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ABBEY, WILLIAM               NY-34-K-79
ABBOT, DANIEL                NY-34-I-208
ABBOTT, ABIJAH               NY-34-G-488
ABBOTT, AURILLA              NY-34-I-32
ABBOTT, NATHAN               NY-34-E-146
ABBOTT, SILAS                NY-34-J-411
ABBOTT, THOMAS               NY-34-M-345
ABBY, ELIJAH                 NY-34-I-391
ABRAMS, JAMES                NY-34-G-112
ACKLES, JOHN                 NY-34-H-323
ACKLES, MULBURY              NY-34-M-495
ADAMS, BENNET                NY-34-M-449
ADAMS, ELIZABETH             NY-34-H-373
ADAMS, GORDON                NY-34-I-331
ADAMS, HENRY A.              NY-34-K-125
ADAMS, HIRAM                 NY-34-N-20
ADAMS, JOHN                  NY-34-K-197
ADAMS, JOHN                  NY-34-L-354
ADAMS, JOHN W.               NY-34-I-304
ADAMS, LEVI                  NY-34-N-533
ADAMS, LORENZO W.            NY-34-K-319
ADAMS, RHODERICK             NY-34-D-262
ADAMS, TIMOTHY               NY-34-B-40
ADAMS, TRUMAN                NY-34-E-233
ADAMS, WILLARD L.            NY-34-M-129
AINSLIE, ANDREW              NY-34-N-342
ALEXANDER, CALEB             NY-34-D-292
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM           NY-34-K-41
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM H.        NY-34-M-171
ALLEN, AARON                 NY-34-I-168
ALLEN, DANIEL JR.            NY-34-G-138
ALLEN, ELI W. R.             NY-34-M-362
ALLEN, HENRY                 NY-34-K-236
ALLEN, PETER                 NY-34-F-272
ALLEN, THOMAS                NY-34-I-63
ALLEN, WESTON                NY-34-K-254
AMES, JOSIAH A.              NY-34-F-5
AMIDON, ABNER                NY-34-K-85
AMIDON, CHENEY               NY-34-M-49
AMIDON, JOSEPH               NY-34-B-1
ANDERSAG, MICHAEL            NY-34-M-518
ANDERSON, JACOB              NY-34-J-139
ANDERSON, JOHN               NY-34-H-497
ANDREWS, JAMES               NY-34-H-502
ANDREWS, JOB                 NY-34-F-111
ANDREWS, ORSEMUS             NY-34-M-37
ANDREWS, SIDNEY E.           NY-34-I-422
ANGELL, ANNA                 NY-34-F-507
ANTHONY, ISAAC               NY-34-K-407
ANTIS, CATHARINE             NY-34-M-489
ARCHER, THADDEUS             NY-34-G-300
ARMSTRONG, JABIN             NY-34-L-96
ATKINS, CHAUNCEY             NY-34-G-188
ATWELL, JOSEPH               NY-34-A-12
AUSTIN, GEORGE               NY-34-H-397
AUSTIN, PETER                NY-34-I-143
AUSTIN, SALLY                NY-34-K-30
AVERILL, EVANDER             NY-34-G-476
AVERILL, STEPHEN             NY-34-C-121
AVERY, BENJAMIN G.           NY-34-I-279
AVERY, HORACE C.             NY-34-K-142
AVERY, PUNDERSON             NY-34-G-148
AYLWORTH, LUCY               NY-34-N-175
BABCOCK, AVERY               NY-34-N-333
BABCOCK, ELIHU               NY-34-C-82
BABCOCK, JOHNSON             NY-34-D-122
BABCOCK, JOHNSON             NY-34-E-419
BABCOCK, LUCY                NY-34-N-237
BACON, NATHANIEL             NY-34-J-441
BACON, RHODA                 NY-34-J-349
BAILEY, JOHN                 NY-34-G-312
BAILEY, JOHN                 NY-34-J-344
BAIRD, ROBERT                NY-34-E-365
BAIRD, WILLIAM               NY-34-N-506
BAKER, ERASTUS               NY-34-I-358
BAKER, JAMES M.              NY-34-N-290
BAKER, JOEL                  NY-34-L-386
BAKER, JONATHAN              NY-34-E-44
BAKER, JOSEPH                NY-34-J-422
BAKER, MOSES                 NY-34-N-471
BAKER, NATHANIEL             NY-34-J-443
BAKER, QUARTUS               NY-34-I-321
BALDWIN, CHARLES             NY-34-C-67
BALDWIN, HARVEY              NY-34-M-178
BALDWIN, ISAAC               NY-34-C-84
BALDWIN, JONAS C.            NY-34-D-245
BALDWIN, STEPHEN W.          NY-34-F-277
BALDWIN, TRUMAN              NY-34-N-250
BALL, PANKRATZ               NY-34-J-187
BALL, SAMUEL R.              NY-34-K-139
BALLANTINE, JOHN             NY-34-M-458
BALSLEY, DENNIS              NY-34-L-283
