Schoharie, New York
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ABBOTT, ELMIRA                         NY-48-9-455
ABBOTT, EPHRAIM B.                     NY-48-14-187
ADAMS, HEZEKIAH                        NY-48-B-351
ADAMS, MARGARET                        NY-48-B2-18
AGER, CLARK C.                         NY-48-12-373
AKELY, JAMES                           NY-48-U-582
AKER, HENRY H.                         NY-48-8-521
AKER, MARTHA J.                        NY-48-12-128
AKER, NELSON                           NY-48-12-328
AKER, WILLIAM                          NY-48-14-99
ALBERT, MARY                           NY-48-15-111
ALLEN, CHESTER                         NY-48-12-528
ALLEN, HARVEY D.                       NY-48-15-381
ALLEN, JEREMIAH                        NY-48-14-133
ALLEN, JEREMIAH JR.                    NY-48-14-173
ALLEN, JUDAH                           NY-48-11-24
ALLEN, PHOEBE J.                       NY-48-14-235
ALLEN, SEBASTIAN                       NY-48-9-293
ALLEN, WILLIAM E.                      NY-48-15-395
ALMY, OLIVE                            NY-48-B2-471
ALMY, OLIVE                            NY-48-B2-450
ALMY, THOMAS                           NY-48-B2-7
ALMY, THOMAS                           NY-48-F-37
ALPAUGH, ALVIN                         NY-48-11-37
ANEY, ANNA                             NY-48-11-129
ANEY, JOHN                             NY-48-11-126
ANGLE, DAVID                           NY-48-10-622
ANGLE, JACOB                           NY-48-12-514
ANGLE, WILLIAM                         NY-48-9-519
ANTHONY, CHRISTIAN                     NY-48-8-259
ARMSTRONG, CAROLINE                    NY-48-11-345
ARMSTRONG, CHARLES                     NY-48-9-231
ARMSTRONG, ELIZA M.                    NY-48-9-430
ARNING, CHRISTIAN                      NY-48-11-316
ARNOLD, JOHN                           NY-48-10-638
ASH, BETSEY E.                         NY-48-10-486
ASH, SAMUEL                            NY-48-8-248
ATCHINSON, AARON LEWIS                 NY-48-14-331
ATCHINSON, WILLIAM S.                  NY-48-12-120
ATKINS, EDWARD                         NY-48-8-88
AUCHAMPAUGH, MILO                      NY-48-8-228
AUSTIN, JAMES NEWTON                   NY-48-B-439
AUSTIN, JOHN                           NY-48-11-250
AVERY, IRA                             NY-48-U-289
AVERY, JOHN                            NY-48-8-107
AVERY, JOHN                            NY-48-12-205
AVERY, LOVINA                          NY-48-12-489
AVERY, SAMUEL                          NY-48-B-256
BABCOCK  NATHAN                        NY-48-13-119
BABCOCK, RUSSEL                        NY-48-9-88
BABCOCK, WALTER                        NY-48-10-408
BADEAU, JOHN                           NY-48-A2-224
BADEAU, JOHN                           NY-48-F-204
BADGLEY, JOHN                          NY-48-8-161
BADGLEY, RACHEL                        NY-48-10-581
BAGLEY, JONAS S.                       NY-48-11-72
BAILEY, ALFRED                         NY-48-B2-90
BAILEY, CATHARINE                      NY-48-10-502
BAILEY, HARVEY                         NY-48-12-582
BAILEY, HORACE                         NY-48-8-26
BAILEY, PHILANDER                      NY-48-U-488
BAIRD, BEDENT                          NY-48-C-263
BAIRD, DAVID B.                        NY-48-15-323
BAIRD, MARTHA                          NY-48-10-239
BAIRD, RACHEL G.                       NY-48-9-395
BAKER, CORNELIUS V.                    NY-48-13-369
BAKER, HOWLAND                         NY-48-14-35
BAKER, JOHN                            NY-48-9-581
BAKER, LYMAN                           NY-48-9-117
BAKER, MARY                            NY-48-12-302
BAKER, NICHOLAS                        NY-48-A2-363
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NY-48-9-528
BALDWIN, AARON                         NY-48-11-110
BALDWIN, JUTIN                         NY-48-9-197
BALL, ELISABETH                        NY-48-8-620
BALL, JOHN                             NY-48-10-183
BALL, MARGARET                         NY-48-14-313
BALL, MARGARET J.                      NY-48-13-281
BALL, PETER                            NY-48-A2-513
BALL, PETER M.                         NY-48-10-176
BALL, WILLIAM                          NY-48-U-520
BANKS, WILLIAM                         NY-48-B2-338
BANTA, JACOB                           NY-48-8-488
BARBER, ISAAC J.                       NY-48-12-174
BARBER, MARY M.                        NY-48-15-341
BARD, JOHN                             NY-48-C-137
BARGER, JAMES                          NY-48-12-499
BARKER, CICERO                         NY-48-12-64
BARKLEY, JAMES                         NY-48-10-467
BARKMAN, RENSSELAER                    NY-48-10-83
BARLOW, JAMES                          NY-48-U-515
BARLOW, JANE                           NY-48-12-63
BARLOW, JOHN                           NY-48-10-87
BARLOW, MOSES                          NY-48-10-618
BARNER, DAVID J.                       NY-48-9-202
BARNER, GEORGE                         NY-48-F-19
BARNER, GEORGIE                        NY-48-12-232
BARNER, JOHN J.                        NY-48-12-255
BARNER, WILLIAM M.                     NY-48-12-482
BARNES, JEREMIAH                       NY-48-U-601
