St. Lawrence, New York
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ABBEY, GEORGE                          NY-45-4-473
ABBOTT, ABIJAH                         NY-45-9-73
ABBOTT, SOLON M.                       NY-45-39-199
ABBOTT, WORTH P.                       NY-45-38-103
ABERNATHY, ARTHUR W.                   NY-45-38-87
ABERNATHY, CALVIN                      NY-45-23-669
ABERNATHY, J. ORVIS                    NY-45-34-205
ABERNATHY, JAMES                       NY-45-14-265
ABERNATHY, LEVI O SR.                  NY-45-37-367
ABERNATHY, LEVI P.                     NY-45-27-335
ABRAM, EDWARD H.                       NY-45-38-371
ABSOLON, NICHOLAS S.                   NY-45-26-651
ACKERMAN, ABRAHAM                      NY-45-25-403
ACKERMAN, DAVID                        NY-45-17-329
ACKERMAN, EDWARD C.                    NY-45-48-5
ACKLEY, GEORGE W.                      NY-45-3-240
ACRES, GEORGE W.                       NY-45-23-697
ADAIR, ROBERT                          NY-45-8-457
ADAIR, ROBERT                          NY-45-40-695
ADAMS, ARCHELAUS C.                    NY-45-48-113
ADAMS, DANIEL H.                       NY-45-15-457
ADAMS, DAVID                           NY-45-39-39
ADAMS, GEORGE W.                       NY-45-18-233
ADAMS, LAVINA G.                       NY-45-42-145
ADAMS, LELAND A.                       NY-45-15-493
ADAMS, LETITIA J.                      NY-45-29-595
ADAMS, MILO                            NY-45-28-410
ADAMS, SAMUEL                          NY-45-23-517
ADAMS, SOPHIA E.                       NY-45-18-393
ADAMS, WILLIAM E.                      NY-45-18-641
ADGATE, CAROLINE M.                    NY-45-43-537
ADGATE, CHARLES                        NY-45-23-161
AGAN, THOMAS                           NY-45-12-329
AIKENS, ELIZA                          NY-45-30-675
AIKENS, JOHN H.                        NY-45-11-113
AINGER, ABNER C.                       NY-45-17-321
AINGER, FRANCES A.                     NY-45-19-673
AINSWORTH, RILEY R.                    NY-45-36-615
AITCHESON, ANDREW                      NY-45-8-267
AITCHESON, JANE                        NY-45-8-271
AITCHISON, ADAM                        NY-45-24-57
AITCHISON, ELLEN                       NY-45-19-297
AITCHISON, GEORGE                      NY-45-21-715
AITCHISON, RALPH                       NY-45-23-157
AITCHISON, ROBERT                      NY-45-32-529
AKIN, ANSEL B.                         NY-45-32-321
AKIN, CHARLOTTE M. F.                  NY-45-19-25
AKIN, GILBERT                          NY-45-26-63
AKIN, SUSAN                            NY-45-44-217
AKIN, WILLIAM                          NY-45-14-565
AKIN, WILLIAM                          NY-45-41-309
AKIN, WILLIAM J.                       NY-45-30-431
AKINS, CHARLES                         NY-45-24-37
AKINS, ROBERT                          NY-45-29-107
AKINS, SAMUEL                          NY-45-44-277
AKINS, THOMAS                          NY-45-24-517
AKLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-45-26-191
ALBRO, EMELINE                         NY-45-31-73
ALDEN, MILO S.                         NY-45-15-9
ALDEN, WILLIAM                         NY-45-33-653
ALDOUS, MARIA                          NY-45-22-785
ALDOUS, ZERVIAH                        NY-45-32-381
ALDRICH, ABNER                         NY-45-43-687
ALDRICH, AMOS                          NY-45-44-647
ALDRICH, CAROLINE C.                   NY-45-39-223
ALDRICH, CORDELIA M.                   NY-45-27-231
ALDRICH, DANFORTH                      NY-45-4-439
ALDRICH, HARLAN                        NY-45-29-171
ALDRICH, HORACE                        NY-45-4-337
ALDRICH, LORETTE H.                    NY-45-32-109
ALDRICH, NEWTON                        NY-45-42-133
ALDRICH, VIOLA S.                      NY-45-42-481
ALEXANDER, CHARLES W.                  NY-45-49-117
ALEXANDER, CLARA J.                    NY-45-47-125
ALEXANDER, DAVID                       NY-45-35-545
ALEXANDER, HARRIET                     NY-45-21-383
ALEXANDER, JAMES H.                    NY-45-36-655
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        NY-45-8-421
ALEXANDER, SARAH A.                    NY-45-35-509
ALEXANDER, SETH                        NY-45-14-741
ALEY, WILLIAM                          NY-45-8-227
ALGIE, BENJAMIN                        NY-45-9-429
ALGIE, CARRIE J.                       NY-45-40-683
ALGIE, GEORGE E.                       NY-45-43-409
ALGIE, ROBERT B.                       NY-45-42-149
ALLEN, ALBERT A.                       NY-45-22-373
ALLEN, CATHERINE                       NY-45-36-339
ALLEN, CHARLES F.                      NY-45-18-709
ALLEN, CHARLES F.                      NY-45-45-221
ALLEN, EDMUND                          NY-45-42-541
ALLEN, ELIJAH B.                       NY-45-10-169
ALLEN, ELLEN E.                        NY-45-44-613
ALLEN, HENRY W.                        NY-45-30-171
ALLEN, HORCE                           NY-45-9-193
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-45-13-105
