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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1849-1867 | 2 = 1868-1894 | 3 = 1894-1905 | 4 = 1906-1913 | 5 = 1910-1919 | 6 = 1919-1924 | 7 = 1924-1928 | 8 = 1928-1935 | 9 = 1935-1940 | 10 = 1940-1945 | 11 = 1845-1947 | 12 = 1949-1954 | 13 = 1954-1957 | 14 = 1957-1959 | 15 = 1959-1960 | 16 = 1960-1962 | 17 = 1962 = 1963 |
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LACKEY, WILLIAM                         NC-1-1-47
LANE, JOHN                              NC-1-5-295
LASHLEY, CAROLINE                       NC-1-4-193
LASHLEY, S. F.                          NC-1-4-8
LASLEY, CORNELIA                        NC-1-5-238
LASLEY, W. H.                           NC-1-3-324
LEA, BROWN                              NC-1-4-481
LEA, GABRIEL B.                         NC-1-2-31
LEATH, MARY E.                          NC-1-2-34
LEWELLIN, MARTHA H.                     NC-1-3-342
LEWIS, ANDREW                           NC-1-2-421
LEWIS, MARY C.                          NC-1-4-224
LEWIS, WILLIAM A.                       NC-1-6-516
LINDLEY, MARY                           NC-1-3-544
LINEBERRY, ARCHIBALD                    NC-1-2-460
LINEBERRY, REBECCA                      NC-1-2-527
LO, JACOB                               NC-1-1-116
LONG, ANN                               NC-1-5-158
LONG, HANNAH                            NC-1-2-2
LONG, HENRIETTA                         NC-1-3-478
LONG, HENRIETTA                         NC-1-5-478
LONG, HENRY                             NC-1-4-106
LONG, JACOB                             NC-1-1-13
LONG, JACOB                             NC-1-3-13
LONG, JAMES                             NC-1-2-61
LONG, JAMES HENRY                       NC-1-4-484
LONG, JANE                              NC-1-3-68
LONG, JOSEPH A.                         NC-1-3-212
LONG, MARY                              NC-1-1-64
LONG, SARAH                             NC-1-2-150
LONG, SARAH S.                          NC-1-4-54
LONG, THOMAS H.                         NC-1-2-547
LONG, WILLIAM                           NC-1-2-406
LOVE, GASTON                            NC-1-3-279
LOVE, SAMUEL                            NC-1-5-503
LOW, MAAG C.                            NC-1-4-462
LOW, SOLOMON                            NC-1-1-244
LOY, GELEA                              NC-1-5-260
LOY, MILTON                             NC-1-2-534
LOY, STELLA HOLT                        NC-1-6-224
LOY, W. H.                              NC-1-3-397
MABRY, GEORGE STATON                    NC-1-5-81
MADREN, A. D.                           NC-1-5-152
MAIZI, BETTIE                           NC-1-3-369
MALONE, LAURA                           NC-1-6-51
MARSHALL, NANCY JANE                    NC-1-3-348
MARSHBURN, OBED                         NC-1-3-312
MARTIN, SAMUEL H.                       NC-1-6-41
MATKINS, WILLIAM                        NC-1-1-159
MATLOCK, R. A.                          NC-1-6-191
MATLOCK, WILLIAM                        NC-1-2-37
MAY, JACOB                              NC-1-2-29
MAY, JAMES M.                           NC-1-5-384
MAY, TOBIUS                             NC-1-2-280
MAY, W. F.                              NC-1-6-214
MAYHAN, W. F.                           NC-1-4-83
MAYNARD, G. R.                          NC-1-6-339
MAYNARD, RICHARD                        NC-1-1-11
MCADAMS, BENJAMIN                       NC-1-3-416
MCADAMS, CATHERINE E.                   NC-1-4-527
MCADAMS, ELENOR                         NC-1-4-110
MCADAMS, ELEXNA                         NC-1-3-334
MCADAMS, HARREIT                        NC-1-2-111
