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ABBOTT, PHEBE                           NY-2-5-63
ACHILLES, HENRY                         NY-2-16-314
ACKERMAN, LAFAYETTE                     NY-2-7-44
ACKERMAN, THANKFUL A.                   NY-2-14-35
ACKLEY, SAMUEL                          NY-2-6-314
ACKLEY, SOPHRONIA                       NY-2-10-246
ACOMB, JAMES L.                         NY-2-16-46
ADAMS, CANDACE                          NY-2-8-602
ADAMS, HARRIET                          NY-2-8-568
ADAMS, JAMES BRIDGEMAN                  NY-2-2-28
ADAMS, JERE                             NY-2-6-136
ADAMS, JOHN C.                          NY-2-14-399
ADAMS, JOHN F.                          NY-2-4-353
ADAMS, LUTHER                           NY-2-5-549
ADAMS, MOREY                            NY-2-9-158
ADAMS, ROBERT                           NY-2-9-42
ADAMS, ROSWEL                           NY-2-7-227
ADAMS, RUFUS A.                         NY-2-15-92
ADAMS, SARAH                            NY-2-9-162
ADAMS, SARAH A.                         NY-2-11-588
AGETT, MARY L.                          NY-2-15-450
AINSWORTH, LEROY A.                     NY-2-13-37
AKIN, EDWIN F.                          NY-2-3-507
ALDERMAN, AMBE                          NY-2-8-492
ALDRICH, JOH D.                         NY-2-3-403
ALDRICH, MARMADUKE                      NY-2-2B-297
ALEXANDER, NELSON A.                    NY-2-8-574
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL S.                    NY-2-7-78
ALFRED, BYRON                           NY-2-15-370
ALGER, LUCY                             NY-2-8-343
ALGER, RODOLPHUS                        NY-2-2B-465
ALLEN, ABNER                            NY-2-9-357
ALLEN, ALBURN W.                        NY-2-2-311
ALLEN, AMOS R.                          NY-2-13-531
ALLEN, CHARLES C.                       NY-2-9-380
ALLEN, DAVID                            NY-2-9-145
ALLEN, EBENEZER                         NY-2-10-100
ALLEN, ESTHER A.                        NY-2-14-11
ALLEN, GEORGE                           NY-2-2B-223
ALLEN, JOHN                             NY-2-8-358
ALLEN, MARIE COON                       NY-2-16-684
ALLEN, MORGAN                           NY-2-2-267
ALLEN, POLLY                            NY-2-3-512
ALLEN, REBECCA M.                       NY-2-15-797
ALLEN, SAMUEL S.                        NY-2-7-293
ALLEN, SARAH A.                         NY-2-7-643
ALLEN, SENECA                           NY-2-13-463
ALLEN, WARREN W.                        NY-2-13-429
ALMY, SAMUEL WILLETT                    NY-2-15-280
ALVORD, EMMA A.                         NY-2-13-649
ALWARD, WILLIAM                         NY-2-3-266
AMES, ELIZA ANN                         NY-2-10-443
AMES, LEVI                              NY-2-10-499
AMES, PHILANDER R.                      NY-2-15-60
AMSDEN, WALTER J.                       NY-2-16-646
ANDERSON, ANTHONY                       NY-2-10-638
ANDREW, ISAAC                           NY-2-2-503
ANDREWS, ELISHA N.                      NY-2-2-137
ANDREWS, ISAAC L.                       NY-2-6-69
ANDREWS, LOUISA M.                      NY-2-2-625
ANDREWS, NICHOLAS                       NY-2-4-277
ANGEL, WILKES                           NY-2-2-393
APPLEBEE, THOMAS                        NY-2-9-467
APPLEGATE, KENNETH                      NY-2-2B-69
ARMISTON, JAMES                         NY-2-8-33
ARMSTRONG, ALBERT W.                    NY-2-13-707
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        NY-2-2-58
ARMSTRONG, JANE                         NY-2-2B-90
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         NY-2-2-18
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         NY-2-14-533
ARMSTRONG, PHILLIP S.                   NY-2-6-102
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT S.                    NY-2-4-635
ARTLIP, DAVID                           NY-2-7-87
ARTLIP, JOHN                            NY-2-7-512
ASHLEY, ALVIN                           NY-2-2-373
ASHLEY, ELISHA                          NY-2-10-362
ATHERTON, STEPHEN                       NY-2-10-17
ATHERTON, WILLIAM                       NY-2-7-240
ATWOOD, MATHEW W.                       NY-2-3-468
AULT, SAMUEL R.                         NY-2-11-564
AULT, SARAH                             NY-2-16-150
AULT, SIMON P.                          NY-2-14-565
AUSTIN, EZRA                            NY-2-7-505
AUTREMONT, CHARLES D'                   NY-2-13-767
AVERILL, JULIUS C.                      NY-2-8-118
AVERY, WILLIAM W.                       NY-2-15-96
AXTELL, HARVEY                          NY-2-5-489
AYERS, EZEKIEL O.                       NY-2-16-2
AYERS, JOHN W.                          NY-2-13-307
AYERS, JOSIAHD .                        NY-2-5-405
AYLER, HENRY                            NY-2-9-171
AYLWORTH, WALTER                        NY-2-9-480
AYRES, EBENEZER                         NY-2-4-429
BABBITT, SARAH J.                       NY-2-13-783
BABCOCK, CYRUS                          NY-2-7-347
BABCOCK, ESTELLA ANNETTE                NY-2-14-281
BABCOCK, FREELOVE E.                    NY-2-14-471
BABCOCK, HARRIET A.                     NY-2-16-514
BABCOCK, IRA                            NY-2-11-215
BABCOCK, JOHN                           NY-2-10-220
