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AABIG, ERNEST                          NY-31-42-203
AARON, ANNA M.                         NY-31-1012-462
AARON, HANNAH                          NY-31-1030-73
ABBATE, ANNA                           NY-31-1007-1
ABBE, SAMUEL B.                        NY-31-163-273
ABBOT, ABIJAH                          NY-31-42-19
ABBOTSON, ELIHU                        NY-31-52-5
ABBOTSON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-50-460
ABBOTT, JAMES                          NY-31-106-309
ABBOTT, ROBERT                         NY-31-60-479
ABBOTT, ROBERT                         NY-31-1015-81
ABBOTT, SAMUEL SR.                     NY-31-67-307
ABEEL, ALFRED                          NY-31-74-415
ABEEL, CATHERINE                       NY-31-69-184
ABEEL, EDWARD                          NY-31-69-37
ABEEL, EVERT                           NY-31-47-224
ABEEL, JOHN                            NY-31-49-312
ABEEL, JOHN                            NY-31-49-268
ABEEL, JOHN                            NY-31-40-38
ABEEL, JOHN NEILSON                    NY-31-50-64
ABEEL, MARY                            NY-31-59-504
ABEL, HARRIET                          NY-31-148-17
ABELES, ANNIE                          NY-31-1022-311
ABELL, CHARLES O.                      NY-31-1014-344
ABELL, THOMAS MCK.                     NY-31-125-163
ABENDANON, GRACE                       NY-31-123-116
ABENDSCHEIN, ALBERT                    NY-31-1010-169
ABENSUR, JOSEPH                        NY-31-64-400
ABERT, JENNIE                          NY-31-991-288
ABLIN, CHARLOTTE                       NY-31-54-237
ABLIN, JOHN                            NY-31-44-471
ABRAHAM, ALFRED                        NY-31-1016-166
ABRAHAMS, CATHARINE                    NY-31-105-492
ABRAHAMS, HERMAN                       NY-31-1029-314
ABRAHAMS, JENNIE                       NY-31-1030-211
ABRAHAMS, SAMUEL                       NY-31-96-400
ABRAHAMS, SIMEON                       NY-31-167-361
ABRAHAMS, SOLIMAN                      NY-31-69-244
ABRAHAMS, SOLOMON                      NY-31-1009-416
ABRAMS, BELL                           NY-31-110-32
ABRAMS, CHARLOTTE                      NY-31-80-349
ABRAMS, JOHN                           NY-31-107-375
ABRAMS, JOHN JR.                       NY-31-43-59
ABRAMS, SAMUEL                         NY-31-96-400
ABRAMSE, JACOB                         NY-31-56-27
ABRY, JULIUS E.                        NY-31-156-57
ACHESON, ANDREW                        NY-31-93-100
ACKER, ABRAHAM                         NY-31-93-498
ACKER, ELIZABETH V. O.                 NY-31-156-62
ACKER, JACOB                           NY-31-99-40
ACKER, PETER JR.                       NY-31-119-336
ACKERLY, BENJAMIN A.                   NY-31-63-48
ACKERMAN, ABRAHAM                      NY-31-98-76
ACKERMAN, ABRAHAM J.                   NY-31-134-200
ACKERMAN, DANIEL                       NY-31-41-268
ACKERMAN, GARRET                       NY-31-76-50
ACKERMAN, HENRY                        NY-31-58-193
ACKERMAN, HOWARD                       NY-31-1014-2
ACKERMAN, JAMES                        NY-31-119-218
ACKERMAN, JANE                         NY-31-76-401
ACKERMAN, JOHN                         NY-31-137-12
ACKERMAN, JOHN                         NY-31-130-11
ACKERMAN, JOHN                         NY-31-56-154
ACKERMAN, JOHN                         NY-31-52-352
ACKERMAN, LARRY                        NY-31-150-206
ACKERMAN, MATTHIAS                     NY-31-79-380
ACKERMAN, MELACTON B. D.               NY-31-114-414
ACKERMAN, NICHOLAS                     NY-31-41-258
ACKERMAN, SIMON                        NY-31-108-320
ACKERMAN, SUSAN                        NY-31-130-67
ACKERMAN, SUSANNAH                     NY-31-131-246
ACKERMAN, THEODORE J.                  NY-31-992-105
ACKERSON, JOHN G.                      NY-31-133-5
ACKERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-111-110
ACKLAND, JOHN                          NY-31-113-426
ACKLAY, JOHN                           NY-31-43-472
ACKLEY, ANTHONY                        NY-31-45-359
ACKLEY, ANTHONY                        NY-31-40-248
ACKLEY, MARY                           NY-31-48-362
ACKROYD, MIRIAM                        NY-31-158-418
ACTON, LOUISA                          NY-31-991-294
ADAMS, ADOLPH                          NY-31-161-319
