Jefferson County, New York
Declarations of Intent (post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Jefferson County New York, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 1 = 1906-1908 (Lost) | 2 = 1908-1910 | 3 = 1910-1915 | 4=? | ongoing
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ABATE, SEBASTIANO                      ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-65
ABRAMS, JAMES EDMAN                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-158
ADAMS, JAMES FRANKLIN                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-13
AHERN, JOHN                            ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-116
AIKINS, FREDRICK WILLIAM               ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-294
AIKINS, GORDON KENNETH                 CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-144
ALBERTSON, HENRY MICHAEL               ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-445
ALCOMBRACK, AARON                      ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-201
ALDRICH, HERBERT FRANKLIN              ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-484
ALECCI, FRANCESCO                      ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-134
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        SCOTLAND                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-257
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                      SCOTLAND                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-70
ALPEROVITZ, MENDEL                     RUSSIA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-240
AMA, JOSEPH                            ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-228
ANDERSON, HENRY                        QUEBEC                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-198
ANDERSON, JOHN SIGFRID                 SWEDEN                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-184
ANDERSON, PETER                        CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-194
ANDRE, MANSOUR JOHN                    SYRIA                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-214
ANDRESS, AVERY JOHN                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-26
ANDRESS, ROY CECIL                     CANADA/NEW YORK                         NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-346
ANSON, ALBERT EDWIN                    ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-31
ANTONELLI, ALFONSO FRANK               ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-219
ANTONELLI, GIUSEPPE SEVERINO           ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-405
APERT, SAMUEL                          RUSSIA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-26
ARENA, JOANNE                          ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-30
ARNOT, EMERSON COATSWORTH              ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-174
ARRAF, GEORGE                          SYRIA                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-143
ATKINSON, MARTIN GAY                   NOVA SCOTIA                             NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-110
AULT, THEODORE JAMES                   CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-226
AVALLONE, FRANCESCO                    ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-107
BABA, JOSEPH                           SYRIA                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-260
BABCOCK, ALFRED                        ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-306
BABCOCK, CHARLES EDWARD                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-287
BABCOCK, FRED                          ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-236
BABCOCK, JOSEPH HERBERT                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-378
BABCOCK, LEONARD CARMAN                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-88
BACH, LAURITS KRESTEN INGVAR           DENMARK                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-466
BACHNER, MICHAEL                       HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-329
BACHNER, MICHAEL                       HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-161
BADOUR, JOHN HENRY                     ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-383
BAGGETTA, FRANK                        ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-12
BAILIE, JACK EDMUND                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-23
BALDINELLI, JOSEPH                     ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-429
BALL, NATHAN STOVER                    CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-3
BANCO, DOMENICO                        ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-204
BANCO, VINCENZO                        ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-113
BANNISTER, EDWARD ALBERT               IRELAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-15
BARBER, WILLIAM LORNE                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-42
BATES, GEORGE KENNETH                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-288
BATES, JAMES GREENWOOD                 ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-289
BAWN, HERBERT STANLEY                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-120
BAXTER, CHARLES FREDERICK              ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-59
BEADLE, WILLIAM HENRY                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-93
BEDORE, CORAL WOODMAN                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-91
BELCH, JAMES THOMAS                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-132
BELCHER, JOHN EDWARD                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-290
BELFIORE, GIOVANNI                     ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-287
BELSKI, BEN                            RUSSIA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-425
BENDEKE, ROBERT                        NORWAY                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-147
BENDER, WILLIAM                        PRUSSIA                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-231
BENNETT, HENRY ALLEN                   CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-276
BENSON, HENNING SIFRID                 SWEDEN                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-37
BEROW, TRUMAN ALEXANDER                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-203
BERRY, WILLIAM JOHN                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-152
BERTONE, SALVATORE                     ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-49
BEVENS, EDWARD                         ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-280
BIERTON, ROBERT EDMOND                 QUEBEC                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-109
BIGELOW, ALEXANDER                     CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-216
BIGHAM, ALBERT EDWARD                  INDIA                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-20