BABCOCK, RUSSELL                        NY-2-6-387
BABCOCK, SOPHRONIA M.                   NY-2-8-426
BABCOCK, THOMAS                         NY-2-7-81
BABCOCK, WILLIAM S.                     NY-2-16-114
BABCOK, WILLIAM S.                      NY-2-14-607
BACON, FREDERICK                        NY-2-7-207
BACON, THEODORE S.                      NY-2-11-167
BADER, ELIZABETH                        NY-2-16-160
BAHAM, MEHITABLE                        NY-2-15-14
BAILEY, ISAAC                           NY-2-7-521
BAILY, NATHAN                           NY-2-2B-362
BAIRD, ELI                              NY-2-4-302
BAIST, CAROLINE                         NY-2-15-156
BAKER, ABIGAL                           NY-2-16-392
BAKER, ANDREW                           NY-2-9-252
BAKER, BRINTON K.                       NY-2-8-200
BAKER, CHAUNCEY                         NY-2-6-180
BAKER, DE WITT                          NY-2-15-104
BAKER, IRA                              NY-2-3-475
BAKER, JOSEPH L.                        NY-2-5-303
BAKER, JOSHUA                           NY-2-3-155
BAKER, JULIA A.                         NY-2-11-159
BAKER, MARY E.                          NY-2-15-290
BAKER, PATRICK                          NY-2-16-648
BAKER, RHODA                            NY-2-15-216
BAKER, SARAH                            NY-2-7-392
BAKER, SARAH A.                         NY-2-13-575
BAKER, THADDEUS                         NY-2-3-150
BAKER, WILLIAM                          NY-2-7-90
BALCOM, COLUMBUS                        NY-2-15-813
BALDWIN, MILO F.                        NY-2-14-161
BALL, LUCINDA                           NY-2-4-31
BALL, MARILDA A.                        NY-2-14-795
BALL, NATHANIEL                         NY-2-7-333
BALLARD, GEORGE                         NY-2-15-704
BALLARD, MARY FRANCES                   NY-2-15-204
BALLARD, WILLIAM                        NY-2-4-139
BANNISTER, HENRY                        NY-2-2-345
BAPTIS, NANCY A.                        NY-2-13-215
BARAGER, ANN D.                         NY-2-16-602
BARBER, HOSEA                           NY-2-7-430
BARBER, JOHN M.                         NY-2-7-484
BARBER, ORRIN                           NY-2-15-724
BARD, ELIJAH F.                         NY-2-14-209
BARDWELL, JOEL                          NY-2-1-194
BARKER, ALWIN EARL                      NY-2-2-613
BARKER, MAHALA                          NY-2-7-592
BARNARD, MARY A.                        NY-2-16-546
BARNES, EDWARD                          NY-2-3-518
BARNES, ENOS W.                         NY-2-2-94
BARNES, JAMES M.                        NY-2-10-546
BARNES, JOHN                            NY-2-8-263
BARNES, WILLIAM T.                      NY-2-7-233
BARNUM, HELEN A.                        NY-2-16-670
BARNUM, WILLIS                          NY-2-10-228
BARRY, PHILLIP                          NY-2-15-524
BARTHOLOMEW                             NY-2-13-435
BARTHOLOMEW, JOEL L.                    NY-2-13-525
BARTLETT, JOSIAH                        NY-2-9-611
BARTOO, HIRAM D.                        NY-2-16-208
BARTOS, SMITH                           NY-2-11-224
BASSETT, BAYLISS S.                     NY-2-16-172
BASSETT, EBENEZER                       NY-2-2-135
BASSETT, JOHN C.                        NY-2-4-129
BASSETT, MARY L.                        NY-2-11-611
BATES, ALEXANDER                        NY-2-15-694
BATTEN, JSOEPHINE                       NY-2-9-299
BAXTER, DAVID                           NY-2-8-93
BAXTER, HARRIET                         NY-2-9-365
BAXTER, JAMES                           NY-2-15-121
BAXTER, MARY                            NY-2-9-596
BAXTER, NANCY                           NY-2-14-89
BEACH, SANFORD                          NY-2-2B-93
BEAN, ORISON                            NY-2-13-305
BEARDSLEE, AGUSTUS                      NY-2-15-434
BEARDSLEY, CHARLES                      NY-2-6-58
BEARDSLEY, MARTHA E.                    NY-2-11-527
BEARDSLEY, ORSON                        NY-2-15-118
BEAUMONT, JOHN                          NY-2-15-184
BECKER, SIDNEY L.                       NY-2-15-781
BECKWITH, AMBROSE                       NY-2-9-470
BECKWITH, ELEAZER                       NY-2-2B-64
BECKWITH, LESTER                        NY-2-9-343
BEEBE, JEREMIAH                         NY-2-16-492
BEEBE, MARCUS                           NY-2-15-560
BEEBE, VALORUS                          NY-2-9-87
BEEK, ERVIN                             NY-2-2-436
BEERS, JAMES                            NY-2-2-390
BEERS, OLIVER                           NY-2-14-177
BEERS, WAKEMAN                          NY-2-2-242
BEMIS, LUCEVIA                          NY-2-15-308
BEMIS, LUCIUS                           NY-2-13-667
BENHAM, CORREL                          NY-2-8-160
BENHAM, JULIA H.                        NY-2-9-555
BENJAMIN, ALMON K.                      NY-2-13-659
BENJAMIN, DAVID                         NY-2-13-449
BENJAMIN, EFFIE A.                      NY-2-15-100
BENJAMIN, HELEN A.                      NY-2-2-1
BENJAMIN, JOHN                          NY-2-2-63
BENJAMIN, MATTIE J. S.                  NY-2-9-248
BENJOYMIN, ORRIN D.                     NY-2-8-186
BENNETT, ALFONZO M.                     NY-2-14-369
BENNETT, ANDREW                         NY-2-8-50
BENNETT, AURORA                         NY-2-11-631
