Cattaraugus County, New York
Naturalization Petitions (Post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Cattaraugus County New York, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 9=1907-1909 | 10=1909-1913 | 11=1913-1918 | 12=1917-1925 | 13=1918-1922 | 14=1922-1928 | 15=1925-1929 | 16=1928-1929 | 17=1929-1931 | 18=1929-1932 | 19=1931-1935 | 20=1932-1935 | 21=1931-1938 | 22=1935-1939 | 23=1935-1939 | 24=1939-1945 | 25=1939-1941 | 26=(24) | 27=1941-1943 | 28=(24) | 29=1943-1945 | 30=(24) | 31=1945-1954 | (24)=included in Vol. 24 |
"see:" - alternative name listed

EADE, DOMINA                           LEBANON                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-563
EADE, ELIAS                            TURKEY                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-88
EADE, KATTER                           SYRIA                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-140
EARLE, LILY                            ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-243
EARLE, SAM                             RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-9
EATON, KATHARINE E.                    ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-81
ECONOMOU, CONSTANTINOS                 GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-151
EDMUNDS, WILLIAM H.                    ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-40
EDSTROM, GUSTAF ELOF                   SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-562
EGNACZAK, ANDREW                       RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-157
EHLE, RICHARD                          GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-50
EHMAN, EVA                             ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-225
EK, CARL GUSTAF                        SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-144
EK, EINAR GUNNAR VILHELM               SEDEN                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    19-1116
EK, GOSTA OSCAR                        NORWAY                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    17-1036
ELLIOTT, MARGARET ANNIE                ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-186
ELLIS, SALLY                           SCOTLAND                      NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-616
EMBORSKY, FRED MARY                    SOUTH WALES                   NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1458
ENGELMAN, BETTY CLARE                  GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1197
EPIFANIO, JOSEPH                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-212
ERICKSSON, ALBERT                      SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1207
EVANC, MIKE                            SERBIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-86
EVANS, PHILIP                          RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-48
EWALD, LILLIAN                         CANADA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1136
FABIC, PAULINE                         YUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1497
FADLALLA, FADLALLA TANNOUS             LEBANON                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1214
FARAONE, GIUSEPPE NICOLA               ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    17-1076
FARES, ABDOLLA                         SYRIA                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-90
FAVASULI, ANTONIO                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    18-376
FAVRO, BATTISTA                        ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-179
FEDEL, PHILIP                          ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-170
FEDELE, ANTONIO                        ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-91
FELICIONE, DOMENICO                    ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-595
FELTON, CHARLES                        ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-21
FERNANDEZ, HENRY JOSEPH                COSTA RICA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-641
FERRARA, BUONAVENTURA                  ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-95
FERRARA, CONCETTA                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1309
FERRARA, COSTANTINO                    ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-149
FERRARA, JOSEPH                        ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-108
FERRARA, MICHAEL                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-174
FERRARO, ANTONIO                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-477
FERRARO, JOHN                          ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1298
FERRARO, STEPHEN                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    18-396
FICEK, JOSEF                           POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-71
FIROS, JOHN                            POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-103
FITZSIMONS, EDWARD                     IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-171
FLAGG, GEORGE MERRILL                  ONTARIO                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1406
FLAGG, WILLIAM ELLWOOD                 CANADA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-416
FLAIM, JOHN FRANCIS                    AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-114
FLECHTNER, LOUISE                      GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-90
FLERI, CARMELO                         ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-1007
FLERY, JOE                             ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-234
FLICKER, ANTON                         AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-207
FLICKER, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-148
FLIS, KAROLINA                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    29-1341
FLYNN, JOHANNA                         IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-8
FOG, KAY                               DENMARK                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    4-74
FOG, NICOLINE KRISTINE                 DENMARK                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-87
FORSLIN, LILLIE KATARINA               SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-575
FORSLIN, SIGURD PER                    SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1206
FORTUNA, BASTIANO                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-109
FOTE, WILLIAM DOMINIC                  ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-82
FOX, EUGENIA                           POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1488
FRANK, EPHRAIM JACOB                   RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-670
FRANK, ERNEST                          GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-115
FRANK, FANNIE                          RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1396
FRANKEN, ELISABETH                     GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    18-365
