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ACKERMAN, ABRAHAM                       NJ-2-B-329
ACKERMAN, CORNELIUS                     NJ-2-A-497
ACKERMAN, HENRY                         NJ-2-C-248
ACKERMAN, ISAAC                         NJ-2-A-121
ACKERMAN, JACOB                         NJ-2-A-374
ACKERMAN, JAMES                         NJ-2-B-405
ACKERMAN, JAMES                         NJ-2-C-172
ACKERMAN, JOHN                          NJ-2-B-203
ACKERMAN, JOHN J.                       NJ-2-B-83
ACKERMAN, JOHN JR.                      NJ-2-C-273
ACKERMAN, LAWRENCE A.                   NJ-2-B-358
ACKERMAN, MARIA                         NJ-2-B-165
ACKERMAN, PETER                         NJ-2-A-30
ACKERMANN, LAWRENCE                     NJ-2-C-37
ACKERSON, CORNELIUS C.                  NJ-2-C-152
ACKERSON, EDWARD                        NJ-2-C-235
ACKERSON, JACOB T.                      NJ-2-A-315
ACKERSON, JOHN                          NJ-2-B-174
ALLEN, JOHN JR.                         NJ-2-A-474
ALYEA, ANNATIE                          NJ-2-B-391
ANDERSON, ELBERT                        NJ-2-A-500
AURIYANSEN, JOHN                        NJ-2-B-13
BAILEY, SUSANN                          NJ-2-A-470
BALDWIN, DAVID                          NJ-2-C-195
BANCKER, GERARD                         NJ-2-A-3
BANTA, CATHARINE                        NJ-2-A-321
BANTA, CORNELIUS                        NJ-2-C-356
BANTA, CORNELIUS I.                     NJ-2-A-444
BANTA, DERICK                           NJ-2-A-140
BANTA, ELESABETH                        NJ-2-B-86
BANTA, GARRET                           NJ-2-A-402
BANTA, HENDRICK                         NJ-2-B-142
BANTA, HENDRICK                         NJ-2-B-156
BANTA, JOHN                             NJ-2-A-131
BANTA, SAMUEL                           NJ-2-C-134
BANTA, THOMAS                           NJ-2-C-41
BANTA, VROUTY                           NJ-2-C-9
BANTA, WIERT                            NJ-2-B-229
BARR, HENDRICK                          NJ-2-A-454
BAYLEY, WILLIAM L.                      NJ-2-B-382
BEAM, ABRAHAM                           NJ-2-A-420
BEAM, ANTHONY A.                        NJ-2-A-77
BEAM, ANTHONY C.                        NJ-2-C-65
BEAM, COENRADT                          NJ-2-A-331
BENSON, JOHN                            NJ-2-A-24
BENSON, JOHN G.                         NJ-2-C-260
BENSON, MARIAH                          NJ-2-C-260
BERDAN, JACOB D.                        NJ-2-B-65
BERDAN, JOHN D.                         NJ-2-C-30
BERRY, HENRY H. P.                      NJ-2-C-158
BERRYHILL, ROBERT                       NJ-2-B-40
BERVOORT, SAMUEL                        NJ-2-A-64
BESSET, GEORGE                          NJ-2-B-159
BLACKLIDGE, BENJAMIN                    NJ-2-B-61
BLANCH, THOMAS                          NJ-2-B-413
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM ABRAHAM               NJ-2-A-438
BLAUVELT, ABRAHAM H.                    NJ-2-B-176
BLAUVELT, CHRISTIAUN                    NJ-2-B-403
BLAUVELT, CORNELIUS                     NJ-2-A-366
BLAUVELT, ISAAC                         NJ-2-A-86
BLAUVELT, ISAAC I.                      NJ-2-A-119
BLAUVELT, ISAAC JR.                     NJ-2-A-519
BLAUVELT, JACOBUS D.                    NJ-2-C-192
BLAUVELT, JOHANNIS H.                   NJ-2-A-358
BLAUVELT, JOHN J.                       NJ-2-C-177
BLINKERHOF, HENDRICK                    NJ-2-A-202
BOGARD, HENRY                           NJ-2-C-5
BOGART, CORNELIUS                       NJ-2-A-247
BOGART, JOHN S.                         NJ-2-A-480
BOGERT, ALBERT J.                       NJ-2-B-154
BOGERT, CASPARUS                        NJ-2-C-154
BOGERT, CORNELIUS                       NJ-2-A-243
BOGERT, HENDRICK                        NJ-2-B-232
BOGERT, HENRY C.                        NJ-2-C-203
BOGERT, JACOB                           NJ-2-B-254
BOGERT, JACOBUS                         NJ-2-B-1
BOGERT, JACOBUS A.                      NJ-2-B-102
BOGERT, JAMES                           NJ-2-A-511
BOGERT, JOHN                            NJ-2-C-88
