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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # Volume List (Volume = Years Covered)
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ABARE, CLARA                            NY-10-O-474
ABARE, ISAAC                            NY-10-R-95
ABARE, ISAAC H.                         NY-10-Q-374
ABARE, PAUL                             NY-10-N-303
ABBOTT, JAMES                           NY-10-I-372
ACKLEY, HORACE                          NY-10-O-358
ACKLEY, HORACE                          NY-10-O-364
ACKLEY, HORACE                          NY-10-R-189
ACKLEY, HORACE                          NY-10-R-75
ADAMS, ABIAH                            NY-10-I-375
ADAMS, JOHN Q.                          NY-10-P-326
ADCOCK, OLIVER                          NY-10-H-438
ADDOMS, JOHN                            NY-10-A-225
ADDOMS, JOHN                            NY-10-B-14
ADDOMS, JOHN TOWNSEND                   NY-10-G-320
ADGATE, MATTHEW                         NY-10-A-86
ALCOTT, PHINEAS                         NY-10-B-311
ALDRIDGE, SILAS                         NY-10-R-101
ALDRIDGE, WILLIAM T.                    NY-10-S-412
ALEXANDER, FRANK                        NY-10-P-76
ALFORD, ALMIRA                          NY-10-S-370
ALFORD, ASHLEY O.                       NY-10-C-50
ALFORD, MARY C.                         NY-10-P-57
ALFORD, RUEL                            NY-10-I-205
ALFORD, RUFUS                           NY-10-Q-355
ALGER, JAMES                            NY-10-F-119
ALLASON, ISAAC                          NY-10-E-102
ALLEN, BENJAMIN                         NY-10-K-48
ALLEN, CAROLINE M.                      NY-10-O-102
ALLEN, DANIEL W.                        NY-10-S-397
ALLEN, ELI B.                           NY-10-J-238
ALLEN, ELIHU                            NY-10-A-41
ALLEN, ELISHA                           NY-10-O-273
ALLEN, FOSTER K.                        NY-10-B-157
ALLEN, HANNAH                           NY-10-E-267
ALLEN, HENRY                            NY-10-O-33
ALLEN, ISAAC                            NY-10-B-290
ALLEN, JACOB                            NY-10-G-160
ALLEN, MARTIN O.                        NY-10-J-278
ALLEN, MARY A.                          NY-10-S-404
ALLEN, SETH                             NY-10-F-337
ALLEN, SUBMIT                           NY-10-A-159
ALLEN, THOMAS                           NY-10-A-20
ALLEN, WILSON                           NY-10-H-477
ALMAN, LEWIS                            NY-10-K-376
ALMAN, MITCHELL                         NY-10-G-460
AMES, CAROLINE                          NY-10-N-317
AMNOT, PHEBA                            NY-10-O-1
ANDERSON, CAROLINE                      NY-10-S-260
ANDERSON, GEORGE                        NY-10-I-495
ANDERSON, JOHN                          NY-10-F-72
ANDERSON, ROBERT                        NY-10-M-127
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                        NY-10-S-51
ANGELL, FANNY                           NY-10-H-77
ANGELL, JOHN                            NY-10-M-443
ANGER, FLAVIEN                          NY-10-L-398
ANGIER, EMILY                           NY-10-T-94
ANNIS, MARY                             NY-10-F-234
ANNIS, SAMUEL                           NY-10-T-404
ANSON, BRINTON P.                       NY-10-L-150
ARCHER, JOHN                            NY-10-B-183
ARKSEY, ANNA B.                         NY-10-Q-20
ARKSEY, WILLIAM                         NY-10-Q-26
ARLINGTON, GEORGE E.                    NY-10-T-214
ARMSTRONG, HARRIET C.                   NY-10-T-62
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         NY-10-N-178
ARMSTRONG, MATILDA L.                   NY-10-P-403
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       NY-10-S-130
ARNO, ANDREW                            NY-10-O-493
ARNO, MARTHA                            NY-10-S-288
ARNOLD, CHARLOTTE                       NY-10-T-309
ARNOLD, DANIEL                          NY-10-C-29
