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CAIRNES, ELIZABETH                     NY-50-A-235
CALDWELL, ADONIRAM                     NY-50-E-210
CALDWELL, JOSEPH M.                    NY-50-R-473
CALTOMER, ANN                          NY-50-M-113
CAMPBELL, DAVID L.                     NY-50-L-337
CAMPBELL, EDWARD                       NY-50-R-265
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH E.                 NY-50-M-541
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         NY-50-T-415
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                       NY-50-R-241
CAMPBELL, THOMAS                       NY-50-N-381
CANDLER, MARTHA                        NY-50-J-125
CAREY, MATTHEW                         NY-50-B-118
CARL, THOMAS                           NY-50-C-102
CARLE, FRELOVE                         NY-50-N-49
CARLE, WILLIAM                         NY-50-R-145
CARMAN, ADAM                           NY-50-B-183
CARMAN, CORNELIUS                      NY-50-M-469
CARMAN, HANNAH                         NY-50-J-285
CARMAN, JACOB                          NY-50-C-44
CARMAN, TOWNSEND                       NY-50-U-488
CARNRIKE, DAVID                        NY-50-E-180
CARPENTER, EDMUND                      NY-50-R-101
CARRELL, JAMES                         NY-50-E-162
CARRELL, MARTHA                        NY-50-M-369
CARRIS, JAMES                          NY-50-Q-33
CARROLL, ANN                           NY-50-L-406
CARROLL, CATHERINE                     NY-50-P-513
CARROLL, JOHN                          NY-50-P-461
CARROLL, JOHN O.                       NY-50-P-517
CARROLL, MARGARET                      NY-50-R-189
CARROLL, PATRICK                       NY-50-T-61
CARTER, BENJAMIN S.                    NY-50-L-312
CARTER, ELIZA                          NY-50-Q-61
CARTER, JABEZ                          NY-50-I-127
CARTER, RUSSELL                        NY-50-V-49
CARVER, OLIVER                         NY-50-A2-182
CASEY, JOHN                            NY-50-P-249
CASEY, RICHARD                         NY-50-U-504
CASSEDY, QUINTILIAN                    NY-50-A3-15
CAST, HARRIET C.                       NY-50-S-413
CATHAM, WARREN J.                      NY-50-R-561
CAYWOOD, JOHN                          NY-50-A3-261
CHALKER, ELIJAH                        NY-50-J-21
CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLES                   NY-50-P-241
CHAMBERLAIN, JACOB                     NY-50-E-7
CHAMBERLAIN, JULIA                     NY-50-D-297
CHAMBERLAIN, TINBROOK                  NY-50-B-415
CHANDLER, JOHN                         NY-50-A2-151
CHANDLER, JOHN N.                      NY-50-G-295
CHAPMAN,  BENJAMIN C.                  NY-50-E-442
CHAPMAN, JOSIAH B.                     NY-50-V-85
CHAPMAN, SARAH S.                      NY-50-V-43
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-50-K-221
CHATHAM, SEBASTIAN                     NY-50-I-529
CHATHAM, WILLIAM                       NY-50-F-211
CHATHAM, WILLIAM JR.                   NY-50-A3-404
CHESLEY, JEHIEL                        NY-50-G-49
CHESLEY, JONATHAN                      NY-50-F-487
CHESNUT, WILLIAM H.                    NY-50-P-265
CHILDS, AMHERST                        NY-50-I-169
CHILDS, AMHERST                        NY-50-A3-123
CHRIST, RUTH                           NY-50-U-260
CHRISTOPHER, BARNA                     NY-50-A-123
CHRISTOPHER, PAMELIA                   NY-50-C-165
CHRISTY, JOHN                          NY-50-T-243
CHRISTY, WILLIAM                       NY-50-U2-257
CHURCH, ABIJAH L.                      NY-50-V-193
CLARINGDON, EDMOND                     NY-50-Q-397
CLARK, ANN                             NY-50-T-395
