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Column One = Name of the Estate
Column Two = Year of Probate, Place of Residence. (M) = (M) or guardianship
Column Three = State, County #, District, Estate File # NL= New London
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DABOLL, CHARLES M.                      1836 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1560
DAILY, MARY                             1816 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1562
DALEY, JOHN                             1774 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1561
DANIELS, DANIEL                         1813 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1563
DANIELS, DAVID                          1763 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1564
DANIELS, ELIZABETH                      1840 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1565
DANIELS, GEORGE E.                      1833 SAG HARBOR, NY (M)                 CT-6-NL-1566
DANIELS, HANNAH                         1744 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1567
DANIELS, JEREMIAH                       1850 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1569
DANIELS, JEREMIAH                       1830 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1568
DANIELS, JESSE                          1792 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1570
DANIELS, JOHN                           1756 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1572
DANIELS, JOHN JR.                       1732 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1571
DANIELS, JONATHAN                       1763 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1564
DANIELS, JUDITH                         1766 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1573
DANIELS, MARY                           1763 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1564
DANIELS, NANCY L.                       1833 SAG HARBOR, NY (M)                 CT-6-NL-1566
DANIELS, PETER                          1797 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1574
DANIELS, REBECCA                        1763 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1564
DANIELS, SAMUEL                         1763 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1564
DANIELS, SAMUEL                         1762 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1575
DANIELS, SARAH                          1763 NTL (M0                            CT-6-NL-1564
DANIELS, THOMAS                         1735 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1576
DANIELS, THOMAS                         1808 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1577
DANTRY, MARTHA                          1758 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1578
DANZY, WILLIAM                          1792 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1579
DARROW, ALBEGENCE W.                    1820 PITTSFIELD, MA                     CT-6-NL-1580
DARROW, CHRISTOPHER                     1760 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1581
DARROW, CHRISTOPHER                     1821 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1582
DARROW, DANIEL                          1799 NEWING, NY (M)                     CT-6-NL-1583
DARROW, EBENEZER                        1820 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1608
DARROW, EBENEZER                        1756 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1584
DARROW, EBENEZER                        1841 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1585
DARROW, EBENEZER                        1849 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1609
DARROW, EDMUND                          1816 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-1610
DARROW, ELIZABETH                       1828 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1586
DARROW, ELIZABETH                       1840 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1587
DARROW, FRANCIS                         1850 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1588
DARROW, GEORGE                          1706 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1589
DARROW, GILES                           1816 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-1610
DARROW, JASON                           1815 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1590
DARROW, JEDEIDAH                        1799 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1591
DARROW, JOSIAH                          1840 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1592
DARROW, LEMUEL                          1804 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-1594
DARROW, LEMUEL                          1803 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1593
DARROW, LEONARD                         1816 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-1610
DARROW, MEHITABLE                       1839 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1595
DARROW, NAOMI                           1816 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-1610
DARROW, NICHOLAS                        1759 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1597
DARROW, NICHOLAS                        1725 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1596
DARROW, PETER                           1792 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1598
DARROW, POLLY                           1804 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-1594
DARROW, SAMUEL                          1739 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1599
DARROW, SAMUEL B.                       1843 NEW YORK CITY                      CT-6-NL-1600
DARROW, WILLIAM                         1816 WATERFORD (M0                      CT-6-NL-1610
DARROW, ZADOCK                          1827 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1602
DARROW, ZADOCK JR.                      1811 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1601
DART, BENJAMIN                          1797 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1603
DART, CALEB                             1811 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1604
DART, CLARRISSA                         1848 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1605
DART, DAVID                             1842 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1606
DART, EBENEZER                          1722 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1607
DART, EZRA                              1816 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-1611
DART, HANNAH                            1812 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-1612
DART, JOHN                              1803 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1614
DART, JOHN                              1784 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1613
DART, LUCY                              1844 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1615
DART, MARIA                             1812 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-1612
DART, MARVIN                            1816 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-1611
DART, MARY                              1742 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1616
DART, RICHARD                           1740 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1618
DART, RICHARD                           1810 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1619
DART, RICHARD                           1724 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1617
DART, ROGER                             1758 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1620
DART, SOLOMON                           XXXX NTL                                CT-6-NL-1621
DART, STEDMAN                           1803 WATEFORD                           CT-6-NL-1622
DARTE, WILLIAM JR.                      1815 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1623
DATE, DAVID B.                          1829 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-1624
DATEN, JONATHAN                         1760 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1669
DATEN, JOSEPH                           1747 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1670
DATON, JOHN                             1758 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1668
DAVIDSON, JAMES                         1805 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1625
DAVIS, ABIGAIL                          1771 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1626
DAVIS, AMY                              1805 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1627
DAVIS, ANDREW                           1753 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1629
DAVIS, ANDREW                           1719 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1628
DAVIS, ANDREW                           1766 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1630
DAVIS, ANNA                             1717 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1631
DAVIS, ASA                              1849 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1632
DAVIS, BENAJAH                          1764 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1633
DAVIS, BENAJAH                          1795 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1634
DAVIS, DANIEL                           1721 CANTERBURY                         CT-6-NL-1635
DAVIS, EPHRAIM                          1714 CANTERBURY                         CT-6-NL-1636
DAVIS, FRANCIS                          1828 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1637
DAVIS, HANNAH                           1791 NEW LONDOON                        CT-6-NL-1638
DAVIS, ISAAC G.                         1795 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1639
DAVIS, JAMES                            1837 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1640
DAVIS, JOHN                             1742 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1641
DAVIS, LANMAN                           1826 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1642
DAVIS, SALLY                            1829 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1643
DAVIS, SALTONSTALL                      1738 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1644
DAVIS, SALTONSTALL                      1745 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1645
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           1826 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1647
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           1734 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1646
DAVIS, SOLOMON                          1768 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1649
DAVIS, SOLOMON                          1717 KILLINGSWORTH                      CT-6-NL-1648
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          1804 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1651
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          1804 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1651
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          1725 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1650
DAVIS, ZERVIAH                          1798 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1652
DAVISON, ANDREW                         1725 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1653
DAVISON, CHRISTOPHER                    1734 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-1654
DAVISON, DANIEL                         1705 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1655
DAVISON, HANNAH                         1727 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-1656
DAVISON, JAMES                          1740 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-1657
DAVISON, LYDIA                          1743 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-1658
DAVISON, SAMUEL                         1736 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-1659
DAVISON, THOMAS                         1741 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-1661
DAVISON, THOMAS                         1725 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-1660
DAWLESS, GEORGE W.                      1834 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1662
DAWSON, GEORGE HENRY                    1835 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1664
DAWSON, JERUSHA                         1840 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1663
DAY, SIMON                              1843 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1665
DAYTON, EPHRAIM                         1748 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1666
DAYTON, HENRY                           1832 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1667
DEAN, JAMES                             1831 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1672
DEAN, JAMES                             1747 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1671
DEAN, JOSEPH                            1745 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1673
DEAN, SARAH                             1759 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1675
DEAN, SILAS                             1760 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1676
DEAN, SIMEON                            1765 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1677
DELAMORE, HENRY                         1758 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1678
DEMING, DAVID                           1746 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1679
DEMING, JESSE                           1817 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1680
DENISON, BENADAM                        1757 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1681
DENISON, CHARLES                        1819 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1682
DENISON, CHARLES W.                     1817 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1683
DENISON, DANIEL                         1748 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1685
DENISON, DANIEL                         1747 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1684
DENISON, DOTY                           1793 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1686
DENISON, EDWARD                         1758 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1687
DENISON, ELISHA                         1737 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1688
DENISON, ELISHA                         1841 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1690
DENISON, ELISHA                         1819 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1689
DENISON, ELIZABETH                      1819 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1691
DENISON, ESTHER                         1726 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1692
DENISON, GEORGE                         1736 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1695
DENISON, GEORGE                         1719 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1694
DENISON, GEORGE                         1695 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1693
DENISON, GEORGE                         1765 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1696
DENISON, GEORGE                         1777 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1697
DENISON, HANNAH                         1819 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1698
DENISON, JAMES                          1759 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1700
DENISON, JAMES                          1717 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-1699
DENISON, JAMES                          1760 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1701
DENISON, JAMES                          1808 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-1702
DENISON, JOHN                           1698 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1703
DENISON, JOHN                           1699 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-1704
DENISON, JOSEPH                         1737 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1706
DENISON, JOSEPH                         1725 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1705
DENISON, JOSEPH JR.                     1761 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1707
DENISON, LUCY                           1757 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1708
DENISON, MARY                           1764 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1709
DENISON, NATHAN                         1730 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1710
DENISON, ROBERT                         1737 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1711
DENISON, SAMUEL                         1765 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1712
DENISON, SARAH                          1819 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1713
DENISON, WILLIAM                        1715 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1714
DENISON, WILLIAM                        1761 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1719
DENISON, WILLIAM                        1731 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1716
DENISON, WILLIAM                        1737 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1717
DENISON, WILLIAM 2ND                    1725 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1715
DENISON, WILLIAM 3RD                    1755 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1718
DENNIS, EBENEZER                        1726 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1720
DENNIS, GEORGE                          1809 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1721
DERRICK, EDWARD                         1760 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1722
DESHON, DANIEL                          1826 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1724
DESHON, DANIEL                          1782 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1723
DESHON, EDWARD                          1835 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1725
DESHON, EDWARD M.                       1829 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1726
DESHON, GEORGE                          1836 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1734
DESHON, HENRY                           1818 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1728
DESHON, HENRY JR.                       1805 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1727
DESHON, JAMES                           1797 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1729
DESHON, JOHN                            1794 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1730
DESHON, JOSEPH                          1842 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1731
DESHON, NATHAN                          1837 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1735
DESHON, RICHARD                         1809 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1732
DESHON, SARAH                           1843 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1733
DEWEY, EBENEZER                         1712 LEBANON                            CT-6-NL-1736
DEWEY, HARMAN                           1821 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1737
DEWEY, ISRAEL                           1753 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1738
DEWEY, REBECCA                          1753 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1739
DEWOLF, ABIGAIL                         1773 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1740
