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CABLE, JAMES H.                        NY-9-R-381
CABLE, WILLIAM                         NY-9-E-543
CADY, ALICE                            NY-9-O-395
CADY, JASON                            NY-9-W-395
CADY, SQUIRE O.                        NY-9-HH-93
CAHILL, MICHAEL                        NY-9-II-145
CAHOON, ALONZO S.                      NY-9-GG-21
CAHOON, JOHN C.                        NY-9-II-165
CALKINS, ABNER                         NY-9-A-185
CALKINS, ALMIRA                        NY-9-BB-375
CALKINS, ANNIE M.                      NY-9-36-365
CALKINS, OSCAR F.                      NY-9-EE-229
CALKINS, SMITH                         NY-9-Z-565
CALVENT, MATTHEW                       NY-9-R-515
CAMERON, CHARLES                       NY-9-F-464
CAMERON, ROBERT                        NY-9-D-126
CAMPBELL, DANIEL W.                    NY-9-Y-533
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        NY-9-36-345
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         NY-9-A-90
CAMPBELL, PHILA                        NY-9-DD-175
CAMPBELL, RUFUS                        NY-9-P-479
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                       NY-9-F-531
CANIFF, JEREMIAH                       NY-9-E-312
CANNIFF, JANE                          NY-9-X-181
CARD, BENJAMIN                         NY-9-GG-125
CARD, JAMES                            NY-9-EE-21
CARD, LYDIA M.                         NY-9-CC-575
CARD, NELSON A.                        NY-9-II-461
CARD, STEPHEN                          NY-9-V-101
CAREY, GEORGE A.                       NY-9-P-203
CARHART, ABIGAIL W.                    NY-9-R-55
CARHART, ELIZA M.                      NY-9-36-397
CARHART, FREDERICK                     NY-9-II-553
CARHART, JOHN                          NY-9-X-205
CARHART, OSCAR O.                      NY-9-GG-177
CARHART, STEPHEN                       NY-9-F-327
CARPENTER, CYRIL W.                    NY-9-N-481
CARPENTER, EARL B.                     NY-9-Y-597
CARPENTER, ESEK K.                     NY-9-N-373
CARPENTER, JOHN                        NY-9-K-439
CARPENTER, JONATHAN G.                 NY-9-W-575
CARPENTER, JULIA E.                    NY-9-36-129
CARPENTER, LOVINA                      NY-9-JJ-45
CARPENTER, MARY A.                     NY-9-BB-211
CARPENTER, MARY J.                     NY-9-II-479
CARPENTER, SALLY                       NY-9-X-201
CARR, ABIGAIL M.                       NY-9-S-215
CARR, TRUE W.                          NY-9-Q-231
CARRIER, STEPHEN A.                    NY-9-EE-325
CARRINGTON, CLINEJA                    NY-9-A-268
CARTER, HEMAN                          NY-9-AA-145
CARTER, MARIA F.                       NY-9-Y-183
CARTER, ORRIN D.                       NY-9-U-535
CARTER, THOMAS W.                      NY-9-T-515
CARTWRIGHT, CYRUS                      NY-9-D-155
CARTWRIGHT, JAMES                      NY-9-A-388
CARY, ANSON                            NY-9-E-261
CARY, ANSON L.                         NY-9-T-335
CARY, CLARENCE A.                      NY-9-36-285
CARY, HANNAH                           NY-9-G-246
CARY, MARIA                            NY-9-FF-33
CARY, PALMER C.                        NY-9-S-515
CARY, ZALMON S.                        NY-9-G-81
CASE, ANDREW                           NY-9-W-135
CASE, AUSTIN                           NY-9-W-291
CASE,  JAMES E.                        NY-9-Q-531
CASE, JOHN W.                          NY-9-36-49
CASE, LUCY                             NY-9-Y-401
CASE, MARGARET                         NY-9-I-277
CASE, ROGER                            NY-9-B-157
CASE, WILLIAM                          NY-9-FF-121
CASH, DAVID                            NY-9-U-41
CASSELS, JAMES M.                      NY-9-Q-5
CASSELS, LUCY                          NY-9-CC-515
CASSELS, MARY                          NY-9-CC-511
CASSELS, WILLIAM                       NY-9-X-551
CASWELL, AMOS D.                       NY-9-HH-325
CASWELL, HARRISON R.                   NY-9-36-497
CASWELL, JOSEPH                        NY-9-DD-545
CASWELL, WILLIAM V.                    NY-9-BB-233
CATLIN, ELISHA                         NY-9-B-121
CHACE, E. CROGHAN                      NY-9-GG-329
CHALKER, ORLANDO                       NY-9-HH-385
CHAMBERLAIN, ASHLEY T.                 NY-9-E-469
CHAMBERLAIN, JOSEPH H.                 NY-9-V-215
CHAMBERLAIN, ZADOK B.                  NY-9-K-181
CHAMBERLIN, CLARK C.                   NY-9-S-561
CHAMBERLIN, ELIJAH                     NY-9-O-35
CHAMBERLIN, JOEL                       NY-9-F-130
CHAMBERLIN, JOSEPH                     NY-9-H-193
CHAMBERLIN, RUFUS                      NY-9-GG-185
