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ABBIT, JOHN                             NJ-17-D-35
ABBIT, JOHN                             NJ-17-D-61
ABBOTT, LYDIA                           NJ-17-D-506
ABBOTT, MARTHA                          NJ-17-D-619
ABBOTT, MARY ANN                        NJ-17-D-432
ABBOTT, REBECCA                         NJ-17-F-282
ABBOTT, REBEKAH                         NJ-17-A-147
ABBOTT, SAMUEL                          NJ-17-D-75
ABBOTT, WILLIAM                         NJ-17-C-378
ACKLEY, URIAH                           NJ-17-E-329
ACTON, CLEMENT                          NJ-17-B-407
ACTON, CLEMENT                          NJ-17-F-480
ADAMS, MATTHEW J.                       NJ-17-F-465
ADAMS, PHEBE E.                         NJ-17-F-359
ADCOCK, ISAAC                           NJ-17-E-228
ADLER, JOHN                             NJ-17-B-127
ALDERMAN, WILLIAM                       NJ-17-B-79
ALE, JONATHAN                           NJ-17-F-338
ALE, SARAH                              NJ-17-F-160
ALFORD, SAMUEL                          NJ-17-A-83
ALLEN, BEULAH                           NJ-17-B-487
ALLEN, JEDEDIAH                         NJ-17-A-392
ALLEN, JEDEDIAH                         NJ-17-D-119
ALLEN, JEDEDIAH T.                      NJ-17-E-109
ALLEN, JOSEPH                           NJ-17-C-267
ALLEN, MARY                             NJ-17-E-438
ALLEN, REBECCA                          NJ-17-A-309
ALLEN, REBECCA                          NJ-17-F-83
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           NJ-17-D-528
AMOS, HANNAH                            NJ-17-C-398
AMOS, SAMUEL                            NJ-17-C-363
ANDREWS, CLARISSA                       NJ-17-E-255
ANDREWS, JAMES                          NJ-17-F-251
ANDREWS, MARY                           NJ-17-D-359
ANDREWS, PETER                          NJ-17-B-471
ANTRIM, WILLIAM N.                      NJ-17-E-226
APLIN, PETER                            NJ-17-B-11
APPLETON, JANE                          NJ-17-E-424
APPLIN, JESSE                           NJ-17-D-115
APPLIN, JOSEPH                          NJ-17-D-367
ARCHER, BENJAMIN                        NJ-17-D-511
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         NJ-17-F-16
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      NJ-17-A-134, 142
ARONS, GARRET                           NJ-17-B-77
ASHTON, DANIEL                          NJ-17-D-591
ASHTON, JOSEPH                          NJ-17-A-216
AUSTIN, CORNELIUS                       NJ-17-C-99
AUSTIN, SAMUEL                          NJ-17-D-45
AVIS, GEORGE                            NJ-17-F-100
AYAN, MICAJAH                           NJ-17-C-108
AYARS, AZARIAH                          NJ-17-A-320
AYARS, BURGEN M.                        NJ-17-F-42
AYARS, BURGIN                           NJ-17-F-48
AYARS, JAMES                            NJ-17-B-344
AYARS, JAMES                            NJ-17-F-126
AYARS, JONATHAN                         NJ-17-A-386
AYARS, JOSEPH                           NJ-17-A-241
AYARS, MARY                             NJ-17-F-274
AYARS, NATHAN                           NJ-17-A-402
AYARS, SUSANNA                          NJ-17-A-195
AYRES, SUSAN D.                         NJ-17-E-266
BACON, DAVID                            NJ-17-D-261
BACON, JOHN                             NJ-17-E-189
BACON, THOMAS                           NJ-17-E-258
BAKER, ESTHER                           NJ-17-A-222
BAKER, JACOB                            NJ-17-A-335
BAKER, SUSANNA                          NJ-17-F-445
BAKER, THOMAS                           NJ-17-D-207
BAKER, WILLIAM D.                       NJ-17-E-259
BALLENGER, VALENTINE                    NJ-17-D-143
BALLINGER, ZACCHEUS                     NJ-17-B-179
BARBER, BURTIS                          NJ-17-E-603
BARBER, BURTIS                          NJ-17-E-487
BARBER, JOHN S.                         NJ-17-E-543
BARNES, JOSEPH                          NJ-17-E-304
BARNES, JOSHUA                          NJ-17-C-357
BARNES, REBECAH                         NJ-17-A-102
BARNETT, WILLIAM                        NJ-17-E-469
BARTRAM, JAMES                          NJ-17-C-110
BASSETT, ANN C.                         NJ-17-F-210
BASSETT, DAVID                          NJ-17-D-479
BASSETT, ELIJAH                         NJ-17-A-90
BASSETT, ELISHA                         NJ-17-F-285
BASSETT, GRACE                          NJ-17-C-346
BASSETT, JOSEPH                         NJ-17-F-431
BASSETT, JOSEPH                         NJ-17-D-570
BASSETT, JOSIAH                         NJ-17-A-159
BASSETT, ZACCHEUS                       NJ-17-F-475