ADAMS, ALBERT A.                       NY-31-1020-233
ADAMS, CHARLES M.                      NY-31-1004-1
ADAMS, ELIZA                           NY-31-158-500
ADAMS, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-61-173
ADAMS, ELIZABETH E.                    NY-31-1008-362
ADAMS, FRANCES M.                      NY-31-92-428
ADAMS, ISABELLA                        NY-31-1007-477
ADAMS, JANE                            NY-31-66-72
ADAMS, JOHN                            NY-31-51-426
ADAMS, JOHN                            NY-31-72-46
ADAMS, JOHN                            NY-31-113-394
ADAMS, JOHN                            NY-31-52-287
ADAMS, JOHN L.                         NY-31-1012-347
ADAMS, JOHN P.                         NY-31-115-483
ADAMS, JOHN STRONG                     NY-31-53-514
ADAMS, JOSEPH                          NY-31-131-469
ADAMS, JOSEPH                          NY-31-95-173
ADAMS, JULIA B.                        NY-31-1003-216
ADAMS, KNOWLES                         NY-31-45-202
ADAMS, LEWIS                           NY-31-109-4
ADAMS, LEWIS                           NY-31-109-4
ADAMS, LEWIS                           NY-31-109-4
ADAMS, MARGARET                        NY-31-57-234
ADAMS, MARY                            NY-31-91-537
ADAMS, OWEN L.                         NY-31-56-36
ADAMS, RACHEL                          NY-31-991-115
ADAMS, ROBERT                          NY-31-73-336
ADAMS, ROBINSON                        NY-31-158-381
ADAMS, THATCHER                        NY-31-1022-479
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-53-445
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-48-278
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-51-134
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-139-83
ADAMSON, CONSTANTINE                   NY-31-92-733
ADAMSON, JOHN                          NY-31-65-156
ADAMSON, JOHN                          NY-31-66-182
ADAMSON, WILLIAM S.                    NY-31-1018-113
ADDISON, THOMAS JR.                    NY-31-119-475
ADDOMS, JONAS                          NY-31-76-425
ADDY, ELIZABETH                        NY-31-69-247
ADEE, ALVEY AUGUSTUS                   NY-31-89-333
ADEMA, JOHN G.                         NY-31-92-158
ADER, ANNIE                            NY-31-1022-477
ADLER, BARBARA                         NY-31-1007-10
ADLER, LOUIS                           NY-31-1013-1
ADRIAN, CHARLES L                      NY-31-991-391
ADRIANCE, CAROLINE                     NY-31-157-388
ADRIANCE, ISAAC                        NY-31-142-488
ADRIANCE, JOHN                         NY-31-99-502
AEBY, RUDOLPH                          NY-31-158-90
AFFLECK, JOHN                          NY-31-50-287
AGATE, FREDERICK S.                    NY-31-90-26
AGNEW, ALBERTO                         NY-31-1002-176
AGNEW, ELEANOR                         NY-31-990-419
AGRAMONTE, GRACIANO BY                 NY-31-1015-212
AGREADA, JOSEPH G.                     NY-31-53-254
AGUILAR, JUAN A. DE                    NY-31-130-336
AHEARN, MARTHA                         NY-31-1007-5
AHERAN, ANN                            NY-31-59-440
AHERN, MARY                            NY-31-999-98
AHERN, MARY E.                         NY-31-991-1
AHNER, CHARLES                         NY-31-1016-1
AHRENS, ADOLPH                         NY-31-142-353
AHRENS, CHARLES A.                     NY-31-1014-340
AHRENS, JOHN E.                        NY-31-1015-79
AHRENSBURG, DANIEL                     NY-31-131-428
AIGNIER, JEAN B.                       NY-31-102-539
AIKEN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-47-28
AIKIN, MARGARET                        NY-31-103-230
AIKMAN, JOHN                           NY-31-71-62
AIKMAN, ROBERT                         NY-31-109-115
AIM, ANN MARGARET                      NY-31-50-276
AIMS, JACOB                            NY-31-137-450
AINSLIE, ELIZABETH A.                  NY-31-138-488
AINSLIE, JOHN                          NY-31-105-148
AINSLIE, ROBERT                        NY-31-101-163
AIRD, JOHN                             NY-31-67-131
AIRD, JOHN                             NY-31-65-226
AITKEN, JOHN W.                        NY-31-1019-430
AITKIN, GEORGE                         NY-31-92-673
AITKIN, WILLIAM                        NY-31-91-445
AKERLY, CHARLOTTE M.                   NY-31-1024-1
