Otsego, New York
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ABBEY, BETSEY                          NY-39-9-126
ABBEY, STEPHEN                         NY-39-1-128
ABBEY, STEPHEN                         NY-39-1-607
ACKERMAN, CORNELIUS                    NY-39-51-457
ACKERMAN, REBECCA S.                   NY-39-22-97
ACKLER, DAVID                          NY-39-10-576
ACKLEY, HENRY                          NY-39-13-85
ACRES, WILLIAM E.                      NY-39-10-562
ADAMS, ABNER                           NY-39-G-33
ADAMS, ASAPH                           NY-39-B-151
ADAMS, BENONI                          NY-39-9-309
ADAMS, CAROLINE F.                     NY-39-10-5
ADAMS, CHESTER                         NY-39-38-403
ADAMS, ELI B.                          NY-39-28-367
ADAMS, HENRY                           NY-39-37-637
ADAMS, HENRY S.                        NY-39-30-43
ADAMS, HULDAH ANN                      NY-39-11-127
ADAMS, JOHN                            NY-39-C-54
ADAMS, JONATHAN                        NY-39-A-286
ADAMS, LINA COOK                       NY-39-28-457
ADAMS, PLUMA L.                        NY-39-31-481
ADAMS, REUBEN                          NY-39-10-418
ADAMS, RUSSELL C.                      NY-39-12-53
ADAMS, S. LUKE                         NY-39-9-288
ADAMS, SUSAN                           NY-39-24-233
ADAMS, THOMAS                          NY-39-22-31
ADCOCK, ANN                            NY-39-12-309
ADCOCK, DANIEL                         NY-39-4-334
ADGATE, HARRIET                        NY-39-26-103
AINES, JEROME                          NY-39-47-43
AINSLIE, CHARLES W.                    NY-39-45-235
ALDEN, ALICE                           NY-39-1-192
ALDEN, ALICE                           NY-39-2-7
ALDEN, JOHN                            NY-39-1-339
ALDEN, JOHN                            NY-39-H-21
ALDRICH, AMASA                         NY-39-22-193
ALDRICH, JOB                           NY-39-39-391
ALDRICH, MUMFORD                       NY-39-40-217
ALGER, BELINDA                         NY-39-46-547
ALGER, CATHARINE                       NY-39-41-121
ALGER, EDWIN                           NY-39-46-181
ALGER, GEORGE                          NY-39-18-445
ALGER, GEORGE                          NY-39-11-524
ALGER, HORACE                          NY-39-14-165
ALGER, MAGER                           NY-39-1-5
ALGER, MARGARET                        NY-39-24-373
ALGER, RHODOLPHUS                      NY-39-48-145
ALGER, SILAS W.                        NY-39-33-331
ALGER, STOUGHTON                       NY-39-11-234
ALGER, WILLIAM                         NY-39-24-463
ALGER, WILLIAM C.                      NY-39-21-331
ALICE, FREDERICK                       NY-39-31-217
ALLEN, AARON                           NY-39-51-463
ALLEN, BENJAMIN                        NY-39-28-271
ALLEN, BENJAMIN                        NY-39-3-297
ALLEN, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-39-10-434
ALLEN, BENJAMIN T.                     NY-39-30-229
ALLEN, DANIEL A.                       NY-39-15-129
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-39-26-235
ALLEN, ESTWOOD                         NY-39-F-1
ALLEN, JAMES                           NY-39-1-569
ALLEN, JAMES                           NY-39-39-19
ALLEN, JAMES                           NY-39-1-118
ALLEN, JAMES J.                        NY-39-26-475
ALLEN, JARED                           NY-39-1-615
ALLEN, JARED                           NY-39-1-148
ALLEN, JARED                           NY-39-G-99
ALLEN, JUSTICE                         NY-39-30-469
ALLEN, MARTHA A.                       NY-39-43-199
ALLEN, MARVIN C.                       NY-39-33-133
ALLEN, MARY                            NY-39-39-535
ALLEN, MATILDA                         NY-39-47-427
ALLEN, SALLY E.                        NY-39-34-247
ALLEN, SAMANTHA                        NY-39-48-199
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          NY-39-F-46
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          NY-39-13-13
ALLEN, THEODORUS                       NY-39-H-18
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-39-21-1
ALLSOP, JOHN                           NY-39-23-373
ALMY, AUGUSTA M.                       NY-39-32-79
ALMY, EDMOND J.                        NY-39-18-451
ALMY, JULINA                           NY-39-15-121
ALMY, WALTER                           NY-39-16-445
ALSOP, JOHN                            NY-39-27-601
ALSOP, WILLIAM                         NY-39-33-421
ALTAWAY, ELIZABETH                     NY-39-24-133
ALWARD, JOHN                           NY-39-42-169
ALWORTH, WILLIAM                       NY-39-4-118
ALYER, ABNER                           NY-39-4-177
AMES, ABNER                            NY-39-G-70
AMES, ALMON                            NY-39-23-85
AMES, CYRUS                            NY-39-7-476
AMES, LUCIUS                           NY-39-34-577
AMES, MARY                             NY-39-45-445
AMES, PRISCILLA                        NY-39-29-355
AMES, RHODA                            NY-39-40-397
AMES, SIMEON C.                        NY-39-12-15
AMSDEN, ALBERT T.                      NY-39-49-200
AMSDEN, JAMES M.                       NY-39-40-85
AMSDEN, MARY M.                        NY-39-31-283
AMSLIE, WILLIAM                        NY-39-40-109
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-39-32-631
ANDREWS, CASSANDRA A.                  NY-39-16-367
ANDREWS, LUTHER                        NY-39-4-70
ANDREWS, OLNEY Z.                      NY-39-12-195
ANDREWS, SIMEON                        NY-39-9-248
ANDREWS, WALTER                        NY-39-43-241
ANDREWS, WEALTHY                       NY-39-16-133
ANGEL, CYNTHIA                         NY-39-9-116
ANGEL, JOSEPH                          NY-39-5-171
ANGEL, MARY                            NY-39-26-391
