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ABRAHAMSE, CORNELIUS                   MD-6-9-205
ADAMS, ALPHEUS J.                      MD-6-14-343
ADAMS, DANIEL C.                       MD-6-10-330
ADAMS, EDWARD J.                       MD-6-12-198
ADAMS, MARGARET A.                     MD-6-14-345
ADAMS, MOSES                           MD-6-C-76
ADAMS, NANCY                           MD-6-C-151
ADAMS, PETER COOPER                    MD-6-B1-27
ADAMS, WALTER M.                       MD-6-14-342
ADAMS, WILLIAM H.                      MD-6-A3-215
ADDAMS, ROGER                          MD-6-A1-98
ADDAMS, WILLIAM                        MD-6-A1-49
ALBER, BENSOR B.                       MD-6-14-159
ALBURGER, HARRIET W.                   MD-6-12-159
ALBURGER, WILLIAM H.                   MD-6-12-164
ALEXANDER, EMILY                       MD-6-13-189
ALEXANDER, FERRY                       MD-6-10-329
ALEXANDER, LUCY H.                     MD-6-1-302
ALFORD, EDWARD                         MD-6-A1-46
ALFORD, JOHN                           MD-6-A1-5
ALFORD, JOHN                           MD-6-A1-21
ALFORD, JOSEPH                         MD-6-A1-147
ALFORD, MATTHIAS                       MD-6-A1-38
ALFORD, SAMUEL                         MD-6-B2-114
ALFORD, WILLIAM                        MD-6-A1-151
ALLCOCK, THOMAS                        MD-6-A1-137
ALLEN, JOHN                            MD-6-B2-167
ANDERSON, DAVID P.                     MD-6-11-124
ANDERSON, HARRIET E.                   MD-6-11-285
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      MD-6-B2-150
ANDREW, ARDILLA                        MD-6-B2-469
ANDREW, BARZILLIA                      MD-6-A3-436
ANDREW, CURTIS                         MD-6-B2-562
ANDREW, ELISHA W.                      MD-6-18-70
ANDREW, ELISHA W.                      MD-6-B2-568
ANDREW, GEORGE                         MD-6-C-323
ANDREW, GEORGE                         MD-6-A1-167
ANDREW, ISAAC                          MD-6-C-63
ANDREW, IWLLIAM E.                     MD-6-11-224
ANDREW, JACOB R.                       MD-6-B2-438
ANDREW, KATIE                          MD-6-13-15
ANDREW, LAURA W.                       MD-6-10-56
ANDREW, LUTHER J.                      MD-6-10-214
ANDREW, MARY                           MD-6-B2-133
ANDREW, MARY J.                        MD-6-18-101
ANDREW, MATTHEW A.                     MD-6-9-353
ANDREW, RICHARD                        MD-6-B2-587
ANDREW, RICHARD                        MD-6-C-267
ANDREW, RICHARD                        MD-6-A2-39
ANDREW, RICHARD                        MD-6-B2-3
ANDREW, RICHARD SR.                    MD-6-A1-204
ANDREW, SALLIE                         MD-6-1-137
ANDREW, SALLIE                         MD-6-1-135
ANDREW, SALLIE E.                      MD-6-11-176
ANDREW, SARAH                          MD-6-C-196
ANDREW, STATON B.                      MD-6-B2-566
ANDREW, TAMSIE B.                      MD-6-14-278
ANDREW, WILLIAM                        MD-6-B1-126
ANDREW, WILLIAM                        MD-6-B1-504
ANDREWS, CHARLES                       MD-6-11-60
ANDREWS, SARAH H.                      MD-6-10-173
ANDREWS, TILGHMAN                      MD-6-11-33
ANNABEL, ANNIE B.                      MD-6-18-402
ANSTEE, FREDEICK W.                    MD-6-12-115
ANTHONY, CHARLES H.                    MD-6-10-286
ANTHONY, ELIZABETH                     MD-6-1-316
ANTHONY, ELLA M.                       MD-6-12-144
ANTHONY, JOHN                          MD-6-B1-147
ANTHONY, JOSEPH P.                     MD-6-12-309
ANTHONY, JOSHUA M.                     MD-6-1-470, 475
ANTHONY, M. ELLA                       MD-6-1-477
ANTHONY, ROBERT                        MD-6-B2-454
ANTHONY, WILHILMINA                    MD-6-10-300
APPLGARTH, JOHN                        MD-6-A3-301
ARBELO, WILLIAM                        MD-6-12-9
ARMSTRONG, ARCHIBALD                   MD-6-B1-56
ARNOLD, JOHN W.                        MD-6-11-158
ASH, ANNA                              MD-6-9-115
ATKINSON, JOHN W.                      MD-6-B2-284
ATKINSON, SOLOMON                      MD-6-C-436
ATKINSON, THOMAS                       MD-6-B2-271
ATWELL, ADAH M.                        MD-6-10-195
ATWELL, BENJAMIN                       MD-6-A3-442
AYERS, ASA                             MD-6-1-218
AYERS, EZRA R.                         MD-6-B2-603
AYERS, JULIA A.                        MD-6-14-346
AYLOR, JOHN                            MD-6-A2-71
AYRES, ABRAHAM A.                      MD-6-A3-203
AYRES, JAMES                           MD-6-A3-309
AYRES, WILLIAM LAWSON                  MD-6-B2-547, 550
BACCHUS, PETER                         MD-6-C-484
BACSAK, JOHN                           MD-6-13-36
BAGGS, ELIZABETH                       MD-6-B1-242
BAGGS, ELIZABETH                       MD-6-C-485
BAGGS, FRANCES                         MD-6-A3-407
BAGGS, JOHN                            MD-6-A2-79
BAGGS, THOMAS                          MD-6-B1-230
BAILEY, GEORGE W.                      MD-6-10-333
BAILEY, NATHAN                         MD-6-C-251
BAILEY, STEPHEN                        MD-6-1-352, 355
BAILY, EMORY                           MD-6-A3-205
BAKER, CHARLES B.                      MD-6-10-275
BAKER, JOHN VOSS                       MD-6-B1-184
BAKER, RICHARD                         MD-6-13-250
BAKER, WILLIAM T.                      MD-6-13-216
BALL, EVA A.                           MD-6-10-92
BALL, JOHN                             MD-6-C-350
BANKS, JAMES                           MD-6-C-93
BANNING, ANDREW                        MD-6-B1-375
BANNING, ESTHER                        MD-6-A2-59
BANNING, MARGARET                      MD-6-B1-8
BANNING, SALLY                         MD-6-A2-12
BANNING, THOMAS                        MD-6-A2-1
BANNING, WILLIAM                       MD-6-B1-334
BANNING, WILLIAM                       MD-6-A2-35
BARCUS, JOHN                           MD-6-A3-219
BARCUS, JOHN                           MD-6-B2-379
BARCUS, MARTH AL.                      MD-6-14-261
BARNES, JOHN J.                        MD-6-9-66, 70
BARRETT, CHARLES H.                    MD-6-14-202
BARRY, JOHN MARSHALL                   MD-6-11-73
BARTHITT, JOHNATHAN                    MD-6-A2-52
BARTLETT, DANIEL                       MD-6-B1-452
BARTLETT, JAMES                        MD-6-B1-406
BARTON, HARVEY C.                      MD-6-12-153
BARTON, JAMES                          MD-6-A3-388
BARTON, JAMES HENRY                    MD-6-A3-349
BARTON, JOHN                           MD-6-B1-464
BARTON, OLLIVER W.                     MD-6-14-225
BARTON, PETER                          MD-6-A3-347
BARTON, WILLIAM A.                     MD-6-B2-171
BARWICK, EDWARD                        MD-6-C-372
BARWICK, EDWARD                        MD-6-B1-160
BARWICK, EDWARD THE ELDER              MD-6-A1-100
BARWICK, JOSHUA                        MD-6-B1-93
BARWICK, MARGARETT                     MD-6-C-184
BAXTER, REBECCA                        MD-6-9-383
BAYNARD, AARON                         MD-6-B2-23
BAYNARD, ANN                           MD-6-10-329
BAYNARD, ANN                           MD-6-A3-17
BAYNARD, GIDIAN                        MD-6-A2-94
BAYNARD, HENRY                         MD-6-C-404
BAYNARD, JOHN                          MD-6-A2-67
BAYNARD, JOHN                          MD-6-10-171
BAYNARD, ROBERT                        MD-6-A3-29
BEACHAMP, HENRY C.                     MD-6-9-155
BEACHAMP, JAMES                        MD-6-9-15
BEACHAMP, JOHN                         MD-6-B1-473
BEACHAMP, THOMAS                       MD-6-C-355
BEAREN, H. LAY                         MD-6-14-120
BEAREN, THOMAS                         MD-6-14-124
BEATTY, LAUSINA                        MD-6-1-343
BEAUCHAMAP, THOMAS                     MD-6-B2-622
BEAUCHAMP, JOHN                        MD-6-A1-30
BEAUCHAMP, TURPIN                      MD-6-A1-51
BECHTEL, MARY G.                       MD-6-11-258
BECK, MARION L.                        MD-6-12-193
BECKWITH, MARY B.                      MD-6-11-257
BEDWELL, JAMES                         MD-6-B2-409
BEEBE, ALFRED T.                       MD-6-10-313
BELL, DANIEL SR.                       MD-6-A3-46
BELL, GEORGE                           MD-6-B1-272
BELL, GEORGE                           MD-6-B2-274
BELL, HARRINGTON M.                    MD-6-14-242
BELL, HARRINGTON M.                    MD-6-13-309
BELL, ISABEL                           MD-6-B1-296
BELL, JAMES                            MD-6-B1-380
BELL, JAMES                            MD-6-C-98
BELL, JOHN                             MD-6-B2-96
BELL, JOSHUA                           MD-6-B2-505
BELL, MARGARET                         MD-6-B1-542
BELL, SELBY                            MD-6-C-299
BELL, TREPHENER                        MD-6-A3-143
BELL, WILIAM                           MD-6-B1-259
BELLITOR, JOSEPH                       MD-6-C-44
BERCKEL, GEORGE W.                     MD-6-10-177
BERKEY, WILLIAM D.                     MD-6-12-93
BERNARD, JOSEPH H.                     MD-6-10-33
BERRY, MARGARET                        MD-6-A2-68
BERRY, WILLIAM                         MD-6-C-140
BESSIS, WILLIAM                        MD-6-B2-163
BEWLEY, DIANNA                         MD-6-B2-402
BEWLEY, GABRIEL                        MD-6-B2-402
BIAS, HENRY                            MD-6-B2-204
BILBROUGH, ALFRED C.                   MD-6-12-135
BILBROUGH, SAMUEL J.                   MD-6-10-85