AKERLY, JACAMIAH                       NY-31-53-322
AKERLY, JACAMIAH                       NY-31-65-449
AKERLY, JERUSHA M.                     NY-31-73-333
AKERLY, SAMUEL                         NY-31-42-291
AKERLY, SUSANNAH                       NY-31-58-379
AKERLY, SUSANNAH                       NY-31-65-249
AKERLY7, JOSIAH JR.                    NY-31-53-293
AKERS, MARGARET                        NY-31-157-420
AKINS, WILLIAM                         NY-31-108-456
ALAUX, GEORGE                          NY-31-61-126
ALBANESI, JOHN J.                      NY-31-1010-267
ALBERG, PETER                          NY-31-49-1
ALBERS, CLAUS                          NY-31-100-675
ALBERT, AUGUST G.                      NY-31-1014-1
ALBERT, CATHARINE RAOMER               NY-31-161-125
ALBERT, GEORGE                         NY-31-42-276
ALBERT, PIERRE ALBERT (REV)            NY-31-46-339
ALBERTS, HERBERT H.                    NY-31-1025-236
ALBERTSON, CAROLINE B.                 NY-31-161-149
ALBOHN, HENRY                          NY-31-150-279
ALBRO, STEPHEN V.                      NY-31-137-329
ALCOCK, GEORGE                         NY-31-95-633
ALCOCK, RICHARD E.                     NY-31-110-156
ALDEN, ADALIZA B.                      NY-31-1022-471
ALDEN, PAUL                            NY-31-167-1
ALDEN, TIMOTHY                         NY-31-126-295
ALDERTON, HENRY                        NY-31-166-157
ALDERTON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-102-213
ALDIS, JACOB                           NY-31-51-456
ALDIS, WILLIAM H. JR.                  NY-31-150-276
ALDRICH, HELEN M.                      NY-31-1024-8
ALDRICH, JAMES                         NY-31-119-82
ALEXANDER, ABYAH                       NY-31-1029-2
ALEXANDER, HATTIE N.                   NY-31-160-210
ALEXANDER, HUGH                        NY-31-54-255
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       NY-31-56-177
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       NY-31-1015-290
ALEXANDER, JAMES A.                    NY-31-991-121
ALEXANDER, JAMES S.                    NY-31-1010-264
ALEXANDER, JAMES W.                    NY-31-130-59
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        NY-31-43-186
ALEXANDER, JOHN W.                     NY-31-1020-224
ALEXANDER, SARAH                       NY-31-45-401
ALEXANDER, SOPHIA                      NY-31-150-353
ALEXANDER, TIENE                       NY-31-1024-4
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                     NY-31-45-286
ALGETT, JOHN                           NY-31-43-449
ALHEART, MORRITS                       NY-31-44-70
ALICOTIS, JOHN M.                      NY-31-137-126
ALL, MICHAEL                           NY-31-42-263
ALLAGHER, EDWARD                       NY-31-135-174
ALLAIRE, ANTHONY J.                    NY-31-127-368
ALLAIRE, JAMES P. ****                 NY-31-131-11
ALLAIRE, MARGARET                      NY-31-136-480
ALLAIRE, PETER                         NY-31-56-124
ALLAIRE, PETER A.                      NY-31-80-34
ALLAN, GEORGE                          NY-31-71-30
ALLAN, JOHN                            NY-31-148-499
ALLAN, WINCKWORTH                      NY-31-64-117
ALLEMAND, JEAN JACQUES                 NY-31-52-377
ALLEN, ALONZO                          NY-31-1000-92
ALLEN, CHARLES C.                      NY-31-121-184
ALLEN, CHARLES E.                      NY-31-1023-1
ALLEN, DUDLEY P.                       NY-31-1008-357
ALLEN, EBEN S.                         NY-31-1012-344
ALLEN, EDWARD P.                       NY-31-128-555
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-1009-414
ALLEN, ELLERY S.                       NY-31-1024-18
ALLEN, EZRA                            NY-31-70-312
ALLEN, FRANCES E.                      NY-31-1016-3
ALLEN, GILBERT                         NY-31-137-253
ALLEN, GILBERT                         NY-31-125-26
ALLEN, GRACE L.                        NY-31-993-290
ALLEN, HANNAH                          NY-31-137-248
ALLEN, HENRY                           NY-31-100-315
ALLEN, HENRY J.                        NY-31-114-328
ALLEN, HORATIO M.                      NY-31-1015-84
ALLEN, JAMES H.                        NY-31-125-187
ALLEN, JAMES W.                        NY-31-85-498
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-31-52-289
