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Original Will Books were copied to "Second Set" more than 100 years later, and in process a number of original books were lost.

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ACKER, SIBET                            PHILLIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER              NY-31-OWB-28-263
AELSTEYN, ABRAHAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-245
ALBERTSON, RICHARD                      NTL, ULSTER                             NY-31-OWB-18-415
ALBURTIS, JAMES                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-28-21
ALBURTUS, SAMUEL                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-219
ALLAIRE, ANDREW                         PELHAM, WESTCHESTER                     NY-31-OWB-18-301
ALLEE, JOHN                             NTL, WESTCHESTER                        NY-31-OWB-18-79
ALLISON, JOSEPH                         GOSHEN, ORANGE                          NY-31-OWB-28-274
ALRICKS, SIGFREDUS                      BAY OF HONDURAS                         NY-31-OWB-18-402
ANDRISSE, ANDRIS                        BEDFORD, KINGS                          NY-31-OWB-28-508
ARCHER, JOHN                            JAMAICA, WEST INDIES                    NY-31-OWB-28-75
BAKER, JACOB                            STATEN ISLAND, SUFFOLK                  NY-31-OWB-18-38
BAKER, NATHANIEL                        EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER                NY-31-OWB-28-259
BALEY, JONATHIN                         FLOREDY, ORANGE                         NY-31-OWB-28-273
BANCKER, WILLIAM                        STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND                 NY-31-OWB-28-278
BANKER, NATHANIEL                       RUMBOUTS PCT, DUTCHESS                  NY-31-OWB-28-295
BARHYT, JOHN SR.                        NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER               NY-31-OWB-28-156
BARKER, NEHEMIAH                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK                       NY-31-OWB-28-227
BARNETT, BENJAMIN                       WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER                NY-31-OWB-18-282
BAYNE, ELEANOR                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-378
BEDLE, JAMES                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-450
BELLS, SAMUEL                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-380
BESLEY, OLIVER                          NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER               NY-31-OWB-28-362
BETTS, WILLIAM                          YONKERS                                 NY-31-OWB-28-423
BEVIER, ABRAHAM                         NEW PALTZ, ULSTER                       NY-31-OWB-28-2
BIRDSALL, BENJAMIN                      OYSTERBAY, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-28-76
BLOOME, ISAAC                           JAMAICA, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-235
BOGERT, GEYSBERT                        FLATBUSH, KING                          NY-31-OWB-28-455
BOGGS, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-502
BOONE, THOMAS                           ST JOHNS, DOMINICA                      NY-31-OWB-28-81
BOOTH, CHARLES                          WALKILL, ULSTER                         NY-31-OWB-28-201
BORDEN, WILLIAM                         CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER                  NY-31-OWB-28-245
BOWENS, WILLIAM                         ROMBOUT PCT, DUTCHESS                   NY-31-OWB-18-144
BOWNE, MARGARET                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-431
BRADLEY, RICHARD                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-9
BRAGAN, ROELEFF                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-456
BRAT, DIRCK                             RENSSELAERWYCK, ALBANY                  NY-31-OWB-28-116
BRATT, BERNARDUS                        SCHOTTACOAK, ALBANY                     NY-31-OWB-28-513
BRATT, RUMBOUT                          NTL, DUTCHESS                           NY-31-OWB-28-524
BREESTED, ANDREW                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-499
BREWSTER, DANIEL                        BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-18-271
BRIDGE, SAMUEL                          NCY                                     NY-31-OWB-28-504
BRINCKERHOFF, DINAH                     NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-260
BRINCKERHOFF, JOHN                      OYSTERBAY, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-339
BROOKS, JONATHAN                        RUMBOUTS, DUTCHESS                      NY-31-OWB-28-442
BROOME, SAMUEL                          STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND                 NY-31-OWB-28-122
BROWN, DUNCAN                           WALLKILL, ULSTER                        NY-31-OWB-28-266
BROWN, DUNCAN                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-182
BROWN, LEONARD                          YONKERS, WESTCHESTER                    NY-31-OWB-18-204
BROWN, RICHARD                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK                       NY-31-OWB-28-168
BRUNDAGE, JOHN                          NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER               NY-31-OWB-18-18
BUDD, JOHN                              SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK                       NY-31-OWB-18-461
BUDD, JOSEPH                            CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER                  NY-31-OWB-28-293
BUDD, NICHOLAS                          RUMBOUT PCT, DUTCHESS                   NY-31-OWB-28-350
BURLING, JAMES                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-426
BURR, JOSEPH                            NTL, QUEENS                             NY-31-OWB-28-510