ALLEN, LUCY                            NY-45-11-557
ALLEN, LUCY                            NY-45-15-329
ALLEN, MARTHA B.                       NY-45-22-773
ALLEN, MARY A.                         NY-45-20-407
ALLEN, NAHUM                           NY-45-4-64
ALLEN, PETER                           NY-45-5-211
ALLEN, PETER                           NY-45-45-481
ALLEN, RACHEL A.                       NY-45-47-397
ALLEN, RICHARD                         NY-45-12-125
ALLEN, ROBERT                          NY-45-30-719
ALLEN, ROBERT T.                       NY-45-41-593
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          NY-45-9-661
ALLEN, SEMENTHA                        NY-45-11-389
ALLEN, STEWART                         NY-45-48-201
ALLEN, WALTER B.                       NY-45-19-101
ALLEN, WILFORD E.                      NY-45-42-209
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-45-9-121
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-45-25-495
ALLEN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-45-9-269
ALLEN, WILLIAM W.                      NY-45-15-161
ALLISON, BETSY                         NY-45-34-377
ALLISON, BETSY                         NY-45-34-133
ALLISON, JAMES LOGAN                   NY-45-44-671
ALLISON, WILLIAM HAGUE                 NY-45-28-565
ALLSION, WILLIAM                       NY-45-41-437
ALVERSON, ALMANSON                     NY-45-16-493
ALVERSON, CHARLES W.                   NY-45-18-129
ALVERSON, HARRY S.                     NY-45-39-263
AMBLER, JOHN                           NY-45-13-542
AMES, ANNA H.                          NY-45-41-617
AMES, BENJAMIN M.                      NY-45-44-549
AMES, CHARLES A.                       NY-45-35-225
AMES, FRANCES P.                       NY-45-45-241
AMES, HARRISON                         NY-45-4-342
AMES, HENRY                            NY-45-5-175
AMES, HETTY M.                         NY-45-23-381
AMES, JEREMIAH                         NY-45-16-525
AMES, JOHN PALMER                      NY-45-42-337
AMES, JOSEPH                           NY-45-10-370
AMES, JOSEPH P.                        NY-45-21-367
AMES, JOSEPH R.                        NY-45-20-575
AMES, JULIUS                           NY-45-38-291
AMES, MARGARET E.                      NY-45-30-627
AMES, MARY M.                          NY-45-14-241
AMES, PHEOBE                           NY-45-40-421
AMES, STEPHEN K.                       NY-45-8-153
AMMELL, LEWIS                          NY-45-23-557
AMO, FRANK                             NY-45-30-411
AMO, LEWIS                             NY-45-48-631
AMOND, ANNA                            NY-45-40-449
AMOS, WILLIAM                          NY-45-12-5
AMOS, WILLIAM                          NY-45-49-317
ANDE, GEORGE                           NY-45-41-81
ANDERSON, CHARLES P.                   NY-45-43-169
ANDERSON, EDWARD W.                    NY-45-39-175
ANDERSON, GEORGE W.                    NY-45-34-461
ANDERSON, HIRAM                        NY-45-17-325
ANDERSON, HIRAM JR.                    NY-45-8-327
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-45-16-281
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-45-45-605
ANDERSON, JOHN                         NY-45-14-573
ANDERSON, LOUISA                       NY-45-17-365
ANDERSON, MARTHA                       NY-45-14-553
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                       NY-45-19-549
ANDERSON, SARAH D.                     NY-45-47-597
ANDERSON, VALERIUS D.                  NY-45-28-583
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-45-12-641
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-45-26-315
ANDESON, ROBERT                        NY-45-32-609
ANDREW, WILLIAM N.                     NY-45-33-637
ANDREWS, ABEL H.                       NY-45-41-293
ANDREWS, ADALINE                       NY-45-20-169
ANDREWS, ANNA S.                       NY-45-25-719
ANDREWS, HANNIBAL                      NY-45-30-347
ANDREWS, MARY M.                       NY-45-17-681
ANDREWS, PRISCILLA                     NY-45-44-469
ANGEL, ELIZABETH                       NY-45-24-609
ANSTEAD, ALVIN                         NY-45-41-417
ANSTEAD, CAROLINE FLORENCE             NY-45-36-183
ANSTEAD, CORNELIA                      NY-45-30-599
ANSTEAD, GEORGE A.                     NY-45-38-407
ANSTEAD, MARVIN                        NY-45-44-97
ANSTEAD, NANCY                         NY-45-35-313
ANTHONY, CHARLES                       NY-45-25-439
APPLEYARD, WILLIAM                     NY-45-10-583
ARCHER, DAVID                          NY-45-21-683
ARMSTRONG, ABIGAIL B.                  NY-45-21-179
ARMSTRONG, ANN                         NY-45-24-169
ARMSTRONG, EDWARD                      NY-45-15-381
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       NY-45-16-65
ARMSTRONG, JENNIE M.                   NY-45-23-69
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        NY-45-31-337
ARMSTRONG, JOHN L.                     NY-45-23-221