CHAMPLIN, JOHNATHAN                    NY-9-D-244
CHAMPLIN, MICHAEL                      NY-9-U-465
CHANDLER, HORACE                       NY-9-M-13
CHANDLER, LOCKWOOD                     NY-9-Q-345
CHANDLER, LOEL                         NY-9-L-39
CHANDLER, RUFUS                        NY-9-X-445
CHAPEL, PHEBE                          NY-9-Q-65
CHAPIN, ALPHONSO                       NY-9-36-293
CHAPIN, DAVID B.                       NY-9-Y-547
CHAPIN, ELIZABETH S.                   NY-9-EE-473
CHAPIN, ISRAEL                         NY-9-Q-151
CHAPMAN, BENJAMIN                      NY-9-V-165
CHAPMAN, CHARLES W.                    NY-9-Q-75
CHAPMAN, JAMES                         NY-9-C-303
CHAPMAN, JAMES M.                      NY-9-II-269
CHAPMAN, RUSSEL O.                     NY-9-P-467
CHAPMAN, SARAH L.                      NY-9-Z-457
CHAPMAN, SIMON S.                      NY-9-CC-99
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM E.                    NY-9-AA-127
CHARTER, LYDIA                         NY-9-Y-415
CHASE, CALEB                           NY-9-U-411
CHASE, DAVID                           NY-9-F-211
CHASE, ELISHA                          NY-9-BB-237
CHASE, ELIZABETH                       NY-9-H-181
CHASE, ERMINA B.                       NY-9-GG-503
CHASE, JERAHMEEL                       NY-9-D-67
CHASE, JOSEPH                          NY-9-FF-165
CHASE, LUCY                            NY-9-CC-407
CHATFIELD, LEVI                        NY-9-C-143
CHENEY, AMELIA A.                      NY-9-V-531
CHENEY, PHILA                          NY-9-I-55
CHILDS, MARTHA L.                      NY-9-S-411
CHURCH, AUGUSTUS B.                    NY-9-L-405
CHURCH, BILLINGS                       NY-9-Q-81
CHURCH, CAROLINE MAY                   NY-9-II-21
CHURCH, DEVILLO C.                     NY-9-EE-585
CHURCH, ELIJAH                         NY-9-I-487
CHURCH, ELIZA A.                       NY-9-O-101
CHURCH, FRANCIS                        NY-9-HH-289
CHURCH, JOHN                           NY-9-A-95
CHURCH, JONATHAN                       NY-9-C-244
CHURCH, LEVI                           NY-9-U-441
CHURCH, LEVI H.                        NY-9-T-271
CHURCH, NATHAN                         NY-9-O-11
CHURCH, SAMUEL                         NY-9-CC-125
CHURCH, SYLVESTER                      NY-9-E-130
CHURCH, VERNUM                         NY-9-Q-371
CHURCH, WILLIAM                        NY-9-CC-625
CHURCH, WILLIAM H.                     NY-9-R-485
CHURCH, WILSON                         NY-9-X-485
CLAPP, JAMES                           NY-9-G-1
CLARK, CHARLOTTE A.                    NY-9-GG-521
CLARK, CORNELIUS                       NY-9-A-125
CLARK, DAN                             NY-9-F-124
CLARK, HIRAM S.                        NY-9-Z-527
CLARK, ISRAEL W.                       NY-9-E-397
CLARK, JAMES JR.                       NY-9-D-292
CLARK, JAMES WINSLOW                   NY-9-O-491
CLARK, JARED                           NY-9-E-86
CLARK, JOHN                            NY-9-R-435
CLARK, JOSEPH R.                       NY-9-S-551
CLARK, LOVINIA                         NY-9-Q-141
CLARK, MERCY                           NY-9-AA-471
CLARK, MERIT                           NY-9-H-597
CLARK, PETER W.                        NY-9-BB-397
CLARK, ROSWELL                         NY-9-A-344
CLARK, SALLY                           NY-9-I-109
CLARK, SILAS                           NY-9-V-321
CLARKE, DWIGHT H.                      NY-9-R-471
CLARKE, ETHAN                          NY-9-G-437
CLARKE, HENRY B.                       NY-9-BB-511
CLARKE, JAMES W.                       NY-9-U-185
CLARKE, JULIA MCMAHAN                  NY-9-K-307
CLARKE, LUCY W.                        NY-9-DD-253
CLEMONS, MARGARET R.                   NY-9-CC-421
CLEVELAND, ALEXANDER                   NY-9-S-201
CLEVELAND, LYSANDER S.                 NY-9-II-473
CLINE, CELESTIA                        NY-9-JJ-241
CLINE, DANIEL E.                       NY-9-EE-261
CLINE, ELIZA A.                        NY-9-Y-537
CLINE, JACOB                           NY-9-H-103
CLINE, LOOMIS B.                       NY-9-W-565
CLINE, WILLIAM B.                      NY-9-Q-481
CLOSE, DEVILLO                         NY-9-M-445
CLOSE, LEWIS                           NY-9-EE-93
CLOSE, RAWSON                          NY-9-S-485
CLUNAN, BRIDGET                        NY-9-FF-277
COATS, CHARLES W.                      NY-9-II-41
COATS, FREDERICK B.                    NY-9-Y-491
COATS, HELEN E.                        NY-9-GG-385
COATS, JENNIE L.                       NY-9-JJ-233
COATS, JOHN K.                         NY-9-BB-265
COATS, REBECCA                         NY-9-BB-321
COE, CALVIN                            NY-9-Q-365
