Salt Lake County, Utah
Declarations of Intent (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Salt Lake County Third District Court, type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 1 = missing | 2 = 1907-1908 | 3 = 1908-1909 | 4 = 1909-1910 | 5 = 1910-1911 | 6 = ? | ongoing |
"see:" - alternative name listed

ABBENSETH, GEORGE                      HANNOVER            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-292
ABRAHAM, GUSTAVE                       GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-85
ABRAHAM, ALBERT AUGUST                 GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-83
ADAMSON, ALEXANDE                      SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-156
ADELSON, ABRAM                         RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-290
AHLANDER, HERMAN JULIUS                NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-141
AHLEN, CARL EDMUND                     SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-345
AHO, CHARLES                           FINLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-12
AKAS, GEORGE                           TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-423
ALEXAKIS, JOHN                         GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-258
ALLMEN, ULRICH VON                     SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-304
AMOS, FREDRICK GEORGE                  ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-146
AMUNDSEN, HENRY JACOB                  NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-142
ANARGYROS, JOHN                        GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-133
ANASTASSOPULOS, ARGIRIOS               GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-209
ANDERLE, CARL                          AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-395
ANDERLY, FAIRY                         AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-311
ANDERLY, CONN                          AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-313
ANDERSEN, NIELS                        DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-206
ANDERSEN, HILBERT CHRISTIAN            NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-236
ANDERSON, ALGAT WALDEMAR               SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-469
ANDERSON, BEATA LAVESA                 FINLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-155
ANDERSON, BETTY                        SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-150
ANDERSON, CHARLES EMIL                 SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-129
ANDERSON, ALFRED                       SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-125
ANDERSON, ERASTUS MICHAEL              DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-476
ANDERSON, FREDERICK SR.                ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-62
ANDERSON, GEORGE                       ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-217
ANDERSON, HYRUM EDWIN                  SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-180
ANDERSON, JOHN ABRAHAM                 SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-353
ANDERSON, JOHN GEORGE                  SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-144
ANDERSON, JOSEPH MORONI                SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-179
ANDERSON, PETER MARTIN                 SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-234
ANDERSON, ERICK WILHELM                SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-248
ANDERSON, ANDREW                       DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-193
ANDERSON, HANS                         GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-436
ANDERSON, JOHN                         SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-96
ANDERSON, JOHAN EDUARD                 SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-350
ANDERSON, ANDREW                       SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-369
ANDREASON, AXEL EINAR                  SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-249
ANDROS, HARRY ELEA                     GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-242
ANGELOPOULOS, DIONISIOS                GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-251
ANGELOS, NICH                          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-262
ANGELOS, BILL                          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-264
ANSELL, HAROLD WILLIAM                 ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-487
ANSELMO, GIOVANNI                      ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-138
ANTON, GEORGE                          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-255
ANTON, NICH                            GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-257
ANTON, PAUL                            GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-47
APOSHIAN, ZADIK                        TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-321
APOSTOLOPOULOS, ANTON                  GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-1
APPUGLIESE, LUIGI                      ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-343
ARBER, PHILLIP HENRY                   ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-235
ARMOUR, ROBERT BRUCE                   SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-308
ARNESEN, MARTIN                        NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-30
ARRIGONI, FRANK                        ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-362
ARVANETIS, GEORGE                      GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-442
ATKINSON, BENJAMIN                     ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-497
AXELRAD, GEORGE                        BUKOVINA            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-470
AXELRAD, DAVID                         AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-101
BABBEL, ALBERT HEINRICH                PRUSSIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-252
BABBEL, HERMANN FREDERICK              PRUSSIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-309
BACK, JOHN                             FINLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-399
BAGGALEY, THOMAS                       ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-23
BALAMIS, LOUIS THOM                    GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-341
BALLINGHAM, ALBERT JAMES               ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-133
BALLSTAEDT, FRIEDRICH CARL             GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-109
BARBER, GEORGE                         ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-432
BARBER, PAVO PETER                     AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-131
BARGAHR, ANTON                         SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-185
BARNES, PELHAM WILLIAM                 ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-394
BARRACLOUGH, HAROLD FAWBERT            ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-74
BARRETT, WALTER THOMAS                 ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-252
BARTH, CAMILLUS JOHN                   GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-152
BARTH, MAX                             AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-175
BARTULOVIC, BOZ                        AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-135
