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ABBOTT, MARIA C.                       NY-17-13-388
ACCARENO, MARY                         NY-17-12-577
ADAMS, ABIAL                           NY-17-8-203
ADAMS, CARLOS S.                       NY-17-11-48
ADAMS, CHARLES                         NY-17-10-69
ADAMS, CLINTON                         NY-17-11-679
ADAMS, CORNELIA V.                     NY-17-12-599
ADAMS, DANA C.                         NY-17-12-634
ADAMS, ELIZABETH F.                    NY-17-12-13
ADAMS, SAMUEL                          NY-17-12-378
ADAMS, TRUMAN                          NY-17-12-35
AHEARN, DANIEL                         NY-17-7-313
ALDRED, FRANCES CHARLOTTE              NY-17-13-133
ALDRICH, ALFRED                        NY-17-10-234
ALDRICH, BENAIAH                       NY-17-6-27
ALDRICH, CALVIN S.                     NY-17-11-86
ALDRICH, LEVI C.                       NY-17-12-125
ALDRICH, WELCOME                       NY-17-9-165
ALEXANDER, ELIZABETH C.                NY-17-12-307
ALFORD, WARREN J.                      NY-17-12-243
ALFRED, AMERETT E.                     NY-17-13-70
ALLEN, CHARLES E.                      NY-17-12-340
ALLEN, CLARISSA W.                     NY-17-7-1
ALLEN, ENSIGN P.                       NY-17-10-52
ALLEN, GEORGE W.                       NY-17-11-347
ALLEN, JAMES                           NY-17-10-511
ALLEN, JANE                            NY-17-9-294
ALLEN, JANE M.                         NY-17-4-523
ALLEN, JOEL C.                         NY-17-8-406
ALLEN, JULIUS                          NY-17-11-464
ALLEN, LYMAN                           NY-17-12-359
ALLEN, SARAH A.                        NY-17-13-118
ALMOND, JOHN                           NY-17-5-415
ALMOND, MARY ANN                       NY-17-13-565
ALMOND, MARY R.                        NY-17-5-419
ALVORD, JOHN                           NY-17-3-544
ALVORD, SAMUEL H.                      NY-17-11-124
AMES, BYRON P.                         NY-17-13-120
AMES, CLINTON L.                       NY-17-11-588
AMES, ELLEN A.                         NY-17-13-552
AMES, OSCAR P.                         NY-17-11-303
AMLOT, W. P.                           NY-17-12-210
AMSDEN, JAMES S.                       NY-17-11-205
AMSDEN, LAMISTON                       NY-17-4-308
AMSDEN, WILLIAM F.                     NY-17-5-317
AMSOLEN, JOEL                          NY-17-C-16
AMSOLEN, JOEL                          NY-17-A-198
AMSOLEN, JOEL                          NY-17-B-1
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    NY-17-12-564
ANDREWS, AUGUSTA E.                    NY-17-12-401
ANDREWS, CHARLES C.                    NY-17-11-561
ANDREWS, LEWIS                         NY-17-6-610
ANDREWS, LYDIA R.                      NY-17-11-511
ANDREWS, NANCY M. WEAD                 NY-17-11-697
ANDRUS, ALBERT                         NY-17-9-419
ANDRUS, ANNA                           NY-17-11-212
ANDRUS, CANE ESQ.                      NY-17-A-58
ANDRUS, CORNELIA S.                    NY-17-9-356
ANDRUS, STEPHEN                        NY-17-B-15
ANGELL, AZARIAH C.                     NY-17-11-236
ARMSTRONG, EDWARD                      NY-17-12-43
ARNOLD, BURTON H.                      NY-17-9-694
ARNOLD, CHRISTINA M.                   NY-17-7-154
ARNOLD, EMMA C.                        NY-17-12-630
ARNOLD, EUNICE                         NY-17-7-263
ARNOLD, JAMES R.                       NY-17-11-46
ARNOLD, JULIA E.                       NY-17-11-45
ARNOLD, SIDNEY                         NY-17-10-223
ARNOLD, WILLIAM H.                     NY-17-12-697
ARNTON, THOMAS SIMPSON                 NY-17-11-579
ASDLER, AMELIA                         NY-17-12-477
ASHLAW, JOSEPH                         NY-17-12-272
ATWOOD, HARRIET                        NY-17-11-103
ATWOOD, J. FOSTER                      NY-17-11-80
ATWOOD, SARAH A.                       NY-17-12-554
AUBREY, NICHOLAS                       NY-17-9-524
AUSTIN, ELEAZER                        NY-17-8-292
AUSTIN, HENRY B.                       NY-17-11-514
AUSTIN, ROBERT N.                      NY-17-7-217
AUSTIN, SUSAN                          NY-17-12-629
AUSTIN, WILBER                         NY-17-9-636
AVERY, HEBERT D.                       NY-17-12-506
AYER, FRANCES H.                       NY-17-12-201
AYERS, HIRAM                           NY-17-8-351
AYERS, MARY F.                         NY-17-12-595
AYERS, NAHUM                           NY-17-11-493
AYERS, W. WATSON                       NY-17-12-464
BABCOCK, ELLEN                         NY-17-13-527
BABCOCK, JOHN P.                       NY-17-4-198
BACON, ASAHEL                          NY-17-B-86
BACON, ASAHEL                          NY-17-B-121
BACON, CHARLES                         NY-17-4-149
BACON, LORENZO D.                      NY-17-9-449
BADGER, HENRY                          NY-17-11-322
BADGER, JOHN P.                        NY-17-12-592
BADORE, EPTER                          NY-17-12-545
BAKER, ALBERT E.                       NY-17-8-543
BAKER, ALMERIAN                        NY-17-5-278
BAKER, CARRIE VANDENBURGH              NY-17-12-414
BAKER, EVA ELIZABETH                   NY-17-9-30
BAKER, G. P.                           NY-17-11-219
BAKER, HARRISON G.                     NY-17-11-437
BAKER, HORACE                          NY-17-12-152
BAKER, JAMES A.                        NY-17-9-242
