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-, TISE                                NY-41-C-15
ABBOTT, ELIZA                          NY-41-11-71
ABRAHAMS, ISRAEL                       NY-41-C-334
ABRAHAMS, JOHN                         NY-41-A-371
ABRAMES, HENRY                         NY-41-A-158
ABRAMS, ALFRED                         NY-41-9-255
ABRAMS, CHARLES                        NY-41-15-151
ABRAMS, DAVID                          NY-41-4-380
ABRAMS, HALLETT                        NY-41-14-233
ABRAMS, HENRY                          NY-41-6-92
ABRAMS, JACOB                          NY-41-10-134
ABRAMS, JACOB                          NY-41-G-448
ABRAMS, JANE                           NY-41-12-49
ABRAMS, JOHN SR.                       NY-41-7-113
ABRAMS, THOAMS                         NY-41-4-480
ABRAMS, WHITEHEAD                      NY-41-11-144
ABREHAMS, JOSEPH SR.                   NY-41-B-190
ACHTMAN, ADAM                          NY-41-17-427
ACKERLY, ABIJAH                        NY-41-13-482
ACKERSON, EDWARD                       NY-41-6-191
ACKLEY, JOHN                           NY-41-10-390
ADAM, JOHN H.                          NY-41-17-69
ADRIANCE, ELBERT                       NY-41-B-164
ADRIANCE, JACOB                        NY-41-A-344
AIRESON, JAMES SR.                     NY-41-A-412
AKERLY, BENJAMIN                       NY-41-A-43
AKERLY, JAMES                          NY-41-6-70
AKERSON, JOHN                          NY-41-E-202
ALBERTSON, ALBERT                      NY-41-D-230
ALBERTSON, HICKS                       NY-41-11-91
ALBERTSON, JAMES                       NY-41-8-445
ALBERTSON, RICHARD                     NY-41-C-127
ALBERTSON, SILAS                       NY-41-4-152
ALBRO, WILILAM                         NY-41-17-433
ALBURTIS, JOHN                         NY-41-16-275
ALDRICH, HENRY                         NY-41-5-489
ALLBURTUS, SAMUEL                      NY-41-A-17                               
ALLEN, ADAM L.                         NY-41-4-186
ALLEN, ANDREW                          NY-41-E-104
ALLEN, BENJAMIN                        NY-41-4-465
ALLEN, BENJAMIN W.                     NY-41-16-221
ALLEN, DAVID                           NY-41-F-281
ALLEN, DAVID M.                        NY-41-5-13
ALLEN, DNAIEL K.                       NY-41-10-83
ALLEN, DOBSON                          NY-41-D-25
ALLEN, DURIAS                          NY-41-C-401
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-41-E-328
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-41-C-328
ALLEN, HENRY                           NY-41-A-146
ALLEN, HENRY                           NY-41-8-228
ALLEN, HENRY                           NY-41-11-116
ALLEN, JAMES                           NY-41-G-182
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-41-3-299
ALLEN, JOHN (THE ELDER)                NY-41-B-151
ALLEN, MARTHA C.                       NY-41-10-356
ALLEN, MARY H.                         NY-41-9-144
ALLEN, MARY S.                         NY-41-1-459
ALLEN, PHEBE                           NY-41-8-252
ALLEN, PHILLIP                         NY-41-A-477
ALLEN, RICHARD                         NY-41-D-367
ALLEN, RICHARD                         NY-41-8-472
ALLEN, SARAH                           NY-41-1-440
ALLEN, SYDNEY                          NY-41-5-340
ALLEN, TRISTRAM                        NY-41-12-137
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-41-3-200
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-41-E-148
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-41-6-3
ALSOP, PHILENER                        NY-41-D-240
ALSOP, RICHARD                         NY-41-A-86
ALSOP, RICHARD                         NY-41-A-112
ALSOP, RICHARD                         NY-41-B-240
ALSOP, THOMAS                          NY-41-A-173
ALTHAUSE, JOHN                         NY-41-5-242
ALTHOUSE, ELLWOOD S.                   NY-41-8-442
ALTHOUSE, THOMAS E.                    NY-41-10-470
AMBERMAN, ISAAC                        NY-41-E-232
AMBERMAN, ISAAC                        NY-41-8-277
AMBERMAN, ISAAC SR.                    NY-41-A-481
AMBERMAN, JOHN                         NY-41-B-312
AMBERMAN, JOHN                         NY-41-F-195
AMBERMAN, JOHN                         NY-41-17-94
AMERMAN, ABRAHAM                       NY-41-E-48
ANDARIESE, NICHOLAS                    NY-41-16-82
ANDERSON, SARAH                        NY-41-4-371
ANDIRIESE, BARRENT                     NY-41-A-309
ANDREWS, CLARISSA K.                   NY-41-16-32
ANDREWS, DANIEL N.                     NY-41-3-228
ANTHONY, JAMES                         NY-41-7-299
APPLEBEE, THOMAS                       NY-41-A-237
APPLEBY, ELIZABETH                     NY-41-D-356
APPLEBY, EPENTUS                       NY-41-8-202
ARCHIBALD, JOHN                        NY-41-A-32
ARENSON, WILLIAM                       NY-41-F-17
ARMSTRONG, SAMUEL                      NY-41-8-356
ASCHMAN, FREDERICK T.                  NY-41-15-321
ASHMEAD, SOPHIA                        NY-41-17-484
ASPINWALL, REBECCA                     NY-41-C-104
AUGERINE, LEWIS                        NY-41-G-35