BATSAKIS, PETER                        CRETE               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-291
BAUER, ERNEST                          LANCASTER           UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-312
BAUER, JOHN FREDERICK                  SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-50
BAUER, HENRY                           GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-149
BAUER, ADOLF                           GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-183
BAUER, HERBERT                         ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-357
BAXTER, WILLIE                         ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-443
BAYS, GEORGE                           GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-207
BEE, HORACE WILLIAM                    ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-219
BEE, DINAH                             ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-114
BEECHING, JANE                         ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-272
BEER, CHARLES                          ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-112
BELHANIS, PETER NICHOLAS               GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-414
BELLANTE, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-364
BENESON, NATHAN                        RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-85
BENGER, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-226
BENGER, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-226
BENNETT, LEONARD WILLIAM               ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-482
BERETROS, PETER                        GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-181
BERGINZER, CHARLES FREDRICK            GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-224
BERGMAN, AUGUST LOUIS                  SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-119
BERGMANN, RUDOLPH ERDMANN              GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-23
BERGNER, LINA FRANZISKA                GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-355
BERNARDS, WILLIAM                      NETHERLAND          UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-430
BERNSTROM, ERNEST PAUL                 SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-170
BERNTSEN, CHRISTOPHER                  NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-104
BERROW, REGINALD HAROLD                ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-17
BERTELSON, ANNIE                       DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-219
BESOUR, ELIAS                          TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-215
BEVAN, SYLVANUS JAMES                  ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-384
BIANCO, DOMINICO                       ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-72
BIANCOLIN, ANTON                       ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-73
BINELLI, ANGELO                        ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-461
BIRDSALL, WALTER                       ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-157
BISHOP, JOHN                           ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-399
BJORK, ANDREW CARLSON                  SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-90
BLANEY, EDWIN                          ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-293
BLATSO, JOHN                           GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-496
BLAZAKIS, STALIOS                      GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-174
BLECHERT, FREDERICK OTTO               GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-60
BLEYL, EMIL HERMAN                     SAXONY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-229
BLOCK, NORMAN                          RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-20
BLOEM, DERK JOHN                       NETHERLANDS         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-282
BLUM, JOSEF                            AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-91
BOEDE, FRITZ                           GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-62
BOHMERT, BENEDICKTUS                   GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-285
BOND, JOSEPH                           ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-160
BONGERS, HEINRICH                      GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-217
BONINO, ALESANDRO                      ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-85
BOOS, JACOB FREDERICK                  GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-39
BORG, WALTER                           SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-363
BORICHS, GEORG                         AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-121
BOROTIS, JOHN                          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-247
BOSNJAK, JOSEPH                        HUNGARY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-227
BOSSARD, THEODORE                      SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-9
BOURAS, LOUIS                          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-161
BOURYER, ARTHUR FREDERICK              ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-192
BOUYER, FREDERICK ARTHUR               ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-420
BRANAGAN, PETER                        IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-71
BRANCALEANE, GIOVANNI                  ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-204
BREKKE, KARL                           NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-134
BREKKE, KAREN MARIE                    NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-126
BRETZING, FRANK MAX KARL               GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-223
BRILLIANT, ALBERT                      RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-455
BRILLIS, JAMES                         GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-320
BROBERG, CARL JOHAN FREDERIK           DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-12
BRODBECK, ADOLPH                       GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-98
BRODINE, JOHN LUDWIG                   NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-21
BRODY, MAX                             RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-155
BROUSALES, ALEX NICK                   GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-89
BRUCE, ALEANDER                        ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-87
BRUERTON, ALFRED EDUARD                ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-117
BRUGGER, ARNOLD                        SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-251
BRUKNER, SCHULIM                       AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-90
BRUNSGAARD, KARL OTTO                  DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-262
BRUSCHKE, HERMANN                      GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-451
BUBBEL, GUSTAV ALBERT                  PRUSSIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-251
BUBEL, WILLIAM                         GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-346
BUCKWELL, ALBERT EDUARD                ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-376
BUEHNER, KARL FREDERICK                GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-448
BUKARICA, JOVAN                        HUNGARY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-222