BAKER, JANETT                          NY-17-13-464
BALDWIN, ELMINA                        NY-17-13-95
BALDWIN, LEWIS                         NY-17-11-483
BALDWIN, TIMOTHY                       NY-17-7-511
BANKER, ROBERT M.                      NY-17-10-266
BANNON, JOHANNA                        NY-17-12-28
BARBER, HERMAN HENRY                   NY-17-12-103
BARBER, JULIA J.                       NY-17-12-11
BARBER, LOUIS W.                       NY-17-12-623
BARBER, SUSAN                          NY-17-11-64
BARNARD, HARRY H.                      NY-17-10-313
BARNES, CHARLES H.                     NY-17-5-169
BARNETT, DELIA L.                      NY-17-13-560
BARNETT, WILLIAM W.                    NY-17-12-717
BARNEY, THOMAS C.                      NY-17-4-140
BARNUM, BARNABAS                       NY-17-5-360
BARNUM, FIDELIA                        NY-17-11-454
BARNUM, LUCY M.                        NY-17-11-482
BARNUM, ORSON N.                       NY-17-9-464
BARNUM, TALMADGE                       NY-17-3-268
BARRETT, DAVID                         NY-17-8-104
BARRETT, DAVID CLARK                   NY-17-13-356
BARRETT, JOHN A.                       NY-17-11-549
BARRETT, JULIUS                        NY-17-12-604
BARRY, CATHERINE                       NY-17-13-456
BARRY, EMMA M.                         NY-17-11-531
BARRY, FRANCIS                         NY-17-9-297
BARRY, JAMES                           NY-17-5-475
BARRY, MALACHI                         NY-17-10-305
BARRY, MALACHI H.                      NY-17-11-79
BARRY, MICHAEL                         NY-17-12-432
BARRY, RICHARD F.                      NY-17-7-289
BARTLETT, VIRGIL C.                    NY-17-8-193
BARTON,D ELIA                          NY-17-13-12
BARTON, FREEMAN                        NY-17-13-114
BASHAW, PETER                          NY-17-11-211
BASSETT, ASA E.                        NY-17-10-453
BASSETT, HARMON A.                     NY-17-9-392
BASSETT, HORACE                        NY-17-8-115
BASSETT, WILLIAM                       NY-17-10-637
BASSFORD, ERWIN                        NY-17-12-416
BASSFORD, EVA M.                       NY-17-12-520
BASSFORD, HORACE                       NY-17-4-443
BASSFORD, JOHN J.                      NY-17-11-689
BASSFORD, ROXANA                       NY-17-9-443
BATES, SIDNEY P.                       NY-17-10-664
BATTIER, GEORGE H. SR.                 NY-17-12-339
BATTRAM, JOHN                          NY-17-13-480
BAXTER, CHARLES D.                     NY-17-8-470
BAXTER, CLARINDA                       NY-17-12-633
BAZINET, SOPHRONIE                     NY-17-12-696
BEACH, GEORGE                          NY-17-2-198
BEAN, EDWIN S.                         NY-17-12-25
BEAN, JOSEPH SR.                       NY-17-12-639
BEAN, MOSES                            NY-17-5-233
BEARDSLEY, KATHERINE L.                NY-17-13-202
BEARDSLEY, LOVICY                      NY-17-9-658
BEARDSLEY, LUCY C.                     NY-17-13-409
BEARDSLEY, SARAH E.                    NY-17-12-495
BEATTIE, MARY                          NY-17-13-84
BEATTY, JOHN                           NY-17-4-490
BEAUVAIS, AURALEY                      NY-17-11-694
BECKWITH, ELLEN                        NY-17-12-109
BEEBE, ASAHEL P.                       NY-17-13-378
BEEBEE, SIMEON                         NY-17-3-42
BELDING, FREDERICK R.                  NY-17-13-618
BELL, ANSON R.                         NY-17-A-349
BELL, ANSON R.                         NY-17-2-48
BELL, CHARLOTTE                        NY-17-7-116
BELL, FREMAN                           NY-17-3-327
BELL, GEORGE D.                        NY-17-11-188
BELL, JANE M.                          NY-17-12-111
BELL, MYRON                            NY-17-8-177
BELL, NORMAN                           NY-17-1-342
BELL, NORMAN                           NY-17-A-335
BELL, SAMUEL                           NY-17-3-174
BELL, TRUMAN                           NY-17-1-93
BELL, TRUMAN                           NY-17-A-279
BELLAIR, THOMAS                        NY-17-4-99
BELLVILLE, LOUIS                       NY-17-10-381
BELO, JEANNETTE ENNIS                  NY-17-13-487
BEMAN, AARON                           NY-17-6-288
BEMAN, ALTHA                           NY-17-8-347
BEMAN, ANNETTE ELIZABETH               NY-17-13-143
BEMAN, HELEN L.                        NY-17-12-176
BEMAN, SAMUEL A.                       NY-17-13-306
BEMIS, JONATHAN                        NY-17-13-48
BEMIS, TIMOTHY                         NY-17-2-212
BENAN, JOHN                            NY-17-7-350
BENANE, ELLEN                          NY-17-10-539
BENNETT, ROBERT                        NY-17-7-359
BENNETT, S.                            NY-17-3-297
BENTLEY, EUNICE                        NY-17-12-92
BERGEVIN, CHARLES                      NY-17-11-184
BERO, EDWARD                           NY-17-13-224
BERO, FRANCIS                          NY-17-3-359
BERO, HENRY                            NY-17-7-169
BERO, HENRY                            NY-17-7-149
BERO, OLIVER                           NY-17-11-534
BERRY, DAVID F.                        NY-17-9-547
BERRY, FRANK M.                        NY-17-12-128
BERRY, JEHIEL                          NY-17-12-398
BERRY, LUCY M.                         NY-17-12-129
BERRY, MARVIN                          NY-17-9-56
BERRY, MARY ANN                        NY-17-11-85
BERRY, MICHAEL                         NY-17-8-528
