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Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1869-187
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ALEXANDER, MARY E.                     NC-88-3-89
ARMINGTON, WILLARD HENRY               NC-88-3-403
ARRINGTON, RICHARD B.                  NC-88-2-502
BAILEY, ELLEN LOUISE                   NC-88-3-110
BALL, JOHN ALWYN                       NC-88-3-205
BALL, RCHEL                            NC-88-3-99
BARTON, ELLIS F.                       NC-88-3-85
BAYNARD, H. C.                         NC-88-3-465
BEAZLEY, THOMAS M.                     NC-88-2-526
BLAKE, H.                              NC-88-3-369
BOARDMAN, REBECCA WARNER               NC-88-3-149
BOGGS, JOHN                            NC-88-3-243
BOOTH, OLIVER HILLIARD                 NC-88-3-309
BOSWELL, T. S.                         NC-88-3-457
BOYDEN, MARY DAVIS                     NC-88-3-1
BRIDGES, A. A.                         NC-88-3-221
BROCK, JAMES A.                        NC-88-3-389
BROOKS, J. W.                          NC-88-3-265
BROOKS, L. W.                          NC-88-3-367
BROOKS, MAUDE C.                       NC-88-2-488
BROWN, MARY ANN                        NC-88-2-429
BROWN, MILTON S.                       NC-88-3-174
BRYANT, M. M.                          NC-88-3-342
CAMERON, PAUL C.                       NC-88-2-80
CANNON, R.                             NC-88-3-253
CANTRELL, MARY S.                      NC-88-3-451
CATHCART, WILLIAM                      NC-88-2-54
CHAPMAN, CHALMERS DURAND               NC-88-3-365
CHAPMAN, JESSIE MAY                    NC-88-2-512
CHAPMAN, SUSAN                         NC-88-2-322
CLARK, HARRY P.                        NC-88-3-11
CLARKE, HENRY P.                       NC-88-2-420
CLARKE, HENRY P.                       NC-88-3-51
CLARKE, MARY JANE MACFIE               NC-88-3-59
CLAYTON, E. B.                         NC-88-3-315
CLAYTON, JOHN                          NC-88-1-82
CLAYTON, M. J.                         NC-88-2-154
CLAYTON, M.L.                          NC-88-3-21
COCHRANE, CECIL                        NC-88-3-267
COLE, G. W.                            NC-88-3-194
COOK, HOWARD                           NC-88-3-61
CURTIS, FRANCIS R.                     NC-88-2-300
DALE, RICHARD                          NC-88-2-59
DEVANE, R. M.                          NC-88-2-186
DUB, ERNST                             NC-88-3-351
DUCKWORTH, BESSIE B                    NC-88-2-338
DUCKWORTH, C. C.                       NC-88-3-67
DUCKWORTH, JOHN M.                     NC-88-2-40
DUCKWORTH, W. B.                       NC-88-2-380
DUCKWORTH, W. B.                       NC-88-3-93
DUNCAN, THOMAS R.                      NC-88-3-461
ENGLAND, EMMA E.                       NC-88-3-71
ENGLAND, RUFUS                         NC-88-2-333
ERWIN, VERINA C.                       NC-88-2-226
EVERETT, ALICE L.                      NC-88-3-25
EVERETT, SYLVESTER T.                  NC-88-3-119
FISHER, HENRY C.                       NC-88-3-263
FLACK, IDA                             NC-88-2-391
FORSYTHE, NATHALIE JULIA               NC-88-3-113
FRADY, POLLY E.                        NC-88-3-313
FREESTON, WILLIAM                      NC-88-2-206, 211
FULLER, ETTIE S.                       NC-88-2-485
GALLOWAY, MARY A.                      NC-88-3-106
GALLOWAY, MARY ANN                     NC-88-3-156
GALLOWAY, T. H.                        NC-88-3-392
GALLOWAY, THOMAS H.                    NC-88-1-173
GALLOWAY, VICTORIA                     NC-88-3-394
GALLOWAY, WASHINGTON E.                NC-88-2-366
GALLOWAY, WELCH                        NC-88-3-372
GARRON, A. H.                          NC-88-2-331
GARRON, JULIE P.                       NC-88-2-97
GASH, DELIA                            NC-88-3-356
GASH, L. S.                            NC-88-2-47
GASH, LUCY A.                          NC-88-3-326
GILLESPIE, H. C.                       NC-88-3-244
GILLESPIE, JASON R.                    NC-88-2-51