BURROUGH, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-266
BYVANCK, SARAH                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-501
CARMAN, JOHN                            BEEKMANS PCT, DUTCHESS                  NY-31-OWB-28-12
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN                     NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-206
CARPENTER, SAMUEL                       GOSHEN, ORANGE                          NY-31-OWB-18-279
CINNEY, ANDREW                          HURLEY, ULSTER                          NY-31-OWB-28-1
CLARKE, SAMUEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-316
CLOCK, ELIZABETH                        NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-307
COCK, DANIEL                            OYSTERBAY, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-28-49
COENRAATS, OCTAVE                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-294
COLE, ABRAHAM                           NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-18-182
COLLNS, EDWARD                          ALBANY, ALBANY                          NY-31-OWB-18-336
CONCKLING, HENRY                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK                       NY-31-OWB-18-458
CONKLING, JOSHUA                        NEWBURGH, ULSTER                        NY-31-OWB-28-7
CONTINE, ISAAC                          PELHAM                                  NY-31-OWB-18-444
COON, HANNES                            RYE, WESTCHESTER                        NY-31-OWB-28-441
COOPER, WILLIAM                         RUMBOUT PCT, DUTCHESS                   NY-31-OWB-28-340
CORNELL, JOHN                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-28-507
CORNELL, MARY                           FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-28-324
CORNNELL, BENJAMIN                      SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER                  NY-31-OWB-28-57
CORNNELL, JOSEPH                        SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER                  NY-31-OWB-28-162
CORNWELL, JOSEPH                        FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-28-287
CORSEN, BENJAMIN                        FORDHAM, WESTCHESTER                    NY-31-OWB-28-54
COSBY, HENRY                            HMS CENTAUR                             NY-31-OWB-18-371
COZIMO, GARRET                          ALBANY, ALBANY                          NY-31-OWB-28-519
CRAWFORD, WILIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-462
CREGAIER, MARTINES                      NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-447
CRISPELL, ANTHONY                       HURLEY, ULSTER                          NY-31-OWB-28-102
CROOKE, CHARLES                         CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS                 NY-31-OWB-28-335
CUPER, HENRICK                          NTL, BERGEN, NJ                         NY-31-OWB-28-281
CUYLER, BAREND R.                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-197
DAUGHTY, JAMES                          COLD SPRING, QUEENS                     NY-31-OWB-28-522
DAVENPORT, SAMUEL                       NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER               NY-31-OWB-28-403
DAWSON, ROPER                           NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-28-41
DAYTON, NATHAN                          EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-28-448
DEAN, NECHLASS                          YONKERS, WESTCHESTER                    NY-31-OWB-28-10
DEBEAUVOIS, JOOST                       BROOKLAND, KINGS                        NY-31-OWB-28-419
DEBEAVOUS, JACOB JR.                    BROOKLAND                               NY-31-OWB-18-66
DEGRAW, ISAAC                           BROOKLAND, KINGS                        NY-31-OWB-28-184
DELANCEY, ANNE                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-297
DELAPLAINE, JOSHUA                      NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-87
DELEMETTER, JACOBS                      KINGSTON, ULSTER                        NY-31-OWB-28-172
DEPEYSTER, CORNELIUS                    NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-157
DEPEYSTER, PIERRE GUILLAUME             NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-174
DEVOOE, FREDERICK                       MORRISANA, WESTCHESTER                  NY-31-OWB-18-273
DEWITT, HENRY                           KINGSTON, ULSTER                        NY-31-OWB-18-383
DICKENSON, ZEBULON                      OYSTERBAY, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-52
DINGE, RICHARD                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-28-328
DISBROW, JOHN (SR?)                     RYE                                     NY-31-OWB-18-14
DISBROW, JOHN JR.                       RYE                                     NY-31-OWB-18-12
DODGE, WILKIE                           FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-18-148
DOUGHTY, WILLIAM                        CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS                 NY-31-OWB-28-128
DOXSEY, SAMUEL                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-28-147
DUBOIS, GUALTERUS                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-226
DUBOIS, ISAAC                           GREEN HILL, ULSTER                      NY-31-OWB-28-521
DUBOIS, QUALTHERUS                      NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-408
DURYEA, CHARLES                         BUSHWICK, KINGS                         NY-31-OWB-18-358
DURYEA, FOLKERT                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-200
DYKEMAN, GEORGE                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-263
EASOM, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-45
EBBETS, DANIEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-386
