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ABSHER, FELIX M.                        NC-3-B-168
ADAMS, JAMES                            NC-3-B-20
ALEXANDER, POLLY                        NC-3-A-158
ANDERS, JAMS                            NC-3-A-147
ANDERS, LEANDER                         NC-3-A-57
ANDERSON, Q. R.                         NC-3-B-283
ANDERSON, SARAH                         NC-3-B-299
ANDERSON, WILLIAM R.                    NC-3-C-424
ANDREWS, C. G.                          NC-3-C-261
ANDREWS, EVA                            NC-3-B-313
ANDREWS, JOHN W.                        NC-3-B-115
ANDREWS, L. M.                          NC-3-B-316
ANDREWS, LEE A.                         NC-3-C-173
ANDREWS, LENA                           NC-3-C-167
ANDREWS, MALINDA                        NC-3-B-22
ANDREWS, ORFA                           NC-3-A-176
ANDREWS, W. B.                          NC-3-B-179
ATWOOD, JOHN W.                         NC-3-B-341
BALDWIN, JOHN M.                        NC-3-B-1
BANGUS, A. J.                           NC-3-B-61
BANGUS, THOMAS                          NC-3-B-7
BARTLETT, CLARA CROUSE                  NC-3-C-496
BENGE, FRED                             NC-3-C-205
BILLINGS, J. L.                         NC-3-A-143
BLACK, FRANK                            NC-3-B-171
BLACK, JOHN                             NC-3-A-3
BLACK, W. M.                            NC-3-B-240
BLACKWELL, THOMAS W.                    NC-3-C-219
BLAIR, DAVID H.                         NC-3-C-308
BOGER, C. I.                            NC-3-C-514
BOTTOMLY, W. L.                         NC-3-A-355
BRACKINS, SAMUEL                        NC-3-A-139
BROOKS, ROBERT                          NC-3-B-322
BROWN, ELIAS N.                         NC-3-A-291
BROWN, S. W.                            NC-3-B-28
BROWNELL, NANCY                         NC-3-A-344
BRYAN, A. J.                            NC-3-C-134
BRYAN, A. M.                            NC-3-A-26
BRYAN, FRANCIS                          NC-3-A-310
BRYAN, LILY V.                          NC-3-C-260
BRYAN, LONDON                           NC-3-B-134
BRYAN, MORGAN                           NC-3-A-52
BRYAN, R. W.                            NC-3-B-58
BRYAN, S. F.                            NC-3-A-60
CALLOWAY, A. J.                         NC-3-A-238
CARICO, A. O.                           NC-3-B-182
CARICO, G. W.                           NC-3-B-27
CARSON, A. B.                           NC-3-B-44
CARSON, A. S.                           NC-3-B-444
CARSON, ANNA                            NC-3-1-12
CARSON, BETTIE                          NC-3-A-235
CARSON, ROBERT                          NC-3-A-226
CARSON, WILLIAM                         NC-3-A-189
CAUDILL, B. E.                          NC-3-B-96
CAUDILL, BIDDIE                         NC-3-A-121
CAUDILL, D. C.                          NC-3-B-16
CAUDILL, J. F.                          NC-3-B-86
CAUDILL, J. P.                          NC-3-A-126
CAUDILL, JAMES R.                       NC-3-A-85
CAUDILL, L. J.                          NC-3-B-296
CAUDILL, L. W.                          NC-3-B-264
CAUDILL, MAHALA                         NC-3-B-404
CAUDILL, T. R.                          NC-3-B-42
CHEEK, ISOM                             NC-3-C-50
CHEEK, MEREDITH                         NC-3-B-217
CHEEK, W. B.                            NC-3-B-384
CHILDERS, TENA                          NC-3-B-15
CHOATE, JOHN                            NC-3-C-61
CHOATE, MATTIE                          NC-3-C-188
CHOATE, SALLIE                          NC-3-A-193
CHUH, HENDERSON                         NC-3-A-180
CHUH, R. M.                             NC-3-A-262
CHUH, RICHARD                           NC-3-1-19