COE, CARRIE E.                         NY-9-HH-353
COE, GEORGE B.                         NY-9-36-169
COE, JOEL                              NY-9-AA-185
COE, SARAH A.                          NY-9-EE-293
COFFIN, ELIZABETH MOSS                 NY-9-M-361
COGESDELL, EMILY                       NY-9-EE-9
COGSDALE, JAMES                        NY-9-A-87
COHOON, MARY E.                        NY-9-II-249
COLBURN, AZARIAH E.                    NY-9-CC-103
COLBURN, CLOTILDA                      NY-9-BB-67
COLE, CALVIN                           NY-9-W-285
COLE, ELIPHLET N.                      NY-9-HH-521
COLE, GEORGE H.                        NY-9-F-16
COLE, HANNAH M.                        NY-9-AA-215
COLE, OLIVE                            NY-9-GG-305
COLE, OLIVE L.                         NY-9-EE-345
COLE, SAMUEL                           NY-9-Z-99
COLE, SAMUEL                           NY-9-C-123
COLE, SYLVESTER K.                     NY-9-G-176
COLEMAN, JASON W.                      NY-9-C-214
COLLINS, JABEZ                         NY-9-36-257
COLLINS, JABEZ                         NY-9-A-128
COLLINS, LEVI B.                       NY-9-AA-441
COLLINS, MARY F.                       NY-9-X-261
COLTON, LOUISE S.                      NY-9-36-165
COLWELL, CHARLES H.                    NY-9-II-109
COMBS, HENRY                           NY-9-N-475
COMBS, MARY                            NY-9-Y-337
COMSTOCK, ALBERT                       NY-9-F-349
COMSTOCK, ANN                          NY-9-V-331
COMSTOCK, CALVIN                       NY-9-C-19
COMSTOCK, DANIEL                       NY-9-H-507
COMSTOCK, DANIEL E.                    NY-9-36-213
COMSTOCK, DELIA B. (OSGOOD)            NY-9-I-145
COMSTOCK, STEPHEN L.                   NY-9-AA-313
CONDRIN, MARY                          NY-9-FF-161
CONE, DANIEL NEWTON                    NY-9-T-151
CONE, EMILY C.                         NY-9-DD-189
CONE, TRACY S.                         NY-9-T-75
CONGER, ELIZABETH G.                   NY-9-Q-131
CONKLIN, HELEN A. M.                   NY-9-CC-471
CONKLING, CATHARINE E.                 NY-9-X-521
CONLEY, KATE                           NY-9-CC-481
CONNELY, ANNIE WILLARD                 NY-9-L-368
CONOVER, CORNELIUS                     NY-9-K-49
CONOVER, ISAAC                         NY-9-EE-337
CONOVER, JULIA                         NY-9-AA-111
CONOVER, SOLOMON                       NY-9-H-525
CONVERSE, ALVIN                        NY-9-W-71
CONVERSE, PHEBE M.                     NY-9-DD-305
CONVERSE, RUFUS J.                     NY-9-Z-393
CONWAY, SUSIE A.                       NY-9-GG-377
COOK, ALONZO                           NY-9-AA-233
COOK, ANNIS C.                         NY-9-T-401
COOK, CASE                             NY-9-A-106
COOK, DANIEL B.                        NY-9-EE-609
COOK, ELNORA P.                        NY-9-HH-121
COOK, GEORGE                           NY-9-36-205
COOK, GIDEON                           NY-9-A-153
COOK, HANNAH                           NY-9-BB-317
COOK, HORACE J.                        NY-9-36-277
COOK, JAMES B.                         NY-9-AA-577
COOK, JANE                             NY-9-A-234
COOK, JULANIA B.                       NY-9-Z-113
COOK, LORNE                            NY-9-V-485
COOK, LUCINDA                          NY-9-GG-109
COOK, MARTHA A.                        NY-9-JJ-101
COOK, MELISSA JANE                     NY-9-HH-341
COOK, WEIGHT                           NY-9-F-528
COOK, WILLIAM                          NY-9-EE-373
COOLEY, MATTHEW                        NY-9-E-486
COOMES, CONSIDER                       NY-9-I-271
COOMES, ELSINA W.                      NY-9-36-193
COOMES, WILLIAM R                      NY-9-FF-305
COON, NANCY H.                         NY-9-T-541
COOPER, ALMERON                        NY-9-HH-41
COOPER, BENJAMIN Y.                    NY-9-II-245
COOPER, CALEB                          NY-9-N-289
COOPER, CURTIS                         NY-9-36-173
COOPER, DARIUS                         NY-9-JJ-137
COOPER, LUCINDA                        NY-9-AA-221
COOPER, MARCUS                         NY-9-BB-137
COOPER, PAULINA                        NY-9-FF-77
COPELAND, CALISTA S.                   NY-9-EE-467
COPELAND, ROBERT                       NY-9-HH-577
COPERLEY, MARIA                        NY-9-JJ-553
COPLEY, HEMAN D.                       NY-9-GG-485
COPLEY, LUCIUS                         NY-9-BB-357
COPLEY, ROBERT R.                      NY-9-JJ-73
COPLEY, SERLEY H.                      NY-9-AA-369
CORBIN, ALFRED W.                      NY-9-CC-527
CORBIN, EMELINE                        NY-9-Z-183
CORBIN, EZRA W.                        NY-9-I-517