BILLUPS, WILLIAM                       MD-6-1-118
BISHOP, GEORGE                         MD-6-B1-155
BISHOP, LUCRETIA                       MD-6-B2-523
BISHOP, MARY                           MD-6-1-308
BISHOP, MARY ANN                       MD-6-A2-88
BISHOP, ROBERT                         MD-6-A1-129
BISHOP, WILLIAM                        MD-6-B1-317
BLACK, JAMES                           MD-6-B1-435
BLACK, JOHN H.                         MD-6-10-259
BLACK, LEVIN                           MD-6-11-86
BLACK, NOAH                            MD-6-B2-42
BLACKBURN, THOMAS                      MD-6-9-13
BLACKISTON, SARAH C.                   MD-6-18-321
BLACKSTONE, HENRY                      MD-6-1-291
BLADES, ELIJAH                         MD-6-C-358
BLADES, GARRETSON                      MD-6-C-349
BLADES, GEORGE V.                      MD-6-14-323
BLADES, ISAIH                          MD-6-A3-340
BLADES, JAMES                          MD-6-B1-92
BLADES, JOSEPH                         MD-6-A3-197, 205
BLADES, JOSEPH                         MD-6-A1-140
BLADES, JOSEPH                         MD-6-C-127
BLADES, LEVIN                          MD-6-B1-468
BLADES, MARGARET                       MD-6-B2-569
BLADES, MARGARET JANE                  MD-6-10-242
BLADES, MARY                           MD-6-B1-401
BLADES, RHODA A.                       MD-6-14-117
BLADES, ROSANNAH                       MD-6-C-105
BLADES, THOMAS                         MD-6-B1-231
BLADES, WILLIAM H.                     MD-6-1-349
BLAKE, SOMERS                          MD-6-11-219
BLANCH, EDGAR                          MD-6-11-105
BLAND, JOSEPH                          MD-6-B1-460
BLAY, STEPHEN                          MD-6-B2-452
BLOCKSAM, DAVID                        MD-6-B2-264
BLOOD, WILLIAM H.                      MD-6-18-210
BLOUGH, SADIE                          MD-6-14-337
BLUNT, RICHARD                         MD-6-A2-96
BOARDLEY, JOHN                         MD-6-B2-44
BOOKER, MARY E.                        MD-6-18-389
BOON, BENJAMIN                         MD-6-A2-6
BOON, ELIZA ANN                        MD-6-A3-361
BOON, JACOB                            MD-6-C-39
BOON, JAMES                            MD-6-A3-315
BOON, JAMES                            MD-6-C-6
BOON, JAMES                            MD-6-B1-534
BOON, JAMES                            MD-6-B1-396
BOON, JOHN                             MD-6-B1-255
BOON, JOSEPH                           MD-6-B1-193
BOON, JOSEPH                           MD-6-A3-78
BOON, JOSEPH (JUNHOLDER)               MD-6-A2-63
BOON, JOSEPH (PLANTER)                 MD-6-A2-62
BOON, JOSHUA                           MD-6-A3-239
BOON, MARY                             MD-6-B1-384
BOON, REBECCA A.                       MD-6-B2-60
BOON, ROBERT                           MD-6-B1-197
BOON, WILLIAM                          MD-6-B1-129
BOON, WILLIAM H.                       MD-6-B2-31
BOON, WILLIAM H.                       MD-6-B2-31
BOOTH, MAHALA A.                       MD-6-18-287
BORDLEY, JAMES R.                      MD-6-9-389
BORK, CIELY                            MD-6-A1-14
BOURK, ANN                             MD-6-C-335
BOURKE, WILLIAM F.                     MD-6-C-92
BOURNE, MARY W.                        MD-6-B2-554
BOWDAGE, RICHARD                       MD-6-A1-35
BOWDLE, ARAMANTHA                      MD-6-10-310
BOWDLE, ELMER                          MD-6-14-208
BOWDLE, JAMES THOMAS                   MD-6-1-56
BOWDLE, JOHN                           MD-6-C-512
BOWDLE, NANCY                          MD-6-C-536
BOWER, ROSIE B.                        MD-6-10-196
BOWERS, DANIEL P.                      MD-6-B2-53
BOYCE, ANNA                            MD-6-B2-389
BOYD, CHARLES                          MD-6-14-321
BOYER, SAMUEL G.                       MD-6-11-47
BOYMAN, RISDON                         MD-6-B1-509
BOZMAN, PHILEMON                       MD-6-A1-142
BRADLEY, CHARLES S.                    MD-6-10-282
BRADLEY, JACOB                         MD-6-A1-190
BRADLEY, JOHN S.                       MD-6-11-78
BRADLEY, NATHANIEL                     MD-6-A2-81
BRADSHAW, THOMAS                       MD-6-A1-106
BRAGLEY, AUGUST                        MD-6-10-360
BRANNOCK, JAMES                        MD-6-A3-75
BRATCHER, SAMUEL THOMAS                MD-6-9-144
BREEDING, CORA G.                      MD-6-13-244
BREEDING, ELEXINE                      MD-6-B2-228
BREEDING, ELIZABETH                    MD-6-A3-187
BREEDING, EUNALLS                      MD-6-B2-307
BREEDING, JAMES A.                     MD-6-10-140
BREEDING, JAMES S.                     MD-6-B2-201
BREEDING, LINDESEY O.                  MD-6-C-216
BREEDING, WILLIAM R.                   MD-6-11-306
BRENNEMAN, ELLA F.                     MD-6-12-226
BRETTINGHAM, PAUL M.                   MD-6-14-268
BREWINGTON, CHARLES WESLEY             MD-6-10-280
BRICE, WILLIAM                         MD-6-18-398
BRIDLES, JOHN W.                       MD-6-1-362
BRIGHT, ALEXANDER                      MD-6-B2-177
BRIGHT, GEORGEANNA H.                  MD-6-10-263
BRIGHT, LEVIN                          MD-6-C-540
BRIMMEL, WILLIAM H.                    MD-6-9-76
BROADAWAY, MARY                        MD-6-B1-145
BROADIS, EROEY, L.                     MD-6-14-61
BROADWAY, ANN                          MD-6-A1-194
BROADWAY, JAMES                        MD-6-A1-91
BROADWAY, WILLIAM                      MD-6-A1-66
BROADY, JAMES                          MD-6-C-119
BROCKWAY, ANNA                         MD-6-10-72
BROCKWAY, DANIEL S.                    MD-6-11-271
BRODAWAY, ROBERT                       MD-6-A1-131
BRODEY, THOMAS                         MD-6-C-231
BRODY, MARGARET                        MD-6-B1-412
BROOKS, BENJAMIN                       MD-6-B1-497
BROOKS, HENRRY                         MD-6-B1-199
BROWN, DORA E.                         MD-6-14-41
BROWN, HUGH C.                         MD-6-11-298
BROWN, JOHN                            MD-6-A1-57
BROWN, JOHN C.                         MD-6-14-355
BROWN, JOHN W.                         MD-6-1-313
BROWN, LEVI                            MD-6-B1-346
BROWN, LYDIA E.                        MD-6-18-149
BROWN, MARY                            MD-6-B1-533
BROWN, SALLIE R.                       MD-6-14-352
BROWN, SAMUEL G.                       MD-6-10-80
BROWN, SOLOMON                         MD-6-C-363
BROWN, WILLIAM JAMES                   MD-6-12-215
BROWN, WILLIAM M.                      MD-6-9-3
BRUCH, EMMA J.                         MD-6-14-28
BRUMABUGH, LEVI R.                     MD-6-13-47
BRUMBAUGH, ANNA S.                     MD-6-13-171
BRUMBAUGH, BENJAMIN B.                 MD-6-12-91
BRUMBAUGH, GEORGE                      MD-6-18-370
BRYAN, ANNA ELIZABETH                  MD-6-12-103
BRYAN, JAMES                           MD-6-1-395
BRYANT, HOWARD                         MD-6-12-231
BRYANT, JOSHUA W.                      MD-6-9-130
BUCHANNAN, JAMES                       MD-6-C-235
BUCK, WILLIAM J.                       MD-6-18-217
BUCKLEY, SAMUEL R.                     MD-6-9-198
BULAH, SOLOMON                         MD-6-11-193
BULLOCK, ELIZA JANE                    MD-6-11-321
BULLOCK, EMILY                         MD-6-11-320
BULLOCK, LETHA E.                      MD-6-13-168
BULLOCK, RICHARD E.                    MD-6-9-307
BURK, MARY                             MD-6-B1-99
BURK, THOMAS                           MD-6-B1-57
BURKE, EDWARD                          MD-6-18-363
BURNETT, JOHN                          MD-6-11-245
BURNS, ANNIE M.                        MD-6-B2-215
BURTON, WILLIAM                        MD-6-C-151
BURTT, JAMES                           MD-6-B1-503
BURTT, JOHN                            MD-6-A2-2
BURTT, WILLIAM                         MD-6-B1-506
BUSH, ANDREW                           MD-6-B1-177
BUSH, KEZIAH                           MD-6-B1-441
BUSH, WILLIAM                          MD-6-B1-185
BUTLER, CHARLES E.                     MD-6-10-150
BUTLER, JAMES                          MD-6-1-480
BUTLER, JOHN OF W.                     MD-6-B2-883
BUTLER, MARGARET A.                    MD-6-18-182
BUTLER, MOSES                          MD-6-A3-124
BUTLER, MOSES SR.                      MD-6-C-450
BUTLER, SUSAN A.                       MD-6-B2-536
BUTTLE, EDWARD E.                      MD-6-14-102
BUTTLE, TILGHMAN                       MD-6-9-27
CADE, ELIJAH                           MD-6-B2-153
CADE, ROBERT JARMAN                    MD-6-C-511
CAHALL, CHARLES W.                     MD-6-10-348
CAHALL, ELIZABETH                      MD-6-A1-208
CAHALL, JAMES                          MD-6-B1-40
CAHALL, JAMES H.                       MD-6-11-70
CAHALL, NOAH                           MD-6-A3-94
CAHALL, SOLOMON                        MD-6-A3-14
CAHALL, WILLAM SR.                     MD-6-C-117
CAHALL, WILLIAM H.                     MD-6-1-142
CAHALL, WILLIAM SMITH                  MD-6-A3-419
CAIN, FRANCES                          MD-6-B1-421
CAIN, THOMAS                           MD-6-B1-262
CALLAHAN, ADA M.                       MD-6-14-365
CALLAHAN, GEORGE                       MD-6-A3-140
CALLAWAY, WILBERT                      MD-6-13-32
CAMPER, WILLIAM                        MD-6-A1-45
CANADA, ARAH ANN                       MD-6-B2-491
CANADA, DAVID                          MD-6-A3-189
CANADAY, DAVID                         MD-6-B2-395
