Oneida, New York
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ABBEY, EDWIN                           NY-33-38-27
ABBEY, SOPHIA                          NY-33-33-19
ABBOTT, EBBEN                          NY-33-11-448
ABBOTT, GEORGE                         NY-33-45-366
ABBOTT, HENRY G.                       NY-33-39-158
ABBOTT, JOHN F.                        NY-33-45-68
ABBOTT, MARY C.                        NY-33-47-592
ABBOTT, ORREN B.                       NY-33-48-221
ABBOTT, PATTY                          NY-33-21-382
ABBOTT, SAMUEL W.                      NY-33-47-265
ABBOTTS, NEHEMIAH                      NY-33-19-253
ABEEL, JOHN NEILSON                    NY-33-48-259
ABELL, JAMES L.                        NY-33-20-327
ABERT, ANTHONY                         NY-33-45-400
ABIEL, MARY P.                         NY-33-42-238
ABRAMS, DORATHY                        NY-33-19-433
ABRAMS, HUGH                           NY-33-18-577
ACHMUS, WILLIAM                        NY-33-48-149
ACKERSON, ADAM                         NY-33-16-153
ACKETT, CHARLES                        NY-33-45-330
ACKLEY, EMOGENE H.                     NY-33-44-392
ACKROYD, ABRAHAM                       NY-33-39-316
ADAMS, AZUBAH B.                       NY-33-43-218
ADAMS, CAROLINE S.                     NY-33-36-263
ADAMS, ELI J.                          NY-33-22-85
ADAMS, GEORGE                          NY-33-48-381
ADAMS, GEORGIANA T.                    NY-33-51-45
ADAMS, HENRY N.                        NY-33-48-413
ADAMS, HORACE                          NY-33-11-479
ADAMS, HORACE W.                       NY-33-16-695
ADAMS, JAMES                           NY-33-8-425
ADAMS, JAMES                           NY-33-35-393
ADAMS, JOHN                            NY-33-12-31
ADAMS, JOHN J.                         NY-33-33-11
ADAMS, JOHN K.                         NY-33-14-311
ADAMS, JOSEPH                          NY-33-18-521
ADAMS, JOSIAH D.                       NY-33-7-241
ADAMS, LUCINDA O.                      NY-33-30-159
ADAMS, MARANDA                         NY-33-46-269
ADAMS, MELISSA P.                      NY-33-28-83
ADAMS, PARKER                          NY-33-5-292
ADAMS, RUTH                            NY-33-18-333
ADAMS, SAMUEL                          NY-33-14-17
ADAMS, SANFORD                         NY-33-35-321
ADAMS, SARAH                           NY-33-3-205
ADAMS, SILAS                           NY-33-51-554
ADAMS, STEPHEN                         NY-33-39-382
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-33-40-280
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-33-42-284
ADDINGTON, HENRY                       NY-33-5-240
ADDINGTON, HENRY                       NY-33-16-715
ADDINGTON, HOSEA                       NY-33-11-392
ADDINGTON, HOSEA C.                    NY-33-19-63
ADDINGTON, JAMES H.                    NY-33-16-419
ADSIT, STEPHEN                         NY-33-5-42
AGANS, WILLIAM                         NY-33-16-157
AGEN, CATHERINE                        NY-33-39-440
AGEN, JOHN MICHAEL                     NY-33-14-437
AGUE, MARY                             NY-33-46-150
AGUE, PHILLIP                          NY-33-39-308
AKEHURST, CHARLES W.                   NY-33-45-460
ALAND, GEORGE                          NY-33-47-379
ALBRECHT, MICHAEL                      NY-33-45-532
ALDEN, LUCY A. W.                      NY-33-34-517
ALDEN, SAMUEL                          NY-33-14-355
ALDEN, SAMUEL                          NY-33-47-150
ALDEN, SPENCER B.                      NY-33-46-120
ALDRICH, DAVID C.                      NY-33-25-521
ALDRICH, ZIMRI                         NY-33-31-165
ALDRIDGE, SARAH H.                     NY-33-50-529
ALEXANDER, JOHN W.                     NY-33-45-132
ALEXANDER, SARAH E.                    NY-33-26-7
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM W.                  NY-33-16-107
ALLANSON, THOMAS B.                    NY-33-51-434
ALLASPACH, MICHAEL                     NY-33-42-172
ALLEN, ADA A.                          NY-33-50-482
ALLEN, ALBERT C.                       NY-33-14-335
ALLEN, ALONZO                          NY-33-40-202
ALLEN, AMOS                            NY-33-37-45
ALLEN, AMOS                            NY-33-6-259
ALLEN, ANN                             NY-33-7-188
ALLEN, ASHER                           NY-33-42-490
ALLEN, BARZILLAI                       NY-33-33-431
ALLEN, BENJAMIN                        NY-33-31-483
ALLEN, BETSEY P.                       NY-33-9-260
ALLEN, CENTER                          NY-33-16-725
ALLEN, CHARLES JR.                     NY-33-18-741
ALLEN, EASON                           NY-33-26-169
ALLEN, ELIAS R.                        NY-33-14-153
ALLEN, ESEK                            NY-33-16-93
ALLEN, EZRA W.                         NY-33-19-383
ALLEN, FRANCES A.                      NY-33-50-115
ALLEN, HOMER J.                        NY-33-30-189
ALLEN, ISAAC                           NY-33-9-225
ALLEN, ISAAC                           NY-33-9-347
ALLEN, ISAAC                           NY-33-7-193
ALLEN, JAMES W.                        NY-33-39-311
ALLEN, JANE B.                         NY-33-50-336
ALLEN, JOHN W. SR.                     NY-33-45-148
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          NY-33-7-147
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          NY-33-7-343
ALLEN, JUDSON                          NY-33-50-355
ALLEN, LEWIS M.                        NY-33-31-19