CORBIN, HARRIET                        NY-9-X-381
CORBIN, PAMELIA                        NY-9-X-41
CORBIN, SAMUEL                         NY-9-B-14
CORBIN, WILLIAM W.                     NY-9-S-325
COREY, DANIEL                          NY-9-BB-163
CORLIN, SAMUEL                         NY-9-A-366
CORNELL, CHARLES                       NY-9-K-133
CORNELL, DANIEL                        NY-9-L-183
CORNISH, MARY A.                       NY-9-JJ-361
CORNWELL, ABEL                         NY-9-AA-309
CORNWELL, ALBERT                       NY-9-AA-291
CORNWELL, ENOS                         NY-9-E-341
CORNWELL, SAMUEL                       NY-9-A-40
COSS, HENRY                            NY-9-R-355
COSS, JOHN M.                          NY-9-X-575
COUGHLIN, MICHAEL                      NY-9-Q-525
COVEY, JULIUS                          NY-9-36-233
COVILLE, BETSEY                        NY-9-N-349
COVILLE, JOSEPH A.                     NY-9-FF-341
COVILLE, STEPHEN H.                    NY-9-S-31
COX, MALISSA                           NY-9-JJ-569
COY, ROBY                              NY-9-BB-199
CRAIG, ANDREW                          NY-9-E-266
CRAIN, HENDRICK                        NY-9-V-535
CRAIN, JOEL                            NY-9-C-268
CRAIN, MARY                            NY-9-CC-55
CRAIN, SALLY                           NY-9-F-509
CRANALL, CAROLINE P. M.                NY-9-Z-611
CRANDAL, ARCHABLE                      NY-9-A-108
CRANDALL, ALCINDA                      NY-9-AA-379
CRANDALL, ALVAH                        NY-9-R-415
CRANDALL, CALEB                        NY-9-S-435
CRANDALL, ELISHA                       NY-9-FF-177
CRANDALL, ELKANAH                      NY-9-JJ-133
CRANDALL, ISAAC                        NY-9-E-275
CRANDALL, JOSEPH                       NY-9-HH-57
CRANDALL, JUSTUS                       NY-9-G-170
CRANDALL, LATHAM                       NY-9-DD-411
CRANDALL, MELINDA                      NY-9-F-381
CRANDALL, SARAH                        NY-9-F-386
CRANDALL, TIMOTHY                      NY-9-G-476
CRANDALL, TIMOTHY D.                   NY-9-X-505
CRANE, ALATHEA C.                      NY-9-GG-297
CRANE, IRA                             NY-9-T-61
CRANE, JONATHAN                        NY-9-A-374
CRARY, MARY A.                         NY-9-EE-479
CREGO, STEPHEN B.                      NY-9-K-483
CROCKER, SARAH A.                      NY-9-Y-355
CROSS, SHUBEL                          NY-9-R-431
CROWELL, BETSEY                        NY-9-P-371
CROWELL, MARBURY                       NY-9-HH-407
CROZIER, WILLIAM                       NY-9-N-319
CRUMB, HARRIET E.                      NY-9-JJ-491
CRUMB, HULDA                           NY-9-EE-111
CRUMB, MARY H.                         NY-9-36-141
CRUMB, RALZA A.                        NY-9-Q-485
CRUTTENDEN, STEPHEN                    NY-9-F-546
CUMBER, JOHN                           NY-9-AA-321
CUMMINGS, ABIJAH D.                    NY-9-R-465
CUMMINGS, SARAH                        NY-9-GG-269
CUMMINS, MARTIN                        NY-9-G-75
CUNNINGHAM, CHARLES F. G.              NY-9-U-505
CURTIS, ABIGAIL                        NY-9-V-145
CURTIS, CLARINDA                       NY-9-EE-269
CURTIS, ETHAN R.                       NY-9-EE-1
CURTIS, FANNY A.                       NY-9-GG-341
CURTIS, GEORGE H.                      NY-9-FF-491
CURTIS, HARRIET J.                     NY-9-CC-325
CURTIS, HIRAM                          NY-9-DD-211
CURTIS, JOSEPH T.                      NY-9-36-189
CURTIS, MARY A.                        NY-9-BB-145
CURTIS, PALMER A.                      NY-9-HH-193
CURTIS, SOLOMON                        NY-9-D-164
CURTIS, WILLIAM                        NY-9-G-221
CURTIS, ZECHARIAH                      NY-9-DD-595
CURTISS, JAMES H.                      NY-9-R-331
CURTISS, MARY ANDELLA                  NY-9-AA-71
CURTISS, THOMAS                        NY-9-F-56
CUSHMAN, DANFORD R.                    NY-9-EE-289
CUSHMAN, EMERY D.                      NY-9-DD-369
CUSHMAN, FANNIE C.                     NY-9-FF-209
CUSHMAN, HARRIET K.                    NY-9-H-349
CUSHMAN, ISAAC                         NY-9-F-232
CUSHMAN, LORING                        NY-9-F-11
CUSHMAN, MARY E.                       NY-9-Z-555
CUSWORTH, JOB W.                       NY-9-F-249
CUTLER, LEVI                           NY-9-DD-39
CUYLER, ELSIE                          NY-9-G-479
DAILY, DAVID P.                        NY-9-Z-253
DAILY, JAY                             NY-9-T-171
DALRYMPLE, ALBERT                      NY-9-N-187
DALRYMPLE, DEWEY                       NY-9-BB-353
DALTON, ANNA                           NY-9-H-199
DALTON, HANNAH                         NY-9-HH-261