ARMSTRONG, MARGARET                    NY-45-21-631
ARMSTRONG, MARY ANN                    NY-45-14-309
ARMSTRONG, MARY J.                     NY-45-47-509
ARMSTRONG, PATRICK                     NY-45-30-159
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                      NY-45-4-666
ARMSTRONG, SUSAN                       NY-45-19-417
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      NY-45-43-297
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS J.                   NY-45-3-139
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS J.                   NY-45-3-131
ARNEY, CHARLES                         NY-45-46-205
ARNOLD, ELIZABETH                      NY-45-15-349
ARNOLD, HENRY J.                       NY-45-22-193
ARNOLD, JACOB                          NY-45-1-138
ARNOLD, MATILDA                        NY-45-38-143
ARNOLD, SOPHIA E.                      NY-45-36-127
ARROWSMITH, STEPHEN V. B.              NY-45-28-688
ASHLEY (ASHLINE) CHARLES               NY-45-32-273
ASHLEY, CHARLES                        NY-45-38-579
ASHLEY, GERTRUDE S.                    NY-45-41-357
ASHLEY, JOSEPH                         NY-45-43-13
ASHLEY, LOREN                          NY-45-9-141
ASHLEY, LUCY                           NY-45-34-297
ASHLEY, PHILEMON                       NY-45-48-293
ASHLEY, PHITENA M.                     NY-45-13-559
ASHLEY, REUBEN                         NY-45-2-339
ASHLEY, SOPHIA                         NY-45-11-125
ASHTON, HANNAH                         NY-45-10-537
ASHTON, JOHN                           NY-45-7-236
ASHWOOD, MARY JANE                     NY-45-42-125
ASHWORTH, GEORGE                       NY-45-17-481
ASHWORTH, WILLIAM                      NY-45-8-461
ASKINS, SAMUEL                         NY-45-21-283
ATCHESON, THOMAS C.                    NY-45-16-285
ATKINS, JOSEPH L.                      NY-45-4-578
ATKINSON, MARY R.                      NY-45-36-539
ATWATER, EDWIN H.                      NY-45-35-37
ATWOOD, ANTHONY                        NY-45-16-461
ATWOOD, EBENEZER                       NY-45-7-302
ATWOOD, JACOB                          NY-45-4-641
ATWOOD, SOPHIA A.                      NY-45-32-505
AUBREY, JONAS S.                       NY-45-18-73
AUBREY, MALINDA                        NY-45-48-337
AUBRY, MARGARET                        NY-45-19-441
AUSTEAD, JACOB                         NY-45-13-386
AUSTIN, ALMIRA                         NY-45-18-197
AUSTIN, CHARLES                        NY-45-16-713
AUSTIN, CHESTER B.                     NY-45-48-613
AUSTIN, CLELAND                        NY-45-44-289
AUSTIN, DANIEL                         NY-45-20-337
AUSTIN, ELLEN R.                       NY-45-44-581
AUSTIN, EZRA W.                        NY-45-6-321
AUSTIN, GOUVERNEUR M.                  NY-45-17-217
AUSTIN, JOHN                           NY-45-13-69
AUSTIN, JOHN                           NY-45-20-450
AUSTIN, JOSEPH B.                      NY-45-20-376
AUSTIN, LEANDER                        NY-45-44-65
AUSTIN, LEVI D.                        NY-45-31-369
AUSTIN, LOI E.                         NY-45-33-309
AUSTIN, MARION E.                      NY-45-11-417
AUSTIN, OLIVER                         NY-45-26-235
AUSTIN, RAYMOND                        NY-45-6-97
AUSTIN, RHODA A.                       NY-45-30-471
AUSTIN, SAMUEL A.                      NY-45-27-475
AUSTIN, SARAH H.                       NY-45-18-221
AUSTIN, STILLMAN                       NY-45-15-153
AVERELL, HARRIET G.                    NY-45-42-377
AVERELL, JAMES G.                      NY-45-28-65
AVERELL, LYDIA                         NY-45-19-565
AVERELL, WILLIAM J.                    NY-45-28-114
AVERILL, JAMES                         NY-45-7-225
AVERY, EDWIN E.                        NY-45-26-423
AXTELL, HENRY                          NY-45-10-340
AXTELL, HENRY E.                       NY-45-24-21
AYERS, LAURA M.                        NY-45-22-189
AYERS, ORVILLE C.                      NY-45-26-611
AYRES, CHARLES                         NY-45-33-145
AYRES, LUCINDA                         NY-45-24-289
AYRES, LUCIUS J.                       NY-45-26-383
AYRES, STEPHEN H.                      NY-45-26-287
AYRES, WILLIAM                         NY-45-4-6
BABBITT, KATE                          NY-45-25-467
BABCOCK, ALLEN                         NY-45-42-477
BABCOCK, BENJAMIN A.                   NY-45-46-85
BABCOCK, BENJAMIN D.                   NY-45-16-469
BABCOCK, CHARLES H.                    NY-45-23-685
BABCOCK, ESTHER                        NY-45-18-241
BABCOCK, JAMES                         NY-45-2-463
BABCOCK, LYDIA                         NY-45-35-489
BABCOCK, MARY J.                       NY-45-41-377
BABCOCK, ORCELIA M.                    NY-45-37-451
BABCOCK, ROSETTA HUNTRESS              NY-45-47-81
BABCOCK, SHELDON                       NY-45-35-485
BACHELDER, PHEBE A.                    NY-45-11-165
BACHELLER, RUPPEE                      NY-45-3-107
