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ABBOT, KATHERINE F.                         NY-18-21-69
ABBOTT, SARAH                               NY-18-26-237
ABEL, FERNANDO                              NY-18-19-27
ABEL, MARGARET                              NY-18-26-233
ABEL, STEPHEN H.                            NY-18-26-172
ABELING, ANDREW                             NY-18-22-114
ACKART, CATHARINE A.                        NY-18-9-441
ACKART, JAMES H.                            NY-18-8-417
ACKERKNECHT, ERNEST                         NY-18-24-99
ADAMS, ELIZABETH A.                         NY-18-8-461
ADAMS, EZRA B.                              NY-18-23-73
ADAMS, HENRY B.                             NY-18-24-40
ADAMS, LOUISA M.                            NY-18-26-144
ADAMS, MARY A.                              NY-18-22-187
ADLE, VIOLA D.                              NY-18-24-116
ADLER, LOUISA                               NY-18-18-549
ALBRO, JENNIE D.                            NY-18-24-269
ALBRO, JOHN                                 NY-18-24-58
ALEXANDER,CYNTHIA JEANNETTE                 NY-18-24-181
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM HENRY                    NY-18-24-264
ALGYRE, DAVID                               NY-18-1-494
ALGYRE, DAVID                               NY-18-1-495
ALLEN, ARCHIBALD                            NY-18-13-101
ALLEN, CALVIN B.                            NY-18-20-11
ALLEN, CATHERINE A.                         NY-18-21-159
ALLEN, CHARLES F.                           NY-18-23-227
ALLEN, EDWIN                                NY-18-16-265
ALLEN, ELLA                                 NY-18-6-548
ALLEN, EMILY                                NY-18-22-214
ALLEN, ETHAN P.                             NY-18-17-77
ALLEN, FRED                                 NY-18-16-105
ALLEN, GENEVIEVE S.                         NY-18-21-209
ALLEN, GEORGE C.                            NY-18-22-60
ALLEN, HERBERT                              NY-18-16-298
ALLEN, HIRAM                                NY-18-15-498
ALLEN, JOHN C.                              NY-18-18-191
ALLEN, LYDIA                                NY-18-7-505
ALLEN, LYDIA H.                             NY-18-19-22
ALLEN, MARY                                 NY-18-7-422
ALLEN, MYRON                                NY-18-24-126
ALLEN, PHEBE                                NY-18-14-269
ALLEN, ROZELLEN D.                          NY-18-24-97
ALLEN, THOMAS                               NY-18-8-121
ALLEN, WARREN W.                            NY-18-10-73
ALLEN, WILLIAM                              NY-18-11-369
ALLEN, WILLIAM C.                           NY-18-8-129
ALLFREY, HENRY                              NY-18-20-15
ALLFREY, WILLIAM H.                         NY-18-24-236
ALLWORTH, CHARLES N.                        NY-18-10-156
ALLWORTH, ELIZABETH                         NY-18-23-41
ALVERSON, WILLIAM B.                        NY-18-23-247
ALVORD, CALVIN G.                           NY-18-19-85
ALVORD, CHAUNCY G.                          NY-18-7-211
ALVORD, MARY                                NY-18-9-225
ALVORD, SYLVSTER D.                         NY-18-6-473
ANDERSON, JOHN                              NY-18-1-76
ANDERSON, JULIA A.                          NY-18-21-95
ANDERSON, PHILANDER                         NY-18-12-21
ANDERSON, SAMUEL N.                         NY-18-8-381
ANDREST, LOUISE                             NY-18-9-37
ANDREWS, PHEBE C.                           NY-18-17-183
ANIBAL, CALVIN P.                           NY-18-24-23
ANIBAL, JENNETTE                            NY-18-24-133
ANSCOMBE, ABRAHAM                           NY-18-14-353
ANTHONY, JOHN J.                            NY-18-24-237
ANTHONY, MARGARET                           NY-18-24-129
ANTHONY, MARY J.                            NY-18-17-203
ANTHONY, ORREN A.                           NY-18-17-49
ANTHONY, SARAH M.                           NY-18-26-91
ARBIB, EUGENIO JOSEPH                       NY-18-18-353
ARGERSINGER, BALTUS A.                      NY-18-24-161
ARGERSINGER, BARBRA                         NY-18-22-103
ARGERSINGER, CARRIE B.                      NY-18-22-101
ARGERSINGER, ELLEN M.                       NY-18-22-102
ARGERSINGER, FLORA                          NY-18-21-199
ARGERSINGER, LEONARD                        NY-18-18-471
ARGERSINGER, MARGARET S.                    NY-18-25-163
ARGERSINGER, MARY L.                        NY-18-18-519
ARGERSINGER, PHILETUS P.                    NY-18-21-99
ARGERSINGER, PHILIP                         NY-18-9-49
ARGERSINGER, WILLIAM                        NY-18-16-181
ARGOTSINGER, ARCHIBALD                      NY-18-24-121
ARGOTSINGER, BALTUS                         NY-18-2-52
ARGOTSINGER, BALTUS                         NY-18-6-487
ARMS, JOHN B.                               NY-18-6-56
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT J.                        NY-18-24-137
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H.                       NY-18-15-223
ARTHUR, ANNE E.                             NY-18-24-101
ASH, ANN E.                                 NY-18-9-505
ASH, ARTHUR I.                              NY-18-25-257
ASHE, THOMAS                                NY-18-17-165
ASHTON, EZRA                                NY-18-6-58
ASHTON, GEORGE                              NY-18-24-212
ASHTON, GEORGE W.                           NY-18-16-538
ASHTON, WILLIAM J.                          NY-18-24-100
ATKINS, DAVID                               NY-18-3-274
ATTENBURGH, WILLIAM                         NY-18-1-313
ATTY, HENRY                                 NY-18-7-535
ATTY, JOHN WILLIAM                          NY-18-5-50
ATTY, SARAH                                 NY-18-11-21
ATTY, SARAH C.                              NY-18-25-267
ATTY, WILLIAM R.                            NY-18-14-97
AUDRIST, JACOB                              NY-18-24-50
AUSTIN, FRED W.                             NY-18-24-62