DALTON, LUCY C.                        NY-9-T-311
DALTON, WILLIAM                        NY-9-M-277
DANFORTH, IDA PRINCE                   NY-9-GG-165
DANIELS, GEORGE                        NY-9-A-267
DANIELS, JANE E.                       NY-9-HH-209
DANIELS, THEODORE                      NY-9-E-247
DANIELS, TRUMAN                        NY-9-BB-445
DARLING, JOSEPH JR.                    NY-9-A-21B
DARLING, LEIJAH                        NY-9-W-151
DARLING, THOMAS                        NY-9-B-65
DARROW, ROYSEL                         NY-9-A-205
DART, ERNEST C.                        NY-9-FF-1
DART, MARY A. C.                       NY-9-DD-73
DART, ROBERT                           NY-9-R-111
DASH, JENNIE L.                        NY-9-AA-405
DAVENPORT, ISRAEL C.                   NY-9-FF-261
DAVIDSON, EUNICE A.                    NY-9-EE-225
DAVIDSON, GEORGE A.                    NY-9-JJ-149
DAVIDSON, JANE M.                      NY-9-H-139
DAVIDSON, JOHN                         NY-9-M-55
DAVIS, ALBERT                          NY-9-V-445
DAVIS, ANSON                           NY-9-EE-129
DAVIS, AUGUSTA J.                      NY-9-GG-137
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                        NY-9-E-461
DAVIS, BRADLEY                         NY-9-H-91
DAVIS, CELINDA                         NY-9-S-401
DAVIS, DARWIN                          NY-9-EE-425
DAVIS, DAVID L.                        NY-9-U-231
DAVIS, DAVID L.                        NY-9-I-37
DAVIS, DAVID R. M.                     NY-9-EE-249
DAVIS, EBENEZER                        NY-9-E-384
DAVIS, EMILY E.                        NY-9-II-189
DAVIS, ETHAN                           NY-9-BB-361
DAVIS, GERTRUDE K.                     NY-9-EE-369
DAVIS, HARRIET D.                      NY-9-Q-41
DAVIS, HARRY                           NY-9-Y-117
DAVIS, HIRAM                           NY-9-DD-527
DAVIS, JOHN                            NY-9-O-335
DAVIS, JOHN                            NY-9-G-162
DAVIS, JOHN M.                         NY-9-GG-89
DAVIS, JONATHAN K.                     NY-9-Y-135
DAVIS, JULIA A.                        NY-9-CC-321
DAVIS, MARY                            NY-9-EE-281
DAVIS, MARY A.                         NY-9-BB-273
DAVIS, NANCY T.                        NY-9-JJ-189
DAVIS, PARIS O.                        NY-9-T-101
DAVIS, REBECCA E.                      NY-9-Z-551
DAVIS, SEYMOUR                         NY-9-JJ-237
DAVIS, SOLOMON H.                      NY-9-Q-271
DAVIS, TIMOTHY                         NY-9-G-261
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         NY-9-A-31
DAVISON, CHARLES E.                    NY-9-DD-519
DAVISON, PETER I.                      NY-9-S-141
DAY, ALDEN                             NY-9-S-491
DAY, BETSEY R.                         NY-9-V-251
DAY, CHLOE                             NY-9-AA-511
DAY, ELIZABETH E.                      NY-9-HH-173
DAY, HANNAH                            NY-9-V-81
DAY, JAHAZIEL J.                       NY-9-T-141
DEDEVER, ELIZA ANN                     NY-9-Z-383
DELAND, MARCUS F.                      NY-9-GG-365
DELONG, CHARLES S.                     NY-9-DD-151
DELONG, HAMILTON                       NY-9-BB-207
DENISON, A. WYLIE                      NY-9-II-309
DENISON, WILLIAM                       NY-9-A-325
DENNEND, JOHN                          NY-9-E-66
DENNIS, JAMES                          NY-9-N-43
DENT, JOSEPH                           NY-9-S-431
DENTON, ROLLIN                         NY-9-HH-443
DETENBROECK, JOHN                      NY-9-M-61
DEVINE, MARY                           NY-9-HH-269
DEVINE, MARY A.                        NY-9-EE-97
DEVINE, PATRICK                        NY-9-CC-129
DEWEY, MARY A.                         NY-9-K-463
DEXTER, EMILY B.                       NY-9-EE-153
DEXTER, JAMES A.                       NY-9-DD-61
DEXTER, JOSEPH O.                      NY-9-DD-201
DEXTER, LAURA                          NY-9-BB-111
DEXTER, MARTHA                         NY-9-Q-551
DEXTER, PELEG                          NY-9-I-385
DEXTER, SHELDIN                        NY-9-Q-475
DEXTER, WILLIS                         NY-9-DD-287
DIBBLE, HENRIETTA                      NY-9-P-5
DIBBLE, THURZA M.                      NY-9-P-197
DICKINS, JOHN                          NY-9-A-290
DICKINSON, DAVID                       NY-9-W-95
DICKINSON, GERTRUDE B.                 NY-9-36-467
DICKINSON, HANNAH                      NY-9-Y-155
DICKINSON, JOSEPH                      NY-9-I-403
DICKINSON, MARY L.                     NY-9-FF-397
DICKINSON, OSCAR                       NY-9-M-211
DICKINSON, PHILA                       NY-9-HH-169
DILLENBACK, MARTINUS B.                NY-9-H-579
