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ABBOTT, NATHAN                          NY-46-15-376
ABEEL, CHARITY                          NY-46-36-171
ABEEL, HARMANUS H.                      NY-46-46-364
ABEL, DAVID                             NY-46-21-456
ABEL, DAVID                             NY-46-38-265
ABEL, JEREMIAH                          NY-46-5-35
ABEL, LUTHER                            NY-46-39-754
ABEL, MARGARET                          NY-46-34-574
ABEL, PERRY A.                          NY-46-28-200
ABEL, WASHINGTON                        NY-46-27-95
ABEL, WILLIAM                           NY-46-20-198
ABELL, DAVID                            NY-46-6-411
ABELL, WILLIAM                          NY-46-29-507
ABRAHAMSON, CARL                        NY-46-42-475
ABRAMS, SAMUEL                          NY-46-23-192
ABUL, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-46-16-172
ACKERMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-46-5-204
ACKERT, WILLIAM E.                      NY-46-45-146
ADAMS, ALEXANDER                        NY-46-23-276
ADAMS, ANNA E.                          NY-46-45-104
ADAMS, DORCAS E.                        NY-46-44-34
ADAMS, FANNIE C.                        NY-46-43-125
ADAMS, FRANCES A.                       NY-46-28-248
ADAMS, JASON                            NY-46-20-62
ADAMS, JOEL N.                          NY-46-21-152
ADAMS, JOHN J.                          NY-46-30-150
ADAMS, JOSEPH                           NY-46-11-132
ADAMS, JOSEPH                           NY-46-36-473
ADAMS, MARTHA                           NY-46-34-321
ADAMS, MARY MARGARET                    NY-46-39-58
ADAMS, REUBEN                           NY-46-22-442
ADAMS, SAMUEL                           NY-46-10-244
ADAMS, SILAS                            NY-46-16-543
ADAMS, SUSAN A.                         NY-46-43-473
ADAMS, THADDEUS Z.                      NY-46-35-244
ADSIT, ANDREW J.                        NY-46-26-155
ADSIT, BRAINARD                         NY-46-44-592
ADSIT, JESSE                            NY-46-9-181
ADSIT, JOHN                             NY-46-31-442
ADSIT, M. ADELAIDE                      NY-46-42-363
ADSIT, MARTIN                           NY-46-34-523
AHEARN, HONORA                          NY-46-43-9
AHEARN, MARTIN                          NY-46-43-321
AHERN, MARTIN                           NY-46-28-369
AIKEN, HENRY L.                         NY-46-23-333
AINSWORTH, CATHARINE                    NY-46-36-378
AINSWORTH, MARIAH A.                    NY-46-20-569
AKIN, DAVID                             NY-46-39-241
ALBERT, CHARLES B.                      NY-46-42-353
ALBERTIN, SARAH                         NY-46-43-423
ALBRO, ANDREW                           NY-46-14-95
ALBRO, FRANCIS                          NY-46-16-389
ALBRO, GEORGE                           NY-46-8-370
ALBRO, JOB                              NY-46-8-394
ALBRO, LEMUEL S.                        NY-46-19-451
ALDRICH, BENONI                         NY-46-24-473
ALDRICH, ELIJAH J.                      NY-46-41-152
ALDRICH, JOHN B.                        NY-46-16-28
ALDRICH, WILLIAM                        NY-46-8-332
ALDRIDGE, JOSHUA B.                     NY-46-12-78
ALEXANDER, ALEXANDER F.                 NY-46-39-397
ALEXANDER, ALMA                         NY-46-43-157
ALEXANDER, CARL G. A.                   NY-46-42-537
ALEXANDER, GEORGE                       NY-46-9-258
ALEXANDER, GEORGE                       NY-46-10-173
ALEXANDER, JANE                         NY-46-18-491
ALEXANDER, JOHN                         NY-46-12-336
ALEXANDER, JOHN                         NY-46-32-183
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH H.                    NY-46-39-415
ALGER, WILKS S.                         NY-46-21-285
ALLARD, ABIEL C.                        NY-46-25-40
ALLARD, AMANDA M.                       NY-46-30-340
ALLARD, NUMA C.                         NY-46-26-388
ALLCOTT, JULANIA                        NY-46-22-197
ALLEN, ABIGAIL                          NY-46-5-344
ALLEN, ABIGAIL                          NY-46-24-352
ALLEN, ABRAHAM                          NY-46-5-292
ALLEN, ALANSON F.                       NY-46-32-269
ALLEN, ALATHEAR M.                      NY-46-27-313
ALLEN, ALBERT                           NY-46-40-383
ALLEN, ALEXANDER HAMILTON               NY-46-36-132
ALLEN, BENNAJAH                         NY-46-31-114
ALLEN, CALVIN S.                        NY-46-33-274
ALLEN, CHAUNCEY W.                      NY-46-29-448
ALLEN, CORNELIUS                        NY-46-9-385
ALLEN, DANIEL                           NY-46-2-38
ALLEN, DANIEL                           NY-46-18-14
ALLEN, DANIEL                           NY-46-22-108
ALLEN, ELIZABETH J.                     NY-46-33-76
ALLEN, ENSIGN J.                        NY-46-42-169
ALLEN, GEORGE W.                        NY-46-23-436
ALLEN, GIDEON                           NY-46-12-330
ALLEN, JOHN                             NY-46-18-295
ALLEN, JONAS                            NY-46-30-433
ALLEN, JOSEPH W.                        NY-46-43-389
ALLEN, LAURA                            NY-46-39-37
ALLEN, LUCY                             NY-46-40-32
ALLEN, MARGARET                         NY-46-32-115
ALLEN, MARY                             NY-46-39-409
ALLEN, MARY E.                          NY-46-30-40
ALLEN, MARY HOWLAND                     NY-46-6-4
ALLEN, MATTHEW                          NY-46-14-304
ALLEN, MOSES                            NY-46-33-184
ALLEN, PHEBE C.                         NY-46-41-287
ALLEN, PHILIP                           NY-46-15-345
ALLEN, PHINEAS F.                       NY-46-33-273
ALLEN, RESCM                            NY-46-18-256
ALLEN, RICHARD L.                       NY-46-23-321
ALLEN, ROXY ANN                         NY-46-34-242
ALLEN, ROXY ANNA                        NY-46-32-488
ALLEN, SHADRACK                         NY-46-13-113
ALLEN, TEMPERANCE                       NY-46-32-81
ALLEN, URIAL                            NY-46-29-466
ALLEN, WESLEY                           NY-46-45-302
ALLEN, WILLIAM J.                       NY-46-45-164
ALLINGTON, RUSSEL                       NY-46-1-210
ALTHOUS, JEMIMA                         NY-46-41-117
ALTHOUS, PETER A.                       NY-46-40-543
ALTHOUSE, JOHN                          NY-46-10-149
AMBLER, CHARLES E.                      NY-46-34-250
AMBLER, EMELINE                         NY-46-44-391
