Ontario, New York
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ABBEY, ANNIS                            NY-35-81-187
ABBEY, BETSEY A.                        NY-35-71-669
ABBEY, ISAAC J.                         NY-35-91-335
ABBEY, ISAAC J.                         NY-35-86-348
ABBEY, JOHN F.                          NY-35-C-427
ABBEY, JOSEPH                           NY-35-C-123
ABBEY, RICHARD                          NY-35-M-657
ABBEY, SARAH ELIZABETH                  NY-35-101-44
ABBOTT, JOSHUA                          NY-35-4-282
ABERGOST, DORATHA                       NY-35-81-130
ACHESON, HENRY                          NY-35-61-289
ACKLEY, JESSE                           NY-35-D-74
ADAMOSN, CHRISTIAN                      NY-35-61-631
ADAMS, ALDEN                            NY-35-D-84
ADAMS, ASENATH                          NY-35-W-519
ADAMS, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-35-101-63
ADAMS, BENJAMIN T.                      NY-35-61-144
ADAMS, CHARLOTTE                        NY-35-101-463
ADAMS, CORNELIA                         NY-35-86-444
ADAMS, CORNELIA D.                      NY-35-81-591
ADAMS, GAIUS                            NY-35-101-116
ADAMS, GEORGE A.                        NY-35-55-27
ADAMS, HELEN PARDEE                     NY-35-101-634
ADAMS, HERBERT H.                       NY-35-101-422
ADAMS, JONATHAN                         NY-35-4-167
ADAMS, JONATHAN                         NY-35-S-361
ADAMS, JOSEPH                           NY-35-E-388
ADAMS, LORENA E.                        NY-35-81-332
ADAMS, MARY                             NY-35-S-689
ADAMS, MARY                             NY-35-71-438
ADAMS, OLIVER                           NY-35-2-381
ADAMS, OLIVER                           NY-35-A-74
ADAMS, OSCAR M.                         NY-35-S-237
ADAMS, WILLIAM                          NY-35-14-278
ADAMS, WILLIAM W.                       NY-35-81-298
ADAMS, WINFIELD S.                      NY-35-86-472
ADAMS, WINFIELD S.                      NY-35-91-94
ADAMSON, HESSEL                         NY-35-71-121
ADAMSON, JOHN                           NY-35-W-351
ADMAS, GEORGE A.                        NY-35-101-487
ADRIANCE, THEODORE                      NY-35-81-264
ADSIT, GEORGE H.                        NY-35-61-178
ADSITT, GEORGE U.                       NY-35-81-172
AINSWORTH, STEPHEN H.                   NY-35-86-484
AINSWORTH, STEPHEN H.                   NY-35-91-143
AKERMAN, MARY                           NY-35-61-712
AKIN, ORRA                              NY-35-A-392
ALBAUGH, DALLAS                         NY-35-71-33
ALCOCK, CHARLES                         NY-35-101-344
ALCOCK, GEORGE                          NY-35-W-451
ALDRICH, AHAZ                           NY-35-A-86
ALDRICH, BENAJAH                        NY-35-14-236
ALDRICH, CATHARINE                      NY-35-W-74
ALDRICH, CLARKSON                       NY-35-91-334
ALDRICH, CLARKSON                       NY-35-86-518
ALDRICH, JOHN                           NY-35-M-504
ALDRICH, L. BYRON                       NY-35-101-562
ALDRICH, LOUISA M.                      NY-35-91-306
ALDRICH, LOUISA M.                      NY-35-86-333
ALDRICH, MINERVA                        NY-35-61-217
ALDRICH, NATAN                          NY-35-81-328
ALDRICH, NATHAN                         NY-35-S-304
ALDRICH, NATHAN L.                      NY-35-71-655
ALDRICH, PHEONTHA                       NY-35-86-199
ALDRICH, PHILAULHIA                     NY-35-91-114
ALDRICH, RACHEL                         NY-35-M-155
ALDRICH, STEPHEN C.                     NY-35-61-98
ALDRIDGE, GILBERT T.                    NY-35-101-444
ALDRIDGE, SARAH                         NY-35-S-65
ALEXANDER, MARIANNE H.                  NY-35-86-228
ALEXANDER,MARIANNE H.                   NY-35-91-156
ALFORD, OREN                            NY-35-14-112
ALGER, JOHN                             NY-35-2-293
ALGER, JOHN                             NY-35-14-56
ALLAN, ROBERT                           NY-35-S-513
ALLEN, CARRIE T.                        NY-35-55-464
ALLEN, CHANCY                           NY-35-B-11
ALLEN, DANIEL                           NY-35-55-205
ALLEN, GEORGE S.                        NY-35-W-569
ALLEN, HANNAH F.                        NY-35-W-508
ALLEN, IRA                              NY-35-55-380
ALLEN, JAMES H.                         NY-35-91-691
ALLEN, JOSEPH                           NY-35-W-138
ALLEN, LAVINIA                          NY-35-101-376
ALLEN, LUCINDA C.                       NY-35-91-443
ALLEN, LUCINDA C.                       NY-35-86-458
ALLEN, NATHAN                           NY-35-C-491
ALLEN, NATHANIEL O.                     NY-35-D-353
ALLEN, PHEBE                            NY-35-18-226
ALLEN, THEOPHILUS                       NY-35-18-234
ALLEN, WILLIAM H.                       NY-35-101-162
ALLERTON, RANSOM                        NY-35-101-351
ALLISON, JOSEPH                         NY-35-2-409
ALVERSON, KEZIA                         NY-35-61-80
AMBROSE, JOHN                           NY-35-W-156
AMES, ROBERT BARKLEY                    NY-35-6-144
AMSDEN, SIMEON                          NY-35-B-31
AMSDEN, SIMEON                          NY-35-A-155
ANDERSON, DAVID H.                      NY-35-81-252
ANDERSON, JAMES W.                      NY-35-71-192
ANDERSON, LUCINDA M.                    NY-35-81-287
ANDERSON, MARTIN                        NY-35-81-386
ANDERSON, NANCY M.                      NY-35-101-653
ANDERSON, NANCY M.                      NY-35-101-515
ANDIS, ALICE F.                         NY-35-81-231
ANDREW, HARRIS                          NY-35-W-523
ANDREWS, HARRIS                         NY-35-91-47
ANDREWS, HARRIS                         NY-35-86-466
ANDREWS, ROYAL                          NY-35-W-172
ANDREWS, SAMUEL H.                      NY-35-61-221
ANDRUS, CORDELIA                        NY-35-81-460
ANDRUS, DANIEL D.                       NY-35-A-477
ANDRUS, ELLIOT                          NY-35-86-45
ANDRUS, ELLIOT                          NY-35-81-585
ANDRUSS, GEORGE                         NY-35-W-142
ANGEVINE, ALBERT                        NY-35-S-14
ANGUS, DEBORAH M.                       NY-35-55-522
ANGUS, WALTER                           NY-35-M-133
ANNABLE, LEONARD ***                    NY-35-D-536
ANNABLE, SAMUEL                         NY-35-7-252
ANNIS, MARGARET                         NY-35-W-427
ANRUSS, ZEBINA C.                       NY-35-W-173
ANSLEY, ALANSON                         NY-35-101-597
ANSLEY, GEORGE W.                       NY-35-W-166
ANTES, WILLIAM                          NY-35-71-3
ANTHONY, SAMUEL N.                      NY-35-71-522
ANTIS, ABNER B.                         NY-35-M-146
ANTIS, ROBERT                           NY-35-55-272
ANTIS, WILLIAM                          NY-35-4-85
ANTIS, WILLIAM G.                       NY-35-91-636
ANTISDALE, PEREZ                        NY-35-L-146
ARCHER, AUSTIN                          NY-35-55-64
ARCHER, EPHRAIM                         NY-35-86-440
ARCHER, EPHRAIM                         NY-35-81-589
ARCHER, STEPHEN                         NY-35-S-473
ARK, GEORGE                             NY-35-W-517
ARMSTORNG, ROBERT                       NY-35-L-629
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE                       NY-35-L-525
ARMSTRONG, HIRAM                        NY-35-71-143
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        NY-35-L-20
ARMSTRONG, JAMES A.                     NY-35-W-225
ARMSTRONG, SARAH                        NY-35-91-322
ARMSTRONG, SARAH                        NY-35-86-340
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM F.                   NY-35-61-602
ARNOLD, ABRAHAM                         NY-35-18-100
ARNOLD, ALEANDER                        NY-35-71-686
ARNOLD, BETSEY P.                       NY-35-55-87
ARNOLD, DANIEL                          NY-35-81-407
ARNOLD, DENNIS                          NY-35-71-574
ARNOLD, ELIJAH                          NY-35-61-105
