Montgomery County, New York
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ABEEL, JACOB                            NY-29-8-476
ABEEL, MARIAH                           NY-29-4-234
ABEEL, WILLIAM                          NY-29-6-311
ABEL, ANDREW                            NY-29-4-382
ABEL, MATTHIAS                          NY-29-11-306
ABEL, WILLIAM                           NY-29-9-499
ADAIR, ALEXANDER                        NY-29-6-437
ADAIR, JOHN                             NY-29-1-258
ADAIR, JOHN A.                          NY-29-3-47
AKER, GEORGE                            NY-29-1-32
AKIN, ELIZABETH                         NY-29-4-215
ALCANBRACK, PETER                       NY-29-8-282
ALGYER, DAVID                           NY-29-4-386
ALLEN, AUGUSTUS                         NY-29-12-189
ALLEN, JAMES                            NY-29-2-49
ALLEN, MABLE                            NY-29-8-271
ALPAUGH, PHILIP                         NY-29-11-180
ALTINBURGH, WILLIAM                     NY-29-3-227
ANALEN, LOURENCE E.                     NY-29-3-176
ANDERSON, JOHN SR.                      NY-29-1-332
ANDREWS, POLLY                          NY-29-6-199
ANTHONY, ANNA                           NY-29-2-402
ANTIS, CONRAD                           NY-29-1-72
ANTIS, JOHN                             NY-29-3-192
ARGOTSINGER, BALTUS                     NY-29-5-70
ARNDT, ABRAHAM                          NY-29-11-354
ARNDT, ABRAHAM                          NY-29-3-566
ARNOLD, BENEDICT                        NY-29-8-96
ARNOLD, ELISHA                          NY-29-2-521
ARNOT, ROBERT                           NY-29-6-330
AVERILL, LEWIS                          NY-29-9-175
AVERY, ELIZA                            NY-29-11-292
AYRES, DANIEL (DR)                      NY-29-9-153
AYRES, ELEXANDER                        NY-29-1-210
BABCOCK, LUCIA M.                       NY-29-12-578
BACK, WILLIAM                           NY-29-6-303
BACKER, JACOB                           NY-29-3-498
BACKER, ZACHARIAH                       NY-29-2-566
BADER, LODEWICK                         NY-29-3-122
BAILEY, SALLY                           NY-29-11-174
BAIRD, ABRAHAM                          NY-29-11-462
BAIRD, ROBERT                           NY-29-7-85
BAKER, RANSOM                           NY-29-4-154
BANDER, ANGELINA                        NY-29-8-88
BANT, JOHN                              NY-29-3-479
BANTA, BARNET                           NY-29-5-158
BANTA, DIRCK                            NY-29-3-210
BANTA, HENRY                            NY-29-3-437
BANTA, MARY A.                          NY-29-10-68
BARCLAY, JAMES                          NY-29-9-220
BARD, GEORGE                            NY-29-4-272
BARLOW, ELIZABETH                       NY-29-12-549
BARLOW, JOHN                            NY-29-9-320
BARLOW, JOHN                            NY-29-11-566
BARLOW, MARY                            NY-29-12-484
BARLOW, NATHAN                          NY-29-4-265
BARNES, MARQUIS                         NY-29-11-126
BARNHARD, SAMUEL                        NY-29-1-76
BARNS, COMFORT                          NY-29-8-72
BASS, JERAMIAH                          NY-29-5-117
BASSET, NEWCOMB                         NY-29-3-354
BASSETT, NATHAN                         NY-29-6-472
BAUDER, DANIEL                          NY-29-10-135
BAUDER, GEORGE                          NY-29-11-37
BAUDER, GEORGE M.                       NY-29-12-231
BAUDER, JOHN                            NY-29-5-301
BAUDER, JOHN                            NY-29-4-358
BAUDER, JOHN                            NY-29-4-223
BAUDER, JOHN M.                         NY-29-11-527
BAUDER, MAGDELANE                       NY-29-6-227
BAUDER, MICHAEL M.                      NY-29-3-343
BAUDER, URIAH                           NY-29-4-252
BAUM, HENRY                             NY-29-7-160
BAUTER, URIAL                           NY-29-7-151
BEACH, IRA                              NY-29-4-330
BEACH, IRA                              NY-29-4-328
BEACH, LAWRENCE                         NY-29-6-457
BEAKER, MARTINUS                        NY-29-7-42
BECKER, BORNT                           NY-29-2-533
BECKER, EBENEZER                        NY-29-2-500
BECKER, JOHN                            NY-29-4-115
BECKER, JOHN                            NY-29-12-535
BECKER, MATTHIAS                        NY-29-3-383
BELDING, BARTHOLOMUS                    NY-29-5-23
BELL, ELIZABETH                         NY-29-10-437
BELL, GEORGE                            NY-29-2-396
BELL, JOHN                              NY-29-11-498
BELL, WILLIAM                           NY-29-9-456
BELLINGER, JOHN                         NY-29-2-555
BELLINGER, JOHN F.                      NY-29-12-393
BELLINGER, PHILIP                       NY-29-1-278
BELLINGER, WILLIAM                      NY-29-5-189
