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ABBEY, LYMAN                           NY-19-20-387
ABDELL, CHARLES F.                     NY-19-24-593
ABELL, ALFRED W.                       NY-19-7-62
ABERCROMBIE, PHILINDA                  NY-19-6-448
ABERDEEN, GEORGE E.                    NY-19-23-132
ACKER, ESTHER F.                       NY-19-19-441
ACKES, CATHERINE                       NY-19-20-143
ADAMS, CHARLES W.                      NY-19-25-45
ADAMS, GEORGE                          NY-19-16-201
ADAMS, HORACE                          NY-19-5-376
ADAMS, JAMES                           NY-19-7-317
ADAMS, MARIETTE                        NY-19-26-13
ADAMS, MARY S.                         NY-19-23-10
ADAMS, ROBERT                          NY-19-10-385
ADAMS, SARAH                           NY-19-20-283
ADGATE, JOSEPH                         NY-19-13-77
ALCOTT, SALLY                          NY-19-17-333
ALGER, MATTHEW                         NY-19-3-326
ALLEN, AMASA                           NY-19-3-171
ALLEN, AMASA                           NY-19-1-303
ALLEN, AUSTIN                          NY-19-3-138
ALLEN, ETHAN B.                        NY-19-3-2
ALLEN, GEORGE W.                       NY-19-15-401
ALLEN, JOSEPH W.                       NY-19-19-129
ALLEN, MATILDA E.                      NY-19-6-209
ALLEN, MILTON                          NY-19-21-181
ALLEN, ORANGE                          NY-19-15-125
ALLEN, SARAH E.                        NY-19-25-87
ALLEN, SETH                            NY-19-4-303
ALLEN, SILAS                           NY-19-3-61
ALLEN, TIMOTHY                         NY-19-18-245
ALLIS, JOEL                            NY-19-15-245
ALPAUGH, FREDERICK                     NY-19-8-103
ALPOUGH, KATHARINE                     NY-19-12-1
ALVERSON, PETER                        NY-19-4-238
AMES, SAMUEL                           NY-19-10-233
AMES, SAMUEL                           NY-19-18-413
AMIDON, PHILIP                         NY-19-16-549
AMIS, CLASSENA                         NY-19-22-77
ANCEL, JOHN BAPTIST                    NY-19-9-409
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    NY-19-6-110
ANDERSON, CATHERINE                    NY-19-22-301
ANDERSON, SENECA                       NY-19-17-281
ANDERSON, STEPHEN                      NY-19-4-211
ANDREWS, DAVID                         NY-19-5-507
ANDREWS, HARRIET C.                    NY-19-24-629
ANDREWS, JOSEPH                        NY-19-10-125
ANSEL, MARY ANN                        NY-19-25-123
APTHORP, ELIZABETH                     NY-19-7-499
APTHORP, HIRAM A.                      NY-19-11-197
ARMBREWSTER, MARTIN                    NY-19-16-217
ARMSTRONG, ADDISON                     NY-19-25-259
ARMSTRONG, ANDREW                      NY-19-5-38
ARMSTRONG, IRA                         NY-19-19-433
ARMSTRONG, RUTH ANN                    NY-19-23-112
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      NY-19-5-40
ARNOLD, AARON                          NY-19-4-151
ARNOLD, ASA                            NY-19-22-225
ARNOLD, JOHN B.                        NY-19-25-279
ARNOLD, LYMAN E.                       NY-19-24-453
ARNOLD, SETH J.                        NY-19-26-513
ASHLEY, OLIVE                          NY-19-21-381
ASHLEY, PHINEAS L.                     NY-19-11-233
ATWOOD, BRIGHAM                        NY-19-23-124
AVERY, ALBERT G.                       NY-19-23-15
AVERY, MARY                            NY-19-13-45
AVERY, OLIVER                          NY-19-4-434
AVERY, RICHARDSON                      NY-19-25-291
BABCOCK, CORRINGTON                    NY-19-15-577
BACKUS, CATHERINE                      NY-19-20-511
BACKUS, HANNAH                         NY-19-10-169
BACKUS, HARRY                          NY-19-13-345
BACON, DAVID R.                        NY-19-21-369
BACON, ELIZABETH R.                    NY-19-22-241
BADCOCK, ASA                           NY-19-10-321
BAGE, GEORGE P.                        NY-19-26-33
BAGOT, MARY ELIZABETH                  NY-19-14-733
BAILEY, DANIEL                         NY-19-10-397
BAILEY, ELIZABETH H.                   NY-19-16-125
BAILEY, JOHN                           NY-19-4-17
BAILEY, LOUIS                          NY-19-4-413
BAIRD, GUSTAVUS J.                     NY-19-24-441
BAIRD, JACOB                           NY-19-21-589
BAKER, ANSON                           NY-19-23-13
BAKER, DAVID                           NY-19-15-41
BAKER, ELISHA                          NY-19-13-173
BAKER, FREDERICK D.                    NY-19-23-29
BAKER, HORACE                          NY-19-9-349
BAKER, JACOB                           NY-19-22-393
BAKER, JAMES                           NY-19-19-489
BAKER, JANE C.                         NY-19-24-393
BAKER, JOHN                            NY-19-20-471
BAKER, LORING                          NY-19-7-327
BAKER, MARGARET                        NY-19-20-467
BAKER, SERENA A.                       NY-19-20-583
BAKER, STANNARD                        NY-19-3-284
BAKER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-19-20-615
BALDWIN, ALTA M.                       NY-19-21-537
BALDWIN, GERTRUDE M.                   NY-19-26-133
BALDWIN, IRWIN N.                      NY-19-24-237
BALDWIN, RICE                          NY-19-7-183
BALDWIN, WILLIAM H.                    NY-19-26-369
BALFOUR, JAMES                         NY-19-11-317
BALL, CAROLINE A.                      NY-19-24-213
BALL, SAMUEL A.                        NY-19-20-25
BALLARD, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN             NY-19-12-102
BALLARD, EMMA C.                       NY-19-17-153
BALLARD, PAUL                          NY-19-4-443
BALLARD, RANDOLPH                      NY-19-21-337
BANGS, ADOLPHUS                        NY-19-12-256
BANISTER, WILLIAM                      NY-19-17-77
BANNISTER, FORDYCE                     NY-19-18-153
