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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1812-1828 | 2=1829-1848 | 3=1848-1860 | 4=1860-1867 | 5=1868-1873 | 6=1873-1880 | 7=1880-1886 | 8-17= coming |
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ABRAHAMS, ISRAEL                        IN-89-5-288
ADAM, THOMAS                            IN-89-5-18
ADAMS, ABEL                             IN-89-2-55
ADAMS, ANNE                             IN-89-3-499
ADAMS, RICHARD                          IN-89-2-93
ADAMSON, JONATHAN                       IN-89-2-111
ADDINGTON, JOHN                         IN-89-2-56
ADDINGTON, SILAS                        IN-89-2-101
ADDLEMAN, JACOB                         IN-89-4-248
ADDLEMAN, JOHN M.                       IN-89-5-349
ADDLEMAN, JOSEPH SR.                    IN-89-3-266
ADDLEMAN, MATILDA J.                    IN-89-7-430
ADDLEMAN, WILLIAM                       IN-89-7-393
AGAL, GEORGE                            IN-89-5-34
AKIR, JACOB                             IN-89-1-110
ALBAUGH, CHRISTENA                      IN-89-6-329
ALBAUGH, ZACHARIA                       IN-89-6-337
ALBERTSON, JESSE                        IN-89-6-476
ALBERTSON, SARAH                        IN-89-7-245
ALBRIGHT, HENRY                         IN-89-4-132
ALEXANDER, JAMES                        IN-89-1-63
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH                       IN-89-1-77
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                      IN-89-3-397
ALLEN, HUGH                             IN-89-3-356
AMICK, DANIEL                           IN-89-2-114
ANDERSON, JACOB                         IN-89-7-184
ANDERSON, JOSEPH                        IN-89-4-385
ANDREW, ROBERT                          IN-89-1-69
ANE, FREDERICK                          IN-89-7-401
ARMENT, LYDIA                           IN-89-5-87
ARNETT, JESSE                           IN-89-6-240
ARNOLD, CHARLES                         IN-89-4-330
ARNOLD, MATILDA                         IN-89-3-566
ARNOLD, MATTHIAS G.                     IN-89-3-428
ASHBY, BLADEN                           IN-89-1-158
ASHTON, JOSEPH                          IN-89-2-1
ATKINS, JONATHAN                        IN-89-2-77
ATKINSON, LYDIA                         IN-89-3-66
AUSTIN, GARRISON P.                     IN-89-7-86
AUSTIN, JAMES A.                        IN-89-6-238
AUSTIN, JOHN                            IN-89-3-240
AYLER, JOHN                             IN-89-3-207
BADLDWIN, RACHEL                        IN-89-3-426
BAILEY, MARTHA                          IN-89-5-256
BAISCH, CARL F. M.                      IN-89-7-16
BAKER, LYDIA                            IN-89-4-51
BALDWIN, DANIEL                         IN-89-1-92
BALDWIN, DANIEL                         IN-89-4-149
BALDWIN, ELIAS T.                       IN-89-3-339
BALDWIN, GEORGE W.                      IN-89-3-354
BALDWIN, JOHN                           IN-89-5-97
BALDWIN, NATHAN                         IN-89-1-109
BALDWIN, NEWTON                         IN-89-3-89
BALDWIN, THOMAS                         IN-89-2-98
BALDWIN, URIH                           IN-89-2-339
BALES, JACOB                            IN-89-3-368
BALLANGER, WILLIAM                      IN-89-1-113
BALLARD, AHIRA                          IN-89-2-20
BALLENGER, ELIZA                        IN-89-7-97
BALLENGER, JOSHUA                       IN-89-4-168
BALSTER, HENRY                          IN-89-7-192
BARGIES, JOSEPH                         IN-89-3-468
BARGIS, THOMAS J.                       IN-89-5-142
BARKER, MATTHEW                         IN-89-4-159
BARKER, RUTH                            IN-89-5-278
BARKMEIER, WILLIAM                      IN-89-6-493
BARNARD, OBED                           IN-89-2-266
BARNES, JOHN                            IN-89-4-177
BARR, JOHN                              IN-89-5-63