BOGERT, JOST                            NJ-2-B-321
BOGERT, PETER                           NJ-2-A-265
BOGERT, PETER                           NJ-2-B-375
BOGERT, PETER                           NJ-2-C-46
BOSKERK, CORNELIUS                      NJ-2-A-537
BOURDETT, PETER                         NJ-2-C-149
BREVOORT, HENRY                         NJ-2-B-395
BRIANT, JOHN                            NJ-2-A-517
BRINKERHOFF, CATALYNTIE                 NJ-2-B-155
BRINKERHOFF, HENRY H.                   NJ-2-C-142
BRINKERHOFF, JOHN                       NJ-2-C-11
BRINKERHOFF, MARIA                      NJ-2-C-282
BRINKERHOFF, ROELIF                     NJ-2-A-418
BRINKERHOFF,NICHOLAS                    NJ-2-B-205
BRINKERHOOF, JOHANNES                   NJ-2-A-547
BROWER, ABRAHAM A.                      NJ-2-B-245
BROWN, DANIEL                           NJ-2-B-117
BROWN, JOHN                             NJ-2-B-416
BUCKINGHAM, JOSEPH                      NJ-2-B-32
BURGER, ELIAS                           NJ-2-C-184
BUSH, ARIE                              NJ-2-B-81
BUSH, EDWARD                            NJ-2-C-97
BUSH, PETER R.                          NJ-2-C-233
BYARD, DAVID                            NJ-2-A-516
CADMUS, ABRAHAM                         NJ-2-A-21
CADMUS, ANDREW                          NJ-2-B-282
CADMUS, GEORGE                          NJ-2-B-312
CAIRNS, DOUGLASS                        NJ-2-B-93
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          NJ-2-B-37
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          NJ-2-C-140
CAMPBELL, SARAH                         NJ-2-A-363
CAMPBLE, JAMES                          NJ-2-C-125
CARTOUGH, JOHN                          NJ-2-C-36
CHAPPEL, JOHN                           NJ-2-A-19
CHRISTIE, JAMES                         NJ-2-B-137
CHRISTIE, JOHN W.                       NJ-2-B-52
CHRISTIE, PETER D.                      NJ-2-C-357
CHRISTIE, WILLIAM                       NJ-2-A-281
CLARK, WILLIAM                          NJ-2-A-109
CLENDENNY, WALTER                       NJ-2-B-378
CLEVLEAND, JOHN                         NJ-2-C-341
COCORO, NICHOLAS                        NJ-2-B-29
COLE, ABRAHAM                           NJ-2-C-1
COLE, PETER SR.                         NJ-2-A-277
COLE, SUSANNAH                          NJ-2-A-333
COLFAX, SCHUYLER                        NJ-2-B-392
CONCKLIN, JACOB                         NJ-2-C-180
CONCKLING, JOHN                         NJ-2-B-369
CONKLIN, LEWIS                          NJ-2-C-238
CONKLIN, WILLIAM                        NJ-2-C-94
COOLLY, BENJAMIN                        NJ-2-A-124
COOPER, ALBERT                          NJ-2-B-227
COOPER, JOHN                            NJ-2-A-237
COOPER, PETER C.                        NJ-2-B-345
COOPER, RICHARD J.                      NJ-2-A-397
CORNELISSON, JOHN                       NJ-2-C-266
COTINAL, CHARLES                        NJ-2-A-166
COULTER, WILLIAM                        NJ-2-B-200
COVENHOVEN, EVE                         NJ-2-B-89
COVENHOVEN, GARRIT                      NJ-2-B-399
CROUTER, JACOB                          NJ-2-A-196
CROUTER, JAMES                          NJ-2-B-326
CURTIS,JOSIAH                           NJ-2-B-217
CYPER, AERT                             NJ-2-B-20
DAGILAR, JOSEPH                         NJ-2-A-182
DAVIS, JAMES                            NJ-2-B-17
DAY, DAVID                              NJ-2-C-174
DAY, JEDUTHUN                           NJ-2-B-63
DAY, JOHN                               NJ-2-B-100
DEAS, JAMES                             NJ-2-A-404
DEBAUN, CHARLES P.                      NJ-2-C-213
DEBAUN, JACOB                           NJ-2-A-368
DEBAUN, JOHN                            NJ-2-B-328
DEDRIX, DANIEL                          NJ-2-B-362
DEETHS, JOHN                            NJ-2-B-361
DEGRAW, ELIZABETH                       NJ-2-C-21
DEGRAW, LEONARD                         NJ-2-A-528
DEGRAY, LENA                            NJ-2-B-171
DEGREY, JOHN                            NJ-2-A-78
DEGROOT, PETER A.                       NJ-2-A-48