DEWOLF, BENJAMIN                        1785 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-1741
DEWOLF, DANIEL                          1752 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1743
DEWOLF, DANIEL                          1716 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1742
DEWOLF, ELIAS                           1761 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-1744
DEWOLF, EPHRAIM                         1832 SALEM                              CT-6-NL-1745
DEWOLF, JOHN                            1706 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1746
DEWOLF, JOSIAH                          1767 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1747
DEWOLF, JOSIAH                          1706 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1746
DEWOLF, SARAH                           1732 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1748
DEWOLF, SIMON                           1698 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1749
DEWOLF, SIMON                           1707 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1750
DEWOLF, SIMON                           1756 LONDON BF                          CT-6-NL-1751
DEWOLF, STEPHEN                         1825 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1754
DEWOLF, STEPHEN                         1710 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1753
DEWOLF, STEPHEN                         1703 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1752
DEWOLF, THEODA                          1825 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1755
DIAMOND, MOSES                          1707 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1756
DIBBLE, JOSIAH                          1718 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-1757
DICKERSON, SAMUEL                       1796 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1758
DICKINSON, BETSEY                       1845 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1759
DICKINSON, JOHN                         1813 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1760
DICKINSON, NATHANIEL                    1797 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1761
DICKINSON, WILLIAM                      1828 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-1762
DODGE, EZRA                             1799 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1763
DODGE, ISRAEL                           1745 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1764
DOGG, NATHANIEL                         1786 SHOREHAM, RI                       CT-6-NL-1765
DOLBEAR, SARAH                          1828 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1774
DOLBEARE, ABBY                          1828 MONTVILLE (M)                      CT-6-NL-1766
DOLBEARE, ELISHA                        1842 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1767
DOLBEARE, GEORGE                        1772 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1768
DOLBEARE, GEORGE B.                     1772 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1769
DOLBEARE, GEORGE B.                     1805 MONTVILLE VBF                      CT-6-NL-1770
DOLBEARE, GUY                           1823 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1771
DOLBEARE, HANNAH M.                     1828 MONTVILLE (M)                      CT-6-NL-1766
DOLBEARE, JAMES GUY                     1828 MONTVILLE (M)                      CT-6-NL-1766
DOLBEARE, JOHN                          1806 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1772
DOLBEARE, JOHN                          1844 MONTVILLE (M)                      CT-6-NL-1773
DOLBEARE, MARY                          1844 MONTVILLE (M)                      CT-6-NL-1773
DOLBEARE, SUSAN                         1828 MONTVILLE (M)                      CT-6-NL-1766
DORR, EDWARD                            1772 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1775
DORR, GEORGE                            1787 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1776
DORR, MARY                              1777 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1777
DOUGLAS, JOHN                           1725 NTL MARRIAGE CONTRACT              CT-6-NL-1791
DOUGLAS, ROBERT                         1790 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1813
DOUGLAS, ROBERT                         1717 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1812
DOUGLAS, ROBERT                         1801 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1814
DOUGLAS, SAMUEL                         1715 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1817
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM                        1725 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1827
DOUGLASS, ABIAL                         1816 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1778
DOUGLASS, ANN                           1790 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1779
DOUGLASS, CALEB                         1751 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1780
DOUGLASS, DANIEL                        1838 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1781
DOUGLASS, ELIHU                         1816 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1782
DOUGLASS, ELIZABETH                     1823 WATEFORD                           CT-6-NL-1783
DOUGLASS, ERSKINE                       1830 LYNCHBURG, VA                      CT-6-NL-1784
DOUGLASS, GEORGE                        1808 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1786
DOUGLASS, GEORGE JR.                    1806 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1785
DOUGLASS, GUY                           1849 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1787
DOUGLASS, HORACE                        1834 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1788
DOUGLASS, JAMES JR.                     1801 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1789
DOUGLASS, JEREMIAH                      1803 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1790
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          1786 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1792
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          1835 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1793
DOUGLASS, JONATHAN                      1734 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1794
DOUGLASS, JONATHAN                      1800 NEW LONDON VBF                     CT-6-NL-1795
DOUGLASS, JOSEPH                        1825 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1796
DOUGLASS, JOSIAH                        1845 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1797
DOUGLASS, LEONARD A.                    1835 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1798
DOUGLASS, LUCY                          1832 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1799
DOUGLASS, LYDIA                         1831 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1800
DOUGLASS, MARGRETT                      1754 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1801
DOUGLASS, MICHAEL                       1799 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1802
DOUGLASS, NANCY                         1799 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1803
DOUGLASS, NATHAN                        1797 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1804
DOUGLASS, RANDOLPH                      1834 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1805
DOUGLASS, RICHARD                       1754 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1807
DOUGLASS, RICHARD                       1759 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1808
DOUGLASS, RICHARD                       1828 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1810
DOUGLASS, RICHARD                       1834 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1811
DOUGLASS, RICHARD                       1736 NEW LONDON VBF                     CT-6-NL-1806
DOUGLASS, RICHARD 2ND                   1816 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1809
DOUGLASS, ROBERT                        1835 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1816
DOUGLASS, ROBERT                        1824 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1815
DOUGLASS, SAMUEL                        1751 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1818
DOUGLASS, SARAH                         1797 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1819
DOUGLASS, SPERRY                        1759 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1808
DOUGLASS, SPERRY                        1817 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1820
DOUGLASS, STEPHEN                       1759 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1822
DOUGLASS, STEPHEN                       1748 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1821
DOUGLASS, THOMA                         1829 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1825
DOUGLASS, THOMAS                        1725 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1823
DOUGLASS, THOMAS                        1792 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1824
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM                       1806 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1829
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM                       1788 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1828
DOW, LORENZO                            1834 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1830
DOWE, ULYSSES                           1845 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1831
DOWLEY, WILLIAM                         1757 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1832
DOWNER, GEORGE                          1761 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1833
DOWNING, DAVID                          1769 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1834
DOWNING, ELIZABETH                      1735 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-1835
DOWNING, HENRY                          1763 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1836
DOWNING, JEREMIAH                       1744 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1838
DOWNING, JOHN                           1729 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1837
DOWSET, AMOS                            1819 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1839
DOWSET, LYMAN                           1816 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1840
DOWZICK, DAVID                          1797 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1841
DUDLEY, ELIZABETH                       1716 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-1842
DUDLEY, FANNY                           1801 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1843
DUDLEY, MOSES                           1731 SAYBROOK (M)                       CT-6-NL-1844
DUDLEY, SAMUEL                          1713 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-1845
DUDLEY, STEPHEN                         1719 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-1846
DUDLEY, THOMAS                          1720 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-1847
DUDLEY, WILLIAM                         1716 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-1849
DUDLEY, WILLIAM                         1701 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-1848
DUDLEY, ZEBULON                         1719 SAYBROOK (M)                       CT-6-NL-1850
DUNBAR, JOHN                            1754 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1851
DUNBAR, ROSALIE                         1843 BROOKLY, NY (M)                    CT-6-NL-1852
DUNK, ELISHA                            1748 SAYBROOK (M)                       CT-6-NL-1853
DUPEY, BENJAMIN                         1816 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1854
DURFEY, RICHARD                         1757 NEW LONDON BF                      CT-6-NL-1855
DURFEY, RICHARD                         1757 NEW LONDON BF                      CT-6-NL-1856
DURFEY, THOMAS                          1794 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1858
DURFEY, THOMAS                          1759 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1857
DURIVAGE, NICHOLAS                      1794 NEW LONDON BF                      CT-6-NL-1859
DURKEE, BENJAMIN                        1749 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1860
DYER, CALEB                             1792 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1861
EAMS, EBENEZER                          1734 NORWICH (M)                        CT-6-NL-1862
EAMS, JOHN                              1735 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1863
EAMS, JOSEPH                            1734 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1864
EAMS, THOMAS                            1752 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1865
EDGAR, ANN E.                           1840 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1866
EDGAR, GEORGE                           1846 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1867
EDGAR, MARY                             1820 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1868
EDGECOMB, ESTHER                        1746 NORWICH BF                         CT-6-NL-1869
EDGECOMB, JESSE                         1792 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1871
EDGECOMB, THOMAS                        1747 NORWICH BF                         CT-6-NL-1878
EDGECOMBE, JOHN                         1746 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1873
EDGECOMBE, JOHN                         1721 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1872
EDGECOMBE, KATHERINE                    1747 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1874
EDGECOMBE, PATIENCE                     1749 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1875
EDGECOMBE, SAMUEL                       1786 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1876
EDGECOMBE, SUSAN                        1810 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1877
EDGERTON, ELISHA                        1736 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1879
EDGERTON, ELIZABETH H.                  1837 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1880
EDGERTON, JAMES                         1842 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1881
EDGERTON, JOSEPH                        1735 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1882
EDGERTON, LOUISA                        1837 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1880
EDGERTON, RICHARD                       1729 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1883
EDGERTON, SAMUEL                        1748 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1884
EDWARDS, HARRIET                        1841 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1885
EDWARDS, JOHN C.                        1840 NEW LONDON BF                      CT-6-NL-1886
EDWARDS, THOMAS                         1762 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1887
EDY, JONATHAN                           1745 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-1888
EELLS, NATHANIEL                        1811 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1889
EGGECOMB, JESSE                         1745 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1870
ELDERKIN, JOHN                          1737 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1890
ELDRIDGE, DANIEL                        1737 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1891
ELDRIDGE, DANIEL                        1748 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1892
ELDRIDGE, THOMAS                        1753 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1893
ELISS, RICHARD                          1705 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1910
ELLIOT, CLARK                           1800 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1895
ELLIOT, CLARK                           1793 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1894
ELLIOT, DESIRE                          1799 NEW LONDON BF                      CT-6-NL-1896
ELLIOT, EUCLID                          1800 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1895
ELLIOT, EUCLID                          1799 NEW LONDON BF                      CT-6-NL-1897
ELLIOT, GEORGE                          1842 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1898
ELLIOT, HENRY                           1767 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1899
ELLIOT, JANE                            1847 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1900
ELLIOT, JOHN H.                         1847 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1901
ELLIOT, JOSEPH                          1757 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1902
ELLIOT, MARIA                           1847 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1900
ELLIOT, SUSAN                           1847 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1900
ELLIOT, ZEBULON                         1784 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1903
ELLIS, CHRISTOPHER                      1756 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1904
ELLIS, JAMES                            1729 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1905
ELLIS, JAMES J.                         1842 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1906
ELLIS, JOHN                             1717 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1907
ELLIS, PETER                            1756 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1908
ELLIS, PETER                            1758 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1909
ELY, ABNER                              1805 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1911
ELY, ABRAHAM                            1821 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1946
ELY, ADRIEL                             1830 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1912
ELY, ANDREW                             1774 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1913
ELY, CULLICK                            1822 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1914
ELY, DANIEL                             1776 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1916
ELY, DANIEL SR.                         1766 LYME BF                            CT-6-NL-1915
ELY, ELEAZER                            1818 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1917
ELY, ELIHU                              1815 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1918
ELY, ELIJAH                             1799 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1919
ELY, ELISHA                             1786 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1920
ELY, ELIZABETH                          1750 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1922
ELY, ELIZABETH                          1727 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-1921
ELY, EVE                                1771 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1923
ELY, EZRA                               1801 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1924
ELY, EZRA B.                            1810 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1925
ELY, HENRY G.                           1829 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-1826
ELY, JAMES                              1771 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1927
ELY, JOHN                               1774 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-1928