AUSTIN, NATHANIEL                      NY-41-C-9
AYMAR, JOHN                            NY-41-A-393
AYMAR, PETER                           NY-41-4-213
BAILEY, CHARLES                        NY-41-E-184
BAILEY, ELIZA ANN                      NY-41-9-178
BAILEY, THOMAS                         NY-41-E-14
BAKER, ASA                             NY-41-9-245
BAKER, ELIZABETH                       NY-41-A-460
BAKER, EPHRIAM                         NY-41-1-453
BAKER, SIMEON                          NY-41-E-175
BALCOM, SARAH E.                       NY-41-13-379
BALDWIN, DAVID                         NY-41-7-228
BALDWIN, FRANCIS                       NY-41-C-386
BALDWIN, HANNAH                        NY-41-1-360
BALDWIN, JANE A.                       NY-41-17-374
BALDWIN, JESSE                         NY-41-A-384
BALDWIN, MICAH                         NY-41-8-300
BALDWIN, RICHARD                       NY-41-G-158
BALDWIN, SILVENUS                      NY-41-C-100
BALDWIN, THOMAS                        NY-41-C-141
BALDWIN, WILLIAM (97)                  NY-41-11-268
BANISTER, CORNELIA                     NY-41-G-425
BANISTER, JOSIAH M.                    NY-41-G-333
BAPTIST, JOJHN W.                      NY-41-9-51
BARAGER, JACOB                         NY-41-A-84
BARAGER, LUKE                          NY-41-B-156
BARCLAY, ANTHONY                       NY-41-B-280
BARCLAY, HENRY                         NY-41-12-267
BARCULO, WILLIAM                       NY-41-13-62
BARGAN, ANN                            NY-41-B-161
BARGEN, MARY                           NY-41-F-115
BARGEN, TUNIS                          NY-41-B-114
BARKER, ALICE F.                       NY-41-15-84
BARKER, BETSY                          NY-41-1-187
BARKER, HANNAH W.                      NY-41-15-496
BARKER, MATHEW C.                      NY-41-9-84
BARKER, SAMUEL                         NY-41-E-237
BARKER, THOMAS                         NY-41-15-448
BARNNEKER, MARTIN                      NY-41-16-435
BARTH, PHILIP                          NY-41-12-20
BARTON, ELIJAH SR.                     NY-41-A-417
BAST, JACOB                            NY-41-12-236
BATES, MARGARET                        NY-41-4-417
BATTY, JOHN                            NY-41-C-38
BAULDWIN, PLATT                        NY-41-G-302
BAXTER, ISRAEL H.                      NY-41-5-114
BAYLE, GEORGE                          NY-41-C-333
BAYLIS, DANIEL                         NY-41-B-65
BAYLIS, DANIEL                         NY-41-8-349
BAYLIS, EPHRAIM                        NY-41-C-470
BAYLIS, JOHN SR.                       NY-41-13-125
BAYLIS, STEPHEN                        NY-41-11-511
BAYLIS, WICKHAM                        NY-41-14-483
BEALS, ATHALIA L.                      NY-41-16-260
BEATTY, ROBERT                         NY-41-13-57
BECKLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-41-E-564
BEDEL, BENAJAH                         NY-41-E-363
BEDELL, ABRAHAM                        NY-41-D-107
BEDELL, DANIEL                         NY-41-1-28
BEDELL, DAVID                          NY-41-B-136
BEDELL, DAVID                          NY-41-3-351
BEDELL, ELIZA                          NY-41-12-148
BEDELL, HIRAM K.                       NY-41-16-340
BEDELL, ISAAC                          NY-41-1-36
BEDELL, JACOB                          NY-41-E-32
BEDELL, JAMES                          NY-41-5-274
BEDELL, JEEMIAH                        NY-41-A-50
BEDELL, JEKEMIAH                       NY-41-F-287
BEDELL, JOHN C.                        NY-41-5-7
BEDELL, JOSEPH                         NY-41-16-135
BEDELL, MARY                           NY-41-1-306
BEDELL, RICHARD                        NY-41-17-184
BEDELL, RICHARD                        NY-41-14-378
BEDELL, SARAH                          NY-41-D-174
BEDELL, SEAMAN                         NY-41-16-484
BEDELL, SELVESTER                      NY-41-C-46
BEDELL, STEPHEN                        NY-41-10-114
BEDELL, STEPHEN                        NY-41-6-271
BEDELL, THOMAS                         NY-41-15-303
BEDELL, URIAH                          NY-41-C-490
BEDELL, WILLIAM                        NY-41-12-101
BEEDLE, ABIJAH                         NY-41-E-215
BEEDLE, ABIJAH SR.                     NY-41-D-77
BEEDLE, BENJAMIN                       NY-41-D-127
BEHEN, MARTIN                          NY-41-15-597
BELL, JOHN                             NY-41-15-280
BELL, RICHARD                          NY-41-C-233
BELL, THOMAS C.                        NY-41-12-15
BEND, WILLETT                          NY-41-F-252
BENNET, ABIGAIL                        NY-41-C-194
BENNET, ANNE                           NY-41-C-337
BENNET, AURY                           NY-41-E-191
BENNET, CATHERINE                      NY-41-C-443
BENNET, GARRIT                         NY-41-E-295
BENNET, JAMES                          NY-41-B-232
BENNET, JEROMUS                        NY-41-C-61
BENNET, JOHN                           NY-41-A-247
BENNET, JOHN                           NY-41-C-404
BENNET, JOHN                           NY-41-4-465
BENNET, JOHN B.                        NY-41-4-225
BENNET, JOHNI.                         NY-41-5-203