BARRETT, RICHARD J.                     IN-89-4-268
BARTON, ANDREW                          IN-89-2-278
BARTON, EDWARD                          IN-89-2-147
BATTERS, JOSEPH                         IN-89-6-335
BEARD, ALMA                             IN-89-7-504
BEARD, JOHN SR.                         IN-89-3-549
BEARD, PATRICK                          IN-89-2-17
BEAVER, JACOB                           IN-89-3-531
BECHT, ABSALOM                          IN-89-7-529
BEDENBECKER, MARIA A.                   IN-89-5-130
BEDEWOECKER, LOUIS                      IN-89-4-357
BEELER, GEORGE W.                       IN-89-3-205
BEESEN, ISAAC                           IN-89-3-33
BEESON, BENJAMIN                        IN-89-3-181
BEESON, E. C.                           IN-89-4-412
BEESON, TACEY                           IN-89-2-252
BEESON, TACY                            IN-89-2-132
BEITZELL, ANNA MARY                     IN-89-7-567
BELL, GRANDY                            IN-89-4-307
BELL, JOHN M.                           IN-89-6-269
BENNETT, JOHN F.                        IN-89-3-507
BENNETT, SALLY                          IN-89-3-482
BENNETT, THOMAS J.                      IN-89-4-204
BENSON, JOHN                            IN-89-6-447
BENTLEY, JOHN                           IN-89-2-83
BENTON, THOMAS                          IN-89-5-159
BERKAN, PAUL                            IN-89-2-409
BERKENSTOCK, SARAH A.                   IN-89-7-542
BERKIN, PAUL                            IN-89-2-142
BERRY, MARIA                            IN-89-6-333
BERRY, RICHARD                          IN-89-3-176
BERTZELL, BENJAMIN F.                   IN-89-4-234
BESWICK, GEORGE M.                      IN-89-3-273
BEVERLIN, JOHN                          IN-89-1-50
BICKEL, HENRY                           IN-89-3-15
BIRDSALL, SAMUEL                        IN-89-5-270
BISH, JOHN                              IN-89-4-354
BISHOP, BENJAMIN                        IN-89-3-1
BLACK, JOHN L.                          IN-89-6-113
BLAIR, GEORGE M.                        IN-89-4-48
BLANCHARD, ISABELLA F.                  IN-89-7-313
BLANCHARD, WILLIAM                      IN-89-7-51
BLOSE, PETER                            IN-89-7-357
BOESCH, CATHERINE                       IN-89-4-63
BOND, EDWARD                            IN-89-3-390
BOND, EDWARD                            IN-89-1-61
BOND, ELIHU                             IN-89-5-193
BOND, JESSE                             IN-89-4-106
BOND, JOHN                              IN-89-4-422
BOND, SAMUEL                            IN-89-3-523
BOND, SARAH                             IN-89-4-235
BOND, SILAS                             IN-89-3-494
BOND, THOMAS                            IN-89-4-65
BONINE, DANIEL                          IN-89-1-10
BOOKER, ANN MARY                        IN-89-2-81
BOOKER, SARAH                           IN-89-4-72
BORGMAN, FREDERICK WILLAIM              IN-89-6-481
BORNE, JOHN                             IN-89-6-82
BOSWELL, BARNABY                        IN-89-2-150
BOSWELL, EZRA                           IN-89-2-80
BOSWELL, WILLIAM                        IN-89-4-115
BOTTS, MARY                             IN-89-3-349
BOUGHER, JACOB                          IN-89-2-135
BOWEN, JOHN                             IN-89-6-88
BOWING, BERNARD H.                      IN-89-7-431
BOWING, FREDERICK                       IN-89-5-290
BOWING, HERMAN                          IN-89-7-467
BOWMAN, DAVID                           IN-89-5-150
BOWMAN, DAVID                           IN-89-4-361
BOYD, JOHN                              IN-89-5-334
BOYD, JOHN F.                           IN-89-6-207
BOYD, SAMUEL                            IN-89-3-37
BOYD, WILLIAM R.                        IN-89-5-180
BOYER, ROSE ANNA                        IN-89-7-382
BOYSE, WILLIAM                          IN-89-3-228
BRADBURY, DANIEL                        IN-89-7-179
