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ABBOTT, ELIZABETH B.                   NY-36-Y-42
ABELL, EUGENE H.                       NY-36-62-337
ABERS, ARILLA                          NY-36-56-341
ABRAMS, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-Z-168
ABRAMS, THERON B.                      NY-36-38-136
ACKERLY, ELIJAH                        NY-36-33-249
ACKERLY, MARY J.                       NY-36-60-114
ACKERLY, MEHETABEL B.                  NY-36-30-554
ACKERLY, NATHANIEL                     NY-36-59-330
ACKERMAN, ANDREW                       NY-36-29-446
ACKERMAN, ANDRIS                       NY-36-E-244
ACKERMAN, DAVID                        NY-36-F-420 
ACKERMAN, ISAAC                        NY-36-S-464
ACKERMAN, JOHN                         NY-36-Z-559
ACKERMAN, JOHN                         NY-36-53-292
ACKERMAN, MARIA                        NY-36-32-521
ACKERMAN, PHEBE M.                     NY-36-62-228
ACKERSON, GARRET                       NY-36-D-421
ADAMS, CATHARINE                       NY-36-59-239
ADAMS, HENRY L.                        NY-36-69-242
ADAMS, JAMES                           NY-36-U-7
ADAMS, JAMES O.                        NY-36-49-287
ADAMS, JANE                            NY-36-39-422
ADAMS, JOHN                            NY-36-53-188
ADAMS, JOHN C.                         NY-36-67-457
ADAMS, JOSEPH NELSON                   NY-36-50-25
ADAMS, LEVI B.                         NY-36-32-214
ADAMS, MARGARET                        NY-36-70-262
ADAMS, NATHANIEL                       NY-36-27-159
ADAMS, RACHEL                          NY-36-46-295
ADAMS, SAMUEL C.                       NY-36-43-202
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-36-B-307
ADERTON, JOHN L.                       NY-36-53-134
ADOLPH, THERESA                        NY-36-41-380
AKELY, RUTH                            NY-36-35-774
AKERLY, NATHANIEL                      NY-36-R-10
AKERLY, SAMUEL M.                      NY-36-66-284
ALBERTSON, EMELINE                     NY-36-75-54
ALBERTSON, JEREMIAH                    NY-36-N-249
ALBERTSON, MARY H.                     NY-36-42-32
ALBERTSON, MARY JANE                   NY-36-62-413
ALBERTSON, WILLIAM                     NY-36-27-431
ALDEN, MARY ANN                        NY-36-29-451
ALDRICH, CATHERINE                     NY-36-53-222
ALDRICH, ELI S.                        NY-36-32-313
ALDRICH, JAMES                         NY-36-Z-203
ALGER, PHEBE                           NY-36-60-69
ALLAN, CHARLES F.                      NY-36-75-440
ALLEN, DAVID                           NY-36-L-142
ALLEN, ESTHER                          NY-36-I-183
ALLEN, GEORGE                          NY-36-60-185
ALLEN, HENRY B.                        NY-36-44-109
ALLEN, ISABELLA R.                     NY-36-75-76
ALLEN, WILLIAM L.                      NY-36-38-80
ALLISON, AMY                           NY-36-J-256
ALLISON, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-L-399
ALLISON, ELIZA                         NY-36-56-178
ALLISON, HANNAH                        NY-36-27-203
ALLISON, ISAAC                         NY-36-J-162
ALLISON, ISAAC                         NY-36-#1-421
ALLISON, ISAAC                         NY-36-J-515
ALLISON, ISAAC                         NY-36-G-276
ALLISON, ISAAC W.                      NY-36-44-250
ALLISON, JAMES                         NY-36-K-185
ALLISON, JETHRO                        NY-36-34-197
ALLISON, JOHN WARNER                   NY-36-C-419
ALLISON, JOSEPH                        NY-36-A-325
ALLISON, RICHARD                       NY-36-B-256
ALLISON, RICHARD                       NY-36-D-312
ALLISON, SUSAN                         NY-36-K-449
ALLISON, THOMAS V.                     NY-36-41-352
ALLISON, WILLIAM                       NY-36-D-75
ALLISON, WINFRED S.                    NY-36-R-35
ALSDORF, CHARLES B.                    NY-36-53-425
ALSTEAD, WILLIAM                       NY-36-30-407
ALTEMEIER, HENRY                       NY-36-56-292
ALWARD, JOHN F.                        NY-36-35-462
ALWARD, STEPHEN T.                     NY-36-46-124
AMERMAN, NANCY                         NY-36-30-718
AMES, BARRETT                          NY-36-31-475
AMES, ELIJAH W.                        NY-36-P-70
AMRAY, HARRIET A.                      NY-36-58-236
ANDERSON, CALVIN                       NY-36-62-147
ANDERSON, DANIEL                       NY-36-E-3
ANDERSON, EDGAR B.                     NY-36-49-359
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH J.                 NY-36-38-419
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH R.                 NY-36-31-102
ANDERSON, HARRISON C.                  NY-36-74-150
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-36-75-431
ANDERSON, JAMES H.                     NY-36-69-265
ANDERSON, MARY C.                      NY-36-34-157
ANDERSON, SARAH M.                     NY-36-52-18
ANDREWS, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-42-46
ANDREWS, EMILY                         NY-36-38-221
ANDREWS, ERASTUS D.                    NY-36-72-99
ANDREWS, GILES                         NY-36-32-151
ANDREWS, JAMES                         NY-36-53-95
ANDREWS, JOSEPH R.                     NY-36-Q-17
ANDREWS, LUCY                          NY-36-40-195
ANDREWS, NEHEMIAH                      NY-36-X-164
ANDREWS, NORMAN                        NY-36-H-397
ANDREWS, SARAH ANN                     NY-36-58-153
ANDREWS, THOMAS                        NY-36-75-28
ANGUS, JAMES                           NY-36-54-204
ANSON, WILLIAM H.                      NY-36-74-63
ANTHONY, JAMES T.                      NY-36-58-364
ANTILL, JOHN                           NY-36-F-52
ANVLEET, ANDREW W.                     NY-36-57-8
APPLEBEE, WILLIAM H.                   NY-36-54-22
APPLETON, MARY A.                      NY-36-31-631
ARBUCKLE, THOMAS                       NY-36-71-38
ARCHER, JONATHAN                       NY-36-F-398
ARCHER, WILLIAM                        NY-36-D-102
ARCHIBALD, JAMES                       NY-36-D-378
ARMS, ARNEST F.                        NY-36-29-127
ARMS, CLIFFORD S.                      NY-36-27-739
ARMSTRONG, FRANCIS                     NY-36-30-246
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       NY-36-H-26
ARMSTRONG, JASPER S.                   NY-36-30-378
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        NY-36-A-448
ARMSTRONG, JOHN M.                     NY-36-62-367
ARMSTRONG, JOHN R.                     NY-36-40-44
ARMSTRONG, KETURAH                     NY-36-32-256
ARMSTRONG, LEWIS                       NY-36-67-399
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                      NY-36-#1-387
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                      NY-36-J-126
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT G.                   NY-36-U-370
ARMSTRONG, SAMUEL                      NY-36-52-20
ARMSTRONG, SARAH H.                    NY-36-S-400
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      NY-36-29-431
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     NY-36-53-452
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     NY-36-C-238
ARNAUT, WILLIAM                        NY-36-W-255
ARNELL, DAVID R.                       NY-36-H-196
ARNELL, MARY                           NY-36-C-88
ARNET, JAMES                           NY-36-H-250
ARNET, SAMUEL                          NY-36-35-86
ARNOLD, CHARLES HENRY                  NY-36-71-383
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                         NY-36-27-375
ARNOLD, ROBERT                         NY-36-L-392
ARNOT, SARAH ANN                       NY-36-47-50
ARNOTT, ANDREW                         NY-36-30-753
ARNOTT, GEORGE                         NY-36-44-204
ARNOTT, ISRAEL                         NY-36-S-237