BENNET, JOHONAS                        NY-41-A-513
BENNET, LYDIA S.                       NY-41-12-488
BENNET, MARY                           NY-41-8-9
BENNETT, ABLE                          NY-41-E-241
BENNETT, BERNARDUS                     NY-41-4-398
BENNETT, GEORGE                        NY-41-A-314
BENNETT, HENRY W.                      NY-41-10-428
BENNETT, JOHN H.                       NY-41-4-126
BENNIT, ISAAC                          NY-41-E-393
BENSON, EGBERT                         NY-41-G-325
BERGEN, ABIGAIL E.                     NY-41-5-127
BERGEN, ABRAHAM                        NY-41-B-131
BERGEN, ANN                            NY-41-1-376
BERGEN, CORNELIUS M.                   NY-41-16-228
BERGEN, JACOB                          NY-41-3-93
BERGEN, JACOB                          NY-41-D-8
BERGEN, JACOB                          NY-41-15-486
BERGEN, JOHN                           NY-41-E-360
BERGEN, JOHN                           NY-41-F-132
BERGEN, JOHN                           NY-41-12-320
BERGEN, JOHN                           NY-41-F-234
BERGEN, LEFFERTS                       NY-41-17-388
BERGEN, MARY ANN                       NY-41-15-229
BERGEN, TUNIS                          NY-41-4-233
BERGEN, TUNIS E.                       NY-41-15-133
BERIAN, CORNELIUS                      NY-41-C-91
BERRIEN, SARAH ANN                     NY-41-14-23
BERRIEN, WILLIAM                       NY-41-9-418
BERRY, JOHN                            NY-41-3-428
BERTRAM, ELIZABETH                     NY-41-16-446
BETTS, AMY                             NY-41-14-494
BETTS, ANTHONY                         NY-41-C-379
BETTS, ELIZABETH                       NY-41-C-437
BETTS, JOSEPH                          NY-41-B-148
BETTS, RICHARD                         NY-41-A-55
BETTS, SARAH                           NY-41-C-261
BETTS, THOMAS                          NY-41-B-217
BIRDSALL, ELIZABETH                    NY-41-C-32
BIRDSALL, FREELOVE                     NY-41-E-34
BIRDSALL, JOHN C.                      NY-41-5-225
BISHOP, SUSAN H.                       NY-41-4-255
BLACK, JAMES JONES                     NY-41-B-95
BLACKLIDGE, BENJAMIN                   NY-41-5-465
BLACKWEL, HENRY F.                     NY-41-8-234
BLACKWELL, ROBERT M.                   NY-41-10-452
BLACKWELL, SAMUEL                      NY-41-8-151
BLACWELL, ROBET                        NY-41-F-141
BLAUVELT, RINARD                       NY-41-13-466
BLEECKER, GRACE                        NY-41-1-430
BLISS, PHEBE                           NY-41-14-59
BLOODGOOD, DANIEL                      NY-41-4-413
BLOODGOOD, MARY                        NY-41-15-245
BLOOM, SARAH                           NY-41-G-323
BOARDMAN, ELIJAH                       NY-41-4-252
BOERUM, CHARLES                        NY-41-B-358
BOERUM, JACOB                          NY-41-A-12
BOERUM, MARIA J.                       NY-41-9-333
BOERUM, WILILAM                        NY-41-6-104
BOGART, CORNELIUS                      NY-41-17-366
BOGART, CORNELIUS                      NY-41-17-366
BOGART, DANIEL                         NY-41-10-141
BOGART, GEORGE                         NY-41-13-287
BOGART, ISAAC                          NY-41-A-326
BOGART, ISAAC SR.                      NY-41-C-213
BOGART, PETER L.                       NY-41-13-167
BOGART, TUNIS                          NY-41-C-215
BOGERT, CORNELIUS I.                   NY-41-G-164
BOND, JOSEPH                           NY-41-1-64
BOND, LAWRENCE JR.                     NY-41-6-410
BOND, PETER                            NY-41-A-102
BONNEY, JAMES                          NY-41-C-103
BOOTH, THOMAS                          NY-41-11-458
BORDEN, ANNE                           NY-41-A-485
BORDEN, HENRY                          NY-41-5-261
BOTH, HARTUNG                          NY-41-15-23
BOUGHROM, ABRAHAM                      NY-41-A-425
BOUND, AMOS                            NY-41-3-66
BOWNE, ANN                             NY-41-10-460
BOWNE, CAROLINE                        NY-41-1-425
BOWNE, CATHARINE                       NY-41-G-177
BOWNE, ELIZABETH                       NY-41-5-459
BOWNE, HANNAH H.                       NY-41-16-267
BOWNE, JOHN                            NY-41-B-203
BOWNE, JOSEPH                          NY-41-A-179
BOWNE, SAMUEL                          NY-41-6-429
BOWNE, WILLETT                         NY-41-G-185
BOWRON, HENRY C.                       NY-41-14-187
BOYD, JOHN                             NY-41-13-140, 143
BRADISH, LUCRETIA                      NY-41-11-543
BRAGAW, CATHARINE                      NY-41-9-35
BRAGAW, ISAAC                          NY-41-G-36
BRAGAW, JEMIMA                         NY-41-14-358
BRAGAW, JOHN J.                        NY-41-F-68
BRAGAW, JOHN J.                        NY-41-3-374
BRAGAW, RICHARD                        NY-41-D-143
BRAGAW, SUSAN                          NY-41-11-39
BRASIER, LUCRETIA A.                   NY-41-7-310
BRENNER, JOHN                          NY-41-C-50
BREWER, JOHN                           NY-41-A-298
BREWER, PERMENUS                       NY-41-15-436
BRINCK, HENRY                          NY-41-13-353