CLARK, CATHARINE                       NY-50-S-489
CLARK, JANE P.                         NY-50-C-311
CLARK, JOB                             NY-50-D-80
CLARK, JOHN V. R.                      NY-50-U-528
CLARK, JOSEPH H.                       NY-50-E-270
CLARK, MATTHEW M.                      NY-50-A3-513
CLARK, PATRICK                         NY-50-S-149
CLARK, REUBEN                          NY-50-M-249
CLARK, SWANTEE S.                      NY-50-N-185
CLARKE, MARY                           NY-50-U-324
CLARKSON, JOHN B.                      NY-50-E-276
CLAWSON, GARRET                        NY-50-S-321
CLAWSON, GARRET B.                     NY-50-N-385
CLAWSON, GEORGE V.                     NY-50-U2-117
CLAWSON, ISAAC                         NY-50-K-13
CLEARY, PATRICK                        NY-50-J-245
CLEMENT, DAVID C.                      NY-50-M-73
CLERK, JOHN                            NY-50-M-1
CLEVELAND, ER                          NY-50-I-319
CLEVELAND, SARAH                       NY-50-K-233
CLEVLAND, CAROLINE                     NY-50-K-453
CLOCK, MARGARET                        NY-50-R-393
CLOSE, SMITH                           NY-50-E-61
CLOSE, WILLIAM                         NY-50-I-295
CLUTE, WILLIAM H.                      NY-50-K-189
COAN, CLAUDIUS C.                      NY-50-L-331
COE, JOHN D.                           NY-50-I-589
COFFEY, JAMES                          NY-50-U2-105
COFFIN, LYDIA                          NY-50-G-127
COGGINS, MARY                          NY-50-T-507
COGGINS, THOMAS                        NY-50-K-289
COLE, DAVID                            NY-50-A-161
COLE, DEWITT C.                        NY-50-K-297
COLE, LEWIS                            NY-50-D-277
COLE, MILO V.                          NY-50-V-235
COLE, MOSES S.                         NY-50-N-397
COLE, MYRON R.                         NY-50-R-577
COLE, NATHAN                           NY-50-M-261
COLE, SUSAN E.                         NY-50-N-217
COLEMAN, ALONZO W.                     NY-50-M-457
COLEMAN, DOLLY                         NY-50-C-72
COLEMAN, ELIZABETH                     NY-50-L-538
COLEMAN, ELIZABETH                     NY-50-S-621
COLEMAN, IRA                           NY-50-C-109
COLEMAN, MAHLON B.                     NY-50-S-289
COLLAMER, SALLIE                       NY-50-M-569
COLLAMER, WILLIAM A.                   NY-50-R-605
COLLINGS, LUCY                         NY-50-U-424
COLLVER, DELOS P.                      NY-50-T-387
COLYER, PETER                          NY-50-E-55
COMBER, WILLIAM C.                     NY-50-T-235
COMBS, JANE D.                         NY-50-N-25
COMBS, ROXY                            NY-50-F-85
COMPSON, THOMAS W.                     NY-50-O-289
COMPTON, CORNELIUS                     NY-50-I-349
CONDE, JAMES G.                        NY-50-V-493
CONDIT, DAVID                          NY-50-J-497
CONDIT, MOSES                          NY-50-B-412
CONDON, PATRICK                        NY-50-P-41
CONGDON, ANDREW                        NY-50-Q-513
CONKEY, SARAH A.                       NY-50-K-249
CONKLING, LINN                         NY-50-Q-285
CONLEY, MICHAEL                        NY-50-S-481
CONNER, CATHARINE                      NY-50-E-246
CONNOR, JAMES                          NY-50-S-73
CONNOR, MARY                           NY-50-R-601
CONNOR, PATRICK                        NY-50-M-13
CONOVER, AUGUSTA                       NY-50-C-584
CONOVER, LETTY M.                      NY-50-U-140
CONOVER, SAMUEL S.                     NY-50-T-627
CONWAY, JAMES                          NY-50-J-293
COOK, ABIAL                            NY-50-G-7
COOK, ALBERT                           NY-50-O-187