ALLEN, LOUISE JANE                     NY-33-46-507
ALLEN, MARY                            NY-33-48-534
ALLEN, ORPHA L.                        NY-33-37-149
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          NY-33-12-295
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-33-13-265
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-33-26-373
ALLINE, CALVIN W.                      NY-33-14-179
ALLISON, ANDREW                        NY-33-4-359
ALLISON, WILLIAM                       NY-33-4-210
ALLWOOD, ELIZABETH ANN                 NY-33-44-335
ALPORT, RICHARD                        NY-33-48-358
ALSHEIMER, JOHN                        NY-33-45-354
ALTVATER, WILHELMINA                   NY-33-50-173
ALVORD, HANNAH                         NY-33-5-106
AMANN, ANTHONY                         NY-33-39-354
AMERHEIM, EHRED                        NY-33-51-488
AMERHEIM, FRANK                        NY-33-42-54
AMES, AMOS                             NY-33-9-133
AMES, EBENEZER                         NY-33-12-408
AMTMANN, JOHN                          NY-33-39-427
ANDAS, MARY L.                         NY-33-39-111
ANDAS, THOMAS                          NY-33-14-91
ANDERSON, ABEL M.                      NY-33-25-77
ANDERSON, ADNA                         NY-33-20-367
ANDERSON, AGNES                        NY-33-32-225
ANDERSON, ANN                          NY-33-35-289
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-33-23-411
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-33-38-451
ANDERSON, JANE V.                      NY-33-33-481
ANDERSON, JOHN                         NY-33-1-92
ANDERSON, MARTHA A.                    NY-33-37-382
ANDERSON, ZIMRI                        NY-33-26-63
ANDES, ADAM                            NY-33-29-113
ANDES, CHRISTINA                       NY-33-32-313
ANDES, JOHNG.                          NY-33-39-74
ANDREWS, AARON                         NY-33-9-253
ANDREWS, ABIA                          NY-33-19-5
ANDREWS, ADELINE                       NY-33-45-432
ANDREWS, ELON                          NY-33-14-129
ANDREWS, JOEL                          NY-33-19-141
ANDREWS, ORPHA P.                      NY-33-51-392
ANDREWS, POLLY                         NY-33-25-243
ANDREWS, THOMAS                        NY-33-40-102
ANDRUS, LAURA                          NY-33-4-255
ANGELL, AZARIAH C.                     NY-33-50-424
ANGELL, HENRY W.                       NY-33-43-266
ANGELL, MARTHA                         NY-33-50-275
ANKEN, CALEB                           NY-33-34-29
ANTHONY, DAVID                         NY-33-15-579
ANTHONY, ELEANOR                       NY-33-14-333
ANTHONY, SARAH                         NY-33-43-252
APPLEGATE, WILLIAM                     NY-33-29-383
ARCHER, WILLIAM                        NY-33-16-373
ARCHILER, GEORGE FREDERICK             NY-33-40-622
ARMITAGE, ANNA                         NY-33-30-169
ARMITAGE, SARAH                        NY-33-40-122
ARMITAGE, THOMAS                       NY-33-33-443
ARMS, CAROLINE GRENELLE                NY-33-50-584
ARMSTRONG, ALICE T.                    NY-33-42-486
ARMSTRONG, ALMIRA                      NY-33-34-419
ARMSTRONG, ARCHIBALD                   NY-33-48-134
ARMSTRONG, BETSEY A.                   NY-33-50-82
ARMSTRONG, EARL F.                     NY-33-19-195
ARMSTRONG, ENOCH B.                    NY-33-31-361
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE                      NY-33-15-402
ARMSTRONG, HENRY                       NY-33-9-291
ARMSTRONG, JESSE                       NY-33-10-286
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        NY-33-10-41
ARMSTRONG, MARY                        NY-33-13-251
ARMSTRONG, OLIVER                      NY-33-7-278
ARMSTRONG, OLIVIA L.                   NY-33-50-355
ARMSTRONG, RHODA A.                    NY-33-33-253
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     NY-33-8-237
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     NY-33-23-261
ARNIDAGE, FLETCHER                     NY-33-8-160
ARNOLD, ANN                            NY-33-29-371
ARNOLD, FLETCHER                       NY-33-23-137
ARNOLDM, ALONZO                        NY-33-48-405
ARNOTT, JOSEPH                         NY-33-20-329
ARTHUR, THOMAS                         NY-33-43-198
ASENBAUER, MATHIAS                     NY-33-34-493
ASHBY, DANIEL                          NY-33-14-299
ASHBY, JOHN S.                         NY-33-16-9
ASHCROFT, ANN                          NY-33-32-581
ASHCROFT, RICHARD                      NY-33-46-281
ASHCROFT, WILLIAM                      NY-33-28-457
ASHLEY, JOHN                           NY-33-3-3
ASHLEY, JOHN P.                        NY-33-15-348
ASHLEY, NICHOLS B.                     NY-33-25-177
ASHTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-33-42-410
ASHTON, ELIZABETH M.                   NY-33-39-209
ATKINSON, ISAAC                        NY-33-30-381
ATKINSON, JOHN                         NY-33-20-219
ATKINSON, TABITHA                      NY-33-17-68
ATKINSON, THOMAS                       NY-33-4-90
ATWELL, HANNAH                         NY-33-47-47
ATWELL, LEANDER J.                     NY-33-47-541
ATWOOD, OTIS                           NY-33-23-543
AUBY, AUGUSTINE G. D'                  NY-33-28-119
AUCHARD, NATHAN                        NY-33-51-563
AUCUTT, WILLIAM                        NY-33-19-263
AUGUSTINE, MARGARET                    NY-33-35-21
AUKEN, DAVID                           NY-33-48-434