BENNETT, CHARLES                        NY-2-13-441
BENNETT, CHAUNCEY F.                    NY-2-14-491
BENNETT, ELIJAH                         NY-2-2-22
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                      NY-2-11-163
BENNETT, FRANCES A.                     NY-2-9-306
BENNETT, HENRY                          NY-2-15-116
BENNETT, HENRY D.                       NY-2-4-79
BENNETT, JAMES                          NY-2-8-88
BENNETT, JOHN                           NY-2-2B-327
BENNETT, JOHN                           NY-2-15-646
BENNETT, JOSEPH                         NY-2-10-402
BENNETT, NATHANIEL                      NY-2-1-168
BENNETT, NATHANIEL                      NY-2-2-85
BENNETT, POLLY                          NY-2-16-456
BENNETT, SARAH                          NY-2-8-205
BENNETT, STEPHEN N.                     NY-2-15-604
BENNETT, SUSAN E.                       NY-2-6-319
BENTLEY, LYMAN C.                       NY-2-14-195
BENTLEY, RHODA                          NY-2-13-535
BENTON, BENJAMIN                        NY-2-2B-31
BERRIGAN, EDWARD                        NY-2-11-349
BERRY, ROYAL G.                         NY-2-13-461
BERRY, WILLIAM                          NY-2-1-185
BERRY, WILLIAM                          NY-2-2-110
BERTRAM, ELIZABETH                      NY-2-11-524
BERTRAM, MICHAEL                        NY-2-16-638
BESS, JAMES                             NY-2-16-56
BIERMAN, FRED                           NY-2-16-501
BIGELOW, JOSEPH                         NY-2-13-107
BILLINGS, DELOS W.                      NY-2-2-537
BILLINGTON, LAURA M.                    NY-2-6-403
BINGHAM, JOSEPH                         NY-2-11-14
BISHOP, IRA                             NY-2-7-413
BISHOP, SYLVIA B.                       NY-2-7-116
BIXBY, CHANDLER                         NY-2-6-209
BIXBY, JESSE B.                         NY-2-13-161
BLACK, ALEXANDER                        NY-2-15-757
BLACK, JULIA                            NY-2-14-663
BLACK, MARY ANN                         NY-2-15-514
BLACKHAM, MARIA                         NY-2-14-1
BLAIR, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-2-7-172
BLANCHARD, ABEL                         NY-2-6-139
BLANCHARD, BENJAMIN                     NY-2-6-309
BLANCHARD, MARK                         NY-2-2-66
BLANCHARD, STELLA W.                    NY-2-15-462
BLEDSOE, JOSEPH                         NY-2-16-490
BLEHER, MARY                            NY-2-11-568
BLINN, SIMEON E. JR.                    NY-2-2-104
BLISS, DAVID E.                         NY-2-13-771
BLISS, EBENEZER                         NY-2-2-148
BLIVEN, THEODOTIS                       NY-2-3-480
BLOKCOM, JOSEPH                         NY-2-2B-148
BLOSSOM, ORSON                          NY-2-2-226
BLOWERS, FLEMING                        NY-2-10-195
BLOWERS, MORTICA                        NY-2-14-677
BOARDMAN, ROWLAND O.                    NY-2-14-45
BODGE, JOHN S.                          NY-2-14-651
BOLE, JOHN                              NY-2-4-152
BOLLER, R. LEWIS                        NY-2-14-129
BOLYN, JAMES                            NY-2-15-210
BOON, HANNAH                            NY-2-16-280
BOOTH, ALFRED                           NY-2-2B-302
BOSEMBARK, CHARLES                      NY-2-11-26
BOSENBARK, MARGARETT J.                 NY-2-15-528
BOSTWICK, SELA B.                       NY-2-15-237
BOTSFORD, EZRA H.                       NY-2-8-292
BOTTSFORD, REUBEN W.                    NY-2-8-285
BOUTON, LEWIS                           NY-2-5-1
BOWEN, JONATHAN                         NY-2-16-846
BOWER, ORINDA R.                        NY-2-9-155
BOWERS, EUNICE Z.                       NY-2-10-474
BOWLBY, HARRIET F.                      NY-2-9-122
BOYD, CHARLES W.                        NY-2-8-234
BOYD, DANIEL                            NY-2-8-294
BOYD, JOHN C.                           NY-2-2-618
BOYD, ROBERT K.                         NY-2-2B-419
BOYD, ROBERT R.                         NY-2-16-36
BOYLAN, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-2-8-438
BOYLAN, ISAAC L.                        NY-2-13-35
BOYLE, JAMES O.                         NY-2-11-239
BRACY, CLINDA                           NY-2-10-567
BRADFORD, TRUE                          NY-2-6-453
BRADLEY, DANIEL S.                      NY-2-2-117
BRADLEY, DELOSS                         NY-2-10-249
BRADLEY, JOHN S.                        NY-2-7-428
BRADLEY, NAOMI S.                       NY-2-15-584
BRADY, TERRANCE                         NY-2-7-184
BRAMHALL, WILLIAM                       NY-2-2-31
BRANDES, HENRY                          NY-2-16-86
BRANDS, CHARLES                         NY-2-14-643
BRAWLEY, JOHN A.                        NY-2-11-507
BRESLER, GEORGE                         NY-2-15-642
BREWER, JAMES                           NY-2-3-321
BRIGGS, DAVID S.                        NY-2-4-417
BRIGGS, EPHRAIM                         NY-2-4-359
BRIGGS, SUSAN                           NY-2-16-762
BRIGGS, WILLIAM                         NY-2-5-351
BRIGS, ELIAS D.                         NY-2-9-263
BRODIE, FRANCIS J.                      NY-2-8-519
BROKAW, LAWRENEC                        NY-2-7-193
BROKAW, PETER                           NY-2-14-519
BROOKS, DAVID P.                        NY-2-10-337