COOK, AMOS H.                          NY-50-D-376
COOK, GEORGE W.                        NY-50-B-74
COOK, MARTHA                           NY-50-M-293
COOK, MATILDSA COLEMAN                 NY-50-S-449
COOK, NATHAN                           NY-50-L-483
COOK, SUSANNAH                         NY-50-C-509
COOKE, CALVIN W.                       NY-50-K-121
COOKE, EUNICE B.                       NY-50-P-289
COOLEY, ABBIE P.                       NY-50-U-536
COOLEY, ANDREW                         NY-50-N-329
COOLEY, PRESERVED                      NY-50-P-193
COOPER, CYNTHIA J.                     NY-50-V-199
COOPER, JOHN C.                        NY-50-K-369
COOPER, LENA E.                        NY-50-O-463
CORALL, BERNARD                        NY-50-M-229
COREY, ELIZABETH                       NY-50-C-205
COREY, THOMAS B.                       NY-50-F-175
COREY, WILLIAM                         NY-50-M-289
CORKILL, THOMAS                        NY-50-N-285
CORLEY, MARY                           NY-50-Q-57
CORNELL, JOSEPH J. JR.                 NY-50-B-278
CORNELL, LYDIA                         NY-50-K-433
CORNELL, MARIA                         NY-50-K-181
CORNING, ELIZABETH                     NY-50-Q-597
CORNWELL, JOHN M.                      NY-50-S-369
CORYELL, ALLETTA                       NY-50-T-187
CORYELL ELIZA A.                       NY-50-V-163
CORYELL, MICHAEL                       NY-50-A2-13
CORYELL, WILLIAM B.                    NY-50-I-659
COSHOM, CATHERINE                      NY-50-M-221
COVERT, ABRAHAM                        NY-50-A2-121
COVERT, ABRAHAM T.                     NY-50-R-305
COVERT, ANN                            NY-50-T-615
COVERT, BURGAN                         NY-50-N-409
COVERT, BURGUN                         NY-50-A-93
COVERT, CHARLOTTE                      NY-50-O-325
COVERT, ELDRETH                        NY-50-C-188
COVERT, ELENER ANN                     NY-50-K-33
COVERT, HENRY W.                       NY-50-M-549
COVERT, HENRY W.                       NY-50-E-408
COVERT, ISAAC N.                       NY-50-K-405
COVERT, JOHN B.                        NY-50-E-228
COVERT, JOSEPH                         NY-50-C-218
COVERT, JOSEPH W.                      NY-50-R-273
COVERT, LEWIS D.                       NY-50-R-369
COVERT, LOTTA JANE                     NY-50-M-33
COVERT, MARIA                          NY-50-G-61
COVERT, MARY                           NY-50-F-349
COVERT, PETER                          NY-50-T-143
COVERT, PETER                          NY-50-J-209
COVERT, SARAH T.                       NY-50-O-433
COVERT, THOMAS                         NY-50-B-468
COVERT, TUNIS SR.                      NY-50-A2-280
COWEN, ORIN                            NY-50-T-119
COX, GEORGE                            NY-50-C-245
COY, DAVID M.                          NY-50-G-157
CRANDALL, MARGARET L.                  NY-50-U-336
CRANE, ABNER W.                        NY-50-K-237
CRANE, AMASA L.                        NY-50-K-281
CRANE, CAROLINE A.                     NY-50-T-159
CRANE, CHARLES                         NY-50-I-391
CRANE, ROSWELL                         NY-50-V-217
CRARY, DESIRE                          NY-50-D-85
CRARY, JOHN                            NY-50-M-185
CRARY, OLIN A.                         NY-50-L-536
CRAVEN, MARY                           NY-50-T-459
CRAVER, CHARLES                        NY-50-U2-169
CRAWLEY, EDWARD                        NY-50-V-391
CRISFIELD, FALETTA S.                  NY-50-I-361
CRISFIELD, JOHN                        NY-50-O-169
CRISFIELD, LOURINA                     NY-50-S-85
CRISSEY, POLLY                         NY-50-N-457
CRONIN, CORNELIUS                      NY-50-M-505