BACHELLER, SANFORD P.                  NY-45-18-633
BACHELLOR, PERRY L.                    NY-45-30-99
BACKHOUSE, JOSEPH                      NY-45-1-59
BACKUS, BERTHA L.                      NY-45-48-257
BACKUS, CHARLES                        NY-45-45-101
BACKUS, ELISHA                         NY-45-3-376
BACKUS, ELIZABETH                      NY-45-22-425
BACKUS, GEORGE                         NY-45-24-277
BACKUS, JOHN                           NY-45-14-809
BACKUS, JOHN W.                        NY-45-15-373
BACKUS, MARGARET                       NY-45-27-583
BACKUS, STEPHEN C.                     NY-45-37-611
BACON, ASAHEL                          NY-45-28-228
BACON, ASHER                           NY-45-7-16
BACON, AULETUS S.                      NY-45-34-401
BACON, DANIEL                          NY-45-28-181
BACON, ELIZA                           NY-45-44-505
BACON, ELIZA A.                        NY-45-49-425
BACON, EMMA M.                         NY-45-34-97
BACON, FANNY                           NY-45-28-293
BACON, GARRY                           NY-45-28-187
BACON, HIRAM H.                        NY-45-43-289
BACON, JABEZ                           NY-45-28-88
BACON, JOHN                            NY-45-28-176
BACON, JOHN F.                         NY-45-16-173
BACON, LUCY                            NY-45-24-389
BACON, MARCELLUS W.                    NY-45-29-423
BACON, MARY                            NY-45-23-249
BACON, MARY TURNER                     NY-45-20-465
BACON, MILO B.                         NY-45-22-657
BACON, NATHANIEL                       NY-45-28-255
BACON, SILAS                           NY-45-19-365
BACON, SUSAN                           NY-45-28-358
BACON, WILLIAM THOMPSON                NY-45-28-305
BADGER, JANE                           NY-45-23-85
BADGER, JOHN E.                        NY-45-24-81
BAER, KATE R.                          NY-45-44-133
BAGLEY, JAMES                          NY-45-37-507
BAGLEY, ROBERT                         NY-45-47-409
BAILEY, ALEXANDER                      NY-45-4-34
BAILEY, ANSEL E.                       NY-45-43-253
BAILEY, CYRUS                          NY-45-42-109
BAILEY, HANNAH P.                      NY-45-14-389
BAILEY, LUCIUS                         NY-45-30-399
BAILEY, LUMAN                          NY-45-44-453
BAILEY, MARIA                          NY-45-19-193
BAILEY, WILLIAM P.                     NY-45-4-459
BAILIE, FRANCES G.                     NY-45-38-423
BAILIE, HANCE M.                       NY-45-43-553
BAILIE, JAMES W.                       NY-45-40-641
BAILIE, MELISSA J.                     NY-45-45-321
BAILIE, SAMUEL                         NY-45-30-327
BAILY, BENJAMIN JR.                    NY-45-1-369
BAIRD, ARCHIBALD                       NY-45-16-749
BAIRD, CHARLES MELVIN                  NY-45-48-149
BAIRD, JAMES                           NY-45-19-377
BAIRD, JOHN                            NY-45-12-269
BAKER, BURTON                          NY-45-45-695
BAKER, CLARISSA                        NY-45-8-69
BAKER, ELIJAH                          NY-45-4-431
BAKER, ELLA L.                         NY-45-21-495
BAKER, HORACE M.                       NY-45-42-585
BAKER, JAMES                           NY-45-48-125
BAKER, LUCIUS S.                       NY-45-33-29
BAKER, OLIVER M.                       NY-45-39-243
BAKER, ORSON D.                        NY-45-31-109
BAKER, STEPHEN D.                      NY-45-8-175
BAKER, SUSAN W.                        NY-45-9-237
BALCH, CORDELIA A.                     NY-45-16-753
BALCH, DAN                             NY-45-13-137
BALCH, PATTY                           NY-45-45-273
BALDWIN, BENJAMIN G.                   NY-45-12-321
BALDWIN, CHARLES C.                    NY-45-39-567
BALDWIN, CONSTANCE A.                  NY-45-42-513
BALDWIN, EMELINE                       NY-45-21-29
BALDWIN, FRANCES A.                    NY-45-49-565
BALDWIN, FRED W.                       NY-45-46-145
BALDWIN, GEORGE                        NY-45-31-485
BALDWIN, HENRY K.                      NY-45-45-369
BALDWIN, JONATHAN                      NY-45-42-205
BALDWIN, MARGARET                      NY-45-47-617
BALDWIN, MAUDE L.                      NY-45-44-241
BALFOUR, ROBERT                        NY-45-32-37
BALL, AMELIA                           NY-45-25-59
BALLARD, BENEDICT A.                   NY-45-13-360
BALLARD, JEREMY                        NY-45-22-565
BALLARD, MARGARET                      NY-45-47-617
BALLARD, MARSHALL S.                   NY-45-20-261
BALLARD, SETH D.                       NY-45-9-725
BALLENTINE, JAMES                      NY-45-8-145
BALLESTY, THOMAS                       NY-45-1-313
BALLETT, CATHERINE                     NY-45-40-121
BALLOU, AMN                            NY-45-14-697
BALLOU, CALVIN S.                      NY-45-32-617
BALLOU, EDWIN M.                       NY-45-22-129
BALMOT, JOHN D.                        NY-45-6-453
BALTELL, WILLIAM V.                    NY-45-29-255