BROOKS, DORCAS W.                       NY-2-11-424
BROOKS, EDWARD C.                       NY-2-9-24
BROOKS, JOHN                            NY-2-5-225
BROWN, ALBERT                           NY-2-7-388
BROWN, ANDRE WB.                        NY-2-3-551
BROWN, EDWIN                            NY-2-14-727
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        NY-2-6-28
BROWN, FANNY H.                         NY-2-14-383
BROWN, HARRIET L.                       NY-2-14-363
BROWN, HOMER                            NY-2-13-728
BROWN, JOANNA C.                        NY-2-16-108
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-2-1-179
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-2-2-106
BROWN, JUSTUS G.                        NY-2-14-233
BROWN, LODEMA                           NY-2-16-692
BROWN, LORENZO D.                       NY-2-13-295
BROWN, LORENZO D.                       NY-2-13-529
BROWN, MARY A.                          NY-2-16-284
BROWN, NORRIS M.                        NY-2-6-55
BROWN, SARAH                            NY-2-8-210
BROWN, SIMEON                           NY-2-8-550
BROWN, SMITH                            NY-2-7-510
BROWN, ZEBULON                          NY-2-5-243
BROWNELL, VERNAUS                       NY-2-7-599
BROWNING, BETSEY M.                     NY-2-13-309
BROWNING, DAVIS                         NY-2-7-20
BROWNING, WELCOME H.                    NY-2-2-440
BRUDICK, JABEZ                          NY-2-10-447
BRUNDAGE, BENJAMIN C.                   NY-2-14-295
BRUNDAGE, FRANCIS A.                    NY-2-7-589
BRUNN, LARS CHRISTIAN                   NY-2-16-402
BRUSSO, JOHN FREDERICK                  NY-2-4-440
BUCHANAN, MARY                          NY-2-2B-194
BUCHHIESTER, LOUISA                     NY-2-2-546
BUCK, BENJAMIN F.                       NY-2-7-624
BUCKLEY, DANIEL                         NY-2-15-696
BUDD, SARAH                             NY-2-16-608
BULL, ELECTA J.                         NY-2-9-634
BULL, JOSEPH                            NY-2-7-299
BUNDY, MARSH                            NY-2-14-143
BUNDY, NENZO                            NY-2-11-491
BUNDY, PETER                            NY-2-8-440
BURDICK, ALEXANDER B.                   NY-2-14-525
BURDICK, AVIS L.                        NY-2-13-331
BURDICK, BRAZILLA                       NY-2-13-63
BURDICK, DANIEL                         NY-2-16-48
BURDICK, DANIEL F.                      NY-2-16-24
BURDICK, ELIZABETH                      NY-2-14-355
BURDICK, JABEZ                          NY-2-2B-343
BURDICK, JOSEPH T.                      NY-2-9-110
BURDICK, MAXSON                         NY-2-15-2
BURDICK, MILO                           NY-2-7-343
BURDICK, OLIVE M.                       NY-2-8-355
BURDICK, PETER                          NY-2-10-83
BURDICK, PHINEAS EDELBERT               NY-2-13-579
BURDICK, POLLY                          NY-2-4-311
BURDICK, SALLY A.                       NY-2-16-338
BURDICK, SAMUEL D.                      NY-2-14-591
BURDICK, STEPHEN C.                     NY-2-13-153
BURDICK, WAIT S.                        NY-2-13-399
BURDICK, WELCOME B.                     NY-2-2-588
BURDICK, WILLIAM C.                     NY-2-16-156
BURKHARDT, HENRY                        NY-2-15-260
BURLESON, HENRY                         NY-2-7-565
BURLESON, SILAS                         NY-2-4-126
BURLESON, STEPHEN                       NY-2-9-175
BURLEW, SAMUEL                          NY-2-2-83
BURLINGAME, MARY                        NY-2-5-525
BURLINGAME, MELISSA                     NY-2-8-226
BURLINGAME, RUSSEL                      NY-2-5-93
BURLINGAME, SILAS                       NY-2-16-230
BURNS, CHRISTIAN                        NY-2-4-58
BURNS, THOMAS                           NY-2-14-467
BURNS, WILLIAM B.                       NY-2-15-849
BURR, ALANSON                           NY-2-3-566
BURR, ANDREW J.                         NY-2-14-515
BURR, DORUS                             NY-2-2-566
BURR, ELLIOTT C.                        NY-2-4-262
BURR, HORATIO                           NY-2-4-420
BURR, MOSES                             NY-2-14-253
BURRELL, GEORGE PRATT                   NY-2-2B-80
BURRETT, TRUMAN                         NY-2-11-6
BURROWS, ELI S.                         NY-2-15-38
BURROWS, LOWELL E.                      NY-2-16-712
BUTTON, WILLIAM P.                      NY-2-15-680
BUTTS, MARTIN                           NY-2-8-265
BYRNES, PATRICK                         NY-2-15-753
BYRNS, HENRY                            NY-2-9-168
CARL. DECATUR M.                        NY-2-2-334
CADY, AARON L.                          NY-2-3-395
CAIN, SARAH                             NY-2-7-595
CAIN, THOMAS                            NY-2-8-107
CALDWELL, ANDREW                        NY-2-16-674
CALDWELL, JENNITT                       NY-2-7-235
CALLAHAN, ANASTASIA                     NY-2-16-386
CALLAHAN, JOHN                          NY-2-16-92
CAMPBELL, ANDREW J.                     NY-2-15-164
CAMPBELL, JANE                          NY-2-15-576
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        NY-2-3-14
CANNON, PATRICK                         NY-2-15-610
CANTINE, WILLIAM                        NY-2-13-457
CARD, ELEANOR                           NY-2-5-129