ARNOUT, NATHAN                         NY-36-H-324
ARNOUT, PETER                          NY-36-C-58
ARTHUR, SAMUEL                         NY-36-D-531
ASHBY, ANTHONY                         NY-36-V-336
ASHBY, KETURAH ANN                     NY-36-69-16
ASKEW, MATTHEW S.                      NY-36-57-195
ASPELL, CHRISTOPHER                    NY-36-V-341
ASPELL, MARY                           NY-36-30-568
ASPELL, PETER                          NY-36-38-48
ATKINSON, JOHN                         NY-36-55-356
ATKINSON, MARY                         NY-36-41-213
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                      NY-36-H-72
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                      NY-36-V-275
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                      NY-36-61-447
ATWATER, DAVID J.                      NY-36-55-255
ATWOOD, JOHANAH                        NY-36-71-43
ATWOOD, JOHN                           NY-36-29-349
ATWOOD, VIRGINIA D.                    NY-36-47-123
AUMICK, RACHEL                         NY-36-60-50
AUSTIN, JAMES C.                       NY-36-57-175
AUSTIN, MARY                           NY-36-K-495
AVERY, HENRY                           NY-36-73-391
AVERY, WILLIAM                         NY-36-67-297
AXFORD, CALVIN B.                      NY-36-52-115
AYRES, DAVID                           NY-36-H-291
AYRES, ELMIRA                          NY-36-46-32
AYRES, ENOS                            NY-36-P-18
AYRES, ENOS                            NY-36-H-462
AYRES, JANE                            NY-36-34-20
AYRES, JULIA                           NY-36-S-309
AYRES, SAMUEL                          NY-36-72-7
AYRES, WILLIAM                         NY-36-K-141
BABCCK, FREDERIKA L.                   NY-36-66-395
BABCOCK, LINUS B.                      NY-36-43-37
BABCOCK, MARGARET                      NY-36-43-238
BABCOCK, MARY AUGUSTA                  NY-36-38-348
BACHELLER, JOSEPH N.                   NY-36-71-286
BACKMAN, CHARLES                       NY-36-69-124
BAELYS, RICHARD SR.                    NY-36-A-224
BAILEY, CHARITY                        NY-36-V-208
BAILEY, DANIEL                         NY-36-L-194
BAILEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-31-15
BAILEY, FERDINAND                      NY-36-J-118
BAILEY, FERDINAND                      NY-36-#1-402
BAILEY, ISRAEL W.                      NY-36-Q-22
BAILEY, JACOB WHITMAN                  NY-36-W-65
BAILEY, JOHN                           NY-36-V-302
BAILEY, JOHN O.                        NY-36-75-162
BAILEY, JONATHAN                       NY-36-E-180
BAILEY, JONATHAN                       NY-36-K-191
BAILEY, JONATHAN                       NY-36-F-382
BAILEY, JOSEPH                         NY-36-F-298
BAILEY, MAHALA                         NY-36-31-3
BAILEY, NATHANIEL                      NY-36-27-112
BAILEY, NATHANIEL                      NY-36-F-37
BAILEY, OLIER                          NY-36-30-368
BAILLIERE, MARY E.                     NY-36-66-146
BAIRD, ABBA                            NY-36-42-82
BAIRD, FRANCIS                         NY-36-B-162
BAIRD, JOHN W.                         NY-36-48-55
BAIRD, JOHN W.                         NY-36-59-255
BAIRD, SAMUEL D.                       NY-36-56-437
BAIRD, SARAH                           NY-36-F-309
BAIRD, WILLIAM E.                      NY-36-E-227
BAISCH, MARY A.                        NY-36-50-291
BAKEMAN, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-N-401
BAKER, ANNIE                           NY-36-61-303
BAKER, JOHN                            NY-36-69-116
BAKER, MICHAEL H.                      NY-36-48-38
BAKER, THOMAS H.                       NY-36-73-309
BAKEWELL, MARY ANN                     NY-36-61-4
BAKEWELL,MARY E.                       NY-36-73-44
BALDINGER, LOUIS                       NY-36-72-95
BALDWIN, CAROLINE                      NY-36-76-239
BALDWIN, DAVID                         NY-36-C-376
BALDWIN, ISAAC N.                      NY-36-57-88
BALDWIN, MATHUESELAH ***               NY-36-O-183
BALDWIN, MAY STANTON                   NY-36-58-306
BALDWIN, WICKLIFFE E.                  NY-36-34-62
BALDWIN, ZACHARIAH                     NY-36-D-7
BALKEN, MARY R.                        NY-36-62-141
BALL, GEORGE                           NY-36-45-323
BALL, HENRY                            NY-36-40-241
BALL, HORACE                           NY-36-43-92
BALL, JAMES                            NY-36-43-353
BALL, JAMES                            NY-36-W-198
BALL, JAMES M.                         NY-36-47-119
BALL, JANE                             NY-36-41-358
BALL, MARY                             NY-36-39-180
BALL, MOSES                            NY-36-N-46
BALL, PETER                            NY-36-46-36
BALL, PHEBE A.                         NY-36-70-153
BALL, SAMUEL                           NY-36-V-308
BALL, THEODORE                         NY-36-57-396
BALL, THOMPSON                         NY-36-48-154
BAMBECK, MARY ANN                      NY-36-66-296
BAMELL, PHEBE                          NY-36-47-402
BANCKER, WILLIAM                       NY-36-38-29
BANKER, FRED A.                        NY-36-65-146
BANKER, HARRIET                        NY-36-48-256
BANKER, ISAAC                          NY-36-32-512
BANKER, ISAAC                          NY-36-70-241
BANKER, SAMUEL R.                      NY-36-51-208
BANKS, AARON                           NY-36-50-191
BANKS, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-66-210
BANKS, JAMES                           NY-36-L-77
BANKS, MARY C.                         NY-36-52-16
BANNON, MARY                           NY-36-66-338
BARACARY, PATRICK H.                   NY-36-37-427
BARBER, ELLEN K.                       NY-36-50-354
BARBER, JOHN                           NY-36-2-111
BARBER, JOHN                           NY-36-J-424
BARBER, JOSEPH                         NY-36-#1-12
BARCALOW, FARRINGTON                   NY-36-51-369
BARCLAY, ALEXANDER                     NY-36-52-329
BARCLAY, DAVID H.                      NY-36-41-377
BARCLAY, JAMES                         NY-36-30-332
BARCLAY, NANCY                         NY-36-51-71
BARCLAY, PETER M.                      NY-36-69-224
BARCLEY, MARGARET M.                   NY-36-42-96
BARKER, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-33-323
BARKER, JOSEPH                         NY-36-I-128
BARKER, WILLIAM                        NY-36-M-57
BARKLEY, ALFRED                        NY-36-62-403
BARKLEY, DANIEL                        NY-36-O-510
BARKLEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-U-386
BARKLEY, HUGH                          NY-36-D-281
BARKLEY, JAMES                         NY-36-61-355
BARKLEY, JAMES                         NY-36-E-316
BARKLEY, JAMES S.                      NY-36-Y-427
BARKLEY, JAMES W.                      NY-36-B-87
BARKLEY, JOSEPH                        NY-36-U-332
BARKLEY, MARGARET                      NY-36-45-285
BARKLEY, MILTON                        NY-36-32-305
BARKLEY, RACHEL T.                     NY-36-53-8
BARKLEY, SAMUEL                        NY-36-E-205
BARKLEY, SARAH                         NY-36-H-215
BARKLEY, THOMAS                        NY-36-G-4
BARKLEY, WILLIAM S.                    NY-36-45-260
BARKS, ROSILIA H.                      NY-36-53-250
BARLOW, GILBERT                        NY-36-70-323
BARLOW, HARRIETT                       NY-36-N-110
BARNARD, CHAUNCEY                      NY-36-39-331
BARNARD, HARRIET W. (BERDELL)          NY-36-65-393
BARNES, CORNELIUS                      NY-36-51-348
BARNES, HATTIE S.                      NY-36-60-355
BARNES, JAMES                          NY-36-38-4
BARNES, JEREMIAH                       NY-36-43-372
BARNES, MARY                           NY-36-49-95