BRADY, PRISCILLA                        IN-89-5-18
BRANDON, RICAHRD G.                     IN-89-4-170
BRANSON, ISAIAH                         IN-89-7-565, 573
BREITHOLLE, HENRY                       IN-89-6-295
BRENNEGER, ZERA                         IN-89-5-13
BRIDGLAND, CAROLINE G.                  IN-89-7-19
BRITTAIN, ELIJAH S.                     IN-89-7-147
BRITTAIN, JAMES                         IN-89-6-538
BRITTAIN, ROBERT                        IN-89-1-100
BROKAMP, ANNA M. E.                     IN-89-7-347
BROKAMP, J. B. JOSEPH                   IN-89-6-109
BROKAMP, JOHN HENRY                     IN-89-6-531
BROOKS, JESSE                           IN-89-3-163
BROTHERS, BARNABAS                      IN-89-3-403
BROWN, AARON                            IN-89-3-224
BROWN, BENJAMIN                         IN-89-6-462
BROWN, JOHN                             IN-89-6-447
BROWN, MARY                             IN-89-4-99
BROWN, SAMUEL                           IN-89-3-219
BRUGGENKAMP, ANNA                       IN-89-7-577
BRUMBACK, WILLIAM                       IN-89-6-460
BRUMFIELD, JOHN                         IN-89-2-89
BRUMFIELD, MERYMAN                      IN-89-7-58
BRUMFIELD, THOMAS                       IN-89-2-240
BUDD, FREDERICK                         IN-89-5-205
BUHL,C HRISTIAN                         IN-89-4-91
BULLA, ISAAC                            IN-89-6-247
BULLA, THOMAS                           IN-89-4-280
BULLA, WILLIAM                          IN-89-4-120, 133
BUNCH, RICHARD                          IN-89-3-582
BUNDY, JOSIAH                           IN-89-1-43
BUNKER, ABRAM                           IN-89-2-133
BUNKER, IRA                             IN-89-4-274
BUNKER, SAMUEL                          IN-89-7-112
BUNKER, THOMAS                          IN-89-4-254
BUNKER, ZENAS                           IN-89-3-215
BUNNEL, OLINDA B.                       IN-89-6-175
BUNNLAUCK, MARGARET                     IN-89-3-375
BURBANK, ISAAC                          IN-89-6-230
BURBANK, MARY E.                        IN-89-7-323
BURBOW, POWELL                          IN-89-5-277
BURGES, JOHN                            IN-89-2-66
BURGESS, JAMES B.                       IN-89-7-436
BURGESS, JOHN                           IN-89-2-66
BURGESS, JOHN L                         IN-89-5-251
BURGESS, RICHARD                        IN-89-4-252
BURK, WILLIAM                           IN-89-1-51
BURKET, DAVID                           IN-89-5-329
BURKHARDT, JOHN G.                      IN-89-7-359
BURRIS, MARY                            IN-89-7-549
BURROUGHS, CHARLES                      IN-89-6-223
BURSON, EDWARD T.                       IN-89-6-44
BUTLER, ANSELM B.                       IN-89-4-78
BUTLER, BEAL                            IN-89-2-131
BYARS, WILLIAM                          IN-89-6-199
CADWALLADER, REES                       IN-89-4-125
CAIN, ANNA                              IN-89-7-462
CALDWELL, BENJAMIN                      IN-89-4-13
CALLOWAY, ROBERT F.                     IN-89-4-236
CAMMACK, RACHEL                         IN-89-2-325
CAMPBELL, JOHN L.                       IN-89-5-215
CANADAY, CHARLES                        IN-89-3-144
CANADAY, ROBERT                         IN-89-2-116
CANADAY, ROBERT                         IN-89-2-116
CANADY, WALTER                          IN-89-2-338
CANNON, HUDSON                          IN-89-2-29
CAPPELL, ALBERTSON                      IN-89-6-111
CARBERRY, OWEN                          IN-89-6-285
CARLISLE, SARAH E.                      IN-89-6-312
CARN, ELIZABETH                         IN-89-6-46
CARN, WILLIAM SR.                       IN-89-6-303
CARNAHAN, LUCY C.                       IN-89-6-1
CARPENTER, ADAM                         IN-89-2-160
CATEN, JOHN B.                          IN-89-6-426
CCOHRAN, ANN P.                         IN-89-6-364