ARNOLD, DYER                            NY-10-D-33
ARNOLD, ELISHA                          NY-10-S-38
ARNOLD, JOHN                            NY-10-K-131
ARNOLD, LOVICY                          NY-10-O-484
ARNOLD, MARGARET B.                     NY-10-G-176
ARNOLD, MARY L.                         NY-10-M-363
ARNOLD, NATHAN                          NY-10-M-99
ARNOLD, SARAH ANN                       NY-10-O-211
ARNOLD, SILAS                           NY-10-K-178
ARNOLD, STUKELY                         NY-10-K-210
ARTHER, REUBEN                          NY-10-B-17
ARTHUR, ALEXANDER                       NY-10-S-338
ARTHUR, JOSHUA                          NY-10-B-278
ARTHUR, REUBEN                          NY-10-A-228
ARTHUR, SARAH M.                        NY-10-E-462
ASHLAND, FRANCIS                        NY-10-P-14
ASHLINE, AMABLE                         NY-10-H-121
ASHLINE, DYER F.                        NY-10-S-402
ASHLINE, JOSEPH                         NY-10-H-350
ASHLINE, PRISQUE                        NY-10-C-169
ASHLINE, PRISQUE                        NY-10-D-20
ASHLINE, SOPHIA                         NY-10-O-98
ASHMAN, SAMUEL                          NY-10-B-298
ATKINSON, JOHN                          NY-10-J-332
ATWOOD, LEVI                            NY-10-R-423
AUBIN, BENJAMIN                         NY-10-I-415
AUNCHMAN, LEWIS                         NY-10-L-313
AUNIS, ROBERT                           NY-10-P-207
AVERILL, CALVIN K.                      NY-10-L-365
AVERILL, CHARLES                        NY-10-D-30
AVERILL, ELIJAH B.                      NY-10-T-321
AYER, JOSEPH H.                         NY-10-H-173
AYERS, ANSON                            NY-10-M-199
AYERS, CORA A.                          NY-10-S-156
AYERS, TAMSON                           NY-10-J-251
AYERS, WINFIELD S.                      NY-10-T-116
AYRES, ELVIRA                           NY-10-Q-263
BABY, LEWIS                             NY-10-P-490
BACKER, NICHOLAS                        NY-10-B-211
BADT, ARNOLD                            NY-10-Q-278
BAGGS, JAMES                            NY-10-D-328
BAGGS, WILLIAM                          NY-10-H-280
BAILEY, ELLEN M.                        NY-10-T-458
BAILEY, JAMES                           NY-10-J-298
BAILEY, JEROME B.                       NY-10-N-372
BAILEY, JOHN B. L.                      NY-10-G-103
BAILEY, JOHN C.                         NY-10-H-168
BAILEY, JOHN W.                         NY-10-Q-68
BAILEY, JOHN W.                         NY-10-Q-75
BAILEY, PHEBE                           NY-10-D-438
BAKER, CHARLES                          NY-10-O-133
BAKER, DAVID                            NY-10-G-280
BAKER, FRANCIS                          NY-10-J-221
BAKER, GEORGE                           NY-10-N-80
BAKER, HARRIET W.                       NY-10-T-65
BAKER, HARVEY L.                        NY-10-T-207
BAKER, HENRY                            NY-10-D-288
BAKER, IRA A.                           NY-10-L-194
BAKER, JERRY                            NY-10-M-264
BAKER, JOHN                             NY-10-A-76
BAKER, JOHN                             NY-10-P-279
BAKER, JOHN H.                          NY-10-I-58
BAKER, JOSEPH                           NY-10-P-160
BAKER, MARTHA                           NY-10-L-266
BAKER, MYRON G.                         NY-10-M-329
BAKER, THEODORUS P.                     NY-10-Q-88
BAKER, THOMAS                           NY-10-K-135
BAKER, TYLEE                            NY-10-P-342
BAKER, WILLIAM H.                       NY-10-O-125
BALCH, CHESTER                          NY-10-I-470
BALDWIN, JONATHAN                       NY-10-P-90
BALLEY, JOEL                            NY-10-D-157
BANKER, CHARLES K.                      NY-10-J-481
BARBER, ALONZO D.                       NY-10-I-440
BARBER, AMOS                            NY-10-C-317
BARBER, BENJAMIN                        NY-10-B-262
BARBER, JOSEPH                          NY-10-G-84
BARBER, MARTHA W.                       NY-10-K-120
