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ABBOTT, AMASA                           NY-22-O-101
ABBOTT, CHESTER W.                      NY-22-28-333
ABBOTT, DANFORD                         NY-22-J-344
ABBOTT, SARDIS L.                       NY-22-29-389
ABBOTT, WILLIAM H.                      NY-22-28-529
ABERLE, ANNA MARY                       NY-22-40-545
ABRAMS, MAGDALEN                        NY-22-Y-121
ACKERMAN, JENNIE                        NY-22-Y-9
ACKERMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-22-U-163
ACKLER, CARRIE                          NY-22-Z-67
ACKLER, CATHARINE                       NY-22-25-443
ACKLER, DANIEL                          NY-22-X-447
ACKLER, EMERANCY                        NY-22-30-257
ACKLER, JACOB                           NY-22-O-391
ACKLER, JAMES L.                        NY-22-41-4
ACKLER, JOHN                            NY-22-B-191
ACKLER, LINCOLN C.                      NY-22-30-45
ACKLER, NELSON H.                       NY-22-38-405
ACKLER, NICHOLAS                        NY-22-37-541
ACKLEY, DAVID B.                        NY-22-41-463
ACRES, BETSEY                           NY-22-M-451
ADAMS, ABIGAL M.                        NY-22-W-191
ADAMS, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-22-31-497
ADAMS, HANNAH                           NY-22-T-203
ADAMS, SIMON                            NY-22-D-239
ADLE, AYR                               NY-22-R-467
ADSIT, HERMAN N.                        NY-22-R-443
AISTON, JOHN                            NY-22-W-79
ALDEN, JULIUS T.                        NY-22-O-202
ALDINGER, CATHARINE                     NY-22-25-675
ALDINGER, DAVID                         NY-22-X-183
ALDINGER, JAMES                         NY-22-41-289
ALDINGER, JANE E.                       NY-22-34-249
ALDRIDGE, FRANCES G.                    NY-22-R-451
ALDRIDGE, JAMES L.                      NY-22-38-417
ALDRIDGE, JAMES S.                      NY-22-33-133
ALDRIDGE, NICHOLAS                      NY-22-B-160
ALEXANDER, ESTHER JANE                  NY-22-V-504
ALEXANDER, HENRY D.                     NY-22-26-637
ALEXANDER, JAMES M.                     NY-22-Y-237
ALEXANDER, MARTHA                       NY-22-33-663
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL H.                    NY-22-P-356
ALEXANDER, SARAH                        NY-22-O-364
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM G.                   NY-22-T-135
ALFERD, HENERY C.                       NY-22-N-295
ALFORD, ASAHEL                          NY-22-J-217
ALFORD, MINNIE L.                       NY-22-40-93
ALFRED, WHITFIELD                       NY-22-M-344
ALLBONES, JOHN                          NY-22-Z-319
ALLEN, ISAAC                            NY-22-R-3
ALLEN, JAMES                            NY-22-K-430
ALLEN, SARAH                            NY-22-P-427
ALLOWAY, JOSEPH                         NY-22-30-593
ALVORD, DESIRE                          NY-22-Z-703
ALVORD, MILLARD A.                      NY-22-28-629
AMBLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-22-G-92
AMBLER, JEREMIAH                        NY-22-F-580
AMES, MENZO                             NY-22-34-361
AMSBURY, ABIGAIL E.                     NY-22-30-433
ANDERSON, CHRISTIAN                     NY-22-38-525
ANDREWS, DAVID                          NY-22-F-76
ANDREWS, ELIZABETH "LIBBIE"             NY-22-41-97
ANDREWS, MARY A.                        NY-22-26-461
ANDREWS, WILBUR F.                      NY-22-29-1
ANDRUS, JOHN B.                         NY-22-Y-357
ANEY, MARY J.                           NY-22-U-515
ANGELL, LUCY R.                         NY-22-26-173
ANGELL, WILLIAM W.                      NY-22-26-161
ANNAS, MARY E.                          NY-22-28-205
ARCHER, CAROLINE                        NY-22-V-496
ARCHER, MARY MARGARET                   NY-22-41-214
ARMLING, MARY A.                        NY-22-37-273
ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH B.                 NY-22-25-15
ARMSTRONG, FRANCIS                      NY-22-I-561
ARMSTRONG, LEVI                         NY-22-I-168
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      NY-22-30-97
ARNDT, PETER                            NY-22-P-260
ARNOLD, AMY                             NY-22-30-81
ARNOLD, CHARLES H.                      NY-22-33-237
ARNOLD, DELIA S.                        NY-22-40-569
ARNOLD, ENOCH                           NY-22-B-377