BARRETT, AMBROSE                       NY-48-9-210
BARTHOLOMEW, FANNY                     NY-48-U-385
BARTHOLOMEW, LEWIS                     NY-48-9-351
BARTLE, SAMUEL                         NY-48-U-392
BARTLEY, AIVD                          NY-48-B2-356
BARTLEY, LOUISA                        NY-48-9-368
BARTON, JACOB J.                       NY-48-U-638
BARTON, MARY ANN                       NY-48-12-411
BARTON, THEODORE                       NY-48-12-325
BARTON, WILLIAM                        NY-48-13-295
BARTON, WILLIAM B.                     NY-48-15-319
BASELER, LAMBERT                       NY-48-9-35
BASSLER, DAVID                         NY-48-13-235
BASSLER, HENRY F.                      NY-48-A2-574
BASSLER, JOSIAH                        NY-48-10-568
BATCHELLER, JOEL                       NY-48-U-611
BATEHOLTS, DAVID                       NY-48-13-277
BATESHOLTS, CATHERINE                  NY-48-11-30
BATSHOFTS, GEORGE J.                   NY-48-9-267
BATZHOLDT, CASPER                      NY-48-A2-89
BAUM, MARY A.                          NY-48-14-215
BAUMES, GEORGE                         NY-48-10-288
BAUMES, HANNAH                         NY-48-10-436
BAUMES, JOHN                           NY-48-12-379
BAXTER, ABRAM                          NY-48-8-438
BAXTER, CATHARINE                      NY-48-9-440
BAXTER, JOHN                           NY-48-A2-324
BAXTER, JONAS                          NY-48-10-312
BAXTER, LAWRENCE U.                    NY-48-12-504
BAXTER, THOMAS                         NY-48-A-202
BCKER, WILLIAM                         NY-48-A2-301
BEACH, THEODORE                        NY-48-12-606
BEAKLEY, CALEB                         NY-48-B2-424
BEAKLEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-48-13-19
BEARD, JACOB L.                        NY-48-13-373
BEARDSLEY, JOHN F.                     NY-48-A2-538
BEAVER, PHILIP                         NY-48-8-144
BECKER, ABRAM                          NY-48-13-345
BECKER, ALVAH                          NY-48-9-84
BECKER, CATHARINE D.                   NY-48-14-439
BECKER, CATHERINE                      NY-48-11-246
BECKER, CATHERINE R.                   NY-48-11-116
BECKER, CHRISTINA                      NY-48-9-594
BECKER, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-48-9-29
BECKER, DANIEL                         NY-48-11-55
BECKER, DAVID                          NY-48-9-81
BECKER, DAVID                          NY-48-10-565
BECKER, DAVID                          NY-48-10-342
BECKER, ELISABETH                      NY-48-U-191
BECKER, EVE                            NY-48-10-395
BECKER, GARRET                         NY-48-12-36
BECKER, GARRET W.                      NY-48-8-295
BECKER, GIDEON                         NY-48-12-454
BECKER, HARMON                         NY-48-U-474
BECKER, HENRY H.                       NY-48-U-403
BECKER, HENRY W.                       NY-48-U-471
BECKER, JACOB                          NY-48-B2-135
BECKER, JACOB                          NY-48-U-591
BECKER, JAMES                          NY-48-13-285
BECKER, JOHN                           NY-48-B2-72
BECKER, JOHN A.                        NY-48-C-161
BECKER, JOHN D.                        NY-48-9-389
BECKER, JOHN I.                        NY-48-A-189
BECKER, JOHN JOST                      NY-48-12-157
BECKER, JOHN JOST                      NY-48-12-501
BECKER, JOHN NICHOLAS                  NY-48-A-103
BECKER, JOHN P.                        NY-48-12-181
BECKER, JOSEPH                         NY-48-8-514
BECKER, LARRY                          NY-48-14-157
BECKER, MARIA                          NY-48-15-263
BECKER, PAULINE                        NY-48-13-201
BECKER, PETER                          NY-48-A-218
BECKER, PETER                          NY-48-B2-383
BECKER, PETER                          NY-48-8-589
BECKER, PETER JR.                      NY-48-B2-398
BECKER, PHILIP                         NY-48-9-509
BECKER, PHILIP B.                      NY-48-13-143
BECKER, STORM S.                       NY-48-9-353
BECKER, WILLIAM                        NY-48-10-469
BECKER, WILLIAM                        NY-48-12-510
BECKER, WILLIAM F.                     NY-48-10-258
BECKER, WILLIAM J.                     NY-48-9-406
BEEKMAN, DURYEA                        NY-48-9-221
BEEKMAN, NICHOLAS                      NY-48-9-375
BEEKMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-48-B2-160
BEGGS, ISABELLA                        NY-48-12-399
BEGGS, JANE A.                         NY-48-12-401
BEGGS, JOHN                            NY-48-12-402
BELL, JOHN                             NY-48-8-236
BELLER, ANDREW                         NY-48-8-332
BELLER, WILLIAM                        NY-48-B2-293
BELLINGER, CATHARINE                   NY-48-12-96
BELLINGER, CONRAD M.                   NY-48-9-446
BELLINGER, COONRADT                    NY-48-9-471
BELLINGER, DAVID                       NY-48-12-19
BELLINGER, HELMAS                      NY-48-13-147
BELLINGER, HENRY                       NY-48-B-49
BELLINGER, HENRY                       NY-48-10-46
BELLINGER, JOHANNES                    NY-48-A-60
BELLINGER, JOHN H.                     NY-48-14-269
BELLINGER, JOHN JR.                    NY-48-U-150