BATES, HEZEKIAH                         NJ-17-A-297
BEE, ELISABETH                          NJ-17-C-477
BEE, EPHRAIM                            NJ-17-C-123
BEE, JONATHAN                           NJ-17-B-37
BEESLEY, ABNER                          NJ-17-A-105
BEESLEY, WILLIAM G.                     NJ-17-D-352
BELDEN, CALVIN                          NJ-17-F-246
BELDEN, MARY S.                         NJ-17-F-523
BELL, ANDREW                            NJ-17-E-488
BELTON, JONATHAN                        NJ-17-E-554
BELTON, REBEKAH                         NJ-17-E-606
BENNETT, CHARLES                        NJ-17-E-426
BENSON, WILLIAM                         NJ-17-E-316
BEVIS, GEORG                            NJ-17-B-293
BEVIS, JOB                              NJ-17-D-485
BIAS, ANN ELIZABETH                     NJ-17-F-269
BIDDLE, ABEL                            NJ-17-B-303
BIDDLE, BEAULAH ANN                     NJ-17-F-220
BIDDLE, ISAAC                           NJ-17-C-468
BIDDLE, JOHN JR.                        NJ-17-B-111
BIDDLE, JOSIAH                          NJ-17-F-309
BIDDLE, THOMAS                          NJ-17-E-101
BIDDLE, WILLIAM                         NJ-17-A-371
BIHSOP, ANN                             NJ-17-B-101
BILDERBACK, JONATHAN                    NJ-17-D-239
BILDERBACK, PETER                       NJ-17-D-276
BILDERBACK, PETER JR.                   NJ-17-C-327
BILDERBACK, THOMAS                      NJ-17-E-575
BISHOP, HENRY                           NJ-17-F-326
BLACK, ELIZABETH                        NJ-17-D-614
BLACK, JOB                              NJ-17-D-612
BLACK, JOHN                             NJ-17-C-367
BLACK, JOSEPH                           NJ-17-F-156
BLACKWOOD, JOHN                         NJ-17-E-168
BLACKWOOD, JONATHAN                     NJ-17-C-277
BLACKWOOD, REBECCA                      NJ-17-C-500
BOLTON, JOSEPH                          NJ-17-D-16
BOND, SAMUEL                            NJ-17-E-263
BONHAM, ENOCH                           NJ-17-B-241
BOON, ENOCH JR.                         NJ-17-C-350
BOON, MARTHA                            NJ-17-F-472
BOQUA, JOHN                             NJ-17-D-430
BORDEN, JOSEPH                          NJ-17-B-525
BORDEN, JOSEPH                          NJ-17-B-280
BORDEN, SUSANNAH                        NJ-17-C-113
BORNS, JONATHAN                         NJ-17-E-594
BORTON, ELIZABETH E.                    NJ-17-D-564
BORTON, JOEL                            NJ-17-F-552
BORTON, WILLIAM                         NJ-17-D-175
BORTON, WILLIAM                         NJ-17-F-601
BOWEN, ANNA                             NJ-17-D-577
BOWEN, DANIEL (DR.)                     NJ-17-C-185
BOWEN, DAVID JR.                        NJ-17-E-472
BOWEN, GEORGE                           NJ-17-E-218
BOWEN, JOSEPH                           NJ-17-E-245
BOWEN, MARK                             NJ-17-B-364
BOWEN, STITES                           NJ-17-B-142
BOWEN, THOMAS S.                        NJ-17-D-557
BOWEN, WILLIAM                          NJ-17-E-320
BOYS, ABRAHAM                           NJ-17-B-318
BRADWAY, EDWARD                         NJ-17-B-227
BRADWAY, EDWARD                         NJ-17-E-289
BRADWAY, EDWARD                         NJ-17-B-105
BRADWAY, JOSHUA                         NJ-17-A-224
BRADWAY, MARY                           NJ-17-B-155
BRADWAY, SUSANNAH                       NJ-17-C-478
BRADWAY, WILLIAM                        NJ-17-A-64
BRADWAY, WILLIAM                        NJ-17-A-368
BRANSEN, SILAS                          NJ-17-B-496
BRICK, DEBORAH S.                       NJ-17-F-508
BRICK, HANNAH W.                        NJ-17-E-540
BRICK, HANNAH W.                        NJ-17-E-517
BRICK, SAMUEL JR.                       NJ-17-C-504
BRICK, WILLIAM                          NJ-17-B-86
BRIGGS, SAMUEL                          NJ-17-A-192
BROOKS, DANIEL                          NJ-17-F-90
BROWN, ELGAR                            NJ-17-A-140
BROWN, JOHN T.                          NJ-17-E-505
BROWN, SAMUEL                           NJ-17-B-123
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NJ-17-E-360
BROWN,E STHER                           NJ-17-A-157
BUCK, HENRY                             NJ-17-D-615
BURCH, JOHN                             NJ-17-E-107
BURCHAN, ELIZABETH                      NJ-17-A-43
BURDEN, SAMUEL                          NJ-17-C-203
BURDSALL, HANNAH                        NJ-17-F-543
BURROUGHS, BENJAMIN                     NJ-17-A-172
BURROUGHS, BENJAMIN                     NJ-17-C-275
BURROUGHS, CLARISSA                     NJ-17-E-499
BURROUGHS, EDWARD                       NJ-17-A-185