ARNOLD, GEORGE                          NY-22-I-486
ARNOLD, GEORGE                          NY-22-K-244
ARNOLD, HARRIET                         NY-22-29-513
ARNOLD, JAMES A.                        NY-22-33-122
ARNOLD, JOHN B.                         NY-22-H-255
ARNOLD, JOHN H.                         NY-22-R-271
ARNOLD, MARY                            NY-22-V-43
ARNOLD, NATHAN                          NY-22-U-279
ARNOLD, NATHAN                          NY-22-K-64
ARNOLD, PARLEY                          NY-22-O-30
ARNOLD, THOMAS                          NY-22-I-374
ARNOLD, THOMAS P.                       NY-22-T-315
ARTCHER, JAMES                          NY-22-I-285
ASHLEY, ELISHA                          NY-22-U-511
ASHLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-22-29-505
ATKINSON, CHARLES T.                    NY-22-29-253
ATWELL, JAMES                           NY-22-29-593
ATWELL, MARY H.                         NY-22-39-334
AUGUS, CHARLES J.                       NY-22-28-237
AUSMAN, BENJAMIN                        NY-22-Q-509
AUSMAN, JOHN JR.                        NY-22-O-484
AUSTIN, CHARLES H.                      NY-22-25-599
AUSTIN, CHARLES H.                      NY-22-S-123
AUSTIN, FREEBORN                        NY-22-26-41
AUSTIN, SARAH J.                        NY-22-O-472
AVERILL, JONATHAN                       NY-22-F-191
AVERILL, WILLIAM                        NY-22-E-56
AVERY, FLORA                            NY-22-X-267
AVERY, LEVI                             NY-22-R-191
AVERY, MARY B.                          NY-22-30-153
AVERY, WILLIAM                          NY-22-32-337
AYER, EDWIN S.                          NY-22-W-47
AYLESWORTH, HENRY J.                    NY-22-U-223
AYLSWORTH, DANIEL                       NY-22-I-303
AYRE, CAROLINE                          NY-22-T-395
AYRE, DANIEL                            NY-22-L-364
AYRES, E. MARIA                         NY-22-40-85
AYRES, EBENEZER                         NY-22-F-275
AYRES, HIRAM                            NY-22-P-205
AYRES, JASON                            NY-22-U-39
AYRES, JULIA                            NY-22-W-523
AYRES, STEPHEN                          NY-22-I-182
BABCOCK, DOROTHY                        NY-22-25-183
BABCOCK, EATHAN C.                      NY-22-R-163
BABCOCK, JAMES E.                       NY-22-25-427
BABCOCK, MARGARET A.                    NY-22-31-85
BABCOCK, POLLY                          NY-22-R-151
BACHELL, DORA                           NY-22-29-565
BACKUS, JANE                            NY-22-Y-209
BACKUS, WILLIAM                         NY-22-M-32
BACON, MARY J.                          NY-22-37-13
BADISON, REBECCA                        NY-22-25-523
BAGLEY, WILLIAM H.                      NY-22-41-472
BAILEY, ALBERT                          NY-22-32-281
BAILEY, ALONZO E.                       NY-22-Z-711
BAILEY, LOUISA A.                       NY-22-26-549
BAILY, HELEN J.                         NY-22-Y-225
BAKER, ADONIJAH M.                      NY-22-G-443
BAKER, ALBERT                           NY-22-26-421
BAKER, ANGELINE                         NY-22-Y-349
BAKER, CHARLES W.                       NY-22-34-161
BAKER, CLARK                            NY-22-E-480
BAKER, GEORGE                           NY-22-B-358
BAKER, GEORGE                           NY-22-U-415
BAKER, HIRAM                            NY-22-S-116
BAKER, HIRAM N.                         NY-22-28-405
BAKER, JOHN R.                          NY-22-30-617
BAKER, JULIA                            NY-22-26-413
BAKER, SARAH                            NY-22-N-151
BAKER, SARAH ANN                        NY-22-W-515
BAKER, SETH                             NY-22-F-221
BAKER, WARREN                           NY-22-R-495
BAKER, WILLIAM                          NY-22-L-594
BALCH, JOSEPH                           NY-22-E-18
BALDE, WILLIAM                          NY-22-B-500
BALDWIN, DANIEL                         NY-22-X-175
BALDWIN, LUCRETIA                       NY-22-T-391
BALDWIN, LYDIA                          NY-22-X-511
BALDWIN, PAMELIA C.                     NY-22-33-520
BALDY, LOVINA                           NY-22-W-7
BALL, JOSEPH H.                         NY-22-R-539
BALL, LUCY L.                           NY-22-34-185
BALL, PHILA                             NY-22-27-719
BALLDA, ALIDA C.                        NY-22-38-149
BARBER, JAMES N.                        NY-22-M-89