AMBLER, JOHN                            NY-46-40-337
AMBLER, MARY W.                         NY-46-29-134
AMES, DAVID                             NY-46-13-400
AMES, GEORGE L.                         NY-46-34-195
AMES, SAMPSON CHAFEE                    NY-46-39-616
AMES, SARAH E. K.                       NY-46-34-347
AMSDEN, ADALINE S.                      NY-46-29-570
AMSDEN, BENJAMIN W.                     NY-46-27-264
AMSDEN, MANLY                           NY-46-14-464
AMSDEN, SARAH                           NY-46-18-484
ANDERSON, AARON O.                      NY-46-18-117
ANDERSON, AGNES                         NY-46-24-286
ANDERSON, ARABELLA                      NY-46-35-71
ANDERSON, ISABELLA                      NY-46-21-634
ANDERSON, JAMES                         NY-46-26-252
ANDERSON, JAMES M.                      NY-46-27-236
ANDERSON, JOHN                          NY-46-8-154
ANDERSON, JOHN                          NY-46-23-458
ANDERSON, JONATHAN                      NY-46-21-50
ANDERSON, MARY                          NY-46-11-215
ANDERSON, MARY                          NY-46-22-206
ANDERSON, PETER                         NY-46-15-321
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       NY-46-2-333
ANDREWS, ANDREW                         NY-46-29-278
ANDREWS, DENISON                        NY-46-13-279
ANDREWS, ELISHA                         NY-46-11-73
ANDREWS, HENRY                          NY-46-32-29
ANDREWS, ISAAC                          NY-46-14-130
ANDREWS, JASON                          NY-46-18-611
ANDREWS, JOHN                           NY-46-5-176
ANDREWS, JOHN                           NY-46-7-204
ANDREWS, JOSEPH B.                      NY-46-43-117
ANDREWS, LORENZO R.                     NY-46-37-256
ANDREWS, PETER                          NY-46-18-215
ANDREWS, ROSANNA                        NY-46-36-241
ANDREWS, WILLIAM D.                     NY-46-19-7
ANDRUS, TITUS                           NY-46-7-103
ANGELL, EZEKIEL D.                      NY-46-14-294
ANGELL, SUSAN B.                        NY-46-33-242
ANGLE, JENNIE                           NY-46-29-327
ANGLE, NANCY                            NY-46-22-76
ANGLE, NICHOLAS                         NY-46-7-37
ANGLE, NICHOLAS                         NY-46-8-182
ANGLE, WILLIAM J.                       NY-46-22-284
ANNABLE, SARAH E.                       NY-46-22-169
ANSCOMBE, NAOMI                         NY-46-46-16
ANTHONY, DANIEL                         NY-46-12-71
ANTHONY, IRA L.                         NY-46-21-378
ANTHONY, SARAH C.                       NY-46-27-76
APPEL, CATHERINE                        NY-46-43-335
ARCULARIUS, ANNA M.                     NY-46-22-513
ARMBRUSTER, MARTIN                      NY-46-42-583
ARMER, JULIA A. H.                      NY-46-42-525
ARMER, MATTHER                          NY-46-44-139
ARMER, MILLIUS                          NY-46-45-534
ARMITAGE, DAVID J.                      NY-46-39-166
ARMSTRONG, ALEXANDER F.                 NY-46-39-520
ARMSTRONG, JACOB                        NY-46-13-459
ARMSTRONG, RICHARD                      NY-46-7-63
ARMSTRONG, RICHARD                      NY-46-6-54
ARNOLD, BENAJAH D.                      NY-46-29-535
ARNOLD, BLOOMFIELD W.                   NY-46-36-270
ARNOLD, CYNTHIA                         NY-46-38-583
ARNOLD, DAVID                           NY-46-22-330
ARNOLD, ELIAS B.                        NY-46-39-307
ARNOLD, HENRY W.                        NY-46-21-632
ARNOLD, J. HOWARD                       NY-46-38-319
ARNOLD, JOHN H.                         NY-46-44-528
ARNOLD, JOHN V.                         NY-46-30-310
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                          NY-46-15-447
ARNOLD, MERCY                           NY-46-30-82
ARNOLD, NATHANIEL                       NY-46-24-319
ARNOLD, NORMAN T.                       NY-46-16-456
ARNOLD, OLIVER L.                       NY-46-21-297
ARNOLD, PETER                           NY-46-25-397
ARNOLD, REBECCA                         NY-46-46-208
ARNOLD, REUBEN                          NY-46-25-2
ARNOLD, REUBEN H.                       NY-46-24-495
ARNOLD, SIMEON                          NY-46-22-130
ARNOLD, THOMAS                          NY-46-25-57
ARNOLD, THOMAS JEFFERSON                NY-46-45-106
ARNOLD, THOMAS JEFFERSON                NY-46-43-567
ARNOLD, ZIBE                            NY-46-19-11
ARROWSMITH, DEBORAH                     NY-46-26-460
ARROWSMITH, EDMUND                      NY-46-10-105
ARROWSMITH, PETER T.                    NY-46-19-192
ASH, ELIZABETH                          NY-46-5-191
ASH, ELIZABETH C.                       NY-46-42-469
ASH, LEANDER                            NY-46-23-135
ASHLEY, ABRAM                           NY-46-30-416
ASHLEY, ALDEN                           NY-46-2-18
ASHLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-46-18-108
ASHLEY, WILLIAM A.                      NY-46-20-167
ASHTON, DAVID B.                        NY-46-38-556
ASHTON, JOHN                            NY-46-4-478
ATKINS, CHARLES H.                      NY-46-41-69
ATKINS, DAVID D.                        NY-46-29-9
ATWELL, DANIEL E.                       NY-46-41-29
ATWELL, PAUL P.                         NY-46-23-325
ATWELL, ROBERT S.                       NY-46-39-250
AUSTIN, EZRA                            NY-46-18-252
AUSTIN, JOHN C.                         NY-46-42-149
AUSTIN, JONATHAN                        NY-46-9-423
AUSTIN, LEONARD                         NY-46-19-466
AUSTIN, MANUEL H.                       NY-46-34-409
AUSTIN, ORVILLE D.                      NY-46-43-399
AUSTIN, PHINEAS J.                      NY-46-32-391
AUSTIN, TYLEE W.                        NY-46-45-192
AVERY, ABEL                             NY-46-5-248
AVERY, BENJAMIN                         NY-46-15-255
AVERY, MARY A.                          NY-46-39-244
AYEN, JACOB                             NY-46-43-479
AYERS, BETSEY                           NY-46-35-598
AYERS, SARAH                            NY-46-43-221
AYLESWORTH, ABRAHAM                     NY-46-6-382
AYRES, GEORGE W.                        NY-46-43-483
AYRES, ROBERT                           NY-46-9-131
AYRS, SARAH                             NY-46-16-342
BABBITT, GEORGE R.                      NY-46-22-27
BABCOCK, BENJAMIN                       NY-46-6-304
BABCOCK, MYRON N.                       NY-46-33-247
BABCOCK, RETURN J.                      NY-46-14-112
