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ABBOT, ELISHA L.                        NY-38-G-163
ABBOTT, LEONARD                         NY-38-J-199
ACKER, CAROLINE A.                      NY-38-R-225
ACKER, CORNELIUS                        NY-38-K-367
ACKER, RUTH                             NY-38-K-269
ACKER, WILLIAM J.                       NY-38-R-27
ACKLEY, ALFRED W.                       NY-38-B-160
ACKLEY, HARRIET S.                      NY-38-R-126
ACKLEY, JOHN B.                         NY-38-J-179
ACKLEY, LYDIA M.                        NY-38-P-79
ACKLY, DAVID R.                         NY-38-2-271
ADAMS, MARY                             NY-38-Q-111
ADAMS, SIMEON                           NY-38-A-31
ADAMS, WILLIAM                          NY-38-L-407
ADKINS, MARCIA ANN                      NY-38-M-205
ADLE, EMILY                             NY-38-Q-197
ADRIANCE, HENRY                         NY-38-I-433
AINSWORTH, DARIUS                       NY-38-B-265
AINSWORTH, HENRY                        NY-38-1-273
AKINSON, MARGARET                       NY-38-L-461
ALBEE, JOEL B.                          NY-38-M-503
ALBRIGHT, JACOB                         NY-38-T-53
ALBRIGHT, MATILDA                       NY-38-N-339
ALBRO, CYRUS H.                         NY-38-T-154
ALBRO, HULDAH                           NY-38-1-67
ALDRICH, GEORGE W.                      NY-38-P-337
ALEXANDER, ELI J.                       NY-38-K-161
ALEXANDER, HATTIE V.                    NY-38-P-183
ALFRED, SHUBAEL                         NY-38-G-43
ALGER, ABNER                            NY-38-T-113
ALHENBECKER, HENRY                      NY-38-P-19
ALKENBRAUGH, CHRISTIANNA                NY-38-1-126
ALKENBRECKER, CATHARINE                 NY-38-Q-5
ALL, PETER H.                           NY-38-P-3
ALLAIR, JOHN B.                         NY-38-L-69
ALLEN, ALBERT O.                        NY-38-R-4
ALLEN, ALMEDA L.                        NY-38-2-202
ALLEN, BENJAMIN H.                      NY-38-P-93
ALLEN, BENJAMIN P.                      NY-38-L-159
ALLEN, CATHARINE                        NY-38-F-49
ALLEN, CHILDS                           NY-38-T-146
ALLEN, CORDELIA C.                      NY-38-O-307
ALLEN, CYRUS                            NY-38-R-262
ALLEN, DAVID                            NY-38-F-439
ALLEN, EDWARD                           NY-38-E-333
ALLEN, EDWIN                            NY-38-2-288
ALLEN, ELI                              NY-38-H-229
ALLEN, ELIJAH ALLEN                     NY-38-B-15
ALLEN, ELIZA A.                         NY-38-J-362
ALLEN, ELIZABETH COOK                   NY-38-2-153
ALLEN, EMILY                            NY-38-O-365
ALLEN, EMILY                            NY-38-M-261
ALLEN, GEORGE W.                        NY-38-K-481
ALLEN, HULDAH                           NY-38-D-445
ALLEN, J. W. P.                         NY-38-O-57
ALLEN, JOHN                             NY-38-J-256
ALLEN, JOHN                             NY-38-Q-11
ALLEN, JOSEPH                           NY-38-K-441
ALLEN, LAVANTIA H.                      NY-38-R-192
ALLEN, LOIS ANN                         NY-38-O-297
ALLEN, LOUISA S.                        NY-38-Q-325
ALLEN, LOUISE V.                        NY-38-O-97
ALLEN, MARQUIS D.                       NY-38-M-351
ALLEN, MARY A.                          NY-38-2-116
ALLEN, OCTAVUS                          NY-38-O-273
ALLEN, SALOMON                          NY-38-M-133
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           NY-38-D-269
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           NY-38-I-565
ALLEN, SENECA S.                        NY-38-K-71
ALLEN, THEODORE L.                      NY-38-2-261
ALLEN, WILLIAM F.                       NY-38-N-449
ALLEN, ZADOCK                           NY-38-B-117
ALLPORT, JAMES M.                       NY-38-2-235
ALLPORT, ZACHARIAH                      NY-38-L-295
ALTHOUSE, ANDRUS                        NY-38-P-309
ALTHOUSE, PETER                         NY-38-P-135
ALVORD, IRA                             NY-38-D-265
AMES, BETSEY C.                         NY-38-S-110
AMES, CAROLINE                          NY-38-N-407
AMES, EDWARD                            NY-38-N-519
AMES, ELISHA F.                         NY-38-N-457
AMES, GEORGE                            NY-38-M-527
AMES, JAMES H.                          NY-38-L-519
AMES, ORIN                              NY-38-I-571
AMES, WILLIAM                           NY-38-O-133
AMIDON, CHENEY                          NY-38-R-58
AMOS, ABBY                              NY-38-D-428
ANDERSON, AMY J.                        NY-38-T-64
ANDERSON, CHARLES                       NY-38-R-160
ANDERSON, CHESTER                       NY-38-L-197
ANDERSON, GEORGE A.                     NY-38-M-23
ANDERSON, GEORGE G.                     NY-38-L-187
ANDERSON, GEORGE G.                     NY-38-L-369
ANDERSON, JAMES J.                      NY-38-I-157
ANDERSON, LAURA                         NY-38-P-585
ANDERSON, MARY A.                       NY-38-2-120
ANDERSON, ROBERT                        NY-38-L-65
ANDREWS, DANIEL R.                      NY-38-B-93
ANDREWS, JOHN                           NY-38-A-37
ANDREWS, MARIA J.                       NY-38-1-87
ANDREWS, MARY E.                        NY-38-J-258
ANDREWS, NORMAN M.                      NY-38-R-26
ANDREWS, SAMUEL                         NY-38-J-79
ANDREWS, WILLIAM                        NY-38-P-29
ANGELL, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-38-2-207
ANGELL, REBEKAH                         NY-38-2-263
ANTHONY, SUSAN                          NY-38-P-155
APPS, SARAH ANN                         NY-38-2-282
ARCHER, ELIZA O.                        NY-38-O-407
ARCHER, ELLEN                           NY-38-Q-141
ARMOUR, JOHN                            NY-38-L-1
ARMSTRONG, HARRIET                      NY-38-M-345
ARNOLD, DAVID                           NY-38-R-252
ARNOLD, DAVID T.                        NY-38-M-241
ASH, JOHN                               NY-38-L-453
ASKEW, THOMAS                           NY-38-L-373
ATKINSON, ROBERT                        NY-38-R-143
ATWOOD, ELIZABETH                       NY-38-R-107
ATWOOD, THOMAS R.                       NY-38-2-177
AUBREY, AUGUSTUS                        NY-38-S-17
AUBRY, JULIA                            NY-38-L-433
AUBURN, REUBEN J.                       NY-38-G-13
AUSTIN, JONATHAN                        NY-38-K-225
AUSTIN, JOSEPH                          NY-38-D-17
AUSTIN, LEMAN                           NY-38-I-91
