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This Index List is for the ORIGINAL wills
It is recommended for SCANNED images for best results due to the condition and size of the original wills

Column One: Name of Testator
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ALLINSON, JOHN C.                       NJ-3-A-487
ANDERSON, AARON                         NJ-3-A-103
ANDERSON, JOSIAH                        NJ-3-A-61
ANTRAM, THOMAS                          NJ-3-A-436
APELGATE, GEORGE                        NJ-3-A-478
APPELTON, JOSIAH                        NJ-3-A-614
ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH                    NJ-3-A-515
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         NJ-3-A-131
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       NJ-3-A-100
ATKINSON, BENJAMIN                      NJ-3-A-325
ATKINSON, ELLEN                         NJ-3-A-518
ATKINSON, JOHN                          NJ-3-A-47
ATKINSON, SAMUEL                        NJ-3-A-7
ATKINSON, SARAH                         NJ-3-A-183
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                       NJ-3-A-144
AUSTIN, CALEB                           NJ-3-A-89
AUTRAM, JOHN                            NJ-3-A-217
BACON, ANN                              NJ-3-A-415
BATES, JOSHUA                           NJ-3-A-525
BIDDLE, SARAH                           NJ-3-A-363
BIDDLE, SARAH                           NJ-3-A-187
BISHOP, JOHN                            NJ-3-A-261
BISHOP, LUCIA                           NJ-3-A-160
BISPHAM, SAMUEL                         NJ-3-A-276
BLACK, JOSEPH                           NJ-3-A-208
BLAKELY, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-522
BODINE, WILLIAM                         NJ-3-A-238
BORDEN, ELIZABETH                       NJ-3-A-246
BORTON, ISAAC                           NJ-3-A-192
BOULTON, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-1
BOULTON, THOMAS                         NJ-3-A-265
BRADDOCK, DANIEL                        NJ-3-A-171
BRADDOCK, REHOBOAM                      NJ-3-A-466
BROWN, ABRAHAM                          NJ-3-A-475
BROWN, JOSEPH                           NJ-3-A-399
BROWN, PHBILIP                          NJ-3-A-443
BROWN, SHARP                            NJ-3-A-418
BROWN, THOMAS                           NJ-3-A-145
BUDD, JONATHAN                          NJ-3-A-612
BUDD, SARAH                             NJ-3-A-565
BUDD, WILLIAM                           NJ-3-A-300
BULLOCK, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-18
BUNN, JOHN                              NJ-3-A-104
BUNTING, JOSHUA                         NJ-3-A-254
BUNTING, NEWBURY                        NJ-3-A-66
BUNTING, TIMOTHY                        NJ-3-A-108
BURDEN, JANE                            NJ-3-A-488
BURR, HENERY                            NJ-3-A-5
BURR, HUDSON (OF JOSEPH)                NJ-3-A-491
BURROUGH, SARAH                         NJ-3-A-260
BUTTERWORTH, JOSEPH                     NJ-3-A-370
BUZBY, JOSEPH                           NJ-3-A-406
CARITHERS, THOMAS W.                    NJ-3-A-116
CARMAN, CALEB                           NJ-3-A-180
CARMAN, ELIZABETH                       NJ-3-A-248
CARTER, LETITIA                         NJ-3-A-367
CHAMBERS, ROBERT                        NJ-3-A-506
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM                        NJ-3-A-147
CLARK, WILLIAM                          NJ-3-A-249
CLAYPOOLE, ABRAHAM                      NJ-3-A-553
COLEMAN, JOHN SR.                       NJ-3-A-97
