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ABBOTT, HAMILTON                       NY-12-C-55
ABBOTT, WILLIAM O.                     NY-12-O-457
ACKLEY, ASA                            NY-12-U-1
ACKLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-12-Y-213
ADAMS, MOSES                           NY-12-T-197
ADAMS, PRESERVED                       NY-12-D-108
AINSLIE, POLLY                         NY-12-L-9
AKER, JOHN                             NY-12-A-200
ALBRIGHT, JOHN                         NY-12-B-62
ALBRO, ARCHIE                          NY-12-X-293
ALBRO, ARVIN                           NY-12-D-159
ALBRO, HARRIET G.                      NY-12-X-241
ALDERMAN, SARAH                        NY-12-S-245
ALEXANDER, LUCY                        NY-12-D-542
ALGER, MARY B.                         NY-12-Y-577
ALLEN, ARNOLD A.                       NY-12-R-81
ALLEN, DAVID K.                        NY-12-Y-61
ALLEN, HARLOW                          NY-12-D-520
ALLEN, HARRIET M.                      NY-12-W-117
ALLEN, HARVEY B.                       NY-12-X-137
ALLEN, HENRY                           NY-12-E-360
ALLEN, PRENTICE S.                     NY-12-R-289
ALLEN, SEYMOUR                         NY-12-N-139
ALVORD, ADALINE S.                     NY-12-S-105
ALVORD, ALFRED A.                      NY-12-S-101
ALVORD, EBENEZER                       NY-12-A-286
ALVORD, EDMUND                         NY-12-D-223
ALVORD, HENRY S.                       NY-12-U-233
ALVORD, JACOB B.                       NY-12-I-67
ALVORD, JEREMIAH G.                    NY-12-M-157
ALVORD, LUMAN                          NY-12-D-49
ALVORD, MARTIN                         NY-12-M-397
ALVORD, SARAH M.                       NY-12-W-437
ALVORD, SYLVESTER                      NY-12-F-7
AMES, SAMUEL                           NY-12-D-562
ANDRESS, JAMES                         NY-12-Y-533
ANDREWS, CATHARINE                     NY-12-W-321
ANDREWS, H. ERVING                     NY-12-X-401
ANDREWS, JAMES R.                      NY-12-V-121
ANDREWS, SUSAN                         NY-12-I-13
ANDREWS, WILLIAM E.                    NY-12-V-613
ANGEL, ALENOR W.                       NY-12-W-489
ANGELL, SARAH L.                       NY-12-V-169
ANTHONY, COOMER                        NY-12-I-359
ANTHONY, MARY                          NY-12-S-581
ANTISDAL, SIMON                        NY-12-J-121
ARNOLD, ALBERT                         NY-12-W-57
ARNOLD, AUGUSTA                        NY-12-T-649
ARNOLD, CAROLINE M.                    NY-12-M-485
ARNOLD, GEORGE H.                      NY-12-O-165
ARNOLD, MARY C.                        NY-12-Y-497
ARNOLD, MYRA P.                        NY-12-T-89
ARNOLD, PELEG                          NY-12-I-427
ATCHISON, GEORGE                       NY-12-I-47
ATKENS, ALFRED W.                      NY-12-L-215
ATKINSON, GEORGE                       NY-12-R-397
ATKINSON, ISABELLA                     NY-12-Y-565
ATWATER, EZRA                          NY-12-D-61
AUSTIN, ASA                            NY-12-C-305
AYERS, PLINY W.                        NY-12-H-349
AYRES, MARY E.                         NY-12-S-497
AYRES, PLINY                           NY-12-B-330
BABCOCK, ALMIRA                        NY-12-N-359
BABCOCK, ANNA C.                       NY-12-E-318
BABCOCK, CLARISSA M.                   NY-12-X-105
BABCOCK, DANIEL                        NY-12-L-487
BABCOCK, EMILY S.                      NY-12-M-429
BABCOCK, EZRA                          NY-12-L-479
BABCOCK, EZRA                          NY-12-B-33
BABCOCK, LUCIUS                        NY-12-U-9
BABCOCK, MYRON C.                      NY-12-O-509
BABCOCK, MYRON G.                      NY-12-Y-141
BABCOCK, NEHEMIAH                      NY-12-B-276
BABCOCK, PAUL                          NY-12-A-181
BABCOCK, RAYMOND P.                    NY-12-R-229
BABCOCK, RAYMOND P.                    NY-12-P-212
BABCOCK, SEMANTHA                      NY-12-M-261
BACKUS, EDWIN R.                       NY-12-H-25
BACKUS, JASON R.                       NY-12-E-508
BACON, ANSEL                           NY-12-M-305
BACON, AURILLA                         NY-12-V-93
BADETTY, FRANCES M.                    NY-12-X-277
BAILEY, LEMAN                          NY-12-Y-557
BAILEY, LYMAN                          NY-12-N-311
BAILEY, NORMAN                         NY-12-W-357
BAKER, BARNABUS                        NY-12-L-87
BAKER, CHARLES F.                      NY-12-E-550
BAKER, E. DE FOREST                    NY-12-S-477
BAKER, ISAAC W.                        NY-12-C-271
BAKER, JOSEPH                          NY-12-S-745
BAKER, MARY S.                         NY-12-V-33
BAKER, ORISSA A.                       NY-12-T-381
BAKER, SOLOMON                         NY-12-A-45
BAKER, WAITY ANN                       NY-12-Y-13
BALCH, LUCY                            NY-12-I-23
BALCH, MARVIN                          NY-12-J-436
BALCH, MARVIN                          NY-12-L-91
BALDWIN, SHUBEL R.                     NY-12-U-289
BALL, JAY                              NY-12-Y-457
BALL, JAY                              NY-12-Y-396
BALL, L. CLINTON                       NY-12-V-65
BALL, LEWIS                            NY-12-B-254
BALL, STEPHEN C.                       NY-12-I-423
BALLARD, JONATHAN                      NY-12-B-303
BALLARD, JOSHUA                        NY-12-B-298
