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ABBOT, AARON B.                   NY-8-17-131
ABBOT, MARIA                      NY-8-17-440
ABBOTT, CHARLES R.                NY-8-8-139
ABBY, AMASA                       NY-8-1-368
ABBY, AMAZA                       NY-8-1-258
ADAMS, JANET E.                   NY-8-17-30
ADAMS, JOHN W.                    NY-8-12-295
ADAMS, PETER                      NY-8-11-621
ALBERTSON, ABBIE                  NY-8-18-394
ALBERTSON, FRANCES N.             NY-8-19-226
ALBERTSON, GEORGE W.              NY-8-17-167
ALBRIGHT, ANNA E.                 NY-8-17-419
ALBRIGHT, ELMIRA D.               NY-8-12-370
ALDERMAN, MARTHA M.               NY-8-20-368
ALDERMAN, MARY L.                 NY-8-20-170
ALDOUS, JAMES                     NY-8-17-230
ALEXANDER, ANDREW                 NY-8-7-487
ALEXANDER, BENJAMIN S.            NY-8-18-277
ALEXANDER, ELIZABETH              NY-8-9-487
ALEXANDER, MARY A.                NY-8-11-441
ALLARD, GEORGE                    NY-8-16-353
ALLEN, CALEB                      NY-8-3-371
ALLEN, ELISHA                     NY-8-7-283
ALLEN, HENRY B.                   NY-8-12-603
ALLEN, JAMES H.                   NY-8-1-144
ALLEN, JOSEPH                     NY-8-18-409
ALLEN, LOUISA                     NY-8-20-503
ALLEN, MARTHA M.                  NY-8-18-301
ALLEN, NATHAN M.                  NY-8-18-505
ALLEN, SAMUEL C.                  NY-8-15-389
ALLINGTON, JACOB                  NY-8-2-283
ALLINGTON, JONATHAN               NY-8-6-421
ALLINGTON, WILLIAM C.             NY-8-19-7
ALLISON, OSCAR W.                 NY-8-17-737
AMANN, JACOB                      NY-8-13-123
AMES, FRANCES E.                  NY-8-15-158
AMMERMAN, DANIEL                  NY-8-13-492
ANDERSON, ABAGAIL                 NY-8-11-678
ANDERSON, BRIDGET                 NY-8-17-200
ANDERSON, ESTHER                  NY-8-8-517
ANDREWS, CHARLES                  NY-8-19-496
ANDREWS, JOHN                     NY-8-14-569
ANDREWS, SARAH E.                 NY-8-20-45
ANDRUS, ADELINE P.                NY-8-12-519
ANDRUS, ALSTON                    NY-8-9-451
ANDRUS, H. S.                     NY-8-12-523
ANDRUS, HARRIET                   NY-8-16-545
ANDRUS, LAURA                     NY-8-14-147
ANDRUS, RICHARD                   NY-8-9-43
ANDRUS, WILLIAM B.                NY-8-18-202
ANGETSINGER, CLARA M.             NY-8-13-393
ARCHIBALD, EMMA G.                NY-8-12-478
ARGETSINGER, PETER                NY-8-10-79
ARMSTRONG, AMY                    NY-8-11-33
ARMSTRONG, HANNAH M.              NY-8-19-109
ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH M.              NY-8-11-453
ARMSTRONG, MARIA M.               NY-8-6-441
ARMSTRONG, MARY EMMA              NY-8-17-633
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM A.             NY-8-14-162
ARNOT, CHARLOTTE H.               NY-8-20-599
ARNOT, HARRIET T.                 NY-8-9-637
ARNOT, JAMES H.                   NY-8-4B-41
ARNOT, JOHN                       NY-8-8-193
ARNOT, MATTHIAS C.                NY-8-18-613
ARNOT, MATTHIAS H.                NY-8-20-341
ASSAUER, CHRISTIAN                NY-8-16-661
ATKINS, SOPHIA                    NY-8-7-7
AUSTIN, DEBORAH C.                NY-8-17-549
AVERY, CLARA Z.                   NY-8-11-312
AXTELL, LEVI                      NY-8-11-220
AYERS, DECKER E.                  NY-8-15-110
AYERS, JEHIEL                     NY-8-6-121
AYERS, SUSAN                      NY-8-14-661
AZRES, SILAS                      NY-8-1-299
BABCOCK, ANN ALMIRA               NY-8-16-278
BABCOCK, GEORGE                   NY-8-15-14
BABCOCK, HENRY L.                 NY-8-14-342
BABCOCK, SAMUEL                   NY-8-7-457
BABCOCK, SARA E.                  NY-8-17-104
BACKER, AMY A.                    NY-8-20-623
BACKER, ANNA R.                   NY-8-19-394
BACKUS, MARIA D.                  NY-8-12-277
BACON, CHARLES L.                 NY-8-15-164
BACON, HARRIET EMILY              NY-8-19-388
BACON, HENRY L.                   NY-8-14-64
BACON, JAMES                      NY-8-19-777
BACON, MARY ANN                   NY-8-16-251
BADGER, HARRIET IDA               NY-8-18-145
BADGER, HARWOOD M.                NY-8-15-52
BADGER, JANE D.                   NY-8-13-132
BAILEY, ELECTA M.                 NY-8-17-725
BAILEY, JOHN A.                   NY-8-13-423
BAILEY, JOSEPH L.                 NY-8-19-3
BAILEY, LORENZO W.                NY-8-18-71
BAILEY, MARTIN                    NY-8-19-166
BAILEY, NEHEMIAH                  NY-8-11-103
BAILEY, SELENA                    NY-8-16-26
BAILEY, STEPHEN                   NY-8-5-481
BAILEY, ZENUS Y.                  NY-8-20-548
BAINBRIDGE, SAMUEL M.             NY-8-5-271
BAIRD, JAMES N.                   NY-8-10-145
BAKER, CALEB                      NY-8-2-378
BAKER, CHARLES H.                 NY-8-9-643
BAKER, ELIZABETH                  NY-8-14-276
BAKER, ELMER C.                   NY-8-11-89
BAKER, EUNICE B.                  NY-8-11-229