CARDINELL, HANNAH E.                    NY-2-11-537
CARL, PHEBE L.                          NY-2-16-96
CARMAN, EDMOND                          NY-2-3-35
CARNAHAN, RUFUS W.                      NY-2-2-611
CARNEY, WILLIAM M.                      NY-2-16-716
CARPENTER, JOHN                         NY-2-11-210
CARPENTER, JUSTIN                       NY-2-7-570
CARPENTER, LYDIA                        NY-2-10-420
CARPENTER, SARAH                        NY-2-11-367
CARPENTER, SENECA                       NY-2-6-250
CARR, ELIZABETH C.                      NY-2-15-152
CARR, ROYAL B.                          NY-2-2B-433
CARRIER, AMMI                           NY-2-8-475
CARRIER, PHILO                          NY-2-7-514
CARRIER, WILILAM                        NY-2-10-256
CARROLL, JOHN                           NY-2-7-386
CARROLL, MATTHEW                        NY-2-6-19
CARRYER, BENJAMIN H.                    NY-2-8-167
CARTER, CEPHAS B.                       NY-2-15-580
CARTRIGHT, JEREMIAH S.                  NY-2-14-227
CARTWRIGHT, BRYANT J.                   NY-2-7-47
CARTWRIGHT, CLARK P.                    NY-2-6-99
CARTWRIGHT, DANIEL P.                   NY-2-15-490
CARTWRIGHT, LAFAYETTE                   NY-2-16-842
CARTWRIGHT, PHILENA                     NY-2-11-117
CARTWRIGHT, SILAS W.                    NY-2-2-305
CARTWRIGHT, TRUMAN D.                   NY-2-8-149
CARY, DAVID                             NY-2-13-151
CASE, MARY C.                           NY-2-11-222
CASE, NAAMAN                            NY-2-14-445
CASTERLINE, CYRUS                       NY-2-2B-459
CASTERLINE, GARRET S.                   NY-2-7-534
CASWELL, BETSEY                         NY-2-7-455
CAUGHLIN, ANDREW                        NY-2-16-220
CHAFEE, JAMES                           NY-2-9-245
CHALKER, HERBERT G.                     NY-2-15-230
CHALKER, OLIVE A.                       NY-2-15-226
CHAMBERLAIN, CALVIN T.                  NY-2-8-460
CHAMBERLAIN, DAVID                      NY-2-7-508
CHAMBERLAIN, EDGAR W.                   NY-2-15-426
CHAMBERLAIN, HENRY                      NY-2-3-435
CHAMBERLAIN, HENRY                      NY-2-2-460
CHAMBERLAIN, LUCY                       NY-2-14-523
CHAMBERLAIN, SALMON                     NY-2-2-42
CHAMPLAIN, BRADFORD                     NY-2-7-56
CHAMPLIN, GEORGE                        NY-2-6-232
CHAMPLIN, JAMES A.                      NY-2-16-782
CHAPEL, STEPHEN                         NY-2-7-419
CHAPIN, MARYETTE                        NY-2-11-313
CHAPMAN, SYLVIA                         NY-2-9-8
CHAPPELL, EDWARD W.                     NY-2-15-618
CHARLES, ANDREW                         NY-2-6-201
CHARLES, HANNAH E.                      NY-2-5-29
CHARLES, JOHN A.                        NY-2-3-231
CHARLES, RICHARD H.                     NY-2-13-91
CHARLES, ROBERT Y.                      NY-2-13-71
CHASE, AMOS G.                          NY-2-9-604
CHASE, AMOS L.                          NY-2-16-754
CHASE, CALEB                            NY-2-2B-15
CHASE, CALEB R.                         NY-2-11-326
CHASE, CHARLES C.                       NY-2-13-3
CHASE, ELISHA                           NY-2-6-214
CHASE, MARTHA A.                        NY-2-15-330
CHASE, TIMOTHY R.                       NY-2-16-802
CHASE, WILILAM                          NY-2-11-446
CHILDS, BURNELL                         NY-2-13-709
CHILSON, WILLIAM                        NY-2-8-97
CHURCH, ANNE MATILDA                    NY-2-5-321
CHURCH, ORANGE                          NY-2-2B-112
CHURCH, PHILIP                          NY-2-4-254
CHURCH, PHILIP                          NY-2-7-442
CHURCH, WILLIAM W.                      NY-2-13-603
CLAIR, HARRY                            NY-2-13-13
CLAIR, MARYETTE                         NY-2-9-101
CLANCY, ANASTASIA                       NY-2-10-515
CLANCY, MICHAEL                         NY-2-14-241
CLANCY, PATRICK                         NY-2-3-53
CLAPP, AGILE                            NY-2-11-36
CLAPP, DAVID                            NY-2-13-619
CLAPP, PHEBE                            NY-2-10-169
CLAPP, SEARS                            NY-2-5-105
CLARE, JOHN                             NY-2-10-42
CLARK, ANDREW                           NY-2-2B-158
CLARK, ANN                              NY-2-13-9
CLARK, ASA                              NY-2-3-60
CLARK, BETSY                            NY-2-2-549
CLARK, CHARLES S.                       NY-2-9-351
CLARK, CYRUS                            NY-2-7-440
CLARK, ELNATHAN                         NY-2-11-549
CLARK, FRANCES L.                       NY-2-16-168
CLARK, GEORGE                           NY-2-7-437
CLARK, GEORGE R.                        NY-2-16-540
CLARK, HELEN S.                         NY-2-13-363
CLARK, JOHN F.                          NY-2-14-97
CLARK, JULIA E.                         NY-2-16-688
CLARK, LYMAN                            NY-2-15-400
CLARK, MARY ANN                         NY-2-2-354
CLARK, PETER                            NY-2-8-179
CLARK, RELIEF A.                        NY-2-15-841
CLARK, ROSE M.                          NY-2-16-246
CLARK, SAMUEL                           NY-2-2B-246
CLARK, WILBER R.                        NY-2-10-375
CLARKE, PAUL                            NY-2-8-221
CLARKSON, DAVID                         NY-2-3-472