BELLINGER, JOHN M.                     NY-48-9-422
BELLINGER, JOHN P.                     NY-48-10-157
BELLINGER, MARCUS                      NY-48-A-148
BELLINGER, MARCUS                      NY-48-11-196
BELLINGER, MARCUS                      NY-48-14-507
BELLINGER, MARIA                       NY-48-U-236
BELLINGER, WILLIAM                     NY-48-14-281
BENJAMIN, EBENEZER                     NY-48-12-238
BENJAMIN, MARTHA                       NY-48-10-328
BENJAMIN, OGDEN                        NY-48-9-413
BENJAMIN, ZINA                         NY-48-13-9
BENNETT, ANN                           NY-48-15-297
BERGH, ABRAHAM                         NY-48-A2-81
BERGH, BENJAMIN                        NY-48-14-491
BERGH, DAVID                           NY-48-10-237
BERGH, ELIZABETH                       NY-48-12-519
BERGH, MARGARET                        NY-48-9-404
BERGH, PHILIP                          NY-48-9-531
BERNER, JOSEPH                         NY-48-F-140
BERNSTEIN, ABRAM                       NY-48-10-266
BEST, BENJAMIN                         NY-48-8-563
BEST, CATHARINE                        NY-48-15-87
BEST, CHARLES                          NY-48-U-513
BEST, FREDERICK                        NY-48-9-638
BEST, GEORGE                           NY-48-A-262
BEST, GEORGE J.                        NY-48-11-216
BEST, HENRY                            NY-48-B2-305
BEST, HENRY                            NY-48-8-503
BEST, HENRY G.                         NY-48-B2-84
BEST, JACOB                            NY-48-13-325
BEST, JAMES W.                         NY-48-U-79
BEST, JOHN                             NY-48-U-230
BEST, JOHN N.                          NY-48-13-149
BEST, MAGDALENE                        NY-48-U-335
BEST, PETER P.                         NY-48-8-339
BICE, DAVID                            NY-48-10-455
BICE, JOHN C.                          NY-48-14-387
BICE, JOSHUA                           NY-48-10-651
BICE, MARSHALL D.                      NY-48-15-125
BICE, ROXIE                            NY-48-15-331
BIGGS, EMILY H.                        NY-48-12-459
BIXBY, ASA                             NY-48-14-539
BLAIN, WILLIAM JAMES                   NY-48-13-275
BLASS, HENRY                           NY-48-B-12
BLASS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-48-B-449
BLOODGOOD, ISAAC                       NY-48-9-515
BLYTHE, JOHN                           NY-48-U-459
BODICE, GEORGE                         NY-48-15-299
BOGART, LYDIA                          NY-48-U-576
BOIES, SAMUEL                          NY-48-F-69
BOLLES, JANE                           NY-48-12-554
BORST, DAVID                           NY-48-9-61
BORST, ELIZABETH                       NY-48-F-35
BORST, GEORGE                          NY-48-A2-342
BORST, HENDRICK                        NY-48-A-145
BORST, HENRY                           NY-48-B2-454
BORST, HENRY                           NY-48-B2-474
BORST, HENRY                           NY-48-U-483
BORST, HENRY                           NY-48-15-171
BORST, HENRY D.                        NY-48-8-164
BORST, JENETTE                         NY-48-15-375
BORST, JEREMIAH                        NY-48-U-228
BORST, JOHAN BALSER                    NY-48-B-316
BORST, JOSEPH                          NY-48-A2-279
BORST, JOSIAH                          NY-48-12-149
BORST, MARCUS                          NY-48-10-464
BORST, MARGARET                        NY-48-10-457
BORST, MARTINES                        NY-48-B2-397
BORST, MARY B.                         NY-48-14-347
BORST, MICHAEL                         NY-48-F-32
BORST, PETER *NTL                      NY-48-A2-392
BORST, PETER                           NY-48-9-610
BORST, PETER G.                        NY-48-9-343
BORST, PETER H.                        NY-48-11-148
BORST, PHILIP                          NY-48-9-218
BORST, REBECCA                         NY-48-12-410
BORST, WILLIAM                         NY-48-C-77
BORST, WILLIAM J.                      NY-48-8-71
BORTHWICK, ALEXANDER                   NY-48-11-63
BORTHWICK, ANNA MARIE                  NY-48-14-271
BORTHWICK, ARTHUR                      NY-48-12-276
BORTHWICK, CHLOE S.                    NY-48-9-137
BORTLE, PHILIP                         NY-48-8-185
BOUCK, ABBY J.                         NY-48-14-61
BOUCK, ABRAHAM                         NY-48-B2-201
BOUCK, CAROLINE                        NY-48-15-385
BOUCK, CHRISTIAN                       NY-48-A2-366
BOUCK, CORNELIUS                       NY-48-C-97
BOUCK, DAVID                           NY-48-C-186
BOUCK, DAVID C.                        NY-48-9-37
BOUCK, DAVID D.                        NY-48-C-168
BOUCK, DAVID D.                        NY-48-14-335
BOUCK, ELIZA                           NY-48-13-221
BOUCK, GEORGE                          NY-48-8-588
BOUCK, HENRY V.                        NY-48-14-329
BOUCK, JACOB D.                        NY-48-10-658
BOUCK, JOHN C.                         NY-48-8-365
BOUCK, JOHN J.                         NY-48-A2-249
BOUCK, JOHN JR.                        NY-48-A-300
BOUCK, JOHN L.                         NY-48-U-431
BOUCK, JONAS                           NY-48-F-232