BRINCKERHOFF, GEORGE B.                NY-41-8-439
BRINCKERHOFF, MARIA                    NY-41-A-419
BRINCKERHOFF, PETER                    NY-41-7-153
BRINCKERHOFF, REBEKAH                  NY-41-3-204
BRINKERHOFF, ALLETTA                   NY-41-4-60
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE SR.                NY-41-B-108
BRINKERHOFF, HENDRICK                  NY-41-C-235
BRINKERHOFF, HENRICK                   NY-41-B-340
BRINKERHOFF, ISAAC                     NY-41-C-495
BROWER, CHARLES                        NY-41-13-365
BROWER, CHARLES                        NY-41-17-469
BROWER, RICHARD                        NY-41-8-392
BROWER, TREDWELL                       NY-41-8-433
BROWER, WILLIAM (27)                   NY-41-10-265
BROWER, WILLIAM E.                     NY-41-13-331
BROWN, ABIGAIL                         NY-41-14-116
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-41-13-229
BROWN, ROBERT                          NY-41-10-120
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NY-41-15-148
BROWNE, EDMUND                         NY-41-10-123
BROWNE, EDWARD                         NY-41-16-310
BROWNE, ELIZA                          NY-41-12-326
BROWNEJOHN, SAMUEL                     NY-41-A-212
BROWNING, HULL STEPHEN (44)            NY-41-11-225
BROWNSON, JOHN                         NY-41-12-329
BUCK, THOMAS                           NY-41-14-256
BUCKBEE, JOHN                          NY-41-E-172
BUCKLEY, JOANNA                        NY-41-16-79
BUFFETT, CAESSAR                       NY-41-4-148
BUFFETT, HAGAR                         NY-41-7-212
BULLING, BERNHARD                      NY-41-7-291
BURFORD, THOMAS                        NY-41-4-457
BURLING, ABIGAIL                       NY-41-3-42
BURLING, ELIZABETH                     NY-41-F-56
BURLING, JAMES                         NY-41-C-314
BURLING, SARAH                         NY-41-A-3
BURLING, WILLIAM                       NY-41-7-221
BURROUGHS, DEBORAH                     NY-41-A-324
BURROUGHS, HARRIET D.                  NY-41-15-225
BURROUGHS, JOHN                        NY-41-4-15
BURROUGHS, JOSEPH                      NY-41-E-137
BURROUGHS, JOSEPH                      NY-41-D-336
BURROUGHS, MARY                        NY-41-A-325
BURROUGHS, SARAH                       NY-41-13-271
BURROUGHS, THOMAS                      NY-41-1-54
BURROUGHS, THOMAS                      NY-41-B-234
BURROUGHS, WILLIAM H.                  NY-41-B-347
BURT, JOSEPH                           NY-41-4-228
BURT, SMITH                            NY-41-16-487
BURTIS, AARON                          NY-41-A-283
BURTIS, ABRAHAM                        NY-41-F-89
BURTIS, ELIAS                          NY-41-C-220
BURTIS, ELIZABETH                      NY-41-G-151
BURTIS, HENDRICK                       NY-41-F-257
BURTIS, JAMES                          NY-41-A-307
BURTIS, JAMES                          NY-41-D-49
BURTIS, JANE                           NY-41-1-328
BURTIS, JOHN                           NY-41-D-6
BURTIS, JOHN                           NY-41-A-231
BURTIS, JOHN JR.                       NY-41-E-114
BURTIS, MARIAM                         NY-41-D-279
BURTIS, MARTHA                         NY-41-1-358
BURTIS, TOWNSEND W.                    NY-41-8-368
BURTUS, JOHN                           NY-41-E-116
BUTELR, JOHN                           NY-41-10-230
BUTLER, CECILIA                        NY-41-14-329
BUTLER, JOHN                           NY-41-A-78
BYRD, JAMES                            NY-41-3-35
BYRNES, HENRY                          NY-41-17-176
BYRNES, PATRICK                        NY-41-14-148
BYVANCH, ANN                           NY-41-E-446
CABOY, JOHN                            NY-41-14-16
CADMAN, JAMES                          NY-41-16-25
CARHARTT, JAMES                        NY-41-F-235
CARLE, JOHN                            NY-41-D-228
CARLL, JOHN                            NY-41-7-339
CARLL, RUTH                            NY-41-3-154
CARMAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-41-F-178
CARMAN, JAMES                          NY-41-A-101
CARMAN, JOHN                           NY-41-7-160
CARMAN, JOHN                           NY-41-1-35
CARMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-41-G-108
CARMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-41-16-46
CARMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-41-B-159
CARMAN, MARY                           NY-41-E-228
CARMAN, SAMUEL                         NY-41-D-83
CARMAN, SAMUEL                         NY-41-11-106
CARMAN, STEPHEN                        NY-41-4-10
CARMAN, STEPHEN                        NY-41-E-231
CARMAN, STEPHEN                        NY-41-11-138
CARMAN, WILILAM H.                     NY-41-17-318
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN                    NY-41-1-26
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN                    NY-41-1-154
CARPENTER, ELIAS                       NY-41-8-323
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH                   NY-41-9-415
CARPENTER, INCREAS                     NY-41-C-13
CARPENTER, JACOB                       NY-41-E-153