CLARY, JOHN                             NY-2-15-140
CLAUS, BENJAMIN J.                      NY-2-4-372
CLAYSON, SARAH ANN                      NY-2-15-520
CLEASBY, JONATHAN                       NY-2-14-43
CLEASBY, M. LOUESE                      NY-2-14-91
CLEVELAND, LUMAN J.                     NY-2-9-267
CLINE, ALVIN S.                         NY-2-13-251
CLINE, HANNAH                           NY-2-16-454
CLINE, LUCRETIA                         NY-2-7-16
CLINE, NANCY                            NY-2-2-284
CLINE, PATRICK                          NY-2-10-550
CLINE, SAMSON                           NY-2-14-47
CLOSSER, FREDERICK                      NY-2-5-339
CLUTE, NOAH                             NY-2-4-108
COATS, BARTHOLOMEW                      NY-2-13-565
COATS, ELEN E.                          NY-2-15-568
COATS, HIRAM A.                         NY-2-10-554
COATS, WATERS B.                        NY-2-15-674
COBB, ELIZA                             NY-2-14-279
COCHRAN, EDWARD                         NY-2-16-500
COFFEY, JAMES                           NY-2-6-269
COLBURN, GARDINER W.                    NY-2-8-448
COLBURN, HARRIET K.                     NY-2-16-612
COLBURN, HOLTON                         NY-2-4-100
COLBURN, HOWARD                         NY-2-16-146
COLBY, NATHAN                           NY-2-4-48
COLE, ALTIE E.                          NY-2-15-416
COLE, JOHN B.                           NY-2-9-543
COLE, JUSTUS                            NY-2-10-527
COLE, PERMELIA                          NY-2-2-563
COLE, STEPHEN W.                        NY-2-9-148
COLEMAN, JOHN S.                        NY-2-7-471
COLEMAN, MARY W.                        NY-2-8-423
COLERICK, HANNAH Z.                     NY-2-2-634
COLLINS, ANNA                           NY-2-5-519
COLLINS, DANIEL                         NY-2-6-130
COLLINS, EDWARD                         NY-2-2B-353
COLLINS, HELEN E.                       NY-2-2-177
COLLINS, JOHN                           NY-2-3-536
COLLINS, JOHN G.                        NY-2-8-218
COLLINS, JOSEPH                         NY-2-3-584
COLLINS, LORENZO D.                     NY-2-16-726
COLLINS, MARY ELIZA                     NY-2-2B-358
COLLINS, MERCLEIA A.                    NY-2-15-624
COLLVER, ADAH                           NY-2-16-426
COLLVER, SILENCE                        NY-2-15-228
COLLVER, THOMAS                         NY-2-13-788
COLTON, SAMUEL C.                       NY-2-15-32
COLWELL, FRANCES F.                     NY-2-14-501
COLWELL, RUFUS L.                       NY-2-13-5
COLWELL, WILLIAM                        NY-2-11-370
COMFORT, GEORGE W.                      NY-2-16-826
COMFORT, JAMES A.                       NY-2-15-112
COMMON, JAMES                           NY-2-7-92
COMMON, JOHN                            NY-2-8-242
COMMON, ROBER                           NY-2-3-271
COMMON, SARAH                           NY-2-14-799
COMMON, THOMAS                          NY-2-10-179
COMMON, WILIAM H.                       NY-2-11-403
COMMON, WILLIAM                         NY-2-2-16
COMMON, WILLIAM 2ND                     NY-2-7-357
COMPTON, JESSE M.                       NY-2-13-443
COMPTON, MARY                           NY-2-13-181
COMPTON, RUNYON                         NY-2-2B-261
COMPTON, SAMUEL                         NY-2-10-300
COMSTOCK, WILLIAM                       NY-2-9-587
CONGDON, ANSON                          NY-2-2-601
CONGDON, CHARLOTTE BOOTH                NY-2-16-528
CONGDON, LYMAN                          NY-2-4-426
CONGER, HARRIETT M.                     NY-2-14-109
CONNELL, JOHN                           NY-2-16-294
COOK, FRANK M.                          NY-2-16-720
COOK, HORATIO N.                        NY-2-10-28
COOLEY, DANIEL                          NY-2-13-473
COOLEY, ELIZA A.                        NY-2-9-235
COOLEY, HARRIET E.                      NY-2-16-302
COOLEY, LUCY L.                         NY-2-16-518
COOLIDGE, OTIS                          NY-2-4-308
COON, AARON                             NY-2-14-3
COON, BETSEY ANN                        NY-2-9-332
COON, CARRIE M.                         NY-2-16-158
COON, GEORGE                            NY-2-7-247
COON, HENRY C.                          NY-2-15-160
COON, LOVINIA M.                        NY-2-13-157
COON, MARY                              NY-2-8-216
COON, TACY M.                           NY-2-14-541
COONEY, JAMES                           NY-2-9-582
COOPER, DAVID                           NY-2-13-39
COOPER, JULIA                           NY-2-6-351
COOPER, LUCY                            NY-2-7-477
COOPER, RUSSELL                         NY-2-6-25
COOTS, MARY                             NY-2-13-421
CORBIN, CARDIN C.                       NY-2-15-492
CORCORAN, MARGARET                      NY-2-15-488
CORNELIUS, GABRIEL                      NY-2-9-125
CORNELL, ELLSWORTH                      NY-2-2B-85
CORNWELL, SAMUEL                        NY-2-14-117
CORY, JOSEPH                            NY-2-13-513
COSTELLO, MARIAH                        NY-2-15-244
COSTELLO, MARK                          NY-2-13-303
COSTELLO, TIMOTHY                       NY-2-2-519
COTTON, ANNA                            NY-2-6-175
COTTON, CHAUNCEY                        NY-2-6-178