ELY, JOSEPH                             1762 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1929
ELY, MARY                               1773 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1930
ELY, RICHARD                            1761 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1932
ELY, RICHARD                            1708 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1931
ELY, RUSSEL                             1803 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1933
ELY, RUSSEL C.                          1825 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1934
ELY, SAMUEL                             1816 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1938
ELY, SAMUEL                             1731 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-1936
ELY, SAMUEL                             1784 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1937
ELY, SAMUEL                             1715 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1935
ELY, SETH                               1821 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1939
ELY, WELLS                              1804 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1940
ELY, WILLIAM                            1820 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1945
ELY, WILLIAM                            1748 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1942
ELY, WILLIAM                            1759 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1943
ELY, WILLIAM                            1718 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1941
ELY, WILLIAM SR.                        1761 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1944
EMERSON, JOSEPH                         1736 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1947
EMERSON, NATHANIEL                      1769 LYME                               CT-6-NL-1948
ENOS, HANNAH                            1845 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1949
EPHRAIM, TOBY                           1763 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1950
ESSEX, RICHARD                          1750 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1951
EVERITT, CHARLES G.                     1837 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1952
EWEN, BENJAMIN E.                       1848 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1953
EWEN, EVELINE G.                        1848 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1954
EWEN, JAMES E.                          1848 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1955
EWEN, WILLIAM W.                        1848 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1956
FAGAN, WILLIAM                          1792 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1959
FAGAN, WILLIAM                          1763 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1958
FAGIN, WILLIAM                          1761 NTL                                CT-6-NL-1957
FAILS, SILENCE                          1743 NORWICH (MINOR)                    CT-6-NL-1963
FAIRBANKS, BENJAMIN                     1757 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1960
FAIRBANKS, SAMUEL                       1733 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1962
FAIRBANKS, SAMUEL                       1732 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1961
FANING, JOHN                            1740 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1965
FANING, JOHN JR.                        1722 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1964
FANING, JONATHAN                        1761 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1966
FARGO, ELIJAH                           1826 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1967
FARGO, ELISHA                           1826 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1968
FARGO, ELIZABETH                        1827 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1969
FARGO, FANNY                            1827 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1970
FARGO, GURDON                           1814 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1971
FARGO, JOHN                             1808 MONTVILLE (M)                      CT-6-NL-1972
FARGO, JOSHUA                           1807 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1974
FARGO, MOSES                            1794 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1975
FARGO, ROBERT                           1762 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1976
FARGO, ROBERT                           1794 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1977
FARGO, STANTON                          1806 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1978
FARGO, TIMOTHY                          1826 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1979
FARGUE, JOHN                            1816 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1973
FARNAM, HENRY                           1700 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-1981
FARNAM, PETER                           1704 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-1982
FARNUM, HANNAH                          1708 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1980
FARNUM, JOHN                            1708 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1980
FARNUM, NATHANIEL                       1708 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1980
FARNUM, PETER                           1708 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-1983
FARRELL, JOSIAH                         1830 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-1984
FELLOWS, EPHRAIM                        1726 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1985
FELLOWS, LUCRETIA                       1845 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1986
FELLOWS, ROBERT A.                      1844 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1987
FENNER, JOHN                            1709 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-1988
FIELD, HENRIETTA S.                     1837 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-1990
FIELDS, GREGORY                         1710 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-1989
FILLMORE, JOHN                          1827 BEVERLY, MA                        CT-6-NL-1991
FINGER, FRANCIS E.                      1847 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1992
FINGERS, MIRANDA                        1818 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-1993
FISH, ABIGAIL                           1742 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1994
FISH, DAVID                             1758 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1996
FISH, DOROTHY                           1736 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-1997
FISH, ERASTUS                           1838 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-1998
FISH, JOHN                              1790 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-1999
FISH, MARY                              1763 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2000
FISH, NATHAN                            1733 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2001
FISH, SAMUEL                            1731 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2002
FISH, SAMUEL                            1738 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2003
FISH, SAMUEL                            1761 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2004
FITCH, ADONIJAH                         1838 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2005
FITCH, ADONIJAH E.                      1839 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2006
FITCH, BENJAMIN                         1729 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2007
FITCH, CAROLINE R.                      1839 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2008
FITCH, DANIEL                           1755 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2010
FITCH, DANIEL                           1712 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2009
FITCH, ELISHA                           1840 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2011
FITCH, HEZEKIAH                         1738 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2012
FITCH, JAMES                            1767 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2014
FITCH, JAMES                            1820 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2015
FITCH, JAMES M.                         1826 MONTVILLE (M0                      CT-6-NL-2016
FITCH, JAMES SR.                        1706 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2013
FITCH, JOSEPH                           1837 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2017
FITCH, MARY                             1790 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2018
FITCH, MARY                             1832 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2019
FITCH, SAMUEL P.                        1841 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2020
FITCH, SAMUEL S.                        1809 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2021
FLEMING, BURGESS                        1815 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2022
FLEMING, JOANNA                         1710 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2023
FOBES, CALEB                            1928 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2025
FOBES, CALEB                            1710 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2024
FOBES, JOHN                             1739 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2026
FOOT, EBENEZER                          1736 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2027
FOOT, STALLION                          1710 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2029
FOOTE, MARY M.                          1843 CAYUGA, NY (M)                     CT-6-NL-2028
FOOTE, NANCY A.                         1843 CAYUGA, NY (M)                     CT-6-NL-2028
FOOTE, SARAH E.                         1843 CAYUGA, NY (M)                     CT-6-NL-2028
FORBES, DEBORAH                         1840 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2030
FORSYTH, DANIEL H.                      1829 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2031
FORSYTH, DAVID                          1783 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2032
FORSYTH, FRANCES                        1829 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2031
FORSYTH, JAMES                          1760 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2033
FORSYTH, JOHN                           1815 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2034
FORSYTH, LATHAM                         1835 SALEM                              CT-6-NL-2035
FORSYTH, TIMOTHY                        1796 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2036
FORTO, JOSEPH                           1843 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2037
FORTUNE, JOSEPH                         1816 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2038
FOSDICK, EUNICE                         1798 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2045
FOSDICK, LODOWICK                       1826 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2039
FOSDICK, NICOLL                         1821 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2040
FOSDICK, SAMUEL                         1794 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2042
FOSDICK, SAMUEL                         1702 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2041
FOSDICK, THOMAS                         1720 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2043
FOSDICK, THOMAS                         1774 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2044
FOSTER, MARY ANN (LATOUR)               1834 NEW YORK CITY                      CT-6-NL-2046
FOUBAINE, JAN DOUILLARD                 1786 FRANCE                             CT-6-NL-2047
FOWLER, JONATHAN                        1712 LEBANON (M)                        CT-6-NL-2048
FOWLER, THOMAS                          1707 LEBANON                            CT-6-NL-2049
FOX, ALBERT M.                          1844 BROOKLYN, NY                       CT-6-NL-2050
FOX, ALBERT M.                          1844 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-2051
FOX, ANNA                               1806 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2054
FOX, ANNA                               1845 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2053
FOX, BENJAMIN                           1794 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2055
FOX, BENJAMIN                           1745 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2054
FOX, BETHIAH                            1822 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2056
FOX, BRINTNELL                          1832 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2057
FOX, DANIEL                             1820 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2058
FOX, DANIEL W.                          1844 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-2051
FOX, ELISHA                             1827 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2060
FOX, ELISHA                             1800 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2059
FOX, ELIZABETH                          1760 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2062
FOX, ELIZABETH                          1744 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2061
FOX, EZEKIEL                            1800 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2064
FOX, EZEKIEL                            1844 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2065
FOX, EZEKIEL JR                         1782 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2063
FOX, GILBERT R.                         1844 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-2052
FOX, ISAAC                              1748 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2067
FOX, ISAAC                              1735 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2066
FOX, JAMES                              1776 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2068
FOX, JESSE                              1793 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2069
FOX, JOHN                               1730 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2070
FOX, JOHNJR.                            1711 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2071
FOX, JONATHAN                           1782 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2074
FOX, JONATHAN                           1713 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2072
FOX, JONATHAN                           1777 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2073
FOX, PRUDENCE                           1824 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2075
FOX, SAMUEL                             1844 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-2053
FOX, SAMUEL                             1810 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2082
FOX, SAMUEL                             1776 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2068
FOX, SAMUEL                             1728 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2076
FOX, SAMUEL                             1807 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2081
FOX, SAMUEL                             1752 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2078
FOX, SAMUEL                             1754 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2079
FOX, SAMUEL                             1785 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2080
FOX, SAMUEL 2ND                         1745 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2077
FOX, STEPHEN                            1776 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2083
FOX, ZEPHANIAH                          1763 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2084
FRANCIS, DAVID                          1725 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2085
FRANK, ANTOINE                          1848 SEE NUNES, ANTOINE                 CT-6-NL-3839
FRAZIER, ROBERT                         1792 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2086
FREE, POMPEY                            1783 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2087
FREE, PRINCE                            1783 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2088
FREEMAN, ABYGAL                         1733 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2089
FREEMAN, BENJAMIN                       1737 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2090
FREEMAN, BOSTON                         1835 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2091
FREEMAN, EBENEZER                       1729 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2092
FREEMAN, ISRAEL                         1833 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2093
FREEMAN, JACK                           1815 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2094
FREEMAN, JOHN                           1725 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2095
FREEMAN, JOHN                           1732 PRESTON (M)                        CT-6-NL-2096
FREEMAN, JOHN                           1730 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2106
FREEMAN, JOSEPH                         1706 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2097
FREEMAN, JOSEPH                         1733 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2098
FREEMAN, KTAE                           1815 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2099
FREEMAN, MARGARET                       1848 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2100
FREEMAN, NANCY                          1836 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2101
FREEMAN, NATHAN                         1736 PRESTON (M)                        CT-6-NL-2102
FREEMAN, PHINEHAS                       1746 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2103
FREEMAN, SALEM                          1812 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2104
FREEMAN, SAMUEL                         1747 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2105
FRENCH, JOHN                            1812 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2107
FRENCH, JOHN                            1848 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2108
FRENCH, JONATHAN                        1720 VOLUNTOWN                          CT-6-NL-2109
FRENCH, SARAH                           1769 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2110
FRENCH, WILLIAM                         1763 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2111
FRINK, ABBY                             1850 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2112
FRINK, ABIGAIL                          1720 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2113
FRINK, ANDREW                           1742 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2114
FRINK, DAVID                            1738 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2115
FRINK, DESIRE                           1838 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2115
FRINK, EDWARD                           1833 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2116
FRINK, HANNAH                           1714 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2117
FRINK, ISAAC                            1761 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2118