BIRTONE, LUCIANO                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-85
BISHOP, WILLIAM ALBERT                 ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-341
BISNETT, HARRY ELGIN                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-153
BLAKE, DAVID                           IRELAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-16
BOCCIOLATTI, PRIMO                     ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-291
BOCCIOLATTI, SECONDO                   ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-292
BOGUCKI, CARL                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-82
BONGARD, CLAYTON RAYMOND               ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-148
BOUKLIZAS, MENAS DIMITRIOU             GREECE                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-420
BOURDON, ARMAND ROMEO                  QUEBEC                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-284
BOURN, LEOPOLD ALBERT VICTOR           ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-274
BRADSHAW, ALBERT                       QUEBEC                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-251
BRADSHAW, WILLIAM KENNETH              ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-350
BRAKE, ALFRED MATHIAS                  ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-104
BROOKER, CHARLES LUKE                  ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-288
BROWN, AMOS MATTHEW                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-56
BROWN, HAROLD MILFRED                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-394
BROWN, ROBERT GEORGE                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-188
BRYANT, THOMAS COOK                    CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-117
BRYANT, WILLIAM JOHN                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-374
BUICON, JOHN                           HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-221
BURNETT, ALFRED ORLANDO                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-47
BURNETT, EDWARD LOUIS GRAHAM           ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-289
BURNEY, THOMAS ALFRED                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-45
BUSH, CHARLES WELLINGTON               CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-244
BUTBOT, JADE                           SYRIA                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-261
BUTLER, JOHN                           ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-253
BYRNE, JAMES STEPHEN                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-242
CAHLO, GEORGE                          TURKEY                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-431
CALABRO, FRANK                         ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-452
CALACCO, GAETANO                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-300
CALENDER, GEORGE                       TURKEY                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-432
CALLENT, FRANK HENRY                   ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-365
CAMP, GIOVANNI                         ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-82
CAMPANELLI, LUIGI                      ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-80
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH                       IRELAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-107
CAMPO, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-64
CANCILLA, SALVATORE                    SICILY                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-86
CANRELL, VINCENT                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-25
CANTONE, ANTHONY                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-42
CAPONE, FRANK                          SICILY                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-146
CAPONE, MICHAEL                        SICILY                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-64
CARBONI, FRANCIS                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-199
CARLEY, FRED SIMPSON                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-473
CARSON, JAMES ALEXANDER                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-205
CARTER, ARTHUR                         ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-14
CASALEMORO, SALVATORE                  ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-102
CASSIDY, WILLIAM JAMES                 ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-485
CAVANAUGH, THOMAS                      ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-247
CHAMPAGNE, FRED FRANCIS                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-141
CHEAL, ALBERT                          ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-259
CHEAL, HORACE                          ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-99
CHEEKLEY, WILLIAM JAMES                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-250
CHIARELLE, ANTONIO                     ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-186
CHILLES, CHARLES GRANT                 SCOTLAND                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-246
CHILLES, WILLIAM                       SCOTLAND                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-245
CHRISTOPHER, WILLIAM HENRY             ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-139
CLAPSADDLE, FRANK KNIGHT               ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-468
CLARKE, WILLIAM JOHN                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-246
CLEMO, WILLIAM OSCAR                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-265
CLOPMAN, LEWIS                         RUSSIA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-183
COCCO, MICHEAL                         ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-312
COHEN, JOSEPH                          RUSSIA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-158
COHEN, SAM                             POLAND                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-264
COLMAN, WILLIAM HENRY                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-229
CONIGAN, LEO JOSEPH                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-352
CONNOLLY, JOHN CHARLES                 CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-156
COOK, GEORGE                           ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-130
COOKE, WILLIAM HENRY                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-54
COONS, MILES                           ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-192
COOPER, MILES                          ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-385
COOPER, WILLIAM FRANCIS                ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-321
CORMACK, JAMES                         SCOTLAND                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-245
COSEMBA, JOHN                          AUSTRIA                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-55