MCADAMS, JOSEPH                         NC-1-3-169
MCADAMS, LAURA J.                       NC-1-4-435
MCADAMS, MARGARET                       NC-1-1-218
MCADAMS, WILLIAM W.                     NC-1-1-276
MCBANE, CAMILIS                         NC-1-5-559
MCBANE, DAVID                           NC-1-4-248
MCBANE, GEORGE                          NC-1-4-458
MCBANE, J. GURNEY                       NC-1-5-228
MCBANE, W. M.                           NC-1-6-195
MCBANE, WILLIAM A.                      NC-1-5-56
MCCADAMS, JANE                          NC-1-1-137
MCCAULEY, A. J.                         NC-1-4-598
MCCAULEY, J. A.                         NC-1-2-409
MCCAULEY, J. A.                         NC-1-2-360
MCCAULEY, JOHN W.                       NC-1-3-226
MCCAULEY, JOHNSTON                      NC-1-2-447
MCCRACKEN, JOHN                         NC-1-1-102
MCCRACKEN, JOHN M.                      NC-1-5-362
MCCRAY, JAMES                           NC-1-1-104
MCCRAY, JOHN                            NC-1-1-88
MCCULLEY, SALLY                         NC-1-1-152
MCDANIEL, CASON                         NC-1-1-167
MCDANIEL, JANE T.                       NC-1-1-173
MCDANIEL, WILLIAM P.                    NC-1-3-247
MCDANIELS, A. P.                        NC-1-4-363
MCPHERSON, A. M.                        NC-1-6-498
MCPHERSON, AARON                        NC-1-5-240
MCPHERSON, E. C.                        NC-1-5-58
MCPHERSON, ELI                          NC-1-2-244
MCPHERSON, J. R.                        NC-1-6-244
MCPHERSON, MARY C.                      NC-1-6-460
MCPHERSON, W. M.                        NC-1-6-26
MCPHERSON, WILLIAM                      NC-1-1-282
MCPHERSON, WILLIAM                      NC-1-2-33
MCPHERSON, WILLIAM                      NC-1-2-139
MCVEY, MARY J.                          NC-1-5-354
MEBANE, ALEXANDER                       NC-1-1-251
MEBANE, GILES                           NC-1-3-269
MEBANE, JANE A.                         NC-1-2-310
MEBANE, JOHN FRANKLIN                   NC-1-6-1
MEBANE, MARY C.                         NC-1-4-5
MENEFEE, JOHN W.                        NC-1-6-535
MICHAEL, DAVID                          NC-1-2-133
MICHAEL, PETER                          NC-1-4-128
MILES, GREEN SHELTON                    NC-1-6-385
MILES, ROBERT                           NC-1-5-586
MILLER, LIZZIE                          NC-1-3-61
MILLERTON, MARY                         NC-1-2-219
MILLERTON, REBECCA                      NC-1-2-222
MILLS, J. J.                            NC-1-6-313
MITCHELL, ANDERS L.                     NC-1-3-299
MITCHELL, CHRISTIAN                     NC-1-3-418
MITCHELL, J. L.                         NC-1-5-155
MITCHELL, LEMUEL R.                     NC-1-2-179
MITCHELL, MARY                          NC-1-3-285
MITCHELL, NANCY                         NC-1-2-172
MITCHELL, NOAH                          NC-1-1-178
MITCHELL, POLLY                         NC-1-1-85
MITCHELL, REBECCA                       NC-1-2-328
MITCHELL, SARAH                         NC-1-3-287
MITCHELL, SUSAN                         NC-1-1-263
MONTGOMERY, ANNIE L.                    NC-1-6-30
MOON, C. F.                             NC-1-5-112
MOORE, ADOLPHUS G.                      NC-1-2-75
MOORE, ANDREW                           NC-1-1-207
MOORE, CHESLEY                          NC-1-3-377
MOORE, ELLEN                            NC-1-1-97
MOORE, FRANK                            NC-1-2-320
MOORE, JAMES                            NC-1-1-3
MOORE, JAMES                            NC-1-1-121
MOORE, MARY A.                          NC-1-2-376
MOORE, THOMAS                           NC-1-2-162