BALSLEY, JOHN A.             NY-34-K-192
BANGS, WILLIAM F.            NY-34-M-500
BANHAM, EMMA                 NY-34-N-198
BARBER, ABIJAH               NY-34-K-122
BARBER, CHARLES              NY-34-F-50
BARBER, CHAUNCY              NY-34-M-15
BARBER, HANNAH               NY-34-K-326
BARBER, JAMES                NY-34-M-389
BARBER, JOB                  NY-34-H-437
BARBER, RULIEF               NY-34-E-243
BARKER, CEPHAS               NY-34-K-208
BARKER, JAMES F.             NY-34-K-416
BARNES, ASA                  NY-34-D-90
BARNES, HIRAM                NY-34-K-311
BARNES, SARAH                NY-34-N-365
BARNS, PHINEAS JR.           NY-34-D-130
BARNS, PHINEHAS              NY-34-D-339
BARNUM, THOMAS               NY-34-F-436
BARRETT, EPHRAIM             NY-34-B-112
BARROWS, LEMUEL              NY-34-H-31
BASSETT, SETH M.             NY-34-L-109
BATCHLEY, MINDWELL           NY-34-J-305
BATES, JOSHUA                NY-34-J-203
BATTELL, JOSEPH              NY-34-G-499
BAUM, DANIEL                 NY-34-K-105
BEACH, BILDAD                NY-34-K-57
BEACH, MARY T.               NY-34-M-6
BEACH, MINERVA P. R.         NY-34-J-68
BEACH, THADEUS               NY-34-F-149
BEARS, FORD                  NY-34-J-392
BEARSE, AARON                NY-34-G-373
BEBEE, ELIZABETH             NY-34-C-95
BEBEE, SAMUEL                NY-34-C-92
BEEBE, GIDEON                NY-34-L-503
BEEBE, LEWIS                 NY-34-N-381
BEEBE, ZENER                 NY-34-A-46
BEEBEE, SAMUEL A.            NY-34-N-444
BEISCHER, PHILLIP            NY-34-N-316
BELDING, EBENEZER            NY-34-D-26
BELL, JAMES H.               NY-34-J-78
BELLINGER, JOHN I.           NY-34-H-43
BENDS, JOSEPH P.             NY-34-D-144
BENEDICT, AMOS               NY-34-I-74
BENEDICT, HENRY P.           NY-34-L-448
BENEDICT, HERMAN             NY-34-E-438
BENEDICT, STEPHEN            NY-34-E-412
BENEDICT, STEPHEN            NY-34-L-343
BENJAM, MILES                NY-34-N-280
BENJAMIN, RUFUS C.           NY-34-N-51
BENNET, BENJAMIN             NY-34-B-66
BENNETT, GEORGE W.           NY-34-J-311
BENNETT, JAMES               NY-34-J-118
BENNETT, JOHN V.             NY-34-J-250
BENNETT, MILES W.            NY-34-K-102
BENNETT, PETER               NY-34-G-197
BENNETT, WILLIARD O.         NY-34-N-134
BENNIT, THOMAS               NY-34-J-9
BENSON, DAVID                NY-34-I-171
BENSON, STEPHEN              NY-34-D-71
BENTLEY, HETTY M.            NY-34-M-23
BENTLEY, WILLIAM             NY-34-H-506
BENTLY, ISAAC                NY-34-J-281
BENTON, AMANDA               NY-34-K-77
BENTON, DAVID                NY-34-A-50
BENTON, EBER                 NY-34-M-560
BERIAN, PETER SR             NY-34-A-69
BERRY, SPENCER               NY-34-B-17
BETTINGER, JACOB             NY-34-H-318
BETTINGER, PHILLIP           NY-34-E-199
BIERS, FRANCIS W.            NY-34-M-442
BIGELOW, OTIS                NY-34-M-410
BIGLEY, JOSHUA C.            NY-34-I-349
BILLINGS, JOHN               NY-34-K-499
BILLINGS, LEWIS              NY-34-I-183
BILLINGTON, SAMUEL           NY-34-F-213
BIRDSEYE, ELECTA             NY-34-L-194
BIRNEY, JOSEPH               NY-34-M-530
BISDEE, EDWARD               NY-34-I-281
BISHOP, ARTEMAS              NY-34-K-127
BISHOP, LEVI                 NY-34-K-35
BISHOP, MARILA               NY-34-N-479
BISHOP, MILES                NY-34-F-454
BITTELS, SAMUEL              NY-34-D-255
BLANCHARD, DANIEL            NY-34-L-116
BLANCHARD, MASON             NY-34-I-141
BLISS, JOHN                  NY-34-H-431
BLISS, POLLY                 NY-34-M-537
BLODO, PHYLURA               NY-34-L-276
BOGARDUS, EPHRAIM            NY-34-L-207
BOGARDUS, GIDEON             NY-34-K-293
BOGARDUS, PETER              NY-34-D-166
BOGGESS, ABRAHAM             NY-34-E-208
BOGGESS, AMY                 NY-34-M-384
BONATS, CHRISTIAN            NY-34-N-245
BOOKHOUT, JAMES              NY-34-G-325