AUSTIN, JOHN C.                             NY-18-22-233
AUSTIN, LEMUEL H.                           NY-18-25-203
AUSTIN, THOMAS J.                           NY-18-14-141
AVERY, ALFRED H.                            NY-18-21-21
AVERY, AMOS                                 NY-18-6-499
AVERY, CATHARINE A.                         NY-18-18-79
AVERY, CHARLOTTE M.                         NY-18-8-5
AVERY, FRANK                                NY-18-26-160
AVERY, MARIA H.                             NY-18-16-45
AVERY, ROYAL A.                             NY-18-7-490
AYRES, MARSHALL V.                          NY-18-16-121
AYRES, STEPHEN                              NY-18-7-577
BACH, BARBARA                               NY-18-23-101
BACH, JULIUS H.                             NY-18-23-21
BACK, LOUIS W.                              NY-18-17-11
BACKER, JACOB                               NY-18-1-392
BADER, LODEWICK                             NY-18-1-281
BAHRDT, CHARLOTTE                           NY-18-12-197
BAILEY, ANN                                 NY-18-13-241
BAIRD, DAVID S.                             NY-18-18-90
BAIRD, HARRIET                              NY-18-6-259
BAIRD, WILLIAM H.                           NY-18-16-145
BAKER, ELEAZER                              NY-18-6-305
BAKER, ELISHA J.                            NY-18-5-476
BAKER, ELLEN VINCENT                        NY-18-23-145
BAKER, FLORENCE B.                          NY-18-25-291
BAKER, FRED G.                              NY-18-26-258
BAKER, JAMES H.                             NY-18-11-289
BAKER, MARION L.                            NY-18-19-35
BAKER, MARVIN                               NY-18-16-494
BAKER, MARY E.                              NY-18-8-477
BAKER, RANSON                               NY-18-1-446
BAKER, THOMAS B.                            NY-18-12-551
BALCH, JOSEPH                               NY-18-5-97
BALDIWN, CHALRES                            NY-18-14-173
BALDWIN, HANNAH                             NY-18-6-519
BALDWIN, JONATHAN                           NY-18-24-188
BALL, DANIEL                                NY-18-23-91
BALL, MARY E.                               NY-18-12-373
BALLANTINE, JANE M.                         NY-18-23-245
BALLANTINE, ROBERT                          NY-18-4-208
BANKER, LUELLA                              NY-18-19-48
BANKER, MICHAEL                             NY-18-14-505
BANKS, ALONZO J.                            NY-18-13-453
BANKS, MORGAN H.                            NY-18-13-225
BANTA, BARNET                               NY-18-2-78
BANTA, DIRCK                                NY-18-1-305
BANTA, HENRY                                NY-18-1-379
BANTA, JOHN H.                              NY-18-3-462
BANTA, SAMUEL                               NY-18-4-61
BARBER, EUNICE                              NY-18-19-19
BARBER, FERNANDO                            NY-18-22-19
BARD, BERIAH                                NY-18-4-91
BARD, FULTON V. W.                          NY-18-23-155
BARD, GEORGE                                NY-18-1-470
BARD, MILTON                                NY-18-17-181
BARKER, ADALINE                             NY-18-24-173
BARKER, DAVID N.                            NY-18-15-350
BARKER, ELBRIDGE G.                         NY-18-14-5
BARKER, FRANCINA                            NY-18-17-41
BARKER, JOHN S.                             NY-18-23-249
BARKER, KATE B.                             NY-18-19-32
BARKER, SAMUEL                              NY-18-6-182
BARKER, SARAH A.                            NY-18-21-171
BARKER, WILLIAM B.                          NY-18-9-309
BARLETT, SARAH                              NY-18-7-369
BARLEY, ELZADA J.                           NY-18-8-277
BARNES, ALFRED C.                           NY-18-22-6
BARTLETT, AARON                             NY-18-5-1
BARTLETT, HAILEY                            NY-18-6-546
BARTLETT, JAMES S.                          NY-18-19-15
BASS, SAMUEL                                NY-18-3-296
BASSETT, NEWCOMB                            NY-18-1-363
BATES, CLARINDA                             NY-18-13-261
BATES, HANNAH C.                            NY-18-9-389
BATES, JULIA ANNA                           NY-18-25-37
BATES, WILLIAM A.                           NY-18-22-177
BATTY, CHARLES                              NY-18-23-7
BAUDER, CATHARINE                           NY-18-20-273
BAUDER, GEORGE R.                           NY-18-17-295
BAUDER, MICHEAL M.                          NY-18-1-359
BAUM, JACOB F.                              NY-18-7-264
BAUM, JOSEPH                                NY-18-24-168
BAUMGAERTEL, MORRIS                         NY-18-21-141
BAUT, JOHN                                  NY-18-1-394
BEACH, CHARLOTTE C.                         NY-18-22-290
BEACH, EUGENE DR.                           NY-18-21-117
BEACH, JACOB                                NY-18-19-47
BEACH, LOUISA                               NY-18-23-195
BEACH, MARY M.                              NY-18-22-66
BEACH, SARAH J.                             NY-18-18-156
BEARDSLEY, SAMUEL                           NY-18-5-323
BEATH, WILLIAM W.                           NY-18-3-472
BECK, CASPER                                NY-18-5-353
BECKER, BARENT                              NY-18-1-246
BECKER, CHARLES H.                          NY-18-23-19
BECKER, EBENEZER                            NY-18-1-237
BECKER, FRANK E.                            NY-18-23-67
BECKER, JACOB                               NY-18-5-470
BECKER, JOHN                                NY-18-16-129
BECKER, JOHN J.                             NY-18-4-3
BECKER, NICHOLAS                            NY-18-13-173
BECKER, WILLARD                             NY-18-16-85
BECKWITH, JULIA H.                          NY-18-120
BEDFORD, ELIZABETH C.                       NY-18-25-85
BEDFORD, HENRY                              NY-18-13-77
BEEBE, WILLARD C.                           NY-18-22-52