BACCHUS, LEBBEUS                        NY-46-4-388
BACHELDER, CHESTER                      NY-46-42-191
BACON, DAVID                            NY-46-8-409
BACON, EBENEZER                         NY-46-5-61
BACON, HENRY                            NY-46-23-523
BADGLEY, GEORGE D.                      NY-46-18-80
BADGLEY, HENRY B.                       NY-46-23-295
BADGLEY, JONATHAN D.                    NY-46-22-491
BADGLEY, STEPHEN                        NY-46-10-389
BAGG, PEREZ M.                          NY-46-30-125
BAGG, SAREPTA G.                        NY-46-41-227
BAGLEY, JAMES                           NY-46-40-308
BAIER, JOSEPH                           NY-46-37-514
BAIER, MARIE                            NY-46-38-280
BAILEY, CATHERINE S.                    NY-46-22-585
BAILEY, CHERRY G.                       NY-46-39-643
BAILEY, ELECTA                          NY-46-24-307
BAILEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-46-35-66
BAILEY, ESTHER SCHAUBER                 NY-46-37-268
BAILEY, IDA B.                          NY-46-45-180
BAILEY, JOHN                            NY-46-45-34
BAILEY, JOSHUA                          NY-46-24-372
BAILEY, MARGARET                        NY-46-25-439
BAILEY, MARGARET A.                     NY-46-40-345
BAILEY, NATHAN                          NY-46-16-73
BAILEY, SAMUEL                          NY-46-32-53
BAILEY, THEODORE                        NY-46-27-383
BAILEY, TIMOTHY                         NY-46-27-266
BAILY, SAMUEL                           NY-46-5-430
BAIN, PETER                             NY-46-9-235
BAKER, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-46-45-594
BAKER, BLOOM                            NY-46-27-520
BAKER, CALEB                            NY-46-2-163
BAKER, CATHERINE E.                     NY-46-41-594
BAKER, CHARLES M.                       NY-46-21-329
BAKER, CLARK                            NY-46-43-23
BAKER, CORNELIA                         NY-46-29-96
BAKER, DANIEL                           NY-46-23-166
BAKER, DANIEL A.                        NY-46-45-74
BAKER, DAVID P.                         NY-46-46-203
BAKER, DAVID S.                         NY-46-16-256
BAKER, DEBORAH                          NY-46-38-523
BAKER, DORCAS                           NY-46-36-220
BAKER, EDEY                             NY-46-16-299
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        NY-46-44-258
BAKER, ELSIE M.                         NY-46-29-374
BAKER, FAYETTE H.                       NY-46-39-373
BAKER, HIRAM G.                         NY-46-20-469
BAKER, ISRAEL                           NY-46-26-130
BAKER, JAMES                            NY-46-12-1
BAKER, JONATHAN                         NY-46-15-362
BAKER, JONATHAN                         NY-46-16-143
BAKER, JOSEPH                           NY-46-25-467
BAKER, JOSIAH                           NY-46-26-110
BAKER, LEWIS E.                         NY-46-41-77
BAKER, MARION E.                        NY-46-42-205
BAKER, NANCY M.                         NY-46-45-238
BAKER, POLLY                            NY-46-33-353
BAKER, ROBERT                           NY-46-45-24
BAKER, SABRINA                          NY-46-33-190
BAKER, SAMUEL                           NY-46-16-478
BAKER, SARAH                            NY-46-39-160
BAKER, SARAH J.                         NY-46-30-88
BAKER, SARAH M.                         NY-46-42-225
BAKER, WILLIAM                          NY-46-24-76
BAKER, WILLIAM A.                       NY-46-40-407
BALCH, GEORGE T.                        NY-46-34-290
BALCH, HARRIET D. C.                    NY-46-37-109
BALDWIN, ANNA                           NY-46-9-12
BALDWIN, JOHN                           NY-46-6-118
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                        NY-46-8-180
BALL, BETSEY                            NY-46-33-358
BALL, ELIPHALET                         NY-46-7-168
BALL, HARRIET                           NY-46-24-481
BALL, MARY                              NY-46-20-383
BALL, RACHEL L.                         NY-46-40-331
BALL, WILLIAM                           NY-46-30-457
BALL, WILLIAM G.                        NY-46-42-147
BALLARD, CHARLES H.                     NY-46-28-357
BALLARD, MARY JANE                      NY-46-25-583
BALLENTINE, ALEXANDER                   NY-46-24-462
BALLENTINE, ISABELLA                    NY-46-19-290
BALLENTINE, ROBERT                      NY-46-23-234
BALLOU, ANN JANETT                      NY-46-42-279
BALLOU, D. FLOYD                        NY-46-46-569
BALLOU, DANIEL A.                       NY-46-20-576
BALLOU, DUTEE                           NY-46-15-214
BALLOU, DUTEE                           NY-46-40-321
BALLOU, MARY J.                         NY-46-33-305
BALLOU, MELINDA                         NY-46-16-305
BALLOU, OTIS                            NY-46-9-419
BALMFORTH, ELIZABETH W.                 NY-46-44-12
BAME, CAROLINE                          NY-46-31-219
BANCKER, EDWARD J.                      NY-46-18-71
BANISTER, HAMILTON                      NY-46-15-418
BANKS, HENRY O. D.                      NY-46-31-403
BANKS, PHEBE                            NY-46-32-369
BANNON, CATHARINE                       NY-46-31-318
BANNON, PATRICK                         NY-46-23-454
BANTA, ARIE                             NY-46-2-408
BANTA, CAROLINE                         NY-46-20-450
BANTA, CHARLOTTE                        NY-46-38-619
BANTA, ISAAC                            NY-46-19-27
BANTA, MARY                             NY-46-28-1
BANTA, PETER                            NY-46-16-169
BANTA, PETER H.                         NY-46-16-471
BANTA, PETER N.                         NY-46-41-45
BARBER, ABRAHAM                         NY-46-9-292
BARBER, ABRAHAM                         NY-46-37-388
BARBER, EDGAR                           NY-46-45-492
BARBER, ELIZABETH                       NY-46-35-498
BARBER, GIDEON                          NY-46-8-3
BARBER, LEWIS                           NY-46-37-469
BARBER, SAMUEL E.                       NY-46-24-115
BARBOUR, PHILANDER                      NY-46-31-519
BARBOUR, ROSAMOND KATE                  NY-46-29-177
BARBOUR, WALWORTH O.                    NY-46-36-510
BARBOUR, YATES                          NY-46-45-344
BARCLAY, MARGARET                       NY-46-1-183
BARCLAY, WILLIAM                        NY-46-37-441
BARHYTE, MARY                           NY-46-19-393
BARKER, CATHARINE                       NY-46-26-495