BALLARD, SARAH                         NY-12-U-313
BALLARD, WILLIAMP.                     NY-12-R-337
BANCROFT, HARVEY                       NY-12-X-41
BANGS, SAMUEL                          NY-12-S-89
BARBER, HENRY                          NY-12-N-519
BARBER, JANE ENO                       NY-12-S-377
BARBER, JEDEDIAH                       NY-12-L-275
BARBER, JEDEDIAH                       NY-12-P-17
BARBER, JOHN                           NY-12-D-412
BARBER, JOHN S.                        NY-12-R-465
BARBER, MARION                         NY-12-U-529
BARBER, ORLANDO                        NY-12-U-113
BARBER, PARIS                          NY-12-L-267
BARBER, PERSIS                         NY-12-Z-297
BARKER, ALBERT                         NY-12-S-465
BARKER, GEORGE L.                      NY-12-R-333
BARKER, LAWTON                         NY-12-D-558
BARKER, NELLIE D.                      NY-12-Q-236
BARKER, PETER                          NY-12-C-290
BARNES, ANN                            NY-12-O-505
BARNES, ELIUR H.                       NY-12-X-221
BARNES, JOHN T.                        NY-12-Y-293
BARNS, JEREMIAH                        NY-12-A-163
BARNS, ZETTO                           NY-12-F-277
BARNUM, ANN                            NY-12-E-532
BARNUM, ZALMON P.                      NY-12-I-79
BARRETT, JONAS                         NY-12-V-445
BARTLETT, EDGAR D.                     NY-12-S-297
BARTLETT, LYDIA                        NY-12-S-157
BARTON, NEWMAN                         NY-12-C-447
BASSETT, ABAGAIL                       NY-12-E-61
BASSETT, JOSEPH L.                     NY-12-W-553
BASSETT, JOSHUA                        NY-12-A-202
BASSETT, MARIA                         NY-12-K-115
BATES, HORTON L.                       NY-12-Y-581
BATES, JOSEPH                          NY-12-D-249
BATES, LEMUEL                          NY-12-O-49
BATES, LOVINA                          NY-12-R-569
BATES, MINERVA                         NY-12-R-185
BATES, RANSFORD R.                     NY-12-F-211
BATHINCH, GEORGE G.                    NY-12-F-25
BAUCHER, ABRAM                         NY-12-N-163
BAUDER, ANGELINE                       NY-12-T-65
BAUDER, LEONARD L.                     NY-12-N-183
BAYS, JAMES                            NY-12-B-200
BEACH, MARIA L.                        NY-12-S-473
BEACH, NATHANIEL                       NY-12-K-475
BEACH, PAMELIA F.                      NY-12-W-13
BEACH, WILLIAM B.                      NY-12-Z-161
BEAN, JENNIE                           NY-12-R-673
BEAN, MARYETTE                         NY-12-O-5
BEAN, SAMUEL                           NY-12-V-149
BEAN, SOPHIA A.                        NY-12-T-441
BEARD, GEORGE                          NY-12-Z-105
BEATTIE, MARY JANE                     NY-12-T-13
BEATY, MARY JANE                       NY-12-D-41
BEEBE, SAMUEL L.                       NY-12-I-323
BEEBE, SENECA                          NY-12-N-463
BEJAMIN, CHARLES T.                    NY-12-C-266
BELL, ANNA                             NY-12-I-247
BELL, JOHN                             NY-12-I-127
BELL, THOMAS                           NY-12-O-301
BELLOWS, ISAAC N.                      NY-12-K-91
BELLOWS, ZEBULON B.                    NY-12-F-253
BEMISS, SOLOMON                        NY-12-X-597
BEMM, OLIVE T.                         NY-12-W-541
BENEDICT, ETHEL C.                     NY-12-V-9
BENEDICT, HARRIET N.                   NY-12-W-517
BENEDICT, RENSSELAER D.                NY-12-S-457
BENJAMIN, ALANSON                      NY-12-S-81
BENJAMIN, ALVAH                        NY-12-H-493
BENJAMIN, EMERSON                      NY-12-Z-217
BENJAMIN, EZRA                         NY-12-L-327
BENJAMIN, FRANK M.                     NY-12-Y-349
BENNETT, ALFRED                        NY-12-C-211
BENNETT, ALFRED L.                     NY-12-S-513
BENNETT, ALVIN                         NY-12-L-35
BENNETT, JAMES W.                      NY-12-Y-289
BENNETT, LUCIUS                        NY-12-A-72
BENNETT, LYDIA H.                      NY-12-F-127
BENNETT, PHILLIP S.                    NY-12-M-237
BENNETT, SALLY M.                      NY-12-S-601
BENTLEY, BYRON D.                      NY-12-Y-305
BENTLEY, JOSHUA                        NY-12-C-503
BENTLEY, WILLIAM A.                    NY-12-R-109
BENTON, DUDLEY                         NY-12-D-21
BENTON, FREDERICK                      NY-12-D-171
BENTON, ISAAC                          NY-12-D-245
BENTON, JOHN                           NY-12-A-68
BENTON, THOMAS                         NY-12-G-1
BENTON, THOMAS                         NY-12-G-80
BERRY, BENJAMIN                        NY-12-T-77
BETTS, HIRAM                           NY-12-D-45
BIERCE, CHANCY W.                      NY-12-R-349
BIERCE, DATUS W.                       NY-12-S-705
BIERCE, HARRIET L.                     NY-12-V-101
BIGELOW, AMASA F.                      NY-12-T-501
BIGELOW, SYBIL                         NY-12-O-485
BILLINGS, JOSIAH                       NY-12-O-1
BINGHAM, ELISHA                        NY-12-D-1
BINGHAM, JOHNSON                       NY-12-O-201
BINGHAM, MELVIN C.                     NY-12-S-449
BIOIES, LEVI                           NY-12-E-55
BIRD, WILLIAM                          NY-12-M-189
BIRDLEBOUGH, CHARLES F.                NY-12-V-449
BIRDLEBOUGH, HENRY                     NY-12-T-429