BURGERSS, BERTRAM MANSFIELD            WALES               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-495
BURHAM, AMEN JOSEPH                    TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-213
BURKE, GODFREY                         SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-243
BURTOFT, FRED                          ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-203
BUSTO, GEORGE                          ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-460
CACLOUDIS, NICOLAOS SPIRADON           TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-63
CADORIN, CANDIDO                       ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-388
CAHTO, ERNEST OSCAR                    SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-96
CAHTO, JOHAN AUGUST                    SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-97
CALLAGHAN, OWEN                        IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-484
CALOISRO, ANGELO                       ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-286
CAMPAGNA, RAFFAEL                      ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-246
CAMPBELL, GEORGE GORDON                SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-294
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                       IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-189
CANNON, GEORGE                         ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-170
CARAPLIS, HARRIS KARAL                 GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-485
CARD, OSMOND                           ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-104
CARDASIS, JOHN CONSTANTIN              GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-240
CARDWELL, JAMES                        IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-33
CARGADOS, GEORGE                       GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-207
CARLIS, JOHN ELIA                      GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-198
CARLIS, JOHN GEORGE                    GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-199
CARLSEN, CHRISTIAN THEADOR             DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-13
CARLSON, AXEL HUGO                     SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-250
CARLSON, FRANS OSCAR WILLIAM           SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-127
CARLSON, KNUT ANDRES EFAHEM            SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-128
CARMEN, JOHN WILLIE                    ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-380
CARTA, ANTHONY                         ALGERIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-153
CARTEN, FRANKLIN JOSEPH                NOVA SCOTIA         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-94
CARTOTSIS, GUST                        GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-242
CASTLES, GEORGE ATHER                  GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-329
CATCHONPIS, PETER                      GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-109
CAYIAS, WILLIAM                        GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-373
CERRA, FRED                            ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-405
CHAMBERS, ELLEN                        ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-115
CHAPMAN, JOHN HENRY                    ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-32
CHAUVE, CONSTANTINE AUGUSTIN           FRANCE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-145
CHAVALAS, TOM                          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-54
CHECKER, NICK                          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-215
CHEEKERES, PETER                       GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-490
CHELEMES, GEORGE                       GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-20
CHENEGROS, ALFRED                      FRANCE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-26
CHENET, PIETRO                         ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-203
CHERDRON, OTTO PHILIPP                 GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-64
CHERPES, TOM LOUIS                     GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-301
CHIALTAS, WILLIAM JOHN                 GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-201
CHINDOLLAR, LOUIS                      GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-437
CHIONIS, HARRIS GEORGE                 GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-245
CHIROS, JOHN                           GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-481
CHIULOS, GEORGE NICK                   GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-15
CHMIELNOSKI, HERMANN                   EAST PRUSSIA        UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-82
CHRISOS, GEORGE                        GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-6
CHRISTENSEN, JAMES RASMUS              DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-479
CHRISTENSEN, JOHN PETER                DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-196
CHRISTENSEN, NIELS JORGEN              DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-119
CHRISTENSEN, SOREN PETER               DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-324
CHRISTENSEN, CARL FREDERICK            DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-211
CHRISTENSEN, HOLGER FREDERIK           DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-143
CHRISTIANSEN, HANS HERMAN              DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-142
CHRISTOGIANOPLOS, PANAGON              GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-273
CHRISTOPHERSON, ANNA MARIA             SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-494
CHURCHILL, WILILAM JAMES               ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-339
CLARK, GEORGE                          ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-159
CLASCHKO, ELIAS                        RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-60
CLAUSEN, PETER                         DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-477
CLEGG, FRANK                           ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-271
CLIFFORD, GORDON                       ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-199
CLINE, BENJAMIN                        RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-328
COHEN, MAX                             RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-414
COHEN, MAX                             RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-68
COHN, AARON                            RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-195
COHN, MINNIE                           RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-352
COLELY, JOHN                           ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-465
COLELY, JOHN JR.                       ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-466
COLEMAN, WILLIAM HENRY                 ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-488
COLLIAS, SOTIRIOS JOHN                 GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-425
COLOGRES, JAMES PETER                  GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-268
COLOVOS, PETER                         GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-227
CONDAS, JOHN GEORGE                    GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-173
CONRAD, JOHN KING                      SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-218