BURT, DEBORAH A.                        NJ-17-F-574
BUTCHER, JAMES                          NJ-17-E-147
BUZBY, ASHER                            NJ-17-F-527
CAESAR, JUPTIER                         NJ-17-A-211
CALEHOPPER, SUSANNAH                    NJ-17-D-167
CALHOUN, HUGH                           NJ-17-F-49
CALLAHAN, JOHN                          NJ-17-B-191
CAMP, MARY                              NJ-17-E-247
CAMPBELL, MARY C.                       NJ-17-D-536
CAREY, WILLIAM                          NJ-17-B-341
CARLL, JESSE                            NJ-17-B-159
CARLL, JESSE                            NJ-17-A-261
CARLL, JESSE                            NJ-17-F-421
CARLL, WILLIAM S.                       NJ-17-F-280
CARNEY, CATHARINE                       NJ-17-D-65
CARPENTER, JOHN R.                      NJ-17-D-22
CARPENTER, MARY R.                      NJ-17-E-66
CARPENTER, POMPEY                       NJ-17-A-354
CARPENTER, POWELL                       NJ-17-E-132
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      NJ-17-D-163
CARTER, BENJAMIN                        NJ-17-A-302
CASPAR, JOHN                            NJ-17-E-203
CASPAR, THOMAS J.                       NJ-17-F-501
CASPERSON, JOHN                         NJ-17-D-267
CASSEDAY, WILLIAM                       NJ-17-F-294
CAWLEY, JONATHAN                        NJ-17-E-581
CAWLEY, SAMUEL                          NJ-17-C-429
CAWLEY, SAMUEL B.                       NJ-17-C-214
CHAMBERS, DAVID                         NJ-17-B-348
CHAMLESS, ROBERT                        NJ-17-E-644
CHARLES, HENRY M.                       NJ-17-C-167
CHASE, MARY                             NJ-17-E-119
CHEESEMAN, ELIZABETH                    NJ-17-B-225
CHEESEMAN,BENJAMIN                      NJ-17-B-116
CHRISTOPHER, ELISABETH                  NJ-17-C-507
CHRISTOPHER, JOHN                       NJ-17-A-313
CLARK, GEORGE                           NJ-17-F-162
CLARK, ISAAC                            NJ-17-F-173
CLARK, JACOB                            NJ-17-D-177
CLARK, JOHN                             NJ-17-E-564
CLARK, JOSHUA                           NJ-17-B-261
CLARK, THOMAS                           NJ-17-A-57
CLARK, WILLIAM                          NJ-17-C-469
CLAWSON, DAVID                          NJ-17-E-646
CLEAVER, THOMAS                         NJ-17-E-590
CLEMENT, RUTH                           NJ-17-D-68
CLEMENT, THOMAS                         NJ-17-B-465
COBLE, JACOB                            NJ-17-A-405
COLE, GEORGE                            NJ-17-D-579
COLEMAN, SOLOMAN                        NJ-17-E-440
COLSON, DAVID                           NJ-17-A-283
COLSON, GEORGE                          NJ-17-B-14
CONARROE, MARGARET                      NJ-17-D-520
CONGLETON, JOHN                         NJ-17-C-419
CONNER, PATRICK                         NJ-17-C-119
COOK, ADAM                              NJ-17-B-300
COOK, LANCASTER                         NJ-17-F-458
COOK, MARY                              NJ-17-F-82
COOK, MARY                              NJ-17-D-293
COOK, WILLIAM                           NJ-17-D-229
COOMBS, GEORGE                          NJ-17-C-317
COOMBS, JOHN                            NJ-17-C-164
COOMES, WILLIAM                         NJ-17-B-298
COOPER, GEORG                           NJ-17-A-6
COOPER, SAMUEL L.                       NJ-17-F-525
COOPER, THOMAS                          NJ-17-E-616
COOPER, WILLIAM                         NJ-17-C-8
COPNER, JANE                            NJ-17-B-362
COPNER, JOSEPH                          NJ-17-A-329
COPNER, SAMUEL                          NJ-17-C-411
CORCOREN, JOHN                          NJ-17-A-360
CORCOREN, THOMAS                        NJ-17-D-484
CORLIS, SAMUEL                          NJ-17-B-356
CORLISS, PHEBE                          NJ-17-F-363
CORLISS, SAMUEL                         NJ-17-E-492
CORTEL, CALEB                           NJ-17-C-94
CORYELL, LEWIS S.                       NJ-17-F-317
COSTILL, JOSEPH                         NJ-17-B-455
COSTILL, R. HANNAH                      NJ-17-C-294
COUCH, JOHN                             NJ-17-A-205
COUNSELLOR, JOHN                        NJ-17-E-93
COWMAN, JOHN                            NJ-17-B-457
COX, GEORGE P.                          NJ-17-E-325
COX, PETER                              NJ-17-D-251
CRAIG, ELEONOR                          NJ-17-B-320
CRAIG, JAMES D.                         NJ-17-E-300
CRAIG, SAMUEL                           NJ-17-C-252
CRANE, MOSES                            NJ-17-F-18
CRAVEN, RICHARD                         NJ-17-C-425
CREEMER, ANDREW                         NJ-17-D-197