MOORE,NANCY E.                          NC-1-5-303
MORROW, C. N. (REV.)                    NC-1-5-11
MORROW, DAVID                           NC-1-3-371
MORROW, LEVI N.                         NC-1-2-489
MORROW, WILLIAM                         NC-1-1-67
MORROW, WILLIAM P.                      NC-1-2-115
MOSER, BOSTON                           NC-1-1-33
MOSER, GEORGE W.                        NC-1-3-486
MOSER, LEWIS H.                         NC-1-6-512
MOSER, MARY                             NC-1-2-493
MURCHISON, MARTIN J.                    NC-1-5-323
MURPHY, JOHN S.                         NC-1-3-199
MURPHY, W. E. (DR)                      NC-1-6-374
MURRAY, ELI                             NC-1-2-6
MURRAY, FANNIE                          NC-1-6-466
MURRAY, J. W.                           NC-1-5-64
MURRAY, JAMES                           NC-1-2-584
MURRAY, NANCY                           NC-1-2-96
MURRAY, VINIE M.                        NC-1-5-300
MURRAY, W. P.                           NC-1-6-479
MURRAY, WILLIAM                         NC-1-1-249
MURRY, MARY ANN                         NC-1-5-479
NANCE, THOMAS W.                        NC-1-3-224
NEARE, JACOB                            NC-1-1-210
NEESE, JACOB L.                         NC-1-4-410
NEWLIN, JOHN                            NC-1-3-450
NEWLIN, JOHN                            NC-1-1-284
NEWLIN, OLIVER                          NC-1-3-373
NEWLIN, SALLIE C.                       NC-1-4-76
NEWLIN, WILLIAM                         NC-1-3-134
NICHOLSON, NANCY DAVIS                  NC-1-1-93
NOAH, HENRY M.                          NC-1-1-229
NOAH, ISAIAH                            NC-1-3-25
NOAH, SALLY                             NC-1-1-86
NOAK, M. F.                             NC-1-5-514
NOAK. GEORGE M.                         NC-1-5-250
NORTHAM, E. R.                          NC-1-3-428
OLDHAM, FANNIE                          NC-1-6-202
OUTLAW, NANCY                           NC-1-1-90
PACE, BETTIE                            NC-1-4-271
PACE, JOSEPH B.                         NC-1-2-247
PAGE, WILLIAM A.                        NC-1-2-509
PALMER, THOMAS                          NC-1-1-132
PARKER, E. S.                           NC-1-5-24
PARKER, JOHN                            NC-1-5-525
PATILLO, JACK                           NC-1-2-487
PATTERSON, NANCY E.                     NC-1-2-45
PATTERSON, THOMAS W.                    NC-1-3-513
PATTON, ALEXANDER                       NC-1-3-598
PATTON, ALEXANDER                       NC-1-1-183
PATTON, ISABEL                          NC-1-3-395
PATTON, J. A.                           NC-1-5-220
PATTON, JAMES C.                        NC-1-3-36
PATTON, JOHNSTON                        NC-1-1-215
PATTON, SAMUEL                          NC-1-1-205
PATTON, WILLIAM                         NC-1-2-164
PAUL, SARAH A.                          NC-1-2-10
PERRY, BYNUM                            NC-1-2-250
PERRY, LUCINDA                          NC-1-2-348
PETTIGREW, MARY                         NC-1-2-161
PHILLIPS, SUSAN F.                      NC-1-2-108
PICKARD, A. P.                          NC-1-4-178
PICKARD, T. F.                          NC-1-5-187
PICKETT, D. E.                          NC-1-5-289
PICKETT, ELIZABETH                      NC-1-2-4
PIKE, MICAJAH                           NC-1-2-473
PINNIX, MARY F.                         NC-1-2-53
PINNIX, MINTIS                          NC-1-6-458
POMEROY, C. S. D. (MRS)                 NC-1-4-345
PRITCHETT, M. L. (MRS)                  NC-1-3-452
PUGH, ELIZABETH D.                      NC-1-2-140
PUGH, J. R.                             NC-1-2-118