BANCROFT, BURTON A.                    NY-45-18-525
BANCROFT, JOHN                         NY-45-14-253
BANCROFT, JONAS                        NY-45-14-289
BANCROFT, SAMUEL                       NY-45-21-459
BANCROFT, WARREN                       NY-45-12-49
BANFORD, CLARA                         NY-45-37-391
BARBER, ABIGAIL                        NY-45-22-53
BARBER, ALVIN S.                       NY-45-34-249
BARBER, ANDREW                         NY-45-23-241
BARBER, FRANCES M.                     NY-45-49-261
BARBER, GEORGE W.                      NY-45-41-325
BARBER, GIDEON                         NY-45-13-129
BARBER, HENRY                          NY-45-17-269
BARBER, IRA                            NY-45-38-19
BARBER, IRA S.                         NY-45-14-217
BARBER, JAMES E.                       NY-45-37-315
BARBER, JOHN                           NY-45-6-25
BARBER, JOHN                           NY-45-14-365
BARBER, JOHN                           NY-45-39-439
BARBER, JOHN W.                        NY-45-24-397
BARBER, JOHN W.                        NY-45-29-203
BARBER, JULIA A.                       NY-45-23-257
BARBER, LYMAN                          NY-45-33-429
BARBER, MOSES                          NY-45-14-293
BARBER, NATHAN                         NY-45-49-537
BARBER, SILAS W.                       NY-45-18-225
BARBER, THOMAS H.                      NY-45-44-145
BARDEN, JOHN                           NY-45-6-49
BARDEN, ROSWELL F.                     NY-45-35-669
BARDEN, WILLIAM                        NY-45-8-649
BARDSLEY, JOHN                         NY-45-22-105
BARKER, EDMUND D.                      NY-45-16-353
BARKER, GEORGE P.                      NY-45-47-57
BARKER, HARVEY                         NY-45-27-379
BARKER, HIRAM                          NY-45-20-735
BARKER, HORATIO G.                     NY-45-39-575
BARKER, JOSEPH H.                      NY-45-42-565
BARKER, MARY H.                        NY-45-32-157
BARKER, MATTHEW                        NY-45-29-631
BARKER, PHINEAS                        NY-45-11-285
BARKER, WALTER                         NY-45-43-477
BARKER, WILLIAM                        NY-45-6-543
BARKER, WILLIAM J.                     NY-45-37-615
BARLEY, ROBERT                         NY-45-39-677
BARLOW, ALMON W.                       NY-45-32-29
BARLOW, CHARLES                        NY-45-39-151
BARLOW, CHARLOTTE O.                   NY-45-21-101
BARNARD, JOHN B.                       NY-45-28-276
BARNARD, MINNIE                        NY-45-45-397
BARNES, AGNES                          NY-45-47-585
BARNES, CORDELIA C.                    NY-45-46-681
BARNES, FRANKLIN                       NY-45-23-545
BARNES, NELLIE S.                      NY-45-35-361
BARNES, POLLY                          NY-45-14-133
BARNES, SALOMA                         NY-45-24-509
BARNES, SYLVESTER                      NY-45-31-301
BARNET, JOHN                           NY-45-11-637
BARNETT, JEREMIAH                      NY-45-36-51
BARNETT, PATRICK                       NY-45-26-563
BARNEY, FRANCIS                        NY-45-25-435
BARNEY, JAMES K.                       NY-45-16-193
BARNEY, MILTON                         NY-45-27-691
BARNHART, ASAPH J.                     NY-45-22-537
BARNHART, DAVID G.                     NY-45-22-713
BARNHART, EDWARD J.                    NY-45-27-739
BARNHART, WILLIAM G.                   NY-45-12-241
BARNHART, WILLIAM G.                   NY-45-10-289
BARNUM, AMELIA M.                      NY-45-32-61
BARNUM, ORAMEL G.                      NY-45-19-389
BARNUM, OSSIAN D.                      NY-45-41-69
BARNUM, SEWARD                         NY-45-23-497
BARNUM, WILLIAM J.                     NY-45-19-509
BARR, GEORGE                           NY-45-46-409
BARRELL, ALMON                         NY-45-27-419
BARRETT, ELIZA J.                      NY-45-25-163
BARRETT, EUNICE                        NY-45-32-177
BARRETT, SALISBURY                     NY-45-12-213
BARRETT, SOLOMON                       NY-45-18-269
BARRETT, STEPHEN                       NY-45-45-157
BARRON, JOHN                           NY-45-8-489
BARROWS, AARON                         NY-45-5-127
BARROWS, AARON JR.                     NY-45-30-187
BARROWS, JESSIE KINNEY                 NY-45-36-215
BARRY, PATRICK                         NY-45-39-327
BARTER, ALBERT                         NY-45-21-563
BARTER, DUNBAR                         NY-45-4-16
BARTER, JAMES C.                       NY-45-11-145
BARTER, MARGARET                       NY-45-39-419
BARTHOLOMEW, CHARLES D.                NY-45-23-5
BARTHOLOMEW, CHARLES L.                NY-45-24-225
BARTHOLOMEW, EDGAR G.                  NY-45-21-331
BARTHOLOMEW, GEORGE W.                 NY-45-9-505
BARTHOLOMEW, HARRIET V.                NY-45-40-193
BARTHOLOMEW, JAMES                     NY-45-26-639
BARTHOLOMEW, ROSWELL                   NY-45-14-261
BARTLETT, CHARLES D.                   NY-45-43-93
BARTLETT, CHARLES L.                   NY-45-24-333
