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ADAMS, SQUIRE                          NC-96-A-4
ALDRIDGE, HARRISON                     NC-96-A-220
AUSSTIN, ROSANNA                       NC-96-A-42
BABB, CHARLEY                          NC-96-A-358
BAIRD, ALFRED B.                       NC-96-A-20
BAIRD, JOE C.                          NC-96-A-431
BANES, G. W. JR.                       NC-96-A-582
BANNER, LEWIS B.                       NC-96-A-54
BOYDEN, M. L. C. (MRS)                 NC-96-A-301
BRADLEY, DANIEL W.                     NC-96-A-264
BRADLEY, MARY L.                       NC-96-A-442
BROOKSHIRE, NOAH B.                    NC-96-A-479
BROWN, P. M.                           NC-96-A-382
BROWN, P. M.                           NC-96-A-450
BRYAN, SALLIE                          NC-96-A-500
BYLAND, SUSANA                         NC-96-A-267
CALAWAY, JAME SE.                      NC-96-A-248
CALLOWAY, ANNIE P.                     NC-96-A-292
CALLOWAY, JAMES (DR)                   NC-96-A-134
CANTER, G. W.                          NC-96-A-345
CARNISH, ANDREW                        NC-96-A-190
CARTER, CHARLES                        NC-96-A-445
CARTER, MARY N.                        NC-96-A-482
CHURCH, C. A.                          NC-96-A-280
CHURCH, J. J. L.                       NC-96-A-524
CLARKE, LOUISA S.                      NC-96-A-396
COLEMAN, WADSWORTH LAURA               NC-96-A-435
COOK, CAROLINE                         NC-96-A-92
COOK, DELPHIA                          NC-96-A-131
CORNISH, MARY E.                       NC-96-A-387
COTTRELL, C. J.                        NC-96-A-568
DARY, THOMAS L.                        NC-96-A-875 (?)
DAVIS, EDWARD M.                       NC-96-A-79
DAVIS, EDWARD M.                       NC-96-A-67
DAVIS MILTON                           NC-96-A-6
DAY, LUCINDA                           NC-96-A-176
DOTSON, ALLEN S.                       NC-96-A-56
EARP, L. C.                            NC-96-A-62
EGGERS, BRAZILLA                       NC-96-A-62
EGGERS, LANDRINE SR                    NC-96-A-39
ELLER, A. P.                           NC-96-A-497
ELROD, T. J.                           NC-96-A-475
FARTHIN, N. E.                         NC-96-A-412
FARTHING, ABNER C.                     NC-96-A-116
FARTHING, J. Y.                        NC-96-A-469
FARTHING, JOHN A.                      NC-96-A-50
FARTHING, STEPHEN J.                   NC-96-A-23
FARTHING, SUSAN                        NC-96-A-543
FRY, JACOB                             NC-96-A-186
GOODDEN, J. F.                         NC-96-A-289
GREEN, ADAM                            NC-96-A-87
GREEN, DANIEL                          NC-96-A-18
GREEN, ELIJAH                          NC-96-A-27
GREEN, RHODA                           NC-96-A-59
GREENE, JOHN                           NC-96-A-261
GREENE, REBECCA                        NC-96-A-98
GRIDER, JOHN H.                        NC-96-A-139
GROSS, ISAAC W.                        NC-96-A-545
GRUBB, C. A.                           NC-96-A-458
GRUBB, JOHN                            NC-96-A-326
GRUBB, JOHN                            NC-96-A-364
GRUBB, JOHNA                           NC-96-A-77
HAGAMAN, SALLY                         NC-96-A-52
HAMPTON, ABRAHAM                       NC-96-A-44
HARMAN, M. C.                          NC-96-A-101
HATTON, CHARLS                         NC-96-A-2
HENDRIX, W. L.                         NC-96-A-321
HILLIARD, ALFRED                       NC-96-A-182
HINDMAN, W. A.                         NC-96-A-330
HINE, THOMAS L.                        NC-96-A-64
HODGES, EDWARD                         NC-96-A-37
HODGES, LARKIN M.                      NC-96-A-462