BARBER, JONATHAN                        NY-22-F-205
BARBER, LUCRETA                         NY-22-H-161
BARBER, MARGARET JANE                   NY-22-P-362
BARBER, SAMUEL                          NY-22-T-219
BARDEN, MARIA                           NY-22-K-478
BARDIN, SETH                            NY-22-L-143
BARGER, PHILIP                          NY-22-V-99
BARINGER, ZACKARIAS                     NY-22-K-148
BARKER, ABEL                            NY-22-M-240
BARKER, GORHAM                          NY-22-R-515
BARKER, HENRIETTA M.                    NY-22-S-516
BARKER, JAMES                           NY-22-U-27
BARKER, ORIN D.                         NY-22-37-481
BARKER, PAUL                            NY-22-F-40
BARLOW, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-22-S-385
BARNARD, ELIZA                          NY-22-Q-49
BARNARD, JOHN                           NY-22-S-1
BARNES, LYMAN L.                        NY-22-35-137
BARNES, MARY                            NY-22-P-82
BARNET, JONAS S.                        NY-22-33-204
BARNETT, MARGARET                       NY-22-29-581
BARNEY, ABIGAL                          NY-22-X-423
BARNEY, ALANSON                         NY-22-O-43
BARNEY, ALMANZO G.                      NY-22-Y-13
BARNEY, PARDON P.                       NY-22-M-509
BARNS, LEWIS                            NY-22-F-553
BARNS, LUTHER                           NY-22-H-319
BARNUM, THOMAS G.                       NY-22-E-217
BARNUM, WILLIAM                         NY-22-B-288
BARR, ELIZABETH                         NY-22-X-119
BARR, ELIZABETH                         NY-22-O-164
BARR, ELIZABETH                         NY-22-38-13
BARRETT, MARGARET                       NY-22-41-418
BARRINGER, ADALINE                      NY-22-U-543
BARRINGER, JONAS                        NY-22-M-244
BARRINGER, PHILIP                       NY-22-L-247
BARRINGER, SUSANNA                      NY-22-32-429
BARRIS, JOHN W.                         NY-22-30-457
BARRUP, PETER                           NY-22-Y-1
BARRY, ALMIRA                           NY-22-Z-427
BARRY, CATHARINE                        NY-22-V-159
BARRY, CELIA J.                         NY-22-32-453
BARRY, HANNAH M.                        NY-22-28-321
BARRY, JOHN G.                          NY-22-25-371
BARRY, LYDIA C.                         NY-22-30-93
BARRY, PEARCE                           NY-22-F-450
BARRY, STANDISH                         NY-22-N-350
BARSE, JOHN P.                          NY-22-41-412
BARSE, TIMOTHY                          NY-22-P-345
BARSTOW, ELIZA A. E. L.                 NY-22-40-121
BARTIE, JOHN                            NY-22-28-169
BARTLETT, EMERY                         NY-22-W-51
BARTLETT, JULIA                         NY-22-32-201
BARTLETT, ROYAL B.                      NY-22-N-266
BARTON, SYLVESTER                       NY-22-J-212
BARTOW, MARY F.                         NY-22-U-335
BARWELL, EMILY C.                       NY-22-30-373
BASKIN, ROBERT                          NY-22-37-489
BATEMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-22-U-359
BATES, AARON F.                         NY-22-G-278
BATES, JOHN                             NY-22-30-709
BATES, MARY E.                          NY-22-34-137
BAUDER, ADAM                            NY-22-E-308
BAUDER, IRVING                          NY-22-30-149
BAUDER, JOSEPH                          NY-22-L-290
BAUDER, MARTHA                          NY-22-37-133
BAUDER, PETER                           NY-22-31-205
BAUDER, PETER                           NY-22-O-18
BAUM, LESTER                            NY-22-M-456
BAUM, PETER                             NY-22-R-487
BAUM, PHILIP                            NY-22-H-451
BAUM, PHILIP                            NY-22-Y-261
BAXTER, ABBIE R.                        NY-22-28-89
BAXTER, FRANCES M.                      NY-22-37-425
BAXTER, JANE                            NY-22-R-579
BAYER, JOHN                             NY-22-M-54
BEALS, DAVID                            NY-22-O-216
BEALS, OLIVER B.                        NY-22-34-401
BEARDSLEE, AUGUSTUS                     NY-22-Q-13
BEARDSLEE, FRANCES                      NY-22-K-145
BEARDSLEE, HELLEN A.                    NY-22-P-478
BEARDSLEE, JOHN                         NY-22-G-45
BEARDSLEE, LAVINIA                      NY-22-K-42
BEARDSLEY, S. ELIZABETH                 NY-22-30-421
BEARDSLY, JOHN                          NY-22-D-230