BARBER, MINNIE E. B.                    NY-10-T-276
BARBER, ROSWELL O.                      NY-10-S-479
BARBER, ROWLAND S.                      NY-10-P-135
BARBER, WILLIAM                         NY-10-A-199
BARKER, ARDEN                           NY-10-B-317
BARKER, CLARINDA F.                     NY-10-T-11
BARKER, NANCY M.                        NY-10-T-192
BARNABE, FABIEN                         NY-10-L-497
BARNES, HENRY                           NY-10-F-428
BARNES, JAMES F.                        NY-10-S-357
BARNES, JEREMIAH                        NY-10-J-149
BARNES, JEREMIAH                        NY-10-K-354
BARNES, MELVIN                          NY-10-E-141
BARNES, MELVIN A.                       NY-10-P-198
BARNS, HORACE                           NY-10-C-227
BARNS, JOHN                             NY-10-A-2
BARRY, JOHN                             NY-10-Q-181
BASSETT, ABRAHAM                        NY-10-L-55
BASSETT, ARTEMAS                        NY-10-R-151
BASSETT, DANIEL                         NY-10-I-295
BASSETT, JOSEPH                         NY-10-T-1
BATES, ELI                              NY-10-D-169
BATES, JOSHUA                           NY-10-O-149
BATES, SAMUEL                           NY-10-K-20
BATES, WILLIAM                          NY-10-H-86
BAXTER, CATHARINE                       NY-10-J-242
BAXTER, NORMAN                          NY-10-A-272
BAXTER, NORMAN                          NY-10-B-55
BAXTER, WILLIAM                         NY-10-M-121
BEACH, ELAH                             NY-10-F-6
BEARDSLEY, BEVERLY                      NY-10-T-44
BEARDSLEY, EMANUEL                      NY-10-A-126
BEARDSLEY, JOSEPH L.                    NY-10-S-92
BEARDSLEY, JOSHUA A.                    NY-10-G-332
BEAUDRY, JOSEPH N. REV.                 NY-10-S-253
BEAUDRY, JOSEPH N. REV.                 NY-10-S-259
BEAUMONT, SAMUEL                        NY-10-E-75
BECKWITH, EMEROY V.                     NY-10-Q-112
BECKWITH, GEORGE M.                     NY-10-L-478
BECKWITH, GRANT                         NY-10-B-152
BEDELL, DANIEL                          NY-10-H-294
BEDLOW, CHARLES                         NY-10-D-248
BEDLOW, ESTHER                          NY-10-I-423
BEHAN, HUGH                             NY-10-R-293
BEHAN, MARIA                            NY-10-T-49
BELANGE, NEWEL                          NY-10-A-37
BELL, ARTHUR                            NY-10-H-127
BELL, ARTHUR                            NY-10-T-327
BELL, MARY J.                           NY-10-L-421
BELL, WILLIAM                           NY-10-H-240
BENEDICT, EDWIN                         NY-10-L-384
BENEY, JOHN                             NY-10-S-322
BENSON, JOSEPH                          NY-10-G-242
BENTLEY, ANN                            NY-10-I-361
BENTLEY, JAMES                          NY-10-H-156
BENWAY, JOHN                            NY-10-S-57
BERO, JOHN                              NY-10-K-312
BERRDET, JAMES                          NY-10-B-203
BERRY, JOHN B. W.                       NY-10-N-403
BERTRAND, JOHN B.                       NY-10-Q-498
BIDDLE, MARY L. C.                      NY-10-R-219
BIDGOOD, HARRISON                       NY-10-T-20
BIDWELL, CHARLES H.                     NY-10-N-200
BIDWELL, LOYALL FRANKLIN                NY-10-J-268
BIGALOW, EZRA                           NY-10-A-1
BIGELOW, JARED                          NY-10-B-240
BIGELOW, NATHAN                         NY-10-E-184
BIGLOW, JOHN                            NY-10-F-105
BIGLOW, RUBY                            NY-10-Q-282
BINDAN, JOSEPH                          NY-10-B-40
BINDON, JOSEPH                          NY-10-A-251
BIRD, JOSEPH                            NY-10-H-61
BIRD, JOSEPHINE                         NY-10-T-120
BISHON, JOSEPH                          NY-10-R-379
BISSELL, MUMFORD R.                     NY-10-L-13
BIXBY, MARTIN                           NY-10-P-53
BLAKE, ALEXANDER                        NY-10-L-305
BLAKE, CEVEDRE D.                       NY-10-H-255