CRONIN, JOHN                           NY-50-S-313
CROSBY, ANN                            NY-50-U-172
CROSBY, HARRISON H.                    NY-50-U-148
CROSBY, PLATT                          NY-50-Q-561
CROSS, LUCY A.                         NY-50-I-571
CROTTY, PATRICK                        NY-50-M-417
CROW, CHARLES                          NY-50-M-209
CROWELL, DAVID                         NY-50-L-362
CROWELL, LYMAN F.                      NY-50-T-491
CRUISE, RICHARD                        NY-50-Q-145
CUDDEBACK, JACOB M.                    NY-50-R-609
CUDDEBUCK, JOHN                        NY-50-T-103
CULLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-50-A-106
CULLY, EDWARD                          NY-50-U-304
CULVER, MARY                           NY-50-V-187
CUNNINGHAM, CATHARINE                  NY-50-S-213
CURLEY, FANNY                          NY-50-Q-177
CURRIER, MARY A.                       NY-50-U-332
CURTIS, LYDIA A.                       NY-50-V-103
CURTIS, MARY S.                        NY-50-I-199
CURTIS, MARY S.                        NY-50-M-245
CURTIS, THORNTON                       NY-50-M-233
DALTON, CATHARINE                      NY-50-R-253
DALY, JEREMIAH D.                      NY-50-L-177
DANIELS, GEORGE B.                     NY-50-M-101
DARLING, JANE                          NY-50-J-273
DARLING, JUSTUS                        NY-50-E-390
DARWIN, NICHOLAS                       NY-50-I-535
DAVENPORT, JOSEPH                      NY-50-B-261
DAVIDSON, JAMES T.                     NY-50-B-294
DAVIDSON, SOPHRONIA                    NY-50-I-13
DAVIS, ALMIRA B.                       NY-50-U-564
DAVIS, BETSY P.                        NY-50-V-535
DAVIS, CAROLINE                        NY-50-P-409
DAVIS, ELISHA J.                       NY-50-I-181
DAVIS, JOHN                            NY-50-C-281
DAVIS, LOUISA J.                       NY-50-S-565
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         NY-50-U-46
DAY, CHARLES                           NY-50-R-385
DAY, JAMES                             NY-50-S-301
DAY, MARY                              NY-50-U-220
DEAL, JOHN                             NY-50-M-461
DEAL, PETER                            NY-50-A3-1
DEAL, SALLY                            NY-50-R-501
DEAL, SOLOMON                          NY-50-U-212
DEAN, COVERT                           NY-50-R-93
DEAN, DANIEL C.                        NY-50-G-331
DECKER, ANDREW                         NY-50-E-85
DECKER, PETER                          NY-50-M-173
DECKER, SOLOMON                        NY-50-A-205
DEGRAFF, ABRAHAM                       NY-50-I-665
DEISINGER, MARY C.                     NY-50-E-258
DEISINGER, NICHOLAS                    NY-50-B-159
DELATUSH, MINERVA                      NY-50-J-265
DELONG, WILLIAM                        NY-50-K-477
DEMAREST, JOHN T.                      NY-50-P-109
DEMING, EBENEZER                       NY-50-P-377
DEMING, MOSES C.                       NY-50-B-389
DEMONT, WILLIAM                        NY-50-S-9
DEMOTT, GEORGE W.                      NY-50-R-569
DEMOTT, JAMES                          NY-50-K-393
DEMOTT, MARY ANN                       NY-50-L-223
DEMOTT, RACHEL                         NY-50-R-33
DEMPSEY, DANIEL                        NY-50-M-193
DEMUND, CORNELIUS                      NY-50-N-289
DENISON, GEORGE B.                     NY-50-V-331
DENNISON, BECKWITH                     NY-50-E-496
DENNISTON, SARAH                       NY-50-Q-89
DENTON, HANNAH                         NY-50-M-333
DEPEW, HENRY                           NY-50-A-274
DEPUE, PETER                           NY-50-J-229
DERINGER, JOHN                         NY-50-J-301
