOMAS                         NY-57-J-783
GALUSHA, MARY C.                       NY-57-E-258
GALUSHA, WILLIAM H.                    NY-57-F-43
GALVIN, CATHERINE                      NY-57-I-717
GARDNER, RUFUS P.                      NY-57-E-463
GARRETT, JAMES S.                      NY-57-#1-736
GATES, ALICE                           NY-57-J-521
GATES, CALISA A.                       NY-57-#1-8
GATES, EDWIN H.                        NY-57-J-647
GATES, EDWIN H.                        NY-57-J-647
GATES, JOSEPH H.                       NY-57-I-451
GATES, LOIVSA                          NY-57-I-277
GATES, MARY J.                         NY-57-H-106
GAYGER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-57-G-208
GEE, WILLIAM N.                        NY-57-I-381
GEER, ABBY                             NY-57-F-444
GEER, HENRIETTA V. B.                  NY-57-G-236
GEER, WALTER                           NY-57-B-25
GEORGE, FANNY                          NY-57-#1-374
GILBERT, FRANK W.                      NY-57-I-234
GILCHRIST, FRANK                       NY-57-#1-187
GILCHRIST, MARIA LOUISA                NY-57-F-231
GILCHRIST, MILO                        NY-57-J-376
GILCHRIST, ROBERT                      NY-57-B-421
GILL, COLUMBUS                         NY-57-D-375
GILL, DANIEL                           NY-57-F-61
GILL, JOHN                             NY-57-J-572
GILLESPIE, JOHN                        NY-57-G-502
GILLESPIE, JOHN                        NY-57-H-169
GILMORE, LAURA E.                      NY-57-#1-336
GIRARD, JENNIE                         NY-57-G-478
GIRARD, NAPOLEON                       NY-57-G-723
GIRARD, ROSEDELRINA                    NY-57-F-741
GIRARD, WILLIAM                        NY-57-I-19
GLASIER, ELLEN P.                      NY-57-I-657
GLENNIN, PATRICK                       NY-57-D-406
GOERCK, HENRIETTA                      NY-57-I-248
GOERCK, THEODORE                       NY-57-#1-512
GOLDEN, JOHN                           NY-57-C-187
GONYEA, EDWARD                         NY-57-J-162
GOODMAN, ELEAZAR                       NY-57-H-365
GOODMAN, HEMAN                         NY-57-H-477
GOODMAN, HORATIO N.                    NY-57-E-6
GOODMAN, LUCY A.                       NY-57-G-103
GOODMAN, SAMUEL B.                     NY-57-#1-767
GOODNESS, EUGENE                       NY-57-C-447
GOODNOW, LEVI                          NY-57-B-434
GOODSPEED, MARY ANN                    NY-57-F-716
GOODWIN, HANNAH B.                     NY-57-E-550
GORDON, SARAH A.                       NY-57-J-165
GOULD, HESTER ANN                      NY-57-H-207
GOULD, SARAH ELLEN                     NY-57-E-279
GOULD, WILLAM F.                       NY-57-D-10
GOURLAY, ANDREW                        NY-57-C-244
GOW, MARY M.                           NY-57-I-787
GRACE, LOUISA                          NY-57-D-27
GRANGER, ELLA                          NY-57-#1-663
GRANGER, MARY M.                       NY-57-J-110
GRANT, CHARLES H.                      NY-57-I-164
GRAVES, GILMAN                         NY-57-F-429
GRAVES, HIRAM                          NY-57-C-125
GRAY, ENOCH                            NY-57-D-392
GRAY, HANNAH                           NY-57-D-77
GRAY, HELEN M.                         NY-57-F-557
GREEN, CHARLES H.                      NY-57-I-321
GREEN, DAVID A.                        NY-57-G-761
GREEN, FONES                           NY-57-A-8
GREEN, IRA                             NY-57-C-504
GREEN, JAMES                           NY-57-#1-111
GREEN, JOEL B .                        NY-57-D-199
GREEN, JOHN                            NY-57-C-342
GREEN, LYDIA O.                        NY-57-E-158
GREGORY, ANNA R.                       NY-57-#1-791
GREGORY, DAVID                         NY-57-F-504
GRIFFIN, BENJAMIN                      NY-57-I-685
GRIFFIN, BETSEY                        NY-57-F-162
GRIFFIN, CHARLES B.                    NY-57-C-310
GRIFFIN, CHARLES J.                    NY-57-H-358
GRIFFIN, GEORGE S.                     NY-57-D-498
GRIFFIN, JAMES                         NY-57-B-4
GRIFFIN, MARY W.                       NY-57-H-740
GRIFFIN, PATRICK                       NY-57-F-43
GRIFFING, HENRY                        NY-57-#1-451
GRIFFING, NATHANIEL                    NY-57-E-404
GRIGGS, GEORGE W.                      NY-57-H-466
GRINNELL, ASHBEL                       NY-57-F-214
GRISWOLD, ANN                          NY-57-I-138
GRISWOLD, JAMES H.                     NY-57-G-423
GROGAN, JOHN                           NY-57-H-744
GROOM, THOMAS                          NY-57-D-100
GROUSK, ANNA                           NY-57-E-192
GROVER, LYMAN                          NY-57-C-307
GUILDER, ELIZABETH P.                  NY-57-G-525
GUNN, ANNIE W.                         NY-57-H-283
GUYETT, GEORGE                         NY-57-E-243
GUYETTE, MOSES                         NY-57-J-294
GUYETTE, STEPHEN                       NY-57-J-294
HACK, HORACE J.                        NY-57-E-646
HACK, SUSANNAH                         NY-57-F-234
HACKET, EBENEZER                       NY-57-B-83
HACKETT, PEARL                         NY-57-B-379
HADDEN, FREDRICK O.                    NY-57-J-590
HADDEN, SARAH                          NY-57-J-107
HADDEN, THOMAS                         NY-57-C-422