PUREPAR, NIX                            NC-1-3-538
PURSE, W. L.                            NC-1-5-540
PURYEUR, SEYMOUR                        NC-1-2-155
QUACKENBUSH, ELIAS M.                   NC-1-5-15
QUACKENBUSH, HENRY M.                   NC-1-3-183
RAY, ELIZABETH A.                       NC-1-6-105
RAY, JAMES MCD.                         NC-1-1-85
RAY, JANE                               NC-1-4-37
READ, ARMINTY                           NC-1-2-146
REAVES, JERRY                           NC-1-3-162
REDDICK, MARY JANE                      NC-1-6-43
REDDING, BENJAMIN F.                    NC-1-4-163
REEVES, DELILAH                         NC-1-2-483
REEVES, PRISCILLA                       NC-1-2-366
RICHMOND, GEORGE T.                     NC-1-3-219
RIPPY, G. D.                            NC-1-6-503
RIPPY, JOHN W.                          NC-1-4-211
RIPPY, MARY A.                          NC-1-3-250
RIPPY, MARY E.                          NC-1-4-451
RIPPY, THOMAS                           NC-1-1-30
RIPPY, W. W.                            NC-1-6-409
ROBERSON, ELLINER                       NC-1-4-357
ROBERSON, ISAAC                         NC-1-4-46
ROBERSON, SARAH ELLEN                   NC-1-3-563
ROBERSON, WILLIAM                       NC-1-1-270
ROBERTSON, THOMAS S.                    NC-1-3-383
ROBERTSON,E VE                          NC-1-1-98
ROBINSON, FRANKLIN P.                   NC-1-3-310
ROBINSON, JOHN A.                       NC-1-3-461
ROGERS, ANDREW J.                       NC-1-1-240
ROGERS, ARTELIA                         NC-1-4-458
ROGERS, ED                              6486
ROGERS, JOHN                            NC-1-1-228
ROGERS, NANCY                           NC-1-2-82
ROGERS, RENICE                          NC-1-6-455
ROGERS, WILLIAM M.                      NC-1-2-44
RONEY, BENJAMIN F.                      NC-1-2-77
RONEY, BENJAMIN F.                      NC-1-3-75
RONEY, JOHN                             NC-1-1-255
RONEY, SARAH                            NC-1-2-142
ROSS, A. D.                             NC-1-2-187
ROSS, CATHRINE                          NC-1-5-434
ROSS, JOSEPH G.                         NC-1-2-346
ROSS, SARAH                             NC-1-2-283
RUSSELL, A. G.                          NC-1-5-131
RUSSELL, CALLIE V.                      NC-1-6-475
SAULS, GEORGE W.                        NC-1-6-426
SAUNDERS, JOSEPHINE A.                  NC-1-6-127
SCOTT, BETTIE M.                        NC-1-3-411
SCOTT, FANNIE                           NC-1-2-54
SCOTT, J. L.                            NC-1-4-365
SCOTT, J. L.                            NC-1-6-521
SCOTT, JAMES S.                         NC-1-3-201
SCOTT, JOHN                             NC-1-1-108
SCOTT, MARGARET G.                      NC-1-2-560
SCOTT, SUDIE L. K.                      NC-1-4-108
SCOTT, TAYLOR OSWALD                    NC-1-6-520
SCOTT, WALTER H.                        NC-1-3-193
SCOTTIN, LEWIS                          NC-1-3-1
SELLARS, B. A.                          NC-1-3-96
SELLARS, BENJAMIN R.                    NC-1-5-188
SELLARS, PETER L.                       NC-1-3-93
SELLARS, THOMAS                         NC-1-2-548
SHANKLIN, JOHN                          NC-1-2-128
SHARP, ALFRED                           NC-1-4-160
SHARP, CHRISTIAN                        NC-1-1-185
SHARP, ELIZABETH A.                     NC-1-5-590
SHARP, ISAAC                            NC-1-2-85
SHARP, JEREMIAH                         NC-1-4-266
SHARP, JOHN R.                          NC-1-6-469
SHARPE, ELIZA JANE                      NC-1-6-326
SHARPE, SHADDY F.                       NC-1-6-80