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-31-100-704
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-31-101-350
ALLEN, JOHN G. M.                      NY-31-1010-265
ALLEN, JOHN T.                         NY-31-134-88
ALLEN, JOSEPH                          NY-31-61-305
ALLEN, LATHROP                         NY-31-60-393
ALLEN, MARGARET C.                     NY-31-110-531
ALLEN, MARY                            NY-31-58-387
ALLEN, MATTHEW                         NY-31-159-458
ALLEN, MINNIE                          NY-31-1018-107
ALLEN, NEHEMIAH                        NY-31-60-490
ALLEN, NEHEMIAH                        NY-31-61-365
ALLEN, ROBERT                          NY-31-46-172
ALLEN, STEPHEN                         NY-31-105-1
ALLEN, THOMAS                          NY-31-61-26
ALLEN, THOMAS                          NY-31-52-64
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-109-191
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-57-402
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         NY-31-106-396
ALLEN, WILLIAM E.                      NY-31-132-476
ALLEN, WILLIAM M.                      NY-31-160-165
ALLEY, SAUL                            NY-31-105-105
ALLEZ, HELIER                          NY-31-86-80
ALLIEN, BERNARD                        NY-31-136-181
ALLIN, ANN E.                          NY-31-1031-61
ALLIS, CHARLOTTE E.                    NY-31-996-262
ALLISON, MICHAEL                       NY-31-113-180
ALLISON, RICHARD                       NY-31-60-28
ALLISON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-84-157
ALLISON, WILLIAM                       NY-31-42-147
ALLLEY, PETER                          NY-31-52-235
ALLMAN, SUSANNAH                       NY-31-44-396
ALLMAYER, BETTIE                       NY-31-1022-313
ALLWOOD, ROBERT                        NY-31-77-233
ALMGREN, ANDREW G.                     NY-31-106-533
ALMIROTY, FRANK                        NY-31-1023-258
ALMOND, THOMAS                         NY-31-52-178
ALNER, JOHN                            NY-31-42-15
ALPERS, WILLIAM                        NY-31-91-492
ALSH, MARY                             NY-31-138-28
ALSOP, RICHARD                         NY-31-85-248
ALSTON, HELEN                          NY-31-116-251
ALSTON, WILLIAM A.                     NY-31-167-207
ALTER, GEORGE                          NY-31-157-60
ALTGELT, ANN                           NY-31-46-261
ALTGELT, JOHN                          NY-31-42-373
ALTHAUSE, SAMUEL B.                    NY-31-140-405
ALTHEIMER, ALFRED                      NY-31-1020-219
ALTHOF, FREDERICK H. M.                NY-31-132-104
ALTMAN, BENJAMIN ****                  NY-31-987-122
ALTROCCHI, PAULINE                     NY-31-1011-424
ALTSCHUL, THEODORE                     NY-31-1000-95
ALTZ, FREDERICK                        NY-31-108-334
ALVAREZ, MANUEL                        NY-31-129-448
ALVISET, PIERRE A.                     NY-31-158-420
ALVORD, ALONZO A.                      NY-31-139-509
AMBLER, JOHN L.                        NY-31-128-208
AMBROSE, JOHN                          NY-31-1008-359
AMEND, EDWARD B.                       NY-31-1008-305
AMEND, ROBERT F.                       NY-31-991-280
AMENHAUZER, ELIZABETH                  NY-31-59-220
AMENIZER, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-59-220
AMERMAN, DIRCK                         NY-31-41-346
AMES, MARGARET E.                      NY-31-1020-456
AMORY, ELIZABETH                       NY-31-45-118
AMORY, JAMES                           NY-31-72-289
AMOS, RICHARD                          NY-31-76-199
ANCELIN, FRANCIS L.                    NY-31-72-3
ANDARIESE, BARNET                      NY-31-114-453
ANDEL, JOSEPH                          NY-31-58-452
ANDERBERG, JOHANNA C.                  NY-31-1031-59
ANDERSON, AARON                        NY-31-69-109
ANDERSON, ABEL T.                      NY-31-141-71
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    NY-31-54-227
ANDERSON, BERTHROG                     NY-31-47-429
ANDERSON, CHARLES                      NY-31-86-40
ANDERSON, CORNELIUS V.                 NY-31-122-474
ANDERSON, CORNELIUS VAN A.             NY-31-142-426
ANDERSON, DANIEL                       NY-31-67-33
ANDERSON, EDWARD C.                    NY-31-1025-367
ANDERSON, ELBERT                       NY-31-51-15