COLLINS, JOB JR.                        NJ-3-A-630
COLLINS, JOSEPH                         NJ-3-A-409
CONGLE, ANDREW                          NJ-3-A-564
COOPER, REBECCA                         NJ-3-A-417
COSTILL, JOSEPH                         NJ-3-A-591
COWGILL, ISAAC                          NJ-3-A-308
COWPERTHWAITE, HUGH                     NJ-3-A-251
COWPERTHWAITE, MARY                     NJ-3-A-584
COXE, ALEXANDER R.                      NJ-3-A-116
COXE, MARY                              NJ-3-A-60
COXE, MARY                              NJ-3-A-42
CRAFT, JAMES                            NJ-3-A-213
CRAFT, JAMES                            NJ-3-A-242
CROOKS, WILLIAM                         NJ-3-A-10
CROSHAW, HANNAH                         NJ-3-A-170
CROTHERS, NATHAN                        NJ-3-A-28
CUBBERLEY, MARY                         NJ-3-A-295
CUMMINGS, THOMAS                        NJ-3-A-177
DANSER, ABIN                            NJ-3-A-607
DAVIS, MARGARET                         NJ-3-A-353
DEACON, BARZELLAI                       NJ-3-A-202
DEACON, JOSEPH                          NJ-3-A-227
DEACON, WILLIAM                         NJ-3-A-422
DELOW, JOHN                             NJ-3-A-557
DORAN, THOMAS                           NJ-3-A-297
DORON, JOHN                             NJ-3-A-4
DURELL, LYDIA                           NJ-3-A-225
EARL, DANIEL                            NJ-3-A-72
EARL, FANTON                            NJ-3-A-210
EARL, JOHN                              NJ-3-A-53
EARL, JOHN (THE ELDER)                  NJ-3-A-574
EARL, MARY SR.                          NJ-3-A-408
EARL, THOMAS                            NJ-3-A-288
EDWARDS, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-453
ELKINTON, GEORGE                        NJ-3-A-277
ELLIS, DANIEL ESQ.                      NJ-3-A-38
ELLISON, JOSEPH                         NJ-3-A-321
ELLISON, JOSEPH                         NJ-3-A-383
EMLEY, JOSEPH SR.                       NJ-3-A-141
EMLEY, SAMUEL                           NJ-3-A-413
EMLEY, THOMAS                           NJ-3-A-24
EMLEY, WILLIAM                          NJ-3-A-458
ERES, CHARLES DENNIS                    NJ-3-A-174
EVENS, THOMAS                           NJ-3-A-560
EWAN, DAVID                             NJ-3-A-113
FARMER, MICHAEL                         NJ-3-A-395
FENIMORE, JAMES                         NJ-3-A-620
FENIMORE, REBECCA                       NJ-3-A-632
FENIMORE, THOMAS                        NJ-3-A-438
FENTON, SAMUEL                          NJ-3-A-605
FIELD, BENJAMIN                         NJ-3-A-166
FIELD, ISAAC                            NJ-3-A-627
FIELD, NEWBERRY                         NJ-3-A-313
FORCE, JACOB                            NJ-3-A-568
FORD, ANNE                              NJ-3-A-528
FOSTER, CHARLES                         NJ-3-A-240
FOSTER, SARAH                           NJ-3-A-263
FOSTER, URIAH                           NJ-3-A-266
FOWLER, JOSEPH SR.                      NJ-3-A-318
FRENCH, ROBERT                          NJ-3-A-382
FRICK, JOHN                             NJ-3-A-323
FURMAN, MOORE                           NJ-3-A-226
GARDINER, JOHN                          NJ-3-A-624
GARR, ISAAC                             NJ-3-A-593
GARRISON, WILLIAM                       NJ-3-A-546
GARWOOD, SAMUEL                         NJ-3-A-463
GASKILL, JOB                            NJ-3-A-359
GASKILL, LEVI                           NJ-3-A-139
GAUNT, JOHN                             NJ-3-A-307