FRINK, JAMES                            1713 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2119
FRINK, JERUSHA                          1722 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2120
FRINK, JOHN                             1753 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2121
FRINK, JULIA                            1833 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2116
FRINK, MARY                             1761 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2122
FRINK, NATHAN                           1820 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2123
FRINK, OLIVER                           1764 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2124
FRINK, SAMUEL                           1742 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2126
FRINK, SAMUEL                           1713 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2125
FROUD, GRACE                            1810 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2128
FROUD, ROBERT                           1810 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2127
FULTON, JOHN A.                         1844 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2129
FURZE, JAMES                            1833 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2130
GAGER, JOHN                             1704 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2131
GAGER, SAMUEL                           1740 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2132
GALLUP, ADAM                            1727 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2133
GALLUP, BEN ADAM                        1755 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2134
GALLUP, EUNICE                          1760 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2135
GALLUP, JOHN                            1733 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2136
GALLUP, JOSEPH                          1761 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2137
GALLUP, LUCY                            1761 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2138
GALLUP, MARGARET                        1744 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2139
GALLUP, NATHANIEL                       1739 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2140
GALLUP, SAMUEL                          1748 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2141
GALLUP, WILLIAM                         1731 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2142
GAMBEL, JAMES                           1764 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2144
GAMBEL, NATHAN                          1765 NTL (M0                            CT-6-NL-2145
GAMBLE, HENRY                           1758 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2143
GARDINER, ALMY                          1757 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2146
GARDINER, JAMES                         1746 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2154
GARDINER, JEFFREY                       1798 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2156
GARDINER, JOHN                          1780 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2158
GARDINER, JOHN                          1726 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2157
GARDINER, JONATHAN                      1738 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2160
GARDINER, JOSEPH                        1752 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2161
GARDINER, LEMUEL                        1839 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2162
GARDINER, PATTY                         1839 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2163
GARDINER, WILLIAM                       1746 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2170
GARDINER, WILLIAM H.                    1835 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2171
GARDNER, BENAJAH                        1828 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2147
GARDNER, BENJAMIN                       1749 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2148
GARDNER, BENJAMIN                       1749 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2149
GARDNER, DIMMIS H.                      1835 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2150
GARDNER, EPHRAIM                        1760 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2151
GARDNER, GEORGE                         1773 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2152
GARDNER, HENRY                          1806 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2153
GARDNER, JAMES                          1759 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2155
GARDNER, JOB                            1749 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2149
GARDNER, JOHN                           1801 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2159
GARDNER, MARY                           1749 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2149
GARDNER, PEREGREEN                      1762 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2164
GARDNER, ROBERT                         1820 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2165
GARDNER, RUFUS                          1809 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2166
GARDNER, SARAH                          1754 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2167
GARDNER, STEPHEN                        1743 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2168
GARDNER, WILLIAM                        1745 NEWPORT, RI                        CT-6-NL-2169
GARRETT, ANDREW                         1759 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2172
GARRETT, JOSEPH                         1758 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2173
GATES, AUGUSTUS                         1845 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2174
GATES, CALEB                            1812 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2175
GATES, HANNAH                           1825 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2176
GATES, JOSEPH                           1742 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2177
GATES, JOSEPH                           1800 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2178
GATES, ROBERT                           1746 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2179
GATES, STEPHEN                          1733 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2180
GATES, THOMAS                           1726 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2181
GATLIFF, JONATHAN                       1704 BOSTON, MA                         CT-6-NL-2182
GAYLORD, ELEAZER                        1765 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2183
GAYLOUR, JOSIAH                         1729 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2184
GEE, SOLOMON                            1769 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2185
GEE, WILLIAM                            1817 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2186
GEER, EBENEZER                          1763 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2187
GEER, GEORGE                            1727 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2188
GEER, ISAAC                             1747 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2190
GEER, ISAAC                             1745 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2189
GEER, JAMES                             1755 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2191
GEER, JEREMIAH                          1721 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2182
GEER, JONATHAN                          1742 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2193
GEER, JOSEPH                            1744 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2195
GEER, JOSEPH                            1718 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2194
GEER, LYDIA                             1756 GROTON (M)                         CT-6-NL-2196
GEER, MOLLY                             1756 GROTON (M)                         CT-6-NL-2196
GEER, NATHAN                            1762 GROTON (M)                         CT-6-NL-2197
GEER, PRUDENCE                          1736 GROTON (M)                         CT-6-NL-2198
GEER, RACHEL                            1762 GROTON (M)                         CT-6-NL-2197
GEER, ROBERT                            1742 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2199
GEER, SOLOMON                           1764 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2200
GEER, WILLIAM                           1763 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2201
GETCHEL, JOSHUA                         1788 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2203
GETCHEL, SAMUEL                         1792 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2204
GETCHEL, WILLIAM                        1812 WATERFORD (M0                      CT-6-NL-2205
GEYER, FREDERICK W.                     1833 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2206
GIBBINS, DAVID                          1738 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2207
GIBBINS, JONATHAN                       1746 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2208
GIBBS, ELIZABETH                        1739 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2209
GIBSON, GEORGE                          1835 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2210
GIBSON, LOVE                            1843 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2211
GIBSON, ROGER                           1819 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2212
GIBSON, SAMUEL                          1729 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2235
GIDDINGS, ANNE                          1759 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2213
GIDDINGS, DORCAS                        1753 LYME (M0                           CT-6-NL-2214
GIDDINGS, GEORGE                        1760 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2215
GIDDINGS, JOB                           1759 LYME (M0                           CT-6-NL-2217
GIDDINGS, JOB                           1748 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2216
GIDDINGS, SARAH                         1755 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2218
GIDDINGS, THOMAS                        1754 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2219
GIFFORD, JOB                            1742 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2220
GIFFORD, JOHN                           1747 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2221
GIFFORD, SAMUEL                         1714 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2222
GIFFORD, STEPHEN                        1724 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2223
GILBERT, DANIEL                         1784 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2224
GILBERT, JOHN                           1756 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2225
GILBERT, JOSEPH                         1754 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2226
GILLET, JONATHAN                        1786 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2229
GILLETT, DAN                            1825 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2227
GILLETT, EZRA                           1825 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2228
GILLETT, JONATHAN JR.                   1788 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2232
GILLETT, JOSEPH                         1842 EAST LYME                          CT-6-NL-2230
GILLETT, MARTIN                         1788 LYME (M0                           CT-6-NL-2232
GILLETT, NATHANIEL                      1788 LEBANON                            CT-6-NL-2233
GILLETT, PHEBE                          1788 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2232
GILLETT, REYNOLD                        1795 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2233
GILLUM, CARTWRITE                       1715 SOUTHOLD, NY                       CT-6-NL-2234
GODDARD, GILES                          1757 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2236
GODDARD, LYDIA                          1827 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2237
GODDARD, NICHOLAS                       1801 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2238
GODFREY, CALVIN B. W.                   1846 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2240
GODFREY, ESTHER                         1849 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2239
GODFREY, ORREN W.                       1846 NEW LONDON (M0                     CT-6-NL-2240
GOFF, WILLIAM                           1801 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2241
GOMUS, JOSEPH DECOSTA                   1850 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2242
GONZALES, MATTHIAS FORTADO              1836 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2243
GOODING, JAMES                          1837 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2244
GOODRICH, HANNAH                        1710 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2245
GORE, JOHN                              1734 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2246
GORHAM,G EORGE                          1836 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2247
GORTON, BENJAMIN                        1825 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2249
GORTON, BENJAMIN                        1737 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2248
GORTON, COLLINS                         1834 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2250
GORTON, MEHITABLE                       1837 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2251
GORTON, SALLY                           1845 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2252
GORTON, WILLIAM                         1762 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2253
GOULD, FRANCIS                          1827 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2254
GOULD, JAMES                            1803 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2255
GOULD, SARAH                            1788 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2256
GRACE, GRACE                            1798 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2257
GRACE, ISAAH                            1752 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2260
GRACE, JOHN                             1817 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2258
GRACE, THOMAS                           1816 NEW LONDON (M0                     CT-6-NL-2259
GRANT, JOSIAH                           1733 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2261
GRANT, JOSIAH                           1732 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2261A
GRANT, MINOR                            1732 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2262
GRANT, MINOR                            1737 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2263
GRANT, NOAH                             1759 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2264
GRANT, OLIVER                           1757 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2265
GRANT, RACHEL                           1759 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2266
GRANT, REBECKAH                         1747 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2267
GRAVES, MATTHEW                         1782 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2269
GRAVES, THOMAS                          1726 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2271
GRAY, GIDEON                            1749 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2272
GRAY, JAMES                             1794 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2273
GRAY, JOHN                              1719 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2274
GRAY, ROBERT                            1763 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2275
GRAY, SAMUEL                            1713 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2276
GREAVES, ELIZABETH                      1753 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2268
GREAVES, NABOTH                         1739 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2270
GREEN, BENJAMIN W.                      1825 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2281
GREEN, JOHN                             1758 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2287
GREEN, MARGARET                         1793 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2289
GREEN, MARY                             1763 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2290
GREEN, MERCY                            1830 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2291
GREEN, NATHANIEL                        1764 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2292
GREEN, ORRIN                            1844 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2294
GREEN, REBECCA                          1806 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2295
GREEN, SAMUEL                           1777 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2296
GREEN, SAMUEL                           1782 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2297
GREEN, TIMOTHY                          1763 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2300
GREEN, TIMOTHY                          1757 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2299
GREEN, TIMOTHY                          1796 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2301
GREEN, WILLIAM                          1802 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2302
GREENE, ABBY ANN                        1838 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-2277
GREENE, ALMY                            1744 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2278
GREENE, BENJAMIN                        1839 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2280
GREENE, BENJAMIN                        1775 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2279
GREENE, CHRISTOPHER                     1849 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2284
GREENE, CHRISTOPHER                     1820 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2283
GREENE, HARRIET                         1838 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-2285
GREENE, ISAAC                           1838 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-2286
GREENE, JOHN                            1837 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2288
GREENE, JOHN                            1763 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2202
GREENE, LOUISA                          1838 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-2285
GREENE, ORRIN                           1838 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2293
GREENE, STEPHEN                         1784 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2298
GREENLAW, JAMES                         1796 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2303
GRIFFING, ABNER                         1821 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2305
GRIFFING, ABNER                         1790 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2304
GRIFFING, EBENEZER                      1758 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2307
GRIFFING, EBENEZER                      1834 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2308