BARNES, MARY D.                        NY-36-47-217
BARNES, MILLS                          NY-36-52-182
BARNES, SARAH E.                       NY-36-76-168
BARNES, WILLAM T.                      NY-36-69-385
BARNES, WILLIAM D.                     NY-36-74-204
BARNEY, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-G-140
BARNEY, MOREAU                         NY-36-J-199
BARNS, NATHANIEL                       NY-36-42-88
BARNUM, LAURA                          NY-36-75-186
BARR, JOHN                             NY-36-51-129
BARRETT, AUGUSTUS                      NY-36-49-215
BARRETT, DAVID D.                      NY-36-28-380
BARRETT, EBENEZER                      NY-36-71-88
BARRETT, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-62-150
BARRETT, MARY ELIZABETH                NY-36-71-91
BARRETT, SAMUEL L.                     NY-36-T-267
BARRETT, SELENA                        NY-36-71-423
BARRY, MARGARET                        NY-36-74-28
BARRY, MICHAEL F.                      NY-36-71-369
BARRY, WILLIAM                         NY-36-57-459
BARTELS, CHARLES                       NY-36-52-325
BARTHOLF, SAMUEL                       NY-36-E-51
BARTLETT, WILLIAM E.                   NY-36-56-392
BARTOLF, CRINIS                        NY-36-H-122
BARTOLF, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-C-257
BARTON, ANNA                           NY-36-Y-65
BARTON, ELEANOR CORNELL                NY-36-74-125
BARTON, ELEAZAR T.                     NY-36-52-454
BARTON, GILBERT C.                     NY-36-41-322
BARTON, HANNAH                         NY-36-37-420
BARTON, JAMES                          NY-36-45-349
BARTON, JOHN                           NY-36-Y-292
BARTON, JOSEPH WARREN                  NY-36-66-203
BARTON, ROGER                          NY-36-2-79
BARTON, ROGER                          NY-36-J-380
BARTON, SARAH                          NY-36-29-16
BASSETT, MATILDA C.                    NY-36-54-100
BATE, DAVID W.                         NY-36-Y-8
BATE, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-43-407
BATE, ELIZABETH ANN                    NY-36-40-237
BATEMAN, ALFRED                        NY-36-42-321
BATEMAN, MICHAEL                       NY-36-72-245
BATES, JOB                             NY-36-69-32
BAUER, EVA                             NY-36-49-270
BAXANDALE, JONATHAN                    NY-36-42-347
BAXTER, AGNES                          NY-36-49-58
BAXTER, MARY JANE                      NY-36-73-239
BAXTER, WHITMORE                       NY-36-66-65
BEACH, ELIJAH W.                       NY-36-Q-7
BEACH, JOSEPH                          NY-36-G-247
BEACH, JOSEPH J.                       NY-36-G-260
BEACH, MARTHA                          NY-36-A-458
BEACH, THOMAS                          NY-36-A-297
BEAKES, ALANSON W.                     NY-36-V-315
BEAKES, HENRY S.                       NY-36-32-91
BEAKES, JOSEPH                         NY-36-W-433
BEAKES, JULIA A.                       NY-36-45-247
BEAKES, STACY                          NY-36-P-331
BEAKES, SUSAN MARGARET                 NY-36-55-370
BEAKES, WILLIAM O.                     NY-36-58-93
BEAKESS, STACY                         NY-36-B-175
BEAM, JOHN V. JR.                      NY-36-36-396
BEAMER, ADAM                           NY-36-C-363
BEAMS, MARY A.                         NY-36-55-252
BEARD, GABRIEL S.                      NY-36-O-25
BEATTIE, AGNES                         NY-36-71-48
BEATTIE, ASHER                         NY-36-43-389
BEATTIE, CHARLES (REV)                 NY-36-73-306
BEATTIE, DAVID                         NY-36-58-446
BEATTIE, HANNAH J.                     NY-36-36-407
BEATTIE, JAMES                         NY-36-34-168
BEATTIE, JAMES M.                      NY-36-47-454
BEATTIE, JOHN F.                       NY-36-43-247
BEATTIE, SARAH                         NY-36-27-144
BEATTIE, WILLIAM C.                    NY-36-28-45
BEATTIE, WILLIAM F. C.                 NY-36-67-243
BEATTY, ARCHIBALD                      NY-36-F-166
BEATTY, CAROLINE                       NY-36-70-38
BEATTY, ELIZABETH G.                   NY-36-38-35
BEATTY, JOSEPH                         NY-36-E-284
BEATTY, MARGARET                       NY-36-65-1
BEATTY, MARIA                          NY-36-39-128
BEATTY, MARY                           NY-36-57-144
BEATTY, MARY                           NY-36-K-159
BEATTY, ROBERT                         NY-36-I-365
BEATTY, ROBERT                         NY-36-#1-110
BEATTY, SARAH JANE                     NY-36-55-60
BEATTY, THOMAS                         NY-36-D-81
BEATTY, WILLIAM                        NY-36-J-74
BEATTY, WILLIAM                        NY-36-#1-366
BEATY, JOHN                            NY-36-K-521
BEATY, JOHN                            NY-36-29-669
BEAUPRE, MARY ELLEN                    NY-36-55-438
BECKWITH, BRIDGET                      NY-36-38-170
BECKWITH, SUSAN M.                     NY-36-45-14
BEDFORD, ANDREW                        NY-36-H-38
BEDFORD, HENRY D.                      NY-36-27-270
BEEBE, BENTON L.                       NY-36-73-74
BEEBE, BEZALEEL                        NY-36-D-192
BEEBE, GILBERT                         NY-36-44-20
BEEBE, MARIAN                          NY-36-42-382
BEEBE, MOSES                           NY-36-34-323
BEEBE, PHEBE ANN                       NY-36-44-371
BEER, CAROLINE                         NY-36-73-29
BEERS, PRISCILLA A.                    NY-36-59-429
BEHME, MARY                            NY-36-76-297
BEIRNE, PATRICK                        NY-36-54-30
BELCHER, ADAM                          NY-36-F-290
BELCHER, DEBORAH                       NY-36-41-37
BELCHER, JOHN A.                       NY-36-V-134
BELCHER, JOSEPH                        NY-36-36-444
BELCHER, MARY E.                       NY-36-56-394
BELKNAP, ABEL                          NY-36-U-190
BELKNAP, ANN A.                        NY-36-54-166
BELKNAP, CATHARINE A.                  NY-36-40-330
BELKNAP, CHAUNCEY F.                   NY-36-Q-388
BELKNAP, CHAUNCEY F.                   NY-36-W-347
BELKNAP, CLARISSA                      NY-36-33-555
BELKNAP, CLEMENTINE S.                 NY-36-51-340
BELKNAP, DANIEL C.                     NY-36-Q-379
BELKNAP, DAVID                         NY-36-I-233
BELKNAP, DAVID                         NY-36-#1-61
BELKNAP, EDWARD W.                     NY-36-59-21
BELKNAP, ISAAC                         NY-36-N-56
BELKNAP, JEDUTHAN                      NY-36-F-229
BELKNAP, JOHN                          NY-36-H-65
BELKNAP, JONATHAN                      NY-36-F-163
BELKNAP, JONATHAN JR.                  NY-36-E-246
BELKNAP, JOSEPH                        NY-36-E-99
BELKNAP, MOSES C.                      NY-36-56-383
BELKNAP, OLIVER                        NY-36-41-130
BELKNAP, PRUDENCE                      NY-36-C-64
BELKNAP, RACHEL                        NY-36-48-8
BELKNAP, SARAH                         NY-36-U-233
BELKNAP, SARAH                         NY-36-C-356
BELKNAP, SUSAN                         NY-36-W-133
BELKNAP, THERON M.                     NY-36-U-238
BELKNAP, THOMAS                        NY-36-E-104
BELKNAP, THOMAS                        NY-36-B-26
BELL, ANN                              NY-36-51-73
BELL, ARTHUR                           NY-36-59-93
BELL, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-36-A-34
BELL, GEORGE C.                        NY-36-44-224
BELL, HANNAH M.                        NY-36-50-383
BELL, HENRY H.                         NY-36-31-623
BELL, JAMES                            NY-36-C-176
BELL, JAMES                            NY-36-M-279
BELL, JAMES B.                         NY-36-47-235
BELL, JAMES R.                         NY-36-46-362
BELL, JOHN                             NY-36-#1-34
BELL, JOHN                             NY-36-#1-424