GIBBS, LUCAS                            NJ-3-A-205
GRANT, THOMAS                           NJ-3-A-389
HAGAMAN, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-285
HAINES, GEORGE E.                       NJ-3-A-434
HAINES, ISAAC                           NJ-3-A-349
HAINES, ISAAC                           NJ-3-A-29
HAINES, JOSEPH                          NJ-3-A-424
HAINES, JOSIAH SR.                      NJ-3-A-414
HAINES, NEHEMIAH                        NJ-3-A-244
HALL, JOHN                              NJ-3-A-427
HAMMELL, MOSES                          NJ-3-A-184
HANCKEL, INSELL JR.                     NJ-3-A-396
HANCKEL, JOHN M. JR.                    NJ-3-A-396
HANCOCK, DANIEL                         NJ-3-A-196
HARRIS, HANNAH                          NJ-3-A-82
HARRISON, ISAAC                         NJ-3-A-320
HART, ANNE                              NJ-3-A-616
HARVEY, ANN                             NJ-3-A-122
HENDRICKSON, DANIEL                     NJ-3-A-489
HENRY, JOHN                             NJ-3-A-201
HEWLINGS, JOSEPH SR.                    NJ-3-A-194
HILLIARD, ISAAC                         NJ-3-A-134
HILLIER, ISAAC                          NJ-3-A-68
HINCHMAN, ELIZABETH                     NJ-3-A-58
HOLLINGSHEAD, JOHN                      NJ-3-A-101
HOLLINSHEAD, EDMOND                     NJ-3-A-310
HOOTON, THOMAS JR.                      NJ-3-A-117
HORNOR, JOSEPH                          NJ-3-A-484
HULFISH, WILLIAM                        NJ-3-A-625
HUNT, PETER                             NJ-3-A-329
HUTCHIN, AMOS                           NJ-3-A-462
HUTCHINSON, JONATHAN                    NJ-3-A-55
IMLAY, NATHANIEL                        NJ-3-A-76
INMAN, BENJAMIN                         NJ-3-A-589
INSKEEP, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-338
INSKEEP, THOMAS                         NJ-3-A-581
JENKINS, RACHEL                         NJ-3-A-299
JOLLY, JENNET                           NJ-3-A-540
JONES, ELIZABETH                        NJ-3-A-258
JONES, SAMUEL                           NJ-3-A-135
KINGTON, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-476
KINSEY, HANNAH                          NJ-3-A-175
KIRKBRIDE, MARY                         NJ-3-A-218
LACEY, JOHN                             NJ-3-A-610
LAWRENCE, CHRISTOPHER                   NJ-3-A-314
LEEDS, JOSIAH                           NJ-3-A-621
LINCH, JESSE                            NJ-3-A-571
LINTON, BENJAMIN                        NJ-3-A-291
LIPPINCOTT, AMEY                        NJ-3-A-124
LIPPINCOTT, ELISABETH                   NJ-3-A-9
LIPPINCOTT, ELIZABETH                   NJ-3-A-516
LIPPINCOTT, HANNAH                      NJ-3-A-204
LIPPINCOTT, JOSHUA                      NJ-3-A-555
LIPPINCOTT, SAMUEL                      NJ-3-A-63
LIPPINCOTT, WILLIAM                     NJ-3-A-532
LOCKART, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-83
LUCAS, ROBERT                           NJ-3-A-538
MARSHALL, THOMAS                        NJ-3-A-527
MARTER, MICHAEL                         NJ-3-A-511
MATHIS, MICAJAH                         NJ-3-A-40
MCCLOUD, HENRY                          NJ-3-A-503
MCILVAINE, WILLIAM                      NJ-3-A-136
MIDDLETON, SAMUEL                       NJ-3-A-472
MIDDLETON, SAMUEL                       NJ-3-A-454
MILLER, CATHARINE                       NJ-3-A-361
MILLER, NICHOLAS                        NJ-3-A-267
MOORE, GERSHOM                          NJ-3-A-356
MOORE, JOHN                             NJ-3-A-429
MOORE, PRESCILLA                        NJ-3-A-357
