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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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AALBUE, OLE                             NY-24-448-376
ABBEN, LYDIA                            NY-24-51-389
ABBEN, SUSAN ANN                        NY-24-51-237
ABBOT, MARIA T.                         NY-24-29-263
ABBOTT, FRANCES C.                      NY-24-42-316
ABEL, CHARLES ***                       NY-24-66-17
ABEL, CHRISTIAN C.                      NY-24-446-492
ABERLE, CHARLES G.                      NY-24-67-58
ABERNETHY, LYDIA                        NY-24-84-128
ABITTE, CHARLES L.                      NY-24-448-185
ABRAMS, OSCAR                           NY-24-448-361
ACE, ELIZABETH                          NY-24-80-334
ACHELIS, THOMAS                         NY-24-45-308
ACHTMANN, NICHOLAS                      NY-24-26-106
ACKER, ANDREW                           NY-24-23-345
ACKER, ANN                              NY-24-20-425
ACKERMAN, CATHARINE                     NY-24-38-73
ACKERMAN, JOHN H.                       NY-24-29-416
ACKERMAN, ORVILLE D.                    NY-24-64-55
ACKERSON, JACOB                         NY-24-70-302
ACKLEY, DELIA                           NY-24-23-1
ACKLEY, GEORGE G.                       NY-24-64-464
ACOSTA, JOHN                            NY-24-24-63
ADAIR, JOHN                             NY-24-19-336
ADAIR, ROBERT                           NY-24-45-316
ADAMS, BENJAMIN                         NY-24-11-139
ADAMS, BENJAMIN                         NY-24-24-96
ADAMS, CALVIN                           NY-24-42-86
ADAMS, EDWARD                           NY-24-51-364
ADAMS, EDWIN S.                         NY-24-71-425
ADAMS, ELIZABETH J.                     NY-24-87-448
ADAMS, ELLEN D.                         NY-24-18-103
ADAMS, JAMES                            NY-24-37-251
ADAMS, JAMES B.                         NY-24-19-353
ADAMS, JOHN                             NY-24-67-494
ADAMS, LEONORA R.                       NY-24-86-416
ADAMS, MARY                             NY-24-33-350
ADAMS, MARY W.                          NY-24-17-154
ADAMS, RICHARD                          NY-24-45-304
ADAMS, ROBERT                           NY-24-31-354
ADAMS, ROSE I.                          NY-24-448-428
ADAMS, SUSAN M.                         NY-24-44-165
ADAMS, WILLIAM                          NY-24-30-461
ADDISON, BETSEY                         NY-24-51-142
ADDISON, FRANCIS                        NY-24-16-243
ADEMA, MARY C.                          NY-24-20-254
ADLER, MINA M.                          NY-24-86-391
ADOLPHUS, JULIUS                        NY-24-53-227
ADOMAT, ANNA                            NY-24-446-229
ADRIANCE, REM                           NY-24-2-34
AGAR, WILLIAM                           NY-24-8-26
AGNEW, ISABELLA                         NY-24-48-138
AHEARN, THOMAS                          NY-24-34-491
AHRENS, C. HENRY G.                     NY-24-34-447
AHRENS, CATHARINE                       NY-24-43-24
AHRENS, CORT                            NY-24-33-216
AHRENS, JOHN                            NY-24-27-422
AHRENS, MARTIN W.                       NY-24-70-255
AHSLAR, PHILIPP                         NY-24-63-235
AIKEN, ELLEN J.                         NY-24-62-388
AIKMAN, HUGH                            NY-24-33-449
AIKMAN, SAMUEL M.                       NY-24-82-93
AINSLIE, JAMES                          NY-24-11-1
AINSLIE, JANE C.                        NY-24-19-275
AINSLIE, MARY                           NY-24-72-345
AINSWORTH, ALLEN C.                     NY-24-25-243
AITCHISON, JESSIE                       NY-24-58-9
AITKEN, CAROLINE                        NY-24-27-401
AITKEN, JOHN                            NY-24-63-48
AITKEN, MARY                            NY-24-25-386
AKINS, THOMAS F.                        NY-24-447-451
ALBERT, HEINRICH                        NY-24-73-365
ALBERT, WILLIAM                         NY-24-59-9
ALBRO, JAMES                            NY-24-11-313
ALDRICH, RACHEL                         NY-24-72-14
ALEXANDER, ALLEN                        NY-24-63-243
ALEXANDER, JOHN                         NY-24-11-287
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM S.                   NY-24-68-253
ALFORD, JOSEPH D.                       NY-24-73-119
ALHSTROM, ELLEN L.                      NY-24-20-306
ALLAGHAN, PETER                         NY-24-76-114
ALLAIRE, ROBERT H.                      NY-24-36-3