BANTON, JONAS                          NY-19-21-549
BAPLE, JOHN                            NY-19-5-444
BAPLE, REBECCA                         NY-19-19-113
BARBER, HARRIET C.                     NY-19-18-541
BARBER, ISAAC                          NY-19-16-61
BARBER, JJOSEPH                        NY-19-3-417
BARBER, JULIA E.                       NY-19-16-341
BARBER, LUCY ANN                       NY-19-20-159
BARBER, RACHEL                         NY-19-10-145
BARBER, ROSWELL                        NY-19-2-40
BARBER, ZACHEUS                        NY-19-19-205
BARBOR, JOHN G.                        NY-19-15-49
BARDEN, ISAAC                          NY-19-7-245
BARDEN, ORSON                          NY-19-6-273
BARNABY, ASAHEL                        NY-19-20-43
BARNARD, ASHBEL                        NY-19-4-371
BARNARD, URI                           NY-19-21-341
BARNES, CHARLOTTE L.                   NY-19-22-509
BARNES, ISAAC M.                       NY-19-21-257
BARNES, LOUISA                         NY-19-15-493
BARNES, MORRIS D.                      NY-19-9-357
BARNETT, DAVID                         NY-19-3-428
BARNS, REBECCA                         NY-19-6-196
BARNUM, GEORGE F.                      NY-19-20-599
BARR, CORNELIUS                        NY-19-2-215
BARR, CORNELIUS                        NY-19-1-211
BARR, JAMES                            NY-19-13-157
BARR, PHINEAS                          NY-19-13-381
BARRATT, JOSEPH                        NY-19-5-62
BARRETT, SARAH M.                      NY-19-19-149
BARROSS, CALVIN                        NY-19-13-445
BARROSS, JOHN D.                       NY-19-5-285
BARROWS, WILLIAM H.                    NY-19-25-271
BARRY, BENJAMIN                        NY-19-1-244
BARRY, JOHN                            NY-19-21-109
BARRY, MOSES                           NY-19-6-244
BARTELS, HENRY                         NY-19-22-417
BARTHOLF, ANN H.                       NY-19-22-33
BARTHOLF, GILLIAM                      NY-19-18-293
BARTHOLF, HENRY                        NY-19-3-342
BARTHOLF, LEWIS                        NY-19-5-335
BARTHOLF, LUCINDA                      NY-19-22-201
BARTHOLF, STEPHEN                      NY-19-1-236
BARTHOLOMEW, DANIEL D.                 NY-19-17-265
BARTHOLOMEW, DEMING                    NY-19-13-309
BARTLETT, JONAS                        NY-19-13-125
BARTLETT, SOPHIA                       NY-19-24-425
BARTON, THOMAS                         NY-19-16-137
BASCOM, BETSEY                         NY-19-6-333
BASCOM, JOEL                           NY-19-5-276
BASCOM, REBECCA                        NY-19-5-278
BASOM, HARRISON S.                     NY-19-23-93
BASSETT, ORSEMUS                       NY-19-19-537
BASSETT, WILLIAM P.                    NY-19-7-108
BASTENDORF, MARY F.                    NY-19-23-33
BATER, JOHN                            NY-19-23-41
BATES, MARY A.                         NY-19-16-537
BAUTON, JOHN                           NY-19-11-273
BAXTER, ALEXANDER                      NY-19-17-421
BEACH, LAZARUS                         NY-19-5-404
BEAN, EDWARD F.                        NY-19-22-169
BEAN, EMOGENE                          NY-19-26-441
BEAN, MARSHALL D.                      NY-19-26-37
BEARDSLEY, WILLIAM                     NY-19-3-90
BEATTIE, DAVID                         NY-19-18-369
BEAVER, ELLEN                          NY-19-16-561
BECK, JOHN                             NY-19-24-169
BECK, WILLIAM                          NY-19-23-146
BECKER, ELIZABETH                      NY-19-25-183
BECKWITH, HENRY J.                     NY-19-20-13
BECKWITH, LEWIS W.                     NY-19-22-249
BEEBE, PETER                           NY-19-3-193
BEISINGER, XAVIER                      NY-19-11-217
BELL, CYRUS P.                         NY-19-25-379
BELL, PROSPER                          NY-19-9-429
BEMIS, JULIA A.                        NY-19-22-277
BENCHLEY, MAIRA L.                     NY-19-21-37
BEND, MARY                             NY-19-21-317
BENDER, JOSEPHINE                      NY-19-23-90
BENDER, WILLIAM                        NY-19-16-325
BENEDICT, BETSEY                       NY-19-9-261
BENHAM, BARTHOLOMEW                    NY-19-6-100
BENHAM, CHARLES S.                     NY-19-11-321
BENHAM, DELIGHT                        NY-19-25-519
BENHAM, ELECTA                         NY-19-13-421
BENHAM, FLORENCE T.                    NY-19-26-405
BENHAM, JAMES A.                       NY-19-17-569
BENJAMIN, CLARK                        NY-19-6-412
BENNETT, ASAPH                         NY-19-8-67
BENNETT, HENRY L.                      NY-19-24-397
BENNETT, JOHN C.                       NY-19-11-77
BENNETT, RACHAEL                       NY-19-16-317
BENNETT, SAMUEL                        NY-19-4-463
BENNETT, THOMAS                        NY-19-24-349
BENTLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-19-5-447
BERGEN, ANNA M.                        NY-19-21-525
BERGIN, MARGARET J.                    NY-19-20-119
BERHAM, CURTISS                        NY-19-16-297
BESWICK, CHARLES                       NY-19-5-151
BESWICK, FIELD                         NY-19-6-18
BESWICK, GEORGE                        NY-19-11-513
BESWICK, HIRAM                         NY-19-7-330
BIBBINS, AMAZIAH                       NY-19-8-1
BICKNELL, LYDIA                        NY-19-17-357
BIDLACK, JULIA A.                      NY-19-25-315
BIERCE, MILES H.                       NY-19-25-463
BILLINGS, APPLETON W.                  NY-19-21-613
BILLINGS, LAVINIA T.                   NY-19-26-349
BILLS, ELIJAH                          NY-19-2-279
BINGHAM, LUTHER                        NY-19-6-318
BIRD, CHAUNCEY B.                      NY-19-15-537
BIRD, CLARA B.                         NY-19-25-9
BIRGE, EDGAR W.                        NY-19-13-141
BIRMINGHAM, JOHN                       NY-19-19-241
BISHOP, EBENEZER                       NY-19-4-204