CARPENTER, JACOB                       NY-41-16-453
CARPENTER, JACOB SR.                   NY-41-D-223
CARPENTER, JACOBN.                     NY-41-14-123
CARPENTER, JAMES                       NY-41-D-277
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                      NY-41-A-238
CARPENTER, LATTING                     NY-41-8-224
CARPENTER, MELANCTON                   NY-41-1-270
CARPENTER, NEHEMIAH                    NY-41-D-370
CARPENTER, STEPHEN                     NY-41-14-225
CARPENTER, THOMAS                      NY-41-D-166
CARPENTER, WILLIAM C.                  NY-41-12-152
CARRAGHER, JAMES                       NY-41-10-446
CARROLL, DENNIS                        NY-41-9-171
CARTER, MATTHEW                        NY-41-7-178
CARTER, ROEBRT                         NY-41-3-145
CASEY, JOHN                            NY-41-14-460
CASEY, PATRICK                         NY-41-12-356
CASEY, WILLIAM                         NY-41-9-385
CHAPMAN, SARAH                         NY-41-9-468
CHAPPELL, JOSEPH                       NY-41-11-12
CHARLICK, ELIZABETH                    NY-41-15-218
CHEESEMAN, ANTHONY                     NY-41-B-274
CHEESMAN, BENJAMIN                     NY-41-C-65
CHEESMAN, RICHARD                      NY-41-G-160
CHESHIRE, AMOS                         NY-41-F-324
CHESHIRE, CLEMENCE                     NY-41-9-48
CHESHIRE, ELIZABETH                    NY-41-1-243
CHESHIRE, JANE                         NY-41-E-512
CHESHIRE, JOHN                         NY-41-E-369
CHESHIRE, JOHN R.                      NY-41-5-484
CHESHIRE, SAMUEL                       NY-41-F-231
CHESHIRE, SAMUEL                       NY-41-E-272
CHESHIRE, THOMAS                       NY-41-15-199
CHIVERS, EDWARD                        NY-41-17-36
CHIVERS, JOHN                          NY-41-12-251
CLANCY, ANN                            NY-41-16-14
CLEARY, WILLIAM                        NY-41-11-545
CLELAND, JAMES                         NY-41-10-232
CLEMENT, ELIZABETH                     NY-41-5-327
CLEMENT, JARVIS                        NY-41-11-413
CLEMENT, MARTHA                        NY-41-1-182
CLEMENT, MARY                          NY-41-1-422
CLEMENT, SARAH                         NY-41-D-129
CLEMENT, STEPHEN                       NY-41-E-126
CLOWES, ABIGAIL                        NY-41-7-15
CLOWES, ISAAC                          NY-41-E-334
CLOWES, JOSEPH                         NY-41-G-206
CLOWES, SAMUEL                         NY-41-B-4
CLOWES, THOMAS                         NY-41-14-30
CLOWES, TIMOTHY                        NY-41-1-409
COCHRAN, JAMES                         NY-41-13-259
COCHRAN, MARY                          NY-41-14-367
COCK, ALFRED                           NY-41-1-410
COCK, ANN E.                           NY-41-9-161
COCK, CHARLES                          NY-41-4-95
COCK, CLEMENCE                         NY-41-D-11
COCK, DANIEL JR.                       NY-41-B-229
COCK, DANIEL SR.                       NY-41-4-239
COCK, DAVID                            NY-41-6-251
COCK, ELIJAH                           NY-41-9-421
COCK, HENRY                            NY-41-B-181
COCK, ISAAC                            NY-41-7-84
COCK, JEMIMA                           NY-41-C-270
COCK, JOHN                             NY-41-D-299
COCK, LEVI SR.                         NY-41-B-93
COCK, LORETTE                          NY-41-C-131
COCK, MARGAET T.                       NY-41-10-290
COCK, MARY                             NY-41-D-168
COCK, SAMUEL                           NY-41-D-211
COCK, SAMUEL SR.                       NY-41-7-117
COCK, THOMAS                           NY-41-C-254
COCK, THOMAS                           NY-41-7-412
COCK, WILLIAM E.                       NY-41-15-93
COCOK, HENRY                           NY-41-B-86
CODWISE, GEORGE JR.                    NY-41-D-16
COE, BENJAMIN                          NY-41-D-364
COE, CATHERINE                         NY-41-D-346
COE, ELIZABETH                         NY-41-E-201
COE, NEHEMIAH                          NY-41-F-157
COE, SAMUEL S.                         NY-41-B-111
COGER, JOHN                            NY-41-8-452
COGSWELL, ABIGAIL                      NY-41-G-87
COGSWELL, SARAH LLOYD                  NY-41-1-428
COLAHAN, MARY                          NY-41-14-468
COLES, ABRAHAM                         NY-41-7-02
COLES, ABRAHAM                         NY-41-D-149
COLES, ANNE                            NY-41-F-314
COLES, BARACK                          NY-41-D-79
COLES, BENJAMIN                        NY-41-C-136
COLES, DERICK                          NY-41-A-400
COLES, EDWARD                          NY-41-12-373
COLES, ELIZABETH                       NY-41-6-111
COLES, ELWOOD                          NY-41-5-473
COLES, HANNAH                          NY-41-F-66
COLES, HENRY                           NY-41-5-198
COLES, HENRY W.                        NY-41-6-208
COLES, ISAAC                           NY-41-D-258
COLES, JACOB                           NY-41-C-57
COLES, JAMES                           NY-41-E-334
COLES, JARVIS                          NY-41-F-99