BOOTH, ELENOR                NY-34-C-19
BOSTWICK, JOSEPH M.          NY-34-E-128
BOSTWICK, OLIVER             NY-34-K-492
BOTSFORD, ALVA D.            NY-34-F-204
BOULDREY, ALIZER             NY-34-C-37
BOUTON, SPERRY               NY-34-K-291
BOVEE, MARY                  NY-34-K-22
BOWEN, ALMERIN               NY-34-D-140
BOWEN, ELIJAH                NY-34-A-72
BOWEN, ELIZA S.              NY-34-M-277
BOWEN, JARED W.              NY-34-K-453
BOWERING, EDWARD             NY-34-M-279
BRADBURY, AMELIA             NY-34-I-381
BRADFORD, ANN                NY-34-M-452
BRADLEY, DAN                 NY-34-F-476
BRADLEY, DANIEL JR.          NY-34-I-434
BRADLEY, DWIGHT              NY-34-G-66
BRADLEY, SARAH               NY-34-L-10
BRADLEY, WALTER              NY-34-G-34
BRADT, JAMES F.              NY-34-J-288
BRADY, THOMAS                NY-34-N-557
BRAMAN, JOHN R.              NY-34-K-154
BRANCH, ELIZA JANE           NY-34-M-169
BRAND, HENRY                 NY-34-I-436
BREED, ALLEN                 NY-34-N-304
BREWSTER, CHARLES G.         NY-34-F-344
BREWSTER, WILLIAM            NY-34-C-127
BREWSTER, WILLIAM R.         NY-34-E-293
BRIGGS, DANIEL               NY-34-I-252
BRIGGS, JOHN                 NY-34-G-53
BRINKERHOFF, JOHN A.         NY-34-I-420
BRISBIN, ELIZABETH           NY-34-H-399
BRITTON, ALMON               NY-34-N-571
BRITTON, ANNA                NY-34-J-399
BRITTON, ARCHIBALD           NY-34-H-6
BRITTON, JOHN C.             NY-34-H-82
BRONSON, JOSIAH              NY-34-E-28
BRONSON, MARY                NY-34-N-469
BRONSON, MELVIN              NY-34-K-20
BRONSON, SAMUEL              NY-34-I-284
BROTHERTON, NATHAN           NY-34-G-44
BROWN, ISAAC                 NY-34-E-518
BROWN, JOHN                  NY-34-E-17
BROWN, JOHN H.               NY-34-N-388
BROWN, LAURIANA              NY-34-E-247
BROWN, LUTHER                NY-34-G-108
BROWN, SAMUEL                NY-34-F-504
BROWN, TIMOTHY               NY-34-J-33
BROWN, WALTER                NY-34-N-139
BROWN, WILLIAM H.            NY-34-F-393
BROWNING, HARRY              NY-34-G-194
BRYAN, JOSEPH                NY-34-E-465
BUASE, JACOB                 NY-34-A-5
BUCK, BETSEY                 NY-34-N-62
BUCK, ENOCH                  NY-34-L-519
BUCK, JOHN                   NY-34-K-245
BUCK, JOHN G.                NY-34-M-297
BUGBEE, DANFORTH             NY-34-M-573
BUICE, JACOB                 NY-34-A-5
BULL, AMANDA S.              NY-34-K-235
BURCH, ABIGAIL               NY-34-M-426
BURDICK, EMELINE             NY-34-F-330
BURKE, EDMOND                NY-34-M-32
BURLAND, ROBERT              NY-34-I-307
BURNELL, JONATHAN F.         NY-34-K-162
BURNETT, CHARLES J.          NY-34-K-49
BURNEY, MARY W.              NY-34-E-4
BURNS, ROBERT                NY-34-M-502
BURT, AARON                  NY-34-I-124
BURTIS, JOHN G.              NY-34-D-96
BURTON, BURR                 NY-34-N-33
BURYEA, JOHN                 NY-34-H-282
BUSH, CONRAD                 NY-34-J-360
BUSH, WILLIAM                NY-34-I-250
BUSSEY, ESECK                NY-34-I-138
BUSSING, PETER               NY-34-I-340
BUTLER, BENJAMIN             NY-34-A-122
BUTLER, CONTENT              NY-34-C-106
BUTLER, JOHN                 NY-34-I-412
BUTLER, JOSIAH B.            NY-34-J-353
BUTLER, ZACHEUS              NY-34-B-11
BUTTON, SAMUEL F.            NY-34-L-300
BUTTON, THOMAS               NY-34-N-340
BUTTS, HORACE                NY-34-I-198
BUTTS, HUESTIS               NY-34-L-29
BUTTS, JACOB                 NY-34-M-543
BUTTS, JOSHUA                NY-34-H-264
BUTTS, OLIVER                NY-34-J-333
CADY, JOHN                   NY-34-H-441
CALKINS, PHILANDER           NY-34-H-439
CALL, JOHN B.                NY-34-J-438
CALLENDER, EZEKIEL           NY-34-K-396
CALPP, CHESTER               NY-34-J-434
CAMP, EDER                   NY-34-H-368
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER          NY-34-N-254