BEECHER, ABRAHAM                            NY-18-3-485
BEECHER, BALDWIN                            NY-18-3-585
BEERCROFT, JANE                             NY-18-6-479
BEHLEN, SUSIE                               NY-18-22-85
BEHRENDT, HENRIETTA                         NY-18-24-132
BELL, ANNA M.                               NY-18-20-35
BELL, LUCY A.                               NY-18-22-167
BELL, MARY                                  NY-18-7-481
BELLEN, SAMUEL E.                           NY-18-26-180
BELLINGER, DAVID F.                         NY-18-7-476
BELLINGER, JOHN                             NY-18-1-250
BELLINGER, NANCY                            NY-18-26-200
BELLOWS, ANNA M.                            NY-18-26-34
BEMIS, ELLA                                 NY-18-25-239
BEMIS, ISAAC                                NY-18-3-127
BEMIS, JAMES A.                             NY-18-25-275
BENCHLEY, MARY J.                           NY-18-17-33
BENEDICT, AMOS                              NY-18-14-413
BENEDICT, ANTOINETTE                        NY-18-15-374
BENEDICT, ASA L.                            NY-18-22-192
BENEDICT, JAMES                             NY-18-5-139
BENEDICT, JERUSHA                           NY-18-5-171
BENEDICT, LEVI                              NY-18-10-109
BENEDICT, SARAH M.                          NY-18-8-9
BENEDICT, THOMAS R.                         NY-18-5-65
BENJAMIN, ASA L.                            NY-18-17-277
BENJAMIN, JAMES                             NY-18-9-301
BENJAMIN, JANE A. MCBETH                    NY-18-23-183
BENNETT, HANNAH                             NY-18-24-49
BENNETT, PETER                              NY-18-22-189
BENSON, SETH                                NY-18-21-291
BENTLEY, FRANCIS H.                         NY-18-16-354
BENTLEY, GARDINER                           NY-18-17-43
BENTLY, ELISHA                              NY-18-3-71
BENTLY, NATHANIEL                           NY-18-26-104
BENZE, MARY E.                              NY-18-24-12
BERESFORD, JOSEPH                           NY-18-16-205
BERGHOFF, ELIZA                             NY-18-23-93
BERKHAURFF, HENRY                           NY-18-5-230
BERLISTE, JEREMIAH B.                       NY-18-25-253
BERRY, ALDEN W.                             NY-18-14-293
BERRY, BENJAMIN                             NY-18-10-104
BERRY, EBENEZER                             NY-18-24-69
BERRY, ELLA                                 NY-18-26-252
BERRY, FANNY                                NY-18-11-1
BERRY, GEORGE C.                            NY-18-26-76
BERRY, HANNAH M.                            NY-18-22-295
BERRY, HENRY                                NY-18-4-153
BERRY, JAMES DR.                            NY-18-6-252
BERRY, JANET                                NY-18-26-124
BERRY, JOHN                                 NY-18-1-332
BERRY, KATHARINE                            NY-18-17-281
BERRY, THOMAS J.                            NY-18-8-497
BERRY, WILLIAM                              NY-18-2-179
BERRY, WILLIAM R.                           NY-18-16-225
BERTRAND, ANN F.                            NY-18-19-55
BERTRAND, LUCIEN                            NY-18-12-5
BERTRAND, SUZANNE CAMILLE                   NY-18-21-299
BEST, MARY E.                               NY-18-13-9
BETTES, ISAIAH                              NY-18-19-3
BETTS, ARCHIBALD L.                         NY-18-22-46
BETTS, ARCHIBALD L.                         NY-18-21-115
BETTS, PHEBE                                NY-18-8-165
BETTS, RICHARD                              NY-18-3-175
BEYERLINE, EMMA                             NY-18-26-148
BICE, SILAS                                 NY-18-24-5
BICKNELL, THOMAS                            NY-18-1-227
BIGFORD, SAMUEL                             NY-18-4-30
BILLINGHAM, WILLIS                          NY-18-6-476
BISHOP, EUGENE M.                           NY-18-24-135
BISHOP, EUNICE B.                           NY-18-11-409
BISHOP, JEANNETTE                           NY-18-25-227
BISHOP, LEONARD                             NY-18-9-345
BISHOP, LUTHER                              NY-18-2-69
BISHOP, STEPHEN M.                          NY-18-26-52
BISSELL, CLARA E.                           NY-18-22-204
BISSELL, DANIEL A.                          NY-18-24-124
BISSELL, PERMELIA A.                        NY-18-10-61
BLACK, JENNIE E.                            NY-18-15-73
BLACK, JOHN                                 NY-18-13-577
BLACK, WILLIAM H.                           NY-18-26-63
BLAIR, BENJAMIN                             NY-18-9-513
BLAIR, CATHARINE                            NY-18-7-151
BLAIR, DAVID                                NY-18-24-267
BLAKE, LOUISA                               NY-18-5-193
BLANCHARD, HARRIET                          NY-18-14-1
BLANCHARD, HARRIET                          NY-18-20-121
BLEYE, JULIUS C.                            NY-18-23-294
BLEYL, ESTHER K.                            NY-18-18-533
BLISS, JEFFERSON M.                         NY-18-11-365
BLOOD, CATHERINE J.                         NY-18-17-135
BLOOD, WILLIAM ALLEN                        NY-18-5-359
BLOWERS, AMMON P.                           NY-18-24-70
BLOWERS, BENEDICT                           NY-18-11-441
BOARDMAN, SARAH L.                          NY-18-21-105
BOGARDUS, JOHN E.                           NY-18-3-614
BOGGS, HANCE                                NY-18-6-312
BOGGS, MARGARET                             NY-18-6-482
BOHANAN, BARBARA                            NY-18-10-34
BOHANAN, JOHN W. F.                         NY-18-6-307
BOLLENDORF, FRITZ                           NY-18-24-30
BONACKER, JOSEPHINE                         NY-18-25-183
BONDREAU, GEORGE W.                         NY-18-26-294
BONFEY, MARY S.                             NY-18-12-57
BONFEY, PHEBE C.                            NY-18-15-133
BORST, WESLEY M.                            NY-18-22-201
BOSHART, JACOB                              NY-18-2-96