HAIGHT, THOMAS                         NY-57-F-304
HALE, SAMUEL                           NY-57-A-61
HALEY, JAMES                           NY-57-H-612
HALEY, MARY                            NY-57-J-530
HALEY, PATRICK                         NY-57-#1-488
HALL, AARON                            NY-57-I-335
HALL, AARON                            NY-57-B-351
HALL, BENJAMIN                         NY-57-C-488
HALL, CLINTON J.                       NY-57-I-626
HALL, CONTENT                          NY-57-H-122
HALL, DANIEL                           NY-57-A-54
HALL, EBENEZER                         NY-57-I-98
HALL, FRANK T.                         NY-57-#1-378
HALL, GEORGE F.                        NY-57-#1-278
HALL, GEORGE L.                        NY-57-F-681
HALL, HIRAM                            NY-57-E-379
HALL, JESSIE A.                        NY-57-H-485
HALL, LUCINDA                          NY-57-H-539
HALL, MARY A.                          NY-57-J-44
HALL, POLLY                            NY-57-C-200
HAMMOND, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN             NY-57-#1-23
HAMMOND, CHARLOTTE L.                  NY-57-J-359
HAMMOND, CORNELIUS                     NY-57-B-44
HAMMOND, ERVIN W.                      NY-57-B-457
HAMMOND, FANNIE E.                     NY-57-H-574
HAMMOND, HARRIET E.                    NY-57-F-475
HAMMOND, IRA                           NY-57-J-7
HAMMOND, JOHN N.                       NY-57-#1-493
HAMMOND, JULIA M.                      NY-57-F-582
HAMMOND, OLIVER                        NY-57-J-200
HAMMOND, REUBEN H.                     NY-57-I-60
HAMSTRAUGHT, RICHARD                   NY-57-A-74
HANER, LYDIA JANE                      NY-57-#1-1
HARDY, EMILY                           NY-57-J-153
HARPER, JAMES                          NY-57-J-729
HARPER, THOMAS                         NY-57-C-279
HARRINGTON, ALONSON J.                 NY-57-F-564
HARRINGTON, CAROLINE E.                NY-57-J-324
HARRINGTON, ESTHER S.                  NY-57-I-573
HARRINGTON, SARAH L.                   NY-57-I-28
HARRINGTON, VIOLET M.                  NY-57-#1-559
HARRIS, BENTLEY J.                     NY-57-D-22
HARRIS, BRAYTON                        NY-57-G-650
HARRIS, DANIEL                         NY-57-A-189
HARRIS, ELMA                           NY-57-H-232
HARRIS, FRANCES A.                     NY-57-G-519
HARRIS, HENRY                          NY-57-B-245
HARRIS, JOHN D.                        NY-57-J-791
HARRIS, JOHN J.                        NY-57-B-397
HARRIS, JOSEPH                         NY-57-A-155
HARRIS, LIFILET                        NY-57-E-391
HARRIS, MICHAEL                        NY-57-A-69
HARRIS, PATIENCE M.                    NY-57-E-719
HARRIS, ROSETTA                        NY-57-#1-621
HARRIS, SARAH                          NY-57-B-243
HARRIS, VENIAH W.                      NY-57-G-92
HARRIS, WARREN                         NY-57-G-239
HARRIS, WILLIAM                        NY-57-A-123
HARRIS, WILLIAM D.                     NY-57-A-164
HARRISS, MARY S.                       NY-57-F-420
HARRISS, SEERS                         NY-57-D-401
HART, MARGARET                         NY-57-#1-126
HARTMAN, AZAEL E.                      NY-57-#1-34
HARTMAN, COONROD                       NY-57-C-268
HARTMAN, ELVIRA M.                     NY-57-I-346
HARTMAN, EZRA                          NY-57-I-487
HARTMAN, LEONARD                       NY-57-B-215
HARVEY, SARAH                          NY-57-G-349
HARWOOD, MARY CHARLOTTE                NY-57-#1-750
HAVERTY, HATTIE M.                     NY-57-#1-320
HAVILAND, AMOS B.                      NY-57-J-349
HAVILAND, DAVID                        NY-57-B-150
HAVILAND, ELIZA                        NY-57-F-197
HAVILAND, FRANCES M.                   NY-57-I-359
HAVILAND, HARRIET A.                   NY-57-C-176
HAVILAND, HARRIS G.                    NY-57-H-471
HAVILAND, JOHN G.                      NY-57-C-63
HAVILAND, JOHN G.                      NY-57-J-660
HAVILAND, JOHN M.                      NY-57-C-429
HAVILAND, JOSEPH                       NY-57-J-38
HAVILAND, MARY                         NY-57-B-363
HAVILAND, MARY C.                      NY-57-D-491
HAVILAND, MARY P.                      NY-57-F-672
HAVILAND, MARYETTE                     NY-57-J-587
HAVILAND, PERIAM T.                    NY-57-H-108
HAVILAND, ROGER                       NY-57-C-20
HAVILAND, ROGER                        NY-57-B-8
HAVILAND, ROGER E.                     NY-57-D-310
HAVILAND, SOLOMON                      NY-57-A-325
HAVILAND, WILLIS H.                    NY-57-D-176
HAWLEY, EMMA NICHOLS                   NY-57-J-156
HAWLEY, HIRAM                          NY-57-C-101
HAYES, BENJAMIN                        NY-57-G-475
HAYES, FILETTA                         NY-57-#1-256
HAYES, GEORGE                          NY-57-D-262
HAYES, HALSEY BURNHAM                  NY-57-F-398
HAYS, DAVID                            NY-57-A-132
HAYS, JAMES                            NY-57-A-29
HAYS, SAMUEL                           NY-57-E-284
HAYS, SIDNEY B.                        NY-57-I-280
HAYS, THOMAS                           NY-57-A-72
HAZELTON, SARAH F.                     NY-57-#1-37
HEALEY, JULIA                          NY-57-F-484