ARNOLD, ELISHA                          NY-35-C-298
ARNOLD, GILES T.                        NY-35-B-459
ARNOLD, JONATHAN                        NY-35-E-354
ARNOLD, LEVI                            NY-35-S-183
ARNOLD, MARY                            NY-35-M-421
ARNOLD, MARY ANN                        NY-35-55-18
ARNOLD, PARDON                          NY-35-B-333
ARNOLD, ROXANA J.                       NY-35-55-331
ARNOLD, RUTH                            NY-35-M-683
ARNOLD, SALLY                           NY-35-S-681
ARNOLD, SARAH                           NY-35-M-107
ARNOLD, SUSANNA                         NY-35-6-126
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                         NY-35-C-141
ARNOT, JOHN                             NY-35-S-357
ARTHUR, CALISTA                         NY-35-S-524
ARTHUR, JOSEPH                          NY-35-7-12
ASHLEY, JULIET B.                       NY-35-101-531
ASHLEY, MINERVA                         NY-35-71-102
ASHLEY, NOAH                            NY-35-B-302
ASHLEY, NOAH                            NY-35-71-525
ASHLEY, THOMAS                          NY-35-E-683
ASHLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-35-81-346
ASHWIN, SARAH                           NY-35-71-46
ASK, WILLIAM                            NY-35-B-148
ASPELL, JOHN                            NY-35-A-341
ATHER, ELISHA R.                        NY-35-86-136
ATKINSON, JOHN                          NY-35-B-453
ATWATER, JEREMIAH                       NY-35-M-505
ATWATER, MARIA                          NY-35-M-653
ATWATER, MOSES                          NY-35-D-63
ATWATER, PHINEAS                        NY-35-M-648
ATWELL, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-35-81-87
AUSBERGER, JACOB                        NY-35-61-77
AUSTIN, DANIEL C.                       NY-35-W-545
AUSTIN, LEVI G.                         NY-35-L-1
AVERILL, ELISHA                         NY-35-14-148
AVERILL, ISABELLA                       NY-35-M-520
AVERY, ASAHEL B.                        NY-35-86-325
AVERY, ASAHEL B.                        NY-35-91-298
AVERY, AUSTIN                           NY-35-S-724
AVERY, BETSEY                           NY-35-61-685
AVERY, JAMES                            NY-35-W-167
AVERY, PETER R.                         NY-35-E-715
AVERY, SARAH                            NY-35-55-37
AVERY, THOMAS                           NY-35-81-312
AXTELL, HENRY                           NY-35-18-408
AYERS, LUCY                             NY-35-W-709
AYLWORTH, LEVI C.                       NY-35-S-46
BABBIT, ENOS                            NY-35-L-111
BABCOCK, ABIGAIL                        NY-35-L-358
BABCOCK, EDWARD P.                      NY-35-91-21
BABCOCK, EDWARD P.                      NY-35-86-124
BABCOCK, JOSEPH S.                      NY-35-61-84
BABCOCK, MAY MELISSA                    NY-35-101-326
BABCOCK, WILLIAM                        NY-35-91-652
BACKENSTOSE, LEAH                       NY-35-W-678
BACKUS, REBECKA ANN                     NY-35-W-100
BACKUS, SAMUEL D.                       NY-35-91-620
BACON, EMMA                             NY-35-61-509
BACON, JOEL W.                          NY-35-55-198
BACON, SANFORD                          NY-35-81-353
BADGER, HENRY                           NY-35-4-23
BADGER, ISAAC S.                        NY-35-101-371
BAGGELEY, PETER                         NY-35-C-68
BAGGERLY, HEZEKIAH                      NY-35-M-65
BAGGERLY, ROBERT J.                     NY-35-86-26
BAGGERTY, ROBERT J.                     NY-35-81-563
BAGLEY, TRIAL                           NY-35-81-139
BAILEY, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-35-61-500
BAILEY, FRANKLIN                        NY-35-101-4
BAILEY, RICHARD D.                      NY-35-C-89
BAIRD, DAVID W.                         NY-35-91-666
BAKER, BAYZE                            NY-35-L-255
BAKER, CHARLES H.                       NY-35-71-230
BAKER, CHRISTINA C.                     NY-35-91-348
BAKER, CHRISTINA C.                     NY-35-86-351
BAKER, DANIEL J.                        NY-35-101-401
BAKER, MARY C.                          NY-35-61-88
BAKER, MILES                            NY-35-61-267
BAKER, STEPHEN                          NY-35-55-323
BAKER, WILLIAM                          NY-35-18-29
BAKER, WILLIAM                          NY-35-61-479
BALCOLM, ELIAS C.                       NY-35-A-130
BALCOM, CONSTANT                        NY-35-D-420
BALCOM, EPENETUS                        NY-35-86-104
BALCOM, EPINETUS                        NY-35-81-672
BALDWIN, CARLTON J.                     NY-35-B-182
BALDWIN, ELIZABETH                      NY-35-M-379
BALDWIN, GEORGE                         NY-35-86-304
BALDWIN, GEORGE                         NY-35-91-257
BALDWIN, ISAAC J.                       NY-35-B-255
BALDWIN, LUTHER H.                      NY-35-86-512
BALDWIN, LUTHER H.                      NY-35-91-311
BALDWIN, MARY                           NY-35-101-465
BALIS, MARTHA                           NY-35-101-501
BALL, ANN W.                            NY-35-86-146
BALL, ANN W.                            NY-35-91-49
BALL, CHARLES                           NY-35-61-255
BALL, NATHAN                            NY-35-7-360
BALL, RACHEL B.                         NY-35-61-53
BALL, WILLIAM                           NY-35-C-178
BALL, WILLIAM                           NY-35-W-27
BANCROFT, JENISON                       NY-35-W-151
BANKS, MARY ELIZABETH                   NY-35-101-496
BANNISTER, LEMUEL                       NY-35-C-173
BANTA, ALBERT                           NY-35-S-173
BANTA, CHARLES E.                       NY-35-S-377
BANTA, SARAH B.                         NY-35-W-165
BARBER, ASA H.                          NY-35-S-133
BARBER, CALISTA                         NY-35-B-119
BARBER, HARVEY                          NY-35-S-185
BARBER, LEMUEL                          NY-35-14-22
BARBER, WILLIAM COWLES                  NY-35-101-575
BARBER, ZACHEUS                         NY-35-18-288
BARBOUR, MARY J.                        NY-35-91-182
BARBOUR, WARREN G.                      NY-35-71-513
BARDEN, CHAUNCEY                        NY-35-M-288
BARDEN, LEVI                            NY-35-55-121
BARDEN, OTIS B.                         NY-35-61-699
BARDEN, SILVANUS                        NY-35-18-176
BARDEN, THOMAS                          NY-35-71-295
BARKLEY, GEORGE                         NY-35-55-516
BARKLEY, THOMAS                         NY-35-61-29
BARKMAN, JACOB                          NY-35-B-104
BARLOW, ABNER                           NY-35-D-230
BARLOW, LAURA                           NY-35-D-242
BARNARD, PETER P.                       NY-35-55-197
BARNES, ALBERT F.                       NY-35-91-204
BARNES, ALBERT F.                       NY-35-86-265
BARNES, DAVID                           NY-35-W-208
BARNES, HURDMAN                         NY-35-61-233
BARNES, WILLIAM T.                      NY-35-91-276
BARNES, WILLIAM T.                      NY-35-86-313
BARNETT, ALBERT M.                      NY-35-61-126
BARNHART, JACOB                         NY-35-S-191
BARNS, JAMES                            NY-35-18-219
BARNUM, JEDEDIAH                        NY-35-71-389
BARRETT, JOHN                           NY-35-71-206
BARRINGER, EBENEZER F.                  NY-35-91-397
BARRINGER, EBENEZER F.                  NY-35-86-376
BARRON, THOMAS                          NY-35-86-197
BARRON, THOMAS                          NY-35-91-110
BARRON, WILLIAM SR.                     NY-35-A-286
BARROW, DAVID                           NY-35-91-541
BARRY, HANNAH                           NY-35-101-622
BARRY, MICHAEL                          NY-35-81-293
BARTER, SAMUEL S.                       NY-35-86-14
BARTHOLOMEW, AARON                      NY-35-71-617
BASSETT, CHARLES                        NY-35-S-559
BASSETT, PHILANDER F.                   NY-35-86-184
BASSETT, PHILANDER F.                   NY-35-91-100
BASSFORD, MOSES                         NY-35-12-177