COLES, LANNAH                          NY-41-1-297
COLES, LAWRENCE                        NY-41-3-192
COLES, NATHANIEL                       NY-41-C-318
COLES, NATHANIEL                       NY-41-E-198
COLES, SARAH                           NY-41-E-146
COLES, THOMAS                          NY-41-9-26
COLGAN, MARY                           NY-41-A-15
COLGAN, MARY                           NY-41-16-67
COLGAN, OWEN                           NY-41-15-166
COLGAN, THOMAS                         NY-41-A-164
COLWELL, JAMES                         NY-41-7-416
COLYER, JACOB                          NY-41-13-6
COMBES,NATHANIEL JR.                   NY-41-A-500
COMBS, ANN ELIZABETH                   NY-41-10-396
COMBS, BENJAMIN                        NY-41-14-8
COMBS, THOMAS                          NY-41-17-412
COMBS, WILLIAM                         NY-41-9-330
CONDIT, SILAS                          NY-41-11-57
CONNERY, THOAMS                        NY-41-9-182
CONRAD, FREDERICK                      NY-41-16-214
COOMBS, LAWRENCE                       NY-41-E-111
COOPER, JOSEPH                         NY-41-G-214
COOURT, WALTER SR.                     NY-41-B-258
COPELL, JOHN                           NY-41-9-222
CORNAGA, JANE                          NY-41-16-198
CORNAGA, JOHN                          NY-41-G-201
CORNAGAY, JOHN                         NY-41-10-128
CORNEL, CALEB                          NY-41-B-125
CORNELIUS, JOHN                        NY-41-C-327
CORNELIUS, MOSES                       NY-41-A-316
CORNELL, ABIGAIL                       NY-41-E-129
CORNELL, ARCHIBALD                     NY-41-5-393
CORNELL, BENJAMIN                      NY-41-E-1
CORNELL, CATHARINE                     NY-41-11-385
CORNELL, CHARLES                       NY-41-B-20
CORNELL, CHARLES                       NY-41-B-353
CORNELL, CHARLES                       NY-41-A-89
CORNELL, CHARLES                       NY-41-D-309
CORNELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-41-9-45
CORNELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-41-E-162
CORNELL, HALLETT                       NY-41-14-71
CORNELL, HANNAH                        NY-41-B-335
CORNELL, JAMES H.                      NY-41-1-238
CORNELL, JOHN                          NY-41-4-174
CORNELL, JOSEPH                        NY-41-5-384
CORNELL, LEONARD                       NY-41-6-73
CORNELL, LEWIS                         NY-41-1-132
CORNELL, MARY                          NY-41-A-436
CORNELL, SAMUEL                        NY-41-5-455
CORNELL, SAMUEL                        NY-41-A-300
CORNELL, THOMAS                        NY-41-12-1
CORNELL, WILLIAM                       NY-41-A-53
CORNELL, WILLIAM                       NY-41-A-421
CORNELL,E LIZABETH                     NY-41-7-203
CORNISH, BENJAMIN SR.                  NY-41-A-13
CORNWALL, JAMES                        NY-41-E-342
CORNWALL, LEWIS                        NY-41-B-212
CORNWALL, RICHARDSON                   NY-41-14-206
CORNWELL, ABIGAIL                      NY-41-3-341
CORNWELL, BARRACK                      NY-41-B-24
CORNWELL, CORNELIUS                    NY-41-A-85
CORNWELL, ELDRED                       NY-41-3-213
CORNWELL, ELIJAH                       NY-41-B-104
CORNWELL, ELIZABETH                    NY-41-1-333
CORNWELL, HANNAH                       NY-41-A-433
CORNWELL, HENRY E.                     NY-41-9-121
CORNWELL, HEWLETT                      NY-41-F-95
CORNWELL, RUTH                         NY-41-C-351
CORNWELL, THOMAS                       NY-41-7-192
CORNWELL, TIMOTHY                      NY-41-B-266
CORNWELL, WHITEHEAD                    NY-41-B-188
CORNWELL, WILLIAM                      NY-41-E-167
CORSA, ISAAC                           NY-41-C-8
CORTELYOU, AARON                       NY-41-D-123
CORTELYOU, PETER                       NY-41-D-318
COSS, SUSANNAH                         NY-41-8-284
COVERT, ADOLPH                         NY-41-B-87
COVERT, JACOB F.                       NY-41-9-453
COVERT, JOHN                           NY-41-E-51
COVERT, MARIA                          NY-41-8-186
COVERT, PHEBE                          NY-41-13-148
COVERT, TUNIS                          NY-41-E-36
COVERT, UNDERHILL                      NY-41-12-424
COX, MARY                              NY-41-9-139
COX, MICHAEL                           NY-41-6-138
COX, PETER                             NY-41-16-357
COX, SERAPHINE C.                      NY-41-17-76
COZINA, CORNELIUS                      NY-41-C-302
CRAFT, BENJAMIN THORNY                 NY-41-A-328
CRAFT, HENRY                           NY-41-E-182
CRAFT, HENRY                           NY-41-A-347
CRAFT, JAMES                           NY-41-E-438
CRAFT, JORDAN                          NY-41-7-26
CRAFT, JOSEPH                          NY-41-F-21
CRAFT, MARY                            NY-41-16-408
CRAFT, PHEBE                           NY-41-1-262
CRAFT, STEPHEN                         NY-41-7-1
CRAFT, THOMAS T.                       NY-41-D-145
CREED, BENJAMIN                        NY-41-B-12
CREED, EMELIA                          NY-41-C-83
CREED, GILBERT                         NY-41-8-4