BARKER, DAVID                           NY-46-16-286
BARKER, JESSE                           NY-46-1-306
BARKER, JOHN                            NY-46-20-395
BARKER, MARY                            NY-46-24-163
BARKER, NATHANIEL                       NY-46-26-484
BARKER, OLIVE                           NY-46-27-347
BARKER, SAMUEL S.                       NY-46-10-111
BARKER, WILLIAM                         NY-46-45-554
BARKER, WILLIAM P.                      NY-46-21-693
BARLOW, JOSEPH S.                       NY-46-37-505
BARNES, CAROLINE C.                     NY-46-41-19
BARNES, EDWARD                          NY-46-43-209
BARNES, FRED L.                         NY-46-36-136
BARNES, JAMES                           NY-46-19-253
BARNES, LELA E.                         NY-46-45-558
BARNES, MARGARET                        NY-46-13-364
BARNES, SARAH M.                        NY-46-23-308
BARNETT, MICHAEL                        NY-46-30-162
BARNFATHER, WILLIAM                     NY-46-40-172
BARNS, JOHN                             NY-46-2-387
BARNS, RICHARD                          NY-46-18-345
BARNUM, ELI                             NY-46-18-248
BARNUM, RHOBY                           NY-46-22-286
BARR, MARY A.                           NY-46-43-393
BARRASS, JANE                           NY-46-29-410
BARRASS, JESSE C.                       NY-46-35-430
BARRASSE, ELISHA                        NY-46-37-91
BARRETT, BRIDGET                        NY-46-24-590
BARRETT, CATHERINE                      NY-46-25-249
BARRETT, DANIEL W.                      NY-46-35-311
BARRETT, EBENEZER                       NY-46-4-332
BARRETT, ELLEN                          NY-46-28-343
BARRETT, JERUSHA ANN                    NY-46-35-308
BARRETT, JOHN B.                        NY-46-44-37
BARRETT, JULIA F.                       NY-46-37-190
BARRETT, SARAH A.                       NY-46-34-517
BARRETT, WILLIAM                        NY-46-22-100
BARRETT, ZENUS                          NY-46-30-373
BARRINGER, CHARLES WALDO                NY-46-30-583
BARRY, SAMUEL                           NY-46-43-495
BARTLE, ADDISON                         NY-46-44-493
BARTLE, NICHOLAS                        NY-46-14-297
BARTLET, DARIUS                         NY-46-26-112
BARTLET, JANE E.                        NY-46-42-141
BARTLETT, JULIUS                        NY-46-14-33
BARTLETT, OAKLEY S.                     NY-46-16-63
BARTON, CALEB R.                        NY-46-32-430
BARTON, HARRY E.                        NY-46-42-633
BASINGER, MARY R.                       NY-46-34-87
BATCHELLER, CATHERINE P.                NY-46-36-496
BATCHELLER, GEORGE S.                   NY-46-41-465
BATCHELLER, RENSSELAER                  NY-46-31-516
BATES, EMMA                             NY-46-31-450
BATES, LEVI W.                          NY-46-35-393
BATES, LUCY                             NY-46-39-544
BATES, OTIS                             NY-46-11-202
BATES, OTIS J.                          NY-46-25-348
BATHRICK, ELI E.                        NY-46-35-143
BATT, MARY A.                           NY-46-43-353
BAUCUS, JOSEPH                          NY-46-28-605
BAUCUS, MARY                            NY-46-45-546
BAUDER, ELIZABETH                       NY-46-45-140
BAUDER, GEORG EH.                       NY-46-42-421
BAUER, DOROTHEA ELIZABETH               NY-46-40-555
BAUMGARTNER, ADAM                       NY-46-43-499
BAXTER, ELIZA                           NY-46-28-4
BEACH, ALBERT F.                        NY-46-26-307
BEACH, ASA                              NY-46-12-100
BEACH, CYNTHIA M.                       NY-46-26-49
BEACH, DANIEL                           NY-46-32-49
BEACH, ELIZABETH R.                     NY-46-32-493
BEACH, JOHN P.                          NY-46-40-576
BEACH, JONATHAN S.                      NY-46-25-138
BEACH, MILES                            NY-46-10-126
BEACH, ZOPHAR                           NY-46-25-293
BEAGLE, ELIZABETH                       NY-46-36-272
BEAN, CELINDA                           NY-46-26-104
BEAN, RUTH                              NY-46-32-60
BEAN, SUSANNA                           NY-46-29-125
BEARDSLEY, ANNA                         NY-46-27-492
BEARDSLEY, ELMON WARREN                 NY-46-41-79
BEARDSLEY, FANNY                        NY-46-27-495
BEARDSLEY, SARAH A.                     NY-46-544
BEARDSLEY, WILLIAM                      NY-46-24-446
BEATTIE, CHARLES                        NY-46-34-526
BEATTIE, MARK                           NY-46-26-169
BEATTIE, ROBERT B.                      NY-46-45-226
BEATTIE, WILLIAM A.                     NY-46-46-186
BEBBENS, SAMUEL SR.                     NY-46-2-180
BECKER, ADAM                            NY-46-14-116
BECKER, EDEY                            NY-46-4-177
BECKER, JOHN                            NY-46-23-247
BECKER, SARAH F.                        NY-46-35-140
BEDELL, CATHARINE                       NY-46-19-148
BEDELL, CHRISTINA                       NY-46-36-357
BEDELL, CORINTHA                        NY-46-39-178
BEDELL, ELLEN L.                        NY-46-42-615
BEDELL, FRANCES C.                      NY-46-27-153
BEDELL, ISAAC                           NY-46-41-105
BEDELL, MARY                            NY-46-19-318
BEDELL, MOSES                           NY-46-23-557
BEDORTHA, JOSEPH                        NY-46-30-183
BEDORTHA, LORINDA M.                    NY-46-24-257
BEDORTHA, NORMAN                        NY-46-27-432
BEEBE, MARTHA A.                        NY-46-37-301
BEECHER, ELLA E.                        NY-46-32-218
BEECHER, ELY                            NY-46-21-11
BEECHER, GEORGE C.                      NY-46-26-171
BEEDLE, CATHARINE                       NY-46-29-71
BEEDLESON, GEORGE                       NY-46-45-202
BEEKMAN, ALETTA                         NY-46-15-410
BEERS, ABRAM                            NY-46-19-277
BEERS, ELIAS                            NY-46-32-35
BEERS, GEORGE W.                        NY-46-43-87
BEERS, JOHN H.                          NY-46-44-25
BEERS, MARY A.                          NY-46-34-411
BELDEN, CYNTHIA H.                      NY-46-41-273
BELDEN, WILLIAM                         NY-46-6-122
BELDING, CHAUNCEY                       NY-46-5-84
BELDING, MELANCTHON B.                  NY-46-28-27
BELDING, SAMUEL                         NY-46-21-32
BELL, ELIZABETH                         NY-46-22-359
BELL, ELLEN NILES                       NY-46-45-16