FRASER, ALEXANDER EDWARD               SCOTLAND                      NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-173
FRATARCANGELO, GIUSEPPE                ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-516
FRATARCANGELO, GIUSEPPINA              ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-601
FRATARCANGELO, LIBERATORE              ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-1009
FRENZEL, GUSTAV ROBERT                 GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-82
FRNZI, JOSEPHINE ORSINI                ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-599
FRONTINE, SALVATORE                    ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-82
FROST, MARY                            RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1431
FRSINA, PASQUALE                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-64
FRYDEL, ANTONI                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    17-1039
FUNARI, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-183
FURCI, SALVATORE                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1403
FUSIARA, ANDREW                        POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-150
GABRIEL, GEORGE JOHN                   SYRIA                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    29-1356
GABRIEL, GEORGE JOHN                   LEBANON                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1452
GAETANO, ANGELO                        ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-122
GAFFURRI, ABRAMO VICTOR                ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    25-1282
GAFFURRI, HILDA (PETERS)               ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-546
GAGLIANDI, SAVERIO                     ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-192
GAGLIARDI, ORAZIO                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-19
GAGLIARDI, ORAZIO                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-87
GAGLIARDO, SAVERIO                     ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-59
GALANTER, HARRY                        RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-183
GALASSO, GIUSEPE                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    17-1053
GALATI, GIUSEPPI                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-83
GALOUZIA, ALEXANDRIA                   GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-583
GALOUZIS, GEORGE                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    17-1073
GAMATSIS, GEORGES                      GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-154
GAMATSIS, SAM NICOLAOU                 GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-125
GANGEMI, DOMENICO                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-14
GANGEMI, MICHELE                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-24
GANGENNI, PAUL                         ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-130
GANGIMI, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-31
GANSKA, MICHAEL MARTIN                 POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-131
GARBERO, ANDREW                        ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1495
GARBERO, JOSEPHINE                     ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    29-1352
GARBERO, PIETRO GIUSEPPE               ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-598
GARDNER, LLEWELYN JOHN                 NEWFOUNDLAND                  NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1194
GARLAND, ANNIE                         ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    18-371
GARLAND, JOHN                          ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-105
GARLAND, WILLIAM HENRY                 ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-994
GAROFFOLO, JOSEPH ROCCO                ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-1032
GARTNER, PAUL                          ROMANIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1174
GATTIGLIO, VALENTINO                   ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-28
GATTUSO, ANDREW                        ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-2
GEBINGER, JOSEPH                       GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-29
GEHRKE, FREDERICK ALBERT               GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-113
GEKAS, SPIROS                          GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-89
GELSOMINA, FRANK                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-50
GENGO, ANGELO                          ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-239
GENGO, ANNA PARDUE                     PA/ACT OF 1922                NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-238
GENGO, FRANK                           ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-981
GENTILI, SERAFINO                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    17-1045
GENTILUOMO, LORENZO                    ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    18-383
GEORGANTAS, JOHN                       GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-66
GEORGANTAS, THEODORE                   GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-65
GEORGITSON, MICHAEL JOHN               GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-57
GERGEL, THOMAS                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY               NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-224
GERGUCKY, HARRY                        RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-105
GERMANO, ANGELO                        ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-244
GERMANO, ARCANGELO                     ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    18-389
GERMANO, MARIA                         ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-635
GERRINGER, EDNA IRELAND                CANADA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-418
GEUTHER, HENRY                         BELGIUM                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-431
GIANECCHINI, PARISE                    ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-473
GIANNECCHINI, UBALDO                   ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    17-1046
GIANNETTI, ENRICO                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-93
GIARDINI, ANTONIO                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-247
GIARDINI, BARTOLOMEO                   ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-106
GIARDINI, MARIANO                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-124
GIARDINI, NAZZARENO                    ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-216
GIARDINI, RUZZIRO                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-81
GIARDINI, VIRGINIA                     ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    25-1278
GICONNO, LUIGI                         ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-8
GIERMEK, SOPHIA ROSE                   POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-663