DELAMATER, ABRAHAM                      NJ-2-A-47
DEMAREST, ABRAHAM                       NJ-2-C-55
DEMAREST, ANNE                          NJ-2-B-147
DEMAREST, BENJAMIN D.                   NJ-2-B-128
DEMAREST, DANIEL N.                     NJ-2-A-1
DEMAREST, DAVID                         NJ-2-A-323
DEMAREST, DAVID JACOBUSSE               NJ-2-B-115
DEMAREST, DAVID N.                      NJ-2-B-189
DEMAREST, DAVID P.                      NJ-2-B-295
DEMAREST, DAVID P.                      NJ-2-B-330
DEMAREST, DAVID SAMUEL                  NJ-2-A-107
DEMAREST, GARRET                        NJ-2-B-94
DEMAREST, HANNAH                        NJ-2-B-224
DEMAREST, JACOB                         NJ-2-B-68
DEMAREST, JACOB                         NJ-2-C-353
DEMAREST, JACOBUS                       NJ-2-A-179
DEMAREST, JACOMINTYE                    NJ-2-B-94
DEMAREST, JAMES                         NJ-2-B-113
DEMAREST, JAMES C.                      NJ-2-A-287
DEMAREST, JOHN                          NJ-2-A-261
DEMAREST, JOHN                          NJ-2-B-247
DEMAREST, JOHN                          NJ-2-A-491
DEMAREST, NICHOLAS                      NJ-2-A-338
DEMAREST, NICHOLAS D.                   NJ-2-A-207
DEMAREST, PETER                         NJ-2-A-434
DEMAREST, PETER I.                      NJ-2-A-224
DEMAREST, PETER J.                      NJ-2-B-267
DEMAREST, PETER S.                      NJ-2-B-342
DEMAREST, ROELOF                        NJ-2-B-10
DEMAREST, SAMUEL                        NJ-2-B-28
DEMAREST, SAMUEL D.                     NJ-2-B-57
DEMAREST, SAMUEL P.                     NJ-2-A-193
DEMAREST, SIMON                         NJ-2-C-221
DEMAREST, WILLIAM                       NJ-2-C-242
DEPEYSTER, ABRAHAM W.                   NJ-2-A-7
DERAMUS, HENRY                          NJ-2-B-123
DEVOS, AARON                            NJ-2-B-191
DEWIT, PETRUS                           NJ-2-A-289
DODS, JAMES                             NJ-2-A-507
DOOTY, FERRISS                          NJ-2-C-250
DORE, HENRY H.                          NJ-2-A-206
DOREMUS, DAVID                          NJ-2-A-155
DOREMUS, GEORGE C.                      NJ-2-A-180
DOUGHTY, SARAH                          NJ-2-B-88
DOYLE, PHILIP                           NJ-2-A-164
DURIE, DAVID                            NJ-2-A-252
DURIE, GERRIT                           NJ-2-B-340
DURIE, JOHN J.                          NJ-2-A-111
DURIE, JOHN P.                          NJ-2-B-215
EARL, ELIAS                             NJ-2-C-44
EARL, JACOB                             NJ-2-A-12
EARLE, NATHANIEL                        NJ-2-A-309
EARLE, ROBERT SR.                       NJ-2-A-538
ECKERSON, THOMAS                        NJ-2-B-195
ECKERSON, THOMAS                        NJ-2-C-362
ECKHART, WILLIAM                        NJ-2-A-142
EDSALL, SAMUEL                          NJ-2-A-268
ELSWORTH, WILLIAM J.                    NJ-2-A-531
EYERSON, GEORGE J.                      NJ-2-A-542
FERDON, JOHN                            NJ-2-C-205
FERDON, WILHELMES                       NJ-2-A-319
FESURE, BARNEY                          NJ-2-A-57
FISH, DAVID                             NJ-2-C-168
FISH, JOHN                              NJ-2-A-329
FISHER, MARIAH                          NJ-2-B-87
FISYIIER, BARENT                        NJ-2-A-57
FOMER, CHRISTOPHER                      NJ-2-A-233
FOX, CONRAD                             NJ-2-A-370
FREEMAN, WILLIAM                        NJ-2-C-288
FROELEGH, SOLOMON                       NJ-2-C-214
GARDNER, ELYJAH                         NJ-2-A-168
GARISON, PETER                          NJ-2-B-284
GARRABRANTS, CORNELIUS                  NJ-2-A-550
GARRETSON, JOHN P.                      NJ-2-C-69
GARRISON, JACOB J.                      NJ-2-C-111
GARRISON, LEAH                          NJ-2-A-459
GARRITSON, JACOB                        NJ-2-A-524
GARRITSON, JOHN H.                      NJ-2-A-306
GERO, DANNIEL                           NJ-2-B-386
GERRITSE, JOHN (DR.)                    NJ-2-A-41