MULLEN, ANNE                            NJ-3-A-327
MURRY, ELIZABETH                        NJ-3-A-364
MYERS, ANDREW                           NJ-3-A-173
MYERS, JACOB                            NJ-3-A-633
NEALE, JOHN                             NJ-3-A-2
NEALE, MARY                             NJ-3-A-419
NEALE, THOMSON                          NJ-3-A-232
NEWBOLD, CLAYTON                        NJ-3-A-483
NEWEL, JOHN                             NJ-3-A-86
NEWTON, HANNAH                          NJ-3-A-305
NEWTON, SAMUEL                          NJ-3-A-346
NORCROSS, HANNAH                        NJ-3-A-468
NORCROSS, ISAAC                         NJ-3-A-22
NORCROSS, JOHN (THE ELDER)              NJ-3-A-25
OAKLEY, CHARLES                         NJ-3-A-81
PAGE, PHEBE                             NJ-3-A-231
PANCOAST, JOHN                          NJ-3-A-496
PARKER, SAMUEL                          NJ-3-A-569
PATTERSON, MARY                         NJ-3-A-485
PEACOCK, ABNER                          NJ-3-A-279
PEACOCK, ISAAC                          NJ-3-A-497
PEACOCK, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-148
PEACOCK, SUSANNAH                       NJ-3-A-401
PENINGTON, ANN                          NJ-3-A-143
PENNINGTON, SARAH                       NJ-3-A-149
PIPER, JOHN                             NJ-3-A-190
PITMAN, SAMUEL                          NJ-3-A-348
PITTMAN, JOSEPH                         NJ-3-A-235
POPE, RICHARD                           NJ-3-A-394
POTTS, AMY                              NJ-3-A-26
POWELL, JOSEPH                          NJ-3-A-74
PRICKITT, JACOB                         NJ-3-A-548
PROSSER, BENJAMIN                       NJ-3-A-59
QUICKSALL, REBECCA                      NJ-3-A-162
RAFZEL, JACOB                           NJ-3-A-626
REED, ABIGAIL                           NJ-3-A-572
REEVES, ABSALOM                         NJ-3-A-600
REILY, CHARLES                          NJ-3-A-597
REYNOLDS, EVAN                          NJ-3-A-256
RIDGEWAY, JOSEPH                        NJ-3-A-397
RIDGWAY, ISRAEL                         NJ-3-A-280
RIDGWAY, JOB                            NJ-3-A-536
RIDGWAY, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-164
RIDGWAY, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-269
RIDGWAY, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-215
RIDGWAY, JOSEPH                         NJ-3-A-397
RIDGWAY, JOSEPH                         NJ-3-A-404
ROCKHILL, AMOS                          NJ-3-A-373
RODMAN, ISAAC PEARSON                   NJ-3-A-333
RODMAN, SUSANNA                         NJ-3-A-386
ROGERS, CATHARINE                       NJ-3-A-381
ROGERS, JOHN                            NJ-3-A-448
ROGERS, SAMUEL                          NJ-3-A-586
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         NJ-3-A-500
SCHENECK, JOHN                          NJ-3-A-481
SCROGGY, SAMUEL                         NJ-3-A-403
SEVER, BENJAMIN                         NJ-3-A-623
SHARP, DINAH                            NJ-3-A-379
SHARP, HUGH                             NJ-3-A-95
SHINN, ELIZABETH                        NJ-3-A-15
SHINN, ISRAEL                           NJ-3-A-179
SHINN, MARY                             NJ-3-A-286
SHINN, MARY                             NJ-3-A-21
SHINN, MARY                             NJ-3-A-91
SHINN, REBECCAH                         NJ-3-A-120
SHIRAS, ALEXANDER                       NJ-3-A-375
SHREVE, WILLIAM                         NJ-3-A-504
SICKLES, MARY                           NJ-3-A-402