BARTLETT, LAURA A.                     NY-45-9-533
BARTLETT, NATHAN W.                    NY-45-30-351
BARTLETT, RHODA A.                     NY-45-26-479
BARTON, ANNA                           NY-45-24-205
BARTON, MATILDA                        NY-45-15-417
BARTON, SYLVIRA                        NY-45-14-437
BARZEE, JULIA M.                       NY-45-23-105
BASSETT, BERTHA A.                     NY-45-47-329
BASSETT, EDGAR M.                      NY-45-41-353
BASSETT, HARRIET                       NY-45-42-49
BASSETT, HENRY A.                      NY-45-45-445
BASSETT, JOHN N. JR.                   NY-45-38-223
BASSETT, SARAH A.                      NY-45-38-419
BASTIN, DANIEL C.                      NY-45-11-705
BATCHELDER, CHARLES E.                 NY-45-48-505
BATCHELDER, MARY R.                    NY-45-31-421
BATES, MARTHA CHENEY                   NY-45-46-97
BATES, THOMAS S.                       NY-45-33-629
BATTEL, MARY                           NY-45-18-309
BATTS, JAMES                           NY-45-14-173
BAUM, DELIA L.                         NY-45-44-29
BAUM, LUCY E.                          NY-45-24-129
BAXTER, DAVID                          NY-45-30-75
BAXTER, RINALDO                        NY-45-31-565
BAXTER, SARAH                          NY-45-38-507
BAYLEY, JABEZ B.                       NY-45-37-271
BAYNE, AMANDA M.                       NY-45-33-469
BEACH, IDA                             NY-45-47-1
BEACH, MILES                           NY-45-4-379
BEACH, VILALINE                        NY-45-21-579
BEACH, WILLIAM                         NY-45-37-543
BEALS, ELIZA W.                        NY-45-33-77
BEAMAN, EZRA B.                        NY-45-20-83
BEAN, ALVAH                            NY-45-20-748
BEAN, JOHN                             NY-45-4-53
BEAN, MARY                             NY-45-27-147
BEAN, MARY D.                          NY-45-28-454
BEAN, MARY D.                          NY-45-32-701
BEAN, THOMAS                           NY-45-25-391
BEARD, AURILLA                         NY-45-11-597
BEARD, JOSEPH H.                       NY-45-9-197
BEARD, SALLY H.                        NY-45-34-309
BEARDSLEE, ISAAC L.                    NY-45-32-401
BEARDSLEE, LEWIS E.                    NY-45-37-131
BEARDSLEE, NICHOLAS N.                 NY-45-31-513
BEARDSLEY, SAMUEL                      NY-45-4-382
BEATTY, MARY                           NY-45-27-191
BEAUCHAMP, NAPOLEON                    NY-45-37-211
BEAULIEU, LOUIS                        NY-45-43-37
BECKSTEAD, MORRIS                      NY-45-44-77
BECKSTEAD, NANCY                       NY-45-35-397
BECKWITH, BARUCH B.                    NY-45-11-397
BECKWITH, MARIA E. S.                  NY-45-17-273
BECKWITH, MORELL D.                    NY-45-25-279
BECKWITH, SARA H.                      NY-45-48-517
BEEBE, DANIEL T.                       NY-45-21-775
BEEBE, RICHARD                         NY-45-16-573
BEEBE, SARAH A.                        NY-45-32-541
BEEBEE, SUSAN M.                       NY-45-26-755
BEECHER, ORMAN                         NY-45-38-247
BEEMAN, ALBA                           NY-45-13-301
BEEMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-45-16-605
BEGGS, GEORGE                          NY-45-41-225
BEHAN, THOMAS                          NY-45-8-191
BELDING, MARY M.                       NY-45-42-325
BELDING, NELSON                        NY-45-23-661
BELDING, RANSOM                        NY-45-17-493
BELDING, SAMUEL C.                     NY-45-4-283
BELL, ALONSON                          NY-45-41-37
BELL, ANN                              NY-45-39-423
BELL, ARCHIBALD                        NY-45-27-11
BELL, BELA                             NY-45-4-299
BELL, BELA                             NY-45-24-105
BELL, BENJAMIN                         NY-45-19-57
BELL, CHRISTIANA E.                    NY-45-47-229
BELL, ELSPETH                          NY-45-35-49
BELL, ELWIS T.                         NY-45-47-181
BELL, EMMA E.                          NY-45-15-365
BELL, GEORGE                           NY-45-4-618
BELL, JAMES                            NY-45-41-497
BELL, MARY                             NY-45-27-495
BELL, OLIVER                           NY-45-16-249
BELL, SAMUEL                           NY-45-20-145
BELL, WILLIAM H.                       NY-45-38-79
BELL, WILLIAM H.                       NY-45-37-511
BELLINGER, CATHERINE E.                NY-45-14-665
BELLINGER, JOSIAH                      NY-45-22-573
BELLINGER, MARCUS                      NY-45-4-626
BELLINGER, MARY                        NY-45-20-641
BELLINGER, PETER P.                    NY-45-7-57
BELLINGER, PETER P.                    NY-45-3-453
BELLUS, JAMES                          NY-45-4-205
BENANE, JEREMIAH                       NY-45-21-113
BENEDICT, HARRIET J.                   NY-45-28-193
BENHAM, HARRIET A.                     NY-45-43-529
BENHAM, HARVEY                         NY-45-24-561
BENJAMIN, WILLIAM J.                   NY-45-37-51