GIERMEK, WALENTY                       AUSTRIAN                      NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-205
GIFFORD, EUPEHMIA HSINE                ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-235
GIMBAS, THEMISTOCLES G.                GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-65
GIORDANO, FRANCESCO                    ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-181
GIOTTYS, DIONIS                        TURKEY                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-47
GISKA, ANTHONY                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-43
GISKA, WORCIECK                        RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-139
GLAD, ERLING TORNOE                    NORWAY                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1168
GLAD, GUDRUN                           NORWAY                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    25-1270
GLAD, RALPH                            NORWAY                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-515
GLOW, EMIL                             GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-231
GLOW, EMMA                             GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1216
GLOW, PAUL                             GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-232
GLOW, WILLIAM                          POSEN                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-228
GNEZDA, JACOB                          ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-95
GNEZDA, JENNIE                         JUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-143
GOFRAN, JOHN                           POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-1027
GONDEK, OZALIA                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1335
GONDEK, STANLEY                        AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-75
GONSKA, ANDREW JOHN                    POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-150
GOOD, FREDERICK SEPTIMUS               ONTARIO                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-586
GOODCHILD, FRANK BLACKALL              ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-167
GORANSON, ANTON GEORGE                 SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    19-1122
GORANSON, EBBA                         SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1306
GORANSON, TAGE VILHELM                 SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-519
GORANSSON, JOHN GOTTFRID               SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-233
GORECKI, STANLEY                       RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-145
GORODECKY, JACOB                       RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-25
GOSDIK, ANDREW                         AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-33
GOURLAS, JOHN                          ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-462
GRABOSKI, MIKE                         RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-158
GRADISCHER, JOHN                       AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-38
GRAFIADES, PETER                       GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    17-1049
GRAHAM, MARGARET JANE                  IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1421
GRAHAM, WILLIAM MC LENNAN              SCOTLAND                      NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1422
GRASSO, CARMELO                        ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-199
GRAVAS, JOHN                           GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-17
GRAY, MINNIE GERTRUDE                  ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-468
GREAVES, CHARLES ERNEST                ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    25-1277
GREENSLADE, WILLIAM HENRY              ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-57
GREGA, ANDRO                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY               NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-106
GREGORIOU, CHRISTOS ZISSIS             GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-1025
GRIEHM, ELISE                          GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-220
GRIEHM, KARL                           GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-221
GRIMES, IRENE                          ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1484
GROCHOWIAK, SALOMEJA                   POSEN                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-580
GROCHOWINA, STANISLAW                  POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-77
GROVZDZ, THOMAS                        SILESIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-12
GRUDZIEN, STANLEY                      RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-96
GUBER, JULIUS                          POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-242
GUILIANI, GIOVANNI                     ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    09-14
GUISONO, FONZINA DIPALMA               ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1425
GUISONO, LUIGI                         ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    29-1355
GUL, JOHN                              AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-73
GUNNEWIG, THERESIA                     GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1150
GURNEY, PEGGIE                         ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-602
GUSTAFSON, GUST                        SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-54
GWIAZDOSKI, JOHN                       RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-9
HACHMEIER, KATHARINA                   GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1293
HADLEY, FRANK                          ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-242
HADZICKI, KATARYNA                     POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1211
HADZICKI, STEVE                        POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1190
HAGGETT, WESLEY HERBERT                ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-46
HALL, GLADYS MARTHA                    CANADA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1388
HALL, HORACE JOHN                      ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-84
HALLE, MAX                             BAVARIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-578
HALLEY, MARGARET CAROLIN               GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-590
HALLSEN, EDWARD                        SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-51
HALSEN, EMIL BERNHARD                  SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-10
HAMBY, JOHN WILLIAM BISHOP             ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-141
HAMMARSTEDT, CARL GUSTAV               SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-136
HAMMARSTEDT, ERIC HJALMAR              SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-137
HAMMOND, ALICE ELIZABETH LEE           ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1213