BISHOP, LEMAN                          NY-19-23-1
BISHOP, SAMUEL                         NY-19-11-29
BISHOP, SAMUEL S.                      NY-19-18-617
BISHOP, WILLIAM                        NY-19-5-154
BISSELL, BETSEY                        NY-19-5-210
BISSELL, JOHN C.                       NY-19-26-221
BISSELL, LEVI                          NY-19-4-419
BISSELL, LEVI                          NY-19-20-295
BISSELL, LIVINGSTON J.                 NY-19-24-17
BISSELL, MARY A.                       NY-19-24-565
BIXBY, JOHN G.                         NY-19-13-49
BLACKMER, ABNER W.                     NY-19-15-85
BLADES, GEORGE H.                      NY-19-9-233
BLADES, ROBERT                         NY-19-17-165
BLAIR, JOHN L.                         NY-19-15-333
BLAKE, ANN                             NY-19-20-523
BLAKE, JERUSHA                         NY-19-15-33
BLAND, HENRY                           NY-19-20-499
BLEYLER, ELIZABETH                     NY-19-14-620
BLISS, BARNUM                          NY-19-22-573
BLISS, CLARISSA                        NY-19-7-277
BLISS, ORAN                            NY-19-4-69
BLODGETT, CATHARINE                    NY-19-6-167
BLODGETT, ELIPHAS                      NY-19-5-519
BLODGETT, GEORGE W.                    NY-19-12-138
BLODGETT, LYDIA                        NY-19-19-285
BLODGETT, MARY S.                      NY-19-17-269
BLOOD, NELSON                          NY-19-20-167
BLOOD, ROBERT                          NY-19-21-481
BLOSSOM, ISAAC B.                      NY-19-6-115
BLOSSOM, SETH                          NY-19-4-309
BOGART, ERNEST                         NY-19-16-457
BOGART, FRANCES L.                     NY-19-26-433
BOGUE, DAN H.                          NY-19-15-289
BOLLER, NATHAN T.                      NY-19-14-655
BOLT, ELLEN                            NY-19-25-439
BOLT, NICHOLAS                         NY-19-23-14
BOLT, SAMUEL                           NY-19-21-161
BOND, ELIAS                            NY-19-13-65
BOND, HENRY                            NY-19-4-82
BOND, OSWALD                           NY-19-13-277
BOOTH, HEZEKIAH B.                     NY-19-22-133
BOOTH, JOSEPH                          NY-19-9-417
BOOTH, LUCY A.                         NY-19-15-117
BOOTS, JOHN                            NY-19-23-84
BOSTWICK, AUSTIN                       NY-19-10-193
BOSWORTH, WILLIAM R.                   NY-19-26-97
BOUGHTON, SEYMOUR                      NY-19-11-49
BOWEN, DAVID T.                        NY-19-22-525
BOWEN, MARY A.                         NY-19-20-203
BOWER, BENJAMIN                        NY-19-8-91
BOWER, FRANCES                         NY-19-22-609
BOYCE, JOHN                            NY-19-24-29
BOYD, JAMES                            NY-19-11-393
BOYLAN, SARAH M.                       NY-19-17-189
BOYLAND, MARY ANN DARBY                NY-19-23-19
BOYLE, CATHERINE                       NY-19-25-531
BOYNTON, BETSEY                        NY-19-19-45
BOYNTON, JAMES F.                      NY-19-20-559
BOYNTON, JOHN                          NY-19-4-350
BRADFIELD, EUNICE                      NY-19-18-41
BRADLEY, BIANCA E.                     NY-19-12-56
BRADLEY, EDMUND F.                     NY-19-18-385
BRADLEY, HORACE                        NY-19-5-393
BRADLEY, LUCRETIA                      NY-19-23-54
BRADLEY, MARY GERTRUDE                 NY-19-7-357
BRADLEY, MINER M.                      NY-19-21-1
BRADLEY, OLIVE B.                      NY-19-25-603
BRADLEY, PATRICK                       NY-19-13-81
BRADLEY, STEPHEN R.                    NY-19-8-187
BRADLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-19-23-87
BRADLEY, WILLIAM E.                    NY-19-25-187
BRADLEY, WILLIAM S.                    NY-19-3-121
BRADWAY, GEORGE W.                     NY-19-24-599
BRAGG, SILAS                           NY-19-6-451
BRAINARD, LEVI                         NY-19-7-336
BRAITHWAITE, JOHN                      NY-19-4-125
BRANCH, ELLEN J.                       NY-19-16-569
BRATT, JAMES                           NY-19-13-453
BRAYLEY, JAMES                         NY-19-11-385
BRCKETT, JOHN                          NY-19-3-541
BRENNEN, ANN                           NY-19-24-557
BRESLIN, THOMAS                        NY-19-13-461
BRETT, JOHN                            NY-19-1-345
BREWSTER, BEJAMIN                      NY-19-5-320
BREWSTER, BENJAMIN                     NY-19-15-437
BREWSTER, BETSEY                       NY-19-16-245
BREWSTER, FEMMEY                       NY-19-15-549
BREWSTER, HENRY                        NY-19-6-38
BRICKLEY, RACHEL                       NY-19-7-12
BRIGGS, GEORGE A.                      NY-19-22-61
BRIGGS, WILLIAM                        NY-19-6-192
BRIGHAM, HANNAH S.                     NY-19-13-233
BRILL, JOHN                            NY-19-21-125
BRISBANE, JAMES                        NY-19-5-104
BROCKWAY, GEORGE                       NY-19-3-69
BRODIE, JOHN                           NY-19-23-60
BRODIE, JOHN P.                        NY-19-20-239
BRODIE, PETER I.                       NY-19-18-357
BRODIE, PETER J.                       NY-19-21-73
BROOKS, PURDENCY                       NY-19-16-129
BROUGHTON, JOHN                        NY-19-16-197
BROWE, THOMAAS                         NY-19-22-197
BROWN, ALMIRA                          NY-19-10-229
BROWN, ALMIRA                          NY-19-21-145
BROWN, ALVIN B.                        NY-19-6-158
BROWN, ANN                             NY-19-23-2
BROWN, ANN                             NY-19-24-561
BROWN, BENJAMIN R.                     NY-19-8-31
BROWN, CAROLINE                        NY-19-17-41
BROWN, CHARLES P.                      NY-19-6-309
BROWN, CHAUNCEY                        NY-19-7-346
BROWN, CYRUS                           NY-19-4-334
BROWN, DELIA ADELINE                   NY-19-6-48