AUSTIN, MAY AMELIA                      NY-38-1-1
AUSTIN, MILO S.                         NY-38-T-124
AUSTIN, OTIS                            NY-38-I-517
AUSTIN, THOMAS H.                       NY-38-R-109
AVERILL, DAMON R.                       NY-38-O-151
AVERY, ELIZA                            NY-38-R-211
AVERY, EUNICE                           NY-38-R-69
AVERY, MARY ANN                         NY-38-S-215
AVERY, RICHARD S.                       NY-38-N-379
AVERY, SAMUEL                           NY-38-S-134
AYERS, BENJAMIN                         NY-38-L-177
AYERS, BETSEY                           NY-38-N-377
AYLSWORTH, WELCOME Y.                   NY-38-1-13
AYSTER, MARTIN                          NY-38-R-187
BABBITT, SUSAN A.                       NY-38-T-243
BABBUTT, LEWIS                          NY-38-K-395
BABCOCK, BETSEY ELIZABETH               NY-38-J-364
BABCOCK, JESSE                          NY-38-B-273
BABCOCK, JONATHAN G.                    NY-38-N-591
BABCOCK, LESTER W.                      NY-38-P-507
BABCOCK, WILLIAM R.                     NY-38-L-57
BACHE, MARY                             NY-38-S-18
BACKUS, HENRY                           NY-38-G-379
BACKUS, NANCY                           NY-38-L-441
BACON, GEORGE M.                        NY-38-P-487
BACON, SILAS                            NY-38-K-305
BAIL, EDWARD                            NY-38-F-289
BAILEY, ALEXANDER                       NY-38-B-97
BAILEY, JAMES                           NY-38-1-282
BAILEY, MARY J.                         NY-38-L-451
BAILEY, ROBERT                          NY-38-G-289
BAIR, JAMES                             NY-38-K-30
BAIRD, BARNES                           NY-38-G-601
BAIRD, SALLY                            NY-38-G-601
BAKER, ABIGAIL                          NY-38-N-169
BAKER, ABIGAIL E.                       NY-38-N-579
BAKER, BRIDGET                          NY-38-T-194
BAKER, DANIEL L.                        NY-38-2-199
BAKER, ELIZA L.                         NY-38-2-181
BAKER, ISAIAH                           NY-38-O-163
BAKER, JOEL                             NY-38-I-475
BAKER, JOHN                             NY-38-M-331
BAKER, JOSEPH                           NY-38-N-165
BAKER, MARY A.                          NY-38-T-49
BAKER, NANCY                            NY-38-U-64
BAKER, OLIVER H. P.                     NY-38-1-234
BAKER, POTTER                           NY-38-A-8
BAKER, SARAH E.                         NY-38-M-59
BAKER, SILAS L.                         NY-38-2-106
BAKER, ZELICK W.                        NY-38-G-49
BALCOM, ALMIRA                          NY-38-O-313
BALCOM, JOHN F.                         NY-38-2-115
BALCOM, RUTHCINDA                       NY-38-T-139
BALCOM, SAMUEL                          NY-38-2-276
BALCOM, SAMUEL                          NY-38-G-103
BALDWIN, ADALINE                        NY-38-T-241
BALDWIN, DAVID W.                       NY-38-F-133
BALDWIN, ELIZUR M.                      NY-38-1-211
BALDWIN, HENRY                          NY-38-I-523
BALDWIN, HENRY JR.                      NY-38-D-93
BALDWIN, NOAH E.                        NY-38-U-18
BALDWIN, SARAH A.                       NY-38-1-190
BALDWIN, THEOPHILUS                     NY-38-K-123
BALDWIN, WILLIAM T.                     NY-38-P-559
BALL, ELIZA                             NY-38-T-40
BALL, JOHN                              NY-38-1-15
BALL, SARDIUS E.                        NY-38-Q-59
BALL, WILLIAM A.                        NY-38-2-265
BALL, WILLIAM O.                        NY-38-Q-245
BALLARD, HOMER                          NY-38-Q-323
BALLARD, NORMAN                         NY-38-S-188
BALLOU, HOSEA                           NY-38-1-18
BALTES, ANDREW                          NY-38-J-312
BALTES, FRANK J.                        NY-38-N-331
BALTES, MARY AGNES                      NY-38-J-472
BARBEAN, MARTHA                         NY-38-2-208
BARBER, JOSEPH B.                       NY-38-N-503
BARBER, LOVENIA                         NY-38-K-94
BARBER, RUTH A.                         NY-38-P-109
BARBOUR, THOMAS                         NY-38-E-212
BARD, JAMES C.                          NY-38-D-155
BARDEEN, FRANCIS L.                     NY-38-1-294
BARKER, EBENEZER                        NY-38-D-214
BARKER, THEODORE                        NY-38-T-52
BARKER, WILLIAM                         NY-38-O-63
BARNARD, AARON                          NY-38-E-41
BARNARD, WILLIAM A.                     NY-38-L-5
BARNASKEY, JOHN D.                      NY-38-P-409
BARNASKEY, WILLIAM C.                   NY-38-2-212
BARNES, ALONZO H.                       NY-38-T-77
BARNES, ANN E.                          NY-38-R-196
BARNES, BETSEY G.                       NY-38-T-57
BARNES, CAROLINE                        NY-38-F-307
BARNES, CHAUNCEY M.                     NY-38-R-29
BARNES, DELANO M.                       NY-38-D-90
BARNES, FRANCES C.                      NY-38-R-242
BARNES, FRANCIS M.                      NY-38-1-68
BARNES, HEZEKIAH                        NY-38-C-233
BARNES, HULDAH                          NY-38-L-137
BARNES, JOHN                            NY-38-B-118
BARNES, LORAN                           NY-38-I-49
BARNES, SUSAN                           NY-38-H-85
BARNEY, CHENEY D.                       NY-38-U-59
BARNS, TIMOTHY                          NY-38-A-10
BARNUM, EPHRAIM K.                      NY-38-C-138
BARNUM, RICHARD                         NY-38-D-239
BARNWELL, THOMAS                        NY-38-I-367
BARRETT, BENJAMIN                       NY-38-H-541
BARRETT, BRIDGET                        NY-38-M-21
BARRETT, MARGARET                       NY-38-1-228
BARRETT, WILLIAM G.                     NY-38-P-151
BARRIE, SARAH J.                        NY-38-T-16
BARRIER, WILLIAM N.                     NY-38-1-192
BARRON, WILLIAM                         NY-38-P-237
BARROWS, BAILEY J.                      NY-38-1-30
BARRUS, OSCAR J.                        NY-38-H-7
BARRY, JOHN                             NY-38-O-375
BARRY, NOBLE                            NY-38-K-243
BARSE, ELISHA                           NY-38-R-56
BARSE, JACOB B.                         NY-38-D-391
BARTLES, JOHN                           NY-38-E-323
BARTLETT, EDWARD                        NY-38-S-7
BARTLETT, HARRY                         NY-38-S-57
BARTLETT, MARCUS                        NY-38-P-471
BARTLETT, PERRY                         NY-38-S-219
BARTLETT, PHINEAS                       NY-38-T-143
BARTLETT, RUTH                          NY-38-B-260