HANDLEY, ROBERT HENRY                  ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-433
HANDLEY, ROBERT JOHN                   ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    19-1126
HANDLEY, SUSANNAH                      ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-434
HANEY, NORMAN FRANCIS                  ONTARIO                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-101
HANEY, NORMAN FRANCIS                  ONTARIO                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-125
HANNON, ARTHUR JAMES                   ONTARIO                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-227
HANOBICK, GEORGE                       CZECHOSLOVAKIA                NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-183
HANSEN, ELEANOR                        ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-78
HANSEN, JAMES T. M.                    DENMARK                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-110
HANSEN, WILLIAM EMIL                   ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-56
HARENDA, STANY                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-147
HARRIS, JOE                            POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    09-25
HARRIS, MICHAEL PETER                  SYRIA                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-5
HARRIS, MOSE JULIUS                    POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-84
HARTINGER, JOSEPH                      GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-442
HARTMANN, JOHN                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY               NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-150
HARTMANN, JOHN                         GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    09-22
HARTWIC, ANTON                         GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-33
HARTWIG, FRANK                         GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-34
HASTAS, KONSTANTINOS                   GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-82
HASTAS, THEOLOGIA                      GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-968
HATT, ANTHONY                          GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-86
HAUT, EMMA EMILE                       LITHUANIA                     NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1305
HAWARTH, JOHN                          AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-97
HAWORTH, LOUIS                         AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-27
HEATH, INGEBURG MARGARETE              GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1481
HECKWITH, HELEN MARGARETE              GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1454
HEDIN, ASTRID JULIA                    SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-1033
HEDIN, JOHAN HJALMAR                   SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1232
HEDLUND, ANDERS EMIL                   SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-11
HEE, CLARA                             BAVARIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-181
HEEDEN, JOHN AUGUST                    SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-99
HEEDEN, JOHN EINER ERIC                SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-100
HEFFERNAN, MARGARET                    CANADA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-10
HEIL, FREDOLIN                         GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-8
HEISTER, JOHANN                        RHEINLAND                     NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-561
HEISTER, WILLIAM                       GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1147
HELD, ERNESTINE                        RHEINLAND                     NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-637
HELMERT, JOSEPH                        GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-422
HELMERT, KAROLINA KONZ                 GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-423
HEMM, WALTE RHERMANN                   SAXONY                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    29-1361
HENZEL, THEODORE                       USSR                          NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1208
HERBACH, PAUL GEORGE                   POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1297
HERBACH, YUSTINA                       POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    29-1376
HERMIDA, ANTHONY                       SPAIN                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-80
HERON, EFFIE TERESA                    NY/ACT OF 1922                NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-995
HERON, LATHAM BLACKER                  ONTARIO                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-72
HERZOG, HANS                           SWITZERLAND                   NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-216
HEUVELDOP, MARIA                       GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    18-367
HICKEY, CATHERINE                      IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    29-1369
HICKEY, HANORA                         IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    29-1368
HICKS, DANIEL WILSON                   CANADA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-87
HINTZ, ALBERT                          GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-243
HINTZ, ALBERT HERMAN                   GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-177
HINTZ, CARL FRED                       GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-178
HINTZ, THEODORE                        GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-176
HMIELEWSKI, FRANCES                    POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    29-1340
HMIELEWSKI, JOHN                       POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1330
HODARA, ANTHONY STANLEY                POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-153
HOENEN, EGON RICHARD                   BRAZIL                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-957
HOFFMANN, PETER HERMAN                 POSEN                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-96
HOGUE, ARCHIBALD                       SCOTLAND                      NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-159
HOHN, CONRAD                           HESSEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-35
HOJNACKI, JAN                          GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-56
HOJNICKI, LAURA MARY                   POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-465
HOLDCROFT, ALBERT                      ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-493
HOLDCROFT, ALEXANDER                   ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    19-1120
HOLDCROFT, ANNIE                       ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-587
HOLDCROFT, JAMES                       ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    29-1351