HEATH, CALEB P.                        NY-57-I-398
HEATH, CHARLES F.                      NY-57-G-292
HEATH, HENERY                          NY-57-C-399
HEATH, SIDNEY B.                       NY-57-I-756
HEBERT, EMMA                           NY-57-G-767
HEBERT, MARY                           NY-57-G-695
HEFFRON, JOHN                          NY-57-D-119
HEFFRON, MARY                          NY-57-#1-368
HEFFRON, PATRICK                       NY-57-H-584
HEGEMAN, CAROLINE                      NY-57-J-280
HEMSTREET, ABRAM                       NY-57-C-281
HENDRYX, ABRAHAM                       NY-57-A-24
HENDRYX, AMOS                          NY-57-C-113
HENDRYX, ELIZA                         NY-57-J-331
HENNESSY, JOHN M.                      NY-57-I-267
HENNING, JANE I.                       NY-57-I-293
HENNING, WILLIAM E.                    NY-57-G-177
HERALD, JOHN                           NY-57-H-119
HERLIHEY, PATRICK                      NY-57-I-492
HERLIHY, JOHN                          NY-57-F-336
HERLIHY, MARY                          NY-57-J-617
HERLIHY, WILLIAM                       NY-57-J-686
HERMANCE, ELIZA B.                     NY-57-J-240
HERRIC, HANNAH P.                      NY-57-I-70
HERRICK, MARY                          NY-57-B-230
HERRICK, WILLIAM                       NY-57-D-291
HERRINGTON, ANNIE M.                   NY-57-I-107
HESKETH, CHARLES                       NY-57-#1-717
HEWETT, JBAKER E.                      NY-57-J-690
HIBBARD, LOUISA                        NY-57-#1-10
HICKEY, DANIEL                         NY-57-H-594
HICKEY, RICHARD                        NY-57-H-143
HICKS, CORDELIA C.                     NY-57-F-265
HIGBY, LEWIS E.                        NY-57-C-103
HIGH, KATE B.                          NY-57-F-752
HIGLEY, STELRING F.                    NY-57-#1-99
HIGSON, JAMES                          NY-57-A-177
HILKINS, MARY A.                       NY-57-#1-601
HILKINS, ROBERT S.                     NY-57-H-603
HILL, CHARLES B.                       NY-57-#1-397
HILL, JESSE                            NY-57-E-164
HILL, LEVI                             NY-57-F-117
HILL, SIDNEY                           NY-57-F-258
HILL, SYLVANUS                         NY-57-C-40
HILL, THOMAS B.                        NY-57-I-465
HILL, TIMOTHY M.                       NY-57-I-682
HILL, WILLIAM G.                       NY-57-E-373
HILLIS, JAMES                          NY-57-C-300
HILLS, ANNA DUNCAN                     NY-57-G-780
HILLS, DANIEL                          NY-57-C-384
HIMS, HARRIET A.                       NY-57-J-552
HITCHCOCK, ASAHEL                      NY-57-F-146
HITCHCOCK, PHEBE A.                    NY-57-#1-550
HITCHCOCK, URBAN                       NY-57-E-709
HOAG, JULIA S.                         NY-57-I-668
HOAG, MOSES                            NY-57-H-381
HOAG, NANCY WHITAKER                   NY-57-H-64
HOAG, WILLIAM                          NY-57-D-110
HOAG, WILLIAM                          NY-57-#1-426
HODGIN, EDITH L.                       NY-57-#1-684
HODGIN, JAMES                          NY-57-H-7
HODGSON, JOHN                          NY-57-B-6
HOEY, ANNA                             NY-57-J-275
HOEY, JANE                             NY-57-#1-497
HOGAL, BARNEY P.                       NY-57-B-274
HOGAL, JOHN                            NY-57-B-257
HOGAN, DANIEL J.                       NY-57-#1-762
HOGAN, JAMES                           NY-57-H-777
HOGLE, DEBORAH J.                      NY-57-#1-797
HOGLE, FANNY                           NY-57-C-134
HOGLE, HENRY                           NY-57-E-232
HOGLE, VALENTINE                       NY-57-F-297
HOLDEN, AUSTIN W.                      NY-57-E-737
HOLDEN, ELIZABETH B.                   NY-57-E-655
HOLLAND, ELLA M.                       NY-57-E-505
HOLLAND, MARY TERESA                   NY-57-J-24
HOLLEY, CHARLES M.                     NY-57-J-353
HOLLEY, EDGAR                          NY-57-G-730
HOLLEY, SUSAN                          NY-57-#1-447
HOLLEY, WILLSON F.                     NY-57-F-279
HOLLY, BENJAMIN                        NY-57-A-162
HOPKINS, ALANSON B.                    NY-57-E-134
HOPKINS, ELIZABETH G.                  NY-57-#1-582
HOPKINS, LAURA                         NY-57-J-4
HOTCHKISS, ELIZABETH                   NY-57-D-324
HOTCHKISS, SARAH JANE                  NY-57-B-65
HOTCHKISS, WILLIAM                     NY-57-D-114
HOUGHTALING, JAMES W.                  NY-57-H-24
HOVEY, CHARLES A.                      NY-57-#1-193
HOW, HEZEKIAH                          NY-57-B-251
HOWARD, ADELIA C.                      NY-57-H-194
HOWE, CLARK                            NY-57-#1-401
HOWE, DELBERT S.                       NY-57-#1-561
HOWE, DIANTHA A.                       NY-57-#1-680
HOWE, FLORENCE A.                      NY-57-I-796
HOWE, HENRY STEPHEN                    NY-57-H-157
HOWE, JOSHUA NEWTON                    NY-57-I-547
HOWE, LUKE                             NY-57-C-477
HOWE, SMITH                            NY-57-I-126
HUBBELL, FREDERICK S.                  NY-57-E-577
HUBBELL, JEROME E.                     NY-57-#1-434
HUBBELL, JOHN R.                       NY-57-E-1
HUBBELL, MARY F.                       NY-57-F-103
HUBBELL, SHADRICK                      NY-57-B-19