COTTON, TOLCOTT B.                      NY-2-6-38
COTTRELL, JOHN B.                       NY-2-7-408
COUCH, LORIN J.                         NY-2-7-127
COUNCILMAN, AMBROSE                     NY-2-16-690
COVEL, NATHANIEL                        NY-2-6-277
COVEL, SOPHIA                           NY-2-2-455
COVERT, FREDERICK                       NY-2-3-160
COWLES, BETSEY                          NY-2-11-294
COWLES, CHARLES W.                      NY-2-11-558
COWLES, LEICESTER                       NY-2-6-166
COWNOVER, CORNELIUS                     NY-2-3-177
COX, ELIZABETH                          NY-2-2B-20
COX, JOSEPH                             NY-2-3-425
COY, ELISHA                             NY-2-4-282
COYLE, BARTHOLOMEW                      NY-2-4-234
COYLE, BERNARD                          NY-2-11-101
COYLE, HUGH                             NY-2-2B-182
CRABTREE, BENJAMIN F.                   NY-2-11-182
CRANDALL, ALBERT B.                     NY-2-9-375
CRANDALL, ALLINGTON A.                  NY-2-13-143
CRANDALL, ALMOND E.                     NY-2-16-566
CRANDALL, AMOS                          NY-2-2-166
CRANDALL, BARNEY                        NY-2-6-244
CRANDALL, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-2-9-510
CRANDALL, ETHAN G.                      NY-2-9-291
CRANDALL, ETHAN P.                      NY-2-8-340
CRANDALL, EZEKIEL                       NY-2-2B-423
CRANDALL, GIDEON O.                     NY-2-9-486
CRANDALL, JARIUS A.                     NY-2-15-498
CRANDALL, JOEL                          NY-2-7-606
CRANDALL, JOHN                          NY-2-10-452
CRANDALL, JONAS C.                      NY-2-9-427
CRANDALL, KEZIAH                        NY-2-7-612
CRANDALL, LEWIS                         NY-2-16-484
CRANDALL, LUCINDA                       NY-2-13-711
CRANDALL, LYNDAL                        NY-2-3-576
CRANDALL, MARTHA                        NY-2-2-449
CRANDALL, MARY C.                       NY-2-9-229
CRANDALL, MATHEW M.                     NY-2-8-81
CRANDALL, NELSON R.                     NY-2-2-452
CRANDALL, POLLY                         NY-2-11-513
CRANDALL, THOMAS                        NY-2-13-131
CRANDALL, WILFORD W.                    NY-2-15-682
CRANE, ADDIE S.                         NY-2-15-322
CRANSON, NATHAN                         NY-2-4-113
CRANSTON, WILLIAM                       NY-2-14-221
CRAWFORD, JACOB                         NY-2-7-155
CRAWFORD, JOHN J.                       NY-2-14-335
CRAWFORD, JOSEPH DENNIS                 NY-2-13-311
CRAWFORD, ROBERT K.                     NY-2-2-224
CRAWFORD, ROCHESTER W.                  NY-2-15-50
CRITTENDEN, AARON                       NY-2-5-537
CRITTENDEN, ALVAH                       NY-2-8-335
CRITTENDEN, LUCY                        NY-2-16-270
CRITTENDEN, MARTHA                      NY-2-13-485
CROSBY, JOSEPH W.                       NY-2-14-125
CROSS, CALVIN                           NY-2-8-558
CROSS, WILLIAM F.                       NY-2-7-53
CROWELL, JOSEPH                         NY-2-9-82
CROWELL, LAURINDA                       NY-2-8-544
CROWELL, SAMUEL                         NY-2-4-335
CROWELL, SULLIVAN                       NY-2-7-503
CROWNER, ALONZO                         NY-2-11-449
CROWNER, ALSON                          NY-2-11-651
CROWNER, JOHN D.                        NY-2-14-269
CROWNER, MARY M.                        NY-2-15-274
CUDWORTH, JOHN W.                       NY-2-2-234
CULLEN, ANDREW                          NY-2-11-248
CULVER, DANIEL W.                       NY-2-13-15
CULVER, HILEY                           NY-2-13-139
CUMMINGS, ANSON W.                      NY-2-14-135
CURRIER, WILLIAM                        NY-2-16-734
CURRY, HENRY W.                         NY-2-2-594
CURRY, JAMES D.                         NY-2-8-1
CURRY, JOHN                             NY-2-11-556
CURRY, LUCINDA                          NY-2-2-576
CURRY, THORNTON F.                      NY-2-2-60
CURTIS, BAILEY                          NY-2-4-22
CURTIS, CAROLINE R.                     NY-2-16-344
CURTIS, HULDAH J.                       NY-2-15-477
DAILEY, ALFRED                          NY-2-11-625
DAKE, JOHN E.                           NY-2-4-83
DALY, THOMAS                            NY-2-8-329
DAMON, ROXANA                           NY-2-13-23
DANA, SILAS                             NY-2-3-391
DANIELS, SARAH J.                       NY-2-13-657
DANKS, BURTON D.                        NY-2-15-166
DANKS, SARAH L.                         NY-2-14-347
DAUTREMONT, AUGUSTUS                    NY-2-2-443
DAUTREMONT, CHARLES                     NY-2-13-767
DAUTREMONT, MATILDA                     NY-2-11-76
DAVIDSON, CYNITHIA J.                   NY-2-16-616
DAVIDSON, DIANA P.                      NY-2-6-440
DAVIDSON, JAMES                         NY-2-3-182
DAVIDSON, JOHN J.                       NY-2-6-133
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM V.                    NY-2-14-218
DAVIE, JAMES                            NY-2-11-109
DAVIE, SAMUEL                           NY-2-7-638
DAVIS, ARAD W.                          NY-2-16-188
DAVIS, ARON                             NY-2-5-417
DAVIS, CHARLES C.                       NY-2-15-248
DAVIS, CHARLES S.                       NY-2-15-366
DAVIS, ELIJAH                           NY-2-3-441