ALLEN, ANDREW                           NY-24-14-188
ALLEN, CHARLOTTE                        NY-24-33-291
ALLEN, DAVID R.                         NY-24-33-204
ALLEN, EDMUND W.                        NY-24-53-448
ALLEN, EZEKIEL                          NY-24-36-459
ALLEN, FRANCIS PITNEY MARTIN            NY-24-45-340
ALLEN, HUGH                             NY-24-87-366
ALLEN, JAMES                            NY-24-17-187
ALLEN, JAMES                            NY-24-85-350
ALLEN, JAMES M.                         NY-24-84-183
ALLEN, JOHN                             NY-24-42-114
ALLEN, JOHN                             NY-24-3-161
ALLEN, JOHN                             NY-24-23-449
ALLEN, LUCY W.                          NY-24-449-110
ALLEN, MARY                             NY-24-73-357
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           NY-24-55-184
ALLEN, SUSAN A. ****                    NY-24-63-316
ALLEN, TILLY                            NY-24-25-441
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          NY-24-39-242
ALLERS, HENNING F.                      NY-24-24-471
ALLGEO, WILLIAM                         NY-24-81-51
ALLISON, CATHARINE                      NY-24-76-111
ALLISON, GARRET                         NY-24-11-91
ALLISON, THOMAS                         NY-24-59-467
ALLMAND, HENRY                          NY-24-47-462
ALLSTON, JANE R.                        NY-24-44-235
ALLSTON, JOHN E.                        NY-24-66-417
ALLYN, LYMAN                            NY-24-39-121
ALMENDINGER, MARGARETTA                 NY-24-82-448
ALTGELD, OTTO W.                        NY-24-450-414
AMENT, JOHN                             NY-24-43-292
AMIDON, MARTIN V. B.                    NY-24-41-315
AMMERWERTH, JOHN JOSEPH                 NY-24-51-417
AMORY, JOHN                             NY-24-84-433
AMRIEN, MARIA A.                        NY-24-87-276
ANDARIESE, ADELINE                      NY-24-82-4
ANDEGE, LOUISE                          NY-24-36-277
ANDER, MARTIN                           NY-24-42-125
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER                     NY-24-80-149
ANDERSON, ANDREW                        NY-24-5-215
ANDERSON, ANN                           NY-24-23-316
ANDERSON, ANN                           NY-24-59-39
ANDERSON, ANN M.                        NY-24-31-489
ANDERSON, CORNELIUS V.                  NY-24-61-288
ANDERSON, DAVID                         NY-24-7-168
ANDERSON, DEBORAH                       NY-24-17-150
ANDERSON, ELIZA                         NY-24-59-59
ANDERSON, ELLEN                         NY-24-45-259
ANDERSON, HUMPHREY S.                   NY-24-82-414
ANDERSON, JOSEPH                        NY-24-30-465
ANDERSON, LOUISE CHRISTINA              NY-24-447-64
ANDERSON, MARIE                         NY-24-449-162
ANDERSON, MATILDA                       NY-24-21-481
ANDERSON, MICHAEL                       NY-24-47-281
ANDERSON, NILS                          NY-24-64-11
ANDERSON, PETER B.                      NY-24-56-357
ANDERSON, ROBERT D.                     NY-24-70-290
ANDERSON, SOPHIA                        NY-24-87-119
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       NY-24-61-284
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       NY-24-51-60
ANDERSON, WILLIAM C.                    NY-24-55-131
ANDREAS, CHARLES F.                     NY-24-61-236
ANDREWS, ARCHIBALD                      NY-24-82-409
ANDREWS, ELIZA                          NY-24-23-184
ANDREWS, FRANCIS M.                     NY-24-33-418
ANGER, LOUISA                           NY-24-51-28
ANINGER, THOMAS                         NY-24-61-183
ANSTETT, JOHN                           NY-24-40-485
ANTHONY, ANN ELIZA                      NY-24-39-258
ANTHONY, HANNAETTA L.                   NY-24-66-180
ANTONAROLI, LUIGI                       NY-24-68-132
ANTONIDES, ALETTA                       NY-24-7-126
ANTONIDES, BELINDA                      NY-24-5-382
ANTONIDES, CORNELIUS                    NY-24-5-192
ANTONIDES, JANE                         NY-24-82-35
ANTONIDES, JOHN                         NY-24-9-172
ANTONIDES, MATTHEW                      NY-24-23-387
ANTONIDES, PETER                        NY-24-1-198
ANTONIDUS, IDA                          NY-24-5-261
ANWAY, MARY A.                          NY-24-56-393
APPACH, DIEDRICH A.                     NY-24-79-285
APPLEBY, THOMAS R.                      NY-24-42-147
APTHORP, JAMES                          NY-24-2-124