BERRY, MILFORD F.                      NY-17-12-453
BERRY, ORPHA C.                        NY-17-8-496
BERRY, PHILEMON                        NY-17-3-417
BESSETTE, MARCLEINE                    NY-17-12-265
BEST, ISABELLA                         NY-17-12-43
BETTERLEY, ALICE ANDRUS                NY-17-13-423
BETTERS, JOSEPH                        NY-17-12-617
BEYETTE, PETER                         NY-17-11-519
BICKNELL, ORIN K.                      NY-17-11-9
BIDWELL, ELISHA                        NY-17-8-426
BIGELOW, ELIZA PRESPARE                NY-17-13-424
BIGELOW, HIRAM                         NY-17-7-52
BILLARD, MARGARET                      NY-17-8-148
BILLINGS, MARY A.                      NY-17-13-385
BINAN, JEREMIAH                        NY-17-12-431
BISNETTE, SARAH                        NY-17-13-210
BISNEY, ISABELLA                       NY-17-13-190
BISSONNETTE, EME                       NY-17-13-557
BLACKAMORE, WILLIAM                    NY-17-11-27
BLAKE, CLARISSA                        NY-17-13-127
BLANCHARD, ANNA G.                     NY-17-13-139
BLANCHARD, HARRIET J.                  NY-17-11-281
BLANCHARD, JUSTUS                      NY-17-8-212
BLANCHARD, NATHANIEL P.                NY-17-B-99
BLANCHARD, NATHANIEL P.                NY-17-B-108
BLANCHARD, SETH                        NY-17-A-200
BLANCHARD, SETH                        NY-17-B-22
BLANCHARD, SETH                        NY-17-C-11
BLANCHARD, SETH                        NY-17-9-70
BLANCHARD, STEPHEN                     NY-17-4-189
BLECKMORE, JULIA                       NY-17-13-270
BLISS, ADELIA                          NY-17-10-422
BLISS, LEONARD G.                      NY-17-12-233
BLOOD, EDWARD J.                       NY-17-12-4
BLOOD, GEORGE                          NY-17-9-84
BLOOD, ORLANDO                         NY-17-11-408
BLOOD, SLEEMAN E.                      NY-17-11-187
BLOOMER, JOHN B.                       NY-17-8-466
BLOOMER, MARY                          NY-17-11-543
BLOW, DAVID L.                         NY-17-12-571
BLUMENTHAL, KARL W.                    NY-17-12-127
BOADWAY, MODEST                        NY-17-13-36
BOARDWAY, OLIVER                       NY-17-12-499
BODAH, FRED                            NY-17-13-353
BODAH, PETER                           NY-17-13-637
BODRO, FRANCIS                         NY-17-7-641
BOMBARD, CHARLES                       NY-17-12-651
BOMBARD, FRANKLIN                      NY-17-13-87
BOMBARD, HENRY                         NY-17-11-711
BOMBARD, JOHN L.                       NY-17-13-188
BOMBARD, JOSEPH                        NY-17-11-146
BOMBARD, PHILINDA                      NY-17-12-400
BOMBARD, ZEB                           NY-17-12-249
BOND, DAVID                            NY-17-4-554
BOND, JAMES                            NY-17-10-535
BONIN, ALEXANDER                       NY-17-5-31
BOTSFORD, ADDIS K.                     NY-17-13-532
BOTSFORD, LORIN                        NY-17-4-47
BOUCHARD, CAMILE                       NY-17-9-147
BOUCHARD, LOUIS SR.                    NY-17-13-183
BOVA, MARY ANN                         NY-17-12-444
BOWEN, JONATHAN                        NY-17-3-217
BOWEN, LUTHER                          NY-17-12-205
BOWEN, NASON C.                        NY-17-11-552
BOWKER, SALLY                          NY-17-5-237
BOYD, WILLIAM C.                       NY-17-10-85
BOYEA, ALFRED                          NY-17-12-295
BOYEA, JOSEPH                          NY-17-13-503
BOYER, LEVI                            NY-17-12-156
BRADLEY, ISAAC                         NY-17-3-556
BRADLEY, WILLIAM H.                    NY-17-11-297
BRAKEY, WILLIAM                        NY-17-6-356
BRANCH, AUGUSTINE S.                   NY-17-13-404
BRAND, IRA S.                          NY-17-2-465
BRAND, JONATHAN K.                     NY-17-11-68
BRAND, SALLY                           NY-17-9-503
BRAYTON, JOSEPH                        NY-17-3-53
BRAYTON, PETER                         NY-17-13-276
BREAKEY, JAMES                         NY-17-11-564
BRENNAN, LAURA C.                      NY-17-10-209
BRENNEN, WILLIAM D.                    NY-17-7-281
BREWSTER, OLIVER                       NY-17-3-486
BRICAIRE, PAUL                         NY-17-12-48
BRIDEN, SAMUEL J.                      NY-17-13-17
BRIGGS, CALEB                          NY-17-4-493
BRIGGS, CYRUS M.                       NY-17-5-223
BRIGGS, IRA                            NY-17-3-457
BRIGGS, JAMES J.                       NY-17-6-94
BRIGGS, JOSEPH                         NY-17-2-440
BRIGGS, NORMAN H.                      NY-17-10-17
BRILL, ELIZABETH                       NY-17-13-581
BRILL, MARTIN                          NY-17-11-233
BROCKWAY, JAMES R.                     NY-17-12-310
BRODERICK, CORNELIUS                   NY-17-6-470
BROOKS, ZENAS F.                       NY-17-13-173
BROWN, GEORGE                          NY-17-12-528
BROWN, JAMES                           NY-17-6-400
BROWN, JAMES E.                        NY-17-13-115
BROWN, JULIA                           NY-17-12-614
BROWN, LYMAN                           NY-17-10-532
BROWN, MARSHALL                        NY-17-12-104
BROWN, MICHAEL J.                      NY-17-13-501
BROWN, REUBEN S.                       NY-17-12-276
BROWN, SAMUEL                          NY-17-4-342
BROWN, SEYMOUR                         NY-17-12-182
BROWN, SOPHIA D.                       NY-17-4-550