DILLENBECK, MARGARET                   NY-9-X-11
DILLENBECK, WILLIAM                    NY-9-AA-237
DILLEY, ORRIN                          NY-9-P-179
DILLEY, REEVE                          NY-9-Q-91
DILLY, JOHN                            NY-9-H-471
DILWORTH, WILSON                       NY-9-EE-515
DIMMICK, CALISTA J.                    NY-9-V-525
DIMMICK, FRANCIS E.                    NY-9-W-35
DIMMICK, HOSEA                         NY-9-BB-485
DIMMICK, JOSEPH                        NY-9-G-156
DIMMICK, OLIVER                        NY-9-X-365
DIMOCK, RICHARD B.                     NY-9-EE-161
DIMOCK, URSULA                         NY-9-Y-281
DINGMAN, ANSON B.                      NY-9-Z-397
DIX, JOHN                              NY-9-F-586
DIX, ZEPHANIAH                         NY-9-Q-361
DIXON, CHARLES G.                      NY-9-V-495
DIXON, DAVID                           NY-9-A-364
DIXON, DAVID                           NY-9-C-297
DIXON, HERBERT M.                      NY-9-GG-357
DIXON, JOSEPH                          NY-9-D-260
DIXON, JOSEPH L.                       NY-9-L-349
DIXON, PERSIS A.                       NY-9-Z-197
DODD, STEPHEN                          NY-9-A-16
DODD, MILES                            NY-9-B-12
DODGE, JAMES O.                        NY-9-GG-473
DODGE, JOHN                            NY-9-P-83
DODGE, JOHN                            NY-9-F-1
DODGE, PETER                           NY-9-D-281
DODGE, STEPHEN                         NY-9-A-276
DONAGHE, ELIZA                         NY-9-FF-321
DONAGHE, STANTON T.                    NY-9-W-241
DONAHUE, THOMAS                        NY-9-X-115
DONALDSON, ABIGAIL                     NY-9-II-305
DONNELLY, JOHN                         NY-9-D-160
DOOLITTLE, WILLIAM                     NY-9-DD-433
DORMAN, JOEL                           NY-9-E-627
DOTY, CLARK B.                         NY-9-HH-397
DOTY, WILLIAM R.                       NY-9-Q-205
DOUGLAS, JANE A.                       NY-9-FF-497
DOUGLAS, LUTHER                        NY-9-H-319
DOUGLASS, JOHN G.                      NY-9-H-259
DOWNING, ABIGAIL                       NY-9-E-156
DOYLE, HENRY                           NY-9-Z-369
DOYLE, MARGARET                        NY-9-Z-327
DOYLE, THOMAS                          NY-9-FF-45
DRAKE, ELIZA                           NY-9-U-61
DRESSER, URSULA                        NY-9-X-341
DRURY, JOSEPH                          NY-9-A-10B
DUCKSBURY, ROBERT                      NY-9-HH-125
DUDLEY, LYMAN                          NY-9-H-145
DUDLEY, MARCY                          NY-9-A-174
DUFF, WILLIAM                          NY-9-II-609
DUNBAR, NEHEMIAH                       NY-9-C-163
DUNCAN, BETSEY ANN                     NY-9-C-186
DUNHAM, HENRY T.                       NY-9-DD-403
DUNN, HIRAM G.                         NY-9-M-1
DUNN, NELSON                           NY-9-FF-53
DUNNING, GEORGE W.                     NY-9-GG-97
DURAND, ELEZER                         NY-9-C-159
DURANT, CHARLES                        NY-9-N-337
DUTTON, ELON G.                        NY-9-GG-105
DUTTON, HIRAM                          NY-9-II-69
DUTTON, MARY                           NY-9-CC-467
DUTTON, THOMAS                         NY-9-P-359
DUTTON, URIAL A.                       NY-9-FF-393
DUTTON, WILLIAM M.                     NY-9-T-201
DWIGHT, JOSEPH H.                      NY-9-E-497
DWIGHT, THOMAS                         NY-9-II-273
DYE, JOHN N.                           NY-9-BB-57
DYE, JOSHUA                            NY-9-I-289
DYER, GEORGE                           NY-9-S-321
EASTON, CHARLES L.                     NY-9-Z-491
EASTON, LEICESTER                      NY-9-T-455
EATON, EBENEZER                        NY-9-D-316
EATON, HORACE                          NY-9-I-253
EATON, JAMES                           NY-9-Q-491
EATON, MARY                            NY-9-Y-467
EATON, NELSON                          NY-9-O-215
EATON, PHEBE                           NY-9-DD-309
EATON, SOPHIA A.                       NY-9-BB-501
EATON, WILLIAM                         NY-9-X-251
ECCLESTON, CHARLES                     NY-9-R-391
ECCLESTON, DAVID                       NY-9-Q-545
ECCLESTON, DAVID                       NY-9-E-338
ECCLESTON, JONATHAN                    NY-9-K-247
ECCLESTON, LAURA E.                    NY-9-AA-445
ECCLESTON, RANSOM                      NY-9-S-55
ECCLESTON, SUSAN                       NY-9-G-309
EDDY, CHARLES C.                       NY-9-P-317
EDDY, FRANCES                          NY-9-HH-37
EDDY, JOHN                             NY-9-A-349
EDGERTON, BETSY                        NY-9-G-72
EDGERTON, ELWIN S.                     NY-9-II-241
EDGERTON, ISAAC L.                     NY-9-HH-249