ECKER, ABRAHAM                          PHILLIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER              NY-31-OWB-28-401
EGBERKE, ELSIE                          RENSSELAERWYCK, ALBANY                  NY-31-OWB-18-324
EGBERTSEN, EGBERT JR.                   ALBANY, ALBANY                          NY-31-OWB-28-114
EMMONS, SAMUEL                          NTL, SUFFOLK, NY                        NY-31-OWB-28-271
ERWIN, SAMUEL                           NTL, ULSTER                             NY-31-OWB-28-242
ESSELSTYNE, CORNELIS MARTENS            CLAVERACK, ALBANY                       NY-31-OWB-18-186, 281
EVERIT, EZEKIEL                         JAMAICA, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-28-120
EVERSON, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-215
EWETS, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-161
FARINGTON, WILLIAM                      FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-28-520
FARINTON, ROBERT                        NTL                                     NY-31-OWB-18-53
FERGUSON, EPHRAIM                       RUMBOUT PCT, DUTCHESS                   NY-31-OWB-28-217
FERNEUR, JACOBUS JACOBS                 HAVERSTRAW, QUEENS                      NY-31-OWB-28-435
FERRARI, FRANCIS                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-276
FERRIS, JONATHAN                        FROGS NECK, WESTCHESTER                 NY-31-OWB-18-428
FIELD, ELNATHAN                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-454
FINDER, ABRAHAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-43
FLEET, THOMAS                           HUNTINGDON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-18-55
FOWLER, BENJAMIN                        FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-28-195
FURMAN, REBECAH                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-394
GARNIER, ISAAC                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-394
GEDNEY, ELIJAH                          SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER                  NY-31-OWB-28-473
GEDNEY, MARY                            SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER                  NY-31-OWB-28-226
GENTER, ELIZABETH                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-267
GENTER, JOHN                            WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER                NY-31-OWB-28-304
GEORGE, LYDIA                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-435
GIBBINS, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-164
GILBERT, JANE                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-40
GIVEEN, JOHN JR.                        NTL, ULSTER                             NY-31-OWB-18-97
GLOVER, KEZIAH                          YONKERS, WESTCHESTER                    NY-31-OWB-28-268
GOELET, ELIZABETH                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-60
GOMEZ, BENJAMIN                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-307
GOSLIN, RICHARD                         ST CROIX, WEST INDIES                   NY-31-OWB-28-20
GOSLINE, JOSE                           NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-28-353
GOURLAY, JAMES                          ALBANY, ALBANY                          NY-31-OWB-28-376
GOVERNEUR, ELISABETH                    NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-57
GRIFFIN, JONATHAN                       CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS                 NY-31-OWB-28-265
GROENENDYCK, SAMUEL                     NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-439
GROESBECK, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-109
HADLEY, REBECCA                         YONKERS, WESTCHESTER                    NY-31-OWB-28-142
HAFF, LAURENCE                          CRUM ELBOW PCT, DUTCHESS                NY-31-OWB-18-248
HAGERMAN, BENJAMIN                      HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-28-460
HALLET, NATHANIEL                       NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-147
HALSEY, ISAAC JR.                       SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-139
HALSEY, JOB                             SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-138
HAMERSLEY, WILLIAM                      NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-175
HANDLIN, THOMS                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-159
HARCOURT, RICHARD                       NEWBURGH, ULSTER                        NY-31-OWB-28-36
HARDENBERGH, ABRAHAM                    GUILFORD, ULSTER                        NY-31-OWB-28-229
HARING, ABRAHAM                         NTL, ORANGE                             NY-31-OWB-28-238
HARRIS, RICHARD                         NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-28-189
HATFIELD, PETER                         WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER               NY-31-OWB-18-442
HAUGEWOUT, JOHN                         NEW LOTT, KINGS                         NY-31-OWB-28-454
HAVENS, JONATHAN JR.                    SHELTER ISLAND, SUFFOLK                 NY-31-OWB-28-34
HAWKINS, ELEAZOR                        BROOCKHAVEN, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-28-316
HAZARD, WILLIAM                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-28-517
HEEGEMAN, ADRIAN                        FLATBUSH, KINGS                         NY-31-OWB-28-280
HEGEMAN, PETER                          OYSTERBAY, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-28-145
HEGERMAN, ATORYON                       HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-168
HENDRICKSON, HENRICK                    HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-412
HERRIS, GEORGE                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-310