DAVIS, ELIZA AMELIA                     NY-2-7-59
DAVIS, EVAN                             NY-2-8-62
DAVIS, FRANCES                          NY-2-4-52
DAVIS, HENRY W.                         NY-2-14-275
DAVIS, JOSHUA                           NY-2-2-308
DAVIS, LEWIS F.                         NY-2-15-91
DAVIS, LUTHER                           NY-2-2-364
DAVIS, MALACHI                          NY-2-6-31
DAVIS, MATILDA                          NY-2-7-548
DAVIS, MILES E.                         NY-2-15-825
DAVIS, MYRON S.                         NY-2-15-636
DAVIS, SARAH M.                         NY-2-14-127
DAVIS, SIMEON P.                        NY-2-9-368
DAVIS, STILLMAN                         NY-2-15-4
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NY-2-2B-55
DAVISON, FANNY                          NY-2-4-20
DAVISON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-2-13-195
DAY, EZEKIEL                            NY-2-15-12
DAY, MARGARET G.                        NY-2-2-174
DEAK, WILLIAM G.                        NY-2-3-226
DEAN, OLIVER                            NY-2-14-151
DEAN, TERESSA                           NY-2-15-532
DECKER, WILLIAM P.                      NY-2-16-80
DeKAY, ANNA A.                          NY-2-11-582
DeKAY, JANETT                           NY-2-16-236
DEMUTH, JOHN J.                         NY-2-11-434
DENNIS, AARON                           NY-2-2B-172
DENROCHE, SARAH                         NY-2-4-175
DEPEW, MARGARET                         NY-2-8-247
DERRIN, SIDNEY T.                       NY-2-11-501
DEVERS, PATRICK R.                      NY-2-15-70
DEXTER, CLINTON D.                      NY-2-16-568
DEY, JOHN                               NY-2-15-612
DEY, LAURENCE I.                        NY-2-8-174
DEY, LEMUEL C.                          NY-2-8-232
DEY, LEWIS                              NY-2-15-600
DEY, SAMUEL C.                          NY-2-8-280
DEYOE, MARY JANE                        NY-2-16-704
DICKINSON, ZEBINA                       NY-2-4-344
DICKSON, MARGARET                       NY-2-15-224
DIFFIN, JAMES                           NY-2-9-445
DILL, PHILIP                            NY-2-11-574
DIMICK, EDWIN H.                        NY-2-16-181
DIMICK, HIRAM                           NY-2-13-521
DIMICK, MARCUS                          NY-2-16-502
DIMICK, MARLIN D.                       NY-2-9-457
DIMMICK, ELIZABETH                      NY-2-7-38
DIMON, CHRISTEN                         NY-2-7-272
DOANE, SAMUEL                           NY-2-2-245
DOBB, DANIEL                            NY-2-3-210
DOBBINS, JULIA                          NY-2-16-750
DODGE, MILES                            NY-2-2-540
DOHERTY, MICHAEL                        NY-2-16-288
DOLE, THOMAS                            NY-2-3-255
DOLE, THOMAS ESQ.                       NY-2-3-128
DONAHER, JOHN                           NY-2-14-131
DONALDSON, JOHN                         NY-2-3-72
DONNELLY, JAMES                         NY-2-8-297
DOREY, DERIUS                           NY-2-2B-137
DOREY, JOHN                             NY-2-5-333
DORT, JULIA A.                          NY-2-16-326
DOTY, CLARA H.                          NY-2-15-178
DOUD, GEORGE E.                         NY-2-16-100
DOUD, ORRIN                             NY-2-7-652
DOUGAN, THOMAS                          NY-2-9-85
DOUGHERTY, ELISHE                       NY-2-15-282
DOUGHERTY, WILLIAM                      NY-2-14-315
DRAKE, ELI B.                           NY-2-5-279
DRAKE, JOHN C.                          NY-2-2-487
DRAKE, JOSEPH A.                        NY-2-13-731
DREW, CORNELIUS S.                      NY-2-16-766
DREW, EMERY                             NY-2-13-661
DREW, JOHN                              NY-2-4-357
DRISCALL, JAMES                         NY-2-10-165
DRISCOLL, DANIEL                        NY-2-2-403
DRISCOLL, J. CHARLES                    NY-2-16-664
DRURY, SAMUEL                           NY-2-6-40
DUDLEY, ELON                            NY-2-10-136
DUFFY, BERNARD                          NY-2-15-262
DUKE, GRANT                             NY-2-16-662
DUKE, WILLIAM                           NY-2-2B-404
DUKE, WILLIAM                           NY-2-14-693
DUNHAM, BETSY                           NY-2-13-325
DUNHAM, JAMES                           NY-2-7-490
DUNKIN, WILLIAM                         NY-2-8-377
DUNN, MARY                              NY-2-16-8
DUNN, THOMAS                            NY-2-8-72
DUNN, WILLIAM                           NY-2-7-576
DUNNING, BETSY                          NY-2-2-219
DUNNING, JACOB                          NY-2-6-82
DUNNING, MARY A.                        NY-2-14-433
DUNNNG, ELIZABETH                       NY-2-14-189
DUNTON, M. MARTHA                       NY-2-5-315
DURHAM, RICHARDSON                      NY-2-3-87
DURKEE, JANE T.                         NY-2-11-1
DURKEE, STEPHEN                         NY-2-9-517
DUTCHER, HARRISON                       NY-2-5-231
DUTTON, RANSOM                          NY-2-3-330
DWIGHT, CARRIE E.                       NY-2-2-485
DWIGHT, HENRY L.                        NY-2-14-569
DWIGHT, JULIA                           NY-2-11-255
DWYER, JOHN                             NY-2-8-534

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