GLASS, ROBERT                           NJ-2-B-311
GODWIN, ABRAHAM RESOLVERT               NJ-2-B-259
GOETSCHIUS, JOHN                        NJ-2-C-229
HARING, ABRAHAM                         NJ-2-A-138
HARING, ABRAHAM C.                      NJ-2-B-151
HARING, ANNAETYE                        NJ-2-A-74
HARING, CATHRENA                        NJ-2-B-239
HARING, CORNELIUS A.                    NJ-2-A-295
HARING, CORNELIUS C.                    NJ-2-A-134
HARING, FREDERICK                       NJ-2-A-148
HARING, HENRY                           NJ-2-C-120
HARING, ISAC P.                         NJ-2-C-115
HARING, JACOB                           NJ-2-B-39
HARING, JACOB                           NJ-2-A-269
HARING, JOHANNES T.                     NJ-2-A-485
HARING, JOHN                            NJ-2-B-400
HARING, JOHN C.                         NJ-2-B-31
HARING, PETER A.                        NJ-2-C-106
HARING, PETRUS                          NJ-2-A-170
HARRIS, JOHN                            NJ-2-A-337
HARRISON, ELIZABETH                     NJ-2-C-85
HELMS, THEUNIS                          NJ-2-B-201
HENERY, JOHN                            NJ-2-B-424
HENN, JACOB H.                          NJ-2-C-204
HENNION, DAVID D.                       NJ-2-C-351
HERING, DANIEL                          NJ-2-A-100
HOGELAND, CADARUS                       NJ-2-C-198
HOLDESON, WILLIAM                       NJ-2-C-161
HOLDRON, ANDRIES                        NJ-2-B-50
HOLLOCK, THOMAS                         NJ-2-B-158
HOPPER, ABRAHAM                         NJ-2-A-15
HOPPER, ABRAHAM                         NJ-2-B-275
HOPPER, ANDREW                          NJ-2-A-499
HOPPER, DAVID                           NJ-2-A-93
HOPPER, ELSHE                           NJ-2-B-70
HOPPER, GARRET                          NJ-2-B-22
HOPPER, HENDRICK H.                     NJ-2-A-70
HOPPER, HENRY AN                        NJ-2-C-7
HOPPER, HENRY J.                        NJ-2-B-318
HOPPER, ISAAC A.                        NJ-2-B-212
HOPPER, JACOB                           NJ-2-B-334
HOPPER, JACOB                           NJ-2-B-14
HOPPER, JOHN                            NJ-2-A-176
HOPPER, JOHN                            NJ-2-B-237
HOPPER, JOHN A.                         NJ-2-C-24
HOPPER, PETER                           NJ-2-B-187
HORN, JACOB                             NJ-2-A-453
HOUSE, LAMMETIE                         NJ-2-C-127
HOUSMAN, JAMES                          NJ-2-A-113
HOUSMAN, JAMES                          NJ-2-C-31
HUYLER, JOHN                            NJ-2-B-166
HUYSMAN, JAMES                          NJ-2-A-113
HUYTER, CORNELIUS                       NJ-2-C-164
INGLE, ANDREW                           NJ-2-A-313
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        NJ-2-A-508
JACOBUS, JAMES                          NJ-2-A-162
JACOBUS, ROELIF                         NJ-2-A-255
JAY, JAMES                              NJ-2-B-131
JOURDAN, JOSEPH                         NJ-2-A-466
KELLS, JAMES                            NJ-2-C-87
KING, ARIE                              NJ-2-A-327
KINGSLAND, DAVID                        NJ-2-A-544
KINGSLAND, EDMUND WILLIAM               NJ-2-C-306
KINGSLAND, ELIZABETH                    NJ-2-B-277
KINGSLAND, HENRY                        NJ-2-C-252
KINGSLAND, WILLIAM                      NJ-2-A-381
KIP, GARRET                             NJ-2-A-257
KIP, ISAAC                              NJ-2-A-468
KIP, JANE                               NJ-2-B-111
KIP, JOHN                               NJ-2-C-138
KIP, NICHOLAS                           NJ-2-A-232
KIP, NICHOLAS G.                        NJ-2-B-292
KIP, PETER                              NJ-2-A-456
KIPP, ABRAHAM                           NJ-2-A-387
KIPP, NICAUSE                           NJ-2-A-145
KISER, JACOB                            NJ-2-A-492
LAMB, SAMUEL                            NJ-2-C-76
LANSING, GARRET G.                      NJ-2-A-476
LANSING, MARY                           NJ-2-B-296
LAPE, HENRY                             NJ-2-A-58