BROWN, SOPHIA D.                       NY-17-5-267
BROWN, WILLIAM P.                      NY-17-13-153
BROWNELL, HATTIE E.                    NY-17-12-324
BRUCE,JOSEPHINE                        NY-17-12-589
BRUCE, HENRY W.                        NY-17-12-669
BRUSH, HENRY NEILSON                   NY-17-5-257
BRUSH, J. H. CORBIN                    NY-17-11-253
BRYANT, ABIGAIL                        NY-17-12-677
BRYANT, CHARLES                        NY-17-11-251
BUCHANAN, JOHN                         NY-17-3-552
BUCKLASS, HENRY                        NY-17-11-695
BUCKLESS, LUCINDA                      NY-17-12-143
BUCKLEY, JOHN H.                       NY-17-12-181
BUCKLIN, MOSES                         NY-17-12-534
BUEL, SARAH A.                         NY-17-5-452
BUELL, EDWARD A.                       NY-17-13-494
BUELL, HERBERT W.                      NY-17-12-187
BUELL, MARTHA MAUD                     NY-17-9-59
BUELL, WILLIAM B.                      NY-17-12-452
BULLIS, LEWIS                          NY-17-4-247
BULLIS, MEFFLIN W.                     NY-17-13-571
BULLOCK, ANNA M.                       NY-17-12-510
BULLOCK, COOMER K.                     NY-17-7-664
BULLOCK, JARED J.                      NY-17-7-660
BULTOLPH, JOSEPH                       NY-17-7-286
BUMP, GEORGE                           NY-17-11-660
BURBANK, JOHN B.                       NY-17-4-21
BURCH, ELAM C.                         NY-17-13-189
BURCH, MATTIE E.                       NY-17-13-536
BURCH, PHOEBE A.                       NY-17-12-640
BURDICK, CYREN A.                      NY-17-13-641
BURGESS, LYMAN                         NY-17-12-574
BURKE, CAROLINE                        NY-17-13-425
BURKE, JOHN                            NY-17-4-439
BURKE, JOHN M.                         NY-17-11-108
BURKE, MARTIN                          NY-17-8-615
BURKE, PATRICK                         NY-17-7-88
BURKE, SAMUEL                          NY-17-11-426
BURNAP, BLISS                          NY-17-6-227
BURNAP, NELSON                         NY-17-10-81
BURNHAM, HIRAM B.                      NY-17-8-694
BURNS, ANNIE A.                        NY-17-13-247
BURNS, GEORGE W.                       NY-17-11-222
BURNS, JERRY                           NY-17-11-432
BURNS, SIMON                           NY-17-9-129
BURNS, TIMOTHY                         NY-17-3-548
BURTON, THOMAS                         NY-17-12-653
BUSH, JOHN                             NY-17-12-145
BUSH, LEONARD                          NY-17-11-223
BUSH, NANCY R.                         NY-17-11-180
BUSH, PETER                            NY-17-7-24
BUSHEY, JOHN                           NY-17-12-474
BUTLER, MOSES                          NY-17-B-60
BUTLER, MOSES                          NY-17-A-303
BUTLER, MOSES                          NY-17-B-147
BUTLER, THOMAS                         NY-17-13-611
BUTTER, MOSES                          NY-17-1-196
BUTTOLPH, SEYMORE E.                   NY-17-11-677
BUTTRICK, ANNA E.                      NY-17-12-247
CADY, EDWIN A.                         NY-17-9-511
CADY, MARY                             NY-17-10-564
CAHILL, ANDREW                         NY-17-11-678
CAHILL, JOHANNA                        NY-17-12-379
CAHILL, JOHN                           NY-17-6-532
CAIN, CORNELIUS C.                     NY-17-10-323
CAIN, ELLEN                            NY-17-12-150
CALNON, M. ELIZABETH                   NY-17-12-674
CAMERON, LUCY A.                       NY-17-12-208
CAMP, DENISON S.                       NY-17-9-646
CAMPBELL, ANTOINE                      NY-17-11-674
CAMPBELL, CATHERINE                    NY-17-11-341
CAMPBELL, ELIZA                        NY-17-9-654
CAMPBELL, ERVILLA M.                   NY-17-7-611
CAMPBELL, MATHEW                       NY-17-6-623
CAMPBELL, NEIL                         NY-17-9-14
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                       NY-17-13-173
CANTWELL, MARY J.                      NY-17-13-541
CARDINAL, JOSEPH                       NY-17-11-252
CARDINALL, LAURA                       NY-17-12-666
CAREY, DENNIS                          NY-17-10-41
CAREY, JOHN                            NY-17-10-106
CAREY, MICHAEL                         NY-17-11-700
CARLIN, EDWARD                         NY-17-13-3
CARLIN, JOHN                           NY-17-12-607
CARLIN, JULIA A.                       NY-17-10-61
CARLIN, MARY                           NY-17-8-163
CARLIN, MARY J.                        NY-17-12-250
CARLIN, THOMAS L.                      NY-17-11-586
CARLISLE, CHARLES H.                   NY-17-11-158
CARLISLE, FRANCES J.                   NY-17-8-101
CARLISLE, MARY ANN                     NY-17-11-572
CARLON, WILLIAM                        NY-17-3-86
CARLTON, PAUL                          NY-17-12-196
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN F.                 NY-17-12-293
CARPENTER, DEMERETTE                   NY-17-5-241
CARPENTER, EZRA J.                     NY-17-12-718
CARPENTER, FRANCES MARION              NY-17-11-666
CARPENTER, MINNIE A.                   NY-17-13-577
CARR, FRANK J.                         NY-17-10-618
CARR, GEORGE W.                        NY-17-9-336
CARR, JESSIE WILLIAMSON                NY-17-13-555
CARROLL, JAMES                         NY-17-12-123
CARROLL, MARY M. F.                    NY-17-12-18
CARROW, EDWARD J.                      NY-17-13-284