DEROE, HETTY                           NY-50-M-105
DESHLER, DAVID F.                      NY-50-V-67
DESMOND, CORA                          NY-50-T-25
DETOE, GEORGE                          NY-50-K-373
DEVENPORT, NATHANIEL                   NY-50-A2-134
DEY, CHARLES W.                        NY-50-C-28
DEY, DAVID                             NY-50-C-529
DEY, ESTHER ***                        NY-50-H-471
DEY, HANNAH                            NY-50-A3-241
DEY, NANCY                             NY-50-I-397
DEY, NANCY                             NY-50-E-168
DEY, PETER B.                          NY-50-S-17
DEY, PETER N.                          NY-50-V-355
DEY, PIERSON                           NY-50-G-13
DEY, RICHARD                           NY-50-D-160
DEY, SUSAN                             NY-50-G-211
DEYO, LORAIN                           NY-50-K-381
DICKERSON, CHARLES JR.                 NY-50-V-595
DICKERSON, CHARLES SR.                 NY-50-F-187
DILDINE, DANIEL                        NY-50-P-489
DILL, EURANIA                          NY-50-M-465
DILLS, GEORGE E.                       NY-50-U-556
DILLSWORTH, JULIA ANN                  NY-50-J-173
DIMAND, SARAH                          NY-50-A3-359
DIMMICK, SAMUEL                        NY-50-S-549
DIMON, SARAH                           NY-50-A3-359
DIMOND, IRWIN                          NY-50-M-201
DISBROW, NATHAN                        NY-50-A-97
DITMAN, JOHN E.                        NY-50-T-199
DITMARS, ABRAM                         NY-50-Q-5
DITMARS, EMMA M.                       NY-50-Q-105
DITMARS, ISAAC V.                      NY-50-E-514
DITMARS, PETER V.                      NY-50-R-341
DOBBIN, EDWIN R.                       NY-50-I-325
DODGE, CYRUS                           NY-50-C-182
DODGE, HARVEY                          NY-50-T-471
DODGE, SOPHIA C.                       NY-50-O-343
DOIG, PETER                            NY-50-F-61
DONEGAN, MARY                          NY-50-M-576
DONELLY, MICHAEL                       NY-50-K-93
DONNELLY, JOHN                         NY-50-Q-433
DONOHUE, DANIEL                        NY-50-M-345
DOOLEY, MARGARET                       NY-50-S-393
DOOLITTLE, SARAH B.                    NY-50-R-49
DOONAN, CHARLES                        NY-50-T-499
DOREMUS, GARRET                        NY-50-S-181
DOREMUS, RICHARD D.                    NY-50-B-153
DOUGHTY, BENJAMIN                      NY-50-K-185
DOUGHTY, SAMUEL H.                     NY-50-O-164
DOUGHTY, SKILLMAN                      NY-50-P-421
DOVID, BRAZELL                         NY-50-T-231
DOWLING, MICHAEL                       NY-50-Q-601
DOWNS, EVELINA E.                      NY-50-R-345
DRAKE, ELISHA P.                       NY-50-R-57
DRAPER, ASA                            NY-50-H-581
DRAPER, ASA N.                         NY-50-B-471
DREW, GEORGE M.                        NY-50-G-37
DUCKENFIELD, GOERGE                    NY-50-F-235
DUELL, HANNAH J.                       NY-50-V-631
DUFFEE, OWEN                           NY-50-L-429
DUMM, JOHN                             NY-50-P-559
DUMOND, PETER                          NY-50-A2-62
DUMOND, WILLIAM                        NY-50-A-269
DUMONT, BENJAMIN B.                    NY-50-T-85
DUMONT, JOHN                           NY-50-C-298
DUNHAM, JOHN                           NY-50-M-277
DUNHAM, MARY                           NY-50-K-41
DUNLAP, ANNA                           NY-50-R-449
DUNLAP,  CYNTHIA                       NY-50-C-136
DUNLAP, DAVID                          NY-50-C-620
DUNLAP, ERNEST A.                      NY-50-A2-313
DUNLAP, HENRY                          NY-50-B-203
DUNLAP, JANE                           NY-50-Q-317