BOSHART, JACOB JR.                          NY-18-13-361
BOSHART, JOHN                               NY-18-3-123
BOSHART, PHEBE E.                           NY-18-23-159
BOSTWICK, JOHN                              NY-18-5-280
BOSTWICK, ROBERT                            NY-18-12-53
BOUGHTON, EDWARD J.                         NY-18-13-93
BOVEE, JACOB                                NY-18-2-288
BOVEE, MARY A.                              NY-18-24-61
BOWEN, ANN ELIZA                            NY-18-10-69
BOWEN, CATHERINE                            NY-18-22-27
BOWER, LOIS                                 NY-18-20-89
BOWERS, DAVID B.                            NY-18-22-272
BOWERS, MARY A.                             NY-18-25-179
BOWERS, WILLIAM                             NY-18-23-35
BOWLSBY, JOHN                               NY-18-5-385
BOWMAN, JULIUS F.                           NY-18-17-201
BRADFORD, JAMES T.                          NY-18-22-218
BRADLEY, FRANCIS F.                         NY-18-20-119
BRADLEY, SAMUEL                             NY-18-6-199
BRADLEY, SUSAN M.                           NY-18-24-160
BRADLEY, THOMAS                             NY-18-13-529
BRADT, ANTHONY J.                           NY-18-8-45
BRADT, EDWARD                               NY-18-24-28
BRADT, EMENZO                               NY-18-14-465
BRADT, HENRY                                NY-18-12-441
BRADT, JOHN                                 NY-18-26-197
BRADT, JOHN L.                              NY-18-16-382
BRADT, LYDIA                                NY-18-12-117
BRADT, MARIA                                NY-18-10-214
BRADT, MELVIN E.                            NY-18-26-263
BRADY, ELLEN                                NY-18-21-207
BRANE, THOMAS                               NY-18-16-342
BRENNAN, CATHERINE                          NY-18-23-109
BRENNAN, MARGARET                           NY-18-17-13
BRESSELL, CATHARINE                         NY-18-8-321
BREWSTER, NATHAN                            NY-18-1-244
BRICE, LOUISA                               NY-18-26-129
BRIDGE, JOSEPH                              NY-18-8-401
BRIGGS, CHARLES E.                          NY-18-21-165
BRIGGS, ELISHA                              NY-18-5-443
BRIGGS, SABRA G. BURTON                     NY-18-26-39
BRIGGS, THOMAS B.                           NY-18-13-25
BRIGGS, THOMAS R.                           NY-18-12-349
BRIGGS, WILLIAM A.                          NY-18-4-199
BRIGHT, HENRY                               NY-18-13-273
BRIMMER, GEORGE W.                          NY-18-14-393
BRING, ANNA                                 NY-18-5-289
BROCKETT, CHARLES G.                        NY-18-8-145
BROCKETT, JOSEPHINE                         NY-18-20-55
BROCKETT, SARAH L.                          NY-18-9-117
BROCKETT, ZEPHI                             NY-18-4-87
BROCKWAY, CHARLES                           NY-18-3-558
BROCKWAY, CORNELIA A.                       NY-18-13-341
BROCKWAY, ELOISE                            NY-18-22-100
BROCKWAY, TIFFANY                           NY-18-6-66
BROCKWAY, TIFFANY                           NY-18-13-497
BRODERICK, ELLEN                            NY-18-16-25
BRODERICK, MARY ELLEN                       NY-18-26-140
BRONK, ABBIE                                NY-18-17-89
BRONK, CASPAR                               NY-18-25-161
BRONK, EPHRAIM                              NY-18-15-157
BRONK, RICHARD                              NY-18-5-179
BROOKINS, HARVEY                            NY-18-1-488
BROOKINS, HARVEY                            NY-18-1-490
BROOKINS, LOUSAN                            NY-18-5-199
BROOKINS, REUBEN                            NY-18-2-102
BROOKS, CHARLES A.                          NY-18-24-258
BROOKS, JEFFERSON                           NY-18-25-5
BROTHERS, CHARLES A.                        NY-18-24-159
BROTHERS, ELIZABETH                         NY-18-22-10
BROTHERS, ISRAEL                            NY-18-15-1
BROTHERS, MARTIN B.                         NY-18-24-125
BROWER, ABRAM D.                            NY-18-20-85
BROWER, ALVIRA                              NY-18-25-237
BROWER, AMASA                               NY-18-26-231
BROWER, ARNETT                              NY-18-1-23
BROWER, CORNELIUS                           NY-18-2-161
BROWER, DAVID                               NY-18-8-369
BROWER, FREDERICK D.                        NY-18-22-146
BROWER, JAMES D.                            NY-18-16-470
BROWER, LYDIA A.                            NY-18-20-205
BROWER, MABEL R.                            NY-18-22-111
BROWER, MARGARET                            NY-18-5-85
BROWER, MARGARET                            NY-18-8-357
BROWER, NANCY                               NY-18-19-18
BROWER, PAULINA                             NY-18-13-21
BROWER, SARAH                               NY-18-6-276
BROWER, SELAH                               NY-18-17-231
BROWER, WILLIAM                             NY-18-25-245
BROWN, AMANDA M.                            NY-18-23-270
BROWN, AMOS O.                              NY-18-26-201
BROWN, CELIA D.                             NY-18-25-19
BROWN, CHARLES                              NY-18-26-182
BROWN, CHARLOTTE                            NY-18-22-13
BROWN, DANIEL                               NY-18-22-43
BROWN, DELPHINA                             NY-18-7-363
BROWN, EDWARD M.                            NY-18-23-278
BROWN, EMELINE                              NY-18-24-9
BROWN, GEORGE                               NY-18-13-493
BROWN, GEORGE L.                            NY-18-12-381
BROWN, GEORGE N.                            NY-18-11-257
BROWN, GEORGE W.                            NY-18-14-221
BROWN, GIDEON O.                            NY-18-8-173
BROWN, HANNAH J.                            NY-18-11-565
BROWN, JANE                                 NY-18-14-177
BROWN, JOEL                                 NY-18-10-10
BROWN, JOHN                                 NY-18-7-115