CARTER, WILLIAM H. H.                  NY-17-12-154
CARY, LUCRETIA                         NY-17-4-290
CARY, MICHAEL                          NY-17-11-3
CASEY, WILLIAM                         NY-17-5-95
CASHMAN, CLAUDE H.                     NY-17-13-175
CASSIDY, ROSANNA                       NY-17-8-321
CATNER, HAMILTON YOUNG                 NY-17-11-352
CAVANAGH, MICHAEL                      NY-17-12-57
CAVANAH, PATRICK P.                    NY-17-4-500
CAYEA, MARY                            NY-17-13-528
CAYEA, OLIVER                          NY-17-12-590
CHAFFEE, MARY                          NY-17-8-439
CHAMBERLAIN, HARRIET                   NY-17-7-255
CHAMBERS, BETSY                        NY-17-13-393
CHAMBERS, CYNTHIA C.                   NY-17-12-491
CHAMBERS, DANIEL                       NY-17-12-644
CHANDLER, ELDAD R.                     NY-17-10-574
CHAPMAN, CHARLOTTE A.                  NY-17-13-159
CHAPMAN, HARRY                         NY-17-2-473
CHAPMAN, HORACE L.                     NY-17-7-212
CHAPMAN, JOSHUA                        NY-17-3-336
CHAPMAN, NATHAN M.                     NY-17-11-263
CHAPMAN, NELLIE HUNSDON                NY-17-13-203
CHAPMAN, ROBERT R.                     NY-17-11-320
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-17-5-460
CHASE, EBEN                            NY-17-9-207
CHASE, FERDINAND WALKER                NY-17-13-380
CHASE, HANNAH V.                       NY-17-13-94
CHATLAND, JOSEPH                       NY-17-12-613
CHEENY, MARY JANE                      NY-17-8-296
CHENIER, DUZITE                        NY-17-11-553
CHERRIER, EDWARD O.                    NY-17-9-625
CHESMORE, ALVA                         NY-17-7-597
CHESTER, SARAH H.                      NY-17-13-372
CHESTER, WILMER L.                     NY-17-12-273
CHEYNE, GEORGE                         NY-17-13-271
CHILD, CLAVEL H.                       NY-17-10-220
CHILD, GARDNER A.                      NY-17-9-22
CHILD, HIRAM G.                        NY-17-5-423
CHILD, JOHN                            NY-17-6-417
CHILD, SANFORD A.                      NY-17-13-355
CHILD, WILLIAM M.                      NY-17-10-609
CHILDS, ALAMNZO                        NY-17-13-461
CHILDS, ALLEN B.                       NY-17-13-620
CHILDS, BENJAMIN B.                    NY-17-9-468
CHILDS, RHODA                          NY-17-11-75
CHILES, SOCRATES                       NY-17-10-122
CHIPMAN, ALVIN                         NY-17-3-426
CHIPMAN, MINERVA                       NY-17-4-175
CHISHOLM, ALEXANDER                    NY-17-11-692
CHUB, LORAN                            NY-17-12-235
CHURCH, SAMUEL                         NY-17-2-404
CHURCHILL, LOUISA J.                   NY-17-8-392
CLAFLIN, ALBERT                        NY-17-11-594
CLARK, BENJAMIN                        NY-17-7-77
CLARK, CATHERINE                       NY-17-10-195
CLARK, CHARLES                         NY-17-12-562
CLARK, EDSON                           NY-17-6-207
CLARK, EDWARD                          NY-17-8-619
CLARK, ELECTA M.                       NY-17-9-98
CLARK, EMMA                            NY-17-6-111
CLARK, FAYETTE A.                      NY-17-13-507
CLARK, FREDERICK                       NY-17-3-489
CLARK, HELEN                           NY-17-8-49
CLARK, JAMES                           NY-17-8-378
CLARK, JANE ANN                        NY-17-5-200
CLARK, JUSTINA                         NY-17-13-415
CLARK, LAWRENCE                        NY-17-10-198
CLARK, LEMUEL                          NY-17-4-144
CLARK, MARY ANN                        NY-17-13-598
CLARK, PATRICK                         NY-17-13-172
CLARK, SAMUEL S.                       NY-17-5-46
CLARK, SHUBAEL H.                      NY-17-10-397
CLARK, STEPHEN                         NY-17-5-112
CLARK, WILLIAM A.                      NY-17-5-65
CLARK, WILLIAM D.                      NY-17-9-202
CLARK, WILLIAM M.                      NY-17-13-452
CLARY, CURTIS M.                       NY-17-11-571
CLEAVELAND, SARAH P.                   NY-17-11-448
CLERKIN, JOHN                          NY-17-11-712
CLEVELAND, GEORGE W.                   NY-17-11-406
CLOSSON, MARTHA D.                     NY-17-11-312
COBB, DALLAS W.                        NY-17-13-465
COBURN, JOSEPH                         NY-17-3-208
COGGIN, SAMUEL                         NY-17-6-13
COGGINS, LAURA                         NY-17-9-230
COGSWELL, REUBEN                       NY-17-12-375
COLBATH, HOSEA B.                      NY-17-13-337
COLE, WELTHA                           NY-17-4-350
COLEMAN, EDITH E.                      NY-17-11-651
COLEMAN, SARAH H.                      NY-17-12-678
COLLINS, JAMES                         NY-17-9-396
COLLINS, JOHN H.                       NY-17-13-447
COLLINS, MARY ANN                      NY-17-12-204
COLLINS, PATRICK                       NY-17-12-177
COLLINS, THOMAS                        NY-17-11-566
COLLINS, W. L.                         NY-17-13-609
COLLOPHY, JAMES                        NY-17-11-474
COLTON, AUGUSTA                        NY-17-13-534
COLTON, GIDEON C.                      NY-17-7-409
COLVIN, HATTIE                         NY-17-13-239
COLVIN, SARAH                          NY-17-10-350
CONANT, OPHER                          NY-17-1-252
CONANT, OPHER                          NY-17-A-317
CONDON, ELLA M.                        NY-17-12-30
CONGER, ALPHEUS                        NY-17-8-410