CANNON, ALICE                          MD-6-C-135
CANNON, CARROLL                        MD-6-10-265
CANNON, CURTIS A.                      MD-6-14-293
CANNON, DORCAS                         MD-6-B2-198
CANNON, HESTER E.                      MD-6-13-312
CANNON, J. M.                          MD-6-1-337
CANNON, STEPHEN                        MD-6-10-77
CANNON, T. PURNELL                     MD-6-14-320
CANNON, THOMAS SR.                     MD-6-A1-63
CANNON, WILLIAM N.                     MD-6-10-107
CAREY, ELIZABETH                       MD-6-A3-52
CAREY, WILLIAM                         MD-6-B1-110
CARLILE, ROBERT                        MD-6-B1-198
CARLILE, SAMUEL                        MD-6-C-278
CARLISLE, ROBERT                       MD-6-A3-206
CARMAIN, RACHEL                        MD-6-C-498
CARMAN, ELIZA J.                       MD-6-10-43
CARMEAN, ELIJAH                        MD-6-C-121
CARMEAN, ELIZABETH                     MD-6-18-26
CARMEAN, JOHN (TAILOR)                 MD-6-C-109
CARMEEN, JOHN                          MD-6-B1-181
CARMINE, MARY A.                       MD-6-9-121
CARNEY, FRANCINA                       MD-6-9-312
CARPENTER, ANNIE OLIVIA                MD-6-18-202
CARPENTER, EDWARD                      MD-6-A3-354
CARPENTER, JOHN                        MD-6-C-155
CARRELL, MARY                          MD-6-A3-172
CARROLL, CAROLINE J.                   MD-6-13-303
CARROLL, DORA                          MD-6-18-337
CARROLL, EMILY J.                      MD-6-9-188
CARROLL, ERNEST L.                     MD-6-14-362
CARROLL, JAMES E.                      MD-6-10-224
CARROLL, JAMES G.                      MD-6-10-247
CARROLL, JOHN W.                       MD-6-10-222
CARROLL, LEVIN                         MD-6-A3-421
CARROLL, MARY                          MD-6-A3-18
CARROLL, MARY                          MD-6-1-52
CARROLL, ORA A.                        MD-6-13-159
CARROLL, THOMAS J.                     MD-6-10-369
CARROLL, WILLIE T.                     MD-6-12-156
CARSON, WILLIAM H.                     MD-6-12-248
CARTER, ARAMINTA                       MD-6-B2-174
CARTER, EDWARD                         MD-6-C-547
CARTER, EDWARD                         MD-6-B1-340
CARTER, EDWARD C.                      MD-6-14-230
CARTER, EDWARD C.                      MD-6-1-94
CARTER, JAMES                          MD-6-1-97
CARTER, JAMES                          MD-6-A3-426
CARTER, JAMES                          MD-6-A1-89
CARTER, JOHN                           MD-6-B1-405
CARTER, JOHN                           MD-6-A1-25
CARTER, JOHN                           MD-6-A1-36
CARTER, JOHN                           MD-6-A3-36
CARTER, MARY                           MD-6-18-353
CARTER, RICHARD C.                     MD-6-1-457
CARTER, SALLIE MAY                     MD-6-10-350
CASE, THOMAS J.                        MD-6-B2-364
CASSEN, HENRY                          MD-6-B1-101
CASSON, ELIZABETH                      MD-6-B1-90
CASSON, HENRY                          MD-6-C-67
CASSON, HENRY JR.                      MD-6-A2-3
CASSON, JAMES N.                       MD-6-A3-102
CASSON, KATIE B.                       MD-6-11-61
CASSON, PHILIP                         MD-6-B1-399
CASSON, ROBERT                         MD-6-C-171
CASSON, WILLIAM                        MD-6-B1-527
CATRUP, SAMUEL H.                      MD-6-C-115
CAULK, FRANCES                         MD-6-C-149
CAULK, PETER                           MD-6-B1-128
CAUNCIL, REBECCA                       MD-6-A3-89
CAUSEY, BEACHAMP                       MD-6-B1-306
CAUSEY, FREDERICK                      MD-6-B1-85
CAUSEY, PETER T.                       MD-6-A3-264
CAUSEY, ROBERT B.                      MD-6-B1-393
CAUSEY, SOLOMON                        MD-6-C-164
CAUSEY, THOMAS                         MD-6-A1-197
CAUSEY, WILLIAM                        MD-6-B1-246
CAWSEY, HENNEY (NEGRO)                 MD-6-A3-65
CAWSEY, WILLIAM (TAYLOR)               MD-6-B1-10
CECIL, MARGARET E.                     MD-6-11-316
CHAFFINCH, ALEXINE J.                  MD-6-12-97
CHAFFINCH, ELISHA                      MD-6-A3-499
CHAFFINCH, JOHN                        MD-6-B1-368
CHAFFINCH, S. ETTA                     MD-6-13-131
CHAFFINCH, THOMAS L.                   MD-6-10-160
CHAFFINCH, TILGHMAN F.                 MD-6-9-170
CHAMBERS, ADA C.                       MD-6-12-353
CHAMBERS, FRANKLIN H.                  MD-6-14-258
CHAMBERS, ISAAC JEROME                 MD-6-10-26
CHAMBERS, OLIVER PRESTON               MD-6-13-181
CHANCE, AARON                          MD-6-B1-9
CHANCE, BATCHELDEOR                    MD-6-A2-89
CHANCE, BATHELDER G.                   MD-6-A3-317
CHANCE, ELIJAH                         MD-6-B2-400
CHANCE, FRANES A.                      MD-6-12-236
CHANCE, JEMINA                         MD-6-A3-60
CHANCE, JOHN LEE                       MD-6-14-315
CHANCE, MARTHA                         MD-6-A2-100
CHANCE, PETER                          MD-6-A3-162
CHANCE, REBECCA T.                     MD-6-10-127
CHANCE, TILGAMAN                       MD-6-C-160
CHAPPEL, SOPHRONIA J.                  MD-6-12-111
CHARLES, ALFRED D.                     MD-6-14-314
CHARLES, AMELIA                        MD-6-B2-344
CHARLES, JACOB                         MD-6-B2-237
CHARLES, JAMES RAYMON                  MD-6-13-144
CHARLES, LEVIN                         MD-6-A3-183
CHARLES, MARGARET LOUISA               MD-6-9-364
CHARLES, MARY                          MD-6-B2-61
CHARLES, WILLIS                        MD-6-A3-378
CHATTELL, WILLIAM                      MD-6-A1-18
CHEEZUM, JOHN                          MD-6-A2-17
CHEEZUM, LEVIN                         MD-6-B2-328
CHEEZUM, MARY P.                       MD-6-A3-210
CHEEZUM, SAMUEL                        MD-6-A1-78
CHEEZUM, THOMAS                        MD-6-1-54
CHEEZUM, WILLIAM                       MD-6-A1-44
CHEFFINS, WILLIAM C.                   MD-6-14-152
CHERRY, JOSEPH                         MD-6-10-293
CHEZUM, DANIEL SR.                     MD-6-C-441
CHILCUTT, THOMAS                       MD-6-B1-398
CHILLCUTT, GEORGE                      MD-6-A1-52
CHILLCUTT, JOSHUA                      MD-6-B1-243
CHILLTON, WILLIAM                      MD-6-C-455
CHILTON, MATTHEW                       MD-6-B1-228
CHILTON, REBECCA                       MD-6-B1-514
CHILTON, WILLIAM                       MD-6-B1-419
CHILTON, WILLIAM F.                    MD-6-A3-468
CHIPP, DAVID W.                        MD-6-B2-462
CHIZUM, RICHARD                        MD-6-A3-38
CHRISTIAN, ADDISON A.                  MD-6-11-288
CHRISTOPHER, ALFRED H.                 MD-6-18-108
CHRISTOPHER, WILLIAM                   MD-6-B2-66
CLARK, ALFRED                          MD-6-10-249
CLARK, ANGIE W.                        MD-6-9-125
CLARK, BELL JANE                       MD-6-9-9
CLARK, CALEB                           MD-6-C-382
CLARK, ELIZABETH A.                    MD-6-18-166
CLARK, EZEKIEL                         MD-6-B1-442
CLARK, GEORGE W.                       MD-6-12-72
CLARK, GIDEON                          MD-6-B2-169
CLARK, JAMES                           MD-6-C-281
CLARK, JAMES M.                        MD-6-10-162
CLARK, JAMES T.                        MD-6-B2-589
CLARK, JOANNA                          MD-6-A1-196
CLARK, JOHN                            MD-6-A1-87
CLARK, JOHN T.                         MD-6-12-131
CLARK, JOHN W.                         MD-6-18-122
CLARK, JOSEPH E.                       MD-6-14-249
CLARK, JOSHUA                          MD-6-A2-47
CLARK, JOSHUA B.                       MD-6-1-267
CLARK, LEWIS H.                        MD-6-18-395
CLARK, LONA G.                         MD-6-12-303
CLARK, LOUISA                          MD-6-12-350
CLARK, LYDIA                           MD-6-A3-275
CLARK, MARTHA A.                       MD-6-12-129
CLARK, MARY E.                         MD-6-1-330
CLARK, MARY W.                         MD-6-14-131
CLARK, RHODA A.                        MD-6-9-50
CLARK, SARAH J.                        MD-6-9-184
CLARK, SHADRACK                        MD-6-1-96
CLARK, VIOLA SARAH                     MD-6-10-219, 10-229
CLARK, WILLIAM                         MD-6-B1-372
CLARKE, ABRAHAM                        MD-6-A1-145
CLARKE, EDWARD O.                      MD-6-C-132
CLARKE, PHILIP                         MD-6-C-147
CLARKE, RICHARD                        MD-6-A1-34
CLARKE, THOMAS                         MD-6-A1-47
CLARKSON, RICHARD JR.                  MD-6-A1-184
CLARKSON, THOMAS                       MD-6-A2-93
CLARKSON, THOMAS                       MD-6-A1-16
CLARKSON, WILLIAM                      MD-6-A1-10
CLAUS, WILLIAM F.                      MD-6-18-246
CLAYLAND, WILLIAM                      MD-6-C-70
CLEAVES, HANNAH                        MD-6-C-367
CLEMENT, JOHN                          MD-6-A1-180
CLEMENTS, JAMES                        MD-6-C-175
CLEMENTS, JOHN                         MD-6-A3-98
CLENDENNG, THOMAS                      MD-6-A3-374
CLEVENGER, HARRY D.                    MD-6-12-268
CLIFT, HENRY                           MD-6-B1-190
CLIFT, HENRY                           MD-6-B1-208
CLIFTEN, GEORGE                        MD-6-A1-48
CLIFTON, WILLIAM                       MD-6-A1-58
CLINES, ELIZA                          MD-6-18-22
CLINES, ELIZA                          MD-6-9-375
CLOUGH, JOHN                           MD-6-B1-81