ANDERSON, ELIAS                        NY-31-41-112
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-31-52-283
ANDERSON, EVA R.                       NY-31-1006-114
ANDERSON, GEORGE                       NY-31-150-58
ANDERSON, GEORGE W.                    NY-31-1014-222
ANDERSON, GRACE S. R.                  NY-31-1019-428
ANDERSON, HANNAH                       NY-31-71-128
ANDERSON, HENRY                        NY-31-111-206
ANDERSON, HENRY W.                     NY-31-88-14
ANDERSON, HUGH                         NY-31-50-46
ANDERSON, ISAAC                        NY-31-98-596
ANDERSON, JACOB N.                     NY-31-134-209
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-31-96-3
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-31-68-322
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-31-150-78
ANDERSON, JAMES                        NY-31-116-36
ANDERSON, JANE A.                      NY-31-130-238
ANDERSON, JEAN                         NY-31-61-58
ANDERSON, JOHN                         NY-31-84-324
ANDERSON, JOHN                         NY-31-103-504
ANDERSON, JOHN                         NY-31-82-333
ANDERSON, JOHN                         NY-31-42-370
ANDERSON, JOHN                         NY-31-58-129
ANDERSON, JOHN L.                      NY-31-77-529
ANDERSON, MARY                         NY-31-138-246
ANDERSON, MARY                         NY-31-153-410
ANDERSON, MARY ANN                     NY-31-79-502
ANDERSON, NICHOLAS                     NY-31-62-151
ANDERSON, NORA                         NY-31-1012-342
ANDERSON, PETER                        NY-31-161-458
ANDERSON, PHEBE G. V.                  NY-31-151-153
ANDERSON, REBECCA                      NY-31-111-228
ANDERSON, RICHARD                      NY-31-74-263
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                       NY-31-50-493
ANDERSON, SMITH W.                     NY-31-103-64
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-70-378
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-88-75
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-79-149
ANDRADE, JOSEPH                        NY-31-119-452
ANDREAS, EMELINE B.                    NY-31-167-349
ANDREW, CATHARINE                      NY-31-129-90
ANDREW, HENRY                          NY-31-95-190
ANDREW, JOSIAH B.                      NY-31-106-398
ANDREW, WILLIAM                        NY-31-101-401
ANDREWS, AMELIA                        NY-31-149-406
ANDREWS, BENJAMIN                      NY-31-99-590
ANDREWS, DAVID                         NY-31-126-330
ANDREWS, FRANCES L.                    NY-31-989-150
ANDREWS, JAMES F.                      NY-31-1009-266
ANDREWS, JAMES N.                      NY-31-96-513
ANDREWS, JOHN                          NY-31-85-47
ANDREWS, JOHN M.                       NY-31-67-39
ANDREWS, JOSEPH                        NY-31-114-96
ANDREWS, PETER                         NY-31-85-233
ANDREWS, PHILO                         NY-31-96-452
ANDREWS, ROBERT W.                     NY-31-149-77
ANDREWS, SALLY                         NY-31-114-276
ANDREWS, THOMAS                        NY-31-110-446
ANDRUS, NELSON                         NY-31-103-294
ANDUBON, VICTOR G.                     NY-31-134-77
ANGEVINE, MARIA T.                     NY-31-161-135
ANGEVINE, WILLIAM                      NY-31-1012-346
ANGUS, GEORGE                          NY-31-106-449
ANGUS, ROBERT                          NY-31-116-309
ANHOLT, FRANCIS                        NY-31-50-476
ANKIN, ANN                             NY-31-102-109
ANKNER, MARY                           NY-31-1030-77
ANNELLY, JOHN                          NY-31-51-336
ANNET, JOHN                            NY-31-47-340
ANNETT, JAMES                          NY-31-81-446
ANSELL, ELIZA                          NY-31-138-363
ANSELMI, ADELINA                       NY-31-1025-363
ANSER, ELIAS ****                      NY-31-126-1
ANSICLEN, ELLEN C.                     NY-31-120-75
ANSPACH, JOHN                          NY-31-151-47
ANTHON, CHARLES                        NY-31-167-476
ANTHON, GEORGE C.                      NY-31-53-4
ANTHON, HELEN L.                       NY-31-1014-426
ANTHON, JOHN                           NY-31-149-84
ANTHONY, AMELIA V. V.                  NY-31-1017-381
ANTHONY, HENRY M.                      NY-31-1023-2