COOKE, WILLIAM                         SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-162
COOKOOLOS, GREGORY JOHN                TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-408
COOKOS, GEORGE                         GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-303
COOPER, LEOPOLD                        ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-395
COPAS, TOM                             GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-500
COSSOLO, JAMES                         ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-471
COUCHOGEORGAS, CHRIS                   GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-224
COUTAS, DIMITRIOS ATHANS               GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-396
COZAKOS, JAMES                         TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-333
COZAKOS, GEORGE                        TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-200
CRAIG, GEORGE                          SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-458
CREAGH, SIMON PIERSE                   AUSTRALIA           UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-102
CRIPPS, AUGUSTIN ROBERT                ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-282
CROWLEY, JEREMIAH                      IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-277
CUNNINGHAM, FRANK                      IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-77
CURINGA, ANTHONY                       ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-182
CURTIS, FREDERICK ALLEN                ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-174
DAHL, OLE                              NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-137
DAHLQUIST, SWEN JOHAN                  SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-26
DALLINA, KLASSIENA                     NETHERLANDS         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-391
DANCE, ALBERT EDWARD                   ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-125
DANIELS, GUNNARD                       SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-105
DANIELS, ERNEST                        SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-106
DANIELS, NOCHEM                        RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-233
DARBY, CHARLES                         IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-70
DATO, GIOSEPF                          ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-48
DAVDISON, DANIEL                       SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-14
DAVIS, PETER JOHN                      GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-320
DAVIS, JOHN HENRY                      WALES               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-336
DEBRY, JOHAN JACOB                     NETHERLANDS         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-354
DEBRY, FRANK                           NETHERLANDS         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-99
DECARO, JOHN BABTISTE                  ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-374
DEDES, HARRIS                          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-78
DEDES, CHRIST                          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-49
DEGN, NIELS MORTENSEN                  GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-293
DEGOOYER, CORNELIUS                    HOLLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-211
DEJONG, GERRET                         NETHERLANDS         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-206
DEKARVER, HARRY                        NETHERLANDS         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-196
DEMAS, ERNEST                          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-491
DEMATTIA, GIOVANNI                     ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-282
DEMISIS, JAMES                         GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-372
DEMKE, ERNEST FRANZ                    GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-270
DEMKE, OTTO CARL GUSTAV                EAST PRUSSIA        UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-449
DENS, FRANK                            RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-2
DEROCCO, CAMILLO                       ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-191
DEWAAL, JOHN                           NETHERLAND          UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-355
DIAMANDOUROS, ANDREW NICK              GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-222
DICKMAN, WILLIAM FABIAN                SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-29
DIMANDES, CHARLES                      GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-109
DIMANES, THOMS                         GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-111
DIROCCO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-180
DIROCCO, GIOVANNI                      ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-181
DODSWORTH, CHARLES ROLAND              ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-291
DOELLE, REINHOLD HEINRICH              GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-12
DOKOS, ANDREW                          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-495
DOLLAS, NICK                           GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-147
DOLOHINSKE, JOHN                       GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-183
DOLTAR, MARTIN                         AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-67
DONALDSON, JOHN                        SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-474
DORNY, OTTO                            GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-83
DOSTON, EDWARD ALBERT                  ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-72
DOUGLAS, WALTER MCGREGGOR              ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-113
DOWD, PETER                            IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-23
DRAGOBRATOVIC, MARTIN                  DALMATIA            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-130
DRITCHAS, GEORGE                       GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-331
DUBRIK, FRANK                          HUNGARY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-121
DUERSCH, FRIEDRICH                     BAVARIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-314
DUNN, CHARLES HERBERT EDWIN            IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-317
DUNSTER, WILLIAM                       ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-175
EATOUGH, RICHARD                       SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-159
ECONOME, JOHN                          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-27
ECONOMIDES, SPYROS                     TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-271
ECONOMOPOULOS, DEMOS STAVRIOU          GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-172
ECONOMOU, ANTON                        GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-266
ECONOMY, ERNEST                        GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-297
EDEN, DAVID                            ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-175
EDEN, ARTHUR                           ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-176
EDMAN, CARL RUDOLF                     SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-56