BASTION, RICHARD                        NY-35-W-75
BATCHELLOR, SALLY ELVIRA                NY-35-W-120
BATES, ANNA M.                          NY-35-71-256
BATES, HULBERT D.                       NY-35-61-563
BATES, PHINEAS                          NY-35-A-8
BATES, PHINEAS P.                       NY-35-M-135
BATES, SALLY                            NY-35-S-136
BATES, SARAH C.                         NY-35-W-146
BATES, STEPHEN                          NY-35-C-369
BATTY, WILLIAM                          NY-35-14-160
BAXTER, ANN                             NY-35-61-177
BAXTER, ELEANOR                         NY-35-E-155
BAXTER, JAMES                           NY-35-91-680
BAXTER, JANE E.                         NY-35-86-328
BAXTER, JANE E.                         NY-35-91-302
BAXTER, JOHN                            NY-35-W-506
BAXTER, MARY                            NY-35-55-532
BAXTER, SAMUEL S.                       NY-35-81-546
BAXTER, THOMAS                          NY-35-86-587
BAXTER, THOMAS                          NY-35-91-510
BAYLES, MARY M.                         NY-35-55-247
BAYLIES, GEORGE                         NY-35-18-77
BAYMAN, SAMUEL                          NY-35-6-193
BEACH, ANNA                             NY-35-S-732
BEACH, ASHBEL                           NY-35-18-82
BEACH, BENONI                           NY-35-12-137
BEACH, DAVID W.                         NY-35-81-93
BEACH, HARVEY                           NY-35-61-530
BEACH, LEVI J.                          NY-35-86-243
BEACH, LEVI S.                          NY-35-91-177
BEACH, LUCINDA                          NY-35-W-355
BEACH, MARY F.                          NY-35-91-133
BEACH, MARY F.                          NY-35-86-480
BEACH, STEPHEN                          NY-35-81-308
BEACH, THOMAS                           NY-35-B-295
BEACH, URI                              NY-35-D-559
BEACH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-35-81-336
BEALE, GEORGE                           NY-35-W-148
BEALS, ABIGAIL                          NY-35-W-399
BEALS, THOMAS                           NY-35-S-208
BEAN, JOHN E.                           NY-35-101-40
BEARD, SUSAN A.                         NY-35-86-448
BEARD, SUSAN A.                         NY-35-81-612
BEATTIE, JOHN                           NY-35-W-679
BEATTIE, NANCY                          NY-35-81-619
BEATTIE, WILLIAM                        NY-35-86-145
BEATTIE, WILLIAM                        NY-35-91-54
BEATTIE,NANCY                           NY-35-86-66
BECKER, ALLEN D.                        NY-35-101-495
BECKER, DANIEL                          NY-35-86-202
BECKER, DANIEL                          NY-35-91-117
BECKER, HARRIET S.                      NY-35-M-541
BECKER, LURANCY                         NY-35-L-741
BECKWITH, WATTS                         NY-35-91-58
BECKWITH, WATTS                         NY-35-86-153
BEEBE, KEZIA                            NY-35-M-52
BEEBE, OLIVER M.                        NY-35-S-723
BEEBEE, ASHMAN                          NY-35-C-258
BEEBEE, HEMAN                           NY-35-C-162
BEECHER, ELIZA                          NY-35-S-616
BEECHER, HEZEKIAH                       NY-35-14-116
BEECHER, NATHANIEL                      NY-35-7-101
BEECKLER, ADOLPH                        NY-35-7-279
BEELER, ALLEN MATHEW                    NY-35-S-560
BEEMAN, EUBEN                           NY-35-W-601
BEEMAN, JOHN S.                         NY-35-61-693
BEEMAN, NELSON                          NY-35-71-651
BEEMAN, SETH                            NY-35-W-33
BEEMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-35-91-137
BEEMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-35-86-214
BEERS, CYRENIUS                         NY-35-C-100
BELDING, ASHER                          NY-35-E-414
BELL, FRANK P.                          NY-35-101-247
BELL, HENRY                             NY-35-W-418
BELL, JOHN                              NY-35-M-371
BELL, JOHN H.                           NY-35-71-564
BELL, THOMAS                            NY-35-55-177
BELLOWS, GEORGE POWIS                   NY-35-86-570
BELLOWS, GEORGE POWIS                   NY-35-91-479
BEMENT, EMILY                           NY-35-C-3
BEMENT, GEORGE D.                       NY-35-101-411
BEMENT, JOHN                            NY-35-S-670
BEMENT, RUSSELL                         NY-35-B-187
BEMIS, MARTHA W.                        NY-35-101-637
BENEDICT, ROBERT M.                     NY-35-101-118
BENEDICT, SARAH A.                      NY-35-71-186
BENHAM, DAVID                           NY-35-E-481
BENHAM, EBENEZER                        NY-35-L-618
BENHAM, ELECTA                          NY-35-86-63
BENHAM, ELECTA                          NY-35-81-614
BENHAM, MINERVA                         NY-35-61-424
BENHAM, SYLVESTER                       NY-35-81-279
BENHAM, THOMAS                          NY-35-55-186
BENJAMIN, AMOS                          NY-35-C-308
BENJAMIN, ANN E.                        NY-35-101-433
BENJAMIN, ARAMINTA                      NY-35-81-313
BENJAMIN, JERUSHA                       NY-35-D-641
BENJAMIN, NAHUM                         NY-35-A-442
BENJAMIN, ORSON                         NY-35-M-578
BENNELL, REUBEN                         NY-35-B-156
BENNET, URIEL                           NY-35-7-291
BENNETT, CHARLES N.                     NY-35-101-307
BENNETT, GEORGE SR.                     NY-35-W-586
BENNETT, HANNAH S.                      NY-35-91-166
BENNETT, HANNAH S.                      NY-35-86-240
BENNETT, IRA                            NY-35-61-244
BENNETT, JAMES                          NY-35-71-465
BENNETT, JESSE L.                       NY-35-61-176
BENNETT, JOHN H.                        NY-35-81-57
BENNETT, MARY                           NY-35-W-500
BENNETT, MARY                           NY-35-81-215
BENNETT, REBECCA                        NY-35-E-30
BENNETT, SAMUEL                         NY-35-81-300
BENNETT, STEPHEN                        NY-35-61-14
BENNETT, THOMAS                         NY-35-E-318
BENSON, ELINOR                          NY-35-E-22
BENSON, JAMES                           NY-35-W-476
BENSON, LEWIS B.                        NY-35-61-481
BENSON, MARY ETT                        NY-35-91-494
BENSON, MARY ETT                        NY-35-86-577
BENSON, PETER T.                        NY-35-C-448
BENTLEY, FRANCIS R.                     NY-35-101-630
BENTLEY, ISAAC                          NY-35-S-112
BENTLEY, ISAAC D.                       NY-35-61-559
BENTLEY, JANE M.                        NY-35-61-704
BENTON, BETHEL                          NY-35-B-127
BENTON, ELIZABETH E.                    NY-35-101-606
BERDAN, THUNIS                          NY-35-A-62
BERGMAN, WILLIAM F.                     NY-35-101-354
BERRY, RICHARDSON                       NY-35-71-416
BERTRAM, JOHN                           NY-35-101-564
BIDDLECORN, OTIS                        NY-35-M-69
BIGALOW, ABNER                          NY-35-A-367
BIGELOW, EZRA                           NY-35-2-353
BIGELOW, SILAS                          NY-35-14-342
BILL, RICHARD D.                        NY-35-E-675
BILLINGS, ELISHA                        NY-35-81-244
BILSONOW, GEORGE                        NY-35-W-633
BIRCH, FRANCES                          NY-35-61-455
BIRCHARD, ELIAS                         NY-35-55-445
BIRD, OLIVER                            NY-35-71-323
BIRDSEYE, EDWARD PAYSON                 NY-35-61-534
BIRDSEYE, EZEKIEL                       NY-35-W-736
BIRDSEYE, MARTHA                        NY-35-W-364
BIRKETT, ADALINE                        NY-35-86-363
BIRKETT, ADELINE                        NY-35-91-369
BIRNEY, ELIZABETH P.                    NY-35-W-59
BISHOP, AURELIA                         NY-35-71-547
BISHOP, CAROLINE M.                     NY-35-W-93
BISHOP, ELIZA                           NY-35-101-553
BISHOP, HOSEA                           NY-35-W-185
BISHOP, ISAAC                           NY-35-18-49
BISHOP, JAMES E.                        NY-35-55-62