BLAKE, JANE ELIZABETH                   NY-10-M-275
BLANCHARD, JAMES                        NY-10-A-82
BLISS, SUSAN E.                         NY-10-I-135
BLISS, WILLIAM D.                       NY-10-N-273
BLOOD, VARNUM                           NY-10-G-382
BLOW, ANTOINE                           NY-10-H-411
BNEHAN, MICHAEL                         NY-10-R-312
BOAS, ARTHUR                            NY-10-T-216
BOILEAU, ABRAM                          NY-10-K-94
BOILEAU, ANNA                           NY-10-T-129
BOILEAU, JOSEPH K.                      NY-10-S-113
BOISSEAU, LOUIS                         NY-10-J-364
BOLIA, JOSEPH                           NY-10-P-452
BOND, JAMES F.                          NY-10-S-1
BONNER, MARY                            NY-10-S-295
BONNER, SAMUEL B.                       NY-10-F-99
BONNOR, CYNTHIA                         NY-10-G-464
BOODES, ELWAY                           NY-10-I-405
BOODREAU, NOEL                          NY-10-T-455
BORDE, ANDREW                           NY-10-N-325
BORDO, CALISTA                          NY-10-T-226
BORDWELL, LUKE W.                       NY-10-D-44
BOSTWICK, SALLIE C.                     NY-10-P-5
BOSWORTH, FREDERICK H.                  NY-10-L-471
BOSWORTH, HARVEY                        NY-10-E-159
BOSWORTH, WILLIAM                       NY-10-P-417
BOURDEAU, ANN                           NY-10-L-487
BOUSQUET, LOUIS                         NY-10-R-212
BOUSQUET, LUCY                          NY-10-S-318
BOUVIER, MARY R.                        NY-10-R-412
BOUVIER, ROCK                           NY-10-S-105
BOWRON, JACOB                           NY-10-G-336
BOWRON, WILLIAM                         NY-10-B-85
BOYCE, JOHN                             NY-10-A-94
BOYCE, MATILDA                          NY-10-S-347
BOYD, ANN ELIZA                         NY-10-S-460
BOYD, THOMAS                            NY-10-T-128
BOYDE, THOMAS                           NY-10-H-441
BOYLE, JOHN                             NY-10-D-311
BOYNTON, AARON H.                       NY-10-I-328
BOYNTON, ALONZO K.                      NY-10-K-384
BOYNTON, BENJAMIN A.                    NY-10-A-287
BOYNTON, DEWITT C.                      NY-10-S-462
BOYNTON, JOHN                           NY-10-J-512
BOYNTON, JULIA A.                       NY-10-S-208
BOYNTON, STEPHEN D.                     NY-10-O-11
BOYNTON, STEPHEN D.                     NY-10-N-479
BRADFORD, ELISHA                        NY-10-B-128
BRADFORD, ELISHA                        NY-10-K-458
BRADLEY, MICHAEL S.                     NY-10-N-465
BRADY, EDWARD                           NY-10-F-206
BRAGG, GALUSHA                          NY-10-G-221
BRAND, CAROLINE M.                      NY-10-T-387
BRAND, JAMES                            NY-10-G-305
BRAND, MASON                            NY-10-D-138
BRAND, STEPHEN                          NY-10-I-155
BRAND, THOMAS                           NY-10-T-472
BRANDON, CHARLES                        NY-10-L-375
BRENAN, THOMAS                          NY-10-M-334
BREWINGTN, YORK                         NY-10-A-198
BREWSTER, MARGARET                      NY-10-N-67
BRIDGES, JANE                           NY-10-L-248
BRIDGES, PHEBE C.                       NY-10-S-170
BRIEN, AGAPIT                           NY-10-R-16
BRIGGS, EDAS                            NY-10-Q-382
BRIGGS, MICHAEL                         NY-10-Q-386
BRISBIN, EZEKIEL                        NY-10-D-164
BRISTOL, ARETUS J.                      NY-10-M-65
BROADWELL, DAVID                        NY-10-A-72
BROADWELL, DAVID                        NY-10-H-194
BROADWELL, JACOB                        NY-10-S-184
BROCK, LORENZO D.                       NY-10-G-171
BROCKINA, JOSEPH                        NY-10-J-350
BROMLEY, BURT                           NY-10-M-418
BROMLEY, HARVEY                         NY-10-I-240
BROMLEY, MARY C.                        NY-10-S-266
BROMLEY, RUFUS K.                       NY-10-P-486
BROMLEY, SILAS W.                       NY-10-S-115