EDMAN, VICTOR                          SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-55
EDMAN, AXEL                            SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-57
EDWARDS, HERERT GEORGE                 AUSTRALIA           UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-424
EFTIMIOU, PETER                        GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-300
EGER, WILHELM                          GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-204
EGGEN, JOHN                            NETHERLANDS         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-54
EGGEN, SILAS                           NETHERLANDS         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-410
EHLERS, WILLIAM HENRY                  GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-441
EITNER, GUSTAV ALBERT JULIUS           GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-45
ELLADES, CONSTANTINE                   EGYPT               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-70
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM HENRY                 ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-179
ELTZ, JOHN                             AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-179
ELVIN, ARTHUR GEORGE                   ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-53
ENGDAHL, CHARLES MAGNUS                SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-5
ENGEL, HENRY                           SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-22
ENGH, ARNT                             NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-335
ENGMAN, ERNST MAX                      SAXONY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-120
ERICKSEN, OLAV GEORGE                  NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-71
ERICKSON, VICTOR                       SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-409
ERIKSEN, CAROLINE                      NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-239
ERIKSON, ERIK LEANDER                  FINLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-174
EUGENIO, PASINI                        ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-367
EVANS, JOSEPH                          ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-222
EVANS, EVAN THOMAS                     WALES               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-439
FALLINI, COSTANTE                      ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-66
FASCILLI, RALPH                        ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-283
FATSEAS, LOUIS                         GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-259
FEFLES, PETER GUST                     GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-279
FEHR, JOHN BENEDIKT                    SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-186
FELLIOS, GEORGE                        TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-318
FENGARIS, GEORGE                       GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-256
FENTON, JAMES THOMAS                   ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-48
FERRO, JOHN                            ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-132
FIMISTER, JOHN                         SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-451
FINA, GIUSEPPE                         ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-131
FINLAY, LANCELOT                       ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-75
FISCHER, SAMUEL                        POLAND              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-333
FISCO, ANGELO                          ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-141
FISHER, MARGARET                       ONTARIO             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-117
FITCHES, EDWARD                        ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-390
FLATHAS, ERNEST                        GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-39
FLINDERS, THOMAS                       ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-145
FLINT, MARINUS                         NETHERLANDS         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-350
FLORES, JOHN                           MEXICO              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-380
FORD, CHARLES JAMES                    ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-255
FORSBERG, EMIL                         SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-249
FORSYTHE, JAMES MCBEATH                SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-187
FORT, HENRY                            SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-459
FOSSAT, LEWIS                          ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-122
FOSTER, ALBERT ERNEST                  ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-385
FOSTER, GRACE                          ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-71
FOTOPOULIS, JAMES                      GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-101
FOTOPOULOS, FOTIOS                     GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-287
FOTOPOULOS, PHILLIP                    GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-301
FOUMIA, FRANK                          ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-459
FRAMM, GEORG                           HESSE               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-425
FREDERICKSON, SVANTE                   SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-220
FREWIN, EMMA ANN                       ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-314
FRIANTOS, ANTON                        GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-7
FRUSIOS, HARRY                         GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-237
GAARDEN, PETROLINE JORGINE             NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-339
GABARDI, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-417
GABLER, ALWIN                          GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-145
GALAMATAS, THOMS                       GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-110
GALANOPULOS, JAMES                     GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-428
GALL, MARINUS                          NETHERLANDS         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-42
GALL, HENRY WILLIAM                    NETHERLANDS         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-386
GALLYER, WILLIAM                       ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-415
GALOS, JOHN                            GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-444
GANOWSKI, GUSTAV WILLIAM               PRUSSIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-454
GARELICK, MORRIS                       RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-118
GASSER, SAMUEL                         SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-408
GAUFIN, CARL EPHRAIM                   SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-205
GAVED, WALTER JOHN                     ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-88
GAVED, THOMAS HENRY                    ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-30
GAZ, JOHN JOSEPH                       ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-44
GEAVARAS, NICK                         GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-191
GEBHARDT, CARL                         GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-375