BROWN, EDWARD                          NY-19-7-112
BROWN, ELIJAH                          NY-19-9-113
BROWN, ELKANAH                         NY-19-6-495
BROWN, EPHRAIM                         NY-19-1-297
BROWN, FREDERICK                       NY-19-15-201
BROWN, HEMAN                           NY-19-2-49
BROWN, HEMAN                           NY-19-2-103
BROWN, HEMAN                           NY-19-17-465
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-19-2-81
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-19-17-573
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-19-23-57
BROWN, JOHN A.                         NY-19-18-305
BROWN, JOHN W.                         NY-19-23-8
BROWN, JOSHUA L.                       NY-19-6-198
BROWN, LIBBEUS                         NY-19-3-323
BROWN, LUCINA                          NY-19-19-65
BROWN, LUCIUS                          NY-19-16-429
BROWN, LUTHER                          NY-19-15-137
BROWN, MARIA ENOS                      NY-19-22-97
BROWN, NATHANIEL                       NY-19-1-219
BROWN, OTHNIEL                         NY-19-6-253
BROWN, PARLEY W.                       NY-19-21-273
BROWN, RICHARD                         NY-19-6-376
BROWN, RICHARD G.                      NY-19-18-453
BROWN, SARAH PALMER                    NY-19-14-595
BROWN, STEPHEN                         NY-19-15-329
BROWN, THOMAS                          NY-19-10-65
BROWN, ZACHARIAH                       NY-19-3-52
BROWNING, JARED B.                     NY-19-6-22
BROWNING, LOUISA                       NY-19-24-165
BROWNING, MARY                         NY-19-20-235
BROWNING, RICHARD                      NY-19-22-17
BRUG, SIMON                            NY-19-11-245
BRUMSTED, LEWIS                        NY-19-16-101
BRUNDAGE, JOSEPH                       NY-19-1-286
BRUNDIGE, HARVEY                       NY-19-16-493
BRYAN, WILLIAM G.                      NY-19-9-433
BRYANT, NATHAN                         NY-19-16-181
BUCHANAN, ELIZABETH A.                 NY-19-21-237
BUCHANON, EMELINE                      NY-19-19-405
BUCHMAN, SARAH                         NY-19-11-37
BUCK, UDNEY J.                         NY-19-6-476
BUCKHOLTZ, LEWIS                       NY-19-25-25
BUCKLAND, JOEL                         NY-19-4-380
BUCKLAND, ROSINA                       NY-19-24-357
BUEL, RICHARD                          NY-19-1-176
BUELL, CLARISSA                        NY-19-11-525
BUELL, THANKFUL                        NY-19-4-161
BUHR, MARY A.                          NY-19-26-181
BULKLEY, SALLY                         NY-19-6-455
BULL, PIERPONT E.                      NY-19-10-77
BULL, RHODA M.                         NY-19-11-101
BULLER, PETER                          NY-19-7-208
BULLOCK, JANE                          NY-19-21-5
BUMP, HUMPHREY                         NY-19-4-287
BUNNELL, LAURA E.                      NY-19-23-66
BURCH, ERHARD                          NY-19-20-579
BURDICK, SYLVESTER                     NY-19-2-219
BURGE, CALEB                           NY-19-3-315
BURGESS, LEWIS                         NY-19-17-549
BURGESS, THOMAS                        NY-19-7-261
BURK, RICHARD                          NY-19-19-185
BURKE, JOSEPH                          NY-19-14-601
BURKS, ELIZABETH                       NY-19-25-29
BURLINGAME, EPHRAIM                    NY-19-5-244
BURLINGAME, LUCRETIA                   NY-19-19-545
BURNHAM, SIMEON                        NY-19-7-30
BURNS, FRANCIS                         NY-19-25-163
BURR, FREDERICK                        NY-19-9-221
BURR, JAMES                            NY-19-16-253
BURR, JOACHIM                          NY-19-15-405
BURR, JOHN                             NY-19-26-397
BURR, JOSEPH                           NY-19-15-25
BURR, SALSMAN                          NY-19-5-264
BURRELL, CHARLES G.                    NY-19-12-226
BURRILL, JOSHUA                        NY-19-9-85
BURROUGHS, DANIEL                      NY-19-7-231
BURROUGHS, SARAH A.                    NY-19-16-397
BURT, BENJAMIN                         NY-19-7-314
BURT, MARSHFIELD                       NY-19-19-213
BURT, MYRON A.                         NY-19-20-99
BURTON, GEORGE                         NY-19-7-66
BUSH, WILLIAM H.                       NY-19-5-164
BUSHMAN, ALBERT C.                     NY-19-8-121
BUSHMAN, JACOB                         NY-19-6-181
BUSHNELL, ALICE J.                     NY-19-17-593
BUTLER, PHINEAS                        NY-19-3-80
BUTTOLPH, HIRAM M.                     NY-19-21-49
BUTTON, HORACE                         NY-19-10-421
BUTZ, JOHN                             NY-19-23-84
BUXTON, CHARLES T.                     NY-19-17-325
BYAM, DAVID                            NY-19-9-145
BYRON, GEORGE                          NY-19-4-281
CADY, RETURN B.                        NY-19-11-329
CADY, RETURN BOARDMAN                  NY-19-21-585
CALDWELL, LAURA ELIZA                  NY-19-18-609
CALKINS, CHESTER                       NY-19-20-463
CALKINS, DANIEL                        NY-19-3-233
CALKINS, DANIEL                        NY-19-18-481
CALKINS, ELEAZAR                       NY-19-3-243
CALKINS, ELI                           NY-19-3-142
CALKINS, INDAMOIA                      NY-19-3-498
CALKINS, ISAAC BRADLEY                 NY-19-20-459
CALKINS, SAMUEL M.                     NY-19-20-455
CALKINS, SUSAN D.                      NY-19-20-451
CALKINS, SYLVESTER H.                  NY-19-17-497
CALKINS, ZERVIAH                       NY-19-20-407
CALL, JOHN PAINE                       NY-19-23-150
CALLAHAN, JAMES                        NY-19-18-605
CALNAN, JOHN                           NY-19-22-469
CALVERT, JOSEPH T.                     NY-19-16-365
CAMERON, ISABELLA                      NY-19-22-181
CAMERON, JOHN                          NY-19-17-393
CAMERON, WILLIAM HUGH                  NY-19-17-157
CAMP, SHELDON                          NY-19-3-21