CHURCH, JOHN                            NC-3-C-84
CHURCH, LYDIA                           NC-3-B-14
CLEARY, THOMAS                          NC-3-B-238
COCKERHAM, JOHN                         NC-3-C-321
COLE, W.                                NC-3-B-23
COLLINS, JOHN                           NC-3-A-5
COLLINS, MATILDA                        NC-3-A-396
COMBS, JANE                             NC-3-A-478
COMBS, MALVINA                          NC-3-A-232
COMBS, WILEY                            NC-3-C-407
COMES, TABITHA                          NC-3-A-138
COX, D. B.                              NC-3-B-279
COX, D. R.                              NC-3-B-437
COX, DAVID                              NC-3-1-8
COX, JOHN R.                            NC-3-A-204
COX, LEANA                              NC-3-C-69
COX, MALINDA                            NC-3-B-254
COX, NAT                                NC-3-A-273
COXE, R. L.                             NC-3-B-101
CREED, MARGARET                         NC-3-A-348
CROUSE, ANNA                            NC-3-A-462
CROUSE, C. M.                           NC-3-B-15
CROUSE, CHARLES                         NC-3-A-61
CROUSE, DANIEL                          NC-3-1-23
CROUSE, FANNY                           NC-3-B-223
CROUSE, FLOYD                           NC-3-A-282
CROUSE, FREEL                           NC-3-B-396
CROUSE, H. M.                           NC-3-B-251
CROUSE, HENDERSON                       NC-3-A-474
CROUSE, I. C.                           NC-3-B-249
CROUSE, JAMES                           NC-3-A-134
CROUSE, JANE                            NC-3-A-136
CROUSE, M. M.                           NC-3-B-63
CROUSE, REEVES                          NC-3-1-7
CROUSE, VICTOR                          NC-3-A-255
DELP, S. C.                             NC-3-1-11
DICKINS, WILLIAM                        NC-3-A-330
DIXON, C. M.                            NC-3-B-390
DIXON, MOSES                            NC-3-A-113
DIXON, WESLEY                           NC-3-A-80
DOBYNS, T. M.                           NC-3-A-109
DOUGHTON, J. B.                         NC-3-A-455
DOUGHTON, R. A.                         NC-3-C-335
DOUGHTON, REBECCA                       NC-3-B-427
DOUGHTON, SALLIE                        NC-3-C-398
DOUGLAS, T. C.                          NC-3-A-215
DUNCAN, J. W.                           NC-3-A-65
DWIRE, HENRY R.                         NC-3-C-387
EDARDS, J. MELVIN                       NC-3-A-476
EDWARDS, ALVIN C.                       NC-3-B-430
EDWARDS, AMANDA                         NC-3-A-161
EDWARDS, ANDY J.                        NC-3-C-176
EDWARDS, BERRY                          NC-3-A-1
EDWARDS, BERRY JR.                      NC-3-A-37
EDWARDS, BETTIE                         NC-3-C-33
EDWARDS, C. W.                          NC-3-C-102
EDWARDS, CHARLIE (COL.)                 NC-3-C-249
EDWARDS, CHESLEY                        NC-3-B-185
EDWARDS, CLOE                           NC-3-A-456
EDWARDS, CREED                          NC-3-B-21
EDWARDS, DAVID                          NC-3-B-344
EDWARDS, DAVID                          NC-3-A-370
EDWARDS, ELIZABETH                      NC-3-B-272
EDWARDS, FLOYD                          NC-3-B-27
EDWARDS, GILBERT                        NC-3-B-56
EDWARDS, H. S.                          NC-3-A-406
EDWARDS, HIRAM                          NC-3-C-299
EDWARDS, ISOM                           NC-3-A-404
EDWARDS, J. T.                          NC-3-A-117
EDWARDS, JAMES                          NC-3-B-113
EDWARDS, JOHN C.                        NC-3-A-104
EDWARDS, MARY ELLEN                     NC-3-C-120
EDWARDS, MORGAN                         NC-3-B-327