CREMAR, ANDREW                          NJ-17-A-128
CRISPIN, ELIZABETH                      NJ-17-B-35
CRISPIN, JOSEPH                         NJ-17-A-226
CUFF, ANNA                              NJ-17-F-457
CUFF, MERIAM                            NJ-17-C-489
CUFF, MORDECAI                          NJ-17-C-237
CULEN, JOHN V.                          NJ-17-C-151
CURREDEN, JOHN E.                       NJ-17-F-330
CURRIE, SARAH                           NJ-17-D-513
CURRY, DORCAS                           NJ-17-E-237
CURRY, JOHN                             NJ-17-E-345
CURTIS, ROBERT                          NJ-17-F-390
DALBOW, JOSIAH                          NJ-17-F-420
DALLAS, JONATHAN                        NJ-17-D-617
DANIEL, WILLIAM                         NJ-17-A-366
DARE, JAMES A.                          NJ-17-E-134
DARE, REUBEN                            NJ-17-C-263
DAVEY, PHILIP                           NJ-17-C-180
DAVIDSON, ELIZABETH                     NJ-17-B-108
DAVIS, DAVID                            NJ-17-D-25
DAVIS, DAVID                            NJ-17-F-538
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        NJ-17-E-92
DAVIS, FRANCIS                          NJ-17-C-496
DAVIS, JACOB                            NJ-17-B-438
DAVIS, JACOB                            NJ-17-E-482
DAVIS, JACOB                            NJ-17-C-181
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           NJ-17-D-169
DAVIS, MARY                             NJ-17-E-98
DAVIS, MARY C.                          NJ-17-C-261
DAVIS, REBECCA                          NJ-17-D-188
DAVIS, RICHARD B.                       NJ-17-F-271
DAVIS, THOMAS                           NJ-17-D-471
DAVIS, THOMAS SR.                       NJ-17-D-14
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NJ-17-E-466
DAVIS,ELISHA                            NJ-17-B-339
DAY, ISAAC                              NJ-17-B-24
DEHART, HARVEY S.                       NJ-17-D-559
DENN, JAMES                             NJ-17-B-429
DENN, JANE                              NJ-17-C-209
DENN, JOHN                              NJ-17-D-47
DENN, JOHN JR.                          NJ-17-B-223
DENN, MARY                              NJ-17-D-350
DENN, RHODA                             NJ-17-D-514
DENN, SAMUEL                            NJ-17-C-200
DENNIS, JOHN                            NJ-17-F-152
DEVOSS, JOHN                            NJ-17-B-215
DICK, JOHN                              NJ-17-B-444
DICK, SAMUEL                            NJ-17-B-56
DICK, SARAH                             NJ-17-C-321
DICKESON, SAMUEL                        NJ-17-E-80
DICKESON, SMITH                         NJ-17-A-55
DICKEY, JOHN                            NJ-17-B-52
DICKINSON, JOHN                         NJ-17-E-163
DICKINSON, JOHN                         NJ-17-F-394
DICKINSON, JOHN                         NJ-17-F-179
DICKINSON, KELLY                        NJ-17-B-165
DICKINSON, RICHMAN                      NJ-17-F-308
DICKINSON, WILLIAM                      NJ-17-B-20
DIVER, JAMES                            NJ-17-F-545
DIVER, JOHN                             NJ-17-C-418
DIVER, JOSEPH                           NJ-17-F-234
DIXON, REBECCA                          NJ-17-F-2
DOBSON, MOSES JR.                       NJ-17-C-96
DOLBOW, ANN                             NJ-17-F-212
DOLBOW, CHARLES                         NJ-17-B-39
DOLBOW, CHARLES                         NJ-17-E-368
DOLBOW, GABRIEL                         NJ-17-E-171
DOLBOW, MARY                            NJ-17-B-322
DORAN, PETER (COLORED)                  NJ-17-F-692
DOULIN, LAURENCE                        NJ-17-C-132
DREW, REBECCA                           NJ-17-D-329
DUBOIS, ELIZABETH                       NJ-17-B-523
DUBOIS, HANNAH                          NJ-17-F-462
DUBOIS, JOEL                            NJ-17-F-206
DUBOIS, JONATHAN                        NJ-17-D-192
DUBOIS,BARNET                           NJ-17-A-26
DUBOISE, EZEKIEL                        NJ-17-E-573
DUENT, HENRY J.                         NJ-17-F-383
DUKEMENEIR, THOMAS                      NJ-17-D-217
DUNHAM, JOB                             NJ-17-B-335
DUNHAM, JOHN                            NJ-17-B-402
DUNHAM, NATHAN                          NJ-17-A-176
DUNLAP, JOHN                            NJ-17-D-586
DUNN, EBENEZER                          NJ-17-B-43
DUNN, ELIJAH                            NJ-17-C-360
DUNN, JEDEDIAH G.                       NJ-17-E-526
DUNN, SAMUEL                            NJ-17-D-150
DUNN, THACKARD                          NJ-17-F-605
DUNN, THOMAS                            NJ-17-A-143