AUSTERMILLER, WILLIAM                  NY-33-39-526
AUSTIN, JULIA E.                       NY-33-51-457
AUSTIN, MARY C.                        NY-33-37-368
AVERY, ADELBERT J.                     NY-33-45-384
AVERY, BETSEY                          NY-33-16-427
AVERY, BILLIOUS                        NY-33-20-587
AVERY, CHARLES                         NY-33-34-1
AVERY, DELIA                           NY-33-44-80
AVERY, ELI                             NY-33-31-307
AVERY, GURDEN                          NY-33-13-161
AVERY, JOHN W.                         NY-33-28-571
AVERY, JOSEPH S.                       NY-33-19-35
AVERY, JOSEPH S.                       NY-33-18-775
AVERY, JOSEPH S.                       NY-33-39-109
AVERY, JULIA                           NY-33-50-160
AVERY, LURINDA F.                      NY-33-16-101
AVERY, MARY C.                         NY-33-29-77
AWERDICK, DAVID                        NY-33-45-72
AYERS, WILLIAM H.                      NY-33-46-232
AYLSWORTH, JOHN B.                     NY-33-26-401
BABBETT, MILLER                        NY-33-29-57
BABBIT, JOHN                           NY-33-3-56
BABBIT, JOHN B.                        NY-33-3-117
BABBOTT, BARTON D.                     NY-33-9-120
BABCOCK, CAROLINE D.                   NY-33-20-335
BABCOCK, CLARISSA E.                   NY-33-51-188
BABCOCK, DAVID                         NY-33-5-430
BABCOCK, DENISON                       NY-33-7-232
BABCOCK, ELIZA                         NY-33-34-511
BABCOCK, GEORGE D.                     NY-33-25-179
BABCOCK, GEORGE W.                     NY-33-34-523
BABCOCK, KATE L.                       NY-33-51-542
BABCOCK, KATE W.                       NY-33-50-394
BABCOCK, LORING R.                     NY-33-3-212
BABCOCK, NANCY                         NY-33-44-305
BABCOCK, NANCY M.                      NY-33-42-346
BABCOCK, OLIVER                        NY-33-19-207
BABCOCK, OLIVER R.                     NY-33-30-75
BABCOCK, PELEG B.                      NY-33-13-99
BABCOCK, SAMUEL                        NY-33-9-156
BABCOCK, WILLIAM A.                    NY-33-48-77
BABCOCK, WILLIAM J.                    NY-33-34-445
BACA, MARY                             NY-33-37-217
BACH, ANTON                            NY-33-34-323
BACHLE, STEPHEN                        NY-33-51-393
BACHMAN, MARY                          NY-33-42-626
BACKUS, CAROLINE                       NY-33-39-302
BACKUS, CAROLINE ELIZABETH             NY-33-39-587
BACON, ABNER JR.                       NY-33-15-471
BACON, ANN T.                          NY-33-17-508
BACON, ANNE D.                         NY-33-28-107
BACON, DAVID W.                        NY-33-16-609
BACON, EZEKIEL                         NY-33-22-51
BACON, FANNY E.                        NY-33-32-477
BACON, HANNAH                          NY-33-6-202
BACON, REUBEN                          NY-33-14-199
BACON, REUBEN                          NY-33-48-35
BACON, VIRGIL                          NY-33-19-423
BACON, WELLINGTON                      NY-33-50-322
BACON, WILLIAM J.                      NY-33-42-582
BADGLEY, LOLA ANN                      NY-33-46-253
BAER, JOHN                             NY-33-34-55
BAGG, GEORGE W.                        NY-33-48-443
BAGG, MATTHEW D.                       NY-33-32-553
BAGG, N. JANE                          NY-33-39-335
BAGG, SALLY R.                         NY-33-14-451
BAILEY, A. DELOS                       NY-33-20-37
BAILEY, ALEXANDER H.                   NY-33-25-169
BAILEY, ANN E.                         NY-33-37-21
BAILEY, ANSON L.                       NY-33-30-521
BAILEY, JACOB E.                       NY-33-39-25
BAILEY, JOEL C.                        NY-33-31-501
BAILEY, JOHN                           NY-33-6-132
BAILEY, JOHN                           NY-33-42-78
BAILEY, JOHN                           NY-33-50-119
BAILEY, JULIA                          NY-33-50-349
BAILEY, LEWIS                          NY-33-13-131
BAILEY, LUCY M.                        NY-33-39-464
BAILEY, MARTHA J.                      NY-33-31-465
BAILEY, MARY                           NY-33-47-40
BAILEY, MARY E.                        NY-33-28-357
BAILEY, ROBERT                         NY-33-31-7
BAILEY, SILAS                          NY-33-27-144
BAILEY, SILAS                          NY-33-44-536
BAILEY, STEPHEN                        NY-33-7-397
BAILEY, STEPHEN                        NY-33-16-165
BAILEY, WILLIAM                        NY-33-47-196
BAINBRIDGE, FRANCIS                    NY-33-1-147
BAIRD, WILLIAM S.                      NY-33-23-343
BAKER, ARTHUR                          NY-33-5-63
BAKER, BENJAMIN                        NY-33-37-506
BAKER, CECILY                          NY-33-36-285
BAKER, ELECTA                          NY-33-7-2
BAKER, ELSEY                           NY-33-44-50
BAKER, FREDERICK                       NY-33-47-354
BAKER, ICHABOD C.                      NY-33-7-202
BAKER, JAMES                           NY-33-6-350
BAKER, JAMES K.                        NY-33-51-566
BAKER, JOSEPH                          NY-33-7-311
BAKER, MARTIN                          NY-33-45-322
BAKER, SAMUEL                          NY-33-13-357
BAKER, SAMUEL P.                       NY-33-42-370
BAKER, SARAH E.                        NY-33-51-302
BAKER, WARREN                          NY-33-36-359
BALDWIN, CHAUNCY                       NY-33-27-186
BALDWIN, EDWARD                        NY-33-21-193
BALDWIN, ELIZA M.                      NY-33-37-362