BELLOWS, ANDREW                         NY-29-11-207
BENNET, CORNELIUS                       NY-29-4-221
BENNET, WILLIAM                         NY-29-10-191
BENNETT, JOHN L.                        NY-29-11-492
BENSEN, JACOB                           NY-29-8-391
BERRY, HENRY V.                         NY-29-12-388
BERRY, JOHN                             NY-29-3-285
BERRY, NANCY                            NY-29-12-505
BERRY, WILLIAM                          NY-29-5-480
BEST, JACOB                             NY-29-6-357
BETSINGER, PETER R.                     NY-29-12-42
BEVAN, EBENEZER                         NY-29-3-84
BICKNELL, THOMAS                        NY-29-2-471
BIERMAN, AUGUSTUS                       NY-29-12-153
BILLINGS, JAMES                         NY-29-3-240
BILLINGTON, JAMES                       NY-29-4-399
BINGHAM, ABIAL                          NY-29-6-475
BINGHAM, ANNA W.                        NY-29-12-212
BIRGEN, CHRISTIAN                       NY-29-11-448
BISHOP, LUTHER                          NY-29-5-134
BLADES, THOMAS                          NY-29-2-209
BLANK, DELIA                            NY-29-1-283
BLOOD, ALVIRA                           NY-29-12-321
BLOOD, JEREMIAH                         NY-29-2-185
BLOOD, JOHN                             NY-29-3-139
BOOTH, JOHN                             NY-29-7-286
BORDEN, SARAH                           NY-29-9-419
BORDEN, STEPHEN                         NY-29-5-435
BOSHART, JACOB                          NY-29-5-245
BOSHART, JACOB                          NY-29-6-310
BOURN, WILLIAM                          NY-29-1-81
BOVEE, ABRAHAM                          NY-29-3-369
BOVEE, JACOB                            NY-29-6-179
BOVEE, JACOB M.                         NY-29-1-393
BOWDISH, GAMALIEL                       NY-29-12-22
BOWEN, HANNAH                           NY-29-3-434
BOWEN, SOLOMON                          NY-29-12-319
BOWMAN, ASA                             NY-29-9-224
BOWMAN, DIAMPHRA                        NY-29-6-444
BOWMAN, HENRY                           NY-29-8-346
BOWMAN, ROBERT                          NY-29-6-158
BOYER, JONAS                            NY-29-2-8
BRADFORD, JAMES                         NY-29-3-259
BRADSHAW, GEORGE                        NY-29-8-233
BRADT, GARRET VANSCHAICK                NY-29-3-487
BRADT, JAMES                            NY-29-2-276
BRADT, JOSEPH Y.                        NY-29-11-261
BRADT, SAMUEL S.                        NY-29-1-446
BRAND, JOHN                             NY-29-11-117
BRAND, JOHN                             NY-29-8-354
BREWSTER, NATHAN                        NY-29-2-525
BRIARS, WILLIAM                         NY-29-11-590
BRITTAIN, ABRAHAM                       NY-29-3-419
BRITTON, JOSEPH                         NY-29-6-450
BROOKINS, HENRY                         NY-29-4-370
BROOKINS, REUBEN                        NY-29-5-262
BROOKMAN, GODFREY                       NY-29-2-263
BROOKMAN, JOHN                          NY-29-5-166
BROOKS, TIFFANY B.                      NY-29-2-225
BROWER, ARNDT                           NY-29-1-90
BROWER, CORNELIUS                       NY-29-5-439
BROWER, HARMAN W.                       NY-29-7-378
BROWER, HERMAN                          NY-29-6-431
BROWER, JOHN                            NY-29-4-281
BROWER, WILHELMUS                       NY-29-7-74
BROWN, CHRISTIAN                        NY-29-2-492
BROWN, JOHN M.                          NY-29-10-45
BROWN, ROGER PURDY                      NY-29-1-207
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NY-29-2-416
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NY-29-1-427
BROWNEL, EZRA                           NY-29-2-211
BROWNELL, ISRAEL                        NY-29-1-448
BROWNELL, RACHAEL                       NY-29-3-424
BRUMFREY, LEWIS D.                      NY-29-10-233
BRUNNER, JACOB                          NY-29-1-415
BULLOCK, ADAM B.                        NY-29-9-248
BUNDY, STEPHEN                          NY-29-7-427
BUNN, JACOB                             NY-29-4-488
BURK, THOMAS                            NY-29-4-13
BURNAP, ISAAC                           NY-29-10-578
BURNS, FRANCIS                          NY-29-10-381
BURNS, PATRICK                          NY-29-12-259
BURR, NATHAN                            NY-29-3-322
BURR, NATHANIEL                         NY-29-3-314
BUSH, JOHN HENRY                        NY-29-11-299
BUSSING, HARMAN                         NY-29-7-283
BUTLER, JAMES                           NY-29-2-135
BUTLER, JOHN                            NY-29-2-133
BUTTON, MATTHIAS                        NY-29-10-205
BUTTON, THOMAS                          NY-29-11-186
BUXTON, NEWMAN                          NY-29-4-464

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