GRIFFING, EBENEZER                      1724 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2306
GRIFFING, JASPER                        1728 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2309
GRIFFING, JASPER                        1784 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2310
GRIFFING, JASPER                        1818 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2311
GRIFFING, JOHN                          1790 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2313
GRIFFING, JOHN                          1755 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2312
GRIFFING, JOHN                          1801 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2314
GRIFFING, JOSEPH                        1786 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2315
GRIFFING, SAMUEL                        1736 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2316
GRIGNON, RENE                           1715 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2317
GRISWOLD, ANDREW                        1813 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2319
GRISWOLD, ANDREW                        1762 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2318
GRISWOLD, AUGUSTUS A.                   1842 EAST LYME                          CT-6-NL-2320
GRISWOLD, CANDACE                       1814 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2321
GRISWOLD, ELIZABETH                     1798 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2322
GRISWOLD, ELIZABETH W.                  1814 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2323
GRISWOLD, FRANCES ANN                   1814 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2323
GRISWOLD, GEORGE                        1761 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2324
GRISWOLD, GEORGE                        1816 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2325
GRISWOLD, HANNAH                        1773 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2326
GRISWOLD, JARED                         1813 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2328
GRISWOLD, JARED                         1757 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2327
GRISWOLD, JOHN                          1813 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2333
GRISWOLD, JOHN                          1730 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2330
GRISWOLD, JOHN                          1717 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-2329
GRISWOLD, JOHN                          1765 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2331
GRISWOLD, MARY ANN                      1814 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2323
GRISWOLD, MATTHEW                       1797 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2335 PT 1
GRISWOLD, MATTHEW                       1799 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2336
GRISWOLD, MATTHEW                       1797 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2335 PT 2
GRISWOLD, MATTHEW                       1698 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2333
GRISWOLD, MATTHEW                       1716 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2334
GRISWOLD, PATIENCE                      1716 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2337
GRISWOLD, ROBERT                        1814 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2338
GRISWOLD, ROGER                         1812 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2339
GRISWOLD, ROGER                         1814 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2323
GRISWOLD, SAMUEL                        1727 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2340
GRISWOLD, SAMUEL                        1816 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2342
GRISWOLD, SAMUEL                        1742 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2341
GRISWOLD, SARAH                         1760 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2343
GRISWOLD, SAUEL                         1716 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2337
GRISWOLD, SYLVANUS                      1823 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2344
GRISWOLD, THOMAS                        1840 EAST LYME                          CT-6-NL-2348
GRISWOLD, THOMAS                        1817 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2347
GRISWOLD, THOMAS                        1770 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2346
GRISWOLD, THOMAS                        1720 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2345
GRISWOLD, THOMAS                        1716 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2337
GRISWOLD, WILLIAM                       1814 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2350
GRISWOLD, WILLIAM                       1797 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2349
GUILE, BENJAMIN                         1725 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2351
GUILE, JOHN                             1726 PROVIDENCE, RI                     CT-6-NL-2352
GUILE, SAMUEL                           1726 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2353
GUILE, WILLIAM                          1737 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2354
GUN, JOHN                               1763 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2356
GUNN, AARON                             1752 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2355
HACKETT, MILES                          1725 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2357
HACKLY, PETER                           1736 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2358
HADLOCK, JOHN                           1711 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2359
HAINS, ASA                              1758 GROTON (M)                         CT-6-NL-2545
HAINS, CALEB                            1758 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2546
HAINS, JAMES                            1711 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2553
HAINS, JONATHAN                         1725 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2554
HAINS, SALLY                            1792 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2556
HAINS, SAMUEL                           1803 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2557
HAINS, VINE                             1758 GROTON (M)                         CT-6-NL-2545
HALEY, GEORGE                           1836 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2360
HALEY, JOHN                             1792 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2361
HALL, ABEL                              1817 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2362
HALL, ANN                               1752 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2363
HALL, BENJAMIN                          1730 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2364
HALL, BENJAMIN                          1816 DEMERARY, BRITISH GUIANA           CT-6-NL-2365
HALL, DANIEL                            1813 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2366
HALL, ELISHA                            1751 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2367
HALL, ELISHA                            1814 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2368
HALL, ELLEN                             1844 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2369
HALL, EZRA                              1806 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2370
HALL, EZRA                              1813 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2371
HALL, GEORGE                            1754 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2372
HALL, ISAAC                             1778 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2373
HALL, LEMUEL                            1751 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2367
HALL, LEMUEL                            1761 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2374
HALL, MEHITABLE                         1820 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2375
HALL, MILES                             1727 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2376
HALL, NATHAN                            1746 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2377
HALL, PHEBE                             1761 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2378
HALL, THOMAS                            1727 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2379
HALLADAY, AARON JR.                     1838 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2380
HALLADAY, EDWARD                        1828 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2381
HALLADAY, JOSEPH                        1828 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2382
HALLADAY, SAMUEL P.                     1850 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2383
HALLAM, ABY                             1801 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2384
HALLAM, ALEXANDER                       1719 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2385
HALLAM, AMOS                            1773 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2387
HALLAM, AMOS                            1726 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2386
HALLAM, ANGELINA                        1833 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2388
HALLAM, EDMUND                          1833 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2408
HALLAM, EDWARD                          1807 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2390
HALLAM, EDWARD                          1847 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2391
HALLAM, EDWARD                          1736 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2389
HALLAM, ELIZA                           1801 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2384
HALLAM, ELIZABETH                       1735 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2392
HALLAM, GEORGE                          1829 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2393
HALLAM, GRACE                           1748 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2394
HALLAM, JOHN                            1701 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2395
HALLAM, JOHN                            1801 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2398
HALLAM, JOHN                            1745 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2397
HALLAM, JOHN                            1833 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2399
HALLAM, JOHN                            1733 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2396
HALLAM, LYDIA                           1845 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2400
HALLAM, MARY                            1801 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2384
HALLAM, MARY                            1835 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2401
HALLAM, MARY F.                         1848 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2402
HALLAM, NICHOLAS                        1714 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2403
HALLAM, NICHOLAS                        1771 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2404
HALLAM, PRUDENCE                        1733 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2396
HALLAM, ROBERT                          1835 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2405
HALLAM, SALLY ANN                       1833 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2408
HALLAM, SAMUEL                          1739 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2407
HALLAM, SARAH                           1815 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2406
HALLAM, WILMOT                          1833 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2408
HAMILTON, JASON                         1746 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2415
HAMILTON, JOSEPH                        1814 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2410
HAMILTON, JOSEPH JR.                    1810 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2409
HAMILTON, JOSHUA                        1849 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2411
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       1792 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2412
HAMLET, MARTIN                          1849 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2413
HAMMOND, JASON                          1748 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2416
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        1756 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2417
HAMPTON, THOMAS                         1792 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2418
HANCOCK, WILLIAM                        1828 BROOKLYN, NY                       CT-6-NL-2420
HANCOCK, WILLIAM                        1772 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2419
HANKE, JAMES                            1730 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2421
HANNEAU, NOYES                          1828 SANDWICH ISLANDS                   CT-6-NL-2422
HARDING, ABIGAIL                        1814 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2423
HARDING, DARIUS                         1829 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2424
HARDING, JEREMIAH                       1815 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2425
HARDING, JEREMIAH                       1839 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2426
HARDING, MARY                           1804 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2427
HARDING, THOMAS                         1810 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2429
HARDING, THOMAS                         1804 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2428
HARPER, MILES                           1708 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-2430
HARRINGTON, HANNAH                      1838 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2431
HARRINGTON, ISAAC                       1728 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2432
HARRINGTON, ISAAC                       1763 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2433
HARRINGTON, JEREMIAH                    1812 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2434
HARRINGTON, SARAH                       1744 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2435
HARRIS, ALPHEUS                         1763 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2436
HARRIS, ASA                             1715 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2437
HARRIS, BETTY                           1763 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2436
HARRIS, CALEB                           1822 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2438
HARRIS, CHAMPLIN                        1763 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2436
HARRIS, CORNELIUS                       1845 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2439
HARRIS, DANIEL                          1740 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2440
HARRIS, DAVID                           1785 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2442
HARRIS, DAVID                           1773 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2441
HARRIS, DOUGLAS W.                      1845 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2439
HARRIS, DYER                            1814 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2443
HARRIS, EBENEZER                        1782 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2444
HARRIS, EBENEZER                        1844 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2445
HARRIS, EDWARD                          1844 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2446
HARRIS, ELEY                            1763 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2436
HARRIS, ELIAS                           1810 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2447
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                       1720 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2449
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                       1702 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2448
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                       1841 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2450
HARRIS, EPHRAIM                         1814 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2451
HARRIS, EUNICE                          1833 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2452
HARRIS, FREDERICK                       1845 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2439
HARRIS, GABIRLE                         1685 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2454
HARRIS, HENRY                           1754 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2455
HARRIS, HENRY                           1830 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2457
HARRIS, HENRY                           1762 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2456
HARRIS, IRENE                           1790 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2458
HARRIS, ISAAC                           1826 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2459
HARRIS, JAMES                           1715 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2460
HARRIS, JOHN                            1850 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2462
HARRIS, JOHN                            1722 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2461
HARRIS, JONATHAN                        1754 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2463
HARRIS, JONATHAN                        1826 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2464
HARRIS, JOSEPH                          1784 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2467
HARRIS, JOSEPH                          1766 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2466
HARRIS, JOSEPH                          1739 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2465
HARRIS, JOSEPH                          1798 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2468
HARRIS, LUCY                            1763 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2436
HARRIS, LYDIA                           1756 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2469
HARRIS, LYDIA                           1788 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2470
HARRIS, NATHANIEL                       1828 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2471
HARRIS, PETER                           1725 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2473
HARRIS, PETER                           1775 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2475
HARRIS, PETER                           1718 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2472
HARRIS, PETER B.                        NO DATE NTL (M)                         CT-6-NL-2476
HARRIS, PETER JR.                       1762 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2474
HARRIS, RICHARD                         1753 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2478
HARRIS, RICHARD                         1752 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2477
HARRIS, RICHARD                         1770 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2479
HARRIS, ROSWELL                         1773 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2480
HARRIS, SAMUEL                          1803 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2483