BEATTIE, AMANDA                         NY-22-Y-353
BEATTIE, ERNESTINE ROSE                 NY-22-37-81
BEATTIE, JONATHAN                       NY-22-S-548
BEATTIE, WILLIAM                        NY-22-X-507
BEAUDIN, EMMETT T.                      NY-22-41-178
BECKER, ELIZABETH                       NY-22-R-507
BECKER, HENRY                           NY-22-F-234
BECKER, JACOB                           NY-22-X-111
BECKWITH, JOHN W.                       NY-22-T-15
BEDWORTH, JENNIE                        NY-22-30-413
BEEBE, AMOS                             NY-22-B-51
BEECHER, ISAAC                          NY-22-29-237
BEELER, CATHARINE                       NY-22-29-181
BEENEDICT, ELIAS                        NY-22-H-477
BEHAN, ADA LOIS DEKUA                   NY-22-27-574
BELCHER, ELMER E.                       NY-22-40-481
BELGER, ANTHONY                         NY-22-40-181
BELKNAP, DANIEL                         NY-22-J-445
BELL, DEBORAH G.                        NY-22-41-49
BELL, GEORGE HENRY                      NY-22-B-110
BELL, HENRY                             NY-22-Q-381
BELL, NICHOLAS                          NY-22-L-585
BELLINGER, ABRAM E.                     NY-22-37-397
BELLINGER, ADAM                         NY-22-33-600
BELLINGER, ADAM                         NY-22-R-255
BELLINGER, ANDREW                       NY-22-F-453
BELLINGER, ANN                          NY-22-T-23
BELLINGER, BENJAMIN                     NY-22-W-447
BELLINGER, CHARITY                      NY-22-Y-65
BELLINGER, CHAUNCEY C.                  NY-22-L-362
BELLINGER, CHRISTIAN                    NY-22-F-354
BELLINGER, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-22-F-490
BELLINGER, CHRISTOPHER C.               NY-22-O-166
BELLINGER, CLARISSA                     NY-22-30-605
BELLINGER, DANIEL                       NY-22-R-383
BELLINGER, DAVID                        NY-22-W-455
BELLINGER, ELIZABETH                    NY-22-Q-61
BELLINGER, FREDERICK                    NY-22-B-62
BELLINGER, FREDERICK                    NY-22-H-360
BELLINGER, FREDERICK F.                 NY-22-26-141
BELLINGER, GRAHAM                       NY-22-34-113
BELLINGER, HARRIET                      NY-22-T-131
BELLINGER, HENRY                        NY-22-L-295
BELLINGER, HENRY H.                     NY-22-Z-87
BELLINGER, HIRAM                        NY-22-29-645
BELLINGER, JACOB                        NY-22-26-277
BELLINGER, JACOB                        NY-22-L-146
BELLINGER, JAMES                        NY-22-S-180
BELLINGER, JAMES H.                     NY-22-28-313
BELLINGER, JAMES H.                     NY-22-33-617
BELLINGER, JAMES M.                     NY-22-41-319
BELLINGER, JAMES M.                     NY-22-I-263
BELLINGER, JOHN                         NY-22-28-185
BELLINGER, JOHN                         NY-22-C-49
BELLINGER, JOHN                         NY-22-G-24
BELLINGER, JOHN C.                      NY-22-U-131
BELLINGER, JOHN P.                      NY-22-V-111
BELLINGER, JOHN S.                      NY-22-Y-89
BELLINGER, JOSEPH                       NY-22-B-125
BELLINGER, JULIA E.                     NY-22-33-528
BELLINGER, MAGDALENA                    NY-22-P-378
BELLINGER, MARGARET A.                  NY-22-28-201
BELLINGER, MARION                       NY-22-Z-327
BELLINGER, MARY E.                      NY-22-41-481
BELLINGER, PETER                        NY-22-40-301
BELLINGER, PETER                        NY-22-35-490
BELLINGER, PETER E.                     NY-22-26-373
BELLINGER, PETER J.                     NY-22-B-430
BELLINGER, PETER J.                     NY-22-G-413
BELLINGER, PETER SR.                    NY-22-B-276
BELLINGER, PHILIP C.                    NY-22-P-368
BELLINGER, ROXY A.                      NY-22-40-125
BELSHAW, BETHIAH                        NY-22-O-302
BELSHAW, DAVID                          NY-22-O-218
BELSHAW, DUTSON                         NY-22-T-543
BELSHAW, ERASTUS                        NY-22-T-355
BELSHAW, HULDAH T.                      NY-22-V-95
BELSHAW, JULIA ANN                      NY-22-H-500
BELSHAW, THOMAS                         NY-22-M-359
BEMIS, ASHAEL                           NY-22-I-19
BENCHLEY, BENJAMIN                      NY-22-M-264
BENCHLEY, DAVID                         NY-22-H-348
BENCHLEY, JOSEPH                        NY-22-L-378
BENCHLEY, WILLIAM S.                    NY-22-S-75
BENEDICT, CATHARINE S.                  NY-22-X-443