BARTLETT, URANA                         NY-38-S-24
BARTLETT, WILLIAM M.                    NY-38-2-154
BARTON, JOSEPH                          NY-38-O-117
BARTON, JOSEPH                          NY-38-D-67
BARTON, VIRGINIA                        NY-38-Q-151
BASS, ALLEN R.                          NY-38-R-215
BASS, ETTIE                             NY-38-S-269
BASS, MARGARET                          NY-38-1-167
BASSETT, ELIZABETH L.                   NY-38-1-58
BASSETT, GEORGE                         NY-38-T-184
BASSETT, LORENZO                        NY-38-O-393
BASSETT, R. GEORGE                      NY-38-M-245
BATCHELOR, THOMAS                       NY-38-O-85
BATEMAN, JONAS                          NY-38-P-369
BATEMAN, SOPHIA T.                      NY-38-1-225
BATES, CALVIN                           NY-38-C-72
BATES, LOUISE M.                        NY-38-T-201
BATTLES, LINCOLN                        NY-38-R-174
BAUDER, JACOB                           NY-38-S-180
BAUMANN, JOSEPH                         NY-38-K-343
BAXTER, ELIAS G.                        NY-38-2-150
BAXTER, ELIZA ANN                       NY-38-S-98
BAXTER, WILLIAM J.                      NY-38-T-180
BEACH, CATHARINE A. R.                  NY-38-M-41
BEADLE, AMOS                            NY-38-N-9
BEADLE, BETSEY M.                       NY-38-Q-29
BEADLE, HENRY                           NY-38-R-51
BEADLE, NATHANIEL                       NY-38-E-125
BEADLE, ORRIN                           NY-38-R-38
BEALS, HORATIO                          NY-38-N-39
BEAN, ALEXANDER H.                      NY-38-2-79
BEARDSLEY, ANSON                        NY-38-J-147
BEARDSLEY, CHARLES W.                   NY-38-J-380
BEARDSLEY, ELISHA C.                    NY-38-R-232
BEATTIE, JOHN                           NY-38-Q-25
BECKER, DAVID D.                        NY-38-1-12
BECKER, JOSEPH A.                       NY-38-T-71
BECKWITH, ADDISON K.                    NY-38-E-299
BECKWITH, AMELIA K.                     NY-38-Q-129
BEEBE, ALEXANDER                        NY-38-B-152
BEEBE, JOHN                             NY-38-1-27
BEEBE, JOSEPH B.                        NY-38-B-6
BEEBE, SAMUEL W.                        NY-38-L-419
BEEBE, STERLING W.                      NY-38-M-27
BEEBEE, ALFRED F.                       NY-38-L-11
BEEBEE, SALEM T.                        NY-38-K-163
BEECHER, WILLIAM SR.                    NY-38-K-148
BEELES, HOMER                           NY-38-P-53
BEELS, ELISHA                           NY-38-B-258
BEELS, JACOB                            NY-38-K-493
BEERS, SUSAN M.                         NY-38-S-92
BEGLEY, THOMAS B.                       NY-38-M-73
BELEY, FREDERICK                        NY-38-2-47
BELL, JACOB                             NY-38-O-371
BELL, JAMES                             NY-38-2-7
BELL, ROBERT                            NY-38-R-245
BELL, SOPHIA                            NY-38-S-19
BELLINGER, ADAM P.                      NY-38-A-9
BELLOWS, AARON                          NY-38-F-427
BELLOWS, SOPRHONIA                      NY-38-G-127
BELNAP, SARAH                           NY-38-R-25
BELTS, SMITH B.                         NY-38-2-136
BENEDICT, CHARLES                       NY-38-G-229
BENEDICT, EMELINE J.                    NY-38-T-212
BENEDICT, GEORGE                        NY-38-R-104
BENEDICT, HIRAM                         NY-38-M-247
BENEDICT, J. GILBERT                    NY-38-P-315
BENNETT, ALDEN                          NY-38-E-144
BENNETT, JESSE                          NY-38-G-97
BENNETT, JOHN                           NY-38-J-127
BENNETT, JOSEPH                         NY-38-L-225
BENNETT, MARY                           NY-38-R-218
BENNETT, NATHANIEL                      NY-38-P-291
BENNETT, ORSON C.                       NY-38-K-249
BENNETT, ROSWELL                        NY-38-A-51
BENNETT, SOPHIA                         NY-38-P-175
BENSON, GEORGE                          NY-38-M-567
BENSON, MARTIN                          NY-38-Q-23
BENSON, SAMUEL                          NY-38-R-60
BENTLEY, ELIAS E.                       NY-38-J-131
BENTLEY, ELISHA                         NY-38-J-306
BENTLEY, RACHAEL                        NY-38-N-419
BENTLEY, STEPHEN                        NY-38-N-353
BENTON, MARY E.                         NY-38-E-186
BENTON, REUBEN                          NY-38-D-105
BENTON, SETH                            NY-38-E-137
BENZING, J. ADAM                        NY-38-R-40
BENZING, JOHN H.                        NY-38-P-519
BEQUILLARD, JAQUES V.                   NY-38-N-35
BERANSON, FRANCIS                       NY-38-S-216
BERG, WILLIAM P.                        NY-38-P-481
BERNHARD, JOHN LAMBERTUS                NY-38-B-19
BERNHARD, MARY A.                       NY-38-L-193
BERNHERD, HARRIET N.                    NY-38-N-179
BERO, DAVID                             NY-38-T-34
BERRY, SARAH                            NY-38-D-394
BERSHAW, SOPHIA                         NY-38-1-143
BERWIN, BENAJAH                         NY-38-C-161
BESSLER, JOHN GEORGE                    NY-38-N-403
BETTS, CORNELIA E.                      NY-38-J-117
BETTS, EMILY M.                         NY-38-N-359
BETTS, JAMES N.                         NY-38-S-240
BETTS, SMITH                            NY-38-L-233
BIDDLECOM, DANIEL                       NY-38-O-379
BIDDLECOM, IRA                          NY-38-L-323
BILLHARDT, CHARLES W.                   NY-38-2-262
BILQUE, ALEXANDER                       NY-38-T-89
BILQUE, AMELIA                          NY-38-2-241
BIRNETT, IRENE                          NY-38-2-1
BISHOP, AGNES                           NY-38-N-163
BISHOP, CHARLES                         NY-38-Q-263
BISHOP, ELEANOR                         NY-38-M-39
BISHOP, JOHN                            NY-38-K-112
BISHOP, JOSEPH A.                       NY-38-S-93
BISHOP, LEWIS                           NY-38-M-363
BISHOP, MARIETTA                        NY-38-K-122
BISHOP, WILLIAM                         NY-38-1-109
BIXBY, IRA                              NY-38-L-317
BLACKBURN, JOHN                         NY-38-U-89
BLAIR, EMILY                            NY-38-J-77
BLAKE, PHILA M.                         NY-38-S-25
BLAKEMAN, ELIHU                         NY-38-1-106
BLAKEMAN, LOUISA                        NY-38-R-86
BLAKESLEE, ARD                          NY-38-L-351
BLAKESLEE, ERASTUS                      NY-38-U-118
BLAKESLEE, JOHN W.                      NY-38-N-367
BLAKESLEE, MARY                         NY-38-2-59
BLANCHARD, ROBERT                       NY-38-E-408