HESS, JOHANNES                          CANAJOHARY, ALBANY                      NY-31-OWB-28-203
HEYER, WALTER                           NCY                                     NY-31-OWB-28-485
HIGBIE, SAMUEL                          JAMAICA, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-211
HILL, PRUDENCE                          SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK                       NY-31-OWB-28-285
HINCHMAN, BENJAMIN                      JAMAICA, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-28-43
HINCHMAN, OBADIAH                       JAMAICA, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-465
HOFFMAN, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-494
HOFFMAN, MARTIN                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-317
HOGELAND, ADRIAEN                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-310
HOGG, REBECCA                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-329
HOOGLAND, HARMANUS                      FLATLANDS, KINGS                        NY-31-OWB-28-194
HOORNBECK, TOBIAS                       ROCHESTER, ULSTER                       NY-31-OWB-28-5
HORSFIELD, ISRAEL SR.                   BROOKLAND, KINGS                        NY-31-OWB-28-346
HORTON, SILAS (MAJ.)                    SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK                       NY-31-OWB-28-349
HOUGHWOUT, EGBERT                       NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-28-406
HOUSE, ABRAHAM                          NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-28-10
HOUTVAT, ADRIAN                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-374
HOWELL, EDARD                           SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-28-345
HOWELL, JAMES                           GOSHEN, ORANGE                          NY-31-OWB-28-274
HOWELL, JOSEPH                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-252
HOWELL, JOSIAH                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-134
HUBBARD, WILLIAM                        SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK                       NY-31-OWB-28-26
HUDSON, ROBERT                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-28-153
HULL, JABEZ                             SALEM, WESTCHESTER                      NY-31-OWB-28-108
HUNT, ELVEN                             WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER                NY-31-OWB-28-199
HUNT, PHEBE                             WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER                NY-31-OWB-28-360
HUNT, TIMOTHY                           EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER                NY-31-OWB-28-165
HUNTING, SAMUEL                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-28-484
JARVIS, STEPHEN                         HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-28-255
JARVIS, THOMAS                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-28-486
JAUNCEY, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-450
JENNINGS, JESSE                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-28-344
JOHNSON, SIMON                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-312
JONES, ROBERT                           HMS CENTAUR                             NY-31-OWB-18-257
KAIN, JOHN                              NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-296
KEES, JOHN                              FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-28-160
KELCEY, DANIEL                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-18-213
KIP, ISAAC                              ALBANY                                  NY-31-OWB-28-119
KISSAM, DANIEL                          MADNANS NECK, QUEENS                    NY-31-OWB-18-222
KLAPPER, HENDRIK                        CLAVERACK, ALBANY                       NY-31-OWB-28-367
KNAP, JOHN                              GOSHEN, ORANGE                          NY-31-OWB-28-515
KNAPP, BENJAMIN                         HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE                      NY-31-OWB-28-323
KNICKERBACKER, HARMEEN                  SCOTTA COAK, ALBANY                     NY-31-OWB-28-334
KNIGHTS, THOMAS                         CORNWELL PCT, ORANGE                    NY-31-OWB-28-16
KOERTEN, STEVEN                         GRAVENSEND, KINGS                       NY-31-OWB-18-388
KOFFLER, FRANCIS                        BROOKLAND, KINGS                        NY-31-OWB-28-59
KRONKHYTT, JACOBUS                      RYKES PATENT, WESTCHESTER               NY-31-OWB-28-404
KUYPER, HENRICK                         NTL, BERGEN, NJ                         NY-31-OWB-28-281
LADNER, JOHAN ANDREAS                   NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-528
LAMBERT, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-303
LANGDON, SAMUEL                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-318
LATHAM, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-170
LAURENCE, PATIENCE                      NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-28-365
LAURENCE, THOMAS                        WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER                NY-31-OWB-18-202
LAVINUS, PHILIP                         ROCHESTER, ULSTER                       NY-31-OWB-28-228
LAWLER, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-31-OWB-28-412
LAWRENCE, JACOB                         FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-28-23
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                       OYSTERBAY, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-28-288
LEDDEL, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-430
LEFFERTS, GARRET                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-457
LEVRICH, SAMUEL                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-469