EDWARDS, NANNIE E.                      NC-3-C-324
EDWARDS, RICHARD SR.                    NC-3-A-29
EDWARDS, S. M.                          NC-3-B-285
EDWARDS, STARLIN                        NC-3-A-467
EDWARDS, STARLIN                        NC-3-A-467
ESTEP, BERRY                            NC-3-A-437
ESTEP, H. D.                            NC-3-C-59
EVANS, BARNEY                           NC-3-B-267
EVANS, DAVID                            NC-3-A-279
EVANS, DAVID                            NC-3-B-174
EVANS, JAMES                            NC-3-A-149
EVANS, MARTIN                           NC-3-C-492
EVANS, SARAH                            NC-3-A-383
EVANS, W. M.                            NC-3-B-195
FENDER, FENA                            NC-3-C-340
FENDER, L. W.                           NC-3-B-80
FENDER, SARAH JANE                      NC-3-C-117
FIELDS, J. C.                           NC-3-C-45
FIELDS, W. C.                           NC-3-B-8
FOGLE, FREDRICK A.                      NC-3-C-148
GALLOWAY, MAMIE G.                      NC-3-C-278
GAMBILL, J. J.                          NC-3-A-144
GAMBILL, J. M.                          NC-3-B-12
GAMBILL, JOHN                           NC-3-A-35
GAMBILL, ROBERT                         NC-3-A-76
GAMBILL, ROBERT T.                      NC-3-A-389
GARTNEY, MATTIE C.                      NC-3-B-260
GENTRY, ALICE                           NC-3-B-208
GENTRY, ALICE A.                        NC-3-A-98
GENTRY, ALLEN                           NC-3-1-3
GENTRY, JOSEPH                          NC-3-B-293
GENTRY, R. C.                           NC-3-B-46
GENTRY, SARAH                           NC-3-A-453
GENTRY, WILLIAM REYNOLDS                NC-3-B-398
GILHAM, D. R.                           NC-3-C-211
GILHAM, WESLEY                          NC-3-A-439
GILLIAM, INEZ                           NC-3-B-5
GOODMAN, M. H.                          NC-3-B-37
GREEN, POWELL K.                        NC-3-C-519
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                       NC-3-A-15
HACKLER, GRIGGS                         NC-3-A-68
HACKLER, SARAH                          NC-3-A-392
HALE, P. G.                             NC-3-A-95
HALL, RILEY                             NC-3-C-383
HALLOWAY, DANIEL                        NC-3-B-211
HALSEY, IRA                             NC-3-A-246
HALSEY, R. F.                           NC-3-A-213
HALSEY, WILLARD                         NC-3-C-209
HALSEY, WILLIAM M.                      NC-3-B-216
HANES, FREDERIC M.                      NC-3-C-411
HARRIS, HENDERSON                       NC-3-A-107
HASH, W. W.                             NC-3-A-465
HAVNER, J. B.                           NC-3-C-56
HAWTHORN, A. S.                         NC-3-A-244
HAWTHORN, JOHN T.                       NC-3-A-71
HAWTHORNE, ENNIRE                       NC-3-C-327
HAWTHORNE, J. W.                        NC-3-B-335
HAWTORN, JANE                           NC-3-A-269
HENDREN, W. M.                          NC-3-C-499
HIGGINS, BETTIE                         NC-3-B-447
HIGGINS, E. OPHELIA                     NC-3-B-416
HIGGINS, GOLDMAN                        NC-3-A-86
HIGGINS, JOHN W.                        NC-3-B-290
HIGGINS, P. C.                          NC-3-B-176
HIGGINS, T. S.                          NC-3-A-322
HILL, HIRAM                             NC-3-A-464
HOLBROOK, MYRA                          NC-3-B-440
HOLBROOK, SARAH                         NC-3-1-13
HOPPERS, DANIEL                         NC-3-A-219
HOPPERS, ELIZABETH                      NC-3-A-457
HOPPERS, J. L.                          NC-3-A-479
HOPPERS, JACOB C.                       NC-3-B-377
HOPPERS, KIISSIAH                       NC-3-A-128