BLANKMAN, CHRISTINA                     NY-38-M-339
BLISS, AUGUSTA L.                       NY-38-P-339
BLODGETT, ALANSON                       NY-38-Q-13
BLODGETT, MADISON J.                    NY-38-1-120
BLODGETT, WEALTHY M.                    NY-38-O-7
BLOOD, JOSEPH W.                        NY-38-K-378
BLOOD, RACHEL U.                        NY-38-2-64
BLOODWORTH, EDWARD                      NY-38-U-95
BOCKUS, ELIZABETH G.                    NY-38-R-50
BOCKUS, SARAH M.                        NY-38-L-73
BOCQUET, FRANCIS                        NY-38-H-331
BOGARD, ANDREW                          NY-38-R-77
BOGART, MARTHA J.                       NY-38-T-244
BOIGIOL, JOHN                           NY-38-D-372
BOIGIOL, MARY                           NY-38-1-218
BOLLES, JOSEPH E.                       NY-38-G-85
BOLLES, NATHANIEL L.                    NY-38-G-91
BOLTON, SARAH                           NY-38-L-243
BONNER, ANNA                            NY-38-K-139
BONNER, JOSEPH M.                       NY-38-P-9
BOOMER, LEMUEL C.                       NY-38-D-257
BOON, JAMES                             NY-38-U-29
BOOTHE, JOHN H.                         NY-38-1-86
BOOTS, THOMAS                           NY-38-R-53
BORGIAL, PETER                          NY-38-T-163
BORST, JOHN                             NY-38-M-121
BORT, NICHOLAS N.                       NY-38-K-551
BOSS, JEROME                            NY-38-R-207
BOSS, MALVINA                           NY-38-2-71
BOSWORTH, RUFUS                         NY-38-J-145
BOWEN, FRANK W.                         NY-38-K-118
BOWEN, ISAIAH                           NY-38-H-175
BOWEN, LEVI B.                          NY-38-J-316
BOWERING, ELIZABETH                     NY-38-K-430
BOWKER, BERNARD                         NY-38-G-385
BOWNE, ELIJAH                           NY-38-J-406
BOX, CELIA E.                           NY-38-U-67
BOX, EMMA J.                            NY-38-2-62
BOX, JOHN F.                            NY-38-2-93
BRACKET, JAMES A.                       NY-38-K-413
BRADDOCK, PATRICK                       NY-38-G-79
BRADEUS, CHARLES S.                     NY-38-Q-219
BRADFORD, ALEXANDER                     NY-38-1-257
BRADFORD, BETSEY                        NY-38-H-121
BRADFORD, PAUL P.                       NY-38-J-81
BRADFORD, RICHARD                       NY-38-H-115
BRADFORD, WILLIAM H.                    NY-38-K-257
BRADLEY, FRANCIS                        NY-38-M-459
BRADLEY, SARAH M.                       NY-38-J-209
BRADLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-38-K-465
BRADT, ALBERT N.                        NY-38-2-11
BRADWAY, HIRAM                          NY-38-O-257
BRADWAY, ORIN P.                        NY-38-K-219
BRADY, PATRICK                          NY-38-M-53
BRADY, PATRICK                          NY-38-K-287
BRADY, THOMAS                           NY-38-M-215
BRADY, WILLIAM                          NY-38-1-96
BRAGDON, GEORGE L.                      NY-38-O-75
BRAKHAMER, JOHN                         NY-38-M-25
BRANDES, HENRY                          NY-38-S-148
BRANDES, MARY D.                        NY-38-T-219
BRANDS, MARLON H.                       NY-38-2-246
BREED, CLAUDIS                          NY-38-S-9
BREED, OLIVER                           NY-38-1-237
BREED, OLIVER                           NY-38-H-379
BREWER, ALMON                           NY-38-K-281
BREWSTER, ABEL                          NY-38-D-34
BREWSTER, DAVID P.                      NY-38-M-571
BREWSTER, ELIAS                         NY-38-F-319
BREWSTER, ELIZA W.                      NY-38-1-261
BREWSTER, HENRY                         NY-38-R-193
BREWSTER, SARDIUS                       NY-38-I-559
BREWSTER, SILAS W.                      NY-38-O-411
BRIGGS, ARNOLD B.                       NY-38-M-71
BRIGGS, GEORGE                          NY-38-I-415
BRIGGS, HIRAM                           NY-38-P-197
BRIGGS, THOMAS                          NY-38-C-171
BRIGHAM, THADDEUS S.                    NY-38-S-16
BRISTOL, ELERA E.                       NY-38-L-267
BRITOTN, THOMAS                         NY-38-G-529
BRITTON, DARIUS                         NY-38-R-31
BRITTON, HIRAM M.                       NY-38-R-198
BROADWAY, BETSEY                        NY-38-M-341
BROCKWAY, CONSTANTIOUS                  NY-38-P-7
BROCKWAY, RUSSEL                        NY-38-A-44
BRODERICK, THOMAS                       NY-38-S-108
BRONETT, CATHARINE                      NY-38-U-90
BRONSON, EDWIN T.                       NY-38-O-79
BRONSON, HUET H.                        NY-38-P-149
BRONSON, MARGARET H.                    NY-38-T-35
BRONSON, SARAH A.                       NY-38-U-111
BROOKS, ENOCH S.                        NY-38-N-95
BROOKS, HENRY                           NY-38-I-31
BROOMAN, HENRY                          NY-38-S-236
BROOMER, JONATHAN V.                    NY-38-P-195
BROW, NARCISUS                          NY-38-K-341
BROWN, ABNER                            NY-38-M-443
BROWN, AMASA A.                         NY-38-1-295
BROWN, ARCHIBALD                        NY-38-M-427
BROWN, ASA                              NY-38-L-77
BROWN, AVERY O.                         NY-38-P-355
BROWN, BENJAMIN B.                      NY-38-R-268
BROWN, DANIEL                           NY-38-S-244
BROWN, ELECTA A.                        NY-38-1-184
BROWN, ELIZA M.                         NY-38-P-353
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        NY-38-S-227
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        NY-38-P-181
BROWN, FRANCIS                          NY-38-2-27
BROWN, JAMES                            NY-38-P-123
BROWN, JAMES                            NY-38-F-175
BROWN, JAMES M.                         NY-38-U-108
BROWN, JANE                             NY-38-1-79
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-38-U-50
BROWN, JOHN G.                          NY-38-K-223
BROWN, LUCY A.                          NY-38-O-51
BROWN, MARIETTA J.                      NY-38-L-161
BROWN, POLLY                            NY-38-L-183
BROWN, RICHARD A.                       NY-38-T-205
BROWN, ROSWELL                          NY-38-G-277
BROWN, SAMUEL                           NY-38-N-527
BROWN, SYLVESTER                        NY-38-K-114
BROWN, THOMAS G.                        NY-38-N-211
BROWNSON, STACY S.                      NY-38-N-93
BRUNDAGE, MARY                          NY-38-R-3
BRUNOT, WILLIS E.                       NY-38-1-281
BRYANT, ADALINE                         NY-38-O-213