CLOUGH, JOHN                           MD-6-A3-417
COATES, JOHN                           MD-6-9-98
COHEE, BENJAMIN B.                     MD-6-13-213
COHEE, HENRY L.                        MD-6-14-281
COHEE, JOHN L.                         MD-6-1-536
COHEE, MINOS A.                        MD-6-12-173
COHEY, WILLIAM E.                      MD-6-9-150
COKER, MOSES                           MD-6-B2-231
COLBOWER, THOMAS J.                    MD-6-14-153
COLESCOTT, RHODA                       MD-6-A3-454
COLLEDGE, JACOB                        MD-6-10-239
COLLINS, ABRAHAM                       MD-6-C-339
COLLINS, ABRAHAM SR.                   MD-6-A1-122
COLLINS, ELIZABETH G.                  MD-6-A3-444
COLLINS, ISAAC                         MD-6-C-87
COLLINS, JAMES C.                      MD-6-11-7
COLLINS, JANE                          MD-6-C-501
COLLINS, JOHN                          MD-6-18-12
COLLINS, LEVIN (FREE NEGRO)            MD-6-A3-486
COLLINS, NICEY                         MD-6-A3-424
COLLINS, PETER                         MD-6-C-134
COLLINS, REYNOLDS Y.                   MD-6-9-17
COLLINS, WILLIAM H.                    MD-6-11-37
COLLISON, ANDREW                       MD-6-A3-271
COLLISON, ELLENDER                     MD-6-A3-310
COLLISON, FOUNTAIN                     MD-6-C-505
COLLISON, GEORGE                       MD-6-A1-139
COLLISON, PETER                        MD-6-C-141
COLLISON, WILLIAM                      MD-6-A1-150
COLLISON, WILLIAM                      MD-6-B1-471
COMEGYS, CORNELIUS                     MD-6-B2-251
COMEGYS, RICHARD E.                    MD-6-10-307
CONAWAY, B. FRANK                      MD-6-13-49
CONNALLY, CALEB                        MD-6-A3-505
CONNELLY, ANN                          MD-6-B2-384
CONNELLY, JESSEE                       MD-6-C-211
CONNELLY, OWEN                         MD-6-B1-333
CONNELLY, REBECCA                      MD-6-B2-276
CONNELLY, THOMAS                       MD-6-A3-117
CONNELLY, WILLIAM                      MD-6-A2-7
CONNELY, MARY HOPKINS                  MD-6-B1-5
CONNERLY, WILLIAM                      MD-6-C-106
CONNOLLY, WILLIAM JR.                  MD-6-B2-409
CONNOLLY, WILLIAM SR.                  MD-6-B2-406
CONNOR, BENJAMIN                       MD-6-1-7
COOK, C. ANNA                          MD-6-10-316
COOK, HENRY                            MD-6-12-117
COOK, J. PETAR                         MD-6-10-311
COOK, JAMES                            MD-6-B1-241
COOPER, BENJAMIN                       MD-6-B1-353
COOPER, DELLA                          MD-6-10-292
COOPER, F. WRIGHT                      MD-6-14-22
COOPER, FLORENCE H.                    MD-6-14-235
COOPER, HENRY C.                       MD-6-14-90
COOPER, JAME ST.                       MD-6-9-278
COOPER, JOHN                           MD-6-A2-13
COOPER, JOHN                           MD-6-C-544
COOPER, MARCELLUS B.                   MD-6-12-341
COOPER, MARK Y.                        MD-6-B1-404
COOPER, SOLOMON                        MD-6-A3-57
COOPER, STEPHEN                        MD-6-C-94
COOPER, THOMAS                         MD-6-B1-133
COOPER, THOMAS                         MD-6-B1-123
COOPER, WILLIAM                        MD-6-A2-43
COPE, ELIZABETH P.                     MD-6-14-312
CORBIN, COSTELIA K.                    MD-6-9-283
CORBIN, WILLIAM A.                     MD-6-10-287
CORKELL, JOHN W.                       MD-6-10-264
CORKRAN, IRENE                         MD-6-11-20
CORKRAN, JAMES BYRAD                   MD-6-1-120
CORKRAN, JANE                          MD-6-B2-629
CORKRAN, NATHAN                        MD-6-B2-45
CORKRIN, HENRY                         MD-6-C-157
CORNYN, MAY C.                         MD-6-14-49
CORRIE, JOHN                           MD-6-C-282
CORRIE, WILLIAM                        MD-6-C-283
COTTERELL, AMOS                        MD-6-A1-20
COTTINGHAM, CHARLES                    MD-6-B2-111
COULBOURNE, NEWTON                     MD-6-B2-175
COULBOURNE, WALTE RA.                  MD-6-12-178
COUNCELL, SARAH                        MD-6-A3-345
COUNCELL, SUSANNAH                     MD-6-A3-398
COUNCIL, ANESTATIA                     MD-6-A3-193
COUNCILL, JAMES H.                     MD-6-A3-474
COUNCILL, MARY                         MD-6-A3-297
COURSEY, WILLIAM                       MD-6-B1-32, 43
COURSEY, WILLIAM (FARMER)              MD-6-B1-20
COVEY, FRANK P.                        MD-6-11-28
COVEY, FRED E.                         MD-6-14-299
COVEY, JOHN                            MD-6-B1-351
COVEY, JOHN W.                         MD-6-B2-478
COVEY, JOHN W.                         MD-6-B2-480
COVEY, MARGARET A.                     MD-6-9- 203
COVEY, MATTHEW                         MD-6-B1-2
COVEY, SALLIE L.                       MD-6-14-269
COVINGTON, ABRAHAM                     MD-6-A1-76
COX, ANTHONY                           MD-6-B1-281
COX, ELIAS                             MD-6-B2-102
COX, LILLIAN L.                        MD-6-11-280
COX, MAGGIE                            MD-6-12-109
COX, NATHAN H.                         MD-6-10-3
COX, WILLIAM A.                        MD-6-B2-532
COX, WILLIAM E.                        MD-6-12-62
CRAIG, JAMES JOHNSTONE                 MD-6-18-91
CRAIG, JOHN                            MD-6-A2-27
CRANOR, EMORY                          MD-6-C-243
CRANOR, JOSHUA                         MD-6-B1-477
CRANOR, SOLOMON D.                     MD-6-A3-343
CRANOR,E MMANUEL                       MD-6-B1-390
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                       MD-6-A3-243
CREVELING, ISAAC                       MD-6-18-134
CRITCHETT, CHARLEY                     MD-6-C-237
CRONEEN, DANIEL                        MD-6-A1-28
CROUSE, LAVINIA RUSSELL                MD-6-10-251
CSEJKA, JOHN R.                        MD-6-14-370
CULBRETH, JONATHAN                     MD-6-B1-42
CULBRETH, MARY                         MD-6-A1-181
CULBRETH, ROBERT B.                    MD-6-9-106
CULBRETH, SAMUEL                       MD-6-B2-140
CUMMINS, ZANE Y.                       MD-6-B2-575
CURTIS, ALONZO                         MD-6-1-555
CURTIS, JAMES                          MD-6-B1-35
CUTTER, JOHN                           MD-6-A3-199
DAIL, MARY                             MD-6-A2-377
DAIL, WILLIAM                          MD-6-A2-248
DAILEY, HARRY I.                       MD-6-14-144
DALIOUS, B. F.                         MD-6-14-174
DAVIS, CALEB P..                       MD-6-A3-404
DAVIS, CATHERINE                       MD-6-1-258
DAVIS, CLARA N.                        MD-6-14-201
DAVIS, ELENA                           MD-6-12-281
DAVIS, ELLEN S.                        MD-6-18-103
DAVIS, FERNANDEZ                       MD-6-10-277
DAVIS, HARRY W.                        MD-6-13-167
DAVIS, JEROME A.                       MD-6-10-28
DAVIS, JOHN M.                         MD-6-A2-250
DAVIS, LEMUEL                          MD-6-C-445
DAVIS, LINA V.                         MD-6-1-451
DAVIS, MATILDA                         MD-6-B2-194
DAVIS, MINNIE H.                       MD-6-14-77
DAVIS, NANCY                           MD-6-B2-98
DAVIS, SARAH                           MD-6-A1-88
DAWSON, ANN.                           MD-6-A3-77
DAWSON, JOHN                           MD-6-A2-392
DAWSON, JOHN                           MD-6-A2-414
DAWSON, JOHN F.                        MD-6-9-256
DAWSON, MARY                           MD-6-C-195
DAWSON, MARY E. A.                     MD-6-9-96
DAWSON, SARAH                          MD-6-C-230
DAWSON, THOMAS                         MD-6-A1-170
DAWSON, WILLIAM                        MD-6-A2-299
DAY, EMMA S.                           MD-6-13-21
DAY, REBECCA ANN                       MD-6-1-100
DAY, THOMAS L.                         MD-6-13-170
DAY, WILLIAM W.                        MD-6-1-100
DEAN, ALBERT                           MD-6-1-263
DEAN, ANNIE S.                         MD-6-10-297
DEAN, CHARLES A.                       MD-6-10-70
DEAN, CHARLES.                         MD-6-A3-274
DEAN, DAVID OF ELIJAH.                 MD-6-A3-149
DEAN, ELIJAH                           MD-6-C-79
DEAN, FRANCIS                          MD-6-A2-343
DEAN, HENRY                            MD-6-1-372
DEAN, ISABELLA                         MD-6-13-61
DEAN, JACOB W.                         MD-6-9-11
DEAN, JOHN                             MD-6-1-182
DEAN, MARY                             MD-6-C-133
DEAN, NORMAN THOMAS                    MD-6-14-273
DEAN, RACHEL                           MD-6-A2-542
DEAN, ROBERT H.                        MD-6-10-24
DEAN, SHADRACH                         MD-6-10-7
DEAN, SOPHIA                           MD-6-C-261
DEAN, WILLIAM                          MD-6-B2-15
DEAN, WILLIAM RICHARD                  MD-6-11-255
DEEN, CARRIE                           MD-6-13-90
DEEN, WILLIAM H.                       MD-6-11-253
DEHORITY, NANCY                        MD-6-A3-466
DEHORTY, JOHN                          MD-6-A1-64
DEITRICH, EDWARD C.                    MD-6-10-325
DELAHAY, WILLIAM                       MD-6-C-65
DELAHAY, WILLIAM                       MD-6-B2-208
DELL, BENSON SR..                      MD-6-A3-97
DELL, JOHN                             MD-6-A3-249
DENNEY, SUSANNAH                       MD-6-A2-8
DENNIS, AGNES                          MD-6-13-295
DENNIS, RACHEL                         MD-6-1-99
DENNISON, JOHN N.                      MD-6-9-201