BALDWIN, HEMAN                         NY-33-22-123
BALDWIN, SAMUEL C.                     NY-33-16-165
BALDWIN, SAMUEL W.                     NY-33-6-85
BALDWIN, WILSON                        NY-33-25-409
BALIS, MARGARET                        NY-33-33-5
BALIS, MARGARET                        NY-33-47-333
BALIS, MINDWELL G. W.                  NY-33-48-268
BALL, DANIEL                           NY-33-26-3
BALL, ORLO                             NY-33-39-433
BALLARD, EPHRAIM                       NY-33-4-314
BALLARD, GEORGE                        NY-33-39-367
BALLARD, ROSWELL                       NY-33-16-85
BALLARD, ROSWELL S.                    NY-33-37-386
BALLARD, SARAH                         NY-33-3-227
BALLARD, SARAH                         NY-33-4-58
BALLARD, THOMAS                        NY-33-25-387
BALLESTER, MICHAEL                     NY-33-32-185
BALLOU, ANDREW J.                      NY-33-47-386
BALLOU, HARRIET                        NY-33-42-46
BALLOU, PELATIAH                       NY-33-6-35
BALLS, JOHN                            NY-33-22-227
BALMER, CATHARINE M.                   NY-33-38-223
BALSIZER, RUDOLPH                      NY-33-31-585
BAMBER, ELIZA JANE                     NY-33-34-491
BAMBER, MARY JANE                      NY-33-46-255
BAMBER, THOMAS                         NY-33-22-309
BANCROFT, DAVID                        NY-33-6-87
BAND, WILLIAM                          NY-33-17-202
BANGS, MARIA                           NY-33-36-235
BANGS, MARILA J.                       NY-33-39-368
BANGS, ROANA                           NY-33-44-167
BANIGAN, ANN                           NY-33-16-365
BANKERT, FRANK                         NY-33-51-574
BANKS, PATRICK                         NY-33-29-397
BANNISTER, HUGH                        NY-33-28-347
BANNO, LEWIS                           NY-33-46-449
BARBER, AMAZIAH D.                     NY-33-47-111
BARBER, CALVIN C.                      NY-33-35-225
BARBER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-33-33-23
BARBER, HIRAM                          NY-33-23-43
BARBER, ROBINSON R.                    NY-33-13-419
BARBER, WILLIAM                        NY-33-13-125
BARBER, ZACHEUS                        NY-33-9-312
BARDEN, WILLIAM A.                     NY-33-39-348
BARDO, ENOS                            NY-33-35-145
BARDSLEY, JOSIAH                       NY-33-39-566
BARKER, ELIASAPH                       NY-33-11-432
BARKER, GEORGE W.                      NY-33-47-473
BARKER, JENNIE                         NY-33-51-564
BARKER, JOHN                           NY-33-39-87
BARKER, JOSEPH                         NY-33-29-291
BARKER, LAURENA H.                     NY-33-20-383
BARKER, MARSHALL W.                    NY-33-47-175
BARKER, SHELDON S.                     NY-33-33-527
BARKER, WARDELL                        NY-33-13-49
BARNARD, ADONIJAH                      NY-33-7-261
BARNARD, ALMON                         NY-33-16-413
BARNARD, BENJAMIN                      NY-33-18-293
BARNARD, CAROLINE                      NY-33-39-463
BARNARD, CHARLES E.                    NY-33-40-408
BARNARD, ELISHA                        NY-33-32-169
BARNARD, GEORGE W.                     NY-33-43-2
BARNARD, HARVEY                        NY-33-18-285
BARNARD, HARVEY                        NY-33-33-619
BARNARD, JOHN                          NY-33-18-739
BARNARD, MOSES                         NY-33-1-273
BARNARD, ORENZO                        NY-33-23-523
BARNARD, PHEBE                         NY-33-34-31
BARNARD, SAMUEL                        NY-33-1-82
BARNARD, SUSANNAH                      NY-33-1-115
BARNES, AMASA                          NY-33-18-171
BARNES, AMBROSE W.                     NY-33-12-135
BARNES, ANN                            NY-33-37-211
BARNES, B. NELLIS                      NY-33-27-484
BARNES, BENJAMIN                       NY-33-23-473
BARNES, CAROLINE F.                    NY-33-46-372
BARNES, DANIEL                         NY-33-3-62
BARNES, DAVID D.                       NY-33-48-160
BARNES, HORACE                         NY-33-7-295
BARNES, JOANNA VINCENT                 NY-33-45-274
BARNES, JULIET B.                      NY-33-48-153
BARNES, MANNING                        NY-33-13-163
BARNES, NATHANIEL                      NY-33-47-435
BARNES, PLINY                          NY-33-19-553
BARNES, RUFUS                          NY-33-8-259
BARNES, SARAH A.                       NY-33-48-217
BARNES, WILLIAM B.                     NY-33-38-205
BARNES, WORTHY W.                      NY-33-13-21
BARNETT, ALBERT                        NY-33-44-506
BARNETT, ANN                           NY-33-9-172
BARNETT, IRA JUSTUS                    NY-33-44-365
BARNETT, WILLIAM H.                    NY-33-47-129
BARNS, ACORS A.                        NY-33-48-392
BARNS, AMOS                            NY-33-48-191
BARNS, BETSEY JANE                     NY-33-40-86
BARNUM, DAVID H.                       NY-33-19-497
BARNUM, ELIZA                          NY-33-48-70
BARNUM, EZRA S.                        NY-33-29-97
BARNUM, JAMES                          NY-33-39-539
BARRETT, MARY                          NY-33-19-569
BARRETT, MARY                          NY-33-42-386
BARRETT, SARAH E.                      NY-33-28-491
BARRETT, STEPHEN                       NY-33-4-254
BARROWMAN, JAMES                       NY-33-45-92
BARROWS, CHARLES                       NY-33-20-545
BARROWS, LEMUEL                        NY-33-12-169
BARROWS, SALLY                         NY-33-19-41