DUNLAP, JOHN                           NY-50-A3-134
DUNLAP, JOSEPH                         NY-50-J-393
DUNLAP, JOSIAH                         NY-50-G-67
DUNLAP, LEDLIE                         NY-50-A3-100
DUNLAP, MARY C.                        NY-50-U-164
DURAND, MARY                           NY-50-T2-161
DURHAM, CORNELIUS                      NY-50-A3-383
DURLING, GEORGE V.                     NY-50-P-449
DURLING, MARY M.                       NY-50-T-223
DURLING, REUBEN D.                     NY-50-T-219
DURMONT, ELBERT S.                     NY-50-G-319
DURNIN, BERNARD                        NY-50-V-229
DURSTON, JAMES                         NY-50-T2-109
DYE, OTIS                              NY-50-P-525
EASTMAN, CHESTER                       NY-50-I-647
EASTMAN, HERMAN D.                     NY-50-R-185
EASTON, AARON M.                       NY-50-T-287
EASTON, AMBROSE                        NY-50-N-313
EASTON, JOSIAH                         NY-50-B-331
EBSEN, LOUISA                          NY-50-K-145
ECHTER, MARY                           NY-50-V-499
EDINGTON, PHILIP                       NY-50-A2-154
EDWARDS, SURRY W.                      NY-50-I-481
EGGLESTON, OLIVER W.                   NY-50-O-97
ELLIS, ANN                             NY-50-A2-163
ELLIS, DANIEL                          NY-50-E-484
ELLIS, LEVI                            NY-50-A2-125
ELLIS, LUCY L.                         NY-50-K-525
ELLIS, MARY                            NY-50-U2-33
ELLSON, WILLIAM                        NY-50-U-96
ELMENDORF, LEVI                        NY-50-G-133
ELWELL, COMFORT                        NY-50-S-297
ELWELL, LUCY                           NY-50-R-229
EMANS, JOHN                            NY-50-B-340
EMENS, ALFRED                          NY-50-R-233
EMERY, HARRIET                         NY-50-R-337
EMICK, POLLY                           NY-50-M-237
EMITT, DIANA                           NY-50-L-531
ENGLISH, JANE                          NY-50-S-77
ENSIGN, EMMA F.                        NY-50-U2-185
ERNSBERGER, CLARISSA E.                NY-50-J-69
ESHENOUR, WILLIAM                      NY-50-T-467
ESLINGER, JOHN G.                      NY-50-M-269
ESTERLY, GEORGE                        NY-50-G-205
ESTERLY, SARAH C.                      NY-50-U-128
EVANS, JOHN B.                         NY-50-B-87
EVANS, MARY J.                         NY-50-M-225
EVENS, JOHN E.                         NY-50-I-511
EVERETT, MARTIN L.                     NY-50-O-79
EVERETT, WILLIAM                       NY-50-M-77
EYLENBURGH, GEORGE W.                  NY-50-Q-97
FAIRCHILD, CORYDEN                     NY-50-U-100
FALKINBURG, SAMUEL                     NY-50-B-33
FARLEY, JAMES                          NY-50-P-397
FARLEY, LAWRENCE                       NY-50-T-279
FARNSWORTH, CORNELIA L.                NY-50-U-464
FARR, ARCHIBALD                        NY-50-E-532
FARR, CAROLINE                         NY-50-F-223
FARR, HARRIET P.                       NY-50-L-86
FARR, MARY                             NY-50-D-323
FARRELL, NANCY                         NY-50-N-9
FARRON, DANIEL C.                      NY-50-U-376
FARRON, THOMAS J.                      NY-50-R-285
FATZINGER, ANNA C.                     NY-50-Q-369
FATZINGER, FRANCIS P. H.               NY-50-O-391
FATZINGER, LEVI                        NY-50-I-193
FATZINGER, THOMAS                      NY-50-L-121
FEAGLES, WILLIAM B.                    NY-50-J-53
FELCH, JOHN H.                         NY-50-R-517
FELLOWS, ELIZA                         NY-50-U-656
FENN, EVA                              NY-50-R-69
FENN, LUCIUS                           NY-50-K-29
FENN, PETER                            NY-50-O-421