ARBONA, FRANCIS                         NY-24-58-75
ARCHARD, JOHN L.                        NY-24-85-75
ARCHER, GEORGE B.                       NY-24-84-330
ARCHER, MARY E.                         NY-24-19-357
ARCULARIUS, HEPHZIBAH                   NY-24-6-270
ARENTS, EDWARD                          NY-24-28-384
ARENTS, MARVIN A. D.                    NY-24-27-102
ARICOTIS, JANE A.                       NY-24-36-324
ARMENT, MARY                            NY-24-51-367
ARMITAGE, MARTHA                        NY-24-9-304
ARMSTRONG, DAVID                        NY-24-69-53
ARMSTRONG, FRANCES A.                   NY-24-81-409
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        NY-24-59-46
ARMSTRONG, ROLAND D.                    NY-24-448-143
ARMSTRONG, SAMUEL L.                    NY-24-16-303
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       NY-24-31-165
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       NY-24-53-3
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      NY-24-48-103
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      NY-24-3-32
ARNOLD, ANN                             NY-24-39-474
ARNOLD, EDWARD                          NY-24-85-366
ARNOLD, ROBERT                          NY-24-6-281
ARNOLD, SARAH H.                        NY-24-44-184
ARNOLD, SUSANA                          NY-24-61-443
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                         NY-24-27-285
ARNSTAEDT, LOUIS                        NY-24-66-410
ARQUIMBAU, AGNES M.                     NY-24-85-51
ARQUIT, ELLEN                           NY-24-31-94
ARQUIT, JOSEPH                          NY-24-25-105
ARTHUR, CHARLOTTE H.                    NY-24-25-472
ARTHUR, ISABEL                          NY-24-86-235
ARTHUR, MARY                            NY-24-30-136
ARTHUR, MICHAEL                         NY-24-76-132
ARTHUR, WILLIAM                         NY-24-63-209
ARTUS, WILLIAM                          NY-24-447-377
ASHBY, MINNA                            NY-24-45-29
ASHLEY, SARAH                           NY-24-81-475
ASPELL, MARY LOUISE                     NY-24-449-263
ASSERSON, MARY A.                       NY-24-446-112
ASSIP, ANN                              NY-24-87-363
ASSIP, THOMAS                           NY-24-59-281
ATHERDEN, GEORGE                        NY-24-77-425
ATKINS, DAVID ***                       NY-24-54-6
ATKINS, JOSHUA                          NY-24-22-221
ATKINS, WILLIAM E.                      NY-24-450-268
ATKINSON, CHARLOTTE A.                  NY-24-50-118
ATKINSON, ELIZA ANN                     NY-24-36-370
ATKINSON, HENRIETTA                     NY-24-31-181
ATKINSON, ISABELLA                      NY-24-50-480
ATKINSON, JAMES                         NY-24-55-181
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                       NY-24-26-166
ATTREE, JANE                            NY-24-29-382
ATWATER, JOHN G.                        NY-24-61-239
ATWATER, WILLIAM C.                     NY-24-59-35
ATWOOD, ELIJAH                          NY-24-7-405
AUBEE, PETER                            NY-24-70-341
AUBERY, ANABELLA                        NY-24-29-334
AUBREY, ALICE                           NY-24-68-360
AUERBACH, EZEKIEL                       NY-24-59-5
AULD, PENNINAH                          NY-24-47-480
AUSTIN, DWIGHT                          NY-24-56-216
AUSTIN, EMILY A.                        NY-24-7-435
AUSTIN, JOHN P.                         NY-24-8-67
AUSTIN, JULIUS                          NY-24-40-211
AUSTIN, LUCY P.                         NY-24-79-131
AUSTIN, MARY                            NY-24-44-73
AUSTIN, MARY S.                         NY-24-40-227
AUSTIN, SARAH E.                        NY-24-38-232
AUSTIN, THEODORE                        NY-24-21-87
AUTEN, JOHN G.                          NY-24-64-437
AVERELL, ALFRED M.                      NY-24-77-1
AVERY, SARAH                            NY-24-27-354
AVERY, STEPHEN                          NY-24-15-430
AVISON, HENRY B.                        NY-24-77-500
AYMAR, SAMUEL                           NY-24-81-348
AYRES, DANIEL                           NY-24-47-246
AYRES, HENRY S.                         NY-24-71-76
AYRES, MARY H.                          NY-24-71-416
AYRES, MATILDA                          NY-24-70-20
AYRES, SAMUEL                           NY-24-85-216
AYRES, WILLIAM                          NY-24-48-295
AYSCOUGH, RICHARD MAX                   NY-24-1-365

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