BARROWS, STORRS                        NY-33-30-221
BARRY, CATHARINE                       NY-33-40-624
BARRY, SAXTON                          NY-33-26-583
BARSE, JAMES                           NY-33-51-117
BARSSETT, JOHN                         NY-33-48-515
BARTHOLOMEW, ASAHEL                    NY-33-26-301
BARTHOLOMEW, CHARLES                   NY-33-8-471
BARTHOLOMEW, EBENEZER C.               NY-33-28-7
BARTHOLOMEW, NANCY                     NY-33-19-131
BARTHOLOMEW, ORLO                      NY-33-18-367
BARTLETT, ABRAHAM                      NY-33-16-689
BARTLETT, CHRISTOPHER R.               NY-33-47-99
BARTLETT, HARVEY C.                    NY-33-50-276
BARTLETT, JOHN                         NY-33-34-439
BARTLETT, NANCY C.                     NY-33-40-384
BARTLETT, NORMAN A.                    NY-33-18-345
BARTLETT, WILLIAM S.                   NY-33-41-15
BARTON, ALMIRA P.                      NY-33-44-71
BARTON, CAROLINE A. P.                 NY-33-51-437
BARTON, DAVID                          NY-33-9-197
BARTON, DAVID L.                       NY-33-18-586
BARTON, ELIJAH B.                      NY-33-25-233
BARTON, JAMES F.                       NY-33-51-565
BARTON, JOHN                           NY-33-24-438
BARTON, JOSEPH                         NY-33-4-240
BARTON, POLLY M.                       NY-33-34-127
BARTON, ROBERT                         NY-33-27-328
BARTON, SUSAN D.                       NY-33-25-371
BARUBER, JOHN                          NY-33-40-20
BASLER, JOHN                           NY-33-46-399
BASS, CHARLES N.                       NY-33-18-691
BASS, GEORGE W.                        NY-33-14-9
BASSET, DAVID                          NY-33-3-222
BASSETT, NATHAN                        NY-33-25-529
BASSETT, SIMEON                        NY-33-28-37
BATCHELOR, DANIEL                      NY-33-48-56
BATCHELOR, JACOB                       NY-33-16-325
BATCHELOR, JOB                         NY-33-46-216
BATCHELOR, JOHN F.                     NY-33-29-527
BATEMAN, SAMUEL                        NY-33-39-242
BATES, GEORGE                          NY-33-33-589
BATES, HARVEY                          NY-33-47-308
BATES, JOHN W.                         NY-33-33-451
BATES, LOUISA C.                       NY-33-40-374
BATES, LOUISA M.                       NY-33-48-530
BATES, SALMON                          NY-33-13-313
BATES, STEPHEN L.                      NY-33-25-413
BATLEY, ROBERT                         NY-33-22-545
BATSON, TIMOTHY                        NY-33-26-461
BAUDEE, MARY                           NY-33-30-351
BAUDER, JOHN                           NY-33-30-333
BAUER, CHARLES JR.                     NY-33-42-532
BAUER, CHARLOTTE                       NY-33-50-487
BAUER, EUSEBIUS                        NY-33-38-455
BAUER, FRANCIS                         NY-33-29-203
BAUER, FREDERICK                       NY-33-20-63
BAUER, JACOB J.                        NY-33-47-484
BAUER, JOHN                            NY-33-23-269
BAUER, LAWRENCE                        NY-33-37-285
BAUER, VALENTINE                       NY-33-20-569
BAUMBACH, ANNA                         NY-33-34-557
BAYLEY, BETSEY M.                      NY-33-25-351
BAYLEY, JOHN                           NY-33-7-315
BAYLIS, CATHARINE                      NY-33-17-140
BAYLISS, SALLY                         NY-33-39-122
BAYLISS, THOMAS                        NY-33-50-83
BAYNES, ANTHONY                        NY-33-46-146
BEACH, BLOOMFIELD J.                   NY-33-48-80
BEACH, JACOB                           NY-33-27-286
BEACH, JOHN                            NY-33-39-390
BEACH, LUCY                            NY-33-22-433
BEACH, LYMAN                           NY-33-27-152
BEACH, SAMUEL                          NY-33-25-289
BEAHAN, SARAH                          NY-33-20-157
BEALS, NANCEY B.                       NY-33-40-544
BEARDSLEY, BENJAMIN                    NY-33-29-331
BEARDSLEY, CATHARINE                   NY-33-22-527
BEASLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-33-39-77
BEATES, THOMAS                         NY-33-6-334
BEBB, ANN                              NY-33-46-532
BEBB, MARGARET                         NY-33-14-387
BECK, GEORGE W.                        NY-33-43-38
BECK, WILLIAM                          NY-33-51-282
BECKER, DANIEL                         NY-33-39-197
BECKER, HERMAN P.                      NY-33-40-94
BECKER, MARY                           NY-33-26-367
BECKER, VAN VRANKEN                    NY-33-20-209
BECKWITH, ASA                          NY-33-1-246
BECKWITH, CHARLOTTE                    NY-33-26-513
BECKWITH, ELEAZER                      NY-33-47-110
BECKWITH, FRANCIS                      NY-33-6-166
BECKWITH, HENRY C.                     NY-33-23-389
BECKWITH, LEMUEL                       NY-33-8-398
BECKWITH, RUTH C.                      NY-33-29-301
BECKWITH, SELDEN L.                    NY-33-51-438
BECKWITH, SILAS                        NY-33-7-212
BECKWITH, SILAS JAMES                  NY-33-48-537
BECKWITH, STEPHEN                      NY-33-51-10
BECKWITH, WOLCOTT                      NY-33-3-18
BEDBURY, JOHN                          NY-33-33-169
BEDELL, ANN ELIZA                      NY-33-39-507
BEDELL, FILKINS                        NY-33-20-247
BEEBE, EZRA                            NY-33-22-273
BEEBE, MARY                            NY-33-26-141
BEEBEE, ADDISON                        NY-33-48-131
BEEBEE, ALEXANDER M.                   NY-33-13-61