BENNETT, ANDREW                        NY-45-33-533
BENNETT, HARMON                        NY-45-26-99
BENNETT, HELEN                         NY-45-24-565
BENNETT, NANCY E.                      NY-45-38-539
BENNETT, RICHARD                       NY-45-32-293
BENOIT, JULIUS                         NY-45-45-169
BENSON, ABIGAIL                        NY-45-40-585
BENTLEY, EMMA C.                       NY-45-36-223
BENTLEY, HANNAH J.                     NY-45-33-489
BENTON, JOHN B.                        NY-45-21-21
BENTON, JOSEPH                         NY-45-6-309
BERGEN, JOHN                           NY-45-26-163
BERRY, EUGENIA                         NY-45-13-497
BERRY, MICHAEL                         NY-45-15-61
BERRY, THOMAS                          NY-45-45-573
BERSKEY, MARTHA                        NY-45-37-39
BEST, ELEANOR                          NY-45-41-237
BEST, JAMES                            NY-45-30-707
BEST, JOHN                             NY-45-4-221
BEST, JOHN H.                          NY-45-37-559
BEST, ROBERT                           NY-45-7-294
BEST, SAMUEL G.                        NY-45-4-315
BESWICK, WILLIAM H.                    NY-45-29-515
BETZ, NANCY M.                         NY-45-48-607
BEVERSTOCK, ADALINE                    NY-45-4-389
BEVERSTOCK, WILLIAM                    NY-45-5-139
BEVITT, WILLIAM                        NY-45-16-317
BEW, GEOGE                             NY-45-8-49
BEW, JOHN                              NY-45-35-45
BEW, NANCY A.                          NY-45-44-305
BEWS, JULIA                            NY-45-43-385
BEYETTE, JANE                          NY-45-28-93
BIBBINS, ASIAL                         NY-45-8-585
BIBBINS, ERASTUS                       NY-45-34-429
BICKFORD, MARIA L.                     NY-45-18-397
BICKNELL, AMOS                         NY-45-4-259
BICKNELL, DORA E.                      NY-45-31-625
BICKNELL, HOSEA                        NY-45-38-631
BICKNELL, JASON                        NY-45-13-250
BICKNELL, KEZIA                        NY-45-25-375
BICKNELL, RALPH A.                     NY-45-18-265
BICKNELL, RICHMOND                     NY-45-10-184
BICKNELL, RICHMOND JR.                 NY-45-11-253
BIGAREL, JOSEPH                        NY-45-45-337
BIGAREL, NICHOLAS                      NY-45-22-69
BIGELOW, FRANCES M.                    NY-45-36-43
BIGLOW, ELEANOR                        NY-45-14-773
BIGWORF, AMELIA                        NY-45-43-301
BILL, JANE                             NY-45-46-473
BILL, JULIA Y.                         NY-45-14-753
BILL, WILLIAM                          NY-45-32-337
BILLINGS, ALBERT B.                    NY-45-37-463
BILLINGS, ANNA                         NY-45-37-579
BILLINGS, IDA A.                       NY-45-42-285
BILLINGS, MARTHA                       NY-45-19-61
BILLINGS, MYRANDA                      NY-45-25-471
BILLYARD, ADOLPHUS                     NY-45-41-613
BILOW, MICHAEL                         NY-45-21-519
BINGHAM, ALEXANDER                     NY-45-30-55
BINGHAM, DANIEL                        NY-45-16-521
BINGHAM, DAVID                         NY-45-17-669
BINION, SAMUEL A.                      NY-45-41-565
BIRD, BRIDGET W.                       NY-45-41-641
BIRD, JOSEPH I.                        NY-45-26-699
BIRD, OLIVE P.                         NY-45-41-257
BIRKBY, ANNE                           NY-45-25-75
BIRKBY, JOSEPH                         NY-45-3-303
BISHOP, AMOS B.                        NY-45-3-313
BISHOP, JOHN                           NY-45-32-297
BISHOP, SYLVESTER K.                   NY-45-34-681
BISHOP, WILLIAM R.                     NY-45-45-265
BISSELL, EZEKIEL                       NY-45-4-225
BISSELL, RALPH                         NY-45-37-339
BIXBY, FLORENCE G.                     NY-45-46-349
BIXBY, LOUISA M.                       NY-45-21-247
BIXBY, NATHANIEL H.                    NY-45-17-449
BIXBY, PERRY                           NY-45-13-575
BLACKBURN, ROBERT N.                   NY-45-21-175
BLACKMER, JACOB                        NY-45-32-45
BLACKMON, AMANDA                       NY-45-49-41
BLAIR, JAMES S.                        NY-45-36-571
BLAIR, JULIA                           NY-45-49-685
BLAIR, NELSON                          NY-45-40-153
BLAIR, ORA E.                          NY-45-37-607
BLAKE, EDWARD                          NY-45-15-353
BLAKELY, EMILY KIBBE                   NY-45-45-453
BLANCHARD, ELIZABETH                   NY-45-29-191
BLANCHARD, EMELINE                     NY-45-3-166
BLANCHARD, GRATIA ANN                  NY-45-42-641
BLANCHARD, LEONARD                     NY-45-29-279
BLANCHARD, PHILIP                      NY-45-2-438
BLANCHARD, WARREN                      NY-45-22-357
BLANCHARD, WILLIAM S.                  NY-45-38-59
BLANDIN, BOYDEN                        NY-45-16-197
BLANDIN, JULIA                         NY-45-44-683
BLATCHLEY, CLARISSA E.                 NY-45-19-69
BLATCHLEY, LORENZO                     NY-45-14-757