BENEDICT, CHARLES                       NY-22-28-481
BENEDICT, HELEN                         NY-22-Y-345
BENEDICT, MICAIAH                       NY-22-U-155
BENEDICT, SALLY                         NY-22-M-41
BENIENS, HENRY DAVID                    NY-22-39-570
BENIENS, MARY K.                        NY-22-31-133
BENJAMIN, BENJAMIN                      NY-22-L-552
BENJAMIN, DAVID                         NY-22-H-127
BENJAMIN, JAMES C.                      NY-22-M-382
BENNETT, DOUGLAS                        NY-22-R-103
BENNETT, JAMES                          NY-22-Y-565
BENNETT, JAMES H.                       NY-22-41-187
BENNETT, RICHARD L.                     NY-22-U-499
BENNETT, RUFUS W.                       NY-22-38-73
BENNISON, JANE                          NY-22-32-269
BENTLEY, ESTHER A.                      NY-22-28-625
BENTON, NATHANIEL S.                    NY-22-O-285
BENTON, SARAH                           NY-22-P-218
BENTON, WILLIAM W.                      NY-22-32-521
BERMINGHAM, MICHAEL                     NY-22-37-365
BERRY, GEORGE M.                        NY-22-T-323
BESSHORR, JACOB                         NY-22-B-75
BIDLEMAN, FRED                          NY-22-Z-35
BIDLEMAN, HIRAM                         NY-22-Q-217
BIDLEMAN, MORGAN                        NY-22-Z-547
BIDLEMAN, SIMON                         NY-22-E-10
BIDLEMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-22-E-120
BIEBOW, RUDOLPH                         NY-22-Z-355
BIEDERMAN, CHRISTIAN                    NY-22-Y-329
BIERNE, MICHAEL                         NY-22-U-479
BIGALOW, SALLY                          NY-22-O-34
BIGELOW, ALONZO I.                      NY-22-V-119
BIGELOW, CATHARINE                      NY-22-X-427
BIGGS, ABSALOM                          NY-22-B-372
BIGHAM, ELIZA                           NY-22-T-423
BINGHAM, JANE M.                        NY-22-S-522
BIRCH, MARIA                            NY-22-26-73
BIRCH, STEPHEN                          NY-22-39-122
BIRCH, WILLIAM                          NY-22-41-529
BIRDSALL, NATHAN                        NY-22-F-592
BIRDSEYE, CHARLES                       NY-22-Q-361
BISBY, GEORGE H.                        NY-22-35-145
BISSEGGER, ELINOR                       NY-22-V-372
BITTINGER, JOHN                         NY-22-D-316
BIVAT, HENRY                            NY-22-30-221
BLACKMORE, MARY                         NY-22-D-64
BLAKE, ELEANOR                          NY-22-M-419
BLAKE, WILLIAM                          NY-22-J-130
BLAKEMAN, PHILO                         NY-22-L-108
BLANCHARD, WILLIAM                      NY-22-N-92
BLATCHLEY, MINER L.                     NY-22-Y-221
BLENIS, JOSHUA N.                       NY-22-28-517
BLISS, CORA E. STEELE                   NY-22-39-524
BLISS, FANNIE                           NY-22-40-269
BLISS, JUSTUS                           NY-22-25-647
BLISS, LEROY R.                         NY-22-N-204
BLISS, LUCENA S.                        NY-22-O-296
BLISS, TRUMAN                           NY-22-Z-51
BLISS, WILLIAM                          NY-22-L-320
BLOODOUGH, ALEXANDER                    NY-22-29-101
BLOODOUGH, HENRY                        NY-22-M-261
BLOOMFIELD, JONATHAN                    NY-22-E-29
BLUE, ARCHIBALD                         NY-22-R-35
BLY, ALFRED                             NY-22-Z-639
BLY, DAVID L.                           NY-22-X-215
BLY, JOB                                NY-22-I-549
BLY, WILLIAM                            NY-22-H-90
BODENSTIEN, CORNELIA                    NY-22-26-733
BOGART, LUCY MARGARET                   NY-22-34-217
BOISE, PETER E.                         NY-22-Q-485
BOLTON, LORENZO                         NY-22-O-278
BOME, ABRAHAM                           NY-22-A-67
BONBOY, RICHARD                         NY-22-R-319
BOND, MICHAEL                           NY-22-25-527
BONFOY, HELEN GAGE                      NY-22-32-349
BONFOY, SETH                            NY-22-I-523
BOOTH, NANCY                            NY-22-T-327
BORDEN, HELENA H.                       NY-22-30-329
BORDEN, JOSEPH                          NY-22-Y-465
BORST, BENJAMIN                         NY-22-29-697
BOSS, JOSEPH                            NY-22-28-289
BOTT, JANE                              NY-22-30-581
BOUCK, ESTHER                           NY-22-W-351
BOUCK, GAYNE S.                         NY-22-P-73
BOUCK, HENRY                            NY-22-O-439