ANGEL, THOMAS                          NY-39-E-268
ANGEL, WILLIAM                         NY-39-5-380
ANGELL, ANSEL A.                       NY-39-32-127
ANGELL, CELINA                         NY-39-47-571
ANGELL, DAVID                          NY-39-35-175
ANGELL, ELECTA                         NY-39-19-1
ANGELL, ELIZABETH                      NY-39-32-319
ANGELL, GEORGE                         NY-39-21-439
ANGELL, JAMES R.                       NY-39-21-241
ANGELL, JONATHAN                       NY-39-31-31
ANGELL, JOSEPH                         NY-39-35-367
ANGELL, LUCINDA                        NY-39-34-427
ANGELL, NANCY                          NY-39-34-175
ANGUS, DIANA                           NY-39-34-157
ANGUS, JOHN W.                         NY-39-43-187
ANTES, JAMES                           NY-39-9-146
ANTHONY, RHODA A.                      NY-39-46-379
ANTISDEL, GEORGE                       NY-39-33-559
ANTISDEL, HOSEA F.                     NY-39-11-377
ANTISDEL, SARAH JANE                   NY-39-46-37
ANTISDEL, SIMON                        NY-39-E-325
APLIN, BENJAMIN                        NY-39-29-121
APLIN, JAMES                           NY-39-B-229
APLIN, JAMES                           NY-39-H-11
APLIN, SAMUEL                          NY-39-21-415
ARIS, SALLY                            NY-39-23-439
ARMLING, JAMES                         NY-39-33-79
ARMS, SYLVESTER                        NY-39-27-151
ARMSTRONG, ANN E.                      NY-39-27-619
ARMSTRONG, CHARLES H.                  NY-39-41-457
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE                      NY-39-44-523
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        NY-39-50-127
ARMSTRONG, JONATHAN                    NY-39-14-35
ARMSTRONG, LEVI J.                     NY-39-42-163
ARNOLD, CHARLES E.                     NY-39-31-469
ARNOLD, CHARLES M.                     NY-39-45-379
ARNOLD, FRANK B.                       NY-39-38-457
ARNOLD, GEORGE                         NY-39-11-209
ARNOLD, GEORGE W.                      NY-39-31-559
ARNOLD, HENRY                          NY-39-10-406
ARNOLD, JANE                           NY-39-49-178
ARNOLD, JOSIAH                         NY-39-G-61
ARNOLD, STEPHEN                        NY-39-B-114
ARNOLD, TRUMAN                         NY-39-13-139
ARNOLD, WELCOME                        NY-39-21-97
ASHTON, THOMAS                         NY-39-19-19
ASPINWALL, CALEB                       NY-39-5-42
ATKINS, ASA                            NY-39-42-103
ATWELL, GEORGE                         NY-39-35-487
ATWELL,A MOS                           NY-39-26-337
AUGEN, GEORGE M.                       NY-39-30-109
AUGER, PETER                           NY-39-12-374
AUGUR, PHOEBE C.                       NY-39-48-463
AUSTICK, HANNAH                        NY-39-46-175
AUSTICK, JOHN                          NY-39-24-409
AUSTIN, WILLIAM                        NY-39-51-625
AUTISDELL, LAWRENCE                    NY-39-E-256
AVERELL, JAMES ***                     NY-39-2-466A
AVERELL, JOSIAH                        NY-39-2-53
AVERELL, WILLIAM H.                    NY-39-20-367
AVERILL, JOSIAH                        NY-39-1-221
AVERILL, STEPHEN                       NY-39-27-313
AVERY, ALMIRA                          NY-39-46-505
AVERY, AMASA                           NY-39-17-55
AVERY, ASAHEL STEVENS                  NY-39-52-379
AVERY, MARY M.                         NY-39-36-589
AXLETT, ALONZO                         NY-39-26-97
AYDLEMAN, ANGELINE W.                  NY-39-27-415
AYLESWORTH, BENJAMIN                   NY-39-11-365
AYLESWORTH, JOHN                       NY-39-18-205
AYLESWORTH, MARY M.                    NY-39-48-445
AYLESWORTH, NANCY                      NY-39-29-673
AYLSWORTH, LYMAN                       NY-39-45-79
BABBIT, STEPHEN                        NY-39-G-65
BABBIT, WARREN                         NY-39-9-153
BABBITT, CATHARINE                     NY-39-31-385
BABBITT, DANIEL                        NY-39-31-313
BABCOCK, ALMON                         NY-39-38-487
BABCOCK, DAVID                         NY-39-14-219
BABCOCK, DAVID JR.                     NY-39-14-153
BABCOCK, ELIAS                         NY-39-38-397
BABCOCK, ELIJAH                        NY-39-12-142
BABCOCK, ELIZA                         NY-39-41-331
BABCOCK, EUNICE                        NY-39-F-48
BABCOCK, GIDEON                        NY-39-10-507
BABCOCK, IRA                           NY-39-4-220
BABCOCK, JOHANNAH                      NY-39-12-452
BABCOCK, JOHN H.                       NY-39-28-385
BABCOCK, JOHN K.                       NY-39-42-199
BABCOCK, JOSHUA                        NY-39-10-442
BABCOCK, LYDIA                         NY-39-22-187
BABCOCK, MARY A.                       NY-39-39-349
BABCOCK, NANCY M.                      NY-39-48-505
BABCOCK, NATHAN W.                     NY-39-35-61
BABCOCK, RICHARDSON                    NY-39-22-379
BABCOCK, ROBERT                        NY-39-12-3
BABCOCK, SALLY                         NY-39-12-105
BABCOCK, SAMUEL                        NY-39-3-66
BABCOCK, SEYMOUR                       NY-39-33-607
BACHUS, TIMOTHY                        NY-39-G-12
BACON, GOULD                           NY-39-F-63
BACON, HENRY                           NY-39-11-539
BACON, MARCUS D.                       NY-39-3-195
BADEAU, ADELMOR W.                     NY-39-40-235
BADEAU, AMZY                           NY-39-11-487
BADEAU, JAMES                          NY-39-14-421
BAGG, DAN                              NY-39-H-12
BAGG, HENRY                            NY-39-27-355
BAILEY, AARON                          NY-39-23-217
BAILEY, CAROLINE A.                    NY-39-50-367
BAILEY, CHARLES                        NY-39-19-169
BAILEY, CHARLES                        NY-39-G-52