CAMPBELL, ETHAN              NY-34-M-466
CAMPBELL, HENRY              NY-34-I-255
CAMPBELL, JACOB              NY-34-L-376
CAMPBELL, RHODA              NY-34-L-75
CANDE, DANIEL                NY-34-E-153
CANDE, DANIEL                NY-34-I-107
CANDE, TIMOTHY               NY-34-F-82
CANDEE, ROSWELL              NY-34-M-532
CANNON, JOHN                 NY-34-L-398
CAPLE, JOHN                  NY-34-I-265
CARDELL, ELIZABETH           NY-34-L-429
CARDELL, WILLIAM             NY-34-K-286
CARLETON, BENJAMIN           NY-34-G-124
CARLY, JAMES                 NY-34-K-302
CARPENTER, ISAAC             NY-34-A-112
CARPENTER, MOSES             NY-34-E-10
CARR, EBENEZER               NY-34-I-88
CARR, EDWARD                 NY-34-E-16
CARR, EMMA E.                NY-34-N-4
CARR, JAMES                  NY-34-E-238
CARTER, RUFUS                NY-34-H-227
CARVER, DAVID                NY-34-M-220
CASE, ALONZO                 NY-34-M-420
CASE, GILES                  NY-34-M-454
CASE, ISAAC                  NY-34-M-472
CASE, MILES                  NY-34-K-14
CASE, SAMUEL                 NY-34-J-299
CASSIDY, OWEN                NY-34-N-462
CASTNER, NANCY H.            NY-34-N-549
CASWELLL, SUSAN              NY-34-M-369
CHAFFEE, AMOS C.             NY-34-L-368
CHAFFEE, HIRAM               NY-34-H-60
CHAMBERS, ENOCH              NY-34-J-171
CHAMPLAIN, PRIMUS            NY-34-I-79
CHANDERS, ABRAHAM            NY-34-N-58
CHANDLER, JOSHUA             NY-34-E-511
CHAPMAN, AMASA               NY-34-H-492
CHAPMAN, ELISHA              NY-34-C-112
CHAPMAN, HORATIO             NY-34-K-94
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH              NY-34-I-7
CHAPMAN, MOSES               NY-34-M-263
CHAPMAN, SETH                NY-34-D-23
CHAPMAN, SIMEON B.           NY-34-N-418
CHAPMAN, WATERMAN            NY-34-H-463
CHAPPEL, LEBBEUS             NY-34-B-169
CHAPPELL, ASAHEL             NY-34-E-32
CHAPPELL, JONAH              NY-34-L-370
CHAPPELL, MARTIN             NY-34-F-357
CHASE, GEORGE                NY-34-N-396
CHASE, RUSSELL               NY-34-L-433
CHASE, WILCOX                NY-34-E-475
CHAUNCEY, ISAAC              NY-34-K-456
CHESEBRO, ELI                NY-34-N-373
CHESEBROUGH, SILAS           NY-34-H-307
CHILDS, JAMES H.             NY-34-N-467
CHRISLER, JOHN               NY-34-H-363
CHURCH, ALFRED               NY-34-G-455
CLAPP, GEORGE                NY-34-J-230
CLAPP, SARAH                 NY-34-M-333
CLAPP, ZENAS                 NY-34-F-321
CLARK, BENJAMIN              NY-34-E-160
CLARK, BETSEY                NY-34-I-438
CLARK, EPHRAIM               NY-34-D-191
CLARK, EVE                   NY-34-N-69
CLARK, GEORGE S.             NY-34-H-414
CLARK, HANNAH                NY-34-H-420
CLARK, LEVI                  NY-34-H-465
CLARK, LORENZO D.            NY-34-N-162
CLARK, LUCY                  NY-34-I-291
CLARK, SAMUEL                NY-34-D-82
CLARK, THEADORE E.           NY-34-J-205
CLARK, WILLIAM               NY-34-M-56
CLARK, WILLIAM               NY-34-K-429
CLARK, WILLIAM A.            NY-34-F-374
CLEMENT, ELIHU               NY-34-K-243
CLEMONS, BETSEY              NY-34-M-343
CLEMONS, POLLY               NY-34-M-447
CLIFF, HENRY                 NY-34-M-218
CLOSE, ABRAHAM               NY-34-L-244
CLOVER, MATTHEW              NY-34-L-517
CLUTE, ISAAC                 NY-34-E-328
COATS, RENSSELAER            NY-34-M-585
COBB, ALFRED                 NY-34-L-238
COBB, URSULA S.              NY-34-N-424
COBB, WILLIAM ESQ.           NY-34-D-154
COBURN, EDWARD               NY-34-L-292
COBURN, POLLY                NY-34-K-18
COBURN, STEPHEN H.           NY-34-M-568
COFFIN, JACOB                NY-34-E-12
COFFIN, REUBEN               NY-34-M-90
COGSWELL, ZIBA W.            NY-34-K-390
COLE, ELIZABETH              NY-34-M-312
COLE, HENRY R.               NY-34-L-452
COLE, JAMES M.               NY-34-N-131