CHALFANT, EVAN                          IN-89-2-100
CHAMBERS, WIRA F.                       IN-89-7-468
CHAMMESS, ANTHONY                       IN-89-2-348
CHAMNES, JOSHUA                         IN-89-7-530
CHANCE, LEMUEL                          IN-89-3-391
CHAPMAN, GEORGE                         IN-89-2-232
CHAPMAN, JAMES                          IN-89-4-335
CHAPMAN, JOHN                           IN-89-7-114
CHARLES, NATHAN                         IN-89-5-222
CHARLES, SAMUEL                         IN-89-3-70
CHARLES, SAMUEL                         IN-89-5-92
CHERMAN, RICHARD G.                     IN-89-7-310
CLARK, ISRAEL                           IN-89-3-13
CLARK, JOHN                             IN-89-1-70
CLARK, LETITIA                          IN-89-6-51
CLARK, LUCINDA                          IN-89-2-384
CLARK, THOMAS                           IN-89-3-307
CLARK, WILLIAM                          IN-89-6-19
CLOUD, JONATHAN                         IN-89-3-101
COBURN, LAZARUS                         IN-89-2-324
COCHRAN, JAMES                          IN-89-4-28
COCHRAN, MATTHEW B.                     IN-89-3-343
COCHRAN, SARAH C.                       IN-89-4-24
COFFIN, ELIJAH                          IN-89-4-88
COGGESHALL, EDWARD                      IN-89-4-179
COGGSHALL, PETER                        IN-89-2-45
COKERHAM, WILLIAM A.                    IN-89-5-107
COLLINS, HANNAH                         IN-89-6-306
COMER, AMOS                             IN-89-7-474
COMER, JOHN                             IN-89-2-159
COMMONS, DAVID                          IN-89-6-59
COMMONS, EZEKIEL                        IN-89-2-27
COMMONS, ISAAC                          IN-89-5-8
COMMONS, JONATHAN                       IN-89-3-142
COMMONS, JOSEPH A.                      IN-89-4-77
COMMONS, ROBERT                         IN-89-2-187
COMSTOCK, MARY                          IN-89-4-436
COMSTOCK, THOMAS                        IN-89-5-324
CONDON, JOHN                            IN-89-2-262
CONKLE, ELIZABETH                       IN-89-6-12
CONLEY, SAMUEL                          IN-89-3-174
CONLEY, TIM S.                          IN-89-3-9
CONLON, PATRICK                         IN-89-7-383
CONNELL, JAMES                          IN-89-7-153
CONNOVER, JOSEPH                        IN-89-5-353
CONREY, PETER                           IN-89-3-409
CONWAY, CHARLES                         IN-89-4-158
COOK, ABRAHAM                           IN-89-2-275
COOK, ELIJAH                            IN-89-6-344
COOK, ISAAC                             IN-89-6-327
COOK, ISOM                              IN-89-5-134
COOK, JAMES                             IN-89-3-385
COOK, JOHN                              IN-89-5-294
COOK, JOSEPH                            IN-89-3-294
COOK, RUTH                              IN-89-7-269
COOK, SAMUEL                            IN-89-6-166
COOK, SAMUEL M.                         IN-89-4-127
COOK, SETH                              IN-89-3-352
COOK, SUSANNAH                          IN-89-6-331
COOL, JAMES D.                          IN-89-2-295
COPELAND, WILLIAM                       IN-89-2-279
CORDER, JOHN                            IN-89-6-387
CORNELIUS, GEORGE                       IN-89-2-53
CORNELL, SARAH B.                       IN-89-6-369
CORY, JOHN                              IN-89-1-58
COWGILL, HENRY                          IN-89-2-90
COWGILL, JOHN                           IN-89-4-113
COWGILL, JONATHAN B.                    IN-89-4-181
COWNOVER, JOHN                          IN-89-3-62
COWNOVER, WILLIAM                       IN-89-2-259
COX, ELIZABETH                          IN-89-6-23
COX, EVELINE                            IN-89-3-567
COX, JOSEPH                             IN-89-5-340
COX, JOSEPH                             IN-89-1-157
COX, STEPHEN                            IN-89-4-140
COX, THOMAS W.                          IN-89-2-331