BAKER, HIRAM                      NY-8-15-275
BAKER, JOHN                       NY-8-9-235
BAKER, NATHAN                     NY-8-15-78
BAKER, SARAH                      NY-8-6-283
BAKER, WILLIAM H.                 NY-8-5-13
BALDWIN, ANDREW S.                NY-8-12-527
BALDWIN, ELIZABETH                NY-8-14-129
BALDWIN, LUCY                     NY-8-14-126
BALDWIN, GRANT B.                 NY-8-1-176
BALDWIN, HENRY C.                 NY-8-5-313
BALDWIN, ISRAEL                   NY-8-1-64
BALDWIN, JOHN                     NY-8-13-54
BALDWIN, SARAH                    NY-8-5-391
BALL, ELSIE A.                    NY-8-17-713
BALL, MARY C.                     NY-8-13-98
BALLARD, MARION A.                NY-8-11-202
BALLARD, WALTER E.                NY-8-16-68
BALLARD, WILLIAM W.               NY-8-19-701
BALLY, JOHN                       NY-8-18-645
BANDFIELD, JOHN                   NY-8-18-418
BANFIELD, GEORGE                  NY-8-20-116
BANKS, DAVID                      NY-8-2-67
BANKS, ELI                        NY-8-8-73
BANKS, FRANK M.                   NY-8-19-25
BANKS, MARY E.                    NY-8-17-161
BANNISTER, ELIJAH                 NY-8-4B-266
BARBER, MARY J.                   NY-8-15-100
BARBOUR, ADALINE T.               NY-8-6-175
BARKER, EMMA C.                   NY-8-17-194
BARLOW, CHARLES H.                NY-8-6-289
BARLOW, MARY                      NY-8-5-37
BARNES, BENJAMIN                  NY-8-17-58
BARNES, CHARLES A.                NY-8-19-553
BARNES, MARIA                     NY-8-19-295
BARNES, NAOMY W.                  NY-8-14-144
BARNEY, SARAH E.                  NY-8-10-193
BARNUM, LEVI                      NY-8-18-115
BARRY, DAVID                      NY-8-5-325
BARRY, JULIA                      NY-8-9-607
BARTHOLF, RACHEL B.               NY-8-18-17
BARTHOLOMEW, JANE                 NY-8-13-255
BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN H.              NY-8-20-437
BARTHOLOMEW, JOSEPH               NY-8-9-61
BARTHOLOMEW, URIAH                NY-8-10-157
BARTLETT, JEFFERSON               NY-8-3-296
BARTLETT, NANCY                   NY-8-20-110
BARTLETT, WILLAM SR.              NY-8-17-66
BARTON, JANE ANN                  NY-8-10-377
BARTON, ROBERT WALTER             NY-8-20-671
BASKINS, ARMSTRONG                NY-8-1-312
BASSETT, OPHELIA D.               NY-8-19-127
BATES, HENRY                      NY-8-3-299
BATES, IRA                        NY-8-2-133
BATES, JOSEPH S.                  NY-8-14-18
BATTERSON, EMERSON J.             NY-8-18-123
BAUDFIELD, MARTHA                 NY-8-14-16
BAUMEYER, HENRY                   NY-8-14-4
BAUMGARTNER, LORENZ               NY-8-15-176
BAVELIER, CLAUDE H. E.            NY-8-13-4
BEACH, JIM                        NY-8-3-253
BEACH, WILLIAM                    NY-8-14-589
BEADLE, CHAUNCEY M.               NY-8-19-370
BEADLE, HARRIET                   NY-8-11-372
BEADLE, HENRIETTE                 NY-8-11-369
BEADLE, TRACY                     NY-8-9-439
BEAM, JOHN R.                     NY-8-17-701
BEAN, ELIZA H.                    NY-8-15-146
BEARD, EUNICE                     NY-8-7-115
BEARDSLEE, JAMES                  NY-8-3-223
BEARDSLEY, AARON B.               NY-8-17-90
BEARDSLEY, DAVID                  NY-8-2-167
BEARDSLEY, ELI                    NY-8-2-29
BEARDSLEY, ELIAS J.               NY-8-17-8
BEARDSLEY, MARGARET               NY-8-16-44
BEARDSLEY, PHILO                  NY-8-2-318
BEATY, JAMES                      NY-8-10-623
BECK, WARREN F.                   NY-8-19-169
BECKER, SARAH                     NY-8-16-299
BECKHORN, EZRA                    NY-8-6-259
BECKHORN, JAMES G.                NY-8-16-40
BECKWITH, DANIEL                  NY-8-1-483
BECKWITH, DAVID                   NY-8-2-124
BECKWITH, ELIZABETH               NY-8-1-155
BECKWITH, HENRY                   NY-8-2-464
BECKWITH, HENRY E.                NY-8-17-54
BEDLEMAN, ISAAC                   NY-8-4A-16
BEECHER, JULIA J.                 NY-8-19-220
BEECHER, THOMAS K.                NY-8-17-296
BEERS, CHARLES G.                 NY-8-13-135
BEERS, DANIEL M.                  NY-8-17-284
BEERS, JOSEPH D.                  NY-8-19-415
BEERS, JOSEPH H.                  NY-8-13-64
BEERS, SIDNEY                     NY-8-13-276
BEIDELMAN, BETSEY                 NY-8-8-295
BEIDELMAN, GEORGE                 NY-8-19-689
BEIDELMAN, ROSANNA                NY-8-2-81
BEIDELMAN, SAMUEL                 NY-8-1-14
BEIDLEMAN, HENRY S.               NY-8-10-593
BEIDLEMAN, JACOB                  NY-8-5-217
BELL, JOSEPH W.                   NY-8-9-277
BELL, ROBERT                      NY-8-18-268
BEMENT, JULIA R.                  NY-8-18-53
BEMENT, SUSAN A.                  NY-8-11-684
BENEDICT, HENRY T.                NY-8-7-607
BENEDICT, JOHN                    NY-8-9-391
BENIGHT, RHEUBY                   NY-8-11-19
BENJAMIN, HARRIET K.              NY-8-17-681
BENJAMIN, HENRY L.                NY-8-5-127