HUDNUT, EVELYN ISABELLE                NY-57-#1-665
HULIHEY, MARY                          NY-57-H-597
HULTZ, CATHERINE E.                    NY-57-I-407
HUNT, HENRIETTA M.                     NY-57-#1-438
HUNT, LEWIS                            NY-57-B-47
HUNTER, WILLIAM                        NY-57-B-370
HURLEY, DANIEL                         NY-57-D-139
HURLEY, ELLEN                          NY-57-I-734
HURLEY, JAMES                          NY-57-C-156
HURLEY, MARGARET                       NY-57-I-386
HURLEY, MICHAEL                        NY-57-E-356
HURLEY, TIMOTHY                        NY-57-E-612
HURLEY, TIMOTHY                        NY-57-J-77
HURST, CAHTERINE ELIZABETH             NY-57-#1-27
HUSE, EDWIN                            NY-57-A-409
HUSEY, ALICE A.                        NY-57-H-749
HYDE, SARAH M.                         NY-57-H-726
HYER, JOSEPHINE                        NY-57-H-326
INGRAM, DAVID                          NY-57-B-76
IRISH, AMOS                            NY-57-B-308
IRISH, AMOS                            NY-57-B-78
IRISH, CLIFFORD E.                     NY-57-I-426
IRISH, ELIZA                           NY-57-E-162
IRISH, JONATHAN                        NY-57-D-132
IVES, JOHN J.                          NY-57-D-303
JACKMAN, SAMUEL P.                     NY-57-D-403
JACKMAN, SARAH                         NY-57-J-35
JACKSON, EDWARD                        NY-57-H-667
JACKSON, ESTLELA B.                    NY-57-I-4
JACKSON, GEORGE                        NY-57-F-325
JENKINS, CARR                          NY-57-A-293
JENKINS, CLARK                         NY-57-B-164
JENKINS, CLAYTON W.                    NY-57-#1-610
JENKINS, GAMALIEL                      NY-57-H-91
JENKINS, JOHN                          NY-57-C-378
JENKINS, JOHN                          NY-57-A-150
JENKINS, JOSEPH                        NY-57-A-385
JENKINS, PALMER B.                     NY-57-C-480
JENKINS, SAMUEL                        NY-57-C-203
JENKINS, SIMEON                        NY-57-A-143
JENKS, CHARLOTTE                       NY-57-D-276
JENKS, ELIZABETH                       NY-57-#1-122
JENKS, JOHN                            NY-57-B-320
JENKS, LIVINGSTON S.                   NY-57-G-382
JODOIN, DELVIA GRANT                   NY-57-D-300
JOHNSON, BRIDGET C.                    NY-57-G-661
JOHNSON, DAVID                         NY-57-A-244
JOHNSON, EDITH C.                      NY-57-J-417
JOHNSON, EMMET T.                      NY-57-H-752
JOHNSON, ROBERT A.                     NY-57-#1-62
JOHNSON, SANFORD W.                    NY-57-E-746
JONES, MATTIE E.                       NY-57-J-779
JONES, SAXTON                          NY-57-C-44
JOSLYN, CALVIN                         NY-57-H-517
JOUBERT, FRANK W.                      NY-57-J-440
JOUN, DANIEL B.                        NY-57-E-530
KAPLAN, LOUIS                          NY-57-#1-639
KAYS, JOHN                             NY-57-E-36
KEEFE, JERMEIAH W.                     NY-57-J-803
KEEFE, JOHN                            NY-57-B-357
KEEFE, MARY                            NY-57-#1-459
KEEFFE, THOMAS                         NY-57-J-662
KEENAN, ANNE                           NY-57-H-85
KEENAN, JOHN                           NY-57-#1-49
KEENAN, MARGARET                       NY-57-J-268
KELLENNY, ELLA C.                      NY-57-#1-394
KELLEY, BRIDGET C.                     NY-57-J-402
KELLEY, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-57-#1-382
KELLOGG, ANSON                         NY-57-E-731
KELLOGG, ASHLEY T.                     NY-57-J-795
KELLY, WILLIAM                         NY-57-D-259
KENNY, ALEXVINA                        NY-57-E-637
KENWELL, THOMAS                        NY-57-#1-415
KENWORTHY, JOHN L. JR.                 NY-57-H-390
KENWORTHY, JOHN L.                     NY-57-F-381
KENWORTHY, LAURA L.                    NY-57-H-191
KENYON, EBENEZER                       NY-57-C-34
KENYON, GEORGE W.                      NY-57-C-242
KENYON, JENNIE                         NY-57-J-666
KENYON, JOHN S.                        NY-57-H-154
KENYON, MINERVA                        NY-57-D-408
KENYON, WILLIAM HENRY                  NY-57-G-463
KENYON, WILLIAM JAMES                  NY-57-J-456
KETTENBACH, SOPHIA                     NY-57-I-575
KEYES, EMILY C.                        NY-57-H-71
KIBNER, ADELINE                        NY-57-F-441
KIGNSLEY, MARGARET                     NY-57-G-753
KILEY, MARY C.                         NY-57-#1-64
KILEY, WILLIAM L.                      NY-57-I-369
KILMER, MARIA                          NY-57-F-15
KIMBERLY, ISRAEL                       NY-57-A-380
KING, JAMES B.                         NY-57-E-101
KING, MINERVA R.                       NY-57-F-523
KINGSLEY, JOHN                         NY-57-F-693
KINGSLEY, JULIA E.                     NY-57-F-554
KINMOUTH, PETER                        NY-57-J-763
KIPP, CYRUS F.                         NY-57-E-241
KIPP, NETTIE F.                        NY-57-F-592
KIPP, RULIF                            NY-57-E-681
KITTENBACK, HENRY                      NY-57-F-572
KITTRIDGE, CINDERELLA                  NY-57-C-499
KNAPP, BENJAMIN R.                     NY-57-B-340
KNAPP, ISAAC J.                        NY-57-D-332