BELL, JOHN                             NY-36-H-313
BELL, JOHN                             NY-36-Z-471
BELL, JOHN                             NY-36-J-31
BELL, JOHN JR.                         NY-36-H-509
BELL, MARY                             NY-36-30-595
BELL, ROBERT                           NY-36-D-88
BELL, ROBERT H.                        NY-36-O-610
BELL, THOMAS                           NY-36-O-467
BELL, WILLIAM                          NY-36-T-323
BELL, WILLIAM T.                       NY-36-F-4
BELLNAP, AARON                         NY-36-O-144
BELLOWS, CHARLES H.                    NY-36-N-37
BEMAN, HAINES JARA                     NY-36-D-527
BENEDICT, DANIEL                       NY-36-G-67
BENEDICT, ELI S.                       NY-36-67-326
BENEDICT, FANNY                        NY-36-43-28
BENEDICT, HARREIT                      NY-36-62-206
BENEDICT, HENRY A.                     NY-36-38-293
BENEDICT, ISABLE                       NY-36-31-223
BENEDICT, JAMES                        NY-36-27-696
BENEDICT, JAMES                        NY-36-G-56
BENEDICT, JAMES                        NY-36-W-27
BENEDICT, JAMES D.                     NY-36-65-109
BENEDICT, JANE F.                      NY-36-I-441
BENEDICT, JANE V.                      NY-36-#1-221
BENEDICT, JOEL H.                      NY-36-65-174
BENEDICT, JOHN G.                      NY-36-57-182
BENEDICT, PHEBE                        NY-36-56-245
BENEDICT, ROSWELL                      NY-36-47-133
BENEDICT, SALLY                        NY-36-58-452
BENEDICT, SARAH E.                     NY-36-76-151
BENEDICT, WILLIAM                      NY-36-H-304
BENEDICT, WILLIAM S.                   NY-36-46-334
BENJAMIN, ABRAHAM                      NY-36-W-296
BENJAMIN, ELIZABETH M.                 NY-36-71-347
BENNET, ABRAHAM                        NY-36-L-371
BENNET, BEDFORD M.                     NY-36-J-225
BENNET, BEDFORD M.                     NY-36-#1-447
BENNET, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-39-66
BENNET, ELIZABETHD.                    NY-36-66-115
BENNET, HARRIET                        NY-36-47-161
BENNET, JONATHAN                       NY-36-N-369
BENNET, LANAH                          NY-36-44-299
BENNET, PENELOPE                       NY-36-M-252
BENNET, SAMUEL G.                      NY-36-29-280
BENNETT, ADAM                          NY-36-Y-487
BENNETT, BENJAMIN                      NY-36-H-41
BENNETT, COMFORT                       NY-36-Y-357
BENNETT, GABRIEL                       NY-36-33-444
BENNETT, GEORGE                        NY-36-40-232
BENNETT, HANNAH                        NY-36-40-14
BENNETT, HARRIET                       NY-36-40-305
BENNETT, HIRAM                         NY-36-Q-447
BENNETT, INCREASE C.                   NY-36-33-452
BENNETT, JAMES L.                      NY-36-73-333
BENNETT, JOSIAH                        NY-36-67-37
BENNETT, MARY                          NY-36-45-368
BENNETT, SUSAN M.                      NY-36-69-142
BENNITT, DAVID                         NY-36-31-607
BENZ, LOUIS                            NY-36-41-58
BERGEN, ANGELIQUE R.                   NY-36-70-285
BERGEN, HENRY                          NY-36-51-155
BERNER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-36-48-401
BERNER, MARY EV                        NY-36-49-254
BERNHARDT, LEWIS                       NY-36-49-323
BERRY, SARAH L.                        NY-36-56-295
BERTHOEF, JAMES J.                     NY-36-51-432
BERTHOLF, AMANDA E.                    NY-36-48-275
BERTHOLF, GILLIAM                      NY-36-V-200
BERTHOLF, HENRY                        NY-36-48-206
BERTHOLF, JAMES H.                     NY-36-48-450
BERTHOLF, JAMES W.                     NY-36-40-383
BERTHOLF, JOHN                         NY-36-54-483
BERTHOLF, JOHN W.                      NY-36-49-448
BERTHOLF, LEWIS                        NY-36-62-174
BERTHOLF, MARTHA                       NY-36-W-113
BERTRAM, THOMAS                        NY-36-34-418
BERUS, LOUIS                           NY-36-38-278
BERUS, MARY P.                         NY-36-38-280
BETHUNE, ANN ELIZA                     NY-36-39-55
BETTS, ANNA DOLSON                     NY-36-71-171
BETTS, URIAH                           NY-36-L-296
BEVANS, ELVINA                         NY-36-46-360
BEVANS, JACOB                          NY-36-32-449
BEVANS, SAMUEL L.                      NY-36-46-30
BEVERIDGE, JOHN                        NY-36-X-478
BEVERIDGE, THOMAS                      NY-36-47-189
BEVERIDGE, VASHTI                      NY-36-29-368
BEYEA, DANIEL G.                       NY-36-54-329
BEYEA, HARRIET A.                      NY-36-58-162
BEYEA, MARY J.                         NY-36-61-300
BEYEA, RICHARD FERDINAND               NY-36-28-624
BEYEA, THOMAS                          NY-36-40-180
BEYEA, THOMAS K.                       NY-36-44-146
BICKEY, JAMES                          NY-36-C-235
BIGELOW, JENNY P.                      NY-36-52-207
BIGGY, HUGH                            NY-36-28-437
BINGHAM, CHARLES E.                    NY-36-70-238
BINGHAM, JAMES                         NY-36-M-482
BIRCH, JAMES W.                        NY-36-36-440
BIRCHARD, NATHAN                       NY-36-E-278
BIRCHARD, ZEBULON                      NY-36-C-271
BIRCURARY, WILLIAM                     NY-36-73-185
BIRDSALL, DANIEL                       NY-36-I-114
BIRDSALL, DANIEL                       NY-36-#1-8
BIRDSALL, DANIEL J.                    NY-36-73-64
BIRDSALL, DANIEL P.                    NY-36-27-468
BIRDSALL, HANNAH T.                    NY-36-T-241
BIRDSALL, JOHN                         NY-36-76-424
BIRDSALL, JOHN T                       NY-36-33-327
BIRDSALL, LOUISA S.                    NY-36-47-222
BIRDSALL, PHEBE J.                     NY-36-60-415
BIRDSALL, SOLOMON                      NY-36-41-126
BIRDSALL, SUSAN E.                     NY-36-67-264
BIRDSALL, THOMAS O.                    NY-36-56-82
BIRDSALL, WILLIAM                      NY-36-32-293
BIRGENSHAW, JESSE                      NY-36-39-125
BLACK, ANN                             NY-36-51-289
BLACK, JAMES                           NY-36-E-112
BLACK, JOHN                            NY-36-52-75
BLACK, MARY E.                         NY-36-39-195
BLACK, MARY E.                         NY-36-72-240
BLAIN, SAMUEL                          NY-36-30-258
BLAIN, SAMUEL                          NY-36-49-47, 140
BLAIR, ANNIE                           NY-36-48-266
BLAIR, ROBERT                          NY-36-L-219
BLAKE, EDWARD                          NY-36-Y-394
BLAKE, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-36-37-379
BLAKE, ELSIE J.                        NY-36-54-389
BLAKE, JAMES                           NY-36-T-198
BLAKE, JOHN                            NY-36-F-190
BLAKE, JOHN ESQ.                       NY-36-H-97
BLAKE, MILTON                          NY-36-32-296
BLAKE, ROBERT                          NY-36-Q-92
BLAKE, SARA                            NY-36-Z-292
BLAKE, WILLIAM                         NY-36-39-268
BLAKELEY, WILLAM T.                    NY-36-N-316
BLAKELY, LUCRETIA W.                   NY-36-36-414
BLAKESLEY, HANNAH A                    NY-36-33-185
BLAKLEY, BENJAMIN G.                   NY-36-T-202
BLAKLEY, JAMES H.                      NY-36-R-396
BLANCH, JAMES                          NY-36-39-327
BLANCHARD, WILLIAM                     NY-36-59-204
BLAUVELT, ABRAM                        NY-36-A-352
BLAUVELT, JOHANNES                     NY-36-A-273
BLAUVELT, JOHANNES JOS.                NY-36-A-78
BLIVEN, ULYSSES F. P.                  NY-36-51-56
BLIZARD, JOHN                          NY-36-Q-218
BLIZARD, JULIETTE                      NY-36-33-325
BLIZARD, MARGARET                      NY-36-56-196
BLIZARD, OLIVER                        NY-36-#1-44