BAILEY, DAVID W.                       NY-39-51-145
BAILEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-39-34-163
BAILEY, HENRY F.                       NY-39-47-367
BAILEY, LYDIA L.                       NY-39-45-643
BAILEY, NATHAN                         NY-39-8-58
BAILEY, ROGER                          NY-39-12-192
BAILEY, SAMUEL C.                      NY-39-51-241
BAIR, MARNADA M.                       NY-39-26-217
BAIRD, MARY E.                         NY-39-36-367
BAKER, ALLEN                           NY-39-9-150
BAKER, DANIEL                          NY-39-34-127
BAKER, E. SPENCER                      NY-39-9-383
BAKER, EBENEZER                        NY-39-A-316
BAKER, LEONARD                         NY-39-11-444
BAKER, NORMAN R.                       NY-39-51-595
BAKER, REYNOLDS                        NY-39-G-94
BAKER, SAMUEL N.                       NY-39-2-26
BAKER, THOMAS                          NY-39-10-101
BAKER, THOMAS                          NY-39-4-85
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NY-39-C-64
BALCH, HENRY J.                        NY-39-52-49
BALCOLM, URIAH                         NY-39-3-427
BALCOM, LOUISA                         NY-39-46-499
BALCOM, LUCY                           NY-39-22-1
BALCOM, LYMAN                          NY-39-43-493
BALDWIN, AARON                         NY-39-2-279
BALDWIN, AARON                         NY-39-27-379
BALDWIN, AARON JR. ***                 NY-39-3-349
BALDWIN, ALMARIN                       NY-39-5-295
BALDWIN, ALMIRA                        NY-39-41-49
BALDWIN, ELIZA                         NY-39-41-385
BALDWIN, GERMAN                        NY-39-29-217
BALDWIN, HENRY B.                      NY-39-12-443
BALDWIN, LEWIS                         NY-39-34-253
BALDWIN, MARY L.                       NY-39-52-1
BALDWIN, MILO                          NY-39-37-265
BALDWIN, PHILO                         NY-39-41-43
BALDWIN, SALMON                        NY-39-21-205
BALDWIN, SOLOMON                       NY-39-40-259
BALDWIN, SQUIRE                        NY-39-12-163
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                       NY-39-27-253
BALDWIN, WILLIAM H.                    NY-39-51-37
BALL, WILLIAM                          NY-39-F-56
BALLARD, RUSSELL                       NY-39-18-181
BALLARD, SIDNEY M.                     NY-39-37-391
BANISTER, ELIZABETH                    NY-39-22-385
BANISTER, JAMES                        NY-39-17-103
BANKER, HENRY                          NY-39-30-361
BANKS, ABIGAL                          NY-39-16-403
BARBER, DARIUS                         NY-39-52-583
BARBER, LEWIS                          NY-39-14-231
BARBER, LODEMIA                        NY-39-23-271
BARBER, MARTIN                         NY-39-12-219
BARBER, SARAH                          NY-39-35-427
BARD, JENNIE                           NY-39-37-607
BARD, RICHARD                          NY-39-11-532
BARD, SAMUEL                           NY-39-30-259
BARDWILL, JOHN                         NY-39-A-241
BARKER, NANCY M.                       NY-39-42-589
BARNARD, POLLY                         NY-39-35-565
BARNARD, REUBEN                        NY-39-12-290
BARNARD, ROBERT                        NY-39-11-151
BARNES, ANSEL                          NY-39-31-127
BARNES, HANNAH                         NY-39-42-109
BARNES, HARRIET E.                     NY-39-38-205
BARNES, IRA                            NY-39-38-547
BARNES, PHEBE A.                       NY-39-36-535
BARNES, WILLIAM                        NY-39-5-329
BARNEY, HENRY                          NY-39-33-637
BARNEY, LAVINIA STALE                  NY-39-43-397
BARNEY, SOPHRONIA                      NY-39-28-73
BARNEY, THANKFUL                       NY-39-11-528
BARNEY, WILLIAM                        NY-39-38-493
BARNUM, ABIJAH                         NY-39-30-277
BARNUM, LEWIS                          NY-39-6-34
BARNUM, LOVINA                         NY-39-25-571
BARRETT, DANIEL E.                     NY-39-40-361
BARRETT, DANIEL R.                     NY-39-44-355
BARRETT, GERRISH                       NY-39-10-387
BARRETT, HARRIETT M.                   NY-39-42-271
BARRETT, JOHN                          NY-39-25-313
BARRETT, NATHANIEL                     NY-39-7-70
BARRINGER, ADAM                        NY-39-9-15
BARRINGER, MARIAH                      NY-39-33-139
BARROWS, CATHARINE F.                  NY-39-35-217
BARSTOW, ABIGAIL                       NY-39-51-343
BARSTOW, ELIAS                         NY-39-25-127
BARTHOLOMEW, CATHERINE                 NY-39-48-595
BARTHOLOMEW, LEVI                      NY-39-32-289
BARTON, AMOS                           NY-39-21-265
BARTON, BETSEY                         NY-39-26-361
BARTON, EZRA                           NY-39-10-99
BARTON, FREELOVE                       NY-39-26-355
BARTON, HIRAM                          NY-39-36-499
BARTON, HIRAM                          NY-39-14-433
BARTON, PETER                          NY-39-16-241
BARTON, ROBERT                         NY-39-10-329
BARTON, SARAH                          NY-39-37-421
BASINGER, DANIEL                       NY-39-11-281
BASINGER, ELIZA E.                     NY-39-44-37
BASLER, JOHN F.                        NY-39-34-73
BASSETT, ELIZABETH                     NY-39-10-280
BASSETT, HENRY                         NY-39-11-499
BASSETT, JOHN                          NY-39-F-19
BASSETT, JOHN                          NY-39-46-115
BASSETT, SAMUEL C.                     NY-39-26-289
BASSETT, WILLIAM                       NY-39-25-7
BASSINGER, HENRY                       NY-39-G-2
BATES, ABIGAIL                         NY-39-F-82
BATES, ANN                             NY-39-25-583
BATES, CHARLES                         NY-39-45-127
BATES, ISABELLA                        NY-39-44-583