EDGERTON, JANE                         NY-9-S-415
EDLER, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-9-DD-549
EDWARDS, FRANKLIN                      NY-9-II-61
EDWARDS, JAMES M.                      NY-9-Z-481
EDWARDS, MERCY F.                      NY-9-EE-253
EDWARDS, SALLY                         NY-9-HH-101
EGAN, MICHAEL                          NY-9-HH-329
EGELSTON, NATHANIEL                    NY-9-X-155
EGENTON, JOHN                          NY-9-A-81
EGGLESTON, EUNICE M.                   NY-9-S-295
EGGLESTON, SIDNEY                      NY-9-O-299
EICHLER, DAVID                         NY-9-36-21
ELDREDGE, ELI E.                       NY-9-Q-311
ELDREDGE, SARAH                        NY-9-V-55
ELLIOTT, CHARLES R.                    NY-9-G-190
ELLIOTT, JOSEPH                        NY-9-U-511
ELLIOTT, JOSEPH                        NY-9-A-7B
ELLIS, SOLOMON                         NY-9-D-174
ELMORE, JAMES                          NY-9-D-22
ELMORE, SIDNEY                         NY-9-I-199
ELMORE, ZACHEUS W.                     NY-9-M-391
ELSWORTH, WILLIAM G.                   NY-9-P-311
ELWOOD, MARCENUS M.                    NY-9-II-33
ELWOOD, SAMUEL                         NY-9-V-241
ELWOOD, WILSON M.                      NY-9-EE-625
ELY, NOAH                              NY-9-Q-595
EMERSON, MOSES S.                      NY-9-H-16
ENGLISH, JOHN                          NY-9-JJ-309
ENGLISH, WILLIAM W.                    NY-9-II-385
ENOS, TRUMAN                           NY-9-O-455
ENSIGN, SOLOMON                        NY-9-R-21
ENSING, ALEINDA                        NY-9-GG-455
ENSWORTH, NATHANIEL                    NY-9-W-475
ERTZ, JOHN                             NY-9-II-5
ESCHBACK, FRANCIS J.                   NY-9-P-125
ESPBECK, THERESA                       NY-9-JJ-577
EVANS, ANSEL                           NY-9-R-255
EVANS, EZEKIEL                         NY-9-S-255
EVANS, JOHNATHAN                       NY-9-E-315
EVANS, JONATHAN                        NY-9-X-375
EVANS, JOHN                            NY-9-AA-79
EVANS, JULIA                           NY-9-CC-365
FAIRBANK, CHARLES T.                   NY-9-Z-379
FAIRCHILD, ANANA H.                    NY-9-JJ-153
FAIRCHILD, BILLE                       NY-9-I-133
FAIRCHILD, CHARLES L.                  NY-9-GG-9
FAIRCHILD, DANIEL                      NY-9-D-91
FAIRCHILD, ELVIL                       NY-9-BB-215
FAIRCHILD, JANE                        NY-9-HH-177
FAIRCHILD, LEWIS                       NY-9-AA-273
FAIRCHILD, PHILO                       NY-9-T-95
FAIRCHILD, STILES                      NY-9-I-313
FAIRCHILD, WINTHROP                    NY-9-E-149
FAIRCHILD, ZALMON                      NY-9-V-111
FALK, CLARINDA                         NY-9-Z-341
FALK, HENRY                            NY-9-V-255
FANNING, ASA                           NY-9-D-189
FANNING, CRISTAL                       NY-9-JJ-21
FARNHAM, SAMUEL H.                     NY-9-AA-75
FARNSWORTH, JONATHAN                   NY-9-36-105
FARR, LEVI                             NY-9-G-461
FARRAR, FRANKLIN                       NY-9-W-535
FARRER, RUFUS B.                       NY-9-X-291
FELLOWS, JOHN  M.                      NY-9-E-89
FELT, ASA                              NY-9-S-221
FELT, SAMUEL                           NY-9-A-22B
FERGUSON, ISAIAH                       NY-9-S-565
FERGUSON, JAMES                        NY-9-P-413
FERGUSON, MARILLA T.                   NY-9-H-24
FERIS, BENJAMIN                        NY-9-G-490
FERRIS, ABRAM D.                       NY-9-GG-369
FERRIS, GEORGE T.                      NY-9-JJ-357
FERRIS, ISRAEL B.                      NY-9-D-31
FERRIS, NATHANIEL T.                   NY-9-AA-225
FERRY, EMILINE                         NY-9-S-185
FIELD, PELEG                           NY-9-I-91
FIGGER, REBECCA                        NY-9-36-1
FINCH, ELIZA J.                        NY-9-AA-89
FINCH, NATHANIEL                       NY-9-DD-339
FINKLE, HATTIE V.                      NY-9-JJ-437
FINKS, GEORGE F.                       NY-9-V-291
FISH, ALMANZOR D.                      NY-9-S-235
FISH, AMANDA                           NY-9-W-345
FISH, JANE ELIZA                       NY-9-G-230
FISH, JOHN                             NY-9-A-45
FISHER, ANN                            NY-9-HH-5
FISHER, ELIZABETH                      NY-9-FF-289
FISHER, MADISON                        NY-9-O-47
FISHER, MARIA M.                       NY-9-II-443
FISHER, THOMAS G.                      NY-9-O-23
FISK, HANNAH J.                        NY-9-H-675
FITCH, ELEAZER H.                      NY-9-F-517
FITCH, JOHN C.                         NY-9-I-427
FITCH, JONATHAN R.                     NY-9-CC-245