KNAPP, MILO D.                         NY-57-G-785
KNAUTH, ANTONIO                        NY-57-#1-68
KNAUTH, PERCIVAL                       NY-57-G-496
KNICKERBACKER, ELIZA                   NY-57-#1-25
KNIGHT, EDMUND W.                      NY-57-D-255
KNIGHT, JOHN W.                        NY-57-I-637
KNOWLTON, FRANCIS L.                   NY-57-I-503
KNOX, JOHN CALVING                     NY-57-#1-457
KUGEL, MORRIS                          NY-57-#1-501
LABAU, NICHOLAS B.                     NY-57-C-197
LABOUNTY, ELLEN                        NY-57-G-89
LABOUNTY, MARY E.                      NY-57-I-561
LACKEY, ELLEN M.                       NY-57-#1-548
LADOW, POLLY M.                        NY-57-E-251
LAFLURE, JOSEPH                        NY-57-J-283
LAKE, BETSEY                           NY-57-D-105
LAKE, PHILANDER M.                     NY-57-B-43
LAMARSH, RUTH                          NY-57-#1-756
LAMB, JESSE                            NY-57-B-343
LAMEBRT, MARY A.                       NY-57-#1-358
LANDEN, SAMUEL H.                      NY-57-A-311
LANDER, DAVID D.                       NY-57-D-38
LANDERS, JAMES                         NY-57-J-127
LANDON, EMMA P.                        NY-57-I-631
LANDON, JOHN L.                        NY-57-G-252
LANE, ALONZO                           NY-57-I-463
LANE, DEIDAMIA                         NY-57-#1-589
LANE, JULIA A.                         NY-57-#1-214
LANE, SARAH J.                         NY-57-G-286
LANGDON, AMANDA                        NY-57-D-457
LANGDON, RICHARD                       NY-57-D-470
LANGWORTHY, GEORGE                     NY-57-G-58
LaPELL, LIZZIE                         NY-57-#1-97
LAPELL, EUNICE                         NY-57-G-718
LAPELL, ZADOCK                         NY-57-H-682
LAPHAM, BENJAMIN                       NY-57-D-145
LAPHAM, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-57-I-445
LAPHAM, HANNAH                         NY-57-#1-507
LAPHAM, HENRY G.                       NY-57-F-188
LAPHAM, JEROME                         NY-57-G-268
LAPHAM, LYDIA L.                       NY-57-F-112
LAPHAM, WALTER J.                      NY-57-I-37
LAPOINT, WALTER JAMES                  NY-57-#1-499
LARKIN, FRANCES M.                     NY-57-J-232
LASHUA, ORRIN                          NY-57-E-31
LATHAM, BENJAMIN                       NY-57-H-769
LATHAM, MILES H.                       NY-57-H-708
LATTAMORE, MATILDA                     NY-57-#1-178
LAUGHTON, MARY R.                      NY-57-J-46
LAVERY, HUGH                           NY-57-D-431
LAVERY, JOANNAH B.                     NY-57-H-372
LAVERY, JOSEPHINE E.                   NY-57-D-287
LAVERY, WILILAM                        NY-57-C-439
LAWLER, JEREMIAH                       NY-57-#1-301
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH                    NY-57-#1-195
LEACH, WILLIAM                         NY-57-A-50
LEARY, JOHANNAH                        NY-57-D-421
LEARY, MARY                            NY-57-E-609
LEARY, O. JOHN                         NY-57-C-486
LEARY, PATRICK H.                      NY-57-F-322
LEAVENS, DANIEL S.                     NY-57-#1-52
LEAVENS, DEBORAH E.                    NY-57-G-398
LEAVENS, FANNIE A.                     NY-57-I-578
LEAVENS, HENRY R.                      NY-57-J-237
LEAVENS, THURLOW C.                    NY-57-#1-455
LEAVITT, EUGENE                        NY-57-H-647
LEE, GEORGE W.                         NY-57-G-603
LEE, JAMES                             NY-57-H-38
LEE, KATE C.                           NY-57-G-6
LEFEVRE, PETER                         NY-57-G-40
LEGGETT, CHARLES                       NY-57-A-185
LEGGETT, JOSEPH W.                     NY-57-C-37
LEHAN, CORNELIUS J.                    NY-57-#1-85
LEHAVRE, DENNIS                        NY-57-H-151
LENT, JOHN                             NY-57-D-440
LEONARD, JOHN H.                       NY-57-#1-66
LEWIS, MIRANDA                         NY-57-E-456
LIGHT, JOHN                            NY-57-I-553
LINDSAY, CARMI                         NY-57-B-182
LINDSEY, ABBEY                         NY-57-E-663
LINDSEY, IRA                           NY-57-D-322
LINDSEY, JOEL                          NY-57-B-272
LINDSEY, RENSSELAER                    NY-57-B-234
LINEHAN, CORNELIUS                     NY-57-J-453
LINEHAN, JOHN                          NY-57-H-430
LINEHAN, MARY                          NY-57-H-114
LINEHAN, RICHARD J.                    NY-57-#1-482
LITTLE, AMANDA E.                      NY-57-H-277
LITTLE, GEORGE W.                      NY-57-J-10
LITTLE, MEREDITH B.                    NY-57-J-459
LITTLE, ROBERT                         NY-57-C-239
LITTLE, RUSSELL M.                     NY-57-F-1
LITTLE, SAMUEL                         NY-57-F-710
LITTLE, SAMUEL                         NY-57-G-205
LITTLEWOOD, PHILENA                    NY-57-C-4
LLOYD, WILLIAM JAMES                   NY-57-I-315
LOBDELL, ALMIRA N.                     NY-57-H-56
LOCKE, A. NEWTON                       NY-57-F-120
LOCKE, RANSOM                          NY-57-H-201
LOCKHART, EDWARD                       NY-57-G-516
LOCKHART, FRANCES A.                   NY-57-#1-503
LOCKHART, GEORGE                       NY-57-H-266
LOCKWOOD, ABEL D.                      NY-57-D-220