BLIZARD, OLIVER                        NY-36-I-202
BLOOM, JOHN                            NY-36-M-409
BLOOM, JOHN                            NY-36-C-311
BLOOMER, DANIEL                        NY-36-D-122
BLOOMER, ELIZA JANE                    NY-36-65-44
BLOOMER, JOHN                          NY-36-27-132
BLOOMER, MARY                          NY-36-Q-416
BLOOMER, WILLIAM                       NY-36-G-255
BLOOMER, WILLIAM                       NY-36-34-335
BOAK, ARMINDA E.                       NY-36-59-437
BOAK, JAMES                            NY-36-R-246
BOAK, JOHN                             NY-36-J-526
BOAK, JOHN                             NY-36-R-178
BOAK, LETETIA                          NY-36-Z-643
BOAK, MALINDA                          NY-36-59-434
BOAK, PAMELA A.                        NY-36-U-229
BOAK, ROBERT                           NY-36-L-46
BOAK, ROBERT W.                        NY-36-S-479
BOAL, WILLIAM                          NY-36-55-289
BOARD, ANNIS                           NY-36-N-103
BOARD, CORNELIUS                       NY-36-I-135
BOARD, CORNELIUS                       NY-36-#1-16
BOARD, EDMUND K.                       NY-36-47-241
BOARD, MADELINE                        NY-36-47-214
BOARD, MARIA J.                        NY-36-T-379
BOARD, PHEBE                           NY-36-V-379
BOARD, SAMEL H.                        NY-36-58-188
BOARD, SUSAN                           NY-36-30-234
BOARD, THADDEUS                        NY-36-T-233
BOCKIS, WILLIAM                        NY-36-70-321
BOCKSTAVER, JOHN                       NY-36-60-198
BODEN, EDWARD                          NY-36-57-65
BODEN, JABEZ                           NY-36-40-290
BODEN, JOSEPH                          NY-36-42-296
BODINE, AARON                          NY-36-27-393
BODINE, ADAM I.                        NY-36-47-411
BODINE, BENJAMIN                       NY-36-P-343
BODINE, CATHARINE J.                   NY-36-57-151
BODINE, CHARLES                        NY-36-Q-146
BODINE, EDMUND                         NY-36-M-88
BODINE, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-28-82
BODINE, ELSIE C.                       NY-36-40-137
BODINE, ELSIE N.                       NY-36-45-20
BODINE, EMMA                           NY-36-45-56
BODINE, FREDERIC                       NY-36-66-51
BODINE, HANNAH                         NY-36-52-85
BODINE, JACOB                          NY-36-H-148
BODINE, LAWRENCE C.                    NY-36-59-258
BODINE, LEWIS J.                       NY-36-I-124
BODINE, LEWIS J.                       NY-36-#1-10
BODINE, LOUISA R.                      NY-36-50-132
BODINE, MARY FRANCES                   NY-36-76-417
BODINE, RACHEL A.                      NY-36-65-446
BODINE, SUSAN                          NY-36-27-43
BODINE, THEODORE G.                    NY-36-70-187
BODINE, WILLIAM                        NY-36-I-404
BODINE, WILLIAM                        NY-36-B-296
BODINE, WILLIAM                        NY-36-#1-179
BODKE, MARY                            NY-36-56-96
BODLE, ABRAHAM H.                      NY-36-39-417
BODLE, ALEXANDER                       NY-36-H-440
BODLE, ALEXANDER T.                    NY-36-L-272
BODLE, AMY                             NY-36-P-299
BODLE, ARCHIBALD B.                    NY-36-41-261
BODLE, FRANCES M.                      NY-36-55-112
BOERINGER, JOHN C.                     NY-36-28-139
BOETTNER, JOHN                         NY-36-52-376
BOGARD, CORNELIUS                      NY-36-A-431
BOGART, DAVID G.                       NY-36-38-36
BOGART, GEORGE                         NY-36-#1-429
BOGART, GEORGE                         NY-36-J-192
BOGART, MARGARET R.                    NY-36-Y-202
BOGERT, ANN MARIA                      NY-36-58-134
BOGERT, JAMES                          NY-36-40-161
BOGERT, NICHOLAS J.                    NY-36-M-172
BOHRER, CATHERINE                      NY-36-46-425
BOICE, DANIEL B.                       NY-36-Y-319
BOICE, ROBERT F.                       NY-36-38-33
BOLLENS, AREND D.                      NY-36-50-252
BOND, DAVID                            NY-36-U-30
BOND, HANNAH                           NY-36-36-416
BOND, HARRITE                          NY-36-55-418
BOND, JOHN H.                          NY-36-56-48
BOND, MARY                             NY-36-48-398
BOND, NANCY A.                         NY-36-76-383
BOND, SAMUEL SR.                       NY-36-H-75
BONEER, PETER F.                       NY-36-69-275
BONNELL, FRANCIS S.                    NY-36-39-109
BONNELL, FRANK R.                      NY-36-72-139
BONNELL, JOANNA S                      NY-36-33-536
BONNELL, JOHN L.                       NY-36-55-57
BONNELL, JOSEPH A.                     NY-36-33-534
BOOK, JOHN                             NY-36-29-575
BOOKSTAVER, ABSALOM                    NY-36-43-199
BOOKSTAVER, ALMIRAH                    NY-36-31-620
BOOKSTAVER, ANN                        NY-36-54-168
BOOKSTAVER, DANIEL                     NY-36-39-232
BOOKSTAVER, DANIEL                     NY-36-E-185
BOOKSTAVER, ELIZABETH                  NY-36-54-228
BOOKSTAVER, FREDERIC                   NY-36-53-6
BOOKSTAVER, FREDERICK                  NY-36-D-481
BOOKSTAVER, HANNAH                     NY-36-Y-477
BOOKSTAVER, JACOB                      NY-36-C-62
BOOKSTAVER, JOHN                       NY-36-Z-233
BOOKSTAVER, MELANGTON                  NY-36-V-151
BOOKSTAVER, RACHEL A.                  NY-36-60-370
BOOKSTAVER, WILLIAM SR.                NY-36-D-93
BOOTH, ALFRED                          NY-36-46-156
BOOTH, DOLLY                           NY-36-V-279
BOOTH, GEORGE                          NY-36-K-30
BOOTH, JESSE                           NY-36-H-391
BOOTH, LEWIS                           NY-36-44-11
BOOTH, LYDIA                           NY-36-2-199
BOOTH, LYDIA                           NY-36-J-523
BOOTH, LYDIA A.                        NY-36-51-203
BOOTH, MARIA C.                        NY-36-W-420
BOOTH, MARY                            NY-36-Y-81
BOOTH, MARY ANN                        NY-36-46-10
BOOTH, SARAH                           NY-36-D-402
BOOTH, THOMAS                          NY-36-G-249
BOOTH, WILLIAM                         NY-36-G-157
BOOTH, WILLIAM S.                      NY-36-X-431
BOOTHROYD, JOHN W.                     NY-36-45-48
BORLAND, CHARLES                       NY-36-S-19
BORLAND, CHARLES S.                    NY-36-62-253
BORLAND, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-R-146
BORLAND, MARY                          NY-36-74-120
BORLAND, MARY A.                       NY-36-76-65
BORLAND, TABATHA                       NY-36-E-361
BORLAND, THOMAS                        NY-36-K-103
BORLAND, THOMAS                        NY-36-44-133
BOUNGARD, GRACE P.                     NY-36-71-380
BOUT, MARIA                            NY-36-37-55
BOWEN, DANIEL T.                       NY-36-75-336
BOWER, GRANT                           NY-36-#1-467
BOWER, GRANT                           NY-36-J-278
BOWERS, BETHIA                         NY-36-J-474
BOWERS, WILLIAM                        NY-36-H-321
BOWMAN, CHANCELLOR L.                  NY-36-28-518
BOWMAN, HARRIET B.                     NY-36-75-422
BOWMAN, HENRY                          NY-36-37-238
BOWMAN, JAMES W.                       NY-36-29-318
BOWMAN, JANNETT M.                     NY-36-70-184
BOWMAN, MARY                           NY-36-47-193
BOWMAN, MARY                           NY-36-E-32
BOWMAN, MARY                           NY-36-60-103
BOWMAN, ROBERT                         NY-36-70-129
BOWN, MARY J.                          NY-36-53-458
BOWNE, ALFRED                          NY-36-47-288
BOWNE, HESTER W.                       NY-36-56-252
BOYCE, HENRIETTA A.                    NY-36-34-36
BOYCE, WILLIAM                         NY-36-70-419