BOUCK, PETER                            NY-22-37-521
BOUCK, WILLIAM                          NY-22-R-107
BOUCK, WILLIAM J.                       NY-22-N-354
BOULIG, ANTON                           NY-22-34-529
BOWEN, EDWIN L.                         NY-22-T-199
BOWEN, LEVI                             NY-22-L-33
BOWEN, LURILLA                          NY-22-W-299
BOWEN, MARY A.                          NY-22-37-249
BOWEN, NATHAN                           NY-22-P-263
BOWEN, RUTH                             NY-22-E-38
BOWEN, SARAH                            NY-22-25-539
BOWEN, STEPHEN                          NY-22-K-363
BOWEN, WILLIAM H.                       NY-22-30-129
BOWER, JACOB                            NY-22-X-287
BOWER, MARY                             NY-22-26-617
BOWLSBY, JANNETT                        NY-22-U-71
BOWMAN, CHARLES                         NY-22-38-585
BOWMAN, CYRENA M.                       NY-22-32-517
BOWMAN, JACOB                           NY-22-B-56
BOYCE, BETSEY                           NY-22-28-469
BOYER, HENRY R.                         NY-22-M-325
BOYER, LEONARD                          NY-22-Z-595
BOYER, MARY                             NY-22-K-161
BOYER, NANCY                            NY-22-30-713
BOYER, NANCY M.                         NY-22-34-437
BOYER, ROBERT                           NY-22-D-124
BRACE, ABEL                             NY-22-E-360
BRACE, ASAHEL G.                        NY-22-O-317
BRACE, EDITH L.                         NY-22-30-101
BRACE, HENRY L.                         NY-22-33-491
BRACE, LUCIUS F.                        NY-22-28-65
BRADFORD, ELISHA S.                     NY-22-V-520
BRADFORD, HOPESTILL                     NY-22-Q-5
BRADFORD, MELISSA E.                    NY-22-V-155
BRADLEY, ABRAM P.                       NY-22-28-397
BRADLEY, AMOS A.                        NY-22-Y-161
BRADLEY, GEORGE L.                      NY-22-V-35
BRADLEY, JULIA A.                       NY-22-28-101
BRADLEY, THOMAS                         NY-22-V-332
BRAINARD, LUCIEN L.                     NY-22-31-525
BRAINARD, SAMUEL                        NY-22-H-211
BRAINARD, TIMOTHY                       NY-22-D-108
BRAINERD, CHAUNCEY                      NY-22-O-227
BRAMER, FRANKLIN                        NY-22-V-360
BRAND, HARRISON                         NY-22-41-94
BRAND, NATHAN                           NY-22-S-563
BRANDT, PETER                           NY-22-Y-249
BRANNON, MICHAEL                        NY-22-26-349
BRAWN, SARAH                            NY-22-31-141
BRAY, ESTHER                            NY-22-34-253
BRAYBROOKS, JAMES                       NY-22-25-87
BRAYTON, ALBERT W.                      NY-22-32-381
BRAYTON, DANIEL                         NY-22-O-229
BRAYTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-22-L-310
BRAYTON, MERCY                          NY-22-K-68
BRAYTON, STEPHEN                        NY-22-E-200
BRAYTON, STEPHEN                        NY-22-K-133
BREISH, GEORGE                          NY-22-Y-201
BREISH, JOHN                            NY-22-39-276
BRENNAN, AGNES M.                       NY-22-40-357
BRENNAN, FRANK                          NY-22-30-157
BRENNAN, MALACHI                        NY-22-25-311
BRENNAN, MARGARET                       NY-22-25-471
BREWER, RICHARD P.                      NY-22-30-5
BREWER, WILLIAM                         NY-22-K-236
BREWER, ZETTO O.                        NY-22-31-573
BREWSTER, CALEB                         NY-22-E-47
BREWSTER, CALEB                         NY-22-D-325
BRICE, GEORGE J.                        NY-22-34-109
BRIDEBECKER, DANIEL J.                  NY-22-Z-243
BRIDENBECKER, ADELMA J.                 NY-22-31-277
BRIDENBECKER, AMOS                      NY-22-29-461
BRIDENBECKER, DANIEL                    NY-22-I-337
BRIDENBECKER, JACOB                     NY-22-J-464
BRIDENBECKER, JOSEPH                    NY-22-O-97
BRIDENBECKER, SIMON                     NY-22-J-430
BRIDENBECKER, WILLIAM                   NY-22-I-31
BRIERLY, ROEBRT STOTT                   NY-22-37-93
BRIGGS, AUGUSTA                         NY-22-Y-517
BRIGGS, WILLIAM                         NY-22-25-103
BRIGHAM, ISAAC SABIN                    NY-22-25-191
BRILL, ADDISON                          NY-22-32-541
BRITTON, EBEN                           NY-22-E-321
BRNDJAR, JOHN                           NY-22-41-322
BROAD, HENRY                            NY-22-G-51