DENNISON, WALLACE W.                   MD-6-12-232
DEROACHBURNE, JOHN                     MD-6-A2-256
DEROCHBURNE, PHILLIP S..               MD-6-A3-179
DETWILER, MARY                         MD-6-10-326
DETWILER, VIANNA                       MD-6-10-355
DEVER, GEORGE A.                       MD-6-11-183
DEW, ENOCH                             MD-6-1-148
DEW, GEORGE                            MD-6-10-281
DEWEESE, NATTILLA P.                   MD-6-9-152
DEWIGHT, JOSEPH                        MD-6-11-223
DEWITT, GRANT                          MD-6-13-247
DICK, ABRAHAM DOWNES                   MD-6-18-351
DICKERSON, JAMES                       MD-6-1-527
DICKERSON, SARAH E.                    MD-6-12-20
DICKINSON, CHARLES                     MD-6-A2-24
DICKINSON, ENNOLLS                     MD-6-B2-293
DICKINSON, HENRY                       MD-6-A2-135, 140
DICKINSON, MARY F.                     MD-6-11-137
DICKINSON, NANCY S.                    MD-6-A3-3
DICKINSON, WILLIAM                     MD-6-A2-72
DIET, AARON                            MD-6-A2-479
DIGGINS, WILLIAM                       MD-6-B2-94
DILL, BENJAMIN F.                      MD-6-9-350
DILL, ELIZABETH                        MD-6-14-294
DILL, LEON                             MD-6-11-314
DILL, LUTHER M.                        MD-6-11-32
DILL, WILLIAM H.                       MD-6-B2-437
DILLEN, MARY                           MD-6-B2-17
DILLON, JOHN                           MD-6-A2-430
DILLON, WILLIAM A.                     MD-6-10-45
DILLON, WILLIAM A.                     MD-6-10-28
DIMPELBERGER, ADALINE S.               MD-6-11-229
DIXION, HENRY                          MD-6-B2-472
DIXON, BENJAMIN                        MD-6-A2-95
DIXON, EDWARD E.                       MD-6-12-244
DIXON, GRACE F.                        MD-6-12-21
DIXON, OBED                            MD-6-A2-29
DOOLEY, PATRICK                        MD-6-1-434
DOOLING, WILLIAM N. C.                 MD-6-1-137
DORSEY, FRANK G.                       MD-6-12-298
DORSEY, NELLIE R.                      MD-6-18-367
DOUGHTY, ABSALOM                       MD-6-1-241
DOUGLASS, JOSEPH                       MD-6-C-291
DOVE, RICHARD                          MD-6-A1-113
DOVE, RICHARD                          MD-6-A1-71
DOWLER, ALFRED                         MD-6-12-250
DOWNES, ANNIE H.                       MD-6-9-34
DOWNES, CATHERINE L.                   MD-6-10-305
DOWNES, ELI UMPHRIES                   MD-6-10-54
DOWNES, ELIZABETH                      MD-6-C-156
DOWNES, ELIZABETH                      MD-6-9-280
DOWNES, HATTIE W.                      MD-6-14-196
DOWNES, HENRY                          MD-6-C-306
DOWNES, J. DUKES                       MD-6-11-263
DOWNES, JOSEPHINE M.                   MD-6-14-262
DOWNES, LOUISE M.                      MD-6-13-282
DOWNES, MARION H.                      MD-6-14-8
DOWNES, NANCY                          MD-6-A2-260
DOWNES, NATHAN                         MD-6-A2-23
DOWNES, PHILEMON                       MD-6-A2-311
DOWNES, PHILIP W.                      MD-6-1-407, B2-429
DOWNES, RANDOLPH H. (DR.0              MD-6-12-214
DOWNES, SALLIE E.                      MD-6-12-39
DOWNES, SARAH                          MD-6-A2-225
DOWNES, SARAH M.                       MD-6-1-382
DOWNES, VACHEL                         MD-6-12-182
DRAGOO, MAURICE A.                     MD-6-14-14
DRAKE, LOVINA                          MD-6-9-382
DRAPER, JUDREL                         MD-6-A2-295
DRAPER, THOMAS H.                      MD-6-1-46
DRAPER, WILLIAM                        MD-6-A2-325
DRIGGAS, SARAH A. T.                   MD-6-1-104
DRIGGAS, WILLIAM                       MD-6-1-102
DRIVER, CHRISTOPHER                    MD-6-C-27
DRIVER, MATTHEW                        MD-6-A2-443
DUBOIS, JOHN                           MD-6-1-318
DUDLEY, REBECCA.                       MD-6-A3-258
DUFFEY, HUGH                           MD-6-9-88
DUHADWAY, JOHN (DR.)                   MD-6-11-278
DUKES, ELIZABETH C.                    MD-6-12-42
DUKES, ISAAC L.                        MD-6-14-279
DUKES, ISAAC.                          MD-6-A3-291
DUKES, JAMES E.                        MD-6-9-225
DUKES, LEVI                            MD-6-C-509
DUKES, LEVI                            MD-6-B2-413
DUKES, MARIA LOUISA                    MD-6-1-418
DUKES, MARY F.                         MD-6-10-357
DUKES, THOMAS                          MD-6-A2-91
DUKES, WILSON.                         MD-6-A3-35
DULANEY, WILLIAM                       MD-6-A2-291
DULIN, JAMES FRANK                     MD-6-18-103
DULLES, NATALINE BAYNARD               MD-6-1-439
DUNHAM, PHEBE U.                       MD-6-9-372
DUNKIN, ELIZABETH                      MD-6-A2-424
DUNNING, ELBERTA                       MD-6-14-231
DUNNING, SAMUEL P..                    MD-6-A3-326
DUNNING, SMAUEL                        MD-6-B2-220
DUNNING, TAMER.                        MD-6-A3-125
DURKEE, ELIZA                          MD-6-18-317
DWIGGANS, JAMES                        MD-6-A2-294
DWIGGINS, JAMES                        MD-6-A2-385
DWIGGINS, JOHN                         MD-6-A2-378
DYER, JOHN                             MD-6-A1-42
DYETT, JACOB                           MD-6-C-467
EAGLE, JOHN                            MD-6-C-228
EAGLE, SOLOMON                         MD-6-B1-70
EATON, ANDERTON                        MD-6-B1-204
EATON, DAVID E.                        MD-6-10-172
EATON, EZEKIEL                         MD-6-B2-617
EATON, IDA                             MD-6-14-173
EATON, LEVI                            MD-6-B1-370
EATON, MARY E.                         MD-6-10-200
EATON, NOAH                            MD-6-C-302
EATON, PETER                           MD-6-B1-108
EATON, PETER OF EDWARD                 MD-6-C-310
EATON, SARAH                           MD-6-B2-267
EATON, SARAH                           MD-6-B1-293
ECKER, GEORGE W.                       MD-6-12-351
ECKER, UENRIETTA CAMILLA               MD-6-12-377
EDDINGTON, LYDIA W.                    MD-6-13-145
EDGELL, BENJAMIN                       MD-6-A1-90
EDGELL, BENJAMIN                       MD-6-B1-189
EDGELL, BENJAMIN FRANK                 MD-6-10-175
EDGELL, CHARLES W.                     MD-6-13-175
EDGELL, EZEKIEL                        MD-6-C-223
EDGELL, JAMES                          MD-6-A2-73
EDGELL, JOSEPHINE                      MD-6-11-155
EDGELL, ROBERT R.                      MD-6-18-407
EDGELL, ROBERT R.                      MD-6-1-407
EDGELL, THOMAS                         MD-6-A3-311
EDMONDS, ROBERT                        MD-6-A1-168
EDMONDSON, JAMES JR.                   MD-6-C-103
EDMONDSON, JAMES SR.                   MD-6-C-38
EDMONDSON, JOHN                        MD-6-A1-134
EDMONDSON, WILLIAM                     MD-6-A1-53
EDMUNDSON, WILLIAM                     MD-6-A1-7
EDWARDS, JOHN                          MD-6-A1-1
EDWARDS, JOSEPH S.                     MD-6-13-278
EDWARDS, WILLIAM D.                    MD-6-9-13
EHLERS, JUSTUS H. (DR.)                MD-6-14-194
ELBEN, HANNAH T.                       MD-6-12-2
ELBIN, WILLIAM S.                      MD-6-11-157
ELIASON, ELIJAH                        MD-6-A3-422
ELLIOTT, ALONZO                        MD-6-14-108
ELLIOTT, ANN ELIZA                     MD-6-1-50
ELLIOTT, DAVID O. P.                   MD-6-1-47
ELLIOTT, JOHN                          MD-6-A3-476
ELLIOTT, JOHN T.                       MD-6-10-2108
ELLIOTT, JOSHUA F.                     MD-6-11-209
ELLIOTT, LAURA E.                      MD-6-13-230
ELLIOTT, LYDIA H.                      MD-6-12-197
ELLIOTT, MAMIE E.                      MD-6-13-147
ELLIOTT, WALTER T.                     MD-6-13-165
ELLIOTT, WALTER T.                     MD-6-13-52
ELLWANGER, CHARLES W.                  MD-6-13-212
ELLWANGER, HARTLY                      MD-6-B2-273, 277
ELLWANGER, UNIETY L.                   MD-6-13-283
ELSBY, JOHN H.                         MD-6-A3-484
EMBERT, WILLIAM H.                     MD-6-1-76
EMERSON, ANNIE M.                      MD-6-9-190
EMERSON, ELDRIDGE W.                   MD-6-18-314
EMERSON, JOHN H.                       MD-6-1-138
EMERSON, MARY LAYTON                   MD-6-10-371
EMERSON, RALPH WALDO                   MD-6-10-285
EMERSON, ROBERT R.                     MD-6-B2-643
EMERY, LEWIS B.                        MD-6-B2-157
EMESON, REBECCA A.                     MD-6-11-3
EMMERSON, GOUVERNUR                    MD-6-B2-442
EMMERSON, MARY                         MD-6-A3-334
EMMERSON, SAMUEL                       MD-6-C-244
ENGERMAR, EDWARD J.                    MD-6-14-133
ENGLAND, ANNA M.                       MD-6-14-339
ENGLE, WILLIAM                         MD-6-10-46
EPHRIAM, MAX                           MD-6-12-31
EPHRIAM, REBECCA                       MD-6-12-34
EUKER, HENRY                           MD-6-10-344
EVANS, DAVID R.                        MD-6-B2-390
EVANS, HARVEY                          MD-6-14-311
EVERETT, VICTOREEN R.                  MD-6-9-377
EVERINGAM, ELIZABETH                   MD-6-C-426
EVERINGAM, MARTHA                      MD-6-11-67
EVERNGAM, JOHN L.                      MD-6-13-87
EVINS, WILLIAM                         MD-6-A1-93
EVITTS, ABRAHAM                        MD-6-C-474
EVITTS, HILL SETH                      MD-6-C-184
EVITTS, JOHN                           MD-6-A3-392
EVITTS, JOSEPH                         MD-6-B2-21
EVITTS, MARY                           MD-6-A3-72