GILLESPIE, SARAH C.                    NC-88-3-247
GLAZENER, G. L.                        NC-88-3-354
GLAZENER, GEORE                        NC-88-1-171
GLAZENER, GILES                        NC-88-2-42
GLAZENER, J. R.                        NC-88-3-346
GLAZENER, JOSEPH                       NC-88-2-36
GLAZENER, M. J.                        NC-88-3-49
GLAZENER, M. J.                        NC-88-3-133
GLAZENER, MARY JANE                    NC-88-3-145
GLAZNER, .B. N.                        NC-88-2-208
GLAZNER, ERVIN R.                      NC-88-2-202
GLENN, JOHN                            NC-88-3-108
GOODSON, JOEL                          NC-88-2-278
GRAHAM, CHRISTIAN                      NC-88-2-132
GRAVELY, W. C.                         NC-88-3-396
GRAY,W . H.                            NC-88-3-131
GRIMSHOUR, THOMAS                      NC-88-2-374
HAGOOD, JAMES EARL                     NC-88-3-92
HAGOOD, JAMES EARLE                    NC-88-3-87
HALSELL, PAULINE F.                    NC-88-3-463
HAMBLIN, WILLIAM W.                    NC-88-3-459
HAMILTON, ROBERT                       NC-88-2-267
HAYDEN, CHARLES C.                     NC-88-3-178
HAYNES, LAWSON BEDFORD                 NC-88-3-347
HAYS, J. F.                            NC-88-3-97
HENDERSON, HELLEN PERRY                NC-88-2-364
HENNING,E . T.                         NC-88-3-69
HENRY, JOHN F.                         NC-88-3-183
HERIOT, HENRY F.                       NC-88-2-268
HODGES, CHARLES C.                     NC-88-3-249
HOOD, JAMES H.                         NC-88-2-44
HUME, JANE W.                          NC-88-2-150
HUME, ROBERT W.                        NC-88-2-3
HUME, WILLIAMLOUNDS                    NC-88-2-216
HUNT, C. W.                            NC-88-3-154
JENKINS, HARRY A. E.                   NC-88-2-313
JENNINGS, E. H.                        NC-88-3-137
JOHNSTONE, MARY R.                     NC-88-3-213
JORDAN, H. R.                          NC-88-1-175
JORDAN, JOSEPH                         NC-88-1-34
JORDAN, MAGGIE E.                      NC-88-2-353
JORDAN, ROBERT                         NC-88-1-41
JORDAN, THOMAS P.                      NC-88-2-143
JORDAN, W. S.                          NC-88-2-125
KENNEMUR, P. H.                        NC-88-2-508
KERL, THOMAS M.                        NC-88-2-128
KING, J.C.                             NC-88-3-7
KING, PINKNEY SYVLESTR                 NC-88-3-397
KOONS, HENRY                           NC-88-3-286
LANDERS, H. C.                         NC-88-3-254
LATHROP, CLARE F.                      NC-88-3-278
LEDBETTER, ISAAC B.                    NC-88-3-116
LEDBETTER, RICHARD                     NC-88-3-163
LUSK, MARY J.                          NC-88-3-17
LYDAY, A. E. (DR)                      NC-88-3-330
LYDAY, ADAM                            NC-88-1-109
LYDAY, W. M.                           NC-88-3-376
MASON, M. W.                           NC-88-3-324
MCATEE, THOMAS                         NC-88-3-311
MCCALL, ALEXANDER                      NC-88-2-499
MCCALL, JAMES G.                       NC-88-2-385
MCCALL, R. E.                          NC-88-3-409
MCCALL, ROBERT A.                      NC-88-2-158
MCGAHA,JAMES                           NC-88-1-211
MCKENNA, JOHN P.                       NC-88-3-357
MCKENNA, JOHN P.                       NC-88-3-357
MINER, JUSTICE J.                      NC-88-3-104
MINNIS, WILLIAM                        NC-88-3-33
MONTGOMERY, L. B.                      NC-88-3-77
MOORE, ELLEN                           NC-88-2-6
MOORE, ELLEN                           NC-88-3-160
MOORE, H. P.                           NC-88-2-529
MOORE, W. R.                           NC-88-2-325
MORGAN, J. H.                          NC-88-2-160
MORGAN, JENNIE                         NC-88-2-344
MORGAN, NORA SHIPMAN                   NC-88-3-81
MORGAN, O. C.                          NC-88-2-296
MORRIS, W. L.                          NC-88-2-166
NEILL, GEORGE C.                       NC-88-2-273