BROWN, JOHN                                 NY-18-24-283
BROWN, JONAS D.                             NY-18-6-47
BROWN, JOSEPH                               NY-18-3-497
BROWN, LAYTON S.                            NY-18-21-275
BROWN, LYDIA                                NY-18-25-95
BROWN, LYMAN K.                             NY-18-25-181
BROWN, MERLIN                               NY-18-9-109
BROWN, NATHANIEL                            NY-18-6-1
BROWN, ORVILLE                              NY-18-13-357
BROWN, RANSOM M.                            NY-18-14-181
BROWN, ROGER PURDY                          NY-18-1-52
BROWN, SAMUEL F.                            NY-18-17-61
BROWN, SARAH                                NY-18-25-63
BROWN, STANWOOD A.                          NY-18-24-172
BROWN, THOMAS H.                            NY-18-13-573
BROWN, TRUMAN                               NY-18-18-132
BROWN, TRUMAN O.                            NY-18-9-197
BROWN, WILLIAM                              NY-18-1-98
BROWN, WILLIAM                              NY-18-26-279
BROWN, WILLIAM A.                           NY-18-17-117
BROWNELL, JAMES                             NY-18-9-293
BROWNELL, JOHN D.                           NY-18-18-86
BROWNELL, RACHEL                            NY-18-1-375
BROWNELL, ROEBRT                            NY-18-18-270
BRUCE, THEODORE                             NY-18-14-449
BRUCE, WILBUR H.                            NY-18-26-244
BRUNDIGE, ALMOND                            NY-18-6-379
BUCHANAN, ALEXANDER                         NY-18-17-15
BUCHANAN, ANDREW                            NY-18-251
BUCHANAN, CATHARINE                         NY-18-21-273
BUCHANAN, JOHN L.                           NY-18-9-481
BUCHANAN, JOHN M.                           NY-18-12-389
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM                           NY-18-18-160
BUCKLEY, WILLIAM                            NY-18-25-107
BUELL, ELIJAH B.                            NY-18-17-101
BUGLER, NETTIE                              NY-18-26-187
BULLOCK, SUSAN T.                           NY-18-23-266
BUMP, CATHARINE E.                          NY-18-22-245
BURDEN, ABBIE                               NY-18-26-141
BURDICK, CATHERINE M.                       NY-18-22-18
BURDICK, FRANCIS                            NY-18-7-180
BURDICK, FRANKLIN                           NY-18-8-153
BURDICK, GEORGE M.                          NY-18-26-159
BURDICK, JASON                              NY-18-21-173
BURDICK, JOHN E.                            NY-18-17-79
BURDICK, MARIA                              NY-18-8-133
BURDICK, WILLIAM G.                         NY-18-19-75
BURK, REBECCA L.                            NY-18-22-92
BURK, THOMAS                                NY-18-1-411
BURKE, EDMUND                               NY-18-20-13
BURKE, JOHN                                 NY-18-20-201
BURLING, WALTER J.                          NY-18-11-73
BURLINGAME, ELEANOR W.                      NY-18-12-29
BURNAP, ELIZABETH                           NY-18-21-195
BURNETT, WILLIAM B.                         NY-18-22-171
BURNS, HIRAM                                NY-18-16-149
BURNS, JOHN                                 NY-18-23-65
BURNS, THOMAS R.                            NY-18-16-498
BURNS, WILLIAM                              NY-18-9-53
BURR, DAVID M.                              NY-18-5-311
BURR, EDMUND                                NY-18-12-293
BURR, ELIZABETH                             NY-18-26-4
BURR, FRANCIS                               NY-18-4-297
BURR, HELLEN                                NY-18-7-60
BURR, HORATIO L.                            NY-18-7-274
BURR, HORATIO L.                            NY-18-25-153
BURR, JAMES HOWARD                          NY-18-147
BURR, LUSINA S.                             NY-18-7-287
BURR, MARCELLUS G.                          NY-18-24-4
BURR, NATHAN                                NY-18-1-348
BURR, NATHANIEL                             NY-18-1-342
BURR, SAMUEL                                NY-18-19-79
BURTON, CATHARINE J.                        NY-18-13-73
BURTON, HARRIET A.                          NY-18-21-53
BURTON, JOHN                                NY-18-4-49
BURTON, WILLIAM                             NY-18-4-79
BUSECK, ANNA                                NY-18-24-144
BUSHNELL, HENRY L.                          NY-18-25-87
BUSHNELL, PHEBE                             NY-18-20-203
BUSSE, CHARLOTTE A.                         NY-18-26-167
BUTLER, EDITH M.                            NY-18-26-298
BUTLER, HENRY F.                            NY-18-17-235
BUTLER, JOHN H.                             NY-18-20-265
BUTLER, MARY A.                             NY-18-15-121
CADMAN, ASAHEL                              NY-18-14-257
CADMAN, CHRISTOPHER BENSON                  NY-18-22-130
CADMAN, EDWARD R.                           NY-18-16-113
CADMAN, JAMES M.                            NY-18-24-291
CADY, DANIEL                                NY-18-5-196
CADY, JANE                                  NY-18-13-117
CADY, MARGARET C.                           NY-18-6-521
CADY, WILLIAM A.                            NY-18-24-251
CALDERWOOD, DAVID B.                        NY-18-14-301
CALDESAYGUES, AIME                          NY-18-21-285
CALDWELL, ELIZA C.                          NY-18-14-461
CALDWELL, HAMILTON                          NY-18-9-361
CALDWELL, JAMES                             NY-18-5-120
CALDWELL, JANE                              NY-18-6-250
CALDWELL, PAUL                              NY-18-6-339
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                           NY-18-1-433
CALLAHAN, ALFRED                            NY-18-26-221
CAMERON, ANGUS                              NY-18-1-219
CAMERON, HUGH                               NY-18-4-289
CAMERON, JOHN                               NY-18-1-218
CAMERON, RICHARD H.                         NY-18-12-453
CAMM, GEORGE E.                             NY-18-25-81