BENJAMIN, NATHAN                  NY-8-11-77
BENJAMIN, SIMEON                  NY-8-6-313
BENJAMIN, WILLIAM T.              NY-8-10-335
BENNETT, ANDREW J.                NY-8-14-279
BENNETT, ANN                      NY-8-17-299
BENNETT, COMFORT                  NY-8-5-289
BENNETT, GEORGE                   NY-8-15-206
BENNETT, HORACE                   NY-8-10-235
BENNETT, JOHN                     NY-8-1-34
BENNETT, LYDIA A.                 NY-8-16-266
BENNETT, MARY                     NY-8-15-96
BENNETT, MARY T.                  NY-8-4A-49
BENNETT, SOLOMON                  NY-8-7-169
BENNITT, FRANCIS M.               NY-8-12-546
BENNITT, MILES C.                 NY-8-19-289
BENSON, CARRIE JOHNSON            NY-8-19-717
BENSON, RACHEL ANN                NY-8-17-503
BENSON, SARAH ANN                 NY-8-16-350
BENTLEY, AMIRA                    NY-8-13-372
BENTLEY, DAVID                    NY-8-11-363
BENTLEY, HENRY J.                 NY-8-16-140
BENTLEY, MARY A.                  NY-8-20-254
BENTLEY, WILLIAM                  NY-8-2-9
BENTLY, HANNAH                    NY-8-6-85
BENTLY, ROMULUS R.                NY-8-7-151
BERCHOLF, MINERVA S.              NY-8-11-414
BERNER, ADAM                      NY-8-14-613
BERNER, MARIA                     NY-8-19-99
BERRY, DAVID                      NY-8-15-8
BERTHOLF, WILLIAM P.              NY-8-15-108
BESSEY, HESTER ANN                NY-8-11-45
BEVIER, ADALINE A.                NY-8-16-34
BIEN, KATHARINE                   NY-8-17-116
BIGG, SUSAN F.                    NY-8-16-149
BIGGS, JOHN                       NY-8-14-153
BIGGS, MICHAEL                    NY-8-1-322
BIGLY, JOHN                       NY-8-11-653
BIGLY, MARGARET                   NY-8-13-195
BILLINGS, DAVID T.                NY-8-15-12
BILLINGS, JOHN                    NY-8-8-361
BILLINGS, RACHEL S.               NY-8-4B-209
BIRMINGHAM, MICHAEL               NY-8-20-93
BISHOP, MARY B.                   NY-8-7-355
BLACK, ISAAC F.                   NY-8-12-579
BLAIR, ADDISON D.                 NY-8-18-685
BLAKE, MARGARET                   NY-8-20-611
BLAUVELT, ELIJAH R.               NY-8-13-165
BLAUVELT, JOHN M.                 NY-8-20-203
BLOSSOM, MARY A.                  NY-8-15-524
BLUNDEN, HENRY D.                 NY-8-13-96
BLY, GILES                        NY-8-20-101
BOAK, JAMES C.                    NY-8-16-488
BOAK, JAMES C.                    NY-8-16-86
BOARDMAN, JOHN                    NY-8-8-379
BOARDMAN, SOPHIA L.               NY-8-15-539
BOCHNEWETCH, ANNA M.              NY-8-19-346
BOEITKER, CAROLINE                NY-8-15-434
BOEITKER, HENRY                   NY-8-11-51
BOGART, EDWIN                     NY-8-15-589
BOGART, LYDIA                     NY-8-19-268
BOGART, MERRITT D.                NY-8-18-87
BOHN, GEORGE V.                   NY-8-19-523
BOILEAU, JOSEPH W.                NY-8-19-259
BOLLING, JOHN C.                  NY-8-13-258
BOLT, MARY ANN                    NY-8-16-176
BONNELL, RUSELLA                  NY-8-13-111
BOONE, SARAH A.                   NY-8-17-260
BOOROM, SOPHIA                    NY-8-16-128
BOPP, JACOB                       NY-8-11-521
BOUNTAIN, CONTENT                 NY-8-15-260
BOURKE, LAWRENCE                  NY-8-13-22
BOVIER, JOHN                      NY-8-4B-352
BOWEN, DEBORAH N.                 NY-8-19-238
BOWEN, ISAAC                      NY-8-1-405
BOWER, EUGENIA                    NY-8-20-119
BOWER, JOHN G.                    NY-8-17-218
BOWERS, W. JEROME                 NY-8-19-478
BOWMAN, FRANCIS                   NY-8-8-223
BOYER, ELIZABETH                  NY-8-2-257
BOYLE, ROSE                       NY-8-8-175
BOYNE, CATHERINE                  NY-8-18-101
BOYNTON, SARAH                    NY-8-17-36
BRADBURY, THOMAS J.               NY-8-16-212
BRAND, JOHN                       NY-8-10-669
BRANT, ELATHEN                    NY-8-14-498
BREES, ELIZABETH D.               NY-8-19-769
BREES, JOHN J.                    NY-8-17-140
BREES, MILES M.                   NY-8-11-408
BREESE, AZARIAH                   NY-8-6-61
BREESE, IRA L.                    NY-8-18-403
BREESE, JOHN                      NY-8-11-324
BREESE, ROBERT B.                 NY-8-13-16
BREESE, ZOPHER G.                 NY-8-7-43
BRESE, GEORGE W.                  NY-8-20-422
BREWER, DAVID                     NY-8-2-372
BREWER, LOUISA                    NY-8-12-233
BREWER, PETER                     NY-8-12-306
BREWIN, EDWARD                    NY-8-14-150
BRIDGMAN, JOHN                    NY-8-18-605
BRIEN, MARGARET                   NY-8-15-281
BRIGGS, DAN C.                    NY-8-11-232
BRIGGS, LADORNIA                  NY-8-17-350
BRIGGS, THOMAS                    NY-8-12-9
BRIGHTMAIER, JOHN                 NY-8-18-382
BRINK, RACHEL                     NY-8-19-43
BRISTER, LINUS                    NY-8-11-378
BRITTON, EMMA                     NY-8-17-18
BRITTON, SUSAN R.                 NY-8-20-104