SHAW, JANE                              NC-1-2-428
SHAW, MOSES N.                          NC-1-2-143
SHAW, ROBERT                            NC-1-3-406
SHAW, ZILA J.                           NC-1-3-282
SHELTON, W. N.                          NC-1-5-206
SHEPHERD, EMILY ANTHONY                 NC-1-5-165
SHEPHERD, L. P.                         NC-1-5-247
SHOFFNER, J. M.                         NC-1-6-306
SHOFFNER, JACOB                         NC-1-4-467
SILER, MARY ELIZABETH                   NC-1-4-570
SILER, SARAH                            NC-1-4-514
SIMMONS, RITTA                          NC-1-3-494
SIMPSON, CLAUDIA                        NC-1-5-41
SKEENER, HARRIET                        NC-1-6-233
SKENES, D. A.                           NC-1-5-175
SLOAN, SYVLESTER                        NC-1-6-247
SMITH, A. T.                            NC-1-3-186
SMITH, F. M.                            NC-1-4-321
SMITH, H. P.                            NC-1-5-225
SMITH, JAMES A.                         NC-1-4-508
SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY                    NC-1-6-267
SMITH, ZION                             NC-1-2-251
SNELL, FRANK V.                         NC-1-4-427
SOMMERS, ROSANNA ELLEN                  NC-1-5-410
SPOON, ADAM                             NC-1-1-6
SPOON, GEORGIE                          NC-1-2-101
SPOON, H. M.                            NC-1-5-267
SPOON, JOHN                             NC-1-3-402
SPOON, JOHN                             NC-1-1-5
STADLER, W. J.                          NC-1-6-186
STAFFORD, BALAAM                        NC-1-4-87
STAFFORD, JOHN                          NC-1-1-177
STAFFORD, NATHAN                        NC-1-3-528
STAFFORD, THOMAS                        NC-1-2-241
STAFFORD, W. G.                         NC-1-6-35
STAGG, HENDRESON D.                     NC-1-4-24
STALEY, EADY                            NC-1-4-338
STALEY, NANCY                           NC-1-3-464
STALY, WILLIAM                          NC-1-2-457
STAMBACK, J. W.                         NC-1-5-338
STEEL, ANDREW M.                        NC-1-1-267
STEWARD, LULA CATES WILBURN             NC-1-5-425
STEWART, JOHN EDWARD                    NC-1-6-95
STEWART, W. H.                          NC-1-6-5
STOCKARD, HENRY JEROME                  NC-1-5-375
STOCKARD, J. G.                         NC-1-2-26
STOCKARD, J. R.                         NC-1-5-388
STOCKARD, JOHN                          NC-1-1-191
STOCKARD, SAMUEL S.                     NC-1-2-56
STOCKARD, W. J.                         NC-1-2-372
STOCKARD, W. J.                         NC-1-6-558
STOUT, PETER                            NC-1-1-169
STRADER, ADAM                           NC-1-2-502
STRADER, HENRY                          NC-1-1-186
STRADER, MICHAEL                        NC-1-2-91
STROUD, W. M.                           NC-1-6-550
SUMMERS, ALEXANDER                      NC-1-4-241
SUMMERS, ANDREW                         NC-1-3-328
SUMMERS, ELIZABETH                      NC-1-2-552
SUMMERS, GEORGE N.                      NC-1-3-317
SUMMERS, JACOB                          NC-1-3-521
SUMMERS, JULIUS B.                      NC-1-5-495
SUMMERS, MATTIE D.                      NC-1-6-175
SUMMERS, SALLIE F.                      NC-1-5-531
SUTTON, GEORGE W.                       NC-1-5-87
SUTTON, J. M.                           NC-1-6-325
SUTTON, P. S.                           NC-1-4-141
SUTTON, W. S.                           NC-1-6-322
SWAIN, P. D.                            NC-1-2-345
SYKES, JOHN C.                          NC-1-5-211
TACKELL, YANCEY                         NC-1-5-453