BROAL, JOHN                             NY-22-N-346
BROAT, HIRAM                            NY-22-25-615
BROAT, MARGARET K.                      NY-22-37-433
BROCKET, LUCY                           NY-22-F-44
BROCKETT, ALVAH                         NY-22-P-268
BROCKETT, AMOS                          NY-22-30-665
BROCKETT, AMOS                          NY-22-D-260
BROCKETT, CLINTON                       NY-22-28-177
BROCKETT, RUTH A.                       NY-22-30-381
BROCKETT, ZENAS                         NY-22-V-408
BROCKWAY, ENOCH                         NY-22-V-103
BROCKWAY, ENOCH                         NY-22-T-91
BROCKWAY, JOSEPHINE E.                  NY-22-26-169
BROCKWAY, RICHARD L.                    NY-22-W-411
BROCKWAY, WILLIAM                       NY-22-O-58
BROESAINTE, MARGERETT B.                NY-22-X-39
BRONNER, ALONZO                         NY-22-38-453
BRONNER, BETSEY ANN                     NY-22-Y-233
BRONNER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-22-D-269
BRONNER, CHRISTIAN                      NY-22-R-331
BRONNER, DANIEL                         NY-22-L-75
BRONNER, DANIEL I.                      NY-22-N-343
BRONNER, DELIA                          NY-22-Y-85
BRONNER, FELIX                          NY-22-E-419
BRONNER, ISAAC                          NY-22-O-283
BRONNER, MARTHA                         NY-22-26-285
BRONNER, OLIVER A.                      NY-22-41-494
BRONNER, WILLIAM J.                     NY-22-38-425
BRONSON, ARTHUR                         NY-22-31-257
BRONSON, IRA A.                         NY-22-K-396
BRONSON, JOB                            NY-22-M-462
BRONSON, OLCOTT W.                      NY-22-27-666
BROOKS, DAVID L.                        NY-22-38-457
BROOKS, FRED                            NY-22-41-130
BROOKS, HELEN E.                        NY-22-27-126
BROOKS, WILLIAM E.                      NY-22-25-271
BROOMHALL, GEORGE                       NY-22-Z-139
BROWN, ALIRA J.                         NY-22-25-435
BROWN, ALMA                             NY-22-34-313
BROWN, CALVIN                           NY-22-Q-33
BROWN, CATHARINE F.                     NY-22-U-259
BROWN, DAVID                            NY-22-D-203
BROWN, ELEAZER                          NY-22-N-320
BROWN, ELECTA A.                        NY-22-30-525
BROWN, EMERSON                          NY-22-V-336
BROWN, ENOCH                            NY-22-27-680
BROWN, ESACK                            NY-22-C-37
BROWN, GARY G.                          NY-22-37-309
BROWN, GILBERT                          NY-22-Z-159
BROWN, HENRY H.                         NY-22-T-247
BROWN, HIRAM                            NY-22-T-19
BROWN, HOMER                            NY-22-41-514
BROWN, ICHABOD                          NY-22-E-380
BROWN, ICHABOD G.                       NY-22-H-167
BROWN, JACOB                            NY-22-P-463
BROWN, JACOB                            NY-22-K-359
BROWN, JARED T.                         NY-22-39-255
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-22-D-45
BROWN, JOHN R.                          NY-22-O-114
BROWN, JOHN Z.                          NY-22-X-211
BROWN, LOOMIS D.                        NY-22-41-133
BROWN, MARTHA A.                        NY-22-31-565
BROWN, MARY                             NY-22-P-197
BROWN, ORRIN                            NY-22-P-255
BROWN, ROZETTE                          NY-22-T-287
BROWN, SAMUEL                           NY-22-L-380
BROWN, SUSAN                            NY-22-30-165
BROWN, WEALTHY                          NY-22-L-330
BROWN, WELTHIE                          NY-22-35-587
BRYAN, MARTIN L.                        NY-22-D-357
BRYAN, PHEBE                            NY-22-I-200
BRYANT, SAMUEL J.                       NY-22-39-493
BUCK, KATE L.                           NY-22-V-312
BUCKLEY, DENNIS                         NY-22-26-429
BUCKLIN, DAVID                          NY-22-C-31
BUCKLIN, ELIZABETH                      NY-22-X-335
BUCKLIN, GEORGE W.                      NY-22-40-441
BUCKLIN, JOHN                           NY-22-F-425
BUCKLIN, ROBERT                         NY-22-27-7
BUCKLIN, WILLIAM                        NY-22-25-687
BUCKWAY, REED                           NY-22-34-261
BUDLOGN, A. LEROY                       NY-22-38-245
BUDLONG, AARON                          NY-22-B-456
BUDLONG, AARON                          NY-22-J-374
BUDLONG, ADALINE                        NY-22-28-389