HODGES, RILEY                          NC-96-A-513
HODGES, VIOLET                         NC-96-A-513
HODGES, VIRGIE                         NC-96-A-467
HORTON, JONATHAN                       NC-96-A-109
ISAACS, ALDEN                          NC-96-A-424
ISAACS, ELIAS                          NC-96-A-477
ISAACS, RICHARD                        NC-96-A-143
JOHNSON, BRAXTON                       NC-96-A-75
JONES, HIRAM                           NC-96-A-174
KLUTTZ, MARY L.                        NC-96-A-516
LAURANCE, G. W.                        NC-96-A-271
LENOIR, WALTER W.                      NC-96-A-72
LETHCO, D. M.                          NC-96-A-510
LEWIS, DAVID                           NC-96-A-9
LEWIS, HOLLY                           NC-96-A-155
LEWIS, J. S.                           NC-96-A-376
LEWIS, JAMES C. J.                     NC-96-A-297
LINNEY, R. Z.                          NC-96-A-283
LOVE, THOMAS SR.                       NC-96-A-95
LOVILL, JENNIE D.                      NC-96-A-408
LOWE, HATTIE H.                        NC-96-A-255
MAIN, HENRY H.                         NC-96-A-150
MALTBA, R. W.                          NC-96-A-342
MARTIN, MARGARET C.                    NC-96-A-340
MAST, JOHN A.                          NC-96-A-102
MICHEAL, A. T.                         NC-96-A-148
MILLER, ANDREW                         NC-96-A-351
MILLER, J. B.                          NC-96-A-384
MILLSAPS, J. L.                        NC-96-A-161
MORETZ, T. E.                          NC-96-A-465
MORPHEW, LEVI                          NC-96-A-355
PERRY, MARTHA HENRIETTA                NC-96-A-535
PILKINGTON, SARAH                      NC-96-A-94
PRITCHARD, ARTHUR                      NC-96-A-16
PROFFIT, PATTIE                        NC-96-A-222
REECE, MARY                            NC-96-A-506
ROBERTSON, JOHN                        NC-96-A-418
ROWE, ADOLPHUS J.                      NC-96-A-550
RUPPERT, VALENTINE                     NC-96-A-256
RUSE, L. W.                            NC-96-A-278
SERGEANT, J. D.                        NC-96-A-30
SHEARER, ROBERT                        NC-96-A-105
SHELL, FRANKLIN DUGGER                 NC-96-A-90
SHEPHERD, GEORGE                       NC-96-A-48
SHOEMAKER, JOEL A.                     NC-96-A-89
SLUDER, WILLIAM                        NC-96-A-123
SOUTH, ENOCH                           NC-96-A-209
SWIFT, ELIZABETH                       NC-96-A-127
SWIFT, HUBBARD                         NC-96-A-390
TAYLOR, GROVER C.                      NC-96-A-316
TAYLOR, HENRY                          NC-96-A-159
TAYLOR, T. H.                          NC-96-A-520
TEAGUE, JAMES D.                       NC-96-A-393
THOMAS, ALFRED S.                      NC-96-A-30
THOMPSON, J. H.                        NC-96-A-366
TRIPLETT, THOMAS H.                    NC-96-A-259
UNDERWOOD, CLABE                       NC-96-A-246
VANDIKE, WILLIAM                       NC-96-A-46
VAUGHT, JOHN L.                        NC-96-A-428
WALKER, JOHN SR.                       NC-96-A-319
WALKER, MARTHA A.                      NC-96-A-415
WALL, HENRY C.                         NC-96-A-346
WARD, SIMON                            NC-96-A-269
WARDE, THOMAS L.                       NC-96-A-180
WATSON, ISAAC S.                       NC-96-A-571
WATSON, L. P.                          NC-96-A-157
WILEY, SAMUEL H.                       NC-96-A-369
WILLIAMS, D. C.                        NC-96-A-564
WILSON, W. J.                          NC-96-A-360
WINKLER, JOSHUA                        NC-96-A-112
YOUNCE, SOLOMON                        NC-96-A-12

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