BOUCK, MARGET M.                       NY-48-13-401
BOUCK, MARIA                           NY-48-14-527
BOUCK, PETER B.                        NY-48-11-381
BOUCK, SARAH J.                        NY-48-12-552
BOUCK, THOMAS                          NY-48-U-214
BOUCK, THOMAS J.                       NY-48-12-569
BOUCK, THOMAS L.                       NY-48-8-62
BOUCK, WILLIAM                         NY-48-A-199
BOUCK, WILLIAM C.                      NY-48-U-374
BOUGHTON, GEORGE H.                    NY-48-14-383
BOUGHTON, JAMES                        NY-48-10-286
BOUGHTON, MARY E.                      NY-48-14-357
BOUGHTON, SEYMOUR                      NY-48-15-165
BOURN, CHARLES C.                      NY-48-9-274
BOWDISH, LUKE                          NY-48-8-368
BOWLER, JOSEPH I.                      NY-48-9-583
BOWMAKER, GEORGE                       NY-48-10-649
BOYCE, DAVID                           NY-48-U-187
BOYCE, DENISON R.                      NY-48-10-376
BOYCE, JAMES A.                        NY-48-9-131
BOYD, WILLIAM                          NY-48-9-453
BOYNTON, OLIVER                        NY-48-14-299
BOYNTON, SAMUEL                        NY-48-F-114
BRADFORD, HENRY S.                     NY-48-B-65
BRADFORD, SILAS                        NY-48-C-39
BRADLEY, CRHSTINA L.                   NY-48-14-125
BRADLEY, FRANK                         NY-48-14-149
BRADLEY, MILO                          NY-48-9-540
BRADLEY, MILO N.                       NY-48-14-49
BRADT, ANDREW                          NY-48-10-583
BRADT, JENNIE E.                       NY-48-10-125
BRADT, WILLIAM                         NY-48-9-557
BRADY, ANN                             NY-48-10-293
BRADY, JAMES                           NY-48-15-49
BRADY, JOHN                            NY-48-F-227
BRAINERD, ZACHARIAH                    NY-48-12-179
BRAND, ALLEN                           NY-48-11-214
BRAND, JULIA                           NY-48-15-119
BRANDENSTEIN, CATHARINE                NY-48-10-245
BRANDENSTIEN, CONRAD                   NY-48-10-210
BRANDON, JOHN H.                       NY-48-12-567
BRAYMAN, BENJAMIN                      NY-48-12-394
BRAZEE, DELIAH                         NY-48-12-277
BRAZEE, ELIZABETH                      NY-48-14-395
BRAZEE, JOHN CORNLEIUS                 NY-48-8-232
BRAZIE, DANIEL                         NY-48-10-647
BRAZIE, TINA ANN                       NY-48-15-7
BRENNAN, MICHAEL                       NY-48-13-129
BREWSTER, CHRISTINA D.                 NY-48-14-499
BREWSTER, GILBERT                      NY-48-F-85
BREWSTER, HORACE E.                    NY-48-13-179
BREWSTER, JOHN G.                      NY-48-10-532
BREWSTER, NANCY                        NY-48-9-567
BREWSTER, PETER                        NY-48-10-483
BREWSTER, RALPH                        NY-48-12-134
BREWSTER, SILAS                        NY-48-A2-515
BREWSTER, WILLIAM J.                   NY-48-10-607
BREZEE, CAROLINE M.                    NY-48-13-55
BREZEE, RICHARD                        NY-48-9-511
BRIGGS, BETSEY                         NY-48-U-174
BRIGGS, ELIZABETH                      NY-48-12-576
BRIGGS, GEORGE B.                      NY-48-11-231
BRIGGS, HENRY R.                       NY-48-U-266
BRIGGS, OLNEY                          NY-48-B2-407
BRIGGS, SAMUEL                         NY-48-15-127
BRIGGS, WALTER                         NY-48-B-293
BROOKER, ICHABOD                       NY-48-8-571
BROUGHTON, CHARLES                     NY-48-8-48
BROWN, ABRAHAM                         NY-48-9-16
BROWN, ABRAM A.                        NY-48-14-7
BROWN, CATHARINE                       NY-48-10-133
BROWN, CATHARINE                       NY-48-13-231
BROWN, CATHARINE A.                    NY-48-13-13
BROWN, CHRISTIAN                       NY-48-A-224
BROWN, CONRAD                          NY-48-C-344
BROWN, DAMON                           NY-48-12-465
BROWN, DAVID                           NY-48-10-105
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-48-B2-373
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-48-12-351
BROWN, GEORGE                          NY-48-15-197
BROWN, GRACE C.                        NY-48-14-403
BROWN, HENRY                           NY-48-B2-331
BROWN, HENRY A.                        NY-48-14-75
BROWN, HENRY H.                        NY-48-10-383
BROWN, HENRY M.                        NY-48-11-324
BROWN, HORACE RUSSELL                  NY-48-12-312
BROWN, JACOB F.                        NY-48-10-450
BROWN, JOHN JOST                       NY-48-9-241
BROWN, JOHN JR.                        NY-48-B-278
BROWN, JOSEPH I.                       NY-48-12-425
BROWN, LUCINDA R.                      NY-48-U-176
BROWN, MARCUS                          NY-48-U-248
BROWN, MARGARET                        NY-48-14-305
BROWN, MARY                            NY-48-13-309
BROWN, PETER                           NY-48-9-552
BROWN, PETER                           NY-48-11-189
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NY-48-B2-466
BROWN, SEVERENUS                       NY-48-9-332
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-48-9-291
BROWN, WILLIAM D.                      NY-48-A2-64
BROWN, ZADOCK J.                       NY-48-12-279