HOLOD, ALEKS                           POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-1
HORMANN, VINZENZ                       AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-66
HORN, WILHELM JOHANNES FRITZ           GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1138
HORNEMANN, ANTON ALFRED                GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-59
HORTON, MATTHEW HENRY                  ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-126
HOTTE, REGINA                          GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    18-384
HOUT, HENRY JULIUS                     RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-199
HRALAS, LEO THOMAS                     ALBANIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-199
HRYWKO, ANASTAYIA                      POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-1084
HUFF, EDWARD RICHARD                   CANADA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-206
HUGHES, EDWARD                         WALES                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-54
HUMYN, ANDRO                           AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-142
HURWITZ, BENJAMIN                      RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-241
HURWITZ, ROSE                          RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-240
HUSA, TEOFIL                           POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1302
HUSAK, BESSIE                          POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    29-1372
HUSAK, PETER                           POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-116
HUSCHAK, ANNA                          POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-41
HUSTACK, JOHN                          AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-202
HUTCHISON, RUBY MAY                    ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1449
HYLAND, MARGARET                       IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-443
HYLAND, PATRICK JOSEPH                 IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    19-1098
HYSERT, FRANCIS HENRY                  ONTARIO                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-226
IGENITO, EDWARD                        ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    19-1095
INGA, FRANCISCO                        ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-76
INGENITO, EDWARD VICTOR JR.            ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1410
INMAN, ARTHUR                          ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-4
INNAMORATI, NELLO                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-123
INTIHAR, DOMINIK                       JUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-62
ITALO, MIKE                            ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-240
IWANCIW, ALEXANDER                     POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-42
IZZO, ERNEST BENJAMIN                  ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-3
JACHACZ, ALEXANDRIA ESTHER             POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1477
JACHACZ, ANTONI                        POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-235
JACOBUCCI, ERCOLE                      ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-128
JACOBUS, ARCHIE                        ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-93
JACOBUS, CAMILLO                       ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-20
JACOBUS, OTTO                          ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-90
JACZEWICZ, JAN                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-213
JACZEWICZ, JULIA                       NY/ACT OF 1922                NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-214
JANICKI, THEODORE                      POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-126
JANKOWSKI, ANDRZEJ                     POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-531
JANKOWSKI, CATHRINA                    POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    25-1285
JANOWSKA, MARY                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-137
JAQUIELLO, STANISLAW                   POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-237
JAZYNKA, MICKLAS                       AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-4
JEDRUSIEJKO, GEORGE                    POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1146
JEDRUSIEJKO, PETER                     POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    19-1131
JEFFERY, FLORRIE KNIGHT                ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-1016
JEFFERY, JOSEPH                        ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-1017
JENSON, BERT                           DENMARK                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    09-10
JERMY, BERTIE EDWARD                   ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-226
JERMY, OLLENE MILDRED                  NY/ACT OF 1922                NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-244
JESCHKO, JOHN                          AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-233
JEZEK, FRANCES                         AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-189
JEZEK, SILVESER                        JUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-122
JIANAKOS, JIANIS MARKOS                GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-203
JIMAS, JOHN APOSTOLOS                  GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-69
JISA, JOSEPH                           CZECHOSLOVAKIA                NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-503
JOHN, NEGEEP NESEEF                    SYRIA                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-187
JOHNSON, ANDREW                        SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-2
JOHNSON, ANNIE                         IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-647
JOHNSON, CARL                          SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    09-8
JOHNSON, CARL AUGUST                   SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    09-6
JOHNSON, CARL VINCENCIUS               SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-146
JOHNSON, CHARLES                       SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    09-24
JOHNSON, JOSEPHINE                     ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1294
JOHNSON, LEONARD PER                   SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-237
JOHNSON, NATHANIEL                     SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    09-34
JOHNSON, NELSON BODVID                 SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-225
JOHNSON, NICHOLAS                      TURKEY                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-13
JOHNSON, PETER                         SWEDEN                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-226
JOHNSON, PETER D.                      GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-130