HOPPERS, KISSIAH                        NC-3-A-39
HUDSON, LEVI                            NC-3-B-68
HUNT, JAMES C.                          NC-3-A-304
IRWIN, ALLEN                            NC-3-C-515
IRWIN, W. L.                            NC-3-C-267
IRWIN, W. P.                            NC-3-C-344
ISOM, AARON                             NC-3-A-38
ISOM, HUGH                              NC-3-A-221
JARVIS, IRA                             NC-3-B-286
JOHNSON, CELIA                          NC-3-A-62
JOHNSON, DORA                           NC-3-B-303
JOHNSON, FANNIE                         NC-3-B-350
JOINES, JEHU R.                         NC-3-B-281
JOINES, M. F.                           NC-3-B-33
JOINES, SOLOMON                         NC-3-B-366
JOLLY, ROSS S.                          NC-3-C-297
JOLLY, S. M.                            NC-3-C-184
JONES, ALICE                            NC-3-A-357
JONES, ALLEN                            NC-3-B-214
JONES, D. C.                            NC-3-A-319
JONES, DANIEL                           NC-3-A-414
JONES, JOHN                             NC-3-1-15
JONES, JOHN A.                          NC-3-A-20
JONES, MAZEY                            NC-3-B-103
JONES, NANCY J.                         NC-3-A-275
JONES, NORMAN H.                        NC-3-C-28
JONES, WILLIAM H.                       NC-3-A-429
JORDON, J. P.                           NC-3-C-265
KENNEDY, JAMES L.                       NC-3-B-304
KENNEDY, THOMPSON                       NC-3-A-241
KIRBY, P. B.                            NC-3-A-174
KISTLER, ANDREW M.                      NC-3-C-471
LANDRETH, ANY                           NC-3-B-269
LANDRETH, E. T.                         NC-3-1-5
LANDRETH, I. W.                         NC-3-A-184
LANDRETH, JAMES H.                      NC-3-C-92
LAREN, SARAH                            NC-3-A-412
LARUE, C. J.                            NC-3-B-311
LARUE, THOMAS M.                        NC-3-C-138
LAWRANCE, J. L.                         NC-3-B-132
LAWRENCE, J. L.                         NC-3-B-133
LAWSON, HUGH                            NC-3-A-55
LEWIS, P. H.                            NC-3-A-170
LONG, ELI                               NC-3-A-306
LONG, NOAH                              NC-3-A-154
LONGBOTTOM, ARTHUR                      NC-3-B-26
LUCAS, HATTIE                           NC-3-C-507
MABE, GEORGE                            NC-3-B-338
MABE, MASEY                             NC-3-A-422
MABE, SALMON                            NC-3-B-111
MABE, W. P.                             NC-3-B-161
MABE, WILL                              NC-3-B-126
MAXWELL, DAVID                          NC-3-1-24
MAXWELL, J. C.                          NC-3-B-108
MAXWELL, JAMES                          NC-3-A-325
MAXWELL, SARAH C.                       NC-3-C-170
MAXWELL, W. E.                          NC-3-C-245
MCCARMICH, SETH T.                      NC-3-B-30
MCCOY, SALLIE                           NC-3-C-427
MCCOY, W. L.                            NC-3-C-432
MCKNIGHT, A.                            NC-3-B-347
MCMILLAN, JOHN L.                       NC-3-B-118
MCMILLAN, L. C.                         NC-3-B-19
MILES, FRANK                            NC-3-B-355
MILES, MARGARET                         NC-3-B-187
MILES, W. M.                            NC-3-B-191
MILLER, CARRIE                          NC-3-C-510
MILLER, ELLEN                           NC-3-B-413
MILLER, F.                              NC-3-C-164
MOXLEY, ALFRED                          NC-3-B-246
MOXLEY, ALFRED                          NC-3-A-92
MOXLEY, FRANCIS                         NC-3-B-11
MOXLEY, N. A.                           NC-3-A-200
MOXLEY, N. B.                           NC-3-B-93