DUNN, THOMAS                            NJ-17-D-287
DUNN, WILLIAM                           NJ-17-E-547
EACRET, JOSEPH                          NJ-17-C-409
EARLE, MARY                             NJ-17-F-497
EARLEY, SARAH                           NJ-17-D-494
EARLY, JOHN                             NJ-17-E-281
EDWARDS, THOMAS                         NJ-17-F-498
ELDRIDGE, ISAAC                         NJ-17-B-359
ELLET, JOHN                             NJ-17-C-153
ELLET, MARY                             NJ-17-B-476
ELWELL, CHARLES                         NJ-17-F-450
ELWELL, JOHN                            NJ-17-A-32
ELWELL, JOHN G.                         NJ-17-E-485
ELWELL, JONATHAN                        NJ-17-C-286
ELWELL, JOSEPH                          NJ-17-E-145
ELWELL, LEVI                            NJ-17-A-234
ELWELL, PASCHALL                        NJ-17-C-427
ELWELL, SAMUEL                          NJ-17-F-688
EMERY, EDWARD                           NJ-17-F-683
EMMEL, JOHN                             NJ-17-E-19
ENGLE, LEVI                             NJ-17-E-143
ENGLISH, ANTHONY N.                     NJ-17-E-270
ENGLISH, DAVID S.                       NJ-17-E-117
ENGLISH, ISAAC                          NJ-17-E-296
ENGLISH, JOSEPH L. F.                   NJ-17-E-264
ENOCH, THOMAS                           NJ-17-A-332
ENOCH, THOMAS JR.                       NJ-17-B-125
ENOCK, MARTHA                           NJ-17-B-291
ERWIN, SAMUEL                           NJ-17-C-241
EVANS, RICHARD                          NJ-17-A-126
EWEN, JOHN                              NJ-17-C-325
FENTON, ELEAZAR                         NJ-17-B-275
FENTON, JOHN                            NJ-17-C-28
FENTON, JOHN                            NJ-17-C-147
FFORTH, SARAH                           NJ-17-C-143
FIELD, BENJAMIN                         NJ-17-E-209
FIELD, CHRISTIANA                       NJ-17-E-64
FINIAW, MARY                            NJ-17-E-648
FINLAW, DAVID                           NJ-17-F-678
FINLAW, JOHN                            NJ-17-F-217
FINLEY, JOB                             NJ-17-C-456
FIRESTONE, DAVID                        NJ-17-B-333
FIRTH, ANN                              NJ-17-D-346
FISH, JAMES                             NJ-17-D-553
FISHER, WILLIAM                         NJ-17-E-59
FITHIAN, ELIZABETH W.                   NJ-17-E-360
FITHIAN, RUTH                           NJ-17-F-267
FLEMINGS, AGNESS                        NJ-17-C-345
FLEMINGS, EPHRAIM                       NJ-17-B-510
FLITCRAFT, ISAIAH                       NJ-17-E-420
FLYNN, JOHN                             NJ-17-F-517
FOGG, DAVID                             NJ-17-D-83
FOGG, EBENEZER                          NJ-17-D-73
FOGG, EDWARD                            NJ-17-F-97
FOGG, FERMAN                            NJ-17-F-9
FOGG, HANNAH                            NJ-17-D-543
FOGG, HOLME                             NJ-17-B-22
FOGG, ISAAC                             NJ-17-B-187
FOGG, JOSEPH W.                         NJ-17-B-449
FOGG, LYDIA                             NJ-17-D-219
FOGG, MILLER M.                         NJ-17-D-36
FOGG, SARAH                             NJ-17-F-1
FOX, GEORGE SR.                         NJ-17-D-547
FOX, JACOB                              NJ-17-C-441
FOX, JANE                               NJ-17-C-433
FOX, KESIA                              NJ-17-A-200
FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN                      NJ-17-E-154
FRANKLIN, HANNAH                        NJ-17-F-356
FRAZER, DAVID                           NJ-17-E-284
FRAZER, JAMES                           NJ-17-E-528
FREAS, CATHARINE                        NJ-17-E-518
FREAS, HENRY                            NJ-17-E-453
FREEDLAND, JONAS                        NJ-17-C-223
FRIES, GEORGE                           NJ-17-D-426
FRIES, GEORGE SR.                       NJ-17-B-182
FRIES, HENRY J.                         NJ-17-C-254
FRIES, MARGARET                         NJ-17-F-68
FULCRAFT, BERAN                         NJ-17-F-39
FURGESON, JOSEPH                        NJ-17-B-485
GALLAHER, PHEBE                         NJ-17-F-680
GARDINER, ANN                           NJ-17-F-548
GARDINER, HENRY                         NJ-17-F-46
GARDINER, PATIENCE                      NJ-17-D-503
GARDINER, SARAH                         NJ-17-C-308
GARNS, PETER                            NJ-17-F-239
GARRISON, BENJAMIN                      NJ-17-F-114
GARRISON, DANIEL                        NJ-17-E-154
GARRISON, JEDEDIAH                      NJ-17-D-552
GARRISON, JOHN                          NJ-17-B-506
GARRISON, JONAH                         NJ-17-D-357