BELL, JAMES                             NY-46-2-3
BELL, JANE ELIZABETH                    NY-46-25-277
BELL, JOHN                              NY-46-18-219
BELL, JOHN                              NY-46-21-147
BELL, MARGARET                          NY-46-37-187
BELL, WILLIAM                           NY-46-2-72
BELLEAU, JOHN                           NY-46-38-76
BEMIS, ELIZA                            NY-46-40-194
BEMIS, ISAAC P.                         NY-46-35-465
BEMUS, JOHN                             NY-46-8-263
BENDON, BERNARD                         NY-46-45-4
BENEDICT, BUSHNIELL                     NY-46-13-151
BENEDICT, CAROLINE P.                   NY-46-46-28
BENEDICT, CEZAR H.                      NY-46-31-155
BENEDICT, CHARLOTTE H.                  NY-46-31-431
BENEDICT, DANIEL D.                     NY-46-21-249
BENEDICT, DAVID                         NY-46-19-675
BENEDICT, ELIAS                         NY-46-16-240
BENEDICT, HANNAH                        NY-46-18-57
BENEDICT, HANNAH M.                     NY-46-34-355
BENEDICT, HARLOW                        NY-46-23-587
BENEDICT, JOSEPHINE                     NY-46-37-427
BENEDICT, LUTHER                        NY-46-29-343
BENEDICT, ROBERT H.                     NY-46-23-45
BENEDICT, SAMUEL                        NY-46-20-57
BENEDICT, SARAH A.                      NY-46-33-100
BENEDICT, SARAH B.                      NY-46-29-246
BENEDICT, SUSAN                         NY-46-19-17
BENHAM, GEORGE H.                       NY-46-14-181
BENJAMIN, JAMES                         NY-46-4-14
BENJAMIN, JOSIAH                        NY-46-1-314
BENLEY, JAMES G.                        NY-46-29-281
BENNET, HENDRICK                        NY-46-2-24
BENNET, JETHU                           NY-46-5-32
BENNETT, ABRAHAM                        NY-46-19-279
BENNETT, ABRAHAM                        NY-46-42-311
BENNETT, CAROLINE F.                    NY-46-30-121
BENNETT, CHAUNCEY                       NY-46-35-260
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                      NY-46-16-290
BENNETT, GEORGE H.                      NY-46-46-126
BENNETT, GEORGE W.                      NY-46-38-592
BENNETT, JETHRO                         NY-46-20-466
BENNETT, MARY                           NY-46-30-504
BENNETT, MONTGOMERY                     NY-46-43-277
BENNETT, NATHANIEL M.                   NY-46-36-339
BENNETT, NATHANIEL M.                   NY-46-38-616
BENNETT, THOMAS                         NY-46-4-381
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        NY-46-22-213
BENSON, SETH                            NY-46-9-178
BENTLEY, AMBROSE                        NY-46-25-47
BENTLEY, ASA C. JR.                     NY-46-23-280
BENTLEY, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-46-21-673
BENTLEY, CORNELIUS                      NY-46-28-313
BENTLEY, GEORGE C.                      NY-46-20-105
BENTLEY, HENRY                          NY-46-37-442
BENTLEY, JOHN                           NY-46-8-330
BENTLEY, NORMAN S.                      NY-46-39-13
BENTLEY, PHEBE E.                       NY-46-38-220
BENTLEY, RANSOM                         NY-46-35-493
BENTLEY, SUSAN M.                       NY-46-31-281
BENTLEY, TABER                          NY-46-10-287
BENTLEY, WILLIAM J.                     NY-46-25-482
BENTON, JOHN                            NY-46-18-299
BENTON, MOSES                           NY-46-3-26
BENTON, SAMUEL                          NY-46-20-165
BENTON, SAMUEL S.                       NY-46-14-270
BERKBY, JOHN E. K.                      NY-46-24-586
BERRIGAN, CATHERINE                     NY-46-34-392
BERRY, CATHERINE                        NY-46-9-107
BERRY, ELIZA                            NY-46-40-493
BERRY, JAMES H.                         NY-46-21-411
BERRY, JAMES L.                         NY-46-2-139
BERRY, JOHN                             NY-46-9-123
BERTRAND, JOHN H.                       NY-46-43-1
BEST, ABRAHAM                           NY-46-39-778
BEST, ELIZABETH A.                      NY-46-37-229
BEST, JANE E.                           NY-46-30-233
BEST, JEREMIAH J.                       NY-46-24-44
BEST, JOHN J.                           NY-46-35-436
BEST, MARTHA M.                         NY-46-39-787
BEST, PETER K.                          NY-46-25-205
BEST, PHEBE                             NY-46-25-515
BEST, ROBERT                            NY-46-34-380
BEST, SARAH                             NY-46-44-72
BEST, TRISTRAM C.                       NY-46-32-133
BETTS, ABRAHAM                          NY-46-7-239
BETTS, ELIZA ANN                        NY-46-30-17
BETTS, HIRAM                            NY-46-27-78
BETTS, JAMES G.                         NY-46-21-363
BETTS, JOHN S.                          NY-46-35-26
BETTS, LORENZO                          NY-46-25-549
BETTS, MARY S.                          NY-46-36-157
BETTS, MOREHOUSE                        NY-46-25-458
BETTS, MOREHOUSE T.                     NY-46-45-8
BETTS, TAYLOR W.                        NY-46-22-187
BETTS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-46-39-769
BETTYS, JOSEPH                          NY-46-1-272
BEVIN, GEORGE                           NY-46-22-166
BEVINS, REBECCA                         NY-46-20-161
BEYER, JOHN A.                          NY-46-38-586
BICKNELL, MINER B.                      NY-46-25-441
BIDWELL, ALVIN                          NY-46-39-682
BIDWELL, GEORGE A.                      NY-46-46-504
BIDWELL, ROCKEY                         NY-46-32-458
BIDWELL, RUTH S.                        NY-46-46-72
BIDWILL, REUBEN                         NY-46-16-58
BIEDLESON, WILLIAM                      NY-46-38-499
BIGG, SAMUEL                            NY-46-20-15
BILL, JANE                              NY-46-18-130
BILLINGS, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-46-23-578
BILLINGS, ELIAS                         NY-46-15-193
BILLINGS, JESSE                         NY-46-26-60
BILLINGS, JOHN                          NY-46-21-619
BILLINGS, LYDIA G.                      NY-46-35-305
BILLINGS, MARY A.                       NY-46-40-514
BIRKBY, ELLEN                           NY-46-45-478
BIRKLY, JOHN                            NY-46-19-309
BIRREL, HENRY                           NY-46-8-22
BISAILLON, MALINA                       NY-46-42-327
BISHOP, DORCAS                          NY-46-12-45
BISHOP, MARY E.                         NY-46-42-515
BITELY, JOHN                            NY-46-12-112