CONGER, DAVID                          NY-17-2-385
CONGER, HENRY W.                       NY-17-11-101
CONGER, LOUISA                         NY-17-9-499
CONGER, RHOBA L.                       NY-17-12-579
CONKLIN, JENNIE GILE                   NY-17-13-195
CONNELLY, JOHN                         NY-17-12-141
CONNOR, JAMES                          NY-17-7-590
CONNOR, JOHN                           NY-17-5-227
CONNOR, WILLIAM                        NY-17-7-568
CONNORS, MARY                          NY-17-11-507
CONOHY, JAMES                          NY-17-4-235
CONSTANTINE, WARREN                    NY-17-10-298
CONWAY, JOHN                           NY-17-4-280
COOK, ELLEN                            NY-17-13-145
COOK, HIRAM                            NY-17-12-183
COOK, JOHN B.                          NY-17-11-372
COOK, JOSEPH H.                        NY-17-4-30
COOK, JULIA                            NY-17-12-489
COOK, MARY M.                          NY-17-13-349
COOK, REUBEN                           NY-17-9-402
COOK, RUBY M.                          NY-17-13-86
COOK, SELOM                            NY-17-11-144
COOK, STEPHEN                          NY-17-B-10
COOK, THADDEUS                         NY-17-6-460
COOKE, WATTS                           NY-17-11-458
COOLIDGE, BENJAMIN                     NY-17-13-384
COONEY, JAMES E.                       NY-17-12-542
COONEY, OWEN                           NY-17-7-21
COONEY, PATRICK H.                     NY-17-13-554
COONEY, PETER                          NY-17-13-273
COONEY, WILLIAM                        NY-17-7-41
COOPER, ALEXANDER                      NY-17-8-111
COOPER, JOSEPH                         NY-17-A-12
COOPER, SIMEON                         NY-17-7-593
CORBETT, JOHN                          NY-17-12-594
CORNEY, OWEN                           NY-17-7-221
CORNIN, JOHN                           NY-17-11-176
CORNING, BARNARD C.                    NY-17-11-444
CORNING, ELIZABETH                     NY-17-11-640
CORNISH, ELIZA F.                      NY-17-7-455
CORNISH, RUTH S.                       NY-17-11-288
COTO, AMELIA                           NY-17-6-324
COTTER, LAWRENCE                       NY-17-5-598
COUGHLIN, ANNIE                        NY-17-8-539
COUGHLIN, ELLEN                        NY-17-9-273
COULIN, JAMES L.                       NY-17-7-607
COVELL, ERNEST W.                      NY-17-12-82
COX, JAMES                             NY-17-12-209
CRAIG, DAVID                           NY-17-9-488
CRAIG, JOSEPH                          NY-17-8-512
CRANDALL, MARGARET A.                  NY-17-12-493
CRANDALL, MYRON                        NY-17-11-342
CRANGLE, WILLIAM                       NY-17-13-257
CRAPSER, JOHN                          NY-17-4-370
CRAWFORD, CHARLES N.                   NY-17-6-484
CREIGHTON, JOHN                        NY-17-10-567
CREIGHTON, ROBERT                      NY-17-6-241
CREIGHTON, WILLIAM A.                  NY-17-13-338
CROAK, PATRICK                         NY-17-11-104
CROAKS, MORGAN                         NY-17-8-574
CROOKS, CARLOSTIN A.                   NY-17-12-277
CROSS, NORMAN S.                       NY-17-4-227
CROSS, PEPPERILL A.                    NY-17-4-34
CROSS, SUSAN                           NY-17-5-502
CROSSMAN, GEORGE S.                    NY-17-11-524
CROW, JOHN                             NY-17-5-507
CULVER, MARY E.                        NY-17-5-511
CUMMINGS, MARY JANE                    NY-17-12-514
CUNNINGHAM, DAVID S.                   NY-17-13-292
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      NY-17-9-641
CUNNINGHAM, PATRICK                    NY-17-9-683
CUNNINGHAM, PETER                      NY-17-13-449
CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD                    NY-17-7-298
CUNNINGHAM, WALLACE J.                 NY-17-13-444
CURRAN, WILLIAM                        NY-17-8-536
CURRY, JOHN                            NY-17-6-350
CURTIN, CHARLES SR.                    NY-17-13-74
CURTIN, JOHN                           NY-17-9-91
CURTIN, MARY ANN                       NY-17-12-253
CURTIS, MARY                           NY-17-12-475
CUSHING, DANIEL                        NY-17-13-597
CUSHMAN, AMBROSE WELK                  NY-17-11-323
CUTTING, PURVIS H.                     NY-17-5-308
CUTTLER, MAY C.                        NY-17-11-490
DAGGETT, JOHN L.                       NY-17-10-627
DAIGNEAU, PHILOMENE                    NY-17-13-38
DAILY, THOMAS                          NY-17-12-560
DAKE, MARY                             NY-17-9-366
DALY, JOHN                             NY-17-5-466
DALY, MARGARET                         NY-17-12-124
DALY, MICHAEL                          NY-17-12-99
DALY, PETER                            NY-17-13-156
DAM, DAVID                             NY-17-11-384
DANA, E. BURT                          NY-17-13-359
DANFORTH, GEORGE W.                    NY-17-11-662
DANFORTH, LUTHER                       NY-17-3-93
DANFORTH, PAULINA                      NY-17-4-284
DANIELS, MATILDA                       NY-17-10-217
DANSKIN, JOHN                          NY-17-12-644
DANSKINS, JAMES                        NY-17-7-354
DARLING, DAVID K.                      NY-17-4-95
DARLING, ELI                           NY-17-13-290
DARLING, EMMELINE A.                   NY-17-13-78
DARLING, IRA A.                        NY-17-10-136
DARLING, JEPHTHAH R.                   NY-17-11-7