ANTHONY, JAMES S.                      NY-31-1023-433
ANTHONY, JOHN                          NY-31-65-165
ANTHONY, JOHN                          NY-31-41-72
ANTHONY, JOHN                          NY-31-60-361
ANTHONY, JOHN G.                       NY-31-99-364
ANTHONY, JOHN P.                       NY-31-66-339
ANTHONY, MARTHA                        NY-31-138-319
ANTHONY, MARY                          NY-31-71-292
ANTHONY, MICHAEL ****                  NY-31-133-399
ANTHONY, NANCY                         NY-31-154-442
ANTHONY, NICHOLAS N.                   NY-31-59-97
ANTHONY, SARAH T.                      NY-31-100-682
ANTHONY, SARAH W.                      NY-31-156-144
ANTHONY, VITAL                         NY-31-49-3
ANTONY, MANUEL                         NY-31-52-318
ANWAGGENER, GARRET I.                  NY-31-88-206
APPEL, ADAM                            NY-31-150-327
APPEL, BARNET                          NY-31-1022-473
APPEL, CHARLES J.                      NY-31-1007-171
APPEL, REGINA                          NY-31-101-515
APPELL, JACOB                          NY-31-1029-95
APPELT, JOSEPH                         NY-31-994-341
APPLE, ANNA                            NY-31-41-350
APPLEBAUM, BERNARD                     NY-31-1026-355
APPLEGATE, WILLIAM HENRY               NY-31-106-113
APPLETON, DANIEL                       NY-31-97-465
APPLETON, HANNAH                       NY-31-129-196
APPLEY, JACOB                          NY-31-88-6
APTHORP, ANN                           NY-31-48-29
APTHORP, ANN                           NY-31-57-396
APTHORP, CHARLES                       NY-31-44-361
APTHORP, ELIZA                         NY-31-46-425
ARALN, MICHAEL                         NY-31-42-36
ARANROSI, GEORGE                       NY-31-54-354
ARBIB, EUGENIO J.                      NY-31-1025-238
ARBILLA, MARTIN                        NY-31-44-318
ARBUCKLE, MARY                         NY-31-44-34
ARBUCKLE, ROBERT                       NY-31-162-23
ARCHER, DEBORAH                        NY-31-160-224
ARCHER, ELEANOR                        NY-31-88-220
ARCHER, EZEKIEL                        NY-31-150-236
ARCHER, EZEKIEL                        NY-31-40-24
ARCHER, GEORGE A.                      NY-31-999-103
ARCHER, JAMES                          NY-31-67-79
ARCHER, LAURA F.                       NY-31-1022-151
ARCHER, MARIA                          NY-31-108-196
ARCHER, NORMAN L.                      NY-31-153-58
ARCHER, WILLIAM G.                     NY-31-91-349
ARCHIBALD, MARY C.                     NY-31-1029-306
ARCHIBALD, ROBERT MCGILL               NY-31-71-206
ARCULARIUS, GEORGE                     NY-31-105-14
ARCULARIUS, PETER G.                   NY-31-123-421
ARCULARIUS, PHEBE                      NY-31-128-491
ARCULARIUS, PHILIP J.                  NY-31-59-261
ARDEN, ABIJAH                          NY-31-69-455
ARDEN, FRANCIS SR.                     NY-31-56-285
ARDEN, FRANCIS SR.                     NY-31-48-401
ARDEN, JACOB                           NY-31-42-242
ARDEN, JACOB I.                        NY-31-43-422
ARDEN, JAMES                           NY-31-57-415
ARDEN, JOHN                            NY-31-43-308
ARDEN, JOHN                            NY-31-95-536
ARDEN, MARY                            NY-31-53-478
ARDEN, RACHEL                          NY-31-90-329
ARDEN, RACHEL                          NY-31-59-436
ARDEN, ROSAMOND                        NY-31-93-356
ARDEN, SUSAN                           NY-31-97-364
ARDEN, THOMAS                          NY-31-72-210
ARDEN, THOMAS                          NY-31-81-12
ARDEN, THOMAS SR.                      NY-31-43-80
ARDING, ABIGAIL                        NY-31-62-266
ARDING, CHARLES                        NY-31-42-381
ARENAS, FRANCSICO                      NY-31-109-434
ARENDT, PAULINE                        NY-31-1004-297
ARENFRED, CONRAD                       NY-31-59-125
ARENTS, EDWARD                         NY-31-69-4
ARGALL, WILLIAM                        NY-31-118-493
ARHENBURGH, JENNETTE                   NY-31-106-551
ARISON, ANNE                           NY-31-42-185
ARKENBURGH, OLIVE RM.                  NY-31-1029-304
ARKULARIUS, LUDWIG                     NY-31-148-150
ARMOUR, ELLA J. C.                     NY-31-1030-368
ARMOUR, JOHN                           NY-31-44-403