COLE, JOSEPH A.              NY-34-E-469
COLE, LEWIS K.               NY-34-K-467
COLE, MARGARET               NY-34-L-373
COLE, MARTIN                 NY-34-N-414
COLE, STERLING               NY-34-L-127
COLEMAN, EBENEZER            NY-34-L-268
COLLIN, DAVID                NY-34-H-218
COLLINS, SYLVANUS            NY-34-K-501
COLTON, GIDEON               NY-34-E-300
COLVIN, BENJAMIN F.          NY-34-L-388
COLVIN, DAVID S.             NY-34-L-393
COMERFORD, MICHAEL           NY-34-J-207
COMSTOCK, EBENEZER           NY-34-M-476
COMSTOCK, EZBON              NY-34-K-440
CONKLIN, ELIAS               NY-34-J-246
CONKLIN, JOHN C.             NY-34-L-477
CONKLIN, REUBEN              NY-34-J-291
CONKLIN, SAMUEL              NY-34-G-40
CONNELL, ISAAC               NY-34-L-351
CONOVER, CORNELIUS T.        NY-34-I-471
CONWAY, MARY                 NY-34-M-347
COOK, ALBERT                 NY-34-N-213
COOK, ALEXANDER A.           NY-34-H-302
COOK, ALFRED                 NY-34-H-361
COOK, CHARLES                NY-34-K-227
COOK, HENRY                  NY-34-M-8
COOK, LAURA M.               NY-34-K-313
COOK, VOLNEY                 NY-34-H-64
COONEY, MICHAEL              NY-34-N-353
COONEY, PATRICK              NY-34-M-110
COOPER, ABRAHAM              NY-34-B-38
COPP, TIMOTHY                NY-34-F-308
CORBET, THOMAS               NY-34-J-159
CORBIN, LUCIUS S.            NY-34-M-592
COREY, PELEG                 NY-34-K-55
CORNELL, DAVID               NY-34-D-98
CORNING, RICHARD S.          NY-34-J-23
CORNISH, HARRIET             NY-34-M-436
CORWIN, MYRON W.             NY-34-J-166
CORY, ADIN T.                NY-34-H-293
CORY, CALVIN                 NY-34-F-106
COSSET, TIMOTHY JR.          NY-34-B-125
COSSETT, TIMOTHY             NY-34-F-335
COSSIT, MARTIN ESQ.          NY-34-D-112
COUGHNET, DANIEL             NY-34-K-60
COVILL, EBENEZER             NY-34-E-502
COWAN, WILLIAM               NY-34-I-397
COWLES, ADONIJAH             NY-34-G-392
COWLES, ADONIJAH             NY-34-I-16
COWLES, ALEXANDER H.         NY-34-J-276
COWLES, AMOS C.              NY-34-E-45
COWLES, CALEB W. SR.         NY-34-N-434
COWNHOVEN, SHULER            NY-34-M-252
COX, HARVEY                  NY-34-M-371
COX, MALACHI                 NY-34-K-177
COX, MARY                    NY-34-H-131
COYKENDALL, DANIEL           NY-34-L-347
CRAMER, CATHARINE            NY-34-J-420
CRAMER, CHRISTOPHER          NY-34-D-146
CRAMER, DANIEL               NY-34-N-121
CRANE, JOEL C.               NY-34-N-455
CRANSTON, THOMAS             NY-34-F-354
CRAWFORD, WALLACE            NY-34-J-129
CRAWSHAW, JOSEPH             NY-34-N-453
CRIPPEN, JOHN                NY-34-J-238
CROSBY, DANIEL B.            NY-34-F-268
CROSBY, SYLVENUS             NY-34-J-94
CROSS, JEREMIAH              NY-34-K-121
CROSS, JOHN                  NY-34-F-141
CROSS, STEPHEN               NY-34-M-474
CROSSMAN, LEMUEL             NY-34-J-168
CROUSE, JAMES                NY-34-K-273
CRUM, THOMAS                 NY-34-C-52
CRYDER, JOEL                 NY-34-J-339
CRYSLER, WILLIAM             NY-34-L-173
CUDDEBACK, ABRAHAM A.        NY-34-E-288
CUDDEBACK, DEWITT            NY-34-H-375
CUDDEBACK, EGBERT D.         NY-34-M-456
CUDDEBACK, JAMES             NY-34-H-162
CUDDEBACK, LEVI              NY-34-I-263
CUDDEBACK, MOSES             NY-34-F-57
CUDDERBACK, JACOB            NY-34-J-54
CUDDERBACK, JOSIAH           NY-34-J-197
CUNINGHAM, JOHN              NY-34-B-158
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT           NY-34-K-75
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM          NY-34-J-408
CURTIS, DANIEL               NY-34-E-3
CURTIS, GAD                  NY-34-J-98
CURTIS, THOMAS               NY-34-A-125
CURTIS, ZACHARIAH            NY-34-D-67
CURTIS, ZENAS                NY-34-I-440
CUSHING, FERNANDO C.         NY-34-M-39
CUYKENDALL, MOSES            NY-34-L-37
DALE, JOHN                   NY-34-N-509