LAZEER, PETER                           NJ-2-C-74
LINE, ABRAHAM                           NJ-2-B-244
LINES, ABRAHAM C.                       NJ-2-A-393
LOWDER, ROBERT                          NJ-2-C-310
LOZEARE, JOHN C.                        NJ-2-B-371
LOZIER, CORNELIUS                       NJ-2-B-41
LOZIER, DAVID                           NJ-2-B-51
LOZIER, JOST                            NJ-2-B-370
LOZIER, NICHOLAS                        NJ-2-C-212
LOZIER, PETER                           NJ-2-A-540
LUDLAM, ANTHONY                         NJ-2-C-246
LYDECKER, GARRET                        NJ-2-A-115
LYDECKER, GARRET A                      NJ-2-C-61
LYDECKER, JAMES                         NJ-2-C-58
LYNT, DENNIS                            NJ-2-B-337
LYONS, THOMAS                           NJ-2-C-16
MABEE, PETER                            NJ-2-B-397
MABYE, JASPER                           NJ-2-A-185
MACDONALD, THOMAS                       NJ-2-A-493
MALLOWS, DAVID HENDRICK                 NJ-2-A-87
MANDEVILLE, WILLIAM                     NJ-2-C-176
MARGREAF, MARTIN                        NJ-2-B-394
MARTIN, DANIEL                          NJ-2-B-47
MCCAN, WILLIAM                          NJ-2-B-163
MCKEE, JOHN                             NJ-2-C-327
MCMELON, JOHN                           NJ-2-A-386
MEAD, HENRY                             NJ-2-A-522
MEIMAN, ANDREW A.                       NJ-2-C-27
MENNARD, ABRAHAM P. A.                  NJ-2-C-208
MICHELAR, JOHN                          NJ-2-B-33
MILLER, ISRAEL                          NJ-2-C-200
MOMSON, ALEXANDER                       NJ-2-C-79
MONROE, ANGUS                           NJ-2-B-250
MOON, ABRAHAM S.                        NJ-2-C-359
MOORE, SAMUEL S.                        NJ-2-A-98
MORGAN, MORGAN                          NJ-2-C-22
MORRIS, GOUVERNEUR                      NJ-2-B-121
MORRIS, JOSHUA                          NJ-2-B-136
MORSE, JOSEPH                           NJ-2-B-168
MOSS, BENJAMIN                          NJ-2-B-348
MOURESSON, JAMES                        NJ-2-C-90
MUYSINGER, NICHOLAS                     NJ-2-A-52
MUYSINGER, PETER                        NJ-2-A-67
NAFEE, GARRET                           NJ-2-B-398
NAGEL, HENDRICK                         NJ-2-A-80
NAGEL, ISAAC                            NJ-2-A-83
NAGLE, JOHANES                          NJ-2-A-360
NAUDIEN, CORNELIUS                      NJ-2-C-339
NAUGLE, GARRET                          NJ-2-B-197
NEASIE, JOHN                            NJ-2-B-141
NEEDHAM, CATHARINE                      NJ-2-B-109
NEEDHAM, WILLIAM                        NJ-2-A-144
NEWKERK, HENDRICK                       NJ-2-A-353
NEWKIRK, JACOB                          NJ-2-B-182
NICOLL, DEBORAH                         NJ-2-A-172
NICOLL, ISAAC                           NJ-2-A-38
NICOLL, WALTER                          NJ-2-A-175
NICOLL, WILLIAM                         NJ-2-A-200
NIX, JOHN                               NJ-2-B-35
OGILVIE, ROBERT                         NJ-2-B-415
OHANLON, PATRICK                        NJ-2-C-26
OUTWATER, JAMES                         NJ-2-C-276
OUTWATER, JOHN                          NJ-2-B-420
PARK, JAMES                             NJ-2-B-54
PAULESON, JACOBUS                       NJ-2-A-229
PAULISON, JOHN                          NJ-2-C-145
PECK, DANIEL                            NJ-2-B-242
PECK, DAVID                             NJ-2-A-157
PEELIS, PETER P.                        NJ-2-C-325
PELL, WILLIAM                           NJ-2-B-67
PERDON, SAMUEL                          NJ-2-C-216
PERRY, DANIEL                           NJ-2-B-289
PETERSON, CORNELIUS                     NJ-2-A-432
PETERSON, JOHN                          NJ-2-A-382
PETERSON, LUCAS                         NJ-2-A-241
PETERSON, NICOLAS                       NJ-2-B-192
POST, ADIRY                             NJ-2-A-90
POST, ADRIAN                            NJ-2-B-423
POST, CORNELIUS                         NJ-2-A-384
POST, EGBERT                            NJ-2-B-359
POST, ELISABETH                         NJ-2-B-178