BROADHURST, ELIZABETH             NY-8-7-361
BROCKWAY, FLETCHER W.             NY-8-18-181
BRODER, HONORAH                   NY-8-16-308
BRODER, JOHN                      NY-8-7-205
BRODIE, JAMES FAIRBAIRN           NY-8-20-467
BRONSON, WALLACE W.               NY-8-15-677
BRONSON, WILLIAM                  NY-8-1-346
BROOK, JAMES C.                   NY-8-14-58
BROOKS, AMANDA SAYER              NY-8-20-392
BROOKS, CHARLES S.                NY-8-17-482
BROOKS, ELIJAH P.                 NY-8-10-61
BROOKS, FANNY E.                  NY-8-19-310
BROOKS, HENRY S.                  NY-8-5-337
BROOKS, PHEBE L.                  NY-8-17-64
BROOKS, REBECCA                   NY-8-7-439
BROOKS, SARAH VAILE               NY-8-19-301
BROOKS, TRACY B.                  NY-8-16-161
BROOKS, WILLIAM T.                NY-8-19-379
BROWN, ALLEN                      NY-8-10-575
BROWN, CHARLES                    NY-8-14-318
BROWN, CHARLES H.                 NY-8-19-601
BROWN, CIVILIAN                   NY-8-16-362
BROWN, CLARISSA A.                NY-8-20-3
BROWN, COMFORT S.                 NY-8-9-301
BROWN, ELIZABETH                  NY-8-11-557
BROWN, EMILY J.                   NY-8-14-426
BROWN, EZRA                       NY-8-3-45
BROWN, FANNY E.                   NY-8-19-421
BROWN, GEORGE LUMAN               NY-8-9-187
BROWN, HULDAH S.                  NY-8-10-259
BROWN, JACKSON T.                 NY-8-14-22
BROWN, JAMES L.                   NY-8-12-38
BROWN, JOHN                       NY-8-6-109
BROWN, MARIA SUMNER               NY-8-8-79
BROWN, MARY                       NY-8-18-247
BROWN, MARY                       NY-8-19-178
BROWN, SAMUEL                     NY-8-17-569
BROWN, SARAH E.                   NY-8-8-247
BROWN, SMITH B.                   NY-8-14-70
BROWN, STEPHEN T.                 NY-8-18-451
BROWN, VANRENSSELAER              NY-8-18-289
BROWN, WILLIAM A.                 NY-8-13-411
BROWNSON, DENCY                   NY-8-18-93
BRUSH, LUCINDA                    NY-8-8-439
BRYAN, ADELIA H.                  NY-8-19-391
BUCHER, JACOB                     NY-8-14-105
BUCHER, SAMUEL                    NY-8-11-336
BUCK, CATHARINE                   NY-8-11-509
BUCK, DANIEL S.                   NY-8-13-228
BUCK, JOHN                        NY-8-1-435
BUCK, OLIVE H.                    NY-8-15-621
BUCKBEE, ELIZABETH M.             NY-8-13-225
BUCKBEE, JOHN                     NY-8-20-25
BUCKLEY, MARY A.                  NY-8-18-741
BUCKLEY, PATRICK                  NY-8-9-571
BUDD, HELON                       NY-8-14-177
BUDD, JOHN A.                     NY-8-6-37
BULLARD, GEORGE W.                NY-8-17-269
BUMP, FRANKLIN                    NY-8-17-74
BUNDY, JABIN A.                   NY-8-20-759
BUNTO, MATTHEW                    NY-8-8-121
BURBAGE, JOSEPH                   NY-8-9-265
BURCH, ELIZABETH                  NY-8-9-85
BURCH, JOHN                       NY-8-18-256
BURCHELL, ELLEN                   NY-8-15-536
BURDICK, WILLIAM P.               NY-8-14-12
BURGESS, BARZILLAI                NY-8-12-57
BURKE, CLARISSA                   NY-8-18-457
BURLEW, OLIVER                    NY-8-20-134
BURLINGAME, SAMUEL                NY-8-8-133
BURNHAM, ADDIE                    NY-8-20-71
BURNHAM, JULIA J.                 NY-8-9-595
BURNS, HENRY SR.                  NY-8-15-533
BURRILL, ELIZABETH                NY-8-6-31
BURROWS, STEPHEN                  NY-8-14-8
BURT, CLINTON                     NY-8-18-553
BURT, GEORGE J.                   NY-8-13-501
BURT, HENRY J.                    NY-8-20-155
BURT, HOWARD F.                   NY-8-5-205
BURT, JAMES D.                    NY-8-20-179
BURT, JANE E.                     NY-8-16-371
BURT, MORRIS A.                   NY-8-1-401
BUSH, ALPHEUS                     NY-8-6-91
BUSH, REBECCA                     NY-8-15-224
BUTCHER, CAROLINE A.              NY-8-10-49
BUTCHER, HONORA                   NY-8-10-115
BUTLER, JAMES                     NY-8-18-397
BUTLER, JOHN                      NY-8-7-403
BUTLER, PATRICK                   NY-8-11-420
BUTLER, WILLIAM                   NY-8-8-373
BUTLER, WILLIAM F.                NY-8-14-621
BUTTERS, THEODORE V.              NY-8-14-381
BUTTS, JANE                       NY-8-20-17
BYRNES, JAMES                     NY-8-11-285
CAHILT, EDWARD                    NY-8-16-10
CAIN, DENNIS                      NY-8-10-479
CAIN, MICHAEL T.                  NY-8-19-773
CAIRNS, JOHN                      NY-8-20-554
CALDWELL, ALMIRA F.               NY-8-13-321
CALKINS, WILLIAM H.               NY-8-19-29
CAMPBELL, AMELIA A.               NY-8-20-533
CAMPBELL, HARRIET A.              NY-8-15-617
CAMPBELL, JOHN M.                 NY-8-16-42
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH D.               NY-8-12-341
CAMPBELL, JUDSON                  NY-8-3-25
CAMPBELL, MARY                    NY-8-13-498
CAMPBELL, MICHAEL B.              NY-8-11-354
CANFIELD, EZRA                    NY-8-6-43