BOYD, ALEXANDER                        NY-36-32-422
BOYD, DORCAS SARAH                     NY-36-44-268
BOYD, EALS                             NY-36-27-422
BOYD, FRANCES J.                       NY-36-70-443
BOYD, HULDY                            NY-36-F-325
BOYD, JAMES S.                         NY-36-L-115
BOYD, JANE ANN                         NY-36-42-80
BOYD, JOHN                             NY-36-F-47
BOYD, JOHN C.                          NY-36-57-139
BOYD, JOSHUA                           NY-36-38-56
BOYD, MARGARET                         NY-36-P-220
BOYD, MARY                             NY-36-D-511
BOYD, NANCY                            NY-36-62-359
BOYD, ROBERT                           NY-36-C-245
BOYD, ROBERT                           NY-36-#1-132
BOYD, SAMUEL                           NY-36-B-252
BOYD, SAMUEL M.                        NY-36-71-183
BOYD, SARAH J.                         NY-36-72-315
BOYLE, JOHN                            NY-36-H-465
BOYNTON, EDWARD C.                     NY-36-57-304
BRADLEY, BENJAMIN W.                   NY-36-75-56
BRADLEY, DAVID N.                      NY-36-50-3
BRADLEY, JOSEPHINE D.                  NY-36-73-34
BRADLEY, JULIANER                      NY-36-F-134
BRADLEY, LIZZIE                        NY-36-74-395
BRADLEY, THOMAS J.                     NY-36-49-386
BRADLEY, WILLIAM J.                    NY-36-44-58
BRADNER, BENONI                        NY-36-C-130
BRADNER, CALVILL                       NY-36-B-119
BRADNER, COE G.                        NY-36-34-27
BRADNER, COLVILL                       NY-36-B-309
BRADNER, COLVIN                        NY-36-39-349
BRADNER, DELIA A.                      NY-36-53-67
BRADNER, ELIZABETH                     NY-36-41-133
BRADNER, GIDEON S.                     NY-36-37-58
BRADNER, JAMES                         NY-36-S-256
BRADNER, JAMES                         NY-36-G-113
BRADNER, JOHN                          NY-36-I-294
BRADNER, JOHN                          NY-36-#1-95
BRADNER, JOHN D.                       NY-36-42-291
BRADNER, JOHN ESQ.                     NY-36-A-101
BRADNER, JULIA A.                      NY-36-46-290
BRADNER, LOIS                          NY-36-70-123
BRADNER, MARGARET                      NY-36-Z-345
BRADNER, MARIA                         NY-36-J-14
BRADNER, NATHANIEL R.                  NY-36-51-452
BRADNER, SUSAN                         NY-36-29-113
BRADT, CLARISSA                        NY-36-74-105
BRADWELL, JACOB                        NY-36-57-367
BRADY, BRIDGET                         NY-36-46-364
BRADY, BRIDGET                         NY-36-61-204
BRADY, CATHARINE                       NY-36-65-308
BRADY, JOHN                            NY-36-61-54
BRADY, JOHN                            NY-36-58-164
BRADY, PATRICK                         NY-36-59-376
BRADY, PETER                           NY-36-53-306
BRADY, PHILIP                          NY-36-70-370
BRAMAN, SARAH                          NY-36-74-194
BRANCH, ELIZA                          NY-36-38-433
BRANDON, SARAH J.                      NY-36-57-450
BRANIGAN, MATHEW                       NY-36-41-426
BRANNON, LYDIA                         NY-36-28-542
BREASTED, HANNAH                       NY-36-G-56
BREED, JEDEDIAH                        NY-36-27-258
BREED, NANCY                           NY-36-34-249
BREED, SAMUEL B.                       NY-36-O-5
BREITHAUPT, GEORGE F.                  NY-36-69-104
BRENNAN, MARTIN                        NY-36-60-195
BRESE, CATHARINE A.                    NY-36-56-275
BRETT, URIAH                           NY-36-D-110
BREWER, HANNAH                         NY-36-66-86
BREWER, HENRY L.                       NY-36-73-355
BREWER, NATHAN                         NY-36-44-261
BREWERTON, HENRY                       NY-36-42-6
BREWERTON, MARY                        NY-36-P-403
BREWSTER, ANANIAS M.                   NY-36-L-213
BREWSTER, BENJAMIN                     NY-36-F-318
BREWSTER, BENJAMIN                     NY-36-Q-240
BREWSTER, CAROLINE A.                  NY-36-42-430
BREWSTER, CORDELIA                     NY-36-32-155
BREWSTER, DANIEL                       NY-36-L-207
BREWSTER, DYER                         NY-36-42-48
BREWSTER, EGENE A.                     NY-36-66-1
BREWSTER, EUGENE A.                    NY-36-57-15
BREWSTER, FRANCIS                      NY-36-B-336
BREWSTER, FREDERICK H.                 NY-36-U-262
BREWSTER, HARVEY                       NY-36-X-102
BREWSTER, HENRY                        NY-36-A-294
BREWSTER, HEZEKIAH W.                  NY-36-29-119
BREWSTER, JOHN                         NY-36-D-371
BREWSTER, JOHN E.                      NY-36-40-328
BREWSTER, JOSEPH                       NY-36-40-391
BREWSTER, MARY                         NY-36-Y-31
BREWSTER, NATHANIEL                    NY-36-32-179
BREWSTER, OLIVER                       NY-36-54-282
BREWSTER, SAMUEL                       NY-36-#1-293
BREWSTER, SAMUEL                       NY-36-B-304
BREWSTER, SAMUEL                       NY-36-I-517
BREWSTER, SAMUEL                       NY-36-#1-280
BREWSTER, SARAH J.                     NY-36-49-429
BRIAN, ROBERT                          NY-36-50-301
BRIDGEMAN, ALFRED                      NY-36-72-194
BRIEN, SARAH A.                        NY-36-71-201
BRIERLY, JANE                          NY-36-56-60
BRINK, ABRAHAM                         NY-36-45-270
BRINK, ABRAHAM J.                      NY-36-51-108
BRINK, CORNELIUS                       NY-36-28-296
BRINK, GARRET                          NY-36-I-11
BRINK, HANNAH C.                       NY-36-58-108
BRINK, HARRIET N.                      NY-36-54-223
BRINK, HIRAM                           NY-36-36-449
BRINK, PHEBE                           NY-36-29-222
BRINK, PHEBE B.                        NY-36-44-120
BRINK, SEMANTHA C.                     NY-36-31-604
BRINSON, SAMUEL                        NY-36-38-363
BROADBRIDGE, JAMES                     NY-36-J-165
BROADHEAD, JAMES JR.                   NY-36-69-192
BROCKAWAY, ANANIAS                     NY-36-37-342
BROCKWAY, CATHARINE                    NY-36-46-340
BRODHEAD, ELIZA A.                     NY-36-76-244
BRODHEAD, FRANKLIN R.                  NY-36-46-408
BRODHEAD, MARY WEBB                    NY-36-73-352
BROMLEY, ABBIE A.                      NY-36-61-292
BROMLEY, ABBIE A.                      NY-36-59-193
BROMLEY, AVERY A.                      NY-36-51-445
BROOK, DAVID                           NY-36-58-24
BROOK, SAMUEL                          NY-36-38-323
BROOKS, ADELINE C.                     NY-36-38-38
BROOKS, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-36-51-414
BROOKS, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-45-5
BROOKS, FLETCHER B.                    NY-36-40-177
BROOKS, FLETCHER M.                    NY-36-Z-671
BROOKS, FLETCHER M.                    NY-36-71-124
BROOKS, HESTER L.                      NY-36-Q-43
BROOKS, JAMES LEWIS                    NY-36-72-438
BROOKS, JOHN                           NY-36-34-96
BROOKS, JOHN                           NY-36-I-180
BROOKS, JOHN D.                        NY-36-47-398
BROOKS, JONATHAN                       NY-36-D-457
BROOKS, JOSEPH                         NY-36-42-392
BROOKS, LEONARD                        NY-36-W-352
BROOKS, LORETTA                        NY-36-49-409
BROOKS, MARTIN                         NY-36-40-200
BROOKS, MARY B.                        NY-36-33-293
BROOKS, MATHIAS                        NY-36-K-371
BROOKS, SAMUEL                         NY-36-57-278
BROOKS, SARAH                          NY-36-34-416
BROOKS, SPENCER C.                     NY-36-39-317
BROOKS, THOMAS B                       NY-36-69-150
BROOKS, THOMAS LEWIS                   NY-36-M-169
BROOKS, WILLIAM D.                     NY-36-57-24