BIRDLEBOUGH, JOSEPH R.                 NY-12-W-525
BIRDSALL, MARY L.                      NY-12-Y-241
BISHOP, JOHN                           NY-12-C-175
BISHOP, MARIA THERESA C.               NY-12-U-497
BISHOP, OSANDER                        NY-12-S-29
BISHOP, SALLY                          NY-12-E-466
BISHOP, SOLON                          NY-12-H-187
BISHOP, WILLIAM                        NY-12-S-97
BIXBY, LYDIA M.                        NY-12-O-321
BLACK, SARAH                           NY-12-U-17
BLACK, WATSON J.                       NY-12-W-381
BLAKESLEE, WILLIAM                     NY-12-B-319
BLANCHARD, ELVIRA                      NY-12-R-477
BLANCHARD, JAMES                       NY-12-R-201
BLANCHARD, JESSE M.                    NY-12-N-523
BLANCHARD, LEWIS                       NY-12-H-337
BLANCHARD, SILAS                       NY-12-M-245
BLANCHARD, WILLIAM                     NY-12-C-407
BLASHFIELD, MARY A.                    NY-12-R-585
BLASHFIELD, WILLIAM                    NY-12-F-169
BLISS, DEBORAH C.                      NY-12-S-145
BLISS, GEORGE W.                       NY-12-O-409
BLISS, ISAAC                           NY-12-T-229
BLISS, JOSHUA P.                       NY-12-O-161
BLISS, SOPHIA F.                       NY-12-X-85
BLODGETT, AMELIA                       NY-12-S-689
BLODGETT, GEORGE                       NY-12-O-437
BLODGETT, LORING                       NY-12-M-381
BLOOMER, ISAAC                         NY-12-C-442
BLOOMER, ISAAC B.                      NY-12-T-173
BLOOMER, WILLIAM                       NY-12-V-345
BLY, WILLIAM                           NY-12-A-142
BOCKES, EDWARD                         NY-12-Z-241
BOGARDUS, MARTIN B.                    NY-12-I-487
BOGARDUS, WILLIAM                      NY-12-M-345
BOIES, CELIA G.                        NY-12-N-339
BOIES, HARRIET                         NY-12-T-181
BOIES, ORASMUS                         NY-12-N-211
BOLLES, VIOLIA A.                      NY-12-Y-265
BONNEY, JETHRO                         NY-12-H-265
BONNEY, LEVI                           NY-12-K-169
BONNEY, SALLY                          NY-12-U-145
BONNEY, STILLMAN                       NY-12-O-561
BONTWELL, JOHN                         NY-12-D-313
BOOTH, SMITH                           NY-12-N-555
BORTHWICK, MARY ANN                    NY-12-N-419
BOSWORTH, JESSIE                       NY-12-I-235
BOSWORTH, MARIA H.                     NY-12-S-181
BOURNE, ANNA E.                        NY-12-W-601
BOURNE, ROSWELL K.                     NY-12-H-229
BOUTON, ADELIA M.                      NY-12-W-457
BOUTON, EMMA H.                        NY-12-M-321
BOUTON, ENOS                           NY-12-C-129
BOUTON, JOHN                           NY-12-O-481
BOUTON, NATHAN                         NY-12-L-503
BOUTON, NATHANIEL                      NY-12-B-250
BOUTON, SANFORD                        NY-12-N-49
BOUTWELL, ELIJAH S.                    NY-12-I-399
BOUTWELL, JOHN                         NY-12-S-289
BOUTWELL, ROXA                         NY-12-F-283
BOWDISH, MARGARET W.                   NY-12-W-485
BOWDISH, THOMAS G.                     NY-12-Z-385
BOWEN, AMOS                            NY-12-T-497
BOWEN, ELIAS                           NY-12-G-504
BOWEN, JARVIS                          NY-12-B-53
BOWEN, OREN                            NY-12-K-253
BOWEN, PHYLINDA                        NY-12-X-545
BOWHALL, MARY J.                       NY-12-W-325
BOYD, CAROLYN H.                       NY-12-M-369
BOYD, HATTIE E.                        NY-12-X-229
BOYDEN, DARIUS                         NY-12-T-461
BOYNTON, JUSTUS B.                     NY-12-H-175
BRABROOK, WILLIAM                      NY-12-N-5
BRADFORD, DANIEL                       NY-12-M-193
BRADFORD, DANIEL                       NY-12-M-529
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                      NY-12-E-19
BRADLEY, FANNY                         NY-12-T-831
BRAINARD, ALANSON                      NY-12-R-361
BRAINARD, MARIA A.                     NY-12-S-429
BRAMER, CATHERINE K.                   NY-12-V-341
BRANCH, ENOCH D.                       NY-12-L-323
BRAYNT, ISAAC G.                       NY-12-L-331
BRAYTON, THOMAS F.                     NY-12-Y-409
BREWER, STEPHEN                        NY-12-X-181
BRIGGS, JOHN                           NY-12-A-211
BRIGGS, JOHN                           NY-12-M-97
BRIGGS, JOSEPH                         NY-12-K-157
BRIGGS, LAURA A.                       NY-12-O-365
BRIGGS, STEPHEN J.                     NY-12-D-215
BRIGHAM, ARCHIBALD                     NY-12-H-151
BRIGHAM, ORLEANS JR.                   NY-12-F-49
BRIGHTMAN, LATHAM                      NY-12-A-65
BRISTOL, DOLLA                         NY-12-H-331
BRISTOL, MARGARET BARNARD              NY-12-Z-457
BROCKWAY, WILLIAM N.                   NY-12-S-177
BRONSON, HOPPY                         NY-12-V-293
BRONSON, HORACE                        NY-12-L-25
BRONSON, REUBEN                        NY-12-B-373
BROOKER, LYDIA M.                      NY-12-N-491
BROOKS, ALFRED                         NY-12-I-435
BROOKS, ARTEMUS H.                     NY-12-S-369
BROOKS, ASHAEL S.                      NY-12-T-389
BROOKS, ETHUEL                         NY-12-B-230
BROOKS, HANNAH SCELINDA                NY-12-Y-65
BROOKS, JAMES                          NY-12-N-51