SLIM, PETER                             NJ-3-A-603
SMITH, AARON                            NJ-3-A-354
SMITH, DEBORAH                          NJ-3-A-27
SMITH, JOHN                             NJ-3-A-154
SMITH, THOMAS                           NJ-3-A-64
SMITH, THOMAS                           NJ-3-A-545
SMITH, WILLIAM JR.                      NJ-3-A-16
SNOWDEN, MARGARET                       NJ-3-A-274
SPICER, JACOB                           NJ-3-A-157
STEVENSON, CALEB                        NJ-3-A-562
STEVENSON, ELNATHAN                     NJ-3-A-445
STEVENSON, EZRA                         NJ-3-A-592
STEWARD, MARTHA                         NJ-3-A-344
STILES, NICHOLAS                        NJ-3-A-34
STILLWELL, JOHN                         NJ-3-A-618
STOCKTON, JONATHAN                      NJ-3-A-78
STOCKTON, STACY                         NJ-3-A-412
STOKES, JARVIS                          NJ-3-A-44
STOKES, THOMAS                          NJ-3-A-36
STOUT, RICHARD                          NJ-3-A-629
STRATTAN, JONATHAN                      NJ-3-A-87
STRATTEN, THOMAS                        NJ-3-A-587
SUTTS, ANNA                             NJ-3-A-464
SYKES, MARY                             NJ-3-A-411
TAYLOR, ANN                             NJ-3-A-388
TAYLOR, COURTLAND                       NJ-3-A-446
THORN, WILLIAM                          NJ-3-A-220
THROP, THOMAS                           NJ-3-A-229
TOY, HEZEKIAH                           NJ-3-A-336
TOY, ISAIAH                             NJ-3-A-498
TROTH, WILLIAM                          NJ-3-A-237
VANHORN, BENJAMIN                       NJ-3-A-77
VANSCIVER, JEREMIAH                     NJ-3-A-168
WALKER, JOSEPH                          NJ-3-A-508
WALL, HUMPHREY                          NJ-3-A-335
WALLEN, THOMAS                          NJ-3-A-195
WALLING, ANNE                           NJ-3-A-315
WALTON, JEREMIAH                        NJ-3-A-283
WARD, JOHN                              NJ-3-A-49
WARREN, THOMAS                          NJ-3-A-110
WATKINSON, JOHN                         NJ-3-A-595
WATSON, JOHN                            NJ-3-A-186
WELLS, MARY                             NJ-3-A-132
WEST, JOHN                              NJ-3-A-601
WILCOX, JOSEPH                          NJ-3-A-513
WILKINS, AMOS                           NJ-3-A-384
WILKINS, JAMES                          NJ-3-A-13
WILKINS, JOHN                           NJ-3-A-534
WILLETS, JOSEPH                         NJ-3-A-35
WILLETS, MICAJAH                        NJ-3-A-56
WILLETS, ELIAKIM                        NJ-3-A-520
WILLS, AARON                            NJ-3-A-70
WILLS, ELIZABETH                        NJ-3-A-473
WILLS, MOSES                            NJ-3-A-151
WINTER, GARRET                          NJ-3-A-293
WINTER, JACOB                           NJ-3-A-530
WOODWARD, APOLLO                        NJ-3-A-369
WOODWARD, JOSEPH                        NJ-3-A-106
WOOLMAN, RACHEL                         NJ-3-A-442
WOOLMAN, URIAH                          NJ-3-A-19
WOOLSTON, HANNAH                        NJ-3-A-366
WOOLSTON, RACHEL B.                     NJ-3-A-473
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NJ-3-A-480
WRIGHT, MARTHA                          NJ-3-A-470
WRIGHT, MARY                            NJ-3-A-80
WRIGHT, NATHAN                          NJ-3-A-578
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NJ-3-A-316
ZELLEY, DANIEL                          NJ-3-A-341
ZELLEY, JOSEPH                          NJ-3-A-609

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