BROWNE, MARY C.                        NY-48-15-83
BROWNELL, CORNELIUS B.                 NY-48-15-11
BROWNELL, JOHNITHAN J.                 NY-48-14-21
BRUCE, BENJAMIN                        NY-48-8-212
BRUCE, JUSTUS G.                       NY-48-11-138
BRUMLEY, EDARD H.                      NY-48-14-351
BRUMLEY, ELIZABETH W.                  NY-48-15-421
BRUMLEY, THEOPHILUS R.                 NY-48-10-446
BRUNELL, ANNA                          NY-48-13-251
BRUNSKILL, ANNA L.                     NY-48-13-425
BRWONE, EMMA                           NY-48-13-261
BRYAN, EMILY                           NY-48-13-53
BRYCE, JAMES                           NY-48-A-354
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM                      NY-48-8-178
BUCK, DAVID H.                         NY-48-11-44
BUCK, TRUMAN E.                        NY-48-13-267
BUCKINGHAM, EPENETUS                   NY-48-F-14
BUCKINGHAM, MERRITT                    NY-48-9-452
BUDD, DANIEL                           NY-48-B-82
BUDGIE, ELIZA                          NY-48-12-224
BULL, JEREMIAH                         NY-48-B-260
BULL, LAURAETTE A.                     NY-48-12-452
BUMP, MARY M.                          NY-48-12-449
BUNN, JACOB                            NY-48-B2-206
BUNN, WILLIAM                          NY-48-8-527
BURHANS, BARNEY                        NY-48-C-277
BURHANS, DANIEL P.                     NY-48-11-96
BURHAUS, EMMA                          NY-48-14-137
BURHAUS, ZACHARIA                      NY-48-8-552
BURNAP, DAVID                          NY-48-10-413
BURNAP, NELSON C.                      NY-48-9-358
BURNESON, LEVANTIA M.                  NY-48-12-545
BURNET, JAMES                          NY-48-8-399
BURNET, JOSEPH L.                      NY-48-U-59
BURNET, JOSEPH L.                      NY-48-U-86
BURNETT, CHARLES S.                    NY-48-15-157
BURNS, JEREMIAH                        NY-48-14-391
BURNSTINE, HANNAH                      NY-48-8-262
BURTON, HILTS                          NY-48-8-513
BURTON, JUDAH                          NY-48-A-319
BURTON, ROBERT                         NY-48-15-387
BURTON, WILLIAM                        NY-48-10-402
BURTON, WILLIAM C.                     NY-48-9-177
BURTON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-48-U-365
BURTON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-48-14-293
BUSSIE, JOHN                           NY-48-U-469
BUTLER, BETSEY L.                      NY-48-8-583
BUTLER, OSES                           NY-48-B2-127
BUTLER, THOMAS                         NY-48-A2-505
BUTTON, GEORGE                         NY-48-8-293
BUTTON, LOVINA                         NY-48-10-504
CAIN, HARRIET                          NY-48-8-432
CALKINS, AZUBA C.                      NY-48-11-259
CALKINS, ELIJAH                        NY-48-B-25
CALKINS, HEZEKIAH                      NY-48-C-163
CALKINS, JULIA A.                      NY-48-13-289
CALKINS, MARGARET ANN                  NY-48-10-605
CALKINS, WILLIAM                       NY-48-8-96
CAMERON, CAROLINE                      NY-48-10-598
CAMERON, JACOB                         NY-48-9-76
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH                    NY-48-U-517
CAMPBELL, EMELINE S.                   NY-48-14-559
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         NY-48-8-394
CAMPBELL, PATRICK                      NY-48-U-444
CAMPBELL, STATIRA                      NY-48-B2-148
CANADA, CATHARINE                      NY-48-14-1
CANADA, ELIZABETH                      NY-48-U-61
CANADA, JACOB                          NY-48-12-404
CANADAY, WILLIAM                       NY-48-12-209
CANADY, WILLIAM                        NY-48-B2-107
CANOVER, ABRAM                         NY-48-8-430
CARL, WILLIAM                          NY-48-A2-568
CARPENTER, CALEB                       NY-48-9-141
CARPENTER, HENRY                       NY-48-10-380
CARR, JOHN                             NY-48-8-151
CARSON, DAVID                          NY-48-F-156
CARTER, WILLIAM A.                     NY-48-14-19
CARY, EDGAR G.                         NY-48-15-235
CARYL, CHRISTINA A.                    NY-48-14-289
CASE, ELISHA                           NY-48-14-175
CASE, MARY                             NY-48-U-193
CASEY, EDWARD                          NY-48-8-474
CASLEY, JAMES                          NY-48-B2-449
CASPAR, MARGARET                       NY-48-12-346
CASPER, PETER                          NY-48-8-522
CASS, PETER                            NY-48-11-276
CASTLE, ALEXANDER                      NY-48-14-255
CAVEN, FLAVIUS J.                      NY-48-10-430
CHAMBERLIN, ROSWELL                    NY-48-9-110
CHAMBERS, RICHARD                      NY-48-14-265
CHAMPLIN, GEORGE H.                    NY-48-14-323
CHAMPLIN, GILES S.                     NY-48-14-83
CHAMPLIN, J. PERRY                     NY-48-15-353
CHASE, ARAMINTA                        NY-48-13-125
CHASE, ELIZABETH                       NY-48-12-269
CHASE, MAXSON                          NY-48-8-498
CHERITREE, ORPHA D.                    NY-48-14-515
CHESEBRO, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-48-A2-245
CHICHESTER, WILLIAM                    NY-48-13-105