BEECHING, JAMES W.                     NY-33-33-493
BEEKMAN, DAVID                         NY-33-50-27
BEEMAN, ELIZABETH                      NY-33-44-494
BEERS, EDWIN                           NY-33-34-373
BEERS, ELIAS                           NY-33-6-228
BEERS, MUNSON H.                       NY-33-13-355
BEESELEY, GEORGE N.                    NY-33-23-127
BEH, PETER                             NY-33-32-13
BEHAN, MARGARET                        NY-33-51-516
BEHR, FRANK                            NY-33-39-160
BEHR, MARY                             NY-33-51-217
BEHR, MICHAEL                          NY-33-34-481
BEISIEGEL, CATHARINE                   NY-33-26-553
BEISIEGEL, JOHN                        NY-33-51-296
BEKER, MOSES                           NY-33-25-591
BELCHER, CATHERINE                     NY-33-30-31
BELCHER, NATHAN L.                     NY-33-30-33
BELIN, PHILIP                          NY-33-1-137
BELL, MARIA                            NY-33-29-369
BELL, SAMUEL                           NY-33-3-87
BELLINGER, CHRISTOPHER W.              NY-33-39-528
BELLINGER, ELIZABETH                   NY-33-51-297
BELLINGER, JAMES M.                    NY-33-38-549
BELLINGER, JOHN                        NY-33-7-9
BELLINGER, JOHN F.                     NY-33-16-51
BELLINGER, JOHN P.                     NY-33-2-153
BELLINGER, WEALTHY                     NY-33-46-335
BELLINGER, WILLIAM P.                  NY-33-39-491
BELNAP, LEVI                           NY-33-26-307
BELSHAW, BETSEY                        NY-33-51-5
BENEDICT, ANGELINE                     NY-33-38-33
BENEDICT, AURELIUS                     NY-33-26-49
BENEDICT, CAROLINE                     NY-33-39-190
BENEDICT, CLARISSA                     NY-33-21-147
BENEDICT, DANIEL                       NY-33-14-25
BENEDICT, EDWIN                        NY-33-38-399
BENEDICT, ELEANOR                      NY-33-28-483
BENEDICT, ELNATHAN W.                  NY-33-12-81
BENEDICT, GOULD                        NY-33-22-91
BENEDICT, HANNAH                       NY-33-43-148
BENEDICT, ISAAC                        NY-33-18-269
BENEDICT, LUCY W.                      NY-33-18-471
BENEDICT, MASON H.                     NY-33-13-487
BENEDICT, NORMAN                       NY-33-18-25
BENEDICT, OBADIAH M.                   NY-33-17-60
BENEDICT, RANSOM                       NY-33-46-256
BENEDICT, SAMUEL B.                    NY-33-12-113
BENEDICT, WILLIAM                      NY-33-50-531
BENJAMIN, ANN                          NY-33-46-424
BENJAMIN, BENJAMIN                     NY-33-18-361
BENJAMIN, CURTIS                       NY-33-46-512
BENJAMIN, RAMSOM                       NY-33-23-259
BENJAMINS, EBENEZER                    NY-33-11-134
BENNER, PETER                          NY-33-13-475
BENNET, FRANCIS                        NY-33-3-145
BENNETT, DANIEL A.                     NY-33-50-163
BENNETT, ESTHER A.                     NY-33-45-468
BENNETT, HARRIET O.                    NY-33-51-354
BENNETT, JARED                         NY-33-6-284
BENNETT, MARTIN                        NY-33-20-217
BENNETT, THOMAS                        NY-33-6-331
BENNETT, WILLARD H.                    NY-33-51-63
BENNETT, WILLIAM D.                    NY-33-39-178
BENOIST, ELLA M.                       NY-33-39-520
BENSBERG, ELIZABETH                    NY-33-45-122
BENTLEY, IRA                           NY-33-29-11
BENTLEY, ROBERT                        NY-33-34-259
BENTLY, NANCY                          NY-33-18-701
BENTON, JAMES                          NY-33-39-84
BENTON, LYDIA                          NY-33-21-346
BENZ, FELIX                            NY-33-37-291
BERB, JOHN                             NY-33-5-303
BERG, DOROTHEA                         NY-33-39-262
BERG, NICHOLAS E.                      NY-33-39-618
BERGERON, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-33-47-579
BERGH, CATHARINE MATILDA               NY-33-44-74
BERGNER, FRANK                         NY-33-50-444
BERKHOFF, HENRY ANDREW THEO            NY-33-47-554
BERNHARD, PETER                        NY-33-18-125
BERT, MARY ANN                         NY-33-42-606
BERZ, JOHN                             NY-33-33-67
BESSE, DAVID C.                        NY-33-35-181
BESSE, EPHRAIM                         NY-33-1-245
BESSE, EPHRIAM                         NY-33-32-449
BESSEE, HARRIET E.                     NY-33-40-550
BESSEE, HOMAR                          NY-33-14-477
BESSEE, OLIVE                          NY-33-16-283
BESSEE, SALLY                          NY-33-51-196
BESSEL, ELLA F.                        NY-33-51-46
BESSIE, EDWARD H.                      NY-33-39-174
BEST, GEORGE                           NY-33-44-371
BEST, JAMES                            NY-33-28-403
BEST, JANE ELIZABETH                   NY-33-22-487
BETSON, THOMAS                         NY-33-18-315
BETSON, THOMAS J.                      NY-33-39-336
BETTES, ANDREW                         NY-33-1-240
BETTEYS, JONATHAN                      NY-33-16-25
BETTINGER, JOHN                        NY-33-2-53
BETTIS, ANDREW C.                      NY-33-15-413
BETTS, ANN                             NY-33-29-133
BETTS, CHARLES                         NY-33-28-317
BETTS, G. LEVERETT                     NY-33-23-283
BETTS, JUSTUS                          NY-33-30-323
BETTS, RICHARD                         NY-33-9-246
BEVAN, ELLEN                           NY-33-39-218
BEYEL, PHILIP                          NY-33-22-3