COSIMO, DI PASQUALE                    ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-85
COUTE, NICOLA                          ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-57
CRAGO, WILLIAM                         ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-242
CRESCENZI, DOMENICO                    ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-450
CSOTZO, MIKLOS                         HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-40
CUMMINGS, CHARLES ELIGE                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-459
CUMMINGS, WILLIAM                      ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-6
DAMELIO, GIOVANNI                      ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-179
DAMIANO, ENRICO                        ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-368
DANO, FRANK                            ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-339
DAVIS, JOHN WESLEY                     ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-187
DAVIS, SYLVANUS STANFORD               WALES                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-209
DAVIS, WILLIAM BELL                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-282
DEAN, WILLIAM                          QUEBEC                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-59
DECARLO, GAETANO                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-77
DECASTRO, LALLO                        ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-275
DECKLEBOURN, MAX                       RUSSIA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-163
DEGEN, JOHN                            SWITZERLAND                             NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-449
DELOFF, ELO                            TURKEY                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-279
DELOFF, LOZOR                          TURKEY                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-278
DENNEY, HERMAN CLAUDE                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-364
DENNISON, JAMES FRANK                  IRELAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-35
DERMADY, MICHAEL IGNECIS               ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-489
DERMADY, THOMAS LEO                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-486
DEROUIN, NELSON                        QUEBEC                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-280
DERRIGO, JAMES FRED                    ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-27
DESARMO, LEON LEWIS                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-109
DESORMO, JOSEPH MILLARD                CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-124
DIANGELO, FRANCESCO                    ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-57
DICARLO, FRANCESCO                     ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-127
DIIGNAZIO, JOSEPH MILETELLO            SICILY                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-202
DILLABOUGH, ROSS                       ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-319
DIMARCO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-81
DINGMAN, GORDEN HANFORD                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-138
DINICOLA, VINCENZO                     ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-67
DIXON, JESSE FREEMAN                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-213
DOBBIE, WALTER SARGENT                 ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-475
DOBRESKI, MECK                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-269
DOHOTARI, MITRU                        HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-92
DONOGHUE, JOSEPH                       ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-270
DOPKING, CHARLES HIGHLAND              ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-300
DOYLE, WILLIAM JAMES                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-53
DUNCAN, ROBERT                         SCOTLAND                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-99
DUNFORD, RICHARD JOHN                  ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-36
DUNFORD, WILLIAM HENRY                 ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-60
DUNLOP, WILLIAM EMERSON                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-348
DUNN, JOHN                             ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-268
DUSCKAS, SPEROS DEMETRICO              GREECE                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-214
EAMON, WILLIAM                         ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-75
ECKEL, HANS                            WESTFALEN                               NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-69
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                       WALES                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-421
ELLIOTT, GEORGE                        ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-157
EMBERLY, CHARLES WESLEY                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-273
EMRICH, GEORG                          HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-65
ENDSOR, ARTHUR                         ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-202
ENGLISH, STEPHEN JAMES                 IRELAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-182
ENGLISH, THOMAS                        ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-272
ENGQUIST, ALFRED HILDING               SWEDEN                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-286
EVELEIGH, SIDNEY                       ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-237
EVERSFIELD, CYRIL WILLIAM              ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-345
EVERSFIELD, LOUISE                     ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-344
EVERSFIELD, WILLIAM BASSUCK            ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-330
EVERTH, JOHANN                         HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-303
FAIRE, CHARLES ALFRED                  FRANCE                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-233
FARANO, GAETANO                        ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-313
FASLER, EMIL                           SWITZERLAND                             NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-136
FAZEKAS, JOSEPH                        HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-366
FERGUSON, ALEXANDER                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-483
FERRIS, EDWARD ERNEST                  ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-89
FERRUCCI, NICOLA                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-305
FINDLAY, JAMES ARTHUR                  SCOTLAND                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-37
FIORELLA, GIUSEPPE                     SICILY                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-18
FIORETTO, LORETO                       SICILY                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-122