GARRISON, MARY                          NJ-17-F-183
GARTON, DAVID                           NJ-17-C-297
GASKILL, MARY                           NJ-17-F-620
GAUNT, SAMUEL                           NJ-17-B-132
GIBBON, RACHEL                          NJ-17-E-194
GIBBS, MARY                             NJ-17-B-30
GIBBS, RICHARD                          NJ-17-A-12
GIBSON, ELIZABETH                       NJ-17-E-111
GILL, JAMES M.                          NJ-17-D-325
GILL, JOHN                              NJ-17-D-418
GILMAN, DARNON                          NJ-17-F-656
GILMORE, ESTHER                         NJ-17-B-446
GILMORE, SAMUEL                         NJ-17-D-380
GODOWIN, ABBY                           NJ-17-F-460
GOLDER, SAMUEL                          NJ-17-F-644
GOODEN, JACOB                           NJ-17-D-129
GOODEN, KETURAH                         NJ-17-E-561
GOODWIN, ELIZABETH                      NJ-17-E-650
GOODWIN, HULDAH                         NJ-17-D-530
GOODWIN, THOMAS                         NJ-17-A-114
GOODWIN,ELIZABETH                       NJ-17-A-137
GOOLD, GEORGE                           NJ-17-D-63
GOSLING, JOHN                           NJ-17-D-409
GOSLING, REBECCA                        NJ-17-F-299
GOSLING, SAMUEL                         NJ-17-D-195
GOSLING, SARAH                          NJ-17-F-181
GOULD, WILCHER                          NJ-17-D-202
GRANT, CATO                             NJ-17-E-558
GREEN, ARTHUR                           NJ-17-F-615
GREEN, ELIZABETH                        NJ-17-F-348
GREEN, MARTIN                           NJ-17-B-258
GREEN, MARY                             NJ-17-A-276
GREEN, THOMAS                           NJ-17-A-337
GREENBRIER, ANNIE E.                    NJ-17-F-403
GRIER, CHARLES                          NJ-17-E-331
GRIER, DAVID                            NJ-17-C-336
GRIER, GEORGE                           NJ-17-E-28
GRIER, GEORGE                           NJ-17-A-278
GRIFFETH, SAMUEL                        NJ-17-C-115
GRIFFING, JOHN                          NJ-17-C-202
GRIFFITH, JAMES                         NJ-17-E-418
GRIFFITHS, ELIJAH                       NJ-17-D-582
GRISCOM, ANDREW                         NJ-17-F-467
GRISCOM, BENJAMIN                       NJ-17-F-30
GROFF, ASA                              NJ-17-E-291
GROFF, EDITH                            NJ-17-D-117
GROFF, ELIZABETH                        NJ-17-E-43
GROFF, JOHN                             NJ-17-C-302
GROFF, LETTITA                          NJ-17-A-356
GUEST, WILILAM                          NJ-17-F-344
GUESTNER, ROBERT                        NJ-17-E-579
GUIN, JAMES                             NJ-17-C-390
HACKET, DAVID                           NJ-17-A-291
HACKET, HANNAH                          NJ-17-A-170
HACKETT, MARY                           NJ-17-C-126
HACKETT, SAMUEL                         NJ-17-E-608
HACKETT, SAMUEL                         NJ-17-E-181
HAFTY, JACOB                            NJ-17-B-189
HAINES, BENJAMIN                        NJ-17-B-441
HAINES, DRUSILLIA                       NJ-17-D-463
HAINES, HOPE                            NJ-17-E-374
HAINES, MAHLON                          NJ-17-C-10
HAINES, MARGARET                        NJ-17-C-189
HAINES, MARY                            NJ-17-A-375
HAINES, THOMAS P.                       NJ-17-D-563
HAINES, WILLIAM                         NJ-17-C-169
HALL, ANN                               NJ-17-B-399
HALL, ANN                               NJ-17-D-272
HALL, ANN G.                            NJ-17-D-588
HALL, EDWARD                            NJ-17-B-169
HALL, GEORGE                            NJ-17-E-196
HALL, GERVIS                            NJ-17-F-478
HALL, JANE                              NJ-17-D-401
HALL, JOHN                              NJ-17-D-392
HALL, MARY                              NJ-17-A-300
HALL, MORRIS                            NJ-17-D-257
HALL, SARAH                             NJ-17-D-243
HALL, STEPHEN                           NJ-17-A-120
HALL, WILLIAM                           NJ-17-D-199
HALL, WILLIAM                           NJ-17-D-540
HAMBLY, JOHN                            NJ-17-E-481
HAMPTON, BARBARA                        NJ-17-C-13
HAMPTON, BENJAMIN                       NJ-17-A-202
HAMPTON, JACOB                          NJ-17-B-518
HAMPTON, JEPTHA                         NJ-17-F-531
HAMPTON, JOSEPH                         NJ-17-F-60
HANCE, JAMES                            NJ-17-C-335
HANCE, JOHN                             NJ-17-D-361
HANCOCK, DAVID                          NJ-17-E-571
HANCOCK, HANNAH                         NJ-17-B-84