BEYNON, BENJAMIN                       NY-33-32-409
BIANCO, GABRIELE                       NY-33-39-441
BICE, AARON J.                         NY-33-36-211
BICE, JANE L.                          NY-33-47-19
BICK, JAMES                            NY-33-48-203
BICKFORD, ALBERT                       NY-33-20-255
BICKLEY, JANE                          NY-33-51-458
BICKNELL, FRANCIS                      NY-33-29-9
BICKNELL, HARRIET                      NY-33-45-342
BICKNELL, JAMES                        NY-33-34-589
BICKWELL, MOSES W.                     NY-33-38-317
BIDDLECOME, HARRIET                    NY-33-45-164
BIDDLECOME, RILEY                      NY-33-46-15
BIDDLECOME, WILLIAM                    NY-33-41-22
BIDWELL, HUDSON                        NY-33-39-48
BIDWELL, ORRA S.                       NY-33-25-273
BIELBY, ISAAC                          NY-33-29-357
BIELBY, RICHARD                        NY-33-42-322
BIELBY, THOMAS                         NY-33-25-87
BIEMBACK, NICHOLAS                     NY-33-19-563
BIERBAUER, CHARLES                     NY-33-37-617
BIERLY, KATHARINE                      NY-33-23-223
BIERSLADT, ROSALIE OSBORNE             NY-33-47-594
BIGELOW, HORACE                        NY-33-22-297
BIGELOW, JULIA ANN                     NY-33-39-454
BIGELOW, LODEMA                        NY-33-23-317
BIGG, MARY                             NY-33-19-95
BILLINGER, NICHOLAS                    NY-33-9-301
BILLINGS, LEONARD F.                   NY-33-39-70
BILLINGTON, LUCY ANN                   NY-33-47-586
BILLS, JAMES                           NY-33-8-166
BILLS, LEVI                            NY-33-47-249
BINDER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-33-46-404
BINGHAM, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-33-47-579
BINGHAM, E. DARWIN                     NY-33-32-601
BINGHAM, GEORGE                        NY-33-48-467
BINGHAM, JANE                          NY-33-23-579
BINNIS, MARTIN                         NY-33-21-305
BIRD, CHARLES                          NY-33-25-119
BIRD, JOHN                             NY-33-4-74
BIRD, SARA LOUISE                      NY-33-24-442
BIRDMAN, LURA                          NY-33-37-468
BIRDSAL, BENJAMIN                      NY-33-2-364
BIRDSALL, PHINEAS                      NY-33-20-517
BIRDSELL, JAMES                        NY-33-14-461
BIRDSEYE, EMILY                        NY-33-38-389
BIRDSEYE, EZRA M.                      NY-33-22-549
BIRDSEYE, HARRY                        NY-33-38-565
BIRDSEYE, HARVEY                       NY-33-46-408
BIRDSEYE, JOANNA                       NY-33-10-251
BIRDSEYE, JOHN                         NY-33-6-215
BIRDSEYE, JOSEPH H.                    NY-33-23-21
BIRDSEYE, LEVI                         NY-33-25-327
BIRGE, ALLEN                           NY-33-47-340
BIRGE, SETH                            NY-33-22-507
BIRMINGHAM, EDWARD                     NY-33-45-506
BIRNIE, JOHN                           NY-33-29-459
BIRT, JOHN                             NY-33-22-243
BIRT, THOMAS                           NY-33-11-168
BISHOP, AMANDA                         NY-33-20-427
BISHOP, AMOS                           NY-33-19-119
BISHOP, CALVIN                         NY-33-33-379
BISHOP, HENRY                          NY-33-7-149
BISHOP, NATHAN                         NY-33-14-77
BISHOP, THERSTON B.                    NY-33-50-205
BISSELL, DANIEL P.                     NY-33-24-63
BISSELL, EMERY G.                      NY-33-13-211
BISSELL, EMERY G.                      NY-33-44-497
BISSELL, GORDON N.                     NY-33-46-157
BISSELL, WILLIAM J.                    NY-33-51-81
BIXBY, ELIAS                           NY-33-4-11
BLACK, JOHN                            NY-33-8-501
BLACK, ROBERT W.                       NY-33-48-440
BLACKBURN, VINCENT                     NY-33-22-117
BLACKMAN, ALVIN P.                     NY-33-18-349
BLACKMAN, BENJAMIN                     NY-33-13-309
BLACKMAN, ELIJAH                       NY-33-33-457
BLACKMAN, NAHUM J.                     NY-33-31-471
BLACKMAN, WILLIAM A.                   NY-33-7-386
BLACKMAN, WILLIAM W.                   NY-33-37-528
BLACKMER, EPHRAIM                      NY-33-1-108
BLACKSTON, MARY C.                     NY-33-28-487
BLACKSTON, RUSSEL                      NY-33-28-443
BLACKSTONE, EDWARD                     NY-33-8-3
BLACKSTONE, EDWARD                     NY-33-32-309
BLACKWOOD, JAMES                       NY-33-22-407
BLAIR, ABNER B.                        NY-33-35-281
BLAIR, ADELIA                          NY-33-38-377
BLAIR, ARBA                            NY-33-18-91
BLAIR, JOEL                            NY-33-6-171
BLAIR, SETH                            NY-33-1-111
BLAIR, SETH C.                         NY-33-37-412
BLAIR, ZINA                            NY-33-18-447
BLAISER, ANDREW                        NY-33-12-11
BLAKE, LEWIS                           NY-33-12-342
BLAKE, MICHAEL                         NY-33-31-325
BLAKE, PETER                           NY-33-29-447
BLAKE, PETER                           NY-33-45-234
BLAKEMAN, ANNA MARIA                   NY-33-45-220
BLAKEMAN, JANE M.                      NY-33-51-312
BLAKESLEE, CHARLES                     NY-33-14-423
BLAKESLEE, DAVID                       NY-33-7-257
BLAKESLEE, ENOS                        NY-33-7-158
BLAKESLEY, ALVIN                       NY-33-15-475
BLASIER, CHARLOTTE                     NY-33-51-243
BLASIER, DAVID                         NY-33-19-49