CAMPBELL, ANN                               NY-18-2-54
CAMPBELL, DANIEL W.                         NY-18-20-299
CAMPBELL, DUNCAN                            NY-18-10-180
CAMPBELL, HELEN                             NY-18-26-21
CAMPBELL, JAMES                             NY-18-1-447
CAMPBELL, JAMES                             NY-18-1-423
CAMPBELL, JAMES                             NY-18-22-267
CAMPBELL, MARGERY                           NY-18-4-144
CAMPBELL, PETER                             NY-18-5-478
CAMPBELL, STEWART                           NY-18-7-455
CAMPBELL, SUSAN M.                          NY-18-16-109
CANFIELD, EZEKIEL                           NY-18-1-395
CANFIELD, JONATHAN                          NY-18-1-463
CAPRON, ARA                                 NY-18-16-394
CAPRON, WELCOME                             NY-18-3-158
CARL, ORANGE                                NY-18-11-553
CARLIN, PHILIP                              NY-18-17-137
CARMICHAEL, JANETTE                         NY-18-6-515
CARMICHAEL, JOHN                            NY-18-4-302
CARMICHAEL, JOHN V.                         NY-18-11-401
CARMICHAEL, MALCOLM                         NY-18-3-606
CARMICHAEL, PETER                           NY-18-5-431
CARMICHAEL, PETER                           NY-18-8-73
CARMICHAEL, PETER J.                        NY-18-22-36
CARMICHAEL, SARAH G.                        NY-18-17-299
CARMODY, MICHAEL                            NY-18-17-71
CARNCROAS, ELIZA B.                         NY-18-22-76
CARNCROAS, NICHOLAS                         NY-18-7-277
CARNDUFF, MARY SMALL                        NY-18-6-274
CARNDUFF, WILLIAM                           NY-18-6-146
CARPENTER, RENNAH CELIA                     NY-18-23-167
CARPENTER, VELITTA                          NY-18-22-39
CARR, SARAH ELIZABETH                       NY-18-21-163
CARRIG, THOMAS                              NY-18-24-230
CARROLL, ANDREW                             NY-18-14-453
CARROLL, ANNIE                              NY-18-16-282
CARROLL, FIDELIA                            NY-18-20-207
CARROLL, JOSEPH J.                          NY-18-16-598
CARVER, SARAH E.                            NY-18-21-203
CASE, BENONI                                NY-18-1-62
CASE, EBENEZER                              NY-18-5-83
CASE, ELIHU                                 NY-18-2-188
CASE, JASON                                 NY-18-5-371
CASE, MARY H.                               NY-18-12-193
CASE, MINERVA A.                            NY-18-9-561
CASE, NEWCOMB B.                            NY-18-20-57
CASE, SHERMAN W.                            NY-18-10-46
CAUSSE, HENRI                               NY-18-24-289
CHALMERS, WILLIAM                           NY-18-1-361
CHAMBERLAIN, JANE                           NY-18-4-151
CHAMBERS, CAROLINE P.                       NY-18-22-294
CHAMBERS, JESSEE G.                         NY-18-8-113
CHAMBERS, JOHN                              NY-18-3-194
CHAMBERS, JOHN B.                           NY-18-4-20
CHAMBERS, NELSON                            NY-18-23-45
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM DR.                       NY-18-7-94
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM P.                        NY-18-22-152
CHAMSIDE, MARY                              NY-18-11-125
CHANCE, CATHARINE                           NY-18-12-137
CHAPMAN, CELIA E.                           NY-18-22-47
CHAPMAN, ELEANOR S.                         NY-18-16-245
CHARLES, FRANCIS                            NY-18-24-41
CHASE, BYRON B.                             NY-18-23-37
CHASE, CYRUS P.                             NY-18-9-93
CHASE, DORA                                 NY-18-24-11
CHASE, ELIZA L.                             NY-18-15-320
CHASE, EMILY                                NY-18-25-295
CHASE, JAMES H.                             NY-18-13-557
CHASE, JOSEPH                               NY-18-1-474
CHASE, JUSTICE                              NY-18-3-40
CHASE, M. LOUISE                            NY-18-21-111
CHASE, OTIS                                 NY-18-9-493
CHASE, STEPHEN                              NY-18-11-197
CHEADELL, EZRA                              NY-18-1-475
CHEADELL, JANE A. W.                        NY-18-11-285
CHEDELL, CHARLES E.                         NY-18-26-194
CHEDELL, DELIA B.                           NY-18-26-188
CHELLINGWORTH, GEORGE                       NY-18-5-328
CHENEY, AGNES E.                            NY-18-26-225
CHEQUER, CAMILLUS B.                        NY-18-25-211
CHERNIN, MAX                                NY-18-23-209
CHETWYND, FREDERICK                         NY-18-26-176
CHILDS, HARRIET E.                          NY-18-24-136
CHRISTIE, CORNELIA                          NY-18-12-173
CHRISTIE, EDWARD                            NY-18-22-297
CHRISTIE, ELIZABETH                         NY-18-21-33
CHRISTIE, EMILY L.                          NY-18-10-31
CHRISTIE, FREEMAN                           NY-18-4-64
CHRISTIE, JAMES                             NY-18-3-398
CHRISTIE, JOHN                              NY-18-5-176
CHRISTIE, JOHN B.                           NY-18-6-175
CHRISTIE, LENA M.                           NY-18-22-249
CHRISTIE, LUCY J.                           NY-18-8-533
CHRISTIE, MARY E.                           NY-18-19-12
CHRISTIE, SARAH O.                          NY-18-24-120
CHRISTIE, SIMEON                            NY-18-2-219
CHRISTIE, SIMEON                            NY-18-9-589
CHRISTIE, VAN RENSELLAER                    NY-18-11-525
CHRISTIE, WILLIAM E.                        NY-18-22-63
CHRISTMAN, ALEXANDER                        NY-18-21-19
CHRISTMAN, ANTHONY                          NY-18-21-1
CHRISTMAN, ELIZA ANN                        NY-18-22-81
CHRISTMAN, ETNA                             NY-18-22-79
CHRISTMAN, GEORGE                           NY-18-23-75
CHRISTMAN, HIRAM                            NY-18-6-321
CHRISTMAN, JACOB J.                         NY-18-6-74