COX, WILLIAM                            IN-89-1-91
COX, WILLIAM                            IN-89-3-193
CRABB, JAMES S.                         IN-89-4-130
CRAFT, HANNAH                           IN-89-7-130
CRANAR, THOMAS W.                       IN-89-7-116
CRANOR, JOSHUA                          IN-89-4-341
CRASK, WILLIAM                          IN-89-7-392
CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH                     IN-89-6-385
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          IN-89-7-3
CRAWFORD, MATILDA                       IN-89-4-424
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       IN-89-1-131
CRONK, HENRY                            IN-89-3-171
CRONK, JACOB SR.                        IN-89-6-50
CROOKS, THOMAS                          IN-89-7-576
CROSS, ANN                              IN-89-2-278
CRUISE, WILLIAM                         IN-89-4-299
CRULL, HENRY                            IN-89-7-339
CRULL, MICHAEL                          IN-89-6-104
CRUM, WILLIAM                           IN-89-1-82
CUCKER, PETER                           IN-89-3-361
CULBERTSON, ROBERT                      IN-89-6-146
CULBERTSON, THOMAS                      IN-89-2-330
CULBERTSON, WILLIAM J.                  IN-89-4-224
CURME, MARY                             IN-89-6-160
CUST, LYDIA                             IN-89-3-314
CUSTER, ARNOLD                          IN-89-2-8
CUSTER, JOHN T.                         IN-89-5-272
CUTLER, ENOS                            IN-89-7-464
DALBEY, WILLIAM                         IN-89-4-202
DAVIDSON, ANN                           IN-89-6-169
DAVIS, DRURY                            IN-89-1-79
DAVIS, GRIFFIN                          IN-89-7-75
DAVIS, JOHN                             IN-89-5-76
DAVIS, JOHN                             IN-89-7-483
DAVIS, JOHN H.                          IN-89-6-488
DAVIS, JOHN W.                          IN-89-7-498
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           IN-89-6-152
DAWN, EDMUND                            IN-89-4-81
DAY, LUCINDA                            IN-89-5-176
DEAL, JOHN                              IN-89-5-321
DEBOLT, GEORGE                          IN-89-6-323
DECKER, FREDRICK                        IN-89-7-253
DEMAREE, PATIENCE                       IN-89-4-232
DEMOSS, JOHN                            IN-89-5-55
DENNIS, CLARKEY                         IN-89-7-508
DENNIS, THOMAS                          IN-89-2-199
DENNIS, WILLIAM                         IN-89-2-452
DERICKSON, JOSEPH                       IN-89-3-2
DERICKSON, SARAH                        IN-89-6-281
DEYARMON, THOMAS                        IN-89-7-362
DICKINSON, EDMUND                       IN-89-7-404
DILK, HANNAH H.                         IN-89-6-511
DILL, JOHN S.                           IN-89-5-94
DILLING, WILLIAM                        IN-89-4-246
DILLON, CAROLINE                        IN-89-5-319
DINKELACHER, MINNIE                     IN-89-7-527
DINLEY, LEVI                            IN-89-7-240
DINSMORE, WILLIAM S.                    IN-89-4-219
DODDRIDGE, PHILIP                       IN-89-1-85
DONGAN, MARTHA                          IN-89-3-377
DONLEY, WILLIAM P.                      IN-89-7-500
DOREN, JOSEPH                           IN-89-4-238
DOTTMANN, MARGARET MARIA                IN-89-4-370
DOUGAN, JOHN                            IN-89-2-262
DOUGAN, JOHN C.                         IN-89-6-9
DOUGHERTY, JAMES                        IN-89-5-32
DOWNING, SARAH                          IN-89-3-83
DOWNING, SARAH                          IN-89-7-226
DOYLE, PATRICK                          IN-89-7-40
DRAKE, SUSAN B.                         IN-89-5-184
DRESENG, HENRY                          IN-89-6-136
DRISCHELL, JACOB                        IN-89-7-220
DRULY, SAMUEL                           IN-89-6-85