JOHNSTON, DAVID                        IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-100
JOHNSTON, MARY                         IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-982
JONAK, FRANK                           AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-6
JONAS, FRITZ                           GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    09-33
JONES, GEORGE ARTHUR                   ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-481
JONES, LOTTIE MABLE                    ONTARIO                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-617
JONES, MAUDE                           ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1166
JORDAN, JOHN                           AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-83
JOSEPH, SHAHEEN                        SYRIA                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1287
JOY, RALPH                             ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-43
JULIAN, FREDERICK HENRY                ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-102
KACZMARSKE, ANTHONY JOHN               POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-155
KACZMARYK, MICHAEL                     POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-207
KAISER, JACOB                          GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-85
KAJDAS, LEDWIK                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-3
KAKOL, JOSEPHINE                       POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-1005
KALAMBOUCAS, THEODOROS                 GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    17-1078
KALIL, AZIZ                            SYRIA                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-99
KALINOWSKI, STEPHEN                    AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-77
KALLAS, LOUIS                          GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-142
KALUZA, AMELIA                         ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-191
KAMINSKI, JOHN                         RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-67
KARAGEORGES, ALEXIOS                   GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    18-372
KAROLOZAK, MARTIN                      GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-161
KARPILO, ILIA                          POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-1083
KARUCH, JOHN                           SEE: CARUCCI, SEBASTIANO
KASPRISIN, JOHN                        AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-148
KAUFFMAN, ABRAM                        RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-94
KAUTZ, ASA O.                          GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-204
KAUTZ, OSCAR OTTO                      GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-63
KAUTZ, WILLIAM ERRICK                  GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-64
KAZYWY, MICHEAL                        POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-52
KEDZIOR, PAUL                          AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-11
KEENAN, MICHAEL                        ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-240
KEHR, FRIEDRICH                        BAVARIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-62
KELLINGTON, ALFRED                     ONTARIO                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-611
KELLY, ALICE                           IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    29-1375
KELLY, DAVID                           IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-448
KELLY, NORMA BLANCHE                   NY/ACT OF 1922                NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    19-1134
KENDZIOR, JOHN                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-41
KENNEDY, EDWARD ALEXANDER              ONTARIO                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-39
KENNEY, IVANE HALL                     NEW BRUNSWICK                 NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1176
KENNEY, JOHN PATRICK                   IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-250
KENNY, MARY                            IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-1023
KENNY, THOMAS                          IRELAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-99
KENT, HELENA FAGAN                     CANADA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1141
KERR, ISABELLA MILLIGAN                SCOTLAND                      NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-489
KERR, JAMES MILLIGAN                   SCOTLAND                      NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-427
KERR, JAMES SR.                        SCOTLAND                      NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-482
KERR, JOHN                             SCOTLAND                      NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-484
KERR, WILLIAM                          SCOTLAND                      NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-483
KICEK, STEPHEN                         AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    09-26
KICEKI, STEPHEN                        AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-10
KING, HENRY                            GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-201
KING, PATRICK                          ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    09-35
KLANCER, ANNA                          JUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-159
KLANGER, JENNIE                        ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-453
KLANZAR, LEOPOLD                       JUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-113
KLESCZCZ, JOHN                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-35
KLESZOZ, HELEN                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1226
KLEWER, HERMAN                         GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-45
KLISZCZ, JAN                           POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    18-404
KLISZCZ, NICKLOS                       POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-182
KLOCK, FRANK                           AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-75
KLOSIEWICZ, MARY                       POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-415
KLOSIEWICZ, STEFAN                     POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-414
KLUN, ANTON                            JUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-157
KLUN, MARY                             JUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-201
KNAFELC, FRANK                         ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1288
KNOEPFLER, ANTOINETTE                  ONTARIO                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    19-1125
KOBULSKI, ANDREW                       POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-118
KOCH, ALWINE                           GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-570