CHRISTMAN, JENNIE                           NY-18-14-81
CHRISTMAN, NICHOLAS                         NY-18-3-488
CHURCH, ANNA MARGARET                       NY-18-24-105
CHURCHIL, CAROLINE W.                       NY-18-11-245
CHURCHILL, ALLEN C.                         NY-18-12-237
CHURCHILL, AMOS                             NY-18-1-337
CHURCHILL, AMOS C.                          NY-18-3-68
CHURCHILL, GILES W.                         NY-18-6-353
CHURCHILL, HENRY                            NY-18-6-155
CLANCY, THOMAS                              NY-18-17-253
CLANCY, WILLIAM ***                         NY-18-4-226
CLAPP, LUCY P.                              NY-18-11-305
CLARK, ANNA V.                              NY-18-22-208
CLARK, ARCHIBLE                             NY-18-9-177
CLARK, ASA                                  NY-18-3-246
CLARK, CLARRISSA MARIA                      NY-18-5-55
CLARK, DAVID                                NY-18-11-385
CLARK, DUNCAN                               NY-18-6-319
CLARK, ELISHA                               NY-18-1-311
CLARK, ELLEN R.                             NY-18-5-492
CLARK, ESTHER                               NY-18-5-160
CLARK, GEORGE                               NY-18-5-347
CLARK, HANNAH                               NY-18-8-273
CLARK, JOHN                                 NY-18-8-293
CLARK, JONATHAN L.                          NY-18-4-126
CLARK, LUCY                                 NY-18-5-319
CLARK, MARY J.                              NY-18-22-7
CLARK, MELISSA H.                           NY-18-8-269
CLARK, PARIS G.                             NY-18-1-458
CLARK, SAMUEL                               NY-18-4-192
CLARK, SAMUEL                               NY-18-3-230
CLARK, SARAH                                NY-18-6-50
CLARK, WALTER                               NY-18-1-336
CLAUS, DANIEL                               NY-18-15-314
CLAUS, JACOB A.                             NY-18-10-76
CLAUS, JOHN R.                              NY-18-5-153
CLAUS, LYDIA                                NY-18-9-541
CLAUS, PETER                                NY-18-3-573
CLAUS, PETER J.                             NY-18-12-377
CLAUS, RACHEL                               NY-18-14-313
CLEAVELAND, DAVIS                           NY-18-2-200
CLEAVER, CAROLINE                           NY-18-9-333
CLEMONS, IDA                                NY-18-16-278
CLESDELL, MARGARET A.                       NY-18-23-231
CLEVELAND, NOAH D.                          NY-18-3-437
CLEVELAND, SMITH G.                         NY-18-19-60
CLEVELAND, THOMAS                           NY-18-10-40
CLIFFORD, CALEB                             NY-18-23-51
CLIFFORD, HARRIET                           NY-18-9-9
CLINE, ELIZABETH                            NY-18-3-17
CLINE, ELIZABETH                            NY-18-12-97
CLINE, HENRY P.                             NY-18-6-525
CLINE, JAMES H.                             NY-18-24-82
CLINE, JOHN P.                              NY-18-8-549
CLINE, JOHN W.                              NY-18-17-97
CLOSE, HARRIET H.                           NY-18-290
CLOSE, HIRAM                                NY-18-5-75
CLOSE, ISAAC T.                             NY-18-21-237
CLOSE, JOHN P.                              NY-18-25-65
CLOSE, NATHANIEL E.                         NY-18-21-45
CLOUSE, WILLIAM                             NY-18-9-277
CLUTE, JOHN S.                              NY-18-12-225
CLUTE, SAMUEL H.                            NY-18-26-112
CLYDE, ARLINE C.                            NY-18-25-9
COCHRAN, J. SIDNEY                          NY-18-21-221
CODDINGTON, JOHN                            NY-18-12-317
COE, JAMES A.                               NY-18-20-137
COE, SARAH C.                               NY-18-9-101
COGHNUT, JOHN E.                            NY-18-1-125
COHEN, ALICE O.                             NY-18-25-151
COHEN, SIMON                                NY-18-23-121
COLE, DANIEL                                NY-18-8-93
COLE, DANIEL H.                             NY-18-25-173
COLE, EMELINE N.                            NY-18-16-358
COLE, LYDIA                                 NY-18-1-372
COLE, NANCY M.                              NY-18-8-41
COLE, SAMUEL                                NY-18-6-171
COLE, TUNIS J.                              NY-18-1-324
COLLARAN, MARGARET                          NY-18-23-23
COLLINS,MARTIN                              NY-18-26-154
COLLINS, EUGENE                             NY-18-20-139
COLLINS, JEREMIAH F.                        NY-18-24-226
COLLINS, JOSEPH A.                          NY-18-8-325
COLLINS, MAGGIE                             NY-18-23-23
COLLINS, MARGARET A.                        NY-18-17-191
COLLINS, WILLIAM B.                         NY-18-24-186
COLTON, ARTHUR                              NY-18-26-285
COLTON, HERMAN H.                           NY-18-24-286
COLTON, RUFUS                               NY-18-6-332
COMBES, ELIZA                               NY-18-14-569
COMRIE, ALEXANDER D.                        NY-18-22-289
COMRIE, CATHARINE M.                        NY-18-6-29
COMRIE, CHARLOTTE                           NY-18-11-569
COMRIE, MARY                                NY-18-20-147
COMRIE, WALTER S.                           NY-18-26-207
COMSTOCK, FREDERICK L.                      NY-18-25-199
CONGDON, JANE W.                            NY-18-18-163
CONGDON, JOB                                NY-18-12-45
CONGLE, SARAH                               NY-18-19-87
CONKLIN, POLLY                              NY-18-11-469
CONKLING, CHESTER                           NY-18-20-155
CONLEY, ANNA                                NY-18-19-10
CONLEY, MARY M.                             NY-18-14-457
CONLEY, MICHAEL D.                          NY-18-14-433
CONLEY, PATRICK                             NY-18-8-377
CONNOLLY, MARY                              NY-18-14-197
CONNORS, MARY AGNES                         NY-18-273