FISHER, ERNEST                         RUSSIA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-101
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-12
FLANIGAN, ANDREW                       ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-52
FLINN, JOHN ARIEL                      ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-111
FODEY, JOHN FRANCIS                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-413
FOLGES, FRED FRANKLIN                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-447
FONTANA, PASQUALE                      ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-457
FOOTE, GEORGE ALLEN                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-265
FORTE, VINCENZ                         ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-68
FORTUNE, GEORGE ALEANDER               ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-295
FOURDRINIER, CHARLES WILLIAM           ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-195
FRANCIS, ANGELO                        ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-162
FRATE, JAMES                           ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-102
FREDERICK, WILLIAM HENRY               CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-263
FREZZA, COSTANTINA                     ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-80
FREZZA, LUIGI                          ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-117
FROST, HORACE HORATIO                  ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-210
FURFARO, DOENICO                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-73
FURNER, ALFRED EDWARD                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-476
GABLIN, KATE                           RUSSIA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-104
GALLINGER, ROBERT CRITES               ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-110
GALLO, RAFFALE                         ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-79
GALLUCCI, ALBERT WILLIAM               ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-121
GAMBLE, ERNEST LOVERN                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-90
GANNON, MICHAEL JAMES                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-229
GANSONNA, DOMENICO                     ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-326
GARIFO, ROSOLINO                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-123
GAWRYS, WALTER                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-327
GEDDES, JOHN HARRY                     SCOTLAND                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-160
GEISSLER, EDMUND ERWIN                 GERMANY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-307
GEISSLER, PAUL EMIL                    GERMANY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-458
GENOA, ROCCO                           ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-304
GEONIS, ENEEN                          LEBANON                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-6
GESTIN, MILAD JOSEPH                   SYRIA                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-215
GIANCONTINO, SALVATORE                 ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-87
GIBB, JOHN SMILIE                      SCOTLAND                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-219
GIBSON, JAMES EDWARD                   ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-220
GLICKSTEIN, SAME                       RUSSIA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-75
GODFREY, WILLIAM HENRY                 ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-315
GODKIN, CHARLIE RICHARD                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-266
GODKIN, WILLIAM HENRY                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-176
GOLDMAN, ISAAC                         RUSSIA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-272
GOLORDO, GAETANO                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-455
GOODRICH, JOHN LESTER                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-335
GORDON, JAMES FORD                     ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-328
GOWAN, DAVID NELSON                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-252
GRADIS, JOSEPH ELIAS                   RUSSIA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-111
GRAHAM, JOHN STUART                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-487
GRANT, ANDREW PATRICK                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-122
GRECO, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-477
GREEN, CLARENCE JOHN                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-180
GREGI, PASQUALE                        ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-61
GREIG, WILLIAM MILLER                  SCOTLAND                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-106
GRIECO, NICHOLAS                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-238
GRIECO, PASQUALE                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-239
GRIFFITHS, GEORGE WILLIAM              ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-436
GRINTER, WILLIAM JOSEPH                ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-336
GRUNTORAD, FRANK                       BOHEMIA                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-167
GUESS, DELBERT ELIJAH                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-98
GUGA, JUON STEGER                      HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-172
GUIDA, GIOVANNI                        ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-78
GUIDA, SAVERIO                         ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-79
GULLO, ANTONIO                         ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-456
GUZEY, THOMAS JOHN                     AUSTRIA                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-30
GUZKOVSKY, ANTONY                      RUSSIA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-56
HABALAN, GABRIL                        HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-173
HABEB, MIKE                            LEBANON                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-52
HAFER, MATHIAS                         AUSTRIA                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-255
HAGARTY, THOMAS JAMES                  CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-294
HAKEEM, GEORGE                         SYRIA                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-178
HAKEEM, NAMA                           PALESTINE                               NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-257
HALL, MARCUS JACOB                     ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-33
HALL, ROBERT FOSTER                    ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-29
HALLSWORTH, HARRY HENRY                ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-92
HAMER, JOHN CLARK                      CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-264