BIXBY, GEORGE B.                        NY-46-31-304
BIXBY, JOSHUA                           NY-46-19-178
BLACK, CATHERINE                        NY-46-41-361
BLACK, DANIEL                           NY-46-41-482
BLACK, ISAAC H.                         NY-46-26-273
BLACK, JANE                             NY-46-21-676
BLACK, MITCHEL                          NY-46-14-386
BLACK, SARAH H.                         NY-46-34-414
BLACKBURN, ROBERT                       NY-46-37-295
BLACKMER, GEORGE FRANKLIN               NY-46-44-159
BLAKE, ALFRED B.                        NY-46-20-349
BLAKE, JASON J.                         NY-46-31-377
BLAKE, JULIA (ALIAS JUDY)               NY-46-16-316
BLAKELY, WILIAM H.                      NY-46-10-75
BLANCH, JESSE                           NY-46-38-622
BLANCHARD, EMERY A.                     NY-46-41-279
BLANCHARD, NANCY                        NY-46-24-198
BLANCHE, MINA                           NY-46-31-236
BLEVIN, ARNOLD                          NY-46-10-144
BLINN, JOHN H.                          NY-46-42-359
BLISS, AUGUSTA                          NY-46-29-494
BLITTERSDORFF, ISIDORE                  NY-46-32-339
BLOOD, ALBERT P.                        NY-46-37-319
BLOOD, DAVID                            NY-46-24-137
BLOOD, ISAIAH                           NY-46-22-376
BLOOD, WILLIAM H.                       NY-46-45-570
BLOOMINGDALE, CORNELIUS                 NY-46-23-83
BLOOMINGDALE, MARGARET A.               NY-46-42-273
BLOORE, SUSAN                           NY-46-16-481
BLOSS, NANCY                            NY-46-19-230
BLOSS, RICHARD P.                       NY-46-46-216
BLOWES, WILLIAM                         NY-46-26-383
BLUM, DANIEL                            NY-46-37-250
BOCKES, ADAM                            NY-46-8-282
BOCKES, JOHN                            NY-46-15-274
BOCKES, MARY HAY                        NY-46-30-134
BOCKES, WARREN                          NY-46-37-7
BOELLINGER, ANNA                        NY-46-29-158
BOGART, MARIA C.                        NY-46-34-338
BOGERT, DAVID A.                        NY-46-32-282
BOGERT, DAVID R.                        NY-46-11-151
BOGERT, MARY E.                         NY-46-525
BOGERT, WILLIAM                         NY-46-23-97
BOGGS, ESTHER                           NY-46-39-568
BOGNE, HENRY S.                         NY-46-29-366
BOLAN, WILLIAM F.                       NY-46-45-578
BOLAND, MARY                            NY-46-34-51
BOLIN, PATRICK                          NY-46-21-61
BOLL, HELEN                             NY-46-40-558
BOLSTER, LUCY L.                        NY-46-46-333
BOLT, BENJAMIN                          NY-46-16-145
BOLT, WILLIAM                           NY-46-6-279
BOMBARD, MARY A.                        NY-46-41-229
BONER, AUGUST                           NY-46-33-142
BOOTH, LEBBEUS                          NY-46-19-118
BOOTH, LUCRETI                          NY-46-23-213
BOOTH, NATHANIEL                        NY-46-10-79
BOOTH, WILLIAM                          NY-46-45-284
BOOTIER, NELSON                         NY-46-41-135
BORA, NAPOLEON                          NY-46-38-277
BORDWELL, MARTHA K.                     NY-46-36-390
BORNEFELD, ALBERT                       NY-46-42-151
BOUGHTON, CHAUNCY                       NY-46-34-541
BOUGHTON, IDA JANE                      NY-46-24-469
BOUGHTON, JOSEPH                        NY-46-21-54
BOUK, LOISSE MARIE                      NY-46-44-211
BOURER, ROSINA                          NY-46-41-113
BOURT, ISAAC                            NY-46-32-388
BOVER, FRED                             NY-46-45-386
BOVER, MATILDA                          NY-46-45-358
BOWEN, AMANDA S.                        NY-46-27-61
BOWEN, BETSEY                           NY-46-20-480
BOWEN, IDA BELLE                        NY-46-44-122
BOWEN, JESSE                            NY-46-6-267
BOWEN, JOHN A.                          NY-46-15-97
BOWEN, JUDSON                           NY-46-43-395
BOWEN, MARY                             NY-46-39-301
BOWEN, NELLIE L.                        NY-46-43-315
BOWEN, OLIVE                            NY-46-24-398
BOWEN, POLLY                            NY-46-15-298
BOWEN, RICHARD                          NY-46-17-18
BOWERS, HENRY W.                        NY-46-32-425
BOWERS, MARY E.                         NY-46-32-97
BOWESTEEL, JOHN H.                      NY-46-32-274
BOWNE, REBECCA                          NY-46-20-411
BOYCE, CALEB                            NY-46-29-18
BOYCE, NANCY                            NY-46-32-43
BOYD, DAVID                             NY-46-21-57
BOYD, JENNET                            NY-46-16-396
BOYLE, EUGENE O.                        NY-46-43-47
BOYLE, JULIA                            NY-46-32-75
BRACKETT, ALONZO B.                     NY-46-31-501
BRACKETT, ANGELINE                      NY-46-39-664
BRACKETT, ELIZA                         NY-46-26-45
BRACKETT, HARRIET M.                    NY-46-32-569
BRACKETT, HENRY                         NY-46-40-85
BRACKETT, HENRY A.                      NY-46-46-189
BRACKETT, JOHN A.                       NY-46-23-245
BRACKETT, RAY                           NY-46-21-356
BRACKETT, SUSAN                         NY-46-30-36
BRACKETT, SYLVANIA                      NY-46-25-492
BRACKETT, WILLIAM R.                    NY-46-29-139
BRADFORD, ELEANOR A.                    NY-46-41-570
BRADLEY, AUSTIN L.                      NY-46-20-562
BRADLEY, DORINDA S.                     NY-46-28-309
BRADLEY, EZEKIAL                        NY-46-5-382
BRADLEY, HATTIE A.                      NY-46-31-513
BRADLEY, JAMES                          NY-46-4-267
BRADLEY, JOHN                           NY-46-15-204
BRADLEY, JOHN                           NY-46-37-313
BRADLEY, MELISSA ANN                    NY-46-26-518
BRADLEY, THOMAS                         NY-46-40-560
BRADLEY, WHEELER                        NY-46-21-372
BRADLEY, WILLIAM J.                     NY-46-24-400
BRADSHAW, JOHN                          NY-46-9-170
BRADSHAW, MICHAEL H.                    NY-46-42-673
BRADSHAW, WILLIAM                       NY-46-6-313
BRADT, DANIEL                           NY-46-21-1
BRADWELL, PHILIP                        NY-46-35-500
BRADY, ELIZABETH                        NY-46-28-241
BRADY, JOHN                             NY-46-28-287
BRAKEFIELD, SAMUEL                      NY-46-12-356
BRAM, JESSE JR.                         NY-46-24-250