BUCHMANN, MERIZ                         NY-38-O-299
BUCK, EDWARD                            NY-38-Q-225
BUCKETT, WILLIAM M.                     NY-38-B-282
BUCKHOUT, ABRAM                         NY-38-P-167
BUDD, JANE ELIZABETH                    NY-38-B-144
BUDDS, FANNIE E.                        NY-38-K-369
BUEL, JOHN                              NY-38-I-169
BUEL, JONATHAN                          NY-38-B-8
BUELL, BELARE                           NY-38-M-495
BUELL, MARY H.                          NY-38-Q-117
BULEN, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-38-2-92
BULGER, JAMES                           NY-38-M-381
BULGER, PATRICK                         NY-38-O-111
BULLER, MARIAH C.                       NY-38-L-445
BULLES, JOSEPH W.                       NY-38-U-92
BULLIS, WILLIAM                         NY-38-2-231
BUMPUS, THOMAS J.                       NY-38-S-73
BUNDY, ELISHA                           NY-38-L-503
BUNDY, PHILO                            NY-38-J-488
BUNKER, MARY                            NY-38-2-21
BUNN, DELOS A.                          NY-38-U-140
BUNN, MARY A.                           NY-38-O-141
BUNN, RICHARD                           NY-38-K-497
BURCH, JENNETTE F.                      NY-38-S-120
BURCH, JEREMIAH P.                      NY-38-G-319
BURCKLE, CHARLOTTE                      NY-38-D-261
BURDEN, RICHARD                         NY-38-K-227
BURDER, HENRY T.                        NY-38-K-1
BURDICK, AUSTIN                         NY-38-O-43
BURDICK, ELIHU B.                       NY-38-S-49
BURDICK, NORMAN E.                      NY-38-T-216
BURGDORFF, LAURA A.                     NY-38-M-373
BURGE, HENRY                            NY-38-T-107
BURGESS, SARAH A.                       NY-38-Q-31
BURGESS, WARREN                         NY-38-1-40
BURGIN, N. VOLNEY                       NY-38-L-281
BURHAUS, SIMON F.                       NY-38-J-43
BURK, REUBEN A.                         NY-38-M-79
BURKE, PATRICK                          NY-38-R-236
BURKE, WILLIAM                          NY-38-P-415
BURKETT, ADELIA M.                      NY-38-2-25
BURKETT, FREDERICK                      NY-38-D-388
BURKETT, JOSEPH                         NY-38-J-280
BURLEIGH, JOSHUA P.                     NY-38-R-201
BURLIER, DAVID                          NY-38-K-469
BURLINGAME, CALEB                       NY-38-C-74
BURLINGHAM, DEBORAH                     NY-38-J-102
BURLINGHAM, ISAAC J.                    NY-38-1-159
BURLINGHAM, PHILO P.                    NY-38-U-88
BURLINGHAM, RUSSELL                     NY-38-U-87
BURLINGTON, HENRY M.                    NY-38-U-37
BURNHAM, LYDIA M.                       NY-38-P-33
BURNHAM, PHILO                          NY-38-N-41
BURNHAM, PHILO H.                       NY-38-R-224
BURNHAM, RENSSELAER                     NY-38-O-131
BURNS, ALICE                            NY-38-O-355
BURNS, CHARLES M.                       NY-38-P-269
BURNS, JOHN                             NY-38-Q-255
BURNS, MARY                             NY-38-O-179
BURNS, MICHAEL                          NY-38-K-80
BURR, ISAAC                             NY-38-1-286
BURRILL, ABRAM                          NY-38-D-123
BURROUGHS, HERRICK                      NY-38-D-327
BURROWS, AMOS                           NY-38-E-246
BURROWS, JOHN T.                        NY-38-2-223
BURROWS, SARAH S.                       NY-38-1-51
BURRUS, PAIN                            NY-38-G-337
BURRUS, SAMUEL                          NY-38-J-57
BURSE, ELIZABETH                        NY-38-2-4
BURSTOW, ALBERT                         NY-38-2-279
BURT, CALVIN                            NY-38-K-477
BURT, CHARLES                           NY-38-K-359
BURT, GEORGE F.                         NY-38-N-215
BURT, GEORGE W.                         NY-38-I-349
BURT, ISAAC                             NY-38-M-203
BURT, JAMES                             NY-38-E-207
BURT, LEROY                             NY-38-T-250
BURT, MARY                              NY-38-P-81
BURT, MARY E.                           NY-38-N-235
BURT, SAMUEL W.                         NY-38-S-261
BURT, WILLIAM                           NY-38-B-186
BURT, WILLIAM                           NY-38-J-296
BURT, WILLIAM R.                        NY-38-D-133
BURTCH, GIDEON                          NY-38-M-389
BURTCH, JOHN MILTON                     NY-38-Q-283
BURTON, COLLINS                         NY-38-L-123
BUSH, JANE                              NY-38-S-226
BUSH, PETER A.                          NY-38-2-63
BUSHA, FRANCIS                          NY-38-O-33
BUSKIRK, LAWRENCE                       NY-38-C-87
BUSS, CLARISSA                          NY-38-S-61
BUTLER, MICHAEL                         NY-38-N-75
BUTLER, RANSOM A.                       NY-38-J-39
BUTLER, RUTH W.                         NY-38-T-33
BUTLER, SARAH A.                        NY-38-S-99
BUTLERMIER, ANDREW                      NY-38-T-135
BUTTERFIELD, ANN                        NY-38-Q-355
BUTTERFIELD, GEORGE W.                  NY-38-S-212
BUTTERWORTH, CELESTINE W.               NY-38-2-81
BUTTERWORTH, DANIEL S.                  NY-38-L-93
BUTTERWORTH, JULIA ANN                  NY-38-O-27
BUTTIMER, JOHN                          NY-38-R-43
BUTTON, GEORGE B.                       NY-38-J-15
BUTTON, JULIA A. (PENFIELD)             NY-38-B-145
BUTTON, SHUBAL                          NY-38-B-295
BUTTS, MARTHA J.                        NY-38-J-135
BYINGTON, ELIZABETH                     NY-38-F-463
BYRNE, JOHN F.                          NY-38-P-267
CABLE, GEORGE                           NY-38-M-355
CADWELL, ELVIRA P.                      NY-38-K-217
CAHILL, MARY                            NY-38-O-337
CAIN, LUCENIA                           NY-38-S-129
CAIN, PATRICK                           NY-38-S-231
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-38-O-3
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-38-H-373
CALKIN, RANSON                          NY-38-T-15
CALKIN, SAMUEL                          NY-38-E-63
CALKINS, ALBERT M.                      NY-38-N-3
CALKINS, AMOS                           NY-38-O-175
CALKINS, ASAHEL                         NY-38-H-49
CALKINS, ELIPHALET                      NY-38-U-21
CALKINS, JOHN                           NY-38-L-181
CALKINS, MARTHA                         NY-38-K-255
CALKINS, MINOR H.                       NY-38-J-155
CALKINS, ROSWELL                        NY-38-Q-243
CALLEY, ACHSAH                          NY-38-L-19