BATES, JOHN                            NY-39-10-273
BATES, JONATHAN                        NY-39-47-91
BATES, LORENZO                         NY-39-10-633
BATES, OLIVER                          NY-39-B-198
BATES, SAMUEL                          NY-39-D-148
BATES, SAMUEL                          NY-39-43-613
BATES, SIMEON                          NY-39-G-21
BATES, THOMAS J.                       NY-39-34-49
BATSON, THOMAS CHEW                    NY-39-41-373
BATTENDORF, MARTIN                     NY-39-12-372
BATTESON, EZEKIEL W.                   NY-39-35-91
BAXTER, URIAH                          NY-39-41-157
BEACH, CHANCELLOR                      NY-39-44-367
BEACH, DAVID R.                        NY-39-20-163
BEACH, DEBORAH                         NY-39-11-342
BEACH, JEDIDIAH                        NY-39-5-89
BEACH, LORANA J.                       NY-39-39-493
BEACH, ORANGE                          NY-39-C-198
BEACH, ORRIN                           NY-39-10-132
BEADLE, AMY                            NY-39-11-555
BEADLE, ERASTUS F.                     NY-39-43-577
BEADLE, GEORGE                         NY-39-6-179
BEADLE, HORACE 2D                      NY-39-9-357
BEADLE, JAMES                          NY-39-E-376
BEADLE, NANCY C.                       NY-39-44-349
BEAKLEY, DELIA F.                      NY-39-44-133
BEALL, EBER                            NY-39-12-301
BEALS, REUBEN                          NY-39-11-111
BEALS, WHITNEY                         NY-39-10-449
BEAMS, ROXY                            NY-39-46-229
BEAMS, WILHELMUS                       NY-39-13-7
BEARDSLEE, CAROLINE A.                 NY-39-50-637
BEARDSLEE, CATHERINE H.                NY-39-40-169
BEARDSLEE, CYRIL                       NY-39-36-409
BEARDSLEE, JABEZ                       NY-39-10-73
BEARDSLEE, JESSE                       NY-39-27-241
BEARDSLEE, JOSIAH                      NY-39-6-12
BEARDSLEY, ABIJAH                      NY-39-12-418
BEARDSLEY, ADALINE A.                  NY-39-35-31
BEARDSLEY, OBADIAH                     NY-39-5-203
BEARDSLEY, ZACHARIAH                   NY-39-25-553
BEATES, SAMUEL                         NY-39-11-514
BEATTY, JANE                           NY-39-45-115
BEAUMONT, JANE C.                      NY-39-52-355
BEAVAN, E. JENNIE                      NY-39-37-139
BECK, ANDERSON                         NY-39-3-14
BECKER, ABRAHAM                        NY-39-16-313
BECKER, ALEXANDER H.                   NY-39-28-91
BECKER, FREDERICK                      NY-39-5-234
BECKER, GEORGE A.                      NY-39-42-319
BECKER, PETER                          NY-39-42-547
BECKER, PHILIP                         NY-39-G-60
BECKER, POLLY                          NY-39-23-247
BECKER, SARAH FRANCES                  NY-39-48-349
BECKLEY, ALBERT                        NY-39-39-373
BECKUS, HERMAN                         NY-39-29-517
BECKWITH, JOSEPH                       NY-39-9-399
BECKWITH, SAMUEL                       NY-39-7-244
BEDIENT, ALANSON                       NY-39-11-405
BEDIENT, MORDECAI                      NY-39-10-207
BEDIENT, POLLY                         NY-39-11-169
BEDIENT, SARA                          NY-39-40-643
BEEBE, PETER                           NY-39-2-283A
BEEBEE, SARAH A.                       NY-39-12-165
BEERS, ABRENDA                         NY-39-49-223
BEERS, ACHSAH                          NY-39-24-85
BEERS, EDWIN                           NY-39-39-511
BEERS, JOEL                            NY-39-9-310
BEERS, NATHANIEL                       NY-39-16-289
BEERS, SOPHIA M.                       NY-39-51-169
BEGGS, HANNAH I.                       NY-39-20-325
BELCHER, SUSAN M.                      NY-39-48-631
BELDING, AMOS                          NY-39-14-339
BELKNAP, ELI C.                        NY-39-48-583
BELL, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-39-19-439
BELL, ELIZABETH                        NY-39-9-252
BELL, GEORGE                           NY-39-F-57
BELL, HEZEKIAH                         NY-39-34-115
BELL, JOHN                             NY-39-29-433
BELL, JOHN H.                          NY-39-18-235
BELL, JOHN M.                          NY-39-50-271
BELL, JULIA F.                         NY-39-48-373
BELL, SUSAN R.                         NY-39-46-343
BEMISS, JONATHAN                       NY-39-10-589
BENEDICT, CHRISTOPHER H.               NY-39-19-355
BENEDICT, DAVID                        NY-39-G-47
BENEDICT, IRA                          NY-39-7-217
BENEDICT, ISAAC                        NY-39-7-250
BENGIN, MARIA S.                       NY-39-43-433
BENINGTON, MARY                        NY-39-38-451
BENJAMIN, ABEL                         NY-39-13-247
BENJAMIN, ANN ELIZA                    NY-39-49-31
BENJAMIN, MARIETTA                     NY-39-46-313
BENJAMIN, ORSON                        NY-39-14-273
BENJAMIN, RUSSEL                       NY-39-9-236
BENNET, EBENEZER                       NY-39-G-101
BENNETT, AARON W.                      NY-39-43-103
BENNETT, BENJAMIN                      NY-39-14-189
BENNETT, CALVIN S.                     NY-39-23-163
BENNETT, DAVID H.                      NY-39-40-529
BENNETT, ERR W.                        NY-39-29-157
BENNETT, EZEKIEL                       NY-39-8-1
BENNETT, FANNY                         NY-39-20-283
BENNETT, HAWKINS                       NY-39-7-44
BENNETT, JEDEDIAH                      NY-39-7-51
BENNETT, LESTER                        NY-39-12-222
BENNETT, MARGARET                      NY-39-22-313
BENNETT, MARIA                         NY-39-46-559
BENNETT, MOLLY                         NY-39-8-222
BENNETT, PERRY B.                      NY-39-34-7
BENNETT, ROYAL                         NY-39-46-109
BENNETT, SARAH                         NY-39-8-4
BENNETT, WILLIAM H.                    NY-39-27-67
BENNINGTON, WILLIAM                    NY-39-36-451