BRANN, JESSE                            NY-46-34-22
BRASSELL, LEWIS                         NY-46-21-406
BRATT, GARRET                           NY-46-23-198
BRATT, MARGARET                         NY-46-26-430
BRAUN, MARY                             NY-46-35-208
BRAUN, MARY A.                          NY-46-37-199
BRAYTON, THOMAS                         NY-46-29-522
BREEN, JAMES                            NY-46-40-178
BREHM, JOHN                             NY-46-36-319
BRENNAN, MARY                           NY-46-35-187
BRENNAN, MARY                           NY-46-44-231
BRENNAN, WILLIAM                        NY-46-24-101
BRENNEISON, JOHN                        NY-46-40-158
BRESLIN, THOMAS                         NY-46-44-169
BREWSTER, ALMIRA                        NY-46-22-57
BREWSTER, CAROLIN                       NY-46-21-559
BREWSTER, DAVID                         NY-46-27-565
BREWSTER, FRANCES M.                    NY-46-45-526
BREWSTER, HANNAH A.                     NY-46-25-508
BREWSTER, ISAAC                         NY-46-3-404
BREWSTER, JAMES H.                      NY-46-38-340
BREWSTER, JOSEPH                        NY-46-15-301
BREWSTER, MARY S.                       NY-46-41-331
BREWSTER, PETER                         NY-46-41-333
BREWSTER, SAMUEL                        NY-46-14-419
BREWSTER, SARAH A.                      NY-46-42-639
BREWSTER, WILLIAM H.                    NY-46-23-267
BRICKETT, GILMAN                        NY-46-23-242
BRICKETT, MOSES                         NY-46-25-10
BRIGGS, ALICE HALL                      NY-46-46-289
BRIGGS, BRIGHTMAN                       NY-46-40-483
BRIGGS, CHARLES E.                      NY-46-45-390
BRIGGS, CLARA MARIE                     NY-46-36-134
BRIGGS, GEORGE                          NY-46-22-117
BRIGGS, JAMES L.                        NY-46-44-105
BRIGGS, JANE                            NY-46-40-580
BRIGGS, JEREMIAH W.                     NY-46-25-372
BRIGGS, LUCY                            NY-46-21-327
BRIGGS, NATHANIEL                       NY-46-31-291
BRIGGS, OSCAR F.                        NY-46-32-578
BRIGGS, SAMUEL                          NY-46-5-335
BRIGGS, SILAS                           NY-46-26-222
BRIGGS, SILAS P.                        NY-46-29-378
BRIGGS, WILLIAM                         NY-46-37-391
BRIGHAM, HELEN                          NY-46-43-101
BRIGHMEN, MARY ANN                      NY-46-39-340
BRILL, JAMES                            NY-46-9-73
BRILL, JOHN                             NY-46-21-289
BRINTNALL, RALPH                        NY-46-23-273
BRISBIN, JAMES C.                       NY-46-35-220
BRISBIN, JOSEPH                         NY-46-28-83
BRISBIN, OLIVER                         NY-46-23-70
BRISBIN, WILLIAM                        NY-46-9-194
BRISTOL, CAROLINE H.                    NY-46-42-60
BRISTOL, DAINA                          NY-46-31-537
BRISTOL, LAWRENCE W.                    NY-46-35-509
BRISTOL, SAMUEL R.                      NY-46-21-552
BRITT, JOANNA                           NY-46-30-528
BRIZZEE, ANDREW                         NY-46-28-414
BRIZZEE, CHLOE                          NY-46-24-475
BROCKETT, IRA                           NY-46-32-216
BROCKETT, MARY                          NY-46-35-288
BROCKETT, TIMOTHY                       NY-46-16-538
BROCKWAY, E. MELISSA                    NY-46-44-534
BROCKWAY, MARY LOUISE                   NY-46-45-290
BROCKWAY, WILLIAM                       NY-46-22-10
BRODERS, JOHN                           NY-46-27-162
BROKAW, ANTOINETTE L.                   NY-46-38-46
BROMELING, MARTIN                       NY-46-2-278
BRONSON, SOPHIA                         NY-46-36-185
BRONSON, WILLIAM C.                     NY-46-31-83
BROOKS, AARON                           NY-46-13-395
BROOKS, CLARK                           NY-46-41-235
BROOKS, ISRAEL                          NY-46-7-70
BROOKS, ISRAEL                          NY-46-26-331
BROOKS, JAMES W.                        NY-46-38-52
BROOKS, MARGARET                        NY-46-16-180
BROOKS, PLINY G.                        NY-46-45-378
BROOKS, THOMAS                          NY-46-28-530
BROTHERSON, PHILIP                      NY-46-16-378
BROUGHTON, GEORGE H.                    NY-46-46-63
BROUGHTON, MONROE                       NY-46-46-343
BROUGHTON, WALTER                       NY-46-13-77
BROWER, ELIZABETH                       NY-46-46-194
BROWER, ELIZABETH F.                    NY-46-27-254
BROWER, TIMOTHY                         NY-46-36-297
BROWN, ABBY J.                          NY-46-24-415
BROWN, ANNA                             NY-46-26-97
BROWN, ANNA MARIA                       NY-46-27-531
BROWN, CHARLES M.                       NY-46-43-201
BROWN, COLIN F.                         NY-46-18-146
BROWN, DUNCAN N.                        NY-46-19-33
BROWN, ELIJAH                           NY-46-21-582
BROWN, ELLEN M.                         NY-46-46-405
BROWN, ELLEN M.                         NY-46-42-177
BROWN, EVELINE E.                       NY-46-41-171
BROWN, GERTRUDE                         NY-46-38-55
BROWN, JACOB                            NY-46-20-363
BROWN, JAMES H.                         NY-46-8-194
BROWN, JAMES H.                         NY-46-41-189
BROWN, JEREMIAH A.                      NY-46-30-394
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-46-40-429
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-46-39-571
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-46-42-129
BROWN, JOSEPH                           NY-46-13-444
BROWN, JOSEPH                           NY-46-21-658
BROWN, JOSIAH                           NY-46-30-617
BROWN, MARY U.                          NY-46-41-221
BROWN, OLNEY L.                         NY-46-34-595
BROWN, PHEBE                            NY-46-25-109
BROWN, RANSON                           NY-46-21-13
BROWN, RENSSELAER                       NY-46-29-324
BROWN, SOLOMON                          NY-46-11-270
BROWN, SOPHRONIA A.                     NY-46-41-347
BROWN, THOMAS                           NY-46-5-289
BROWN, THOMAS                           NY-46-23-252
BROWN, THOMAS                           NY-46-22-175
BROWN, VOLUMTINE                        NY-46-5-66
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NY-46-18-33
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NY-46-31-45
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NY-46-35-75
BROWN, WILLIAM E.                       NY-46-41-11