CONOLY, JOHN                                NY-18-20-113
CONOVER, CAROLINE                           NY-18-22-116
CONOVER, CARRIE                             NY-18-15-538
CONOVER, CORNELIUS                          NY-18-24-148
CONRICK, WILLIAM R.                         NY-18-13-221
CONROY, JOHN                                NY-18-21-189
CONROY, MARGARET                            NY-18-26-296
CONVERSE, ALBERT                            NY-18-22-35
COOK, ELISABETH                             NY-18-4-46
COOK, JAMES D.                              NY-18-17-261
COOK, MARGARET                              NY-18-9-201
COOK, SARAH JANE                            NY-18-17-259
COOK, SETH                                  NY-18-6-143
COOL, ELI                                   NY-18-23-175
COOL, MALINDA                               NY-18-22-234
COOLMAN, AMBROSE                            NY-18-22-256
COON, JOHN B.                               NY-18-26-84
COON, OREN                                  NY-18-22-198
COON, SARAH                                 NY-18-20-141
COOPER, ELIZABETH                           NY-18-16-9
COOPER, EVELINE                             NY-18-23-97
COPELAND, FRANCIS S.                        NY-18-11-53
COPPERNALL, GEORGE R.                       NY-18-4-218
COPPERNOLL, JACOB                           NY-18-15-457
COPPERNOLL, JULIA                           NY-18-22-197
COREY, FRANCIS                              NY-18-2-262
COREY, MARTHA                               NY-18-17-51
COREY, SMITH P.                             NY-18-17-35
COREY,R UTH MAY                             NY-18-26-212
CORNELL, DIADAMA                            NY-18-5-211
CORNELL, JOSEPH                             NY-18-4-141
CORNELL, JOSEPH                             NY-18-5-189
CORNELL, MAHALA                             NY-18-19-1
CORNELL, REMINGTON                          NY-18-9-545
CORNELL, RICHARD P.                         NY-18-26-155
CORNELL, SARAH                              NY-18-9-289
CORNWELL, ASHBEL                            NY-18-2-141
CORNWELL, JERHUSHA                          NY-18-6-103
COSGROVE, JERUSHA MARY                      NY-18-11-501
COUGH, ABIGAIL E.                           NY-18-23-239
COUGH, CHRISTOPHER                          NY-18-1-339
COUGH, FRANCIS L.                           NY-18-23-11
COUGH, GEORGE                               NY-18-4-164
COUGH, GEORGE                               NY-18-1-57
COUGH, GEORGE                               NY-18-11-505
COUGH, WILLA                                NY-18-23-9
COUGHNET, AGNES                             NY-18-5-81
COUGHNET, ANNA                              NY-18-21-113
COUGHNET, FREDERICK P.                      NY-18-19-31
COUGHNET, JAMES H.                          NY-18-16-253
COUGHNET, JOHN L.                           NY-18-2-29
COUGHNET, JOHN N.                           NY-18-9-253
COUGHNETT, PETER J.                         NY-18-8-305
COUGHNOT, JOHN                              NY-18-1-179
COUGHTRY, JOHN                              NY-18-23-274
COUGHTRY, LOUISE                            NY-18-23-173
COVELL, JOSEPH                              NY-18-6-507
COWING, EMILY F.                            NY-18-13-249
COWLES, DANIEL F.                           NY-18-21-7
COWLES, JOHN HILL                           NY-18-26-46
COX, ALFRED JAMES                           NY-18-19-58
COZZENS, WILLIAM                            NY-18-12-467
CRAFT, BENJAMIN                             NY-18-1-371
CRAGER, JOHN                                NY-18-20-263
CRAIGNE, JAMES                              NY-18-8-489
CRANKSHAW, ELMER E.                         NY-18-13-465
CRANKSHAW, SARAH ELLEN                      NY-18-22-155
CRANNELL, JACOB                             NY-18-25-43
CRANNELL, MOSES                             NY-18-9-97
CREIGHTON, DANIEL                           NY-18-3-26
CREIGHTON, JAMES                            NY-18-12-409
CREIGHTON, URSULA K.                        NY-18-20-223
CRETSER, ALICE A.                           NY-18-24-122
CRETSER, JOHN                               NY-18-11-493
CRETSER, NANCY M.                           NY-18-24-240
CRISTMAN, CHARLES W.                        NY-18-12-285
CROCETTA, FRANK                             NY-18-22-128
CROMER, FRANCIS                             NY-18-13-57
CROMWELL, AARON                             NY-18-1-465
CROSBY, POLLY                               NY-18-3-149
CROSS, AARON                                NY-18-14-533
CROSS, MARY ANN                             NY-18-16-81
CROSS, PERTINA                              NY-18-6-501
CROSSMAN, NATHANIEL R.                      NY-18-7-103
CROSSMAN, SARAH                             NY-18-14-125
CROTHERS, EDWARD E.                         NY-18-25-29
CROUNSE, JESSE M.                           NY-18-26-69
CROWE, PATRICK                              NY-18-25-15
CROWLEY, JEREMIAH                           NY-18-1-247
CROWLEY, SAMUEL                             NY-18-12-595
CUDWORTH, CAROLINE                          NY-18-17-133
CULBERT, ALEXANDER                          NY-18-6-203
CULBERT, ALEXANDER                          NY-18-16-362
CULBERT, JOHN D.                            NY-18-5-474
CULBERT, SARAH                              NY-18-24-229
CUMMING, CATHARINE MARY                     NY-18-25-273
CUMMINS, MELISSA M.                         NY-18-20-251
CUNNING, GEORGE                             NY-18-6-334
CUNNING, GEORGE H.                          NY-18-24-113
CUNNING, MARY E.                            NY-18-22-53
CUNNING, MATTHEW                            NY-18-26-38
CUNNINGHAM, HENRY                           NY-18-1-418
CURCIO, ANTONIO                             NY-18-26-68
CURLEY, MARY E.                             NY-18-24-271
CURTIS, JANE                                NY-18-9-489
CUYLER, MARY                                NY-18-5-72

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