BROOKS, SILAS                           NY-10-N-358
BROWN, GEORGE G.                        NY-10-M-318
BROWN, IRA                              NY-10-H-459
BROWN, JAMES W.                         NY-10-P-127
BROWN, MARY                             NY-10-R-68
BROWN, NICHOLAS                         NY-10-L-449
BROWN, TIMOTHY                          NY-10-G-71
BRUNELL, WILLIAM                        NY-10-K-217
BUCANNON, RICHARD                       NY-10-G-455
BUCHANAN, MARGARET                      NY-10-Q-116
BUCHANAN, MARGARET                      NY-10-P-494
BUCKMAN, KIRTLAND H.                    NY-10-Q-270
BUCKMAN, SABRINA                        NY-10-P-370
BUCKMAN, STILLMAN                       NY-10-L-94
BULIS, SETH                             NY-10-I-292
BULLARD, ALBERT H.                      NY-10-Q-40
BULLIS, CARLTON                         NY-10-D-465
BULLIS, JOHN                            NY-10-E-190
BULLIS, LYDIA                           NY-10-T-164
BULLIS, OLIVER N.                       NY-10-P-152
BURDO, MOSES                            NY-10-I-34
BURK, WILLIAM                           NY-10-L-261
BURKE, THOMAS                           NY-10-O-79
BURNES, KAZIAH C.                       NY-10-M-439
BURNHAM, WILLIAM                        NY-10-Q-243
BURNS, MATTHEW                          NY-10-K-227
BURRISO, AURILLA                        NY-10-R-31
BURROUGHS, JAMES M.                     NY-10-H-402
BURT, JOHN                              NY-10-L-274
BUSHA, LOUIS                            NY-10-J-364
BUSHEY, ADALINE                         NY-10-P-1
BUSLEY, JOSEPH                          NY-10-T-107
BUTLER, ALBERT C.                       NY-10-I-553
BUTLER, MYRA                            NY-10-T-152
BUTLER, PHILLIP                         NY-10-R-117
BUYBEE, JOHN                            NY-10-E-401
BYRNES, PATRICK                         NY-10-P-291
BYRNES, ROSE                            NY-10-S-447
BYRNS, JAMES                            NY-10-H-392
BYRNS, ROSE                             NY-10-J-215
BYRUS, MICHAEL                          NY-10-N-253
CADWELL, CHARLOTTE                      NY-10-K-174
CADY, AUGUSTA W.                        NY-10-S-443
CADY, MARGARET E.                       NY-10-L-436
CALKIN, CORNELIUS                       NY-10-B-277
CALKIN, DANIEL                          NY-10-C-129
CALKIN, GILBERT                         NY-10-B-288
CALKIN, RICHARD                         NY-10-C-15
CALKINS, AMY                            NY-10-T-294
CALKINS, BENJAMIN                       NY-10-E-426
CALKINS, BENJAMIN                       NY-10-B-197
CALKINS, REBECCA                        NY-10-S-395
CALKINS, RICHARD                        NY-10-P-467
CALKINS, TURNER                         NY-10-I-282
CALKINS, TURNER S.                      NY-10-K-206
CAMPBELL, PATRICK                       NY-10-N-14
CANE, WILLIAM                           NY-10-R-35
CANFIELD, ALMON                         NY-10-M-31
CANFIELD, ISREAL H.                     NY-10-F-95
CANFIELD, ZERNIAH D.                    NY-10-K-336
CANNING, ANNE                           NY-10-L-212
CANNING, HENRY                          NY-10-L-216
CANNING, JOHN                           NY-10-L-208
CANNON, SAMUEL                          NY-10-T-23
CAREY, TIMOTHY                          NY-10-Q-274
CARLIN, JOHN                            NY-10-H-212
CARLIN, MARGARET                        NY-10-L-278
CARLIN, MINER B.                        NY-10-K-192
CARLTON, ANNA MARIA                     NY-10-T-357
CARNEY, SALLY                           NY-10-J-229
CARROLL, WILLIAM                        NY-10-A-51
CARRON, CHARLES                         NY-10-K-292
CARTIENY-10-R-EMERIC, FRANCIS           NY-10-B-287
CARTO, ALEXANDER                        NY-10-L-257
CARVER, ALBERT G.                       NY-10-P-283
CARVER, ANN E.                          NY-10-S-125
CARVER, NATHAN                          NY-10-A-265
CASE, PHEBE                             NY-10-T-40