HARRIS, SAMUEL                          1735 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2482
HARRIS, SAMUEL                          1725 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2481
HARRIS, SAMUEL                          1830 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2484
HARRIS, SARAH                           1807 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2485
HARRIS, SARAH                           1832 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2486
HARRIS, SYLVANUS                        1850 SALEM                              CT-6-NL-2487
HARRIS, TEMPLE                          1795 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2488
HARRIS, THOMAS                          1692 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2489
HARRIS, THOMAS                          1782 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2490
HARRIS, WALTER                          1762 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2491
HARRIS, WALTER                          1807 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2492
HARRIS, WALTER                          1825 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2493
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         1773 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2495
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         1693 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2494
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         1809 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2496
HARRIS, WILLIAM D.                      1843 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2497
HARRISON, ELIHU                         1758 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2498
HARRISON, WILLIAM                       1756 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2499
HARRISON, WILLIAM                       1757 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2500
HARRISON, WILLIAM                       1788 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2501
HARRY, CALEB                            1761 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2502
HARRY, PETER                            1761 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2502
HARRY, THOMAS                           1761 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2502
HART, CHARLOTTE                         1825 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2503
HART, ROBERT                            1824 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2503
HARTSHORN, DAVID                        1738 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2504
HARVEY, ABIGAIL                         1725 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2505
HARVEY, ELIZABETH                       1823 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2507
HARVEY, ELIZABTEH                       1786 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2506
HARVEY, JOHN                            1704 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2508
HARVEY, JOHN                            1776 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2510
HARVEY, JOHN                            1768 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2509
HARVEY, JOSEPH                          1799 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2511
HARVEY, JOSHUA                          1807 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2512
HARVEY, RICHARD                         1783 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2513
HARVEY, THOMAS                          1725 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2514
HARVEY, THOMAS                          1725 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2515
HARVEY, VASHTI                          1786 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2506
HARWOOD, JOHN                           1725 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2516
HASKELL, DANIEL                         1730 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2517
HASKELL, HANNAH                         1729 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2518
HASKELL, JUDITH                         1730 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2519
HASKELL, ROGER                          1727 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2520
HASKELL, SARAH                          1730 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2521
HASKINS, RICHARD                        1717 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2522
HATCH, WILLIAM                          1719 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2523
HATCH, WILLIAM                          1727 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2524
HATCH, WILLIAM                          1776 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2526
HATCH, WILLIAM                          1754 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2525
HAUGHTON, CHARLES                       1814 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2527
HAUGHTON, GEORGE                        1822 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2528
HAUGHTON, JAMES                         1808 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2529
HAUGHTON, JAMES                         1824 MONTVILLE (M)                      CT-6-NL-2530
HAUGHTON, JOHN                          1758 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2532
HAUGHTON, JOHN                          1705 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2531
HAUGHTON, JULIA ANN                     1824 MONTVILLE (M)                      CT-6-NL-2530
HAUGHTON, LEBBEUS                       1825 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2534
HAUGHTON, LEBBEUS                       1753 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2533
HAUGHTON, MARY H.                       1824 MONTVILLE (M)                      CT-6-NL-2530
HAUGHTON, SAMPSON                       1756 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2535
HAUGHTON, SAMSON                        1761 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2536
HAUGHTON, SUSAN D.                      1831 NEW YORK CITY (M)                  CT-6-NL-2537
HAUGHTON, WILLIAM W.                    1820 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2538
HAVENS, JOHN                            1824 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2539
HAVENS, MAY PRUDENCE GRISWOLD           1825 DUNSTABLE, NH                      CT-6-NL-2540
HAVENS, OBEDIAH                         1822 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2541
HAVENS, THOMAS                          1793 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2542
HAWKINS, THOMAS                         1761 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2543
HAYES, RICHARD                          1790 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2544
HAYNES, CHARLES                         1751 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2547
HAYNES, CHARLES                         1795 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2549
HAYNES, CHARLES                         1785 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2548
HAYNES, DANIEL                          1738 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2550
HAYNES, EDMUND                          1742 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2551
HAYNES, GURDON C.                       1841 EAST LYME                          CT-6-NL-2552
HAYNES, JOSIAH                          1719 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2555
HAYNES, SAMUEL                          1814 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2558
HAYTON, SARAH                           1717 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-2559
HAZARD, CHARLES                         1811 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2562
HAZARD, FRANCIS                         1815 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2563
HAZARD, NANCY                           1821 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2564
HAZZARD, ANN                            1822 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2560
HAZZARD, ARNOLD                         1768 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2561
HAZZARD, CAROLINE                       1822 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2560
HAZZARD, SAMUEL                         1800 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2565
HEMPSTEAD, ABBY ANN                     1849 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2566
HEMPSTEAD, BENJAMIN                     1807 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2567
HEMPSTEAD, EDWARD                       1808 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2568
HEMPSTEAD, EDWIN                        1836 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2569
HEMPSTEAD, GILES G.                     1849 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2570
HEMPSTEAD, HALLAM                       1835 PORTSMOUTH, OH                     CT-6-NL-2571
HEMPSTEAD, JOHN                         1828 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2572
HEMPSTEAD, JOSHUA                       1806 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2575
HEMPSTEAD, JOSHUA                       1759 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2573
HEMPSTEAD, JOSHUA                       1838 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2576
HEMPSTEAD, JOSHUA JR.                   1783 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2574
HEMPSTEAD, NATHANIEL                    1732 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2577
HEMPSTEAD, NATHANIEL                    1823 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2579
HEMPSTEAD, NATHANIEL                    1794 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2578
HEMPSTEAD, PATTY                        1849 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2580
HEMPSTEAD, SAMUEL B.                    1796 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2581
HEMPSTEAD, STEPHEN                      1775 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2582
HEMPSTEAD, SUSANNAH                     1826 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2583
HENDRY, CHARLES                         1837 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2584
HENFIELD, EIZABETH                      1829 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2585
HENFIELD, JOSEPH H.                     1824 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2586
HENRIQUES, JOHN A.                      1837 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2587
HENRIQUES, PHILIP                       1842 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2588
HERRICK, EBENEZER                       1728 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2592
HERRICK, EPHRAIM                        1746 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2593
HERRICK, JOANNAH                        1753 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2594
HERRICK, STEPHEN                        1724 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2595
HERRICK, TIMOTHY                        1733 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2596
HERRICK, WAITSTILL                      1733 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2597
HEWIT, BENJAMIN                         1761 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2599
HEWIT, NANCY                            1849 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2600
HEWIT, NANCY                            1850 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2601
HEWIT, PALMER                           1850 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2602
HEWITT, BENJAMIN                        1726 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2598
HICKS, JAMES                            1777 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2603
HIDE, EZRA                              1741 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2831
HIDE, HENRIETTA                         1764 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2832
HIDE, JOHN                              1727 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2833
HIDE, WILLIAM                           1738 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2834
HIDE, WILLIAM RUFUS                     1784 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2835
HIGGINS, CHRISTIAN                      1792 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2604
HIGGINS, JOSEPH                         1813 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2606
HIGGINS, JOSEPH                         1809 WEATHERSFIELD (M)                  CT-6-NL-2605
HIGGINS, SETH                           1797 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2607
HIGGINS, SYLVANUS                       1802 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2608
HIGGINS, WILLIAM                        1804 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2609
HILL, AARON                             1775 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2610
HILL, ABRAHAM                           1762 WOODBURY (M)                       CT-6-NL-2611
HILL, ANNE                              1766 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2612
HILL, CHARLES JR.                       1711 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2614
HILL, CHARLES SR.                       1709 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2613
HILL, CHARLOT                           1737 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2615
HILL, CHRISTOPHER                       1801 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2616
HILL, CYRENUS                           1762 WOODBURY (M)                       CT-6-NL-2611
HILL, DESIRE                            1762 WOODBURY (M)                       CT-6-NL-2611
HILL, EDWARD                            1828 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2617
HILL, ELIZABETH                         1762 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2618
HILL, GEORGE                            1764 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2620
HILL, GEORGE                            1766 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2621
HILL, GEORGE                            1755 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2619
HILL, ISAAC                             1762 WOODBURY (M)                       CT-6-NL-2611
HILL, JERUSHA                           1762 WOODBURY (M)                       CT-6-NL-2611
HILL, JOHN                              1753 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2622
HILL, JONATHAN                          1832 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2624
HILL, JONATHAN                          1726 NEW LONDN                          CT-6-NL-2623
HILL, MARGARET                          1850 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2625
HILL, MARY                              1733 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2626
HILL, SAMUEL                            1819 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2627
HILL, SAMUEL                            1766 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2612
HILL, SUSANNAH                          1762 WOODBURY (M0                       CT-6-NL-2611
HILL, WILLIAM                           1772 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2628
HILLARD, ISAAC                          1744 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2634
HILLHOUSE, DELLY                        1817 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2629
HILLHOUSE, JAMES                        1741 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2630
HILLHOUSE, JOHN G.                      1806 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2631
HILLHOUSE, WILLIAM                      1816 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2633
HILLHOUSE, WILLIAM                      1744 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2632
HILLIARD, JONATHAN                      1828 SALEM                              CT-6-NL-2636
HILLIARD, JONATHAN                      1833 SALEM                              CT-6-NL-2637
HILLYARD, JOSEPH                        1744 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2638
HILLYARD, THOMAS                        1761 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2639
HINCKLEY, JOHN                          1762 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2742
HINCKLEY, JOHN                          1737 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2740
HINCKLEY, JOHN                          1754 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2741
HINCKLEY, SAMUEL                        1764 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2743
HINMAN, ABIGAIL                         1817 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2644
HINMAN, ELISHA                          1807 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2645
HINMAN, NATHAN                          1796 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2647
HINMAN, NATHAN                          1761 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2646
HINTON, KATHERINE                       1737 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2648
HINTON, MARGRET                         1737 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2649
HOBBS, MARY                             1816 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2650
HOBRON, ARDELIA P.                      1849 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2651
HOBRON, CHARLES                         1850 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2652
HOBRON, GEORGE                          1841 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2653
HOBSON, FRANCIS A.                      1846 CLINTON, AL                        CT-6-NL-2654
HOBSON, JOHN N.                         1846 CLINTON, AL                        CT-6-NL-2654
HOBSON, SARAH A.                        1846 CLINTON, AL                        CT-6-NL-2654
HOBSON, WILLIAM N.                      1846 CLINTON, AL                        CT-6-NL-2654
HOLDREDGE, FRANKLIN                     1822 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2656
HOLDRIDGE, GERSHOM                      1729 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2657
HOLDRIDGE, WEALTHY                      1829 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2658
HOLDRIDGE, WILLIAM                      1811 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2659
HOLLAND, JOSEPH                         1763 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2660
HOLLIDAY, WILLIAM                       1793 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2661
HOLLOWAY, JACOB                         1711 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2662
HOLMES, ALFRED                          1817 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2663
HOLMES, CHARLES B.                      1843 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2664
HOLMES, EDWARD                          1833 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2665
HOLMES, ELIAS                           1844 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2666
HOLMES, ELISHA                          1844 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2667
HOLMES, GEORGE                          1835 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2669
HOLMES, GRISWOLD                        1849 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2670