TAPSCOTT, HENRY C.                      NC-1-1-123
TAPSCOTT, MARY                          NC-1-1-119
TAPSCOTT, SAMUEL                        NC-1-1-154
TAPSCOTT, T. J.                         NC-1-3-497
TARPLEY, ELIZABETH                      NC-1-1-171
TARPLEY, HENRY                          NC-1-2-127
TARPLEY, J. H.                          NC-1-4-487
TARPLEY, MARGARET                       NC-1-3-15
TARPLEY, WILLIAM C.                     NC-1-2-233
TATE, A.                                NC-1-3-164
TATE, HENRIETTA                         NC-1-2-93
TATE, JAMES S.                          NC-1-2-160
TATE, JESSE                             NC-1-2-217
TATE, JOHN                              NC-1-1-259
TATE, JOSEPH                            NC-1-2-197
TATE, JOSEPH                            NC-1-1-40
TATE, MARGARET                          NC-1-2-210
TATE, MARY                              NC-1-3-61
TATE, MARY JANE                         NC-1-5-18
TATE, PETER                             NC-1-3-435
TATE, ROBERT WILLIAM                    NC-1-6-158
TATE, ROWAN                             NC-1-2-28
TATE, S. E. (MRS)                       NC-1-4-14
TATE, SAMUEL                            NC-1-1-95
TATE, W. S.                             NC-1-4-431
TEAGUE, EDWARD                          NC-1-5-508
TEAGUE, J. W.                           NC-1-5-434
TEER, LUKE                              NC-1-1-16
TERRELL, JENNIE                         NC-1-5-244
TERRELL, MARTHA E.                      NC-1-4-464
THAYER, CHRISTOPHER                     NC-1-3-314
THOMAS, B. N.                           NC-1-3-191
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                       NC-1-2-443
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                       NC-1-2-79
THOMAS, JOHN                            NC-1-3-330
THOMAS, MARY                            NC-1-2-48
THOMAS, SPENCER                         NC-1-4-519
THOMPSON, A. C.                         NC-1-5-416
THOMPSON, ABIGAIL                       NC-1-4-233
THOMPSON, ALFRED                        NC-1-3-9
THOMPSON, ANN                           NC-1-1-156
THOMPSON, B. F.                         NC-1-3-511
THOMPSON, D. S.                         NC-1-2-559
THOMPSON, E. W.                         NC-1-4-35
THOMPSON, EMILY F.                      NC-1-3-567
THOMPSON, GEORGE A.                     NC-1-3-506
THOMPSON, HANNAH JANE                   NC-1-6-589
THOMPSON, J. BEDFORD                    NC-1-5-67
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NC-1-1-141
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NC-1-2-369
THOMPSON, JAMES S.                      NC-1-5-203
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NC-1-4-103
THOMPSON, JOHN B.                       NC-1-3-587
THOMPSON, JONATHAN                      NC-1-5-200
THOMPSON, JOSEPH A.                     NC-1-3-491
THOMPSON, LIZZIE                        NC-1-6-129
THOMPSON, PATTERSON                     NC-1-2-504
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        NC-1-1-20
THOMPSON, SALEM SAMUEL                  NC-1-2-555
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        NC-1-2-89
THOMPSON, SAMUEL LEE                    NC-1-3-242
THOMPSON, SIMEON                        NC-1-5-139
THOMPSON, SINA                          NC-1-5-378
THOMPSON, SUE MAY                       NC-1-4-446
THOMPSON, W. H.                         NC-1-4-560
THOMPSON, W. P.                         NC-1-4-596
THOMPSON, WILLIAM A.                    NC-1-2-317
THOMPSON, WILLIAM P.                    NC-1-4-256
THOMPSON, WILLIAM P.                    NC-1-2-39