HAMLIN, JERRY GEORGE                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-217
HANDLEY, STEPHEN NELSON                CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-209
HANEK, JOHANN                          HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-371
HARRISON, CHARLES ROGNAL               ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-302
HART, CHARLES ELENORE                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-331
HARTWICK, JAMES HAWLEY                 ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-479
HAWLEY, BURTON ELSWOOD                 CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-2
HAYES, ARTHUR SIXSMITH                 ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-422
HAYES, ROBERT HENRY                    CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-208
HEARNE, JAMES LITTLER                  ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-171
HEATH, FREDICK JAMES                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-299
HEATH, SAMUEL WILBERT                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-168
HEFFNER, GEORGE ADAM                   AUSTRIA                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-7
HELIN, FRANS ALFRED                    FINLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-253
HERBISON, IRA                          ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-467
HERBISON, JEROME PURVIS                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-465
HERMON, GEORGE RIDLEY                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-71
HICKEY, JOHN JOSEPH                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-375
HICKS, ROBERT CHARLES                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-499
HIGGINS, WILFRED                       CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-225
HIGHET, AMES                           SCOTLAND                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-54
HILL, JOSEPH EDWARD                    ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-222
HILL, REGINALD ARTHUR                  ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-35
HILLER, FELIX                          PRUSSIA                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-481
HLUDZENSKI, JOZEF                      POLAND                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-276
HOBAN, JAMES                           ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-419
HOBAN, JOHN                            ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-28
HOCKEY, JAMES HENRY                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-379
HODGE, RICHARD DUANE                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-41
HODKINSON, ROBERT WILLIAM              ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-354
HOLLISTER, ARTHUR MORGAN               ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-123
HOLLYWOOD, MICHAEL                     SCOTLAND                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-41
HONEYBELL, WILLIAM JAMES               ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-185
HOOD, ISAAC                            NEWFOUNDLAND                            NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-49
HORB, GEORGE                           SYRIA                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-24
HORETH, GEORGE                         HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-254
HOURIGAN, FRANCIS JOHN                 ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-462
HOWES, JOHN HENRY                      ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-146
HUBMAN, JOHN JACOB                     WURTTEMBERG                             NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-232
HUDDLESTON, JOHN                       ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-393
HUNT, DANIEL JOHN                      ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-22
HUNT, GEORGE HILYARD                   CANADA                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-174
IANNOTTI, VINCENT                      ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-322
INGARGIOLA, GIOVANNI                   ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-84
IVEY, FREDERICK CHRISTOPEHR            ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-124
IVEY, WILLIAM JAMES                    ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-131
JACKSON, BERT                          ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-4
JACKSON, PERCY MERINUS                 ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-188
JACOB, MARZOK                          SYRIA                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-191
JACOB, SHIKREE                         SYRIA                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-28
JACOBONI, EMILIO                       ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-161
JACOBS, NAHMEN JULIUS                  HOLSTEIN                                NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-492
JALMINI, PETER                         ITALY                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-184
JAMMAL, JOSEPH HABIB                   SYRIA                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-142
JAMMAL, PATRICK LOUIS                  SYRIA                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-278
JANSON, CHARLES LEONARD                SWEDEN                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-149
JEICAN, CONSTANTINE                    HUNGARY                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-152
JENSEN, ADOLF MARENUS                  DENMARK                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-195
JENSEN, CARL EMIL PETER                DENMARK                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-248
JEROME, CLAUDE LESLIE                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-495
JEROME, EDWARD LORNE                   ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-478
JERRAM, ALBERT EDWARD                  ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-249
JOHNSON, OTTO HYALLMAR                 SWEDEN                                  NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-115
JONES, CHARLES                         ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-126
JONES, HARRIS                          WALES                                   NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-292
JONES, JAMES CHARLES                   ENGLAND                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-151
JONES, JOHN WESLEY                     ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-212
JONES, ROEBRT BOLDWIN                  ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-399
JONESS, GEORGE MCKENZIE                ONTARIO                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 3-145
JORGENSEN, HANS WILHELM                DENMARK                                 NY-JEFFERSON-SC-DOI 2-176

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