BENTLEY, PHEBE                         NY-39-25-211
BENTLEY, RUFUS                         NY-39-9-338
BENTLEY, SARAH A.                      NY-39-51-67
BENTLEY, STEPHEN R.                    NY-39-27-433
BENTLY, GEORGE T.                      NY-39-20-487
BENTLY, THOMAS                         NY-39-6-50
BERESFORD, JOHN BREWSTER               NY-39-10-169
BERGER, COONRADT                       NY-39-11-471
BERGER, EVELINE                        NY-39-36-349
BERGER, WILLIAM                        NY-39-34-409
BERGIN, CLARINDA E.                    NY-39-24-403
BEST, EMMET                            NY-39-17-481
BEST, HENRY W.                         NY-39-37-133
BETTS, BENJAMIN                        NY-39-11-10
BETTS, HARRIET                         NY-39-52-301
BEVIN, CAROLINE                        NY-39-39-445
BEVIN, STEPHEN                         NY-39-12-113
BEVIN, WILLIAM                         NY-39-44-181
BHRIGHTMAN, GEORGE                     NY-39-19-139
BICE, HENRY                            NY-39-23-307
BIGDON, URIAH GREGORY                  NY-39-11-114
BIGELOW, ABORN T.                      NY-39-14-261
BIGLEOW, SENECA                        NY-39-5-363
BILLS, JAMES A.                        NY-39-49-126
BILYEA, DEBORAH A.                     NY-39-27-277
BILYEA, JOHN                           NY-39-12-314
BILYEA, PHEBE                          NY-39-23-289
BINGHAM, ANSON                         NY-39-52-259
BINGHAM, BARTON M.                     NY-39-33-307
BINGHAM, ELEREMENIA M.                 NY-39-15-46
BINGHAM, HULDAH W.                     NY-39-33-367
BINGHAM, MARIAH M.                     NY-39-42-247
BINGHAM, MARIETTE                      NY-39-12-149
BINGHAM, MINERVA                       NY-39-38-355
BINGHAM, NATHAN                        NY-39-30-589
BINGHAM, OLIVER H.                     NY-39-37-583
BIRDSALL, EDWARD M.                    NY-39-42-367
BIRDSALL, EDWIN G.                     NY-39-50-373
BIRDSALL, GEORGE                       NY-39-42-19
BIRDSALL, HENRY                        NY-39-27-307
BIRDSALL, MICHAEL                      NY-39-12-280
BIRDSALL, NATHAN                       NY-39-11-570
BIRDSALL, RACHAEL T.                   NY-39-31-73
BIRDSALL, TIMOTHY                      NY-39-12-339
BIRDSALL, WILLIAM                      NY-39-52-433
BIRDSALL, WILLIAM H.                   NY-39-25-559
BISHOP, ALMOND D.                      NY-39-29-427
BISHOP, ANDREW J.                      NY-39-37-385
BISHOP, CHARLES                        NY-39-49-112
BISHOP, DANIEL                         NY-39-1-561
BISHOP, DANIEL                         NY-39-1-112
BISHOP, JAMES                          NY-39-10-353
BISHOP, JOHN                           NY-39-11-189
BISHOP, LYMAN                          NY-39-9-37
BISHOP, OLIVER                         NY-39-9-379
BISHOP, POLLY                          NY-39-50-67
BISSELL, CATHARINE                     NY-39-36-475
BISSELL, CLARISSA A.                   NY-39-51-547
BISSELL, DANIEL                        NY-39-D-88
BISSELL, ELIZUR                        NY-39-12-64
BISSELL, EMILIUUS                      NY-39-9-73
BISSELL, ISAAC                         NY-39-5-187
BISSELL, ISAAC                         NY-39-F-98
BISSELL, ORANGE                        NY-39-5-81
BISSELL, RENSLAER                      NY-39-42-121
BISSELL, SAMUEL                        NY-39-1-194
BISSELL, SAMUEL                        NY-39-2-17
BISSELL, SILAS                         NY-39-33-259
BISSELL, WILLIAM D.                    NY-39-47-223
BITSFORD, WILLAM MC.                   NY-39-31-637
BLACK, JAMES                           NY-39-9-381
BLACKMAN, A. GOULD                     NY-39-40-535
BLACKMAN, JAMES                        NY-39-10-256
BLACKMAN, JAMES R.                     NY-39-30-529
BLACKMAN, MARY A.                      NY-39-20-103
BLACKMAR, JAMES                        NY-39-F-49
BLACKWELL, MARIA                       NY-39-27-409
BLAIR, BETSEY                          NY-39-31-289
BLAIR, DAVID                           NY-39-27-367
BLAIR, JOSEPH                          NY-39-G-54
BLAKELY, ELIZABETH M.                  NY-39-48-523
BLANCHARD, DE ETTIE M.                 NY-39-46-217
BLANCHARD, EMELINE                     NY-39-29-457
BLANCHARD, HIRAM A.                    NY-39-47-493
BLANCHARD, MARY B.                     NY-39-51-445
BLANCHARD, OLINA D.                    NY-39-31-487
BLANCHARD, WILLIAM                     NY-39-51-247
BLENCOE, HENRY                         NY-39-30-433
BLEVIN, GREEN                          NY-39-9-242
BLIND, ABRAM                           NY-39-28-151
BLISS, CHARLES                         NY-39-50-451
BLISS, HANNAH                          NY-39-46-325
BLISS, HENRY                           NY-39-31-13
BLISS, JACOB                           NY-39-D-73
BLISS, JACOB                           NY-39-28-463
BLISS, JESSE                           NY-39-11-162
BLISS, JOHN L.                         NY-39-36-481
BLISS, PELATIAH                        NY-39-9-341
BLISS, PELETIAH                        NY-39-C-202
BLIVEN, ORLINE                         NY-39-50-541
BLODGETT, GAIUS M.                     NY-39-32-91
BLODGETT, THOMAS S.                    NY-39-50-523
BLOOD, JOHN                            NY-39-G-93
BLOODGOOD, JOHN                        NY-39-5-146
BLORE, RICHARD                         NY-39-33-427
BLOSS, MANASSAH                        NY-39-H-8
BLOW, WILLIAM                          NY-39-4-162
BLUE, ISAAC                            NY-39-27-421
BLUE, LAFAYETTE S.                     NY-39-36-19
BOARDMAN, EPHRAIM                      NY-39-9-302
BOARDMAN, GAIUS                        NY-39-29-19
BOARDMAN, LEVI J.                      NY-39-29-97
BOARDMAN, WILLIAM                      NY-39-44-295
BODEN, WILLIAM D.                      NY-39-49-23