GEETAS, GUST                           GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-258
GEIGLE, ALBERT FREDRICK                GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-40
GELB, EDMUND                           BADEN               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-348
GENITES, MARINUS JOHN                  HOLLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-193
GEORGACOPOULOS, JOHN                   GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-262
GEORGIADES, JOHN                       GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-107
GEORGILAKIS, NEIK                      TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-409
GEORGITSIS, MIKE                       GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-250
GERONDARAS, NIKOLAS ANASTUS            TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-59
GIBBONS, AUSTIN                        IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-49
GILBERT, NICHOLAS                      ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-182
GLATSTINE, SAMUEL                      POLAND              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-30
GLAUSER, JOHN                          SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-311
GLISSMAYER, HERMANN HENRY              HANOVE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-8
GOERING, EDMUND FRITZ                  GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-42
GOGOS, JAMES SPIROS                    TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-229
GOODFELLOW, JOHN FAIRFIELD             SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-158
GOODSELL, HENRY JOHN                   ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-394
GRAHAM, SMITH                          SCOTLAND            UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-137
GRAHAM, ROBERT JOHN                    ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-155
GRAMMATIKAS, GUST                      GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-28
GRANDHL, JOHN                          RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-438
GRANQUIST, KARL JOHAN OSCAR            SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-11
GRANT, OWEN                            IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-68
GRASS, ERIC THEODOR                    SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-84
GRAVES, EDITH                          ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-43
GRAY, EDWARD DWYER                     IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-176
GREAVES, JAMES WILLIAM                 ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-14
GREEKMAN, HARRIS                       TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-58
GREENWOOD, GEORGE JOHN                 ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-81
GRIGG, ARTHUR                          ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-4
GRIGUHN, OTTO                          PERSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-15
GRIMSTAD, ANDREW                       NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-457
GRISOLIO, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-139
GROSSMAN, ANDY                         RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-83
GRSPERS, NICKOLAUS                     GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-19
GUGGISBERG, GOTTLIEB                   SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-231
GURPIS, NACKLY                         SYRIA               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-208
GUSTAFSON, ANDREW WILLIAM              SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-185
GUSTAFSSON, FRANK                      SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-164
GUSTAVESON, AUGUST                     SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-230
GUSTAVESON, GUSTAVE ADOLF              SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-240
GUSTAVESON, ELLIS ALBIN                SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-286
HAAGENSEN, HERMAN JULIUS               NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-127
HACKLIN, JOHN                          FINLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-444
HADFIELD, JOSEPH                       ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-116
HAGLUND, HAKON HILDEBRAND              NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-70
HAHN, HERMANN                          WUERTTEMBERG        UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-105
HALASOHORIS, GUST                      GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-244
HALL, JOHN HENRY                       ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-437
HALLER, LOUIS                          AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-14
HAMANN, EMANUEL                        DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-54
HANLEY, BENJAMIN                       IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-237
HANSEN, CONRAD JOHAN ZAHL              NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-122
HANSEN, EDWARD JOHN                    NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-63
HANSEN, FRITZ CHRIS DALGAS             DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-478
HANSEN, JOHN SOREN                     DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-166
HANSEN, KAROLINE CHRISTINE             DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-315
HANSEN, LARS JOHANAS                   DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-34
HANSEN, RASMUS PETER                   DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-481
HANSEN, HANS                           DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-61
HANSEN, ALFRED                         DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-404
HANSEN, THORVALD                       DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-231
HANSEN, CARL MARIUS                    DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-403
HANSEN, OSWALD BUSCH                   DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-111
HANSEN, FREDERIK PETER                 DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-259
HANSEN, NIELS                          DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-488
HANSEN, CARL CHRIS                     DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-10
HAOLILDAY, CHARLEY                     DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-31
HARRIS, LEWIS FREDERICK                ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-434
HARRISON, THOMAS GEORGE                ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-195
HARRY, THOMAS WILLIAM                  ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-40
HARTQUIST, EMIL                        SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-165
HARWOOD, WILLIAM JAMES                 ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-448
HASSARD, WILLIAM GEORGE                ONTARIO             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-113
HASSELGREEN, JOHN ALFRED               SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-237
HASSOMERIS, GEORGE DEMETERS            GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-278
HATOUPIS, JOHN                         GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-340
HATTAM, JOSEPH                         ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-29
HATZIMIHALIS, MICHALES                 TURKEY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-330