CANFIELD, JOSEPH A.               NY-8-17-617
CANFIELD, WALKER                  NY-8-1-43
CANNAN, JOHN                      NY-8-16-524
CANNON, MARY                      NY-8-18-107
CANTLIN, RICHARD                  NY-8-17-368
CANTWELL, JAMES                   NY-8-8-211
CARD, CHARITY                     NY-8-16-530
CARD, SARAH E.                    NY-8-16-521
CAREY, ABSALOM                    NY-8-1-274
CAREY, JOSHUA M.                  NY-8-18-753
CAREY, MARY A.                    NY-8-13-363
CAREY, NATHAN                     NY-8-14-701
CAREY, NATHANIEL                  NY-8-8-241
CAREY, SUSAN                      NY-8-20-679
CAREY, WILLIAM R.                 NY-8-20-97
CARMODY, FRANK                    NY-8-18-137
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN C.            NY-8-2-110
CARPENTER, BERZALIAL S.           NY-8-5-85
CARPENTER, CALVIN                 NY-8-5-49
CARPENTER, CATHERINE              NY-8-20-305
CARPENTER, DANIEL                 NY-8-2-339
CARPENTER, EMILY B.               NY-8-17-122
CARPENTER, HENRY T.               NY-8-6-25
CARPENTER, JENNIE L. N.           NY-8-18-448
CARPENTER, JESSE                  NY-8-4B-149
CARPENTER, JOHN                   NY-8-12-22
CARPENTER, JOHN B.                NY-8-18-131
CARPENTER, MYRON L.               NY-8-20-125
CARPENTER, PRISCILLA P.           NY-8-19-741
CARPENTER, SUSAN                  NY-8-3-148
CARPENTER, THOMAS J.              NY-8-18-361
CARPENTER, TOWNSEND               NY-8-3-348
CARPENTER, WILLIAM S.             NY-8-19-253
CARR, AUSTIN                      NY-8-16-30
CARR, FANNIE E.                   NY-8-16-194
CARR, JOHN S.                     NY-8-11-43
CARR, SARAH                       NY-8-15-356
CARR, WILLIAM THAYER              NY-8-12-388
CARROLL, JOHN                     NY-8-14-411
CARROLL, JOHN W.                  NY-8-20-767
CARRUTHERS, JOHN                  NY-8-14-114
CARTER, ALVAH S.                  NY-8-19-145
CARTER, EDWARD                    NY-8-8-31
CARTER, EDWARD                    NY-8-7-523
CARTER, ISAAC                     NY-8-4B-285
CARTER, MARY                      NY-8-14-88
CARTER, WILLIAM J.                NY-8-15-577
CASADY, ROBERT                    NY-8-13-297
CASSADY, ELEANOR                  NY-8-16-104
CASSIN, JULIA                     NY-8-15-473
CATCHIM, SIMEON                   NY-8-11-375
CATCHINE, GEORGE                  NY-8-7-223
CATCHPOLE, ANN                    NY-8-11-633
CATCHPOLE, ANN                    NY-8-12-91
CATCHPOLE, RACHAEL                NY-8-5-151
CAVERLY, ANNA E.                  NY-8-19-361
CAYWOOD, HANNAH D.                NY-8-11-35
CAYWOOD, JOHN                     NY-8-5-415
CAYWOOD, MARY                     NY-8-6-373
CAYWOOD, THOMAS                   NY-8-19-37
CHAMBERLAIN, ALMIRA               NY-8-6-433
CHAMBERLAIN, CATHERINE            NY-8-20-518
CHAMBERLAIN, MARTHA               NY-8-18-355
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM              NY-8-18-574
CHAMBERLIN, ASAHEL B.             NY-8-14-282
CHAMBERLIN, JOHN W.               NY-8-11-625
CHAMBERLIN, MARY H.               NY-8-13-342
CHAPMAN, CARRIE E.                NY-8-15-104
CHAPMAN, CHARLES                  NY-8-1-334
CHAPMAN, EMILY M.                 NY-8-17-10
CHAPMAN, JOSHUA                   NY-8-1-324
CHAPMAN, MARY C.                  NY-8-16-88
CHAPMAN, ORANGE                   NY-8-4B-71
CHASE, JOSHUA                     NY-8-1-23
CHASE, MIAL D.                    NY-8-17-380
CHASE, ZALMON F.                  NY-8-14-336
CHERRY, ELECTA                    NY-8-16-269
CHERRY, MARY                      NY-8-14-641
CHERRY, MARY                      NY-8-17-497
CHERRY, S. FRANCIS                NY-8-20-161
CHIVELEY, MARGARET                NY-8-14-495
CHRISTEN, ANNA                    NY-8-19-31
CHUBBUCK, ELIZABETH ANN           NY-8-10-295
CHUBBUCK, HOLLIS S.               NY-8-11-294
CHURCHER, DAVID                   NY-8-15-302
CHURCHER, RILEY                   NY-8-11-69
CHURCHER, THEDOCIA                NY-8-19-337
CHURCHWARD, JAMES                 NY-8-5-169
CLARE, PIERCE                     NY-8-14-28
CLARK, A. B.                      NY-8-10-611
CLARK, ARVIN                      NY-8-4A-109
CLARK, BENJAMIN B.                NY-8-11-151
CLARK, ELISHA                     NY-8-11-57
CLARK, HENRY L.                   NY-8-16-455
CLARK, JAMES                      NY-8-16-22
CLARK, JEFFERSON B.               NY-8-9-385
CLARK, JOHN C.                    NY-8-3-226
CLARK, JOHN D.                    NY-8-20-614
CLARK, JOSEPH B.                  NY-8-18-19
CLARK, JUDSON H.                  NY-8-18-556
CLARK, PARDON                     NY-8-6-229
CLARK, SAMUEL W.                  NY-8-20-590
CLARK, SARAH E.                   NY-8-17-473
CLARK, SARAH W.                   NY-8-19-583
CLARK, WILLIAM D.                 NY-8-8-43
CLARKE, CARRIE                    NY-8-12-272
CLARKE, JOHN                      NY-8-15-68