CASE, THOMAS                            NY-10-J-208
CASHMAN, PATRICK                        NY-10-I-63
CASSIDY, RACHEL                         NY-10-M-208
CASSIUDY, FRANCIS                       NY-10-S-78
CASY, PATRICK                           NY-10-O-158
CATE, EMILY G.                          NY-10-T-354
CATE, RALPH SMITH                       NY-10-Q-141
CHAHOON, MARY ROGERS                    NY-10-O-153
CHAMBERLAIN, MINER                      NY-10-M-268
CHAMBERLIN, EILJAH F.                   NY-10-K-333
CHAMPAIGNE, FRANCIS                     NY-10-K-363
CHANDLER, JOEL                          NY-10-R-468
CHAPIN, EMMA S.                         NY-10-T-264
CHAPPELL, SAMUEL D.                     NY-10-N-453
CHARBONNEAU, LOUIS                      NY-10-S-292
CHARBONNEAU, MOSES                      NY-10-R-82
CHATTERTON, SAMUEL                      NY-10-C-245
CHEESEBROUGH, EDWARD                    NY-10-E-59
CHISHOLM, LUCY                          NY-10-R-58
CHISHOLM, WILLIAM                       NY-10-S-162
CHITTENDEN, MARTIN                      NY-10-E-458
CHITTENDEN, NATHANIEL                   NY-10-H-244
CHRISTIAN, JAMES                        NY-10-K-401
CHURCHILL, JOSEPH B.                    NY-10-B-394
CHURCHILL, JULIUS                       NY-10-L-113
CLANCY, PATRICK                         NY-10-D-302
CLAPP, BENJAMIN D.                      NY-10-N-135
CLARK, ALMENA                           NY-10-K-394
CLARK, ANNA M.                          NY-10-R-384
CLARK, ANNIE D.                         NY-10-P-422
CLARK, DATUS E.                         NY-10-T-159
CLARK, EDMOND                           NY-10-S-298
CLARK, FRY                              NY-10-L-328
CLARK, GUY                              NY-10-J-570
CLARK, HENRY                            NY-10-R-184
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-10-L-189
CLARK, JAMES                            NY-10-T-177
CLARK, JEREMIAH                         NY-10-N-457
CLARK, JOEL                             NY-10-C-198
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-10-G-124
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-10-I-86
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-10-P-110
CLARK, LEMUEL                           NY-10-C-213
CLARK, LUCINDA                          NY-10-R-194
CLARK, MARVIN                           NY-10-F-77
CLARK, MATILDA                          NY-10-T-426
CLARK, MELISSA                          NY-10-O-195
CLARK, NATHANIEL                        NY-10-I-47
CLARK, SALLY ANN                        NY-10-N-312
CLARK, SAMUEL                           NY-10-I-117
CLARK, THOMAS                           NY-10-N-126
CLARKE, EDMUND                          NY-10-A-185
CLEAVES, SOLOMON                        NY-10-N-191
CLIFFORD, CHARLES M.                    NY-10-T-73
CLOGSTON, FREEMAN J.                    NY-10-T-302
CLOUGH, DAVID JR.                       NY-10-K-82
CLOUGH, WILLIAM                         NY-10-T-343
CLUNE, JOHN                             NY-10-L-442
COAKLEY, CAROLINE                       NY-10-N-395
COCHRAN, HANNAH                         NY-10-B-134
COCHRAN, JOHN H.                        NY-10-C-334
COCHRAN, RUTH EMILY                     NY-10-L-391
COCHRAN, SILAS                          NY-10-D-14
CODY, PETER F.                          NY-10-O-470
COFFEY, JOHN                            NY-10-R-10
COGAN, JAMES                            NY-10-R-208
COGAN, JOSEPH                           NY-10-S-410
COGAN, THOMAS                           NY-10-T-242
COLLIGAN, BERNARD                       NY-10-N-351
COLLIGAN, MARY                          NY-10-J-232
COLLINS, ALONZO                         NY-10-T-42
COLLINS, CAROLINE M.                    NY-10-S-24
COLLINS, CHARLES E.                     NY-10-E-165
COLLINS, CHARLES F.                     NY-10-G-189
COLLINS, JOHN                           NY-10-S-440
COLLINS, JOHN                           NY-10-T-440