EVITTS, SETH H.                        MD-6-B2-464
EVITTS, WILHELMINA T.                  MD-6-12-11
EWART, GEORGE S.                       MD-6-11-53
EWEN, ANNE STATIA                      MD-6-B1-489
EWEN, JAMES                            MD-6-B1-355
EWING, HENRY                           MD-6-B2-439
EWING, HENRY                           MD-6-B1-505
FARRELL, ELIZABETH                     MD-6-C-174
FARRELL, SARAH                         MD-6-A3-239
FAUCLONOR, SARAH                       MD-6-A1-154
FAUCONOR, NATHAN                       MD-6-A1-162
FAUKNER, SAMUEL                        MD-6-10-82
FAULCONER, THOMAS                      MD-6-A1-153
FAULKNER, BENJAMIN                     MD-6-B1-237
FAULKNER, BURTON                       MD-6-A3-365
FAULKNER, JACOB                        MD-6-B1-402
FAULKNER, JOHN L.                      MD-6-11-120
FAULKNER, MARY ANN                     MD-6-A3-304
FAULKNER, SALATHIEL                    MD-6-B1-142
FAULKNER, WILLIAM A.                   MD-6-A3-136
FAULKNER, WILLIAM H.                   MD-6-10-66
FAULKNER, WILLIAM J.                   MD-6-11-343
FAVINGER, DAVID                        MD-6-B2-518
FAVINGER, SARAH                        MD-6-B2-183
FEARNES, MILES                         MD-6-B1-541
FEARNS, MARY                           MD-6-10-206
FERRINS, JOHN F.                       MD-6-12-113
FERRINS, ZADOCK                        MD-6-A3-112
FIELDS, LAURA W.                       MD-6-14-256
FISHELL, AMOS L.                       MD-6-12-175
FISHER, JAMES                          MD-6-B1-21
FISHER, JAMES H.                       MD-6-11-9
FISHER, JOHN                           MD-6-B2-648
FISHER, JOHN J.                        MD-6-B2-620
FISHER, LOUISA                         MD-6-1-420
FISHER, MARIAM E.                      MD-6-18-394
FISHER, MARY                           MD-6-B1-360
FISHER, MARY T.                        MD-6-12-265
FISHER, PERCY ROLAND (DR.0             MD-6-13-11
FISHER, RACHAEL                        MD-6-B1-239
FISHER, RACHEL                         MD-6-C-345
FISHER, RICHARD                        MD-6-B1-170
FISHER, T. PLINY                       MD-6-12-245
FISK, ANDREW MURRY                     MD-6-1-211
FLEETWOOD, ISAAC C.                    MD-6-1-122
FLEETWOOD, WILLIAM D.                  MD-6-12-253
FLEHARTY, JOHN                         MD-6-C-204
FLEHARTY, STEPHEN                      MD-6-B1-413
FLEHARTY, STEPHEN                      MD-6-A1-104
FLEMING, CHARLES EDWARD                MD-6-12-60
FLEMING, CHARLES H.                    MD-6-9-128
FLEMING, FRANCES J.                    MD-6-10-109
FLEMING, HARRY                         MD-6-14-265
FLEMING, LAURA MOORE                   MD-6-11-246
FLEMMING, SILAS                        MD-6-C-50
FLETCHER, JOHN H.                      MD-6-12-195
FLETCHER, JOHN W.                      MD-6-18-29
FLETCHER, OLA M.                       MD-6-14-241
FLOWERS, MARTHA R.                     MD-6-12-186
FLOYD, AARON                           MD-6-B1-266
FLUHARTY, AMOS                         MD-6-1-282
FLUHARTY, HARRY F.                     MD-6-13-263
FLUHARTY, ISAAC                        MD-6-B2-460
FLUHARTY, MARY A.                      MD-6-18-229
FLUHARTY, MARY E.                      MD-6-B2-607
FLUHARTY, NEOMA                        MD-6-B2-277
FLUHARTY, STEPHEN                      MD-6-10-9
FLUHARTY, THOMAS H.                    MD-6-18-89
FLYNN, ANN                             MD-6-A3-307
FLYNN, ELIZABETH L.                    MD-6-14-179
FLYNN, JOHN FRANCIS                    MD-6-10-315
FOOKS, MALLIS D.                       MD-6-14-73
FOOKS, NELSON H.                       MD-6-13-133
FORD, GEORGE                           MD-6-14-212
FORD, MARTIN R.                        MD-6-18-105
FORD, MOLLIE FREDERICA                 MD-6-10-283
FORD, MOSES K.                         MD-6-1-1
FORD, THOMAS                           MD-6-A3-10
FORD, WILLIAM A.                       MD-6-B2-503
FOSTER, JOSEPH                         MD-6-B1-78
FOSTER, THOMAS                         MD-6-A1-81
FOUNTAIN, ANDREW SR.                   MD-6-C-41
FOUNTAIN, JOHN R.                      MD-6-1-43
FOUNTAIN, MARCEY                       MD-6-B2-146
FOUNTAIN, MARCY                        MD-6-A1-22
FOUNTAIN, MARY ANN                     MD-6-A1-197
FOUNTAIN, NEHEMIAH                     MD-6-B2-295
FOUNTAIN, NICHOLAS                     MD-6-A1-169
FOUNTAIN, ROGER                        MD-6-A3-323
FOUNTAIN, SAMUEL                       MD-6-A2-22
FOUNTAIN, SARAH                        MD-6-A3-71
FOUNTAIN, THOMAS                       MD-6-A3-12
FOUNTAIN, WILLIAM                      MD-6-A1-23
FOUNTAIN, WILLIAM                      MD-6-A1-171
FOUNTAIN, WILLIAM                      MD-6-B1-320
FOWLER, CLEMENT                        MD-6-B2-100
FOWLER, MARY                           MD-6-B2-417
FOWLER, PATRICK                        MD-6-A1-43
FOWLER, THOMAS ALCOCK                  MD-6-B1-286
FOXWELL, RICHARD HEADLE                MD-6-A2-38
FRAMPTOM, EDWARD M.                    MD-6-B2-136
FRAMPTOM, WILLIAM                      MD-6-B1-483
FRAMPTON, CHARLES                      MD-6-9-223
FRAMPTON, LEVI                         MD-6-C-153
FRAMPTON, MARGARET                     MD-6-C-128
FRAMPTON, WILLIAM                      MD-6-A2-101
FRAZIER, ALEXANDER                     MD-6-A1-110
FRAZIER, BENONI                        MD-6-A1-173
FRAZIER, CECILY                        MD-6-A1-201
FRAZIER, THOMAS                        MD-6-1-79
FRAZIER, WILLIAM                       MD-6-C-265
FRAZIER, WILLIAM                       MD-6-C-126
FREEDLEY, JOHN J.                      MD-6-1-91
FREELAND, LYDIA ELEANOR                MD-6-14-123
FRENCH, PHILIP                         MD-6-A1-188
FRENCH, THOMAS                         MD-6-A2-24
FRIEND, GABRIEL                        MD-6-14-138
FRIEND, ISAAC                          MD-6-C-402
FUCHS, ELIZABETH                       MD-6-10-232
FUCHS, JOHN C.                         MD-6-10-352
FUCHS, MARIE ELIZABETH                 MD-6-14-290
FURMAN, GEORGE                         MD-6-B2-514
FURNESS, MARY E.                       MD-6-18-256
FURTADD, JOSEPH                        MD-6-C-59
GADOW, ANNA R.                         MD-6-13-201
GADOW, FRANK J.                        MD-6-11-269
GALLAGHER, JOHN                        MD-6-10-14
GAMBREL, JAMES                         MD-6-1-552
GAMBRILL, CHARLOTTE E.                 MD-6-12-184
GARDNER, EUGENE                        MD-6-9-357
GAREY, EDWIN M.                        MD-6-9-330
GAREY, MATTHEW                         MD-6-18-185
GAREY, OWEN C.                         MD-6-10-267
GAREY, ROLAND T. K.                    MD-6-13-154
GAREY, THOMAS FREDERICK SR.            MD-6-1-11, 24
GAREY, WILLIAM M.                      MD-6-14-298
GAREY,A NNIE G.                        MD-6-18-141
GAROTTE, JOHN                          MD-6-B1-19
GARRATE, EDWARD                        MD-6-A1-117
GARRATE, THOMAS                        MD-6-A1-159
GARRETT, JAMES H.                      MD-6-18-30
GARROTT, THOMAS                        MD-6-C-71
GARTON, JAMES WRIGHT                   MD-6-13-287
GAWTY, JOHN                            MD-6-C-332
GEARHART, HENRY L.                     MD-6-1-104, 106, 120
GELETLY, ALFRED GEORGE SR.             MD-6-14-143
GENN, JAMES                            MD-6-A2-60
GENN, LOTT                             MD-6-A3-289
GEORGE, EVA M.                         MD-6-1-415
GIBBS, JOSHUA                          MD-6-1-340
GIBBS, LOUISA                          MD-6-9-370
GIBSON, DANIEL (COLORED)               MD-6-B2-508
GIBSON, SARAH E.                       MD-6-10-154
GILES, THOMAS B.                       MD-6-10-289
GILL, WILLIAM H.                       MD-6-B2-6
GLANDEN, MARY A.                       MD-6-9-149
GLASER, LOUISA                         MD-6-B2-486
GLAUDING, MARY                         MD-6-B2-68
GLENWINKEL, ERNST                      MD-6-9-63
GLUNE, CHRISTIANIA                     MD-6-10-83
GOLDSBOROUGH, ANGELINA                 MD-6-11-201
GOLDSBOROUGH, GRIFFIN W.               MD-6-18-193
GOLDSBOROUGH, THOMAS                   MD-6-A3-434
GOLDSMITH, SANDFORD B.                 MD-6-B2-528
GOLT, SAMUEL                           MD-6-B2-39, 133
GOOBEE, WILLIAM H.                     MD-6-B2-229
GOODEN, JOHN                           MD-6-18-290
GORMAN, SOLOMON J.                     MD-6-18-318
GORSUCH, LOVELACE                      MD-6-A1-6
GOSLIN, CATHERINE H.                   MD-6-18-365
GOSLIN, EDWARD E.                      MD-6-9-396
GOSLIN, WILLIAM S.                     MD-6-1-253
GOTTWALS, ABRAHAM Z.                   MD-6-9-400
GOUGH, THOMAS H.                       MD-6-18-307
GOUTY, ESTHER                          MD-6-A3-369
GOWTY, ABEL                            MD-6-A3-299
GRACE, ABELL                           MD-6-A1-144
GRAHAM, F. RIDGELY (DR.)               MD-6-1-518
GRAHAM, JANE S. W.                     MD-6-1-296
GRAHAM, JOHN                           MD-6-C-125
GRAHAM, JULIA A.                       MD-6-1-50
GRAVEN, HENRY J.                       MD-6-14-7
GRAY, WILLIAM                          MD-6-C-470
GREEN, CATHERINE                       MD-6-C-420
GREEN, JOHN                            MD-6-1-163
GREEN, JOHN OF JOHN                    MD-6-C-150
GREEN, SUSAN A.                        MD-6-9-146