BROOKS, WILLIAM G.                     NY-36-60-270
BROOKS, WILLIAM H.                     NY-36-61-397
BROOPS, JONAH                          NY-36-47-168
BROPHY, PATRICK                        NY-36-54-463
BROSS, ESTHER                          NY-36-71-86
BROSS, HANNAH                          NY-36-37-43
BROSS, JOHN J.                         NY-36-76-295
BROWER, JOHN JAMES                     NY-36-51-68
BROWER, JOHN JR.                       NY-36-C-194
BROWER, LETTIE                         NY-36-30-511
BROWER, WARREN                         NY-36-53-1
BROWN, ADA P.                          NY-36-47-138
BROWN, ALEXANDER T.                    NY-36-49-416
BROWN, ALFRED L.                       NY-36-65-25
BROWN, ANTOINETTE                      NY-36-67-359
BROWN, ARAH                            NY-36-47-207
BROWN, ARCHIBALD                       NY-36-E-320
BROWN, BENJAMIN                        NY-36-28-151
BROWN, BENJAMIN T.                     NY-36-70-441
BROWN, CAROLINE M.                     NY-36-40-108
BROWN, CHARLES L.                      NY-36-61-284
BROWN, CHARLES M.                      NY-36-38-427
BROWN, CHARLOTTE T.                    NY-36-76-184
BROWN, CHICHESTER                      NY-36-P-381
BROWN, DANIEL                          NY-36-M-85
BROWN, DANIEL                          NY-36-P-167
BROWN, DANIEL C.                       NY-36-40-296
BROWN, DANIEL T.                       NY-36-69-47
BROWN, DAVID C.                        NY-36-37-274
BROWN, DOLLY J.                        NY-36-53-349
BROWN, DORASTUS                        NY-36-73-278
BROWN, EFFA                            NY-36-46-254
BROWN, ELEAZER                         NY-36-27-241
BROWN, ELIZA                           NY-36-42-442
BROWN, ELIZA C.                        NY-36-49-221
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-36-37-329
BROWN, FANNY                           NY-36-65-268
BROWN, FERDINAND B.                    NY-36-50-426
BROWN, FRANKLIN                        NY-36-61-326
BROWN, GEORGE                          NY-36-29-744
BROWN, GEORGE                          NY-36-28-68
BROWN, GEORGE                          NY-36-33-539
BROWN, GUSTAVUS                        NY-36-65-37
BROWN, HANNAH T.                       NY-36-59-8
BROWN, HARRIET                         NY-36-54-92
BROWN, HELEN M.                        NY-36-32-337
BROWN, HENRY                           NY-36-61-138
BROWN, HENRY K.                        NY-36-49-302
BROWN, ISAAC                           NY-36-59-82
BROWN, ISABELLA                        NY-36-54-339
BROWN, JACOB                           NY-36-F-300
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-36-N-90
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-36-41-448
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-36-61-29
BROWN, JAMES H.                        NY-36-M-138
BROWN, JAMES MONROE                    NY-36-73-161
BROWN, JAMES S.                        NY-36-41-242
BROWN, JEMIMA (DICKEY)                 NY-36-G-124
BROWN, JEMIMA J.                       NY-36-38-389
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-36-46-414
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-36-F-225
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-36-H-57
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-36-Q-330
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-36-B-267
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-36-47-53
BROWN, JOHN S.                         NY-36-Y-333
BROWN, JOHN T.                         NY-36-Z-413
BROWN, JOHN V.                         NY-36-Q-400
BROWN, JOHN W.                         NY-36-38-138
BROWN, JOSHUA                          NY-36-33-434
BROWN, KATHERINE L.                    NY-36-65-212
BROWN, LYDIA M.                        NY-36-69-429
BROWN, MAHALA R.                       NY-36-57-376
BROWN, MARGARET                        NY-36-30-171
BROWN, MARGARET                        NY-36-42-29
BROWN, MARIA                           NY-36-53-371
BROWN, MARTIN W.                       NY-36-30-589
BROWN, MARY                            NY-36-H-211
BROWN, MARY                            NY-36-32-78
BROWN, MARY                            NY-36-76-460
BROWN, MARY A.                         NY-36-57-13
BROWN, MARY ANN                        NY-36-61-296
BROWN, MARY B.                         NY-36-W-378
BROWN, MARY C.                         NY-36-66-299
BROWN, NATHANIEL                       NY-36-37-264
BROWN, NATHANIEL                       NY-36-71-345
BROWN, OBADIAH H.                      NY-36-L-459
BROWN, PETER                           NY-36-G-25
BROWN, PHEBE S.                        NY-36-38-312
BROWN, PHINEAS K.                      NY-36-27-685
BROWN, RACHEL M.                       NY-36-61-67
BROWN, ROBERT                          NY-36-50-107
BROWN, ROBERT                          NY-36-38-243
BROWN, ROSANNA R.                      NY-36-28-486
BROWN, SAMUEL C.                       NY-36-69-92
BROWN, SARAH                           NY-36-38-351
BROWN, SARAH F.                        NY-36-58-231
BROWN, SEARS M.                        NY-36-39-379
BROWN, SUSAN                           NY-36-R-217
BROWN, SUSAN E.                        NY-36-66-448
BROWN, THOMAS                          NY-36-29-580
BROWN, THOMAS                          NY-36-C-291
BROWN, THOMAS                          NY-36-K-274
BROWN, THOMPSON H.                     NY-36-67-187
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-36-53-392
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-36-28-607
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-36-B-351
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NY-36-44-158
BROWN, WILLIAM A.                      NY-36-49-178
BROWN, WILLIAM C.                      NY-36-52-3
BROWN, WILLIAM D.                      NY-36-70-142
BROWN, WILLIAM S.                      NY-36-52-457
BROWNLEE, JOSEPH                       NY-36-31-58
BROWNLEE, SUSAN                        NY-36-32-526
BROWNLEY, JAMES                        NY-36-Y-220
BROWNSON, WALTER                       NY-36-27-473
BRUNDAGE, AGNES C.                     NY-36-50-188
BRUNDAGE, ANN                          NY-36-62-125
BRUNDAGE, DAVID                        NY-36-L-361
BRUNDAGE, FROST                        NY-36-X-52
BRUNDAGE, GILBERT                      NY-36-O-374
BRUNDAGE, JANE E.                      NY-36-65-357
BRUNDAGE, JOHNATHAN                    NY-36-46-279
BRUNDAGE, JOSEPH                       NY-36-I-324
BRUNDAGE, MARY                         NY-36-N-327
BRUNDAGE, WILLIAM                      NY-36-34-512
BRUNDYDGE, JOSEPH                      NY-36-#1-122
BRUNSON, THOMAS                        NY-36-D-546
BRUSH, DANIEL                          NY-36-38-330
BRUSH, JOHN                            NY-36-T-100
BRUSH, NANCY                           NY-36-30-327
BRUSTER, FARTULUS                      NY-36-P-145
BRUYN, ANN                             NY-36-30-175
BRUYN, CATHARINE                       NY-36-T-313
BRUYN, JOSEPH                          NY-36-47-83
BRUYN, MARY                            NY-36-31-469
BRUYN, SEVERYN T.                      NY-36-H-217
BRWN, HANNAH J.                        NY-36-69-283
BRYAN, LIZZIE                          NY-36-46-30
BRYANT, EMMA                           NY-36-47-364
BRYDEN, GEORGE ALBERT                  NY-36-74-412
BRYSON, JOHN                           NY-36-30-303
BUCHANAN, ADAM G.                      NY-36-59-121
BUCHANAN, CHARLES                      NY-36-Z-256
BUCHANAN, CLARISSA                     NY-36-55-245
BUCHANAN, JANE                         NY-36-39-50
BUCHANAN, THOMPSON A.                  NY-36-66-357
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM H.                   NY-36-72-441