HAWORTH, FRANK                         ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-164
HEALEY, EDGAR THOMAS                   ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-257
HELIOTIS, CHRIST                       GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-170
HELLO, BETROS                          SYRIA               UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-221
HELLSTROM, VICTOR ARVID                SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-151
HEMSLEY, JOB EDWARD                    UTAH/CANADA         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-126
HENDRA, JOHN                           ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-178
HENDRIKSON, HENDRIK                    FINLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-6
HENZI, JOSEPH                          SWITZERLAND         UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-144
HILL, CHARLES EDWIN                    ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-325
HILL, JOHN MORONI                      ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-270
HIRSCHMAN, ERHARDT                     GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-224
HISEMAN, JOHN JAMES                    ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-413
HOARE, WILLIAM                         AUSTRALIA           UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-86
HOEGSTED, LOUIS CHRIST                 DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-112
HOESCH, ADOLPH                         GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-65
HOFFMAN, EDWARD                        AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-86
HOFFMAN, EDWARD                        AUSTRIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-32
HOGAN, FRANCIS                         IRELAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-186
HOGLUND, ANNA LOVISA                   SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-154
HOLDEN, JOHN WILLIAM                   ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-226
HOLLAND, LAIN                          RUSSIA              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-11
HOLLAND, PETER JOSEPH                  ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-22
HOLM, SOREN SORENSEN                   DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-1
HOLM, OTTO                             FINLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-390
HOLMES, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-308
HOLMGREN, AXEL LEONARD                 SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-261
HOLMGREN, AXEL HERMAN                  SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-307
HOLST, LOUIS                           DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-290
HOLST, JENS ANTON                      DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-430
HORIK, BERNT FREDRIK                   NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-121
HOSKISSON, ARNISON                     ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-162
HOWES, WILLIAM THOMAS                  ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-220
HUBOLD, OTTO BRUNO                     PRUSSIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-250
HUDSON, JOSEPH                         ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-366
HUDSON, FRANCIS EDWARD                 ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-327
HUETTLE, JOHN                          BAVARIA             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-294
HUNTER, JOHN                           ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-473
HUST, FREDRICK                         GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-379
HUTTERSTROM, GIDEON NICANOR            SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-96
HYDE, GEORGE HENRY                     ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-18
IBE, GOTTLIEB CARL FRIEDRICH           HANOVER             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-450
INGEBRETSEN, DAGNY IVANA               NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-97
ISAKSEN, MARTIN JENSEN                 DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-57
JACOBSEN, SIGFRED JULIUS               DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-418
JACOBSEN, ANNA SOFIE                   NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-16
JACOBSON, AXEL                         SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-455
JAKOBSEN, JENS KJER                    DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-500
JAKOS, JOHN                            GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-188
JAMES, WESLEY CHARLES                  ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-216
JANSEN, THOR                           DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-80
JARARAS, THOMS                         GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-452
JENSEN, JENS HALDEMAR                  DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-238
JENSEN, SIGVART CHRISTIAN              NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-88
JENSEN, CHRISTIAN                      DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-371
JENTZSCH, ARTHUR GUGIN                 GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-146
JERLING, EMIL ALEXANDER                SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-27
JOHANNESSEN, HARALD CHRISTIAN          NORWAY              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-356
JOHNSON, CARL FREDERICK                SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-67
JOHNSON, CHARLES EDWARD                SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-9
JOHNSON, EMIL                          SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-161
JOHNSON, ERNEST                        SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-160
JOHNSON, JOHN THEODORE                 SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-102
JOHNSON, SAM                           GREECE              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-260
JOHNSON, AXEL                          SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-268
JOHNSON, SIMON RAGNAR                  SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-359
JOHNSON, MARIA CHRISTINA               SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-446
JONES, THOMAS HENRY                    ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-276
JONES, JOHN                            ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-277
JONSO, MAGNUS                          SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-118
JONSON, EMIL RENIUS                    SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-228
JONSSON, ANDREW                        SWEDEN              UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-198
JORGENSEN, PETER                       DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            2-137
JORGENSEN, PETRINE                     DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            3-440
JORGENSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN              DENMARK             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-387
JUN, JAMES HENRY WARREN                ENGLAND             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-241
JURGELEIT, ALBERT                      GERMANY             UT-SALTLAKE-DC-DOI            4-31

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