CALLEY, ALLEN H.                        NY-38-M-147
CALLEY, DAVID G.                        NY-38-K-473
CALLEY, LYDIA ANN                       NY-38-K-83
CAMPBELL, ANN                           NY-38-F-193
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                     NY-38-C-44
CAMPBELL, CORNELIUS                     NY-38-S-211
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         NY-38-J-318
CAMPBELL, LOVILLA                       NY-38-R-182
CAMPBELL, PATRICK D.                    NY-38-L-47
CAMPBELL, PETER T.                      NY-38-L-79
CAMPBELL, ROSETTA M.                    NY-38-2-94
CAMPBELL, SUSAN A.                      NY-38-R-136
CAMPBELL, VALENTINE                     NY-38-B-138
CANDER, LEMAN                           NY-38-1-276
CANFIELD, CALVERHILL                    NY-38-E-114
CANLEY, THOMAS                          NY-38-O-285
CAPP, THOMAS                            NY-38-L-309
CAREY, DENNIS                           NY-38-K-253
CAREY, THOMAS                           NY-38-S-10
CARLAN, ANN                             NY-38-N-85
CARLIN, BERNARD                         NY-38-M-37
CARMOUTRIE, JAMES                       NY-38-N-345
CARNEY, HENRY                           NY-38-L-437
CARNEY, JAMES                           NY-38-Q-235
CARPENTER, ABBY S.                      NY-38-N-555
CARPENTER, AMANDA                       NY-38-L-195
CARPENTER, BETSEY J.                    NY-38-P-229
CARPENTER, CATHERINE                    NY-38-N-543
CARPENTER, HARRIET                      NY-38-Q-93
CARPENTER, LUMAN                        NY-38-O-87
CARPENTER, MARCUS F.                    NY-38-R-90
CARPENTER, PHILO M.                     NY-38-J-525
CARPENTER, SUSAN                        NY-38-K-261
CARPENTER, ZEBINA                       NY-38-G-487
CARR, CALEB                             NY-38-B-120
CARR, CALEB                             NY-38-U-1
CARR, ELIZABETH                         NY-38-U-121
CARR, LEWIS C.                          NY-38-K-98
CARR, PETER                             NY-38-N-205
CARR, RICHARD                           NY-38-N-149
CARR, SARAH M.                          NY-38-1-152
CARR, SARAH O.                          NY-38-S-74
CARR, SPENCER                           NY-38-U-112
CARR, THOMAS                            NY-38-2-285
CARRIER, ASHLEY                         NY-38-L-303
CARRIER, HARVEY                         NY-38-Q-193
CARRIER, MARYETT                        NY-38-1-49
CARRIER, SARAH                          NY-38-S-166
CARRINGTON, ELISHA                      NY-38-D-408
CARRINGTON, FREDERICK T.                NY-38-M-583
CARRINGTON, LOUISA M.                   NY-38-P-23
CARROLL, JAMES                          NY-38-O-467
CARROLL, PATRICK                        NY-38-S-4
CARTER, BENJAMIN                        NY-38-K-515
CARTER, JULIAN                          NY-38-L-467
CARTER, POLLY                           NY-38-Q-261
CARTER, RICHARD                         NY-38-N-259
CARY, JOHN                              NY-38-M-233
CARY, MARY                              NY-38-K-215
CASE, BETSEY                            NY-38-P-117
CASE, CHARLES G.                        NY-38-M-579
CASE, GEORGE M.                         NY-38-1-258
CASE, HANNAH                            NY-38-M-87
CASE, JONATHAN                          NY-38-O-49
CASE, MAY A.                            NY-38-2-53
CASE, RANSFORD                          NY-38-S-106
CASE, SAMUEL F.                         NY-38-J-559
CASE, VANDALIA M.                       NY-38-S-15
CASEY, JOSEPH                           NY-38-N-7
CASEY, MICHAEL                          NY-38-S-114
CASS, MARY                              NY-38-2-109
CASSIDY, JULIA                          NY-38-O-195
CASTER, JOHN                            NY-38-Q-97
CASTLE, HORATIO N.                      NY-38-O-67
CASTLE, MARIA B.                        NY-38-U-99
CASTOR, ESTHER                          NY-38-T-91
CATHCART, TRISTRAM                      NY-38-C-107
CATLE, ERIE                             NY-38-B-166
CATTRELL, WILLIAM H.                    NY-38-R-275
CAULKINS, ABEL                          NY-38-1-83
CAVANAUGH, JOHN                         NY-38-R-22
CAVANAUGH, PETER                        NY-38-S-169
CHAFFEE, ALBIGENCE                      NY-38-F-223
CHAFFEE, JOANNA                         NY-38-K-265
CHAFFEE, JOANNA                         NY-38-F-241
CHAFFEE, JOEL                           NY-38-K-193
CHAFFEE, JOSIAH                         NY-38-R-250
CHAMBERLAIN, JOSHUA                     NY-38-C-250
CHAMBERLIN, ELIZA                       NY-38-O-385
CHAMPION, ABIGAIL                       NY-38-M-299
CHAMPION, VIENNA                        NY-38-P-293
CHAMPMAN, JOHN                          NY-38-E-53
CHAMPNEY, HIRA                          NY-38-E-38
CHANDLER, PETER                         NY-38-C-99
CHANGO, LORETTA                         NY-38-N-535
CHANTING, CLAUD                         NY-38-N-289
CHAPEL, ABIJAH G.                       NY-38-S-48
CHAPIN, ALMON C.                        NY-38-N-357
CHAPIN, HARVEY E.                       NY-38-I-253
CHAPLIN, PETER                          NY-38-L-301
CHAPMAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-38-U-126
CHAPMAN, CHARLES                        NY-38-Q-113
CHAPMAN, CONSTANT B.                    NY-38-P-297
CHAPMAN, ELIJAH D.                      NY-38-2-101
CHAPMAN, ELIZA E.                       NY-38-2-230
CHAPMAN, ELLA                           NY-38-2-105
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-38-J-266
CHAPMAN, JOSIAH                         NY-38-Q-121
CHAPMAN, REUBEN                         NY-38-1-171
CHAPMAN, THOMAS                         NY-38-T-171
CHAPMAN, ZACHERIAH S.                   NY-38-S-97
CHAPPEL, ELIZABETH                      NY-38-K-120
CHAPPEL, PERRY H.                       NY-38-J-133
CHAPPEL, SOPHRONA                       NY-38-J-350
CHAPPELL, STEPHEN                       NY-38-P-133
CHARIS, MARITN                          NY-38-O-105
CHARLES, HENRY                          NY-38-2-5
CHARLEY, HARRIET                        NY-38-S-213
CHASE, DUDLEY L.                        NY-38-B-150
CHASE, LETITIA H.                       NY-38-2-266
CHASE, PERRY                            NY-38-P-439
CHAWGO, GEORGE H.                       NY-38-S-101
CHEENEY, WILLIAM H.                     NY-38-1-113
CHEESBRO, JOSEPH                        NY-38-D-201
CHEEVER, URSULA C.                      NY-38-R-149
CHEEVER, WILLIAM A.                     NY-38-N-385