DAN, RUTH                    NY-34-M-163
DANA, DANIEL                 NY-34-K-401
DANFORTH, ASA                NY-34-C-87
DANFORTH, HARVEY L.          NY-34-J-195
DANFORTH, JOEL               NY-34-J-307
DANIEL, DANFORTH             NY-34-H-451
DANIELS, JOSIAH              NY-34-J-476
DARLING, WASHINGTON          NY-34-M-355
DARROW, BELA                 NY-34-L-129
DARWIN, THOMAS M.            NY-34-L-175
DAVENPORT, DENNISON          NY-34-N-405
DAVENPORT, JOHN              NY-34-D-13
DAVENPORT, SAMUEL            NY-34-B-21
DAVIS, JAMES A.              NY-34-I-460
DAVIS, JOEL R.               NY-34-M-248
DAVIS, JOHN                  NY-34-H-409
DAVIS, JONATHAN S.           NY-34-I-299
DAVIS, PARKER                NY-34-I-317
DAY, ELIZA                   NY-34-N-168
DAY, GIDEON                  NY-34-J-217
DEAN, ANSON                  NY-34-L-281
DEAN, NATHAN                 NY-34-D-237
DEAN, ROCKWELL F.            NY-34-J-259
DEAN, WILLIAM                NY-34-F-146
DEAR, DAVID                  NY-34-E-374
DECKER, ISAAC                NY-34-E-379
DECOST, NASH                 NY-34-K-269
DEGNAN, PATRICK              NY-34-K-193
DEGOLYER, JOHN               NY-34-K-238
DEGRAFF, HARMON              NY-34-J-335
DELAMATER, ISAAC             NY-34-L-12
DELAMATER, ZOA               NY-34-K-171
DELANO, REUBEN               NY-34-E-54
DEMING, DENNIS               NY-34-I-43
DENISON, JESSE               NY-34-G-57
DENNY, JOHN                  NY-34-B-52
DEPUY, JACOBUS               NY-34-B-88
DEVOE, JOHN                  NY-34-F-247
DEVOE, JOHN I.               NY-34-L-524
DEWEY, ROBERT                NY-34-K-305
DEXTER, CHARLES S.           NY-34-M-535
DEXTER, JOHN                 NY-34-A-
DEXTER, MILO                 NY-34-D-16
DEZENG, RICHARD L.           NY-34-I-133
DIEVENDORFF, JOHN            NY-34-I-90
DIFFIN, SAMUEL               NY-34-M-577
DILL, JOHN                   NY-34-H-453
DILL, SAMUEL                 NY-34-M-144
DODGE, TYLER                 NY-34-M-402
DODMAN, THOMAS               NY-34-L-522
DOLBEAR, ASAHEL              NY-34-N-218
DONNELLY, RUTH               NY-34-F-497
DONNELLY, THOMAS             NY-34-F-32
DOOLETT, JOHN P.             NY-34-G-121
DORAN, JOHN T.               NY-34-E-428
DORCHESTER, REUBEN           NY-34-H-85
DORION, JOSEPH               NY-34-K-376
DOTY, EMILY                  NY-34-M-408
DOTY, ZACHEUS                NY-34-E-286
DOX, ISAAC                   NY-34-G-232
DOX, JOHN                    NY-34-H-135
DRAKE, ABRAHAM               NY-34-E-310
DRAKE, ASA                   NY-34-I-187
DRAPER, SAMUEL               NY-34-F-101
DRIESBECK, HENRY             NY-34-N-351
DUBOIS, CORNELIUS            NY-34-N-430
DUGAR, CHARLES               NY-34-J-64
DUGID, HOMER                 NY-34-L-303
DUGUID, WILLIAM              NY-34-J-252
DUMONT, WALDRON              NY-34-H-407
DUNBAR, SETH                 NY-34-N-207
DUNHAM, CHARLES P.           NY-34-J-424
DUNHAM, MARY                 NY-34-F-405
DUNHAM, SAMUEL               NY-34-I-268
DUNHAM, SANFORD              NY-34-H-229
DUNN, CAREY                  NY-34-C-64
DUNN, WILLIAM N.             NY-34-I-220
DUNNING, DAVID               NY-34-B-178
DURHAM, SALLY                NY-34-G-321
DURION, MATILDA              NY-34-L-248
DWELLY, RICHARD              NY-34-E-454
DWIGHT, AUGUSTUS W.          NY-34-N-23
DWIGHT, SERENE               NY-34-K-249
DWYER, PATRICK               NY-34-N-144
DYER, PITT                   NY-34-N-348
EADIE, JAMES                 NY-34-G-48
EAGLES, JOHN                 NY-34-J-407
EARL, DELOSS                 NY-34-J-413
EARL, JANE C.                NY-34-J-51
EARL, JOHN H.                NY-34-J-44
EARLL, DAVID                 NY-34-C-70
EARLL, ESSON                 NY-34-E-356
EARLL, HEZAKIAH              NY-34-M-232
EARLL, LYDIA ANN             NY-34-L-274
EARLL, MORRIS S.             NY-34-E-277