DARLING, MARY A.                       NY-17-12-278
DARLING, NATHAN                        NY-17-10-472
DARMODY, CARRIE MAY                    NY-17-12-138
DARMODY, EDWARD                        NY-17-12-102
DAVENPORT, RUFUS                       NY-17-12-421
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM R.                  NY-17-7-306
DAVIDSON, GEORGE A.                    NY-17-11-427
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          NY-17-13-416
DAVIS, SIMEON                          NY-17-6-509
DAWSON, ALEXANDER                      NY-17-5-89
DAWSON, DOLLY                          NY-17-13-140
DAY, DARWIN J.                         NY-17-13-574
DAY, FRANCIS M.                        NY-17-10-344
DAY, HENRY H.                          NY-17-13-217
DAY, JUSTIN                            NY-17-3-379
DAY, NATHANIEL                         NY-17-4-219
DeBRUSH, JUANE J.                      NY-17-9-369
DEGON, ADALINE                         NY-17-11-157
DEGON, AMELIA                          NY-17-13-71
DeGOWIN, WILLIAM                       NY-17-12-163
DEIGRA, ROSANNA                        NY-17-4-238
DELAIRE, FELICITE                      NY-17-13-376
DELAMETTER, ELBRIDGE                   NY-17-13-294
DELARM, ALEXANDER                      NY-17-13-136
DELARM, JOHN SR.                       NY-17-12-513, 617
DELARM, MARY                           NY-17-11-417
DELONG, CLEMENTIA                      NY-17-9-158
DELONG, HARRIET A.                     NY-17-11-626
DELONG, ISAAC                          NY-17-11-235
DELONG, LAMENCE                        NY-17-6-196
DELONG, PHEBE                          NY-17-8-108
DEMPSEY, JOSEPH                        NY-17-8-679
DENEEN, ELIZA                          NY-17-12-41
DENESHA, PETER C.                      NY-17-12-143
DENESHA, MOSES                         NY-17-12-656
DENIO, ELIZABETH                       NY-17-13-398
DENIO, PHILOMENE                       NY-17-13-38
DENISON, WILLIAM AUSTIN                NY-17-11-164
DENNEEN, MATTHEW                       NY-17-8-611
DERBY, GEORGE                          NY-17-12-541
DERBY, MATILDA                         NY-17-11-492
DERBY, MILLARD F.                      NY-17-13-99
DeSHAW, GEORGE H.                      NY-17-13-100
DeSHAW, MINOR G.                       NY-17-12-213
DESHAW, ADELAIDE                       NY-17-13-495
DESMOND, TIMOTHY                       NY-17-7-189
DESNOYERS, JOSEPH                      NY-17-12-166
DESOTILL, PHILINDA                     NY-17-13-142
DEUEL, GEORGE                          NY-17-11-634
DEVLIN, JOHN                           NY-17-10-673
DEWEY, ALBERT W.                       NY-17-12-95
DEWEY, DAVID D. D.                     NY-17-12-167
DEWEY, MARY MARIA                      NY-17-13-225
DEWEY, WILLIAM                         NY-17-6-256
DEWEY, WILLIAM                         NY-17-11-405
DEYETTE, EDWIN                         NY-17-11-373
DEYETTE, ELIZA                         NY-17-10-288
DIAMOND, WILLIAM J.                    NY-17-12-241
DICKEY, ELIZA                          NY-17-11-523
DICKEY, WARREN I.                      NY-17-12-558
DICKINSON, DWIGHT                      NY-17-12-403
DICKINSON, HORACE                      NY-17-5-173
DICKINSON, LUCINDA M.                  NY-17-13-16
DICKINSON, THUSA                       NY-17-12-556
DICKINSON, WELLS S.                    NY-17-10-149
DIEVENDORF, WILLIAM J.                 NY-17-13-58
DIMOND, THOMAS                         NY-17-3-471
DINNEEN, JAMES                         NY-17-9-153
DINNEEN, MARY                          NY-17-13-591
DION, PAUL                             NY-17-13-123
DISCO, ANNA                            NY-17-13-642
DISCO, JOSEPH M.                       NY-17-13-606
DOBBINS, WILLIAM                       NY-17-7-545
DODGE, ELECTA B.                       NY-17-11-505
DODGE, HIRAM                           NY-17-9-581
DODGE, MAY M.                          NY-17-12-113
DONAHUE, EDWARD                        NY-17-12-251
DONALDSON, THOMAS                      NY-17-4-447
DONIHEE, PATRICK                       NY-17-4-313
DONOHUE, MARIA B.                      NY-17-13-592
DONOVAN, MARGARET                      NY-17-8-228
DONOVAN, PATRICK                       NY-17-12-283
DONSHEA, CLEMENT WALTER                NY-17-13-605
DOOLITTLE, ROY WRIGHT                  NY-17-12-35
DOONAN, JAMES                          NY-17-9-389
DOREY, JANE                            NY-17-8-94
DORY, LOUISA                           NY-17-11-712
DOTY, AMANDA E.                        NY-17-6-143
DOTY, DAVID                            NY-17-3-110
DOTY, DELIA D.                         NY-17-7-92
DOTY, JOHN                             NY-17-5-263
DOUGHERTY, ANN                         NY-17-12-55
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                        NY-17-13-235
DOUGHERTY, THOMAS                      NY-17-10-183
DOUGHERTY, WILLIAM                     NY-17-13-47
DOUGLAS, CALVIN A.                     NY-17-9-168
DOUGLAS, EDWIN S.                      NY-17-12-706
DOUGLAS, ERASTUS                       NY-17-4-125
DOUGLAS, HARLEY                        NY-17-7-225
DOUGLAS, MARY J.                       NY-17-13-181
DOUGLAS, MYRON H.                      NY-17-9-521
DOUGLAS, SUSAN M.                      NY-17-12-446
DOUGLASS, CAROLINE A.                  NY-17-10-428
DOUGLASS, LUCINDA                      NY-17-3-535