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER H.                 NY-19-24-265
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                    NY-19-9-53
CAMPBELL, WALTER                       NY-19-6-140
CANFIELD, JEROME                       NY-19-7-15
CANN, JANE                             NY-19-20-551
CAPLE, ALFRED                          NY-19-24-417
CAREY, MARTIN                          NY-19-26-301
CAREY, THOMAS J.                       NY-19-24-277
CARPENTER, JULIA                       NY-19-5-329
CARPENTER, MANDANA                     NY-19-26-277
CARPENTER, SELAH                       NY-19-9-225
CARR, SYBIL A.                         NY-19-18-333
CARR, SYLVESTER                        NY-19-25-447
CARROLL, PHILIP                        NY-19-22-1
CARRUTHERS, THOMAS A.                  NY-19-24-517
CARTER, DANIEL                         NY-19-23-157
CARTER, FRANCES C.                     NY-19-21-301
CARTER, JOHN                           NY-19-1-291
CARTER, JOSEPH C.                      NY-19-17-345
CARTER, JULIA A.                       NY-19-13-241
CARTER, LOREN                          NY-19-5-274
CARTER, PHEBE                          NY-19-2-17
CARTER, THOMAS                         NY-19-24-433
CARTNEY, THOMAS                        NY-19-16-49
CARY, ALFRED                           NY-19-6-88
CARY, TRUMBULL                         NY-19-10-425
CASE, PELATIAH                         NY-19-3-177
CASEY, JANE                            NY-19-24-61
CASEY, WILLIAM                         NY-19-19-569
CASH, ERASTUS                          NY-19-13-201
CASPAR, ELIZABETH H. B.                NY-19-17-513
CASPAR, FRANK                          NY-19-15-469
CATHCART, SILAS                        NY-19-13-425
CATHCART, THOMAS                       NY-19-4-202
CATHCOURT, ENOS                        NY-19-5-378
CATLE, LYMAN W.                        NY-19-16-105
CERCKER, ASENATH                       NY-19-9-265
CHADDOCK, FRANCES L.                   NY-19-26-585
CHADDOCK, HERBERT L.                   NY-19-11-41
CHADDOCK, HIRAM                        NY-19-24-205
CHADDOCK, JOSEPH                       NY-19-4-145
CHADDOCK, SUEL                         NY-19-26-373
CHADDOCK, SUEL                         NY-19-25-131
CHADDOCK, WILLARD                      NY-19-2-239
CHAMBERLAIN, JAMES                     NY-19-5-306
CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN                      NY-19-17-237
CHAMBERLAIN, SARAH                     NY-19-22-93
CHAMBERLIN, JOHN                       NY-19-6-30
CHAMBERLIN, SALLY                      NY-19-12-234
CHAMBERLIN, STEWART                    NY-19-11-17
CHAMPION, ABRAM                        NY-19-5-1
CHAMPION, EZRA                         NY-19-7-92
CHAMPION, JOHN W.                      NY-19-6-187
CHAMPION, SILAS                        NY-19-16-85
CHAMPLIN, LODWICK                      NY-19-5-197
CHAMPLIN, NATHAN                       NY-19-1-159
CHAPEL, ELIAS M.                       NY-19-16-333
CHAPIN, FRANK                          NY-19-20-5
CHAPIN, MARY ANN                       NY-19-25-335
CHAPIN, MARY JANE                      NY-19-15-317
CHAPMAN, ABRAHAM                       NY-19-4-220
CHAPMAN, BRADLEY J.                    NY-19-24-69
CHAPMAN, ICHABOD                       NY-19-2-142
CHAPMAN, MALINDA S.                    NY-19-24-65
CHAPPLE, HENRY                         NY-19-11-204
CHARICK, CLARA JANE                    NY-19-20-495
CHASE, AI S.                           NY-19-10-461
CHASE, JAMES                           NY-19-10-401
CHENEY, EDWARD                         NY-19-22-143
CHENEY, ELISHA                         NY-19-10-305
CHESLEY, BENJAMIN                      NY-19-4-471
CHICK, THOMAS                          NY-19-15-53
CHILD, PRENTIS                         NY-19-5-126
CHILDS, LYMAN                          NY-19-17-469
CHILSON, ABEL                          NY-19-7-251
CHILSON, MARIA                         NY-19-10-261
CHIPMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-19-3-450
CHIPMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-19-12-162
CHIPMAN, LEMUEL                        NY-19-2-154
CHOATE, HENRY M.                       NY-19-22-477
CHRISTIE, JAMES                        NY-19-10-173
CHRISTMAN, ADDISON                     NY-19-21-57
CHRISTMAN, SILAS                       NY-19-26-537
CHRISTOPHERSON, ANDREW O.              NY-19-25-343
CHURCH, HARRIET A.                     NY-19-23-122
CHURCH, SETH                           NY-19-4-47
CHURCHILL, ADELIA B.                   NY-19-13-133
CHURCHILL, ALMON S.                    NY-19-11-481
CHURCHILL, ARA                         NY-19-11-117
CHURCHILL, ELISHA                      NY-19-11-305
CHURCHILL, HARRIET                     NY-19-16-165
CHURCHILL, JOHN F.                     NY-19-18-417
CHURCHILL, JOSIAH                      NY-19-5-214
CHURCHILL, MARY G.                     NY-19-13-449
CHURCHILL, NATHANIEL                   NY-19-6-340
CLAIS, JACOB                           NY-19-18-321
CLAPP, HARRIET ANN                     NY-19-16-425
CLARK, ALEXANDER                       NY-19-24-545
CLARK, ALVIN                           NY-19-22-161
CLARK, AMY                             NY-19-10-333
CLARK, BENJAMIN                        NY-19-17-353
CLARK, DANIEL                          NY-19-3-217
CLARK, EBENEZER                        NY-19-19-161
CLARK, EDWARD M.                       NY-19-19-321
CLARK, HELEN S.                        NY-19-13-21
CLARK, JAMES                           NY-19-4-4
CLARK, JAMES                           NY-19-20-211
CLARK, JAMES C.                        NY-19-21-477
CLARK, JEROME A.                       NY-19-18-589
CLARK, JOSEPH                          NY-19-15-589
CLARK, MARTHA E.                       NY-19-16-249
CLARK, MARY                            NY-19-23-50