POST, GARRET                            NJ-2-B-353
POST, ISAAC                             NJ-2-A-533
POULD, ABRAHAM                          NJ-2-A-213
POWLES, HENRY                           NJ-2-B-120
PRIOR, JACOB                            NJ-2-C-130
PULIS, ABRAHAM                          NJ-2-B-76
PURDEN, DAVID                           NJ-2-C-304
QUACKENBUSH, ABRAHAM                    NJ-2-A-350
QUACKIMBUSH, JACOB                      NJ-2-C-312
QUACKINBUSH, JACOB                      NJ-2-A-514
QUAKENBUSH, ABRAHAM                     NJ-2-B-110
RAP, ADAM                               NJ-2-B-288
REDNER, ELIZABETH                       NJ-2-B-84
REID, ROBERT                            NJ-2-C-264
RETAN, THOMAS SR.                       NJ-2-B-380
RICHARDS, BURNET                        NJ-2-A-279
RIDNER, JOHN                            NJ-2-B-7
RIDNOR, COONRAUD                        NJ-2-A-364
ROBINSON, ROBERT                        NJ-2-B-48
ROMINE, ALBERT                          NJ-2-A-54
ROMINE, DAVID S.                        NJ-2-C-156
ROMINE, NICHOLAS                        NJ-2-B-325
ROPP, JOHN                              NJ-2-C-167
ROTAN, DANIEL                           NJ-2-C-122
RUTAN, ABRAHAM                          NJ-2-B-351
RUTAN, PAUL                             NJ-2-A-400
RYCKER, ABRAHAM                         NJ-2-B-252
RYCKMAN, EVERT                          NJ-2-B-314
RYERSON, GEORGE                         NJ-2-A-191
RYERSON, MARY                           NJ-2-A-304
RYERSON, RYER                           NJ-2-B-149
RYKER, JOHN                             NJ-2-C-293
SANDFORD, ABRAHAM                       NJ-2-B-410
SANDFORD, BENJAMIN                      NJ-2-A-461
SANDFORD, MICHAEL                       NJ-2-B-319
SAUNIER, PAUL                           NJ-2-B-175
SCHUYLER, ARANT                         NJ-2-A-122
SCHUYLER, JOHN                          NJ-2-A-160
SCHUYLER, PETER                         NJ-2-A-221
SCHUYLER, PHILIP A.                     NJ-2-A-355
SCOFELD, HEZEKIAH                       NJ-2-A-28
SHURTE, CHRISTIAN                       NJ-2-B-350
SICKLES, ABRAHAM                        NJ-2-A-10
SICKLES, JOHN                           NJ-2-B-377
SLINGERLAND, JOHN                       NJ-2-C-60
SLOAT, JOHN                             NJ-2-C-202
SLOTT, PETER                            NJ-2-C-108
SMITH, ABEL                             NJ-2-C-318
SMITH, GAMALIEL                         NJ-2-B-407
SMITH, JOHN                             NJ-2-A-96
SMITH, THOMAS R.                        NJ-2-C-321
SPEER, BARRENT                          NJ-2-B-309
SPEER, HENRY                            NJ-2-A-195
SPEER, HENRY B.                         NJ-2-B-285
STICKNEY, SARAH                         NJ-2-C-147
STOCKHOLM, CHARITY                      NJ-2-A-442
STORM, STATES                           NJ-2-C-269
STORMES, FREDERICK                      NJ-2-B-302
STORMS, ISAAC                           NJ-2-C-335
STORMS, JACOB                           NJ-2-A-490
STRANGE, MARY                           NJ-2-B-184
STRAUT, JOHN                            NJ-2-B-417
STUART, ROBERT                          NJ-2-B-169
STUYVERSANT, PETER                      NJ-2-B-336
SUFFERN, GEORGE                         NJ-2-B-3
TALLMAN, MARY                           NJ-2-A-13
TEARMAN, WILLIAM                        NJ-2-B-160
TEASER, VALENTINE                       NJ-2-C-124
TERHEUNE, JACOB JR.                     NJ-2-C-84
TERHUNE, ALBERT                         NJ-2-A-188
TERHUNE, ALBERT                         NJ-2-A-153
TERHUNE, DAVID                          NJ-2-B-55
TERHUNE, HAMAN                          NJ-2-C-210
TERHUNE, JOHN ALBERT                    NJ-2-A-43
TERHUNE, NECAUSIE                       NJ-2-A-186
TERHUNE, RULEF                          NJ-2-A-62
TICE, HENRY SR.                         NJ-2-B-162
TIMMETT, JOHN PETER                     NJ-2-C-347
TOURE, SAMUEL                           NJ-2-B-146
TUEN, FRANCIS                           NJ-2-C-14