BOGUE, ANDREW B.                       NY-39-14-309
BOLLES, FRANK A.                       NY-39-46-397
BOLLES, FREDERICK A.                   NY-39-39-253
BOLLES, JAMES W.                       NY-39-47-529
BOLLES, MARY                           NY-39-32-559
BOLLES, STEPHEN                        NY-39-2-266
BOLT, ALPHEUS                          NY-39-52-463
BOLTON, DANFORTH D.                    NY-39-32-325
BOLTON, DANIEL                         NY-39-16-355
BOLTON, EMMA E.                        NY-39-30-181
BOLTON, MANERVA                        NY-39-17-457
BOLTON, MAURICE                        NY-39-32-7
BOLTON, N. DORR                        NY-39-32-397
BOLTON, PEREZ                          NY-39-48-565
BOND, AMY (SOULS)                      NY-39-24-223
BOND, MARY C.                          NY-39-44-385
BOONE, NATHAN                          NY-39-13-145
BOORN, EMELINE                         NY-39-50-85
BOORNE, ERASTUS                        NY-39-18-397
BORST, DAVID J.                        NY-39-42-229
BOSTWICK, AMOS                         NY-39-H-24
BOURNE, RUSSELL L.                     NY-39-50-169
BOWDICH, JARED                         NY-39-29-655
BOWDICH, WILLIAM                       NY-39-30-391
BOWDICK, ELISHA S.                     NY-39-31-451
BOWE, EDWARD                           NY-39-11-12
BOWE, EVERETTA                         NY-39-39-505
BOWEN, AMOS                            NY-39-27-397
BOWEN, ARTHUR                          NY-39-46-139
BOWEN, BETSEY M.                       NY-39-18-355
BOWEN, GEORGE                          NY-39-F-65
BOWEN, PHILA THETA M.                  NY-39-38-25
BOWERS, HENRY C.                       NY-39-45-613
BOWERS, JOHN M.                        NY-39-7-414
BOWERS, MARGARETTA M. S.               NY-39-19-259
BOWNE, GEORGE LATHAM ***               NY-39-12-458
BOWNE, JOSEPH                          NY-39-8-277
BOWNE, ROWLAND R.                      NY-39-G-39
BOYCE, GEORGIA ANNA                    NY-39-51-283
BOYD, ABIGAIL P.                       NY-39-33-253
BOYD, EDWARD T.                        NY-39-10-13
BOYD, GEORGE                           NY-39-7-585
BOYER, GORMAN F.                       NY-39-41-55
BOYLE, ORRIN                           NY-39-36-445
BRACE, MARTHA                          NY-39-28-505
BRADDOCK, MICHAEL                      NY-39-14-297
BRADDOCK, PHEBE ELMINA                 NY-39-9-305
BRADFORD, CHARLOTTE P.                 NY-39-51-49
BRADFORD, GEORGE S.                    NY-39-51-637
BRADLEY, ELIZA                         NY-39-42-631
BRADLEY, ESTHER A.                     NY-39-50-235
BRADLEY, HORATIO                       NY-39-24-439
BRADLEY, JOHN                          NY-39-4-342
BRADLEY, MARY                          NY-39-32-187
BRADLEY, SALLY                         NY-39-6-197
BRADLEY, STEPHEN                       NY-39-17-469
BRADT, HENRY                           NY-39-D-237
BRADT, HENRY                           NY-39-5-221
BRADT, MARIA BARBARY                   NY-39-A-55
BRADY, HUGH J.                         NY-39-50-289
BRADY, WILLIAM                         NY-39-16-271
BRAGG, JOEL                            NY-39-17-229
BRAGG, JOHNSON B.                      NY-39-27-469
BRAGG, MARY E.                         NY-39-48-277
BRAINARD, JARED                        NY-39-20-193
BRAINARD, MARY                         NY-39-35-145
BRAINARD, NATHAN                       NY-39-7-75
BRAKMAN, LODOWICK                      NY-39-E-135
BRALEY, CALEB                          NY-39-11-56
BRALEY, JUDITH C.                      NY-39-48-529
BRAMAN, EARL P.                        NY-39-9-6
BRAMAN, ELIAS                          NY-39-7-63
BRAMAN, JASPER                         NY-39-11-389
BRAMAN, MARY                           NY-39-10-129
BRAMELL, SAMUEL                        NY-39-42-115
BRAMELL, WILLIAM H.                    NY-39-39-439
BRAMOND, ENOS                          NY-39-24-199
BRANCH, ELIZABETH H.                   NY-39-41-181
BRANCH, HARRIET                        NY-39-52-343
BRANCH, WILLIAM H.                     NY-39-39-559
BRAND, ABNER                           NY-39-26-259
BRANDON, JOHN W.                       NY-39-29-667
BRAZIE, WILLIAM                        NY-39-21-193
BRAZIL, MARIA                          NY-39-32-169
BRENNAN, CATHERINE                     NY-39-52-139
BRESEE, DANIEL J.                      NY-39-35-223
BRETT, MARY F.                         NY-39-11-386
BREWER, EZRA R.                        NY-39-10-263
BREWER, JONATHAN                       NY-39-19-25
BREWER, PLINY                          NY-39-25-517
BREWSTER, JAMES W.                     NY-39-31-145
BREWSTER, PHEBE                        NY-39-29-253
BRIDGES, FANNIE                        NY-39-52-127
BRIDGES, LYMAN                         NY-39-33-361
BRIGGS, ANNA                           NY-39-32-19
BRIGGS, DANIEL                         NY-39-B-157
BRIGGS, FRANCIS H.                     NY-39-40-175
BRIGGS, HARRIET                        NY-39-24-511
BRIGGS, HIRAM                          NY-39-29-487
BRIGGS, MARY E.                        NY-39-48-343
BRIGGS, PERES                          NY-39-F-26
BRIGGS, POLLY                          NY-39-1-189
BRIGGS, POLLY                          NY-39-2-1
BRIGGS, WILLIAM E.                     NY-39-9-110
BRIGHTMAN, ISAAC                       NY-39-6-112
BRIGHTMAN, MATILDA TOBEY               NY-39-45-37
BRIGHTMAN, WILLAM L.                   NY-39-31-175
BRILL, EPHRAIM                         NY-39-18-493
BRIMMER, AARON                         NY-39-14-303
BRIMMER, JOHN SR.                      NY-39-10-591
BRIMMER, ZILLAH                        NY-39-21-271
BRINK, MARY A.                         NY-39-50-217
BRISACK, JOSEPH                        NY-39-19-301