BISHOP, JOHN                            NY-35-M-613
BISHOP, NAHANIEL                        NY-35-61-466
BISHOP, SHELDON                         NY-35-L-581
BISSELL, DANIEL W.                      NY-35-71-27
BLACK, AARON                            NY-35-C-442
BLACK, DAVID                            NY-35-M-577
BLACK, HUGH                             NY-35-D-396
BLACK, JAMES                            NY-35-W-416
BLACK, MARTHA E.                        NY-35-101-168
BLACK, MARY                             NY-35-61-192
BLACK, MARY                             NY-35-61-265
BLACK, MOSES                            NY-35-W-431
BLACKMAN, ADONIJAH                      NY-35-12-165
BLACKMAN, FRANK A.                      NY-35-61-695
BLACKMAN, JAMES                         NY-35-55-41
BLACKMER, ELIJAH W.                     NY-35-S-313
BLACKMER, MYRON H.                      NY-35-101-239
BLACKMER, PETER                         NY-35-E-532
BLAIR, LUCRETIA                         NY-35-D-441
BLAIR, MARY E.                          NY-35-101-192
BLAKE, JAMES                            NY-35-E-448
BLAKE, JOHN                             NY-35-91-227
BLAKE, JOHN                             NY-35-86-286
BLAKE, JOHN W.                          NY-35-86-75
BLAKE, JOHN W.                          NY-35-81-630
BLAKE, MARTHA                           NY-35-71-486
BLAKE, THOMAS                           NY-35-S-271
BLAKEMAN, ASAHEL                        NY-35-E-557
BLAND, GEORGE J.                        NY-35-71-445
BLAND, MARY J.                          NY-35-101-632
BLISS, SARAH E.                         NY-35-91-210
BLISS, SARAH E.                         NY-35-86-270
BLIZARD, EMILY J.                       NY-35-91-181
BLIZARD, EMILY J.                       NY-35-86-248
BLODGET, EPHRAIM                        NY-35-81-580
BLODGET, HELEN                          NY-35-S-688
BLODGET, JESSE C.                       NY-35-61-6
BLODGET, JOSEPH                         NY-35-W-624
BLODGET, WILLIAM                        NY-35-61-276
BLODGETT, ALBERT                        NY-35-55-420
BLODGETT, EPHRAIM                       NY-35-86-42
BLOOD, STEPHEN H.                       NY-35-61-694
BLOODGOOD, CORDELIA L.                  NY-35-86-51
BLOODGOOD, CORDELIA L.                  NY-35-81-597
BLOOMER, WILLIAM                        NY-35-B-353
BLOSSOM, JERUSHA                        NY-35-61-504
BLOSSOM, WILLIAM                        NY-35-D-278
BLOUNT, ASHER                           NY-35-86-544
BLOUNT, ASHER                           NY-35-91-464
BOGART, JOHN B.                         NY-35-W-599
BOGERT, ALIDA                           NY-35-M-48
BOGERT, HERMAN H.                       NY-35-E-181
BOGERT, JAMES                           NY-35-M-647
BOLAND, JOHN                            NY-35-71-191
BOLAND, MARY                            NY-35-S-258
BOLES, JANE                             NY-35-61-524
BOLES, ROBERT                           NY-35-W-526
BOLLES, JAMES T.                        NY-35-101-364
BOLTUM, CHARLES L.                      NY-35-61-551
BOND, SUSAN E.                          NY-35-81-170
BOND, THOMAS                            NY-35-86-72
BOND, THOMAS                            NY-35-81-626
BOOTH, AMIE S.                          NY-35-W-472
BOOTH, ANN                              NY-35-61-382
BOOTH, DANFORTH                         NY-35-81-281
BOOTH, ELIZABETH                        NY-35-61-557
BOOTH, JULIA F.                         NY-35-101-325
BOOTH, SHARON                           NY-35-C-234
BOOTHE, RACHEL                          NY-35-W-421
BOSS, MARY A.                           NY-35-86-425
BOSTWICK, AMANDA R.                     NY-35-61-100
BOSTWICK, MARIA P.                      NY-35-101-367
BOSWELL, CAROLINE E.                    NY-35-91-20
BOSWELL, CAROLINE E.                    NY-35-86-462
BOSWELL, SARAH M.                       NY-35-61-518
BOSWELL, WILLIAM                        NY-35-S-609
BOTSFORD, BENAJAH                       NY-35-2-357
BOTTUM, JAY                             NY-35-61-709
BOUGHTON, CALEB                         NY-35-M-437
BOUGHTON, DEFOREST                      NY-35-S-521
BOUGHTON, FREDRICK AUGUSTUS             NY-35-91-683
BOUGHTON, HELEN S.                      NY-35-91-333
BOUGHTON, HEZEKIAH                      NY-35-1-163
BOUGHTON, JOHN                          NY-35-L-664
BOUGHTON, MARY                          NY-35-55-295
BOUGHTON, MARY A.                       NY-35-61-606
BOUGHTON, NATHANIEL                     NY-35-C-461
BOUGHTON, RUTH                          NY-35-61-511
BOUNDS, RHODA                           NY-35-S-99
BOWERS, SOPHIA                          NY-35-71-489
BOYD, BETSEY                            NY-35-W-22
BOYD, ELIZABETH C.                      NY-35-81-176
BOYD, HARWOOD B.                        NY-35-M-230
BOYD, JAMES                             NY-35-M-310
BOYD, JOHN                              NY-35-S-777
BOYD, JOHN                              NY-35-C-406
BOYD, MARGARET                          NY-35-81-40
BOYD, SARAH E.                          NY-35-71-654
BOYDEN, JULIA A.                        NY-35-71-9
BOYES, JOSEPH                           NY-35-81-19
BRACE, ELISHA                           NY-35-6-111
BRADBURY, HARRIET A.                    NY-35-81-59
BRADBURY, THOMAS U.                     NY-35-S-315
BRADLEY, BANI                           NY-35-W-321
BRADLEY, EZEKIEL                        NY-35-12-77
BRADLEY, FRANCIS                        NY-35-4-150
BRADLEY, LAWRENCE                       NY-35-71-188
BRADLEY, ORRIN L.                       NY-35-71-284
BRADT, MARY                             NY-35-W-546
BRADY, JAMES                            NY-35-61-603
BRADY, MARGARET E.                      NY-35-101-149
BRAINARD, ELI                           NY-35-12-93
BRAY, ANDREW                            NY-35-71-366
BREEM, JOHN                             NY-35-55-360
BREEN, JOANNA                           NY-35-S-122
BREEN, MORRIS                           NY-35-71-426
BRENNAN, MICHAEL                        NY-35-61-547
BRESNEHAN, MARY                         NY-35-61-269
BREUER, FREDRICK                        NY-35-101-628
BREWER, JOHN S.                         NY-35-M-523
BREWSTER, JONAS C.                      NY-35-B-47
BREWSTER, STEPHEN                       NY-35-61-126
BRIDGER, IRVING H.                      NY-35-86-65
BRIDGER, IRVING H.                      NY-35-81-618
BRIDGER, MARY T.                        NY-35-101-289
BRIGGS, ARTEMAS                         NY-35-W-164
BRIGGS, BARZILLAI                       NY-35-W-25, 29
BRIGGS, CALEB                           NY-35-L-106
BRIGGS, CALEB                           NY-35-L-354
BRIGGS, CYRUS                           NY-35-81-53
BRIGGS, EVELINE M.                      NY-35-86-394
BRIGGS, EVELINE M.                      NY-35-91-419
BRIGGS, JEDEDIAH                        NY-35-81-396
BRIGGS, JOHN G.                         NY-35-55-161
BRIGGS, LEONARD B.                      NY-35-81-522
BRIGGS, LURANA                          NY-35-L-251
BRIGGS, MOSES                           NY-35-18-282
BRIGGS, NANCY E.                        NY-35-81-521
BRIGGS, NATHAN                          NY-35-A-49
BRIGGS, PELEG                           NY-35-2-433
BRIGGS, ROBERT W.                       NY-35-M-151
BRIGHTMAN, THOMAS                       NY-35-101-119
BRIGNALL, STEPHEN                       NY-35-71-627
BRINK, DIANA                            NY-35-E-52
BRINK, JOHN                             NY-35-14-132
BRINK, REUBEN                           NY-35-A-319
BRISTOL, MARY G.                        NY-35-71-75
BRIZEE, PHILIP H.                       NY-35-81-370
BRIZZER, ALZADA                         NY-35-71-264
BROCK, JOHN M.                          NY-35-91-554
BROCKELBANK, JOHN B.                    NY-35-W-580
BROCKELBANK, MARY                       NY-35-C-152
BROCKELBANK, POLLY                      NY-35-M-548