GREENAGE, JOHN                         MD-6-A3-191
GREENAGE, SHERRY                       MD-6-B1-168
GREENHAWK, JONATHAN                    MD-6-A2-82
GREENLEE, ARTHUR J.                    MD-6-18-92
GREENLEE, DAVID                        MD-6-9-19
GREENLEE, JAMES                        MD-6-A3-318
GREENLEY, JAMES                        MD-6-A3-353
GREENLEY, MARY                         MD-6-B2-283
GREY, ESTHER                           MD-6-A3-92
GRIESBACH, OSWALD                      MD-6-10-106
GRIFFETH, HENRY                        MD-6-A1-13
GRIFFETH, MARY                         MD-6-A3-306
GRIFFETH, SAMUEL                       MD-6-A1-96
GRIFFITH, ABEL                         MD-6-C-205
GRIFFITH, ABRAHAM                      MD-6-B2-246
GRIFFITH, AGNES F.                     MD-6-13-20
GRIFFITH, ALEXANDER                    MD-6-C-188
GRIFFITH, ALEXANDER A.                 MD-6-A3-470
GRIFFITH, ANDREW C.                    MD-6-9-337
GRIFFITH, CHARLES A.                   MD-6-B2-19
GRIFFITH, JACOB IRA                    MD-6-10-366
GRIFFITH, JOHNH.                       MD-6-9-48
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                      MD-6-1-245
GROCE, JAMES                           MD-6-18-339
GROCE, THOMAS F. (COLORED)             MD-6-12-271
GROCE, THOMAS J.                       MD-6-18-235
GRUWELL, LAURA A.                      MD-6-13-106
GRUWELL, WILLIAM B.                    MD-6-13-104
GSELL, EDITH                           MD-6-9-9
HACKETT, G. B.                         MD-6-14-207
HACKETT, J. M.                         MD-6-10-165
HACKETT, KATHARINE                     MD-6-9-218
HACKETT, MARTHA E.                     MD-6-11-215
HACKETT, ROBLEY                        MD-6-14-229
HAGADONE, PETER                        MD-6-9-314
HAINES, GEORGE W.                      MD-6-B2-500
HAINES, LLOYD (COLORED)                MD-6-1-284
HALL, CHRISTOPHER J.                   MD-6-11-352
HALL, ELIZA A.                         MD-6-1-107
HALL, GEORGE H.                        MD-6-B2-441
HALL, MARY                             MD-6-B1-127
HALL, THEODORE J.                      MD-6-12-287
HAMILTON, ELLEN                        MD-6-18-409
HAMILTON, JAMES                        MD-6-C-139
HAMMER, JACOB                          MD-6-9-241
HAMMER, MARGARET                       MD-6-10-103
HAMMILTON, DOLLEY                      MD-6-C-146
HAMMOND, ERNEST HARRIS                 MD-6-14-318
HAMMOND, LEVI J.                       MD-6-12-329
HANDLY, MANUS                          MD-6-A1-3
HANDY, ALBERT S.                       MD-6-12-300
HANDY, CHARLES F.                      MD-6-14-158
HANDY, OTIS V.                         MD-6-11-195
HANDY, ROBERT H.                       MD-6-10-47
HARDCASTLE, EDWARD                     MD-6-B2-164
HARDCASTLE, HENRIETTA                  MD-6-C-199
HARDCASTLE, MARY                       MD-6-B1-29
HARDCASTLE, ROBERT                     MD-6-A3-489
HARDCASTLE, SOLOMON                    MD-6-B1-247
HARDCASTLE, THOMAS                     MD-6-C-144
HARDIKIN, EDWARD                       MD-6-A1-75
HARDING, MARTHA                        MD-6-C-218
HARMORE, JOHN W.                       MD-6-18-200
HARPER, MILCHE JANE                    MD-6-10-49
HARRINGTON, ANN                        MD-6-C-292
HARRINGTON, CLEMENT A.                 MD-6-11-23
HARRINGTON, GEORGE                     MD-6-B2-331
HARRINGTON, GEORGE W.                  MD-6-B2-381
HARRINGTON, JAMES                      MD-6-A2-3
HARRINGTON, NATHAN                     MD-6-A1-182
HARRINGTON, PHILEMON                   MD-6-A2-86
HARRINGTON, THOMAS                     MD-6-B1-174
HARRINGTON, WILLIAM                    MD-6-B1-22
HARRIS, AMOS                           MD-6-B1-265
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                      MD-6-11-153
HARRIS, ISAAC                          MD-6-A3-414
HARRIS, JOHN                           MD-6-A3-163
HARRIS, JOHN                           MD-6-B1-304
HARRIS, JOSEPH P.                      MD-6-B2-455
HARRIS, MARY                           MD-6-C-118
HARRIS, SARAH ETTA                     MD-6-14-291
HARRIS, THOMAS                         MD-6-B2-315
HARRIS, TINA                           MD-6-14-260
HARRIS, WILLIAM                        MD-6-B2-54
HARRISON, WILLIAM                      MD-6-A1-73
HARRISS, JAMES                         MD-6-B1-450
HARRISS, JAMES OF JOHN                 MD-6-C-44
HARRISS, JOHN                          MD-6-A1-45
HARRISS, JOHN                          MD-6-A2-14
HARRISS, JOHN                          MD-6-B1-439
HARRISS, WILLIAM                       MD-6-B1-3
HARRISSON, BENJAMIN                    MD-6-A2-92
HARVEY, JOHN                           MD-6-B1-358
HARVEY, SARAH E.                       MD-6-10-261
HARVEY, THOMAS                         MD-6-B1-488
HARVEY, TILGHMAN                       MD-6-11-42
HARVEY, WILLIAM T.                     MD-6-9-385
HASKINS, SARAH                         MD-6-B1-74
HASLETT, CYNTHIA                       MD-6-B1-463
HAVERKAMP, LOUIS                       MD-6-10-74
HAVILAND, ALEXANDER MOTT               MD-6-9-355
HAVREKAMP, MARY                        MD-6-18-172
HAWKINS, MARY                          MD-6-14-322
HAY, JEREMIAH                          MD-6-C-233
HAY, WILLIAM                           MD-6-B1-520
HAYMAKES, JOSEPH M.                    MD-6-12-67
HAYWARD, FRANCIS                       MD-6-A1-85
HEARING, RACHEL                        MD-6-B1-377
HEARLOW, ANNA M.                       MD-6-13-254
HEATHER, MARTIN V.                     MD-6-9-248
HEAVALOE, BENIAH                       MD-6-18-373
HECK,D ANIEL                           MD-6-12-78
HEFFERSON, ROBERT                      MD-6-C-280
HEGEMAN, HATTIE H.                     MD-6-14-78
HELFRICH, PETER                        MD-6-11-50
HELLER, JACOB A.                       MD-6-18-382
HEMMONS, MAUDE MARCHA                  MD-6-14-116
HENNING, GEORGE                        MD-6-9-272
HENRY, GEORGE A.                       MD-6-12-133
HERMY, JAMES                           MD-6-C-255
HERR, FRANKLIN P.                      MD-6-13-297
HERR, HENRY H.                         MD-6-1-357
HERRINGTON, JOHN                       MD-6-B1-339
HESS, DAVID M.                         MD-6-10-129
HEY, ALEXANDER                         MD-6-B1-209
HICKS, ANN                             MD-6-A3-100
HICKS, BETSY BANNING                   MD-6-A3-313
HICKS, ELIZABETH                       MD-6-A3-25
HICKS, HENRIETTA                       MD-6-B1-438
HICKS, LEVIN                           MD-6-C-462
HICKS, MARY                            MD-6-C-486
HICKS, ROBERT LEONARD                  MD-6-11-212
HICKS,JAMES                            MD-6-B1-268
HIGHT, MARTHA A.                       MD-6-B2-322
HIGNUTT, COLLISON                      MD-6-B2-97
HIGNUTT, D. WARNER                     MD-6-12-22
HIGNUTT, DANIEL                        MD-6-C-138
HIGNUTT, ELLEN                         MD-6-10-94
HIGNUTT, EMANUEL                       MD-6-B2-26
HIGNUTT, GEORGE W.                     MD-6-10-245
HIGNUTT, JAMES                         MD-6-B2-521
HIGNUTT, JAMES                         MD-6-A1-128
HIGNUTT, JAMES E.                      MD-6-11-107
HIGNUTT, SALLIE A.                     MD-6-11-145
HIGNUTT, SARAH                         MD-6-C-152
HIGNUTT, SARAH E.                      MD-6-9-58
HIGNUTT, WILLIAM                       MD-6-C-463
HILL, ARTHUR                           MD-6-A1-72
HILL, JULIAN D.                        MD-6-14-376
HILL, MARY E.                          MD-6-10-299
HILL, SAMUEL E.                        MD-6-18-228
HINSLEY, AMOS                          MD-6-A3-394
HITCH, ANN R.                          MD-6-B2-56
HITCH, GAREY                           MD-6-B2-11
HITCH, SAMUEL S.                       MD-6-B2-263
HITCH, SARAH                           MD-6-B2-638
HITCH, SPENCER                         MD-6-B2-374
HITCH, SPENCER H.                      MD-6-B2-214
HITCHCOCK, JOSIAH M.                   MD-6-11-82
HITCHCOCK, MARY H.                     MD-6-12-217
HIVELY, SARAH E.                       MD-6-10-179
HOBBS, PETER                           MD-6-B1-132
HOBBS, SAULSBURY                       MD-6-18-143
HOBBS, SOLOMON                         MD-6-C-91
HOBBS, THOMAS H.                       MD-6-9-176
HOBBS, WILLIAM                         MD-6-C-305
HOBBY, GEORGE THOMAS                   MD-6-10-98
HOBBY, MARY CHARLOTTE                  MD-6-9-215
HOFACKER, ANTON                        MD-6-14-375
HOFF, WILLIAM W.                       MD-6-B2-278
HOFFMAN, EDWARD                        MD-6-13-124
HOFFMAN, JOHN ELMER                    MD-6-13-315
HOHNES, JAMES H.                       MD-6-1-422
HOLBROOK, SIMEON C.                    MD-6-B2-241
HOLLAND, GEORGE W.                     MD-6-12-152
HOLLAND, JOHN HENRY                    MD-6-1-87
HOLLINGSWORTH, MARTHA ANN              MD-6-B2-476
HOLLINGSWORTH, WILLIAM T.              MD-6-B2-432
HOLLIS, CLAIR                          MD-6-C-88
HOLLIS, CLARK                          MD-6-B1-149
HOLMES, ANAH R.                        MD-6-9-71
HOLMES, JAMES H.                       MD-6-9-104
HOLSINGER, CHRISTIAN P.                MD-6-12-255
HOOPER, JOHN                           MD-6-B1-480
HOPKINS, BETTY                         MD-6-A1-120
HOPKINS, HOWARD R.                     MD-6-11-45