CLARKE, MARY ADELE                NY-8-20-596
CLARKSON, HENRY                   NY-8-15-125
CLATWORTHY, ELIZABETH             NY-8-20-407
CLATWORTHY, JAMES H.              NY-8-18-304
CLEVELAND, CLARISSA D.            NY-8-20-470
CLEVELAND, JAMES P.               NY-8-19-232
CLEVELAND, KATE H.                NY-8-20-775
CLEVELAND, MARY E.                NY-8-18-502
CLIFFORD, JOSEPHINE               NY-8-11-73
CLOHESSY, JANE                    NY-8-16-476
CLUNE, MARY                       NY-8-19-409
COAKLEY, CATHERINE                NY-8-20-401
COATS, WILLIAM T.                 NY-8-4B-413
COE, DANIEL                       NY-8-5-283
COGSWELL, OLIVER A.               NY-8-11-63
COKE, EDWARD                      NY-8-12-575
COKE, WILLEMINA                   NY-8-15-66
COLE, HANNAH M.                   NY-8-14-402
COLE, IRA                         NY-8-9-397
COLE, JANE                        NY-8-18-69
COLE, PETER                       NY-8-8-433
COLE, PLATT                       NY-8-4B-407
COLEGROVE, CORDELIA               NY-8-20-39
COLEMAN, ALMEDA W.                NY-8-18-95
COLEMAN, BENJAMIN                 NY-8-1-509
COLEMAN, ELIZA B.                 NY-8-14-348
COLEMAN, JAMES H.                 NY-8-15-452
COLEMAN, JAMES J.                 NY-8-12-420
COLLINGWOOD, FRANCIS              NY-8-12-329
COLLINS, MARY                     NY-8-19-53
COLLSON, PHILANDER                NY-8-11-211
COLWELL, ELIZA                    NY-8-11-444
COMFORT, MARY                     NY-8-19-514
COMFORT, MYRTILLA                 NY-8-14-26
COMFORT, OLIVER                   NY-8-10-413
COMSTOCK, ELIZABETH               NY-8-19-286
COMSTOCK, ROSA B.                 NY-8-12-335
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM                 NY-8-6-223
CONANT, NETTIE E.                 NY-8-19-481
CONDON, MARY                      NY-8-18-127
CONGDON, GEORGE                   NY-8-11-360
CONGDON, JOSEPH                   NY-8-7-511
CONKLIN, DAVID                    NY-8-5-25
CONKLIN, DAVID                    NY-8-14-72
CONKLIN, MICHAEL                  NY-8-18-79
CONKLIN, SARAH A.                 NY-8-18-39
CONKLING, JOSEPH                  NY-8-3-163
CONKLING, KEZIAH                  NY-8-19-5
CONNELLY, ANNA A.                 NY-8-17-653
CONNELLY, DANIEL                  NY-8-19-271
CONNELLY, DENNIS                  NY-8-18-793
CONNELLY, JOHN                    NY-8-20-371
CONNELLY, MICHAEL                 NY-8-14-48
CONNELLY, PATRICK                 NY-8-18-125
CONNER, KATE                      NY-8-15-323
CONNOR, JOHANNA                   NY-8-11-348
CONNORS, CORNELIUS                NY-8-20-383
CONROY, LOUISA                    NY-8-19-214
CONSIDINE, MICHAEL                NY-8-13-426
CONSIDINE, THOMAS                 NY-8-19-589
COOK, FANNY A.                    NY-8-17-68
COOK, J. HENRY                    NY-8-9-523
COOLEY, DANIEL                    NY-8-9-517
COOLEY, MARY STEPHENS             NY-8-10-307
COOLEY, SUSNA A.                  NY-8-4B-77
COONEY, FANNY                     NY-8-16-236
COONKRIGHT, HENRY                 NY-8-14-252
COONS, WILLIAM M.                 NY-8-13-6
COOPER, ELISHA S.                 NY-8-19-229
COOPER, ELIZABETH                 NY-8-15-332
COOPER, JAMES H.                  NY-8-4B-243
COOPER, JOHN                      NY-8-11-93
COOPER, JOSEPH                    NY-8-15-236
COOPER, JOSEPH J.                 NY-8-19-67
COOPER, OLIVE                     NY-8-11-53
COOPER, ORPHA                     NY-8-11-477
COOPER, SAMUEL                    NY-8-6-73
COOPER, THOMAS                    NY-8-14-216
COOPER, WALTER                    NY-8-20-377
CORBY, HELEN L.                   NY-8-16-170
CORD, PRIMUS                      NY-8-13-52
CORNELL, CORNELIUS V. D.          NY-8-19-298
CORTRIGHT, HERBERT N.             NY-8-19-761
COTTER, FANNY                     NY-8-18-208
COTTON, JANE                      NY-8-16-66
COUCH, LUCY                       NY-8-3-361
COURTWRIGHT, HANNAH               NY-8-15-350
COVELL, ALBERT                    NY-8-12-376
COVELL, EDWARD                    NY-8-9-97
COVELL, EDWARD S.                 NY-8-9-565
COVELL, ELMINA                    NY-8-9-7
COVELL, ELMIRA                    NY-8-6-55
COVELL, LYMAN                     NY-8-13-183
COVELL, ROBERT                    NY-8-5-241
COVELL, SARAH S.                  NY-8-5-229
COVERT, SIDNEY                    NY-8-20-122
COWAN, ANDREW                     NY-8-4B-315
COWAN, ANDREW                     NY-8-18-421
COWAN, HENRIETT                   NY-8-14-363
COWEN, RACHEL                     NY-8-11-597
COYKENDALL, BENJAMIN              NY-8-1-106
COYKENDALL, FLORA E. B.           NY-8-14-228
CRANDELL, BETSEY ANN              NY-8-14-420
CRANDELL, WILLIAM M.              NY-8-14-459
CRANE, CYRUS C.                   NY-8-17-637
CRANE, THEODORE W.                NY-8-13-471
CRANS, WILLIAM                    NY-8-11-241