EARLL, ROBERT                NY-34-E-443
EARLS, JOB                   NY-34-G-174
EATON, PHILO                 NY-34-I-71
EATON, PHYLANDER             NY-34-L-171
EATON, STEPHEN               NY-34-F-428
EATON, THOMAS                NY-34-N-282
ECKER, ABRAHAM               NY-34-H-215
ECKER, MOSES                 NY-34-M-25
EDGERTON, ZEBULON            NY-34-D-30
EDICK, GEORGE                NY-34-H-25
EDSON, TEAREANCEY            NY-34-D-148
EDWARDS, ABNER               NY-34-E-272
EDWARDS, ALANSON SR.         NY-34-F-19
EDWARDS, EBENEZER            NY-34-E-48
EDWARDS, ELECTA              NY-34-G-282
EDWARDS, IRA                 NY-34-M-210
EDWARDS, JEROME B.           NY-34-I-238
EDWARDS, SAMUEL              NY-34-I-34
EDWARDS, THADDEUS            NY-34-E-261
EDWARDS, THADDEUS            NY-34-I-271
EELLS, NATHANIEL             NY-34-B-146
EHLE, GEORGE                 NY-34-J-152
ELLIOTT, ROBERT              NY-34-C-39
ELLIS, CLARK                 NY-34-H-142
ELLIS, PIERCE                NY-34-N-44
ELLIS, ROBERT                NY-34-G-243
EMMONS, SAMUEL               NY-34-H-355
EMPIE, JOHN A.               NY-34-F-444
EMRICK, ADAM                 NY-34-A-108
ENGLISHBY, NATHAN            NY-34-J-148
ENO, HORACE P.               NY-34-N-477
ENO, MARY                    NY-34-I-65
ESTES, JAMES H.              NY-34-M-414
ETTING, TOBIAS               NY-34-J-258
EVANS, CHARLES               NY-34-K-431
EVANS, EVAN                  NY-34-N-521
EVANS, EVAN JR.              NY-34-N-335
EVANS, WILLIAM               NY-34-J-92
EVERETT, JOSIAH              NY-34-N-12
EVERSON, JOHN                NY-34-N-6
EWERS, ELIHU                 NY-34-I-195
FARNAM, ISAAC                NY-34-B-94
FARNHAM, REUBEN              NY-34-L-475
FARNSWORTH, JOHN             NY-34-K-42
FARRALL, THOMAS              NY-34-E-324
FAVOR, ISAAC                 NY-34-K-496
FAY, AARON                   NY-34-M-594
FELLOWS, DANIEL              NY-34-M-525
FELLOWS, DAVID D.            NY-34-K-472
FELLOWS, HIRAM               NY-34-H-418
FENNER, JAMES L.             NY-34-I-400
FENNER, RHENA                NY-34-G-131
FIELD, PETER                 NY-34-G-92
FILKINS, BARENT              NY-34-M-47
FINCH, DAVID                 NY-34-A-133
FISH, URIAH                  NY-34-M-100
FISHER, AMOS                 NY-34-E-432
FISHER, DAKIN                NY-34-I-231
FISHER, SALLY                NY-34-L-250
FISK, ALAXANDER E.           NY-34-J-173
FITCH, SILAS                 NY-34-K-205
FITZGERALD, JOHN             NY-34-N-272
FLEMING, JOHN                NY-34-G-357
FLINT, JOHN                  NY-34-H-259
FLINT, JOHN                  NY-34-K-258
FOLEY, JEREMIAH              NY-34-N-410
FOOT, TIMOTHY                NY-34-E-193
FOOTE, BELINDA               NY-34-L-192
FORD, DANIEL J.              NY-34-F-327
FORMAN, JOSEPH               NY-34-D-76
FORMAN, SAMUEL               NY-34-J-178
FORMAN, SAMUEL S.            NY-34-M-12
FOSMER, GARRET               NY-34-E-106
FOSTER, CALVIN               NY-34-F-281
FOSTER, HANNAH               NY-34-J-416
FOSTER, JAMES                NY-34-B-71
FOSTER, JOEL                 NY-34-E-496
FOSTER, NATHAN G.            NY-34-N-302
FOX, CHARLES                 NY-34-M-418
FOX, WILLIAM                 NY-34-J-49
FRANCIS, SAMUEL              NY-34-M-597
FREDERICK, JACOB             NY-34-N-114
FRENCH, JOHN                 NY-34-L-46
FRENCH, LUTHER               NY-34-D-3
FREY, JACOB                  NY-34-M-175
FRINK, HENRY M.              NY-34-J-401
FRISBIE, HAMILTON            NY-34-F-78
FRISBIE, JOHN H.             NY-34-A-119
FRISBIE, ORRIN T             NY-34-L-473
FROST, HENRY                 NY-34-D-175
FULLER, AMASA                NY-34-I-190
FULLER, EPHRAIM              NY-34-G-382
FULLER, HENRY H.             NY-34-K-188
FULLER, JOHN J.              NY-34-M-508
FULLER, LYDIA                NY-34-K-281