CHEEVER, WILLIAM M.                     NY-38-B-224
CHESBRO, JAMES M.                       NY-38-T-123
CHESBRO, MARY C.                        NY-38-U-31
CHESBRO, NICHOLAS                       NY-38-K-317
CHESBRO, THOMAS W.                      NY-38-P-317
CHESEBRO, JOHN PUTNAM                   NY-38-M-75
CHESEBRO, LYDIA                         NY-38-P-605
CHICK, ELECTA                           NY-38-N-441
CHICK, EPHRAIM                          NY-38-L-365
CHILD, WILLIAM H.                       NY-38-M-163
CHILSON, ANN                            NY-38-Q-107
CHRISTMAN, JACOB                        NY-38-B-251
CHURCH, CARLTON                         NY-38-P-119
CHURCH, EMILY                           NY-38-2-206
CHURCH, HORACE                          NY-38-H-181
CHURCH, JAMES                           NY-38-N-335
CHURCH, RACHEL ANN                      NY-38-M-175
CHURCH, SOPHIA                          NY-38-P-423
CHURCH, TENY                            NY-38-O-205
CHURCHES, WILLIAM                       NY-38-P-265
CISLER, MAY A.                          NY-38-1-59
CLAKR, JONES D.                         NY-38-S-21
CLANCY, THOMAS                          NY-38-1-255
CLARK, ABRAM M.                         NY-38-Q-189
CLARK, AMIABLE                          NY-38-K-5
CLARK, ANDREW G.                        NY-38-U-127
CLARK, BRIDGET                          NY-38-R-229
CLARK, CHARLES C. P.                    NY-38-2-42
CLARK, CLINTON                          NY-38-P-603
CLARK, CORNELIA C.                      NY-38-2-37
CLARK, DAVID                            NY-38-K-16
CLARK, DAVID                            NY-38-K-15
CLARK, EDWARD L.                        NY-38-Q-359
CLARK, ELIZABETH W.                     NY-38-T-160
CLARK, EMMA ALMEDA                      NY-38-Q-145
CLARK, EPHRIAM                          NY-38-O-185
CLARK, GEORGE T.                        NY-38-2-29
CLARK, HELEN A.                         NY-38-T-110
CLARK, JABEZ B.                         NY-38-S-22
CLARK, JAMES A.                         NY-38-Q-239
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-38-E-88
CLARK, JUDSON                           NY-38-T-67
CLARK, LEWIS                            NY-38-K-515
CLARK, LEWIS C.                         NY-38-K-563
CLARK, LEWIS C.                         NY-38-K-489
CLARK, LOAMI                            NY-38-K-355
CLARK, LODELIA M.                       NY-38-1-154
CLARK, LOREN R.                         NY-38-N-305
CLARK, MARY B. H.                       NY-38-2-78
CLARK, MARY E.                          NY-38-2-96
CLARK, NANCY                            NY-38-O-29
CLARK, OGDEN                            NY-38-J-149
CLARK, PETER                            NY-38-1-278
CLARK, ROWLAND                          NY-38-R-85
CLARK, RUFUS G.                         NY-38-2-127
CLARK, SAMUEL                           NY-38-L-171
CLARK, SARAH MARIA                      NY-38-1-262
CLARK, SHERMAN                          NY-38-U-36
CLARK, SHERMAN                          NY-38-N-445
CLARK, STARR                            NY-38-J-119
CLARK, WILLIAM H.                       NY-38-S-246
CLARY, FRNAKLIN B.                      NY-38-I-73
CLARY, SAMUEL J.                        NY-38-N-273
CLAUS, JULIA                            NY-38-1-22
CLELLAND, JAMES                         NY-38-P-351
CLEMMINGS, CYRUS                        NY-38-P-101
CLEMONS, CHARLES JR.                    NY-38-S-185
CLEVELAND, CHARLES E.                   NY-38-N-381
CLIFF, THOMAS                           NY-38-I-409
CLOSSON, JOHN C.                        NY-38-L-329
CLUTE, ANDREW                           NY-38-H-211
CLUTE, NICHOLAS A.                      NY-38-2-224
CLUTE, RICHARD                          NY-38-O-345
COAN, SYLVANUS H.                       NY-38-M-431
COBB, IRA B.                            NY-38-O-89
CODY, ROMANTUS                          NY-38-R-167
COE, ALBERT                             NY-38-B-1
COE, ANDREW                             NY-38-Q-155
COE, GILBERT                            NY-38-P-281
COE, JOHN P.                            NY-38-M-31
COE, ROBERT                             NY-38-K-18
COE, SEYMOUR                            NY-38-2-259
COGSWELL, MINNA J.                      NY-38-U-134
COIT, JOHN J.                           NY-38-2-195
COLE, ADELINE F.                        NY-38-G-301
COLE, DANIEL                            NY-38-L-39
COLE, DANIEL                            NY-38-L-41
COLE, DANIEL W.                         NY-38-B-64
COLE, EDGAR                             NY-38-L-383
COLE, FREEMAN W.                        NY-38-2-222
COLE, GEORGE                            NY-38-S-154
COLE, GEORGE                            NY-38-S-152
COLE, GEORGE                            NY-38-1-65
COLE, HANNAH C.                         NY-38-L-391
COLE, HENRY                             NY-38-L-411
COLE, HENRY                             NY-38-G-313
COLE, HENRY L.                          NY-38-P-607
COLE, HIRAM                             NY-38-N-479
COLE, LAURA M.                          NY-38-1-186
COLE, LOUSIA                            NY-38-T-6
COLE, LURANA                            NY-38-L-337
COLE, NATHAN                            NY-38-I-451
COLE, PETER                             NY-38-2-237
COLE, ZABED                             NY-38-L-257
COLEMAN, PETER                          NY-38-U-102
COLEMAN, SUSAN KELLY                    NY-38-S-76
COLES, JOHN                             NY-38-L-201
COLLINS, CHRISTINA                      NY-38-L-25
COLLINS, CYNTHIA J.                     NY-38-R-223
COLLINS, DANIEL                         NY-38-S-56
COLLINS, ELI                            NY-38-G-307
COLLINS, NANCY M.                       NY-38-O-219
COLLINS, NICHOLSON                      NY-38-J-41
COLLINS, THOMAS                         NY-38-H-61
COLWELL, JAMES                          NY-38-H-13
COLWELL, PATRICK                        NY-38-N-51
COMSTOCK, ABNER                         NY-38-B-44
COMSTOCK, EDWIN                         NY-38-P-359
COMSTOCK, LOLY                          NY-38-E-75
CONDE, DORCAS A.                        NY-38-R-61
CONDE, HENRY S.                         NY-38-N-77
CONE, ELBERT J.                         NY-38-T-149
CONE, EUNICE                            NY-38-S-267
CONE, ORANGE                            NY-38-K-52
CONE, SARAH                             NY-38-S-199
CONGDON, DANIEL                         NY-38-P-321
CONGER, ENOCK                           NY-38-2-22