BROOKS, LEWIS A.                       NY-12-T-767
BROOKS, RUSSEL                         NY-12-V-1
BROOMFIELD, WILLIAM                    NY-12-I-335
BROWN, AARON                           NY-12-L-315
BROWN, ALMON W.                        NY-12-R-149
BROWN, AMOS                            NY-12-N-315
BROWN, ANN C.                          NY-12-K-409
BROWN, ANNA MARIA                      NY-12-H-569
BROWN, AZARIAH                         NY-12-S-657
BROWN, CUMFORT                         NY-12-M-233
BROWN, DANIEL                          NY-12-B-74
BROWN, DAVID S.                        NY-12-O-281
BROWN, DEXTER                          NY-12-X-125
BROWN, EMILY J.                        NY-12-T-25
BROWN, EPHRAIM                         NY-12-C-336
BROWN, GARRETT W.                      NY-12-F-235
BROWN, GEORGE H.                       NY-12-S-665
BROWN, HARRIET J.                      NY-12-Z-505
BROWN, HOLTON L.                       NY-12-Z-409
BROWN, IRA D.                          NY-12-K-223
BROWN, ISAAC                           NY-12-C-86
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-12-R-241
BROWN, JOHN                            NY-12-Y-433
BROWN, JOSIAH H.                       NY-12-Y-373
BROWN, JULIAETT                        NY-12-O-385
BROWN, LEANDER                         NY-12-X-45
BROWN, MILES                           NY-12-O-85
BROWN, MORRIS ***                      NY-12-P-157
BROWN, OLIVE S.                        NY-12-X-381
BROWN, POLLY M.                        NY-12-S-501
BROWN, SARAH                           NY-12-K-367
BROWN, SARAH                           NY-12-V-465
BROWN, SARAH C.                        NY-12-V-49
BROWN, TIMOTHY                         NY-12-C-346
BROWNELL, BETSEY E.                    NY-12-V-493
BROWNELL, DAVID J.                     NY-12-R-273
BROWNELL, STEPHEN F.                   NY-12-W-125
BRUHAUS, WILLIAM                       NY-12-D-365
BRYANT, ALICE R.                       NY-12-X-369
BUCHANAN, JAMES                        NY-12-I-17
BUCHANAN, JAMES E.                     NY-12-D-570
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM S.                   NY-12-Y-121
BUCK, WILLIAM L.                       NY-12-I-111
BUCKLEY, JAMES B.                      NY-12-W-9
BUELL, JONATHAN                        NY-12-F-103
BUELL, LOREN                           NY-12-H-7
BUELL, THOMAS                          NY-12-K-265
BUGBY, SUSAN A.                        NY-12-R-441
BULL, SARAH F.                         NY-12-U-465
BULL, SARAH F.                         NY-12-Y-129
BULLMAN, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-12-J-92
BURDEN, JOHN                           NY-12-O-421
BURDICK, CHRISTOPHER A.                NY-12-N-559
BURDICK, ELIZABETH                     NY-12-X-465
BURDICK, EUGENIA JANE                  NY-12-W-597
BURDICK, HIRAM D.                      NY-12-W-137
BURDICK, JULIA                         NY-12-T-133
BURDICK, PHINEAS H.                    NY-12-I-287
BURGER, CAROLINE L.                    NY-12-S-685
BURGESS, ANN COPELAND                  NY-12-V-581
BURGESS, CLARISSA                      NY-12-T-735
BURGESS, LEWIS A.                      NY-12-R-49
BURGESS, MORAN D.                      NY-12-X-413
BURKE, JAMES R.                        NY-12-R-677
BURLINGAME, ATTITIUS                   NY-12-I-455
BURLINGAME, CHARLES                    NY-12-A-283
BURLINGAME, CHARLES GILES              NY-12-E-378
BURLINGAME, GORTON                     NY-12-C-326
BURLINGAME, HARRIET                    NY-12-X-17
BURLINGAME, WESTCOTT                   NY-12-S-573
BURLINGAME, WILLIAM G.                 NY-12-D-179
BURLINGHAM, GEORGE                     NY-12-E-294
BURLINGHAM, HULDAH                     NY-12-N-503
BURNAP, WILLIAM H.                     NY-12-Y-397
BURNHAM, JAMES                         NY-12-H-505
BURNHAM, JOHN                          NY-12-F-97
BURNHAM, JOHN JR.                      NY-12-I-119
BURNHAM, RALPH H.                      NY-12-H-289
BURNHAM, WILLIAM H. H.                 NY-12-I-71
BURR, DANIEL H.                        NY-12-C-115
BURR, DAVID                            NY-12-I-51
BURR, ERASTUS H.                       NY-12-D-132
BURR, HEPHZEBAH                        NY-12-U-393
BURT, THOMAS                           NY-12-F-265
BURT, THOMAS                           NY-12-H-121
BURVEE, ELIJAH                         NY-12-H-439
BURVEE, EZRA                           NY-12-I-43
BURWEE, SAREPTA                        NY-12-Z-129
BUSHBY, SARAH                          NY-12-M-461
BUTMAN, JOHN E.                        NY-12-V-161
BUTTERFIELD, PARKER                    NY-12-J-115
BUTTON, ELIJAH                         NY-12-C-419
BUTTS, ELIAS H.                        NY-12-V-37
BYRAM, JOSIAH                          NY-12-A-233
BYRAM, LAURA SCOTT                     NY-12-W-201
CADWELL, REUBEN                        NY-12-A-250
CADWELL, REUBEN                        NY-12-I-283
CADY, HENRY                            NY-12-K-355
CALKINS, CHESTER W.                    NY-12-Z-513
CALLEN, JAMES                          NY-12-L-295
CALVERT, JAMES A.                      NY-12-T-613
CALVERT, JOHN                          NY-12-B-211
CAMPBELL, PATRICK                      NY-12-W-425
CANFIELD, GEORGE F.                    NY-12-H-487