HOLMES, ISAAC                           1802 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2671
HOLMES, JABEZ                           1814 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2672
HOLMES, JOHN                            1802 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2673
HOLMES, JOHN B.                         1825 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2674
HOLMES, MARY                            1836 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2676
HOLMES, SAMUEL                          1774 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2677
HOLMES, SETH W.                         1822 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2678
HOLMS, FEAR                             1753 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2668
HOLMS, JOSHUA                           1729 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2675
HOLT, ASA                               1847 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2679
HOLT, CHARLOTTE H.                      1828 NEW YORK CITY (M)                  CT-6-NL-2680
HOLT, CHRISTOPHER                       1824 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2681
HOLT, EBENEZER                          1820 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2682
HOLT, EBENEZER                          1835 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2683
HOLT, ELIZABETH                         1825 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2684
HOLT, ELLEN C.                          1838 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2685
HOLT, EVERARD                           1845 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2686
HOLT, GEORGE                            1836 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2687
HOLT, GEORGIANA                         1838 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2688
HOLT, JAMES                             1825 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2690
HOLT, JAMES 3RD                         1806 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2689
HOLT, JOHN                              1786 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2692
HOLT, JOHN JR.                          1781 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2691
HOLT, JOHN R.                           1828 NEW YORK CITY (M)                  CT-6-NL-2680
HOLT, JOSEPH                            1785 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2693
HOLT, LUCRETIA                          1848 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2695
HOLT, LUCRETIA                          1831 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2694
HOLT, MARTHA                            1807 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2696
HOLT, NATHANIEL                         1738 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2697
HOLT, RICHARD C.                        1830 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2698
HOLT, SARAH C.                          1844 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2699
HOLT, SARAH S.                          1838 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2700
HOLT, SOPHIA R.                         1828 NEW YORK CITY (M)                  CT-6-NL-2680
HOLT, STEPHEN                           1833 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2701
HOLT, THOMAS                            1799 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2702
HOLT, WILLIAM                           1812 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2705
HOLT, WILLIAM                           1769 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2704
HOLT, WILLIAM                           1766 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2703
HOLTHOM, JOHN                           1737 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2706
HOLTURN, SARAH                          1733 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2707
HOPKINS, BENJAMIN                       1749 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2708
HOPKINS, DANIEL B.                      1837 BUFFALO, NY                        CT-6-NL-2709
HOPKINS, SAMUEL S.                      1826 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2710
HORN, ELIZABETH                         1824 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2589
HORN, SAMUEL                            1782 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2591
HORTON, CATHERINE                       1736 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2711
HOSCOTE, ANN                            1814 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2712
HOSFIELD, JOSEPH                        1833 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2713
HOTCHKISS, ABBY D.                      1837 HUDSON, NY                         CT-6-NL-2714
HOUGH, DAVID                            1722 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2715
HOUGH, JABEZ                            1724 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2716
HOUGH, JOHN                             1715 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2717
HOUGH, WILLIAM                          1705 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2718
HOUSE, BENJAMIN H.                      1810 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2719
HOUSE, GEORGE                           1809 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2720
HOUSE, THOMAS J.                        1810 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2719
HOUSE, THOMAS J.                        1830 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2721
HOWARD, ALFRED                          1846 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2722
HOWARD, DANIEL                          1806 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2723
HOWARD, DAVID                           1812 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2724
HOWARD, DEBORAH                         1818 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2725
HOWARD, EBENEZER                        1770 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2726
HOWARD, ELIZABETH                       1813 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2727
HOWARD, ENOCH                           1841 EAST LYME                          CT-6-NL-2728
HOWARD, NAHAN                           1777 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2730
HOWARD, NATHAN                          1777 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2729A
HOWARD, NATHAN                          1745 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2729
HOWARD, SUSANNAH                        1795 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2731
HOWARD, WILLIAM                         1832 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2733
HOWARD, WILLIAM                         1804 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2732
HOWELL, GEORGE                          1735 LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND                 CT-6-NL-2734
HOZIER, JOHN                            1786 GLASGOW, SCOTLAND                  CT-6-NL-2735
HUBBARD, DANIEL                         1742 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2736
HUBELL, EBENEZER                        1720 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2738
HUBELL, EBENEZER                        1712 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2737
HUDSON, BENJAMIN                        1774 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2740
HUDSON, BENJAMIN                        1718 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2739
HUDSON, JOHN                            1744 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2741
HUDSON, MARY                            1718 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2742
HUDSON, NATHANIEL                       1708 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2744
HUDSON, NATHANIEL                       1769 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2745
HUDSON, NATHANIEL                       NO DATE NTL                             CT-6-NL-2743
HUDSON, THOMAS                          1708 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2746
HUGHES, JOHN A.                         1846 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2747
HULL, JOSEPH                            1705 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-2748
HULL, JOSEPH                            1763 NEW LONON                          CT-6-NL-2749
HULL, PETER                             1713 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-2750
HULL, THOMAS                            1719 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-2751
HUNN, JONATHAN                          1747 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2752
HUNT, WILLIAM S.                        1808 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2753
HUNTING, SAMUEL                         1818 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2754
HUNTINGTON, ANN MOORE                   1833 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2755
HUNTINGTON, CHRISTOPHER                 1735 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2756
HUNTINGTON, DANIEL                      1741 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2757
HUNTINGTON, DAVID                       1812 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2758
HUNTINGTON, DAVID J.                    1828 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2759
HUNTINGTON, ELIZABETH M.                1823 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2760
HUNTINGTON, HANNAH                      1718 LEBANON (M)                        CT-6-NL-2761
HUNTINGTON, HANNAH S.                   1833 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2762
HUNTINGTON, JABEZ                       1791 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2763
HUNTINGTON, JAMES                       1727 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2764
HUNTINGTON, JEDEDIAH                    1818 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2765
HUNTINGTON, JOSHUA                      1745 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2766
HUNTINGTON, MARIA ANN                   1828 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2767
HUNTINGTON, NATHANIEL                   1729 NORWICH (M)                        CT-6-NL-2768
HUNTINGTON, SAMUEL                      1717 LEBANON                            CT-6-NL-2769
HUNTINGTON, SARAH                       1718 LEBANON (M)                        CT-6-NL-2761
HUNTINGTON, SIMON                       1736 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2771
HUNTINGTON, SIMON                       1706 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2770
HUNTINGTON, WILLIAM                     1828 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2767
HUNTLEY, ABIGAIL                        1758 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2775
HUNTLEY, ELIZABETH M.                   1819 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2783
HUNTLEY, HANNAH                         1748 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2786
HUNTLEY, JOSEPH                         1758 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2775
HUNTLEY, LEONARD                        1819 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2794
HUNTLEY, MARTHA                         1758 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2775
HUNTLEY, NOAH                           1792 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2799
HUNTLEY, PHEBE                          1816 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2801
HUNTLEY, RICHARD                        1841 EAST LYME                          CT-6-NL-2802
HUNTLEY, RUE                            1815 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2803
HUNTLEY, SYLVANUS H.                    1819 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2809
HUNTLEY, WILLIAM                        1819 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2812
HUNTLY, AARON                           1745 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2772
HUNTLY, AARON                           1748 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2773
HUNTLY, AARON                           1764 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2774
HUNTLY, BENAJAH                         1775 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2777
HUNTLY, BENAJAH                         1775 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2776
HUNTLY, BENJAMIN                        1739 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2778
HUNTLY, DANIEL                          1736 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2780
HUNTLY, DANIEL                          1733 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2779
HUNTLY, DAVID                           1738 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2781
HUNTLY, DAVID                           1745 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2782
HUNTLY, ENOCH                           1786 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2784
HUNTLY, HANNAH                          1758 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2785
HUNTLY, HARRIET                         1828 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2787
HUNTLY, JACOB                           1737 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2788
HUNTLY, JAMES                           1815 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2789
HUNTLY, JAMES                           1828 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2787
HUNTLY, JOHN                            1750 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2792
HUNTLY, JOHN                            1710 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2790
HUNTLY, JOHNJR.                         1728 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2791
HUNTLY, JOSEPH                          1758 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2793
HUNTLY, MEHITABLE                       1761 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2795
HUNTLY, MICHAEL                         1818 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2796
HUNTLY, MOSES                           1763 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2797
HUNTLY, NEHEMIAH                        1791 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2798
HUNTLY, PETER                           1783 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2800
HUNTLY, SARAH                           1783 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2805
HUNTLY, SMAUEL                          1769 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2804
HUNTLY, SOLOMON                         1712 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2806
HUNTLY, STEPHEN                         1813 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2807
HUNTLY, SYLVANUS                        1763 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2808
HUNTLY, TIMOTHY                         1752 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2810
HUNTLY, WILLIAM                         1777 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2811
HURLBURT, JOHN                          1761 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2818
HURLBUT, ELIZABETH                      1798 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2814
HURLBUT, GEORGE                         1850 BROOKLYN, NY (M)                   CT-6-NL-2816
HURLBUT, GEORGE                         1783 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2815
HURLBUT, GEORGE B.                      1786 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2817
HURLBUT, JOSEPH                         1786 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2820
HURLBUT, JOSEPH JR.                     1774 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2819
HURLBUT, JOSEPH JR.                     1795 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2821
HURLBUT, LOUISA                         1850 BROOKLYN, NY (M)                   CT-6-NL-2816
HURLBUT, LYDIA                          1844 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2822
HURLBUT, RICHARD                        1795 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2823
HURLBUT, SAMUEL                         1845 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2824
HURLBUT, STEPHEN                        1725 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2826
HURLBUT, STEPHEN                        1713 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2825
HURLBUT, STEPHEN JR.                    1725 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2827
HURLBUT, TITUS                          1787 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2828
HURLBUTT, ALFRED                        1829 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2813
HUTCHINSON, JONATHAN                    1717 LEBANON                            CT-6-NL-2829
HYDE, ALEXANDER                         1824 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2830
HYLLIARD, JOHN                          1742 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2635
INGRAHAM, EZRA                          1829 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2836
INGRAHAM, LUCY                          1791 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2837
INGRAHAM, OLIVE                         1791 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2837
INGRAHAM, PARNEL                        1813 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2838
INGRAHAM, WILLIAM                       1714 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2839
INGRAHAM, WILLIAM                       1721 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2840
IRISH, JUDIAH                           1758 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2841
ISBELL, ROBERT                          1718 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-2842
ISHAM, CHARLES                          1850 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2843
ISHAM, ELLEN                            1850 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2844
ISHAM, JIRAH                            1843 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2845
ISHAM, JOHN                             1850 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2846
ISHAM, THOMA                            1850 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2847
ISHAM, WILLIAM                          1850 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2848
JACKSON, LOIS                           1761 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2849
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        1782 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2850
JAMES, JOHN                             1760 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2852
JAMISON, JOHN                           1758 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2853
JANES, ABEL                             1719 LEBANON                            CT-6-NL-2854
JEFFERY, ABIGAIL                        1845 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2855
JEFFERY, CHARLES                        1842 NEW LODNON                         CT-6-NL-2859
JEFFERY, CHARLES                        1799 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2857
JEFFERY, CHARLES JR.                    1839 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2858
JEFFERY, GEORGE                         1813 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2860