THORNBURG, WILLIAM L.                   NC-1-6-279
TICKEL, GEORGE                          NC-1-2-173
TICKLE, DANIEL                          NC-1-2-390
TICKLE, ELI                             NC-1-2-496
TICKLE, H. F. (DR)                      NC-1-4-192
TICKLE, JOHN W.                         NC-1-3-319
TICKLE, LEWIS                           NC-1-2-153
TICKLE, PARMELIA                        NC-1-5-38
TICKLE, SARAH                           NC-1-3-409
TICKLE, SIMEON                          NC-1-1-247
TICKLE, SOLOMON                         NC-1-3-409
TIKCLE, CABLE                           NC-1-4-537
TILLETT, JAMES W.                       NC-1-3-159
TINNIN, ADELINE                         NC-1-5-335
TORAN, WILLIS                           NC-1-6-171
TRACE, ELLA STULL                       NC-1-5-420
TRAINER, JOHN                           NC-1-1-130
TROLINGER, HENRY                        NC-1-3-254
TROLINGER, JACOB T.                     NC-1-2-152
TROLINGER, JOHN                         NC-1-2-14
TROLINGER, W. H.                        NC-1-5-161
TROXLER, JOHN C.                        NC-1-3-20
TROXLER, POWELL                         NC-1-1-71
TROXLER, WILLIAM M.                     NC-1-5-447
TRUETT, LEVI                            NC-1-2-42
TUMIN, ELIZABETH                        NC-1-1-266
TURNER, BEN N.                          NC-1-6-205
TURNER, DAVID                           NC-1-1-225
TURNER, ELIZABETH P.                    NC-1-3-259
TURNER, JAMES                           NC-1-1-99
TURNER, JANE                            NC-1-1-158
TURNER, MARGARET                        NC-1-2-148
TURNER, MARY J.                         NC-1-3-593
TURNER, REBECCA                         NC-1-1-187
TURNER, REBECCA                         NC-1-2-52
TURNER, SAMUEL                          NC-1-2-117
TURRENTINE, JOHN S.                     NC-1-2-32
TURRENTINE, SAM                         NC-1-6-18
TURRENTINE, W. G.                       NC-1-4-424
VESTALL, SIMPSON F.                     NC-1-3-152
VINCENT, G. D.                          NC-1-3-532
VINCENT, ISABELLA                       NC-1-5-133
VINCENT, JOHN C.                        NC-1-3-483
VINCENT, LEVI A.                        NC-1-3-90
VINCENT, MARTHA A.                      NC-1-6-136
VINCENT, THOMAS L.                      NC-1-1-59
VINCENT, WILLIAM B.                     NC-1-1-296
WAGONER, TEMPY M.                       NC-1-3-548
WALDEN, BARTLETT                        NC-1-1-75
WALKER, ANN                             NC-1-2-50
WALKER, BARBARA                         NC-1-6-388
WALKER, CORNELIA F.                     NC-1-4-175
WALKER, D. M.                           NC-1-5-325
WALKER, GARRISON                        NC-1-2-491
WALKER, IDA                             NC-1-3-518
WALKER, JACOB                           NC-1-3-443
WALKER, JACOB                           NC-1-2-207
WALKER, JOHN G.                         NC-1-2-363
WALKER, JOHN W.                         NC-1-6-375
WALKER, KITTIE                          NC-1-3-595
WALKER, PHILLIP                         NC-1-2-123
WALKER, R. G.                           NC-1-5-279
WALKER, R. L.                           NC-1-4-39
WALKER, RACHAEL E.                      NC-1-2-496
WALKER, SARAH JANE                      NC-1-6-359
WALKER, W. A.                           NC-1-2-138
WALKER, WILLIAM                         NC-1-2-70
WALLIS, MALINDA S.                      NC-1-2-579
WALLIS, MILES                           NC-1-1-24
WARREN, J. A.                           NC-1-5-521
WATSON, ANDERSON                        NC-1-1-86
WATSON, SUSAN                           NC-1-2-343