CHILDS, BELINDA A.                     NY-48-14-273
CHOATE, GARDNER T.                     NY-48-14-161
CHOATE, WILLIAM                        NY-48-9-254
CLAPPER, GEORGE                        NY-48-13-77
CLAPPER, LOUISA                        NY-48-13-1
CLAPPER, WILLIAM                       NY-48-9-604
CLAPPER, WILLIAM                       NY-48-15-209
CLARK, CATHERINE                       NY-48-8-325
CLARK, ELECTA                          NY-48-12-536
CLARK, ELIPHALET                       NY-48-F-224
CLARK, JAMES                           NY-48-10-193
CLARK, LEVI V.                         NY-48-15-277
CLARK, LYMAN                           NY-48-B2-97
CLARK, WILLIAM                         NY-48-B2-371
CLARK, WILLIAM S.                      NY-48-12-337
CLEAVELAND, ELIZABETH                  NY-48-9-596
CLEMENS, HENRY H.                      NY-48-11-132
CLEVELAND, ASA H.                      NY-48-12-417
CLEVELAND, CAROLINE M.                 NY-48-13-445
CLOW, NICHOLAS D.                      NY-48-12-559
COE, CATHARINE E.                      NY-48-10-317
COGGSHALL, ANNAR                       NY-48-14-37
COHN, WILLIAM                          NY-48-9-495
COLE, ANDRUS                           NY-48-9-361
COLE, AVERY                            NY-48-U-169
COLE, LOREN P.                         NY-48-11-156
COLE, SUSANNAH                         NY-48-12-118
COLE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-48-11-343
COLLINS, ELIJAH                        NY-48-8-102
COLLINS, JAMES                         NY-48-9-392
COLLINS, JOHN                          NY-48-U-522
COLLINS, PETER J.                      NY-48-15-205
COLLINS, SARAH J.                      NY-48-10-495
COLLINS, STEPHEN                       NY-48-9-31
COLLITON, DAVID 2ND                    NY-48-15-101
COMSTOCK, EBENEZER H.                  NY-48-U-238
COMSTOCK, LARRY                        NY-48-U-407
CONKLIN, ABSALOM                       NY-48-11-330
CONKLIN, HENRY                         NY-48-B2-226
CONKLING, DANIEL                       NY-48-B2-245
CONNER, JOSEPH JR.                     NY-48-U-617
CONOVER, DANIEL P.                     NY-48-12-522
CONOVER, DAVID                         NY-48-14-275
CONOVER, ELIZA                         NY-48-9-263
CONOVER, JOH B.                        NY-48-12-235
CONOVER, JOHN W.                       NY-48-15-409
CONOVER, PAMELIA                       NY-48-8-608
CONROW, JOHN                           NY-48-9-652
CONWAY, JOHN                           NY-48-8-444
COOK, ELI                              NY-48-F-81
COOK, ERASTUS                          NY-48-12-385
COOK, EUNICE C.                        NY-48-14-195
COOK, HENRY                            NY-48-8-348
COOK, JANE E.                          NY-48-13-39
COOK, JOSIAH T.                        NY-48-12-590
COOK, MARGARET H.                      NY-48-9-517
COOK, MARY                             NY-48-U-497
COOK, PELEG                            NY-48-U-164
COOK, THOMAS                           NY-48-13-11
COOK, TRYON                            NY-48-U-626
COON, PETER H.                         NY-48-B2-323
COONLEY, SOLOMON                       NY-48-10-76
COONRAD, ADAM                          NY-48-11-169
COONS, FREDRICK                        NY-48-8-530
COONS, JACOB                           NY-48-U-189
COONS, JOHN H.                         NY-48-13-167
COONS, MARGARET                        NY-48-13-211
COONS, POLLY                           NY-48-9-363
COONS, WILLIAM                         NY-48-15-221
COOPER, PETER                          NY-48-10-35
COPP, JOHN                             NY-48-15-383
CORNELL, ELLEN                         NY-48-14-143
CORNELL, EZEKIEL                       NY-48-10-49
CORNELL, JOHN                          NY-48-10-143
CORYL, MOSES                           NY-48-9-9
COSBY, JAMES                           NY-48-B2-469
COSS, JOHN M.                          NY-48-A2-470
COSS, MATHIAS                          NY-48-B2-137
COUCH, CHARLES                         NY-48-8-24
COUCH, MARIAH                          NY-48-10-420
COUCHMAN, ANN P.                       NY-48-14-519
COUCHMAN, JAMES B.                     NY-48-14-327
COUCHMAN, PETER                        NY-48-14-451
COUCHMAN, PHILIP                       NY-48-15-281
COUNTRYMAN, GEORGE W.                  NY-48-8-412
COWEN, THOMAS                          NY-48-B2-516
COWLEY, ELECTA                         NY-48-14-131
COWLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-48-B2-431
CRAIG, CHARLES H.                      NY-48-14-147
CRAMER, SUSAN                          NY-48-12-114
CRANE, ASHBIL                          NY-48-C-204
CRAPSER, HESTER                        NY-48-13-317
CRAPSER, JOHN                          NY-48-U-486
CRAPSER, MORGAN                        NY-48-14-373
CRAWFORD, JOSEPH                       NY-48-13-165
CRIPPEN, AMANDA                        NY-48-15-191
CRIPPEN, LEVI                          NY-48-9-414
CRIPPEN, RUFUS T.                      NY-48-12-509
CRISS, MARIA                           NY-48-8-408
CROCKER, BERIAH                        NY-48-9-348
CROCKER, JAMES P.                      NY-48-U-66