BLASIER, MARY                          NY-33-26-187
BLASS, JOHN                            NY-33-28-53
BLASS, JOHN                            NY-33-46-492
BLATT, JOHN CASPER                     NY-33-39-420
BLEAZARD, ROBERT                       NY-33-38-471
BLEECKER, CATHARINE                    NY-33-48-171
BLENIS, DENNIS                         NY-33-30-43
BLETH, FRANK                           NY-33-51-218
BLIGH, MAURICE                         NY-33-15-374
BLINN, ROXANA                          NY-33-18-705
BLINN, SELAH                           NY-33-8-342
BLISS, EBENEZER                        NY-33-3-100
BLISS, EMELINE E.                      NY-33-42-300
BLISS, JONATHAN                        NY-33-39-156
BLISS, SYLVESTER                       NY-33-31-277
BLODGET, JANE B.                       NY-33-46-531
BLONG, JOHN                            NY-33-51-197
BLOODGOOD, LYNOTT                      NY-33-15-327
BLOOMFIELD, BETSEY                     NY-33-7-264
BLOOMFIELD, JOHN W.                    NY-33-9-192
BLOSS, DAVID HENRY                     NY-33-50-562
BLOSS, NANCY                           NY-33-50-86
BLUE, ALLEN                            NY-33-13-315
BLUE, ARCHIBALD                        NY-33-32-257
BLUE, CATHARINE                        NY-33-33-595
BLUE, GILBERT                          NY-33-3-235
BLUE, JOHN                             NY-33-5-428
BLUE, MALCOM A.                        NY-33-51-217
BLUE, MARY                             NY-33-34-235
BLUMHARDT, WILHELM                     NY-33-44-209
BLUNT, JOHN                            NY-33-6-42
BLYTHE, MARGARET                       NY-33-18-519
BOBBITT, WILLIAM SR.                   NY-33-5-273
BOFFEL, JOSEPH                         NY-33-39-132
BOFFLE, CHRISTINA                      NY-33-50-538
BOGAN, ANN                             NY-33-33-37
BOGAN, JEREMIAH                        NY-33-40-454
BOGART, PETER                          NY-33-35-353
BOGART, THOMAS L.                      NY-33-17-189
BOGG, MOSES                            NY-33-7-282
BOGUE, PUBLISE V.                      NY-33-5-377
BOHANAN, SIDNEY                        NY-33-50-116
BOHEN, PATRICK                         NY-33-30-91
BOICE, PRUDENCE                        NY-33-9-255
BOIWEN, DANIEL V.                      NY-33-48-309
BOLTON, GEORGE                         NY-33-22-255
BOLTON, JOHN                           NY-33-48-255
BOMBACK, JACOB                         NY-33-25-277
BONARM, PETER                          NY-33-34-401
BONATO, MAXIMILIAN H.                  NY-33-9-103
BOND, ISAAC                            NY-33-19-487
BOODY, SARAH ANN                       NY-33-45-364
BOOME, JOHN                            NY-33-27-136
BOOTH, ELIJAH N.                       NY-33-7-163
BOOTH, ELIZABETH                       NY-33-18-417
BOOTH, MARY                            NY-33-39-210
BOOTH, RUSSELL M.                      NY-33-19-393
BOOTH, STEPHEN D.                      NY-33-50-165
BOOTH, WALTER                          NY-33-38-333
BOP, WILLIAM                           NY-33-7-331
BORK, DANIEL S.                        NY-33-25-377
BORTLE, STEPHEN H.                     NY-33-48-458
BOSS, JAMES                            NY-33-19-391
BOSS, JANE H.                          NY-33-23-529
BOSS, SALLY                            NY-33-48-531
BOST, MARTHA C.                        NY-33-39-500
BOSTWICK, LEVI                         NY-33-6-213
BOTTERELL, SNOWBALL                    NY-33-16-393
BOUCK, POLLY                           NY-33-45-54
BOUGHAM, CORNELIA                      NY-33-15-514
BOURKE, PATRICK                        NY-33-27-514
BOURKE, THOMAS                         NY-33-28-363
BOURNE, D. D. T.                       NY-33-9-305
BOW, GEORGE                            NY-33-16-323
BOWDISH, LEMUEL W.                     NY-33-33-221
BOWEN, CALVIN                          NY-33-9-176
BOWEN, EBENEZER B.                     NY-33-50-331
BOWEN, EDWARD                          NY-33-46-516
BOWEN, MARGARET ALLEN                  NY-33-50-228
BOWEN, MARY J.                         NY-33-39-173
BOWEN, MARY R.                         NY-33-43-52
BOWEN, MARY R.                         NY-33-47-272
BOWEN, NANCY                           NY-33-31-567
BOWEN, THOMAS                          NY-33-6-56
BOWER, JOHN F.                         NY-33-44-524
BOWERS, OLIVE                          NY-33-45-558
BOWERS, OLIVE                          NY-33-46-209
BOWES, EMANUEL                         NY-33-14-405
BOWIE, DAVID                           NY-33-23-199
BOWKER, JAMES M.                       NY-33-19-269
BOWLES, GEORGE                         NY-33-44-419
BOWMAN, ALEXANDER                      NY-33-29-43
BOWMAN, CHAUNCEY B.                    NY-33-39-86
BOWMAN, EVE                            NY-33-38-461
BOWMAN, FREDERICK                      NY-33-51-244
BOWMAN, FREDERIK                       NY-33-2-361
BOWNE, JOHN R.                         NY-33-39-63
BOYCE, ELIAS                           NY-33-8-292
BOYCE, FREDERICK W.                    NY-33-33-133
BOYCE, HARVEY T.                       NY-33-51-72
BOYCE, JAMES H.                        NY-33-39-189
BOYLE, ELLEN                           NY-33-50-162
BOYLE, JOHN                            NY-33-50-258
BOYLEN, CATHARINE                      NY-33-40-462
BOYNTON, HENRY                         NY-33-28-543
BOYNTON, OCEANIA                       NY-33-30-429

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