LIEVERSE, ELBERT                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-177
LIEVRE, MARY                            NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER               NY-31-OWB-18-293
LININTON, JOHN                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-173
LOINES, STEPHEN                         WESTBURY, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-28-355
LONGBOTTOM, NATHANIEL                   BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-28-421
LOUNSBURY, ISAAC                        NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER               NY-31-OWB-28-409
LOW, JANE                               NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-320
LUDLAM, HENRY                           JAMAICA, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-208
LUYSTER, PETER                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-28-480
LYDECKER, ABRAHAM                       NTL, BERGEN, NJ                         NY-31-OWB-28-492
MABER, PETER                            ORANGE, ORANGE                          NY-31-OWB-28-277
MAHAN, LAURENCE                         RYE, WESTCHESTER                        NY-31-OWB-28-127
MAITLAND, RICHARD                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-301
MAN, EDWARD                             NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-490
MARSHALL, BENJAMIN                      SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-313
MARSTON, JOHN                           FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-18-338
MCCEW, WILLIAM                          ALBANY, ALBANY                          NY-31-OWB-28-74
MCEVERS, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-25
MCFADEN, LACHLIN                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-327
MCLEAN, ARCHIBALD                       JAMAICA, WEST INDIES                    NY-31-OWB-28-220
MERRELL, THOMAS                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND                 NY-31-OWB-28-418
MERRILL, JOHN                           NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-28-414
MERRILL, JOHN                           RYE, WESTCHESTER                        NY-31-OWB-18-344
MESSENGER, SAMUEL                       JAMAICA, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-28-93
MILLER, GODFREY                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-224
MILLER, HENRY                           NEW CORNWELL, ORANGE                    NY-31-OWB-28-272
MILLER, PAUL JR.                        NTL                                     NY-31-OWB-28-491
MILLER, ROBERT                          NTL                                     NY-31-OWB-18-37
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NEWTON, QUEEN                           NY-31-OWB-18-334
MILLERD, ROBERT JR.                     BEEKMANS PCT, DUTCHESS                  NY-31-OWB-28-137
MILLS, JAMES                            NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-139
MILLS, TIMOTHY                          SMITHTOWN, SUFFOLK                      NY-31-OWB-18-215
MILLS, TREAT                            STRATFORD, CT                           NY-31-OWB-28-158
MOCHIE, JOHAN MICHEL                    LIVINGSTON, ALBANY                      NY-31-OWB-28-487
MONTANYE, VINSENT                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-463
MONTFORT, PETER                         OYSTERBAY, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-41
MONTOJE, JOHN D. L.                     NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-305
MONTROSS, JOHN                          RUMBOUT PCT, DUTCHESS                   NY-31-OWB-28-18
MOORE, VERNON                           NTL                                     NY-31-OWB-28-326
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-121
MORE, ROBERT                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-381
MORREL, THOMAS                          NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-28-39
MORRIS, ISABELLA                        NTL                                     NY-31-OWB-18-94
MORRIS, THEOPHILUS                      NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-436
MULFORD, WILLIAM                        SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-28-509
MULLENDER, PETER                        LITTLE BRITAIN, ULSTER                  NY-31-OWB-28-439
MYER, ABRAHAM                           HARLEM                                  NY-31-OWB-28-311
MYER, HENRY                             NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-104
NESTEL, NEUHAL                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-301
NORWOOD, CORNELIA                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-299
OAKLEY, JOHN                            WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER                NY-31-OWB-28-465
ODELL, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-31-OWB-28-474
OGDEN, JONATHAN                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-229
OSTERHOUDT, ABRAHAM O.                  KINGSTON, ULSTER                        NY-31-OWB-28-62
OWEN, MOSES                             WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER               NY-31-OWB-28-289
PAINTER, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-348
PALMER, REBECCA                         WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER                NY-31-OWB-28-475
PARCELL, JOHN                           BARN ISLAND                             NY-31-OWB-18-49
PARK, ROGER                             RYE, WESTCHESTER                        NY-31-OWB-28-186
PARSONS, SETH                           EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-255
PEEHAM, REUBEN                          CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS                 NY-31-OWB-28-260