CONGER, JOB C.                          NY-38-C-35
CONKLIN, CHARLES                        NY-38-L-125
CONKLIN, LUCY A.                        NY-38-O-231
CONKLIN, LUTHER H.                      NY-38-N-197
CONKLIN, LUTHER S.                      NY-38-B-89
CONNELL, THOMAS                         NY-38-M-415
CONNER, MATHEW                          NY-38-M-455
CONNOR, MICHAEL                         NY-38-P-47
CONOVER, TUNIS                          NY-38-M-251
CONTREMAN, PHEBE G.                     NY-38-1-178
CONVERSE, HANNAH                        NY-38-O-243
CONWAY, THOMAS                          NY-38-N-203
COOK, ALBERT G.                         NY-38-S-43
COOK, CHARITY                           NY-38-N-279
COOK, EDWARD                            NY-38-S-177
COOK, FANNIE                            NY-38-B-82
COOK, FRANCIS                           NY-38-S-77
COOK, JANE E.                           NY-38-1-224
COOK, JANE M.                           NY-38-S-178
COOK, JESSE                             NY-38-E-78
COOK, PETER                             NY-38-J-27
COOK, WILLIAM                           NY-38-A-18
COOK, WILLIAM                           NY-38-B-63
COOLEY, HENRIETTE A.                    NY-38-P-553
COOMBS, WARREN K.                       NY-38-O-31
COON, CHARLES B.                        NY-38-S-70
COON, CHARLES JR.                       NY-38-B-292
COON, JACOB                             NY-38-K-349
COON, LYMAN S.                          NY-38-T-223
COON, PETER                             NY-38-O-23
COON, SPENCER W.                        NY-38-R-122
COONS, JOHN A.                          NY-38-L-449
COOPER, ALBERT W.                       NY-38-O-41
COOPER, COURTLAND C.                    NY-38-E-373
COOPER, EMMA L.                         NY-38-2-16
COOPER, HARRIS M.                       NY-38-Q-133
COOPER, JAMES                           NY-38-2-44
COOPER, JERVIS                          NY-38-P-457
COOPER, PETER SR.                       NY-38-S-95
COOPER, SARAH H.                        NY-38-2-213
COPLEY, HANNAH                          NY-38-E-66
COPLIN, JOSEPH                          NY-38-G-583
COPP, HENRY W.                          NY-38-R-178
COPP, JOSEPH                            NY-38-O-149
CORNELL, OBADIAH                        NY-38-G-259
CORNISH, LOUISA E.                      NY-38-1-287
CORNWELL, ESTHER                        NY-38-T-117
CORNWELL, MARY C.                       NY-38-2-225
CORNWELL, SOPHRONIA H.                  NY-38-1-103
CORNWELL, TRACY                         NY-38-Q-253
CORREGAN, WILLIAM H.                    NY-38-R-209
CORRIE, CATHARINE                       NY-38-R-191
CORSE, ELLA B.                          NY-38-1-173
CORWIN, MARGARET                        NY-38-C-208
COTTEL, MARTIN                          NY-38-T-17
COUCH, HELEN A.                         NY-38-K-129
COULTER, JAMES                          NY-38-P-571
COURRAN, LAURY                          NY-38-T-190
COUTY, LEWIS                            NY-38-R-221
COVERT, DAVID L.                        NY-38-1-163
COVEY, BENJAMIN                         NY-38-J-107
COVIL, STEPHEN                          NY-38-D-381
COWAN, PHILANDER N.                     NY-38-T-230
COWLEY, JAMES                           NY-38-S-124
COX, GABRIEL                            NY-38-F-469
COX, MARTIN H.                          NY-38-P-529
COX, NICHOLAS                           NY-38-T-115
COX, RICHARD                            NY-38-Q-47
COY, ANN AGNES                          NY-38-1-156
COYER, MARY                             NY-38-O-181
CRAHAN, BRIDGET                         NY-38-P-65
CRAIK, JAMES                            NY-38-O-241
CRAMER, JOHN                            NY-38-S-145
CRAMP, JAMES                            NY-38-E-310
CRANDALL, ELIHU                         NY-38-K-100
CRANDALL, OWEN                          NY-38-B-35
CRANDALL, REUBEN A.                     NY-38-2-247
CRANE, ABIGAIL                          NY-38-Q-223
CRANE, ALBERT                           NY-38-C-90
CRANE, HUNTER                           NY-38-F-331
CRANER, FRANCIS                         NY-38-N-599
CRAWFORD, CATHERINE L.                  NY-38-2-253
CRAWFORD, EMILY A.                      NY-38-R-84
CRAWFORD, PATRICK                       NY-38-2-130
CRAYS, MARIA                            NY-38-M-135
CRIM, MOSES                             NY-38-M-285
CRIM, PHILIP                            NY-38-K-67
CRIMMINS, JOHN                          NY-38-U-20
CRIMMINS, WILLIAM                       NY-38-M-491
CROCKER, LUCIUS B.                      NY-38-J-430
CROFOOT, JOHN                           NY-38-E-317
CROLIUS, MARTHA                         NY-38-Q-175
CRONK, HARMON                           NY-38-F-187
CRONK, STEPHEN W.                       NY-38-2-162
CRONKHITE, BETSEY                       NY-38-G-67
CRONKHITE, LUCINDA                      NY-38-P-15
CROPSEY, ALEXANDER                      NY-38-T-29
CROSBY, JOEL W.                         NY-38-Q-33
CROSBY, WILLIAM H.                      NY-38-S-202
CROSS, GILBERT L.                       NY-38-R-231
CROSS, MELISSA L.                       NY-38-P-333
CROSSMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-38-R-36
CROSSMAN, MARIA                         NY-38-R-33
CROSSMAN, ROLAND P.                     NY-38-O-165
CROUCH, MARTHA H.                       NY-38-M-375
CROZIER, WILLIAM                        NY-38-E-20
CRYSLER, JULIA A.                       NY-38-N-87
CULKIN, MICHAEL                         NY-38-L-121
CULKINS, MICHAEL                        NY-38-L-537
CUMMINGS, HIBBARD                       NY-38-G-541
CUMMINGS, LUMAN                         NY-38-M-321
CUMMINGS, SUSAN                         NY-38-R-131
CUMMINS, ALVINA                         NY-38-P-345
CUMMINS, CHAUNCEY S.                    NY-38-I-277
CUMMINS, SAM                            NY-38-1-210
CURRAN, JOHN                            NY-38-R-243
CURRIE, R. FREDERICK                    NY-38-2-86
CURRIE, ROBERT A.                       NY-38-F-169
CURRY, JAMES                            NY-38-N-121
CURRY, MARGARET                         NY-38-L-131
CURTIS, HARRIET L.                      NY-38-P-279
CURTISS, ABIGAIL                        NY-38-N-69
CURTISS, CLARISSA                       NY-38-M-7
CURTISS, JOHN                           NY-38-G-31
CURTUS, BETSY                           NY-38-L-37
CUYLER, DAVID                           NY-38-O-255

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