CLARK, NORRIS G.                       NY-19-12-183
CLARK, REUBEN                          NY-19-1-216
CLARK, RUFUS                           NY-19-22-597
CLARK, SARAH                           NY-19-17-149
CLARK, SIMON                           NY-19-4-333
CLARK, THEODORE P.                     NY-19-7-174
CLARK, TIMOTHY                         NY-19-14-448
CLARK, WALTER                          NY-19-14-613
CLARKE, ANN                            NY-19-24-285
CLARKE, SARAH ELIZABETH                NY-19-17-69
CLAUGH, DAVID                          NY-19-2-184
CLEMENT, ORSON J.                      NY-19-15-189
CLEMENT, ROYAL N.                      NY-19-10-285
CLEMENTS, NABBY                        NY-19-5-470
CLEVELAND, ABISHA P.                   NY-19-25-167
CLEVELAND, SAMUEL G.                   NY-19-20-479
CLEVLEAND, JOHNATHAN W.                NY-19-15-445
CLOSE, GIDEON                          NY-19-2-59
CLOUGH, ABRAHAM                        NY-19-3-253
COBB, LOVEL                            NY-19-11-161
COCHRAN, JOHN                          NY-19-3-411
COCHRAN, MARY                          NY-19-3-346
COCHRAN, PETER                         NY-19-3-43
COE, HARRY                             NY-19-18-569
COE, ITHAMAR                           NY-19-1-330
COE, LAURA                             NY-19-19-93
COE, MARTIN O.                         NY-19-6-336
COGSWELL, GEORGE W.                    NY-19-5-317
COGSWELL, THOMAS                       NY-19-13-161
COLBY, AARON H.                        NY-19-25-503
COLBY, DANIEL                          NY-19-6-72
COLBY, JOSHUA                          NY-19-22-533
COLBY, LEVI H.                         NY-19-21-493
COLBY, LOUISA                          NY-19-23-67
COLDER, JAMES                          NY-19-1-111
COLE, ELIZABETH                        NY-19-9-173
COLE, FANNIE E.                        NY-19-7-361
COLE, GEORGE                           NY-19-24-333
COLE, LODEMA G.                        NY-19-17-229
COLLINS, ELIZABETH                     NY-19-7-464
COLLINS, ELIZABETH A.                  NY-19-20-287
COLLINS, HARRIET B.                    NY-19-25-435
COLLINS, SARAH A.                      NY-19-22-397
COLLINS, WILLIAM                       NY-19-2-269
COLLINS, WILLIAM                       NY-19-2-283
COLMAN, EZRA S.                        NY-19-16-169
COMBS, CATHARINE                       NY-19-7-75
COMSTOCK, HEZEKIAH                     NY-19-1-289
COMSTOCK, SAMUEL                       NY-19-11-353
CONDE, CARRIE C.                       NY-19-23-106
CONDON, DAVID                          NY-19-18-25
CONE, ADOLINE B.                       NY-19-19-25
CONE, CHARLES S.                       NY-19-23-42
CONE, NATHANIEL K.                     NY-19-16-257
CONE, ZECHARIAH                        NY-19-5-308
CONGDON, AMY B.                        NY-19-20-227
CONNER, CLARISSA A.                    NY-19-25-571
CONNERY, HENRY H.                      NY-19-21-505
COOK, ABIGAIL P.                       NY-19-14-442
COOK, AMBROSE                          NY-19-6-55
COOK, CATHARINE                        NY-19-11-93
COOK, DAVID                            NY-19-1-273
COOK, ELLISON                          NY-19-25-295
COOK, GEORGE W.                        NY-19-25-339
COOK, HORACE                           NY-19-13-397
COOK, JOSEPH                           NY-19-6-96
COOK, LEVI                             NY-19-4-461
COOK, LUMAN                            NY-19-5-261
COOK, OLIVER                           NY-19-6-152
COOK, ORLIN                            NY-19-10-437
COOK, SALUTHA                          NY-19-6-179
COOK, SARAH                            NY-19-22-29
COOK, VAN RENSSELAER                   NY-19-3-421
COOLEY, ANNA                           NY-19-24-505
COOLEY, THOMAS                         NY-19-4-424
COON, JOHN I.                          NY-19-14-445
COON, LYDIA                            NY-19-20-39
COON, PHILIP                           NY-19-15-325
COOPER, JAMES A.                       NY-19-25-17
COOPER, JOHN                           NY-19-17-29
COSGRIFF, JAMES                        NY-19-23-119
COTTON, ELIJAH H.                      NY-19-17-317
COVELL, GEORGE R. D.                   NY-19-9-317
COVELL, RICHARD D.                     NY-19-13-341
COWAN, WILLIAM L.                      NY-19-7-523
COWDIN, AUGUSTUS                       NY-19-19-397
COWLES, ROBERT                         NY-19-17-365
COX, EZRA                              NY-19-10-365
CRABB, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-19-17-225
CRABB, PEPPER                          NY-19-13-305
CRAFT, ANDREW J.                       NY-19-19-385
CRAFT, HARRIET P.                      NY-19-20-547
CRAFT, MALINDA D.                      NY-19-10-317
CRAFT, MARY JANE                       NY-19-19-381
CRAFT, WILLIAM                         NY-19-18-517
CRAIG, ROBERT W.                       NY-19-16-277
CRAMPTON, HENRY B.                     NY-19-8-217
CRAMPTON, HENRY B.                     NY-19-12-64
CRAMTON, AMON G.                       NY-19-26-113
CRANDALL, JOHN T.                      NY-19-19-221
CRANE, BENJAMIN R.                     NY-19-10-289
CRANE, FRANK W.                        NY-19-26-517
CRANE, WHEELER J.                      NY-19-16-445
CRAWFORD, ALONZO                       NY-19-13-13
CRAWFORD, GILBERT                      NY-19-5-8
CRAWFORD, MILTON                       NY-19-16-285
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM JOHN                 NY-19-26-101
CREHAN, JOHN                           NY-19-13-121
CREHAN, THOMAS                         NY-19-7-556
CROCKER, AMANDER                       NY-19-22-441
CROCKER, DIMMIS                        NY-19-18-341
CROCKER, ELIJAH                        NY-19-15-305
CROCKER, GEORGE                        NY-19-5-67
CROCKER, HENRY W.                      NY-19-15-349