PELL, JOHN                              PELHAM, WESTCHESTER                     NY-31-OWB-28-426
PELL, JOSEPH                            PELHAM, WESTCHESTER                     NY-31-OWB-18-170
PELL, MARY                              PELHAM, WESTCHESTER                     NY-31-OWB-28-261
PELL, PHILIP                            PELHAM, WESTCHESTER                     NY-31-OWB-18-80
PELL, THOMAS                            EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER                NY-31-OWB-18-463
PELL, THOMAS SR.                        PELHAM, WESTCHESTER                     NY-31-OWB-18-154
PERCUTT, JOHN                           NEW ROCHELLE, WESTCHESTER               NY-31-OWB-28-424
PERRON, RICHARD                         BOORE                                   NY-31-OWB-18-424
PHILIPE, FREDRICK                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-1
PINTARD, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-327
PLATT, AMOS                             HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-28-339
PLATT, EPINETUS                         HUNTINGOTN, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-28-212
PLATT, ISAAC                            HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-28-382
PLOEGH, POULIS                          KINGSTON, ULSTER                        NY-31-OWB-28-415
PLUMBE, SAMUEL                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-18-152
POILLON, PETER                          NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-18-303
POPPELSDORFF, WILHELMUS                 NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-248
PRIER, SAMUEL                           NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-18-20
PROVOST, JOHANNIS                       LONENBURGH, ALBANY                      NY-31-OWB-28-104
PRUYN, HENDERICK                        KINGSTON, ULSTER                        NY-31-OWB-18-88
PURDY, JONATHAN                         WHITE PLAINS, WESTCHESTER               NY-31-OWB-28-264
RANDALL, JOSEPH                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-503
REEVE, BENJAMIN                         SOUTHOLD, SUFFOLK                       NY-31-OWB-18-142
REID, JOHN                              NEW WINDSOR, ULSTER                     NY-31-OWB-28-133
REMSEN, PETER                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-31
REMSEN, REM                             NTL, KINGS                              NY-31-OWB-18-99
RENAUDT, JAMES                          PHILADELPHIA, PA                        NY-31-OWB-18-297
RICH, STEPHEN                           YONKERS, WESTCHESTER                    NY-31-OWB-28-213
RICHARD, STEPHEN                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-525
RICHARDSON, JOHN                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-516
RICHE, DENNIS                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-404
ROBBENS, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-427
ROBERTSON, SIDNEY                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-498
ROBINSON, JOSEPH                        BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-18-332
ROOSEVELT, CORNELIUS                    NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-253
ROOSEVELT, JACOBUS JR.                  NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-38
ROOSEVELT, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-163
ROW, JOHN                               LITTLE NINE PARTNERS, DUTCHESS          NY-31-OWB-28-131
RUMSEY, SIMON                           GOSHEN, ORANGE                          NY-31-OWB-18-269
RUTGERS, HARMANUS                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-347
RYDER, ADDREIANTIE                      GRAVESEND, KINGS                        NY-31-OWB-28-438
RYNLANDER, BARNARD                      NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-205
SAMIS, DAVID                            HUNTINGDON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-18-35
SANDFORD, JONAH                         SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-28-152
SANDFORD, ZACHARIAH                     SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-28-192
SAWYER, JAMES                           SHELTER ISLAND, SUFFOLK                 NY-31-OWB-28-246
SAYRE, EZEKIEL                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-364
SCHUYLER, BRANDT                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-166
SCHUYLER, MYNDERT                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-469
SCUDDER, HENRY                          HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-18-101
SCUDDER, SAMUEL                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-28-143
SEAM, RICHARD                           HERRICK, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-115
SEYDEL, JOHN MICHEL                     NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-514
SHAFER, ADAM                            RHINEBEEK PCT, DUTCHESS                 NY-31-OWB-28-329
SHAW, JAMES                             NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-235
SHERLOCK, WILLIAM                       JAMAICA, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-28-69
SIMONS, ART                             STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND                 NY-31-OWB-18-242
SKILMAN, JOSEPH                         BUSHWYCK, KINGS                         NY-31-OWB-28-207
SMITH, JOSEPH                           HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-16
SMITH, JOSEPH                           HUNTINGTON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-28-506
SMITH, THOMA                            JAMAICA, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-28-283