JEFFERY, JAMES                          1810 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2861
JEFFREY, JOHN                           1764 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2862
JEFFRIES, BRIGGS                        1763 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2856
JENISON, SAMUEL                         1800 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2863
JENKINS, ELLEN                          1847 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2864
JENNINGS, DANIEL                        1774 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2865
JEPSON, ESTHER                          1846 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2866
JEPSON, HENRY                           1816 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2867
JEPSON, JOHN                            1822 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2868
JEROM, JOHN                             1793 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2872
JEROM, LUCRETIA                         1830 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2873
JEROM, RICHARD                          1837 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2874
JEROME, BENJAMIN                        1825 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2869
JEROME, HANNAH                          1845 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2870
JEWETT, DAVID                           1783 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2875
JEWETT, DAVID H.                        1814 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2876
JEWETT, DAVID M.                        1821 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2877
JEWETT, ELIEZER JR.                     1746 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2878
JEWETT, GEORGE                          1817 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2879
JEWETT, JOSEPH                          1777 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2880
JEWETT, JOSIAH                          1789 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2881
JEWETT, NATHAN                          1761 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2882
JEWETT, NATHANIEL                       1712 PLAINFIELD                         CT-6-NL-2883
JOHNES, ELIZABETH                       1782 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2911
JOHNSON, ABIGAIL                        1817 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2884
JOHNSON, AMY                            1806 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2885
JOHNSON, ANNIS                          1812 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2886
JOHNSON, EBENEZER                       1812 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2886
JOHNSON, ELISHA                         1796 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2887
JOHNSON, HENRY                          1815 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2888
JOHNSON, ISAAC                          1714 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2889
JOHNSON, JAMES                          1828 WATERFORD (M)                      CT-6-NL-2891
JOHNSON, JAMES                          1761 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2890
JOHNSON, JERUSHA                        1798 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2892
JOHNSON, JOHN                           1805 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2894
JOHNSON, JOHN                           1818 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2895
JOHNSON, JOHN                           1767 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2893
JOHNSON, JONATH                         1760 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2896
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         1815 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2898
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         1758 MOHEGAN                            CT-6-NL-2897
JOHNSON, SALLY B.                       1803 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2899
JOHNSON, STEPHEN                        1792 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2901
JOHNSON, STEPHEN                        1787 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2900
JOHNSON, VICTOR M.                      1812 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2886
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        1812 LYME (M)                           CT-6-NL-2886
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        1713 CANTERBURY                         CT-6-NL-2902
JOHNSON, WILLIAM H.                     1812 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2903
JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER                     1759 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2904
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         1777 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2905
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        1773 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2906
JOHNSTON, SAMUEL                        1759 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2907
JONES, AMOS                             1756 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2908
JONES, EDWIN C.                         1843 SOUTHINGTON (M)                    CT-6-NL-2909
JONES, ELIJAH                           1759 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2910
JONES, ERASTUS                          1841 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2912
JONES, EUNICE                           1849 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2913
JONES, FRANKLIN C.                      1843 SOUTHINGTON (M)                    CT-6-NL-2909
JONES, JOSEPH                           1745 BARNSTABLE, MA                     CT-6-NL-2914
JONES, JULIA A.                         1843 SOUTHINGTON (M)                    CT-6-NL-2909
JONES, MARIA C.                         1843 SOUTHINGTON (M0                    CT-6-NL-2909
JONES, MARY L.                          1848 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2915
JONES, REBECCA                          1832 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2916
JONES, RUFUS                            1800 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2917
JONES, SAMUEL                           1704 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-2918
JONES, THOMAS                           1768 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2920
JONES, THOMAS                           1799 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2921
JONES, THOMAS                           1718 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2919
JONES, WILLIAM                          1720 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2922
JONES, WILLIAM                          1784 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2923
JOY, JACOB                              1707 FAIRFIELD                          CT-6-NL-2924
JUDD, MARY E. B.                        1847 NEW BEDFORD, MA (M)                CT-6-NL-2925
KEE, EBENEZER                           1758 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2926
KEEGUTT, JOHN                           1747 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2927
KEENEY, AMOS                            1817 NEW LODNON                         CT-6-NL-2928
KEENEY, ARCHIBALD H.                    1835 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2929
KEENEY, DANIEL                          1818 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2930
KEENEY, DANIEL G.                       1835 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2929
KEENEY, HELEN J.                        1835 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2929
KEENEY, JAMES ROGERS                    1818 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2931
KEENEY, JOHN (THE YOUNGER)              1796 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2933A
KEENEY, JOHN SR.                        1758 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2933
KEENEY, JOHNJR.                         1810 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2934
KEENEY, JOSIAH F.                       1847 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2935
KEENEY, MARY                            1850 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2936
KEENEY, OLCOTT W.                       1835 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2929
KEENEY, ROBERT                          1835 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2929
KEENEY, WILLIAM                         1756 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2938
KEENY, JOHN                             1715 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2932
KEENY, NAOMY                            1717 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2937
KEIL, JOHN                              1761 HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA               CT-6-NL-2939
KELCEY, HANNAH                          1718 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-2940
KELCEY, JOHN                            1709 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-2941
KELCY, WILLIAM                          1718 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-2942
KELLOG, MARTIN                          1790 LYME                               CT-6-NL-2943
KELLOGG, SUSAN C.                       1847 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2944
KELLY, WILLIAM                          1734 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2945
KELRO, MARY                             1843 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2946
KENDALL, WORTHY                         1817 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2947
KENNARD, JAMES                          1835 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2948
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                        1728 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2949
KENY, NAOMY                             1717 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2937
KENYON, HANNAH                          1844 MONTVILLE                          CT-6-NL-2950
KIBBE, JOHN                             1802 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2954
KIBBY, GERTRUDE L.                      1850 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2952
KIBBY, HENRY O. B.                      1850 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2953
KIES, HENRY                             1815 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2955
KILLAM, BENJAMIN                        1735 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2956
KIMBALL, CHESTER                        1824 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2957
KIMBALL, EDWIN                          1824 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2958
KIMBALL, EDWIN                          1828 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2959
KIMBALL, ESTHER                         1752 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2960
KIMBALL, EUNICE                         1752 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2960
KIMBALL, JOHN                           1749 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2961
KIMBALL, LYDIA                          1752 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2960
KIMBALL, SALLY                          1803 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2962
KIMBALL, STEPHEN                        1815 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2963
KIMCOM, ANDREW                          1726 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2964
KINDNESS, THOMAS                        1758 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2965
KING, ABSALOM                           1734 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2966
KING, BETHIAH                           1842 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2967
KINNE, JOSEPH                           1745 PRESTON                            CT-6-NL-2968
KINYON, PAIN                            1769 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2951
KIRTKAND, JOHN                          1716 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-2971
KIRTLAND, CARROLL                       1716 SAYBROOK (M)                       CT-6-NL-2969
KIRTLAND, DANIEL                        1716 SAYBROOK (M)                       CT-6-NL-2969
KIRTLAND, JOHN                          1711 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-2970
KIRTLAND, SAMUEL                        1716 SAYBROOK (M)                       CT-6-NL-2969
KNIGHT, DAVID                           1744 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2972
KNIGHT, EDWARD F.                       1818 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2973
KNIGHT, JOSEPH                          1739 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2974
KNIGHT, SARAH                           1729 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2975
KNOWLES, DANIEL                         1829 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2976
KNOWLES, ISAAC                          1829 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2977
KNOWLES, LUCRETIA                       1830 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2978
KNOWLES, LYDIA ANN                      1830 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2979
KNOWLING, JOHN                          1791 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2980
KNOWLTON, JOSEPH                        1717 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2981
KROMHOUT, BARNA                         1815 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2982
LADD, SAMUEL                            1735 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2983
LAMB, EZEKIEL                           1763 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2984
LAMB, ISAAC                             1723 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2984A
LAMB, ISAAC                             1723 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2984
LAMB, JOHN                              1727 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2987
LAMB, JOHN                              1766 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2989
LAMB, JOHN                              1704 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2986
LAMB, JOHN JR.                          1747 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2988
LAMB, SAMUEL                            1748 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2990
LAMB, THANKFUL                          1748 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2991
LAMB, THOMAS                            1734 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-2992
LAMBERT, DANIEL                         1750 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2993
LAMBERT, JOHN                           1728 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-2994
LAMFEAR, HANNAH                         1759 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-2996
LANDFARR, SHADRACH                      1728 STONINGTON                         CT-6-NL-2998
LANE, ALABAMA                           1848 WILLIAMSBURGH, NY (M)              CT-6-NL-3000
LANE, EMELINE                           1848 WILLIAMSBURGH, NY (M)              CT-6-NL-3000
LANE, GEORGE W.                         1848 WILLIAMSBURGH, NY (M)              CT-6-NL-3000
LANE, RICHARD W.                        1848 WILLIAMSBURGH, NY (M)              CT-6-NL-3000
LANE, ROBERT                            1718 KILLINGWORTH                       CT-6-NL-3001
LANE, SAMUEL O.                         1848 WILLIAMSBURGH, NY (M)              CT-6-NL-3000
LANE, WILLIAM B.                        1848 WILLIAMSBURGH, NY (M)              CT-6-NL-3000
LANGDON, CATHERINE                      1840 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-3002
LANPHEER, ANDREW A.                     1832 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2995
LANPHEER, CAROLINE                      1832 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2995
LANPHEER, HENRY                         1832 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2995
LANPHEER, JAMES                         1832 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-2997
LANPHEER, JAMES                         1832 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2995
LANPHEER, MARY                          1832 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2995
LANPHEER, NATHANIEL S.                  1832 NEW LONDON (M)                     CT-6-NL-2995
LANPHERE, SILAS H.                      1820 WATERFORD                          CT-6-NL-2999
LARABE, NAHANIEL                        1741 NORWICH                            CT-6-NL-3003
LARGE, SYMON                            1702 SAYBROOK                           CT-6-NL-3004
LATHAM, CARY                            1736 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-3005
LATHAM, DAVID                           1803 LYME                               CT-6-NL-3006
LATHAM, ELIZABETH                       1805 LYME                               CT-6-NL-3007
LATHAM, HANNAH                          1835 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-3008
LATHAM, JASPER                          1752 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-3009
LATHAM, JONATHAN                        1732 GROTON (M)                         CT-6-NL-3010
LATHAM, JOSEPH                          1746 LYME                               CT-6-NL-3013
LATHAM, JOSEPH                          1705 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-3011
LATHAM, JOSEPH                          1732 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-3012
LATHAM, SAMUEL                          1722 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-3014
LATHAM, SAMUEL                          1736 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-3015
LATHAM, THOMAS                          1747 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-3017
LATHAM, THOMAS                          1710 NEW LONDON                         CT-6-NL-3016
LATHAM, WILLIAM JR.                     1732 GROTON                             CT-6-NL-3018
MERRELLS, BENJAMIN                      1711 SAYBROOK (M)                       CT-6-NL-1025
MERRELLS, DANIEL                        1711 SAYBROOK (M)                       CT-6-NL-1025
MERRELLS, JOHN                          1711 SAYBROOK (M)                       CT-6-NL-1025
MERRELLS, JOSEPH                        1711 SAYBROOK (M)                       CT-6-NL-1025
PORTER, MARY ANN                        1828 NEW YORK CITY (M)                  CT-6-NL-2680
ROGERS, CLARISSA                        1807 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-663
ROGERS, MATTHEW G.                      1807 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-663
ROGERS, SAMUEL                          1807 NTL (M)                            CT-6-NL-663
SPAULDING, OLIVE                        1725 NTL MARRIAGE CONTRACT              CT-6-NL-1791
SPAULDING, OLIVE                        1725 NTL MARRIAGE CONTRACT              CT-6-NL-1791
SPAULDING, OLIVE                        1725 NTL MARRIAGE CONTRACT              CT-6-NL-1791
STRANGE, JAMES                          1742 NTL                                CT-6-NL-2635
WILLIAMS, ABIGAIL                       1740 STONINGTON (M)                     CT-6-NL-164
WOOD, WILLIAM N.                        1846 NTL, MS                            CT-6-NL-2654

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