COLLINS, JOHN G.                        NY-10-H-55
COLLINS, JOHN L.                        NY-10-S-256
COLLINS, SYLVENUS                       NY-10-K-5
COLLOPYS, WILLIAM                       NY-10-R-436
COLOMB, AMBROISE                        NY-10-M-431
COLTER, RICHARD                         NY-10-R-393
COLUMBE, JULIA                          NY-10-T-168
COLVER, NATHANAEL                       NY-10-A-19
COMER, ANN                              NY-10-P-235
COMMINS, HENRY                          NY-10-B-49
COMSTOCK, EZEKIEL                       NY-10-O-141
COMSTOCK, JOSEPH S.                     NY-10-E-389
CONLIN, BERNARD                         NY-10-B-156
CONNER, JAMES                           NY-10-D-334
CONNER, STEPHEN                         NY-10-C-101
CONNERS, GEORGE                         NY-10-D-378
CONNERS, PATRICK                        NY-10-S-327
CONNERS, PATRICK 2ND                    NY-10-M-373
CONNERS, THOMAS                         NY-10-N-195
CONRO, SILAS                            NY-10-D-320
CONTURE, PETER                          NY-10-T-14
CONVERSE, LEAH                          NY-10-M-40
CONWAY, HUGH P.                         NY-10-T-259
CONWAY, JOHN                            NY-10-S-262
CONWAY MARGARET                         NY-10-T-211
COOK, CHARLES F.                        NY-10-B-387
COOK, GERSHOM                           NY-10-B-96
COOK, JOHN M.                           NY-10-K-397
COOK, NICHOLAS W.                       NY-10-M-138
COOK, REUBEN                            NY-10-L-294
COON, MELISSA                           NY-10-R-464
COOPER, JABESH                          NY-10-G-451
COOPER, JAMES                           NY-10-D-258
COOPER, JOSEPH                          NY-10-G-210
COOPER, MARTHA M.                       NY-10-T-470
COOPER, MARY                            NY-10-K-285
COPE, JOSEPH                            NY-10-O-107
CORBIN, FREEMAN N.                      NY-10-R-389
CORBIN, JOSEPH                          NY-10-B-355
CORBIN, JOSEPH JR.                      NY-10-A-123
CORLISS, OZRO J.                        NY-10-S-103
COSGROVE, MICHAEL                       NY-10-G-472
COSTLOW, MICHAEL                        NY-10-J-361
COUCH, SAMUEL                           NY-10-K-414
COURIER, MARY                           NY-10-I-4
COX  CHARLOTTE E.                       NY-10-T-249
COX, EDWARD B.                          NY-10-J-403
COX, NATHANIEL                          NY-10-A-62
CRAIG, LEVI                             NY-10-J-374
CRAIG, LODEMA                           NY-10-D-49
CRAIG, MOSES                            NY-10-E-364
CRAWFORD, GEORGE                        NY-10-M-178
CRAWFORD, NANCY                         NY-10-J-218
CREED, WINIFRED                         NY-10-N-227
CRESSEY, WILLIAM                        NY-10-J-465
CRILLEY, MARGARET                       NY-10-R-269
CRILLEY, PETER                          NY-10-R-244
CROFFORD, GEORGE                        NY-10-M-178
CROMIE, MARGARET                        NY-10-I-195
CROSBY, EDWARD M.                       NY-10-L-44
CROSS, JULIA                            NY-10-S-269
CROSS, LOYAL                            NY-10-L-27
CROSS, LYDIA                            NY-10-P-447
CRUISE, WILLIAM                         NY-10-G-135
CUDWORTH, EMELINE                       NY-10-T-369
CUDWORTH, JOEL                          NY-10-H-337
CULLING, WILLIAM J.                     NY-10-F-238
CULVER, FRANCIS                         NY-10-F-423
CULVER, JANE E.                         NY-10-P-443
CUMINS, MARY H.                         NY-10-S-349
CUMINS, MARY H.                         NY-10-S-367
CUMMINGS, ELIZABETH                     NY-10-H-107
CUMMINS, HENRY                          NY-10-A-258
CUMMINS, JAMES                          NY-10-F-155
CURRAN, RICHARD                         NY-10-I-478
CURRIER, SUSAN S.                       NY-10-N-343
CYR, JOHN                               NY-10-F-184

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