TUERS, NICHOLAS                         NJ-2-B-26
VANALLEN, JOHN                          NJ-2-A-198
VANALLEN, JOHN                          NJ-2-C-28
VANALLEN, MARIA                         NJ-2-C-207
VANBEUREN, BEEKMAN                      NJ-2-A-406
VANBLARCOM, JOHN                        NJ-2-C-344
VANBLARCOM, JOHN F.                     NJ-2-C-159
VANBLARCOM, PETER J.                    NJ-2-C-39
VANBLERCKUM, ISAAC                      NJ-2-A-463
VANBOSKERK, JOHN                        NJ-2-B-80
VANBOSKIRK, JOHN                        NJ-2-B-271
VANBOSTERK, JAMES                       NJ-2-C-18
VANBUSKERCK, CORNELIUS                  NJ-2-B-222
VANBUSKIRK, ABRAHAM                     NJ-2-A-105
VANBUSKIRK, ANDREW                      NJ-2-A-275
VANBUSKIRK, ANDREW                      NJ-2-C-170
VANBUSKIRK, CAGTHERINE                  NJ-2-C-101
VANBUSKIRK, ELSHA                       NJ-2-A-335
VANBUSKIRK, JOHN                        NJ-2-B-298
VANBUSKIRK, PETER                       NJ-2-B-225
VANBUSKIRK, THOMAS                      NJ-2-A-343
VANBUSKIRK, THOMAS L.                   NJ-2-B-5
VANBUSSUM, DAVID                        NJ-2-B-381
VANBUSSUM, PETER                        NJ-2-A-535
VANDEEN, RICHARD C.                     NJ-2-C-103
VANDERBECK, ANN                         NJ-2-C-222
VANDERBEEK, AURY                        NJ-2-B-24
VANDERBEEK, JOHN P.                     NJ-2-C-278
VANDERBEEK, JUNIA                       NJ-2-B-103
VANDERBEEK, MARY                        NJ-2-B-105
VANDERHOOF, GARRET                      NJ-2-B-315
VANDIEN, ANERIES                        NJ-2-A-482
VANGEISEN, ANN (FEARL)                  NJ-2-B-339
VANGEISON, GARRET                       NJ-2-A-424
VANGEISON, HENRY                        NJ-2-A-436
VANGELDER, ABRAHAM                      NJ-2-A-137
VANGESEN, ISAAC                         NJ-2-A-352
VANGIESON, JOHN                         NJ-2-A-283
VANHORN, BALICAH                        NJ-2-C-132
VANHORN, CHRISTIAN                      NJ-2-B-125
VANHORN, CORNELIUS                      NJ-2-C-99
VANHORN, DAVID                          NJ-2-B-332
VANHOUTE, JOHN H.                       NJ-2-B-180
VANHOUTE, JOHN SR                       NJ-2-B-11
VANHOUTEN, CORNELIUS                    NJ-2-B-269
VANHOUTEN, CORNELIUS I.                 NJ-2-C-72
VANHOUTEN, GARRABRANT C.                NJ-2-B-98
VANHOUTEN, JOHN                         NJ-2-A-450
VANHOUTEN, JOHN J.                      NJ-2-B-172
VANHOUTEN, JOHN P.                      NJ-2-B-19
VANHOUTEN, RICHARD G.                   NJ-2-A-347
VANIDERSTINE, TUNIS                     NJ-2-B-60
VANNALLEN, GARRETSON                    NJ-2-C-143
VANNORDAN, HARMENUS                     NJ-2-C-112
VANNORDEN, JOHN                         NJ-2-A-311
VANREYPER, HARMAN                       NJ-2-A-341
VANRIPEN, GARRET J.                     NJ-2-B-303
VANRIPEN, JACOB                         NJ-2-B-118
VANRIPER, CORNELIUS                     NJ-2-B-301
VANRIPER, RICHARD                       NJ-2-A-219
VANRYPER, ISAAC                         NJ-2-A-68
VANSAAN, JACOB J. S.                    NJ-2-B-240
VANSAEN, MARYTYE                        NJ-2-A-60
VANSAUER, DAVID                         NJ-2-C-82
VANSAUER, PHEBE                         NJ-2-C-48
VANSAUN, EPKA                           NJ-2-A-227
VANSAUN, LUCAS                          NJ-2-A-391
VANVOORHIS, ALBERT                      NJ-2-B-346
VANVOORHIS, ALBERT                      NJ-2-B-389
VANVORST, CORNELIUS                     NJ-2-B-185
VANWAGENEN, JACOB                       NJ-2-A-376
VANWAGENEN, JOHN                        NJ-2-C-295
VANWAGGENOR, CATHERINE                  NJ-2-A-95
VANWART, HENRY                          NJ-2-B-316
VANWART, ISAAC                          NJ-2-C-92
VANWINKEL, HALMEGH                      NJ-2-B-365
VANWINKEL, THEODORUS                    NJ-2-A-239
VANWINKLE, CATHERINE                    NJ-2-C-286
VANWINKLE, JANE                         NJ-2-B-263
VANWINKLE, JOHN                         NJ-2-A-215
VANWINKLE, JOSEPH                       NJ-2-A-273