LONG, CHARLES W.                       NY-57-#1-575
LONG, DAVID                            NY-57-C-42
LONG, DAVID R.                         NY-57-#1-562
LOOMIS, LAURA A.                       NY-57-I-355
LOOMIS, RUSSEL M. L.                   NY-57-H-302
LORD, ANNA                             NY-57-E-221
LORD, IRA                              NY-57-B-232
LORD, LEVI                             NY-57-F-18
LORD, LUCY                             NY-57-G-115
LORD, PHEBE ROSE                       NY-57-J-599
LORD, SARAH B.                         NY-57-C-418
LOSEE, HENRY                           NY-57-J-168
LOSEE, MARIA                           NY-57-I-129
LOUDON, NANCY                          NY-57-D-398
LOUDON, NELLIE S.                      NY-57-#1-204
LOUPRETT, AMOS                         NY-57-E-398
LOVELAND, CHARLES F.                   NY-57-I-205
LOVELAND, SUSANNAH                     NY-57-I-44
LOVELESS, JOHN H.                      NY-57-C-53
LOWENTHAL, JOSEPH S.                   NY-57-I-617
LOWRY, ELIZABETH B.                    NY-57-H-674
LOY, CHARLES                           NY-57-C-319
LUBY, JEREMIAH                         NY-57-G-325
LUBY, PATRICK                          NY-57-G-28
LUCE, JOHN B.                          NY-57-A-298
LUCIA, GEORGE W.                       NY-57-#1-740
LUNDA, JOHN                            NY-57-A-282
LUPIEN, DELIA                          NY-57-I-497
LUPIEN, FRED G.                        NY-57-G-434
LUTHER, GEORGE S.                      NY-57-J-429
LYNCH, JEREMIAH                        NY-57-E-166
LYNCH, JOHN B.                         NY-57-D-362
LYNCH, JULIA                           NY-57-J-478
LYNCH, MORRIS F.                       NY-57-H-299
LYON, MARY E.                          NY-57-G-43
LYON, WILLIAM                          NY-57-F-211
MABBETT, CAORLINE A.                   NY-57-B-139
MACGREGOR, DUNCAN                      NY-57-F-798
MAHAN, SYLVESTER                       NY-57-J-256
MAHONEY, JEREMIAH C.                   NY-57-H-329
MAHONEY, NORA                          NY-57-J-197
MAHONEY, THOMAS                        NY-57-D-354
MALLERY, ALFRED                        NY-57-G-66
MALLESON, SARAH ELIZABETH              NY-57-D-146
MALONEY, THOMAS                        NY-57-I-608
MALONY, PATRICK                        NY-57-F-546
MANN, SARAH                            NY-57-G-432
MANSFIELD, DELIA                       NY-57-I-393
MARSH, WILLIAM Q.                      NY-57-J-291
MARSHALL, GEORGE                       NY-57-H-606
MARSHALL, LORENZO                      NY-57-G-233
MARSHALL, WILLIAM M.                   NY-57-E-725
MARTIN, HENRY T.                       NY-57-D-60
MARTIN, JAMES J.                       NY-57-E-481
MARTIN, WILILAM                        NY-57-B-141
MARTINE, BYRON A.                      NY-57-D-449
MARTINE, SARAH                         NY-57-F-684
MASON, CALVIN                          NY-57-H-581
MASON, CHLOE F.                        NY-57-F-368
MASON, EDELINE A.                      NY-57-#1-182
MASON, JAMES A.                        NY-57-I-596
MASON, JOHN T.                         NY-57-E-618
MATHEWS, CAROLINE C.                   NY-57-E-467
MATTISON, GEORGE W.                    NY-57-I-144
MATTISON, JOB                          NY-57-E-675
MATTISON, REUBEN S.                    NY-57-E-388
MAXIM, CORNELIA                        NY-57-I-304
MAXIM, REBECCA                         NY-57-F-341
MAY, LOUISA P.                         NY-57-D-187
MAY, STEPHEN A.                        NY-57-C-502
MAYNARD, HENRY C.                      NY-57-H-240
MAYNARD, MARY E.                       NY-57-J-185
MAYNARD, MAURICE                       NY-57-B-180
MCAULIFFE, DENNIS                      NY-57-G-703
MCAULIFFE, TIMOTHY                     NY-57-#1-93
MCAVEIGH, PATRICK                      NY-57-G-610
MCCAGHEY, MARY                         NY-57-J-175
MCCALL, CATHERINE                      NY-57-F-143
MCCANN, ARTHUR M.                      NY-57-#1-631
MCCARTHY, DENNIS                       NY-57-#1-521
MCCARTHY, ELIZABETH                    NY-57-#1-705
MCCARTHY, ELLEN                        NY-57-G-620
MCCARTHY, ELLEN                        NY-57-G-362
MCCARTHY, HANORA                       NY-57-G-587
MCCARTHY, MARY                         NY-57-I-25
MCCARTHY, PATRICK                      NY-57-D-160
MCCAULEY, CHARLES W.                   NY-57-#1-577
MCCAW, JANE                            NY-57-E-177
MCCOY, JULIA F.                        NY-57-C-420
MCDERMOTT, JAMES                       NY-57-H-139
MCDONALD, CLARA M.                     NY-57-E-295
MCDONALD, COLLIN                       NY-57-A-349
MCDONALD, JAMES S.                     NY-57-B-126
MCDONALD, JOHN                         NY-57-A-88
MCDONALD, LEONARD G.                   NY-57-F-139
MCDONALD, PETER                        NY-57-B-36
MCDONALD, WILLIAM                      NY-57-C-14
MCECHRON, JOHN S.                      NY-57-J-776
MCECHRON, WILLIAM                      NY-57-H-677
MCELLIGOTT, JAMES H.                   NY-57-#1-744
MCELROY, CHARLES A.                    NY-57-#1-713
MCEWAN, CHARLES R.                     NY-57-D-49
MCFARLAND, LUCY A.                     NY-57-F-354
MCFARLAND, SALLY                       NY-57-E-777