WAYRICK, PHILIP                         NC-1-2-514
WEBB, ALEXANDER                         NC-1-1-1
WEBB, CORNELIA A.                       NC-1-2-501
WEBB, SUSAN A.                          NC-1-3-558
WEBSTER, CHARLES F.                     NC-1-4-593
WEEDON, SARAH                           NC-1-2-76
WELLS, WILLIAM                          NC-1-2-124
WELLS, WILLIAM                          NC-1-2-124
WHEELER, R. L.                          NC-1-3-540
WHITE, ALFRED                           NC-1-2-213
WHITE, BEN                              NC-1-3-448
WHITE, EDMUND                           NC-1-2-432
WHITE, EDWIN H.                         NC-1-4-156
WHITE, EMMA V.                          NC-1-3-502
WHITE, JAMES W.                         NC-1-2-336
WHITE, ROBERT D.                        NC-1-5-54
WHITE, ROBET F.                         NC-1-3-146
WHITE, SAMUEL                           NC-1-1-53
WHITE, SARAH                            NC-1-1-60
WHITE, SIMON                            NC-1-1-265
WHITESELL, DAVID                        NC-1-2-253
WHITESELL, JERRY A.                     NC-1-6-366
WHITESELL, JOHN                         NC-1-4-371
WHITESELL, JOSE                         NC-1-2-158
WHITESELL, NANCY                        NC-1-5-27
WHITESELL, SALLIE M.                    NC-1-3-46
WHITSELL, JACOB                         NC-1-1-69
WHITSETT, MARY                          NC-1-2-114
WILKEROSN, L. G.                        NC-1-5-500
WILKINS, HENRY H.                       NC-1-2-260
WILKINS, WILLIAM B.                     NC-1-2-41
WILLIAMS, BARBARA C.                    NC-1-5-263
WILLIAMS, EVIE                          NC-1-6-330
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                        NC-1-6-412
WILLIAMS, J. D.                         NC-1-5-402
WILLIAMS, LEWIS                         NC-1-3-150
WILLIAMS, W. A.                         NC-1-4-579
WILLIAMSON, JAMES N.                    NC-1-6-140
WILLIAMSON, JOHN L.                     NC-1-3-524
WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL                      NC-1-6-9
WILLS, WILLIAM                          NC-1-1-124
WILSON, ALEANDER                        NC-1-1-288
WILSON, ALEXANDER                       NC-1-2-171
WILSON, DAISY R.                        NC-1-6-251
WILSON, J. L.                           NC-1-4-138
WILSON, JAMES                           NC-1-5-430
WILSON, JOHN W.                         NC-1-2-181
WILSON, M. E. (MRS)                     NC-1-3-157
WILSON, NELLEY                          NC-1-3-572
WILSON, ROBERT W.                       NC-1-2-1
WILSON, RUFUS                           NC-1-6-237
WILSON, WILLIAM G.                      NC-1-5-369
WILSON, WILLIAM L.                      NC-1-3-474
WINBORNE, JESSE                         NC-1-4-90
WINBOURNE, T. HELEN                     NC-1-5-332
WOOD, J. N.                             NC-1-4-555
WOODS, LAVINIA                          NC-1-2-65
WOODS, LAVINIA E.                       NC-1-3-504
WOODS, MARY                             NC-1-1-220
WOODY, JOSEPH                           NC-1-5-108
WOODY, MARY                             NC-1-2-36
WOODY, THOMAS                           NC-1-2-289
WORKMAN, JOHN A.                        NC-1-2-182
WRIGHT, A. J.                           NC-1-6-168
WYATT, ELIZABETH                        NC-1-2-192
WYATT, FANNIE                           NC-1-4-121
WYATT, FREDERICK                        NC-1-1-264
WYATT, JOSEPH                           NC-1-2-469
ZACHARY, SARAH                          NC-1-6-349

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