MOXLEY, NOAH                            NC-3-B-83
MULLINS, SARAH E.                       NC-3-B-309
MURPHY, FRANKLIN                        NC-3-A-342
MURPHY, LEE                             NC-3-A-196
NICHOLS, G. W.                          NC-3-A-178
NISSEN, WILLIAM MADISON                 NC-3-C-464
NORFLEET, GEORGE S.                     NC-3-C-40
NORFLEET, ROBERT C.                     NC-3-C-440
OSBORN, ALEXANDER L.                    NC-3-B-358
OSBORN, E. C.                           NC-3-1-10
OSBORN, ELI                             NC-3-A-361
OSBORN, POLLY                           NC-3-A-472
OSBORNE, SUE                            NC-3-B-361
OSBORNE, Z. L.                          NC-3-C-199
PACELY, NANCY                           NC-3-A-151
PARKS, J. E.                            NC-3-A-198
PARSONS, CALEB                          NC-3-A-395
PARSONS, W. H.                          NC-3-A-433
PASELY, JOHN C.                         NC-3-A-11
PERRY, ARAS                             NC-3-B-363
PERRY, G. C.                            NC-3-B-243
PETTY, JOHN                             NC-3-B-450
PETTY, PHEBY                            NC-3-B-77
PHAUTS, J. W.                           NC-3-A-471
PHIPPS, ELLA MITCHELL                   NC-3-C-193
PHIPPS, J. A.                           NC-3-A-210
PHIPPS, J. W.                           NC-3-B-331
PLUMMER, S.                             NC-3-B-51
PRICE, CAROLINE                         NC-3-A-409
PRICHETT, JOSHUA                        NC-3-A-172
PRUITT, JACOB                           NC-3-A-437
PRUITT, LOUISE                          NC-3-B-52
PRUITT, LYDIA                           NC-3-A-460
PRUITT, S. L.                           NC-3-C-110
PRUITT, T. M.                           NC-3-A-386
PRUITT, THOMAS                          NC-3-A-374
PUGH, WILLIAM                           NC-3-A-49
RECTOR, R. A.                           NC-3-B-17
REEVES, EUSCH                           NC-3-A-8
REEVES, GEORGE T.                       NC-3-A-46
REEVES, J. F.                           NC-3-1-18
REEVES, JENNIE                          NC-3-B-393
REEVES, JESSE A.                        NC-3-1-21
REEVES, JOHN C.                         NC-3-A-42
REEVES, M. B.                           NC-3-B-128
REEVES, MOLLIE J.                       NC-3-C-129
REEVES, NANCY                           NC-3-A-90
REEVES, P. B.                           NC-3-C-113
REEVES, V. W.                           NC-3-C-98
REEVES, W. G.                           NC-3-B-202
REYNOLDS, GEORGE D.                     NC-3-A-21
REYNOLDS, J. G.                         NC-3-B-206
REYNOLDS, JESSIE E.                     NC-3-B-106
RHUDY, J. H.                            NC-3-B-406
RICHARDSON, ALEXANDER                   NC-3-A-93
RICHARDSON, CALLOWAY                    NC-3-A-380
RICHARDSON, CLAYBORN                    NC-3-A-124
RICHARDSON, CYNTHIA                     NC-3-B-35
RICHARDSON, ISAAC                       NC-3-A-448
RICHARDSON, MARY JANE                   NC-3-C-67
RICHARDSON, MEREDITH                    NC-3-A-289
ROBERTS, C. S.                          NC-3-B-43
ROBERTS, D. J.                          NC-3-B-34
ROBERTS, J. F.                          NC-3-A-339
ROSE, LEE A.                            NC-3-B-387
ROUP, JOHN C.                           NC-3-B-153
ROUP, MANNIE                            NC-3-C-273
ROUP, MARY ELIZABETH                    NC-3-C-124
ROUPE, J. L.                            NC-3-C-53
ROYAL, JOHN W.                          NC-3-B-157
RUSSEL, LAURA JANE                      NC-3-A-24
SANDERS, C. M.                          NC-3-C-303, 307
SANDERS, W. M.                          NC-3-B-424
SEXTON, G. W.                           NC-3-B-410