DRURY, WILLIAM                          IN-89-1-140
DUER, BERNHARDINA                       IN-89-6-107
DUFFEE, JOHN                            IN-89-7-232
DULAN, WILLIAM                          IN-89-3-60
DUNHAM, SARAH                           IN-89-4-242
DUNWIDDIE, HENRY B.                     IN-89-3-377
DYE, JOSHUA                             IN-89-7-89
EAK, JOHN FREDERICK                     IN-89-6-164
EARNEST, ABRAHAM                        IN-89-7-140
EASTEP, ISAAC                           IN-89-2-171
EASTON, BARBRA M.                       IN-89-2-134
EATON, JOHN G.                          IN-89-7-465
EBBELN, JOHANNIS                        IN-89-5-12
EDARDS, POLLY                           IN-89-4-378
EDMONDSON, MARTHA A.                    IN-89-4-199
EDMONDSON, SUSAN H.                     IN-89-4-288
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        IN-89-4-255
EDWAWRDS, TEMPLE                        IN-89-6-150
EGGEMIER, MARIA E.                      IN-89-6-15
EGGEMIRE, JOHN                          IN-89-4-229
EGLI, ANTON                             IN-89-6-468
EHRHART, HENRY                          IN-89-7-180
ELDER, JAMES                            IN-89-2-142
ELIASON, JAMES C.                       IN-89-7-399
ELIASON, JOHN M.                        IN-89-6-265
ELIASON, JOSHUA                         IN-89-4-26
ELIASON, LAURA J.                       IN-89-7-121
ELLIOTT, BENJAMIN                       IN-89-3-462
ELLIOTT, ELIAS                          IN-89-6-458
ELLIOTT, EXUM                           IN-89-2-280
ELLIOTT, ISRAEL                         IN-89-1-42
ELLIOTT, JACOB                          IN-89-5-67
ELLIOTT, MARK                           IN-89-3-500
ELLIOTT, SPENCER SR.                    IN-89-4-426
ELLISM MORDECAI                         IN-89-3-233
ELLWOOD, JOHN                           IN-89-3-350
ELWELL, ELI                             IN-89-6-126
EMESON, THOMAS M.                       IN-89-6-40
ENDSLEY, ABRAHAM                        IN-89-3-120
ENDSLEY, ANDREW                         IN-89-1-128
ENDSLEY, JAMES                          IN-89-7-378
ENGLE, JOB                              IN-89-3-455
ENYART, MARTHA                          IN-89-7-556
ERK, CHRISTOPHER                        IN-89-7-236
ERVIN, LEANDER                          IN-89-6-396
ESTEP, JOHN                             IN-89-3-393
ESTEP, MARGARET                         IN-89-4-118
ESTILL, RICHARD                         IN-89-5-249
EVANS, DAVID S.                         IN-89-5-73
EVANS, ELIZABETH                        IN-89-3-436
EVANS, ISAAC P.                         IN-89-7-228
EVANS, JESSE                            IN-89-6-484
EVANS, MARY M.                          IN-89-6-30
EVANS, SAMUEL                           IN-89-1-98
EVANS, SARAH J.                         IN-89-6-290
EVANS, WILLIAM                          IN-89-1-143
EVERSMAN, HENRY                         IN-89-6-486
FAHYEN, JACOB                           IN-89-6-274
FALAND, VALENTINE                       IN-89-6-134
FARLOW, RACHEL                          IN-89-6-534
FEE, DANIEL                             IN-89-6-95
FELLOW, ROBERT                          IN-89-2-99
FELTON, WILLIAM                         IN-89-3-445
FERGUSON, NIMROD                        IN-89-4-303
FERRELL, JACOB                          IN-89-3-196
FERRIS, JOHN                            IN-89-3-247
FILBEY, ELIZABETH                       IN-89-7-9
FINCH, CALVIN                           IN-89-3-400
FINCH, HAMILTON                         IN-89-2-340
FINCH, WILLIAM                          IN-89-2-295
FINLEY, JOHN                            IN-89-4-400
FINN, ELLEN                             IN-89-5-298
FISCHLER, LEOPOLD                       IN-89-3-587
FISHER, ANN                             IN-89-3-552
FISHER, ELIJAH                          IN-89-3-179