BROCKELBANK, SAMUEL                     NY-35-18-139
BROCKELBANK, WALTER S.                  NY-35-101-462
BROCKLEBANK, CAROLINE E.                NY-35-101-370
BROCKWAY, STEPHEN                       NY-35-M-405
BRONSON, JANE                           NY-35-86-407
BRONSON, JANE                           NY-35-91-434
BRONSON, PHILO                          NY-35-L-686
BROOKS, GUILFORD D.                     NY-35-101-50
BROOKS, HENRY                           NY-35-101-48
BROOKS, JOHN                            NY-35-B-57
BROOKS, JOSEPH                          NY-35-7-36
BROPHY, PATRICK                         NY-35-81-387
BROTHER, BELINDA                        NY-35-101-69
BROTHER, CATHERINE                      NY-35-71-248
BROTHER, VALENTINE                      NY-35-14-80
BROWER, JOHN                            NY-35-E-601
BROWER, JOSEPH                          NY-35-B-405
BROWN, ALTA                             NY-35-71-95
BROWN, BENJAMIN                         NY-35-2-303
BROWN, DANIEL                           NY-35-14-240
BROWN, DAVID (DR.)                      NY-35-18-427
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        NY-35-91-458
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        NY-35-86-422
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        NY-35-71-530
BROWN, EZRA B.                          NY-35-61-48
BROWN, FANNY                            NY-35-81-277
BROWN, HIRAM L.                         NY-35-101-619
BROWN, ICHABOD                          NY-35-A-20
BROWN, JANE                             NY-35-W-543
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-35-W-645
BROWN, MARY                             NY-35-B-576
BROWN, MARY                             NY-35-71-530
BROWN, NATHANIEL                        NY-35-D-268
BROWN, POLLY A.                         NY-35-86-85
BROWN, POLLY ANN                        NY-35-81-650
BROWN, RICHARD                          NY-35-91-625
BROWN, SALLEY                           NY-35-55-436
BROWN, SARAH L.                         NY-35-91-654
BROWN, THEODORE                         NY-35-B-203
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NY-35-L-31
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NY-35-E-692
BROWN, WILLIAM T.                       NY-35-W-614
BROWNING, MARY M.                       NY-35-81-141
BRUEN, SARAH V. (COLLINS)               NY-35-S-626
BRUMBLEY, ABEL                          NY-35-14-128
BRUNDAGE, CLARISSA H.                   NY-35-71-5
BRUNDAGE, ELIZA                         NY-35-81-404
BRUNDAGE, GEORGE                        NY-35-D-468
BRUNDAGE, JOHN                          NY-35-E-669
BRUNDAGE, JOSEPH                        NY-35-7-275
BRUNDAGE, MARY                          NY-35-81-278
BRUNDAGE, NATHAN                        NY-35-W-95
BRUNSON, FLAVIUS J.                     NY-35-55-212
BRUSH, SAMUEL                           NY-35-81-119
BRUSH, WILLIAM W.                       NY-35-61-327
BRUZER, NANCY C.                        NY-35-71-207
BRYAN, AUGUSTIN                         NY-35-7-172
BRYAN, JANE                             NY-35-81-112
BRYANT, MARY                            NY-35-61-661
BUCHAN, ALEXANDER                       NY-35-A-35
BUCHAN, MARY ANN                        NY-35-S-341
BUCHAN, ROBERT                          NY-35-B-116
BUCHAN, TOMSEY                          NY-35-B-424
BUCHAN, WILLIAM                         NY-35-91-566
BUCK, DANIEL D.                         NY-35-91-437
BUCK, DANIEL DANA                       NY-35-86-410
BUCK, ZINA J.                           NY-35-E-679
BUCKALOO, RICHARD M.                    NY-35-61-525
BUCKBEE, SARAH S.                       NY-35-A-479
BUCKELEW, BETSY                         NY-35-81-468
BUCKELEW, RICHARD                       NY-35-101-155
BUCKINGHAM, ALBERT                      NY-35-71-573
BUCKLEY, ANN E.                         NY-35-71-398
BUDD, JAMES HENRY                       NY-35-81-245
BUDLONG, SAMUEL                         NY-35-E-609
BUELL, AUGUSTUS                         NY-35-101-633
BUELL, CAROLINE                         NY-35-86-428
BUELL, CAROLINE                         NY-35-81-549
BUELL, JONATHAN                         NY-35-S-321
BUELL, TIMOTHY                          NY-35-W-435
BUGHTON, HELEN S.                       NY-35-86-346
BUGLASS, MUNGO                          NY-35-18-180
BULKLEY, LEVI                           NY-35-B-521
BULL, J. MARGETS                        NY-35-101-159
BULLOCK, AARON H.                       NY-35-L-54
BULLOCK, IRA J.                         NY-35-S-225
BUMP, CHARLES                           NY-35-61-593
BUMPUS, SHIPLEY W.                      NY-35-81-107
BUNN, WILLIAM                           NY-35-W-484
BUNNELL, ABNER                          NY-35-S-735
BUNNELL, FREDERICK                      NY-35-L-591
BUNNELL, ORPHEUS                        NY-35-61-387
BURCH, ROBERT                           NY-35-L-321
BURCHARD, PHINES                        NY-35-12-53
BURGESS, BENJAMIN                       NY-35-C-302
BURGESS, HENRY                          NY-35-81-343
BURGESS, LUCE                           NY-35-M-266
BURGHER, MATILDA                        NY-35-91-518
BURKE, CATHARINE                        NY-35-W-366
BURKHOLDER, JOHN                        NY-35-61-313
BURL, SALLY                             NY-35-W-325
BURLING, LYDIA                          NY-35-C-111
BURLING, WILLIAM S.                     NY-35-S-69
BURLINGAME, ALERAM                      NY-35-S-635
BURLINGAME, SUSANNA P.                  NY-35-86-306
BURLINGAME, SUSANNA P.                  NY-35-91-265
BURNET, FREDERICK                       NY-35-A-46
BURNET, JOHN                            NY-35-18-67
BURNET, JOHN                            NY-35-18-147
BURNETT, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-35-61-340
BURNETT, ELIZA M.                       NY-35-W-112
BURNETT, HIRAM                          NY-35-86-173
BURNETT, HIRAM                          NY-35-91-88
BURNETT, JULIA                          NY-35-86-368
BURNETT, JULIA                          NY-35-91-388
BURNETT, MARY                           NY-35-W-388
BURNETT, OLIVE                          NY-35-86-186
BURNETT, OLIVE                          NY-35-91-102
BURNETT, PHEBE                          NY-35-S-795
BURNEY, MARY                            NY-35-101-426
BURNEY, THOMAS G.                       NY-35-101-426
BURNS, ALICE                            NY-35-81-381
BURNS, ANDREW                           NY-35-C-108
BURRALL, ELISHA JENKINS                 NY-35-71-604
BURREL, EDWARD                          NY-35-E-384
BURT, JONATHAN                          NY-35-71-166
BURTIS, ARTHUR                          NY-35-A-191
BURTON, JAMES                           NY-35-C-457
BUSH, ELEANOR V.                        NY-35-86-446
BUSH, ELEANOR V.                        NY-35-81-602
BUSH, ELLEN                             NY-35-91-131
BUSH, ELLEN                             NY-35-86-209
BUSH, FREDERICK                         NY-35-71-468
BUSH, JOHN P.                           NY-35-71-227
BUSH, PETER L.                          NY-35-55-486
BUSH, SAMUEL H.                         NY-35-S-100
BUSH, SAMUEL S.                         NY-35-C-243
BUSH, SARAH                             NY-35-W-67
BUSH, WEALTHY ANN                       NY-35-91-622
BUSHFIELD, JAMES                        NY-35-M-646
BUSHNELL, ANNA                          NY-35-W-653
BUTCHER, THOMAS                         NY-35-61-676
BUTLER, MARY                            NY-35-86-528
BUTLER, MARY                            NY-35-91-398
BUTTS, ISAAC                            NY-35-10-306
BYINGTON, CLARA C.                      NY-35-101-629
CADDEN, MILES                           NY-35-61-2
CADY, JOHN                              NY-35-14-164
CADY, PENNEL                            NY-35-14-104
CALDWELL, CYRILLA                       NY-35-61-287
CALF, JOHN                              NY-35-101-357