HOPKINS, JOHN                          MD-6-B2-303
HOPKINS, SAMUEL R.                     MD-6-11-217
HORNER, MOSES H.                       MD-6-11-324
HORNEY, DEBORRH                        MD-6-B1-179
HORNEY, JAMES                          MD-6-B1-257
HORNEY, JEFFREY                        MD-6-A2-21
HORNEY, JOHN R. K.                     MD-6-A3-480
HORNICK, JOHN                          MD-6-18-130
HORSEY, JAMES H.                       MD-6-11-79
HORSEY, JOHN H.                        MD-6-12-274
HORSEY, JOHN H.                        MD-6-B2-537
HORSEY, JOSEPHINE                      MD-6-9-309
HORSEY, MARY TRYPHENA                  MD-6-1-435
HORSEY, NATHANIEL OF R.                MD-6-9-302
HORSEY, REVEL                          MD-6-B2-255
HORSEY, SAMUEL H.                      MD-6-B2-393
HORSEY, THOMAS C.                      MD-6-A3-437
HORSEY, THOMAS C.                      MD-6-12-354
HORSEY, WILLIAM G.                     MD-6-1-69, 73
HOUGH, MARY J.                         MD-6-B2-605
HOUK, JOHN Y.                          MD-6-B2-646
HOWARD, ALFRED                         MD-6-10-270
HOWARD, CHARLES R.                     MD-6-10-79
HOWARD, FREDERICK                      MD-6-11-242
HOWARD, WILLIAM ROSS                   MD-6-14-363
HUBBARD, CATHERINE                     MD-6-1-86
HUBBARD, CHARLES                       MD-6-C-459
HUBBARD, CHARLES                       MD-6-B2-30
HUBBARD, EDWARD                        MD-6-A3-41
HUBBARD, GAREY H.                      MD-6-11-143
HUBBARD, JAMES                         MD-6-C-425
HUBBARD, JESSE                         MD-6-B2-498
HUBBARD, JESSE                         MD-6-C-122
HUBBARD, JOHN                          MD-6-10-260
HUBBARD, JULIA J.                      MD-6-13-228
HUBBARD, MARGARET A.                   MD-6-1-265
HUBBARD, MARGARET A.                   MD-6-B2-75
HUBBARD, MARY                          MD-6-B2-288
HUBBARD, MARY J.                       MD-6-1-426
HUBBARD, REBECCA                       MD-6-A3-40
HUBBARD, THOMAS                        MD-6-A3-168
HUBBARD, THOMAS H.                     MD-6-9-260
HUBBARD, TILGHMAN                      MD-6-1-231
HUBBARD, WRIGHSTON                     MD-6-1-5
HUBBERT, EDWARD                        MD-6-10-1
HUGHES, ELIZABETH                      MD-6-13-227
HUGHES, HENRY                          MD-6-1-63
HUGHES, JAMES H.                       MD-6-11-1
HUGHLETT, RICHARD                      MD-6-A3-44
HUMMER, JOSEPH                         MD-6-1-228
HUNT, KATE S. E.                       MD-6-18-261
HUNTER, EZEKIEL                        MD-6-B1-431
HUNTER, NATHAN                         MD-6-B2-63
HUNTER, SARAH                          MD-6-B1-152
HURD, WILLIAM                          MD-6-A3-368
HURD, WILLIAM                          MD-6-B1-453
HURLOCK, JOHN W.                       MD-6-13-119
HURLOCK, MANSHIP                       MD-6-13-224
HURLOCK, SARAH                         MD-6-C-170
HUSSEY, MARY OWENS                     MD-6-10-184
HUSTON, EPHENIA C.                     MD-6-10-295
HUTCHIGNS, JOHN                        MD-6-B1-146
HUTCHINGS, FANNY                       MD-6-A3-500
HUTCHINS, DANIEL V.                    MD-6-10-273
HUTCHINS, JOHN W. (COLORED)            MD-6-12-210
HUTCHINS, MARY                         MD-6-B2-340
HUTCHINS, NATHAN H.                    MD-6-1-156
HUTCHINSON, EMILY                      MD-6-18-285
HUTCHINSON, MANLOVE P.                 MD-6-18-348
HUTCHINSON, MARY C.                    MD-6-14-248
HUTSON, CORA B.                        MD-6-10-235
HUTTON, GEORGE SR.                     MD-6-A1-158
HUTTON, MARY                           MD-6-B1-98
HYLAND, JOHN A.                        MD-6-14-3
HYNSON, CHARLES                        MD-6-A2-90
HYNSON, WILLIAM                        MD-6-1-41
IMLER, TOBIAS F.                       MD-6-10-209
INSLEY, PHOEBE J.                      MD-6-9-254
IRELAND, JOHNATHAN                     MD-6-B1-33
IRELAND, RACHIEL                       MD-6-B1-192
IRWIN, HENRY                           MD-6-1-498
ISAACS, JOSEPH H.                      MD-6-14-93
ISCHER, JOHN                           MD-6-14-348
IVINS, HARRIET L.                      MD-6-11-252
IVINS, JOHN OSCAR                      MD-6-14-65
JACKOR, CHARLES J.                     MD-6-14-155
JACKSON, AARON                         MD-6-B2-420
JACKSON, CATHERINE                     MD-6-B2-65
JACKSON, CHARLES W.                    MD-6-11-173
JACKSON, J. ALSA                       MD-6-11-81
JACKSON, JAMES                         MD-6-B1-122
JACKSON, PETER                         MD-6-B1-194
JACKSON, ROBERT H.                     MD-6-18-378
JACKSON, SAMUEL                        MD-6-B1-270
JACKSON, WILLIAM                       MD-6-B2-631
JANSON, JOHN                           MD-6-11-287
JARMAN, MARION E.                      MD-6-13-301
JARMAN, MARY E.                        MD-6-14-75
JARMAN, NATHAN M.                      MD-6-9-78
JARMAN, THOMAS H.                      MD-6-10-86
JARMAN, WILLIAM T.                     MD-6-B2-372
JARMAN, WILLIAM T.                     MD-6-12-295
JARMAR, ROBERT E.                      MD-6-14-163
JARRELL, CHARLES                       MD-6-14-218
JARRELL, CHARLES L.                    MD-6-11-236
JARRELL, ELIZABETH E.                  MD-6-18-56
JARRELL, FRANCIS A.                    MD-6-A3-462
JARRELL, FRANCIS EDWARD                MD-6-14-210
JARRELL, HENRY E.                      MD-6-11-248
JARRELL, MARGARET K.                   MD-6-11-41
JARRELL, ROBERT                        MD-6-B2-529
JARRELL, SARAH C.                      MD-6-12-223
JARRELL, WESLEY                        MD-6-12-224
JEFFEROSN, CAROLINE T.                 MD-6-10-198
JEFFERSON, ADELIA M.                   MD-6-11-147
JENKINS, ELIZABETH A.                  MD-6-11-200
JENKINS, GEORGE T.                     MD-6-A3-428
JENKINS, THOMAS                        MD-6-B1-328
JERMAN, NOBLE T.                       MD-6-1-110
JESTER, BOAG                           MD-6-C-482
JESTER, JAMES F.                       MD-6-13-210
JESTER, PETER                          MD-6-B2-279
JEWELL, ELIZABETH                      MD-6-B1-462
JEWELL, GEORGE                         MD-6-A3-48
JEWELL, JULIA ANN                      MD-6-9-367
JEWELL, LUTHER W.                      MD-6-B2-516
JEWELL, WILLIAM                        MD-6-B1-307
JOHNS, AARON                           MD-6-9-339
JOHNS, JOHN H. (COLORED)               MD-6-13-92
JOHNS, JOSHUA                          MD-6-1-160
JOHNSON, ANNA R.                       MD-6-14-255
JOHNSON, CORNELIUS                     MD-6-A1-27
JOHNSON, ELENOR                        MD-6-B1-176
JOHNSON, EZEKIAL                       MD-6-A2-53
JOHNSON, FRANCES ANNE                  MD-6-12-66
JOHNSON, GEORGE W.                     MD-6-14-256
JOHNSON, IDA W.                        MD-6-14-300
JOHNSON, J. WILLARD                    MD-6-9-232
JOHNSON, JAMES                         MD-6-A1-68
JOHNSON, JAMES                         MD-6-B1-47
JOHNSON, LEONA L.                      MD-6-12-134
JOHNSON, MARTHA E.                     MD-6-11-115
JOHNSON, MARY                          MD-6-C-137
JOHNSON, THOMAS F.                     MD-6-1-7
JOHNSON, WILLIAM J.                    MD-6-13-67
JONES, CHARLES                         MD-6-C-269
JONES, EBER                            MD-6-B1-354
JONES, ELIZABETH A.                    MD-6-B2-628
JONES, FRANCIS MARION                  MD-6-10-296
JONES, HERBERT S.                      MD-6-14-306
JONES, JAMES                           MD-6-B1-363
JONES, JAMES B.                        MD-6-9-113
JONES, JOHN                            MD-6-B1-219
JONES, MARGARET MARIAH                 MD-6-18-78
JONES, NANCY                           MD-6-C-393
JONES, RICHARD                         MD-6-B2-495
JONES, RICHARD                         MD-6-B1-324
JONES, SARAH                           MD-6-11-109
JONES, SARAH J. (COLORED)              MD-6-12-207
JONES, SARAH MATILDA                   MD-6-B2-507
JONES, SPENCER                         MD-6-14-190
JONES, THOMAS                          MD-6-B2-425
JONES, WILLIAM                         MD-6-9-134
JOPP, HENRY                            MD-6-18-259
JOPP, MARGARET                         MD-6-18-312
JUDRELL, JOHN                          MD-6-A1-23
JUMP, ABRAHAM                          MD-6-A3-151
JUMP, ABRAHAM                          MD-6-A1-179
JUMP, ABRAHAM                          MD-6-A3-450
JUMP, ALEMBY                           MD-6-A3-5
JUMP, ANDREW                           MD-6-B1-89
JUMP, BENJAMIN                         MD-6-B1-331
JUMP, ELIZABETH A.                     MD-6-B2-481
JUMP, ISAAC                            MD-6-A1-132
JUMP, JACOB                            MD-6-B1-119
JUMP, JOHN H.                          MD-6-B2-49
JUMP, LETITIA                          MD-6-B1-118
JUMP, MARGARET M.                      MD-6-14-266
JUMP, MARY                             MD-6-A3-217
JUMP, PETER                            MD-6-B1-235
JUMP, PURNELL                          MD-6-A3-415
JUMP, SARAH I.                         MD-6-A3-280
JUMP, STEPHEN                          MD-6-C-83
JUMP, THOMAS                           MD-6-C-452, 465
JUMP, THOMAS S.                        MD-6-A3-139
JUMP, WILLIAM                          MD-6-C-143

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