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To match heirs to the cases, "search and find" using the last 2 sets of numbers (volume and page)

Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: Court (Court of Appeals) Statewide #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1770s-1824 |
Volumes are not available online at all. Go to Family History Centres or contact me

ALGEO, DAVID                            NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-105
BALL, JAMES                             CHARLESTOWN, SC                         NYACAP-66-1-127
BECK, JOHN                              (INESTATE)                              NYACAP-66-1-77
BELL, ARCHIBALD                         (INESTATE)                              NYACAP-66-1-136
BROCKHOLST, MARY                        NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-132
BROWNEJOHN, WILLIAM SR.                 NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-3
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          JAMAICA, WEST INDIES                    NYACAP-66-1-146
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                      (INESTATE)                              NYACAP-66-1-130
COLDEN, ALEXANDER                       BROOKHAVEN, KINGS, NY                   NYACAP-66-1-11
COLDEN, CADWALLADER                     NTL                                     NYACAP-66-1-16
CORNELL, SAMUEL                         NEW BERN, NC                            NYACAP-66-1-81
DESEGUR, LOUIS ANTOINE                  PERIGOD, FRANCE                         NYACAP-66-1-139
DEVISME, PETER                          (INESTATE)                              NYACAP-66-1-37
DORAN, PAUL                             ELIZABETOWN, ESSEX, NJ                  NYACAP-66-1-44
DREW, JAMES                             NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-168
DUNKLEY, ROBERT                         NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-31
FUCHER, ROBERT                          NOVA SCOTIA                             NYACAP-66-1-135
GELSTON, JAMES                          (INESTATE)                              NYACAP-66-1-75
GILBERT, JOHN                           NEW YORK CITY (INESTATE)                NYACAP-66-1-40
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-38
HENDEROFF, FREDERICK CHRISTOPHER        (INESTATE)                              NYACAP-66-1-121
HICKS, JOHN                             FLUSHING                                NYACAP-66-1-65
HICKS, WHITEHEAD                        FLUSHING                                NYACAP-66-1-9
HYLTON, JOHN                            NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-90
JUDAH, SAMUEL                           PHILADELPHIA, PA                        NYACAP-66-1-127
KEELING, CHARLES                        (INESTATE)                              NYACAP-66-1-76, 78
LIVINGSTON, HENRY                       (INESTATE)                              NYACAP-66-1-47
LIVINGSTON, PHILIP                      YORK, PA                                NYACAP-66-1-99
LUDLOW, ELIZABETH                       NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-117
MARSTON, NATHANIEL                      NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-52
MAUNSELL, JOHN                          NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-170
MCLAREN, DUNCAN                         (INESTATE)                              NYACAP-66-1-129
MCNACHTANE, JOHN                        NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-41
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                     WINDSOR PCT                             NYACAP-66-1-1
MOWATT, GEORGE                          NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-159
MURGITHROYD, SAMUEL                     NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-123
MURGITTROY, SAMUEL                      NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-19
NASH, ABNER                             NORTH CAROLINA                          NYACAP-66-1-69
OSBORNE, SAMUEL                         ST JOHN, NOVA SCOTIA                    NYACAP-66-1-161
PARCELL, ABRAHAM                        NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-85
PARKEN, THOMAS                          (INESTATE)                              NYACAP-66-1-79
PARKIN, THOMAS                          YORKTOWN, VA                            NYACAP-66-1-94
PENDLETON, SOLOMON                      NTL, CHATHAM, GA                        NYACAP-66-1-142
RAPALJE, GEORGE                         BROOKLAND                               NYACAP-66-1-66
RAPELJE, GEORGE                         BROOKLAND                               NYACAP-66-1-92
RENSSELAER, WILLIAM                     (INESTATE)                              NYACAP-66-1-48
RIPLEY, ELIPHALET                       WINDHAM, CT                             NYACAP-66-1-97
ROSSET, FERDINAND ANTOINE HERVY         BROOKLYN                                NYACAP-66-1-154
SCHERMERHORNE, RYER                     RYNBECK, DUTCHESS, NY                   NYACAP-66-1-109
SEBRING, CORNELIUS T.                   NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-49
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-164
SPRANGER, JOHN                          NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-158
STEUBEN, FREDERICK WILLIAM BARON DE     NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-168
TENEYCK, ANTHONY                        RENSSELAERWYCK                          NYACAP-66-1-33
VANHORNE, DAVID                         NEW YORK CITY                           NYACAP-66-1-87
VANPELT, WOUTER                         GODWANUS                                NYACAP-66-1-137
VANSLUGSON, JOHN                        (INESTATE)                              NYACAP-66-1-131
WILLET, ISAAC                           WESTCHESTER                             NYACAP-66-1-20
WILLETT, MARGARET                       WESTCHESTER                             NYACAP-66-1-26

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