CALKINS, ISAAC M.                       NY-35-W-547
CALKINS, JAMES F.                       NY-35-91-158
CALKINS, JAMES F.                       NY-35-86-229
CALKINS, JONATHAN G.                    NY-35-S-186
CALLENDER, EZRA                         NY-35-18-253
CALLENDER, MARTIN                       NY-35-D-362
CAMMANUS, OSWALD J.                     NY-35-W-464
CAMP, BETSEY                            NY-35-W-53
CAMP, ELISHA P.                         NY-35-M-466
CAMP, WILLIAM                           NY-35-D-324
CAMPBELL, JAMES M.                      NY-35-C-25
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       NY-35-4-123
CANFIELD, BENJAMIN                      NY-35-W-603
CANFIELD, BETSEY                        NY-35-81-230
CANFIELD, HARRIET C.                    NY-35-71-384
CANFIELD, JASON                         NY-35-S-44
CANFIELD, JOSEPH                        NY-35-B-479
CANFIELD, NJAMIN                        NY-35-2-295
CANFIELD, TITUS                         NY-35-W-66
CANFIELD, WILLIAM                       NY-35-B-196
CANNON, FREDERIC E.                     NY-35-81-456
CAPRON, JOSEPH                          NY-35-W-657
CAREY, EDWARD J.                        NY-35-61-97
CARLOUGH, DAVID                         NY-35-W-439
CARMER, JACOB                           NY-35-S-709
CAROTHERS, WILLIAM                      NY-35-M-440
CARPENTER, AMOS                         NY-35-12-169
CARPENTER, GEORGE W.                    NY-35-W-656
CARPENTER, INCREASE                     NY-35-B-43
CARPENTER, PLATT                        NY-35-91-332
CARPENTER, PLATT                        NY-35-86-516
CARPENTER, RICHARD                      NY-35-6-291
CARPENTER, SARAH                        NY-35-L-676
CARR, EDSON                             NY-35-M-582
CARR, MARY JANE                         NY-35-91-226
CARR, MARY JANE                         NY-35-86-282
CARRINGTON, JOHN                        NY-35-81-422
CARROLL, POLLY                          NY-35-61-164
CARSON, ROBERT                          NY-35-61-630
CARSON, THOMAS A.                       NY-35-61-191
CARSON, WILLIAM A.                      NY-35-81-16
CARTER, ANN ELIZA                       NY-35-86-392
CARTER, ANN ELIZA                       NY-35-91-418
CARTER, ANNE                            NY-35-W-295
CARTER, HARRIET                         NY-35-W-518
CARTER, JAMES                           NY-35-C-330
CARTER, JANE                            NY-35-W-317
CARTER, LAURA                           NY-35-81-506
CARTER, WILLIAM W.                      NY-35-W-305
CARTWRIGHT, TRUMAN                      NY-35-W-625
CARY, MARY ANN                          NY-35-55-430
CASE, CATHARINE                         NY-35-L-683
CASE, CUNNINGHAM P.                     NY-35-M-75
CASE, DAVID F.                          NY-35-71-327
CASE, ENOS                              NY-35-L-735
CASE, FELIX OLIVER                      NY-35-86-19
CASE, FELIX OLIVER                      NY-35-81-554
CASE, ISAAC REEVES                      NY-35-B-27
CASE, JAMES                             NY-35-A-139
CASE, JAMES W.                          NY-35-55-173
CASE, JOHN                              NY-35-A-196
CASE, JONATHAN J.                       NY-35-L-494
CASE, JUDITH ANN                        NY-35-101-624
CASE, MORGAN L.                         NY-35-71-228
CASE, NANCY N.                          NY-35-101-555
CASE, NOADIAH W.                        NY-35-B-137
CASE, OLIVER                            NY-35-M-414
CASE, SEBA                              NY-35-18-144
CASE, WILLIAM                           NY-35-W-41
CASE, WILLIAM                           NY-35-E-687
CASE, ZEBULON T.                        NY-35-61-573
CASKEY, DANIEL                          NY-35-S-68
CASKEY, JOSEPH                          NY-35-E-552
CASKEY, SIDNEY                          NY-35-61-350
CASSODY, MARGARET                       NY-35-B-366
CASSORT, JAMES                          NY-35-101-106
CASSORT, MARY                           NY-35-101-172
CASSOST, DAVID                          NY-35-M-530
CASTLE, CHARLES D.                      NY-35-101-114
CASTLE, DANIEL L.                       NY-35-B-382
CASTLE, DYER                            NY-35-L-361
CASTLE, SETH G.                         NY-35-101-30
CATCHFALL, DANIEL                       NY-35-86-318
CATCHPOLE, DANIEL                       NY-35-91-283
CATER, JOHN                             NY-35-55-201
CATHAMIER, JOHN H.                      NY-35-C-452
CATTERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-35-61-453
CAWARD, GEORGE                          NY-35-S-717
CAYWARD, CLARK                          NY-35-M-268
CHADWICK, PHEBE                         NY-35-S-319
CHAMBERLIN, LAURA                       NY-35-91-159
CHAMBERLIN, LAURA                       NY-35-86-230
CHAMPION, JOSIAH P.                     NY-35-81-438
CHAPIN, BETSEY                          NY-35-S-648
CHAPIN, ELIZA                           NY-35-101-568
CHAPIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-35-L-128
CHAPIN, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-35-71-434
CHAPIN, FRANCES MARY                    NY-35-101-458
CHAPIN, HERMAN                          NY-35-B-589
CHAPIN, HORACE E.                       NY-35-91-254
CHAPIN, HORACE E.                       NY-35-86-302
CHAPIN, JOANNA K.                       NY-35-101-285
CHAPIN, LAURANIA                        NY-35-61-135
CHAPIN, RALPH                           NY-35-L-232
CHAPIN, REBECCA B.                      NY-35-91-401
CHAPIN, REBECCA B.                      NY-35-86-378
CHAPIN,ELIZA C.                         NY-35-81-376
CHAPLIN, JONATHAN                       NY-35-A-14
CHAPMAN, AMOS                           NY-35-86-129
CHAPMAN, AMOS                           NY-35-91-31
CHAPMAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-35-D-225
CHAPMAN, DENNIE                         NY-35-B-1
CHAPMAN, DENNIS                         NY-35-A-71
CHAPMAN, MARY ANN                       NY-35-81-90
CHAPMAN, SIDNEY                         NY-35-86-474
CHAPMAN, SIDNEY C.                      NY-35-91-108
CHARLTON, JOHN                          NY-35-E-142
CHARLTON, THOMAS                        NY-35-M-656
CHASE, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-35-12-185
CHASE, HELEN                            NY-35-61-641
CHASE, JENCKS                           NY-35-D-35
CHASE, NATHANIEL T.                     NY-35-101-270
CHASE, STEPHEN                          NY-35-E-578
CHASE, WALTER                           NY-35-14-212
CHASE, WALTER                           NY-35-W-710
CHASE, WILLIAM                          NY-35-12-145
CHENEY, EPHRIAM W.                      NY-35-S-256
CHESNUT, ELIZA D.                       NY-35-101-139
CHILD, JOHN H.                          NY-35-W-369
CHILDS, BENJAMIN                        NY-35-55-434
CHILDS, ELIJAH A.                       NY-35-101-564
CHILDS, ENOS                            NY-35-W-77
CHILDS, JOSEPH                          NY-35-91-574
CHILDS, JULIA A.                        NY-35-101-557
CHILDS, LAURA S.                        NY-35-101-394
CHILDS, OLIVE R.                        NY-35-91-205
CHILDS, OLIVE ROENA                     NY-35-86-232
CHILDS, OLIVER                          NY-35-S-354
CHILSON, ISRAEL G.                      NY-35-W-222
CHIPPS, WILLIAM                         NY-35-91-420
CHIPPS, WILLIAM                         NY-35-86-391
CHRISTIAN, ASBURY                       NY-35-71-570
CHRISTIAN, ELIZABETH M.                 NY-35-81-448
CHURCH, GEORGE B.                       NY-35-W-405
CHURCH, HENRY A.                        NY-35-S-587
CHURCH, JOHN                            NY-35-14-29
CHURCH, LYDIA H.                        NY-35-101-454
CIRTTENDEN, ORRIN E.                    NY-35-71-12
CLAK, MARTHA                            NY-35-W-359
CLANCY, JAMES                           NY-35-W-235
CLANCY, JAMES                           NY-35-2-214
CLANFORD, SUSANAH                       NY-35-12-157