CRAWFORD, FANNY R.                NY-8-20-787
CRAWFORD, RUTH A.                 NY-8-9-529
CREATON, HANNAH                   NY-8-15-368
CREED, JAMES A.                   NY-8-15-392
CRISPIN, JOHN M.                  NY-8-15-461
CRISPIN, SOPHIA                   NY-8-16-78
CRISS, SAMUEL                     NY-8-3-54
CRISS, WALTER                     NY-8-7-1
CROCKER, JULIA A.                 NY-8-14-601
CRONAN, ELLEN                     NY-8-11-261
CRONIN, MARY                      NY-8-20-494
CRONKRIGHT, LYDIA                 NY-8-16-368
CROSS, CHARLES C.                 NY-8-16-392
CROSS, MARY                       NY-8-15-221
CROSS, SAMUEL                     NY-8-13-465
CROWE, WINIFRED                   NY-8-10-515
CROWLEY, JOHN                     NY-8-13-453
CROWLEY, THOMAS                   NY-8-18-97
CUFFMAN, ALVIN T.                 NY-8-5-463
CULLINAN, JOHN                    NY-8-14-384
CULVER, JAENETTE                  NY-8-14-32
CUMMINGS, ELIZABETH               NY-8-15-551
CUMMINGS, JAMES                   NY-8-11-605
CUMMINGS, LEROY                   NY-8-19-69
CUMMINGS, MARY E.                 NY-8-16-281
CUMMINS, JAMES                    NY-8-13-159
CURLEY, PATRICK                   NY-8-13-462
CURTIN, PATRICK                   NY-8-11-95
CURTIS, DEWITT C.                 NY-8-18-129
CURTIS, SIDNEY B.                 NY-8-17-62
CURTISS, RACHEL                   NY-8-11-27
CUSICK, BRIDGET                   NY-8-19-737
CUSICK, PATRICK                   NY-8-20-67
DAHON, MARY                       NY-8-16-314
DAILEY, AMOS                      NY-8-20-431
DAILEY, ARCHILUS                  NY-8-19-331
DAILEY, GEORGE                    NY-8-20-332
DAILEY, JOHN                      NY-8-4B-83
DAILEY, SARAH ANN                 NY-8-14-264
DAILY, TIMOTHY                    NY-8-6-337
DAKIN, MARY                       NY-8-19-250
DALRYMPLE, DANIEL                 NY-8-17-597
DALRYMPLE, EMILY                  NY-8-20-524
DALRYMPLE, EPHRAIM                NY-8-3-403
DALY, PATRICK C.                  NY-8-16-512
DANIELS, AMANDA J.                NY-8-18-217
DANN, AMOS B.                     NY-8-18-520
DANNER, JOHN                      NY-8-11-537
DARBY, CATHARINE                  NY-8-5-73
DARLING, MARY J.                  NY-8-18-496
DARMSTADT, CATHARINE D.           NY-8-19-544
DARMSTADT, JOHN                   NY-8-16-36
DARMSTADT, SEBASTIAN              NY-8-19-550
DARRIN, MATTHEW K.                NY-8-16-641
DAUB, MARTHA E.                   NY-8-20-73
DAVENPORT, BETSEY                 NY-8-18-25
DAVENPORT, MYRON                  NY-8-20-41
DAVIDSON, JOHN T.                 NY-8-16-209
DAVIS, ALVIN                      NY-8-14-345
DAVIS, DARIUS G.                  NY-8-10-521
DAVIS, ELIZA BOORMAN              NY-8-18-298
DAVIS, HENRY A.                   NY-8-20-659
DAVIS, HERMAN C.                  NY-8-15-82
DAVIS, JOHN S.                    NY-8-8-319
DAVIS, MYRA F.                    NY-8-12-571
DAVIS, SUSAN                      NY-8-15-482
DAVIS, THOMAS                     NY-8-13-30
DAYTON, BENJAMIN                  NY-8-3-391
DAYTON, CENCLARE                  NY-8-19-556
DAYTON, DAVID                     NY-8-13-336
DAYTON, EUNICE                    NY-8-4B-291
DEAN, BRIDGET                     NY-8-17-203
DEAN, GEORGE                      NY-8-10-635
DEAN, TIMOTHY W.                  NY-8-16-152
DEAN, WILSON                      NY-8-17-479
DECAMP, ANNA B.                   NY-8-16-569
DECKER, AARON E.                  NY-8-15-50
DECKER, ADALINE                   NY-8-4B-401
DECKER, ANN                       NY-8-4B-321
DECKER, ANNA MARY                 NY-8-6-361
DECKER, CASPER S.                 NY-8-19-79
DECKER, DANIEL                    NY-8-20-320
DECKER, DAVID                     NY-8-14-581
DECKER, EUNICE                    NY-8-5-199
DECKER, EUPHEMIA B.               NY-8-19-71
DECKER, JACOB                     NY-8-2-74
DECKER, JESSE C.                  NY-8-20-575
DECKER, JOHN T.                   NY-8-16-561
DECKER, JULIA ANN                 NY-8-2-333
DECKER, MARTHA J.                 NY-8-20-1
DECKER, THOMAS                    NY-8-11-17
DECKER, WILLIAM H.                NY-8-17-353
DEITHERT, HENRY                   NY-8-13-24
DELAM, CHARLES A.                 NY-8-18-535
DELANCEY, MARIA                   NY-8-16-554
DELANT, MARY A.                   NY-8-19-139
DELANY, WILLIAM                   NY-8-16-16
DELO, THEODOSIA E.                NY-8-18-693
DEMPSEY, BARTHOLOMEW              NY-8-14-201
DEMPSEY, JULIA                    NY-8-14-528
DEMPSEY, PATRICK H.               NY-8-14-117
DENN, CHRISTOPHER                 NY-8-1-148
DENNING, DANIEL R.                NY-8-19-262
DENSE, CHARLES                    NY-8-10-545
DENSE, WALTER                     NY-8-13-477
DENSMORE, WILLARD H.              NY-8-18-559
DENSON, JOHN                      NY-8-11-450
DENSON, WILLIAM                   NY-8-11-9
DENTON, CORNELIA                  NY-8-10-55