CANFIELD, SALLY A.                     NY-12-V-537
CANFIELD, SAMUEL                       NY-12-C-453
CANFIELD, WILLIAM                      NY-12-S-609
CANNIFF, OBADIAH                       NY-12-G-151
CARD, CHARLES S.                       NY-12-Z-225
CARD, CYNTHIA                          NY-12-N-63
CARLEY, E. CLARK                       NY-12-T-373
CARMICHAEL, JAMES C.                   NY-12-T-759
CARPENTER, CHARLOTTE                   NY-12-A-85
CARPENTER, ELI                         NY-12-E-556
CARPENTER, ELIZA                       NY-12-L-455
CARPENTER, MARY ANN                    NY-12-N-263
CARR, DAVID                            NY-12-M-309
CARSON, ABRAHAM                        NY-12-H-301
CARTER, GEORGE                         NY-12-U-457
CARTER, HARRIET A.                     NY-12-U-513
CARTER, HENRY                          NY-12-O-45
CASE, ANTHONY                          NY-12-F-115
CASE, WILLIAM                          NY-12-K-187
CASLER, CELIA                          NY-12-V-357
CASS, C. C.                            NY-12-W-53
CASS, JOSEPH                           NY-12-E-37
CASS, JOSEPH S.                        NY-12-C-368
CASTLE, RUHAMA                         NY-12-U-121
CATELY, ANN E.                         NY-12-S-661
CHAFY, JOSEPH J.                       NY-12-M-181
CHAFY, THOMAS B.                       NY-12-P-87
CHAMBERLAIN, ALFRED L.                 NY-12-S-365
CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLES                   NY-12-A-217
CHAMBERLAIN, GEORGE W.                 NY-12-C-259
CHAMBERLAIN, MARY C.                   NY-12-T-269
CHAMBERLAIN, ROXSY                     NY-12-A-288
CHAMBERLAIN, SUSAN                     NY-12-T-545
CHAMPLIN, MARY ANN                     NY-12-I-167
CHAPIN, HIRAM                          NY-12-L-83
CHAPIN, PHILO                          NY-12-R-169
CHAPIN, SALLY                          NY-12-L-79
CHAPLIN, ELLEN G.                      NY-12-V-569
CHAPLIN, ISABELLA                      NY-12-N-99
CHAPLIN, WALTER L.                     NY-12-X-349
CHAPMAN, D. NEWTON                     NY-12-I-175
CHAPMAN, JARED                         NY-12-M-221
CHATFAITH, MARY                        NY-12-V-133
CHEVALIER, DIX A.                      NY-12-C-373
CHITTENDEN, GILES                      NY-12-O-453
CHITTENDEN, OLIVIA                     NY-12-T-333
CHOLLAR, THOMAS D.                     NY-12-S-109
CHRISMAN, JOSIAH                       NY-12-W-177
CHURCH, NELSON                         NY-12-C-387
CHURCH, WILLIAM                        NY-12-H-85
CHURCHILL, MARY ANN                    NY-12-E-324
CHURCHILL, MARY E.                     NY-12-Y-561
CLAPP, CLARISSA D.                     NY-12-W-493
CLAPP, HELEN J.                        NY-12-U-105
CLAPP, HENRIETTA                       NY-12-S-645
CLAPP, JOSEPH L.                       NY-12-I-131
CLAPPER, CLARRISSA                     NY-12-T-585
CLARK, ALEXANDER W.                    NY-12-O-361
CLARK, BENJAMIN M.                     NY-12-L-135
CLARK, CALEB                           NY-12-E-568
CLARK, DWIGHT                          NY-12-O-349
CLARK, EBENEZER                        NY-12-H-379
CLARK, ELAM                            NY-12-M-173
CLARK, JAMES W.                        NY-12-W-301
CLARK, JOHN                            NY-12-R-409
CLARK, JOHN                            NY-12-L-299
CLARK, JULIA                           NY-12-Y-177
CLARK, LUCINDA M.                      NY-12-W-393
CLARK, LYDIA M.                        NY-12-W-345
CLARK, PHILETUS                        NY-12-T-57
CLARK, SILAS S.                        NY-12-U-449
CLARK, THERESA                         NY-12-Y-237
CLARK, URI                             NY-12-S-197
CLARKE, MARY P.                        NY-12-R-285
CLEARWOOD, DELANA M.                   NY-12-Z-97
CLEAVELAND, ADEN                       NY-12-I-83
CLEAVES, MARY E.                       NY-12-T-597
CLEGG, WILLIAM F.                      NY-12-P-243
CLEVELAND, NELSON                      NY-12-X-589
CLOW, JOHN F.                          NY-12-E-7
CLOYES, DAVID C.                       NY-12-T-113
CLUTE, GERADUS                         NY-12-A-230
COBB, CALVIN C.                        NY-12-O-113
COBB, ELIPHALET G.                     NY-12-F-259
COBB, THOMAS                           NY-12-K-43
COBURN, ZEBEDIAH                       NY-12-A-236
CODY, HULBERT H.                       NY-12-O-529
COE, BENJAMIN S.                       NY-12-L-367
COE, WILLIAM A.                        NY-12-E-562
COLE, A. LEROY                         NY-12-X-409
COLE, GEORGE L.                        NY-12-R-281
COLE, HARRY                            NY-12-X-309
COLE, ROY G.                           NY-12-R-401
COLE, SAMUEL                           NY-12-D-68
COLEGROVE, ELI S.                      NY-12-X-177
COLEGROVE, JOHN                        NY-12-S-445
COLEGROVE, SALLY B.                    NY-12-X-177
COLES, WILLIAM R.                      NY-12-X-621
COLLIGAN, HENRY T.                     NY-12-W-409
COLLIGON, ARTHUR                       NY-12-N-571
COLLINS, ADALINE                       NY-12-N-547
COLLINS, DENNIS                        NY-12-Y-269
COLLINS, HALSEY L.                     NY-12-I-251
COLLYER, ELIZABETH                     NY-12-U-137
COLVER, GEORGE                         NY-12-D-357