CLAPP, ANNA M.                          NY-35-71-32
CLAPP, HENRY K.                         NY-35-81-345
CLAPP, RALPH                            NY-35-61-408
CLARK, ALANSON                          NY-35-L-339
CLARK, ANNA E.                          NY-35-101-65
CLARK, CALEB                            NY-35-12-61
CLARK, CHARLES                          NY-35-55-194
CLARK, CHARLES W.                       NY-35-71-411
CLARK, DAVID                            NY-35-W-71
CLARK, ELISHA                           NY-35-81-267
CLARK, EUNICE C.                        NY-35-86-81
CLARK, EUNICE M.                        NY-35-81-644
CLARK, HULDAH                           NY-35-55-428
CLARK, ISAAC                            NY-35-S-182
CLARK, JANE                             NY-35-71-712
CLARK, JENNIE                           NY-35-61-216
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-35-61-134
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-35-B-416
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-35-81-437
CLARK, JOHN L.                          NY-35-A-361
CLARK, JOSEPH F.                        NY-35-81-247
CLARK, LORENZO                          NY-35-L-679
CLARK, LYMAN                            NY-35-W-576
CLARK, MARY H.                          NY-35-71-310
CLARK, MARY THERESA                     NY-35-71-412
CLARK, NEHEMIAH                         NY-35-4-195
CLARK, PERRY G.                         NY-35-86-76
CLARK, PERRY G.                         NY-35-81-631
CLARK, SAMUEL                           NY-35-S-320
CLARK, SAMUEL BRADHURST                 NY-35-61-610
CLARK, SILAS                            NY-35-S-370
CLARK, WILLIAM                          NY-35-6-227
CLARK, WILLIAM S.                       NY-35-S-716
CLARK, ZILPHA                           NY-35-55-423
CLARKE, ELIZA A.                        NY-35-61-179
CLARKE, JOSEPH F.                       NY-35-101-578
CLAUDIUS, CHARLES                       NY-35-61-656
CLAUDIUS, HENRIETTA                     NY-35-71-623
CLEMENT, JOHN                           NY-35-B-210
CLEMONS, JULIA P.                       NY-35-71-313
CLEVELAND, EPHRAIM W.                   NY-35-M-453
CLEVELAND, FREDERICK A.                 NY-35-91-500
CLEVELAND, FREDERICK A.                 NY-35-86-581
CLEVELAND, HENRY B.                     NY-35-91-151
CLEVELAND, HENRY B.                     NY-35-86-486
CLINE, CONRAD                           NY-35-W-670
CLINE, JOHN                             NY-35-A-1
CLINE, MARIA                            NY-35-61-32
CLINE, MARK                             NY-35-W-354A
CLINE, RACHEL                           NY-35-61-103
CLINE, WILLIAM J.                       NY-35-L-488
CLOHACEY, PATRICK                       NY-35-55-66
CLOHACY, JOHN B.                        NY-35-91-45
CLOHACY, JOHN B.                        NY-35-86-143
COADY, MARY                             NY-35-86-187
COADY, MARY                             NY-35-91-103
COAN, JAMES                             NY-35-W-79
COATS, CALVIN S.                        NY-35-55-446
COATS, JAMES                            NY-35-M-678
COATS, JAMES T. J.                      NY-35-81-143
COBB, CORNELIA P.                       NY-35-W-55
COBB, EDWIN D.                          NY-35-91-390
COBB, EDWIND .                          NY-35-86-371
COBB, JOB                               NY-35-W-572
COBB, SARAH                             NY-35-91-644
COBB, STEWART S.                        NY-35-71-453
COBURN, EENEZER                         NY-35-18-211
COBURN, HIRAM P.                        NY-35-61-439
COBURN, MARGARET                        NY-35-86-15
COBURN, MARGARET                        NY-35-81-545
COCHRAN, BENJAMIN                       NY-35-7-34
COCHRAN, THOMAS                         NY-35-91-694
COCKERILL,JOSEPH                        NY-35-101-561
CODDING, GEORGE                         NY-35-18-202
CODDING, MARY ***                       NY-35-A-497
CODY, JOHN H.                           NY-35-86-332
CODY, JOHN H.                           NY-35-91-305
COE, CHARLES                            NY-35-101-439
COE, ISAAC                              NY-35-A-42
COE, JAMES F.                           NY-35-91-435
COE, JAMES F.                           NY-35-86-413
COE, SCHUYLER P.                        NY-35-91-630
COE, WELTHY                             NY-35-101-559
COFFEEN, ANDREW B.                      NY-35-L-277
COFFIN, JOHN A.                         NY-35-B-263
COLE, BENJAMIN                          NY-35-6-137A
COLE, JONATHAN                          NY-35-18-271
COLE, SAMUEL U.                         NY-35-81-496
COLE, SARAH                             NY-35-18-192
COLE, WILLARD                           NY-35-C-338
COLE, WILLIAM                           NY-35-S-135
COLEGROVE, JAIRUS                       NY-35-61-389
COLEMAN, AUGUSTUS G.                    NY-35-71-643
COLEMAN, ELIZA R.                       NY-35-55-257
COLLINS, ALLEN                          NY-35-55-339
COLLINS, JAMES                          NY-35-M-598
COLLINS, JOHN                           NY-35-W-704
COLLINS, SIMRY                          NY-35-55-137
COLLINS, THOMAS                         NY-35-M-449
COLLINS, TYRANNUS                       NY-35-D-391
COLVIN, DELOS W.                        NY-35-91-240
COLVIN, DELOS W.                        NY-35-86-291
COLVIN, LEVI                            NY-35-61-479
COMBAS, MARTIN W.                       NY-35-91-628
COMBS, SOPHRONIA A.                     NY-35-71-661
CONAUGHTY, JOHN H.                      NY-35-91-28
CONDEN, MATTHEW                         NY-35-61-662
CONDON, ELIZABETH                       NY-35-101-298
CONE, ANDREW                            NY-35-55-179
CONE, HENRY B.                          NY-35-L-262
CONE, MARY G.                           NY-35-L-83
CONE, MATILDA N.                        NY-35-71-682
CONKLIN, ELIZABETH                      NY-35-61-457
CONKLIN, SAMUEL                         NY-35-18-106
CONOVER, GEORGE S.                      NY-35-101-292
CONOVER, VINCENT                        NY-35-71-318
CONOVER, WILLIAM                        NY-35-91-312
CONOVER, WILLIAM                        NY-35-86-336
CONRAD, CHARLES                         NY-35-101-552
CONROY, MARGARET                        NY-35-91-653
CONSALUS, JOSEPH                        NY-35-W-40
CONSE, CAROLINE                         NY-35-101-61
CONVERSE, JAMES                         NY-35-12-38
CONVERSE, JOSEPH E.                     NY-35-W-100
CONYERS, LEVI                           NY-35-L-537
COOK, ASHER                             NY-35-C-83
COOK, BENJAMIN                          NY-35-91-279
COOK, BENJAMIN                          NY-35-86-314
COOK, CATHARINE                         NY-35-86-397
COOK, CATHARINE                         NY-35-91-424
COOK, CHARLES A.                        NY-35-L-62
COOK, GEORGE                            NY-35-55-128
COOK, MARIA LAIDLIE                     NY-35-L-641
COOK, MARTHA                            NY-35-55-93
COOK, MARY C.                           NY-35-55-441
COOK, MOSES                             NY-35-55-451
COOK, ROXANA                            NY-35-91-549
COOK, WILLIAM F.                        NY-35-W-370
COOLEY, CELINDA                         NY-35-81-289
COOLEY, JAMES ***                       NY-35-B-428
COOLEY, JAMES S.                        NY-35-81-41
COOLEY, LYMAN                           NY-35-D-372
COOLEY, MARY E.                         NY-35-101-406
COOLEY, NATHANIEL N.                    NY-35-W-390
COON, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-35-61-353
COONEY, JAMES                           NY-35-91-428
COONEY, JAMES                           NY-35-86-401
COONEY, JAMES                           NY-35-55-5
COONEY, LAWRENCE                        NY-35-91-636
COONEY, MARY                            NY-35-71-621
COONS, PHILIP                           NY-35-71-508
COOPER, ABIGAIL                         NY-35-S-260
