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Column One: Name of Negroes/Slaves
Column Two: Name of Deceased Slaveowner
Column Three: Court (Court of Appeals) Statewide #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1770s-1824 |
Volumes are not available online at all. Go to Family History Centers or contact me

(BEEKMAN), ROBIN                        BEEKMAN, HENRY (COL.)                   1-19
(BEEKMAN), SAM                          BEEKMAN, HENRY (COL.)                   1-19
(BIRD), BET                             BIRD, WILLIAM                           1-150
(BIRD), DICK                            BIRD, WILLIAM                           1-150
(BIRD), JOB                             BIRD, WILLIAM                           1-150
(CAMPBELL), BASS                        CAMPBELL, DANIEL                        1-153
(CAMPBELL), SALLY                       CAMPBELL, DANIEL                        1-153
(CAMPBELL), SILVEY                      CAMPBELL, DANIEL                        1-153
(HUN), CHINO                            HUN, THOMAS                             1-71
(HUN), MATT                             HUN, THOMAS                             1-71
(JOHNSON), JENNY)                       JOHNSON, WILLIAM (SIR)                  1-35
(JOHNSON), JUBA                         JOHNSON, WILLIAM (SIR)                  1-35
(MILLER), CESAR                         MILLER, BURNET                          1-1
(MILLER), SOLOMON (INDIAN)              MILLER, BURNET                          1-1
(MILLER), TAMAR                         MILLER, BURNET                          1-1
(VISSCHER), BETTY                       VISSCHER, NANNING H.                    1-49

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