KOCHAN, THOMAS                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-29
KOCHANIEC, JOHN                        POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1171
KOCK, AUGUSTE                          GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    18-399
KOHL, DOROTHY FLORENCE                 ENGLAND                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1448
KOHOLISZYN, DMYTRO                     POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-522
KOKORRAS, KONSTANTINAS                 GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-166
KOLASINSKI, STANLEY                    POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1328
KOLATA, JOHN                           RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-223
KOLKOWSKI, MARY                        POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    23-1225
KOLKOWSKI, PIOTR                       POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    16-1026
KOLLAS, CHARLES                        GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-123
KOLODZIEJ, JOHN                        POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-119
KONCZYNSKI, JOHN                       POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-96
KONIOR, AGNES                          POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1440
KONIOR, JAN                            POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-102
KONTEL, MARIE AGNES                    JUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1325
KOPILEC, IWAN                          POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1402
KORBAR, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-134
KORBAR, LOUIS                          AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-245
KORBAR, MARY                           JUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-209
KORBER, ALBINA                         AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-184
KORDISH, ROBERT                        JUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-463
KORESKO, MIKE                          AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-31
KOROESZYN, WASYL                       POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-33
KOROL, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-29
KOSCIW, ILKO                           POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    25-1240
KOSICH, HELEN                          YUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-505
KOSINSKI, MIKE                         AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-39
KOSMALA, MICHAEL                       POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    19-1113
KOSTRA, GEORGE                         AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-69
KOSTRA, NICHOLAS MICHAEL               AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-499
KOTA, ANTHONY                          POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1430
KOTA, FRANK                            POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1182
KOTA, JOSEPHINE                        POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-542
KOUMATOS, CRISTANDOS PETER             GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-668
KOUROUNIS, KONSTANTINOS                GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-241
KOWALSKI, JOSEPH                       POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-53
KRALJ, JAKOB                           JUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-94
KRASHOVEC, BARTOC                      AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-64
KRESSEL, EMIL                          HUNGARY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-140
KREYDT, ERNEST                         ALSACE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-126
KROMAR, JENNIE                         YUGOSLAVIA                    NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1503
KRUSO, NICK                            GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-85
KRUSOS, ANGELO                         GREECE                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-75
KRUZYNSKI, JOHN                        POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1137
KRUZYNSKI, MARY                        POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1149
KRYNISKI, CZESLAWA                     POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    31-1466
KRYNISKI, MARY                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    24-597
KRZYWY, ANNA                           POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    18-407
KUBIC, ALBERT                          POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-120
KUBISZ, JOSEPH                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-189
KUKLEWIZ, MATTHUS                      AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-176
KUKULKA, KAROL                         AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-103
KULA, ANTONI                           POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    13-167
KULKA, MICHAL                          POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    22-470
KULWISKI, LEONARD                      GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    09-19
KUPERMAN, ETHEL                        RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    15-95
KUPERMAN, PAUL                         RUSSIA                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-223
KURET, FRANK                           ITALY                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    14-117
KURLEJ, JOSEPH                         POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-106
KUSZ, JOHN                             AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-70
KUWIK, JOSEF                           POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    27-1327
KUZAK, FRANK                           AUSTRIA                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-124
KWIATKOWSKI, CHARLES                   GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-166
KWIATKOWSKI, FRANK                     GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-66
KWIATKOWSKI, JOE                       POSEN                         NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-197
KWIATKOWSKI, JOHN                      GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-65
KWIATKOWSKI, MARTIN                    GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    12-169
KWIATKOWSKI, MICHAEL                   GERMANY                       NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    10-70
KWIZAJAK, TEOFIL                       POLAND                        NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    11-41
KYLE, SUSAN                            SCOTLAND                      NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    20-439
KYLE, SUSAN                            SCOTLAND                      NY-CATTARAUGUS-SC-PET    21-1148

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