COOPER, AMBROSE K.                      NY-35-M-406
COOPER, BELA P.                         NY-35-91-84
COOPER, BELA P.                         NY-35-86-168
COOPER, JAMES                           NY-35-C-361
COPP, ROBERT S.                         NY-35-S-558
CORBIN, EDWIN S.                        NY-35-61-118
CORCORAN, WALTER                        NY-35-L-351
COREY,JANE                              NY-35-91-191
CORNELL, ALVIN T.                       NY-35-B-363
CORNELL, THOMAS                         NY-35-6-234
CORNER, ELIZABETH                       NY-35-81-323
CORNISH, ALLEN W.                       NY-35-61-345
CORNISH, ELTHEA                         NY-35-71-615
CORSON, JACOB                           NY-35-61-175
CORTELYOU, ELIZABETH                    NY-35-55-341
CORTLEYOU, WILLIAM                      NY-35-W-234
CORWIN, MANASSAH R.                     NY-35-S-659
CORWIN, SAMUEL C.                       NY-35-S-583
COSGROVE, NANCY                         NY-35-86-53
COSGROVE, NANCY                         NY-35-81-600
COST, ELIAS                             NY-35-E-136
COST, JACOB                             NY-35-C-38
COST, JESSE                             NY-35-71-625
COST, JOHN                              NY-35-86-372
COST, JOHN                              NY-35-91-394
COTTER, JAMES                           NY-35-55-174
COTTER, JOHN                            NY-35-81-88
COTTER, JOHN                            NY-35-W-306
COTTON, SALLY M.                        NY-35-61-323
COUCH, CHARLES                          NY-35-101-594
COUCH, GEORGE                           NY-35-61-278
COUCH, LUCINDA                          NY-35-86-178
COUCH, LUCINDA                          NY-35-91-93
COUMAN, JOHN                            NY-35-W-533
COURNEEW, DENNIS                        NY-35-91-697
COURSEY, MARY                           NY-35-91-498
COURTNEY, JOHN                          NY-35-81-374
COUSSEY, JOHN                           NY-35-91-595
COVEL, THOMAS                           NY-35-55-365
COVERT, TUNIS R.                        NY-35-71-41
COVEY, JANE                             NY-35-86-258
COVILL, ALDIN L.                        NY-35-71-544
COVILL, ELIZA                           NY-35-W-694
COVILL, JAMES A.                        NY-35-S-222
COVILL, MERCY ELIZABETH                 NY-35-71-488
COWANS, JAMES                           NY-35-61-597
COX, FRANK H.                           NY-35-81-369
COX, HUGH J.                            NY-35-86-398
COX, HUGH J.                            NY-35-91-425
COX, WILLIAM                            NY-35-81-463
COX, WILLIAM P.                         NY-35-61-392
COYE, DAVID                             NY-35-81-325
COYE, LUKE                              NY-35-M-312
COYLE, JAMES                            NY-35-B-487
CRAFT, JOHN                             NY-35-6-175
CRAFT, LYDIA W.                         NY-35-101-595
CRAIN, CHESTER                          NY-35-55-220
CRAIN, J. ALIDA                         NY-35-81-127
CRAIN, JOHN                             NY-35-91-478
CRAIN, JOHN                             NY-35-86-424
CRAIN, MANLEY                           NY-35-81-492
CRANDAL, PHEBE                          NY-35-B-515
CRANDALL, THOMAS                        NY-35-81-483
CRANE, BENJAMIN                         NY-35-61-411
CRANE, CATHARINE                        NY-35-55-395
CRANE, CHARLES                          NY-35-B-341
CRANE, GEORGE                           NY-35-71-377
CRANE, MARY ANN                         NY-35-86-272
CRANE, MARY ANN                         NY-35-91-221
CRATSLEY, ANN ELIZA                     NY-35-61-480
CRATSLEY, JACOB                         NY-35-B-123
CRATSLEY, JACOB                         NY-35-55-552
CRAVEN, EMILY H.                        NY-35-71-454
CRAWFORD, ANN                           NY-35-S-210
CRAWFORD, CATHERINE                     NY-35-86-316
CRAWFORD, CATHERINE                     NY-35-91-281
CRAWFORD, JAMES H.                      NY-35-M-380
CRAWFORD, KATE D.                       NY-35-91-352
CRAWFORD, KATE L.                       NY-35-86-354
CRAWFORD, SARAH A.                      NY-35-71-1
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM I.                    NY-35-91-606
CRAWLEY, JOHN                           NY-35-61-23
CREAGER, CATHARINE                      NY-35-L-573
CREAGER, JACOB                          NY-35-71-575
CREEDON, MICHAEL                        NY-35-81-175
CRIBB, ELEANOR J.                       NY-35-101-489
CRIPPEN, RICHARD                        NY-35-61-429
CRISLER, NICHOLAS                       NY-35-B-33
CRITTENDEN, ALFRED R.                   NY-35-101-16
CRITTENDEN, COTTON                      NY-35-A-333
CRITTENDEN, COTTON                      NY-35-B-131
CRITTENDEN, GONZELLS                    NY-35-M-176
CRITTENDEN, IMMER                       NY-35-18-169
CRITTENDEN, MARY A.                     NY-35-101-103
CRITTENDEN, OSEE                        NY-35-W-549
CROMWELL, BENJAMIN                      NY-35-C-199
CROMWELL, MARGARET M.                   NY-35-61-404
CROMWELL, PHEBE                         NY-35-D-307
CRONK, JEREMIAH                         NY-35-S-796
CRONK, LEWIS W.                         NY-35-101-556
CROOK, JOHN C.                          NY-35-55-216
CROOKER, MARTIN J.                      NY-35-101-127
CROOKS, TOMPKINS A.                     NY-35-101-323
CROSBY, ENOCH                           NY-35-B-345
CROSBY, POLLY                           NY-35-L-213
CROSBY, RHODA                           NY-35-D-386
CROSBY, SAMUEL                          NY-35-18-62
CROSER, ISABELLA                        NY-35-E-646
CROSIER, ELEANOR                        NY-35-71-628
CROSIER, GEORGE                         NY-35-W-424
CROSS, CYRUS                            NY-35-91-454
CROSS, CYRUS                            NY-35-86-420
CROSS, MARY                             NY-35-6-117
CROSS, SAMUEL S.                        NY-35-18-398
CROTHERS, JOSEPH                        NY-35-W-533
CROTHERS, OLIVER                        NY-35-101-102
CROW, ANNA                              NY-35-D-208
CROW, ERASTUS H.                        NY-35-C-324
CROWELL, JOSEPHINE M.                   NY-35-61-155
CROXTON, JOHN                           NY-35-W-423
CROXTON, PHEBE                          NY-35-W-561
CROZIER, ADAM                           NY-35-18-407
CRUM, ABRAHAM                           NY-35-4-34
CRUM, ANNA MARIA                        NY-35-61-705
CRUM, SUSANNA                           NY-35-6-230
CRUTHERS, MARGARET                      NY-35-71-295
CRYDER, CATHARINE                       NY-35-61-714
CUDDENBACK, CORNELIUS                   NY-35-101-359
CUDWORTH, JOHN D.                       NY-35-71-428
CUER, JAMES J.                          NY-35-71-650
CUER, SAMUEL                            NY-35-81-33
CULLEN, JULIA                           NY-35-86-300
CULLEN, JULIA                           NY-35-91-249
CULLEN, RICHARD                         NY-35-86-357
CULLEN, RICHARD                         NY-35-91-356
CULVER, HANNAH                          NY-35-W-688
CULVER, JONATHAN                        NY-35-4-3
CULVER, LORING                          NY-35-W-444
CULVER, WILLIAM F.                      NY-35-D-30
CUMMING, BENJAMIN                       NY-35-W-507
CURRAN, JAMES                           NY-35-91-532
CURRAN, SARAH                           NY-35-55-60
CURREN, WILLIAM                         NY-35-86-308
CURREN, WILLIAM                         NY-35-91-267
CURRY, WILLIAM F.                       NY-35-M-590
CURTIS, DAVID R.                        NY-35-W-662
CURTIS, JOHN H.                         NY-35-101-519
CURTIS, VALORUS                         NY-35-61-581
CURTISS, WILLIAM                        NY-35-2-373
CUTBUSH, EDWARD                         NY-35-C-13
CUTHBERT, GERTRUDE                      NY-35-61-260
CUTHBERT, ROBERT B.                     NY-35-W-25

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