DOUGLASS, LYDIA                        NY-17-4-156
DOUGLASS, MARGARET                     NY-17-11-635
DOW, MARY A.                           NY-17-12-643
DOWNER, ALBERT                         NY-17-11-667
DOYLE, BRIDGET                         NY-17-13-363
DRAIN, HARLOW                          NY-17-9-88
DRAKE, DANIEL                          NY-17-A-277, 1-45
DRAKE, JAMES C.                        NY-17-11-545
DRAKE, JONATHAN A.                     NY-17-11-135
DRAKE, PERRY J.                        NY-17-13-531
DRAKE, SIMEON J.                       NY-17-13-146
DRAKE, WORDEN A.                       NY-17-12-214
DREW, GEORGE W.                        NY-17-12-672
DREW, MINERVA                          NY-17-6-421
DREW, SAMUEL C.                        NY-17-A-315
DREW, SAMUEL C.                        NY-17-1-236
DRISCOL, MICHAEL                       NY-17-5-218
DRISCOLL, BRIDGET                      NY-17-5-386
DRISCOLL, JOHN                         NY-17-3-413
DRUM, JOHN                             NY-17-4-382
DRURY, CHARLES                         NY-17-13-152
DRURY, GEORGE W.                       NY-17-11-32
DRURY, LYDIA                           NY-17-11-440
DUANE, HARRIET                         NY-17-6-59
DUANE, HENRY B.                        NY-17-4-216
DUCATT, MARY                           NY-17-13-439
DUDLEY, ANDREW J.                      NY-17-11-544
DUDLEY, JAMES S.                       NY-17-12-351
DUELL, LEWIS                           NY-17-13-106
DUFFIELD, JOSEPH                       NY-17-12-110
DUFFIN, JOHN                           NY-17-12-202
DUFFY, FRANCIS                         NY-17-12-192
DUFFY, MARGARET JANE                   NY-17-11-435
DUFFY, PHILIP                          NY-17-13-54
DUFRANE,CHRISTIE                       NY-17-13-622
DUMAS, JOSEPH                          NY-17-11-577
DUMAS, JOSEPH S.                       NY-17-9-452
DUNHAM, FLETCHER                       NY-17-9-373
DUNN, JOHN JR.                         NY-17-3-69
DUNN, PATRICK                          NY-17-8-414
DUNN, SYLVESTER                        NY-17-5-576
DUPREE, ELIZA                          NY-17-11-51
DURNEY, CATHERINE                      NY-17-7-128
DUSO, AMELIA                           NY-17-5-598
DUSTIN, DAVID                          NY-17-13-279
DUSTIN, MARDONA E.                     NY-17-13-429
DWIGHT, ELLEN                          NY-17-13-573
DWYER, ANN                             NY-17-12-159
DWYER, DAVID D.                        NY-17-12-469
DWYER, JAMES                           NY-17-7-119
DWYER, ROSANNA                         NY-17-11-317
DWYER, THOMAS                          NY-17-11-59
DYER, SAMUEL ASHMEAD                   NY-17-13-497
DYKE, MAITLAND J.                      NY-17-12-637
DYKE, NASH                             NY-17-11-715
EARL, HEBER E.                         NY-17-12-534
EARL, NANCY A.                         NY-17-11-44
EARL, WILLIAM A.                       NY-17-6-235
EARLE, THOMAS                          NY-17-11-713
EARLE, WILLIAM B.                      NY-17-11-471
EATON, HENRY A.                        NY-17-12-27
EATON, TIMILL L.                       NY-17-10-110
EBEL, LOUIS B.                         NY-17-13-141
EDDY, ROBERT                           NY-17-11-646
ELDRED, ELIZA                          NY-17-4-417
ELDRED, LEVI M.                        NY-17-11-162
ELDRED, MARY                           NY-17-12-561
ELLIOTT, CHARLES P.                    NY-17-12-355
ELLIOTT, JOSEPH                        NY-17-5-569
ELLIS, GEORGE W.                       NY-17-12-539
ELLIS, SELIM                           NY-17-9-575
ELLSWORTH, CALISTA                     NY-17-12-624
ELLSWORTH, CHANDLER                    NY-17-9-330
ELLSWORTH, CURTIS                      NY-17-11-173
ELLSWORTH, ELIZA                       NY-17-9-605
ELLSWORTH, ELIZA                       NY-17-9-605
ELLSWORTH, HENRY W.                    NY-17-6-136
ELLSWORTH, MAHALA M.                   NY-17-12-22
ELLSWORTH, SIDNEY                      NY-17-12-665
ELLSWORTH, SIDNEY                      NY-17-12-673
ELLY, MOSES                            NY-17-13-105
EMERSON, FREDERICK W.                  NY-17-12-291
EMERSON, MARGARET                      NY-17-11-397
EMERSON,CHARLES W.                     NY-17-13-309
ENGLISH, DENIS                         NY-17-6-388
ENGLISH, JOHN                          NY-17-4-534
ENGLISH, WILLIAM                       NY-17-11-249
ERSKINE, DAVID                         NY-17-3-254
ERWIN, ALBON M.                        NY-17-3-167
ERWIN, GEORGE W.                       NY-17-11-137
ESELTINE, LESTER                       NY-17-10-415
ESTABROOKS, JOEL                       NY-17-5-328
ESTABROOKS, JOSEPH                     NY-17-3-500
ESTABROOKS, SILAS B.                   NY-17-11-258
ESTERBROOKS, SARAH J.                  NY-17-12-353
ESTES, FAYETTE B.                      NY-17-12-615
EVANS, LUCIUS                          NY-17-11-74
EVANS, NELLIE                          NY-17-12-710
EVERETT, ANNA                          NY-17-11-240
EVERETT, CARRIE M.                     NY-17-11-452
EVERETT, JOHN M.                       NY-17-6-474
EVERETT, OLIVER C.                     NY-17-9-214
EWING, MARIA                           NY-17-11-528
EWINGS, JONAH H.                       NY-17-8-217

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