CREED, WILLIAM D.                      NY-41-16-187
CREED, WILLIAM JR.                     NY-41-E-278
CREED, WILLIAM SR.                     NY-41-C-289
CROCKER, SAMSON                        NY-41-A-249
CROCKER, WILLIAM                       NY-41-A-111
CROMMELIN, CHARLES                     NY-41-C-284
CROMMELIN, ROBERT                      NY-41-A-99
CROMWELL, JOHN J.                      NY-41-F-39
CRONEN, JOHANNA                        NY-41-17-125-138
CRONIN, JANE                           NY-41-15-113
CRONIN, JOHN                           NY-41-8-417
CROOKER, JACOB                         NY-41-5-159
CROOKER, JARVIS                        NY-41-4-365
CROOKER, MARTHA                        NY-41-1-278
CROOKER, SARAH                         NY-41-E-249
CROOKER, WILILAM JR.                   NY-41-3-444
CROOKER, WILLIAM                       NY-41-5-397
CROOKER, WILLIAM                       NY-41-B-293
CROPPER, GEORGE                        NY-41-7-329
CROSSMAN, SUSAN                        NY-41-12-111
CROWN, SUSAN M.                        NY-41-10-172
CRYDER, JOHN                           NY-41-14-448
CUMBERSON, THOMAS                      NY-41-4-442
CUMMINS, LUKE                          NY-41-A-46
CURTIS, JAMES                          NY-41-10-449
CURTIS, WILLIAM                        NY-41-16-392
CURTIS, WILLIAM                        NY-41-B-318
CVERT, CHARLES                         NY-41-1-160
DAMM, WENZEL                           NY-41-15-221
DARLING, WILLIAM H.                    NY-41-13-69
DAVIS, ANN                             NY-41-17-218
DAVIS, THOMAS                          NY-41-E-235
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         NY-41-5-426
DAVISON, ALEXANDER                     NY-41-15-90
DAVISON, ANN                           NY-41-11-400
DAVISON, ANTHONY                       NY-41-4-97
DAVISON, DE MOTT                       NY-41-15-19
DAVISON, ROBERT                        NY-41-E-186
DAY, SILAS C.                          NY-41-6-153
DEAN, THOMAS                           NY-41-4-297
DEANE, WILLIAM                         NY-41-B-226
DEBEVOISE, CHARLES                     NY-41-A-149
DEBEVOISE, CHARLES                     NY-41-13-256
DEBEVOISE, CHARLES                     NY-41-D-217
DEBEVOISE, DANIEL                      NY-41-D-188
DEBEVOISE, ELIZABETH                   NY-41-13-361
DEBEVOISE, GEORGE                      NY-41-B-116
DEBEVOISE, GEORGE                      NY-41-7-156
DEBEVOISE, ISAAC                       NY-41-5-448
DEBEVOISE, JACOB                       NY-41-11-540
DEBEVOISE, JOHANNES                    NY-41-C-201
DEBEVOISE, JOHN                        NY-41-10-326
DEBEVOISE, JOHN                        NY-41-E-12
DEBEVOISE, JOHN G.                     NY-41-E-102
DEEGAN, ANDREW                         NY-41-17-180
DEKAY, JAMES E. (DR)                   NY-41-5-371
DEKAY,JANET E.                         NY-41-6-354
DELANEY, THOMAS                        NY-41-15-192
DELANY, THOMAS                         NY-41-8-407
DEMILT, MARY                           NY-41-G-306
DEMILT, OBEDIAH                        NY-41-C-315
DEMONTE, JOSEPH                        NY-41-1-339
DEMOTT, ANTHONY                        NY-41-C-45
DEMOTT, CHARLES                        NY-41-8-411
DEMOTT, DAVID                          NY-41-16-474
DEMOTT, JOHN                           NY-41-B-236
DEMOTT, JOHN                           NY-41-D-190
DEMOTT, JOHN                           NY-41-11-517
DEMOTT, RICHARD                        NY-41-17-108
DEMOTT, SAMUEL                         NY-41-A-124
DENTON, AMOS                           NY-41-E-77
DENTON, AMOS                           NY-41-8-29
DENTON, BENJAMIN                       NY-41-1-192
DENTON, CATHERINE                      NY-41-D-232
DENTON, DANIEL                         NY-41-16-366-392
DENTON, DANIEL                         NY-41-E-290
DENTON, GEORGE                         NY-41-6-47
DENTON, ISAAC                          NY-41-E-98
DENTON, JOHN                           NY-41-C-122
DENTON, JOHN L.                        NY-41-16-211
DENTON, JOSEPH                         NY-41-C-34
DENTON, JOSEPH                         NY-41-G-67
DENTON, LAWRENCE                       NY-41-1-117
DENTON, NATHANIEL                      NY-41-B-342
DENTON, OLIVER                         NY-41-4-121
DENTON, RACHEL                         NY-41-1-225
DENTON, SAMUEL                         NY-41-C-200
DENTON, SAMUEL                         NY-41-9-302
DENTON, SARAH                          NY-41-12-36
DENTON, SUSANNAH                       NY-41-G-459
DENTON, THOMAS                         NY-41-A-294
DENTON, WILLIAM                        NY-41-13-212
DENTON, WILLIAM                        NY-41-A-331
DEPEYSTER, GEORGE                      NY-41-9-20
DEPEYSTER, JAMES                       NY-41-A-492
DEPEYSTER, SARAH                       NY-41-B-112
DEWIT, JOHANNES                        NY-41-D-344
DICKENSON, AMOS                        NY-41-E-354
DICKINSON, PETER                       NY-41-15-291
DICKINSON, TOWNSEND                    NY-41-A-190
DICKSON, ROBERT                        NY-41-17-495