FISHER, GEOGE L.                        IN-89-5-312
FISHER, THOMAS                          IN-89-6-504
FISKE, GEORGE                           IN-89-4-4
FLINT, JOSEPH                           IN-89-3-458
FONEKE, WILLIAM R.                      IN-89-6-293
FORBECK, WILLIAM                        IN-89-6-74
FORD, SAMUEL J.                         IN-89-7-304
FOULKE, EUPHEMIA                        IN-89-6-384
FOULKE, EUPHEMIA                        IN-89-7-285
FOULKE, LETETIA                         IN-89-7-285
FOULKE, PHEBE                           IN-89-3-269
FOULKE, SAMUEL N.                       IN-89-7-318
FOULKE, WILLIAM                         IN-89-6-380
FOUST, JOHN                             IN-89-2-322
FOUTS, ANDREW                           IN-89-6-408
FOUTS, DAVID                            IN-89-1-7
FOUTZ, MARTIN SR.                       IN-89-6-451
FOX, WILLIAM SR.                        IN-89-4-43
FRAMPTON, ISAAC                         IN-89-3-4
FRAZER, JAMES R.                        IN-89-5-310
FRENCH, WILLIAM                         IN-89-3-230
FROHLICH, CATHARINE                     IN-89-5-10
FULGHMAN, BENJAMIN                      IN-89-6-318
FULGHUM, JESSE                          IN-89-2-320
FULGHUM, MIKEL                          IN-89-2-367
FUNK, JACOB                             IN-89-4-396
GALYEAN, THOMAS                         IN-89-1-156
GARDNER, ESTHER                         IN-89-5-90
GATES, ELIZABETH                        IN-89-6-469
GAY, JOHN                               IN-89-1-137
GENTRY, EPHRAIM                         IN-89-3-186
GENTRY, NANCY                           IN-89-5-36
GIBSON, JOHN                            IN-89-1-66
GIFFORD, JESSE                          IN-89-7-255
GILBERT, JAMES W. JR.                   IN-89-6-102
GILBERT, THOMAS                         IN-89-6-416
GIRTON, JEREMIAH                        IN-89-2-356
GIST, JAMES M.                          IN-89-7-488, 522
GODEMANN, JOSEPH                        IN-89-6-68
GOETTEL, HENRY                          IN-89-4-147
GOETTLE, WILLIAM                        IN-89-2-360
GOODE, WILLIAM HENRY                    IN-89-6-478
GORDON, CHARLES E.                      IN-89-7-506
GOWER, HENRY                            IN-89-7-534
GRAE, JONATHAN L.                       IN-89-1-103
GRAHAM, ALLEN                           IN-89-5-139
GRAHAM, FORGIS                          IN-89-2-133
GRAHAM, MARY                            IN-89-2-313
GRANTNER, FREDERICK                     IN-89-2-22
GRAVE, DAVID P.                         IN-89-5-143
GRAVE, JACOB                            IN-89-4-109
GRAVE, JACOB                            IN-89-1-28
GRAVE, JESSE                            IN-89-2-67
GRAVE, NATHAN                           IN-89-4-136
GRAVES, JOHN                            IN-89-7-83
GRAVES, MARY ANN                        IN-89-3-558
GRAY, ELLWOOD                           IN-89-6-439
GRAY, HAVENS                            IN-89-4-32
GRAY, JOSEPH                            IN-89-2-289
GRAY, PERRY                             IN-89-3-22
GREEN, JOHN                             IN-89-5-295
GREENSTREET, JESSE                      IN-89-2-286
GRIER, JOHN E.                          IN-89-2-301
GRIES, JOSEPH A.                        IN-89-4-31
GRIFFETH, SARAH C.                      IN-89-5-316
GRIFFIN, JACOB                          IN-89-2-350
GRIMES, ALEXANDER                       IN-89-2-318
GRIMES, ALEXANDER                       IN-89-3-27
GRIMES, ALEXANDER C.                    IN-89-3-237
GRONENDYKE, THOMAS                      IN-89-6-171
GRUWELL, JACOB                          IN-89-3-146
GRWELL, ASA                             IN-89-1-93
GULLIVER, CATHERINE                     IN-89-6-520
GWIN, JOHN                              IN-89-3-42
GWYNN, HANNAH                           IN-89-7-14

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