CROCKER, JONATHAN LYMAN                NY-19-25-455
CROCKER, STEPHEN                       NY-19-22-365
CROCKER, WILLIAM                       NY-19-18-189
CROFOOT, GIDEON D.                     NY-19-23-45
CROFOOT, JOEL                          NY-19-9-57
CROSMAN, AMOS                          NY-19-16-121
CROSMAN, FANNIE S.                     NY-19-20-363
CROSMAN, MARIA                         NY-19-26-245
CROSS, ABEL                            NY-19-3-366
CROSS, IRA T.                          NY-19-6-323
CROSSEN, JOHN                          NY-19-9-93
CROUCH, ANNA                           NY-19-7-398
CROUCH, RHOBE A.                       NY-19-13-433
CROWELL, ALICE                         NY-19-5-271
CROXTON, ALMIRA R.                     NY-19-17-493
CROXTON, STEPHEN                       NY-19-21-241
CULVER, GEORGE H.                      NY-19-10-89
CUMINS, HARRISON                       NY-19-13-17
CUMINS, ROXANA                         NY-19-24-297
CURRIE, ALICE                          NY-19-26-61
CURRY, MICHAEL                         NY-19-26-17
CURTIS, AMASA                          NY-19-3-211
CURTIS, CUMFORT                        NY-19-2-161
CURTIS, FRANCIS                        NY-19-2-28
CURTIS, JOSEPH                         NY-19-25-633
CURTIS, LAURA                          NY-19-24-73
CURTIS, MELESON                        NY-19-24-321
CURTISS, AMOS O.                       NY-19-18-521
CURTISS, JOHN M.                       NY-19-18-181
CURTISS, OLWEN                         NY-19-16-65
CUTLER, ASA                            NY-19-10-377
CUTLER, SARAH                          NY-19-22-21
DAGGETT, ELIHU                         NY-19-3-383
DAILEY, MICHAEL                        NY-19-17-509
DAILEY, THOMAS                         NY-19-18-441
DAMPIER, JOHN                          NY-19-17-81
DANFORTH, CHARRY T.                    NY-19-7-307
DANIELS, CLARK                         NY-19-23-32
DANOHY, CORNELIUS                      NY-19-17-161
DARBY, MICHAEL                         NY-19-18-233
DARLING, TIMOTHY                       NY-19-11-153
DARROW, LUTHER                         NY-19-10-161
DARROW, SAMUEL                         NY-19-2-1
DARROW, SAMUEL                         NY-19-2-110
DART, JAMES                            NY-19-23-71
DART, THOMAS                           NY-19-11-225
DART, WILLIAM K.                       NY-19-18-377
DASH, HARMON                           NY-19-17-489
DAUCHEY, SARAH                         NY-19-9-153
DAVEY, ALICE FRANCIS                   NY-19-15-281
DAVEY, JOHN                            NY-19-11-337
DAVIS, CATHERINE L. V.                 NY-19-25-511
DAVIS, ELIJAH                          NY-19-10-93
DAVIS, HAMLET                          NY-19-10-301
DAVIS, HANNAH                          NY-19-19-245
DAVIS, JOSEPH F.                       NY-19-16-205
DAVIS, THOMAS                          NY-19-3-406
DAVIS, WILLIAM E.                      NY-19-3-479
DAWS, LUCY K.                          NY-19-7-533
DAY, ALBERT H.                         NY-19-15-313
DAY, HARRIET H.                        NY-19-10-45
DAY, PALATIAH                          NY-19-4-385
DAY, RUSSELL                           NY-19-6-479
DEAN, ALDEN                            NY-19-21-201
DEAN, BRIDGET                          NY-19-25-49
DEAN, MARY                             NY-19-7-553
DEAN, SARAH A.                         NY-19-17-141
DEAN, SARAH A.                         NY-19-26-25
DECKER, MELISSA                        NY-19-15-141
DEFOREST, WILLIAM                      NY-19-15-101
DEGROAFF, JOHN                         NY-19-2-75
DEIS, HENRY                            NY-19-26-581
DEKAY, WILLIAM W.                      NY-19-17-369
DELANO, CALVIN F.                      NY-19-6-205
DELBRIDGE, HANNAH E.                   NY-19-24-445
DELBRIDGE, WILLIAM                     NY-19-9-1
DELBRIDGE, WILLIAM K.                  NY-19-9-29
DEMING, HARRIET                        NY-19-10-133
DEMING, JOHN                           NY-19-7-220
DENISON, GEORGE                        NY-19-17-9
DENISON, JOHN                          NY-19-5-259
DENNIS, ELIZABETH                      NY-19-19-293
DENNIS, SUSANNA                        NY-19-20-17
DENSLOW, IRA                           NY-19-10-341
DENTON, EDWARD M.                      NY-19-6-256
DEOE, ELIAS                            NY-19-7-394
DERRICK, JANE E.                       NY-19-18-49
DESHON, ALZADA                         NY-19-21-13
DESHON, DANIEL                         NY-19-18-197
DESHON, ELLEN M.                       NY-19-17-453
DESHON, HENRY                          NY-19-16-153
DESSOM, CAROLINE                       NY-19-22-349
DEUEL, JOB                             NY-19-8-49
DEWEY, CHARLES G.                      NY-19-17-173
DEWEY, GEORGE HENRY                    NY-19-7-354
DEWEY, OTIS W.                         NY-19-21-561
DEWEY, SYLVANUS DORR                   NY-19-11-85
DEWEY, WILLIAM                         NY-19-7-373
DEWEY, WILLIAM                         NY-19-11-241
DEWITT, ELLEN M.                       NY-19-11-261
DEWITT, JACOB J.                       NY-19-6-170
DEWITT, MARIA                          NY-19-10-97
DEWOLF, ANSON                          NY-19-13-153
DEWOLF, JOHN                           NY-19-10-189
DEWOLF, JOHN                           NY-19-25-491
DEWOLF, ORIN                           NY-19-25-499
DEWOLF, ZOBEIDE                        NY-19-25-207
DIBBLE, EDWIN A.                       NY-19-9-49
DIBBLE, HENRY B.                       NY-19-13-337
DIBBLE, HULDAH M.                      NY-19-10-81
DIBBLE, MARVIN L.                      NY-19-16-117
DIBBLE, R. COLBY                       NY-19-26-249
DICK, ISABELLA                         NY-19-25-535
DICKEY, JOHN M.                        NY-19-3-263
DICKINSON, DENNIS W.                   NY-19-11-565