SEXTON, JANE                            NC-3-B-2
SHAFFNER, WILLIAM F.                    NC-3-C-350, 382
SHORE, ROBERT D.                        NC-3-C-1
SHORE, RUFUS A.                         NC-3-C-157
SMITH, ESTEL JOHN                       NC-3-B-164
SMITH, J. D.                            NC-3-B-266
SMITH, JOHN L. (DR)                     NC-3-A-224
SPARKS, NANCY                           NC-3-A-111
SPARKS, W. J.                           NC-3-B-36
SPICER, S. A.                           NC-3-A-363
SPURLIN, DANIEL                         NC-3-A-40
SPURLIN, ELI                            NC-3-B-307
STAMPER, ANNA                           NC-3-A-230, 265
STAMPER, C. C.                          NC-3-B-319
STAMPER, J. H.                          NC-3-A-366
STAMPER, JOE                            NC-3-B-302
STAMPER, JOHNATHAN                      NC-3-A-328
STAMPER, RILEY                          NC-3-A-285
STEADHAM, W. M.                         NC-3-C-503
STURGILL, DAVID                         NC-3-A-131
STURGILL, J. D.                         NC-3-B-24
STURGILL, JAMES                         NC-3-A-251
STURGILL, L.                            NC-3-A-297
TAYLOR, DANIEL D.                       NC-3-A-64
TAYLOR, JOHN W.                         NC-3-B-3
TAYLOR, KATE                            NC-3-C-402
TAYLOR, M. B.                           NC-3-C-133
TEDDER, SILAS C.                        NC-3-B-380
THOMAS, SYDNEY J.                       NC-3-C-37
THOMPSON, GRANVILLE                     NC-3-B-228
THOMPSON, L. V.                         NC-3-A-333
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        NC-3-A-418
TODD, NANCY ADELINE                     NC-3-A-74
TOLIVER, JACOB                          NC-3-A-82
TOLIVER, JESSE                          NC-3-A-260
TOLIVER, PATIENCE                       NC-3-A-129
TOLIVER, ROSA P.                        NC-3-B-53
TOLIVER, SUSAN                          NC-3-A-142
TOLIVER, WILLIAM                        NC-3-A-13
TRUITT, WILLIAM                         NC-3-A-156
VAUGHAN, E. L.                          NC-3-A-100
WADDELL, BURGESS                        NC-3-A-69
WAGONER, CLARA                          NC-3-C-81
WAGONER, DANIEL                         NC-3-A-32
WAGONER, ISOM                           NC-3-A-458
WAGONER, J. MONROE                      NC-3-A-350
WAGONER, JACOB                          NC-3-A-58
WAGONER, NANCY                          NC-3-A-451
WAGONER, O. J.                          NC-3-B-72
WALLACE, SARAH LEE                      NC-3-C-331
WAMBLE, JULIUS H.                       NC-3-C-253
WARDEN, J. F.                           NC-3-A-470
WARDEN, NELLA                           NC-3-A-45
WARDEN, W. P.                           NC-3-C-88
WATSON, JOHN F.                         NC-3-B-262
WEAVER, W. H.                           NC-3-C-106
WEAVER, WILLIAM                         NC-3-A-33
WHITEAD, DANIEL                         NC-3-A-23
WHITEAD, WILLIAM                        NC-3-A-300
WHITELY, LEMMA                          NC-3-C-215
WILES, JAMES                            NC-3-1-1
WILLIAMS, A. B.                         NC-3-B-48
WILLIAMS, H. J.                         NC-3-A-336
WILLIAMS, J. O. JR.                     NC-3-B-137
WOLF, CINTHY J.                         NC-3-B-4
WOLFE, F. L.                            NC-3-A-44
WOODRUFF, A. J.                         NC-3-A-119
WOODRUFF, EVELYNE                       NC-3-B-41
WOODRUFF, R. A.                         NC-3-B-434
WOODRUFF, SOWELL                        NC-3-C-180
WOODRUFF, W. A.                         NC-3-B-39
WYATT, MARY                             NC-3-A-18

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