SMITH, WAIT                             GOSHEN, ORANGE                          NY-31-OWB-18-366
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-106
SNEDECKER, JOHN                         HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-28-527
SNEDEKER, ABRAHAM                       HAVERSTRAW, QUEENS                      NY-31-OWB-28-111
STAATS, BARENT                          NTL                                     NY-31-OWB-18-191
STANTON, JEREMIAH                       NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-28-98
STEPHENS, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-14
STEVENSON, JOHN                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-85
STILLWELL, ELIZABETH                    JAMAICA, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-396
STIONETS, JORGE                         HEMPSTEAD, ORANGE                       NY-31-OWB-28-325
STOKHOLM, ANDRIS                        BUSHWICK, KINGS                         NY-31-OWB-28-429
STOODLEY, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-257
STOUTENBURGH, JACOBUS                   CHARLOTTE, DUTCHESS                     NY-31-OWB-28-358
STRATTON, JOSEPH                        HUNTINGDON, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-18-47
STRINGHAM, SAMUEL                       FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-18-112
STRONG, BENAJAH                         BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-28-351
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-321
SUTTON, HANNAH                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-285
SUTTON, JOHN                            MEMARIONECK, WESTCHESTER                NY-31-OWB-18-321
SWAIM, ABRAHAM                          NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-28-397
SWIGARD, PETER                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-180
TALMAGE, JEREMIAH                       EASTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-28-452
TAYLOR, OLIVER                          NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-28-55
TEEL, HENRY                             RHINEBEEK PCT, DUTCHESS                 NY-31-OWB-28-224
TENBROCEK, CORNELIUS                    ALBANY, ALBANY                          NY-31-OWB-28-445
TENBROOK, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-60
TENBRUCK, JOHN                          POUGHKEEPSIE, WESTCHSTER                NY-31-OWB-18-30
TERBOSS, JONAS                          ROMBOUT PCT, DUTCHESS                   NY-31-OWB-28-149
TERRY, WILLIAM                          POUGHKEEPSIE, WESTCHESTER               NY-31-OWB-28-337
TERRY,JAMES                             NTL, SUFFOLK                            NY-31-OWB-18-250
THORN, JOSEPH                           COWNECK, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-83
THORNE, JACOB                           FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-28-140
THORNE, JOSEPH                          FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-18-341
TIER, MATHEW                            NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-322
TIER, MATHEW                            NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-322
TIPPET, HENRY                           PHILLIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER              NY-31-OWB-18-189
TITUS, PETER                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-467
TITUS, SARAH                            NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-18-28
TOM, NATHANIEL                          FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-28-373
TOM, PEGGY                              FLUSHING, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-28-417
TOMPKINS, SAMUEL                        STILLWATER, ALBANY                      NY-31-OWB-28-512
TONGUE, JOHN                            HAVERSTRAW, ORANGE                      NY-31-OWB-28-150
TOOHER, JOHN                            BROOKHAVEN, SUFFOLK                     NY-31-OWB-18-76
TOPPING, ILLNATHAN                      SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-130
TOWNSEND, JOSHUA                        DUCKPOND, QUEENS                        NY-31-OWB-18-376
TOWNSEND, JOTHAM                        OYSTERBAY, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-150
TREDWELL, JOHN                          HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-28-467
TRIDER, GEORGE                          CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER                  NY-31-OWB-28-79
TURNER, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-417
TURNER, JOHN SR.                        CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER                  NY-31-OWB-28-343
TUTHILL, SOLOMON                        GOSHEN, ORANGE                          NY-31-OWB-28-9
VALENTINE, JACOB SR.                    ORANGE, ORANGE                          NY-31-OWB-28-154
VANALSTYNE, MATHEW                      NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-471
VANANTWERPEN, GERRET                    SCHENECTADY, ALBANY                     NY-31-OWB-18-390
VANBOSKERK, CORNELIUS                   NTL, BERGEN, NJ                         NY-31-OWB-18-379
VANDAM, RIP                             NYC (WILL IN 17-448)                    NY-31-OWB-28-110
VANDENBERGH, GUYSBERT                   KINGSTON, ULSTER                        NY-31-OWB-28-413
VANDERBURGH, HENRY                      POUGHKEEPSIE                            NY-31-OWB-18-288
VANDERHEYDEN, JOHANNES                  ALBANY, ALBANY                          NY-31-OWB-28-297
VANDYCK, FRANCIS                        CRUM ELBOW PCT, DUTCHESS                NY-31-OWB-18-409
VANDYCK, HENDRICK                       YELLOHOOK, KINGS                        NY-31-OWB-18-31
VANDYCK, JACOBUS                        NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-497