ARMSTRONG, AMANDA                      NY-31-109-29
ARMSTRONG, ELIZA                       NY-31-98-572
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE                      NY-31-159-442
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE E.                   NY-31-990-288
ARMSTRONG, HARRISON                    NY-31-1022-309
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        NY-31-53-237
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        NY-31-108-380
ARMSTRONG, JOHN H.                     NY-31-1016-4
ARMSTRONG, MARGARET                    NY-31-109-388
ARMSTRONG, MARY                        NY-31-139-92
ARMSTRONG, MICHAEL                     NY-31-67-120
ARMSTRONG, SARAH                       NY-31-126-194
ARMSTRONG, SARAH C.                    NY-31-1009-417
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      NY-31-70-142
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS J.                   NY-31-1024-7
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     NY-31-73-385
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     NY-31-98-37
ARNAUD, FRANCIS                        NY-31-96-20
ARNDT, ETHEL L.                        NY-31-1029-1
ARNEAL, JOSEPH                         NY-31-161-194
ARNET, SAMUEL                          NY-31-45-241
ARNO, MARY                             NY-31-89-275
ARNOLD, CAROLINE G.                    NY-31-121-160
ARNOLD, CICERO M.                      NY-31-114-155
ARNOLD, DAVID P.                       NY-31-147-354
ARNOLD, ELIZABETH                      NY-31-78-87
ARNOLD, HENRY                          NY-31-61-224
ARNOLD, JOSEPHINE                      NY-31-147-127
ARNOLD, L. K.                          NY-31-993-111
ARNOLD, VIRGINIA A.                    NY-31-167-466
ARNOT, WILLIAM                         NY-31-44-84
ARNOTT, THOMAS                         NY-31-48-423
ARNOTT, THOMAS                         NY-31-47-58
ARNOUX, ANN                            NY-31-111-360
ARON, BERTHA                           NY-31-1024-16
AROT, JAMES JR.                        NY-31-104-147
AROULARIUS, HENRY                      NY-31-41-413
ARRESON, MARGARET                      NY-31-95-213
ARROSMITH, EDMUND                      NY-31-120-118
ARTELLS, ANTONIO                       NY-31-149-106
ARTHOLOMEW, TRUMAN                     NY-31-86-449
ARTHUR, EDWARD P.                      NY-31-60-270
ARTHUR, ROBERT                         NY-31-63-155
ARTHUR, ROBERT                         NY-31-1016-8
ASBRIDGE, JEMIMA                       NY-31-82-11
ASBURY, THOMAS                         NY-31-47-473
ASCH, HELEN B.                         NY-31-1021-252
ASCHER, ERNEST                         NY-31-1029-299
ASCHNER, FREDERICK B.                  NY-31-1021-454
ASENIUS, AXEL S.                       NY-31-1014-220
ASH, ELIZABETH                         NY-31-58-10
ASH, LOUIS                             NY-31-985-1
ASH, THOMAS                            NY-31-46-247
ASH, WILLIAM                           NY-31-1009-263
ASH, WILLIAM                           NY-31-52-258
ASHBEY, JOSEPH                         NY-31-66-163
ASHBURNER, LUKE                        NY-31-93-685
ASHFIELD, HENRY                        NY-31-59-153
ASHFIELD, JOHN                         NY-31-54-436
ASHFORD, HANNAH                        NY-31-138-179
ASHLEY, CLARENCE D.                    NY-31-1025-365
ASHLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-31-53-442
ASHMAN, JOSEPH W.                      NY-31-132-495
ASHMUN, ROSE                           NY-31-1012-460
ASHTON, ADAM                           NY-31-93-673
ASKIN, JOHN                            NY-31-49-345
ASPINWALL, BESSIE                      NY-31-1021-253
ASPINWALL, CHARLOTTE A                 NY-31-101-381
ASPINWALL, GILBERT                     NY-31-55-339
ASPINWALL, JOHN                        NY-31-56-243
ASPINWALL, JOHN                        NY-31-95-389
ASPINWALL, JOHN M.                     NY-31-90-122
ASPINWALL, LEWIS                       NY-31-104-365
ASSELIN, JOHN A.                       NY-31-48-211
ASSENHEIMER, EDWARD M.                 NY-31-996-164
ASSONI, MAURO                          NY-31-135-117
ASSUR, ASSURE                          NY-31-113-469
ASTEN, BARBARA                         NY-31-53-258
ASTEN, JOHN                            NY-31-66-341