CROMMIS, OLIVE                         NY-48-B2-142
CROSBY, ABIDIAH                        NY-48-11-278
CROSBY, SETH                           NY-48-9-235
CROSS, JEREMIAH                        NY-48-U-642
CROSS, PETER S.                        NY-48-9-633
CROWE, FRANCIS                         NY-48-U-315
CURRAN, SAMUEL JR.                     NY-48-F-163
CURRIE, THOMAS                         NY-48-13-89
CURTIS, BENJAMIN P.                    NY-48-12-190
CUTHBERT, LEMUEL                       NY-48-C-429
DANA, GILBERT W.                       NY-48-12-530
DANA, JANE                             NY-48-14-555
DANA, LUMAN                            NY-48-10-55
DANA, THOMAS                           NY-48-A2-501
DANFORTH, GEORGE W.                    NY-48-10-576
DANFORTH, MERGIANA HOLT                NY-48-9-311
DANFORTH, PETER S.                     NY-48-13-113
DANFORTH, SYLVANUS M.                  NY-48-14-401
DANFORTH, THOMAS F.                    NY-48-8-273
DANFORTH, VOLNEY                       NY-48-10-273
DART, GILBERT                          NY-48-14-53
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM                     NY-48-F-83
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM                     NY-48-10-243
DAVIDSON, PETER                        NY-48-8-51
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-48-8-279
DAVIS, STEPHEN                         NY-48-U-10
DAWLEY, MOSES                          NY-48-14-167
DAWSON, JOHN M.                        NY-48-8-117
DAY, ERASTUS                           NY-48-8-132
DEARSTINE, LYDIA L.                    NY-48-13-229
DECKER, CHARLES                        NY-48-12-186
DECKER, CORNELIUS J.                   NY-48-9-626
DECKER, DANIEL                         NY-48-12-477
DECKER, DAVID                          NY-48-9-491
DECKER, GEORGE                         NY-48-13-15
DECKER, JOHN H.                        NY-48-10-305
DECKER, PETER I.                       NY-48-13-17
DEFENDORF, JOHN                        NY-48-8-410
DEFRATE, JOSEPH                        NY-48-F-136
DEFRATE, SARAH                         NY-48-8-241
DEGRAFF, MARIA                         NY-48-12-82
DEGRAFF, WALLACE W.                    NY-48-14-233
DEITZ, JOHN                            NY-48-11-333
DEITZ, JOHN F.                         NY-48-12-358
DEITZ, LUCY A.                         NY-48-12-439
DEITZ, SUSAN                           NY-48-9-565
DELAVERGNESS, NICHOLAS                 NY-48-B2-23
DELAY, JOHN                            NY-48-9-79
DELLENBECK, JOSEPH                     NY-48-12-9
DENISON, EDWIN                         NY-48-14-209
DENNISON, WILLIAM W.                   NY-48-9-139
DENNY, JAMES                           NY-48-12-388
DESILOA, HIRAM                         NY-48-13-273
DESILVA, IRA                           NY-48-9-290
DEUEL, JOHN L.                         NY-48-9-303
DEVELLY, JOHN                          NY-48-8-505
DEVOE, RUTH                            NY-48-12-144
DEWEL, CYRUS                           NY-48-12-111
DEWEL, DANIEL                          NY-48-B2-158
DEWEY, CATHARINE                       NY-48-12-102
DEWEY, IRA                             NY-48-U-317
DEWEY, JEROME                          NY-48-13-287
DEXTER, EDWIN M.                       NY-48-11-85
DIAMOND, JACOB                         NY-48-8-353
DIBBLE, BARTHOLOMEW F.                 NY-48-9-632
DIBBLE, CALEB                          NY-48-13-93
DIBBLE, CALEB                          NY-48-13-81
DIBBLE, GEORGE                         NY-48-9-537
DIBBLE, KATY                           NY-48-11-39
DIBBLE, LUCINDA                        NY-48-15-155
DIBBLE, MOSES                          NY-48-8-532
DICKINSON, SILAS                       NY-48-U-56
DIEFENDORF, GEORGE                     NY-48-10-461
DIEFENDORF, WILLIAM                    NY-48-A2-305
DIELL, JONAS                           NY-48-11-167
DIES, JACOB F.                         NY-48-U-628
DIES, JOHN                             NY-48-A2-104
DIES, JOHN                             NY-48-10-298
DIETZ, ABRAHAM                         NY-48-8-136
DIETZ, AURELIA L.                      NY-48-9-215
DIETZ, CATY                            NY-48-9-339
DIETZ, JACOB H.                        NY-48-15-147
DIETZ, JULIAN                          NY-48-10-20
DIETZ, NANCY                           NY-48-U-640
DIETZ, PAUL                            NY-48-10-319
DIETZ, PETER                           NY-48-U-64
DIETZ, PHILIP                          NY-48-A2-372
DIETZ, SOPHINA                         NY-48-14-279
DIETZ, WILLIAM H.                      NY-48-14-219
DIETZ, WILLIAM JR.                     NY-48-8-243
DIETZ, WILLIAM L.                      NY-48-15-377
DINGMAN, ABRAM                         NY-48-U-490
DINGMAN, AMASA                         NY-48-9-654
DINGMAN, TOBIAS                        NY-48-10-115
DINGS, TRUMAN                          NY-48-10-426
DISBROW, RACHEL                        NY-48-B-310
DISBROW, SMITH                         NY-48-10-506
DOCKSTADER, ADAM A.                    NY-48-15-283
DOCKSTADER, ADAM F.                    NY-48-U-89
DOCKSTADER, EPHRAIM                    NY-48-12-11