DIKEMAN, ISAAC                         NY-41-4-264
DILLHOF, DOROTHEA                      NY-41-15-31
DITMARE, ABRAHAM                       NY-41-E-283
DITMARS, DOW                           NY-41-10-48
DITMARS, JOHN A.                       NY-41-1-14
DIVINE, JOHN                           NY-41-B-256
DIVINE, THOMAS                         NY-41-10-260
DOANE, PHILO                           NY-41-14-408
DODGE, JOHN                            NY-41-3-356
DODGE, JOHN                            NY-41-5-278
DODGE, TRISTRAM                        NY-41-D-35
DODGE, WILLIAM                         NY-41-3-324
DORION, JOSEPH                         NY-41-E-254
DORION, MARTHA                         NY-41-C-172
DORLAN, JOSEPH                         NY-41-11-29
DORLAN, SAMUEL                         NY-41-10-176
DORLAND, CARMAN                        NY-41-9-319
DORLING, GEORGE                        NY-41-8-295
DORLON, ANN                            NY-41-1-213
DORLON, ANNE                           NY-41-5-246
DORLON, CARMAN                         NY-41-9-319
DORLON, CARMAN                         NY-41-C-72
DORLON, DE MOTT                        NY-41-7-207
DORLON, ELIAS                          NY-41-16-150
DORLON, JOHN                           NY-41-7-467
DORLON, LININTON                       NY-41-4-404
DORLON, MARIA                          NY-41-15-12
DORLON, NANCY                          NY-41-7-214
DORLON, SAMUEL                         NY-41-D-200
DORLON, THOMAS                         NY-41-A-509
DORLON, THOMAS                         NY-41-1-179
DORLON, THOMAS SR.                     NY-41-11-403
DORSCHER, JOHN BERNARD                 NY-41-10-370
DOSCHER, FREDERICK                     NY-41-10-376
DOSSAN, FREDERICK                      NY-41-10-376
DOTY, AMEY ADELINE                     NY-41-16-179
DOTY, AMY                              NY-41-G-273
DOTY, ANANIAS                          NY-41-E-87
DOTY, ELIZA ANN                        NY-41-16-63
DOTY, ISAAC                            NY-41-B-158
DOTY, JOHN                             NY-41-12-68
DOTY, JOHN                             NY-41-D-23
DOTY, SAMUEL                           NY-41-9-364
DOTY, SARAH                            NY-41-16-18
DOTY, STEPHEN                          NY-41-16-41
DOTY, ZEBULON                          NY-41-C-272
DOUGHTY, BENJAMIN                      NY-41-B-91
DOUGHTY, BENJAMIN W.                   NY-41-14-52
DOUGHTY, ELLEN                         NY-41-10-13
DOUGHTY, ROBERT                        NY-41-A-20
DOUGHTY, SAMUEL                        NY-41-A-119
DOUGHTY, THOMAS                        NY-41-B-306
DOUGLASS, PETER                        NY-41-4-288
DOWNING, BENJAMIN                      NY-41-B-285
DOWNING, CATO (COLORED)                NY-41-D-119
DOWNING, CHARLES W.                    NY-41-G-209
DOWNING, GEORGE                        NY-41-E-40
DOWNING, HENERY SR.                    NY-41-A-479
DOWNING, ISAAC                         NY-41-4-159
DOWNING, JACOB                         NY-41-G-2
DOWNING, JAMES                         NY-41-A-145
DOWNING, SILAS                         NY-41-4-119
DOWNING, SILAS                         NY-41-7-326
DOXEE, PETER                           NY-41-8-19
DOXSEY, ANTHONY                        NY-41-1-311
DOXSEY, SOLON                          NY-41-A-160
DOYLE, DARBY                           NY-41-B-177
DREBING, GUSTAV                        NY-41-16-127
DUNBAR, JOSEPH                         NY-41-G-196
DURLAN, JOHN                           NY-41-A-39
DURLAND, GARRT                         NY-41-E-286
DURLING, ABRAHAM                       NY-41-11-429
DURLING, HENRY                         NY-41-4-149
DURLON, JOHN                           NY-41-A-36
DURLON, JOSEPH                         NY-41-A-49
DURYEA, AARON                          NY-41-G-326
DURYEA, AARON                          NY-41-1-185
DURYEA, DANIEL                         NY-41-C-123
DURYEA, ELBERT                         NY-41-10-415
DURYEA, ELIABETH                       NY-41-13-101
DURYEA, EVE                            NY-41-1-481
DURYEA, GEORGE                         NY-41-14-183
DURYEA, GEORGE                         NY-41-E-485
DURYEA, GEORGE                         NY-41-4-52
DURYEA, JACOB M.                       NY-41-9-480
DURYEA, JOHN                           NY-41-C-325
DURYEA, JOHN I.                        NY-41-E-510
DURYEA, MARTHA                         NY-41-B-224
DURYEA, PETER                          NY-41-9-201
DURYEA, PHEBE                          NY-41-4-1
DURYEA, RULEF                          NY-41-13-442
DURYEA, RULUFF                         NY-41-C-474
DURYEA, WHITEHEAD C.                   NY-41-15-248
DURYEA, WILHELMUS                      NY-41-E-154
DURYEA, WILLIAM                        NY-41-8-115
DURYEE, DANIEL                         NY-41-A-47
DURYEE, FRANCIS                        NY-41-1-30
DURYEE, JACOB                          NY-41-C-55
DURYEE, MARY                           NY-41-D-97
DUSENBERY, BENJAMIN                    NY-41-B-2

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