COLVER, JOHN S.                        NY-12-E-484
COLWELL, GEORGE                        NY-12-S-481
COLWELL, HARVEY                        NY-12-V-585
COLWELL, JAMES                         NY-12-C-449
COLWELL, JOSEPH                        NY-12-D-325
COLWELL, MARY A.                       NY-12-V-69
COMSTOCK, CEPHAS                       NY-12-I-1
COMSTOCK, JAMES                        NY-12-K-121
CONABLE, DAVID                         NY-12-C-389
CONABLE, FREDERICK                     NY-12-Z-481
CONE, JOHN                             NY-12-F-79
CONGER, HANNAH                         NY-12-H-145
CONGER, JOHN                           NY-12-A-93
CONKLIN, CATHARINE                     NY-12-B-23
CONKLIN, JOSEPH                        NY-12-A-160
CONRAD, JENNIE                         NY-12-V-333
CONRAD, WILLIAM                        NY-12-R-117
CONTINE, MARY ANN                      NY-12-Z-601
COOK, CALEB                            NY-12-K-133
COOK, LYDIA                            NY-12-T-633
COOL, JOHN                             NY-12-T-687
COOPER, FRANK H.                       NY-12-Z-425
COOPER, GEORGE                         NY-12-W-605
COPELAND, CHARLES W.                   NY-12-O-177
COPELAND, GEORGE N.                    NY-12-X-189
COPELAND, GEORGE W.                    NY-12-T-409
COPELAND, JACOB                        NY-12-L-239
COPELAND, MARTHA                       NY-12-U-329
CORBIN, ELENOR                         NY-12-N-267
CORBIN, ELMIRA                         NY-12-O-137
CORD, EZRA T.                          NY-12-H-403
COREY, DAVID B.                        NY-12-L-343
COREY, WANTON                          NY-12-T-245
CORF, ARUNAH                           NY-12-L-347
CORL, HENRY J.                         NY-12-D-396
CORLEW, CHARLOTTE T.                   NY-12-T-45
CORNING, BENJAMIN L.                   NY-12-T-609
CORNWELL, ELIHU                        NY-12-C-323
CORP, JOHN                             NY-12-N-95
CORTNEY, ESTHER                        NY-12-Y-117
CORTRIGHT, MOSES                       NY-12-U-177
CORWIN, EBENEAZER                      NY-12-K-331
CORWIN, EZRA                           NY-12-A-184
CORWIN, POLYDORE B.                    NY-12-V-41
COSTELLO, ALICE                        NY-12-S-653
COTTON, EMILY                          NY-12-Y-113
COTTRELL, WILLIAM B.                   NY-12-A-277
COUCH, GEORGE                          NY-12-M-117
COUCH, JOHN M.                         NY-12-G-351
COUCH, STEPHEN                         NY-12-A-32
COVENTRY, HAMILTON                     NY-12-M-85
COVEY, MARY E.                         NY-12-O-549
COVIL, CLARA A.                        NY-12-X-89
COVIL, FRANCIS AMANDA                  NY-12-X-197
COWAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-12-Z-153
COWAN, MARY                            NY-12-R-381
COWLES, JUDAH                          NY-12-D-112
COYE, DAVID                            NY-12-D-524
CRAIN, ARUNAH C.                       NY-12-S-405
CRAIN, ELIZA                           NY-12-C-444
CRAIN, SYLVESTER                       NY-12-N-279
CRAMPTON, ELIJAH M.                    NY-12-T-417
CRANDALL, CALINA E.                    NY-12-M-249
CRANDALL, DANIEL                       NY-12-D-143
CRANDALL, HIRAM                        NY-12-N-535
CRANDALL, IRA                          NY-12-T-253
CRANDALL, JASON W.                     NY-12-Y-589
CRANDALL, JOHN                         NY-12-A-258
CRANDALL, LYDIA F.                     NY-12-O-273
CRANDALL, PAUL                         NY-12-C-83
CRANDALL, VELORUS D.                   NY-12-Y-161
CRANE, ALANSON W.                      NY-12-L-339
CRANE, CHARLES                         NY-12-Z-361
CRANE, JOHN                            NY-12-A-115
CRANE, LEARTES                         NY-12-W-153
CRANE, SAMUEL                          NY-12-R-301
CRANE, THOMAS                          NY-12-O-469
CRAW, HORACE D.                        NY-12-N-159
CRAWFORD, DAVID D.                     NY-12-N-371
CRIPPEN, THOMAS                        NY-12-B-223
CRITTENDEN, ANTIONETTE O.              NY-12-W-157
CRITTENDEN, JULIUS                     NY-12-O-461
CRITTENDEN, SAMUEL                     NY-12-G-31
CRITTENDEN, SAMUEL                     NY-12-F-438
CROFOOT, ISAAC S.                      NY-12-O-241
CROFOOT, JANE                          NY-12-N-171
CROFOOT, LUCY                          NY-12-H-361
CROFOOT, SARAH E.                      NY-12-V-205
CROSBY, ELISHA                         NY-12-F-1
CROSBY, SARAH M.                       NY-12-Z-201
CROSS, MARCIA                          NY-12-W-313
CROW, ROSWELL                          NY-12-A-292
CRUMB, PHINEAS                         NY-12-Y-185
CRUTTENDEN, EBENEZER ****              NY-12-B-79
CUDWORTH, LEAVITT                      NY-12-K-313
CUDWORTH, PERSA B.                     NY-12-L-427
CULVER, MARY M.                        NY-12-V-597
CUMMINGS, EDWARD                       NY-12-B-226
CUMMINGS, SILAS                        NY-12-N-111
CURLEY, ALANSON                        NY-12-L-523
CURTISS, RUTH E.                       NY-12-T-517
CUSHING, FRED A.                       NY-12-S-637
CUSHING, JAMES E.                      NY-12-R-161
CUSHING, SETH                          NY-12-A-119
DADY, NOAH C.                          NY-12-E-538
DAGER, PETER                           NY-12-M-169