ASTOR, BENJAMIN                        NY-31-95-90
ASTOR, DOROTHY                         NY-31-70-375
ASTOR, HENRY                           NY-31-65-370
ASTOR, HENRY                           NY-31-70-188
ASTOR, JOHN JACOB                      NY-31-95-462
ASTOR, LETITIA                         NY-31-137-195
ATKINSON, DAVID                        NY-31-63-306
ATKINSON, EDWARD                       NY-31-114-77
ATKINSON, JESSEY                       NY-31-63-114
ATKINSON, JOHN                         NY-31-51-473
ATKINSON, JOHN                         NY-31-132-436
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                      NY-31-135-12
ATTERBURY, CHARLES L.                  NY-31-1008-361
ATTRIDGE, JOHN                         NY-31-148-490
ATWELL, JOSEPHINE R.                   NY-31-1006-111
ATWILL, ROBERT                         NY-31-105-324
ATWOOD, JOSEPH L.                      NY-31-59-467
AUBERT, CLAUDE JEAN BAPTISTE           NY-31-107-590
AUBERT, R. ADRIEN                      NY-31-133-193
AUBERT, THEODORE                       NY-31-69-178
AUCHINCLOSS, HUGH                      NY-31-114-58
AUCHINCLOSS, JANE MARY                 NY-31-74-272
AUDUBON, JOHN J.                       NY-31-102-106
AUDUBON, JOHN W.                       NY-31-141-162
AUER, NICHOLAS                         NY-31-998-283
AUERBACH, BESSIE H.                    NY-31-1018-109
AUERBACH, JOSEPHINE                    NY-31-1014-434
AUFSES, ABRAHAM                        NY-31-1024-189
AUGENBLICK, YETTA                      NY-31-1020-454
AUGIER, FRANCIS                        NY-31-45-355
AUGSTEIN, SIEGMUND                     NY-31-991-5
AUGUST, OSCAR                          NY-31-1017-385
AUGUSTHUYS, CHARLES                    NY-31-111-519
AUGUSTUS, HESTER                       NY-31-98-152
AULETA, MICHELE                        NY-31-1003-22
AUMANN, LOUIS                          NY-31-1020-216
AUMOCK, CAROLINE                       NY-31-152-263
AUPOIX, PERRE                          NY-31-44-427
AUSDEROH, HERMAN J.                    NY-31-1029-100
AUSTIN, ADELAIDE ONEIL                 NY-31-1024-191
AUSTIN, DANIEL                         NY-31-58-124
AUSTIN, FREDERICK J.                   NY-31-138-453
AUSTIN, JOHN                           NY-31-120-103
AUSTIN, JOHN                           NY-31-131-388
AUSTIN, JOHN                           NY-31-78-214
AUSTIN, JOHN                           NY-31-78-360
AUSTIN, JOHN W.                        NY-31-117-457
AUSTIN, LOUISA S.                      NY-31-129-37
AUSTIN, STEPHEN                        NY-31-48-191
AVERETT, JANIE M.                      NY-31-1022-470
AVERILL, AUGUSTIN                      NY-31-120-278
AVERILL, HERMAN                        NY-31-73-308
AVERILL, JOSEPH O.                     NY-31-1024-3
AVERY, HORATIO M.                      NY-31-138-317
AVERY, JAMES                           NY-31-157-110
AVERY, JOHN S.                         NY-31-120-136
AVERY, LOUISE V.                       NY-31-150-33
AVON, HENRY DON                        NY-31-63-412
AXIEN, IDA                             NY-31-1017-388
AXTELL, DANIEL C.                      NY-31-79-408
AYER, ANN E.                           NY-31-156-498
AYERIGG, SUSAN                         NY-31-89-423
AYERS, ANN E.                          NY-31-1016-300
AYERS, ANNA C. W.                      NY-31-1023-260
AYERS, JOSEPH                          NY-31-69-133
AYMAR, DANIEL                          NY-31-52-401
AYMAR, HANNAH                          NY-31-139-69
AYMAR, JAMES                           NY-31-42-183
AYMAR, JOHN D.                         NY-31-69-505
AYMAR, JOHN Q.                         NY-31-157-188
AYMAR, MARY                            NY-31-78-344
AYMAR, SARAH                           NY-31-95-530
AYMOR, JOSE                            NY-31-1011-134
AYRES, ENOS                            NY-31-59-506
AYRES, FRANCES N.                      NY-31-1030-75
AYRES, ITHAMAR                         NY-31-97-173
AYRES, JONATHAN C.                     NY-31-106-335
AYRES, OBODIAH                         NY-31-89-321
AYRES, SUSAN                           NY-31-106-206
AYRES, THOMAS                          NY-31-54-152
AZZARA, MARCO                          NY-31-1026-351

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