DOCKSTADER, EVELINE L.                 NY-48-U-442
DOCKSTADER, GEORGE                     NY-48-13-121
DOCKSTADER, JACOB H.                   NY-48-15-321
DOCKSTADER, JAMES                      NY-48-15-135
DODGE, GEORGE W.                       NY-48-12-386
DOLE, BENJAMIN                         NY-48-C-194
DONALDSON, KATHARINE                   NY-48-U-258
DORSCH, GEORGE                         NY-48-8-604
DOTY, ANDERSON                         NY-48-9-460
DOTY, WILLIAM A.                       NY-48-8-220
DOUGLASS, ROBERT A.                    NY-48-11-305
DOX, DAVID                             NY-48-10-440
DOX, GEORGE H.                         NY-48-14-15
DOX, GILBERT M.                        NY-48-14-201
DOX, MICHAEL                           NY-48-U-650
DOY, GEORGE                            NY-48-8-390
DRESISBACH, PHILIP                     NY-48-U-281
DRESSETT, LOUIS                        NY-48-15-33
DUFF, DUNCAN                           NY-48-14-367
DUNCAN, DANIEL D.                      NY-48-13-65
DUNCAN, JOEL J.                        NY-48-11-19
DUNCKEL, GEORGE G.                     NY-48-8-469
DUNCKEL, WILLIAM J.                    NY-48-14-369
DUNHAM, OLIVER F.                      NY-48-15-345
DUNN, MARGARET                         NY-48-14-31
DUNN, MICHAEL                          NY-48-9-371
DUPREA, JOSEPH                         NY-48-15-249
DURELL, EDWARD HENRY                   NY-48-12-25
DURFEE, BENJAMIN                       NY-48-10-372
DURHAM, ELIZABETH L.                   NY-48-11-183
DURHAM, HARRIET                        NY-48-12-503
DUSTAN, EARNEST WEBSTER                NY-48-14-163
DUTTON, ENOS                           NY-48-B2-366
DUTTON, JULIUS                         NY-48-9-11
DWEELY, ADALINE                        NY-48-12-444
DWELLY, JEROME JR.                     NY-48-14-27
DWELLY, PEARCE                         NY-48-A2-431
DYER, WINTHROP                         NY-48-11-201
EAKER, JOST                            NY-48-B-50
EARLS, CHARLES                         NY-48-11-58
EATON, CYREL                           NY-48-B2-296
EATON, PHEBE                           NY-48-9-600
ECKERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-48-11-325
ECKERSON, WILLIAM N.                   NY-48-12-151
ECKESON, CORNELIUS                     NY-48-A-48
ECKESON, CORNELIUS JR.                 NY-48-B-431
ECKESON, JOHN                          NY-48-B-48
ECKESON, JOHN JR.                      NY-48-A-337
ECKESON, THOMAS                        NY-48-A-46
ECKESON, TUNIS                         NY-48-A-50
EFNER, ELIZABETH                       NY-48-10-41
EGGLESTON, LEMUEL                      NY-48-15-369
EGGLESTON, POLLY                       NY-48-8-176
EHRING, CHRISTIAN                      NY-48-A-303
EHRING, MARIA                          NY-48-C-183
ELDREDGE, ABISHAI                      NY-48-U-511
ELDREDGE, ANREW                        NY-48-13-51
ELDREDGE, CATHARINE                    NY-48-15-315
ELDREDGE, DOLPHUS S.                   NY-48-12-457
ELDRIDGE, BARNABAS                     NY-48-B2-65
ELDRIDGE, DAVID                        NY-48-8-267
ELDRIDGE, ELIHU                        NY-48-C-339
ELDRIDGE, ELIHU                        NY-48-U-394
ELDRIGE, ROBERT                        NY-48-B2-324
ELLARSON, GEORGE W.                    NY-48-13-5
ELLASON, RANSOM                        NY-48-11-351
ELLERSON, DAVID                        NY-48-8-189
ELLERSON, THOMAS                       NY-48-8-396
ELLIS, DANIEL                          NY-48-12-153
ELLIS, JOHN J.                         NY-48-9-450
ELLIS, RASELLAS                        NY-48-11-1
ELLIS, SAMUEL                          NY-48-F-135
ELLS, FANNY                            NY-48-B2-490
ELTON, JAMES                           NY-48-B2-35
EMPIE, ABRAHAM                         NY-48-13-365
EMPIE, JACOB                           NY-48-U-225
EMPIE, JOHN                            NY-48-11-218
EMPIE, JOHN A.                         NY-48-12-196
EMPIE, JOHN E.                         NY-48-15-57
EMPIE, JOHN J.                         NY-48-10-93
EMPIE, SOLOMON                         NY-48-U-557
ENDERS, CATHARINE                      NY-48-11-371
ENDERS, JOHANNES                       NY-48-C-109
ENDERS, PETER J.                       NY-48-10-336
ENDERS, PETER W.                       NY-48-10-150
ENGEL, GEORGE                          NY-48-B-220
ENGELL, HANNAH                         NY-48-10-345
ENGELL, JACOB                          NY-48-A2-423
ENGELL, JACOB                          NY-48-12-198
ENGELL, MARTINES                       NY-48-C-402
ENGELL, MATTHIAS                       NY-48-A2-321
ENGELL, MOSES                          NY-48-11-327
ENGELL, PETER A.                       NY-48-U-206
ENGLE, ANTHONY                         NY-48-8-388
ENGLE, JOHN                            NY-48-A2-359
ENGLE, JOSEPH A.                       NY-48-10-202
ENGLE, WILLIAM H.                      NY-48-15-17
ESMAY, JANE M.                         NY-48-10-340
ESMAY, JOHN                            NY-48-15-293
ESTES, PHILIP                          NY-48-8-121
EVANS, FIDELIA                         NY-48-12-480

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