BUDLONG, BENONI                         NY-22-T-387
BUDLONG, CALEB                          NY-22-N-234
BUDLONG, DANIEL                         NY-22-27-115
BUDLONG, JOHN                           NY-22-G-131
BUDLONG, JONATHAN                       NY-22-M-44
BUDLONG, JOSEPH                         NY-22-Q-385
BUDLONG, NELSON                         NY-22-28-249
BUDLONG, SUSAN                          NY-22-Y-41
BUDLONG, WARREN D.                      NY-22-L-509
BUDLONG, WILLIAM                        NY-22-F-586
BUELL, ALEXANDER H.                     NY-22-J-50
BUELL, GEORGE W.                        NY-22-Q-149
BUELL, TRUMAN B.                        NY-22-Y-313
BULLARD, ALBERT A.                      NY-22-30-325
BULLOCK, IRA                            NY-22-V-544
BULLOCK, JANE W.                        NY-22-37-373
BURCH, GEORGE                           NY-22-Z-467
BURCH, HORACE M.                        NY-22-27-19
BURCH, LOVEL                            NY-22-Y-57
BURCH, MARY B.                          NY-22-Z-647
BURCH, SARAH M.                         NY-22-31-241
BURCH, THOMAS                           NY-22-L-103
BURCK, ROBERT                           NY-22-E-142
BURDICK, FREELOVE T.                    NY-22-W-319
BURDICK, PARDON                         NY-22-F-544
BURGESS, DEAN                           NY-22-U-79
BURGESS, JULIA W.                       NY-22-Y-169
BURGESS, MAYNARD G.                     NY-22-40-341
BURGESS, SALLY                          NY-22-26-105
BURK, JONATHAN                          NY-22-J-100
BURKE, ANN                              NY-22-40-37
BURLINGAME, HENRY G.                    NY-22-S-335
BURNEY, CLARA E.                        NY-22-34-169
BURNS, ALICE M.                         NY-22-41-574
BURNS, EDWARD M.                        NY-22-40-425
BURNS, HUGH                             NY-22-29-29
BURNS, JAMES A.                         NY-22-38-297
BURPEE, SUSAN                           NY-22-Q-161
BURPEE, TITUS                           NY-22-Q-69
BURRELL, ANNE LOUISE                    NY-22-34-481
BURRELL, DAVID H.                       NY-22-39-468
BURRELL, EATON                          NY-22-T-215
BURRELL, HARRY                          NY-22-P-522
BURRELL, JONATHAN                       NY-22-N-127
BURRILL, JACOB                          NY-22-G-457
BURRILL, S. LUVANIA                     NY-22-Y-309
BURRILL, SARAH M.                       NY-22-29-701
BURROWS, FRANCES W.                     NY-22-32-469
BURROWS, JOHN                           NY-22-L-138
BURSE, CHARLES                          NY-22-Z-471
BURT, AMELIA J.                         NY-22-30-477
BURT, AMELIA J.                         NY-22-30-505
BURT, CHARLES R.                        NY-22-39-271
BURT, ENOS                              NY-22-K-14
BURT, MANASSA                           NY-22-I-508
BURT, WILLIAM S.                        NY-22-39-110
BURTON, CYNTHIA B.                      NY-22-J-406
BURTON, ELLA MAY                        NY-22-Y-569
BURTON, EMILY                           NY-22-V-275
BURTON, HIRAM                           NY-22-H-98
BURTON, JOHN                            NY-22-G-392
BURTON, JOSEPH B.                       NY-22-H-413
BURTON, LOUISA                          NY-22-O-129
BURTON, LOUISA H.                       NY-22-L-591
BURTON, MATILLA                         NY-22-25-567
BURTON, NANCY                           NY-22-Z-259
BURTZ, CHARLES                          NY-22-H-108
BURWELL, DUDLEY                         NY-22-P-468
BURWELL, NATHAN                         NY-22-J-9
BUSHNELL, ALICE G.                      NY-22-25-231
BUSHNELL, BENJAMIN E.                   NY-22-25-431
BUSHNELL, DANIEL                        NY-22-B-527
BUSHNELL, EMILY L.                      NY-22-33-99
BUSHNELL, KENYON A.                     NY-22-26-601
BUSKIR, GEORGE W.                       NY-22-41-598
BUTLER, JAMES S.                        NY-22-N-35
BUTLER, NICHOLAS                        NY-22-Q-125
BUTLER, NORMAN                          NY-22-P-437
BUTTON, GOULD                           NY-22-27-690
BUTTON, MARY                            NY-22-Y-97
BYINGTON, GEORGE L.                     NY-22-28-557
BYRNES, ELIZABETH                       NY-22-25-695
BYRNES, LUKE                            NY-22-40-489
BYRON, MOSES                            NY-22-Z-359

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