DAILEY, CORNELIUS                      NY-12-Y-229
DAILEY, SAMUEL                         NY-12-K-235
DALRYMPLE, PHOEBE                      NY-12-X-217
DANIELS, LUCY S.                       NY-12-M-401
DANN, AMARIAH                          NY-12-I-343
DANN, FIDELIA                          NY-12-W-269
DARBY, FLORENCE E.                     NY-12-Y-421
DARBY, HARRIET                         NY-12-T-337
DARBY, JOSEPH                          NY-12-A-52
DARBY, LYMAN                           NY-12-L-507
DARBY, THOMAS                          NY-12-M-413
DARLING, DARIUS                        NY-12-I-107
DARLING, ELIZA                         NY-12-M-213
DAVIS, AMBROSE                         NY-12-O-309
DAVIS, CALEB R.                        NY-12-Y-165
DAVIS, CHARLES                         NY-12-I-203
DAVIS, HAMMOND                         NY-12-Q-162
DAVIS, HAMMOND                         NY-12-R-297
DAVIS, LORINDA                         NY-12-T-695
DAVIS, REUBEN                          NY-12-R-593
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          NY-12-T-293
DAVIS, SYLVESTER                       NY-12-V-269
DAY, ORRIN                             NY-12-K-145
DAY, ROWENA C.                         NY-12-M-241
DAY, SAMUEL S.                         NY-12-L-255
DEAN, AARON                            NY-12-C-357
DEAN, EZRA B.                          NY-12-N-199
DEAN, EZRA B.                          NY-12-N-203
DEARMAN, GEORGE W.                     NY-12-V-489
DEARMAN, PHEBE JANE                    NY-12-V-397
DEBELL, SOPHRONIA                      NY-12-Y-261
DECKER, HENRY P.                       NY-12-Z-1
DECKER, WALTER D.                      NY-12-F-109
DECLUCQ, HATTIE E.                     NY-12-W-41
DELEVAN, SAMUEL T.                     NY-12-C-286
DENISON, NANCY A.                      NY-12-V-321
DENNIS, GILMAN                         NY-12-I-223
DERBY, EBENEZER                        NY-12-T-703
DEVOE, ELIZA                           NY-12-L-471
DEVOE, WILLIAM H.                      NY-12-X-533
DEWEY, ANNA M.                         NY-12-M-129
DEXTER, WILLIAM A.                     NY-12-K-199
DICKINSON, AUSTIN                      NY-12-S-553
DICKINSON, DEWITT C.                   NY-12-T-437
DICKINSON, HORACE                      NY-12-N-29
DICKINSON, JANE                        NY-12-T-341
DICKINSON, LEWIS                       NY-12-W-185
DICKINSON, LOVICY                      NY-12-M-229
DICKSON, ANDREW                        NY-12-A-47
DIETRICK, JOHN                         NY-12-X-593
DILLENBECK, HANNAH M.                  NY-12-X-493
DILLENBECK, MARGARET P.                NY-12-Y-297
DILLENBOCK, ISAAC                      NY-12-X-457
DIX, CATHARINE                         NY-12-Y-273
DIXON, ELIZA A.                        NY-12-U-265
DIXON, JOSEPH R.                       NY-12-M-141
DOBBINS, JOHN                          NY-12-H-193
DOBBINS, JOHN                          NY-12-Z-401
DODD, EDWARD                           NY-12-W-497
DODD, ELLEN I. BALLARD                 NY-12-Y-173
DODD, JANE                             NY-12-W-169
DODD, JOHN                             NY-12-U-217
DODGE, FLORA E.                        NY-12-U-257
DONNELLY, AUGUSTUS                     NY-12-A-117
DONNELLY, MARY                         NY-12-O-209
DONNIGAN, BRIDGET                      NY-12-V-153
DORWARD, JAMES                         NY-12-A-241
DOUBLEDAY, AMELIA                      NY-12-Q-244
DOUBLEDAY, DANIEL                      NY-12-F-307
DOUBLEDAY, JOHN                        NY-12-L-499
DOUBLEDAY, JOHN W.                     NY-12-D-546
DOUD, ENOCH H.                         NY-12-J-79
DOUD, HARLEY                           NY-12-Y-157
DOUD, HENRY                            NY-12-G-369
DOUD, MARY E.                          NY-12-Y-309
DOUD, ORSON W.                         NY-12-E-49
DOUD, PHEBE C.                         NY-12-O-393
DOUD, THEODORE                         NY-12-C-354
DOUGLASS, DAVID                        NY-12-F-193
DOWD, BERNARD                          NY-12-T-365
DOWNEY, FLORETTA                       NY-12-I-263
DUNCAN, GEORGE                         NY-12-C-234
DUNCE, ALEXANDER                       NY-12-R-589
DUNHAM, HERCULES R.                    NY-12-D-195
DUNTON, NATHANIEL F.                   NY-12-T-751
DURHAM, RUFUS                          NY-12-M-525
DURKEE, HARRIETT W.                    NY-12-W-593
DUTCHER, DAVID C.                      NY-12-T-573
DWIGHT, AMANDA                         NY-12-O-537
DWIGHT, CHLOE                          NY-12-H-547
DWIGHT, HENRY                          NY-12-D-285
DWIGHT, JOSEPH                         NY-12-B-193
DWIGHT, MASON M.                       NY-12-O-501
DWIGHT, MINERVA                        NY-12-Z-57
DWIGHT, ROSWELL R.                     NY-12-Y-257
DWIGHT, SOLOMAN                        NY-12-L-335
DWYER, JOANNA                          NY-12-Y-465
DYE, THOMAS                            NY-12-E-390
DYE, WALTER G.                         NY-12-I-123
DYER, SAMUEL                           NY-12-C-298
EARL, WARD T.                          NY-12-F-205
EASTMAN, DANIEL T.                     NY-12-V-481
EASTMAN, JENNIE                        NY-12-V-353
EATON, CALVIN                          NY-12-R-633
EATON, CAROLINE H.                     NY-12-T-145