FULLER, ORLANDO F.           NY-34-H-89
FURMAN, ROBERT               NY-34-M-382
FYLER, ASA                   NY-34-M-58
GALE, JOHN                   NY-34-F-182
GANNETT, JONATHAN W.         NY-34-E-60
GANNETT, WARREN              NY-34-N-494
GARDINER, SARAH              NY-34-J-155
GARDNER, HENRY               NY-34-L-462
GARDNER, SYLVESTER           NY-34-E-103
GARLAND, NICHOLAS            NY-34-H-359
GARRETT, EPHRAIM             NY-34-I-158
GARRISON, IRA                NY-34-N-499
GARRISON, JACOB J.           NY-34-M-395
GATES, ELIZUR                NY-34-E-108
GAYLOR, HANNAH               NY-34-M-63
GAYLORD, CHAUNCEY            NY-34-H-212
GAYLORD, EBER                NY-34-K-425
GEORGE, CHARLES H.           NY-34-M-222
GEORGE, HARRIET E.           NY-34-N-559
GERE, HANNAH P.              NY-34-M-329
GERRY, GRISWOLD              NY-34-F-338
GIBBS, OLIVER                NY-34-C-124
GIBBS, THOMAS                NY-34-C-80
GIBBS, WILLIAM               NY-34-G-429
GIFFORD, DEBORAH             NY-34-K-418
GIFFORD, THOMAS S.           NY-34-K-463
GILBERT, JOSEPH              NY-34-A-55
GILBERT, LIBBEUS             NY-34-D-235
GILBERT, MILTON              NY-34-K-107
GILBERT, SAMUEL S.           NY-34-L-158
GILLETT, ELIZA P.            NY-34-N-555
GILLETT, HARLOW              NY-34-J-303
GILLETT, NATHANIEL           NY-34-J-225
GILLEY, SAMUEL               NY-34-I-204
GILLEY, WILLIAM              NY-34-L-211
GILLIES, JAMES               NY-34-E-8
GILLSON, WILLIAM D.          NY-34-N-107
GILMOR, JAMES                NY-34-L-457
GLASS, ASENETH               NY-34-M-299
GLASS, CYRUS                 NY-34-M-34
GODARD, AUSTIN               NY-34-E-400
GODARD, MARTIN               NY-34-A-86
GODLEY, SHELDON G.           NY-34-M-92
GOFF, EMILY L.               NY-34-K-471
GOFF, EZEKIEL                NY-34-G-258
GOFF, JOHNSON D.             NY-34-M-506
GOFF, SUSAN                  NY-34-N-390
GOODFELLOW, JOHN             NY-34-E-281
GOODMAN, CHARLES             NY-34-N-79
GOODRICH, CLARISSA           NY-34-N-407
GOODRICH, JAMES A.           NY-34-J-382
GOODRICH, JANE               NY-34-L-124
GOODRICH, ORAN               NY-34-L-146
GOODRICH, SELA               NY-34-E-203
GOODRICH, SILAS              NY-34-H-377
GOODRICH, SILAS C.           NY-34-K-432
GOODRICH, SQUIRE W.          NY-34-N-114
GOODWIN, DENIS               NY-34-C-90
GOODWIN, ELIZA O.            NY-34-I-309
GOODWIN, WILLIAM             NY-34-B-6
GORDON, JOSEPH               NY-34-E-30
GORHAM, L. JANE              NY-34-L-131
GORSLINE, RICHARD L.         NY-34-D-119
GOTT, DANIEL                 NY-34-M-422
GOWING, GEORGE W.            NY-34-K-228
GRAHAM, JAMES L.             NY-34-N-96
GRAHAM, JOHN                 NY-34-L-512
GRANGER, AMOS P.             NY-34-N-400
GRAVES, WILLIAM              NY-34-F-350
GRAY, HENRY                  NY-34-M-84
GREEN, ARCHIBALD             NY-34-I-404
GREEN, CALEB                 NY-34-F-91
GREEN, DAVID                 NY-34-I-150
GREEN, MARIA                 NY-34-N-224
GREEN, MARY                  NY-34-K-370
GREENE, CALEB                NY-34-C-26
GREGORY, HENRY               NY-34-N-300
GREGORY, JOSHUA              NY-34-I-417
GRIDLEY, CLEMENT             NY-34-D-56
GRIDLEY, ELIJAH              NY-34-H-314
GRIDLEY, JABEZ               NY-34-G-363
GRIFFIN, AMOS M.             NY-34-J-274
GRIFFIN, BENJAMIN            NY-34-H-448
GRIFFIN, DANIEL A.           NY-34-K-148
GRIFFIN, JACOB               NY-34-J-297
GRIFFIN, STEPHEN             NY-34-J-209
GRIFFITH, CARY R.            NY-34-I-458
GRINNELL, ALBERT G.          NY-34-N-296
GRINNELL, HULDAH             NY-34-N-298
GRINNELL, JOHN               NY-34-L-390
GRODAVENT, JABEZ             NY-34-M-523
GUINAN, EDWARD               NY-34-N-276
GUMAER, BENJAMIN             NY-34-M-438
GUNN, LYDIA                  NY-34-I-387

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