NICHOLLS, MARY P.                      NC-88-3-400
NICHOLS, ZERO W.                       NC-88-3-335
NORTON, JUANITA GASH                   NC-88-3-259
NORTON, S. L.                          NC-88-3-349
OCONNOR, WILLIAM J.                    NC-88-3-223
ORR, GEORGE                            NC-88-1-197
ORR, JAMES LAWRENCE                    NC-88-3-303
ORR, JANE                              NC-88-2-361
ORR, MARY A.                           NC-88-2-436
OSBORNE, JEREMIAH                      NC-88-2-70
OSBORNE, MARIAH                        NC-88-2-503
OSTEEN, LUKE                           NC-88-2-170
OUTLAND, B. T.                         NC-88-3-217
OWEN, M. L.                            NC-88-2-426
OWEN, MARION                           NC-88-3-129
OWENS, FRANK C.                        NC-88-2-543
PATTON, CHARLES                        NC-88-2-162
PATTON, ELIZA                          NC-88-2-18
PATTON, SARAH F.                       NC-88-3-383
PATTON, VIRGINIA C.                    NC-88-3-147
PERRY, LELLA                           NC-88-2-190
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         NC-88-2-388
POWELL, J. M.                          NC-88-3-387
RABB, JOHN                             NC-88-1-142
RAMSEAUR, CARL                         NC-88-2-521
REECE, J. N.                           NC-88-2-293
ROBINOSN, W. H.                        NC-88-2-212
ROBINSON, W. H.                        NC-88-2-147
ROGERS, JOHN C.                        NC-88-2-164
ROSE, J. L.                            NC-88-3-232
ROSS, BOYD                             NC-88-3-41
ROSS, MARTHA                           NC-88-3-15
ROWE, AMANDA                           NC-88-2-432
RUSSELL, RALPH M.                      NC-88-3-73
SENTELL, J. B.                         NC-88-2-382
SHIPMAN, WLLIAM ELZIE                  NC-88-3-341
SHUFORD, C. A.                         NC-88-2-403
SHUFORD, CAROLINE C.                   NC-88-2-317
SHUFORD, JULIA A.                      NC-88-2-140
SHYFORD, GEORGE                        NC-88-2-274
SIMMONS, J. BETTS                      NC-88-3-386
SLAGLE, MARY                           NC-88-2-1
SLY, G. EUGENE                         NC-88-3-453
SOUTHERN, J.M.                         NC-88-3-37
STONE, FLORIDA LYDIA                   NC-88-3-45
STROTHERS, JOHN                        NC-88-2-14
SURRATT, D. A.                         NC-88-2-224
SYMINGTON, FLLORENCE DE T.             NC-88-2-284
SYMINGTON, WILLIAM H.                  NC-88-2-178
TAYLOR, T. W.                          NC-88-2-270
THOMAS, M. S.                          NC-88-2-11
THRASH, MOLLIE J.                      NC-88-3-338
THRASH, SARAH J.                       NC-88-2-196
TINSLEY, J. R.                         NC-88-3-333
VANDERBILT,G . W.                      NC-88-2-446
VERNER, EBENEZER PETTIGRW              NC-88-3-189
WALKER, HUGH R.                        NC-88-3-321
WALTERS, THOMAS L.                     NC-88-3-196
WALTERS, THOMS L.                      NC-88-3-101
WARD, JOSHUAY                          NC-88-1-91
WEILT, WILLIAM P.                      NC-88-3-63
WHITMIRE, CHRISTOPHER                  NC-88-2-358
WHITMIRE, G. W.                        NC-88-1-205
WHITMIRE, S. D.                        NC-88-2-122
WHITMORE, ELIZABTH                     NC-88-3-83
WHITMORE, WILLIAM                      NC-88-1-129
WILSON, BENJAMIN                       NC-88-2-33
WILSON, ED C.                          NC-88-2-229
WILSON, RILEY                          NC-88-3-238
WITMER, GEORGE C.                      NC-88-2-281
WOOD, THOMAS S. SR.                    NC-88-3-127
WOODFIN, JOHN W.                       NC-88-2-378
WOODWARD, DELIA E.                     NC-88-3-239
WOODWARD, GEORE W.                     NC-88-3-158
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH L.                   NC-88-3-378
WYMAN, JOHN FRAMPTON                   NC-88-3-412
ZACHARY, JONATHAN                      NC-88-2-173

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