BROWNELL, MARY E.                       NY-46-42-269
BROWNELL, ROBY                          NY-46-10-86
BROWNELL, TIMOTHY                       NY-46-2-202
BROWNING, NICHOLAS                      NY-46-7-223
BRUMAN, THOMAS                          NY-46-31-140
BRYAN, JAMES                            NY-46-9-11
BRYAN, WILLIAM J.                       NY-46-16-518
BUCK, JOSEPH E.                         NY-46-40-73
BUCKBEE, RICHARD                        NY-46-14-47
BUCKLEY, EVALINE                        NY-46-33-177
BUCKLEY, MAY                            NY-46-40-425
BUCKWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-46-35-275
BUDD, JAMES N.                          NY-46-25-66
BUDINGTON, THOMAS G.                    NY-46-40-451
BUEL, ELIAS                             NY-46-4-454
BUEL, GEORGE D.                         NY-46-37-367
BUEL, GROVER                            NY-46-2-391
BUEL, JHN G.                            NY-46-25-37
BUEL, SAMUEL W.                         NY-46-35-92
BUELL, ANSON                            NY-46-21-193
BUELL, ELIJAH                           NY-46-18-212
BUFFINTON, JOANNA                       NY-46-20-45
BUHANNAN, ORVILLE L.                    NY-46-31-111
BUHRMESTER, LOUISA M.                   NY-46-37-127
BULINGER, CAROLINE                      NY-46-34-528
BULKELEY, ALICE A.                      NY-46-29-441
BULL, DANIEL                            NY-46-2-300
BULL, STEPHEN C.                        NY-46-46-129
BULLARD, ALPHEUS                        NY-46-16-502
BULLARD, BEROTH                         NY-46-26-37
BULLARD, CAROLINE R.                    NY-46-33-258
BULLARD, DANIEL A.                      NY-46-36-310
BULLARD, DOLLY                          NY-46-27-464
BULLARD, GARDNER                        NY-46-13-46
BULLARD, HARRIET S.                     NY-46-41-458
BULLARD, HELEN D.                       NY-46-42-465
BULLARD, IDA IRVING                     NY-46-39-631
BULLARD, ZILLAH                         NY-46-18-190
BULLIS, ROBERT                          NY-46-27-311
BULMAN, CATHARINE H.                    NY-46-27-245
BULSON, ALEXANDER                       NY-46-35-574
BUMP, BENJAMIN                          NY-46-6-447
BUNCE, EPHRAIM                          NY-46-11-359
BUNCE, WILLIAM                          NY-46-21-643
BUNYAN, JOHN                            NY-46-29-284
BUNYAN, WILIAM                          NY-46-10-343
BURCH, JOHN                             NY-46-38-694
BURDICK, CHARLOTTE                      NY-46-39-559
BURDICK, CORDELIA R.                    NY-46-32-243
BURDICK, HUBBARD                        NY-46-15-183
BURDICK, PELEG                          NY-46-34-471
BURK, HANNAH                            NY-46-45-462
BURK, JAMES                             NY-46-31-330
BURKE, ELLEN                            NY-46-45-422
BURKE, GILBERT                          NY-46-43-227
BURKE, JANE A.                          NY-46-44-237
BURKE, JOHN H.                          NY-46-45-412
BURKE, LAWRENCE                         NY-46-42-51
BURKE, LAWRENCE                         NY-46-44-95
BURKE, MARY                             NY-46-43-169
BURKS, AARON                            NY-46-33-20
BURLINGAME, CHARLES                     NY-46-26-118
BURNAP, CORNELIA E.                     NY-46-20-276
BURNAP, JOHN G.                         NY-46-28-578
BURNET, JOHN                            NY-46-4-369
BURNHAM, FRED J.                        NY-46-38-43
BURNHAM, GEORGE B.                      NY-46-28-611
BURNHAM, GEORGE W.                      NY-46-20-366
BURNHAM, JAMES                          NY-46-10-296
BURNHAM, JOSIAH                         NY-46-11-419
BURNHAM, JULIUS                         NY-46-18-265
BURNHAM, LAURA                          NY-46-20-592
BURNHAM, RACHEL ANN                     NY-46-19-443
BURNHAM, WILLIAM                        NY-46-23-142
BURNS, CATHARINE                        NY-46-33-119
BURNS, HANNAH M.                        NY-46-35-177
BURNS, MARY D.                          NY-46-28-185
BURNS, PATRICK                          NY-46-38-61
BURNS, RICHARD                          NY-46-37-280
BURNS, THOMAS                           NY-46-33-69
BURR, JOHN                              NY-46-6-391
BURRETT, THOMAS                         NY-46-19-438
BURRITT, JAMES                          NY-46-41-109
BURROWS, CALEB                          NY-46-16-329
BURROWS, MARY L.                        NY-46-40-247
BURT, CHARLES R.                        NY-46-40-225
BURT, EMMA S.                           NY-46-45-40
BURT, FRANCES A.                        NY-46-42-429
BURT, JOHN                              NY-46-22-496
BURT, RUSSELL                           NY-46-22-516
BURT, STEPHEN O.                        NY-46-26-270
BURTIS, FORDHAM                         NY-46-2-96
BURTIS, POLLY                           NY-46-30-57
BURTIS, RICHARD                         NY-46-19-480
BURTISS, ELIZABETH                      NY-46-15-168
BURTON, CURTIS                          NY-46-4-89
BURTON, EUNICE                          NY-46-40-209
BURTON, MARY E.                         NY-46-36-125
BURTON, WILLIAM                         NY-46-16-96
BURTON, WILLIAM                         NY-46-33-107
BUSH, ANNIE                             NY-46-45-394
BUSH, ANNIE                             NY-46-45-384
BUSH, GEORGE                            NY-46-40-335
BUSH, GEORGE W.                         NY-46-43-3
BUSH, GILMAN                            NY-46-31-395
BUSHEE, MARY                            NY-46-14-86
BUSHEE, SAMUEL                          NY-46-12-62
BUSHWELL, SARAH ANN                     NY-46-37-97
BUTCHER, JOHN S.                        NY-46-40-409
BUTLER, CATHERINE                       NY-46-43-283
BUTLER, FRANK                           NY-46-32-272
BUTLER, GEORGE S.                       NY-46-28-102
BUTLER, JAMES P.                        NY-46-39-577
BUTLER, JOHN                            NY-46-12-378
BUTLER, PETER                           NY-46-12-404
BUTLER, SILAS                           NY-46-11-238
BUTLER, THOMAS                          NY-46-39-142
BUTTON, ALEXANDER                       NY-46-36-138
BUYS, WILLIAM R.                        NY-46-43-337
BYRNE, MAGGRETT                         NY-46-26-378
BYRNE, PETER                            NY-46-20-274
BYRNES, DANIEL                          NY-46-36-354

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