BRISTOL, JUSTUS H.                     NY-39-32-547
BRISTOL, RUTH ANN                      NY-39-31-91
BROADFOOT, ADELIA E.                   NY-39-45-535
BROADFOOT, WILLIAM T.                  NY-39-40-127
BRONSON, ADALINE S.                    NY-39-35-578
BRONSON, CHARLOTTE A.                  NY-39-46-205
BRONSON, OLIVER                        NY-39-23-151
BROOD, ABEL                            NY-39-29-115
BROOD, JESSE                           NY-39-14-113
BROOKS, ABRAM C.                       NY-39-24-79
BROOKS, ASAHEL                         NY-39-23-211
BROOKS, CYNTHIA                        NY-39-26-115
BROOKS, ELI                            NY-39-10-598
BROOKS, ELIAS                          NY-39-10-521
BROOKS, LEMUEL JR.                     NY-39-5-288
BROOKS, LEMUEL S.                      NY-39-10-14
BROOKS, LYMAN                          NY-39-21-295
BROOKS, MARGARET                       NY-39-39-61
BROOKS, MARY S.                        NY-39-34-607
BROOKS, SINA                           NY-39-16-169
BROOKS, THOMAS                         NY-39-4-124
BROOKS, WILLIAM                        NY-39-39-91
BROOKS, WILLIAM R.                     NY-39-36-1
BROTHERTON, ZOPHER                     NY-39-E-357
BROWN, ABIJAH                          NY-39-F-29
BROWN, ABRAHAM                         NY-39-9-253
BROWN, ALFORD D.                       NY-39-34-193
BROWN, ALICE                           NY-39-32-571
BROWN, BARZELLEI                       NY-39-6-373
BROWN, BILLINGS                        NY-39-10-37
BROWN, CALEB                           NY-39-E-315
BROWN, CARLTON                         NY-39-31-397
BROWN, CHAUNCEY L.                     NY-39-18-259
BROWN, CHRISTINA                       NY-39-24-493
BROWN, CYRUS                           NY-39-7-1
BROWN, CYRUS                           NY-39-40-265
BROWN, DAVIS                           NY-39-13-121
BROWN, DELOS N.                        NY-39-19-361
BROWN, DOLLY                           NY-39-51-121
BROWN, ELEZUR                          NY-39-16-43
BROWN, ELIJAH                          NY-39-30-133
BROWN, ELIZA                           NY-39-19-199
BROWN, ELIZA W.                        NY-39-37-475
BROWN, HANNAH                          NY-39-30-307
BROWN, JACOB                           NY-39-25-85
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-39-46-157
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-39-9-199
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-39-22-211
BROWN, JAMES O.                        NY-39-23-55
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-39-21-211
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-39-10-229
BROWN, JONATHAN                        NY-39-29-625
BROWN, JONATHAN                        NY-39-24-379
BROWN, JOSEPHINE                       NY-39-29-1
BROWN, LEGRAND                         NY-39-15-135
BROWN, LORENDA                         NY-39-40-565
BROWN, LOUISA                          NY-39-30-67
BROWN, LYDIA M.                        NY-39-47-433
BROWN, MARYEETTE H.                    NY-39-41-469
BROWN, MINERVA                         NY-39-49-136
BROWN, NELSON                          NY-39-9-324
BROWN, PELEG                           NY-39-34-301
BROWN, PRENTICE                        NY-39-10-332
BROWN, RANSOME                         NY-39-40-355
BROWN, ROBERT                          NY-39-26-607
BROWN, SAMUEL W.                       NY-39-1-153
BROWN, SAMUEL W.                       NY-39-1-623
BROWN, SARAH                           NY-39-29-619
BROWN, THOMAS                          NY-39-2-440A
BROWN, THOMAS T.                       NY-39-13-299
BROWN, WELLINGTON                      NY-39-34-487
BROWN, WILIAM                          NY-39-6-354
BROWN, WILLAM                          NY-39-16-223
BROWNELL, DAVID                        NY-39-27-127
BROWNELL, DELOS                        NY-39-16-247
BROWNELL, GEORGE H.                    NY-39-17-277
BROWNELL, HANNAH F.                    NY-39-35-361
BROWNELL, JOSEPH                       NY-39-18-349
BROWNELL, LOUISA                       NY-39-50-493
BROWNELL, RUSSELL                      NY-39-30-271
BROWNER, FREDERICK                     NY-39-32-451
BROWNING, STEPHEN G.                   NY-39-52-349
BROWNSON, ABRAHAM                      NY-39-D-235
BRUCE, MARY L.                         NY-39-51-529
BRUMFIELD, JEREMIAH                    NY-39-8-202
BRUNDIGE, MARY F.                      NY-39-29-307
BRUNDIGE, SEYMOUR J.                   NY-39-15-19
BRYANT, ANGELINE                       NY-39-48-211
BRYANT, JANE B.                        NY-39-28-391
BRYANT, LEVI                           NY-39-9-291
BRYANT, SERENA M.                      NY-39-30-403
BUCHANAN, ROBERT                       NY-39-46-19
BUCK, ASAPH                            NY-39-8-219
BUCK, HOMER C.                         NY-39-27-283
BUCK, MARIA                            NY-39-26-487
BUCKLEN, HITLEY                        NY-39-C-156
BUCKLEY, BILLY                         NY-39-9-3
BUCKLEY, ELI                           NY-39-27-427
BUCKLEY, LUCY                          NY-39-11-435
BUCKLEY, OLIVER E.                     NY-39-35-607
BUDGER, SALLY                          NY-39-28-349
BUEL, AMENZO                           NY-39-51-361
BUEL, ELIZABETH                        NY-39-25-487
BUELL, DELOS                           NY-39-45-259
BUGBEE, LYMAN T.                       NY-39-28-511
BULL, ELIZABETH                        NY-39-50-343
BULL, HENRY                            NY-39-20-379
BULL, LYDIA                            NY-39-27-583
BULL, NATHANIEL N.                     NY-39-48-1
BULLIS, ABIGAIL                        NY-39-28-493
BULLOCK, ISRAEL                        NY-39-C-88
BULLOCK, JOSEPH N.                     NY-39-48-49
BULSON, ABRAM                          NY-39-51-523