HANCOCK, JOSEPH                         NJ-17-B-16
HANCOCK, REBECCA                        NJ-17-D-369
HANCOCK, SARAH                          NJ-17-A-122
HANCOCK, SARAH                          NJ-17-D-370
HANCOCK, THOMAS                         NJ-17-C-372
HANDY, SAMUEL                           NJ-17-C-291
HANNAH, JONATHAN                        NJ-17-A-15
HARBESON ADAM                           NJ-17-E-310
HARDING, HENRY                          NJ-17-F-321
HARDING, THOMAS                         NJ-17-E-178
HARKER, JOSEPH                          NJ-17-F-12
HARKER, SOLOMON                         NJ-17-E-474
HARLAN, ANNA                            NJ-17-F-102
HARMER, EBENEZER                        NJ-17-E-76
HARMER, LEVIN                           NJ-17-E-18
HARRIS, ABRAHAM                         NJ-17-D-282
HARRIS, DALYMORE                        NJ-17-F-208
HARRIS, DANIEL                          NJ-17-B-424
HARRIS, DAVID                           NJ-17-B-28
HARRIS, DEBORAH                         NJ-17-B-35
HARRIS, ENOCH                           NJ-17-B-167
HARRIS, EPHRAIM C.                      NJ-17-F-349
HARRIS, ISAAC                           NJ-17-A-388
HARRIS, ISAAC                           NJ-17-A-247
HARRIS, JAMES                           NJ-17-E-382
HARRIS, JOHN                            NJ-17-B-163
HARRIS, JOSIAH                          NJ-17-E-592
HARRIS, LYDIA                           NJ-17-D-385
HARRIS, REBEKAH                         NJ-17-E-470
HARRIS, STRETCH                         NJ-17-D-624
HARRISON, JOSIAH                        NJ-17-F-301
HART, HARVEY S. D.                      NJ-17-D-559
HARVEY, BENJAMIN                        NJ-17-C-23
HARVEY, JAMES                           NJ-17-F-4
HARVEY, WILLIAM                         NJ-17-A-407
HARVEY, WILLIAM JR.                     NJ-17-C-93
HAWTHORN, RICHARD                       NJ-17-F-5
HEADLEY, SAMUEL                         NJ-17-B-461
HERITAGE, BENJAMIN T.                   NJ-17-F-424
HERITAGE, HANNAH                        NJ-17-E-130
HEWARD, BENJAMIN                        NJ-17-C-471
HEWARD, JOSEPH                          NJ-17-B-200
HEWES, HEZEKIAH                         NJ-17-D-216
HEWITT, GUIN                            NJ-17-A-44
HEWITT, ROBERT                          NJ-17-F-613
HEWITT, SMITH                           NJ-17-E-483
HEWS, ISAAC                             NJ-17-B-89
HICKMAN, MARGARET                       NJ-17-B-229
HIGH, ANDREW                            NJ-17-E-46
HILDRETH, JONATHAN                      NJ-17-C-369
HILDRETH, JONATHAN JR.                  NJ-17-C-331
HILES, RICHARD                          NJ-17-D-526
HILLIARD, ELIZABETH                     NJ-17-F-139
HILLIARD, SARAH                         NJ-17-E-450
HILLMAN, DAVID                          NJ-17-E-261
HILLMAN, FRANCIS                        NJ-17-B-354
HILLMAN, PATIENCE                       NJ-17-D-29
HILLMAN, SAMUEL                         NJ-17-B-202
HILLMAN, SAMUEL                         NJ-17-F-305
HILLMAN, SARAH                          NJ-17-B-432
HINCHMAN, LOT                           NJ-17-D-6
HITCHLER, GEORGE                        NJ-17-D-505
HITCHLER, SENDANU                       NJ-17-C-395
HITCHNER, ELISABETH                     NJ-17-C-431
HITCHNER, GEORGE                        NJ-17-C-379
HITCHNER, JACOB                         NJ-17-C-230
HITCHNER, JOHN                          NJ-17-C-391
HITCHNER, JOHNSON                       NJ-17-F-603
HOFFMAN, HANNAH                         NJ-17-F-447
HOFFMAN, ISAAC                          NJ-17-F-129
HOFFMAN, JACOB                          NJ-17-D-411
HOFFMAN, MARTHA                         NJ-17-D-621
HOGBEN, MARY B.                         NJ-17-F-167
HOGBIN, CHARLES                         NJ-17-E-380
HOLADAY, SAMUEL                         NJ-17-A-153
HOLETON, ISAAC                          NJ-17-E-536
HOLETON, WILLIAM                        NJ-17-E-167
HOLETON, WILLIAM                        NJ-17-F-323
HOLME, SAMUEL JR.                       NJ-17-A-96
HOLMES, BENJAMIN S.                     NJ-17-F-408
HOLMES, JOHN                            NJ-17-C-402
HOLMES, SAMUEL                          NJ-17-A-288
HOLMES, SARAH C.                        NJ-17-F-564
HOLSTEN, JOHN                           NJ-17-A-167
HOLSTEN, WILLIAM                        NJ-17-B-350
HOLSTON, SARAH                          NJ-17-F-473
HOLTON, JOHN                            NJ-17-E-49
HOMAN, ABEL                             NJ-17-F-521
HOMAN, JOHN                             NJ-17-E-476
HON, DAVID                              NJ-17-A-209
HORMAN, JONAS                           NJ-17-E-176