FENNER, JACOB                          NY-50-N-401
FENTON, JONAS S.                       NY-50-M-561
FERRIS, JOHN                           NY-50-P-353
FETTER, FRANK                          NY-50-T-371
FIELD, ANN                             NY-50-J-73
FILLINGHAM, TOM                        NY-50-U-380
FINLEY, MARGARET                       NY-50-T-523
FINLEY, MARY                           NY-50-P-305
FINNEGAN, GEORGE                       NY-50-S-417
FINNEGAN, JAMES                        NY-50-J-385
FINNEGAN, JOHN                         NY-50-N-497
FINNEGAN, OWEN                         NY-50-K-473
FINNEGAN, PATRICK                      NY-50-U-404
FIRES, LAWRENCE                        NY-50-R-113
FISHER, CATHARINE                      NY-50-N-29
FISHER, LAVINIA                        NY-50-R-141
FISK, SUMNER                           NY-50-O-265
FITZSIMONS, GEORGE                     NY-50-V-373
FLANAGAN, JAMES A.                     NY-50-U-632
FLANAGAN, PATRICK                      NY-50-K-9
FLECKINGER, ABRAM M.                   NY-50-P-553
FLEMING, JAMES                         NY-50-A2-138
FLEMING, ROBERT                        NY-50-E-222
FLICKINGER, JACOB B.                   NY-50-J-309
FLICKINGER, JACOB                      NY-50-J-17
FLICKINGER, WILLIAM                    NY-50-T2-180
FLYNN, THOMAS S.                       NY-50-P-273
FOLWELL, ANN                           NY-50-A3-27
FOLWELL, JOANNA B.                     NY-50-R-9
FOLWELL, JOSEPH                        NY-50-A2-307
FOLWELL, NATHAN W.                     NY-50-L-170
FOLWELL, WILLIAM W.                    NY-50-D-532
FOOKER, JOHN F.                        NY-50-T-1
FOOTE, HENRY J.                        NY-50-N-309
FOOTE, JOSEPH W.                       NY-50-S-509
FOOTE, SAMUEL                          NY-50-P-545
FOOTE, SARAH A.                        NY-50-K-17
FORCE, MARY                            NY-50-J-9
FORD, JEREMIAH                         NY-50-M-409
FOSER, ELIZABETH R.                    NY-50-T-171
FOSTER, ABSALOM                        NY-50-U-408
FOSTER, AGUSTA L.                      NY-50-V-541
FOSTER, HERMAN TEN EYCK                NY-50-I-151
FOSTER, MARTHA J.                      NY-50-Q-281
FOUNTAIN, CHARLES K.                   NY-50-J-453
FOUNTAIN, VINCENT H.                   NY-50-E-216
FOX, ELIZABETH                         NY-50-U2-177
FRANKLIN, GEORGE                       NY-50-P-417
FRANTZ, LEWIS S.                       NY-50-L-100
FREDERICK, MARY                        NY-50-R-281
FREEBODY, CHARLES T.                   NY-50-I-259
FREELAND, ALICE                        NY-50-U2-329
FREER, AARON                           NY-50-R-521
FRELIGH, GARRETT W.                    NY-50-V-451
FRENCH, ANN                            NY-50-U-76
FRENCH, LEWIS P.                       NY-50-V-97
FRENCH, LOUISA                         NY-50-F-373
FRENCH, MARGARET                       NY-50-K-429
FRIDLEY, AARON                         NY-50-G-145
FRINK, HORTENSE C.                     NY-50-U-256
FRISBIE, ABEL                          NY-50-A3-4
FRISBIE, REBECCAH                      NY-50-A3-6
FROST, ELDRED                          NY-50-O-451
FROST, MARIA                           NY-50-O-115
FROST, PHILIP                          NY-50-N-357
FRY, JOHN                              NY-50-U-492
FRY, ROSEWELL P.                       NY-50-R-173
FUCHS, HENRY                           NY-50-S-385
FULKERSON, HENRY                       NY-50-D-240
FULLER, CONRAD                         NY-50-J-297
FURNISS, JANE                          NY-50-T-291
FURNISS, JOHN                          NY-50-U-580

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