BULSON, GEORGE J.                      NY-39-38-361
BULSON, HARRIET H.                     NY-39-42-277
BULSON, HARRIET W.                     NY-39-45-265
BULSON, MARY J.                        NY-39-19-493
BUNDY, BALAS                           NY-39-48-601
BUNDY, BEERSHEBA                       NY-39-1-657
BUNDY, CYNTHIA A.                      NY-39-40-451
BUNDY, ELON                            NY-39-52-7
BUNDY, HOSEA                           NY-39-39-49
BUNDY, JAMES                           NY-39-47-595
BUNDY, LA ARTUS                        NY-39-12-413
BUNDY, LEVI                            NY-39-6-1
BUNDY, LOUIS L.                        NY-39-35-127
BUNDY, NATHAN                          NY-39-7-557
BUNDY, PETER                           NY-39-1-665
BUNDY, ROXA                            NY-39-51-577
BUNKER, L. E.                          NY-39-51-13
BUNN, EMILY A.                         NY-39-30-7
BUNN, WILLIS E.                        NY-39-31-187
BUNYAN, JAMES                          NY-39-51-505
BURCH, CHARLES R.                      NY-39-50-121
BURCH, JOHN                            NY-39-47-157
BURCH, SETH C.                         NY-39-12-450
BURCH, WILLIAM                         NY-39-10-10
BURCH, WILLIAM                         NY-39-40-637
BURDICK, AMOS                          NY-39-4-203
BURDICK, AUGUSTUS                      NY-39-42-469
BURDICK, CHARLES LEE                   NY-39-2-508A
BURDICK, DAVID                         NY-39-2-359
BURDICK, GEORGE W.                     NY-39-31-163
BURDITT, LUTHER I.                     NY-39-44-85
BURGESS, ALFRED                        NY-39-12-384
BURGESS, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-39-17-433
BURGESS, HIRAM                         NY-39-37-217
BURGESS, JOHN                          NY-39-14-101
BURGESS, JOHN                          NY-39-2-319
BURGESS, NATHAN                        NY-39-29-361
BURGESS, SAMUEL                        NY-39-G-58
BURGESS, SARAH L.                      NY-39-51-229
BURGESS, WILLIAM                       NY-39-5-32
BURGIN, DARIUS                         NY-39-12-168
BURGIN, JOHNSON                        NY-39-34-619
BURGISS, JOHN                          NY-39-G-65A
BURK, ANNAS                            NY-39-13-421
BURK, LYDIA                            NY-39-41-547
BURK PARMLEE                           NY-39-F-92
BURKETT, REBECCA                       NY-39-F-2
BURLESON, CALEB                        NY-39-C-116
BURLEY, GORDON                         NY-39-14-405
BURLEY, MARIA                          NY-39-51-43
BURLINGAME, AMOS                       NY-39-12-79
BURLINGAME, BILLINGS G.                NY-39-48-235
BURLINGAME, ELANOR W.                  NY-39-33-229
BURLINGAME, THOMAS B.                  NY-39-38-241
BURLINGHAM, BENJAMIN                   NY-39-12-390
BURLINGHAM, GORTON S.                  NY-39-F-99
BURLINGHAM, MORELL                     NY-39-34-415
BURLINGHAM, OLIVE G.                   NY-39-14-59
BURLINGHAM, RUTH                       NY-39-32-337
BURNETT, PERRY                         NY-39-20-109
BURNHAM, ELLEN M.                      NY-39-43-595
BURNS, ELIZABETH                       NY-39-11-245
BURNS, ELIZABETH                       NY-39-48-67
BURNSIDE, ADELINE                      NY-39-41-499
BURNSIDE, AMOS                         NY-39-11-79
BURNSIDE, DIEDAMA                      NY-39-45-547
BURNSIDE, EPHRAIM                      NY-39-10-537
BURNSIDE, EVERT                        NY-39-2-262A
BURNSIDE, JAMES C.                     NY-39-27-493
BURNSIDE, JOHN                         NY-39-F-38
BURNSIDE, NANCY                        NY-39-48-571
BURNSIDE, SAMUEL S.                    NY-39-27-571
BURNSIDE, THOMAS                       NY-39-34-355
BURNSIDE, THOMAS                       NY-39-9-361
BURNSIDE, WILLIAM W.                   NY-39-47-487
BURNSIE, SAMUEL                        NY-39-3-53
BURR, DANIEL                           NY-39-4-136
BURR, ELIZABETH S.                     NY-39-52-241
BURR, ISAAC                            NY-39-47-475
BURRELL, DAVID                         NY-39-G-18
BURTON, ANNIE E.                       NY-39-41-643
BURTON, POTTER C.                      NY-39-30-463
BURTON, SOPHIA                         NY-39-49-213
BURY, MARY                             NY-39-28-223
BUSACH, PHEBE                          NY-39-29-367
BUSH, AUGUSTUS                         NY-39-47-295
BUSH, HENRY                            NY-39-2-30
BUSH, JOHN                             NY-39-15-195
BUSH, PETER                            NY-39-52-643
BUSH, ROBERT C.                        NY-39-41-517
BUSHNELL, HORACE C.                    NY-39-50-97
BUSS, JOHN R.                          NY-39-12-341
BUTER, ASA                             NY-39-10-595
BUTIS, JOSEPH SR.                      NY-39-30-37
BUTLER, DANIEL E.                      NY-39-46-187
BUTLER, ELIZABETH                      NY-39-42-283
BUTLER, GEORGE W.                      NY-39-2-298A
BUTLER, JOHN                           NY-39-3-317
BUTLER, JOHN N.                        NY-39-20-385
BUTLER, LEVANTIA                       NY-39-43-223
BUTTER, ELLEN                          NY-39-34-109
BUTTERFIELD, HORACE                    NY-39-26-445
BUTTERFIELD, JAMES                     NY-39-F-34
BUTTS, ADELINE H.                      NY-39-36-223
BUTTS, ELTON                           NY-39-51-91
BUTTS, GALEN H.                        NY-39-46-373
BUTTS, HANNAH                          NY-39-11-174
BUTTS, HARVEY                          NY-39-37-535
BUTTS, MARBLE                          NY-39-20-259
BUTTS, WILLIAM C.                      NY-39-51-235
BYARD, JOSHUA                          NY-39-13-449
BYRON, LUCY WILLIAMS                   NY-39-31-607

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