HORNER, MALACHI                         NJ-17-E-652
HOUKE, MARTIN                           NJ-17-B-73
HOWANE, HENRY                           NJ-17-B-283
HOWARD, ELIJAH                          NJ-17-C-304
HUBBS, REBECCA                          NJ-17-E-236
HUBERS, CHARLOTTEE                      NJ-17-F-34
HUDDY, HANNAH                           NJ-17-E-326
HUDSON, ABRAHAM                         NJ-17-C-465
HUDSON, WILLIAM                         NJ-17-C-249
HUGHES, BENJAMIN                        NJ-17-A-85
HUGHES, DANIEL                          NJ-17-F-366
HUGHES, HENRY P.                        NJ-17-F-70
HUGHES, JOHN                            NJ-17-B-239
HUGHES, JOHN                            NJ-17-F-56
HUGHS, BENJAMIN                         NJ-17-D-80
HUGHS, RICHARD                          NJ-17-D-255
HUMPHREYS, ISAAC                        NJ-17-E-306
HUMPHREYS, JOHN                         NJ-17-A-315
HUMPHREYS, STEPHEN                      NJ-17-B-54
HUNT, MARY W.                           NJ-17-D-136
HUTCHENS, JOHN H.                       NJ-17-F-693
HUTCHINSON, HENRY                       NJ-17-E-552
IREDELL, ABRAHAM                        NJ-17-C-146
IRELAN, BENJAMIN                        NJ-17-C-434
IRELAND, DANIEL                         NJ-17-A-130
IRWIN, WILLIAM                          NJ-17-C-405
JACQUITT, HANNAH                        NJ-17-F-642
JAMES, SAMUEL L.                        NJ-17-D-498
JAQUETT, HANCE                          NJ-17-A-8
JAQUETT, HANCE                          NJ-17-D-203
JAQUETT, LOTT                           NJ-17-F-555
JAQUETT, PETER                          NJ-17-D-447
JAQUETT, SAMUEL                         NJ-17-E-26
JAQUETTE, JOHN                          NJ-17-C-348
JAQUSIT, PAUL                           NJ-17-D-145
JARMAN, MALACHI                         NJ-17-D-623
JEFFERIS, ELWOOD                        NJ-17-E-630
JEFFERIS, LYDIA                         NJ-17-B-65
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                       NJ-17-A-165
JOHNSON, CHARLES A.                     NJ-17-F-493
JOHNSON, HENRY                          NJ-17-E-509
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NJ-17-D-154
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NJ-17-C-171
JOHNSON, JOHN H.                        NJ-17-F-238
JOHNSON, JULIANNA E.                    NJ-17-E-340
JOHNSON, ROBERT G.                      NJ-17-E-125
JOHNSON, SAMUEL M.                      NJ-17-C-452
JONES, JOHN                             NJ-17-A-47
JONES, OWEN                             NJ-17-F-582
JONES, RICHARD                          NJ-17-F-505
JONES, THOMAS                           NJ-17-D-593
JONES, THOMAS                           NJ-17-C-384
KANDLE, HENRY                           NJ-17-D-205
KANDLE, JOHN                            NJ-17-D-532
KATES, JULIA ANN                        NJ-17-F-586
KATES, MARTIN                           NJ-17-F-95
KATES, MICHAEL                          NJ-17-F-172
KEAN, SAMUEL                            NJ-17-F-127
KEASBEY, EDWARD                         NJ-17-A-109
KEASBEY, JOSEPH                         NJ-17-B-137
KEASBEY, LYDIA                          NJ-17-B-130
KEASBEY, PRUDENCE A.                    NJ-17-E-223
KEEN, ELIJAH                            NJ-17-B-410
KEEN, JAMES                             NJ-17-D-539
KEEN, JONAS                             NJ-17-E-412
KEEN, THOMAS                            NJ-17-F-623
KELLY, JOHN                             NJ-17-B-97
KENDALL, JOHN                           NJ-17-B-256
KIDD, CHARLES                           NJ-17-F-570
KIDD, JOSEPH                            NJ-17-C-396
KIGAR, MATTHIAS JR.                     NJ-17-B-337
KIGER, HENRY                            NJ-17-A-155
KIGER, HENRY                            NJ-17-C-485
KILLE, JOSEPH                           NJ-17-F-296
KINDALL, GEORGE                         NJ-17-A-35
KINSEY, JAMES                           NJ-17-D-13
KINSEY, REBECCA                         NJ-17-D-449
KIRBY, ASA                              NJ-17-D-237
KIRBY, JEDIDAH                          NJ-17-D-5
KIRBY, JOHN                             NJ-17-C-487
KIRBY, MARIA                            NJ-17-D-580
KITTING, JOHN                           NJ-17-F-483
KLINE, ANN                              NJ-17-A-339
KNOWLES, GEORGE                         NJ-17-D-384
KOONE, CATHARINE                        NJ-17-F-578
KROM, RACHEL                            NJ-17-B-9
KUHN, PETER                             NJ-17-F-233
KUMERLE, JOHN MICHAEL                   NJ-17-E-628

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