VANDYCK, JOHN                           NEW UTRECHT, KINGS                      NY-31-OWB-28-390
VANGELDER, SARA                         FLATLANDS, KINGS                        NY-31-OWB-28-483
VANGEYSELING, MYNDERT                   SCHENECTADY, ALBANY                     NY-31-OWB-28-314
VANHORNE, ANNE                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-433
VANHORNE, CORNELIUS                     NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-24
VANJOVORON, MINDERT                     NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-488
VANNORSTRANT, JOHN                      HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-295
VANPELT, PETER                          BROOKLAND, KINGS                        NY-31-OWB-28-392
VANPELT, TUNIS                          NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-28-291
VANSANTVOORD, CORNELUS                  SCHENECTADY, ALBANY                     NY-31-OWB-18-238
VANSLICK, JOHANNES                      SCHENECTADY, ALBANY                     NY-31-OWB-18-195
VANVOORHEES, JOHANNIS JR                ROMBUT PCT, DUTCHESS                    NY-31-OWB-18-91
VANWAGENEN, NICHOLAS                    CHARLOTTE PCT, DUTCHESS                 NY-31-OWB-28-337
VANWERT, WILLIAM                        PHILLIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER              NY-31-OWB-28-292
VANWORMEN, JOHANNES                     NTL, ALBANY                             NY-31-OWB-18-369
VEDDER, ALBERT                          SCHENECTADY, ALBANY                     NY-31-OWB-18-398
VEGHTE, JOHN                            NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-28-369
VERPLANCK, GULIAN                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-68
VERPLANCK, PHIIP                        COURTLANDT, WESTCHESTER                 NY-31-OWB-28-128
VIELLE, ELIZABETH                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-184
VISSCHER, JOHANNES                      ALBANY, ALBANY                          NY-31-OWB-18-386
VREDENBURGH, ABRAHAM                    BROWNSPORT                              NY-31-OWB-18-356
VROMAN, PETER                           SCHOHARY, ALBANY                        NY-31-OWB-28-250
WADDEL, ANNE                            HARLEM                                  NY-31-OWB-28-479
WADDELL, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-219
WALDRON, JOHANNES                       NEW HARLEM                              NY-31-OWB-18-421
WALDRON, PETER                          HARLEM                                  NY-31-OWB-28-298
WALDRON, SAMUEL                         BROOKLAND, KINGS                        NY-31-OWB-28-233
WALDRON, SAMUEL                         HARLEM                                  NY-31-OWB-18-419
WALDRON, SAMUEL                         NEWTOWN, QUEENS                         NY-31-OWB-28-71
WALLACE, ALEXANDER                      NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-333
WALTON, THOMAS                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-477
WATTS, JOHN                             STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND                 NY-31-OWB-28-243
WATTS, ROBERT                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-308
WEAVER, ANNE                            NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-18-198
WEEKES, ANTHONY WHITEHEAD               NTL, RICHMOND                           NY-31-OWB-28-66
WEEKES, ROBERT                          CORTLANDT, WESTCHESTER                  NY-31-OWB-28-64
WERINE, RACHELL                         NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-375
WHEELER, SAMUEL                         KINDERHOOK, ALBANY                      NY-31-OWB-28-167
WHITE, EBER                             SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-28-342
WHITE, EPHRAIM                          SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-132
WILLETS, RICHARD                        ISLIP, SUFFOLK                          NY-31-OWB-18-358
WILLIAMS, ANNA                          WESTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER                NY-31-OWB-28-270
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-496
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-495
WILSON, SAMUEL                          GREENWICH, FAIRFIELD, CT                NY-31-OWB-18-22
WILTSE, MARTYMES                        ROMBOUT PCT, DUTCHESS                   NY-31-OWB-18-85
WINCHEL, LYDIA                          NORTHEAST PCT, DUTCHESS                 NY-31-OWB-28-396
WITBEEK, JONAS                          NEUTENHOECK, ALBANY                     NY-31-OWB-28-91
WOERTENDYCK, FREDERICK                  TAPPAN, ORANGE                          NY-31-OWB-28-28
WOOD, ISAAC                             NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-331
WOOLEY, JOHN                            SOUTHAMPTON, SUFFOLK                    NY-31-OWB-18-128
WOOLSEY, BENJAMIN                       OYSTERBAY, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-28-82
WOOLSEY, JOHN SR.                       BEDFORD, WESTCHESTER                    NY-31-OWB-18-59
WORTMAN, JOHN                           OYSTERBAY                               NY-31-OWB-28-482
WRIGHT, CALEB                           OYSTERBAY, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-18-233
WRIGHT, JANE                            HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-28-135
WRIGHT, JONAS                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-383
WYLLEY, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-470
YEOMAN, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-OWB-28-449
YERKS, JOHN                             PHILLIPSBURGH, WESTCHESTER              NY-31-OWB-28-332
YOUNGS, PHEB                            OYSTERBAY, QUEENS                       NY-31-OWB-28-24

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