BLISH, WILLIAM C.                      NY-45-39-195
BLODGETT, MARY A.                      NY-45-31-113
BLODGETT, MARY ANN                     NY-45-38-211
BLODGETT, SOPHIA S.                    NY-45-33-73
BLOOD, AMOS                            NY-45-30-231
BLOOD, CATHERINE M.                    NY-45-41-517
BLOOD, JOSEPH F.                       NY-45-26-239
BLOOD, RICHARD                         NY-45-14-61
BLOODOUGH, DIANA                       NY-45-43-109
BLOODOUGH, JOHN                        NY-45-12-229
BLOODOUGH, PETER                       NY-45-14-301
BLOOMER, ROBERT                        NY-45-48-477
BLOSS, ELVIN W.                        NY-45-27-255
BLOSS, GEORGE W.                       NY-45-43-699
BLOSS, WALTER W.                       NY-45-26-599
BLOUNT, BENJAMIN                       NY-45-26-387
BLOUNT, EDWARD                         NY-45-16-89
BLOUNT, GEORGE W.                      NY-45-47-301
BLOUNT, JANE                           NY-45-31-93
BLOUNT, THOMAS                         NY-45-34-173
BLUNT, PALMER                          NY-45-4-707
BLYTHE, THOMAS                         NY-45-19-693
BOARDMAN, WORCESTER                    NY-45-30-59
BOGERT, JOHN                           NY-45-13-398
BOICE, GEORGE                          NY-45-43-33
BOISE, MARY                            NY-45-38-83
BOISMENA, FRANK                        NY-45-36-415
BOLAND, CATHERINE                      NY-45-18-405
BOLAND, HERMAN A.                      NY-45-24-301
BOLAND, MARY                           NY-45-38-139
BOLTON, JAMES                          NY-45-10-286
BOLTON, JAMES H.                       NY-45-35-297
BOLTON, JANE                           NY-45-11-669
BOLTON, JOSEPH                         NY-45-34-621
BOLTON, MABEL CHASE                    NY-45-47-313
BOLTON, THOMAS HARRISON                NY-45-42-241
BOLTON, WILLIAM                        NY-45-26-275
BOND, EDWIN P.                         NY-45-20-119
BONNEY, ELLA O.                        NY-45-40-201
BONNEY, GEORGE W.                      NY-45-21-667
BONNEY, HIRAM                          NY-45-4-470
BONNEY, LUCY A.                        NY-45-38-51
BONNEY, MARY A.                        NY-45-12-509
BONNEY, OLIVER E.                      NY-45-40-261
BOODY, ROSE ANN                        NY-45-25-67
BOOTH, EDWARD S.                       NY-45-10-376
BOOTH, ELIZABETH                       NY-45-37-87
BOOTH, HARMONY B.                      NY-45-32-53
BOOTH, LODWICK                         NY-45-30-387
BOOTH, MARY ANN                        NY-45-39-555
BOOTH, NORMAN                          NY-45-28-617
BOOTHE, JOHN T.                        NY-45-23-637
BOOTHE, MARY                           NY-45-19-137
BOOTHROYD, H. CELESTIA                 NY-45-38-151
BOOTHROYD, WILLIAM H. 1ST              NY-45-25-651
BORTON, JAMES                          NY-45-18-617
BOSTON, MARY E.                        NY-45-30-671
BOSTON, MARY E.                        NY-45-28-133
BOSTWICK, ANDREW                       NY-45-3-69
BOSTWICK, SAMUEL B.                    NY-45-17-469
BOSWELL, THOMAS H.                     NY-45-28-337
BOTSFORD, CYRENUS Z.                   NY-45-29-603
BOTSFORD, MALVINA                      NY-45-47-677
BOTSFORD, WILLIAM H.                   NY-45-40-405
BOUCHARD, JOSEPH                       NY-45-3-459
BOUCHER, HENRY                         NY-45-33-569
BOUCK, ANSON                           NY-45-47-349
BOUCK, JOHN M.                         NY-45-49-201
BOUTWELL, ANN                          NY-45-31-293
BOVARD, CATHERINE                      NY-45-32-249
BOVAY, AURILLA                         NY-45-46-605
BOWDEN, HUGH                           NY-45-35-601
BOWDEN, WILLIAM J.                     NY-45-22-709
BOWEN, CORDELIA                        NY-45-11-445
BOWEN, DAVID H.                        NY-45-47-377
BOWEN, GEORGE C.                       NY-45-30-123
BOWHALL, RALPH                         NY-45-26-187
BOWMAN, HENRY                          NY-45-14-81
BOWMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-45-41-305
BOWMAN, PHEBE                          NY-45-21-9
BOWMAN, WILLIAM A.                     NY-45-44-413
BOWNE, CHARLES H.                      NY-45-28-528
BOWNE, JAMES                           NY-45-22-733
BOYCE, EDWARD                          NY-45-37-255
BOYCE, WILLIAM                         NY-45-22-685
BOYD, BETSEY                           NY-45-24-29
BOYD, DEBORAH A.                       NY-45-25-427
BOYD, WILLIAM                          NY-45-19-309
BOYD, WILLIAM                          NY-45-42-277
BOYDEN, DOLLY BLAKE                    NY-45-39-605
BOYDEN, WILLIAM DWIGHT                 NY-45-20-16
BOYLE, PATRICK                         NY-45-24-545
BOYNTON, AMARILLA                      NY-45-26-791
BOYNTON, CYRUS A.                      NY-45-33-297
BOYNTON, LUKE                          NY-45-6-399
BOYNTON, PAUL                          NY-45-7-249

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