BUCK, KEYEA U.                         NY-36-70-338
BUCKBEE, ABEL                          NY-36-70-213
BUCKBEE, JOHN C.                       NY-36-43-402
BUCKBEE, RUSSEL                        NY-36-E-27
BUCKBEE, SARAH                         NY-36-L-87
BUCKHANNON, GEORGE                     NY-36-C-355
BUCKHHOLZ, CHARLES                     NY-36-57-154
BUCKHOUT, CHARLOTT                     NY-36-61-410
BUCKINGHAM, BENJAMIN F.                NY-36-29-687
BUCKINGHAM, MARY                       NY-36-41-39
BUCKLEY, CHARLES W.                    NY-36-47-335
BUCKLEY, EDWIN                         NY-36-45-234
BUCKLEY, EMELINE W.                    NY-36-38-101
BUCKLEY, JANET                         NY-36-40-235
BUCKLEY, RACHEL C.                     NY-36-59-17
BUCKMASTER, MARY A.                    NY-36-51-14
BUCKMASTER, THOMAS O.                  NY-36-Z-302
BUCKMASTER, WILLIAM W.                 NY-36-38-114
BUCKNER, JULIANA                       NY-36-70-462
BUCKSBEE, WILLIAM                      NY-36-I-264
BUDD, ANNIE BONNEAU                    NY-36-46-239
BUDD, FANNY                            NY-36-41-372
BUDD, JESSIE E.                        NY-36-46-240
BUDD, JOHN                             NY-36-K-129
BUDD, JOHN N.                          NY-36-31-232
BUDD, WILLIAM                          NY-36-74-225
BUDD, WILLIAM                          NY-36-59-401
BUGBEE, DANIEL                         NY-36-27-520
BUGSBY, NANCY                          NY-36-45-96
BULL, ABNER                            NY-36-B-98
BULL, ALBERT                           NY-36-38-444
BULL, ALMERVA                          NY-36-69-109
BULL, ANN T.                           NY-36-58-246
BULL, BENJAMIN                         NY-36-V-186
BULL, BETHIA                           NY-36-J-172
BULL, CAROLINE                         NY-36-45-7
BULL, CHARLES                          NY-36-C-222
BULL, CHARLES W.                       NY-36-29-441
BULL, DANIEL                           NY-36-Q-98
BULL, DANIEL F.                        NY-36-61-170
BULL, DAVID                            NY-36-43-226
BULL, DAVID C.                         NY-36-38-61
BULL, DOLLY                            NY-36-U-347
BULL, EDWARD S.                        NY-36-54-334
BULL, ELISHA                           NY-36-33-145
BULL, ELIZA                            NY-36-65-406
BULL, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-F-213
BULL, ELIZABETH                        NY-36-69-410
BULL, FRANKLIN                         NY-36-57-387
BULL, HANNAH J.                        NY-36-34-471
BULL, HARRISON                         NY-36-72-253
BULL, HENRY                            NY-36-28-143
BULL, HIRAM W.                         NY-36-27-676
BULL, IRA                              NY-36-50-6
BULL, ISAAC                            NY-36-A-246
BULL, ISAAC                            NY-36-O-91
BULL, JAMES                            NY-36-#1-76
BULL, JAMES                            NY-36-I-270
BULL, JAMES                            NY-36-H-157
BULL, JAMES CRAWFORD                   NY-36-74-440
BULL, JAMES D.                         NY-36-Q-460
BULL, JAMES H.                         NY-36-49-203
BULL, JAMES M.                         NY-36-72-290
BULL, JANE                             NY-36-28-690
BULL, JANE C.                          NY-36-X-372
BULL, JESSE                            NY-36-40-300
BULL, JOHN                             NY-36-D-31
BULL, KETURAH                          NY-36-33-522
BULL, MAHALA                           NY-36-52-283
BULL, MARIA                            NY-36-41-267
BULL, MARTHA M.                        NY-36-74-8
BULL, MOSES JR.                        NY-36-D-326
BULL, MOSES JR.                        NY-36-O-596
BULL, PETER M.                         NY-36-E-347
BULL, RALPH                            NY-36-40-148
BULL, REBEKA                           NY-36-27-745
BULL, ROBERT J.                        NY-36-57-169
BULL, ROEBRT                           NY-36-75-171
BULL, SAMUEL S.                        NY-36-73-164
BULL, SARAH C.                         NY-36-Z-177
BULL, SARAH S.                         NY-36-75-96
BULL, STEPHEN H.                       NY-36-29-242
BULL, SUSAN C.                         NY-36-51-36
BULL, THOMAS                           NY-36-B-277
BULL, WILLIAM                          NY-36-G-84
BULL, WILLIAM                          NY-36-F-173
BULMER, DAVID                          NY-36-67-105
BULMER, ELIZABETH                      NY-36-38-421
BURGER, WILLIAM                        NY-36-52-77
BURKE, JOHN                            NY-36-44-67
BURKE, MARY                            NY-36-65-187
BURKE, MARY                            NY-36-31-547
BURKE, MICHAEL                         NY-36-72-62
BURKHARDT, GEORGE                      NY-36-57-138
BURNET, JAMES                          NY-36-D-136
BURNET, JOSEPH B.                      NY-36-60-251
BURNET, PATRICK                        NY-36-G-287
BURNET, ROBERT                         NY-36-U-218
BURNETT, CHARLES                       NY-36-44-420
BURNETT, RACHEL D.                     NY-36-52-356
BURNHAM, AGNES JOSEPHINE               NY-36-57-408
BURNS, ASMUEL D.                       NY-36-59-278
BURNS, BRIDGET                         NY-36-59-1
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-36-F-284
BURNS, JOHN                            NY-36-60-256
BURNS, JOHN SR.                        NY-36-49-30
BURNS, LAWRENCE                        NY-36-41-279
BURNS, MARY E.                         NY-36-41-259
BURR, DANIEL                           NY-36-C-316
BURR, DAVID                            NY-36-F-413
BURR, MARY E.                          NY-36-76-279
BURRALL, CHARLES                       NY-36-2-132
BURRALL, CHARLES                       NY-36-J-450
BURROUGHS, ADALINE                     NY-36-47-65
BURROUGHS, JOSEPH B.                   NY-36-74-397
BURROWS, JOHN                          NY-36-58-288
BURT, AUGUSTUS J.                      NY-36-55-428
BURT, BELDEN                           NY-36-I-191
BURT, BELDEN                           NY-36-#1-42
BURT, BELDEN                           NY-36-39-209
BURT, BELDEN (RENOUNCED)               NY-36-I-193
BURT, GRINNELL                         NY-36-70-148
BURT, HARRIET A.                       NY-36-57-119
BURT, JAMES                            NY-36-S-29
BURT, JENNIE                           NY-36-72-378
BURT, MARY E.                          NY-36-49-17
BURT, STEPHEN A.                       NY-36-40-48
BUSH, GILBERT N.                       NY-36-62-160
BUSH, HENRY                            NY-36-V-374
BUSH, JOHN                             NY-36-39-47
BUSH, PETER                            NY-36-2-139
BUSH, PETER                            NY-36-J-445
BUSH, WILLIAM                          NY-36-M-128
BUSH, WILLIAM                          NY-36-I-9
BUSHBEE, WILLIAM                       NY-36-#1-126
BUSHFIELD, ISABELLA                    NY-36-65-33
BUSHFIELD, JANE                        NY-36-H-162
BUSHFIELD, JANE                        NY-36-65-21
BUSHFIELD, JOHN                        NY-36-28-384
BUSHFIELD, JOHN W.                     NY-36-73-57
BUSHFIELD, THOMAS                      NY-36-32-285
BUSK, ALPHEUS T.                       NY-36-71-222
BUSKIRK, DAVID                         NY-36-H-473
BUSSING, GRANT                         NY-36-L-396
BUTLER, MARY                           NY-36-38-434
BUTTERFIELD, JANE                      NY-36-C-447
BUTTERS, JOHN                          NY-36-51-135
BUTTERWORTH, JAMES                     NY-36-C-274
BVARD, CHARLES H.                      NY-36-34-3
BYGERT, HENRY K.                       NY-36-73-129
BYRNES, EDWARD J.                      NY-36-72-148

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