VANWINKLE, JOSEPH                       NJ-2-C-219
VANWINKLE, MARINES                      NJ-2-A-26
VANWYCK, ANNA MARIA                     NJ-2-A-479
VANZILE, JAMES                          NJ-2-C-244
VANZILE, JOHN                           NJ-2-C-240
VARICK, JANE                            NJ-2-A-301
VARICK, JOHN                            NJ-2-A-298
VAWAGGONER, GARRET P.                   NJ-2-A-102
VERVALEN, BERNARDUS                     NJ-2-B-278
VINCENT, BENJAMIN                       NJ-2-B-230
VOORHEASE, JACOB                        NJ-2-B-234
VOORHIS, ALBERT P.                      NJ-2-B-236
VREELAND, ABRAHAM                       NJ-2-C-163
VREELAND, GARRET                        NJ-2-C-77
VREELAND, GEORGE                        NJ-2-C-49
VREELAND, ISAAC                         NJ-2-C-330
VREELAND, JOHN                          NJ-2-A-527
VREELAND, JOHN                          NJ-2-A-416
VREELAND, JOHN                          NJ-2-C-3
VREELAND, JOHN G.                       NJ-2-C-63
VREELAND, MICHAEL                       NJ-2-A-32
VREELAND, MICHAEL S.                    NJ-2-C-224
VREELANDT, AIGHE                        NJ-2-B-384
VREELANDT, CORNELIUS                    NJ-2-B-206
VREELANDT, MICHAEL C.                   NJ-2-B-322
WADE, NEHEMIAH                          NJ-2-A-63
WALDRON, RACHEL MEIER                   NJ-2-A-412
WAMAKER, CONROD                         NJ-2-C-67
WANMAKER, RICHARD                       NJ-2-C-290
WARD, PETER                             NJ-2-A-395
WESSELS, LUCAS                          NJ-2-A-357
WESSELS, MARGARET                       NJ-2-B-214
WESTERFIELD, DAVID                      NJ-2-C-332
WESTERVELT, BALICAH                     NJ-2-B-373
WESTERVELT, BENJAMIN                    NJ-2-A-505
WESTERVELT, BENJAMIN                    NJ-2-B-219
WESTERVELT, CASPARES                    NJ-2-A-291
WESTERVELT, CATLYNTYE                   NJ-2-B-257
WESTERVELT, CORNELIUS                   NJ-2-B-78
WESTERVELT, DOWER                       NJ-2-B-367
WESTERVELT, GURY                        NJ-2-B-307
WESTERVELT, ISAAC                       NJ-2-A-410
WESTERVELT, JACOB (DR.)                 NJ-2-B-150
WESTERVELT, JACOBUS I.                  NJ-2-A-259
WESTERVELT, JOHN                        NJ-2-B-308
WESTERVELT, JOHN                        NJ-2-B-91
WESTERVELT, JOHN J.                     NJ-2-B-248
WESTERVELT, JOHN P.                     NJ-2-B-280
WESTERVELT, JOHN R.                     NJ-2-C-114
WESTERVELT, LUKE                        NJ-2-C-138
WESTERVELT, MARY                        NJ-2-B-203
WESTERVELT, PETER                       NJ-2-B-255
WESTEVELT, ABRAHAM                      NJ-2-B-58
WESTEVELT, ANNA                         NJ-2-B-134
WILLIAMS, ENOS                          NJ-2-C-349
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NJ-2-A-245
WILLIS, DAVID                           NJ-2-A-184
WILSON, JAMES                           NJ-2-A-36
WILSON, PETER                           NJ-2-C-117
WINNE, JOHN                             NJ-2-A-495
WITTY, HENRY                            NJ-2-B-38
WOODRUFF, DANIEL                        NJ-2-C-315
WOODWARDS, GILBERT                      NJ-2-A-372
WOORTENDYCK, REYNIER                    NJ-2-A-209
WORTENDYK, CORNELUS                     NJ-2-B-355
YERREYANCE, JOHN                        NJ-2-A-440
YUREANSE, CHRISTOPHER                   NJ-2-B-210
ZABRESKE, JACOB                         NJ-2-B-264
ZABRISKIE, CHRISTIAN A.                 NJ-2-A-448
ZABRISKIE, JACOB                        NJ-2-B-265
ZABRISKIE, JACOB I.                     NJ-2-C-104
ZABRISKIE, JASPER                       NJ-2-C-298
ZABRISKIE, JOHN                         NJ-2-B-108
ZABRISKIE, JOHN                         NJ-2-C-33
ZABRISKIE, JOHN N.                      NJ-2-B-261
ZABRISKIE, MARTHA                       NJ-2-B-324
ZABRISKIE, NICHOLAS                     NJ-2-B-412
ZABRISKIE, STEVEN                       NJ-2-A-379
ZABRISKIE, YORST                        NJ-2-A-126

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