MCGARRY, JOHN                          NY-57-G-222
MCGEOUGH, JOHN                         NY-57-E-290
MCGILLICUDDY, DANIEL                   NY-57-G-565
MCGILLIS, MARY CHARLOTTE               NY-57-#1-750
MCGINNIS, MICHAEL                      NY-57-G-277
MCGINNIS, PATRICK                      NY-57-#1-191
MCGINNISS, ROSE                        NY-57-G-674
MCGREGOR, ALEXANDER                    NY-57-B-87
MCGREGOR, SARAH                        NY-57-F-385
MCGRIEVEY, MARY ANN                    NY-57-#1-444
MCKAY, JAMES B.                        NY-57-#1-637
MCKEE, WILLIAM                         NY-57-B-387
MCKINNEY, WILLIAM                      NY-57-F-159
MCLAREN, JOHN                          NY-57-A-22
MCLAUGHLIN, CHARLES S.                 NY-57-#1-239
MCLOUGHLIN, MARGARET                   NY-57-G-412
MCMASTER, MARY                         NY-57-I-440
MCMILLEN, HUGH                         NY-57-A-97
MCMINN, WILLIAM                        NY-57-F-289
MCMULLEN, ARTHUR                       NY-57-H-355
MCMULLEN, MARY ANN                     NY-57-I-731
MCMULLIN, CHARLES                      NY-57-H-128
MCMURRAY, GEORGE H.                    NY-57-G-637
MCNAMARA, WILLIAM H.                   NY-57-J-664
MCNULTY, JOHN                          NY-57-D-465
MCNUTT, ELLA                           NY-57-I-181
MCNUTT, GEORGE E.                      NY-57-I-184
MCNUTT, SARAH ANN                      NY-57-F-332
MCOMBER, ALVIRA                        NY-57-I-374
MCSHANE, ANN                           NY-57-I-124
MCSHANE, ROSANA                        NY-57-J-14
MCSWEENEY, DENNIS                      NY-57-E-740
MCSWEENEY, DENNIS J.                   NY-57-#1-315
MEAD, ALMERON H.                       NY-57-F-46
MEAD, CATHERINE C.                     NY-57-J-159
MEAD, CHARLOTTE H.                     NY-57-I-200
MEAD, DANIEL                           NY-57-A-170
MEAD, DEBORAH D.                       NY-57-C-256
MEAD, EDWARD B.                        NY-57-H-397
MEAD, ELI                              NY-57-A-274
MEAD, ELLA F.                          NY-57-#1-366
MEAD, EMELINE                          NY-57-J-696
MEAD, EZBUN H.                         NY-57-C-31
MEAD, EZRA                             NY-57-J-116
MEAD, GIDEON                           NY-57-A-30
MEAD, HELEN                            NY-57-I-240
MEAD, HOBBY                            NY-57-B-438
MEAD, JAMES                            NY-57-I-430
MEAD, JOSEPH E.                        NY-57-C-458
MEAD, KATE E.                          NY-57-E-728
MEAD, MARTIN                           NY-57-C-195
MEAD, ORRISON                          NY-57-C-73
MEAD, SHADRACK F.                      NY-57-B-102
MEAD, WILLIAM T.                       NY-57-D-135
MEADE, JOHN J.                         NY-57-#1-345
MEARS, MARIA B.                        NY-57-F-462
MEEHAN, MARGARET                       NY-57-#1-734
MENZIES, ELIZABETH                     NY-57-H-314
MENZIES, ELLEN WIGLEY                  NY-57-#1-463
MERRICK, ANTOINE                       NY-57-I-313
MESSENGER, LUTHER                      NY-57-B-113
MICKLE, ARAD B.                        NY-57-J-27
MIDDLETON, BETSEY ANN                  NY-57-C-472
MIDDLETON, NATHANIEL                   NY-57-D-434
MILES, WALLACE R.                      NY-57-I-318
MILLARD, HIRAM L.                      NY-57-D-305
MILLER, CATHRINE                       NY-57-H-771
MILLER, ELIZA M.                       NY-57-J-129
MILLER, FANNIE                         NY-57-I-242
MILLER, GEORGE S.                      NY-57-H-515
MILLER, JACOB                          NY-57-H-375
MILLER, JOE                            NY-57-#1-212
MILLER, JOHN J.                        NY-57-G-316
MILLER, LYDIA                          NY-57-E-640
MILLER, ROSE A.                        NY-57-#1-682
MILLER, SAMUEL                         NY-57-A-387
MILLER, SARAH A.                       NY-57-G-86
MILLER, WILLIAM                        NY-57-G-387
MILLER, WILLIAM S.                     NY-57-C-116
MILLS, ELIZA ANN                       NY-57-E-230
MILLS, ISAAC                           NY-57-G-37
MILLS, JOSEPH B.                       NY-57-G-466
MILLS, THOMAS                          NY-57-E-301
MINOR, JOHN                            NY-57-I-72
MITCHELL, ELISHA                       NY-57-C-393
MONROE, GEORGE                         NY-57-F-149
MONTANYE, E. DUPUY                     NY-57-J-580
MONTEE, ELIZABETH                      NY-57-E-452
MONTEE, JOHN                           NY-57-I-9
MONTEE, NELSON                         NY-57-H-534
MONTEE, PHILOME                        NY-57-D-95
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT                     NY-57-I-33
MOON, JOHN                             NY-57-A-66
MOORE, EMILY SAWYER                    NY-57-#1-130
MOORE, JOHN W.                         NY-57-F-607
MOORE, ORRIN                           NY-57-J-505
MOORE, WILLIAM                         NY-57-H-258
MOORE, WILLIAM W.                      NY-57-E-324
MOREHOUSE, ANSEL                       NY-57-D-30
MOREHOUSE, ARVIN                       NY-57-D-264
MOREHOUSE, IRA A.                      NY-57-F-228
MOREHOUSE, ISAAC                       NY-57-D-347
MOREHOUSE, MILES A.                    NY-57-J-229