DICKINSON, ESTHER                      NY-19-10-57
DICKINSON, GIDEON                      NY-19-10-477
DICKINSON, ICHABOD                     NY-19-5-458
DICKINSON, JERAME                      NY-19-19-469
DICKINSON, JULIA                       NY-19-24-41
DICKINSON, MOSES                       NY-19-10-225
DICKINSON, MOSES H.                    NY-19-19-305
DIDGET, GEORGE                         NY-19-23-123
DIDGET, WILLIAM                        NY-19-25-539
DIGNEN, MICHAEL                        NY-19-25-175
DILLON, MARY                           NY-19-11-449
DIMOCK, THOMAS                         NY-19-6-438
DINSLOW, MARY M.                       NY-19-9-289
DISBROW, CHARLES R.                    NY-19-7-268
DISBROW, DOSHA                         NY-19-10-157
DISBROW, JOSEPH                        NY-19-11-309
DISBROW, SANFORD W.                    NY-19-8-37
DITZEL, JOHN                           NY-19-23-137
DIVER, CALVIN                          NY-19-13-321
DIX, JULIA A.                          NY-19-22-501
DIX, SAMUEL L.                         NY-19-11-345
DIXON, CHARLES                         NY-19-17-445
DIXON, EDWARD                          NY-19-10-29
DIXON, THOMAS                          NY-19-3-378
DIXON, WILLIAM R.                      NY-19-16-437
DOAN, ISRAEL G.                        NY-19-6-389
DOANE, DAN                             NY-19-26-565
DOANE, PHEBE ANN                       NY-19-11-441
DODGE, ABNER C.                        NY-19-22-205
DODGE, BRUCE                           NY-19-13-105
DODGE, CATHARINE                       NY-19-21-401
DODGE, ERASTUS S.                      NY-19-16-373
DODGE, SUSAN                           NY-19-22-337
DODGSON, EARL A.                       NY-19-25-387
DODGSON, SARAH J.                      NY-19-15-145
DODSON, PETER C.                       NY-19-16-305
DODT, JOHN                             NY-19-10-177
DOLAN, ANDREW                          NY-19-11-489
DOLAN, MARTIN                          NY-19-26-57
DONOGHUE, ANNIE                        NY-19-17-437
DONOGHUE, DENIS                        NY-19-22-517
DONOGHUE, JOHN                         NY-19-19-97
DONOGHUE, ROGER C.                     NY-19-20-429
DONOVAN, CORNELIUS                     NY-19-22-157
DONOVAN, PATRICK                       NY-19-18-165
DONOVAN, PATRICK                       NY-19-22-289
DOOLAN, MARGARET                       NY-19-25-555
DOOLITTLE, EUNICE M.                   NY-19-19-277
DOOLITTLE, HENRY                       NY-19-3-338
DOOLITTLE, JAMES D.                    NY-19-18-365
DOOLY, CATHARINE                       NY-19-15-121
DORAN, JEMIMA                          NY-19-2-44
DOREN, MARY                            NY-19-17-45
DORMAN, GEORGE                         NY-19-6-397
DORMAN, JOHN                           NY-19-11-465
DORUS, SARAH                           NY-19-4-93
DOTY, JOHN                             NY-19-15-157
DOTY, KIRKLAND                         NY-19-7-442
DOTY, OLIVE E.                         NY-19-22-589
DOUGLAS, ALEXANDER                     NY-19-15-481
DOUGLASS, AMBROSE                      NY-19-18-597
DOUGLASS, ANNE G.                      NY-19-11-537
DOUGLASS, DANIEL                       NY-19-3-146
DOUGLASS, JAMES                        NY-19-5-408
DOWD, HEMAN                            NY-19-5-84
DOWNEY, JAMES                          NY-19-10-217
DOWNING, BEULAH                        NY-19-10-13
DOWNING, PHILLETUS R.                  NY-19-24-85
DOYLE, OWEN                            NY-19-25-415
DRAKE, ALANSON T.                      NY-19-16-421
DRAKE, ELLA                            NY-19-19-73
DRAKE, FRANCIS                         NY-19-2-19
DRAKE, JOHN                            NY-19-9-249
DRAKE, LARINA C.                       NY-19-22-213
DRAKE, MILES A.                        NY-19-9-157
DRAKE, MOSES                           NY-19-10-405
DRAKE, NORMAN                          NY-19-24-301
DRAKE, SAMUEL                          NY-19-11-529
DRURY, OTIS                            NY-19-5-65
DUANE, PATRICK                         NY-19-20-331
DUDLEY, HARRIET                        NY-19-7-304
DUERS, BENJAMIN                        NY-19-4-32
DUERS, WILLIAM                         NY-19-20-275
DUFFEY, ANNA                           NY-19-21-41
DUGUID, JASON W.                       NY-19-13-217
DUNBAR, FANNIE                         NY-19-18-601
DUNCAN, CHARLOTTE BLACK                NY-19-18-273
DUNCAN, THOMAS                         NY-19-16-237
DUNHAM, GIDEON                         NY-19-4-57
DUNHAM, GIDEON                         NY-19-17-169
DUNHAM, SOLOMON                        NY-19-11-573
DUNHAM, WILLIAM                        NY-19-15-29
DUNN, JAMES                            NY-19-6-79
DUNN, JAMES                            NY-19-16-449
DUNN, JOHN                             NY-19-18-93
DUNNING, LEWIS                         NY-19-9-369
DUNNING, ORRIN                         NY-19-22-309
DURGY, LUCIUS C.                       NY-19-26-201
DURHAM, EDWARD                         NY-19-9-413
DURHAM, HANNAH                         NY-19-15-293
DURHAM, JACOB                          NY-19-13-409
DURHAM, JAMES                          NY-19-21-437
DURHAM, JOHN                           NY-19-19-41
DURKEE, ABIGAIL                        NY-19-23-133
DURKEE, HORATIO                        NY-19-3-6
DURKEE, JONATHAN                       NY-19-5-453
DURKEE, PHILO                          NY-19-23-159
DURSTINE, PALLAS L.                    NY-19-26-9
DURYEE, JAMES                          NY-19-2-261
DUTTON, CALVIN                         NY-19-23-79
DUTTON, LAFAYETTE                      NY-19-22-65
DUTTON, LUCINDA H.                     NY-19-18-489
DUTTON, SIMEON E.                      NY-19-6-59
DYER, JOHN                             NY-19-19-105

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