FITCH, SARAH M.                        NY-9-S-135
FITCH, SEYMOUR                         NY-9-Z-131
FITCH, WALTER                          NY-9-H-85
FLAGG, DELL                            NY-9-GG-81
FLANGAN, ANN                           NY-9-EE-113
FLETCHER, ELLEN M.                     NY-9-V-565
FLETCHER, JOSIAH                       NY-9-N-397
FLINT, LYDIA                           NY-9-AA-159
FLOWERS, JOHN M.                       NY-9-AA-105
FOLLETT, DAVID L.                      NY-9-II-491
FOLLETT, ELIZA ANN                     NY-9-AA-13
FOLLETT, HIRAM                         NY-9-Z-173
FOOT, APOLLOS                          NY-9-V-431
FOOT, DAN                              NY-9-A-337
FOOT, LEONARD                          NY-9-S-511
FOOT, LEONARD R.                       NY-9-U-195
FOOTE, ASA                             NY-9-36-249
FOOTE, CHARLES                         NY-9-O-509
FOOTE, ELIZA                           NY-9-JJ-169
FOOTE, HARRIET                         NY-9-M-487
FOOTE, HARRIET E.                      NY-9-II-561
FOOTE, HARRIET H.                      NY-9-N-7
FOOTE, HENRY                           NY-9-V-311
FOOTE, HIRAM                           NY-9-E-251
FOOTE, ISAAC                           NY-9-H-657
FOOTE, NATHANIEL                       NY-9-E-183
FORBES, AARON                          NY-9-Y-583
FORBES, ELIAS                          NY-9-G-10
FORBES, JULIA E.                       NY-9-O-311
FORBES, MARY A.                        NY-9-BB-569
FORBES, WILLIS                         NY-9-N-253
FORCE, JOSEPH                          NY-9-H-367
FORD, ELIZABETH M.                     NY-9-S-25
FORD, RUSSEL                           NY-9-K-151
FORSYTH, JULIA M.                      NY-9-36-389
FOSBURY, REUBEN C.                     NY-9-CC-77
FOSGATE, DELANA J.                     NY-9-Y-29
FOSTER, ALEXANDER                      NY-9-Y-513
FOSTER, INDUSTRY                       NY-9-K-235
FOSTER, JULIA H.                       NY-9-AA-325
FOSTER, OSCAR C.                       NY-9-Y-243
FOWLER, AZARIAH                        NY-9-E-126
FOWLER, JOHN                           NY-9-Z-421
FOWLER, STEPHEN L.                     NY-9-V-155
FOWLER, WILLIAM                        NY-9-F-479
FOX, CHLOE                             NY-9-Z-523
FOX, EDSON                             NY-9-GG-601
FOX, GEORGE                            NY-9-II-29
FOX, HUBBARD                           NY-9-EE-17
FOX, JAMES H.                          NY-9-O-173
FOX, RODOLPHUS                         NY-9-B-186
FOX, SALLY M.                          NY-9-FF-141
FRANCISCO, DELOS                       NY-9-HH-293
FRANKLIN, ELISHA                       NY-9-M-349
FRANKLIN, IDA D.                       NY-9-EE-85
FRANKLIN, LUCINDA B.                   NY-9-HH-89
FRANKLIN, STEPHEN                      NY-9-W-75
FRASER, CHARLES                        NY-9-JJ-197
FRASER, NANCY M.                       NY-9-36-305
FRASURE, CHARLES H.                    NY-9-EE-443
FREDENBERG, OLIVIA                     NY-9-JJ-401
FREDENBURG, ISAAC                      NY-9-AA-409
FREEL, ANNA                            NY-9-II-313
FREEMAN, ERNESTINE R.                  NY-9-T-441
FREEMAN, HOWLAN P.                     NY-9-Y-23
FREEMAN, OTIS L.                       NY-9-W-131
FREEMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-9-S-475
FRENCH, CAROLINE M.                    NY-9-GG-389
FRENCH, JAMES                          NY-9-AA-167
FRENCH, MYRON H.                       NY-9-T-505
FRINK, BENJAMIN                        NY-9-HH-65
FRINK, DAVID P.                        NY-9-HH-357
FRINK, HIRAM                           NY-9-Y-295
FRINK, HORACE H.                       NY-9-HH-349
FRINK, JANE L.                         NY-9-HH-117
FRINK, SARAH M.                        NY-9-HH-529
FRISBEE, EMELIA                        NY-9-U-245
FRISBIE, LEVY                          NY-9-T-121
FRISBIE, MARY J.                       NY-9-II-397
FROST, LAURENCE                        NY-9-F-22
FRYER, ABBY J.                         NY-9-GG-45
FULK, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-9-A-92
FULLER, ELIZABETH                      NY-9-K-475
FULLER, JACOB                          NY-9-C-83
FULLER, THOMAS A.                      NY-9-S-265
FULTON, FRED S.                        NY-9-BB-177
FULTON, HARRIET C.                     NY-9-HH-245
FULTON, SAMUEL J.                      NY-9-HH-73
FURGUSON, ISAAC                        NY-9-F-413
FURMAN, HANNAH M.                      NY-9-BB-453
FURMAN, RUSSEL                         NY-9-P-41
FURMAN, SARAH C.                       NY-9-P-47

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