MORGAN, ALONZO W.                      NY-57-E-375
MORGAN, EUNCIE T.                      NY-57-C-286
MORGAN, FREEMAN M.                     NY-57-I-696
MORGAN, JAMES W.                       NY-57-F-766
MORGAN, JONAH                          NY-57-B-46
MORGAN, JOSIAH S.                      NY-57-E-276
MORGAN, SARAH                          NY-57-B-346
MORIARTY, JOHN                         NY-57-E-474
MORRIS, JAMES                          NY-57-F-782
MORRIS, PATRICK                        NY-57-B-311
MORTON, CHARLES H.                     NY-57-J-720
MOSES, SAMUEL B..                      NY-57-#1-54
MOSHER, ALEXANDER                      NY-57-J-781
MOSHER, FRED R.                        NY-57-H-787
MOSHER, ISAAC                          NY-57-C-493
MOSHER, NATHAN                         NY-57-A-84
MOSHER, THANKFUL                       NY-57-G-681
MOSS, LUCY B.                          NY-57-G-149
MOSS, NAPOLEON B.                      NY-57-#1-247
MOSTON, WILLARD                        NY-57-#1-253
MOTT, ANNA                             NY-57-H-789
MOTT, ISAAC                            NY-57-G-201
MOTT, REBECCA                          NY-57-G-456
MOTT, SARAH J. COX                     NY-57-H-717
MOTT, WILLIAM                          NY-57-D-232
MOULTON, JOSIAH E.                     NY-57-I-324
MOYNEHAN, DANIEL                       NY-57-D-137
MOYNEHAN, DENNIS                       NY-57-F-720
MOYNEHAN, MARY E.                      NY-57-G-420
MOYNIHAN, DANIEL                       NY-57-J-207
MOYNIHAN, DANIEL                       NY-57-E-764
MOYNIHAN, JAMES J.                     NY-57-#1-595
MOYNIHAN, JULE                         NY-57-I-437
MOYNIHAN, TIMOTHY P.                   NY-57-#1-105
MUNRO, MARTHA E.                       NY-57-C-220
MUNSEE, ALSA ANN                       NY-57-F-769
MURDOCK, DAVID W.                      NY-57-G-533
MURDOCK, MARTHA                        NY-57-J-250
MURPHY, DENNIS                         NY-57-G-590
MURPHY, JOHN S.                        NY-57-F-438
MURPHY, KATHERINE                      NY-57-G-142
MURPHY, TIMOTHY                        NY-57-G-295
MURPHY, WILLIAM                        NY-57-J-725
MURRAY, AARON G.                       NY-57-B-360
MURRAY, ANNA                           NY-57-#1-200
MURRAY, ERVING J.                      NY-57-#1-313
MURRAY, GEORGE                         NY-57-J-704
MURRAY, GEORGE W.                      NY-57-E-571
MURRAY, JASPER D.                      NY-57-H-179
MURRAY, JOHN                           NY-57-E-23
MURRAY, LEWIS                          NY-57-C-106
MURRAY, LYDIA                          NY-57-E-201
MURRAY, MARY A.                        NY-57-H-571
MURRAY, PHILEMON                       NY-57-B-128
MURRAY, SANFORD J.                     NY-57-G-782
MURRAY, SARAH J.                       NY-57-J-235
MURRAY, SUSIE H.                       NY-57-J-649
NADO, ANNA D.                          NY-57-I-442
NASON, WILLIAM                         NY-57-H-49
NEEDHAM, MARGARET M.                   NY-57-#1-216
NELSON, DAVID E.                       NY-57-F-675
NELSON, JOHN                           NY-57-F-123
NELSON, S. MERVIN                      NY-57-E-254
NEWBERRY, JULIA B.                     NY-57-E-53
NEWBERRY, STEPHEN D.                   NY-57-J-533
NEWCOMB, ABRAM                         NY-57-C-315
NEWCOMB, CHARLES                       NY-57-F-345
NEWMAN, ISRAEL                         NY-57-A-79
NEWTON, CHARITY                        NY-57-F-500
NEWTON, ELLEN                          NY-57-J-708
NEWTON, JOHN                           NY-57-C-205
NICHOLAS, MARY J.                      NY-57-#1-478
NICHOLS, HENRY E.                      NY-57-J-515
NICHOLS, SETH H.                       NY-57-G-684
NIMS, SAMUEL                           NY-57-A-277
NOBLE, ARCHIBALD R.                    NY-57-H-546
NOBLE, DAVID                           NY-57-B-134
NOBLE, JOHN 2ND                        NY-57-B-301
NOBLE, SIBYL E.                        NY-57-J-761
NORCROSS, OLIVE J.                     NY-57-H-174
NORCROSS, WILLARD D.                   NY-57-#1-164
NORMAN, THOMAS                         NY-57-A-41
NORRIS, CHARLOTTE                      NY-57-F-153
NORRIS, DANIEL G.                      NY-57-G-331
NORRIS, DANIEL G.                      NY-57-E-649
NORRIS, ELIZABETH F.                   NY-57-F-49
NORRIS, JULIA                          NY-57-I-112
NORRIS, MARY E.                        NY-57-F-21
NORRIS, MARY W.                        NY-57-C-426
NORRIS, WILLARD H.                     NY-57-#1-534
NORTON, BENJAMIN H.                    NY-57-F-208
NORTON, CHARLES A.                     NY-57-J-800
NORTON, JANE E.                        NY-57-G-738
NORTON, JOHN                           NY-57-I-659
NORTON, MANORA                         NY-57-#1-163
NORTON, NATHANIEL                      NY-57-A-64
NORTON, PHILIP                         NY-57-C-405
NOXON, HESTER                          NY-57-E-174
NOYES, GRACE                           NY-57-D-121
NUGENT, ANN                            NY-57-D-193
NUMAN, PHEBE                           NY-57-C-305
NUMAN, REUBEN                          NY-57-A-345
NUTTING, MARY S.                       NY-57-F-349

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