EATON, ELIZA M.                        NY-12-U-409
ECCLESTON, CHARLES                     NY-12-W-1
EDDY, WILLIAM                          NY-12-L-251
EDGAR, MARY ANN                        NY-12-N-307
EDGCOMB, ELEAZER W.                    NY-12-D-76
EDGCOMB, OLIVE B.                      NY-12-S-117
EDMONDS, EMMA M.                       NY-12-X-233
EDMONDS, WILHELMINA                    NY-12-S-561
EDWARDS, ELIJAH E.                     NY-12-N-13
EDWARDS, SIMON                         NY-12-V-225
EDY, GILBERT                           NY-12-B-295
EGBERSON, LUCINDA                      NY-12-T-313
EGBERTSON, ANDREW                      NY-12-K-319
EGBERTSON, NATHANIEL A.                NY-12-O-445
EGBERTSON, RICHARD                     NY-12-C-312
EGBERTSON, RICHARD                     NY-12-Z-313
EGGLESTON, FANNY                       NY-12-F-430
EGGLESTON, FANNY                       NY-12-F-224
EGGLESTON, FRANCIS                     NY-12-L-211
EGGLESTON, JOSEPH                      NY-12-E-460
EHLE, LIVONIA A.                       NY-12-S-585
ELDER, WILLIAM                         NY-12-H-37
ELLIOTT, JOHN C.                       NY-12-Y-369
ELLIS, DARIUS S.                       NY-12-C-515
ELLIS, JOSEPH H.                       NY-12-B-68
ELLIS, MARY                            NY-12-Z-121
ELLISON, WILLIAM                       NY-12-T-569
ELLSWORTH, ROSANNA                     NY-12-T-305
ELLSWORTH, THOMAS SR.                  NY-12-S-121
ELSTER, FAITHA                         NY-12-O-193
ELSTER, GEORGE W.                      NY-12-Y-57
EMERITT, ANSILL W.                     NY-12-W-181
ENRIGHT, CATHERINE                     NY-12-Y-321
ENSIGN, WARREN H.                      NY-12-Y-181
ESTES, ORISSA                          NY-12-W-289
EVENS, JOSEPH T.                       NY-12-L-67
EVERTS, EDWARD J.                      NY-12-C-371
EVERTS, LUCIA R.                       NY-12-H-109
FAIRBANK, WALES                        NY-12-K-307
FAIRBANKS, ELIZA L.                    NY-12-L-311
FAIRBANKS, HARVEY                      NY-12-L-443
FAIRCHILD, ANSON                       NY-12-N-67
FAIRCHILD, MARY                        NY-12-O-29
FAIRCHILD, SAMUEL A.                   NY-12-O-145
FARMER, HENRY                          NY-12-L-231
FARRINGTON, EDWARD                     NY-12-T-41
FAY, EPHRAIM                           NY-12-F-230
FENNER, WILLIAM                        NY-12-O-69
FERRY, HARMONY                         NY-12-R-325
FILLER, ANTON                          NY-12-W-241
FINN, JAMES                            NY-12-D-25
FINN, MARY                             NY-12-E-31
FINN, ROBERT H.                        NY-12-V-257
FISH, JAMES D.                         NY-12-X-373
FISH, JOHN D.                          NY-12-V-85
FISH, MARY ANN                         NY-12-I-459
FISH, ROSA S.                          NY-12-W-221
FISH, THOMAS                           NY-12-F-151
FISHER, CUTHBERT                       NY-12-S-189
FISHER, WILLIAM T.                     NY-12-V-313
FISK, LEONARD                          NY-12-J-91
FISK, LEONARD                          NY-12-I-471
FISK, MARTHA                           NY-12-J-340
FITZHUGH, ARIN                         NY-12-O-25
FITZHUGH, CHARLES                      NY-12-L-263
FLINT, JOHN                            NY-12-A-40
FOLEY, KATE                            NY-12-X-389
FORBES, FRED                           NY-12-S-41
FORBES, FRED                           NY-12-Q-185
FORBES, SARAH A.                       NY-12-T-177
FORD, CHARLES A.                       NY-12-X-497
FORD, STEPHEN                          NY-12-U-609
FORD, WILLIAM H.                       NY-12-K-103
FORD, ZINA                             NY-12-E-354
FOSMER, JOHN                           NY-12-O-213
FOSTER, CHARLES                        NY-12-L-415
FOSTER, JOHN                           NY-12-Y-281
FOSTER, JOSEPH C.                      NY-12-T-141
FOWLER, GEORGE                         NY-12-H-283
FOWLER, MARY M.                        NY-12-R-9
FOX, EDMUND                            NY-12-T-505
FOX, WESLEY                            NY-12-T-799
FRALIC, LUCINA A.                      NY-12-W-197
FRALICK, GEORGE                        NY-12-I-419
FRANCISCO, ANDERSON                    NY-12-T-217
FRANCISCO, JENNETT                     NY-12-Y-353
FRAZIER, AARON                         NY-12-N-251
FREEMAN, ELIJAH                        NY-12-M-93
FREEMAN, EMILY                         NY-12-R-225
FREEMAN, FRANK W.                      NY-12-I-299
FREEMAN, MARTHA                        NY-12-V-17
FREEMAN, RUFUS                         NY-12-I-347
FREEMAN, SAMUEL                        NY-12-X-73
FREEMON, MARTIN ROSE                   NY-12-R-193
FREER, CATHERINE R.                    NY-12-S-421
FREER, DEPUY                           NY-12-C-134
FREER, JANE L.                         NY-12-M-405
FRENCH, CALVIN                         NY-12-K-109
FRENCH, RUTH                           NY-12-U-193
FRINK, LYMAN C.                        NY-12-O-313
FRYE, JOHN                             NY-12-J-1
FULLER, AARON                          NY-12-N-331
FULLER, AARON                          NY-12-P-1
FULLER, ELEAZER                        NY-12-D-384
FULLER, JACOB                          NY-12-E-288

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