DENTON, EDWARD                    NY-8-9-505
DENTON, ELIZABETH T.              NY-8-14-540
DENTON, HEZEKIAH M.               NY-8-5-1
DENTON, SEYMOUR F.                NY-8-6-163
DENTON, THOMAS M.                 NY-8-9-229
DEPEW, BENJAMIN                   NY-8-7-583
DEVEN, MARTIN L.                  NY-8-20-799
DEVIN, JOHN                       NY-8-1-306
DEVINE, EDWARD                    NY-8-13-213
DEVOE, FREDERICK A.               NY-8-14-135
DEVOE, JANE                       NY-8-13-162
DEWATERS, LEWIS                   NY-8-11-273
DEWATERS, MARTHA B.               NY-8-17-227
DEWATERS, WRIGHT                  NY-8-11-710
DEWATERS, YORK H.                 NY-8-16-509
DEWING, JARED                     NY-8-5-385
DEWITT, ABRAM M.                  NY-8-14-531
DEWITT, DANIEL D.                 NY-8-14-537
DEWITT, HANNAH E.                 NY-8-18-649
DEWITT, RACHEL M.                 NY-8-13-486
DEWITT, STEPHEN                   NY-8-2-456
DEWITT, WILLARD                   NY-8-20-99
DEXTER, ANGELINA                  NY-8-14-315
DEXTER, DANIEL                    NY-8-14-324
DEXTER, SEYMOUR                   NY-8-18-523
DEYO, HENRY                       NY-8-2-161
DIBBLE, DANIEL                    NY-8-14-20
DIBBLE, JAMES                     NY-8-16-503
DIBBY, JAMES                      NY-8-10-211
DICKINSON, HENRY B.               NY-8-13-156
DICKINSON, LEVI S.                NY-8-12-467
DICKINSON, SARAH J.               NY-8-19-63
DIEDRICH, WILLIAM F.              NY-8-14-492
DILLISTIN, EDWARD E.              NY-8-19-661
DILLY, JENNIE                     NY-8-7-535
DILMORE, RICHARD                  NY-8-9-319
DIMON, CATHARINE E.               NY-8-14-84
DINAN, MARTIN                     NY-8-14-405
DININNY, FERRAL C.                NY-8-17-689
DISBROW, REGINALD HEBER           NY-8-15-102
DIVEN, ALEXANDER S.               NY-8-15-645
DIVEN, AMANDA M.                  NY-8-9-55
DIVEN, GEORGE M.                  NY-8-20-687
DIVEN, JULIA H.                   NY-8-20-365
DIVEN, LUCY M.                    NY-8-13-390
DOAN, BENJAMIN                    NY-8-18-259
DOAN, JULIA A.                    NY-8-14-92
DOANE, NATHANIEL                  NY-8-13-34
DOBBINS, ANDREW J.                NY-8-15-46
DOCKSTADER, OLIVE M.              NY-8-18-184
DOHERTY, EDWARD                   NY-8-15-30
DOHNETCH, SARAH J.                NY-8-13-88
DOLMETSCH, HENRIETTA A.           NY-8-20-651
DOLON, PATRICK                    NY-8-9-295
DOMAILLE, JENNIE H.               NY-8-18-709
DOMAILLE, THOMAS                  NY-8-7-415
DONAHUE, JAMES                    NY-8-17-48
DONAHUE, JOHN                     NY-8-18-238
DONAHUE, JOHN                     NY-8-17-96
DONAHUE, MARGARET                 NY-8-18-376
DONAHUE, MARY                     NY-8-17-422
DONOHUE, JOHANNA                  NY-8-11-107
DONOVAN, RICHARD                  NY-8-15-365
DOOLITTLE, CATHERINE              NY-8-19-17
DOOLITTLE, SYLVESTER              NY-8-15-515
DOTY, NATHANIEL                   NY-8-14-375
DOUNCE, OLIVER HENRY              NY-8-16-515
DOUNCE, OPHELIA C.                NY-8-15-428
DOVE, MARY                        NY-8-19-97
DOWLING, LAUGHLIN                 NY-8-8-307
DOWNES, BENJAMIN S.               NY-8-19-49
DOYLE, MARGARET                   NY-8-16-2
DRAKE, AMASA A.                   NY-8-8-235
DRAKE, ARMELIA                    NY-8-19-559
DRAKE, HANNAH A. DEAN             NY-8-11-196
DRAKE, JAMES H.                   NY-8-11-469
DRAKE, JAMES J.                   NY-8-18-475
DRAKE, JOHN                       NY-8-8-37
DRAKE, JOSEPH                     NY-8-16-113
DRAKE, WILLIAM H.                 NY-8-20-515
DRISCOLL, JOHN                    NY-8-20-278
DUANE, EZEKIEL P.                 NY-8-9-25
DUBOIS, WILLIAM M.                NY-8-15-74
DUMARS, JOSEPH                    NY-8-15-653
DUMARS, MARY H.                   NY-8-14-617
DUMARS, ROBERT R. R.              NY-8-13-354
DUNDAS, OLIVIA                    NY-8-10-151
DUNFEE, ELLEN                     NY-8-19-57
DUNHAM, MAHALA                    NY-8-17-224
DUNHAM, SOLOMON                   NY-8-7-301
DUNLITTLE, TIMOTHY                NY-8-9-151
DUNN, BERNARD                     NY-8-20-143
DUNN, DANIEL                      NY-8-15-56
DUNN, JAMES                       NY-8-9-469
DUNN, NOAH                        NY-8-15-149
DUNN, PATRICK                     NY-8-16-557
DUNN, RUNION P.                   NY-8-13-150
DURLAND, CHARLES O.               NY-8-11-641
DURLAND, DANIEL T.                NY-8-19-101
DURLAND, SUSAN L.                 NY-8-15-88
DURN, ALEXANDER                   NY-8-13-70
DURYEA, ELIZABETH W.              NY-8-19-511
DUSENBURY, SYLVANUS B.            NY-8-4B-29
DUTTENHOFFER, JACOB               NY-8-13-339
DWEN, ANNIE Z.                    NY-8-12-95
DYKE, WILLAM                      NY-8-13-324
DYOTT, SYBIL                      NY-8-17-326

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